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Don Jans: Marxism is trying to push God out / Nan Su on the CCP

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 22, 2022 12:59 pm

Don Jans: Marxism is trying to push God out / Nan Su on the CCP

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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July 22, 2022 12:59 pm

Don Jans Marxism is trying to push God out. Elements within the US, Putin, Iran/Turkey and Xi are all working to destroy America and to subjugate the people. We the People must awaken.

Nan Su CCP is hiding in Black Rock, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and the investment bankers to manipulate the present and steal money and technology for the future. CCP Control of Taiwan would be devastating to Japan and to the West. Indo Pacific Trade corridor, which Shinzu Abe saw in 2007 is critical to a large portion of world economic dominance.

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You'll provided support of the report is bugging." John doesn't support all of you.

You you got more for having problem on this Saturday generally hold you priesthood holy nation. Peculiar people choose for the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy chosen generation topic is off-limits for hosting pastor Grace generation radio were no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and make minor adjustments here, but great, and he with me.

Thanks much for being here again, just remind your folks be sure and share share share. We are very close to setting a record and we course, want to thank our newest member of the TEC NCV.calm family and and the and the Texas show which is has helped who I believe between her show my statement that the two Texans were were leading the charge TEC very exciting, not where where I work?

Hundred and 30,000 viewers this week hundred and 30,000 m and we thank you for watching the program, sharing program and dissipating with us here at TEC had you need a common chosen generation,, the KY 5:40 AM and all across our listening audience mobile radio network, and so on and so on and so on. We appreciate everybody dinner, listening to our program. Don Jan is with me. My grandchildren is America and also just want to remind you were given away some books over here $25 donation gets you a free copy of John's book road to tyranny.

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I detach and save lives. We just graduated our Windows class in in Punjab and omelettes are our fourth Windows class were starting our next Windows class this next week teaching them how to spell so they know not only do we give them a fish, but we teach them how to fish and that's for them and their their young children and these are young widows whose husbands were murdered for their faith.

John we are under assault.

Our children are under so I know you talked about Joe Biden the devil we know when the efforts potentially to replace him and who that might be what they're doing with that is making a trip to the White House. Now all the sudden, Biden has tilted and and let me read this really quick is kind of a lead into that.

This is from Dr. Peter Macola.

This shows the absolute number of cases, so the reason for your case is in unvaccinated could be simply that there are not many nonvaccinated people left. But clearly the one done concept didn't work.

And now we might only be considered fully vaccinated for a few months worse. The epidemiology is Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale points out the benefit of the vaccine could turn negative after 48 months.

In other words, you become more likely to get inspected twice boosted Pres. Biden tested positive and has mild symptoms and everyone is been in contact with him will be informed twice boosted Dr. Anthony crouching also has covert was treated with fluid and had a rebound with symptoms worsened with the initial illness after completing the five day course each and every dose carries a risk of adverse effects and this from a doctor who writes I saw one of my Lyme patients yesterday. She and her husband who was in perfect health at age 72.the third covert shots first boosters in April 2022. In May 2022.

The husband dropped dead Don there there there using medical tyranny there that I wrote. I sent you the. The article that I wrote relative to the issue of of of children and what's happening to you to the children. It's always been about the children exactly. It's not protecting marriage Congress passing the respect marriage act, which has nothing to do with respecting marriage at all. Alright I'm ready for you to jump in and I tried to make the water is warm as possible. The neatly called situation. I am going member would people have with the intent of the medical and there hasn't been a given what has not been discussed where we signed the doctors did not have and in this whole situation. The medical community sides and not been accepted at all unless you conform to the demand of the WHO and NIH, CDC, you would not listen to you would be the air you would like, you would be moon in the medical community it is done, although in the United States we could not open and honest discussion about about this issue, however, we sit or meaning. Many of our politicians, many of those in power, and even outside of the public are changed wrongly to become very variance for mental illness new visa the world economic new visa. It all SEEMS to be taken on what it all seems to be coordinating with that New World world economic Council and the South where we are going by her.I heard them from Bill Gates today.

