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Personal/Divine Forgiveness

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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January 31, 2020 10:30 am

Personal/Divine Forgiveness

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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January 31, 2020 10:30 am

Fasheion, Ms. Fola, Charlie P. and Minister Cannady discuss what true forgiveness looks like as well as some of that Holy HipHop

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Just to get got a great blog cancel you today. You know me, I like to get into that good gospel music first, here we go with your glory.

I was only centered him on the cross like eight versus joint pain weighing in on King's return is been amended and to meet my head on I trust God to put the brakes on all his songs all my God is your problem was that nobody got lost child.

My eye doctor this guy is child know about you but you will and will will will will will will and in and in and in and will and will will will and is only wonderful again, we are keeping the lab on the light the night and we are going have a wonderful shower talking about personal and divine forgiveness is it is going to be amazing. Any job to tune in. As we go through the meaning and the definition of forgiveness. We got the answer does everybody why am loving life. God is good and great is greatly to be praised.

Yes, he is happy in the Lord follow Charlie P was going all people going down me you have any wonderful testimonies they would like to share Ami's testimony time or the BTG charge and you are call us at 336-896-1340 if you want to share a testimony is something great God is done for you. All right building here why God done for you this week are lately. I was blessed to the last week's podcast that was up yeah Charlie. You came with some were you guys if you guys missed last week go to the pot of hot pot yeah so still be www.reason to get radio TV.Lipson, LIBSY uses the words on there that was just always there and just resonated with me all week long ago yeah yeah that's what you call minutes going to come and why is he going down the rail yes ma'am going on with solo have God for you lately. In general I've had a great variety but something that I quite enjoy is teaching so I had some time with the new student this week and so that was a lot of funnies.

He's 11 years old. He's been having some some challenges in school got held back one grade and everything went to Pete teacher parent conference and found out he's not doing as well as his mama thought so you know it was this a good family moments you know but I'm with parents in helping their children to succeed in in school and I yeah love that party or Colleen Amy and Charlie P very lightly know what minister do I will send you know even throughout the week like I go back and listen to podcasts as well and all you know is such such a awesome experience but I'm constantly being fed by going back and noticed about Bob things that you are saying absorbing you off perspective like when it comes to different things that at times can for me seeing that it can be out of reach.

Or I don't know like fully alike fully grasp or comprehend what you know we talked about the struggle with sin and the power went like there was so much jewels and things that you were Spanish is costly for as I go back and I just unconsciously listens well because he liked his being fed and consuls like this is a great this is a great you know great great Sean Bruck definitely likes I'll tell you every week. I'm glad I'm humbled to be a part of the part of his crew to the cost-benefit church before we got all you know. I go to church twice on the weekends.

This Sunday will be feeding me so deftly appreciate that calendar yet you are all right be sleeping on a slice of life. I give him praise and glory and honor for life, health and strength keep me in my right mind keep me say nothing bad he is and does grant the little thing this thing for the little things that are so powerful because a lot of times we miss the little things you know and like all those little things that he does force you know just the amazing things I recall, you know some things that stand out in my life and I remember I was working at the hotel.

This was like in the 80s I was working at the Radisson hotel and is still living right now is working at the hotel and it was called Minnesota coal and you know a single Hmong place and it was like okay I need a doubt I need to dial out because I mama go to work but then I won't have to walk back. No one and I needed dollars and I walked out my my apartment door and looked down and it was the ballot. It was just day in and day out that we overlooked because were so busy with the world was going on around you forgotten just how much I read the provider helping are going to water looking map and it was a cornet items that all you know what that had to be a funny situation.

You know, that just shows me Jesus that some humor was talking to a fisherman fisherman general questions and they understand the process, the fishing and you tell me to go catch a fish and pulled up at him and I see people walking to go do it by faith.

We all know and thank you that we thank him for that wonderful testimonies you guys and listeners. If you have a testimony would like here, please call us at 33 696-1340. Those of you who are watching on Facebook book life right now and Facebook.

Let me have my glasses on my educators glasses on and yes the camera so first and foremost we love you okay we we have nothing but love for you, so don't let nothing but so please be short and sweet with you testimony sleep. You know, follow the Holy Spirit like really following spirit as before you call and you know share your testimony. We do want to hear from you, but we have others who want to call in as well so I know I would get the old church that if you if you going to send them testify and testify okay yeah but yet listeners please Colleen give us some love shell is share with us what time for you lately blessed the listeners as well as yourself.

Be talking about personal and divine forgiveness today so down tested out state sound again on what this discussion is going to be is going to be powerful but fires we have very special segment life which Charlie P help blank out. I came back I will so this is called like that's where I get prescription are correlated to how you can use in your life so education. The revelation in an application so in a sense this brings Bible to life. So today Scripture comes from Matthew chapter 17 verse number 20 and this is what he reads people plot because you have so little because you have so little faith.

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move.

Nothing will be impossible for you a bit of background in Matthew chapter 1717. It actually starts off with the transfiguration story so Jesus takes Peter James and John up the mountain and then he transforms transfigured himself before them now.

I believe that when Jesus transfigured himself.

He is showing them his natural state the reason why is because I would describe Jesus in Matthew was sand that knew he was dressed in all white and his face was like the sun and on that ice reminded me this door you probably know a bit about this.

Haven't revelation in the first book that you read in Revelation 116 it taught. It describes Jesus as his right hand he held seven stars coming out of his mouth was a short – or in his face was like the sun shining in all of his brilliance. So anyway, after this experience, after the Transfiguration experience that the disciples have with Jesus.

They then experience Jesus perform a miracle by exercising a demon out of a boy and when the disciples asked how come they couldn't do it.

Jesus replies with Matthew 1720 with the Scripture of the day what I just written revelation in this right so I want to hit the story from a slightly different angle that before Jesus tells them that they have little faith. The disciples witness to incredible events that in and of itself would normally be faith boosting experiences so this tells me that there are obviously different levels when it comes the faith that when it's one thing to have faith in something that you can see in it something entirely different when you have faith in something that you can't see, and so this story reveals that even with a small amount of faith, great things can happen.

Yeah, you can move that you can tell that mound to move a little move so it will supply you right. I believe that everyone experiences times when their faith waivers and, like I said last week the greatest enemy to faith is doubt that little voice in your mind that says you know you can't do it or you're not good enough for you twist God's words or they make you forget God's promises right and in Mark chapter.

Not so in Mark Mark nine is Mark's version of the same story. The Transfiguration exorcism and and and and in the same story in Mark chapter 9 verse 24 the boy's father says to Jesus, I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief in this in itself shows the dichotomy that we often rest within ourselves that when it comes to faith and doubt. We have to choose faith. You know when we talk about week we speak life and death comes from the power of the tongue we speak life into our situation as we speak. Faith not because we believe it, but because we want to want to get to the point we can believe it can be so local point man we can we can feel defeated.

We can feel like a lost baby or feel like we lost hope.

But first you know what we post our speaking work in our ourselves and to say alright this is what I'm saying and I'm saying this because this is what I want to believe felt like I sold you not in this we can often see that when it comes to which we can we can, but when it comes to light that is like you know when it comes to you if we have such great things like asking God to give us strength to overcome a situation with little faith. Imagine we could with great favor. Yes, that that Pearl again like were asking God to come and you know what will we ask God overcome speaking to that mountain to move this bill out there when I'm on my will, when I was so they are there different ways that you can increase your faith right and I think that even in the story it shows how there are things that we can often miss in the story the disciples just witnessed two great events, nothing. One of the things that often a lot of people do is that we don't stop and take in the small victories that we don't kinda stop and turn around and look at what God just bought things that he did that we don't take time to take everything that God reveals to us like the Transfiguration right more we can take things for granted for the things that God shows us like the miracles he performed so in Mark, Jesus is the reason why the disciples couldn't exercise that demon was because it required fasting and prayer in both of those are actually acts of faith like prayer at its very basic is an act of faith and prayer letter.

God know that you know that he's real and that's the foundation of faith is that you first have to understand that God is real, that God actually exists, and so when it so that actually leads us into our next way to increase your faith is to pray that you ask God God increase my faith.

I want you to increase my faith understand that when you accept though like God put you one is in a situation where your faith gets stretched because just like Ashley did a fireplace port you have to stretch before you play game if you don't you you can mess up, you have come out worse situation when you face a test when you face the challenge you become hours.

