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Dr Judy Mikovits #StopMRNATyranny #SafeVaccines Alex Newman #TruckerLivesMatter #StoptheMadness

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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February 4, 2022 4:04 pm

Dr Judy Mikovits #StopMRNATyranny #SafeVaccines Alex Newman #TruckerLivesMatter #StoptheMadness

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation, and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows generation pastor grade program to have. You will be. Thanks so much for being here.

I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day.

Our number two yes were alive and see a couple briefings to let you know were doing good down here in Texas. We did have you know that the cold weather we give why you know for you folks there in Toledo. I know we are like were little whimpers here except my nobody at any rate for us. You know, 817 16 and 18° is pretty cold and and we did had to have the ice and that it it's kind of it was kind of looking like snow actually have a little snow but now it's just kind of an IC wealth a dangerous icy glaze is what it is. So what were all kinda shut up down here in our homes. But that's okay I can broadcast. Rimer also had a massive reaction to something last night, and allergic reaction and I had to take like 200 mg of Benadryl last night it in order to get through it so little foggy this morning, much more foggy last hour than I am this hour, thank the Lord, but that puke with me well as you saw the screen there that is the website for my next guest differ this you listening Dr. Judy Mike a bit. You can find her at DR Judy MI KO VI TS Dr. Judy Mike of its pandemic is the virus fear is the virus sorry. Truth is the cure and that ending the plague I want. I will welcome Dr. Judy to the program Dr. Judy so good to have you. I owe us document went okay.

We can't create a real name. I'll type it in give it to me Rio Dr. E Rio D. R. Okay. Thank you for correct there. She is only love that picture.

Looking back, oh my gosh you're just Melissa glowing you're just glowing. What a glowing smile there. It is welcome to everything Dr. Judy okay well look at the plant but the pandemic really is about fear. It all planned and all weight in order to hear their one by well known at oh dark.yet never dealt everyone with fully frightened into injecting the deadly synthetic violet and about our paying the price that glory in the Merck.that we know how to stop the problem and we have been talking about that here.

One of the things that we put together for folks that that you can get is is a is a prayer of very powerful prayers Marfan Dr. Sherry tenpenny and I shared that prayer at the conference were you when I finally got to meet face-to-face Trinity L freedom conference there in in in Illinois and we prayed that prayer and she got a healing actually out from that prayer which was very very cool and yeah yeah absolutely no way to rip the Lord and pray every year.

Only the Lord's prayer. A man always was and always will.

Amen well and and and we will make sure I I sent that video out to a few folks that it requested the prayer will put that prayer back up again, but you can go to freedom freedom and they have that prayer on the front page and and it not only does it deal with, you know, this particular virus, or this particular injection but it deals with all the men and and you know I and I know you said this and I and so I want to say this were not anti-vac servers. What we are is anti-experiment and with Dr. Judy's research did was uncover some practices that made vaccines dangerous and deadly. And all she was saying was, why can't we fix this, there's a better way to do this let's do it. A better way that I misstate any of that. Dr. Judy got it all. What we learn that the way we growing all outline animal blood like The way back quickly growing outline. We all thought it was great. Every year on grant that inject the virus you want.

Growing up in outline and you have a what they didn't clean them up from the animal component and that lots and lots of animal debris in our body that morning and start acting Art Bell and create double we learned in 2011. Would it may take Carmine ended three libel after that meeting, they could hardly even with no vaccine injury, thank you that if we found a way back.

Thanks for now. Libel.