We have to reduce the world's population by 200%. Why, I'm not sure that my one of the ways of doing this is with this thing.

What we are learning the women, it doesn't destroy the reproductive system and killing young men when we went John's long just peeling over just dying that ass couldn't discuss at all the family. Human we look back throughout history we go back even even and I consider the final word of God. The Bible says God and God wanted us to understand that the family unit is very to a free society and want to understand that when destroy them. We are just going. She has planned for the family unit was being destroyed by Israel with God now tightens throughout all Always attack why because the family unit will people will be will not put the statement number one we have a strong family unit.

They will have different ideas and strong family unit is always been to a strong, strong biblical society. Our family name or in the family by Marxists, primarily throughout the planning went into Russia. He immediately instigated three open immediately instigated pornography and adult we would just look around. Previous Marxist takeovers, we would see that saying situation United States) we are on the children and we are following the same road that Marxists have followed throughout. I should say collectivist month is just another unit of collectivism and you know when you talk about you know the devil we know you know Joe Biden is is really up for the real devil we know. I believe, which is Barack insane Obama. My sources indicated to me and I said this on the program before and I'll say it again. That Susan Rice and I believe his name is Klein who is Brian Klein. They need with Obama before they go to the White House to actually have the morning briefing so they go down and they have a meeting of some sort with Obama. Most days before they actually go to the White House and have a meeting with their staff and disseminate the plan and the information for how that day is going to go that tells you how involved Obama is and why at the reception. Biden was ignored and the focus was on it a welcoming who everyone knows is the real acting President of the United States and he's in there, as if he were just that that was his whole demeanor there yet here I am here I am, I will guide you on TT. Is this real quick just wondering who is on Obama's is an interesting question is an interesting and and actually I touch on this, to give you a synopsis when I get back folks I talked about it last Friday and the disinformation presentation more after this camshaft by natural health practitioner, in addition to product. I think everyone called natural sleep available to inclined filter to help over 40 years. One common problem and out. People just can't sleep. Maybe too much stress. Maybe they got older.

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It appears today for a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now that's a chosen generation with pastor Grace generation radio when no topic is off limits and everything children through biblical glasses by special guest on Jan's my grandchildren again want to remind you go and make a donation, please please please please thinking that I really am, because we really need help cashing out $Pastor Greg CGR cash out $Pastor Greg CGR Vento asked chosen – generation – radio chosen – generation – radio or Greg PayPal.the/Pastor Greg to make a donation of $75 $75 while supplies last. You're going to get all three of these incredible books.

Enough is enough. By Rick Scarborough, the devil inside the Beltway by third is Michael Doughty and a great great book the road to tyranny by Don Jan's and by the way, it's interesting down my church who made a donation I got this book. She said all I read that book great so she's given the book away to a friend. Don't tell her to buy another one more idea on how to do that, I'll do that. So anyway alright so here's the synopsis close very quickly and I want to government passes often don't.

There are entities at work right now that we are people of the United States of America are battling and it's why we need God and we need virtue, we are battling the Obama monarchy, the Clinton monarchy. The deep states the Marxist and it was in the Democratic Party which there is no more Democratic Party. It's all Marxist reestablishment and teams and BLM and all they are still very much real and very much liable. All that is is is a is I would say it, and an internal group with in our country trying to destroy the United States of America. In addition, that we are battling Putin, who just recently and you heard it on the program this morning with Gary Curtis talked about the fact that he wants to be like Peter the Great, he sees himself as reconquering all of the lands script from the USSR. He's been talking about this the late 1990s.

That is not a brand-new thing for him. He is an empire builder and anybody who tells you anything different like we prompted him.

We we instigated this is in need of all this information, my goodness. People want the home is free on YouTube watch it. This information to be in China and the sea sleeping Rothman and no one but both of them are battling for a caliphate, a either the Ottoman Empire to rise up or Iran to rise up as a caliphate. So there you have it.

