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Pastor Greg Interviews Maryam Henein Exposing Truth About George Floyd Psyop Race Wars Money Laundering Fentanyl

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 3, 2022 3:15 pm

Pastor Greg Interviews Maryam Henein Exposing Truth About George Floyd Psyop Race Wars Money Laundering Fentanyl

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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June 3, 2022 3:15 pm

Maryam Henien documentarian, investigative journalist and exposer of truth has spent the last two years investigating what really happened on May 25, 2020. Commercial airline pilots across the country report that in high end hotels in the cities where riots occurred gang members with a great deal of drugs, were housed in the two weeks prior to the George Floyd death. Maryam discovered connections between Derek Chauvin and his military training and the night club owner and the cartels and counterfeit bills and money laundering. Information and both video and audio evidence that completely changes the narrative and with the reports from the pilots it becomes obvious this was a planned event to start major race wars in America and perhaps embed at high levels foreign agents and cartel influencers for future operations.


And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And it is my sincere pleasure to welcome to the program. I have been so excited, I got to tell you about doing this segment with you.

And it's it's just it's awesome to be here with you. I want to welcome Mariam Heinen to the program. She is a researcher and an investigative reporter.

And she has put together some really eye opening material regarding George Floyd. Mariam, welcome to Children's Generation Radio. Wonderful to have you. Well, I hear you and I see you and now I'm making there we go. Now I made a quick adjustment for our radio audience. But yes, I see you and I hear you raise the camera up just a touch because your forehead is cut you off just a little bit. Look at that.

There we go. That is so beautiful. Yes, it looks great. You look lovely, dear. Thank you for being with me today. I so appreciate it. You just you're glowing.

You're just glowing. So yes, absolutely. Wow.

Um, so you you did, by the way, and it's so cool because my wife was following the B story. And several years back was like, you know, because we tried to do bees here in Texas. And, and, and, and they kept disappearing.

Yes. I mean, it was it was really crazy. They just kept disappearing. And she was like, baby, and she's been watching this since actually California, we had some friends in California, that that that did their own honey, and you know, homemade honey and all that kind of stuff.

And so she'd been tracking this for a number of years. So that was, that was awesome. Thank you for doing that.

Thank you. And the bees are still disappearing. And I tell people 10 years after making my film that we are the bees slowly being poisoned by sub lethal doses.

It's all about the slow kill and making money all along the way. And, and then I also I, yeah, we'll, we'll have to talk even more because my story is will blow your mind. But I got into the homeopathic stuff a little over 25 years ago, because I it saved my life literally saved my life twice. I died four times in a car accident and came back because of what I'd been taking for the previous 13 years when I was given three to six years. six months to live. Because my adrenals and my pituitary gland literally stopped working.

They quit. And we'll talk more. So yeah, we'll have some fun stuff to talk about. You haven't had an NDE.

Yeah, you've had any I as well. And I'm also a certified functional medicine consultant and coach through the Institute of functional medicine. And I've reversed lupus and literally learned how to walk again after getting hit by an SUV and dragged 50 feet. So we can trade war stories.

There you go. I am mine was to save my daughter's life. And we hit it and we hit a truck at 55 miles an hour that pulled across the highway in front of us. I broke I broke everything but my shoulders, my elbows and my right hip.

Everything else got broke. The scar. Yeah, the scar here was my broken, broken orbital, I D gloves, my face broke my neck broke my back broke my entire right rib cage, both wrists, both hands, my pelvis, hip, femur, tibia and fibula on the left leg. And that's my good leg. And then crush the bottom of the right knee top of the right tibia, plate screws, bone glue to put it back down.

To put it back together again, severed all the nerves and the main artery below my right knee. pandemic is carrying being carried out because people have not realized that they die or face their mortality. So for those of us who have gone on the to the other side and know how precious life is and know the miracle of the human body rather than eradicating the immune system. No doubt, no doubt.

George Floyd, let's get to that. No, I mean, we got to talk about this 16 minutes. You know, it reminds me of January 6, right? 14,000 hours of video that they can't get through. And yet, here we have Catherine Engelbrecht and Craig Philip, God bless them. 2000 mules go through 4 million hours of tape with a much smaller team than the Department of Justice has sicced on Americans, where they put 12 and 13 year olds on their knees in handcuffs in front of their homes.