We found a way to make that same paper and what it meant, like you can't write. You can't bypass your God-given thought unique to you. For all other no more your your referencing specifically the SARS issue. Correct me not know every okay right Dr. Sherry tenpenny or I. Our work show in 2011 five packed evening you have to you happy eating and getting a five the way.D on your in your no where ever you mucosal membrane in your back the biome. It or micro biome in our own God wrote I can percent of our no you have to bow the body be in nature all the thing around it in the way that God intended for our body with these injections is that they number those senses or create confusion amongst them, so that in. In reality, the exact opposite of what you want to happen happens. There's also the issue that you raised relative to how they were harvesting these vaccines and and in things like monkey brains and things like that where you were when you were drawing that stuff out you were bringing with it. Problems work for the human for the human DNA is a MI in my right and what I remember reading about that correct dealt and when you and get you go directly and apply by a lot. Your your type on interferon glutathione. All of Bill Kelly. Tell your body that matter, molecular pattern, not not well that when you get animal you get it directly in the blood yet animal by Donner as a monk in the movie pandemic we walk in the folio and in our body, the monarch are major part of our need and you don't puncture that when Jack boring directly to our block and for many BiPAP. The truck will be an evening and count the teeth out in the deep well we can about and they don't know if they don't get signal from the macrophages. But from that doubt inmate felt at it like I'm a military you don't know if it in and guarding the is that bad or good hi Ricky. That is not about bringing Matt don't know if you don't act the dark and we have lots of redundant neck and do not depict what he realized over the course of your more than a decade, but in 2011 very clear the inject and driving the explosion of chronic the type we didn't get the right HTML bargaining unit that now I'm not in the anti-back there. My higher 40 year based on one simple beat that you can educate the immune to prevent and treat infection it be an educate the definition of a back employee not happening because of and we did not know I genuinely felt you until 2011 even not every now family of five. No one knew violet almond old deed.

It turned out to be naming a virus that is now my name and the most likely way of overcoming what were the biological therapy. The big time in the really but for me in the 80s with company technology. Gain of function owned by clone and and when you inject them in no doubt, you don't need.

There's a downline called Vero Beach ER oh a month downline like anything in the lab 30 year think outline, we grow folio well I little Ebola in the 90, i.e. that I like it a lot different monkey trying to get I'm trying to eat a virus you well. I you can't make the backbeat don't going on right God only mechanism where normal, non-mechanically crippled.

He felt that being a punk. We make it, but they grow elaborately that it can't.

That and that we understand and not great made huge advanced what was Lee in 2011 with 10% to 20% of our of America had either gain of function HIV from LAD.

The original virus and then all the now anyone, it wasn't virus, so it was how many five very, I'm trying to mount five where he thumped like a guaranteed 15.Frank had been inject starting with their cost. Guarding my folks got usually my rituals which we will correct one, because we could literally spend an entire hour at least talking about this to help you to understand it and then to give you the solution that will try to give you solutions when the next seven minutes that was tortured generation radio. I was just regular suture generation radio show. If you follow my program.

You know I'm a miracle survivor of a catastrophic car accident. I say my daughter's life spent six weeks on life support died four times broke bones in my head, neck, back, ribs, arms, pelvis and both legs that was in 2017 and 2004 I was given 3 to 6 months to live as my pituitary gland, and adrenal when shut down in both instances God and his natural cures saved and preserved my wife recently I was introduced to a product that is taken my healing to a whole another level. If you want to know more, go to seed your and sign up for an account.

It's free to sign up that CGR and sign up for your free account and when you get done. Email me at that's PG Pastor Greg and I'll tell you how to get well.

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They offer nationwide coverage using the same towers as all the major carriers patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget and discounts for veteran and first responder heroes and multiline accounts. They are 100% US-based providing exceptional customer service. Most importantly, patriot mobile shares our values and supports organizations fighting for religious freedom, constitutional rights, sanctity of life, first responders and veterans use the code chosen for free activation call 972. Patriot, 972 patriot calls today use the code chosen patriot This is a level in which minute Dr. Gary Chapman was the right.

I've been told by a spiritual leader that my daughter's anxiety issues are a spiritual issue should be resolved only with prayer. She's a believer. Can this be true. The reality is, God uses people and God often uses medicine so I think we have to recognize the things that God has given us that are there for us to turn to the situation. Prayer certainly should be the first always were asking God to move in the situation were also asking him to lead us to people or things that can help us and that often this work medical advice and counseling can be extremely helpful so I would so I pray, yes, but then ask God to show you what steps you can take to cooperate with them and discover the answer to the problem. For more help go to five love this is a engram lots of daily life for daily living. Has there been a time when you made a life defining choice of faith. Mine began when I was eight or nine years old. After watching a film about the life of Christ. I chose to confess in prayer that I was a sinner that I was sorry that I was cleaning the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is his sacrifice for my sin asked him to forgive me and invited Jesus to come into my heart and life. That choice led to a second choice to read my Bible daily practice that began a lifelong love affair with the Scripture does began a lifetime of choices, some small, some large some public, some private listen to me. Hebrews 11 six reminds us that God rewards those who diligently seek him. Choice after choice after choice, make the life defining choice to seek God today.

