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Ken Thornberg addresses the use of spiritual warfare / Matt Long addresses the Russian and Putin relationship with Xi and CCP

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
September 13, 2022 1:14 pm

Ken Thornberg addresses the use of spiritual warfare / Matt Long addresses the Russian and Putin relationship with Xi and CCP

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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September 13, 2022 1:14 pm

Ken Thornberg addresses the use of spiritual warfare to fight the evil that is pushing God out of America.

Matt Long asks Pastor Greg to address the Russian and Putin relationship with Xi and CCP and the link to Iran. An upcoming meeting to advance the interests of Russia and CCP in the Indo Pacific Strategy between Xi and Putin.

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Chosen Generation
Pastor Greg Young

I will review all of life support wasn't really going on." What was the young and I got all of you. Plus you will for having your problem on this is going to try to help.

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About 20 minutes thinking clear matter here today to your coupon code shows again regular check out $20 off your first order $50 or more to your coupon code Joseph Janik radio here today chosen generation hose.

You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, your people or the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light time past were not a people are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy chosen generation topic is off-limits for host grace program generation radio got a great great great power line for you. If you missed any of our earlier portions of our program.

Well folks, I do hope you'll take the time to get over the website Christian get signed up for our emails and you can also find our podcast should ration radio.calm were on iTunes and all those wonderful places. We encourage you to follow us over there and track of the all the information on our first hour.

Today we kicked off with David Sumrall and talk a lot about what's going on. The attack on people. It is, it is very, very real focus is very, very real, and the evil that is taking place and so we talked about that with David we talked with Pastor David Lowery today as well about the lawsuit getting ready to get fired up so lots lots that's going on. Lots of good stuff that's happening and and a lot of spiritual works are so necessary as we do twice a month. Generation radio talk about this a lot but we bring my good friend Tim Thornburg on Sweden encounters., Visa will also enjoy the show. Thank you that you know I was telling you a little bit in the green room this past week. Lots and lots of lots of attack and that and I could feel it and you told me that you know is as you guys have been praying for me. You know you had said you know you why warfare coming against the show. I had a recent deliverance where were the demonic said the same thing. They don't like yourself and you know it was funny because even during that there was a little funky, electrical, click on that kind of chuckled and I was like I was, so you know there there's a heightened effort in the courseware continuing to see challenges that were facing in India as well is the manifestation of spiritual reality. So can I just request that I think a lot of folks you know will have is is is how to why I was quite right. What are you know their weapons. We know you know real putting on the arm of God. We know a lot of those things but what are some of the things that people need to be. Specifically, I guess right now is because one thing when you're me attacking you when those people who are going to be walking away I was going to school or whatever might be knowingly or unknowingly, when scores I the Lord. A lot of people will work hours and most if not all of those people.

God's work you know people who don't even know how the mains lied about a lot more about a lot of people don't even know know so all my own head really works well will and don't magically your thoughts because they are also very very small.

Okay, really, really great time and we are in is something bye-bye John will we go listeners think that you might want to pray about that because I believe you know times now and because of that, all our time against all you want, leader and we are group progress right people of that evil so what was coming when you Holy Spirit terminology. By the way, you'll find what you Holy Spirit is MODEL versus God is wise and sometimes doing testing your head, you hear a demon talking to you and halfway through the Larry actually here, that's for talking talking to. As part of the Holy Ghost halfway through sevens and also temperature of all you're doing everything you want.

You can also ask for bothering you everything about you angels of God like this because when you accomplish the Lord Jesus Christ. All of the glory works and people need to be running know this is going to happen. So you something. I can apply the blood of Jesus Christ. A lot of things I will. The only problem is not territorial.

Pray for someone who had Lord was there something about me pain. I saw these rules, which are mostly used by me me because our bodies.

So, Cole, Ms. program called so I will these older all glory to have the ability Lord, is there something that is placed on causing pain power in the blood of the Lord is like at night is also looking at me like hundreds know when you take by the power of the name of the blood of my file. You literally feel the knife will be an almost happy as we have the blood of Christ, we have a part of the Holy Spirit. We have the Angels and angels, training what works for we have the ability to how much time we have before minutes okay let's talk about smoking from one of our teammates is raised hello preschool one color came home from school crying people. Holy Spirit: cloak children school the next day. Come home, laughing and smiling. Everything was cloaking The enemy and the children from the nose them just like themselves. To me, was all guys work for me to see you I cloak myself. I don't cloak your car is one day you will have you, you'll likely have an accident.

So when we get back.