Those living entities. All four of them battling we the people of the United States of America. We are at war John and and we've got reckless leadership. Every one of the are all part of what we would call the collectivist movement. The collectivist movement is an evil movement that seeks to dominate call as opposed to the individualist or the individualist society where we are honored to be individuals as created by God. All of these movements united and many of those who are collectivist are actually living in the United States. Many of them serving in our government. Many of them claim to be individualist and yet they aspire to collect and analyze God and despise God story by Scott not, why, why is why culmination of this so interested in his groin nation. We are really neat extremely we were founded based on that truth that God has moved out each individual with his individual liberty. We were founded on the basement that we are will be a Christian nation Bible was foundation of our system here. We were founded as a public and not a democracy. Those are extremely critical issues. I'm writing republic or democracy now.

Very, very, very much. Hurry and we get that one out. That's regret. I hope to hear about all that out this fall and fall five United States. Never before in the nation been found that rights come from God government and that they will be public and not a democracy.

We have Bible we have to be a virtuous, virtuous people in on Franklin's that give you public you can keep that is been attacked it's very questionable right now as to whether or not Loki can keep God's people will rise up and understand the seriousness of what we face and that they began trickle claim righteousness of God can maintain our society and continue. Dr. Roth connected that we cannot cannot sit back and think all that we don't have time.

Our children will live out your charity. If we don't 100%. There's no question about it and and and we have to decide not to allow that to happen we absolutely have to decide not to allow that to happen we can we can win, but we can only win if we turn to God Don site should be in with me today.

I greatly appreciate folks. I'll be back with more children generation coming up right after this man's who joins us will talk about China coming up this ship over 40 years under each product to change my life by Lil Joe good nutritional program before I discovered by I would take the traditional by the middle tablet was really feeling any different. So I cried bye-bye did all 15 and mineral supplement to the liquid multivitamin (open source not arrayed pre-rotation provided by Christ without all the work where's the body for help in aiding in helping the replication Bible available in 32 ounce bottle are very handy when out travel pack light on the got the first time I cried by I had more energy. About 20 minutes. I got to thinking clear evil. He liked a lot better here coupon code children get regular check out $20 off your first order of $50 or more for Joe coupon code Joseph Jen radio here today. Everyone is being a higher price and you see the name of the man calls the police essays been robbed where this robbery occurred.

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Visit to support chosen generation and make a tax donation. Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace program. I have the choice of where you can listen each and every day generation radio. Okay, let's see. Make it a couple of adjustments on I'm waiting for Nancy to jump in and if he is not able to join us. Then I've got plans as well just real quick again.

Want to encourage you if you'd like to help out with a donation today. We like to help you out as well. I've got three books that are available got on Jan's book, the road to tyranny. Michael Doherty's book, which is the devil inside the Beltway and also enough is enough. By Rick Scarborough and these were donated to us. I am offering them as they as a thank you for your donation list. See yes sir. Okay, so hopefully will be being joined you shortly by biting her, and yet looking for him to join us to talk about China and the CCP and Mark. Mark sorry, last half hour, Marco Rubio, Sen. Marco Rubio secret Chinese Communist Party sells it's actually a Wall Street Journal article is good over here and look that one up real quick.

Secret Chinese hello man there we go hi Nan how are you sir okay. Putting all man. It's great you look just dapper Sir, thank you.

I was on the phone call I so sorry know you and I was just actually pulling up the article in the Wall Street Journal on the secret Chinese was interesting is coming up in their search for the figures. Anyway, you sent me the link Sen. Marco Rubio exposes the secret Chinese Communist Party spells relative to controlling investment strategies talk a little bit about that and then I also really want to get into the issue of Taiwan what's happening there.

