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Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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December 17, 2019 8:23 pm

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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December 17, 2019 8:23 pm

Fasheion, Will Dungee & Minister Cannady

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Welcome to bridging the gap a we all do a little lease but congrats to our week flies for another victory. They don't pretty good. I can't believe the general seasons that I've been down here pretty bad. You have yeah yeah they are doing it now look forward to a graphic that you do coming up sometime soon.

I'm just like yeah I was looking for story or share this fast my email. I want to lie and we have a special gas with us today our brother we dine GNMA ODA is a also been a pastor and an entrepreneur he's on ability and on all his experience and give us great information about his business last Saturday was a lovely day so you will say so Mike is law will will Benji is a pleasure to be here to the man for her to give your testimony. I was just like to have you on the blog Sally Islamic Society of the glory demand is only a great show. Yaya state Sony and one of the topics that they is going to be gyrating here so warfare, somebody is going down. I think this is something that really needs to be talked about and for us right now in the body of Christ needs to be present here, which I thinking about that what you want to jump into one of the problems you will will yet when using the summit using a prophetic clock abuse and both the propaganda poet, P pretty much dedicated to the topic of the day, more than a conqueror is talking about spiritual warfare, so people have pride and joy are very blessed by is the alligator writing that we allow Scripture like bullets in a chamber shooting down the devil to there's nothing but vapor. I live this word I pull it off of the paper negative, and for those who shed evil uses motivators what they mean for evil only makes me greater. I stay prayed up and strap down and armor of God, any conference meet with his staff in his wrath, while others lie practice and rehearsing walking by faith in him casting down cars, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Take a stand against evil and is dark out one very singsong weekend of our God is looking for his soldiers. This is not the time to cower by the power of Jesus. Demons yield the finest space when I step on the field.

Greater is he who was in me when I must award the battle is not mine is the Lord God is for me. Can't I stand against more than a current score and faith is my defense, calculate all praise the Lord yet so you first wanted to do that was used in the making. The first time I ever had recited that the operate my strength in the Lord would appreciate to appreciate the praise guy so you know I like to get some the good guys going to a couple songs and then we're going to be right back and let the Lord have his way and stand out we be right back. It was good as were my teasing announcement in the bridging the gap will minister the way can 1340, 1400, the light WP 003.5 0C song right now we finally get things working right switchback it will work on that we don't want anything to the world the power of God distraction right now we have our brother.

Well done Jay building have introduced itself about what he's doing really well.

I am well about. I was a pastor for 27 years I struggled with the time was because in a lot of ways you know you don't write what I'm doing now is running his own lot of ministry think I'm doing right now.

That's who I am. 27 you questions well okay so you started at Mount Zion Baptist Church.

I did my research. You were there for eight years. You passed it over. I have my own staff okay so yeah heard that correction right back home okay so now that you have a great ability to connect with people and it is super important ministry right and then you said you have served a lot in the community and oversee outreach, admissions right, you see God's all Argentina Uganda. Carl was talking about, you know you made a profound statement just like you know was talking about, you know we had accomplished all off off it was talking about in the statement that he made you know because people get this mixed up. Well, you were talking about the needle and somebody or something else like one. I can concentrate on what main point is that it is. It states that it is harder for both of which into the kingdom into.

I will start looking at rich people and start judging the laws. One of the things I will come to is rest will I will come back to the rest of the world have money. I noticed this statement because that is Americanizing this is an eyes, yes, let's look at just talk about are you putting you on your well on Christ. That is about what we would all trust my wet. Well, that's the spiritual insight right so I so basically I want to know we want to know how did you know you were called to ministry while okay so I have to take when I was a little kid, I grew up in a single parent home, raised my dad left when I was young and we had to move into a shotgun house shotgun, how will you know you open the door just straight so it wasn't that big. So we were living in that house we had to go on government assistance for that wasn't paying alimony and child support and my mom got pneumonia and had to go to the hospital and is will living next door we called them off three she she said she would keep us when mama was in the hospital and during that time she would talk about prayer and she didn't just say I'm going to pray for your mom. She began to teach me how to price God is close sometime up that my mom to the hospital with my friend was right there she was like there's a prayer warrior for a trainer.

Just teaching how to pray around about that age 5 show so I understood a group in a Christian I was growing up in a Christian home, but I understood that God is real but is not only real, he's near his present he's right. So always tell people you try to tell me that God is you which you reach way to somewhere around six or so and I don't share the story much but around six or seven or so. I always envision myself doing ministry and so I knew that now going to try to sell that. But in most I knew what was going and what was his implant.

