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Rick Manning discusses the attack on Trump / Tony Ortiz describes the IRS efforts to go after middle class America

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 22, 2022 1:42 pm

Rick Manning discusses the attack on Trump / Tony Ortiz describes the IRS efforts to go after middle class America

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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August 22, 2022 1:42 pm

Rick Manning discusses the attack on Trump. The Whitmer trial and new revelations connecting to the Mar A Lago raid and the J6 entrapment by the FBI. President Trump will always respond to these types of attacks with a ferocious response of his own.

Tony Ortiz founder Current Revolt describes the IRS efforts to go after middle class America. Of the 50 hiring centers 25 are in Texas?? Why?? Expedited hiring practices and lax screening, plus arming these agents is dangerous for Texas and America. The sexualization of children is the biggest threat next to taking God out of school.

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We were ever everything seems as though it was going to be just hunky and Dori and until it wasn't hunky and Dori and and so my my sincere apologies to everyone. We are here and we have a full program lined up for you all for three hours, now you lots of great stuff Jeffrey Prater will be with us today. He was at the pits. He was one of the presenters at the pit, talking about the election integrity issues. We also will have with us Tony Ortiz from current revolt were getting get into the IRS in their hiring there doing a different kind of hiring for these 87,000 agents. It's called direct hiring which means no screening of the employees. No screening. They just hire who they hire and and according to Tony's inside information that specifically is there targeting hiring and tea for specifically hiring NT for and I love you saw some of the videos of some of the characters that they have armed but yeah it it's made it at and 25 of the 50 offices were there doing the hiring are right here in Texas so that doesn't tell you there targeting so will have Tony Ortiz out out to talk about that Cheryl Trombley is with us talking about the 25th amendment is just a dirt. It's a great program.

Please stick around David Ward on the border and John Uhler who was investigated for homophobic commentary on social media by the Pennsylvania board of counselor ethics or whatever.

Basically because he's exposing the truth about transgender is him and he deals with me. This is what he's been. This is his counseling practice for 25 years is focused on helping people who have been in that through that those kinds of traumatic sexual trauma and helps them through his counseling is been doing this for 25 years.

He knows what he's talking about and and he worked in the prisons dealing with sexual predators trying to get their minds unwound, so he knows this topic will have him on the program coming up right now joining me patiently waiting is he's been waiting for 15 minutes for me to figure out what in the world is going on over here had to do some serious demonic burning and destroying of demonic strongholds Rick Manning is with a president, Americans were limited government. Rick welcome good to have you ever aggressor dragons now watching you try to fight fight the board there was pretty pretty exciting stuff. That's what you know I mainly fell and what is its little. I gently put it in this nutshell. Okay and it and it really leads into the topic that we wanted to cover here in and that is you know if you punch Donald from he's going to punch you back and he's going to punch you harder and easier to seek to destroy well that's what you witnessed with me, Satan was punching at me and and taken swings at me with his little demons. And guess what I called down the fire of God. I asked the Angels to burn those demons up send him into the abyss and send a note to Satan saying sending more number to torch them to and that's exactly what we do, that's what were supposed to do as Christians it's what I preached about over the weekend, both in India and here in Texas about who we are in Christ that it is a finished work that we are saved, sanctify sons and daughters of the living God and the kingdom of heaven dwells in us we carry it with us and we are to advance it absolutely 100% and say it's it always is funny because a lot of people every deals with ghosts in the machine at all.

I can stop this frustrated by my approach is usually to yell for some for my office to come and fix it. Your approach is to yell from 70 from the higher office to come in and fix it. I think your approach works better will praise God, thank you brothers if you got to witness that though the ugly behind the scenes in it was that you know was bloodied for the other guys let me tell you wrong, but let's let's get on this. You know I I can attack this Donald Trump is America's president.

I mean there are 75 million people still believe. Maybe not quite that many with at least 50 of them that Donald Trump actually did win the election and more and more evidence is coming out. The more that they poke at this, the more the evidence points to all of the stuff that they did in all the hanky-panky that they did and all that all the nonsense that they did for four years while he was in office and then everything they did to try to keep him from got from staying in office.

