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Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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January 16, 2020 5:54 pm


Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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January 16, 2020 5:54 pm

Fasheion, Ms. Fola, Charlie P. and Minister Cannady 

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Okay get the whole crew in the house.

We get a rated lift up the name of Jesus. With this right here will all is going on.

You see in the way with the money I make no Christian take me as an official just read the meter calls will be right for me to write what I wish it was the one she no, this is Gary McGee Pastor restoration Community Church in Winston-Salem and I encourage you to listen to my brother Duane Kennedy on his program bridging the gap on the light radio is the window well in getting when I will have to work for all mountain you straight up well I have today we have a great, call Linda builder you dominant file 10. I am blessed in favor.

Charlie P. Bailey was good.

It was good. Hope you're doing good there. You know it's not rainy day. I love the rain.

My phone this morning. On Monday you know about how we all know well met and had a lot of sleep the more reason to pray a man no money to the BTG charges praise break time.

Name any testimony coming out of good all the time all the time.

He's good out this week, 336-896-1340 and share with your wonderful testimony what God has done for you. I think the weather where you know when it's raining outside. I got the mother may demand please pretty lightly armed out, window down, watching Netflix and all will thankful for these bridging the gap crew that God has put us together for his great purpose and reason and I am grateful I learned is like what we actually hit a message like right after that date on the message okay once you have ministered something that that what what happens is the 10th comes behind it to prove what you're saying is true and faithful, I am really recognizing that you know sometimes you're ministering to your house to find her listeners the minister to your words and characters that you have a minister pastor in your back pocket. A man have a word for yourself and apply for the power prayer. You know me myself when I get came to Christ. There was nobody around.

It wasn't and make altar call use of me just pursuant are you real you know when I was doing certain things was more or less like a notice not right you know I can't do that anymore. You also so he was always present but but just being in the midst of him and I go to a place where you know what you are so real you know is right here and experience that is so real is real, just like what you looking at right now was with you I see you what your hands what you know Mel God is like right there with you is a powerful God and is a loving God and he sees he's right here with us, you know what he sees everything you good the bad and ugly and he was just down for us because he's a loving God cares about us just about you know God so loved the world that he gave of himself. Hello cause ugly testimony, something that I so enjoy that nobody is a stranger to me. I enjoy about you and you talk to me when is the baby away. Whatever it is I just love this engagement people we have somebody that is not a stranger to me on the on the line right now. Don't call it, but I do not disclaim callers is misspelled and educate okay put right. So when you call in, please. Is all love keep it still works sore and sweet and make sure you don't get mad if cut you off please is all love one. Okay, how are you calling God glory Lawrence school graduate and am working in my field. I am clean my client craved me and the way got a set it up every Christian work. They lick my client could bring them closer. It has been a blessing so got work through me and I'm really happy to see my perfect world is a beautiful testimony in the Lord. A man calling plays like so encouraging because you are relevant personified right every day you are greeting people meeting people interacting with people and people can see the word of God through you. The power got the presence of God through you.

So you keep doing being who you are doing what you done being who you are is laid, and this awesome and are you still use to what I North I still said I wish you not get paid to do ministry, but like you know right now this is this the place where God has been doing this is the best of the scene will take this to the best of my ability and operate not think like with that for my testimony that I guess for for the week. You obviously like this this this this we spent been been a tough one on your current got to the point where all you know when you feel like everything is almost as like these can't get any worse in this somehow they do, that God is putting me in a place where I am now again appreciating the small things in it when I say again, I think the first time that I do realize that I'd appreciate the small things back in C December 10, 2012 I crashed got a motorcycle accident and and at that point he died I broke my collarbone put one number one rib the repulsion. Malone partially collapsed. So it was it was very hard to breathe so you know, we can often take take something as small as breathing, but I couldn't.

I couldn't speak a whole sentence without pausing home and so you know, kind of been down all kind of being at this point brings me back to that level of appreciation of the small things always like to know what I'm allowed to homolog you have that I brought my body like I'm still no goblets with my head for my stomach am able to appreciate the small home yet again like you know you you couldn't consider much better been appreciative of this of the station because you know we can we use the things that we go to porn to others, the snow is worth unloading here. You worked on the people open and you know what were continually filling each other up as well so you shot out to Junior Stu Epperson fix doing the family because they better ones that allowed us to do this broadcast want to give a shout out to my collarbone manager you know and all the people in staff know because this is a great opportunity to just share what you have, you know, I was put a post up the other day regarding the Samaritan woman you know and in the Bible says that that they believed because of the word of testimony here right know she went in and and and share the gospel and because of what she said they believe what they want to see for themselves why the Bible says that that now they believe because of because of Christ and then points out that all part points out okay. We no longer believe what you said why we believe because we see them. Now I know with one with introducing people to Christ with introducing people to knowledge the mind will the direction of Christ and you know it's a blessing because we never know the Bible says one plaintiff and one walked with God's desire to know when were planning, you never know when we're watering you place on the day of one of one of one of the songs I produced one of my gospel wrappers and this this gentleman, this gentleman was rapid when it was made sense out right back to got a whole set and you we finally met up think I'm going to show somewhere and we finally met all but this day I went and told Grady's door and also is just more or less we never know we touch touch, and all we had written the gospel written be genuine and be original just be a major debate will have to look like another image of what saved is you now just the you you now be different happening is a glory and a member got a lot to talk about some giveaways to try and wait for basketball to Virginia Tech for game that's going to be January 14. Callers though Colleen at 336-896-1340 third collar only needs basketball thinking Colleen get this Brad now and will play a song play one of our local offices at one of our local offices.

This is the this is one witnesses but he witnessed this can't cannot cannot song "when you will see that so many changes. Remember when were all so all is in the hottest drugs for some years and preformed preformed church with all the stuff a lot of people off, okay, just want to keep going to sleep today. Could he say about something you will listen to us are we John would witness. He goes back from the album, they can't wrap my soul. This is called God in our city, listen up. This is great. All three will okay okay all over the world. You okay okay you're right that man was on the broadcast before and he said that his mother gave him a rat CD. That's how I was his introduction walked toward Christ. Wow, very easy to pull it all on the person at an event a few days ago and so we have some tickets here to wait for the basketball game and we are going to get into the very special third collar style Colleen at 336-896-1344 some wonderful basketball things at Wake Forest Virginia McCall is when the music or commercial farms.

We have a special right here right, it is time for wisdom from the word with Minister domain community, for the fourth word I was going to call the words of wisdom to call it wisdom from the word but then I do not, I prefer the book slice looks like you know what the book of acts is still being written. You know that the books of the apostles are still being written. You are the 67th book so you need to get that in your spirit. But one thing about one thing about Scripture second Timothy second Timothy 316, 17 says all Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, see this is why the word of God is so important because everything in that book is made in design for you to get something out of you know and you need to grab hold of that because every lesson in this important and vital to your spiritual walk is the spiritual book is not a is not people. The Bible says it is breathed out by God. But you know I recall she was speaking about purpose and and I want to address that right quick because purpose is more more about becoming something that it is about doing something you know all through Scripture let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus walked this way. Talk this way this site you should look this is how you should address that is about becoming something versus doing something but then I want to get to some Scriptures wanted to because one thing for sure about purpose and I will go to just touch one Proverbs 25 because a lot of people we we say things like we say things like God got directors and got God got the Scripture says that purpose. The purpose of a person's heart is worn. Another words we got a lot of stuff in the heart. Some of that some some is not of God said, but but the righteous one wanted to draw that out yet. I don't know, so back in the day you have macho and I swear I swear I'll sure to appear that part was quite swear Molly Lyons.

