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David Shestokas FDA Founded On Lies Lithuania Chicago Stockyards Hyde Amendment Fungible Money To PP Abortions 082521

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 27, 2021 4:20 pm

David Shestokas FDA Founded On Lies Lithuania Chicago Stockyards Hyde Amendment Fungible Money To PP Abortions 082521

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to Chosen Generation. Chosen Generation. If your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation, he is available to bring that same life changing message and anointing to your event.

Again, that number is 830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for tuning in. I do know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. Well, I've got a great hour lined up for you. If you missed any of our first hour, I truly do encourage you to tune in.

Dan Gainer was with us. We talked about the media bias and fake news and the things that they're hiding from us, including some of the malfeasance of Twitter. We'll actually probably get into that here in just a minute. And then in our last segment, if you didn't catch this, the University of Pittsburgh has been caught now. An investigation has discovered that federal grants sponsored the harvesting of live baby parts for experimentation at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of San Francisco. Details were brought forward by Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress of a $3 million grant the National Institute of Health Fauci's organization gave the University of Pittsburgh to create a fetal tissue hub to dismember and distribute the organs of full term aborted babies selected by race for inhumane experiments.

And they were harvesting these babies body parts while the baby was still alive. We talked about that. We'll talk about that here in a second with my next guest, because there's got to be some something about this that's like not legal. I want to welcome to the program, my constitutional attorney David Shostokis. David, welcome.

Thank you so much. It's great to be with you and your audience this morning, Greg. And the story that you're covering there at the moment gives me some it makes me so happy that I've got an association with Judicial Watch and we're working here with them in Illinois about an election matters on Illinois State Board of Elections violating federal law. And when that when they do things like this to bring the attention of people, how the government is just run away and misusing tax money is, you know, makes you makes you feel good to be have some association with an organization like Judicial Watch.

Sure. Well, you know, the thing about this, too, you know, and I mentioned this in our in our previous segment, but I bring it up again is, you know, we are and rightfully so aghast at, you know, China and them harvesting organs. I mean, they actually have an organ vacation. You can you can actually officially go to China on what they're calling an organ vacation. And they harvest organs out of dissidents, Christians and Uighurs, and they and and they keep them alive just long enough to pull all their organs out.

When there's nothing left, then they turn off the machines. But these are babies. These are the most innocent of innocent babies. I'm not saying that the Christians and the Uighurs aren't innocent.

They are. But this is in America. I guess maybe that's even more appropriate to suggest this is happening right here in our country at a university. Again, as as as I mentioned, using government funds, David, there's got to be something about this that is. A violation of some legal precedent. Yeah, there is.

There's no doubt that is. And of course, this is the problem with having this huge runaway federal government that has more money than anybody knows what to do with. And, you know, I mean, clearly we know that there was a six hundred thousand dollar grant to that lab in Wuhan, China. And they're saying, well, it wasn't used for the advancement of alternative or advancement of what they call it, the change of function or gain of function.

For a function experiments, it supposedly wasn't used. Give me a break. Yeah, well, it really doesn't matter. Money is something that people should understand. Money is fungible.

If you give it if you give the lab six hundred thousand dollars to do one thing, that means they have they have assets that do something else. So when you support that, when you support these things, the fact that, you know, you say, oh, I wasn't supposed to use for that. Then it still gives gave gave folks the ability to do bad things.

Right. So this is and of course, you know, the government is just too freaking big because we cannot control what they do. And this is this is this is completely wrong now regarding this situation. What comes to mind at the moment, of course, is I'm not familiar with the details or the condition of these fetuses or whatever, but still outstanding, despite the fact that the guy that's sitting in the White House says that he will support the repeal of what they call the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment says no, no money, no taxpayer money will be utilized for abortion in any way, shape or form. And at the very least, this said this would have run afoul of the Hyde Amendment. And how and what do you do?