It's it's I mean there are, as I'm not mistaken I think there's two state legislatures right now that are in the process of voting to decertify the 2020 election. I think that's true, and was jiggling credible about that is, we know that the FBI is going after the alternate elect doors. We know that it represents Scott Perry who is the chairman of the freedom caucuses from Pennsylvania had his phone confiscated by the FBI had an airport last two weeks ago on vacation with his wife on vacation with his wife yes and so personal phone account they confiscated his phone because he wanted to make certain that another doing an investigation he my conversations about people does media his constituents about alternate electors and so what we have is the FBI with this alternate electric scam is actually trying to criminalize a constitutional process and constitutional processes later on the U.S. Constitution that the Democrats have used in the past and in the states have every right to say when you say we don't believe that the election was held fairly and we want to set alternate alternate electors for Congress to consider whether to seek those electors for the electrical job there was about as opposed the ones were put in place by the state centered state that is constitutional. Might be a fighter whether state legislature has that power the state or the delegated to the Gov. to the Secretary of State. But that's not FBI issue is not criminal ran for them to confiscate a sitting member of Congress is phone a guy who was the chairman of the freedom caucuses again is retired Brig. Gen. in the Army. I therefore sensor who is a served his country and now is a leader and in Congress to confiscate his phone because he had come legal conversations that illegal constitutional process shows just how far removed, the FBI is from any semblance of reality when not only from the semblance of reality right but I would suggest also that that this this is this is SS Gestapo type behavior and now that the discovery that pewter strike might well be somehow involved or connected with the home are long ago Ray and and the questions that are coming up about his relationship now with whether he was actually with the FBI or whether he was a CIA operative who was working under the guise of the FBI in order to carry out an operation here and I talked about this in a minute trying get Scott Ewing our station chief on to talk about this more tomorrow, but that we talked about almost 2 years ago how Brennan John Brennan was operating with foreign agents in order to create the illusion of the steel dossier. He was working to support the lies in the steel dossier by offering up supply programs to Italy and several other countries in order to try to strong-arm them and coerce them into making statements that were blatant lies when one another. Yes, that's the reason I yes the one of the things I thinks come out in the trial amendment, Michigan. I would have the idea Gerard trying to box on Gov. Witmer's supposed kidnapping and what is it enough that it was particularly distressing about all the things that were distressing is a person who was the Detroit station chief John Amsden, Antoine de hand on the station chief and to try to rent out operation was promoted and you know what you and was promoted to a position where he oversaw the mar Lago rate so the same guy who was involved in setting up accounts of people to pose and basically take a fall for a sting operation words all FBI all the time is now was a charge of mar Lago rated Lisa's division was and did you also see that that the that the mold that was the one of that one of the informants in the Whitmore thing also turned out to be someone that they were were Michigan State troopers were were assigned to the capital and given instructions to allow people to go into the capital and that also was testified to in the Witmer case. So not only do you have the connection with the FBI and and and the whole COBOL being exposed in the Witmer farce but you also have information in that trial now on record, then that informs you that informed on what actually happened on January 6 and now you're going to have to begin to say to yourselves again where where are the criminal investigations into the murders of Americans and I had some absolute idiot.

Some brain-dead guy that wants to kill babies post on on on my show last week when I was talking about Rosalynn Boylan and about how an officer killed or picked up a crotch when she lost control of her own weapon and beater and this guy is like old. She was being a time fella. She wasn't even on the scene when Rosalynn Boylan hit the ground and went unconscious. She wasn't even in the picture in the camera in the anything she came bursting through the line when the woman was on the ground and started beating her in the there's a reason why the videotapes have not been released as a reason why the J January 6. Defendants have not had access to the ability to defend themselves and because they were saying it. If anything hasn't followed this you have to catch Julie Kelly's outstanding writing.

It's in the American publication American greatness ongoing American Julie Kelly's been following the Witmer trial that has done extraordinary work. She also been following the January 6 you know anything you need to see if you can get her to come on with us on Wednesday because Claire can't make it were open so see if you can get Julie to come on with us on Wednesday during the year at Anchorage after Rob rejected her people and try to get that done as much as people my mutual friends. Yeah mutual friends together can reach out through your mutual friends and let's see if we can get Julie to come on with you and I on Thursday to have the numbers I because I am folks, I am with my dad started something called police appreciation committee for Corona back in California in the 60s when the police were under attack were also to stop by the student.

