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Nan Su CCP 30 Year Plan to replace the West Taiwan Afghanistan 100521

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 8, 2021 5:45 pm

Nan Su CCP 30 Year Plan to replace the West Taiwan Afghanistan 100521

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning into a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping and encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to the pastor grade is committed to seeing God's life-changing power work in you. If you or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that's life changing message and anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3624 446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening chosen generation hose pastor and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now chosen generation of the program. Great to have you with me.

Thanks much returning and I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and that they were committed to in here to show generation got a great program lined up for you today will start things off by talking about what is happening with China with Taiwan. China's interests in Afghanistan and and the global aggression of China and and are we on the brink of war or do they have a long-term strategy and their basically just the well, perhaps creating some fear around the world will talk about that with the Nancy coming up bottom of the hour will be with Matt Long, to give you a little bit of an update. Further update about where I was over the weekend the Trinity health freedom Expo will talk about health, freedom and and and some other adventures that were part of that. Let's see top of the next hour, Michelle's Winick is on with us really talk about building and promoting local community building and promoting business and that and and talking about these things from a God centered view.

Michelle has an incredible programmer to talk about her great show that I've been a guest on several times and that will visit about that and then Matt Bellis joins us liberty Hill share providing you with healthcare freedom want to remind you to support patriot mobile are sponsor patriot mobile.

The only Christian conservative mobile phone group that that has the reach that they do very wide reach in a course they are on the major towers so you get coverage all over the country with patriot mobile and they support the causes we will even give a call today 972. Patriot, 972 patriot use the code chosen and get a free activation. I don't want to begin by visiting with her very first guest and he is found.

His articles are found under Nathan Sue Nathan Nance to at the epic times. His most recent article Tiananmen Square massacre survivors worry about Hong Kong's clamp down on pro-democracy alliance he and I did hours and hours and hours we were the ones who got ahead of everybody talking about how the virus began where it began the Wuhan laboratory what China was actually doing the lies that were being told the thousands of Chinese lives that were lost that no one wanted to talk about or report upon we did hours and hours of the CCP Wuhan virus and I want to thank Nan for that and welcome him and welcome good to have you back sir morning absolutely, absolutely. Well first of all, you know, I let me just say this and that will get right into it. But this is a part of the of the China plan everything that we talked about two years ago my friend everything that you and I spoke about started with our meeting at at at SeaTac and and then I kept having you come on. We spent hours but everything we said about Wuhan about the laboratory about the NIH about all of these things in the collusion in the CCP and what they did and I mean everything we said was with us has been proven accurate and even somebody like the New York Times is coming out and validating it now. Well most important thing to keep that goal. We can gobble up people really are booking them. People die just because of the week.

No matter how much money about that. We need to keep the goat investigation go you need to get the optimal we can now and nobody treatment pinko stop dictation to auditing and how and then the buyer will need and what happened that we need at least the caliphate felt deeply that they get thinking in men calling bed need to get need to be really that the thought of law and and there and this entire plan. Now think of you know, trying to force vaccinate mandate vaccines when clearly there are more and more and more evidence is that what they are forcing on the public is is not effective and and and isn't working, and so obviously there has to be another purpose behind that and and a purpose behind the release of a virus when in fact the the biological warfare agent that released it also happened to have you and I mean this is like something out of a spy novel and and it is I agree with you it's critically important. I want to talk to you about China's aggression. The Afghanistan situation there their involvement, their role behind that there there clamp down on democracy in Hong Kong and and what that is leading to and then and then the other issue I was reading some of our got some information last night that they are pulling coal out of Mongolia and no longer pulling their goal from Australia which has some some interesting background. I'm sure and and then the situation with Taiwan.

Nan, can you walk us through you know these these different things and I know we don't have a lot of time so I want to give the you the microphone to you. You meet the offending you know many I like it.