I hope folks, you know, I know some of the sounds like this is crazy I can't believe really really really I promise the first time that you use this and you experience to work. You're just going to be like. Why haven't I been doing this for forever. Why haven't I been doing this when we get back we heard that speech from the resident in the White House and there were a couple things God gave me in response to that about the grand illusion and about the participation of people will talk about some of that has a lot to do with what were seeing the one year product. I think everyone called natural sleep available to think like built over 40 years. One common problem and maybe too much stress.

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Well, you know, I just appreciate the way that it is present and so I encourage you to check that out Jim when we were getting ready to go into the break I was I was talking about, you know that the speech that was given and and the dark tenor of it but but what really really struck me about it was the calling of good is evil and evil is good. Now if you're not embrace killing babies. If you're not embrace sodomy and sodomite relationships, and so on. If you're not generally embrace the perversions if you're not generally embrace mutilated utilization of of of our children and so on. Somehow you're the bad guy is: I think what is shocking is that a large percentage of the population is one of those comments is hard to believe that's comfortable for more than 3% of our population and that's for filters on people's eyes plug filters although seeing his comes out one way and blame their hearing standing demons all are we giving that information in me. Biden totally Catholic. Maybe is definitely not born as Chris brings real ones difference so demons actually threw him smile presentations and everything is probably one of the following babies living never control and work very well.

Guy is totally just really having no way people cannot see. You really need to be praying Americans by a large truth asked the appropriate questions. How can any president of the population of this country prepare Everything that is totally opposed to what God has to say. That happened and how they accept more more more people involved vote for those who want what Basques go to sleep go to Boca way harm America.once people usually babble on… Has not given up on America. That's the thing is that I had pastor David scarlet was on last week and we talked about that in our segment. You know the whole legal is still meant to soar as you write to those Americans from seeing the truth and the truth is the arrears the devices we have to pray that way and with that one is being done.

We need to do across our nation. All of the above was truly no going to hell in a hand basket. Gone downhill why we haven't prayed with authority and overcome stock's where were nonbelieving in the school measure of what Christ is enforcing and I talked about this and I continue to talk about it because I think it's so important you know when people say all your you know you're against this one, or you're against them. I'm not against items for them receiving the school measure of what Christ purchased for them on the cross. That's what I'm, I'm more than experiencing the full measure of the truth of the words that Jesus spoke and and some well yeah I just read that John Weiner went.

John's the only one who was at the foot of the cross. When Christ died. Think about that for John is the only one who truly was standing at the foot of the cross with three Mary's and bore witness to the very last words Jesus spoke and said it is finished. No Amen amen were out of time. I'll be back more, not met long and I will be with you on the other side you can for being when we get more again. Freedom and mortgage and I'll be back with more after this.

I am 40 years under each product changed my life by program governed by, I was taken by the middle tablet was really feeling any different. Like right bye-bye did all one liquid multivitamin not arrayed pre-rotation morning to morning grade here. Welcome aboard. Great.

Now all you with me. Thanks so much for being here and I am so excited to be joining my good friend Matt Long radio program to be with you brother. Thanks for having me talking about something I know nothing about you in the background to the blog yesterday and that was that I was actually talking about many years ago I studied the Russian language in the United States Air Force. I served in the Air Force as the Russian language linguist and an studied Russian when I was when I was in the service and some bizarre reason that I cannot explain why am I still able to recall the Russian language so it's kind of a weird deal, but it just is what it is but I've been studying and following the Soviet union for 40 years now. I served in the early 80s during the Cold War and and and washed all the wall and spoken with other experts with regards to this as well relative to my own belief about what the fall of the wall actually man and it was a deception as part of their disinformation campaign. Quite frankly, it's part of what they said way back in the 1960s, if you will remember their leaders were quoted as saying we know that we are not going to be able to topple the United States from without wheat we can't, we can't more we we can't beat them three nuclear attack.

We are going to take over the United States from within and if you think about China coming up yesterday actually believed she background on what you can quickly run this together so you have this understanding. Remember that now was a student of Stalin. Now say tongue went to the Soviet Union and learned communism from Stalin. When Stalin died in lemons go over there was a battle to see who was going to be the leader of the Communist Party around the world and and when when Lennon stepped in now was pushed out and that's why the Separation Took Pl. in China became its own communist and they wanted was a different kind of Mao's wife, not communism.

Okay it it it is it is the same thing. It's the same communism is the USSR. There is Soviet communism Chinese communism exactly the same. Communism is communism. I just like you know what it are the ones they recently he said Islam is Islam is right. It is so here you have the situation now and they knew they couldn't take us over from without. So how do they get in economically and so they said they they drop the wall. The wall comes down businesses rush can they invest all the money into Russia. The boundary now is broken and you have US dollars and US businesses in their note is the last 10 to 15 years now that's been clamped down on just like in China.

