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"Persistence Over Pressure" with Fasheion, Charlie P. and Minister Cannady

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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March 2, 2020 12:49 pm

"Persistence Over Pressure" with Fasheion, Charlie P. and Minister Cannady

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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This amendment and he and you know I like that office and a good gospel music get that in us.

We cannot get motivated a little bit. Hope you have a great weekend, a man, but his that new song from young broke for the four bars for me to please invite me to lunch. I got King no time straight shot to say the name.

No man, I'm going now. Hey this is Gary McGee Pastor restoration Community Church in Winston-Salem and I heard you listen to my brother Wayne Kennedy on his heel .101 going all the being in God will be bringing Faludi God bless my weasel know you will and bring in nearly all the way came all night in you and diminish the new ridge around right now so no running back dog is bragging chain conveying many of you know that you know I don't have my going to make it career you prayer is so much more than a wish list and a candy store. This is real family life with author and conference with Dennis Rainey next Friday, February 20 you know honestly I just never really know how to pray for my wife.

I mean, I asked God to bless her. Bless the kids that cannot thing but then what I guess that's just as my friend Bob Lapine cohosted family life. Today was leaving for work one morning he put his arm around his wife Marianne and prayed Lord I ask that you would stretch Marianne today you would challenge her spiritually when he said amen Marianne looked back up at him and said, would you mind just praying that I have a nice day that the kids would behave there clearly times when you should print Your wife that she have a good day filled with all kinds of things that she'd enjoy your husband that God would grant him favor in his work, but there are also times when it's appropriate to pray that the Lord would deepen your spouse's faith and expand their view of God old spiritually stretching for your spouse if you do that. Be sure you're willing to receive one of those same old prayers. Dennis Rainey, that's real family life says we need to pay more attention to the things that draw us together all you morning yeah yeah yeah kingdom family inspiration we get everybody in a building a gaming is the doing.

Can you fill in the Lord is good and great below what is good, doing good I'm doing good how you how you now may not be feeling good today is called out Babbitt back at the mother may read a map for the sunshine and we have a very special gift with honor of Carol beautiful man by giving love the day and you know to be a great show and always is going down, it is testimony time where our praise report.

The BTG chart and share with what God has got done for you today. I met you this week.

God is always working, but you this you know just waking up in the morning and woke up this morning about 4 o'clock in the morning and I went to bed about 12 so I woke up just like was just me and God. And just that that conversation that closeness know sometimes we don't really of value that personal top earlier this morning.

He said this is between going to sleep and rest. I was in the peace of God's justice is awesome.

You know what he's just awesome and to be able for him to bring me into this folder to give you my servant no matter what. I just appreciate you so much that is always distant Thanksgiving him and what he's doing in our lives.

Amen we would like for you to Colleen and share your testimony for this week and what God has done for you at 336-896-1340 shot Colleen a share what God has done.

So I'm going to like it a lot is a lot to be thankful he is less night I was able to link to Alex with the produce the intro. We talk I guess Alec missed the produce. I was no it was. It was is been a while since we as we linked up. But why is this slide. Wisdom flows from something like you deftly think awful companionship you want to be able to like iron sharpens iron so is like trying being able to have somebody to talk to about you, even as a man right that that you have a poor poor from being Mary back is be from that weather is no don't like relationships or anything of that nature, but it was it was really good. It's also really good like a would I just don't try just just try to just talk about really came as he knows, that was a blessing in another sense, and I think a lot of men missed that that the man should have someone that he looks up to the converse with conversationally Panini someone that you also need someone that he can mentor and that circle completes the man you and you know it is such a beautiful thing to be able to fellowship with your brother set most of ministry that day is important in our lives is done in the midst of fellowship unanimously is something you can even get conveyed properly and unless it within fellowship. So Philip is just as important as you know traditional ministry.

A man felt wonderful all my praise report as a healer, Jeff holograph, I give you praise and glory and honor for being who you are. My mind was the light from Monday to Thursday okay and we can figure out what was going on.

We went to the urgent care. Then we went to the ER today which is Wednesday we went to Karen again and we just cannot figure out what this consistent column was this god awful, every 30 seconds to start vomiting so you know about the Google guy gave him three different when he went to the doctor what have you is that we just kind of figured out it was a virus Nokia light is enough of those toddlers is like the baby version of bronchitis. Now we can do. It was just a virus. He is the weary off but he's not copied almost none.