This is a engram lots. Now back to chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg.

Don't forget you can get more chosen generation, at and will go back to church generation radio were no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses.

My guest is Dr. Judy Markowitz. You can find her at the real Dr. Judy Markowitz there's her page. The real Dr. the real Dr. I'm sorry the real Dr. okay so we talked about the challenges the people are facing with regards to the injection, that's in their system and I am that I will again refer you to the freedom page where they have up on the front of their page. This prayer that you can pray and I really encourage you to do it. It is the cleanse harmful elements of the vaccinations and it's a special prayer that you can pray you can download the prayer and and pray that prayer and and I've I've witnessed healing take place in people's lives.

As they pray that prayer and and that was the first thing that the first place we started with this prayer God. He is the ultimate answer when we talk about things like dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, fibromyalgia, all these these kinds of diseases I remember as a kid. I'm bumping 60 next month or month after this, and I remember as a kid you know if somebody had cancer 55 years ago that was a rare occurrence.

Dr. Markowitz know them either.

I was like that was like really a rare instance where you heard about someone that you actually knew that had cancer now. I mean it you you be hard-pressed to say that you don't know somebody that's battled cancer and now I'm back. That's how I started my career when I was 10 years old.

My grandfather walking anything. He got one and Rick currently in the coffee and coffee sopping and would think it ended like yelling and firing at that one day with the little granddaddy you know and anything you can a guy that put it fingered up in bed.

I don't want your will. George with the dog meant that we lack any and help and we talked about it but with your mouth the director. The family did they work the rig I value the world. Theory, which I can't even walk because they often end up in the seventh inning and a holdup 123 in memoriam in honoring everybody.2 or three card and up to can't know or not what we bring to light what caught by inoculating by in the blueprint mRNA back working at the car thinking thing the one I talked about on the envelope that I wrote the buyer called Murine 530.

If you change it will mean a lack you by Rick can't help or part and again work that they know 1980 in any be held in our book ending collared appliqué get corrupted with out lap dog after actor acted help her pack and 2021, and it was no anything happily because they know they know exactly that the variant the ball away so we don't wait and write and turn away week heard on leading market before go on my first thing to do when I found by the 19 LBP pathway.

I and I would be University of Virginia got a degree in bring back the product and they went great. In 1980, Frederick, Maryland, and made alive… And they were helping people in a Adrian might call the red Devil now very thing a mushroom. Think my bio anything good about all day telling a natural product that will help and and we can only even in their true publications.

A week ago candidate.viral coping and not article mattered, it is it that are natural product and think they been doing it for 40 always had to do one week under that theory divided go back and act upon their all. It's like the product like that just laugh right just just to say I have somebody bring me a bottle of ecocide. I think that twice a day every day I put it on my frozen fruit and I put it in my coffee drink in the morning and it's cocoa glasses and it is blackstrap molasses and cocoa and one of the things that the inventor of that Andrea has has discovered is the amount of copper that is in blackstrap molasses is rich with copper and and you now were telling me this morning about the benefits of that. Then another product that I'm using regularly. I just took some is Micronic silver and by the way Jeffrey would like me to connect you with him. You and he talked about the Trinity health freedom Expo and what he forgot to get your phone number so with your permission, I love to connect you guys. This is Micronic silver. They spent three years putting this together. Went over to Israel to learn the process so that they could. You don't create this pure Micronic silver and is in and I can tell you from my own experience getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night.

Still tired. It doesn't have to be that way. That's why Mike window started my pillow and after his success.