Now we can put it appear, but then I will stop. It was like God it would about and I was more or less like okay and you said no yeah so I had to swim back to shore and man, I was challenged was a challenge and now you know.

But the water is deep and that's what the Bible said. He said the purpose of man is is is is is is is full of all kinds of stuff some gospel of God, not of God but but in problems 20 says, but what you have insight drawls that out-of-court get insight from God. You know, and go to Jeremiah. I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you see say he wants to grab your intentions and turn them into his God-given direction know what forces you know we have a map we use GPS and we know where we're going.

GPS will tell us go this way, but we know that that's the way you know this is a short away. You know, because we know and and God works with that God wants us to be able to be who we are in so that he can create what he want to create. We need to get that love ecclesiastics improper because the Bible says that this this is the wisest man that was that lived you know and his his term purpose and ecclesiastics three gives us a wholeness is a time for everything.

Time for this is the time for that but that it ends at the 10 says intent first sentences I see the burden that God has placed on main so we don't have a lot of time to fulfill what we need to fulfill closer to him so that we can understand you know if that's a shame to waste a lot of time not the bishops always say I want to have a church one building the church and church up to you over and die you know Cecil halftime have time to do things, but I like how I'm gonna jump down because I wanted but purpose is more about becoming something that is about doing something you need to do something. Also but it's about becoming who we are supposed to be in Christ, that God is going to work with you with what's in your heart. That's what we got that stony heart good to get that I heart of godly men in ecclesiastical PC sums up the whole script he sums up the whole Bible. He sums it up in ecclesiastical 12 1314 and he said the end of the matter. This controls the end of the matter fair God respect God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring every deed into judgment that we talk about that heart good intentions and bad intentions to bring every deed into judgment and sacred thing for many, but it's a good thing, whether good or bad he's going to bring it and I just got myself myself first one you know global war on any attention. So, because I want to be in a place where okay and what did I do some wrong is because of me and that's how I roll, roll to solve our role and that's how I been rolling for for many years but listen purpose given to your purpose by first becoming God called you to be and you become what God called you to be you can be all you can be and what you doing questioning if he would do that.

What is the practical way you can help somebody you know their life to come into their purpose and what was becoming an becoming yes also know the Bible says your minds on being born again. You know the Bible speaks on those things that we do that with the work with the rinsing of the word, like when I get off drugs to replace that Floyd was avoiding me. I had to replace that for and I did with the word no head every desire. Every sin and I replaced it with the word I always tell people more word in more word out.

A lot of times we put a lot of work world and us were right. We have to get rid of the world and replace it with the word because the world is new on my words change our hearts were directors. The world would take you on reading because the Bible says that the eyes of the doorways to do so. So when we get into that no what you reading is coming into you also know anything the Bible says that this word is alive know I know I wanted to go right and I were said no don't go that way. Go this way my life is in the world destroyed it off so we have to get more word in this and what we do what we do know like we just talk about the Scripture is what we do what we do.

That's why I love the Lord, in the sense where everything that I have ever been involved in some type of media outreach when I guess I was in the street when I was in the church my boys past Maxwell, Ray Tolbert, you still haven't we say check and we seen the power of God work tell me that we got work numbers yet we spread through the streets coming in a new gallows in the trenches, I'm coming. We literally was used to be so tired is all that we do what we want the whole neighborhood here know we walked all over the place. Now that there is something with the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormon Theravada. The power you know you like a safety to me to sum up, I'm blessed that I can share the gospel and all the Lord's blessing we got an event coming up February 7 you guys all going down the high point and I will do this thing, because God called us to do. You know it is not designed to bring this block as it would cover the 50s, the 150 50s, but it's 50 would come at age 4830. We covered age 20. Guess what, you get a small size. They met again on flavors well collar again. We are giving away some way part about the kids and now we would like for the third collar, and called hands he can win this prize at 336-896-1340 we hope you are blessed by that word and wonderful word about the Dewayne with such amazing spelling and I will take that home with me for sure, call to go to break things like this will WK WWII 40 2C degrees to 7.10 we are bridging the gap. We have a great show 98.

We are going to be talking about the filing away part so make sure you stay tuned in.

But right now we have a new branding statement with our boy Charlie P Charlie P from this segment is called life. In the segment basically take a Scripture and are correlated for you and in a sense, where you can apply it to your own life.

So in a sense it's taken the Bible is bringing the Bible to life, so the Scripture for today for this week is going to be first Samuel 1524 then Saul said to Samuel, I have sinned, violated the Lord's command in your instruction. I was afraid of the men and so I gave into them so there's a little bit of the back story of what's going on here so God had given direction to Saul to defeat the Emulex look not just to defeat him to completely annihilate them for the wicked for their wickedness and instead what Saul does is he spared King a gag and he takes the best of the livestock and keeps the for himself him and his men so after this Saul confronted Saul and it was actually ironic that it was right after Saul had finished sacrificing burnt offerings to God and as a result of all of this. It was the beginning in Saul's kingship so maybe some of you have heard the saying obedience is better than sacrifice that saying comes directly from the Scripture that saying comes directly from this story that obedience is evidence that you trust God's will. In a sense, obedience is an act of faith, sacrifice is saying no to yourself.

Obedience to say yes to God that is here Saul thought he was being obedient but even in this is a very powerful truth comes out that partial obedience is still disobedience. So how does this apply to our lives, how to how do we we had. We applaud is how we take our well this whole story. The point in the story is that we need to listen to the details of the things that God says and do exactly what he says now we can find the root of Saul's disobedience is right there in verse 24 that Saul wanted to please people more than he wanted to please God. I think that all of us can have us in doing that we want to please our friends, our family, our coworkers are nifty and others do not want to please people and this story exemplifies that when you do that sometimes the result, it results in soon so you'll just like when you know even though there are times when we want to please God and even though like that may result in sin, we all fall short of the glory. We all will come short work. Thankfully because of God's grace that were laid out that that was God bridges that gap from where we are to where we want to be that we have because when Christ died gave us the opportunity to repent and come come back to God's 520 is where sin abounds. Grace abounds much more now would be very clear that this verse is no birth to tell you can go out and do whatever you want to do what you want to live that you just you just for not at all were called to this life is not a life of just pure freedom of of indulging in your own desires that this story tells we have to do the exact opposite that we have to we have to measure restraint. We have to exercise restraint exercise discipline that we have that you don't do everything that we want to do. We we have to. We don't use we don't use that as a as a sense to go out and do sin that you know being able to come back is very weak. We can't we all fall short. But thankfully you know we can we can all come back so in a sense I gifted to bring this to a close, like we all have a decision to make. You know you can either trust God or not. You can either be obedient fully or not so have the choices and and even when you get bogged down like life can get so bogged down like you can how you can experience that Roma seven where it may just keep keep falling short, but it's okay because again like you like, we were covered were covered by the blood so it can get so question because like man I just keep falling. Just here's the thing to live by. Do the next right thing.

That whatever you don't do the next right thing so you have a choice either be obedient to God or not we choose. This is life apps which I hear these anointed means of God in him mail doing that is such a good word is often working in a lifetime. You now, let's just face it, you're not going on always want to be obedient, you now the flesh fights against whatever the spirit is encouraging and so there's the discipline part where you have to just literally what it will be my flesh and injection of the Holy Spirit is not literally people we got some religions. I just sigh with someone but a man was at the man cave in and when the brothers made a statement and with that love church man cave every first, every first Monday count of the month but don't get, and he said he said some people just obedient to the wrong thing lasted to the wrong voice yeah Aslan. Every where it talks about that is like. Don't be a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness or servant to write. That's what I love what what policy numbers unpersuaded by outback. I'm persuaded by the gospel, one persuaded by the good news is really just like here you are making a conscious choice yeah you know we we have the Holy Spirit lives in us, but he still allows us to make our own decisions were not post that you know unfortunately were not made or forced to do the right thing.

