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The Jesus Dare

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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March 7, 2020 7:03 am

The Jesus Dare

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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March 7, 2020 7:03 am

​A dare is a dare, right? Unless it's a double-dog—or triple-dog dare. On the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author and speaker Jay Payleitner will dare you to open the door of faith. He asks, "What if Jesus really is who he says he is?"  What difference might happen in your life and relationships if you took "The Jesus Dare?" Find out on the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman.

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Have you been spiritually searching for answers what Jesus really is who he says he is one of it's all true. Take the Jesus dare today on Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman Jesus. There is not a temporary fix about patching up a problem in life. Jesus there was about total transformation which might be scary to some people as we only welcome Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller the five bloodline today.

Authors JK like there and move toward the person of Jesus and OJ where you work now best-selling author in his own right. Talk with him about project is in his wheelhouse right down the middle of work, Gary marriage conferences are not evangelistic in nature.

You're taking couples where they are encouraging them to move toward each other, but every weekend you told me that there are husbands and wives sometimes make decisions to become followers when I share practical ideas on how to build a marriage giving information but I can't give motivation to me, that comes from God working in our hearts, because by nature were self-centered and were selfish and love comes when our hearts have been touched and changed by Christ. So share the gospel very clearly to give people a chance to respond and let them give me their name and address.

I give him some follow-up material because I really believe that the relationship with God impacts every other aspect of life and certainly in marriage it gives us the desire to love and serve each other rather than demand of each other.

This is an important topic and I'm looking forward to talking to Joy about this book the Jesus dare today. Let me introduce him. JP Lightner is one of the top freelance producers for Christian radio in America.

He's produced Josh McDowell radio today's father. Jesus freaks radio for voice of the martyrs project Angel tree with Chuck Colson and somebody more he speaks at marriage conferences men's retreats and national ministry events is written out more than 25 books, including the best-selling 52 things kids need from a dad. What if God wrote your bucket list and a resource for today. The Jesus there you can find out more.

Five love Jan, his wife Rita live near Chicago. They raised five children, 10 foster babies in there now grandparents very welcome to Building Relationships well. Thank you Dr. Chapman I Chris what up what approach to hang out with you guys today Christmas and your wife, your children, some of the work you've done. Give us the big picture. Who is JP Lightner. Oh my why you know I think I'm just I'm a lot like your listeners today. I'm just go through life doing the best I can. God's gift to me with some some abilities and gifts is introduced me to some concepts and I'm just trying to plow through and and make the make the best life and in get get to heaven and take as many people with me as possible. I am not a theologian but the theologian I'm not up my pastor not a psychologist. I'm just a beggar found bread and somehow I don't think that some things that some things that work for me in my marriage and as a dad and I as I try to make the best of life and enrich my my neighbors and friends. Just a beggar found bread to tell another beggar's where they can find bread also but let's hope that there will be some even in this program that will eat the bread as it were, well, that's it. That's exactly right that you know what if what if were not doing that than 10 our time is wasted here on earth isn't it. Ultimately that's true now so what is this the Jesus dare well really this distant two answers to that two ways to answer that question, maybe even three at the Jesus there is a book and a podcast and a song in a music video, the Jesus there is a sermon series and evangelism tool, and maybe even a movement but really I think the Jesus dare is the heart of the Bible is is it that the question of of how do you respond to Jesus and that that's what the whole Bible, points of both the Old Testament and New Testament point to that question. What if what if he is who he says he is if he is, we need to take the Jesus dare tell.

So for those of us who are Christians. What I hear you saying among other things, is that this book is an evangelism tool.

It's up to we can use to help others consider Christ. Yeah. And one of the fun things as of the first chapter the book kind warns readers that if they they get through every chapter and in read the last chapter.

It's a short little book they read every chapter.

All the chapters in between kind of remove the roadblocks that get in the way of making that decision for Christ.

They spell out the benefits of knowing Christ and they warns the readers that hay in the last chapter would ask ask you to take the Jesus dare but yeah the book is an evangelism tool and I was kind of inspired by my time with Josh McDowell. I produced his radio program for 14 years and I will never forget this image is burned in my head of going to rush a few times with Josh, but being on the streets of Moscow and handing out copies of more than a carpenter. You know more than a carpenter.