Claire Lopez wrote a piece suggesting that the assassination of a might be very akin to the assassination that happened with driving was a line of Parmesan or what have you, but the man who was murdered right before Osama bin Laden gave the green light and the towers were chance that that getting a out-of-the-way who was kind of the one leading the charge to chip to engage Japan in warning China not to attack Taiwan might well lead to a Neville Chamberlain moment and then the CCP deciding, but there's no real opposition over here now you talk about Marco Rubio's article he trying to initiate a bill which will ask all of these financial investment investments for Michael Bowman them to basically mean you the relationship with CCP because of these companies basically say you have branches that the formerly scrappy side of your company you are trying to office or anywhere you need to let you know you need to hundreds of chameleon marketing with no CCP branch office in your company what what happened to the nose, he already had some detail about all these companies. The ones they went to China to do so-called investment, you know, big is the time of the MLB because all these companies they know they somehow always the high-level Chinese government officials who is the money that the problem was they hire the people they start that they stop making money then there going to their office and was to do that and I am all and those people may be the party members that Dan was both party members hired by American investment firms are establishing CCP branches in these companies all very similar to the CCP and their Confucius schools schools write the babe established an American university. If I am on my making the right connectivity to a degree as far as infiltration is concerned that these influences actually worse money controlling were controlling the flow of dollars in sense and where monies are invested and that ultimately allowing these very large and influential investment firms then will will start only investing in companies where the Chinese Communist Party has an interest, and not just that right now just because the Chinese few more things going on here. Number one, you will be able to send people inside channel the information they want the Western Wall to hear. You know, to invest to influence all of these topics. Western Wall's investment firms right okay will the money flow. I was talking about the may be viewed in the money. Number one, number two, all forms of financial firms. They are the information technology information and cannot, and send all this where where monies going to be going where investments are headed in the future, all those kinds of things so that PPP may think of you have there. It is going to be able to make all the information information okay so – and that it's going to impact you know by any national rules once they have all these information want to do you know they can question over there so movies really is okay you you guys going to the party established the branches formally in your company write you a month in public to know you investors know about what happened when in the know when China joined him to go back in 201 beginning they don't do anything like that so later when China's economy is growing and you know, time, time getting their power base*formally established openly. Okay they just do it on the radar quietly doing that right is no reason no then gradually based on the Dell starlight to become open. Inside, a couple coppers are like the Walmart one before the they have a you know they they have the Chinese because of these branches is garbage into firms, and many others. So, so, then gradually the way you know companies in the ECP of party just like any party, US Democratic Party is okay.

I know this is way they want to take over control of the wall. They look at the United States, the number one enemy write back right after this is like father fought today. We are no longer fighting with guns is that we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing cause I know what you don't support. I got you will will will you check the boy Mike my new product line.

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Today I am for marriage between a man and a woman for life from conception following the Bible and I believe that our founders started this nation time in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in world security. I believe our Constitution was intended for moral people in the Bible contains the only true moral.

I believe we are all born sinners, and the God in his grace and mercy that his son Jesus Christ died for our sins and persons is just and righteous to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe elevation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out. Jesus is the Lord of our lives and we should follow legalism works, but a life lived out in love and honor God for my dadat all. I believe that we all need to have God will only bring us into perfect action and source man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt but we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness with God will heal our land.

I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes evil with you about this part of the mandated Christianity love also means we willing to take the risk necessary to run with the truth in hopes to return because their life matters, even if it means in that moment possibly naming it means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth that I can silently live quality will attempt to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life that does not make you strong and not fearful, courageous, therefore my friend may not fully agree know that I share what I care because I care you strongly disagree with these beliefs.

They are not available for me and you can choose unfriendly and anger put in love.

I wish for you. I see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and God, not man side, what is truth life and the way you love offering life in your computer, visit to support chosen generation, and they contacted a donation. Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace generation ready to drag my guess is Nan Sue of the times.3598 US once hundred 60.

Those Chinese communist surprise parties at Senate Bill 598, so call your Sen., 202-224-3121 202-224-3121. Please call your Sen. and tell them please support Senate Bill 3598 no Chinese communist fries parties and it is a bill to stop corporations from hiding and stop the Chinese Communist Party from hiding the fact they are engaged heavily in investments that Americans are making. And then, in addition that were taught to break very quickly and that is it's important for you to view your investments, your mutual funds and your investments to make sure that none of those funds aren't are invested in companies that are controlled in some way or influence in some way by the CCP that I lose you my lost their yeah I temporarily lost man. He'll be back in a minute here.