When he was coughing hysterically and I know what to do and I was looking crazy like Lord these doctors.

I have no answers. I need you to be my doctor today.

I was a solider speaking over his life in the name of Jesus by the blood of Jesus. Isaiah 53 of five you are healed. You were healed and I care what the symptoms was I just kept speaking the word of what we do. We help we don't be determined by the circumstances. Keep speaking healing on silly manna for Salam Jesse L thing about it is Raphael Thomas actually you guys. She is the owner of Carol beautiful made spa. She is here with us today and we would like to now if you would like to share testimony would is the minister earlier myself. Also woke up early this morning and then you know God said to me because you know you get anxious to reflect it well and said just gratitude can be no. I realize I'm grateful to be able to think I'm in a safe home that I have my fingers. I have fish and I have hearing and so the little things that we take for granted that everyone does not. So God just reminded me that you are anxious about so many things, but you have to basic things in life need in order to survive. So just remember gratitude for those things that we take for granted that we don't have to hassle, but we do have testimony morning of just being grateful and so powerful because I heard minister from years back. He said, us Americans.

We have rich people problems.

There are countries where they do not have running water line that I have a toilet running your home like to have those conveniences running water like people in a project little better then the people in Third World countries that we have rich people problems that we just do we give God glory for the little things that we take for granted. A man seven years in the military I have lived in many countries and just what you're saying is true because prior to going to live in other countries.

I took everything we had television cable light offer. Granted, since assuming that we were supposed to. But once you other places and you another thing go back to gratitude is that you see how happy they are with the little bit that way brings back to me again.

I will what I was supposed to have an God always brings it back to me. Just as a reminder when I getting comfortable and feeling like this is what I'm supposed to have that hey wait a minute, you're thankful that what you have to decide you don't have to say in order to be great you have to be great, and animals that the complaining and murmuring.

The ideas realize I remember that. So let me shack share with us your testimony tell us how good the Lord is evening what he's done in your life and our number is 33 feet 896 13 four days out Mr. Kennedy do we have any giveaways you know that was not on my desk so I would have any giveaways, but you know some some books and things like that to give away one of but we don't have the tickets or anything like now.

Okay yes, what we have in Ms. Raffaella Thomas.

She has something she would like to share well again. I am the owner of kind of beautiful so the services that I provided Botox and fillers so maybe for the first two callers give away at least 40 units of Botox and they can redeem it by calling the radio station and then coming to my clinic. In college I heard that we have free beauty service says about Hera beautiful man's body better. Colleen, what is the first two callers Jan be blessed now cattle Colleen my appetite. Her about myself okay okay so Ms. love your business Carol beautiful so beautiful talk just a little bit about me I am a family nurse practitioner I've been practicing medicine, family medicine for 16 years prior to that I was an RN for 15 years so the numbers that you are the medical profession again. I served in the military.

27 years. I retired as the major and that was once again travel. My eye was the only assistant dental hygienists and family medicine. I love Jesus I love health and so beautiful, means face in Spanish because Spanish used to be my first language is my second language amazing by the way, one in the race in Panama held cottages means that beautiful face and so for me in our health. Everyone has been important all of my life but I also realize that is much as we take care about that how we look on the outside means and where does those living in a society where where interacting with people and the first thing they do is look at your face. You know mouth, but not only curbside prints we we we work out. We do everything and then we look in the mirror and with those frown lines, I can't seem to get rid of them. I have the laugh lines on the side of my face and you know those lines on your eyes that used to be sorry now just wrinkles you know and so this something we can do about just to see her face-to-face. She said his mom and she really is allowing like seriously, I love Madison I love bases and so I had a beautiful payment for years wanted to update one morning God said to me you keep talking about you. Keep go and get a place that was the first one I went ahead and did that I had to follow through with what he told me to do so. I services of Botox and break each and every one of them down because patients people clients say will what is Botox so Botox is what we use to lacks the muscles in your front when you frown you have what they call if you let me in on your four head develop those wrinkles that won't go away. When we use Botox.