The about needed the airplane approaching pylon and it that the thing think they wanted to get all guilty.from Afghanistan, but they keep getting all about number one pick number one pick. While inmate of global God that I with youth able to challenge the American dominant power in the meat that they wanted unique and really hunger for the image because the Chinese believe that but that dreamily walked they're not Mark not able to do up to you. Call any threat what the work through the United States like so they are ready to get out one that had about they already know the next year that he cannot be debugged for Monday will not be able to conking United States and the Whatcom war for technology in about the month as well so my market but I don't what work is waking up which I don't like your body beating the great awakening to the threat from China now, but they think the kind of figure out so they don't want that had about the best, trying to keep up with that you can feel at global Rhonda or the next use of their development. Now it's at global similarity but very deep also but a different than the old global you know that you just conjure up the country and wrongfully unit out that that a lien putting market based on the comment you theology of communism them. What the buddy much in military allotting in nature, but China is a little different now China trying to build a global plot: word or economic infiltration. We acknowledge so that they'll go market to seek the temple so they will need the economic control of developing country and bam they were trying to do type youth. The technology now think about the dog trying to come make a quality like BPD think they might not be able to compete with you at that Corporation bought. They go to eat, developing country they were controlled.

Think about buying already building. I connected them with North Korea now once they build out the control everything kind of technology got back door to what the they feel that not all the people making the country they could let you know everything they control you can keep a more effective advocate defeating the old right all felt so now what about right now.

The problem is they need more country jump into the Lonnie will build wagon.

Now I'm not people know ancient country EM can locate Association Association without the deep South with you that a nation 11 country already got it get the trading on the China big trading on the planet are you looking for European Union not United States it country and they are talking like you fake and comforting thought America continued the country to country well and African countries. Now you be looking at Daniel that the one of the big part of it because the hunter venture Regan and China have been talking about talking about building people and you Cory door will be ran Pakistan and China now No, they do not build anything for now we Afghanistan editing into the picture and out the corridor there black. I'm also trying to have the prepare would because he looked to be Bill because the interlock that the fund cannot be building freeway and railroad. And they're putting lucky that you can keep called to call the real construction all I bewailed all the hanging on the South China ortho following the agreement with the grand backing March for life. All to land them with providing health supply enough man army image of everything you're going to get into a break.

There are those, though, there are also suggesting that China is having some economic pickups because of some of the moves that they may incur tailing some of the freedom that was creating the powerhouse of of the Hong Kong economy will talk about that when we get back.

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This is just a part of Hong Kong of the China CCP understand it's the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party not the majority of the Chinese people and certainly not anywhere near but maybe if you of those that have been planted here in the United States, but the majority of Chinese-Americans 99% of them definitely do not support the CCP man talk to us about the economic threat and and what China is doing economically and the potential issues China could run into why they are so dependent on our money basically were funding our enemy is what's going on in my correct yet correct, you don't. Why do we go looking recommending to China and technology in our consumer market and the one thing that neither of the week China why you keep that have not had a pretty cool reform yet now it let let them look back to you now called Soviet Union collapsed.

We really had like a Cold War week that and we really opposed economy into the collapse into collapse right then there with the goal but tell right will probably come out how we economy to collapse the why I keep sending Monday that it is the big dictating for what they have that money in the air. There will never collect all the economic to talk about time that the economy will collapse. It totally out of reality trying economy will not collapse collapse.

The deeper we are adding money to them. They don't care about economic Hong Kong is a perfect example. Now can't call you to be the third lot, the finite being the war out the New York Fed, London daycare equity care.

They don't care because they can.

You know you all the other bed attract the money from law and then they can have all of the breaker probably about the collaboration of global warming climate change you web what they can do you think about the according polyp the United States and the birth the law that will collapse because they have money, we don't have you been spending our money, our money back as the common kind of the body and right we don't know we need to think that's soft money right and it's so important for us to understand that and and folks those you especially living in Dallas. If you are economically supporting the Dallas Mavericks, then you are economically paying for all organ harvesting in China. You are economically paying for China to take over and and kill the pro-democracy people in Hong Kong to take over Taiwan to build these highways that were talking about, to essentially become to a place where where they are no longer dependent on Western finances cut them off. Folks cut them off. This is Adam and always there and we are sponsors of chosen blessing of our business and I want her to join in sponsoring chosen generation has to call him 63624 once again that Saverio 46624 visits will be blessed as arches.

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