Individuals don't own business is. Yes, you have some oligarchs but those are actually members of the Communist Party and if they don't toe the communist life.

They will be taken out. Oligarchs have been estimated that is a fact, it has happened and the KGB became the Russian mafia which is now the most powerful mafia in the world right now how do we bridge the gap with what's taking place while there are several things that are going on that we talked about yesterday Nancy when I was a reporter for the epic times we broke the Wuhan story in February 2020 is your member. It wasn't until March 2020 that was announced that the Wuhan virus was here in the United States in 2020, February, we started talking about it and we reported on the fact that it was a biological weapon.

Here's the connection. What is happened is, is that she and Putin are forming this triad and who's the third member of the triad. I ran is the third member of the tribe. We need to keep our eyes on Iran because they are the third member is very important understand it, and there is a strategy that is what it is called the Indo Pacific strategy in fact present from embrace it because it was actually put together by the lobby who was the gentleman who was the Prime Minister of Japan.

He's going to created this new it was a good thing and what's happening now is she and Putin and Ross is the president of Iran. They are essentially taking that area over that particular area accounts for two thirds of the world's economy and one half of the world's population and are our allies that are in danger and in this in this particular take over one of our major allies in danger is India because India is very vulnerable to what China does. If you look at the map you realized that China basically is is the Western neighbor of India you've gotten up all on Bangladesh minimart but, but it kinda controls all that all of that is controlled by China and and so trying that is pushing its way in and there is more taking place there. Then you got Afghanistan and Pakistan again strongly influenced by China, but even more strongly influenced because they are being squeezed by Iran and then go ahead and so then you you also have you know, Georgia and is Verizon, but those are penciling under the control of Russia so that, but let's them up against Thailand and then you also have the connection between Russia and China through Mongolia and conducts Don and Karen fixed on in his back is gone, and so on. But all of those areas are under the control and the influence of either food or tree those of the entities and and so here is one of the keys to this is important to understand, and that has to do with economics and right now we have the one and and and and the Russian loopholes and energy and natural gas are being bought and swapped and paid for use between Russia and China using the one and loopholes and changes the game is to take over Euro Asia and and and to take: complete control of that part of the world again. Think about what would it be like if China and Russia were able to control two thirds of the world's economy if they had control of the world's population. You know that would think about what that would do relative to the economic pressure on the other one third of the world and how they could absolutely overnight begin to change all currency. We are no longer fighting with guns is that we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country because I am over 40 years under each product my life by your wellness…… A good nutritional program before discovered by I was taken by the middle tablet was really feeling any different bike ride bye-bye did all one liquid multivitamin (not raid the reduction provided by Christ without all the work.

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Head over to Greenfield tabs got shot that's green fuel tabs… Two dollars and 53 to 10 gallon tank that you're ordering today drop a Greenfield have in your tank and start experiencing the savings is like a father fought for the country. Today we are no longer fighting with God. We are fighting an ideal logical battle for control of our country because of his constitutional rights donation is Now that's a chosen generation with pastor great generous radio and limits and everything children right. Thanks for listening to hear more. The website chosen chosen generation with David there just a little while back were talking about some of the things of the time to to bring you up to speed with regards to that.

This is really something. So nine-year-olds.

This is now. I'm open back just for a minute.

This has to do with what's happening in our schools okay in our public school system and understand this is on a national this is the national education standards national sex education standards okay change through five on personal health and safety that was. And there's a bill in Illinois that codifies a kind and raises this up, but it's been raised up. It's just got a major major issue that every parent should be gravely concerned about so okay I okay relay me doing okay so here's the deal in this document. Grades three through five. This is nine-year-olds eight-year-olds euros grade 3 years old, the national sex education standards for eight-year-olds coming human sexual development, including masturbation describe the potential role of hormone blockers on young people who identify as transgender distinguish between the lines at birth and gender identity, and explain how they may or may not differ.