Botox relaxes the muscles was like a Jill that you put on all injection injection that was such a man? I you put it on, but you wake up in the morning comes right back. Okay when you Botox injections and I would like to live like a good guy, like I'm going to like Botox like plastic surgery is good to be educated by the way, I will say 20% of my clients on me. Because men are also into their health and how they look and again, just like women do.

They look at their faces, especially with me. We have, you know, balding society where heads are shaved but you have wrinkles on your four head. Everyone is smoother, softer appear well you know what I know I am totally interested. I want to be Bonnie services that shall not calling you for okay we have to beauty services that she is giving away Ms. Raffaella Thomas a Carol beautiful man's by ladies that are Colleen at 336-8968 St. Sartre 13 433-6896 1340 Colleen get these free services, but we can write also breaks out on jobs. I said I will be right back to you every Friday we hear right here with Ms. Raffaella Tom is the owner of Carol beautiful meds get right into this interview is a question for you so am curious to know what it's is your burning bush experience and a sense of for those that are familiar that burning bush experience is when that that first interaction that Moses has with God.

As a result of that that experience begins to push Moses on his path to his purpose.

Some interesting what is your what is your burning bushes. I think I mentioned it earlier where all of a sudden he told me get up and go and rent a place, because for years.

Everyone knew what the dream was what my plan was business plan had already been written out mission statement. Everything was done except for what I needed to do was to get started.

So when he said okay get up and go and rent a place, there was no turning back. And from there I just been going forward.

That was it me merman man is what what what the second question I have kind of ties and of the topic for today, which is perseverance under pressure and understanding that a lot of that is made based on your face. A lot of that lot about his faith dependent and so something that helps increase faith are seeing the actual experiences of witnessing God move on.

And so, with the same question wondering what will you feel is your RAM in the Bush experience and met with this since I made so God had made Abraham the promise of you will be a father of many nations right Abraham had Isaac Isaac to our God told Abraham to go to the top amount to sacrifice his son. So I she's going up as Abraham is taking his son Isaac.

Not sure at all how God is going to move bring you know brings up his his son talking down getting ready to sacrifice his son and Angel tells Abraham no, wait, hold on for long, slow. Now you have to do it you have to do this a.m. in off to the side there was a RAM in the bush that was provided for him to sacrifice in place of his son.

So God, it provided him a sacrifice to his faithfulness. So for you, what you feel. I guess what what has been your RAM in the Bush experience. So for me I had an experience where you know when you open any practice you open on faith want to go out you go out on faith in and there's a lot of competition out there and you always wondered what how are you to make okay. I had two months where no one came at all and I felt going up the mountain. I felt that man is this the right thing for me to be and then I had to remember you came my fiancé for Jesus is something just you sit here and you wait until they start coming, they will go to dear stop or quit and I had to do that.

The phone started ringing two months because if you're going to need your paying rent. You bought all the lies you have advertisements going and no one is walking and I'm a tell you something if you don't have faith about anything they chose stepped out to do when you walk out of your door and you don't have patients to go with that. You may not be going in the right got away. And even if one person just comes. I thank him for his say okay because there can be others coming behind Lucia Prichard wholeheartedly like if you notice I printed the details of the day. There are a lot of good points that I think you look the listeners may have maybe been missed that. You know when it comes to faith. The greatest enemy to faith is doubt like Dell's gonna come and creep them but which you immediately identified and you spoke it down.

You looked at that Dowson know the you're not gonna take over my knuckle tickle my mama my state of your neck and overcome my faith. You're not going to beg you, when I went to recognize where you are. A number to put you in your place and have not perseverance of you know what all I have is this promise that God may be that you know what I'm going to want to speak on his faith that even though the devil may work. He may work at you try to make you forget God's promise of the things that God says you really spoke that you spoke your faith that that you spoke to him and proceeded to to get you through and as a result of very successful business. I do and I want to reiterate patients we've got away because everything seems you know we look at other people and their success and see all I want to be there. It's not going into any job and wanting to be the manager excuse me, he was sweeping the floor when he first got and you so you have to you know don't look at other people's success and equated to you because you don't know how they got there.

