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Cousin Camp

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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July 4, 2020 8:03 am

Cousin Camp

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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July 4, 2020 8:03 am

​If you want to create lasting memories with your grandchildren, don't miss the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. Susan Alexander Yates will talk about creating a "Cousin Camp" that brings grandchildren together over the summer. She'll give practical tips on how to plan activities and spiritual lessons that your family will talk about for years to come. Hear more on the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman.

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If you're a grandparent. He wants to help create long-lasting family bonds. Don't miss today's Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman many times I felt raising my kids have ruin or ruin this grandchild and it's really important to remember that our ability to ruin our child is not nearly as bright as God's power to retain and I've got some one welcome hearing. Chapman, author of the New York Times bestseller the five love today's current parenting expert Susan Yates provides practical help on planning an unforgettable family event resource is Susan cousin grandparents God created fun memories that last five love.

I know you involved in your children's laws for sure really have to do what's been very interesting also thought was book of this is great because the other grandparents of my grandchildren have through the years will expose when they were younger grandfathers. No heaven, but that they do cousin camps and that there were at Their Pl. in South Carolina like the kids love it. I still have tremendous members of that social but I am excited about this.

A book on this so excited about this Chris bulimia reduce Susan Alexander Yates. She is a popular speaker, author of a number of books including and then I had kids and and then I had teenagers a regular guest on family life today and other national radio program. She lives with her husband John in Falls Church, Virginia, and you'll find her latest cousin camp@ welcome to Building Relationships. John been married 50 years understand.

So before we talk about grandparenting, how did the two of you make it for five decades. Grace and forgiveness. The bottom line is a commitment to the covenant when we set it for better for worse, in sickness and health actually remembered first year of marriage. One of our first fight.

I don't know if you are never your I remember one of the first argument and I said to my house and will maybe we should never got married in the first place. My husband is very even-tempered and get real angry stable. He looked at me with fire in his eyes. Don't you ever ever ever say that again.

We will work this argument out in the rest dad that gave me a sense of security and maintenance dissent where committed to this for the long haul years. We have also seen the importance of forgiveness.

I can't tell you how many times I have had with the whole family by the way that I had to go to my husband or one of my children and say you know that what I did what I did and I need to ask you to forgive me. I can't remember a single time when I felt like doing that and I would much rather said but if you hadn't, but if you happen to go to one another, asking for forgiveness of feelings, but out of feeding and once we do that God can begin to heal and he will and trust takes time to be restored is not instantaneous granting of forgiveness needs to be immediate in order to open the door back and doing the relationship. Every married couple. It's listening is hearing what you're saying because that whole concept of covenant found milk go to work this out in the whole thing about apologizing, forgiving, and fully agree so, so essential in a long-term, healthy marriage.

Well, you have five children and 21 grandchildren that you plan on having this many grandchildren. No go around without the least likely to get married and have kids tomboy and was not very interested in family life. I was the eldest of four children and I didn't really like my siblings, very much. Praise God for one parent, but never expected this, God knows that better than we know ourselves and he knows what he created me for so I married my best friend from college and we had five kids. We actually had five children and seven years number turned out to be twin that ran out the house so into total craziness pretty quickly and today all of our children are married that all adults all married and we did have 21 grandchildren are young couples today are looking at know what's going on in the world and their dislike in your question or bring to the world like this to say to them all really hard question because I have kids and I know the blessings that they have brought into my life, but one of the things that I think folks need to consider if you may think you don't want kids right now when you're young, but when you get to be 40, 50, 60, you will see a very different perspective. One of the things that children do they reveal to us the power of love.

I think when you hold that first child of yours whether it's you gave that childbirth or whether through adoption for fostering God's love into you and you could just not imagine what that's like you guys know this and very imperfect picture of the love of God. What I children get to us is that imperfect picture of a heavenly father's love for us.

Another thing that kids did for us is they trust us to be on the Lord.

I mean we have no clue what were doing and raising children, and that death back to the Lord. Over and over again may feel awkwardly where independent people we don't like to be dependent. One of the things that God loves the most is when we come to him and simply say help. So if you want to grow in your relationship with the Lord.

