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Habakkuk - Dannah Gresh

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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January 2, 2021 1:00 am

Habakkuk - Dannah Gresh

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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January 2, 2021 1:00 am

The world has been upended by uncertainty, financial upheaval, a contentious election, racial division and a pandemic, as well. Today, Dannah Gresh reminds us of the message of an Old Testament prophet named Habakkuk.  If you’re asking, “Where is God in all this? Is he in control?” Don’t miss the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman.

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Is God really in control has seemed silent in your life.

If so, don't miss today's Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman Habakkuk is a book that reminds that God is good, even when the world isn't even in the middle of the program and as you think on the floor that you'll welcome to Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller "The 5 Love Languages" 2020 was difficult year for all of us at the start of 2021 have some help and hope you feel like God has been there for you in your life. Best-selling author and speaker Dan aggression will help us uncover the truth about God's faithfulness in the midst of real struggle featured resource of five love is a new study from back remembering God's faith is when he seems silent.

Find out more at dear. You've been a pastor at the same church for almost 50 years you lead studies you restore a lot of sermons. But the topic that will talk about today I think is something that a lot of Christians struggle with.

Can I trust God with. I can understand what he's doing. Can I trust him even when he feels silent Chris.

My thought is, are there any Christians who have not. Somewhere along the line, wondered what is going up to. I don't understand what's happening in my life and I'm talking I'm praying I'm asking. I don't get any answers. Like most Christians of going through that, because let's face it, God doesn't always immediately answer us.

He doesn't always give us the wise what's happening in our lives. This is where I think of the whole thing of faith comes and you know that we we choose to believe God even when we don't always understand what's happening in our lives. So I am really looking forward to our conversation today on this topic that aggression is a best-selling author or speaker, founder of true girl. America's most popular Christian tween event. She's written more than 20 books, including and the bride wore white and lives girls believed co-authored with Nancy Thomas Waukomis.

She's a leading expert on the subject of sexual theology and parenting between's and teens and are featured resource again of five love is the study Habakkuk remembering God's faithfulness when he seems silent again.

Go to five love welcome back to Building Relationships.

My thank you dear here at the start of the new year. Let's look back at her moment to what challenges did you and your family face last year this time last year we were celebrating new grandbaby girl my mechanic grandma for the first time Valley twin girls. Best news ever preemie and one of them actually had her lung collapsed so that physicians sent them home with this instruction.

Do not let them be asked to any respiratory viruses for the next six months you can imagine that that US retail stand when just weeks later novel respiratory virus is in world settlers at the pandemic took me to my knees and I'll tell you one event after another.

Last year, last year that fast is slow. If you're ever go fast enough, but at the same time. It really was a year where we were slowed down to ponder it with God. What is he doing so with all the instability in all the unknown of 20 2020 synagogue laws and all that thankful is something then something happened to be provident like that can't be it circumstance, it has to be God and I had my publisher asked me for years if I would write a Bible study said no no no no no finally reluctantly decided that I would do one because for some I'm going accountability and licensing to my board I needed to outline a book of the Bible, like the Rodarte pick a book and it ended up being Habakkuk chapter Xi. I didn't know that it's a book about believing that God is good and maintain control even when there so much evil and tragedy and hardship in the world around us. This book that's often overlooked during times of peace and prosperity is the one to generations people have turned tail and they need to know how to talk to God during hard times. World War II was one of the times and people just started open their books and Bibles to the book of Habakkuk, and I think I saw that last year to his people or things you doing we can have a front row seat to watch a man who was shaken by the evil and suffering of the world any progresses to become a shining example of walking by faith. Last year there was a suicide, depression, anxiety among young people, and in this this book and in this so your book and in the book of Habakkuk, you really communicate that the Bible has answers to these come struggle to write lately, you know, concerns me so glad that we were concerned about our lungs last year that the important thing and I think it matters with alarming to me that suicide became the leading second leading cause of death for 15 to 29-year-old. Now that we talked about it with the same concern. Even though it's a deadly killer here is an epidemic that's helping getting attention it deserves. I am a firm believer in Christian counseling firm believer in getting help from a physician if you need to. After my second baby and my second experience with postpartum depression. I got the help of the physician. My husband and I should own stock in Christian counseling, you know, I think even though those are good tools.

