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Guests Michael Morris and Scott Uehlinger

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 10, 2022 2:32 pm

Guests Michael Morris and Scott Uehlinger

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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August 10, 2022 2:32 pm

Michael Morris MRC Newsbusters media bias regarding the FBI invasion of Marlago and President Trump's private residence. WH denial of knowledge of the event prior to its occurrence. Social media censorship.

Scott Uehlinger, former CIA Station Chief in Eastern Europe watching the FBI was like watching the former Soviet Union or Eastern European countries attack their political opposition. How communist attack a country and its moral foundation.

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Great generation radio were no topic is everything filtered through Google glasses through personal welcome news busters MRC and free speech America Mr. Michael Morris Michael welcome good to have you morning absolutely will.

Well, obviously, top of our list has to be more long-ago and and president Trapani and and what happened there. I know and I you know have been doing a lot of conversation this week about this issue and that is almost was prophetic in the show that we did on Monday with David Sumrall who did bloodied Hill connectivity between Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Bundy ranch. The wildlife preserve in the murder of little boys come and and then January 6 when you enter what was done and and the actual particulars about it and and as an example, the rotation of the term sovereign citizen, which, if you read our founding documents. If you read the Federalist papers. If you go through that what you realize is is that that's exactly what our founders were saying to the king of England.

We are sovereign and were not going to be under your subjugation any longer and and yet those events that I just described going back into the 1990s were an attempt by a government to assert itself and subjugate the people.

The media research What we try to do is point out by nonstop drip news coming from the legacy liberal media you know we had the rush of heat. We had Russian collusion can't allegedly coming out of the White House back when he was offered and leaked to the press and the only stories coming out and now we have the media cheering arrayed on the house on an attack, and immediately cheering on the truck were glad to create actually said in a corrupt and and and abuse of power now implemented Michael, I just might. My point in bringing up what I was saying is, is that is that there is the press creates the narrative that people believe the press created the narrative about Waco. The press created the narrative about Ruby Ridge. The press created the narrative about the Bundy ranch about the boys going to come about January 6 and about and and and so there's been this this not repress that is government controlled. That appears to be government propaganda right that that the date they so and end dates show a certain line and that line seems to be in line with a very liberal progressive and it's really funny. We talk about them as being progressive but in reality, to me it's it's more regressive because because it because it constricts what you are allowed to say anything and you have to follow the script that they want followed or they will silence you narrative eight and ultimately to protect protect collect and protect the Democratic Party by truly uncanny.

I will say go a couple riding a quorum of the great governor New York.

Actually, the deity must immediately explain the reason for its work made and it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any criminal investigation and the legitimate the January more seen in legal analyst call you and I believe you actually went on in Harlow and she had become the record act violation more. Do you think it is enough to warrant all that cement Calen responded.

Not enough to warrant all daring and dangerous move by the Department of Justice which are integrated especially for young a few months before midterm election truly great moral sense you know we we talked about the need to use involvement in the arguments is wordlessly about the filibuster right and and right there with you the back-and-forth about the filibuster issue and and and that that would be considered like the nuclear option man to my way of thinking, what they have done by going into president trumps personal residence.

In this manner visits. This is of that magnitude. This is nuclear because now you have Republicans that take power well up until now they wouldn't make the Republicans held that said, was asked are you going to go after Hillary Clinton in her 33,000 emails. Are you going to send the Department of Justice after which righteously they could have, and he said no. We were at work within it to follow are historical precedents and were going to move on from here and were going to institute our policies and and and but will not get it. You know when I can go back in and as her digging in the wounds. Same thing with Obama and in the treasonous behavior and then to find out that Obama was spying on president trumps after they got out office running basically separate government that was lying on the sitting president of the United States nobody's got anything about that Michael right with incredible theater of Berkeley actually talking to the way out. Today about the rate and you know he tried to get down to the bottom of things and and asked you to plot out if this was some sort of political tactic and that you know you that it is their concern here that if you guys don't pay more Republicans are using this while the weapon I think just part what the FBI sets going to become the public implement if you guys don't want to crawl or not going to do that. And, of course not appear just brush it aside and said she would not talk about it in the question is simple yes or no question. Is this White House website project department and the FBI gets political opponent, the White House would not answer that question, Downing stopped an important question, but also in addition to not answering the question.

The question they did answer was to suggest that they they were. They were as surprised as everybody else that this happened.