What do you do? You should have the executive folks fire the people that spent the money that is in violation of the law. But will they do that? No, of course not, because they support these people. So this is the control of Congress over our spending that Congress is supposed to be preeminent in the Constitution in terms of the money that the government spends. No, not a dime is supposed to be spent without having been authorized by the Congress. The Congress, of course, has abdicated that responsibility, which is directly in the Constitution, by giving these huge, literally trillions of dollars to executive agencies and turn the executives loose with essentially blank textbooks. It's like having a credit card with no limit.

Well, and let's, you know, revisit the idea. The Hyde Amendment suggests that you or says that you're not supposed to pass federal funding that pays for abortion. Yet we know that Planned Parenthood's one of their major purposes is to provide, quote unquote, reproductive services.

Folks, don't let that fool you. That is abortion. That's one of their primary purposes. And between 2016 and 2018 alone, they spent 271 million dollars in federal grants, not counting all the Medicaid reimbursements that they received. Yeah, that's exactly right. And that comes back to the original point that money is fungible.

If, in fact, you supply Planned Parenthood with 200 million dollars to provide counseling, that allows Planned Parenthood to take 200 million dollars from somewhere else in their bank account and provide these services that are prohibited by the Hyde Amendment. So to pretend that you put money in one pocket and that it doesn't find its way to another pocket is just fraud on the American people. No question. No question.

No question. It's just fraud. And the Congress is a willing participant in that activity. And we, the people, have the power to stop these things.

But we have got to get engaged. We've got to get involved. We're the ones that hire and fire the people that are that are doing this nonsense. And so at the end of the day, you know, there are bad news here. The blood's on our hands. If we're not engaged in the fight, if we're sitting back and not doing anything and not making our voices heard and not voting and not finding out and being educated and understanding and speaking out the truth about what's really going on. Then then we have innocent blood on our hands. It's not to guilt trip anyone. It's just to simply say, look, we have a responsibility. Our form of government, a constitutional republic, is different than anybody else's in the entire world. Nobody else has what was given to us by our founding fathers.

And it was given to us with the understanding that we recognize that God gives us these rights. And he's just like that vineyard overseer that went away and left the people to run the vineyard and is now coming back to say, how have you how have you managed my vineyard? He's going to be asking that question, David. Yeah, there's there's no doubt about it. And the task seems so Herculean. And I think that's what what people have problems with is in terms of they see these huge and the task seems so Herculean.

And what they need to do is they need to look at their own skill set and their own abilities and see where they have the ability to contribute. Yes. To to reigning in this government in one of the one of the projects going on here right at the moment in Illinois is two years ago of the one hundred and eighteen members of the House of Representatives.

Forty of the Democrats ran unopposed for the. I lost you. Hello, David. Yes, I'm back.

I'm sorry. OK, yeah. Go ahead.

OK, go ahead. 40 ran unopposed, which means, of course, they have no responsibility to anybody. And so there's they're working hard here to see to it that there are no there's nobody that runs unopposed for any office here in the state of Illinois. And I think that should be something that should be done all across the country, because that way the people that are running, even if it's somebody that's that doesn't, you know, is not completely involved. You'd still make the people that are running accountable, accountable, accountable. The only way you can hold them accountable is making sure that they have actual opposition on the ballot to challenge them. Yes.

Yeah. And there's too many there's too many places where that doesn't happen, where ultimately a small majority can get control of a legislature through the through the fact that a good chunk of that a good chunk of their membership did not have any opposition when they were running. Well, let me and let me turn let me turn that into also on the voting side of this.

Look, we all we many of us, I mean, better than half of America, according to polls, has questions about the integrity of the elections. And I know people going back 10, 15 years that that don't vote today because 15 years ago they said, you know what? My vote doesn't matter. It doesn't count.

No, it's not going to make any difference anyway. They they're deciding this and and and our votes don't make any difference. There is a percentage of Americans that don't that just don't vote. And there's more that are disgusted with this.