There man, how can you not experience the power of God as a young kid and just not be compelled to follow to say I'll do whatever you want me to do all the time. You know he's been saving me all my life because when I look back okay you said that you said that going down that street is been active in on terms that are lies from the very beginning of the moments in my life where collectible speaking correctly to be ministry if you want to talk about when I when it first.

My wife liked all the time you and so my life is a test. :-) Want to hear more about it so thickly now since your time in ministry. What miracles have you seen if any, have you seen some interesting question yeah a lot of the day so I could take the response and I can say you know every day you get up yesterday and say hey man, aiming every day that you wake up again without grace is a miracle. We need to glorify talking about people's something physical happening. Yeah, I've seen God do things over the years I've seen him first to glory what what about that week.

You can explain it, so also seem to pray and she like the way that we wanted to move but I know that people have been connected to the father. A lot of times you like us. If not it's it's like we live that the Bible has been Americanized for some time over Hades in different places no miracles are sealed because we have a lot of distractions. I call it weapons of mass distraction's in front of house that shorten work and I agree with that and I think a lot of times we want to say that something else calls to what it was the Lord. We want to say will maybe this happen. Or maybe I wasn't really cynical. Maybe this wasn't diagnosed no receipt.take a quick break right now will be back on schedule now.

Now we will take a break and will be right back down now on a red so you will be 11 media removing think we badly banquet our brother Theo done G and were going yet more about your ministry. College can remain so that I was called about assignments on credible and I would not be where this is most would not be where I am. J St. I know I was called. I know God has set some things in place, but he also calls people to help you wait along the path, and so this book possible for me back then was incredible given space and encouragement and training and so one of the things I was allowed to do young man was to have a young adult Bible study Bible study consisted of my girlfriend who is now my wife arrived somebody out. My sister and boyfriends now talking and my cousin, my wife's cousin and a few friends.

Every now and a few other people like Bible study helps content to do that Wednesday was content. One day I felt like I was impressed by the Lord to change the name of the Bible study to not call it young adult.

Call the college study for a lot of reasons.

I thought that was just not the thing to so I followed it, but it kept coming back up so much to my pastor said you don't think he's going to shoot down to say I think I'm hearing that the name should be changed to college Bible study, and he said I think this a great idea and owe something with so we just change the name. It wasn't just because most nothing change for so on my wife was my girlfriend and we said we were going to teach one lesson one Christian date.

It was getting close about and you know my wife to Mrs. M. Love you babe. So you know she is not want to be a fun we didn't we didn't advertise that Wednesday night we had 25 students from the next Wednesday. That was the last time we thought we had 25 students and it kept going until about a miracle until about three months or so. There was anywhere ranging at different times from hundred and 50 to 200 and something attending a Wednesday night Bible study we have to do nine I think it started at 939 30 because we just couldn't get sanctuary in the top I did not know that would be like a great time for students only and they will coming from everywhere colleges in Greensboro also coming from Salem College wait for Sony people allover that we did about one week four was just a tremendous blessing to go walk with me one day in the church at that time a cow pasture side note, he says, go walk, come walk with me and I'm thinking of something long and about the called life see some things happen which you what you think about coming on staff continuing to train you in the area and that's what I want to the church.

One of the best things that I still have a lot of joy that's always going to be so thankful you are… Especially not know when I was get saved in the church that I was convinced it is not my time and everything in this a blessing to have some at that core foundation to be to support us. You know that have been submitted and that person in your life because without it you know will be like the wind churches all over because of the vision of Bishop of vision about five. And if you have men of God who know how to pour into other and launch them out on the tremendous impact in the city and always say you know people in ministry should not come to their leader and say I think I'm ready to do something you should already be looking should already see things in them and go begin to call things and challenge them to move in the things of selling other words, like nurture nurturing, hold it out and I think that's what happened. I know that's what happened. That is a beautiful story that I probably all all now what is your why what is the why. Why do you minister your still involved in ministry not retired.

Hello you retire from the car. I saw your body still volunteer even though you're not on staff. So what is your why you do this. I just simply believe that we all could be about everything we do. You farmer you are planting in your feel any act in any interactions with anyone. It should be about the king they should be able to hear and see the kingdom you in the words that you speaking might do is I love the church I am the church. I believe that we should be in community but also believe that we are supposed to be in the world so that we can share the gospel so that people can hear about right. So why is it always that people might know will basically discipleship. A lot of what I do about about discipleship when Jesus said to his disciples.

He says go into all the world and make disciples. Now when he said that he was talking about evangelizing and land we tend to separate the two week say all I evangelizing another person says all Jesus talking to his disciples. He says go and make disciples admitted to proclaim the gospel. Once you proclaim the gospel, rolled them up and so discipleship is like the wife of the kingdom, and the sunny and lower.