This is so you know you can ask God already got what you to reveal what you will, is an that I want the desires of my heart to align with your will understand my I believe light there can be two reasons why God put the desire in your heart. I believe that one that he'll put a desire in your heart because it does align with his will that you know you going after that desire is align with with with what is will say for example like a spouse right place a spouse in front you doubt you know that will be a part of his will. God I believe that God will also put a desire in your heart as a test for him to see are we going to choose. Are you going to choose this desire that's in your heart.

Are you going to choose me I going to go after what you want. Are you going to go after what I want. Are you going to go after me. Are you going to put the desire of your heart before me, me. So you have to be able to use discernment in order to tell the difference, and then I was in the third way I sent out to not be there but another way. I was 1/3 way in third way to increase your faith is my reader faith comes by reading and reading through the word that the Bible is hearing God's interaction with people and we can look at you. We look at Bible, we can look at the different experiences that God has with the people we can use those as examples to understand their faith.

Hebrews 11 has many different examples of what it means to all of faith to faith Abraham had that promise that was made through faith Moses was able to save his save his whole family to faith Abraham was was going to sacrifice to sacrifice his son. God bless you as the father of many nations, countless times you can look at those things that you can use their faith when when your babies know you can you can use their faith to jumpstart your Bush yours so full, so I guess so.

So three ways that you can boost your faith. You can appreciate the small things that God brings you through and raise you from to pray, and you also read your Bible so you can take your little faith and make it great faith in what God do the incredible thing so you can either choose doubt you can choose faith and, as always, the choice is yours. Which leaves and life apps with Charlie and self family. We hope you are so blessed by anointed where we Charlie PA we are about to go on break but did not stand out to be right back with them. A good where he states in his okay so he and Saul's like an you a great wear white beard fell. Yes, we want to go ahead and now that Brittany is going to be having some event on February the ribbon cutting fundraiser. There is going to be at the rate theater at 709 E. Washington Dr. in High Point, Carolina 27260 and is going to be an amazing life Sam icon start with what I have special artist witness inability with what I have much sure performing at the building he might see the going but I have yours truly doable, spoken word all about how you want to meet the free me free admission.

No money should have yelled faith in the place soon with that and sell today were going to be talking about personnel and divine forgiveness. In this segment we will be discussing the true definition of forgiveness and how forgiveness should be demonstrated in the many different situations we must forgive someone, and even our sales. This will be a powerful discussion that will illustrate what God's require me of forgiveness looks like and how he himself has forgiven. Salmi followed tell me what is on your high as it relates to this topic is pretty, yes it is. I know that all of us have some kind amazing and deep experience with Leanne unforgiveness. I know for myself.

I grew up in a broken home where my parents divorced when I was quite young and yet at the same time my dad was round and there were just there is constant conflict going on and as a young child. You know, say, five years old and I could and I don't know much about the word of God. Besides, you know, to see my mom that I call him on my first pastor, you know, she gave us some good mama on but you know CC definitely see talk Sunday school status in charge everything and modeled a Christian lifestyle, not just okay really didn't know know he was literally applying the word of God in her everyday life, but I am blessed to have a mom yes I like that.

Now there is actually applying the word of God.

That's very very important so it was on my love you first register know that is so important to demonstrate that in front of our families in front of our children.

So my mom did do that but at the same time it would always perfect around is either you, and you know there was a lot of conflict that have been in all that and so that's really it impacted me in a negative way that the conflicts impacted me in a negative way, to the point that I literally you know started rejecting my own identity projecting low self-esteem and all that and I hardly had friends growing up, my best friend first and foremost was the first of all, my younger brother a quick shout out to you. Shout out to my secure but then also my my journal with my best friend my journal my thing right so but let it. It's amazing how peers can be quite cruel when they are going to set themselves you know they're going through things themselves at their school.

In high school and all that in a side with bullying in, and I believe that one big part of the bullying for me as I was literally projecting low self-esteem and as a result of of just having a broken spirit grown up while my mom was born into is the word of God at the same time, some about a father's love both is important.

Very, very important, and the father being that you know there's a way in which the father affirms identity and in a way that a mom can't and thank God for father God right is the Lord so you know. But growing up, I just had a really hard time with those conflicts. Let my attention concerning the negativity with my dad okay I I remember writing a note to him, but being afraid to give it to them. That's said I hate you okay it was that bad. Unforgiveness for me. I learned at a very very early age, to the point that it started festering and becoming a bitterness situation and I didn't even know it until I became an adult.

And so that actually affected my relationships even you know my with my peers male and female, and even with authority had a lot of fear toward authority. I had a lot of you know just just conflicts in myself, toward authority. As a result and so that there is a whole longer story, I could tell, but just starting with thinking about unforgiveness and bitterness. I want to share Scripture. I quake that actually actually a minister Kennedy brought up and started I had to follow back up on the Scripture that's in Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14 it says pursue peace with all people, and holiness without which no one will see the Lord.

Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many become defiled and I'm a little pause there. The going in the Scripture verse 16. After that, but it also that'll passage is is powerful. I encourage you to read the rest of it, but that root of bitterness.

It becomes a route when we don't stop it and take it in us that at the head and say okay I'm going to use to forgive you know I'm good excuse to not let this fester. Now God does require us to forgive. He commands us to forgive but we need thyself to do it. It actually says here in in verse 15, looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God. It takes grace. The grace of God to actually even think to forgive somebody you know and so later in my life when I submitted my life to the Lord at 21 and I received is that like eight years old got baptized but I really have a relationship with God that it happened until I was 21 years old and in the thing that God did was turn my attention back to my father and the issues that I had with him because it really affected like a semi relationships and cause me to even reject my own. I did identity I want people to tell me I look like my dad was like my mother. Okay now but my eyes were literally colored by bitterness of the unforgiveness and bitterness that I had to my death from early age so that grace that allowed me to first of all, pray for God to help me to forgive you know I need God to help me to actually have the will to forgive a cow the will to do God's will.

First and foremost. But now I need God's will to forgive my dad who at the time I felt like I hated and was my enemy. You know so I chose to do that. Then there's the process so would would God do the process started with not telling me to want to spend time with my dad. He has locks and I was doing is lens is grooming is lax but then also God led me to watch my dad's feet by Disneyland and folks feet like that you don't think I like always tell you why somebody speed talk about like Gino some type of human to the Lord first and foremost to dad.

I was coming with a peace offering from my heart that he is, but I also released him from the responsibility of being my best Lord, you gotta be my God Almighty got you have to be my father and I release my dad from every single thing he ever equipment committed toward me. Everyone he did toward my family for his family and I'm now going to choose to learn to love my enemy. Okay, that began something like the realize that the you like you pointed out that the forgiveness is the spiritual matter versus the night is an and is spiritual attachments on that yet will I will be right.

Forgive your enemies right drumming eulogy in the Lord is not a human things in there and I just want to give the parable about the unforgiving servant and I want to break that analytically saw in Matthew 18 and 21, the disciple Peter comes to Jesus and asked okay how many times am I supposed to forgive somebody you like okay so should I forgive him. Like seven times and he thought that was pretty generous right because venture in Jewish tradition, you should forgive someone who has sent against you. Three time runs out. Peter was thinking okay I'm being pretty generous. All right Jesus saith my same. You should forgive someone 70s having time which is really implying that there is no limit to forgiveness. A man and so at that point, Jesus tells Peter the story of a starving, and it came the starving all the king 10,000 bags ago, I write a clearly unpayable debt since the siren can ever hope to repay the debt, the king ordered him and his family to be sold into slavery.

The starving base for time and patience. They came being merciful agrees to cancel the debt and the entirety of the servants did he just canceled everything out right now at this point the siren leaves, he encounters a man allows him 100 silver coins, which is on the way smaller amount. All right, in the 10,000 bags ago to yell.

The king was money okay and so this man can't pay the unforgiving servant child Sammy choking his man out.

Now I need a band he got mad at me and had him thrown in the dead towards prison. They came and tells him that the unforgiving servant while the king heard about unforgiving siren. What you need. All right, he labeled them as wiki and asked him why didn't he show him the same mercy that he was giving and the starving is dance around its appraising to be tortured in order to pay off his original dad. This is the breakdown in the parable of the unforgiving starving. Now what is what is being said here.