I think of anybody honest-to-goodness believes that they know that the Department of Justice that Mary Garland and Christopher Ray had signed off on on spending 30 FBI agent in tomorrow I'll go at go through the closet of the former First Lady to get into their space to go through all their personal belongings. I mean seriously, the FBI and the director of the Department of Justice and and oh, we didn't know anything about it. I mean who buys back it really is incredible through incredibly minor miracle of the Obama duration when Barack Obama actually said what I found out this information when you are dead on the television line left to pack an immediate and long away yeah you know it it there was an article out also that the compares you know the by Biden and Nixon right you know where words let you know and and I don't know how much Richard Nixon actually understood what was going on. Based on some of the evidence is mounting. The bottom line is is is high enough people very highly of people were involved and engaged in this. It could these agents didn't just on their own, willy-nilly, wander over to more logical and frightening were finding out that they actually had a conversation with the Secret Service and and and told the Secret Service that they were going to be there so I couldn't just go, not the Secret Service would've allowed them to go in if they had just shown up and and tried to wander in their clinic not much unlike at the lab. If you recall, the IRS targeted the tea party guests men were trying to go after nonprofit organizations in the light and eventually would have dug up and in fact yet that is exactly what happened and the IRS got in trouble for that.

Need along the way again. During that time. Was tearing and yeah go after the tea partiers will likely don't agree with her pocket and seemed to be more than playing the media backing the agenda and doing all it can to push aside any actual recording to try to get the matter in inches more than St. one scream of the IRS.

The IRS now apparently has you in this new bill that was passed budgeting for 87,000 new agents and they said old work will be political in any way. How can you even say such things with a straight face after what we just witnessed Monday night and you're going to try to convince that this is going to be political especially based on what you just said about what we know they did previously and was in third effort by an administration button layout and big media and big go after people on the right you get out of trouble and led social media so we can have a point on it. Now I don't platform now you you cut IRS going after people in the media backing them up and you got this really earlier this week in the media cheering. It is sort of collusion between the liberal media and the talking points coming from the left with an aquatic party and also you have something going on big company and I can sleep because I was disbanded again for life. I got another email from from Twitter telling me you have been that you have been banned for life and that and I for that on the 40 that on you guys just a little bit ago for you to add to your thing, but it basically says your your account has been suspended in them. When I tried to appeal. They said no.

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You can support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now that's a chosen generation with pastor Grace radio, no topic is off limits and everything filtered through the last I was going through here with with my goal but I sent them an appeal and and they they reviewed my account and they said hello this is July 8 8:04 AM hello you do this with that up on the screen because it hello. After further review. We have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation of the rules. Your account is now unsuspended. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. Please note that it takes 24 to 48 hours for your follower and swallowing numbers to return to normal. Thanks twitter. The interesting thing here. Michael is is that they I has been suspended at this point for about two years and and they're not there, the suspension of me, if you will, was was specific to late to sue my pointing out to them. The Berenson case and now very yeah and and now they have said your account is suspended and this is hello your account was permanently suspended due to multiple or repeated violations of the twitter rules except that they didn't send me. I mean literally. There are there are no emails from them other than this email and and and my response is that your account has been locked and and and that's it. Is your account is been suspended or locked there's there's 22 emails that noted one email that says your account has been suspended or lost. That's it about what settlement you experience electric reporting that he settled with with Twitter over something very similar. He was talking about code 19 something that they and strengthen any and ultimately settlement came down to. Apparently, according to Grant and that the you are not following the procedure, rather twitter water quality procedures that it laid out and make it enter someone from the platform more along the lines of a breach of contract alone. No, we recorded a study here back in February, 20, 22, 808 people or or 808 cases rather ship occurred a big textbook typically uncovered nicely. Only one doctor signed medical and client personality includes German broadcasters, radio 21 news outlet and that members of Congress among them you get Sen. Rand Paul Sen. Ron Johnson rep, Nancy Nicole maleate I probably butchered rep. Byron Donald there. I note morning a big movement even crowded in appellant Charlie Kurt DeeDee and all things to be for the most part one-sided you, so it is truly incredible and and also even worse. Why did ministration. In other words, the federal government and been pressuring the company that Biden… According to meteorite back in January 13 quote I make it special appeal to social media companies and media outlets. We deal with them if information is information that on your show that had to stop by the administration. A government official environment that McMurphy also sake in information governance boards writing new Tax Court monitored all calling for big tech topics that American and not just silence. American citizens but just that everything that there's just this information when trying to now based on the FOIA request became out and the information is having to be released to the judge demanded that they release is clearly being indicated that vaccine injuries are are are real and they know it. I mean those of us who have family and friends and and children that have been vaccine injured. We know it. Okay what I'm talking now Michael about that there are actual facts and there are people there's there's a video of people who who take the job and then have these horrific reactions that you see this is a very real stuff and and I just, that makes it just all the more disgusting to me all the incredible time targeted individual centered and shipped that me all of their followers are also having information We overhear the media research Center called back to actually have a report out that we released on July 20 shows that hundred and 44 million plug kind American people had information In quarter one 2022.