Right now we don't want. So what is the what was the motivating factor for you, leaving full-time pastoring, what was the motivating factor for you.

Well why that's one aspect of man aspect of it is ministry is incredible but it can be also very challenging for some of the challenges that you have is very interesting.

What were some of your challenges during their time of ministry that will I want to say this, and I believe this is everything church is messy, but is messy. I think we are trying to we want a perfect church. As long as you have people who will beside you and I have yet understand what the letters will be in the church three boxes. One is to make sure that it was sound doctrine to people asking questions and they will respond to those questions, and three to handle the you gotta love each other. Gotta stop playing favorites.

You gotta make sure that you are treating each other well and you know that you have a component that is going to have some messiness about what we are constantly going into it and loving on people always say. But always say that church is is is messy like some good hot wings here. You want to have cells all over you. But if you stay in process and believe that's what church is that so challenges you can always have challenges with people learn it okay #which was credible, but it was like the African-American church in got called me out of Mount Zion in 2000 and I went to church. It was predominately white pastors there and that in the South creates is on challenges, community, church, Grace community ground, greens, and I'm still at that church become all that but I'm still there because we still church command, but you know that came with its own challenges. Like you know now, this is just this model concept, but I appreciate people to have the stick to it just to stay with ER you don't know me, I don't see Scripture about this before before was like it was like the book of acts. It was like the church of the church of of any act like they had their you know it is like here you get is not the church of Salem church Greensboro net net net distinct tautness know to be in one place. Learning what to say I never seen get up and move itself to another group. But that's just me rounding out you know when we get in the place and that's how we grow the mess the drama and and and with some good sound teaching and that's how we grow because you know a plant just to get up and move its roots know a trick to get up and move his roots but his statement stated seasons going back and forth so appreciate hearing that because you know that's that's a firm believer that I was talking to a young guy at the other day about that same situation and how we just need you know just you know what you can do what you can follow along the landlord as automatic as the topic of the day is spiritual warfare and we have to understand right. The same is the adversary.

The real enemy is Satan.

First Peter five and eight a man is where we can find it out. He is the really know if there is strife and division discord among us. We have to fight the really and not one another that we put on weapons, weapons, alcohol, that you found only in Ephesians 6 only in about a meeting Selena, Lena had a CD release party last night's rain delay would get in anywhere so you you live in his sprays. Yeah, you know you Lena Christ we are Waiting with our brother will you know what question I want you well, you know, funny, funny know not closely bill of it is that one the whole family has this thing straight accountable when we came over here on the ownership. The remaining three names for different way so yeah probably related and actually I haven't been to a union that happens with all four spellings of the name NetSuite shall change number of times knowledge itself, not only, and we, well, you know actually isolate game next Saturday, so we are going to be on from 1230 12:30 PM would be on because of the late game. But no, another with three forward but you know what we find it kind to go to the time limit, you know, that's that he is been used before but also short, yet we are on 12 to 30 next Saturday 330 I will be out of town so I'm trying to think you should come back for the put that on your own. You guys do it, but I'll try to debate on the Legion race that I got up will be going to men's retreat Thursday to Sunday yeah yeah you know this is maximum and journey. So this is not this is not just like your regular retreat. This is the time when they encouraged, as they say stuff like okay we got about two hours just going to the wilderness and demanded that a person wilderness in the you go up there with the Lord you do that by 334 times should say every day that just go out with just you know just Christ you know and just nature of the J okay yeah I plan on being there and think about coming back then. I'm thinking about you know it's not too far from here, you know, but this is just the time when just just ask and just yourself. I know what I'm yeah yeah okay yeah you know so that's why what was studying but you know because I'm one of studies I want to understand what okay Lord's people to have faith in the Bible you take that man. Why don't you know his name. All of this naming would initiate is initiate okay so the initiator's character so relationship with God to come to him in the history of Christianity on the history of the Bible and so many just went on this people that went to find him and that's where I met before going on look Lord I'm coming at this time that if you drive unity, a finish that that study go because the Bible that was actually taken away like you haven't got to the lies you parked part of it yet because you know that's what we need.

We need somebody's met Jesus just to show me an example and people get mad at me so mad at me when I submit the statement you do not always like to make statements that you'll spread because hopefully to make you think, okay, no provoking, no. But, but Jesus said that we can do greater things that he did he walk without Job pointed out the book of Job, that this man was perfect to make her feel so you can live a life in Christ, so that's my thing cellular phone number is 336-896-1343 368-9640 give us a call you to represent and try okay so now we are waiting on the Caerleon how we gonna go ahead and rezone what our interview with our brother.