First of all, the debt is an analogy of sin.

Okay Christ message and Matthew frequently revolves around the idea that humans are imperfect and, well, we'll inevitably sin against God's law.

In the parable is the cane. The survey represents the humans who has more debt than they can ever repay. Especially with the now Jewish rituals that they were using at that time and is only because they came forgive the starving who is not worthy or deserving that the day is abolished of the same mercy that God gives us when we come to him in repentance. He wants us to extend that same mercy to others, it is just ask yourself. Forgiveness is just as serious as repenting fluently and I say the earlier is kind like that. My brother and sister write you and you mentioned.

I think the 70 was Matthew 18 Jesus said 70 times that families have not yet calculated is 490 times in the same person now that in itself would be like torture for some people if you don't have the grace of God's grace we need to have the grace of God and be able to release him and I said okay were supposed to forgive and like you know like never happen in that you don't use wisdom to know how to interact with that person. Beyond that now we forget the scene and in itself in terms of what it does do is okay were not holding bitterness okay to refer the use of passwords. The wind is from the way you know like God does.

But we need to use wisdom just like I does and know how we interact going forward exact same person you know. Great men are built on adversity, you know, and in one of the greatest adversities that come in locked in our Christian walk is being able to forgive people and to let people know when the longest rug. You know when they wronged us and and and did things wrong to we have to be in the mindset that week… But you know you grow spiritually. When you do those things you know and an adversary uses it for this tactic, you know, is, like divide and conquer. It also is divided yet all then you can conquer it all and and and and if you look to Scripture. This is why Jesus always encouraged us to fellowship. It encourages us to get to know each other trying to encourage you know because I can say something to you so you know you you you you should do your head differently, but someone that you don't know or don't like say that you will have a problem, but you will know on the label together didn't know of forgiveness is the Big Bang belt. Following the conclusion of the conclusion guys are rightly making is relatable like Charlie Beebe knowing what about the unforgiving starving the starving is given an incredible give the forgiveness of his day right to give but refuses to pay it forward and it ends up being tortured.

The implication that divine forgiveness mandates personal forgiveness since no human stands against each other could ever now the degree of hands against God's law and of course a failure to be forgiving will result in torture until the debt is paid better nylon and hail will hail though while we are having that unforgiveness master all my goodness that's like hell on earth you hate saying, 23 to 35 guys okay I need to go back and meditate on it.

Thing is the brightness of conference forgiveness is a releasing of one's day relieving of the offense of release of the heart and the pain you're making a conscious decision and I will stated to the day I die. Forgiveness is not a feeling.

And neither is this the decision is based on how you feel but it is a decision to make to release the person of their debt in the offense and heard that they've done against you know the thing is heaven heaven is is not filled with good people with different people in Uribe Tahoe. Forgiving all hand-in-hand. How I was gonna see is what is going to give us access to the kingdom of God because you can't enter the kingdom of God without being forgiving right and if you don't forget you will be forgiving.

How serious is that silver theory. He said he said the Lord's supper. Do this in remembrance of me right you should do this in remembrance of me to go to say. But before you do this, forgive the problem with no way you can do this in my name, doing what and remember me, but he wants you to get rid of that first we got to learn how to pardon people you know that's one of the greatest things on hold things that you now so forgiveness is a choice and it is ongoing choice. It is okay to do over and over again is Jesus had a plan and you absolutely need the higher power to do it is indeed a specially depending on the severity and the deepness of the of the offense or the herd that has been done against you even like God is unreasonable you ask me. You don't even know what you're going to need his power. Do I need his grace and his ability to do it and I have to trust and hope he is our hope that it can be done. There is no other. There is no other help you the grace to do it and what happens is when you release that person right you will release yes forgiveness is for your healing and forgiveness is for your RP to be able to get closure and move on real top what you say and so now I will be right back on. I want to take a break from the only words that really matters is the word of God is the only word that can see because we are saved by the word of God and that we should know that that word informs us of the great love that God has for humanity.

It is what gives us the courage to continue to fight right here in this world to manifest the glory of God by the things that we say.

If you agree with my decision that the decision is final going on like a decision.

Now we will yield just for God's decision hello I'm going to join me Saturday afternoons at 4 PM for bridging the gap while bringing the house and gospel music world and a whole lot more to commit the church back to the streets sure to join me administer the winning candidate for bridging the gap every Saturday at 4 PM 71103.5 and 96.3 the like, UK, WWII, 42, CD Greensboro 273.1 would be the it was like teasing you now tuned into bridging the gap will minister the way Kennedy on 1340 1400.

The light WP 003.5 if you go all right family hope you having a lovely Saturday we're going to be having any event bridging the gap is hosting a ribbon-cutting fundraiser February 7 630 to 8:30 PM at the historic Ritz theater 709 E. Washington Dr. in High Point, Carolina 27260 money.happy face in the place because he is going down we going to have my TV in a building lot is much shorter inability and the fabulous Blossom witness is going to be in a building. This is going to be an amazing event. You don't want to miss in again is going to be February 7 at 630 to 830 so collars were talking about forgiveness.

If you have any questions or comments please call us at 336-896-1340 and give your insights a man who I so many good yeah one man one day, removing his grandson right noted, and he'll be going down talking about forgiveness. Family unit is also buried deep copying run and ride home back in but I have a question was not really a question of a comment I want to read that one of our viewers was checking into the Facebook live and on as a relates to forgiveness. She says this she says, waving guy might say that one can never forgive too much, but if someone continually wrongs you and you continue to forgive when does forgiveness become stupidity. You let me somebody let me limit this this this this questionnaire so when Peter spoke to Jesus saying that all the time should we forgive somebody that he says it seven times well the reason why he said seven is because in Jewish law, it was you were to forgive somebody three times and that there was three times a day.

So what Peter did. It was that all right. I want to take that three times going to double it and then add one for good measure and just when Jews respond says no you that you're wrong that it's not know what it 70×7. The amount of time that you are to forgive and so that's that's 70×7 times is in a day so but I think a lot of times will people struggle with forgiveness is because they don't know how to forgive someone break down might want to first get into what forgiveness is not in so there it so you don't freak that forgiveness is not just resuming a relationship know without any changes.

The Bible teaches that there's a difference between forgiveness and restoring relationships. You understand that forgiveness youtaught that you know we should forgive instantly. One restoring relationship means that your building trusts over period of time. You know forgiveness is your part in reconciliation, but you know for relationship to be restore the offender has to demonstrate genuine repentance. You stand out you make sushi and when ever possible to rebuild the trust by providing what he or she did provide a net change over time, some ESR another like so I have your father so that's that. That's one thing of what forgiveness isn't too forgiveness is not conditional is not something where you know what is not is not based on somebody else's response that is not real. Forgiveness is real. Forgiveness is unconditional is not saying it's not something that's that's earned or deserved is not you know is not based on a promise that you will never do something again. You also might as well give you only if something right. That's that's not forgiveness that's bargaining yes them to update.

Three. Your third of what forgiveness is it is that it's not only just got is not minimizing the seriousness of the offense like there a big difference between being wounded and being wronged. That being wounded. I will say something where the of the person it that something that's accidental and I will argue that when this accident doesn't require forgiveness.

I will believe that when you're wrong when somebody has intentional and hurting you that I would save causes for requires forgiveness and a lot of times people think first of all that forgiveness is for the one that you are forgiving and forgiveness it brings on a sense of freedom for the one that that is doing the forgiving right and also it releases you from that but that the question the question know about the stupidity part. This the stupidity part is keep allowing yourself to be put let you know I'll forgive you now, if if if if it keeps coming forgive you for the same crime rankings on some is wrong with you, and I don't need to be around that but not forgiven you for a bunch of different things. You know that's just about the computer so I can only dislike. I'm going to forgive you and I'm go see you later) I don't know, I'll think like forgiveness is a necessary put yourself back into that position because payment lunges that you should cast your pearls before swine right are to forgive. That doesn't mean you don't know if somebody does you want that as a man got to sit there and and and y'all be best friends again right, doesn't that mean that you have to do your part, you might not doing you said a couple weeks ago.