Having kids is a great way to do it all everybody to be married nor to have children, marriage and family is not a higher elevation. We have so many single friends that are doing amazing things. So I just want to put that little disclaimer and they are but I would encourage young couples to really think long term and think of the blessing that they can get by pulling their laughs and little people concur with John's book in the New Testament. I have no greater joy than to hear them a children walk in truth when you see them grow up and following God well is worth everything you invested in their lives. Let's talk about cousin can you get this idea well started having our own children, we began to pray right then that come to know the Lord of the young age began to pray that if got called into marriage that they would marry someone he loved the Lord and we also Gary began to pray that God that God would bless the parents who are raising our possible future spouses about children and that was fun. One day, to finally meet the parents, and I pray that prayer because I was secretly hoping somebody was praying for me to marry into their family, but vision began cousin Kimberly began with our own children and family vision, which is very simple on the great commandment. The first to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself.

And when I think about the practical walking out of this commandment.

When we think about family I neighbor across his neighbors as we live with it should date the order should be our spouse comes first, and then I children and then as the kids grow up, that branches out to extended family. Yes, we have close friends outside of our family. We desperately need that that's a topic for another time, but our vision for raising our kids and grandkids is been that they would love the Lord and love one another.

So is the grandchildren began to come Johnny and I began to think about. Okay, how can we help this happen in the next generation will, in the most obvious thing is praying for not only our children that our grandchildren but then setting aside a time when we could get together as grandparents with our grandchildren without the parents in one of the things that we hope for was that grandchildren know each other and love each other and hard because probably many of our listeners spread out as we wait. We have one family in Virginia close to us. We have another one in Virginia little bit further. We have two in Tennessee and one in North Carolina so grandkids that spread out they don't live near each other so we decided to start a cousin can't, in which each summer we would bring together the cousins particular camp we said you have to be for yourself the come because we didn't want to deal with kids up all night kids wetting the bed kids, we wanted you all so that makes it more fun for the older ones we didn't want to deal with toddlers.

We were having so many now I tell a lot of stories in my book of people who do it differently and they have little people. So let me quickly said is not one way to do this you have to do is best for your family for our family and same Vesta side to beginning age is for you so so for our first camp we had five children from three different families. We had I believe we had to four euros a six-year-old, a seven euro and maybe an eight euro and I kids cousins come in for three nights and four days. The parents drop them off in the parents leave and thrilled to do that and with have time alone with the grandkids without the parent. So our first year. It began with just five children and then is more. Thank you for born in increased since we have actually done this for 11 years now and the last three years we have had all 21 of our grandchildren. The 10K oversight about talking buses grandparents are excited about. Just before we get back in the conversation, I have to ask you about all we've been through with scope in 19 with older Americans in the questions of you know younger people of maybe infecting it and all of that we don't know exactly what's good to be going on as if you're at the end of June with everything and in society but you thought a lot about that family reunions that the reality is that so many people just tried especially mothers of young children trying to get through the day. Thank two weeks to months out time to make it through the day.

Just recently I developed a brand-new resource. It's a free e-book, called home 100 practical ideas for family and in this e-book which is available at my website or available through five love languages for free there ideas that are taken and principles that are taken right out of the cousin can't book but applied to your situation. If you are at home and need a plan for help. Susan got toddlers I got teenagers. I'm going crazy. What can I do this week. This book is for you that's great. I'm glad you did that because I think parents are asking and during the summer months. They're going to really be asking super bullets you shared in our first segment of the idea of cousin camp bringing the kids together without their parents for three days and four days and three nights, but idea is not enough to go to help you plan to talk about the first tips and what to do in putting together something like this well with your husband or your wife and just a thought.

Is this something we want to do a way that God might be calling to build relationships amongst our kids and grandkids and then you just have to pick a day.

The hardest thing is to picking a date and it's important to your own children.

We always do it in June when the last set of schools are out that kids get out of school at different times and the reason we do. June is because we don't want to be cooked up the kids inside bad weather in December or January. On Thanksgiving, even which is unpredictable but other people Chi's other times we have friends have done it over Labor Day. We have friends of done it around the holidays again. Figure out what date will work for you and your extended family, and that involves talking to your children and then decide how many days I suggest you start small.

As I mentioned earlier, we have our cousins camp for three nights and four days and then we followed that with family camp for four more days because once we get the different people here. It's easier to have kind of a family reunion and that's a whole different section in the book talk about how to do a larger extended family reunion. First things first.

Pick a date.