We are done. G. And we wanted to finish carrying the rest of what you had on your heart. Share with the number here is 336-896-1340 was a lot of US question earlier about the transition fully share all of that and still the transition of leaving the corporate doing what I'm doing now and how that connected together in June 2017 wasn't feeling great but don't thought everything was fine and I stepped in the school. To preach, I was not the senior pastor was one of the staff past but that was my Sunday to preach step in the book. Create and that day I could not, for some reason get the message out. I was there and I cannot get it out but I can communicate because I will say to the people in the congregation we all pray I don't know what's happening. Try to start again and I just couldn't get the momentum and get moving and I stopped in pray and pray and say will maybe I'm no forgetting to put up my notes and I understood every word on the page. I understood the sentence structure understood the paragraph but I couldn't seem to just blanket for my wife at that time grabbed a whole lot of people well ladies in the church ran out in the hallway and started praying. So she did that and sure enough, I was able to start moving now say that day that I delivered it but I might've delivered it like a paperboy when he got it might not been delivered to my office after that and said, Lord, I don't know what just happened. But there's another service. Can you help me and went back and did the other service that day I went home and I just the next day I noticed something starting to happen. I was really tired 50 begin to have these massive headaches and the headaches were just lasting for the day and not leaving begin to substitute words so I will say well that's a nice soda essay soda. That's a nice car you driving I started forgetting things and I started to have balance issues and so that was enough to allow my wife and I so quickly went to the doctor and I think God for my for my doctors. They gave me a an emergency MRI.

I didn't even know you could have an emergency but had it with contrast and without contrast.

On that day and what they were trying to figure out is if I had a brain tumor strong Lyme disease for MS went home that night and I had the results that night and the results came back negative, crazy my children was shot came back positive, with the brain, but it came because of my helmet or anything thinking so they sent me to numerologist and went to the neurologist and she gave me some test and she checked me out and she looked at the my work and she said you know Mr. that you have to tell you that there's nothing wrong when I look but I think I know what's happening and I was sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering what she's going to say. She said before I tell you what I think it is I need to ask you what did you do for living. Now when she asked that question. I'm thinking she thinks I'm working with chemicals. Okay. And so I just boldly and proudly said all pastor and she said oh yes, I know this is what she said it's address last you mean to tell me that address can cause neurological problems. She said yes.

So like, then I'm stressed about being stressed by me what you gonna do what you do right and I end up going to a counselor and let me stop here to say there's been a pastor for many years I have with counselors and it is never a shame for anyone to go to a counselor, then maybe some people in your listening right now that are struggling with some things you have some trauma in your life you had situations happen and it's beginning to be unbearable and you need some help. Go to your past. I'm glad people come to me, but when I noticed something that was medical. I will work with the counselor, so I would always recommend that they would see someone along with seeing me so I took my own advice and I went to a counselor and the Council said will I know what this is. This isn't just stressed this is chronic stress… Stressed that that started years ago and your stress on the go every waking life.

And, and it's called your body. Your body can handle it any longer and your body is pushed back that was in 2017 begin to seek then we can go on this later, but I begin to seek the Lord and talk to him and began to realize this rhythms of some things that I was omitting in my life and begin to adjust my life different way and part of my transition was realizing that all laws of just living the life and we are stressed out every day of our lives.

Now I happen to believe that stress is the pool that Americans swim in polio to get rid of the pool. You can determine how often you read and so you know there's a series of things and so part of the thing I do is I help people to process different rhythms in the life that will help them to begin to not carry the burden of the stress is one of the aspects in one of the things that challenge me to, start doing things differently since then. I can't tell you how many passes of Dalton, and only imagine how many corporate people in corporate America. I've spoken with and how many church leaders and just people who typically are saying just stressed out. I just I don't know what to with all this and so the ministry is helping people live their life in a way that will enable them to glory before I got it all and I wasn't.

I was great things were happening all some things were happening in the ministry, but still it was something that was happening on the inside of me that you may not think I think especially where we had now social media is exposing that portage is talking about the stress pool because so many people that think they need to be significant they need to be the need that that data approval and delivered under that standard. And it's killing them know you just got to know me being a Christian for some time I've seen it I seen it in people's lives. You know, but you have to get to a place where you don't care anymore. All you need to worry about is your relationship with Christ@the people will have the opinion. Any views on you, but when you focus on your relationship with Christ God and keep things you just have to get into a place when you look forward to next year. You just will place with just you and got nothing else matters. You know I love my kids love my family. I love all is but my relationship with Christ is the foundation of everything. The phone is life and I just wanted to share Scripture as we are on this topic.