And yes I am a man I as I grew up in a very pro-police household and what I what I've seen over time that's been emphasized through this Witmer trial through the through January 6 through a variety of other things that are opt out for the original light you look at a say when the second is your urine everything you believe to be true about the innocent until proven guilty is true until you're in the crosshairs of which point it's not your joking with no chance to prove your innocence.

They are going to create a case against you regardless and affected. Once again the fact they had a high ranking attorney DOJ official Jeffrey Clark in his underwear while they searched his house in the morning a couple months ago for the January 6 commission working and concludes with generous instruments that the other did the purple sick CM raid on Roger Stone on Palmetto Port on the this intimidation.

This rent mar Lago read the great news Greg is that the mar Lago rate if Pres. Trump pushes back by suing the FBI, which you should be in the Florida federal court. The federal court located that covers Florida not the one that covers DC and you get these clowns outside their DC cover and into the real court and will be and he'll be able to take them apart and it's going to be it's going to be some analysis and we gotta take a break will be back with more and I were going to have a kind of a changeup and how we do this but reckon I'll be back to close out our segment at 11 AM and at that point I'll tell you about Indiana and what happened over there. It is amazing that with the Tony Ortiz coming up right after this brief break camshaft by natural health practitioner. I wanted to shoot a product I think will everyone a product called natural sleep available to your I'm in thin client filtered and held under strict over 40 years.

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He has said of the gun, and when will gotta get into that, so this might my good friend Matt Long actually turned me on to to their publication and I am and I am and I am an avid follower now and encourage others to do the same. I want to welcome the founder of current revolt Tony Ortiz Tony welcome good to have you passionately to be. Things had to make all man. It is just really a pleasure to have you on board with me. II course II ask you to come on when I want to hit this topic because I think it's really important one for people to understand and I'm talking about the IRS and talking about the specific targeting of Texas and then will kind of pull back from there and expand in some of the other things that are happening in Texas that you guys are covering, and then I'd love for you to tell us. Also a little bit about what inspired you to start current revolt and kinda how how that how that all got going, but I did. I and I do know you know normally you would write you would start there and then you teased people is a stay with us because it this situation of what you've uncovered regarding the IRS hirings the direct hiring. We I want you to explain what that means. The number of offices that they are opening in Texas. To do this and what you guys us have learned about who it is that they seem to be targeting to hire and their farming. These people yeah so for those you know you'll be busy recently all over the news that the IRS hiring a bunch of additional employees currently right now have 79,000 full-time employees and they have announced that they're hiring 87,000 additional employees. So it's more than double increase in what they have now and something we've uncovered is that of using something called direct hire in order to bring on all these employees and will it for those of direct hire basically expedites the hiring process by eliminating competitive rating and ranking systems including veterans preference.

It's incredibly hard to get this generally but the agency is now using this to bring on people at an expedited rate night Sony is it isn't. Doesn't this also. Though kind of somewhat preclude some of the background check, to a degree I mean if you're if you're speeding up the process like that and you're not looking at certain markers, would that not also tend to lead one to believe that there's going to be some potential issues with with no background yeah deftly does eliminate some background on it as well. This is used generally in emergencies. That is, is kind of concerning you think with all the people looking for decent jobs that they wouldn't be required to do something such as this, but of course they are in a course these Iris requirements that a normal person could get a job like this because it has a vaccine requirements and the code 19 vaccination requirement federal employees is required for Executive Order 14043 so you know it it's definitely not for something, something, I couldn't apply to present writers. I'm not vaccinated right well I am in and quite frankly, a lot of patriotic Texans fall into that same category I you know that they we we we have we have understood the dangers of it. The hundreds of thousands. Steve Kirsch was on Fox News and then they they they turned tail and ran on that story Tucker Carlson didn't but Brian kill me did, and others did, so we understand the danger that I don't want to get off into that tangent, but I yeah I'm I'm on that same page with the attorney on that same page yet either hiring over 25 Texas City that now I think that that's something else that I thought was interesting because if I if I read your article correctly, there, there are 50 cities across the country that they're hiring from and yet 25. Half of them are right here in Texas and they're not like the big I mean you think of you know, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio right you know big cities. Austin were talking about, like Abilene's and and Colene and I were talking about smaller city which would be great for those economies except for the first question that, if that. You just raised to the first issue you just raise which has to do with they have to be vaccinated and they they may not be that the patriots that you know we'd like to see their yet you an argument is Texas.