Many of your many good listeners have seen that book may been impacted by it's been printed in 100 languages and sold sold 30 million copies, but handing out copies of more than a carpenter and I can picture up on old dirty bus on the streets of Moscow and two windows in a row were two little babushka grandmas reading this book that I had just given to them.

It was like the hunger the power of the written word and the hunger for for truth and that's kind of what I dear, dear. I envisioned that impact for my little book which is about the same size of my little book the Jesus dare, but let's hope that this book will sell 30 million.well Dr. Chapman you give that concept. I don't get that off the dust beyond my Yahoo anything I could possibly imagine.

But you know what God can do that if God chooses to do that Alta I'll take that you want, but the same time when one of these books it goes out could be a little a little evangelism tool that that reaches 1 to 10 people who knows God knows you absolutely absolutely notice the Josh McDowell wrote the introduction to your book yeah and and and I'm very appreciative of very interesting Tonto process that just looked at book I Cova over for over 40 years ago, no more than a carpenter and I think that was back in the day.

Maybe when you could debate somebody or be logical about leading someone into the kingdom and to receive Christ in apologetics, but I think today in the 21st century here. I think I think you first start with relationship you can love someone into the kingdom before you could debate them into the kingdom. What he think about that well.

I like that idea because I believe in the power of love.

When you show real interest in other people and their well-being. The world is hungry for relationships on the human plane and of course we know that the greatest relationship. The most important relationship is one with God and so were we are all trying to lead people down that road so they can have a relationship with God.

This book is definite for outreach but also their things in here for people who are already Christians right it was that was kind of one of surprises as I was writing the book. I had it designed in my mind is an outreach tool in these 25 short chapters that kind of explain to folks why why receiving Christ is a good idea why it works in this world kind of logic. Some some some apologetics and some in some relational concepts. What I didn't realize was how important it would be to people who are already believers, because what it does it. It reminds you of of the reasons why you accepted Christ. It it reminds you of the repercussions of sin. Some some repercussions or sooner something something later. It reminds you of the benefits of having Christ in your life both benefits for for eternity. Of course, and benefits for for today. It makes having Jesus in your life gives you purpose and can make sense of the world and then another chapter reminds you of the tools the that the arsenal we have as Christians prayer and and fellowship, and in worship in the Bible and then the people who believe in Jesus when they read this book, they will be reminded of the idea that we are free in Christ and then that irony that it takes our surrender. Surrender to Christ in us we find true freedom. So yeah, it also is you know that great to have a great first first Peter 315. I think it is always be ready to have an answer for the hope that soon you always be ready.

That's what this book does but in my favor to two parts of that that that verse finishes up but do it with gentleness and respect. That's what this book to say hi. I'm hoping it does. That effort back the does that and equips believers to share the gospel in a very practical and easy and easy to read way you can get this book to a friend and just simply say hey I saw this book and thought of you today what you think is holding people back that is nonbelievers from taking the Jesus dare well that guy Dr. Chapman. That is the ultimate question of the book, and that's the ultimate question all, have to answer, because our goal as believers is to get to heaven and in and take others with us take our family and friends and strangers and people in the other side of the world, even. But I think what's holding people back is the lack of clarity maybe maybe some misconceptions about what it means to know Christ that the book to help define sin and people are scared to want to talk about sin, but I think we need to put that on the table and help people understand how to do that at how how sin separates us from God.

I don't use a lot of big words in the book what I'm known for my my 25 some books. The just easy to read. I hear back from from wives who say J my husband doesn't let you books but he read your book and that's kind of attitude and comfort level in an easy-to-read ability that I hope to sneak into the Jesus dare bottom. I do's. In order find some long words I define justification and how inner forgiveness and grace I a deflector.

I do bridges very briefly, sanctification and glorification. People need to know those of the steps of faith and also worth mentioning is that that someone who might come want to come to Christ to fix something in their life.

I say no that's now this is about taking the Jesus there is not a temporary fix set about patching up a problem your life that the Jesus dare is about total transformation which might be scary to some people but ultimately this we all need to do will absolutely what about the people who are overwhelmed or intimidated by the Bible but does have had little exposure to it. They see this big heavy thick book in the little what it's all about and have a hard time. You know where to start with this whole thing. Well I think I can totally understand that and that any anybody's first opened the Bible's like well where do I start.