Matthew 1128 through 30 and in the Lord is come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Make my yoke on you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your so for my health is easy and my burden is light and apologize. Keep calling 56 896-1340 phone conversation about what you know we we get. I love that I love your testimony because that's what you call him silent killers yeah yeah you know the passage in flipping. Just don't be anxious worrying. Don't be anxious for anything now. Why do you tell people not to be anxious if anxiety is not there so I think experiencing anxiety causes of anxiety might change the severity of it might change, but it still and so we are not to be anxious about the responses.

This is one we can talk later could talk more about his response to one of the ways to deal with anxiety is not there. Just since you know be anxious for anything but in everything by prayer make your request to the low thing and a lot of us say you know praying we pray we pray, but sometimes our prayers just communicate and sometimes our prayers as the open meetings closed meetings with praying in the call.

We always pray and go but what you get ready to do this weekend is something I believe it will all called us to stop by to spend time with the Lord to continue and and and to fellowship with him, not even not necessary to go to him with file has the right to to be with him.

I have a same essay about how to save this around a bunch of Christians say have to go pray and say what's wrong the way we view prayer is that it is for Christ, not communion, not relationship not fellowship dissected Scripture when Scripture says this. This speaks on whatever you want what wealth pray the Lord will give you whatever you want no knowledge stuck Scripture down and that request making a request moment to got to talking about asking for stuff stuff about what is sad is that God is here and he's ready to answer your questions so as not to answer what you need on your prayer he's ready to answer your questions. Lord what's going on. What do I need to do next knows those questions that he wants you to answer these questions is not credited to give you everything that you as you know, and is this a big difference. The next big difference will plan for and just seeking passage that talked about their goal when you read the next verse. The goal is not to have the stuff to go is peace and a man of God passes all understanding. God she's a lot of times we think the goal is to get us all is peace. You know what a man you know I was hurt Minnesota and I was being roped. Not like this is a bad time to say that Dr. and my kids was there and the doctor said to me she said you know what is going to be a great possibility that you going to wake up and be paralyzed for life and out of bed, peaceloving, no matter what happened was really in the mindset is one that won't understand that peace that surpasses on the whatever map you think the nice thing is that you know God knows what you need or even an hello he's a zombie for anything he can see all things. He now now this trial tear. Whatever it is come to prove your faith genuine. Now is time for you to prove your son ship are you going to trust me in the midst of it. Are you going to continue to worship me in the midst of it. Are you going to stay faithful in the midst of that is what is pray quite quickly. I know this is my conversation I love, the Lord, hope you about the Lord because of his mighty whatever situation is you and I will go to break-in number is 336-896-1340 if you want to give a shout out to your church represent love any birthdays and anniversaries. Colleen and represent a man. This is the community radio show this is for you to see the Greensboro line of life. All we are trying to fill you in. In this program, brother. We are dodging nor we are again very special yesterday and he has given us so much wears them and we want to get his information. How can we contact you was the name of your business and what can we manage of your business okay thank you can tag solutions is the name of my business.

You can email me, and my email is WI LL at can tag solutions so that CA T AG solutions solutions with S on the end of will and can tag for you can call 336-420-1811. A man is know what you all services do you offer we can take solutions, let me share a little bit about Kent and Annetta help you with the services can tag the name, contact deals with my view of discipleship coaching then pulling when I grew up.

I grew up in JT Harrison homes which is right behind Smith homes in Greensboro and Hampton homes Council project area of that we will play Ted. We wanted to make sure that a person was Ted.

And so you couldn't just brush by somebody we needed to have full contact and down that was okay to have cool content. Once you made full contact and that person became. It also tag. So that means that at the end of the game you have a whole lot of people who like it so I guess it does my idea of ministry of discipleship that we don't just brush by people just 12 scriptures that we don't just into their life will you make a full contact. Yeah, they should turn around and say I have been poured into now I'm looking around and I can I'm saying I can take to so can tag comes from the whole idea of tech to demand the other thing is is is an acronym also which also means changing a nation through generations and now the peace.

People asked me what I wanted to put solutions on the end of your coaching because you know discipleship is a process mentor and coaching is a process.

This movement, you're not stuck.

It might not be movement that you can see right away but there is movement happening and so what were saying is that we are saying that there is a solution for some movement happening in your life is okay solutions. What we offer is a coach and undertake a lot of what I learned as a shipping pastor.

My heart is to be with people spend a lot of time just caring for people and processes and now I hope you won't to processes strong in helping people relationships relationships at work relationships in the community or relationship with your spouse. So I help people try to figure out how this all this work.

How does the team supposed to work together. How am I going to work with this person also offered just one-on-one coaching to help you process where you on your life strips coaching will look at your strengths might be familiar with Clifton stress without and I help people understand their strengths speaking and workshops and retreats. That's right so you want to contact well we are done.