They were bigger than most countries, which is awesome but were not big enough that we would be over half the cities that are targeted for the sort of thing so you could definitely deftly raises questions why have to hirings are based in Texas would today were they doing with the goal here was the target right because if they were targeting if they were targeting unity celebrities of these big giant billionaires at her baby doing something or have the capacity of doing something with the tech that the tax is different than you and I don't be different but you we all know who they're actually going to be targeting and it's good it's going to likely going to be the middle class. It certainly would appear that way. I mean, predicated on on on that and then the other issue that I think is is of concern has to do with their their arming them and their training them to fire weapons and to use weapons and then, in addition to that I it seemed to me that there was some inference that they may be targeting specifically. Some members of, and see if I talk to me a little bit about those two issues. If you would yeah so you know. Arming these agents and you know as far as I know that's not exceptionally abnormal. As far as I know Iris agents have it in the field agents. If you have been hard before so you know it's if this is not abnormal.

What is abnormal is that there the other skipping a lot of the background checks with his direct hire to bring on people who are going to be armed right so generally the arm. Somebody especially to government type position you'd want to vet them pretty heavily with his direct hire.

It's that this possibly that may not happen right that's really with is that the scary part is that you got of people who have only no gun experience and who had a past the exceptional background checks in on the wood.

All of a sudden the running around on potentially targeting the middle class with thick with guns, with being armed line and not an and not just any middle-class but one would have to believe predicated on the political atmosphere in the political assaults that are already taking place is as it relates to, you know, the FBI, and so forth that that this is probably going to be that I know that I had Catherine Engelbrecht on your almost 10 years ago when when we in a watch.

The Obama administration targeting tea party groups and conservatives specifically and and anybody who filed for an IRS 501(c)(3) or 501(c) four exemption all of a sudden found their actual livelihood. There businesses being targeted by the IRS as almost like a retaliation for just filing the form to get a nonprofit status. Yet there are people that will tell you that this is fake that that they are not. We to be targeting middle-class that the IRS would do that the government would never do that to us. These people are either online or they have nowhere to live under a rock. They did this a target tea party patriots you know as you just said.

And so this is this is nothing new interesting to be around to get sued since 20 tell me a little bit about current revolts and and how did it begin what what what were you, you know, what were you doing and and and what brought you to the to the decision and the point to bring this to to fruition.

Half of those don't know. Current voltages is a media website. We publish daily news are specifically focused on Texas.

We don't need, almost never talk about anything outside of Texas so everything talk about is Texas related orthotics Texans directly in some way.

As far as how we started. It was it was the mini fourth or fifth month into coded your coded right where we were locked down, couldn't do anything and I was I was sitting with a bunch of odds and we were just chatting and frustrated that we couldn't go out anywhere that things were shut down that you know that this is all the nonsense going on in one of my friends and my colleagues now said I wish I just had a place to rent my thoughts and so ran into my office and got emails together and create a website and then we had current revolts so we been weaving writing ever since you then you know port pretty outspoken about the rhinos in in in Texas. In particular, talk to a little bit about that and and what are you seeing and what are your greatest concerns as it relates that we got about a minute on this side of the brakes will carry this over conversation over and you are in our next segment deftly so worried Texas and what that means is that we are run by majority Republican. So for the most part.