I hear there are contradictions in the Bible where those big words what what about all these battles. What about all those rules in Leviticus. I totally get that. But here's the one in one of the great takeaways I think from any evangelistic effort and ended the book the Jesus there is that you don't need to have everything figured out. We shouldn't expect to understand God's ways and intentions me he's God and were not right that there's that and first in first Corinthians that great of verse idea that that now we see things imperfectly like like a puzzling reflection in the mirror like lakes and some in the mirror that we can understand and paraphrasing a course. But when we crossed the threshold into eternity.

It will all be clear. So right now we are not supposed to understand God's ways.

You know what we open the Bible that will be some confusing things and think you work for, but right ladies and gentlemen anyway listen to and I promise you, you take the Jesus dare receive Christ into your life as you go back and become more and more clear every time you go through the passage as he starts to add up and you make sense to you and that is such a heartwarming and wonderful and instead intellectually stimulating and motivating thing. When you start to read Scripture and your eyes are opened. But again, even the hair here on earth were not home yet were not home yet so what were not, and that we shouldn't expect that everything figured out, and Quinn questions are good and you know what God can handle our questions.

He actually loves us when we come to him with with questions and and and things that we can figure out he will open her eyes and one of the things JF and so encouraging is young believers who just taken the Jesus dare another start reading the life of Jesus in their working through you know, Matthew Mark and Luke and John of the accounts of people who were with Jesus and their sick. Can't believe all the stuff never heard all this is exciting to see that what what other factors are keeping people away from considering Jesus well again because that in the Jesus dare. There's lots of short little chapters and I get it gives me a chance to kind of spin to three pages on each one of those and there's one section in the middle of the book where I identify exactly that things are keeping people away that idea that people think that they they don't like themselves like they're not worthy to hang out with God and to know who God is and you know what I agree with none of us are working and that's one of the great truths that we actually had come through. Just look in the mirror, they think they're ugly and so ill I don't like themselves and that's their obsession and there and such and so written some chapters that address those issues with one chapters is come as you are that the short title. Just a couple pages that idea that you know what we can come as we are going to put a suit and tie and you don't to drink the Kool-Aid. You don't have to get your hair cut you can you can exactly as you are. Jesus has come as you are. That was a great Billy Graham. Position a course and we have acknowledge the real broken, so if you think the other guy.

Next he was better than you think. It's not raw centers, and then then the idea that another chapter. Short chapter. The know that you are lovable that you have value that you pass by past behind you. God has a plan for you and again talking to the folks listen. Today the truest thing about you. The truest thing about you is God's love for you and I you and I just can't emphasize that enough and that another chapter your beautiful two by the way you are made in God's image and ladies and gentlemen when you take the Jesus to think about this, the ugly, the ugliest thing about your sins have been washed clean. When you take the Jesus did your part of God's family, a son, and the daughter of of God, and he and he and he loves you and your beautiful there too, so voyages funded just fun to think about the about how life is impacted when when you take the Jesus dare that that goes back to what you're saying about the transformation J and I think that's one of the the year. Factors that keep people away from Jesus or the church. Christianity, the Bible, and it's that they don't think that God could love them and that they have to in order to come to him. They got a clean up whatever it is you've got an addiction that this store you've done that bad thing in your past you go to make up for that clean yourself up, and I think it was CS Lewis who talked about Christianity not being a iFixit like you were talking about, but it is a taking someone from death to life.

It's it's it like Lazarus.

Either he's dead he can't do anything. And Jesus calls them, and he just gets up and they unwrapped them. That's what the Christian life. The beginning of it looks like he takes you from death to life talk about that. Well you said it better than that and I could Chris. The whole point of the Jesus dare is that total transformation washing you set Washington's clean we all come with that brokenness. It happens in it in an instant. That moment of being justified. Washed clean by the blood of Christ.