G was the 336-420-1811 how you did cover this.

The emphasis of the letters initiated with the listeners. The three reasons why they were written, which will canter the letters of the stuff of the all yeah you to go to the same church because that goes along with what you with you yet so I believe that the letters for me. The big boxes that are put in the letters were to give sound doctrine only and it was they were answering questions saying to question what about an initial response back, but also it was to handle the relationships, the people that are in in the church and to say this is how you supposed to live when you eat. This is how you worship together. This is how you interact with one another. You know that's that's one thing that I stand on seat. I understand that the Bible descriptors the Scriptures written to everybody the Scripture to the individuals that believe sold. The Bible is first to the individual to the individual receiving the truth. Truth does not have to be proven true truth is this is this is just is just a fact of truth truth. This you don't have to prove truth.

Truth is received no so the Bible itself is for the individual is for the individuals. Many are called but few are chosen is for the individual as a guideline for the individual's a lot of times we take that book and we want to follow it on somebody else. But because they want to stay in a stuff but as for individual first is for us to share you to share in love and I think they missed out on the netbook but the Scriptures you know is this just like I would say this is to edify the church is this to show the do's and don'ts. Is this the same yoke that Jesus is income to change the old covenant. I came to amend the Oco decided their feelings, how we do it now. I hate this is how we do it now knows all those things came in the place of the individual can receive it and I love a lovely name and responsibility placed on you to achieve and what you don't think you and Jesus at his way to play out. He was very relational very relation relationship dreaming and any gave us the Scripture hearing a first time for entwining things that if a man say I love that I hated his brother, he is a liar, for he that loveth not his brother only half paying okay if he does not love his brother who had saying how can he love God whom he has not seen, and that is first John four and 20 so is basically how we love one another again. From that is how we love one another is an extension of how we love God, our relationship with God is now extending to help out to one another.

Love is the way that's not catchy phrase for today. That's not something that I am speaking saying 01 would just like to say love is the better way is what Paul said man. When Paul was talking in first Corinthians about the gifts in chapter 12.

He asked, and even calling all apostles all the singles to the soulless and then he says you need to covet the best gifts covet the gifts. But I want to show you a more excellent way. And then he launches into chapter 13 about love. Love is more excellent way. Love is the best way and he said that if I can give my body to the flames.

I can give my riches to the poor.

I can prophesy and teach breach prophesy, but if I have not love anyone you say it means nothing.

Love is the first and foremost love is why Jesus came in love is what we're sharing. We share the gospel and we display that to one another in the world is watching us how we displayed is annually made misrepresented way too often in this is why the world don't take a lot of a seriously you don't do. You pointed out, because you know we started the Scripture for the day was regarding spiritual warfare and speaking with Dr. will call you back will see earlier made a good point because we talking about the arm of God, but 18 it is talking about this love talks about perseverance in prayer and covering one another and so we're talking about here today is one of the topics we didn't get much if we were going to need one thing that he talks about the, hold, things that you are in war.

He also addresses the fight locally fighting your fighting principalities, wickedness in high places so the other question is who will not fight not fighting one another and even in Ephesians, to understand the cleverness of Paul. He talks in Ephesians all about relationships. He talks about the church and people coming together then goes in and talks about the husband and wife.

He talks about the children and parents.

He talks about the servant and in the in the balls.

He says in six talking about all these flesh and blood, but you don't fight against since I don't find against flesh and Lord help you fight against principalities, where if I don't find against flesh and blood, and I have on this, I have, and you have read this passage because of our tickets from our American way of looking at things is individualistic. So we see ourselves by ourselves in the war against principality while we are not by our sales. He's talking to the church year and so if I am in a war on stressful war.

I have so just beside me anytime during the war and this is what outstanding certain services to what I understand about war is that we own the battlefield. One of the things that you have to do is look out for one another yelling man, so we hope to talk about, miss verse 18 in verse 18 says, with all prayer and prayer and petition, pray at all times in the spirit and with this in view be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, so I'm just a man, I'm not fighting my brother.

I'm not fighting my sister will warn against principalities were warned against a social structure set up by the enemy and why will Wally we have each of we have each of us back in prayer and so we are going to going against the enemy and we are praying for each other and I'm watching you watching you make sure that the enemy is not getting a foothold when his sword is technically just you and your not wanting praying and holding up the sword of the Spirit which is the word Lord.