Many times we don't apply the most powerful appointment to our mental and wellness, and that is God's truth his word. It has got to be standard issue weaponry for our battle with fear, depression, hopelessness, anxiety must be and I feel like that last year we needed a bigger dose of God's word, then maybe we even realized.

Although some of us have been realizing the life of the book is the somewhat obscure Old Testament prophet relate to us.

It is so germane to our days. It's very contemporary and its application just like looking at that very end of the book. Habakkuk finally gets to a place after horrific. In his history. He says though that all of won't produce food and the wheat wheat field is barren and that the grapes don't have any juice for us and there's no cattle in the field and he goes on to all the horrible things he says and and death, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. I will take joy in the God of my salvation out sound like I don't know a bad day on a hobby farm but for `it wise his economic portfolio.

It was his nation's stability and he was saying when the whole nation falls apart. Even here in this.

I have discovered a way to rejoice. Good stuff. We all need it absolutely so often seems to want us to wait during these these computers blocks can only say from my own personal point of view that last year when God slowed me down.

Traveling to speak and minister like I had been.

I wasn't doing some of the things I enjoy. Even for periods of time. It was seeing family and friends that waiting for me to look and see where he was working and what I discovered is that sometimes the work God is most often trying to do is and in the world around me, making it perfect and cozy and just wonderful for me, but it's in my heart and I found my prayers moving from God, stop the pandemic.fix our economy got help our government that help our broken nation and became sometime in October, it became more like conflict do you want I member sitting in a cornfield is just walking my dog.

One day I just had down and look at the sunsetting and I said if you want.

How can I be a part of what you doing like I cried uncle and I learned that my heart was pretty hyper focused on my world being just so. And God when me last year to learn to be more obsessed with my heart being in tune to his in my world being everything I want our listeners are feeling they praise God answered what you think we sometimes feel that way.

I think we often feel that way when God is doing things the things that we really want one of the things that was hard for me to process last year and let me stand still processing it. So maybe you can help me is as we were hit with a worldwide pandemic just coming out of studying the book of Habakkuk when I looked really closely at what the Bible calls pestilence and its pestilences. Anytime there is a sickness or disease that widespread in any land in every single time that it occurred in the Scriptures. For example, in the Probably Most Prominent Pl. in Scripture would be Egypt. When God says let my people go left behind was really only trying to get Pharaoh to let his people go than one miraculous act could have been enough. But God allowed Pharaoh's heart and it actually says he hardened Pharaoh's heart and God's people have to state under that time of waiting and feeling like I want to get setting doing something were crying out to you do something, here's the thing is, you look God's people in that nation in Egypt had started to live like everyone else, act like everyone else. They wanted to have the goods and services of everyone else in the gods of everyone else, and I think that those plagues were just about telling the evil taken people hey guys, God was about reminding God's people. Hey, remember I am God and he's so much more concerned about what happens in our hearts and in our world and I had a look at that and say God are you is this a wake-up call and you know what. People all across the world started sitting think that is a wake-up call from God. I wonder have we fully awakened or did we hit snooze. How we listen to what God was trying to tell it is silent as we think. So let us talk about hearing dogs hearing from God think there's confusion sometimes about how we hear God's voice, so talk to us about the one thing we know is sure is that we can hear God's voice in the pages of Scripture. He's written down some of his word for us to hear and I think anybody is having trouble hearing from God or they feel like they never hear from God that you begin and I liken it to this, you know, I could be in a room and be blindfolded with 5000 other men, and every man says my name and I know which one is my husband.

Now, his voice is great you pick up the phone and said hi Dan it's Gary I know it's scary. All of us that listen to you on this podcast know it's scary we become familiar with your voice and so we recognize that God's Word gives us that same ability courses more than in her hearing. It's not an audible ear hearing that we can recognize God's voice. Because income becomes clear with your faithful to do that God does start to speak to you and still small voices and I like to say there's like five characteristics of the share. One of them. You can back all these up in Scripture, but one of them is and remember it never disagrees with God's written word and is it sounds contrary to Danna the thoughts that are like that's not very normal. Danna thought. For example, an extreme introvert so if I'm walking to the grocery store and I see someone I know like that. Dan introvert is like talk to so many people already today. Let's go down the other aisle. If I see someone I know and I sense you to go ask them how they are okay.

My knee prayed for that is not Danna so I began to recognize the difference between my own inner voice. And God's inner voice and I start to obey it and think you know what you will pay it. God speak to you more and more and more and more so if I walk past that person and I ignore that person. When God says to go talk to that person. Pray for them.

