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Dr David Wurmser HAMAS Putin Russia Iran Declare War on Israel Issue Terms Give 48 Hrs Warning 050422

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 4, 2022 2:26 pm

Dr David Wurmser HAMAS Putin Russia Iran Declare War on Israel Issue Terms Give 48 Hrs Warning 050422

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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You know you can do your typing and love offering right from your computer.

Visit to support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now back to a chosen generation, with faster grace folks. I'm so pleased. Dr. David worms is able to join us. This is truly great is this happening right now and I'm, I'm, you know, things worked out, but you need to be aware of what's taking place.

We talked a little bit on Monday about the restrictions that were taking place and the Muslims basically saying that they were taking control of the holy mount Temple Mount and were not going allow anyone non-Muslim to go up there throwing rocks at anybody trying to pray down the Wailing Wall from above and essentially creating well I we you know my my my analysis that I shared with David on the program on Monday was is that from what I could see it looked to me like you had, you know entities over their enemies of Israel that were essentially declaring war on Israel well now today, Hamas has officially given notice to Israel because Israel has said wait a minute we we we are we are opening up the Temple Mount. It's in our territory. We have control of it. And yes we will allow Christians and Jews and visitors to go up and and see it and pay respects of the Temple Mount and and we will allow freedom of religion in Israel.

That doesn't mean that the Palestinians and and those that are there can do their own worship in their own chanting in their own praying, but others will be allowed to do the same freedom of religion will be allowed and we will protect it and Hamas has said no. And now you've got Russia and Iran jumping in. David welcome. First of all thank you for jumping inherent in an short notice but this is it.

I mean if everybody's eyes are on Ukraine and Russia and Russia's declared war on on Ukraine were watching the atrocities of Russia.

There, and now this is what many of us have been saying is, is that because the United States will not step up is acting all wimpy and we got a Chamberlain moment going on Russia and and Iran feel emboldened to stand with enemies of Israel and declaring war against Israel, that that's my reader, my am I missing anything know you're not at all. Iran ultimately American power. The perception that the drill could not that America did not have back right now and ruptured. Looking around the world where the nation that is clearly identified with United clearly identified with Western intra-electric Glock ball on another, with the goal of going in the II don't know… Oh but the construction is not that gliding a lot of I think the same time, direction could block certain landline. The rhetoric between the Russia and Israel had tortured dramatically in the last 72 hours.

The latest was the trailer and the mercenary court directly Ukraine I clutch that are rarely Ukraine like there are Americans and there are good so you like United States government aren't stopping any other going over there but it does not know what I like United States. So my luck using this to you, Dr. Clark Creek, according to behavior on God, or Lebanon. Typically the juxtaposition of the driller that Russia around the world could not check its own fortress weather with good or at very close to an Africa orchard area often often mercenary court called the Lackner work and I'm wondering whether this is the claimant. Dr. Klein and those of course is on the you know the ones that have been going through the villages in Ukraine and raping and murdering and and and and you know shooting bullet holes through residential neighborhoods as they just drive down the street randomly killing innocent civilians that are Interlocal had one article concurrent with 1/4 million.

In Russia, and another without criminal court where you cannot go out to commitment to show so it'll decline quietly get out and in hundred thousand a day and extracted into well over the last Mark could really endanger that population will quickly start to think, time you mentioned how the originating from the Temple Mount and the issue of creative Israel back now that I don't think that tomorrow is "Independence Day Temple Mount. "Nalco candidate non-Muslim Israel. It allowed permanently close the Temple Mount non-Muslim water control and I can't fathom that government nuclear could do that and and and yet provide the major elected government to be willing to do it in the truck. I corrected him politically for God so I compromise to go strictly. It is absolutely you know I mean when you sit and look at the images of what's happening and you know course, Israel is also ghetto done bombardments into Gaza in an effort to try to stop what's taking place but but they make no mistake, Israel is is being attacked in this situation, you mention the absence of America. David what what he's aiming this administration assess as Sinclair messaging that they there. There they are not going to get involved in defending Israel and they're not getting get involved in opposing Russian aggression.