Talk to your kids have been by and figure out how you can get people to you where you're going to have it and again campaign can be held anywhere weekly happen to have a very small farm so we have hours at our farm. I have friends who have days in the city have others who have days in a condo you learn to use what's around you for activities during your camp so you can really have camp anywhere and it doesn't have to be fancy can be very simple and then you begin to sketch out a schedule to pry what you enterprise that the most important thing always asked right before I don't do this initially, but right before camp starts. Once the plans are made in the kids getting ready to come four or five girlfriends that I have to be my prayer ways for that week because I need prayer husband John needs prayer and so you need prayer team.

Another thing that we do it we have learned in this this really helps you grow in your marriage because what you have to do is have to played each other's strengths, so you have to figure out who does what, in terms of the responsibilities and getting ready for camp.

My husband has been a full-time senior pastor for 40 years, so it didn't really he's been busy. I have had more time I am the creative one. He's Mr. stable so we figure out who does what I generally make the plants but then he's the one that's upfront with most of the leadership believes the Bible study feelings.

A lot of the things that I give him the stuff to lead with. So the important thing is you that going to be a tendency could you get time to get really cranky with one another and being cranky with one another. We have in the preparation often during camp to grant extra grace to one another and that's what helps to figure out okay let's played each other's strengths who would be the best to do this so just first steps. I can just hear the parents are listings grandparents of my children with you this so you talk about the three columns that you use to start the planning process will order those philosophical look at how we plan events generally quit whatever that were planning. I think humans are general nature is to plan an event is going to bring what what schedule they can we just plan it and then we care when it's over, and so often we fail to look at the needs of the people coming to the event and the goals that we want to have what we want to have happen as a result of having this event. That's a very good question asked for any planning so one of the things that we do is we write down the names of each of the children coming and we think are their needs and five areas of growth, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social that some of these overlap, so don't get too overwhelmed. But it's just it's a filter to help us think through and so we write down these needs. For example, when you get really specific for the salon. Islam is age 4 and she's coming to camp for her first year she is one of our youngest campers. She does not even know the names are the faces of all of her cousins because so many one of her emotional needs is that she's going to feel secure and that she's going to feel like she knows some people so I have her mom print out a photograph of the last time the families work together, or even of individual families and begin to teach her the names of her cousins before she even gets the camp shall also have the emotional need, a feeling a little insecure because she's an immediate recall the first time as newbies and so we always have our first time campers sleep with their siblings because that gives him the security we don't have a big place. We sleep kids on floors and even in closet one of the favorite places free cousins in a closet okay girl cousins. The philosophy on this is your problem close out the needs of the people coming in as the kids get older the needs change that needs change every year, babies can one of his need to see the youngest in the family of five and he really needs a break from his older brothers, one of his social needs is that we keep him in different groupings away from his older brothers.

So when we do team came things he's not with his siblings. He's with his cousins just to really help all vehicle inputs to plan so that your meeting the needs of the kids, so it is just another one and Jack is six. Jack is kind of thinking about dobby. He doesn't we don't know when his parents don't know exactly if he's made a commitment to Christ felt a spiritual need for Jack might be that he would understand the gospel clearly and that if it's appropriate and we don't push the kids but we did give them an opportunity to ask questions of their life if they never have before.

And perhaps we can talk about that in a few minutes but that is been one of the most surprising and natural things that we have seen happen if different ones of the cousins actually come to know Jesus for the first time he can.

But back to your question, I think it's really helpful to think through the needs of the particular individual children coming and then you shake the program to meet those needs. I'm sure that for most parents. Some thinking, at least for most parents.

This is an exciting but what if you do extended family who are not really sold on this idea. How would you respond to online families and as we all know there is no perfect family out there and I think again, this is going to depend on your relationship with your adult children. You may have two of your own adult children who don't particularly get along and I don't really care to have a family reunion. We have found in other Seth and Gary is often it takes the next generation to bring about healing to a family so perhaps you have a couple of kids seductively get along.

They are interested in their children cousins knowing each other and so that's one of the reasons that we don't have the parents want the many reasons we don't but we want this to be centered on the cousins knowing each other so I think you approach it just gently full of grace and say hey you know we would love to have all of our grandchildren together this summer for three days. Would you be willing to let yours come and they may be hesitant they may be cautious but I think by and large they are willing for their children to come and meet the cousins case manager own expectations. That's a great question because really you get to have expectations that have expectations and when you have to throw out a lot of give you one very specific what John and I when we first started this had the expectation can be so great for our relationship with our grandkids.