So it has to be a willingness and you just have to just fine alignment, knowing that God knows what is this that was awesome topic of the day. The following parts she right.

This is a segment where we are talking about the alarming rate of people falling away from the Christian faith or converting to other religions. Why are believers leaving the church and organize relating all to Ken there you guys just from your own personal experiences. Why do you think that is coming. We touched on it on last week that he printed something that I was several things that I mentioned I have a sense of identity.

We briefly discussed how there are many people who are trying to reconnect with their roots, particularly African-American people who may be trying to reconnect to their roots and so they'll go back to Africa and and you know what they believe was that the prominent religion in Africa and many people think that it was Islam, but you know as we were sent for okay Africa that is the origins of every people group so you know goby for Africa go you need to go with God here talk to God about okay with what is the original here and but what we find in the in the Bible is that I think that Mr. Kenny you sent was read about the history that the Bible is a history but it is the living word of God that is is breathing, so to speak. And as we apply it and and receiving, but it is a history book. If you actually study out in history that events in the Bible you will find poetry later that morning. I stuff exactly there's there's prophecy in there and the prophecies are will being played out. Even today, yet still being played out until the end is going to come and Jesus is coming back is like. Don't be like no one when he was in know the Lord told him to build the ship to ship the ark and he was okay. My okay okay that thing was with. It was built and no one got the specific specifications to build that Ark when he didn't even know when the flint was coming but he told Noah to build it, they, okay, that obedient me yeah and then the folks they were just planning everything and didn't know suddenly is not everything right before what is come from the ground.

See CNA found no crazy exactly.

But the only funds got in there was no way his family and ended the two into into all animals and no and wow the whole earth with the light now. Interestingly, in other cultures that same flood story and we have a way it's installed it in other religions so do your research and and just know that this is not just religion. This is about kayaks exactly the right facts and God giving evidence of what is happening and what is going to happen he's busy sitting at the trumpet call to our spirits saying, you know God's word was slain before the foundations of the world things are done and the guy went back and read a book about what what is this amazing, you know, if you look at the creation of Adam and Eve to mamas Monroe study two things he made man and he created man, he made man, but he created man from nothing like it on the volume of manual body and soul, but my body so spread like Ms. Foley said no if you want to know something you got to go to the manufacture scraper miles right here said that this Mike Stan and I can use this Mike Stan, I can hit a ball with this Mike Stan, I can with this Mike Stan, I can use it as it is low know what it was made for that right man to hold the mic you know and that's what we need to go to the menu because you don't before before applicant before it was God that we go back to concentric history. No go back to your opinion enough to go further back on.

I love talking to use and all that stuff you know it's actually very interesting to hear arguments leaving the Big Bang theory The Big Bang Theory is a deep concept but do not like you know me, but I believe in The Big Bang Theory, all powerful and mighty God's elected band is not some type of explosion back what you think that that is if you get into the deepness of that study this depressing is like like with nothing. Nothing just happened to be here to get to it.I got God is just awesome and I like like like the educator said we need to go back to the right of the rearranging is no other place some reason I feel people are following away from the church is the line is hypocrisy and judging mentalism people feel like okay well I got a delegate Phoenix before I come to the charge, when really the charge is the hospital where people now we have to let rejecting people before they even come in the door because of the way they live because of the later dread because they don't look like the season charge people down talk like them and they really don't know how to embrace them and some of it is just like plain ignorant and I am not even purposely is like a learned ignorance. You know that embracing each other with genuine love you. Now I know okay well with the love. Love is the whole purpose and reason of salvation the first place. You know it through love. They're going to get Sadie now because if you you can even get them through the door. How there you want to show them the message of Jesus, how you want to explain the love of Christ. If you can even get in the door first but a lot of our faith and rejection because of that judgment is going to read Matthew 71 through five that says not that you be not judged for weight that judgment you judge, you will be judge and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you and why do you look at the spec in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own or how can you say to your brother, let me remove the speck from your eye and look, a plank is in your own eye, hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the snow from your brother Zach is crazy.

That's plaintiff that people are so fickle.

I mean how can you get somebody for doing the same thing that you do on the same thing but I'm getting on you about what you don't make people just say all you club smoke and drink and and and you said nothing here you things and from work, but you want to put so much emphasis nothing. What we got when we categorize like there is a category for each line yeah right like it.

I'll see you now downgrading right somewhere for a fashion you're better than them because your scene is and what they are doing is not true yet that you think you see a lot of that in the churcheswhen it comes to Christians being judgmental like it's all it's very easy to point to the sin that you're not a part of this is something you're not so easy to call somebody else a liar and a cheater never homosexual. Whatever it is right. It is easy to call somebody that you're that you're not a part of its me just like you always say I think another you think another one of the things I guess that that really goes along with that of why people leave the church is on his church mass, but more about the go on break Stand out where that have a great shell and you sell family. We are here talking about the falling away parts to this statement is about right. People following away from the Christian faith and or converting to other religions why people leading the charge and organized religion all together so we leave Charlie P so you just tugging on a little bit from last week of why your foe.

The reason that taught reasons why you like about church things that will cause people to leave. One was Tom Wright that a church is not the church is not operating in excellence is disrespectful of my time when it something you know you think anything. Something about money right away.

There's not the lack of transparency from the church. What happens with the money only feels like the churches begging you know, begging for money think that Kim got a lot of bad taste in people's children and get people to turn away transparency of people and hypocrisy is a bit of what we were just talking about and I want to add in that like church mass so you thought about the charge me again so no hashtag yet it's a lot you know when it when you can come to church mass and in reason why people want want to go away even if you don't want to talk about gossip right because gossypol you happens in the church as well.

What you know. Even the Bible talks about confronting gossip right that is exactly right here in Matthew 18. Read Matthew 18 verse number 15 here. If your brother sister sentence though and point out their fault between just between the two of you. If they listen if they listen to you, you have won them over. But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church and if they refuse to listen even even to the church, treat them as if a pagan or a tax collector that the Bible says right here that we can eliminate a lot of church mass is simply by you going directly to the person you have a problem where just between the two of you are insolvent have a lot of people don't do that though all you know will start spreading rumors are spreading and spreading gossip and that a lot a lot of the times is the root of a lot of church mess things been many inside of the church. Another another. Another thing that I think why people you follow from church is that there out of date with the times. I'm really big on technology right and I don't want to walk into a church where it feels like I'm stepping back in time where you know you walk into a church, they found their way and talk coming to the pass you there. They're not with the they're not with the times are not taken advantage of technology and especially with the world at work. When is is just the fact that were in the computer age now were in the age of of the children information eight information agent as a result of that we have been susceptible of being a people that is that tenants are that that that is susceptible to instant gratification and now the thing that churches can do. They can take advantage of that. But it's like you know, kind of set in these older ways to get especially talking talk about Melinda clapping like a lot of we should be costly, trying to pull in the youth right because the next generation. Those goals are to be the next pastor's goals are going to be the next ministers elders and deacons. I write that, but you know we cater to this older generation is to this older lifestyle that you not you want to push especially young young people well you know if you especially if you understand like we had no money. A bit like the you know it is totally understandable that ministry requires resources but if you don't have a website or app that can allow me to quickly. You know I can toddle I write for my phone like to me like there there.