Then we had that sanctification process will begin to write it when that that is maybe as a warning when you receive Christ as your Savior. You will totally transform your new creation. But some of the crud that the from your life is looking to be around you will still have those traffic tickets you you still maybe have some addiction things you you still have some addiction things you need to work through. So this this bag from the world you made them do some reparation with some relationships and you learn that to the safe allocation process but a boy that moment of justification that in that instance when you receive Christ, your Savior, the Holy Spirit comes in your life and it's a total transformation J we might have some listeners who would say you are like your program when you talk about relationships, but like you and talk about religion so old you say to those people will I would say I understand with the coming from because a lot of people have been burned by religion in the name of religion through the history they been all kinds of bad decisions made us a slavery, the Crusades, the Salem witch trials and I have a jar chapter on that. The idea that that's examples of religion gone bad, but I had my love. Remind people that slavery was endorsed by folks who call themselves the Christians, but it was broken up. Ultimately by authentic Christians who wrote about in in in stop slavery back in the 1800s, a course, the Salem witch trials in the name of religion. They hang those those young women in in Salem, but it was true authentic Christians that brought an end to that in the course, the Crusades, 500 years of the of nastiness and and wars fought in the religion, but it was when the printing press came out in the Bible could be read in the Reformation came out to put an end to that.

So religion stuff done a religion we don't be scared. Religion be scared of folks who are giving religion a bad name. You mention the word apologetics earlier.

Some of our listeners. My thing, that means you're apologizing for purchases.

What is that word mean and do you deal with apologetics in this book or the book the Jesus dare doesn't get bogged down in apologetics because that can be a laborious and we just go back to that relationship but everyone's wired differently and that God draws everyone in different ways. So either is it a taste of apologetics.

There is a taste that there is a little bit of the idea being drawn by God's love. The book also helps people find purpose and sense of purpose in life is a chapter on rescuing people from the world that something will come to Christ because they just did just want to go to hell and that's that's that's a pretty valid reason for that one. The chapters God surprises some people and draws people to himself by of revealing to miracles and angels and and that's what he uses to open their eyes, 70 comes into God from a different perspective and the apologetics is that that logic and since scientific proof and historical proof. I think we all need to have a little bit of that were nodding our heads like this could really happen is not some mystical thing. It's a very practical thing this there's science and logic and in history that that proves who Jesus is. Sounds like what Jay is saying is that everybody is a little bit different. This seems like the love languages to me or it has hints of the love languages whether center-right or personal wrote the book, God speaks your love language and demonstrate both of the Bible and in church history and contemporary lives hell. People are drawn to Christ, often through their love language that is sometimes rich words that they read in the Bible like Martin Luther you know the just shall live by faith, and he'd been working so hard to please God in order to get to heaven and you realize own know it's just believing what Jesus did for herself. The cross was word for spoke to him and so I gotta go through the five love lives in that manner, and I think that's a lot of what you just said J that the people are drawn to Christ in different ways and some years there scientifically minded people want to know how can we know this is really true or how can we know that these things really happen.

And so that's what apologetics is is trying to share the reality of the truth of the gospel.

What we read in the Bible so but got there. The interesting thing is God's looking out for us. Please seek written down for us. It's not that were reaching out for him. He's reaching out for us. That reminds me of one of the great steps of faith that I had to take was I thought was my faith in God that I had to work so hard on by breakthrough moment was when I realized it was his faithfulness to me to us to humanity that is going to draw us to him.

So I'm tracking with the get Gary, I think there's a question the people have to about what believe means you know, believe in Jesus and that trip some people up because they believe Jesus live do not believe the and they may even believe that he was God's son that he's part of the Trinity. They can go that far, but it really does make a difference in their lives and I think that's one of the things that the Jesus dare really clears up that it's not just a mental assent. Satan believe Satan believes in Jesus. So I snatch his belief in and actually that speaks to the title of the book. Now the title of the book could have been receiving Christ he could of been been justified by the blood of Christ.

It could have been repented. Believe and actually the working title of this book 10 years ago when I first was tenant going with my head was what if he is who he says he is, which is exactly the question.

The only Dansk answer. What if he is who he says he is, but no publisher in my agent said J. That doesn't make any sense how to add to get there.

It was confusing and when when I stumbled across this idea of the Jesus tear my agent and the publisher said yeah that makes great sense now. I hope it does to our listeners and I've been asked. Go ahead and say go head to the to a website Jesus where you can find two chapters to download the podcast.