The point that what I'm going to make is, is what you just said. But the election process and the integrity of that election process, the responsibility for that is on us. We can be poll watchers just like you were, David, just like you organized people in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania. We can be the poll watchers. We can be the ones that actually do the counting of the elections and make sure that it's done correctly. And if there's a supervisor in there that is trying to do something shady, yes, by all means, you say something.

And if enough people at the table are all saying something, just by the sheer force of that, you begin to make the change. And and and that's so important. All right. We're going to come back when we get back.

David, I want to ask you about what the FDA approves these things. And I'm going to give you a list of some things that they approve where damages existed for people. Where's the responsibility?

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Tell them Pete sent you. Now back to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg. And don't forget you can get more Chosen Generation at And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits.

Everything filtered through biblical glasses. My special guest David Shostakos. David, I think it's interesting what you were sharing with me in the break and important for us to understand.

I was going to talk to us just briefly and I guess I will very quickly go through this. But the FDA approved Quaaludes, which are now considered a schedule 1 drug-like heroin. The FDA also approved DES, a synthetic form of estrogen that was marketed to expecting mothers who preferred to have a healthy baby. It claimed to prevent spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, and premature labor.

Studies soon showed that mothers who took DES during the first five months of pregnancy were more likely to suffer from complications with their reproductive systems. The FDA banned it in 1971. The FDA also approved Vioxx as an anti-inflammatory and everybody knows what happens with that. 27,000 heart attacks or deaths linked to cardiac problems. We've got 13,000 plus and Thomas Renz has a whistleblower that suggests 45,000 on just one VAERS report and they won't shut down this vaccine program. And then they approved FenFen for weight loss. Remember that one, folks? Thousands with heart conditions.

It goes on and on. But how did the FDA get started, David? Well, the history is a little bit longer than this, but at the turn of the century, at the turn of the 20th century, there was a book that was written by a writer by the name of Upton Sinclair called The Jungle. The Jungle was theoretically supposed to have been an expose of the miserable, horrible working conditions and the way the processing of meat took place in the stockyards in Chicago. And the central to the story of the FDA was the experiences of Lithuanian immigrants who were the prime employees in the stockyards in Chicago. My grandmother was among the employees at the stockyards, among the Lithuanian immigrants who worked there. And after I had read that in high school, after I read the book in high school, it was required reading in high school. And I went to visit with my grandmother and I said, you know, this is a story about you and the people that you worked with while you were at the stockyards. And I shared with her sections and portions of the book.

And my grandmother said it was all a lie. She said the bacon room was very, very clean. She worked in the bacon room. People had clean clothes every day.

They washed the floors. Everybody was required to wear a hairnet. She said, no, nothing that Mr. Sinclair had to say about those conditions was accurate. And that book had caused a huge stir across the country about the safety of America's food supply. And at that point in time, the FDA's powers were expanded and given huge, huge authority. And it was basically based upon the lie that was in the book called The Jungle. Nobody, you know, of course, ever really followed up and contested Sinclair because it gave the opportunity, it gave the government to do what it likes to do. It likes to find a crisis, expand its authority, and then impose its will on the people.

And every time – go ahead. And then with the Chevron doctrine, which says now that these agencies like the FDA, the EPA, the ATF and the BLM and so on don't have any oversight. There's nobody that can stop them. They have their own court system. They create their own laws.

And when you get in there, you don't have any constitutional rights. Yeah, no, this is horrible. And that's what we need to do. We need to have people run at every level of government, do what they can to bring in the government. Yeah, and we have to stop this bureaucratic state, ladies and gentlemen. We need to be aware of it, and it needs to be stopped. And if we had actual representation in Congress, in the Senate, at the executive level, these entities would not be able to continue to do what it is that they're doing.

And if the Supreme Court actually did its job, it would be considered to be unconstitutional for any of these entities to exist. I'll be back with more at Children's Generation Radio right after this. David Justokis has been our guest.

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