We should be able to jump right out in force so very important that we get that done.

In addition to that is also important. The museum is message all you man okay it is. In addition, that is also extremely important that we are engaged in understanding the what what China refers to as unlimited warfare, unlimited warfare and what that means is, is that they need. They do not their war with us and there is nothing they will not do, and were sacrificed.

When that war, and we were going to get into this.

I don't know if you will be able to okay see that I call him there and get him back on the phone and see if we can just bring them on the voicemail.

Okay, so that is going on please. Okay so so here's here's the issue. What this means is, is that is that there is nothing that he is not going to be willing to to to attack her silently switch gears and go over a was assassinated last week Claire Lopez came on and spoke about this. I talked to Nan briefly about this that I think it's an important topic and an important subject to understand as well. When looking at the Chinese Communist Party situation and that is the reality that the CCP know or knew that she is a was the one who stood between them and Taiwan because it was rallying Japanese people to push back and to join with Taiwan in pushing back against a CCP Chinese invasion of Taiwan and and then thereby taking full and complete control of the I believe it's the Chinese Eastern see which which would be horrific devastating, just very very bad situation because it would then inhibit and potentially wipe out trade routes with other trade partners coming around that direction and and that that's quite significant on the world stage and that is one of the reasons why the CCP is is wants to go after Taiwan is they want to get control of those three rows it's the reason why they put islands out there man-made islands that they created in the ocean. My goodness. Think about that and you know it's something leader. These are issues that that are rarely talked about. But just as dangerous as pollutant is just as dangerous as Islam is. You know all of that. It's to all you are okay okay I don't know what happened only got about a minute left, so really quickly. I wanted to switch gears and talk about the Taiwan situation and the danger of China taking over Taiwan and then controlling that Eastern China Sea and basically eliminating any ability for the West to transport any goods over there which would also cut off Japan yes time as a minute expungement quickly very aggressively in the South China areas though, and which part of every taking control Taiwan so you already minutes are you using the three amendment islands in the South China seafoam, but those three islands and Taiwan between those three islands and mainland Baldwin Park all by oneself.

They take over Taiwan.

Three islands already used. The purpose then China will be able to control the entire South China is the total one third of the international trade like light of Japan's economy. Japan and those man-made islands that they made during the Obama administration that they smile. Building 18 2013. China's families families. The problem is make a promise to Obama that they're never going to use those man-made islands permitted to read now they have admitted to the airport the wrong way they have. You know me so long to devise a set of everything over there but those you know those islands you know they much meaning without control Taiwan. Taiwan is huge. You like the more so China is going off to Japan's economy. Now you want to control Japan Japan the most important column of entire US Indo strategy. And you know what the strategy called this region called the Indo Pacific region eight hours 1/2 of the world's population was economy that is called the region and the wharf center of gravity. The entire world spends of gravity in the mostly important column of that strategy is Japan and that's why that's what China is going off the right now and that's why the assassination of our sins to a business so significant because since UA was the Winston Churchill of Japan standing between Japan and them rolling over and basically succumbing to China's demands with the Neville Chamberlain kind of leadership, which is where they're headed now and that's a danger to the whole world, including Japan and you know what cool you need today and bought a concept of strategy*need skating – backing 2007 writers look up our 207 that's what you crazy about China's miracle you already knew our native lands to epic times following the epic times then. Thanks for being with us today.

I greatly appreciate God bless you post.

Thank you for being with us as we had and we greatly appreciate everyone's listening to the program. We greatly appreciate all of you please support us.

Consider a seed harvest blessing. There is one dollar, five dollars, $10. We need your support. We really need your support. You can do it by going to cash out dollar Pastor Greg CGR. Then Mel asked chosen – generation – radio or PayPal.many/Pastor Greg Van Pelt Greg Cash Out $Pastor Greg CGR. Then Mel chosen – generation – radio saving America saving India saving the world.

God bless you and have a great great weekend

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