It's disgusting. But here we have 16 minutes. That changes. Yes, the story talk to me about that, please. Well, this was the event that ushered in the color revolution. And so I personally don't get sick of speaking about George Floyd, knowing all the juicy details that I've uncovered, knowing the importance. And I would go as far as to say that this was used ultimately to get more vaccines in the arms of the black population.

Because of their they are the number one vaccine hesitant demographic. And so even the NIH carried out focus groups and looked to black lives matter for the messaging because in reality, black lives don't matter. And the many black people that I've talked to one see through this psi op and say that George Floyd can kiss their black ass, and also know about the Tuskegee experiment.

So is interesting, right? And so, also, what we know about movie magic about camera perspective bias, and yet, there is an over emphasis on the footage that we saw that Darnella Frazier captured conveniently at the 10 minute mark, and purposely leaked that footage and Keith Ellison sat on the body worn camera footage until it was leaked to the Daily Mail. And therefore, then people saw out of order, the preceding 10 minutes to what to that event, because if you just look at that footage, it does look like a lynching without any context.

And in this day and age, we do not look at context anymore, we do not use critical thinking, we bank on eliciting emotional responses. And the details of the details don't matter. But that is where the devil lies. And that is where I often look to see details that people have overlooked.

And when you collect all these details, it can create a tapestry of truth that nudges against the manufactured narrative of the media, parrots and prostitutes. Well, they they don't they don't want us that and that's one of our missions here at you know, the gods people perish for a lack of knowledge. They perish for a lack of knowledge and they have, you know, I talked about this in the earlier in the program, what has set America apart, has been the church and the church's demand for truth.

And and not social justice, not critical race theory, not that nonsense. But but the kind of justice and mercy that God brings, which is unifying, which brings people together, but also holds people to standards. We don't allow perversions. We don't allow sexual perversion. We don't allow a we don't allow moral perversion. We don't allow this separation of, of inequality.

America was founded on a Declaration of Independence, that stated God's truth. All men are created equal. Yes, and equal quality, and equity are two different terms that have become synonymous as a distinction. And that is, you know, part of this, you need to learn how to discern and make distinctions, and words are being weaponized. And the Ministry of Truth is alive and well, yesterday, I was doing a live about a new term that has been introduced by the World Health, the World the World Hoax Organization, which is hybrid immunity, which is now immunity if you're vaccinated by one or two shots and still have gone in the infection. But this high board hybrid also dovetails very well with their transhumanist agenda. And you can argue, you know, what have you been putting inside of people to turn them into hybrids, but that's a different topic. But but we but we talk about those kinds of things here. Just so you know, Dr. Judy Mikovits is one of my favorite guests.

I have her on twice a month. And and we were actually talking about Yuval Harari and his transhumanistic stuff earlier this week in the program. It's you know, what they're trying to do. You know, they want to destroy God's creation.

And God's creation. Oh, man. Yes. I presented at the Clay Clark event in Myrtle Beach. Clay is awesome. Good friend.

Yep, good friend. And I am a big fan of Dr. Judy. And early on, she confirmed my suspicions about the saline that's being given. And it's called the advocate method of someone getting a saline and then ostensibly gaslighting their brother and sister and defending Big Pharma, as if the government cares about us, which is again, why if they could pretend to have justice for George, then perhaps they can increase the level of confidence for the black community.

And the vaccine it does it does tie in it is no accident that George Floyd said I can't breathe. Hold that. We'll be right back.

Hold that Marion will be right back with us. My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War Two defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. There we go. Welcome back to Children's Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and folks, my very, very special guest is Mariam. Is it Henning? Henning.

Henning. I was close. You didn't make me a German.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are one of God's chosen people. Yes, I was named Mariam. This is the Aramaic spelling M-A-R-Y-A-M because my mom, my heart stopped twice. The cord was around my neck and my dad went to the St. Joseph's oratory and climbed all the 200 plus steps and said if I was a female, he'd named me after the Virgin Mary.