Helping people sleep better with the pillow I decided to go all in. He found Giza cotton for the best sheets and created the ultimate mattress topper and since stores will carry us product he's passing that savings on to you. Use the code Pastor Greg for incredible discounts and help feed starving children call today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236 know where else are you going to be able to sleep well and know that you have said starving kids use the code Pastor Greg call my pillow today 800-662-9236 806 629-2360 I love this is Adam and always fair and we are sponsors of the chosen generation and customer is sponsoring this program has been a real blessing for business and I want to join me in answering chosen generation contest to call him say 63624 once again that Saverio 46 know your visits will be blessed.

Sources of this vast array goes to the generation reminding you that we have a two hour program Monday through Friday with interviews on topics that impact our goal is to return our country to a biblically-based constitutional republic as envisioned by our founding fathers, and what made our nation the greatest in the world are over hundred and 50 years. You are a part of the vision so please join us a chosen chosen and sign up for emails today were here to help me understand God's purpose for your life through the eyes of a label that you're like most Christians you're not doing what God is told you the most important thing for you right after loving him to love your neighbor as yourself. Everyone your will is your neighbor loving them as yourself recorded his concern for their salvation is you are my role now that you know that you can't get away from sharing your faith is not an add-on surrounded by go-ahead in the wrong direction and how are they going over some details unless you tell them you may be the only person in her life that has enough influence of that's called responsibility.

You're responsible for the spiritual growth of everyone he places a new religion for a moment in time for a lifetime. Your job is not revival outside the walls by moving everyone everything will you need help doing that good oral GW. Here's Dr. Charles Stanley keeping believers in touch with God when you talking with someone you talking to them about something very important about their life that relates to them you expect them to give you their undivided attention. Whenever God speaks to you and me. He always thinks the boss about something extremely important. It always relates to laws and God deserves our undivided attention.

When you walking in the spirit we are walking without spiritual antennas alert to God and we can hear what you say and the normal Christian life is to live. I alert to and listening to the voice of God in which of a formal fashion, he may choose to speak to help and hope from God in touch with Dr. Charles family touched Donald Margie you know you can do your typing and love offering right from your computer.

Visit to support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace generation my buttons all their younger my buttons all mixed up your all right what about your generous radio or no topic is off-limits.

Everything filtered through biblical glasses may I'm so excited to have my next guest with me. We had a chance to kind of casually me, but it's all been over on the wall of the online kind of stuff he was going to be appearing with me in Palm Springs. The zoom at the finding courage movie but we at least got a chance to let him see the movie, which was of which was I think was a fantastic thing this guy is just amazing that there they refer to him as the our generations George Washington and and I know I know if I'm embarrassing them or not but at any rate, he is a fantastic, phenomenal patriot, and I am so incredibly honored and pleased to have him on the program with me today.

I want to welcome liberty founder Alex Newman. Alex will be good to have you.

Absolutely my pleasure man I was looking at some of the stuff you covering your always covering the stuff that I like my audience to know about and one of those things is, is this a truckers convoy up in Canada and it is trying to make its way down here into the United States.

I guess they're being blocked by Canadian Mounties and there's all kinds of stuff going on with this, but first of all a tell me about the origin of this. How did this begin and and and who all is involved.

Is this just Canadian truckers or is Canadian and American truckers are what's a look-alike started work tired of the mandate. A lot of did not want to have to get one of the COBIT objective order that your Building and building climate could cross the border with what they would agree to be quarantined for q. week we thought of driving it together and eroding in Canada right now. They basically shut down the capital Ottawa Baruch College of the military to be brought out the way the company won't really credit was 100 out right now. Other also blocking all of the order crop black point on the border with Montana and Alberta wheatgrass, and there are hundreds and hundreds of people there including that we picked her walk off the border of the mounted police acted bearcat will be a gold Guatemalan armor record with the tractor right one and now the point that Britain fired Concord around the world you have convoy warming up now gathering the state what the next stop. Though our target Washington and Ottawa pickle because you really want to erect the ball and took the ball down the small ring minority with such old economy and doing the politician well it's a mess. It is really a mess and you know I I look at what's going on. I just… He Dr. Judy Mike Tibbets was on the program last half hour talking about this talking about the dangers associated with it and you know things you can do solutions and I'm sharing solutions with my audience as well. Things that I am aware of that have worked for me and and the things that's the real Dr. Judge Judy Mike Tibbets website has are the real Dr. Judy website has and there's a prayer to buy the way folks that I really encourage you to get and you can see it. If you're watching our program here on on the guest page. This is from freedom it's a what a prayer to cleanse DNA and to remove harmful vaccination elements and I'm telling Alex this prayer is powerful.