How much faith they had and how long it took them to the journeys you know well especially on always says one step in front of the other difference that is out of that. You know what you walking you wait and what you walking was right. And while were on this for Lance to give this scripture first James one. I'm sorry James wine, 204 consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces patience and is some versions it says perseverance and went let patients finish its work so that you may be mature and complete lack that you got a the process very patient think the great things that I'm starting with one of the greatest thing that you said that you know God told you yesterday some of us personally something think that is how does my writing more that are having a hard time destroying okay when the same but you know that God told you something.

I think that gives you the hope to proceed because you know.cannot lie right you know that Jeremiah 2911 says that his goal is to prosper you that is planned by my mother is prospering you spiritually what is prospering you financially run.

We know that his plan is to prosper so we can hold onto that which I do I go try to do something on their own and I'll ask God for like a guy like I like you know this time. I like the way people… But it's all about doing things in it and then I got I got sometimes give view what you call, you like him sound like the plant is beautiful because that's not what you supposed to be with the Scripture says that will be done okay let my will be rejected working alive once announced the ladies again and means you actually were given away to free beauty services so call in at 336-896-1340 and first the cause of my Wendy's restart as they call it the thing about it is not likely as not creating injectors you are calling in all right come get these free services. A man Ms. Raffaella, could you share with us all of the services that you provide.

Yes I provide free consultations and so we spoke about the four head wrinkles what's called the crows feet those of the lines on the side of your eyes. Also, a lot of people have what we called on bags under your eyes and on the steer trucks and so I like for you to come in and get that evaluated and everyone is not a candidate.

If you are I will let you know. But those bags under the eyes is something that the fillers also can take care also have the nasal labial full which of those lines decrees that goes from the base of your nose down to your lips as we get older. What happens is that we start losing volume in our face, and I know there's the old cliché ghetto like don't crackle these other different cultures, but I base maybe Simon but regardless of who you are, you will be losing volume in your face is just anatomy and the nature of aging. Everyone loses volume in your face and fillers is used to replace that volume so that two products here were talking about Botox for the wrinkles that relaxes the wrinkles that lasts approximately 3 to 4 months and then have dealers to replace the volume in your face the we all going to use no matter how you look at it. Phyllis last anywhere from a year to a year and 1/2 so that is not something you have to come and have repeated night Botox then you have the marionette lines which they call the puppet lines would you look at your face. You have that line from your lips going down. Yeah, something similar to that further down the puppet line and those are also filled by fillers and so every client who comes in receive a different procedure based on what their needs are and I'm really honest with everyone. If you need it. I will tell you if you do not, I will tell you that you don't need it most of my clients are company starting from the age of 25 and up, and also I do provide the lip services you know know this is a big deal for everyone. Lips pump. The label morning. I got so cold that provide wonderful. I love what I do love making men and women feel healthier on the outs I was feeling good about them. You know what you when you look good now know we got to give it it's it's crazy when you look good you feel more confident you can perform better have a comfort you might you be just me be more confidence and use United self-conscious for you. Now you can perform better when you're most confident you know how you look at facts that I agree with that 100 member what she might hit ball back in the day get a fresh cut would have done in my pocket, but like a clean car clean feel good okay what kind of car you get you did better keep it clean.

Okay, what would you say be stored overly right you make your rollover much out of cleanup and detailed insult. Ms. Raffaella, then I want you to know you guys are business is called Carol beautiful me by and she is giving a way to free beauty services to our first two callers so make sure you don't have that opportunity by any you I'm telling you I'm thinking I'm selling your mother someone bring her mom yell. You are your dad was that he learned that romancing a writing style, Ms. Thomas, is there anything you would like to share with the community about beauty and Hill. Well, let me first say how I can be contacted yet that writer have a website, cut a

I'm also on Instagram cut a beautiful_you tell the listeners how to spell it just to make sure it gets kinda a R a BEA you TI SQL Qaeda beautiful one word, and so I am on twitter Instagram, LinkedIn and I have a website with blinders you start your name or Instagram was Qaeda beautiful__and so when it comes to beauty and health scores. I not just from the facial aspect part of it but also on the inner health scores fresh vegetables always proved water and I recommend exercise I just got a phone call of what one wanted to make sure you get my information we got to live with.