Did you just hear that this is what is expected of your eight-year-old to distinguish between the assigned birth and gender identity, and explain how they're going different. Just trying to explain the difference between gender, transgender gender, non-binary gender expansive and gender identity eight years old explained that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum just lines school orientation and differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity. In other words, I would like your eight-year-old to be fully confused about what next identity is, and I want to get them completely messed up so that they enter into a phase of psychological gender dysphoria and and let's talk about hormone blockers cross-dressing cross identifying gender expansive this masturbation with an eight-year-old all right. You just bear in mind these are the standards. This is what is in the books right now. If your kids in public school I okay will you know yet is very radical 11-year-old what what what what might an 11-year-old all right how about this must be taught about intersex conditions they must analyze how peers, family, and a person's identities can influence beliefs and expectations about gender identity, gender roles and gender expression. Middle school is must recall the definition of sexual orientation and explained that most people have a sexual orientation, they must defined by sexual lesbian, gay, queer to spirit a sexual and sexual they must defined sagittal moral and angles that find it. At 11 years old explained that there are many methods of short and long-term contraception that are safe and effectively described how to ask them your 11-year-old.

How do you now why would you need to act safe in the contraception or I don't know maybe because were encouraging your 11-year-old starting at the age of eight to start considering having sex.

Remember that there going the first thing on the list. Explain humans actual development including masturbation. Let's teach eight-year-olds how to masturbate so we can get them started thinking about having they must list at least four methods in countries that are available without a prescription, and they must describe pregnancy options including abortion. 11 years old, 11 years old. Let's teach them how to kill babies and 11 years old.

While that's within your school folks that's with in the public school and if you are a parent and you go up at oh I don't know the school board meeting in Yorktown is altogether possible that you might be considered a terrorist for showing up to suggest that you don't want your child to be exposed to all of this horrific pornographic type material because it doesn't just come with words, no, no, no, it comes with pictures. It comes with film. It comes with diagrams. It comes with instructions. This is the influence of Alfred Kinsey pervert pedophile whose work is being used as the basis upon which the sex education program in the United States of America is going forward please do yourself a favor and watch the mind polluters right to jump off of this for minute what I just can't tell you how important it is going to scan it and it is a part of the secular humanism is a part of the LGBT Q agenda is the part of indoctrinating your children into this absolutely and completely perverted actual wise idea. No reading, no writing, no arithmetic, no understanding American history, not the real American history.

No understanding morals in his face, and where the boundaries are no teach kids how to turn that with absolute perversion and sexual mutation that teaches kids how to do it's disgusting. All right will give you a bit of uplifting news. Maybe they wish to soak us… Tomorrow our constitutional expert several different things that will be talking about with David including some good news about a day that was put on a school in New York was being forced by a activist LGBT Q to have a homosexual club after school.

While this is a traditional Jewish Orthodox Jewish school and the schools that looked at those those values.

Those ideals are in contrast to our religious beliefs and therefore they do not belong in our school. If you've got kids that one act out on that and want to believe. That way you want to act that way.

There are other places they can go other schools going go to the blind and just as the Mayor religious liberty needs to be protected, to stay on this until I can work its way through it's not the end of the story, but at least some good news with regards to that Chuck will be with us education with parental values in mind. Chuck got a school for you. It's a faith school and I really strongly encourage you I school K-12 school and Christian parents attitudes regarding public school public education and it is school that will help you to be able to encourage your child and that Claire Lopez is with us, with Rick Manning is my cohost. I will be either Michael Moore or Karen Rose with the MRC news busters every speech American and their Robert Darlene will be with us tomorrow. My son hundred direct your mind later on in the week for gelato. I will be with us for a full hour on Texas border. Nancy was back with us and mark your calendars on Thursday the 16th coming up from 10 AM to 11 AM, from 10 AM to 11 AM Eastern Sheriff Bob song will be with us were going to talk about how does your sheriff become a constitutional share is constitutional, Sheriff, and what are his rights what to do. What is the role of the sheriff will talk about that for our on Thursday the 15th.

You need to tell your friends. All right, I'm out of time call me back tomorrow.

40 years under each product changed my life all by… A good nutritional program required by I was taken to traditional by the middle tablet was really feeling any different bike ride bye-bye did all one by the middle liquid multivitamin (not afraid to agree that the patient divided by Christ to think about all the work for the body. I have asked for help and maybe help the replication pipe is available in 32 ounce bottle are very anyone out travel packet like on the got the time I cried by I had more energy. About 20 minute they declare a lot better here coupon code children get regular check out $20 off your order $50 or more that John coupon code generation ready to march in generation that's just regular limits and everything filtered through the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight the good news. Give people a check just on your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness back in fear when they demand change my message to call evil good and good evil, to forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life. I pedophile yourself and compromise intolerance of that which I call an abomination.

Have you blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love this creation and I will go to my grave telling world. Evil is evil and only God is good that Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world.

I will never give up.

And in spite of the hate I will love and truth. God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest

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