I would say to be pillars for me. I guess when it comes when it comes to Bible what Christ did on the cross and tiling like You know I don't really go on and you will never boast about time typing but like no I tithing is so big always tosses us that since I've been before. This works I was cutting grass like I tithing is so deeply would it be like that's the very first thing I do when I get my paycheck before I pay my coaches laptop I give dust the first of what I get Goes to God. The first of what I get goes to God and yes you you toddle the gross not been for those of you who may have a little bit anyway but I want to get get it too far off.

The last reason why I feel people leave the church is because of the lack of relevance that I think you know, for me, like I meet there there there are things that from for me to get fed. There are things I look for in in a word in a ministry I think. I think that when you go to a church when you're looking to get fed. You should be the result of a ministry to result in three things. One that the word after the word just want to pick up a dictionary and I really believe that expanding about what I believe and that I think you got a great vocabulary but you should you should use were that challenge people and have seen the black like that like black church HBCUs are the last institutions that we actually own.

Yes there so being able to increase our vocabulary. I think the one thing you know the very first thing I should be able to go out and and and gravel, grab a dictionary, the second one. It should make you want to pick up a Bible and read you it should make you want to pick up and and double check that just like a different perspective. Let me just not just take the body else's work.

Family know what what is right always exactly what you gotta do your own due diligence and the third thing that I look for the word is when it's when it's man went went out when something hits. I should feel something like who told you that you understand that that who told you what I was going through. Those are things I look for is like. I meet for me to get fed. It has to be relevant to how is this word that you're going to affect my life and I feel like especially that third one. That's when that route It is the Holy Spirit that when the holy close like I'm able to learn able to to build to grow in this walk so you know what when the Lord is speaking directly to you. I mean that's just confirmation because you know what you give it to you before you give it to the man of God and man of God will confirm with that you need to do my weekly relationship. You know what was wrong, but I wish it was Bible tells us to be to be wise as serpents project was those and a lot of people feel to realize you know that term snake you don't want to talk about the garden craft right just come up like a know you came up smooth the same thing the Lord told us we have to be wise right and we go to five Corinthians.

Paul said the lobby week I become all things to all men by all means, that I may win something. Christ is not like we you have to be in a place with a commercially young crowd you like to older crowd you have to be able to minister to nothing as good as you said like you know we we we have to use discernment and you know we can't just listen the things everybody says we have the discernment because you another thing that to be able to identify with the Dellwood is not always in a situation he just puts like something evil in front of it sunk some time with the devil will do is play something that looks good and that it could be a good person, a Christian, but just may not know the will of God or you will will of God or the will of God that God had put something into it right you understand like you do something good that we see is good. What computer software like get cold like to put us like this the way I like looking like like don't like neither the devil nor God put God that you had to have you make a decision. What the devil does this play your flesh like the devil will will will put you in a place where is like to let you know you can get as close to this line as you can you get really close to this to the spine without getting burned. It's just that I stressed that the puts her hand out there that I think it's more than you know if I have somebody over you know we can't knowing what we do when we sleep in the same work he'll push us up to influence us up to that line and have us make the decisions you want to go back to the church mass, let me give this scripture right here of fees in four and 29. Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen back to that gossiping me right and I feel like people like they want to handle an issue, but the courage to have to go to the person to do it at the right thing to do. Go to the stores close like you're here trying to resolve it, but not in the right way so I thought we had very poor resolution skills, problem-solving skills, you know that's what I feel You know what I think about concerning how this is is the ministry of reconciliation. Okay what about these different issues in the person and they're going to be issues, but God has given us the ministry of reconciliation so that means that we need to be solution is and so actually typing when you were talking about the technology situation. You know I and and the generational situation. I like to visit churches from time to time. Okay, I'm not at my church. I shouted away church in Winston-Salem. I'm not there. Everything a Sunday.

There is sometimes where I am going to other churches visiting and seeing was going on in other churches, and building community.

That's what I do as a minister actually and so as I'm doing that. I'm also noticing some things where you know Scripture talks about testing the spirit right down for one trying the spirit saying if they be of guy you know there there there are some problems in the church, but then you also have folks that are just behind the times in certain ways and is just practical and so building relationship helps to have those conversations and say okay okay I offer you this possible solution could actually help draw people to you or your ministry because you have some very important that you have a very important ministry and we want the world are working winter communities and know that we we have a break coming up so we will jump back into this time and employees if you have a personal issue. He was the pool.

She was how the congregation is to talk about because it causes like we said to provoke one another. Amy and I will be right back live real game show. Let's have church Randy Myers and Saturdays for playing useful is easy is the highest praise.

Yes, here I am sitting right there. Usually hilarious to your favorite celebrity interviews. Church contest is like your neighbor and say a radio could be so exciting Saturday church rifles jointly Myers right here on the life each and every Saturday at 10 AM and remember to keep the faith church all their lives. Ask God to show you someone like your life also put it in your own life.

Yeah right. We're going to playing harder by a wonderful and anointed man die name which sure he is.

I don't why does he do anything for the kingdom of God and sell show and love is a song called harder needing no on you and now will will will will will will will will will know and all will will and will will and that is much sure with their loved one, a radio today so you can check them out on Facebook and M3 ministries on Instagram it real_mature MAs DH you are eating 89 coming out February 20 thing you can catch up on my radio, modify and doing his thing man love him is political in the hallway talking solidly I love to play ShopRite.

We were talking about the falling away part two of you missed it.

This is a statement that is talking about the alarming rate of people falling away from the Christian faith and or converting to other religions.

Why are believers leaving the church and organize religion altogether. So we were just hating on the hull, allowing said hypocrisy stages. Minimalism another one. I would like that. What we also said church mass which we can go only on days and days like literally, but on religiosity, thing I want to hit on. It is because I'm just like how Jesus was basically rebuking the Pharisees and Sadducees for being basically sorry ladies basically where everything you're doing. You're doing it because of the way looks because you look sanctified because you look your you're playing the part. You appear to be in the role but is a comment from your heart and I think we have a lot of these religious roles that have nothing to do with Christ like you know, for example, some people say you should listen to secular music. To me that's like a little a little rule that comes with, you know you coming to the Christian faith. All these different Rolex was on a roll that you all have heard come into the church where it is not even biblically supported but because it is this religious mindset that you have to do this or you can't do something now being when I was growing up.

It was you could listen to secular music. Some people can even out to the movies back in shell and he was not going to the devil you can you not understand what I'm like you know is you have to be in eat the meat and potatoes.

I mean if you're going to partake in television entertainment. What have you all of it is secular. Most of these to me is that with titles but as I eat the meat is about the bounds of what are some of the religious life.

You know, dues and downs that you all have experienced that it does not have anything really to do a guy so I know about like watching certain TV shows going up like all one point it was like you were younger. I got to the point where males in like elementary school and I started reading a part of books and I right it was right around the time of Mario's intellect over right is so right. Who, what would Walmart about and over anyway. JK Rowling, the writer of the books came on to and talk about how I guess there was a lot of like witchcraft that was in the book in the in the books in the series that they were she was using like witchcraft and like the spells that they were united know people say in the books or things she written in the books and so my mom heard that you know I beat you sheepishly cut everything Harry Potter offer you don't come with us to show. Watch the movies carry the books and equipment, it will come out because you're going to, but I didn't really like to read you know me I was I was a beta reading and I just asked my you know my pal will really start with comic books. Some really big and like modeling and NDC books and then you start getting into a young adult fiction stories and then eventually knowing it became more on Harry Potter and I was I'm about what I was I was upset because I just got to the fourth book got a couple of fire and like these like these really good books like you as a kid like you did a really good books and is not, you know I had. I had to write you a mom became a don't have a conversational mom that you know what we talked about it, you know, we didn't read the book to get witchcraft. I wouldn't read like a book was something to like it.

