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Dr David Wurmser HAMAS Putin Russia Iran Declare War on Israel Issue Terms Give 48 Hrs Warning 050422

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 4, 2022 2:26 pm

Dr David Wurmser HAMAS Putin Russia Iran Declare War on Israel Issue Terms Give 48 Hrs Warning 050422

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Did you know you can do your tithing and love offering right from your computer? Visit to support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. Folks, I'm so pleased Dr. David Wormser is able to join us. This is truly, I mean, breaking news that's happening right now. And I'm, you know, things work out.

But you need to be aware of what's taking place. We talked a little bit on Monday about the restrictions that were taking place. And the Muslims basically saying that they were taking control of the Holy Mount, Temple Mount. And we're not going to allow anyone non-Muslim to go up there, throwing rocks at anybody trying to pray down at the Wailing Wall from above.

And essentially creating, well, you know, my analysis that I shared with David on the program on Monday was, is that from what I could see, it looked to me like you had, you know, entities over there, enemies of Israel that were essentially declaring war on Israel. Well, now today, Hamas has officially given notice to Israel, because Israel has said, wait a minute, we are opening up the Temple Mount. It's in our territory.

We have control of it. And yes, we will allow Christians and Jews and visitors to go up and see it and pay respects at the Temple Mount. And we will allow freedom of religion in Israel. That doesn't mean that the Palestinians and those that are there can't do their own worship and their own chanting and their own praying. But others will be allowed to do the same. Freedom of religion will be allowed and we will protect it. And Hamas has said, no, and now you've got Russia and Iran jumping in.

David, welcome, first of all, thank you for jumping in here in short notice. But this is, I mean, you know, everybody's eyes are on Ukraine and Russia and Russia's declared war on on Ukraine, and we're watching the atrocities of Russia there. And now this is what many of us have been saying is, is that because the United States will not step up, is acting all wimpy, and we got a Chamberlain moment going on, Russia and Iran feel emboldened to stand with enemies of Israel in declaring war against Israel. That that's my read. Am I am I missing anything?

No, you're not missing anything at all. I mean, it is ultimately American power here that's under the perception is that Israel does not that America does not have Israel's back right now. And Russia's looking around the world to see where they can hit a nation that is clearly identified with the United States, clearly identified with Western interests that the West has dropped the ball on. In other words, a vulnerable point. And they're looking at Israel.

I don't know if it's that vulnerable. But the perception is the United States doesn't have Israel's back. So I think that's what's driving a lot of this. I think at the same time, the Russians could be crossing certain red lines. The rhetoric between Russia and Israel has worsened dramatically in the last 72 hours. The latest was that Russia's accusing Israel of sending mercenary forces directly to Ukraine to fight Russia. Now, there are Israelis in Ukraine, like there are Americans and there are British and so forth. Israel, like the United States and others, aren't stopping any of their citizens from going over there. But Israel's not sending any military forces, neither the United States at this point. So my sense is that Russia's using this to justify some increased escalatory behavior on Gaza or Lebanon against Israel, specifically the juxtaposition of accusing Israel of that. Russia around the world has not sent its own forces, whether it's Libya or at various places in Africa or Syria often.

It often sends its mercenary force called the Wagner force. And I'm wondering whether this isn't the prelude to justifying that. And those, of course, are the ones that have been going through the villages in Ukraine and raping and murdering and shooting bullet holes through residential neighborhoods as they just drive down the street, randomly killing innocent civilians. Indeed, that is exactly who they are. Israel also has one other big concern, which is there's still a quarter million Jews in Russia and another 50,000 in Ukraine. And of course, they may be married to non Jews. Israel also feels a commitment to show. So Israel has been trying quietly to get those people out. And indeed, hundreds, even a thousand a day have been extracted into Israel over the last month.

But this could really endanger that population. So this is also a grave concern for the Israelis. At the same time, you know, you mentioned how this is originating from the Temple Mount and the issue of freedom of worship. If Israel backs down, I don't think they can at this point, because tomorrow is Israel's Independence Day.

The Temple Mount has been closed now for over 10 days to non-Muslims. Israel, if it allows a threat to permanently close the Temple Mount to non-Muslims, essentially it's lost control. And I can't fathom that the government in Israel could do that and yet survive. I mean, there may be a leftist government that would be willing to do it in Israel, but I can't see them politically surviving.

So I don't see this as a compromiseable situation at the moment. It is absolutely, you know, I mean when you sit and look at the images of what's happening. And, you know, of course Israel has also, you know, done bombardments into Gaza in an effort to try to stop what's taking place. But they, make no mistake, Israel is being attacked in this situation.

You mentioned the absence of America, David. What do you, I mean this administration has sent clear messaging that they are not going to get involved in defending Israel. And they're not going to get involved in opposing Russian aggression. Where does that leave us?

Well, in some ways it's even worse. I think they look at it as advantageous in order to pressure the Israelis to give in on the Iran deal. Because they're very frustrated with the Israelis. Because the Israelis have led a quiet campaign to raise the issue of the IRGC, the Revolutionary Guard Force. And its designation is a terrorist organization because it was involved with the Marine barracks bombing and the Israeli embassy bombing and the Israeli Jewish Center, or the Jewish Center in Argentina bombing. I mean the IRGC is the structure of global terror for the Iranian regime. And it's on our foreign terrorist designation list.