So, there I am. Man, we, I mean, I'm telling you, my mom was an emergency C-section with me in 62 because of the cord being wrapped around me and nearly lost her life, nearly bled out. Four years later, my sister, because back then if you were a C-section with the first one, you had to be a C-section with the others, she had the cord wrapped around like 15 times.

She would have died in childbirth if I hadn't been an emergency C-section in 62 when she was born in 66. So, yeah, we really have to talk, dear. We really have to talk.

This is God's divine appointment we're doing here. Alright, listen, I want you to get into the George Floyd thing. What was it that you initially saw that you went, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are they up to? I want to preface this has been a two-year forensic investigation with FOIA documents, purchasing footage that no one on the face of the earth has seen that the general public has not seen. What started it, I escaped to Costa Rica when the plandemic hit having covered medical freedom and vaccine safety since 2013. So I was with Zach Voorhees, the Google whistleblower.

I love Zach, he's on my show all the time. This is nuts, man. I don't know why we haven't been together and had you on before, but we are now and we will do this again. Alright, here we go. I want to thank Brian Hartwig for the connection. He's a great guy. Great guy.

Yes, he is. So Zach and I were in the jungle and Zach said, Mimi, come and Mimi is my nickname, come and choke me. And I'm like, wishing, you know, been waiting for this thing.

No, I'm kidding. So I'm like, what do you mean? And he's like, I'm doing the George Floyd challenge. And I said, who's George Floyd? So what triggered it is I, well, he continued to breathe after I was tentatively pressing my knee on his neck.

So I'm not Derek Chauvin. But I said, if we really want to know how he died, we need to call the medical examiner. And I've covered death and been to the medical examiner in Los Angeles. So anyway, I call the examiner and they told me that it would take weeks and weeks and weeks. And yet, literally hours later, CNN leaked these preliminary reports. We know to sow discord and to rile up the protests, turn riots. So then also, I've been covering this in real time.

And with these false flags and these psyops, you will witness in real time evidence being scrubbed, which is definitely the case. The next day, Bridget, a supposed sister, was doing Good Morning America. And I noticed that she was wearing a T-shirt that said, I can't breathe. And I'm like, huh, did you get to FedEx that overnight?

Are print shops now essential? Because we were in lockdowns, right? And people are getting antsy. Oh, man. I love the way you think. Okay, go ahead. That's awesome.

That's so cool. So I'm like, I did a search and I did, I can't breathe Benjamin Crump and George Floyd. Oh, yeah.

Oh, my goodness. Eric Garner also said I can't breathe. Yeah, Trayvon Martin's attorney, you bet.

Exactly. Who is an ambulance chasing shyster, parading as a civil rights attorney who doesn't give a crap about BLM, Black Lives. And so that was another red flag.

Then I interviewed Giovanni Thunstrom, and that must have been the 27th of May, who is his other employer. And I noticed these talking points, black against white. He said to me that he had been strangulated because if you recall, there was water liquid coming out from underneath the car.

And I myself said, oh, my goodness, did he pee on himself? Was that a but in reality, it was from the exhaust from the car, but it was another trick. So I noticed these talking points that I noticed also in the public narrative that was released by the press, the press statement. And then, of course, we another thing is that no one was wearing masks the day of 25th. There was Thomas Lane and one bystander and one of the supposed EMTs. But the next day on the steps of City Hall, Jacob Fry, the Justin Trudeau knockoff, and was hosting in so quickly a presser and everyone on the steps was wearing masks because they brought in the mask mandates as they ushered in their I can't breathe slogan.

And I know that when I first wore my face diaper, what came to my mind was I can't effing breathe. So that was also part of their masking tannic ritual. And again, like I said, allowed us to go from virus to violence. And in reality, after two years of digging, what I believe is underneath it all is a money laundering operation involving fake fentanyl made from Chinese precursors, Chinese chemical precursors with the help of the Sinaloa and Mexican cartel. And that high up in the echelons, the government, it's almost a fallacy that the cartels are a danger high up. I'm just reading a book now that is maybe just came out called The Cartels Do Not Exist and that they use the cartels as the boogeyman when in fact they are in cahoots. And there there was in January, I believe, January 23rd, 2020, there were nine hundred one dollar bills that were intercepted by the government state of Minnesota of fake bills.