That was over 4000 individual example of a track I work with one of the hundred and 72 Kate hundred and 44 million times people at information Platform well yeah I thank you for what you guys are doing. Give us that Spencer tried to correct track out of work to elect out considerably. Check it out. Spencer and a course, don't forget to bookmark news busters and you can find news busters and Michael at PG contributors. I'm your host Pastor Greg will be back with arguing or coming up on the other side. Michael thanks again for being what I'll talk to you in two weeks and will have heroes next week.

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Can you describe them surely at flashing lights along trunk. Unfortunately, the price of gas and diesel is no longer a laughing matter that is causing us all to have to rethink the lifestyles we have an answer for you.

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Okay that ruled in the neighborhoods in full military gear busting indoors and breaking out windows to get into homes and you wonder you mentioned you know what's the mentality I really think that they have been raised to believe that you and I are somehow the evil ones you have any university or school systems school educational system that has been hijacked by the liberals for more than 30 years and so what you're saying is that the average person being cranked out of the University is not thinking when I traded propaganda that people like you and I are flying is possibly suspicious in America you thought of what I started to see this changeover of propagandized people.

He saw his in the agencies years ago this was happening when I was in the agency on peaceful flour and these people with progressives above him, or more than happy to date there for them to do whatever they just do it.

What seemed like unlawful and unconstitutional orders in our world. There still are some decent people were more more recent and final etc. a lot of him all of you like. Or, your compromise will either financially and they just go along to get along usually see when I was just a lot of people like that so I don't want is what you recall seeing the whistleblower in the past 20 years. But God has done nothing nothing of 20 years as hardly anyone comes forward is because there just simply not willing to do so. This is another reason to justify these organizations must be taken apart and forced into one that is smaller chunks, so they cannot use their power right right I was. I was looking to see. I thought that I had seen something. Whistleblower not finding it right here. There was something about a guy here we go.

Okay so bad news cannot be provided in his corrupt family Dan by Gino stay with the eyebrows to shut down hundred are also pressure gauges produced domestic violent extremists that this is apparently a a an FBI with a blower that is talking with Dan by Gino so that's good yeah and and project Veritas has indicated James O'Keefe has indicated that he has a couple people but your point. I agree with you because of the mentality and it's interesting. I had a gentleman on who was in Venezuela as a young man when you go Chavez took over and he described four things that he's identified as being the primary issues that led to the fall of Venezuela open borders are two-party political system that became a Ewing party infiltrated education system and apathetic middle-class. And I think about the education is a message as to what you were talking about people just can't really happen here and I remember reading stories about Venezuelan society actually has been present as well. Remember sitting down with humans and Americans who say okay like this. What was happening here as well is exactly what happened in Cuba when Castro chuckled as well is just kind of laughed it off is no here and they were wrong.

People have died tragically in the economic morass is all right but is the very things that we talked about morphological etc. these are the party in power reading the party is out of power is a procedure where I where I work is I want to change court is just slightly. You bring up something that is a very interesting and ends from the CIA perspective you watch this, the taking down of the nation and the steps that are a part of the taking down of the nation and we talked about this. Remember back when Obama was in power.

When you and I first connected and got introduced by Paul White almost 10 years ago now. Something along like the ones on what you broke down in one of our interviews about this that are taken to literally take a country down and you just touched on something having to do with me economic side of it, but talk about that second will go in your grade will come back out and then will kind of progress. I think the important thing for American people to understand what's happening to us right now. You see this towel with what happened to you were to know the silliest place to the Americans and British. Okay you know where we can like: intermediate left in the room. The Czech Republic left their own decisions, etc. but of course that was all I was saying certain people in certain parts of the society's to infiltrate them all. One thing that they one column is the country must be taken down because the church is an alternative to the state has to be destroyed is that you have to use the target user groups so that when you see this transvestite story hours and you will have more sex you have to talk to them on the side of the underside of the communist and so all of course no compromise as much of society's most important ones are things like youth groups, church groups, civil society and once you do that country is much more right you know, by the late 40s. Countries like Poland and Romania and Czechoslovakia. The D_the_time they really realize that it was too late and people were in jail and hostages to the conference right what I was about Eileen you're really talking about, you know, morality and conscience right you got it you don't wipe away morality. The actual sense of right and wrong.

What's righteous, and so on. And then you gotta take away and and you got destroy the innocence and the conscience and you do that by by the promotion and that's why part of the 40 Bibles of the Communist Party includes pushing on pornography, homosexuality and promiscuity, all those kinds of things are to try to tear down the moral fiber of the nation will take a quick break When we get back. Maurice got you earlier were talking about folks and these are the things that are happening.