This is what we about how we might find enemy 911. Thank you Jesus. Watch out for one watch as well as print them out so I will say yes Lord is all things. Also, my neighbor and I don't have to go to the same church for me to be covering him in prayer thanking and so in and you can find is all about were speaking on about spiritual warfare in Ephesians chapter seeks and really can't focus on chat sorry chapter seeks Ephesians verses 10 through 24. And we know that when we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers or rulers of darkness, principalities, spiritual wickedness in high places, and we had identified. They Satan. He is our enemy. A man and we had to be well have to study his devices and his games and what are some of their devices is divisiveness games master knowing you and help us out.

What you identify some of those thing you know you know you know we we know what dabs the how to remove a Bible college allow liar user attempt or have a theory that the one thing I want to say is this is that all of the weapons are weapons.

If you look at the weapons all of them are defensive, but one and that's the word of God. That's the sword cc we we argue amongst ourselves. We months ourselves. We fight amongst ourselves and become a Christian folks, you know, and that's what they do they do this, we do anything about it is Jesus.

Jesus is everything that came up when he was when he was on 20 was in the desert place everything the same to him was defended by the word and you know so just just words just work so you know the press play golf. If you look at all because you and put out to get these these weapons silently down the hall on the belt of truth, somebody knowing that you breastplate of righteousness column battle booth below the baffle of peace, the shield of faith based salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God so true righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith foundation in the word of God that is on escalating enemy any given day, while I notice those things. If you look at that time because you know what I was actually a parable to Jesus because they can relate to those things. And the thing about the autos things you know is so needed in battle toward your sward the words that were is your weapon any resist the devil, he will flee as James Warren standing.

When you view the system design is going nowhere. So how do we question you now well so what you do. You say, Christians out here yet and we spiritual Christians, yes I agree I agree a lot of house and I think what is what is resistance what is it look like I think about was supposed to put on Christ was supposed to put on Powell's about to put on Christ. So think of it as a basketball team. The very fact that I went to Jersey. That is unlike my opponent listen to a difficult automatically puts me in the distance to the process of resistance is following Jesus and living as he called that causes us to be resistance to the following Jesus and living the life that he called to the left, 100, you know we got a break. We had a short entry became a little late today and did not working away. We hope them to. So we is almost over.

Right now really packing it with power like to get to play one of my man held Byron busy busy mixes, but I'm glad the conversation so good to break and come back with some will come down like anything around towards anybody dying to go to the work. Nowhere to be there to go but down goes there as well. Your problems while whole preference now less than a minute and glory to glory is where coronary artery running the and I don't think you also like all all all all all all all ;-) when you think last Saturday and we are brother and yellow.

We'll dine GE in the building. Filing the bombs of knowledge of wisdom but knowing my pocket know this is all about the topic than I was.

Spiritual warfare and where to find it. Ephesians chapter 15 through 24 hour discussing putting on the whole armor of God, and silently back instantly spiritual warfare, one thing I know is that we can't live in fear. Even though we know that battles arise not given us a spirit of fear right or power and of love and of the sound mind is that we know that we all live in here when I fear for the enemy what he has given us power over the enemy through Christ. So we do need to be prepared for battle, a man, you know like the helmet of salvation. This is the helmet that he gave us know that helmet because you know we don't have any control of the salvation he gave was that helmet. So is this something that we have to do you know like you thought about them boots we have to walk in them boots and put them boots on word battle below will of P probably little and in the truth. Like I said earlier, you know the truth, you don't have to prove the truth. The truth is receipt you receive it know you get deep in Scripture. You see Jesus you know he opens up the door know but but the truth is receipt.

You know I once you receive the truth. Then you start walking some marketing that righteousness is great. I had a conversation with some people earlier this week and can get deep into salvation. Salvation and justification and also it is what you know but at the end of the conversation to make us a blessing and a conversation Theo. Okay, because this was like one of my friend, but this is one of my lights out right now and the day he received truth of the last thing you know I wanted things we need in the military.

We study the enemy and I think it is very important to know Satan's devices and his games so that we can be vigilant, be ready and alert for when they come, and so we were just discussing what some of those where I believe one of them to me what I experienced in my walk is is confusion.

Confusion is a great device. Satan uses even our families and our marriage is NRL ministries just that there's one big one hand, I would say definitely depression, stress that the device that he uses he prompts the proms are about to plant native thousand are my heart out. The worst thing is to bring those thousand back into subjection of the Holy Spirit. So we need a cast that negative thought down and amply the blood of Jesus over it and surrender and submit our wheel mind and emotions of the Lord and sell any other devices and schemes that you all have identified in your walk with the Lord with the one thing my biggest thing was confusion because the Bible tells me that he's not the author of confusion. That's right.