Forgiveness is us extending grace in a semester course source is not necessarily about to get you what you said about his eyes but is not based on is not an emotion and I'm, I'm a different incident on how to forgive but I think I will ease into fourth of well say what what forgiveness is not is not is not my right, forgiveness is not my right when I wasn't the one that was hurt that all that only only the victim has the right to forgive you Forgive someone who hasn't hurt you and then and then the fit well say what forgiveness isn't. Forgiveness is not forgetting about what happened that that you don't get to forget about something because you know when you're to be trying to get some of you doing just putting more tension on you just your your your putting more focus on it that you put more focus on the very thing that you want to forget the key isn't forgetting the key is learning to see it through the lens of the grace of God I and Gonzalez in discovering that he can turn bad things into good things in your life if you trust him and respond. I went and I'm going to the example of of Joe's to let you know later what going to have out of forgiving using Joseph and how his brothers treated him as an example, but you know it's it's it's not about forgetting what happened, but not being affected by the not holding that person to write forgive it like you're releasing your right to get even with somebody you release and I really don't and you're allowing a remand you're allowing your you're not. Forgiveness is not allowing yourself to be an appositional allowing your anger to dictate the cockles when you're allowing God's grace to dictate the consequence of the and I like that you know the forgiveness that we receive from God is. This is the forgiveness of him understanding where we are in our journey right you know because you know we screw up all the time. His forgiveness is understanding where we are and who we are right right but then you don't. We apply that same principle that the freedom of it comes in is that you know I forgive you if you did me wrong or not. If if if I'm right or wrong, what, whatever the case may be, I am going to just leave it alone. I apologize and I'm not want to treat you any different because that's a lot of people say I forgive you but you know when when you come around here right right right right you didn't hold a grudge that you quoted above in Colossians says this is quick to forgive and not holding grudges and I think like I'm going to this like a little light of how to forgive but I think that we should always strive to forgive instantaneous button understanding that forgiveness doesn't always happen that quick that sometimes it takes time to forgive something like when all is going well. I went like you know like I had a conversation with God.

You know, one of the conversations that I have a guy that I was able to record.deftly included forgiveness and it went a little bit like I was telling him that you actually already done her so he was tell me that in order to forgive but I have to release often can can can hold onto things even subconsciously so that got you know how to release things and he said it takes you surrendering to me and it's only got a hold on you meditate on that Psalms are, what you mean. I would like to know what you mean. He said it made you understand I'm in charge so I said okay you is that you told me to meditate on the forfeit sauce.

Okay, so I came back and I said all right, so what do surrendering look like a set is not about giving up your emotions. It means trusting me through the do not think… Which is a lot you even even in and of itself, but like you, it the reason I want to go into two understand what forgiveness is in first is because, you know, just like there's always a cost to send.

There's also a cost of forgiveness and that's why I believe it is important understand what forgiveness is, not before going to work. Forgiveness really is.

And so, like we talk about your talk about how it can. We want forgive me. I think we should always strive to be forgiveness to be instantaneous right what we don't like because there they are involved in any motion. Sometimes it can take time. I think that that you got the best light you can it it's a it's a constant thing. Forgiveness is not a destination is a journey in the first time take that stopping so I think the first step in forgiveness and understanding understand what forgiveness is a how to forgive the very first thing you have to understand is you have to make the first decision to let go of your anger and that's not the first place, it doesn't start with the apology because the devil knows that if sometimes like the very thing you feel you need to double give it to you so is like don't went to the said it best when somebody offends you, you go to them and tell them the offense you wait for them to apologize to you that that's the first step that you have to know you have to make a decision that you know what, I'm not going to. I'm not going to respond. In my anger I want to let that anger go shows in the story of Joseph when he went Joseph. I got to the point where he was the second-all the world right under federal when his brothers came. They didn't recognize him when he recognizes brothers which would you like to see that encounter the any time that that Joseph went in and it got his brothers. He had to leave and cry and come back so he had his emotions. He had to deal with how he felt before he came back and it was it is in Genesis 4331 where he said that he doesn't he comes back after he's able to handle his emotions… Nothing. Therefore, different things and on about the airport for different kind of tell you your walk or jog into a little bit more different things out don't describe one of of being of a forgiveness to look into them. I try to avoid it up and get off on from Philadelphia. My my family and how I was raised a little differently right slapshot avoided you… Try not to do anything to offend nobody to watch it so I go to the principal where I have to forgive you for something which but you know it it it it it it also applies in the sense where you know if if I think that I did something to you. I forgive you now call somebody did something that was just crazy. You and I said to the boss that you know not not and I said and I said hey you know I forgive you for all that you know and and this person said no worries, I will know what I'm doing. You know Larry, but I know, something that will stuff myself before I know what I like you spoke about the seed of bitterness before the sea before you see the fruit of the seed before you see the anger before you see the frustration that Don rooted in your heart and go, but I hate that process lodges try to eliminate over lighting. It is Scripture here. You were out to forgive. According to Luke very sorry. Luke 635 through 36 but love your enemies, you good to them and lanced them without expecting and getting anything back then your reward will be great, and you will be like children of the most high kind to the ungrateful and the wiki. Be merciful, just as your father and having the right mercy fold okay.

Not as a merciful God, but he is also a God of justice and wrath as well.

So when we forgive okay when you heard the the parable about the King in this urban they can release the date of the sermon. You never heard them say that the sermon came in and so the house roaming the Palestinian when it came became best friends that they have breakfast together. They with BFF that he release his dead cell. That means that forgiveness the choice to release somebody and to reconcile are two different things. You do not. Forgiveness does not require you to have a relationship with that person and if you are to have a relationship with that person. After you have forgiving them, then there must be a purpose for that relationship. That is some way, form or fashion beneficial or have some kind of purpose in your life in a God has ordained that and if that is how that will give you the power of the grace a man to do that. How to rebuild them away. What okay reconciliation means that that person also has to repent to you that they have the repentant guy right and that you thought it is the participation and cooperation do the work that it takes to restore that relationship. You okay girl entered into because a lot of time.

You know, we don't have faith that God is taken care of. When Ryan so when we give them we we got done with it fills with scripted assessment of recalls a flag on what is your we got to be done with we give God be done with it. Leave it alone and well likely you mentioned the Scripture, we can look it up about heaping coals of fire on a president that that has to do when we're loving someone so somebody does not deserve forgiveness.

Okay yeah it's un-American. That is what agape is. That is what that unmerited favor is it is God's love been extended to a person that is absolutely undeserving of that forgiveness definitely where undeserving as well. You really understand I and but we are extending that forgiveness to somebody else and at the same time, those people were that person may be still acting a fool abusing you pulling you whatever it is in your steel extending love to that present in his belt exactly so their descriptor comes the mind to actually Romans 12 verse 19 says dearly beloved, avenge not yourself but rather give place unto respirators written, vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. So give place unto wrath. That means in essence is saying the content is released into the Lord to do it himself. When, however, he's going to work things out. He's not going just, you know, kill somebody just because he you know you just as you said so you know the Scripture also said comes my is Romans 623 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. When I think about somebody has stand against you. That's what your heart is is saying that is what your heart is feeling. First of all, pain comes first, not anger. If the pain of the very true anger is as a result of the pain and you like I want to kill you. Okay wages of sin is death, but then got goes on to say, dearly beloved the love I love you love you so much and I love that other person right. Don't bend yourself right but but allow me to take care of it. I'm going to do it in a way that you didn't even think about doing is what you do want to customize it all the way.

I got this person's heart.

That's why me forgot to tell me to spend time with my dad who was my enemy. Once upon a time night. Not anymore. Okay, there have been there's been some reconciliation but is it was as a result of me submitting to God first and foremost, doing what God told me to continuously spending time with my dad. The times that I did and then I started learning my dad's heart learning is hard and learning what he went through at the same time. Okay, so we have to going to break. So back up when we get back.