We can have the deep individual really personal talks with each of the grandchildren that ever happened far more interested in being with each other than in talking to their grandparents and quickly realized that that was an unrealistic expectation and it really wasn't one of the goals there other times in the year when we are with the individual families that we can focus on the child.

This particular time is a time to build into each other, not necessarily to build them into that doesn't mean that that doesn't happen, but that's not the goal. So we had to let that expectation go really quickly realistic things in my little love and realizing this is not realistic. Yes, this is a very funny one really quickly. I clean my house before the first camp.

It was perfect. It was spotless at flowers everywhere, friend Elaine and said, look at my house.

It's perfect. I wanted to impress adult children when they got the kids off on the campus to notice it. She came down and she weekly goals meet other women and then the kids arrived in the mud and the backpacks she is sleeping bags all over the floor and my house with trash within 10 minutes was nobody noticed the flowers.

It was an unrealistic expectation and, friend Elaine and said you have to come back over and look at this mess and she did. My let go of the expectation that I will have a clean question, do I want to do. I want happy kids and one guy did I clean my house before King weeks you implemented the buddy system goes into what did you do that you select the buddies well one word answer to that correction. We realize that we could not fail.

Each individual child water bottle. We could not help each individual child with their buffet meals on paper plates.

We could not help them with their journals and we thought, wow, this is a real opportunity to build cousins into one another, which is not mentioned is one of our goals. So after the first year of camp we then began the buddy system and we assigned an older cousin to a younger cousin it's never siblings. We try to separate siblings in the buddy but the bigger kids are assigned a younger buddy and their job with the younger buddy is. For example, when the kids all first get here.

They have goodie bags in the goodie bag is a very inexpensive water bottle with their name magic marker on it with pop that doesn't come apart and they take their water bottle which is a part of some other items in the goodie back to the specific bathroom and they, still and they filled a water bottle. Can you match and if I had 12 kids asking me to get them a glass of water in the kitchen sink.

It would be chaos. So it was just a very practical means of solving a problem, then had the greater benefit of building kids into one another so that big buddy sit with the little kid there little buddy. During Bible study that help the little buddy doing all the meals they help them get their water bottles.

They help them find lost shoes and socks. They are to be an encouragement and one of the biggest surprises to both me and my husband about campus. The popularity of the buddy system.

Inevitably, every spring I get a phone call from one of the grandchildren saying buddy that she will be my buddy Justin precious state law buddy system that is teaching the older kids. Also, the whole concept of serving somebody so it is good is a lot of benefits to the buddy system.

But let's talk about the spiritual part of the camp because I understand you have a Bible study time and so you got all these different ages and different attention spans. How does that work well we did a Bible study every morning and one of the things we did the first camp which we continued every year. It's when you come to camp. One of the things that you get in your arrival. Goodie bag is a blank journal with a photograph of you of the tamper that up from the parent and glued on the top and this is your camp journal and the journals live at camp. They don't go home because they went home they get lost so they live in our house and each year the kids come back and they can pull out their general continues to go and laugh at how funny that handwriting was of the picture they drew the journals and presented the first morning of camp and our very first Bible study so it's sort of like up a rite of passage. This is exciting. Bible studies are short there about 20 minutes.

The first thing we do is we just share about how to know Jesus and if we have an older child who is certain about their experience of coming to Christ, we have been pallet and we say Callan would you tell the story, which we call a testimony of how you first asked Jesus into your heart and she tells the story and then someone else tells the story my husband just as matter-of-factly if you would like as Christ into your life. This is a great place to do and if you would like someone to do it with you.

Who would you like to do it with you and it's been over the years as the older cousins and they raise their hands. They want to be the one to be asked to pray the prayer with the little cousin and so you see what you see here is positive peer pressure at work in each year the first day of Bible study we go again and we retell our testimonies and also their written down in their journals. So for example you have a four-year-old or five-year-old who comes to camp last Christ into their life, their big buddy if they can't write will help them write down what they have done. Or perhaps they did it somewhere else at church or some other place. It's written down in their journal when we quickly say I know that this is just one step kids that maybe walk away that have doubts and they'll be many times of recommitment, but this is a first step in this is how we see it. If this is a first step. So in my book actually have written just a very simple plan of salvation that you can just take and use to share the gospel because one of the things that awkward.

Why do you say I want to push this child.