Then I documented in that. On the drive home and I say he got the traffic chili back and you listen to me when I haven't been obedient and listened to him as I'm obedient. His voice is clearer and clearer to me.

He speaks more more things like that. I learned about in the book of Habakkuk, so one inner sense God wants you to do something your experience with absolutely all the circumstances. Sometimes he put circumstances right in front of you think that can't be a coincidence, it can't be that has to be the Lord orchestrating something directing my steps ordering the course of my day, my life, and you can learn to feel more comfort about that at your in the word and becoming familiar with his voice all goes back to being the word you talk in the book about wrestling with God are struggling with.

Things are going on in your lives. Some Christians feel guilty when they were there struggling was with believing God about certain things you do with all got back at me this wonderful gift. He wrote me a permission slip to wrestle with God do his kind like a hall pass from my good Christian behavior and what I discovered is that you start the book out with almost caught smack talk because he says and I have to pray your law is paralyzed just this is perverted. These are the words the prophet speaks to God and I woke like I felt something like that. I'm not felt the permission to say them. But the thing is an honest exchange. He's coming to God with what and him CS Lewis says bring to God what is in you, not what should be I think so many times we think our conversation with God by bringing to him. The good Christian conversation here. He knows when were angry and frustrated and disappointed. Let's take those questions to him.

I wrestling with him in conversation in prayer can handle it is about a bucket. Many of us know that he was a prophet but a lot of folks don't move very much at all about his life Will is not easy to know that his life the guy speak in poetry doesn't like pros.

You know the aisle. I am really good. I like subjects and verbs and direct objects.

Those fences can understand but what I get to the poetic verses in the Scriptures, they slow me down. I think what he saying what he talking about is harder to get to know Habakkuk, but this is my promise. If you open up the book of Habakkuk. I've not known anybody that studied him. That didn't say at the end he feels like a friend. I feel like I know him and I think one of the qualities that makes us feel that way is his frustration is his disappointment in God because all of us have been at one point or another.

That's I think really important to know is that he was a prophet at a time when they had a really bad leadership in the government of his nation the nation of Judah, and he was frustrated with that. And one of the things that was really sad about that is that Julia came with the king and he was the son of Josiah and Josiah was one of the few godly and good kings in the history of God's people when he was just eight years old, he became king when he was in his 20s. He looked around and he saw idol worship and he saw all kinds of icky stuff. He looked in the temple and said oh my height in rubble. It's in dust. What what should we do this. Should this is God's house.

Let's clean up. Let's fix it up water fixing up they discover something that they had never he had never heard he find a book they think it's maybe the book of Deuteronomy Bible scholars are sure, but it's the word of God, the written word of God.

It was under rubble and dust and he tells them read it to me. Tell me what it says when he hears the word of God, his heart is broken and he burst into tears and he says we must reform our nation and they tear down the high places and they finish fixing up the temple and they restore a godly order and so after that glimmer of hope he dies he killed on the battlefield and his evil son takes over and right back where they began it's in that moment that Habakkuk has to choose to be a man of faith, a man who walks his walk out with God, with integrity and joy in the spite of his grieving over what's broken and for us the messages that we Bible seek can you see even like wherever you are right now.

Can you think how many Bibles are in my my living room or my bedroom. We have God's word everywhere, but when we open it is heartbroken with the things that break God's heart. Every time we open the Bible, we should be willing to reform our own personal lives the way that Josiah formed nation talk about performing wrestling and expressing differences between these three like you could have something to say about these Dr. Chapman therapist to help us so much, think through things but many times as Christians we are performers and we know the right words to say.

We know that right actions to take. But sometimes it's not really what's deep and hard if not honest. We discussed his emotions and on the spectrum. I feel like today wasting a lot of Christians expressing themselves. Picking and choosing what they believe about Christianity what they believe about the Bible this thing. I'll choose this. This is good, but these things, that's all it's ancient it's out of style is out of date and it's really no listening to God whatsoever. There's a lot of pride and a lot of self worship and right in the middle is where Habakkuk invites us to live wrestling. We get to wrestle with God is authentic back-and-forth communication it saying God I don't like the word says that this is hard for me to understand. And it's also saying that you are God and I will trust you and it's a very authentic place and I think that's where we are mentally well were emotionally well and were spiritually whole.