I was going to break out of the house ready… But I generally family going down were talking about one of Mel's deepest topic there is to talk about on the earth, and it is forgiveness is going to be some great were going for. Do not turn it down were going to be right back after the break. You wonder why the last the last hill is you want to use us. Just reach out and touch like is is is is is is is is you and you family wonderful gap going down were talking about forgiveness and work on right now and he stop because he goes deep so where did we leave off Ms. Fowler so I shared two Scriptures one of them was Romans 1219 it says love is not yourself a rather give place unto wrath for his written, vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. Another when I mentioned was Romans 623 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. As I was saying that when we are offended in some kind of way. We feel we've been sinned against our heart receives it that. That way our souls are minor will and emotions feel the hurt first before the anger and so the wages of state is that that means okay payment for thin. However, you offended me is death. Okay, you know that I'm not annunciated that word – okay in my heart I automatically may feel you wronged me in such a way so sleep is really bad okay I'll think EM went on to or I want to kill you. The heart is feeling that feeling that you may not in your mind and maybe that depths of your heart when kill somebody, but you want them to feel the pain that you're feeling elite, and sometimes that pain is quite severe because people been through things like people had a family member murdering right you know people that you don't don't don't don't learn about somebody and you have heard the stories were posted forgiving that murderer and – people like that now forgiven and everything to her than I'm no is the grace of God that helps us to do this and I was sad about my dad and how God open things that were or were right, not just open things up. He led me to start spending time with my dad and what I was learning the we don't know the end from the beginning like God that God knows that person that offended you. He knows you and what you need and what you both need and so when I start my dad by obedience. I started learning more about who my dad was and what caused him to behave this way was behaving in my younger years.

Now I chosen to forgive my dad but the process was unfair letting arrive bearing the world spinning with each other and my dad was talking about his childhood and talk about the ways in which you know he was experiencing things as a child and ways in which he was brought wronged by people, even as a girl wrote grew up and I started to have everybody this is a keyword empathy okay in Hebrews. Please look it up. I'm I'm not put out the right nothings in Hebrews 4 that Jesus is titled that there was a bar in Bernie's was on all points tempted as we are, and he's able to not sympathize. Some translations they sympathize. The context is empathy. Empathy means that I'm able to feel what you feel. I'm human like you are. I understand what you're going through.

May it may not be the exact thing, but I feel what you feel. I was able to awaken in my spirit.

First, to empathy toward my dad.

I had never felt it before for my dad. That was when I was an adult and so forgiveness does that and he died enables us to actually have a healed heart and that obedience to start with obedience. We decide to forgive. We decide to love our enemy and so then I started understanding what was going on with my dad and why he chose certain things, and I was able to then also pray for him and bless him and also reconciliation was able to start happening then different things got started putting in my heart to share with my dad that only had to do with him and not okay that we may want to speak to me with my prophetic word not be having you speak a prophetic word to your because God led you to do that and it's not just about you.

It is about you and it is about that of the person and God. Bigger picture here and what he wants to extend to everybody involved in summertime, you write about their yelp. First of all, we know that God is all about restoration. Jesus is the ministry of reconciliation.

Right now, so that means, okay, forgiving is when God gives us the grace to forgive. Forgiveness can potentially transform the parsing and against dance because they see the little guy operating through you and he could no baby nobody but God and the power of God's right and it transforms them when they know when they know what they have done okay so you are exactly right when you when you forgive you plenty of mostly that can potentially transform the person who is the center of sin against you and you and now, take it to the, the fruit of the spirit, because if you look at the fruit of the spirit. What what what what lets the students who get you better get into the battle.

Do you know and all of your battle gear is only one weapon and that's right in the world. Everything while everything else is on the defense defense to myself how I avoid getting into situations like that. I look at. I understand this that people are capable of anything that and I approach everybody like that people want people to see. So what you give me is what I'll receive.

But you know I understand because some people just had a bad day or over this going like you like you pointed out. God know where everybody is on and I go back to a story when I used to mentor this kid everybody just met this kid was just up to no good and they treated him like that and you know he was a friend. So I went to his house one day and I found out that he was my mentee and I want this house one day and I found out that he was 17 years old. He was living in the house with three adults and about four children in a two bedroom apartment. You know, so he was leaving school early was leaving his house early to get the school did to change and wash up because he didn't want nobody else to see him thinking that he's best to build and cause problems like a criminal and then when I found out know what was going on to sell a lot of times you know it's not what people do is widely why they did and why yes what God knows God knows why why you would just like you said you could see a humble word and they know that they were all and you can change the whole life. I think the yeah I think even even with that that yeah you know people can often mix forgiveness with revenge, especially when it comes things you don't ministry all you know nowhere about a guys got him. You know me, but I'll get aware about a guys like you and you know you like that with those groups on a you know Dr. not be marred whatever meso you also know where I am guy got him best not forget that's not were talking about, isn't between forgiveness and revenge and I was very explicit in the words that I said is that you know when it comes forgiveness. It's is not you acting you not reacting in your anger if you letting God's grace take care of the consequences that you let whatever that you let God's grace take care of it and I think like a lot issues that you don't like is that people don't know how to forgive like I want to start going to let you know first. You will forgiveness like your releasing your right to get even your letting your putting those that power in God's hands and biked like work on Jesus and that you you keep doing yet you have to keep doing to get the keeper given until you stop hurting that I think that personally I think that that therefore steps are for indicators that let you know that you're not only just on the road with your your your on that path took the forgiveness and a lot of that is really symbolic in the story of Joseph because, again, what we all know Joseph, his brothers sold him into slavery in that turn from from him be a sort of slavery led to him being in prison for four years and years and then led to him, you will become a second-highest so when he was on your went when Joe's was at the point when he was a second-highest right under Pharaoh's use by sparrow.

Second most powerful man in all the world at the time that when his brothers came for the for the during a time of famine. He's in the place where I think a lot of people want to be right where he's in a place where you he's a second-highest and the people that did him wrong. Now need know what would you do if he was in a situation that you know you're not. You're in a place where you got you really have the power to you life and death against them, but I think what what we can see in that story is a true genuine example of what it means to forgive and I think a very perceptive count, when I was a lot highlighting all before was that the very first step that I believe in.

And forgiveness is you have to make that you have to make a deliberate decision to let go of anger… And how do you do that you reflect on where you are now when Joseph said they set you know when he said what you did was meant for evil but God meant it for my good thing that you did. Even though you turn in anger that led to me being in the second-highest position to understand why look at look at how God is brought you through that situation.

Look at look at where you are now compared to as a result of that of that being happening with forgiveness is totally opposite of the world. The world is more or less the world is more or less revenge. Don't get mad, get even write your own right and an eye for an eye and in the this virtuality of a forgiveness defines what the world's progress is and what it promotes. You and I want to give this scripture right here on Wally on that right there. Romans 1218 through 21.

If possible, so far as it depends on on you, live peaceably with all the love never of the injured sales but leave the wrap to God for it is written, vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

To the contrary, if your enemy is hungry for you. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink for. By doing so you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good spelling so many words kill them with kindness. That's what I'm learning that heap of calls on a person taking girls and calls my headache on – you know the script is that that part of this. Is it possible because something a lot some people is not possible.

So guess what you have to remove yes or no. That's right, you write and knows heaping of goals is is like why are you being so nice to me. Oh my goodness it feels terrible but it feels good. It is like what are you doing, but in the love of God that when is it killing the is killing some healing evil is killing evil exactly keep killing me/meaning the carnal mind that the evil mindset that wants to notate revenge or do something even know the other person is the one that you know they want to do know what you being so nice to me and everything hurt you just because you be a nice that happens to keep loving on a person is going to turn their heart with their spirit starts responding to guide and that you mention fast transformation happened about a spiritual life that's it read and write. My mother and my mom actually sent the comment in the story sees that someone at my church said when she saw my quote unquote take charge attitude. She doesn't take charge attitude. She didn't like me. She said every time cc me even though I speak to her he'll absolutely nothing against her. She thought something ugly about me like he thinks he is. I was at this chart long before her, but she saw my walk and couldn't deny I love God, God told her to think a sweet food was sweet food every time she saw me she started saying but tell me why respond by calling her something sweet. Then she told me the whole back story. This sweetness quote unquote helped her to forgive me in her heart for what she thought I was projecting your pride. Instead of confident and showed her the insecurities that she that she needed revealing in the root to be dealt with. Why we need the know with no understanding. Sometimes it you know you got up up the wrong bed you grips the right will happen is happen to me but were where initially until where he'll be see bitterness will cause defilement of others. You're just filed and then your defiling others with your attitude because you have a different notion about them because of the pain in your heart you projecting that it is called in the healing ministry that I work in that working for years I have learned about these these terms and and John Paula Sanford there passed away, but one of the terms is called bitter roots judgment and think it's called bitter judgment and something else having to do with an expectation dictation as was called Bitterroot expectation and so basically you come across somebody that in a little way reminds you of the person that harms that offended you and so you project that attitude that you would feel toward that of the person that same pain you project on that other person is so you wound another person, even though they do anything to you at all that they would like to present my mother mentioned just showing love and just being themselves and having that natural confidence about them, but you took it as you try to be controlling. I've experienced that type of thing is so any way. I've remotely saw a hint of that in somebody else in the insecurities rose up in me, but I had to have that healed. Yes what family we certainly hope you all are being blessed by this topic of the day which is forgive Nazar do not shed our going to have some great work coming for will be right back after the break. She said thank you Jesus because he said thank you Jesus, not just for the reason God created his government funded through Walter low called righteousness will hold the key and you will like to bring up the whole form of folders bring forth to listen to gospel stationed anywhere, anytime at like to try UK WWII 42 CD Greensboro line of like to try.