I want to manipulate the staff somehow I do still have a whole plan in the book and then we also have what we call an assurance sheet that we have developed which is just one sheet of what happens when Christ comes into your life and we print that out and we glue that into the back of every child journal so they will have that for the rest of their life in us again is just assurance. One interesting things that we have seen is one much easier. It is in many cases for grandparents to talk to their kids like this. It doesn't feel awkward and the blessing of being a grandparent is grandparents have the freedom to say things that parents said you might get up. Oh role of the horn. Oh really enough likely to get the old role of the oral mom this do I have to do this because the kids have basically been trying to be polite and that doesn't mean they're always polite, but we have a greater freedom and it can be very natural that and unanticipated expectation that we have discovered is the freedom that grandparents have so each day we we have a small Bible study.

It only lasted about 20 minutes. Often we study a character because characters are easiest to remember and many times as the kids get bigger. One of the keys and making having a successful Bible study is involving the children have taking one of the grandchildren to read the Scripture. One of the grandchildren to lead so I think one of the things were always thinking as we raise our kids and our grandkids is turning over the leadership wanting to reproduce going to turn it over to them, where we have them step up front and we step back and you get some hysterical responses. What we are talking about the fruit of the spirit one camp and one of my four-year-old grandsons insisted that watermelon was the fruit of the spirit, but agree with a lot of what would you say to grandparents who maybe have a son or daughter is married maybe them or maybe their spouse says I'm fun for him to come over there but I don't want to do the religious stuff with you now want to reassure you one. This is a part of the daily schedule is 20 minutes and your child needs to be there because everybody that what you tell does not have to say anything or do anything.

We are not your talent.

Awkward position. If you wanted to sit in the chair and listen. That's fine you can continue this conversation if your children coming from a completely different faces or have no effect. Just thinking that I know you you want your kids to be exposed to everything in this world, good, healthy, and this is good and it's healthy and they're going to be exposed somewhere so it may as well be in a safe environment with people who love them. But I want to reassure you were not going to push her son were not going to coerce him. We just wanted to be a part and so I think often the parents have in their heads fixated fears that are simply not real and what will happen is that child will calm and you do have, because we tighten everything in such a time across the board and they sit there and by the end of the three days they really warmed up. Typically this is this whole thing of cousin Kim stretched to you as a grandparent, your husband and someone's yeah we had to depend on the Lord and a lot of ways we have seen so many expectations, you know but I think one thing that we had seen in and we thought this is parents to, but I think it's true for parents and grandparents. I think if we are really honest. All of us who are parents or grandparents will feel like many times we have ruined our kids.

Many times I felt raising my kids on the Abreu and this child.

However, in this grandchild and it's really important to remember that ability to ruin child is not nearly as great as God's power to redeem him and I actually read that phrase out and put it on my desk.

My ability to run this child is not nearly as great as God's power to redeem Not perfect. God knows we make messes and we will and we will have to go and ask for forgiveness is a God who redeems God takes the little seeds that are being sown and he's the one just and so we pray Lord just wipe away anything that was said or done that what you grow the seeds that were at the so yes, it stretches us is grandparents because it's just like being a parent all over again.

Yet with in a different season.

What are some of the things that maybe you've learned might be something to look back and didn't really work that will some of the things that maybe you did work well in the well one that really silly thing we do is we have a clean fight, you get free. Knowing you stay in a hotel, you get the shower Things that you never you collect them and cousin can't and we put our Children and the First Year That We Are to Have This Great Quitclaim Fight.