It was put together by medical people and it is incredible.

It is incredible. So this is one of the things that I'm showing here on camera that we use. It's called cocoa assess its blackstrap molasses and cocoa nutrient rich and loaded with copper and copper.

It has been identified as a as a very healing element and Anna Karenina critical element for our body to have. But you know check it out. I can't. What I can't say Alex is is I can't say it will heal you.

It'll cure you. I can't say that to I can tell you that the person who created this was diagnosed with MS and that she is now MS for anything that and she took something similar to this but she created this for her own personal use, and now it is available and you can get it. Cocoa glasses so but I think the first step is prayer right Alex absolutely everything was a personal help or the ailing help of our great Republic on our new prayer worked on from there outward so we've got truck your groups that are that are coming together. We've got this issue this happening. Of course at the Canadian border. But then you mentioned that there are groups that are forming in Europe and and in the United States. I remember years ago when Obama was doing some of the things that he was doing. I actually met a guy named Ernest Lee and he would come on the program and talk to us about the trucker convoy member that the trucker convoy that with that.

You know that went to Washington DC and and and essentially surrounded the city at one point yeah what do you think the truckers are going to be able to accomplish with this a good deed you think I had I had This Morning. Pray in Jesus Name Gordon Chaps and You Know We Were Talking about the What's Happening to Our Military.

I Know That You're Familiar Probably with Thomas Franzen and What He's Doing in the DoD Whistleblowers. There's Plenty of Medical Evidence That Shows the Damage That These Injections Are Doing, but This Is a Real Uphill Battle That Were Fighting Relative to Trying to Change the Course or the Direction of the Mindset regarding the the Medical Side of This. Where You See Us Going with This, Alex Point after Going to Really Get Going in Public Production What's Going on about 40% of Canadian Wanted All of the COBIT Mandate and a Week Ago Now about 55 Canadian One: Mandate and Rapidly United All Got out It out?

I Admit We Think 1/3 Way. Rather Than Do It for Me. I Will Go Talk to People in Your Community Regularly Will Populate the Mechanic of Her Lumbar Driver of People Are Waking up the Berkeley Nobody Weapon Globally. COBIT Did It.

Got out Walked in, and That Have Been Thinking to Make the COBIT a Little More Mild, Never Prove That Right or Wrong One Where You but the Narrative Is Putting so Quickly That I Don't Believe You Would like Going Much Longer before and I Don't Really Believe the Propaganda Would Never Believe the Old American Copied Injection.

I Probably Half of the Workload to Correct the Report Order the Report Back on Government Mandate and Decorate Your Never Ending Propaganda Area Pumped out by the Media, the American People As a Whole.

The Mainstream of America Right through the 500 and All the Intricate Fees of What the Back for Doing What They Do Hundred and Elected to Grab Hold of Both American. Probably the Point Was Right of the Media Trying to Create Artificial Reality.

But They Know People Are Leaving and That You Were Not Our State Right Now Are the Politicians and the Media Are Continuing to Lie, Even Though We Know They Are Lying and They Know We Know That the Right to Be and If I Get Your COBIT Area. Quoting McCright W Urquhart Lap or World War III over You. I Want to Go with It. Or I off of the COBIT Med Department Recommended and You Got the Coded Mandates and Then You Also Got the Massive Open Border Situation That's Taking Place and People Are Getting Sick and Tired of You Know What What They're Fighting in Their Own Communities. I Mean, There They Are Literally Flying Illegals into Portions of the Country. Tennessee Has Has Come up. The People in Tennessee Are Saying a No More Don't Land Any More Planes Here. We We Know What You're Doing Were Were Filming What You're Doing Were Showing People What You're Doing and and Interesting When We Get Back, Because You Know Your Your Your a Media Guru Guy I Want to Talk to You a Little Bit about This Whole Jeff Sucker Situation and CNN and What Appears to Be a Major Implosion at That Network and and I Wonder If It's Not Related Also to the Fact That CNN's Effectiveness Has Been Dispelled. James O'Keefe and Project Veritas Blew Them Out Of the Water without Getting on Their Phone Calls but I Think That Those Are Important Things for People to Understand That That It Is a an Indoctrination Effort and a Propaganda Effort by Mainstream Media and Its Now Is a Critical Time to Be Vigilant in the Defense of Our Freedom. There's No Better Way to Do so Them by Joining the Association of Mature American Citizens a Mac a Mac Is One of the Fastest Growing Conservative Organizations in America Well over 2 Million People Are Joined Now Carry the a Mac Membership Card Payment Was Built by Regular Folks Feel the Same Way You Do.