Most also want to set out to ask and is in the house is what it is important to get a medical medical counseling and all of the Scripture diskette doesn't get Proverbs 47 with all thy getting get understanding.

Understanding that I would appreciate if you want something all right hello everyone out there my name is talk her. I am the ask behind Anna and I am a nurse practitioner as well. Raffaella and I have been friends for many many years. We went to nurse practitioner school together.

One of you in the will providing us with an awesome education. I am also a doctor of nursing practice.

I am Dr. Hannah and her and I have been interested in providing medical services by consulting those to make sure that they understand and know what the physician is saying into them many many times I have come behind doctors in the patient would say have no clue what he is saying in the last 29 years you all. I have come behind a doctor and blame to them to the person what was being said.

So therefore I have decided that what I've been doing for many many years for free. I can provide you with that service in detail and really really make sure that you understand what they're saying yeah important it is for lack of knowledge that we are being destroyed.

Our bodies understand things and we do need to understand so that service that I provide for everyone. It is called asking Anna ask me and I will tell you what you need to know to help you take better care of yourself. The premise of my company is to make sure that health literacy we overcome that and make sure that our people understand what they need to understand that is so critical because even when I worked in family medicine nor the emergency room. The nurses will come back in civil patient sums so is asking me question so what I'm saying is that often you know we walk out and didn't understand a word that we sent you.

Yes, that they call you exactly for. Thank you as the provider that you understood, yes, but you did not yet as we don't want to be looking allowance be repeated over and over again, but yet we really do need to meet to be broken down in layman's terms you I 24. Question everything that is how many times just to exactly so began patients are.

I can think of to say exactly, especially when you are dealing with a chronic medical condition that the end result is irreversible. So when I became a nurse practitioner I entered into the profession, working in nephrology Reno and go for six years.

I care of patients who had progression of their chronic kidney disease to the point where they needed dialysis and many of them said to me, if any.

If someone had only told me that my kidney disease was irreversible and that if I did not slow progression of that I would end up on dialysis that this is something that I could've prevented and now you're telling dialysis so I knew right then and there.

I had to do everything I could to increase knowledge and understanding know you do not have to end up on dialysis do not have to end diabetic.

In a prediabetic state.

The things that you could do so. Those things that I specialize in is slowing down progression of chronic kidney disease to end-stage renal dialysis and help people who are prediabetic know that they can.

They do not have to become overtly done things that I do specialize appreciate that you know you know what is given to us.

What it shows, bridging the gap we pretty much up front to bridge the gap with every area of your life right now because the Scripture said he doesn't just want to bless you spiritually want to bless us physically as well on these ladies that some of our future, our partners in the events and all that stuff but we do have to go to a break and God is good a minute. I will be right back. You retain teams confront hard facts and conflict in crisis when others might look away.

We step into act because measles still kills children every year to vaccinate a worldwide Republic of Congo all maternal death occurred during delivery within 24 hours 1.4 million births around the world including here for new mothers in Afghanistan because some countries, only one or two mental health processional for counseling and clinical care, providing over 400,000 mental health consultations worldwide last year, including care for migrants and refugees care and compassion.

Our lifesaving together. Drs. without 240 2C degrees to 7.55 we can keep it up front and one will just come in the sun go down.I just come in time.even if you must stay connected to everything that you take. Make the team. We are really yeah we are feeling, the owner of care of beautiful man she had been a wonderful gift with us today educating and inspiring our listeners and sharing with all of her medical services and we would like to know where can we find you. I am located in the friendly shopping center in Greensboro and so right next door to Katherine's closet is on the same sidewalk as Chucky cheese. Everyone knows Chucky cheese also like to mention that I make house calls and I also have Botox parties for any risk that hot ladies yesterday got it down and and how can we contact you the number is 910-554-6856 again – 910554656. You can go. My email is a beautiful

Fantastic soaking on family. You all have to get in contact with Ms. Raffaella Thomas with care of beautiful Medspa share some very awesome beauty services that you need to take advantage of. So give her a call – just love you so much for giving me the opportunity to be variance for me. Thank you so much as you have just been a beautiful spirit and you guys. She is actually beautiful herself.