So I looked around to see if there was a counterfeiting problem. Now, if anyone really cared about this black man, we would be looking at the source of the fake cash and we would be looking at the source of the fake drugs. But now in 2022, with the Ministry of Truth and the gaslighting that we live with every single day, now the drugs are not even a consideration. And I'd like to add that in these false flag operations, I believe that they compartmentalize people so they turn to be they serve as useful idiots. In this in this case, I would even venture to say that it was used as a duty to intervene exercise.

They admit in the federal trial that no one covered that just occurred of the three officers that they were found guilty on duty to intervene. Because everybody because everybody was busy watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Oh, yes.

No, I'm serious. Everybody was busy watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. So nobody was paying attention. Nobody paid attention to the Michael Sussman trial and nobody paid any attention to what to that. And nobody's paying any attention to the to the proceedings that are happening regarding some of the January six defendants as well. Absolutely. And no one's paying attention to Charles Lieber, who is the nanotech king who is responsible for unleashing this Pandora's box of cyborg transhumanist inventions.

So, you know, he was found to be a spy initially, and now he's about to walk away a free man while no one's paying attention. So, yes, there is just us and the justice system is pathetic. All right. We're we're coming into that break, but I don't want you to go anywhere. Here's what I'm going to tell you, folks. If you go over right now to chosen generation radio dot com chosen generation radio dot com, Miriam hopefully is going to hang with me here for a few minutes more to go into some of this stuff.

And and I'm telling you, you need to know truth, folks. OK, I play a bit about at the end of the day, how will I stand? This is about how you will stand at the end of the day. We're going to continue this over at chosen generation radio dot com. I'm signing off here on on part of our broadcast and have a great weekend. Let's continue this conversation about Derek.

Given you're a military man, I would like to tell you about what I've discovered regarding Derek Chauvin, please. Yeah. So let's go ahead. We're ready. We're rocking. We're rolling.

OK. All right. So in regards to Derek, it is very suspect for me in my twenty five years, plus as a real journalist that the government put out a seventy nine page personnel file. So when looking into this man, it seems like he's a two dimensional character that's been activated for a mission for no one to be willing to go on record to stand for him. I also discovered that he served. They talk about his two stints with the military. He was in Rochester, Minnesota, and he also was in Hovenfall, Germany, where they have military police. And I looked at this combative training center that specializes in force on force exercises, which is basically simulation training for the unexpected. On top of that, no one mentions that he went to Fort Benning in 2004, which means he was already an MPD cop and he was already working for El Nuevo Rodeo. And what did he do there when I learned that Fort Benning also used to be referred to as the school of assassins and was very instrumental in training Latin American military, including Manuel Noriega and other dictators. So what was he activated?

Is this a way you you treat a veteran and how does a veteran go? Working moonlighting, and not only one nightclub, but people don't know he worked for yet another nightclub that also had ties to the Mexican cartels. Okay. And a woman that was involved, not relationally, but as an employer. Maya Santa Maria is the front woman for El Nuevo Rodeo, which was housed in an iconic Odd Fellows building, because there's also Freemasonic symbolism as we get a little bit more out there. As a journalist, I have to be able to cite everything that I say I'm glad you are. Yeah.

Yes. And so if I know I was I was I was in I was in San Angelo, Texas, and you may be familiar with San Angelo do a little research, you'll find Robert Stack unsolved mysteries. Yeah, San Angelo, Texas, satanic murders. And two young people who were assassinated at at the at the lake there in San Angelo.

And it ultimately led to the shutting down of the Masonic temple in San Angelo. Okay, I will look I will look that up. And I know for the people that that seems really out there. But I would like for people to consider the possibility that this was a sacrifice and that possibly George Floyd took those drugs to enable what he signed up for ultimately, oh, Rodney 2.0 just keep saying I can breathe now. And he says, because in your video, I there's I know you're probably going to get to this but in in your video, he makes a statement. And he says, wait till you see what's going to happen when I you know, when I can't breathe anymore, or something. So he says, he says, when I stopped breathing, when I stopped breathing, it's gonna go off on me, man. And so that line, yeah, which I still play in my head as to what possibly my publisher said that perhaps he was referring to his heart.