It was you're not just a way of like taking all my like it it it expands our imagination made it out of you and even as a kid like it takes us out of this world and puts us in a different, it puts us in a in a completely different world. You know it is a good leader and a great page turn your man as you're reading your building up your whole education building up your library your own vocabulary season, but again might you know it wasn't yours. Now it was going around the house you saying it was not wasn't wasn't.

It was like that. But yeah, definitely. I know I've always kinda had that rebellious spirit so I know like yeah it was is no grown up and in the household is very strict parents.

So you know can have any tattoos in arrangement like that. So I went on like the very first thing I did when I went out when that's the same thing. I race to set the kids on my my two oldest ones in the 30s and then my other ones in the early 20s so I was the same way to nobody to my house and into being out of that one day when I my house. We stopped at the barbecue.

Is anybody know so one day it was a song came on on the TV and my my my clothes. The young like now I'm looking at every word you like seeing that stuff here and I realized they don't get it anyway.

Can we know it's going to come to the you know you can shelter them. But is this going to get to them and I found out the biggest thing that we can do as parents is to be parents to him. When what I what I mean by that is this get mad at kids when they do adult stuff not want to do kid stuff and I learned from that I learned from that and and we just have to cover them with prayer school going out to school now all my kids they have the knowledge of Christ. So I'm I'm right, but the thing is, the thing is I was I was that I was (I was like no, no, nothing nothing nothing nothing here and foot down and you're all it was good good in bed because I do believe enough doors being opened up because we know you know some kids all into that little you know. But the best thing we can) playful thing is really the point because you want one things I heard was pastor Michael Tonya transformation church Tulsa Oklahoma sound more. Guess I got my third church right it is my third chances, but not so one of the things that he said I'm always a member that you it's like you, listening to secular music like that doesn't put you in hell right it might, you know you can listen if he uses this example what you can you can listen to like demonic music that doesn't put you in hell.

At the same time.

It doesn't help you say because what you put in is what I is is what comes out in the status of the music itself not input your help. What is the think like again might you know what I was watching, they would. They did this whole segment on faith or was it was a really long assignment crazy and one of the one of the speakers was talking about, like weight when it comes like toothpaste right thinking is inside of toothpaste and when you squeeze is what is what's coming out right.

So when the things that we put in is what's going on is what, when were squeezing were putting these type situations. Nothing is a real word and that that we got a cost we fill ourselves up with reading the word with me.

Listen to gospel music.

I'm always listening to some to some work that that's all I listen to really like it maybe go almost always estimated first like for the first four hours of testing so I got my my church back from in Northern Virginia is Alpine Street by John Wesley. I was much as I went to their song always.

You don't always listening to his armistice, the Colliers and then I'm almost listening to Michael time and for for those that want to listen to our podcasts on our website, you can get at W WW.bridging to get rid UTB.Lipson L IBS white and hit a little bit more on that right there on about the religiosity and the religious rules that have little to do little or nothing to do with Christ, but we make them because our tradition, secular, anything needs to be filtered everything on TV is secular, like when you watch comedy more likely is secular when you go to the movies.

It secular when you got any counselor like they're all thinkers. I believe that in this world that were limiting battlefields or you now and do not allow any and everything to come as your gates right to monitor what we want to monitor what we are listening to another no shade to love Tyler.

But the sheltie came out with all extremely sexual all saying I would like dealing with doing. I'm just saying is we still on the same thing now shout I'm working on my little bit too much for me and so on.

Everything that we are taking needs to be filtered, not just the secular music on the last always sectioned off by Dell but also the part where you say you can't have the life you can go out you can't find what you thought about leaving the glow will there's other tasteful places to go and there are lounges that play jazz music that is really painful place you have to go out again. You have to have discretion disarming where to be and in who you are around like you're there. So now we send out Google the sun is set free is free indeed were free to enjoy life and life more abundantly to be confined to the house and Sonny's young people you can do nothing church that Churchill is mildly lively and fine leg and I want to make about your time on Marvel comics know that okay/today Scott okay a.k.a. Ms. Foley loves asked me to follow. Hey mom phone Billy's mother I love action films. I'm eclectic with nails. I love drama and everything in common is not love action films and I love that show power technique. I love technology.

I love you know Bruce Lee and Janet Lee and and you know different. Different fighters because I love the technically not a like so I have a militancy about me while I'm also you know, kind and loving, kind, joyful also have a militancy about me spiritually. Okay, my ministry is bona fide ministries for goodness sake saying it's because of the hidden fight that's going on around us all the time and so through prayer through engaging people to commune everything it may appear on the outside as loving on people and everything and hugging and communing joyfulness but on the behind the scenes there's a fight going on where God is drawing people to himself through those activities, but I thought I like to see that despite everything is just is fine to me but it also showing my spiritual side spiritually and I think that what banking with the warrior in the night of me that I can see in the movie is lame.

Well, every movie has the same thing and people don't understand is the same thing as our life.

You have you have your billing you have the problem you have the heroes the safe you know and you have to wonder dealing with that. So every movie every move is this is this is projected on a spiritual people really is always a problem or situation every move we got here late say you know is the same thing with little life like that. She said you have to learn how to do things not because of some action, both to nobody for some stuff that I can some stuff that I just can't. What dogmatic is like I want to say I want to see you know when I was disappointed for Violet that they did on my man. Wednesday of the day you want to make his life is in movies. The life you know we just have to find that hero.

We have to focus on that savior.

We just have to put up and go back to go to break, but let me say this to I think one of the biggest problems in people falling away from the church not going to the church is this so full of the world can't get the word so that my elderly right back to WWII 42 CD Greensboro line of life where family were having a great time here on the bridging the gap show name is time for me.

I try my individual statement where I came up with these anything. Now I'm a comedian as part of my counseling. I believe in blessing the funnybone so my funny moment of the day is the things the church needs to stop dealing to make progress there. Right.

This is an article that I found online on from a Christian I'm probably gonna totally crucify her name, but her name carrying me LOL okay it's in IE you WHO F okay yeah yeah but I found this article and I could not help myself and I wanted to dive into it and see exactly what she was talking about cell.

The five stupid things attorneys are doing our very first thing was being so weird on line you guys.

She said to me, Christians come across online is either toxic, which is angry. Angry Christians today who are you made it cynical that yes, we know you're disappointed with everyone all the time and no one gets it right, you do and in therapy so sweet that we just can't even stand the taste and are not really sure if you live in the real world. So why do so many Christians think their social media feet is a place to show the world their knees.