She's a great product of her own work today, yes, but it's been a blessing soon okay thank you so soaking the family what we have coming up next is the book of slightly administered know Wayne can't even specimen a good a word I got ready for it. So you are, what with the book slices in some studies that I did my pass and I'm just sharing them with you. The book slices about this concept actually slices me must-read day but you know I gave a back room so stands for salvation lies salvation lies in Christ eternally change to but that is was going on.

A man should do some give you something that a study that I did. And the thing about this is this is Scott is kind of deep. I like the hidden things in Scripture. But you know we all know that the ball if you don't know let me just talking that if you don't know this, there will be two judgments in heaven after the rapture. One of them is called the white throne judgment and that's God dealing with sin issues, Young was called as the you find that what Scripture Romans 1410 says what will 14th and process for we will all stand before the judgment seat so that each of us give an account for himself and if you go to second Corinthians. We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due for brothers go to bed. What is new document.

If you read the contents of these Scriptures declared the word means judgment. So when you read the contents of these two scriptures is not talking to unsafe people read the whole Scripture he's talking to the state is talking to the ones that are professing to be replaced. He's talking about the ones that's going to be a part of the great taken away.

He's talking to the saints, and what I want you to understand is that those two scriptures.

The foundation of the saints. Judgment is upon the rather good and evil. You don't and that's what the Greek word for judgment defined in this beam up multitudes. You see that in different places in Scripture. With this judgment, but this one is particular.

This is because this particular verse because this is Bob, the believers to give an account to the Lord for everything and that's pretty much what would a set, so that's what I said so to bring the judgment is the believers giving an account of what they're going to find two scriptures that is going to be the Lord Christ just invented and it's not going to be like this is not a sin issue. This is this is what you will call 888 all will board issue. You know, we are not your people always say you need to understand that yet salvation is free. Salvation is based on what God did for us so far works.

Don't get us to heaven.

But when we get to heaven we will be judged for works for the saints need to understand and get that into the spirit Romans.

It's clearly about this is the is with crisis want to sit and judge us at saints for what we did in the body. What we did what we did when we was a lot to say it's not it's not the all about what you don't do is also about how you did what you did talk about this. The Bible speaks to some people that there that works is going to be burned up into space. This is to the census is not talking about and I need to get that clearly judgment the bittersweet is for the saints and a lot of people scholars debate that, but Scripture points out, this is right after the wretched front Christ is going to judge us according to our works. This means that you will you will make it to heaven. But the works might get burnt up and the reason is because you did in the wrong spirit in your description you can. You guys can studies yourself, but you can make it in, but the bema seat the bema judgment is Christ billing with our issues.

The judgment of believers, born-again believers. The purpose of the beaver seat is a public because the scriptures point out there's going to be public so all the saints, and then it was funny about the election. He points out that tears have not been as real Pacific what they say and it says that the point tears have not been rendered away.

It so this will be people that that that's what you gotta get your spirit right with Christ. Because if you get into the wrong attitude of doing work out her guy said go to the homes today going the wrong spirit sees the things that the Lord is going to burn up things that you did what you did in the wrong spirit. You know, we look at the King David and and most of us look at the mess in the drama that he got into, but he had a heart after God's will.

So really wasn't about what he done. The Lord dealt with what is done on the flip side of the matter. This is what scriptures point out, he's a man after God's own heart because his was his purpose is within him was to please God. So I want to get too deep with it, but the results of the judgment seat.

This is what the results of the judgment seat is a reward and its rewards lost so the bema BD MA. The this is Christ in you, in front of all the other saints that made heaven.

This is Christ in you, judging you on what you did while you walk this earth.

I say that to say because you know it's a shame to be involved in some and not get the full benefits of your health out for them.

I said that he was upset because of God's mercy. He was like printed on his deathbed he lived like this bed and is going to think is best that the principles of God is not based upon this basic base of the sincerity of your heart is based on it, so I want to get the people waited but I want to get to two to into it, but the script I think I will start the having this put on webpages something you know yeah because that would be great because leaders need to understand. Yes, salvation is free. Salvation is done because of the washing of the blood what Jesus did at the cross. Salvation is free, but you will be judged for your works. 104 so you need to do it in the right spirit makes no sense to to get all the way there and get stuff that you thought was right taken away from you and nondescript descriptor parts, a point about the new earth for knowledge. You know and am trying to be like with it, but try to get you to understand that how you live in affects your eternity were not talking about the same exit judgment is Christ billing with the saints is not not dealing with great white throne judgment is this decision issued but the bema judgment is strictly Christ you give an account of what you did what you was on this earth, and how you did it in the spirit that you didn't know and that's the point that I want to get through with this book/it always get understanding. This lady was speaking and not understanding needs to be based on the will of God know because we can do all things. Some things we can do in the name of the Lord, but you said I never knew you.