Now, in this rendition of reality, their drugs are no longer a factor. Now, recently, I had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Maurice Lester Hall. Now in my investigation, and listening to the video hundreds of times, I suspected that Maurice was a snitch. Someone inside of Cup Foods said, you're right, he is a big snitch.

I applied for a FOIA document. And sure enough, in black and white, I now have proof that in fact, for a hot minute, Maurice Lester Hall was an informant. Now, I did ask him this, and he said that he ultimately stopped cooperating with him, which is why they recirculated a lot of the charges. Now, Maurice was, do you know who that is, the person that was with him? That was that was the man, right?

There was a man and a woman that were with him in the car. Yes, the media lies and says that they all meet there coincidentally. But in reality, I now possess footage that shows that Maurice and George arrived there together.

And I know that they were there earlier that day. According to an insider of Cup Foods, I'm told that Maurice tried to buy an iPad with fake money. However, Maurice says that he had $7,000 of real money on him.

I did not ask him where that real money came from. But if you look at his story, he escapes and doesn't make any qualms about escaping. He had outstanding warrants. I understand that nobody wants to go back into prison.

And I would also say that, you know, drug addicts need to be rehabilitated, not in prison. But he was also a drug dealer. So he leaves to Texas, and he gets caught as a fugitive out of state.

Now, just this is me reading the docket, then they drop all charges, they seal the case. And the next thing day on June 4, he's doing Good Morning America. And he's found to have the beginnings of intellectual disability, which is aka mental illness. So as all mentally ill drug dealing felons, they go on Good Morning America. So, and wait a minute and write a book and make big dollars with endorsements, right or something. Well, he had said that he was writing a book, but on the scene, he's not even able to spell out the name George. So I had these preconceived notions.

But I have to say that we spent about two weeks, you know, in preparing for this interview, and I really followed his lead. And I pulled, you can see the interview, I pulled clips that he wanted to show because on George's proverbial symbolic deathbed, he says, Reese, I love you. So this is my takeaway.

Ultimately, he tells me that the Floyd family never met with Maurice. And he says, regardless of what you think of me, wouldn't you want to speak to the person who spent their last hours with your loved one? Right. For me, it's a resounding yes.

How about you, Pastor Greg? Absolutely. 100%. I'd want to know everything there is. I mean, that's why I now I try to find people that were witnesses of the accident that I was in. Because I want to know, what did they see? What was their impression? Not because I want to get anybody in trouble. I don't care about that.

I just want I just want to, I want to piece it together in my head. What really happened that they saw? I absolutely when I was hit by an SUV, I tracked down the witnesses so that I could as a journalist piece back what happened.

And I totally understand that. And so, you know, I found myself crying speaking to Maurice because he was thrown under the bus. They basically told him they were going to they took away all the charges. But because he didn't fully cooperate, they've also taken his taken his child away. He does not want to go back to a life of selling drugs.

Nobody will give him a job. So yeah, the Floyd family out of the $47 million that they raised, I think should give a couple of thousand at least to to Maurice and help him get his son back. And those are, you know, when you realize $47 million, $27 million from a civil suit, which was the largest historically of its kind. I think I heard about that.

Okay. At least 14 on the compromised corrupt GoFundMe site, which I've been banned on since 2018 is an OG censored journalist. So speaking to him and getting that he did not admit to the drugs. I believe this brings up the fact that the players, they are useful idiots, they do not see the full scope of the ruse that's being carried out. So let's see, because he is a victim of police brutality, they are overexerting their their power, and he is a victim of racism. So how could he see through that bias?

He's not able to. But I would after hearing that nugget, did the family sign up to sacrifice, you know, early on Maya, who is in charge of the Latin narrative, because she owns Telemundo, she is also was sitting on the advisory board of super of the Super Bowl, which we know has ties to human trafficking. She is a she's very influential. And early on, she speaks to Spanish media, and she says he was a sacrifice. And she inserts the word literal, literal mente. She says he was a literal sacrifice.

And so what if you listen, when I present this documentary, if you listen to all that George Floyd said, and entertain the possibility that he took those drugs to be able to go through what he did. Now, possibly, Derek, I would argue was also thrown under the bus, and was disposable and is also proverbially dead. He does no life. He's also wanted for tax evasion, which is oftentimes seen in money laundering. And he was voting and had a residence in Florida.