Yeah, it gives the impression that if you're going to follow Jesus. You also need to become socially awkward. Oh my goodness, I thought she said people might say now I'm just being authentic but I think it does not mean being frequently erred in yeah. Okay. So many Christians come across as toxic or out of touch, being authentic does not mean being weird so yeah, I do not believe in being so spiritually and soon that you're no earthly good. Yeah, I don't believe in that. You know, because where you we are spiritual beings, yes, but we are still human error that we have to be relatable and be in touch with what's going on here all right to sell it away somewhere online right to commenting on politics is one of the second things that Carrie says that the church needs to stop doing. That's pretty interesting. She said the witnesses being political. God is not a Republican or a Democrat or in my country, a conservative, a liberal or a new democratic nor is God an independent time is when your charge becomes a mouthpiece for a political party you ceased to be the church that was a very Carrie made so that is the second line. The third one was handling conflict so poorly one third things that the church needs to stop doing. We were just talking about how I'm church mass arises in any caused people to leave because we don't know how to resolve conflicts we don't know how to come together into one another in love and just being really transparent.

Stop trying to check her body not go off on them until about a sale.

You know I was saying you know what maybe analyze yourself first and see maybe. Maybe if you're the problem with attitude. Are you the one who's always the know my you might want to check yourself first before you handle conflict with some ideals or something like we just you know we shouldn't be doing.

She says the chart should be the best in the world and handling conflict. We were taught by Jesus exactly how to do yet we often sidestep week that we talk about other people rather than two people hello somebody talking about the situation is not resolving the situation so we avoid conflict. A lot of people yeah we we don't we wait we do not know how to handle conflict properly and when we on how to do it because we don't how to do it without anger. We don't do enough in a peaceful way, but again you now. Christ gives us the tools and the know-how to do that and she said or we run into it like a bulldozer claiming were all about the truth might be till Saturday with the Bible and stuff so we just handle conflict humbly canceling introspectively and bravely. We would be so much better a man you really want to see how to restore someone I love.

Just look at Jesus. He rebuked them. Sadducees and Pharisees, but he did it with love and truth Amy Sally. If we handle conflict more healthily, our charges would be much more healthy in a healthy church is a church that can help other people get healthy air. All right, it is a hospital that are ranking selectively believe that we were just talking about that Christians have become fairly good at focusing on the moral failings of others while ignoring their believe is read this richer there broken down now that we pretend that the worst pain you can commit a sexual and don't get me wrong.

Sexual state is serious.

It is a serious application, but so is so is divisiveness and quarreling stance Christians routinely ignore mostly because we commit them.

I would suggest that just as many congregations have been Roland. I got divisiveness and quarreling and have been staying bisexual scene but you never know you never know it giving to the way that we talk about so that was number four. Yet we do not need to be ranking stands being seen as consequences for all of you play the word of God washes us right cries he can help with the days when his spirit is for tensile list not categorize it is all in the same boat number five judging outsiders in each city says this is a pet peeve of hers. By the way south as outlined here in the modern church have largely ignored Paul's injunction, not judging non-Christians. Even Jesus said he didn't come into the world to judge it but to say I believe that is actually John three and 17 battling completely get the urge to judge our neighbors, and even the world. Things bother me too, but I have to refrain our faith in Christ demands it. So those are the five things that agreement with the I do feel like those are some serious issues and problems and also is in relation to my topic is some reason why people are falling away from the church doing these five things church and keep people in the church did not run away from it. A man not on the descriptor that Charlie will hold it about the one going to going to Matthew 18 for going to your neighbor going directly to others is that culture that was accountability and in our coaches now have accountability, you know, we don't have the scriptures point out will face in my name, fellowship house to house posted you went house to house from the know people. Yeah we we we don't get to know people just see what we see judgment on them instead of getting together because the law want to know what that accountability and Robinson like man. You know what a man I don't I don't think that's the right man and now if you do it again. This is accountability setting test let us come with me talk and and and SSS that and I think we need to get back to that absolute because you know right now what you have what you have medical fellowship around the gossip and got her here. What is also we were just talking about that when the music was plaintiff like you can get caught up and out of love easily and then not even realize or any like the very middle of the that you know okay indication that the thing is that we have nothing good about this person or business, whatever were talking about you now you know there's nothing optimistic about this and start to feel like a debt come over me were speaking death over life by patient right about now and need and then we need upright as we talking about so much.

We need to go talk to them talk about talk about is so much talk and talk, the Lord gave it up the mess the heart of those that's the heart of the real heart right now want to give descriptor. James 216 down and in and is what I called it down. Just give hope for him but beating him is if one of you says to them, no impedes. Keep warm and will see but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it. So talking about accountability is like okay yeah anything that I might use you see a need or it can be financial or it can be other suffering with depression or what have you. And you know if you see that they're struggling to be sensed that there was something you now see about them as nonprice price. What you any right right right now might be on be ready to go jump off a cliff you don't know what is going on with genuine interest in each other's needs and feelings and emotions when they're going through their struggles and expecting that.

Pray for you. A lot of people I don't have a lot of people do a lot of things that I do personally in terms of for instance praying for right then and there I would love for somebody to do that for me. You know, as someone that that people we have okay and a few others that I know out there in the world but most people most casinos honestly Christians that have been around a lot of them have not just preyed on the spot light around you know maybe you have a good relationship and an it may not really be the time to pray right and and and you know that prisoner to go ahead and bracken trust that but if you're out on the street somewhere you know and you meet people and everything and you just talk and just know what the drug dances and some logical equipment you know I will refuse prayer I don't think I probably had maybe one or two people my whole life actually refuse me praying for them right from anyway on my own.

I'm just saying you know on the spot.

Most people just won't know we are ready for me to file an individual segment.

What I make out your statement after the break. Like you you you family do not listed hour but I got the break in the right wing to join me Saturday afternoons at 4 PM bridging the gap while bringing the hottest proven gospel music in the world and a whole lot more the church back to the streets sure to join me Wayne Kennedy for bridging the gap every Saturday at 4 PM 7 PM 1103.5 and 96.3. The life before the break and introduce myself talking about this segment is called happenings and insight misspelled.

Okay, you who are listening and watching are part of my village, everybody in the studio right here are part of my file sharing happenings and insights that are focused on education and life development wealth creation business holistic health and community engagement that is intercultural and generational. So today what I'm going to share is from an a family actually aspect that has to do community.

Of course, and I was a family and educational. This is concerning social media okay media and being careful of what your children are being exposed to and exposing themselves to just another day. I was meeting with a client of mine something other than on education specialists and consultant and I work with individuals and families doing interventions and tutoring, mentoring, and one of my students. She's 12 years old and we were discussing social media and I noticed that she has the Graham account and she also she's on YouTube and she's on some other social media site called last weekend tick-tock and okay I'm I'm going down the list right now. Okay and some looking at her phone like one in the holidays and mind. You see she has an iPhone.

Okay cc she's 12 and she has not found yeah my child well but okay right at times. Now but the thing is is both her parents are lined and that is so I'm Billy's mother okay naturally and so I've been invited into this family to mentor this this young and also help with the parenting process you know I'm not going to school and everything to the liaison between teachers and everything also okay directly. I see this on her phone and her mom and dad know that she's on social media, but they don't know the extent all the time of you know how she's engaging that the social sphere in media so I talk with her justice. Talk to about this is is okay by this Instagram account. How do you get an instant held it out to dine in our yard. Nosy as this letter tick-tock one and and Snapchat OKC has napped at account K her older brother knows that she's on Snapchat and he watches what she puts on their okay but the other thing is is okay. There is an age you know you have to check out the age legalities here. She's 12 and Instagram. I just found out that the cutoff is 13 now. Personally, I still think that's too young, but the starting HS. The starting age that I thought it was 1600. Honestly, I thought it was 16 but it should actually 13 and but there exposed to the entire world they can get an account now. I also found out that they don't check up on you know how people are not going to verify that you know this is a minor. On top of that, so I'm concerned about that. So her mom and I and and this young lady had a talk and I this flaccid you should not have an Instagram account okay I just went went there I had looked into tick-tock or Snapchat to see with the worse it will act out what with the age cutoff is you know with age requirement was why I talk with her about Instagram.