It's not a perfect place. It's a messy place but it's an honest place. Most of us can really know God never ever intended us to just be playing religion but to be honest about what were seeing and hearing and feeling and reading his word were looking for direction and still sometimes we are not sure what is the next thing I should be doing is going to call us to look and see the nations around us today. Now this is what is that really interesting things to me as I studied Habakkuk.

I came to see how very much God bless the nations one Habakkuk's nation the nation of Judah is godless. They walked away from God. They've worship some of the same gods as surrounding page taking cultures they are participating in lots of grant that disrespectful sexual acts child sacrifice really rough stuff and I feel like as I studied the fact that God was going to use and even worse, people group to come up against them and teach them a lesson. It took me into the pages of other places in Scripture like the book of Jonah where God goes to an evil people group).

That same area near East ancient near East and he send them to Nineveh with what I messages you're done. I'm finished now. It's a message of a second chance and I feel like when God says to Habakkuk look into the nations that I looked and I saw and I saw Egypt and I saw Syria and Nineveh saw the Babylonian people. The Chaldean people group, which is a little people group that is going to punish God can use to punish Judah. I was like oh he really does not want anyone to perish, and I look back on my own heart as an American, and I thought wow where is prideful as these ancient people groups were because that's what God was upset about. He's upset about the pride in Judah.

He was upset about the pride in the Chaldean people and he wanted them to be humble. He wanted them to be kind. He wanted them to look at one another. I found myself just saying wow he's trying to save all of us, me, and now were kind of a melting pot right all the nations together look with each other to respect what if we could learn hey I want to save me and he wants to save the person that annoys me like crazy baby and the person the vote differently than I do to save me and like his heart and it it it it loses. I think out of the pages of Habakkuk.

At least it did for me. You talk about six habits of living space.

Habakkuk demonstrated tells about those only mentioned one of them and I was wrestling with God and is being honest in saying God DC what's happening I can do anything.

I am frustrated. This seems slow their honest prayers to pray, but the thing I love the next habit of faith is that even though he's honest to God he doesn't lose respect you see him saying bold for before he asked the hard question CM saying things like I do know your everlasting so I know you're all-powerful, so you lacing his hard questions and his doubts with what is already known to be true about God. I think if we take God our doubts and we just die for lack of better word vomit them all over him who really are veering towards that expressing just expressing ourselves in saying this, how I feel and not checking in with God to see okay.

Who are you are you everlasting are you powerful are you strong are you, my God. Habakkuk called him my God. So even though you're asking honest questions. You're also lacing those questions with what you already know to be true about God is a very important choice, an act of faith that I think is really important is listening.

I think sometimes we play dingdong ditch with the God of the universe. I think we write him hard to do list we treated him like a genie in the bottle. Mix this today think that they fix this today dingdong and then we run like nasty schoolboys right and Habakkuk says in chapter 2 the very beginning.

He says after he has asked that all of his hard questions and put some reverence in there, but he still in the place of trouble doubting he says I'm in a climb up the tower. My watchtower watch and see what God will say it's it it was a really pivotal point for me in my prayer walk last year and I think it's the turning point in the book of Habakkuk where he shifts from being a man whose frustrated by all the evil and brokenness in the world and afterwards after he's in this place of boy eating and listening that he shifts to be that man who starts to really walk by faith powerfully if we could just stop and listen and you all of the grace of the faith have practice this art of listening to God there reading his word. Their writing and their prayer journal there, praying out loud that praying with people. But the thing that they say is the hardest is after date.

They do all of those things is quieting themselves and say now Holy Spirit what you want me to do with what I just read what you want me to do with that prayer gathering what you want me to do in response to how I just wrote my heart out to you in this prayer journal I'm listening. That is when our hearts begin to shift from just immature children to walking in faith that's exemplary.

Another really an important thing to do is to remember to fear God and in this year. In this past year we've been so fearful of fearful of the media fearful of it. Are they telling us the truth so fearful of disease.

How dangerous is it fearful of. If anything happens, it's not even related to the virus. Will I be able to see my loved ones in the hospital and you name it we had some fear last year and it's not that fear is any useful emotion of our emotions are good right because God created our motion and he said in his word.

After he created everything is good because he created our emotions. Fear, anxiety, grief of them have useful purposes use of fear while as I study the book of `I think the use of fear. First and foremost let me keep the safe no good to run from a bear.