Hallelujah, we may usually bag family gap is and we are talking about forgiveness and man demanded his word goes the we we going and tonight let me go ahead and just live with this part right here. If you been hurt you benefit in the man who knows the severity of the damage is been done in your life. Forgiveness is possible is possible through God help is a totally un-and unnatural and in unhuman thing to do, you're going to need the assistance of the Holy Spirit. A spirit of God to do this instead of even higher order thinking you have the right, once you know you have the right to be angry. You have the right to be hurt and how all the human emotions that come with being hurt or offended but do not have the right to see in writing or to hold the growth of Ephesians Ephesians 426 SF be angry and okay and don't let the sun go down on your wrap and and I will say because you probably don't know if you don't see the next day you might want to go home work. Don't forget to get that. Like the that's what this is be faster here yeah and slowly see you because we don't know where people are running no bad been slow to wrath the other part too slow to wrath and anger and angry quick totally. And forgiveness is a process solid. Once you have made the decision to release Dan Parsons of Vance release them release their day in the scene that they've committed against you. Now you have to go through the process of healing right now there is a scripture that says there is safety in the multitude of counselors, sometimes depending on the severity of what you've gone through your want to literally need counseling that the Lord he has come down that you will need someone else you would need an accountability community group of people that you can trust and confide in you have to sit down and process the mental and psychological.

You can just get up early for my mom pray you know be spiritual knowledge. Yes, yes you do need to pray because that saying that I trust you to help heal me.

But you gotta sort out your thoughts, you gotta sort out your feelings and counseling is very necessary, you must do that. That's what part of the process is to sit down and sort out okay. Acknowledging what exactly happened licking acknowledging my pain also bring the panda down the pain don't lie to yourself about it because what's gonna happen is if you don't properly process through your pain you're going to keep reliving it right and that's just real tile that is wasn't going to happen is that you got a later start this up and I must tell you it is going to get worse before it gets better because going through the process of forgiveness and healing is painful and that's why a lot of people avoid the process because they don't want to feel any more pain from what they've already gone, tell you if necessary in order for you to get on the other side of healing and victory is one of the worst things to do is be like a hamster wheel going around in a circle going over a lot of work going nowhere.

You think it is a lie. This world thing is they say that time heals all loans the debt because I know a woman right now with this been 27 years and she still heart about something a Mandy and sent her 27 years ago. So if you never take the time to sit down and acknowledge her pain process the pain and then surrender that to the Lord, die and trust him to help heal you is not going anywhere is going to sit there lying dormant under something else in your life comes and triggers the thing I think even, which is of you when it comes to relationships. That is not necessary is not the hurt that destroys relationships. It's unforgiveness that made us wet us with nothing that kinda goes into the number two resort the number two that I would say would be a sign that you're on your way to forgiveness is that you have to have a difficult discussion about the truth of your friends that you always always use this this example Joseph because you know when when Joseph saw his brothers and only ask, okay, you ask about the family how you how the family room said you know well on Ruben, our dad Jacob is back home with our youngest brother Benjamin this is Issachar this is Levi goes to the difference on the set, and if you hear of the lesson is that all you we had another brother he's not here anymore. You know you don't ask that you went through. They introduce all of his brothers that will last one year, but he's dead and Joseph looked at him and said that's not true that's not what happened before. What you have to do, even when it comes to forgive is that you first have to recognize the truth. You can't allow a lot of just be sitting there dormant because I say like you would need that you if you're just allowing that that lie to be better than both you and your friend are leaving that lot that you need outline in order to start you need to you need that truth to come through in order to to get through that debt forgiveness you you dust you need that MS will goes on with what would Jesus says in Matthew 1816 that if somebody paid you, you go to them you know somebody different you going confront them.

It doesn't and it doesn't have to be a good thing. What you know how to be ugly when you confront about somebody you when you confront somebody about something that they did right to be something similar you know what I'm very happy for how things are going.

You know back in Domino 2009 there was some something that you did. I just didn't like.

I just want let you know that I didn't appreciate that. But I'm glad that God is allowed us to move on. It doesn't have to be.

It doesn't have to be Matthew doesn't have to be me when you can go. You have to be upfront about the situation that's at hand and just a little steady but I think that that's a lot of reason why it can be hard for us as African-Americans took to get over this forgiveness when it comes to race in America.

Often times white America doesn't want to happen didn't want to talk about. She mostly didn't want to talk about the truth of what happened you and you people know caulking symbols that we know what will you know I wasn't a slave owner. I wasn't a you know what you were you the benefactor of slavery or the benefactor of what happens is that you know what we have to talk about the trip of this is not just the reality of the situation nothing. That's why can be part of 444 people in your African Americans to to do that but at the same time.

I think that we are very forgiving people because of slavery right we see that you will have most come from. That is God. We understand that God brought us to the situation is that it is only but it's only by God's power were able to get to how were you able to forgive, it's only that he is nothing like the number three reason of how it's a sign of that you're getting to forgiveness is that one like you not telling everybody. The offense that everybody doesn't need to know what happened that you know it's it's something that is it doesn't have to be something that needs the need to be continually reminded of you know, you know that you know you're on the road when you're on the road forgiveness. When you start talking about so much that you know when when Joseph talked to confront his brothers. He did it privately.

He didn't do it in the in the presence of the Egyptians. He always took the Messiah by themselves because he knew he knew Pharaoh love Joseph. You knew Pharaoh. He knew that Pharaoh love them and if Pharaoh found out he knew Pharaoh would have his brothers killed on the road forgiveness. You don't you everybody doesn't necessarily need to know just be between you all something like that support and out on the third and my last my last ways that of a sign that you're on the road. Forgiveness is that you determine your deterrent you you understand that the the determine the destiny of the offender is in the hands of God and ask I will resend that that it's not up to you.

You don't you don't you what you do your releasing your own you fill your own right to them and yet you're given it to God. Your release and I got your let God take charge and you want to know if you if you forgive somebody preform the Bible and pray for those who are right. You argue like you know what, if you want to see if you if you thought you can't you can't forgive somebody preform that and I want to be very specific. Don't pray about them. That's not about is not on the plane about because I still like going to let that go.

You understand all you know again like we understand what we do have to release we have to release these modes that I went to release the guy let him take over. But again, but when you get the point you start preform God actual blessed their family.I you guys you were doing line is that you would give them a promotion on a job that you that I think that I will be great to see you about the Joseph situation. He never treated him bad right he never treated him like like they treated him and he never make sure they didn't care is make sure the things was going well, like you know and that's it like this. Jessica directed at you.

You have to put yourself in a position of product practice that's document but some people manually hold it and hold it in and let you know about them. Prayers prayers is not like what you said them prayers be more on that one. The the office this morning the Lord to do something right Lord to see what they did that, you know and and and that's that's terrible, but you like like a fast fast pointed out, this is not forgiveness is not a natural thing right now is that right so that I don't come on I want to give this Scripture as it relates to what Charlie people are saying about like continuing to walk about the fan thought I heard a whatever he knew anyone putting people on blast and stuff like that.

Okay so Proverbs 17 and nine say they love prospers when a file is forgiving but dwelling on it separate close friends, though we already say that okay yes you do need to acknowledge the pain you and the person the offender. Whatever needs to address what is happening and why we see shine through. Share the truth and shine the light on the scenario so you can figure out how to work through it. If you're going to restore the relationship but don't do it in a way where you want to be putting people on blast and were going to be is going to cause a more of a deeper root of bitterness and anger unanimous that we have the come with the right intentions were coming to resolve the situation so we met make sure our heart is right before we come together with the parsing to resolve the situation.