Is there is a music but I hope in the taint title make sense. I don't hope to scare anybody way out was kind of comforting and challenging at the same time the Jesus to men in the man lay down and like his mother's instead of the song and there was a little bit of that you can hear that at the website and well if you go to five love we have a link right there lay down all your questions. What if he is who he says he is one. It's all true. Just a little bit of faith. J talk more about that that song and the nerve that it was that you get me to give a shout out to Derek Charles Johnson. It was not my voice lazy gentlemen. There was Derek Charles Johnson and well it's worth it. A quick story of how this song came about. I was challenged to a podcast of this of the book, and I realize I needed some music and so I wrote a first draft of the lyrics and send it down to a friend of who found Derek and he put the song together one of those things that when you start something and got just deleting you and not Genia. It's been a pretty well received.

Actually, again I don't think that would need any Dove awards or sell 30 million copies of the book or the for the song but who knows. So again if you want to hear the is a is a link or on my website. We put up the Jesus is it's there as well.

J listen to you tell all of it makes me think you might've been a radio producer of office also have learned is that God uses everything you got it I got fired from jobs I was on Michigan Avenue doing major market advertising for almost a decade and that's where I learned to write to write short things that people want to read. I ended up in the Acushnet agency out in the Wheaton, Illinois, and again with you go whatever you call the right knowledge and gentlemen guides can use that down the road to give him glory, and to to draw people to the kingdom and that's what I discovered and Chris and Gary, you discover the same thing in your life.

God uses it all and you can look back and see it.

Sometimes you can see in the middle of it, but you do later on I ran 25 books but the Jesus tear might be the whole reason why bit in this in this Christian media business for for decades now was because the people could use this and bring their friends and family and strangers to a saving relationship with Chase.

God uses everything that happens a certain degree of faith the things that are pleasant. The things are not so pleasant. Eventually you say God uses him J in this book, you do have a chapter covering the intellectual arguments that were important in your own faith journey say a word about that well yeah absolutely I have I found Christ and receive Christ as my Savior without having all my ducks in the light. I didn't know exactly all the terms, but I but I got a ahead enough that I could make that decision for Christ and then shortly thereafter. Some intellectual arguments came to fruition my mind and one of the courses is messianic prophecies.

When you start looking to the Old Testament and realizing of all the hundreds of times that Jesus was a predicted prophecies appointed Jesus in the in the Old Testament Micah chapter 5 verse two predicts that Messiah the Messiah will be born in this little town of Bethlehem and then another of the lecture proof was that the recent archaeological discoveries, it seems like every year secular scientists who stumble across new evidence that support the biblical record they find some simple city like a petro or Ebola in the in the desert sands like we thought that was that whole city was a mess and there it is right there and then the one the Josh's talk about it every in and if you purchased for. Also, via the martyrdom of the apostles. Those 12 men, 11 of them died torturous brutal death as martyrs because they insisted that Jesus rose from the dead, and which means they must have seen him after the crucifixion must've seen him walking around otherwise. If they didn't then nailed the Christian faith would've died in before really got launched in their other other things covered in the book. I again I promise.

And folks out there who want to take the Jesus tear your eyes will be open towards the practical reasons to know Christ. The intellectual reasons know Christ.

The emotional and relational reasons to to follow Christ.

You also talk about in the book not only the benefits of giving us eternal life with God. You talk about the benefits of accepting Christ that we experience here in this world well right if you can accept Christ just to to get you into heaven, that I applaud that go for that. But really the Holy Spirit is can they guide you through this life on this world on this, citing the of eternity. He's got to keep you that Holy Spirit will keep you from a lot of the clutter of this world course all all sin has repercussions.

But here's the point that the Holy Spirit again.

Was it when you see Christ and the Holy Spirit enters your life. He's going to reveal those things and warn you about those things and and maybe help you sin a little less frequently and less severely so that your life your life is literally easier. Now SNS and if you don't say that you much because as we are promised that there will be repercussions here on earth.

Knowing Christ, you go through some tough times because of that, but ladies and gentlemen, it's all gonna make sense to be a purpose to it. Plus, when you retake the Jesus tear you trade your plan for God's plan and the best example that is really that our personal beliefs and our inner attitudes about the culture that hate and the greed and the racism in the in the wickedness that we have in our heart all those things.