If you're afraid of bears that's a good thing to keep the safe. Sometimes you're not going to stay in a constant chronic state of fear bears because that wouldn't be mentally well, but one thing we should stay in a state of fear of his fear of God.

Are we honoring him should fear if we should wouldn't honor him. Are we obeying him.

We should fear not obeying God.

We don't really have that fear. Instead, we are afraid of all the things in this world. What we doing his will watering down the power in the majesty and omnipotence of God and so Habakkuk invites to really recognize where our fear is not directed at the right thing and invites us to fear God, that is to honor him respect him.

I've him, worship him bow before him every day in every circumstance that changes things when you're praying for grandbabies to be healthy and not get the virus because their lungs have collapsed after birth you go to God with different with a different worship you go to God and you say I'm audaciously asked Lord that you supernaturally shield my grandbabies from the virus that we don't understand your God, and I respect and I trust what ever road you ask me to walk down know you be there.

I know you'll be there.

I'm afraid of that road, because I know your grace is on that road for me when you choose for me. I hear the really important when Gary we should forget this one.

I don't know if I'm getting to all of them but the big expression of Habakkuk's faith. If he sings there are a lot of days last year. I didn't feel like singing there a lot of days where I'd still like crumbling in the very last chapter of Habakkuk is a song he writes the words to this song.

He hands them to the choirmaster and he says hey go put some great music to these lyrics because the thing in the middle of the economic brokenness of our nation witnessing worship to God and there is a reason for that one.

God is always worthy of our praise and our song, no matter our circumstances but singing changes in a dark place on a dark day in a hopeless situation. A song will lift your face up out of the pit, and I think we need to start this year singing I'm really struggling with something I'm driving down the road and the eternal person review program and hear a song and distorts singing with the person of singing and am not a singer who could bother me of God is so good as it lifts the spirit reminds you of the truth.

You know the words of the song though something for you. Oh those are those are all powerful powerful things that help us as we were wrestling with the things we don't know fully understood.

Yeah, there is there is a verse in the first chapter, Habakkuk, verse five, but you indicated such an important verse. But you also say that it's often misunderstood. Going that to us and how my journey that began for many years. My mother has prayed. Habakkuk 15 over my life. Watch and see and be utterly made somebody do something your days you would even believe even if you were told and we put that on Pinterest we put on posters and T-shirts. We present it as if it means God can do such big amazing thing can you be so big important and he's gonna make everything your dreams come true. That's now at this minute. All when God said look among the nations you to be amazed.

I want to do something you wouldn't believe. Even if you told your told he's talking about this teeny tiny little people group called the Chaldeans almost down even have their own land anymore, they been overtaken by Babylon, God says I may use them to come put you in time out due to is not good news if it's not good thing that's going to be amazing is not good news and here's what I've come to believe as I've studied through the whole passage. The whole book of Habakkuk there something really unusual about the construction of this first if we read it in English and it was a little more accurate. It would say look at the nations and be amazed.

Amazed, we wouldn't do that. We wouldn't put two words in front of each other like that we would use a word to describe a word. So when the devil amazed. What is that I'm going to be amazed, amazed. Utterly amazed at what I've come to think this that you be amazed at how bad it is how hard it is. How difficult maybe some people listening right now or in the middle difficult like I just thought last year had and better in this year had to start better not is hard but here's what I think the second amazed is in the middle of the bad you to be so amazed at how good God because it is in the middle of the bad that we truly understand how good he is and how he is an anchor and how you as a shield and how he is a tower we don't need those things in good times we need him on the hard days and that's why think Habakkuk was amazed, amazed last section, we often question God, which Habakkuk good are you going to use a pagan nation worse than we are to bring judgment on us is questioning God permitted, but for us in our day, and if so, what's the proper way to do all you know I really do think it is modeled throughout Scripture. One of the notable example is John the Baptist who spent his whole life a little odd and standing out quite a bit because he believed that he was making the way for the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Yet we find him doing in his last hours of life.

The message to Jesus he says are you really the one you him he's in prison he know he's probably going to be executed. He's about to be. We know beheaded and he sends his doubt to Jesus. And here's the thing that's significant about that, and Habakkuk. He takes his questions to Jesus. They take their questions directly to God. So many times I think that's now in a deal. We want to grumble about what we do understand the Bible want to grumble about what's wrong with church by telling other people we don't like about church. We want to fuss about what's wrong with Christianity by posting it on our social media feedback friends.