And as part of the deal they want to remove it. And Israel was the one who tripped that up by essentially raising that publicly and saying how dangerous that would be. So there's a lot of frustration in the administration at Israel for daring to sabotage their deal. So I think that they look at it as partly as leverage. The second thing is this administration already last May tried to leverage the war, and then it's ostensible at the end support for Israel for Israeli concessions on Jerusalem, Israeli concessions on the West Bank, and so forth. And the peace process, which is a nonstarter, but nevertheless is still the obsession in Washington. So they see it as leverage, and that makes it even worse, because the Israelis have to think not only do they have to now confront Russia and all these other forces arrayed against them, but some of their neighbors like Jordan, that's supposedly at peace with Israel, are listening to Washington. And Washington may be using any support they give Israel toward the end of this as leverage against Israel. So it's a very complex situation for them. All right, we're gonna talk some more about this when we get back.

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God bless you. Special guest jumping in, David Wormser, Center for Security Policy. And breaking news, truly this is breaking news. Okay, so a couple of things, David. First of all, let's talk about the significance of Hamas going to Moscow at this point because there's a lot going on relative to Russia and their engagement and involvement. Obviously, the war in Ukraine but set that aside for a minute and I'm not minimalizing that. Russia has been asked by this administration to negotiate America's terms on this Iranian nuclear situation and now you have Hamas, Russia and Iran meeting in Moscow. While Biden sits on a little spinny thing and just kind of literally spins out into outer space.

Yeah, I mean, it is surreal that we are essentially sub-con. On one hand, we're basically calling Putin and Russia now the epicenter of global evil. At the same time, we turn around and say, well, you know, one of your allies is about to go nuclear, so we'll subcontract to you controlling them.

How does that work? I mean, again, using a criminal analogy, you can't go to the mafia leader and tell him, you know, we're going to negotiate with you a whole bunch of goodies to control your hitman. It just doesn't work that way. This is really a surreal moment, a complete collapse, in my view, of American diplomacy and power. And the Israelis are looking at a nuclearized Iran coming down the pike imminently, if not. And I know you said that you think they might already have crossed that threshold. Oh, I do.

Yeah, no, I do. Dr. Peter, Vincent, Brian and I have talked about that and his opinion is everybody knows. Iran already has nuclear weapons. They already have nuclear warheads. They've been sitting on them. It's just a matter of when.

And to your point, relative to the Russian situation, let's not forget that Putin has been rattling his saber consistently for the last month, month and a half, saying, I am going to strategically strike Ukraine with a nuclear attack. I mean, that I am not not I may not, you know, I'm thinking about it. He has said I am. Well, he said, I am going to invade Dinesk. And he did.

I am going to take Georgia. And he did. I am going to invade Crimea. And he did. There was a couple of other small satellites where he said Belarus, where he said he was going to do certain things. And he did. And he said, I am going to invade Ukraine. And he had been telling people he was going to do that.

And then, of course, he made the announcement that he was at war with Ukraine and then he invaded Ukraine and went to war with Ukraine. You know, America is a country. It's a civilization. It's a culture. I mean, we're very nice people. We're very gracious people. There are certain things that are unimaginable. And unfortunately, in our diplomacy, when we hear what Putin says, when we hear what Iran says and so forth, our gut reaction.

And I'm happy as an American with such benevolent people. But our gut reaction is they can't really mean that. I mean, this is beyond the pale of imaginably bad. Right. People don't do such things.

Right. So when you see on Russian TV, and there's an escalation of this by the day, of discussions of nuking England and destroying, annihilating all life in England or Amsterdam or various cities in Poland. You know, this is increasing in rhetoric.

And our gut reaction is to say, no. No, I mean, that's got to be bluster because we can't imagine somebody would do that because there would be no life left in Europe, including in Russia at the end of that, because there would be a response. And there are one or two commentators I'm noticing on Russian TV that did say that. But by and large, the movement among commentators there in the chattering class in Moscow, which is answering to Putin, is to essentially normalize discussion about nuclear war. And not only that, not only to normalize it, but to suggest that it is a valid response on behalf of Russia, that Russia has a valid reason. They're trying to convince their populace and their populace is so, you know, folks, you talk about censorship, talk about controlling people, talk about controlling the population.

The population is controlled by the media and the media and Russia is singing this same tune. I don't know. To me, there's some correlation in this, but I was watching a basketball game. I'm a Warriors fan.

I have been since the 1960s. Go back to Nate Thurman and Al Addles and and Gail Goodrich, who actually played for the Warriors before he played for the Lakers in their championship runs with Magic Johnson. But at any rate, I was watching last night and Brooks, one of the players for Memphis, apparently decided that he was going to be the one that was going to take retribution for what they thought was a flagrant, inappropriate foul by Draymond Green in Game 1. But he injured the player to the point that Gary Payton Jr. may or may not be able to play professional basketball ever again.

And that, you know, and then there was thuggery, in my opinion, throughout the remainder. I mean, the whole game, Memphis was taking shots. They hit Curry in the head several times. They hit Poole in the head several times. They hit another one of the Warriors players. And Draymond Green ended up with having to get stitches last night.

It was how bad he got hit. And no foul called, by the way. No foul called. This is the kind of, it was out of control. It was out of control. This is what the overlay to me, David, is that somebody's got to step in and say, these are fouls. This is wrong.

And you cannot, you can't talk about doing something like this and not have somebody slap your hand and say, stop it. Yeah. And again, it goes back to the question of American power. One of the reasons, I mean, at first it could have been just bluster, but it worked. President Biden backed off very immediately. If you remember, there were going to be these planes that were going to be delivered from Poland to Ukraine. Didn't even involve us. They were planes from Poland to Ukraine.

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