That's your plan. It's the way you've been living your life but God's plan is that we exchange those things for love and generosity, fellowship and righteousness.

Our financial security, which we put our are we depend on our our income suddenly will be will be arresting God's promise that he's in the supplier daily bread. I just wish it was our sense of personal fulfillment and cilia jobs could be a chance to get heavier gifts and abilities used for purpose beyond yourself. The entire focus of your work and your career changes so take the Jesus tear exchanges your plan which might be a good plan for God's plan, which is so much better.

Think of most young people do have a plan.

Somewhere along the line and are in their minds are going to do this they will do that when they grow up in those sorts of things. Nothing wrong with having those cutter plans fact we should be having plans, but we have to recognize once we come to God that his plans may be not only different from our plans but if they are different. They'll be better for our clients data. There you go.

I think there's also this idea of not being alone anymore. Having to figure anything else out on your on your own that there's someone walking through life with you and giving you direction and giving you a hope that is not just a hope, and hope but a hope in a real person who loves you, cares for you and watch it in.

Oh, I guess what I'm saying is, it changes your perspective, your outlook on life. No longer do the things that would in over bring you to your knees and you say you have this hollow thing that I can't get out of a can't and pull myself up by my bootstraps well yeah you can't but God promises you that he's gonna be with you through the struggle and give the purpose in the middle of that.

I think that's one of the real positives about a life of faith in Jesus workers.

I think I think you're exactly right in her crate many terms once we discover a relationship with God. Our perspective on what is important in life changes. For example, if our goal has been to make lots of money that we began to ask ourselves you know what court, what is this really accomplishing for me to have lots of money. Jesus actually said this life's meaning is not found in the abundance of the things that man possesses and we discover that we become followers of Christ does only were against money. Note, but if we do have money, we will not only to care for the needs of our families that we want to give to causes that are reaching out to touch people who need not only physical help, but they need to come to know Christ as we know Christ and often it begins by our giving to those causes that reach out and touch people where they have a felt need, which may be for food or clothing or shelter and we seek to meet those needs. And in that context by C humans just like them loving each other and consequently they want to know what motivated you to do this you don't even know me know.

But I love you and I love you because God loves you, and I've come to experience God's love, or the like for you to experience God's love so and I think this is what you talk about Jerry.

It's it say it's Building Relationships with people where we become an instrument to communicate the love of God. The people and that's where I get into a shameless plug for the book because you can hand this book to someone and say hey I saw this read this book. Thought you I love you man and I think give it a read and Italy committed in and in less than an hour hour to and I will talk about it in again because you know anyone you want them to know the glory, power in the love and the purpose that comes from receiving Christ Jay I want you to take your students Jesus tear before that there is something called the yes explain Chris the biggest question that we all have the answers. Is this you believe in God. If all powerful, all-knowing, all present creator exists and really any other question is, is meaningless, atheist love to stir up trouble by asking all kind of silly questions to try to trip up Christians like, can God create a rock so big that not even he can lift it or where did Cain's wife come from or why didn't the lions eat the eat. The zebras are no Wieczorek or why did Jesus come today and so that mass communication could've spread his message faster, and further in our courses are ridiculous questions at Beth as he is humans trying to find a flaw, but those kind of question trivial compared to that one big question, does God exists in know what if God exists, we can be sure to things that he can do anything he wants and we should not expect to understand his motives because what he's God always has been always will be, and he will always be in control. So if you say yes to God, then you can trust that everything else falls in the place you either are no questions that that can be answered. We can trust in God and his love and his inability all the stuff that we think is impossible is possible because it is God to get what he wants. We can debate whether the world was made in six days or 6 billion years.