Make sure that your your Ian result is to get peace and the understanding and if you can't resolve the situation with the person a lease you can be restored any lease you can be free and and and restore your relationship back with that sometimes we get upset with guy like why you let me guide you allowed, but then we also know the Scripture says that he will conform everything together for your good writing will conform into his will for your good no matter what he was and that Joseph situation. What I was thousand eight and we got about you know you like wearing the same 14×13 years later. But notice how God over time, it doesn't specifically say all of this. All the process that Joseph was going through. But God was working on Joseph's heart gradually while he was being steadily done wrong over and over again, so far as his brush didn't leave until not granted okay daddy messed up with it. EEP caused the jealousy hello, you have other children don't call one of your favorite okay I'll be right down because I'm a mom… He is so old. Joseph's prominent place.

Now granted okay much 08 and not okay. Pray the Lord about it. Okay great. Keep regular about it, but don't project this favoritism and so all brothers may want to kill him.

Problem Jacob so and going farther okay just is already cocky.

Okay he dreams and everything. Now granted, his cockiness was mixed with innocence look at it. I think the lighting was in a sense, you but I feel like my mama for the same time that might have been a little bit there little bit about reality, but I see overarching rape.

I was like, guess what you say like he's the youngest probably Benjamin Young is he the second 12 is having a drama going on here way okay go check on his brothers okay.

Now granted, my thing is okay.

The reason I say talking is maybe a little bit is the work okay overseeing his brothers don't we know they were supposed to be working.

He'll go check and your brother and see what they're doing okay then okay right now he's a tattletale can okay, so I'm saying all this to say Jacob created a bad scenario. However, God used it for his glory and we are going on a break was supposedly one of the one of busy bees mixes the day okay to give up Scripture before we go to get word on Matthew 539 through 41. But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on right. She turned to him the other also want to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.

And if someone forces you to go want mall go with him. So now this was Jesus did when Paul beat her name is Jesus, and I must tell you some. I'm still working on working on that one is Jesus showing us the faith walk like all of these is the walk right into exile, breaking down five Matthew 539 through 41 does not mean to place yourself or others, and danger, but a means to forgo retaliation. It says release the need for retaliation for personal offenses. Morels the war will never in the drama was never in the confusion will never in. He is the God of infinite wisdom. He knows what is going to bring the Prince of peace, and he knows the solution to evil. You overcome evil with good. We can put into the okay going on.

That's what he is after the revelation of this Scripture so Christ was not fitting. He was not getting government foreign policy. Neither was he throwing out the judicial system. Crime what was done was a crime. Crime can still be prosecuted okay so probably pretty labeling old. I'll let God take care of that currently but he's also put the system to allow of the land and place also to keep order.

Okay, so we should just roll that out all right. He was not throwing out the judicial system cries can still be prosecuted. All right, so we shouldn't have just the letter of the law. We want to possess the spirit of the law, which is love and righteousness and love really sums up the entire law. We would just love each other the way that God intended us to love each other when writing would have all the family thought it had vomited up all in one, a man with no right along, so straight Dr. Tony Evans is even though we may not like hard time need crisis look at an unnatural way to navigate through Christ this week on the alternative five connection with one family… Thank you for listening in. We are back here today were talking about personal and divine forgiveness but want to give you all the new new thing we got a gospel mixed by DJ busy bee wants to listen to you. Feel free to call and tell us how you feel about it. The number 336-896-1340. Here we go that you know you want to be the only black storm blessed this thing. You are DJ busy bee see you only trifles get money minutes old nose working like oh you want to spoil him last convertible to Changi risk level with muscle agent settling removal removal. I got all my weight went one moment, one would hope you will will will will supply all my little nose. I and GC will John change in where family terrific fantastic one, and Ms. Holland. I think we have an announcement for our initial event that's coming out right.

We do so on February 7.

That is a Friday from 630 to 830 I want to encourage all of you to come out to High Point to the historic Ritz theater that historic Ritz theater is 709 E. Washington Dr. again. It's in High Point, North Carolina.

I encourage you to bring all your family and and and your children bring your children. We want everybody to come out is totally child with a childproof tell you that here the fourth. Mind you this is a ribbon-cutting and it's also a fundraiser will bring you five dollars bring you one dollar bring your thousand dollars bring you back dollars okay it's free to give him you know and what what is this going to be a demonstration of what we really about him and what this ministry icon to learn yet we don't have Mike Tuesday DJ busy but no doubt mature and everybody here at the broadcast is one of his words, going to be regulating you know God is good, you know. And this is not going to be our first when this is kicked off, but you know we want to be more connected into the community. So that's our goal is to get connected into the community want to do more stuff outside. We got some good things coming up we go have some awesome tailgate. The stickers that you don't have to put on because we will be driving around sometime soon, and if we catch you out in the street with the tailgate sticker you going when you are nice and enterprise that we will we working on a lot of things, but God is good. So that night and I hope you received what we were talking about forgiveness and spiritual thing. And this is something that we need to possess as Christians, and operate in daily and Lauricella, Miss Viola, you are going to give us the happenings and inside your village. That's right so again all of you part of my feelings right everybody listening out there. Your fun and so these happenings and insights are focused on one education and life development wealth creation in business and holistic health and also community engagement, and that is intercultural and intergenerational community engagement. So today we are going to dive into actually follow up with the health that I mentioned last week, so some of you are dealing with cold and flu things of that nature, but you don't have to. You know sometimes we can actually build our immune system up in such a way that calls this passes okay those viruses just overly came back okay and I know a lot of you have children out there they go, that they go to the schools and they pick up stuff okay but if your child immune system is built up enough and I'm not just talking about vaccines. Okay, some people do not like vaccines because they are actually doing more damage sometimes. But I'm talking about actually doing the natural thing for yourself and for your children where that your immune system can be built up so and this is coming from experience I grew up like this. I still practice these these things. I drink some tea. Earlier was him as an bring it right now with machination and holding his body in it and and Echinacea and Golden State are two herbs that are good for the building of the new system. There's also come free. Hibiscus is actually good for it has vitamin C in it. My mother used to give me give me Hibiscus juice will Hibiscus tea make it into something that's similar to Kool-Aid okay is not actually Kool-Aid. Of course, but to put his natural sweetener in there like honey or or raw sugar, and it looks red and children all don't know the difference okay anything they drizzle Kool-Aid with a drink and some something healthy but had a lot of vitamin C in their and then there's also of course regular vitamin C you get that from oranges and limited things like that garlic is very good because actually whining lowers blood pressure. By the way, what is an antibacterial and antifungal agents though, when you're taking in the garlic those oils in their actually help to get rid of the bad bacteria in your body and also also, you know fungus that is growing somewhere anybody or only about. Then there's also ginger it financing flat inflammatory.

So if you if you have a cold.

Your your lungs are inflamed at your throat is inflamed, drink some ginger tea or or just you can use and I'll juice it or I'll boil it down, and so it because it is drink as a team. I put some honey may put women in their soothing. It also kills the cold virus okay then also cayenne pepper is really good for the blood cleanses the blood is also an anti-inflammatory. Even though his cayenne pepper is an anti-inflammatory unique literature sinuses. A cleanser definitely does something. I would also so I tend to make concoctions with all of these things minus was that minus the Hibiscus but I will put Echinacea in goldenseal. I might become free. I will place garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and definitely limiting honey maybe squeeze some orange juice in there as well. Oranges not the Jews that you flooring on, actually squeezed yourself. You can also find tinctures in the form of Echinacea goldenseal and some other herbs tinctures are basically it's the liquid form capsules as well, though get into your blood stream faster to help the healing go faster now. There is 18 that I recommend like I getting this particular sampler tea is called a seasonal sampler by traditional medicinals SDT brand you can find that and probably any grocery store that one of the favorites in their skull throat coat that has a licorice tea and is very soothing to your throat and some other immune boosting teasing their throat coat and then also gypsy cold care. So that's in the seasonal sampler.

But if you just get the seasonal sampler.

You have several different types of teas so to recap, all right, one more thing.