He said this will be many call out to me and just because they called out to me that doesn't mean you're going make it in so there's some specific things that we need to do as believers, how we need to walk how we need to talk how we need to carry yourself judgment just before I advised if you really want to know some things study it for yourself. Look up bema and you see the Greek word for it and see what it means. And that's the judgment seat of Christ. When the Bible talks about enrollments so that's all I want to give you today and sit with you and Marie descriptor one more time.

Second trip is five to we must all and if you read the contents of this chapter. He's talking to the saints.

He's talking to the believers and he says we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due, to us for the things we've done while we are in the body, whether it's good or bad. That's what I want to leave, which soaps will manage yourself. Manage your walk with Christ.

You know it's not it's not just about what you don't want, but it's also about how you do it and that's what Christ is looking at what spirit did you do it was the constant was the reason why you went over to the food shelf. Was it to take some self pictures you know I'm saying it to say, not not do believe in putting what we do on a mountaintop. The Bible is let the world know what we don't want but is that your mode let the world know what you don't want what you shot in front of people I know so please and you know you don't want to jump to Scripture, the Bible says this will bring everything back to remember that time he will bring everything back to remember that little strip point right after you know we we sit before cloud with their watching us. Unless you judge and jury.

You know what I say this because we need to get right with Christ. We need walk right with Christ, and we need to have that focus mine or Christ the bema seat is for the saints so don't get up bema season but have your works burned up and go up and there's a lot you know is a lot and I know you, but you will refer to all like Romans, and I believe, Corinthians, right is all that's also in Revelation saw him doing the study of all revelations through the word of the Bible app and it breaks down you just going through three chapter so it actually I just finished a more and more. Chapter 22 now in just a few days ago word were in chapter 20 and chapter 20 talks about how the other be the mass of people in 27 books open and then there's got to be another book will be open us to be the book of life point. All the debt will be judged based on you what's been recorded in all the different books that the books record like your actions and that something that they're going to give an account for so deftly makes BRCA2 perspective, what you have to be mindful of the thing that you do. And like the car for second that you know like it you know it as you come satellite. You will be judged based on all of your actions.

So like about this like do you part of social media you bought you bought a poster like you think like that judgment day God will plug your Instagram account is like to listen like you got your Instagram account you posing like this, you like garlic. If you are, you know what we were to say so just just be mindful so I met my because I can't write you at the cost of God. Maps are for the thoughts that you have at your domain order order order things that my actions.

I just can't let you to put yourself in that in that perfect step right in the inner person where where where you are white as snow because of the blood because the thing that Christ is the reason why I love Psalms number one because the whole foundation is in that you know some scriptures that back that up. But the whole foundation meditate on the Lord day and night shall be like a tree played by the rivers of water in your season. You know you will prosper you know and that's that's the biggest thing is that we have a continual mindset of Christ and was thinking David King David. He made some great mistakes. But his heart was always toward God. Right. And when when you know because we can get blinded by things you don't do enough because I had this conversation would further my garden.

David and he was more or less like you think David didn't know what he was doing when he did what he did know with a brush even a husband and I said he was definitely aware we are going right mindset until Jonathan came to him.

That was when he realized me yet what you do think something about it is we just need to keep that mindset and keep that mindset growing and developing. Because this is a never-ending battle, share Matthew for obtaining eight which is pretty much summing it. What you just say it that any reads these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, and now being in charge you now since I was a key eight and now I know you guys have experienced church culture for some time a lot of things that we do is for a religious state that our heart postures really is not toward dying out of the Scriptures tells us that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. But at the at the same rate. What it what condition is your heart you now what what was the intention you know what I'm saying like on the first. The rooms are not the first to but the greatest two Commandments was to love the Lord thy God how the heart, mind, and sound.