I was gratified that Ms. father fought for to defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns is that we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causing constitutional right I am fighting the affect was a daunting but the young act of God would bless you in 400+ the big living on the basis ploy might be going on my new product for my house and we were once here's another tolerably friendly way don't want my child is crazy. Actually work exclusively neatly 100% combed Terry technology with similar absorbency and are guaranteed or your Bible.

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Today I am for marriage between a man and woman for life from conception time following the Bible and I believe that our founders started this nation. The principles time in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in security.

I believe our Constitution was intended for moral people in the Bible contains the only true moral fiber. We were all born sinners in the God in his grace and mercy said his son Jesus Christ died for our sins, and that if we will contest our sins, he is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out.

Jesus is the Lord of our lives and we should follow the precepts.

This is not legalism works, but a life lived out in love and honor the one who died for my dadat all. I believe that we will small you need to have God will ultimately bring us into perfect action and source man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame when we fall we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness with God will heal our land. I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes and that you call evil wicked and warned about those part of the mandated Christianity love also needs to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront your friend with the truth in hopes of their heart will return because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly means that I must risk scorn for truth and that I can finally live quality will attempt to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life that does not make me strong and not courageous. Therefore, if you're my friend may not fully agree know that I share what I share because I care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs. They are not available for me.

You can choose unfriendly, I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, and that God, not man side. What is true life and the way you are typing in love offering life in your computer, visit to support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation now back a chosen generation, with faster grace is off of his children through Google glasses – is trying to juggle multiple balls here at the same time I got I got an automobile issue. Actually Scott, I got problem with the car and so they very got work shall be okay now. I hope anyway so yeah, I gotta get the car fixed – and they're out there providing us with a rental car but we have to have the insurance policy information for all that to happen. Trying to facilitate that radio show that I can multitask you like all right we were talking about how you know that the tearing down of the nation and in the way in which that happens and and we talked about you know me at the root of it moral side of it right is you know getting into the schools and getting into the church is in that but financial you mention financial stuff talk about that for just a second. All people actually don't know what I thought you I thought you mentioned something about attaching the finances of the nation be the economic you see that happening right now actually hearts right now we see in various sources US society we are seeing the same thing within the US stock market. The amount of investors for at least 25 okay I always follow the stock market has some knowledge needs the money in the stock market, etc. I will see is what I see now is absolutely shocking.

Schemes are being done in broad daylight, or illegally destroying the American class is in the old days okay on the research of the company that it seems that the future product or something invested in research and some money that idea certainly was true until about 10 years after that nest with his clothes in his clothes and all our heart disease basically using the system and corrupt SEC does not what they do is the streets with decent companies that future can make money by sweating.

They will try to destroy a company to try to leave money but in fact I company maybe has illusory product or something and is not really discrimination. Actually if you look at the market last 10 years or so the market is not a certain percentage in 10 years that 10 years of close in the market. All his company's stock market will go to Amazon if you notice company she was doing just wanted to invest in a somewhat up-and-coming company product. Those companies are more or less flatlined at least five or six years and this is another example of hollowing out the class someone like myself extremely close to what what little money I have left in the stock market and never returning again is to and and there's a lot of other Americans will do that is on Americans who are seeing their senior net value funds which the SEC allows this is just another another situation of the United States that I think a lot of and the other.

This is the social credit scores right that you are now in place of the smaller companies would come out mom and pop you know smaller companies that come into play if they don't embrace the social credit score then now just what they're going to hurt you get federal funding for your product, market exactly level of corruption you try to see is myself somewhat intelligent and visual and that I can use my mind to do research. In the case of money for my family and myself work. If you cannot take corruption into consideration. Look at five products I is likely the ones most likely to come the market. What I don't know is that while the FDA company because this companies product is over the the right research included products.

I was well ahead of the curve on my knowledge of his was monitoring what was going on in China. However, what I expected to make money on. I did not make the FDA when even as we now know exterior products which were like 15% effective, and there is still no alternative to the end and stuff that was already in the pipeline. It was almost like a James Bond kind of a situation where they release the virus and they already had the patents and everything all lined out to release the antidote for the plan damage on the right which is as horrific as people like us to recoil in disgust.

And, withdrawn for you and ultimately that's what destroys the economy is what is injured in the American economy. Scott, I appreciate it were out of time today.

Gotta bless you my friend will be that of the more chosen generation coming up for you tomorrow. Lots and lots more to continue to cover for you and we hope you enjoyed the program today.

Be sure and share share share and be sure and support what were doing as well go to your and improve your health today more tomorrow. At the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how to fight the good fight, share the good news. Give people a check just got your life to be the truth of the darkness did you shrink back in fear when the demand to change my message to call evil good and good evil to respect my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you filed yourselves and compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones pervert in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil was evil and only God is good that Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up.

And in spite of the hate I will love and truth.

God bless you all and they love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest

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