Where does that leave us fire dumbwaiter to reward like a look at it in order to pressure Grayling Goodlad on who you are will very quickly Grayling Grayling have no letter quiet, too late of tiredness to the Revolutionary guard court. The devotion of the appellate court. It was involved in promoting their bombing in the Olympic and Godalming Grayling are the left, they hired a global care for and the product market was that the glandular and as part of the building want to remove Israel with the one who clicked that quite effectually that publicly and things are going good start would be a lot going for the new administration. The neutral agrarian sabotage their Google electric that they look at an important leverage in the technical administration only last May tried to leverage the war and then at the spectacle at the web support for Israel Grayling.Jerusalem is really confession, left Dan and chocolate cluster to the nonstarter. Nevertheless wanted so electric that were really have to think not only do they have to. Malcolm got Russia and all other courses related that some of it their neighbors like Gordon supposedly can click the trail to Washington and Washington will be using the courtly glitter drill cord length of the leverage against filter very complex! I will limit talks about this we give back again so's the implications here are very clear.

My passion is to fight for freedom of father fought for to defending our country today. We are no longer fighting with guns and said we're fighting an ideological battle for control of our country contributing to causes sport here constitutionalize I am I thank God for this book about that important is the deep end of the board about the young Angela division what is kind of by the support of the young guy that doesn't do? What would be more, but it is good for the community focus given a deposit to get dirty like that at that was really causing sickness but know that you can go to Thessalonica on the committee the South" for us a great deal act of dozens of disability about the support of the reprint photo all of you that God would bless you I got would use you so that we can rule out multiple wells in the board. I didn't need to give it equals what it having it boggled. God bless you and keep us either. At this busted is pasta that you have been given is to get in is what I believe this villages that really in a bigoted affair took fitting deposit player got on one part of the bus pass is fistfuls of the fourth daughter stuff like this… I just feel so stifled. You decide. Philosophically, God, below I micro bills to your module retailer shopping chosen Dollywood banks have tried to cancel myself and my pillow during these times.

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I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives and we should follow the precepts. This is not legalism works for a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins. Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action through Jesus Christ experiment perfected and soulless man in progress.

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It's just a matter of when and to your point relative to the Russian situation. Let's not forget that pollutant has been rattling his saber consistently for the last month month and 1/2 saying I am going to strategically strike Ukraine with a nuclear attack. I mean that I am I am not not I may not. And you know I'm thinking about it.

He is said I am well he said I am getting when they didn't ask any did.

I am going to take Georgia any did.

I am going to invade Crimea and he did.

There was a couple other small satellites where he said Belarus where he said he was going to do certain things and he did and he said I am going to invade Ukraine and he had been telling people he was going to do that and then of course he made the announcement that he was at war with Ukraine in any invaded Ukraine and went to war with Ukraine without a mark of the culture were very nice were very close China that are on and that an article of your work with one move will Mulan are currently active and are unhappy with American benevolent people but are currently active and beyond the pale of the matter that right right of election and by the England and going annihilating all like for Amsterdam or Poland A. Our gut reaction say now I know that that's gonna be bluster. Imagine somebody you know like your concluding that there would be a and I don't want to concomitant that biological movement among commentators and chattering class blocked out and drink gluten is to set lie about nuclear war because it is an anomaly that not only was it good to suggested that it is it is a valid response on behalf of Russia that Russia has a valid reason there there trying to convince their populace and and much of their inner populace is so you know the folks you talk about censorship. Talk about controlling people talk about controlling the population the population is controlled by the media and the median and Russia is singing this same soon. I don't know a guide to me there some correlation in this, but I was watching a basketball game, Osama Warriors fan, I have been since the 1960s go back to Nate Thurman and Al Adelson and Gail Goodrich who actually played for the warriors before he played for the Lakers and their championship runs with Magic Johnson but at any rate, but I was watching last night and and Brooks, one of the players for Memphis apparently decided that he was going to be the one that was going to take retribution for what they thought was a flagrant inappropriate file by Graham Greene in game one but he injured the player to the point that Gary Payton Junior may or may not be able to play professional basketball ever again, and that you know and and and then there was thuggery in my opinion throughout the remainder. I mean the whole game.

Memphis was taking shots they they hit Curry in the head several times. They hit pool and they had several times they hit another one of their warriors, players, and and dream on green ended up with having to get stitches last night. It was how bad he got hit and no foul called.

By the way, Novell called this is the kind of there it's I was out of control was out of control.

This is what they're there the little they overlay to me.

David is is that somebody's gotta step in and say these are files. These are this is wrong and you cannot you can't talk about doing something like this and and out and not have somebody slap your hand and say, stopping American power, but it worked Biden back off. Remember the loan were going to be delivered from: Craig Alber: I stop it under lockdown… But out of the start we got a jump. I'm Tim Schaap certified natural health practitioner going to shoot a product I think will interest everyone chronicled natural sleep available to inclined filter the health industry for over 40 years.

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