We can debate the virgin birth of Jesus miracles and in and in resurrection and how the resurrection can be explained but really we need to trust in God's plan is unfolding perfectly and he does need our help. He just wants us to our loyalty and wants us to trust him. If God is who he is as God can do anything he wants. Jay, I think we are think all of us would certainly agree with what you just said let's as we come toward the end of our program let's go to the end of the book where you actually spell out the Jesus day or just clarify that force. What is the step, how do you do how do you do that how to how do you respond how do you take the Jesus tear will hopefully by the end of the book the last chapter. People of been nodding their head as they is a going to how that makes sense. Now I understand that although I did know didn't think hadn't thought about that before, and then literally I put a prayer down here. It is a version of the prayer that many people in listing were now prayed and with your permission, Dr. Chapman and Mr. Faber, Emily, go ahead. In the end and invite listeners to follow me in that prayer absolutely will go ahead share the prayer dear God, it's pretty clear that nobody's perfect were all sinners and because of that, no mere human is worthy of hanging out with you. Death is inevitable and when I die. Somebody has to pay for my sins have SME I don't want to imagine how I wouldst be spending eternity, but thankfully Laura you love me enough to provide a way out. You send your only son to live perfectly on earth and pay the penalty for my sin on the cross. It cost him everything. But, amazingly, that that ticket to heaven.

Cost me nothing. I just have to accept that gift.

So with that understanding, I trust you as Savior and Lord come into my life and guide me so that my life can give you glory a man a man however you word it and that was a good way to word it is bringing your heart. Laying it in the foot of the cross, thanking God for what he did for you own the crosscourt Christ did for you own the cross and accepting his forgiveness. Opening your heart, letting him come in and sit on the throne of your life.

However, if you put it you turning your life over to God and you want to live for him.

The rest of your life.

Let's say Jay that one of our listeners are more of our listers actually prayed that prayer with you, what would you say to them, what's the next step well the last two short chapters in the book on follow to prayer and I make two recommendations really tell somebody tell somebody a decision you made. It could be someone who's a believer or not, but need to verbalize it so that it so that you can market moment time and then I suggest you start a journal now doesn't have to be anything fancy. Not to get you know I don't write page after page, but just make notes on on how God is working your life and the changes you see in your life you will look back.

If just a few months from now you'll see all my goodness. God, what did we did enter my life and change my life and I have new attitudes and new and newly respected new love and and a and a new sense of purpose in life. That's what it means to take the Jesus tear that happened to you Jay when you and you said you didn't do a perfectly you know everything but did you see change in your life pretty slow at typing. I totally did it. I am in the church my whole life.

But at how ignorant I was about some things and how I did to find some mentors in and surround myself with people who who knew this Jesus client just truly met, but I wanted to know more about him and I realize that by hanging out with other authentic believers. There was a hunger for that I had the hunger for Scripture came a little later in this and understandings and the the appreciation for for Sitton's the idea of sitting in church for 45 business.

The sermon was that was unheard of. But as soon as ISOs. I found Christ and took the Jesus tear my own head and called the adjuster back then, but as soon as I took the Jesus tear. I was so hungry for great teaching and met it made a difference. 30 years later on the things I like about what you have the very end of the book or some Scripture versus mergers are the Bible that it just encourage you in the journey. You know, one of them is Isaiah chapter 40 and you say which says this, those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles, they will run and not be weary I will walk and not fight that's describing the kind of life I think all of us will have you know we we we want to live above and beyond the circumstances of our lives when we do that we commit our lives to Christ. He gives us the power to do that we are influenced by our circumstances but we are not controlled by our circumstances and what ever we pass through. We see and look for the hand of God in guiding us using us fulfilling the deep desire in her heart to live a life that is worth living and that has a positive impact in the world. So Jay, let me thank you for being with us today, and I thank you for the time you spent invested in putting this book together, and I do hope that many of our listers will get a copy rated themselves if they are Christians read themselves understand this tool and then pray that God will lead them to individuals with whom they can share this book as a first step of exposing someone to the good news about Christ. So thanks for being with us today. Well I should I share that desire and I will be missing at this this broadcast and your work. Dr. Chapman, the for all the days ahead 90. God bless you guys. Well done appreciate the time. Thank you and I think you've heard.

I said this is in his wheelhouse right down the middle of the plate. You can hit a passion for this topic because it's changed his life.

If you want to know more about the Jesus dear, we have links to find out more about that resource subtitled the adventure you've been waiting for "The 5 Love Languages" .com. Find out more about that latest book, clergy life again. Five love when Kim Erickson's three-year-old son Austin died she found resources to help her leave not to help her live surviving sorrow is coming up one big thank you today to our production team Steve Webb and Janice time Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman is a production of radio in Chicago in association with Moody publishers a ministry in the Bible. And thanks for listening

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