We need to pray more than we post we we need to pray more than we pace we need to go directly to God with our doubts and questions and fears that the right way the right thing to do with them. Hello Jesus, we all have Christensen you're right, we often turn to other people with our questions and our doubts and concerns, and rather than God. You talk about feasting on the world. What is that what difference is that Mike maybe it's just me but I feel like inside of me are two sumo wrestlers one is the sumo wrestler of my pride and myself and my appetites and my pleasure. The other is the sumo wrestler of my faith, my discipline in my service to the Lord and the one I feed is always the one that went wins the wrestling matches of the day so I'm feeding my spirit getting up early today. Got up at 6 AM. I don't want to my morning person I met early to meet at the middle the night. I know they don't start my day disciplining my body failing myself feasting on the word of God that I will very quickly sleep in a little bit I'll scroll to my new Speedo scroll through my social media feet start feeding feasting on the world in my flash wrestler every morning at the pick which one can win today's match. I have to feed my spirit and I have to diet my flesh simply single the word of God's feasting on oh going on around some old things that were involved etc. etc. hard with the newsfeed lately right if you like the statue. The newsfeed has just been like me. I am the answer to all of your information problem, and it's really been a battle in my heart to feed myself on the word every day as opposed to turning first to see what crazy thing happened last night and do something most Christians's more timeless to your listening to newscast listening to God by spending time in his word Huckabee role, but I'm guessing right a lot of days were a lot. That battle you mentioned about about to go climbing up in the watchtower to see what God was going to do wasn't mean for us. Okay so this is, I gotta be a little girly trim and that's okay.

I don't so here I am with you men on air.

I have always wanted my time with God to be really experience also like to have a candlelit. I like to have music worship music in the winter, I turn my fireplace this morning had my fireplace on and I like the area around me to be orderly. In the summer IP outside of my porch looking at animals frolicking in the field, but I wanted to be this visual experience and I think this is what I've come to this past year to do the permission of Habakkuk as well as looking at the Old Testament Tabernacle there's there's incense right to the biting nice sent into the experience of worshiping God.

The artistry the artifacts in the temple inviting my eyes to be in the worship of God. The orderliness of the temple ever all the measurements are just right. Everything is just so inviting the orderliness of the area to be a place that puts me in a position to listen and watch God and thought that was a crutch and that was a weakness in my personality. I don't know how that works for man my husband likes to go out on his tractor. That's where he talks to God, but I feel like that those cravings of being in a space and allowing it to be sensory Is a little date of how God created us and if Habakkuk that clamping a watchtower like there is this whole idea of you do talk to God when you're driving when you're walking when you're making your coffee but you also go away to a space that is specifically devoted to in this orderly, beautiful sensory spot because this is my spot to say my spirit is paying attention to God.

You think that's okay that works for guys because it works for.

I think a lot of girls there list so probably most guys would see a watchtower that would like about the beer stand side principle that come through, what would you hope people are going to walk away with understanding better to study the book of the book.

While Habakkuk is a book that reminds us that God is good, even when the world isn't and it also gives us the right tools to talk to God when we feel so much the depths of the world's brokenness. So I guess I hope people that read it recognize those two things are dead and people that haven't read it all. I hope you'll dive into the book of Habakkuk, whether it's with my Bible study or just your Bible are tools you can find online because he is a good God even in the middle of all the brokenness and as you feast on that and think on and explore that you'll feel it. You'll experience it and you will believe it. Before writing this Bible study is telling.

So both ladies and men who were listening to pick up this Bible study because it is a real asset in starting the book of Habakkuk, and it's really worth the study. There's just a lot in this book so bring with us to listen.

Thanks for all that you're doing and have done through the years to help young girls in parents of young girls.

No people of us met you, I wrote a book over young man cultures greatness Schumer after my confronting great people of us me once wrote a book for young jails. Mostly mono it's already been written down addresses and I appreciate so thanks for all you're doing. Keep up the good work. Candlelit head to the deer stand so you can read God's faithfulness seems silent, only to find out more. I love five lovely next week. If you're struggling with a diagnosis of Debbie Barb will give real encouragement for cancer patients and caregivers before we go. Let me think our production with Janice Todd. Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman's radio in Chicago with Moody publishers ministry

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