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We Believe in the Sanctity of Our Constitution.

So If You're 50 or over and Hold to Traditional American Values. You No Longer Have To Feel Alone, Call the Association for Mature American Citizens a Mac and Get Great Discounts and Support Your Values. Call Today 855-696-7930 855-696-7930 Years Ago.

Pastor Greg Get Your First Year Absolutely Free. You Find Yourself Turning on the News and Feeling Hopeless Open Borders Spending on Crazy. The Prospect of More Mandates Lockdowns Inflation and the List Goes on There Something You Can Do by from Companies That Believe What You and I Believe We Need to Stick Together Now More Than Ever, and There's Been One Company Willing to Stand with You since 2012 Patriot Mobile Patriot Mobile Is America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Provider. They Offer Nationwide Coverage Using the Same Towers As All the Major Carriers Patriot Mobile Has Plans to Fit Any Budget and Discounts for Veteran and First Responder Heroes and Multiline Accounts. They Are 100% US-Based Providing Exceptional Customer Service. Most Importantly, Patriot Mobile Shares Our Values and Supports Organizations Fighting for Religious Freedom, Constitutional Rights, Sanctity of Life, First Responders and Veterans Use the Code Chosen for Free Activation Call 972. Patriot, 972 Patriot Calls Today Use the Code Chosen Patriot Thank You for Tuning into a Chosen Generation Chosen Generation Is about Equipping and Encouraging and Challenging This Generation to Engage Culture and to Fulfill God's Plan and Purpose for Our City, County, State and Nation to Be the Christian Influence and Life Been Called to Be. Pastor Greg Is Committed to Seeing God's Life-Changing Power Working You If You or Have a Question.

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Give Us a Call and Keep on Listening Because You Are God's Chosen General, Are You Single out Hustling of the These Days Hi There I'm Chuck Swindoll Frantically Seeking Light Gleaming If It's God's Plan. Bring What You and What You're Waiting, Ponder This First Rigid 728 but If You Should Marry You Not Send and If a Virgin Should Marry She Is Not Send yet Such Will Have Trouble in This Life and I'm Trying to Spare You. So Relax Where You Would Such a Hurry. God Has Pastor and Teacher Chuck Swindoll Is an Insight for Living's Website You Can Support Chosen Generation and Make a Tax-Deductible Donation by Visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace and what about the generation radio or no topic supplements and everything filtered glasses. Please keep in your prayers today.

I I had an allergic reaction were still trying to figure out what exactly it was the cause to but it was it was pretty severe. I was actually we were looking for an EpiPen ended up. I took 300 mg of of of a Benadryl substance and a and that finally helped to calm it down along with a couple fund natural things that I was taking, but I'll tell you folks it it it it laid me out last night and I truly wasn't sure I was going to make it out of bed for the program this morning's a little bit of fog still going on. Alex Newman liberty is my guests were talking about the media and the manipulation but the implosion of media because people are getting the truth and and and one piece of of the truth. The people are starting to get is what's happening down Arab or else you wanted to share with us you were down there at a gathering that included Gen. Flynn Lieut. Col. Allen West to who I love, for governor of Texas and also Mark Morgan, my good friend Mark Morgan, the former chief custom border patrol talk to me about what happened was down there in the and and what you learned in your visit. Alex and America when very border I very significant people and that we had everything from a grant from the cartel that was part of the event. They doubt and alert capital literally every waiting on your guard, call it God will become an art coming out okay and it is credible to be there believe it, but this is an invasion of 3 million people come across the board last year would work early to get a court date by your doubt Buckingham line up all over the country. Where I think multiple but multiple but coming in riddled with illegal all men military aid men are coming out with the government credit card than $8 million budget working on right now, that would go to deporting all the legal line.