If you're not happy with the way Texas is being run beside it is generally not a Democrat it's a Republicans fault and because of that we need to hold Republicans accountable and that's what we do, and establishment hates us where they constantly badger a steel counter signal is still talk badly about us because we quote a quick tack Republicans. But again, if you happy with the way things run is because as a bad Republican not doing a good enough job for all right I'm I'm I'm switching Catholic great article by Tommy Oliver sex icon Judge Lena Hidalgo goes off on the day that the color that you worrying in in your in your writing in your writers and just kind of the raw way that you go about it. Your is as an example function on the subscriber right away and and this is an unpaid you know that endorsement if you will, but you know like like see that you know you you went to see back and you were just kinda Rob Outlook. This is what I saw. This is what what went down and I love that will talk more about that coming out right after this Rick my passion is the fight for freedom.

Father fought for World War II defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns and said we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes support your constitutional rights. I am having trouble you, that you get out early early in a big check. Visiting their own pacifists. This thought is that what you thought I put you everything you Malloy Mike Lindo and I'm here to drive on my new product for my house that actually work. Watch this absorbency. There's another tile that we really went out lot is one of my toes with the nice design receivers, which could light a swimming pool with this. This is crazy derivative posted actually work regular terminals are exclusively needed 100%. You may think honed with proprietary technology with maximum absorbency and are guaranteed or commercial to bring your Bible. For example, you get one of my Giza dream bedsheets, and you get a second set absolutely free for my 60s also by once I get another one absolutely free or get my classic premium my pillow I get another one lewdly free to call the number on your screen or go to my user promo code to get my buy one get one free offers to get the discounts on all my pillow products camshaft certified natural health practitioner. I wanted to shoot a product I think will interest everyone chronicled natural sleep available to your between client and alternative health industry for over 40 years. One common problem seem to stand out. People just can't sleep. Maybe too much stress.

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I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives and we should follow local precepts. This is not legalism or works, but a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins. Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action through Jesus Christ spirit man perfected and so was man in progress.

I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame of the fall, but we were parents and get up and move closer to Jesus.

I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness to God will heal our land. I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes and that's a call evil wicked and to learn about those evil acts as a part of the mandated Christianity that's in love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the my everything in Jesus is the love of my life that does not make me weak but strong, silent and not fearful, courageous.

Therefore, if you're my friend may not fully that I share what I share because I care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs. They are not debatable for me and you can if you choose unfriendly, I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, and that God, not man gets to decide what is truth, life in the way God bless you and you know you can typing in love offering life in your computer, visit support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation.

Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace. I will do much generation radio were no topics off-limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and I'm very very pleased that with me, the founder of current Tony Ortiz is with me today. I Tony we were we were talking about, you know how you got started in, and in the break just kinda talking about you know the frustrations that people had in the and then we got into a little bit about some of the some of the cool ways that you guys approach these articles and what have you but talk to me about what you believe are that are the biggest issues right now that Texans need to be paying attention to. Yeah, I think the most. One of the most important ones is the sexualization of children right. The business agenda, the LGBT Q agenda that is prominent in advertising itself and being exposed to minors and we have a known party on this isn't something that's just limited to Democrats. I you got groups like log cabin Republicans, who actively promotes you know there LGBT Q agenda, but with a concert quote unquote conservative spin great and ill begotten you got groups that polluter regroup up with them young Republicans of Texas, which is normally at what you think would be a great group is actually that was was up until recently. Partnered with and I like to take credit actually for proposing them so much about it online. They finally this distance themselves and they officially are partners with log cabin Republicans, but luckily revolt is even hosted were were attempting to host a drag queen happy hour that for all ages at a restaurant just two years ago and so when you got this kind of thing happening in our own party.

That's why we hold Republican's account so much. But yet you got you got the sexualization of children which is really big and that that doesn't just apply to happy hours of the kids. It also applies to schools, you got these crazy books that are just that are in our library school libraries that taxpayer dollars are paying for, and you got these teachers, these leftist teachers that are just obsessed with talking about sexual contact with children just I'm not I'm not compatible but I remember growing up in elementary school. I didn't even know me. Teachers first name, let alone their gender identity or sexual their pronoun is there there there there is a preference or prefers.

No noun yet it assesses a goofy to me so that's a really really big one right yeah and then of course the removal of God from all facets of our life shipping.