Because there's no state income tax. And like I said, he worked for another club with ties to the Mexican cartel. He was also a real estate agent. So when did this guy, he was a real estate agent.

He lived in Florida, he had security off duty, when was he a cop? And he's also won many medals. So he was a gnarly, he is a yes man, he he he's had at least three fatalities, if he did get schooled at the school of assassins, it's possible. I also interviewed Kathy O'Brien, to ask her, is it possible that he was MK ultra, that he was activated, because his demeanor is usually very soft spoken. And he's awkward. And also the fact that nobody went on record to stand for him. The only one person who spoke to me was a military, his sergeant, when he says Derek was 19.

But according to my calculations, he would have been 23. So Wow, very, it's all very bizarre. Now, there's a website, right? George Floyd truth, something like that? No, it's, I have a give send Okay, right.

My editor, and all the footage I've purchased. And there's also George Floyd review. That's it.

That's the one Okay, George Floyd Now, can they get to the give send go from there? Yes, they can also pledge a donation for a an advanced copy of the book if they want something in return, as opposed to just giving a donation. But to know, for instance, like Chase Bank, shut down my bank account. And while it certainly could be for all the how vocal I've been against this jab, I believe someone who leaks information to me and was helping me when when I was amassing I was doing I did a series of series on the election.

I was at January 6, then presented my footage to Rudy Giuliani. And so he was this guy I call Mr. X. He told me Do you know the connection between BLM and chase?

And so chase is JP Morgan, Vanguard Roth child. And and and now you're you're Oh, there you go. Yeah. And now and now they are side, they're probably cyber attacking your stream to me. Which, which, yeah, which, which would make sense.

So that that that piece doesn't surprise me. But and I've talked about this, the folks, if you are at a net, a national bank, a chase, a Bank of America, a Wells Fargo, any of those, those are international banks, they're really part of an international cabal or a cartel, if you want to call it that. And you need to get your money out of those places and find a very local and locally owned and locally controlled bank.

And they're, they're getting harder to come by. I understand that. But you've got to get into one of those kinds of banks where you literally know the guys that own the place.

Lime, I have some friends that have actually started taking up, it's called lime bank, Ronnie beers and them. So that would be one you could consider I bank locally, I'm not going to really talk about that. I don't I don't want them to get attacked. But yes, I need to get, well, they closed the bank account, they did eventually get my money out.

But just to finish JP Morgan, sorry, case bank, Vanguard Roth child, and they invested, quote, unquote, $30 billion to eradicate racism by investing in small business owned by minority. So I call and I tell them, you know, last I checked, I'm kind of brown. So, you know, how about me?

What about me? Yeah. And they said they could not give me a reason as to why they cancelled my bank account. But, you know, they don't want this story out. And you don't want to be messing with the Sinaloa cartel. And people have tapped out and they have fatigue.

But I have not tapped out. And for whatever reason, God has chosen me to bring this story forth and cement it for the history books for the folks for anyone who wants to know about the truth. Now, sure, with false flags and psy ops, you can get caught up in the placement of the smoke and mirrors. Yes, and you and you and so the prayer is, Lord, let me have eyes to see and ears to hear that I don't get so deep because the purpose of a psy op is to get you confused. It's to get you running down mouse trails. It's to get you off track from what's really going on.

And and there are so many trap doors that they work on to get you into so that you'll run down to a dead end, get discouraged or or get yourself into an unsafe situation. And and that's one of the reasons why. And also, it's it's it's one of the reasons, Miriam, why this sits underneath my desk here when I'm on air and my gates are painted purple, which here in Texas is your singular warning.

And when I don't have that, then I have this here sitting with me as well. I am I am fully armed here. As I do my show every day.

Yeah. And they have I've been telling people, people who are targeted and to tell the outside world, they might not understand, but they tailor their torture and their attacks to the person. It's personalized and it's very subtle and it's hard to share to another person. And now, yes, censorship has been normalized. But when they go after your ways of making money, and certainly, my my film, it's not like, who is this chick?