She had her account open. You know wasn't even a private account and it took me a while to figure out how to actually delete the account size and we need a delete and her mom was was okay with that.

She seemed she invited me into this process here okay as you mom, you know, Ryan, and were doing this together. You know so.

But I explained to her that I said this is a safety concern.

This is not just this is not about trying to take something from you but this is the fact that you are being open to the whole world you've opened yourself so were you putting videos up everything actually I found out about this because she should just put on a video while I was about to leave her house. She just put on a video of her just messing with our hover board. She was sitting on a hover board is moving around on the carpet you notice being bled account is with public and she's sharing this with the world and you not know what other videos he said whatever, but their innocent things the children are doing.

But you're opening yourself to the whole world.

Anybody can comment.

And all this kind of thing but if you look at the news. Do your research. All and find out that there are articles out there were people have been caught up by way of social media children have man's data and abusing different things like that and caught up in sex trafficking in such because there was no accountability. There is no filters on covering monitoring monitoring likely no monitoring and and so in their different circumstances of love, no reasons of why there's no monitoring going on a no no accountability in this case. This is how I have a tracker you can put on your phone, your bounty to see every tank) saying that thank you for saying everything.

Thank you Liang that so I'm glad that this young lady's brother monitors Snapchat and you know I can mind today. I can add someone as a friend on on a social media account, but inside like with your sandblasting on actually having a tracker and and getting alerts and things like that those types of mechanisms are out there as well sign. You can check that out. I'll come back on the program next week to give you specifics about those types of tracking but the bottom line here is what I'm sharing concerning what happens in Ms. Foley's village okay. I encourage you parents and guardians big Brothers big sisters and you yourself who may be of age. You know, listening to this this program be careful of what you allow into your sphere.

Be careful of what you allowance your ear get in your I gave I'm not going to get on all of these social media sites myself. Okay let me name some 40 we have a histogram we have cores. YouTube we have mean all kind of crazy stuff happens on you to know what kind of filters that have on those we got tick-tock like he Snapchat Facebook. Of course Twitter, you went to Barre tumbler and some other one that I just found out about called dub smash okay. I think those are just videos that you can just put up. He was like in videos and the student that I was going about dub smash each scene.

Show me that on her phone. I noticed that on her phone as well just videos that unit is postop.

Just this can videos but I scroll through and noticed one person.

This was just a screenshot of this particular video guys grabbed his crotch. Now mind you, several of these videos that I noticed. I Think children I kept seeing young people okay and I'm saying children because they they look younger than just you know these were young ones on here with videos, so who knows what is going on in those videos before me to see just a screenshot of this young man he looked like a teenager on his crotch called on thing that way. Okay see what I'm saying is I tell you what I'm talking about right here. I just wrote that I told I showed it to me.

Show okay so we have to have these conversations people you know and be careful because we don't need to be splashing all this stuff out there nor do we need to be splashing in our souls by way of what I have for you, and inciting superglue okay and that is well needed in this area. After trying to figure out from hiding out.

HI was building a bomb in a room like Were not monitoring our children about personal space.

Now take the door off my Gala at the shelter you and you you you okay big family.

We all got to be a blast by the individual segment they are blessed in my file I went on talking about the falling away for 2000 meaning. This is the statement that is about the alarming rate of people falling away from Christian faith and converting to other religions. Why are believers leaving the church altogether.

You are saying some heavy things you currently pouring these things so start with Scripture and this is going to be a little bit different than what were talking about something of the reasons why Christians will fall away other than church start with Scripture Psalm in acts chapter 27 and I will start with verse number C will start here. I'll start with 33 just before dawn. Paul urged them all to eat for the last 14 days.

He said are you have been in constant suspense and gone without food. You haven't eaten anything.

Now I urge you to take some food you you needed to survive. Not one of you will lose a single hair from his head after he said as he took some bread, and gave thanks to God in front of them all. Then he broke it and began to eat. They were all encouraged and ate some food themselves all altogether there were 276 six was on board when they had been as much as they wanted the lie in the ship by throwing the grain into the sea. Verse 39 when daylight came to did not recognize the land but they saw they with a sandy beach where they decided to run the ship aground if they could, cutting loose the anchors they left them in the sea and at the same time untied the ropes and held the rotors. Then they hoisted the for sale to the one in May for the beach but the ship struck the sandbar and ran aground the bow struck fast and would not move and the storm was broken to pieces by the pounding of the surf now one of the other reason. Another reason why people fall away is when they feel like they've been in a situation where they've tested God and felt like God did not come through when things went. When things fall apart. How many of us have been in the situation where we've made plans.

We've made plans for this boat but God is already destined it to that is going to fall apart that no matter what we want our strongest desires are strongest prayers that we want something to happen that it just ends up were fennel like man God has disappointed us of God. God is is doesn't feel like he's going he's going to answer our prayers is knocking to give us those desires that we want and is very important that you know people often say you know that that God will give us the desires of our heart. When I met me that although there is truth to it desire without discernment is dangerous, that the greatest adversary discernment is desire that we can be so much into what we can we can go after our desire so much we can we can have a heartbeat in and in into something so much that we can completely ignore the signs of God that you know so when it comes to these times when Amanda feels like I've tested God it and just feels like God and come through that people can often it if I'm not home in about talking myself that when it comes all times like God puts us in these situations. In order for us to either change our situation or to change us, or sometimes both to change the situation and to change us, that when we have all our hopes in the ship that's running aground will recognize that you know what we still made it through all of those people still made it to land safely.

But like I said we we put our our our hopes and our desires in the wrong things and I think when we get when we know we we always have to be upon what we have to recognize that you know what that there is a reason for the things I'm going to. There's a reason for the footnote for the hell I'm experiencing whether the situation around or the things that that's going that that's going on within me that at times external storms can do internal damage if we don't take care of ourselves. So where were doing, we can do things that don't necessary take care of ourselves in and we don't take care of what's on the inside. Those external things to break us down as we can.

We can fix our monster can affect our bodies that I think especially when it comes to times when we feel like where were were really low. Sometimes we have to talk to that we have to tell her that we do not want to excite depression to go back to what I used will not go back to psych on the drug go go back to alcohol.

I'm not going to be doing more my life yet understand what you're saying these things is not do this talking is because this world that would have. It's a spiritual it's a spirit towards the spiritual battle and you want to come to a spiritual part on your own.

You will just understand it's not you that's funny. God is within you fight we have to dress a mouthful on it. That's what we do with when Jesus was tempted, he came out with the word.

The word was right there on his fingertips.

So how do we do that how we can combat the do we combat the struggles that were going through. We have the spirit that were right then and there to have that in us that we have the cost would be reading so that we were squeezing her push more MB struggles. That's what comes out is prays that, it's Bible that comes up is not speaking is not negative words is not man. I hate the situation I can't spell my boss I just want to give up is not these things. What what we need to put out is what you put out what we put in is exactly what we did. Also, always understand that not just. Not only is this a spiritual thing. But understand, like there's a reason for all the end-user discernment talk to God to find out why that situation is happening. Sometimes we have these models that's in front of us and depression before the mountain to mobile to give us the tools to maybe sometime 12 is not just a common multiple to fix the things a society to allow you to climate so man I hope I yell feel that literately the tangible presence of God is up in here and I believe the goosebumps okay God is powerful that that's the word of no company until he summoned that that is one of the general struggles with Chris Christie. Do you know they fight with that because they feel like I should be going noon. I shouldn't have to go through but I look at you know Scripture is real and what I mean that it's it's real to me in the sense where just like you said no we seek for the receipt for the Lord to bless us with the desires of our heart.