Delaware or Martin Vineyard. What went on state or local government. I didn't dump 200 illegal immigrants in your backyard, but a lot about the Dell work you put on about the world you yeah absolutely well you know I mean I remember that years ago right when the when you had Dukakis it was talking about, you know, letting all the criminals out and and we were like, you know will send him to his house.

What happened sadly was is that one of those criminals committed a heinous crime immediately after being released in it and that was that. That sunk Dukakis's presidential aspirations, but Alex, this is this is horrific. What's happening Victor of Eli was on with me.

I know you're going to have them on your show.

When is that so folks can get it on the calendar tuning as I know it's been a great conversation and live by. Linda L. Calgary brought it on another platform I can't remember what Victor but doubt we will be having sometime in the next week. David B yeah maybe later in February and that's Frank's speech from 430 to 5 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday, or the outstanding outstanding. All right, let's let's shift over to this media issue and and what happened with Jeff sucker. I was sharing with you the article from the Wall Street Journal, Chris Cuomo's legal team raised questions to CNN about Jeff's separate relationship I mentioned in the first hour, you know, II's. It's a little different situation, but a church that I was aware of in a town where I used to live there was an adulterous situation that was going on.

The pastor was trying to counsel a couple and the pastors had had a wife that had developed cancer and and and he had a completely platonic relationship with a woman who was helping to care for his wife. His wife was aware of everything that was going on and ultimately afterwards they ended up getting married happily married is a great guide, godly man, but they raised the couple sued the church because the pastor had had said, look, you can't. You know what you can't be engaged in these adulterous situations and they did. Church discipline and and they sued the church and then pointed fingers and made that force that pastor to resign. Here's a situation in a manner speaking, that's somewhat similar in the sense that you had a a moral decision that was made about Andrew Cuomo's relationships and sexual harassment issues and Chris Cuomo covering for that on a major news network and the CEOs says we can't we can't do that. We can't go that far. And then the fingers pointed back and now he's resigned and CNN appears to be imploding. Sorry Alex, now let me give you enough to jump into all that and give me your thoughts go regarding nothing but a propaganda or evil. For the Democratic Party and the rating there at the bottom of the knowledge able to handle the watches are very technical and I look at trying to rebrand now trying to come back from the brink. But on the date they have greater credibility so badly with area will wait longer and covered the BLM and all directed the voter point. They really don't. Even in the mainstream media world and even their fellow colleague.

The character of what go and all that out always end up eating each other. I do not want your mind that we probably ended up with. I played along under Goodlett, and the cost of the not think that what we call it all and the overwhelming majority of the senior leadership of the comic party and being tolerant, the people would think that there can end up in power and running things because there good, loyal, elected marketing belt that we bought it perfectly with global you would at every step of the way the world anyway. Please somebody else that another news media outlet that's under fire right now and no one's talking about and that is the Sarah Palin defamation case that she brought against the New York Times and that trial is happening right now as we speak. That is going on and I find it interesting that there is very little news coverage about Sarah Palin and the defamation and New York Times because this is the same New York Times organization that went after the you know that the young Catholic kid right same right. You and I hope very much that will be good for America. If there is a a a realignment of truth in the media. Alex Newman is one of those truth speakers liberty check it out. Liberty we do our best right here onto generation ready up regardless you have a great weekend.

Remember at the end of the day at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news give evil and check how did you shine your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when they demand you change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you to file yourself through compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up.

And in spite of the hate I will love. In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his ever had one of those fleeting moments of doubt, where you wonder, is Christianity really true.

How can I be sure Jesus really is. We claim to be where do those doubts come from and how do you overcome. Consider that in John MacArthur series when believers doubt this week here on grace to you

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