No, I've, I've directed and written and produced an award winning film around that's been seen around the world. And I mean, business. So $15,000 is not a lot of money. Why has this been gated such a problem. And so no one is this is not, you know, even the conservative media that has perpetuated, for instance, that George Floyd put his gun up to the ground. And he put his gun up to a pregnant woman. Well, I spoke to the lawyer for George Floyd, and I've actually read the court document.

There's nowhere that says that she was pregnant. Yes, he did put a gun up. But this is what I mean about, you know, broken telephone, parrots and prostitutes and really paying attention to details. And if you look at the trailer, it's very subtle, and I've played it three times. I see from the camera, the milestone camera across the street from Cup Foods, right, all the bystanders walk at one point in unison, when to Tao, the controller, he says he's a traffic controller, that was his job, turns around. And so I looked then at his camera, and it's very subtle. And he makes a gesture with his hands.

And then all the the bystanders, the extras, so to speak, move. So, yes, not to get lost in the placement of the smoke and mirrors, but as a documentarian, and as a journalist, that is part of the book, the book is called a multi layered site up. I was just gonna say and that and that so that what's on that site, that multi layered slap exam. That's the official trailer. Is that correct? It's the official trailer. All right.

So completed. Can I can I play that trailer for folks real quick? Absolutely. All right, here we go. We're gonna see it or I won't see it. We don't I don't have to see it.

Okay, but no, it's it's so here we go. Three, I got this all on camera. Watch out. Third precinct is up in flames. We begin with breaking news in south Minneapolis caught on tape a black man pinned to the ground later dying after a white officer kneeled on his neck and started with a report of a forgery in progress and ended with Floyd's death situation has become volatile. The third police precinct tonight as police officers and protesters clash over a man's death miles from Minneapolis, anger, frustration pouring into the streets of America. It all stems from this video. What we saw was it can be heard on the video saying I can't breathe.

Police officers involved have always terminated. It's Man, I'm scared as fuck man, you messed up reasons, you messed up reasons to go off on me. That's my ass, he got a thing going on, I'm telling you about him, I don't even have problems.

Do not move, not one time, bro. He's off track right now. Bro, go back to your school or something. What happened to him? He fucked up.

Alright. Your customer? He fucked up. He fucked up. He took your ID? Yeah.

What happened? Did he have a hard drive at Cup Foods? Cup Foods, yeah. It was just a four-year report. The person that had given him a fake bill went over there and, yeah, I just.

Plus bananas? Yeah. Alright, so that was the video, and my, my, my, wow. And I, I use the rewind and the fast-forward also, FF as false flag, and so I've purchased all the footage available, and I, my, I do have a rough assembly and I now have to narrate, which I'm a little bit intimidated, but that's the process that I, I have to do next because without my input and the details, but it's a very simple, you know, Candace Owen has a documentary and early on I approached her.

I don't know what her documentary will show, but certainly I don't think she's done the forensic investigations I have. Right. I don't think anyone has, and when I went, when I made a film about bees, I was scared of the bees and I vowed, you know, there's an iconic picture of me covered in bees. And I, I, I did that accidentally as a kid.

I did my, me and a guy that was about 12 years older than me up in the Sierra Nevada foothills. We were visiting some family friends and he and I went for a walk with my beagle and I walked into a Grove of four, uh, they were, they were four, four foot tall, um, hives and we walked into the middle of this Grove and all of a sudden they swarmed us and I was covered and he was wiping me off and we finally, he, he, he, there was water and he figured out, you know, where the water was, grabbed me, picked me up, uh, the dog running after us and we jumped into the water until they, you know, pulled away, covered in stings, all covered in stings. Yeah. I ended up having to go, of course, this was, you know, back in what, 1968, 1969.

Okay. And so one of the up there, they had one of those really old fashioned, old fashioned, like out of the war ambulances and that's what they, and it took them like an hour and a half to get to me. So my parents packed me in mud. Yes. You know, to, to, yeah, to, to, you know, I was completely, you know, naked kid, but just packed in mud cause they stung me everywhere. Yeah. You're, you're, and now, well now, and now I'm allergic.

Now if I get, I, if I get stung, I have to, yeah, yeah, I have to, I have to have an epipen. Yeah. Yeah. The, the thing, oh, I shouldn't have said that. Why? Because now they'll, they'll, they'll, they'll, they'll, they'll, they'll try to get me. Yeah.