Essential oils now. Essential oils are really good to ingest yes okay dilute and ingest, but also if you're dealing with your sinuses are clogged up.

My mom used to do this for me.

If you have some boiling water and put some some eucalyptus leaves in their or even essential oils and schedules but yet eucalyptus leaves you can do it that way or essential oils. A few drop in their and then put a towel over your head. Over the past and start breathing in those vapors. That is like a diffuser.

Is this is a home homegrown diffuser breed that in an interaction. Cleanse your sinuses in it.

It'll break up that that that the clogging in your sinuses. I had that as a child, so I encourage you to, you know you do that for you children be careful no, but that's appointed there so recapping. Please take care of yourself. You already know to keep yourself warm Ya right you should already know to drink plenty of water. You already know to to eat right and encouraging you to if you don't know lots of vegetables and fruits. Okay the produce, especially the rough edges you know that the green leafy vegetables will help to clean your body out if you don't have that roughage. Your body will digest properly. Your body will digest the food properly and don't fill yourself with a whole bunch of meat because you clogging up your intestines by doing that in the order of meat that interject, digest, and you start with fish, chicken, maybe some lamb, beef and pork so I'm going in the order of the spectrum is easier to digest fish taken digest likely okay so I'm learning everybody to, you know, take heed and please take care of yourself this season and everything and less impermissible law is the well well family. Hope you have benefited from the good wonderful holistic information in actually applying to help us right right so we were talking about forgiveness today and he has been such an enlightening program.

I would have to say is blessed me I'm processing a lot of information and just because I'm sitting here and I'm actually giving you my insight does not mean that I have mastered everything that I have shared. I am actually practicing this right now okay is the wall turning a man and witness how you mastered by Jay practice makes perfect, right, I mean seriously because faith is not what you know is what you believe and I believe that through the power of God, he will give me. He will give us the ability to do this very unhuman unnatural thing called forgiveness and to do it the way where it is susceptible of the him so we're just gonna pray I'm really just take a moment out to extend to you an opportunity to search your heart and search yourself if there's any grudges that you're holding against someone of theirs Annie on forgiveness is lying dormant in your heart. Any relationships that someone was someone you might have to go back and apologize to you might need to ask for forgiveness. Do not waste another moment. Don't waste another day you may not have another opportunity take that time to do and do it now. And even if that person does not your apology know that because you did the right thing that God is going to honor you and he's going to reward you for your repentance and then you can also be restored back unto the Lord. So forgiveness does not mean that you should not hold that person accountable. A man like I want to restore us and he would like to restore our relationships as a whale. And so Christ is the ministry of reconciliation and I want to start the prayer off with the Scriptures of second Corinthians 517 through 21 which reads, therefore if anyone is in crises, a new creation. The new creation has come out is Don the new is here all this is from God.

All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation that God was reconciling reconciled Messiah reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people singing against them and he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf be reconciled to God. God made him who had no scene to be seen for so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. There is help for healing and sell pray with me now father and the mighty name of Jesus. Give me healing in my heart give me healing in my mind, heal all the broken places restore all the wounds that are there in my heart heal me from every offense that anyone has ever done to me. Give me the power to go to who those I have offended and asked for repentance Lord.clans may purge mean I surrender to you my mind my will and my emotions. Lord forgive me. I believe in your sign.

I believe that he died and he rose again. I believe that you gave him as the ministry took for me to be reconciled back unto you, Lord, I give me the power to release release myself and release others Lord out of every and any offense and I decree and declare that this will be done by faith in you into the power that you give in Jesus Christ name a man so family we love you and we really really hope and pray that you and blessed by this broadcast today. God wants us to release all bitterness and anger hatred and rage submit to him, everything just surrender. Sometimes it is just Eli got you now just say Lord I'm broken in, and my heart is broken and I don't know how to fix it. Just surrender to him just submit and he will do what you do not have the power to do what you notice of the Scriptures when the Scripture says they bring your petitions to me is not.

This is not just saying. Bring your request of me is also sent bring your hurts to me bring and bring and what frustrates you to bring me your problems, ring, mystery me on those things that bring me that hurt the someone did to you. Bring the letter talk about it because that's how you feel, soon viewing that in those areas that and we have to do we have to give it to him because you know this is a spiritual walk. This is a spiritual battle when we don't fight against flesh and blood and and and the for some time someone will offend you, and you know like I said before you know it, they could just be having a bad day that you know and it is is not intentional or so we can hold that against them. In other words, we have to forgive them and move one but God is always that counselor of this writing there because he doesn't. She does speak, he does speak to you. You know you have to know that your Bible says, how can you come to me let you first believe that I am and that I am a rewarder of them that diligently seek me so you know he wants to hear your petitions. Your request problems and is not that he's alienated from them.

You he wants you want to be a part of your life bring that to give it to a couple resources. I believe that listeners would benefit from one of them is called choosing forgiveness.

I it's I John and Paula Sanford. They are not there in heaven right now, but they were ministry team years ago and so choosing forgiveness and also a book called the power to forgive and that's by Reinhard Hartzler.

The last name is spelled HIRT's and Tom LER Reinhard Hartzler and encouraging you to get these books, this one by Reinhard Hartzler. It actually has part in here where you can actually Journal little visitor questions that your ass in here and you can Ashley do a little bit of journaling.

Also want to encourage you to if you feel like you need some help with this process. I encourage you to email into BTG room to give you my email address. It's BTG Ms. that's BTG MS F OLA Evans and and share what's going on with you and and let's go through this together connection with support you not to do this by yourself and you are not by yourself. I just want to give you this Scripture probably gave it last week but is a Scripture essay is John 1426 through 27 that says that the advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives mean he don't take it back. A man let do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid the Holy Spirit that has seen his way. Here to help us do the unthinkable different deals with things that are unthinkable that we feel like we don't have the power to do the Holy Spirit will give you the ability to do that and I know Charlie Peebles given some practical yes it say absolutely I could get to the record just like finish artist, Robert appeared at you know and when it comes forgiveness like how you forgive what you're doing your releasing your right to get even with somebody and you keep on doing something that's continue, you keep doing it until that and so you're no longer hurt that all that else and are therefore ways that that'll that'll tell you how foresaw the show how you're on the road forgiveness that one.

You have to make that that that the actual decision to let go of to let go of your anger that the first it was forgiveness doesn't start with the apology that you have to take upper step in that forgiveness in itself is not a destination. It's a journey. It sometimes it can take time, you will depend on how you how you get hurt but it's a constant process is a constant journey. The second second second way was yet there. It requires a difficult discussion about the truth of the offense that I noted out. So in order for you to forgive yet to make sure that you and the person at the offender are not walking in in law that you are walking in a lot and you know the third way out of a sign that your you're on the road to forgiveness is that you not telling about everybody doesn't need to know your faith.

You don't you have to go out and and tell everybody you know what's going on. If I just ask you and all I do know how you feel you want to bring up all those things I think that when you're on your way to work with all recoveries that you bring up you don't have to cost you your you're on a roll when you want to talk about so much in the last.

The last way I would say that that showing that you're on the road.

Forgiveness is that you determine the destiny of the offender is in the hands of God, that you understand where you are that you know that if it's something that intentional that that was intentional that you understand that what they meant for evil God made for your good that because a look at where you are now to where you was as a result of that offense and understand that you know what it got worked up for is good and if you want to test that you want to see if you're if you're having a hard time with wood forgiven and preformed. Pray for that person. Don't pray about uncle preform, pray, pray for them though to have their you know, promotional and jobless in the XO to bless her heart, and he started yelling I got God to let them be that ugly ever given a life. Yes, this is something that gives you the freedom it gives you the freedom when you're free from that situation, the circumstances and is unlimited unlimited freedom right here know if it feels so good I want to make sure I give a shout out to my dad. I've talked about my dad on the air and he and I have gone through some reconciliation and I want to say daddy I love you aloof will I love you so much and I'm so glad that we made it the way we made it with God. There's more healing and freedom in and prosperity for us in Jesus name. And you know I just want to say before we let thou here because we are got about 10 seconds to seek help counseling. Proverbs 1114 says that there is safety and the mob of counselors or you will fall you is nothing wrong with getting counseling and psychological health is much as you need prayer. Take care very emotionally is like a lot. There's nothing wrong with it

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