I Used Shaving Cream Big Mistakes Done by Staff. The Next Year We Went to Really Nice Tasting Clipping Cream so That Was Just a Little Fun. Crazy Thing. Another Thing That We Have Learned Is My Tendency to over Plan and so You Do Need to Have a Big Plan, but You Quickly Learn You Have To Be Willing to Throw out and You Ask, Is This What We Had Planned Dinner Make a Difference Is It Really Necessary or Do We Need to Throw It out for Downtown Because Kids Need Some Downtime, Particularly When You Have A Lot Grandchildren. They Need so We Have an Every Afternoon We Have a Rest before Euros off and Couldn't Fall Asleep, but Everybody Just Need Some Downtime That Introvert Teenager Who 14 Really Needs to Go and Come up with the Mindset That We Have and How Is It Just Downtown Arrest Time for You Just by Yourself and You Can Read You Can Do Anything You Want. One of the Things You Don't Learn It All. Right off the Get-Go. This Is Why Your Every Year You Thinking Needs Engulfed One of the Things That That One of My Children, My Daughter-In-Law Introduced Several Years Indicate She Said Look What If We Each Bring a Workbook That We Know Are Each of Our Children Would like and Slip Them to You and You Get Those out the First Day during Rest Time and They Can Use the and Is Brilliant Because They Know Their Kids and Rest Time Can Kind of Had a Bad Connotation, and yet so the First Day When I Got Because I Can't List These Bags of Their Risk Activities to Me and I Hide Them under My Bed and Then I Bring about the First Rest, That Again Is Something That Seems Often Wonderful Can You Put so That Would Cream on the Fruit of the Spirit You Send the Questionnaire to Each of the Parents of Your Grandchildren before Payment to What You Do That and What Were You Trying to Find out from Kelly Credit You and You Don't Even Know This. We Raise Our Kids on "The 5 Love Languages" I Married That Relationship with One of the Things I Will Have To Sleep Don't Necessarily Know All of Our Kids and Our Grandkids in Particular. Love Language so We Questionnaire to the Children's Parents and Again We Didn't Do This. The First Few Years.

This Was Something We Grew into Sub Really Want Our Listeners to Know You Grow into Camp. You Don't Do It All Right the First Year You Never Do It All Right, but You Grow into It so We Would Have a Grandchild His Site Seven That We Haven't Seen in Nine Months Because He Was Far Away.

We Had a Real Need to Know What's Going on in This Sounds like This Child Is the into Technology Is Seeing the Music Is in the Sports, Is He Sensitive for His Fears As He Blossom How Is He Packaged Really What I'm Asking Is Whether His Love Languages and How Can We Cater to Those Love Languages so Apparent like This Back and Says Yates Really Is a Helper. He Likes to Come Alongside. He Will Blossom If You Ask Him to Help with Things I Wouldn't Know. We May Have Another Child Who Really Likes to Organize a Parent May Say Tobin Really Likes to Organize and He's Really Athletic and He Would like to Organize a Ping-Pong Tournament. So What We're Doing Is We're Sorta Getting a Cliff Notes from the Parents on What Are Your Child Gifts Love Languages When You See Them Blossom What Might Be Fears They Might Have Given Us a Cheat Sheet so to Speak, so That We Can Play to Their Strengths, so That's Why We Do It Another Some of the Questions We Ask.

That's Great You Lots of Other People. When You Are Writing This Book. What Did You Learn from Others in Terms of Different Types of Unions, Maybe Not Exactly Cousin Skip Explained What You Know God Created Us for Relationship and We Long to Be in Close Relationship with Our Families and Can Be Really Hard and so Here Again You Go Back to the Question, What Would Work from Particular Family so Let Me Give You a Couple of Snapshots. Sarah, My Friend Sarah Comes from a Painful Family and yet She Longed for Her Cousins, Her Adult Cousins and Their Children to Know Each Other Which They Really Didn't Know Each Other and Some Were People of Faith and Some Were Not People of Faith, Said She Decided the Best Thing to Do Was to Play to What They Did Have in Common Which Was Military Background.

Many of Her Extended Family Had Been in the Military so She Planned a Day Long and It May Have Been an Overnight. Can't Remember Extended Family Reunion and She Incorporated Them Military Thing. Each Person Received an Invitation to Mission Impossible: Band of Cousins and on the Cover of the Invitation Was a World War II Photo of Her Grandfather with His Two Brothers Were Triplets on a Tank Serving in World War II and Everybody Came Dressed to the Reunion in Canada and the Activities Had Different Battle Things and She Put Together a Memory Booklet for All of These Cousins and Metals so She Played to the One Thing That Her Family Had in Common Which Was Really Special. Another Family Tell the Story of a of a Friend of Mine Who Is Actually a Single Gal. She Lives in the UK and She's in Her Late 40s and She's Not Married, but She Has a Passion for Her Nieces and Nephew and Also for Some Neighborhood Children and She Wants to Make a Difference in Their Lives, so She Has a What She Calls a Armed Camp Each Summer. She Has Some Sheet Hands and She Has the Kids Together for Three Days and Teaches Them All about Farm Life and How to Care for Animals and How to Help Clean out Messes the Hidden Snake and She Is Giving One the Parents a Break, but She's Also Bonding These Children and She's Teaching Them about Ecology and Farm Life in Organic Eating so I Think the Point Here Is, There Is a Variety of Ways That You Can Do This Another Family We Know Decided They Have Six Grandchildren and They Didn't Want Their Little and They Didn't Want to Have Them All at Once.