It's unity. Look at the numbers and the amount of people that are claiming to be religious is going down year after year after year, and I could tell you there's there's definitely some correlation with the happiness of people's lives and in the quality of our living with the amount of people that are now choosing to be atheist or whatever that is right center on those two are really big and adequacy of a serious border issue. You will have a conscious rebel border and we don't have a culture of us. We have people who are part of or promote that culture and tells Eve all the time dinner you don't really big on opening our borders and you know if we were to take any city Texas and replace the demographics with somebody else in another country completely incomplete. Change the culture of the foundation of that city survey and so they're doing that with America on we were having had this "melting pot of people and then people like to brag that were a melting pot of the country and its that's not a good thing when you have a bunch of people from' cultures in a small place. They don't get along. They fight everybody's costly typewriting for the top of the food chain and that's why you see you kind loving house with these minority groups like the feminist fight with the LGBT group PQ groups right and in the that the black groups fight with like Asian groups or the Hispanic groups and it's because everybody's always trying to be at the top of the food chain. As of this of this multipart lifestyle that they concert brag about is actually great thing what limit.

Let me let me suggest that they agreed that this again is a definition that they've hijacked because in my and I'm 60 in my day. The idea of America as a melting pot was the concept that everybody came with kind of some differentiations per se, but then that was kind of melted down to where all American and so we we we respect where there's some differences in our in our cultural background so to speak, but we have a common now let's see, and most people who came over here realized that the most common thing you think about Alex de Tocqueville right and and what he finds. It was faith and that was the that was God in faith was the thing that united our country irrespective of our political perspective. Whenever we were faced with an enemy whenever we were faced with a challenge whenever we were we were being attacked as a nation. The thing that brought us together was God, Jesus Christ, and prayer. Our faith is what united us and that was that was in my mind that was our melting. But I hear what you're saying because again it's it's a hijacking if you don't mind my asking, how, what, how old are you, Tony 36 okay so you you are kind of a your your unique would you not say, for your age group chat to be in that the mental space that you are in and the understanding space that you are in about about what's really truth or territories that a misnomer know your rights considered a millennial right and you know I grew up in a very good Chicago in a very Democrat leaning household only demoed only writing person who households my father and he's he's he's always been right-leaning always. And so we thought a lot you know growing up and it took quite a few things for me to finally click into place to realize that that really wasn't the way to go. And yet I mind my my colleagues a millennialism right that they generally left-leaning and I let a lot to really easy lifestyle.

You know, the, the, the baby boomer generation really did create a good foundation for this country and they left it very easy for the millennial's, and we have an easy life kind of things just things you just inherit things or things just come naturally.

Riley just use water comes from a tap right food comes from a friend and you not get there with there you flip the light switch and the electricity turned on and I don't know where it comes in his lectures right yeah fill your Tesla up with electricity think it just comes from the wall right you know that it comes from from fossil fuels or anything else right that right and you know because like so easily start to focus on really stupid stuff like like feminism and LGBT Q stuff and all this crazy stuff and it's just it's easy life in excess very lazy and with lazy my lazy mentality is III simply to work and work were gonna run at a time there, but it Tony I really want to get you back because I think that you have. You have really hit on something there to that I think is so important because you can speak to that millennial audience in in such a powerful way in helping them to kind of understand and it's, you know there's an old saying that's you know it when when you're between 18 and and and 30. Generally, you're going to be in.

If you have a heart will be liberal and then once you hit 30 and you have to actually start putting food on the table. Now all the sudden you start becoming conservative because you realize how the real world work and then and I think there's a lot to that saying Tony Ortiz found her current current Please be sure to check it out. Subscribe and I give and give a subscription gift and this was in on a an unpaid push how that was Cheryl Chumley coming out right after this Rick Terrace six was all dictation for putting on from some of Warhammer were set in his mouth is also John psychological warfare didn't have a battering ram but would turn it on top. He was pointing his gun at all my neighbors ready to pull up anytime you needed to is an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the party took over the family unit and that you must have and defend your family, but it's not always easy to do when the regime have to kill my heart was pounding my body down numbers on his shoulders and separated us into rows even and odd numbers was number nine. My brother still in prison and my sister labor camp without trial evidence haven't been able to destroy

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