And they're tailoring of torture. Um, I apologize. No, that's okay. I think if you do, what I was going to say is if you don't get an anaphylactic shock, it's, it's natural and normal to have an immune response and that apitherapy is used, was the original acupuncture and has been used for instance, to help with Lyme disease and is in a way, uh, following the homeopathic state of mind, a little bit of, of venom. So I believe in the medicinal properties of, of the bees.

And I think that they're sacred and magical. But I was wanting to say that I set out to be an authority on George Floyd and it sounds arrogant, but I can say I'm, I'm the leading authority on what this psyop because I've looked under every rock and I even, I applied for a foyer for, for this from the secret service and they did indeed, well, they sent me a, a memorandum, but they don't even entertain the source of where this money came from. And having covered this federal trial, I believe that this was used as a drill. I would say to your audience that I believe that everything these days is a live exercise. Just like Mike Pompeo said on March 29th, 2020 we're in a live exercise.

And Trump says, you should have told, you should have told the, you know, should have told the people. So, you know, yes, we're just, we're going to run out of time here and I want to give folks the give send, go it's give send, forward slash Mariam, M A R Y A M Henning, H E N E I N. And I have it reversed on the screen and I apologize. I'll get that out for you, but give send, at Mariam Henning, H E N E I N, H E N E I N. And, and you can, yeah, you can, you can make a contribution there to help her in that, in, in getting this done. And we're going to go off there, hang tight for a minute though, Mariam, there's a couple of things I want to share with you.

Unfortunately, I've got a doctor's appointment today, so I've got to get my post-production done before I can go to the doctor. But no, this has been awesome and, and I just, Father, I just ask you to continue to guide and direct every step that Mariam's taking. I set up protection around her in the name of Jesus Christ. I thank you, Father God and Lord, we destroy every plan of the enemy that has been sent against her right now, curses, spells, ties, marks, vows, seals, contracts, and assignments burned up in holy fire. You said that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world and that we walk by the faith of the son of God, according to Galatians 2 20. And so in the faith of the son of God, I destroy those weapons that have been formed against her.

You said no weapon formed against us will prosper. Holy fire on those weapons right now in the name of Jesus Christ. And angels, I ask you to gather the remains and cast them into the abyss. And I ask you to go to the very root source of them. And I ask that the the judgment of God would fall on the source.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that came in the flesh, you pray. Amen. Amen.

Amen. That's beautiful. Thank you, Pastor Greg. Thank you. Welcome. You're welcome. Thanks, have a blessed weekend. We're doing a little $10 donation challenge here.

If you can help us out, we'll greatly appreciate it. It's over in this corner over here. Go to forward slash Pastor Greg, they still let me do stuff on PayPal.

I don't know. Maybe it's because of the India stuff that we do. But forward slash Pastor Greg, I'm thankful for that. For our Indian ministry and and our saving America, I just recorded a salvation message actually yesterday. That's going to be played in India on Saturday night, because normally I do that live. But there's no internet where our team is going.

And it's too close to the Pakistani border. And so they're going to play my video of my testimony and my invitation to receive Jesus Christ there at that meeting in the public square. We've been invited to bring that to be played. And so be praying for that. Yeah, be praying for that.

So it'll be our Saturday morning here in the States, but it'll be there Saturday night. And so please keep that in your prayers. And again, forward slash Pastor Greg, we're just looking for 10 bucks a month.

If I can get a few people to give $10 a month, 100, 500, what have you, we'll get real close to hitting our our budgetary numbers and we would greatly appreciate that. God bless you until Monday. I'll see you Monday again 10am Eastern we'll be live Rick Manning will help us kick things off Americans for limited government, Ethan Peck free enterprise project and David worms or Dr. David worms are senior analyst and director of the project on global anti semitism and the US Israel relationship at the Center for security policy will be with us and we've got a lot to talk about. Iran has been now finally, we've been saying this for years now.

But now finally, the IAEA is saying, Oh, yeah, Iran does have enriched uranium. Hello, we knew that. Anyway, we'll have that for you coming up on Monday. God bless you and have a great weekend.
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