What if I see a state of confusion not being confused about some more direction later just try Mike to gasp in foolishness. You know, that tells me automatically got a minute because he is not often that that's why I'm quick to write wage identified at the very word so this so many I think also yelled the lack of faith. You know something to someone put a post up about the seed to see the film on this ground and that ground but one of them also wanted to see spelling to the thorns in the Scripture says that those are the ones that were word of God because of the cares of the world and and and and was going on outside of church that the gospel was just crumbled up knows this is has no life but I guess all the world itself.

Just indicate you know is distraction time in our field with distractions like anything that takes my focus off of Jesus is not of that period. One of two people separated the kingdom of God is not divided. Christ is not divided, his body should not be divide we don't want and so when we don't do the hard work to have a relationship. We don't do the hard work into man to try to understand each other and I don't know if everyone everywhere is always going to be on the same page, but can we love one another.

Can we operate as the body of Christ. I have no business slandering you just because you are a source of this church as long as your name and the name of Christ. Be careful in Which a mouth reshuffle what I say about my brothers and my sisters. We all body.. So on are you well subdivision is divided, you know you know I have a lot of passes and you know like a set. One thing I like the ones clarifying Scripture I got, you know what this talk about what is the one you talk about the safest enemies going to the kingdom of God and how he's coming in and taking things through all these things that we talked about people wake up and be amazed by the makers.

This know we need to know is devices because he comes up and he's not.

That's his job. We can't get mad when we got to do is post, Sadie is not really the site is right here sees the Satan cannot. If you cannot distract your faith, then he can come in and distract you from being effective serving the Lord out of their resume. When nobody else but if I did became pull you out. The church elite think I'll get you to the point where you can be effective in the church. You won't be able to practice where you can be effective in your calling your purpose in the Lord, you know, anything that can come in and distract if you can't take your faith he would try to take your purpose. You know he's just so you said you really think things and try to get people to discredit you try to get people to look at you funny.

You know in your file in the reality of it is his job and we need to put on like to put on the floor, because what doyou are protected. You have good defensive gear.

The shield of faith and Mark three.

Make this a highlight. As were talking about any state brother will Mark chapter 3 and 20 5C is, now we go a house divided against itself, that house would not be able to stand still not there is power in unity we have to do is that okay we may not agree we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. They may not think communication is another way to fight the enemy you have effective communication because if you really really love someone, you want the true message of your heart to come across at one another. We talk see one another. We, meaning can communicate sorry and now the Lord we have an issue with one another.

This is the Bible looking at right path for you, but that we have an issue with one another.

We go to that person you go to them and you resolve the issue because everything is about love and you were not coming together and working together to the end result of doing God's will and being effective in his wheel and we are really defeating the part man goes on and on. You know just the right to say you are you touching on the course of this, we will have a cigarette dinner with Matt and if your wife is listed in Mr. Dundee we we lose we was inquiring about her coming down here to show just so's you know you know you might want to point out one more script below.

They were right here in the light thinking. Karen seen or seen the weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons of this world. They are not carnal but mighty in what the pulling down of strongholds.

Okay, there are divine power to demolish strongholds. Meditate on the site – how would you deny let the Lord speak to you and no matter what limitless love one another love. I believe he went Compazine in these cells love conquer the enemy bridge and a man so I shut out because we get a bit, whale want to give a shout out to several people set out to my beautiful wife can a and to my wonderful children. My son is a junior in college.

I love you bro and to my precious daughter, Jessica, Allie, I love you junior in high school. Even a cowgirl and imparting my mom's listening so I love you all have family I always set up. He started this with me shut up that's currently Friday and RAM love so that always liked give you is to give… Double honor to certain people not you like to set up the Stu Epperson Stu Epperson, Junior, president of the company. Here Truth Network but but you notice a lot of people to do things young thing that affects the scene in and I take my hat off to them to a big stew little to because they're doing things in the community that most people don't even know that they're involved in last year and is not like to go around the horn, but they believe in ministry and in those kind of people I love being around people that believe in outpouring of ministry before we wrap it up I don't hearing a lot shout out about life Mark McNeil and Downey my baby might be nailing the furlough JCM McNeilly course everybody at the Bethany Fellowship Christian outreach sensor. We love you shaft apostle and First Lady holiday. We love you we keep in a lab on the light and pray also that we have time for prayer. Okay, so if you're listening to this program tonight, and you are in need.

Coming back, in connection with the Lord, and you need prayer right now and you have been a backslidden condition.

We want you to pray with this right now. Family father. I know I have seen falling short of your glory and I asked for forgiveness. I believe Jesus Christ is your sign. I believe that he died for my scene and that you raised them for life. I will trust you as my Savior and follow you as my lawyer from this day forward my life.

Help me to do your wheel and I pray this in Jesus Christ

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