So They Decided to Start Small but Is Also Always a Good Idea and They Decided to Have Just the Three Little Girl Cousins for a 24 Hour Overnight. This Family Happens to Live in the Same Town with Their All the Kids but This Is You in the Same Town Doesn't Mean You Actually Get That Much Time Together Because It Is Left Us a Schedule so That These Three Little Girls out to Cottage in the Country That They Had and Had Him for 24 Hours without the Parents. They Were Thrilled It Was Just the Right Amount of Time Both Good Things from Doing Manicures and Pedicures, Even on the Grandfather, Which He Still Bought Scissors the Hall till about 14 or 15 Stories of Different People and Their Different Ways of Doing Things Is What about the Grandparent's Listening.

Oh Man, This Is This Great Ideas but Were Not Physically Able to Do Anything like This Quote Would You Say to the Parents. The Last Chapter in My Book Which I Think Is Really Important Is There's One Thing You Can't Fail Again Knowing We All Feel like Failures in This Parenting Business, but the One Thing You Can't Fail at Prayer and I Give Just an Outline of How to Pray for Your Family and How to Pray Year Children and Your Grandchildren and I Share Just the Personal Praise and Prayers That I Have Prayed over the Years for My Kids so Every Grandparent Can Make a Difference by Praying. It's One Thing That You Can Do That Makes a Real Difference. Another Thing That Grandparents Can Do That. Maybe Perhaps Can't Physically Run a Camp Is That They Can Write Notes. One of the Things That I Am Not Good at Talking about Gifts and with 21 Grandchildren. I Don't Even Try One That My Husband and I Do Each Birthdays. We Try to Hand Written Note That Child on Their Birth and We Just Share Things of like What's Going on in the World. What God Is Teaching What Happened in the Year and What Were Praying for Them and Then the Parents Save These Letters in the Box and the Hope Is That One Day It Is a Great Idea to Do That in Today's World. But One Day Their Grandchildren, Our Grandchildren's Grandchildren Will Have a Firsthand Account of the Crazy Year 2020 from a Grant. Thanks so You Can Write Letters, You Can Do Is Bring in Helpless to Help You Run a Camp like This.

If You Are Physically Able to Do It Go to Your Church and Ask If This Some Young People on the Youth Staff Who Would Come in and Help You.

One of the Things I've Done in This Book Because I Know All of These Ideas Can Sound Overwhelming and so Often We Read a Practical Book and We Get to the End of the Book and We Feel It, Dennis. I've Just Been Drinking from a Fire Hydrant and I'm Too Overwhelmed to Do Anything so the Most Unique Thing about This Book Is I Have Put a Chapter Right in the Middle of Chapter 5 That Is Your Working Chapter. So What You Do Is You Read the First Part of the Book and Then You Begin to Sketch out Responding to Specific Questions That I Have Asked You and Left Blank Blank White Paper for You in This Chapter to Fill out a Design for Your Can and Then If You Read the Rest of the Book, You Can Pick out Ideas and Circle in and Go Back and Insert into Chapter 5, so That What Happens Is at the End of the Read of the Book You Have Your Basic Outline for Your Can and That Really Keeps You from Being Overwhelmed. Susan, This Is Been a Great Discussion. I Can See Parents Getting Excited about It. If the Grandparent Is Obviously Grandparent Just like the Initiative, but I Think You've Given a Really Workable to Hear to Grandparents.

We Would like to Do Something Meaningful for Their Grandchildren. So Thanks for Spending Time to Do This and Share This Other with Others in the Thanks for Being with Us Today on Building Relationships so Much for Having Me in Thanking You All for All the Work.

The Building Strong Family. What a Treat If Susan Alexander Yates with Us. Day Five Love You See the Featured Resource or Book Cousin Kim. Grandparents Guide to Creating Fun Memories That Last You and for the Book. Came Home and She Talked to the Website Susan Alexander Yates.Next Week Regular Summer Highlights from This First Year in Our First Conversation Seems Smart.

Don't Miss the Practical Information and Guidance. Thank You.

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