But it may not be in his will, and the Bible says this is some good stuff because I talk with this problem like it on your righteous God know and everything righteously and judge righteously. I could understand this right yet to give me up John the Baptist you know the Bible says that was not man born out of the woman that was greater than him then ought to come right but that when this man got was was was in jail in his office. He now John the Baptist is saying that don't fall for this same spirit of God.

Following is what I said when he was in this situation is decisive go X Jesus Jesus argued one what Jesus was one but what was said was Jesus.

Did you forget about right here right in Jesus that message.

But Jesus didn't go no because is not about us right know John did what he supposed. You know you can to question them just like the concept that you can't that's why we have to get into the spirit of the knowledge in the mind of Christ that was supposed right back and said hey man, blasting yes right yeah he will fly back with the miracles out that this is in the mirror and the evidence is that is is in the doing appreciation you and on it now I want to share first time five and 14 they said this is the confidence we have in approaching guy that if we ask anything according to his wheel keyword he hears and I totally agree with you Charlie.

We need to discern what really is God's will is that our prayers, nonbeing, pain, and we want me to start in our sales praying so hard for something that is not me. I mean answer coming alignment with what his will is even if we don't understand it or even if word in disagreement about right on and on that now where you right now I sure right in the mind and awake Salem takedown Northpoint Boulevard know. We also shot that love to go with the Salem Cherry Street any other charges we want to set up right now just want to know Christ and Christ that we know is that everyone here is clear, but families that time, we want to praying with you is you are in a place in your life where you know that you need to come closer to the Lord. If you're in a place in your life where you have backslidden you fallen out of relationship with God or you have been in charge and you just never taking your relationship seriously.

This is the time. This is the moment.

Don't wait another day, you may not have another opportunity but we would like to pray with you and for you and I want to share a Scripture. Jeremiah 3 and 14 it says return all backsliding children, says the Lord. I am married to you, I will take you one from Sadie and two from a family and I will bring you to Zion style.

Repeat after me or you can pray with me. Heavenly father, I thank you for loving me for dangerous assignment Jesus cries to die and be resurrected for the sake of my eternal life with you, and I asked for forgiveness of my scene for filing short of your glory.

Renew me father strengthening me guide me. Show me my purpose for life. Help me to walk in righteousness for your namesake so that I may have a life more thinly apparatus and the name of Jesus Christ, a man and style.

God knows your heart he knows your struggle and he has the answer and the solution we just have to submit to him a man out there. Many of you who have listened to this powerful rock is something powerful because I'm feeling myself. I've got meat from this there are ministers out there their leaders and their people who are new in Christ and lick this walk is no joke. Okay, just not a joke. Walking in Christ is not for wimps, so to speak. Okay, but you don't have to continue to be a wimp. Okay the thing is is like what I'm saying about Winamp.

I mean that you don't have any power. Okay you need to strengthen your faith now talk about the arm of God having having the shield of faith. You also need to grow your faith in order for that shield actually plan anything to be anything protective for you.

You know you have to you have the shield of faith, and you have to shield your faith okay we we talked about guarding your eye gaze in your ear gate and and and discerning asking God. You know where you should go with you to listen to wish you should be speaking etc. your your growing and protecting your faith that way so I can actually shield you from those fiery darts that the enemy will throw at you. It's going to come. It has come. Okay already.

So my prayer for you right now the name of Jesus is for you to strengthen your faith by yes diving into the word of God asking the Holy Spirit to to illuminate the word of God to you in the name of Jesus Lord got. I pray that those who are listening right now will be strength in through your might, through your mind and stand in the evil day okay we have evil days every day. One way or another, but having done all, to stand stand therefore, okay, having all the whole armor of God, okay. I pray to God that you help each person to walk in that armor. Show them where their chinks.

The chinks in the armor are asked that you reveal your strength that that that they know that it is not by might nor by their power, but by yours.

We overcome we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony help help us find God and those who are listening Lord God to be open with sharing their testimonies even right there in her testimony of how good you've been father got to them how mighty he's been in their lives. Even what seems to be very small. I ask that you help them to open their mouths and not be afraid to speak boldly even to people who would normally shun down more or gainsay or say all that that Christian Mancino whenever help families still just speak, Lord God, and you get the glory.

And you're strengthening them at the same time find a guy thank you for your strength through that Laura got style. The topic was the filing away, part two, and there are several many different reasons why people are leaving the church. We talk about hypocrisy judge mentalism religiosity files conversion charge mass faith crisis, people not understanding the word, all these different things not know how to apply the lack of power in the church. The way people the church toward people and especially unbelievers.

Intellectual skepticism and outdated teaching coming all these different things can be fixed, church, family, and in any steps to fix them. We want to be fishers of me and not just what I say. The watchers of the aquarium right not just the keepers of the aquarium we want to actually continue to win cells and be effective in converting them and I think at the end of the day leaving with the struggle with saying all that is just a distraction from your relationship with. I think it ended I saw that loving, showing our genuine love toward God through submission through obedience even when we do not want to is that I don't know. I always want to be obedient.

That is not really what I think is just especially based on whatever circumstances you're going, you know what is having a heart to say okay Lord that I surrender and I like to add to that first of all we do understand it is this God has a room in the church so we know his roommate is that we know that and will not win that bashing the church with talking with what is a reality. You know there's a lot of people that are churchgoers, but they're not involved in the church and those are the ones that with talking about because I believe that if you have the mind to go to church that's the Lord calling you know but many are called, and few are chosen. So so we appreciate that and we know God gospel get his glory, and he's going to do what he said he's going to do and he has a limit that will not bow down the bill. I understand that and and and we understand that but we want to just reach out to the ones that are going into the routine of being consistent in the Lord and let the Lord guide you let the Lord develop you. Let the Lord transform you by the renewing of his word. Let that that transport you know you know what a scene that the Lord honors intentions when you are intentionally worshiping him when you potentially save Lord take the time to speak to them when you potentially do that is that because that's all he want all he wants fellowship and I say that before for the ones that are listening.

This is serious about God.

Don't let God be in the back of your mind and bring God to love Psalms 1 Psalms 1 says Psalms 1 says it just gives a history but is you sit and meditate on the Lord a continual mindset of Christ. Meditate on the Lord day and night. He's always on your mind Lord day and night and you shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that will bring forth fruit in your season also. So I want you to understand all we have to do is get communion with him is not a public thing is a personal thing is personal, and personal ridership is going to happen in public. That one where another is going to be shown in public, meaning your your relationship with God. It is personal. Right there with you to the heart. All my goodness how your life is going to shine before men, they don't feel good works as the words that Christ said about comparing light to a candle you don't put a cat you'll put something over. I went to shine the darkness so when you get to that point when you're in your when when you when you are saved and you're going through these tests using them as a testimony. Does your light shining others that you're giving somebody else away through the darkness and pointing the way for somebody else. Somebody else's darkness, not just your help any better charged we make these changes. The day a man last being love to get it while all about it ended. A lesson we would have these problems.

They were talking about.

We was doing everything it comes down to let everyone know that if you have questions or comments can email me at DPG this that's BTG to hear from you also get to that email, but visiting our website with the podcast is going to be W WW.bridging the gap radio Shelley Ryan and wonderful we can

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