And the second is to love what you as yourself now. Sounds like everything that we do shift our motive should be.

Love you now and then the worst is that that sums up the whole law. So really it was say okay, in a sense, what is your heart, posture, what what condition is your heart and you mean to do what you're doing, you know, what was your intention behind that and when you talk about Instagram and and Facebook and stuff like employers are starting to look Instagram, and Facebook site is now five judge or hiring right now saying hello yeah everything that we do okay is my will is the case, Facebook is real, but family we help the Army ambulance body is working great outdoor break, but don't shop so instead I will be right back after the war right here in Winston-Salem North Carolina on the city Council will housing in the North Lord to bring good jobs to our community on small business funding and criminal justice with Councilwoman fighting, fighting, no community, and fighting for you on the like.3.561355 probably related to line up 27106 quality information call 33603. Our friends at my pillow have done it again. This time I can do without her.

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So you know to tie this is crazy forget to join the morning the Tracy Morgan show. I'll bring you the contemporary and traditional gospel music in the world and a whole lot more to help get started. Make sure you know that's why website musical so jointly for the Tracy Morgan show every morning starting at 10 AM) 103.5 and 96.3, then the light family and right so today is faith persistent under pressure and it made me we will be seen how our fate of faith, our ability to be persisting in our pursuit of God's will.

Our purpose and ambitions in life, especially during adversity in how God's grace can give us the power to endure and be victorious in every area of life.

A man Charlie Peebles on your heart is a relay city so your persistence under pressure that often times it is when were under pressure is really more tested right when were tested. You know the Bible talks about its its perfect faith. That's like it's going to be going to be proven sure to be tested by fire all that. So you know being able to recognize that when I think for me it can be.

You mentioned the Scripture earlier as it as it pertains to to Matthew, you wrote you all you read about your Scripture that you that you brought up it in Matthew yeah you for obtaining eight right right right and that you know, I know that that's something that out that I'm not unconsciously working on of being able to be thankful in those put in those times when when I am being tested. Knowing that you know of course is going is going to barefoot like it has to pass the bill can't can't live in the in the in the mindset I'm just going through these things for no reason, like whether it's my faith being grown or my mom mind being changed or my you know the way I think of the well love or different things like I have to look at it as I'm constantly growing and so I think like Pat is hoping to be consulate reminded of that helps me get into a place where I can be thankful of the trials in the church… I go through yet think like being able to faith a lot as we talked, we talked a little bit on the different foods of the fruits of the spirit and you know being able to being able to like exercise, though those fruits is going out. It certainly helps with his walker like especially the tuk-tuk I think like you know they are elected there. There different types of people where you know what it can, it can be something like that.

I also like this like some for some people it can be easy to call on God when you're going through something tough you know to mean other times it can be easy to only call on God with things going easy when things are going to stamp but I think I think sometimes there's a balance that sometimes I think looking back at my younger self. I think that, of course, not a new thing.

I knew would call but like it's those times when you know I get maybe like lackadaisical or or, lazy about when things are going to fly.

All you know what maybe I'm not really talking to God as much or you like that, but like it's important to understand my that when you're going through those tough times that you have yet to stick with it and we talked a little bit early about how… Please an effect on on the mind that having that doubt that's the best the enemy of faith, you have to be able to recognize and speak down on that that doubt assumes it come to recognize that it does like in week you know when when Mike Douglas let like sometimes he's not lazy skies clobber you know is not. He's not. He's not always just put something funny that's just I was obvious wrong know to me you put something from you that looks good at me. I think that something like you are to be a recognize what is easy versus what is right to me and the devil dead the devil will do and it may not like it at face value, it may not like is wrong like delicate you put something in your path that will take you off your purpose and again I admit I missed it would be something something wrong it could be all talk to this person and I start a relationship down a path where you not supposed to be yesterday or but like this, the point that is is when it comes to being in order to persevere. One of the things that you have to go to recognize is that doubt you have to give a speak yet to be able to recognize that you know what, no, I recognize that with this is you and now I got a great output to the devil. I looked down my face.

I know you know you do not want to mess a double life you that you might like that but yet very careful because like it's not you, is the God that if that is the Holy Spirit in the power of God that you come to the devil, with his with this you come to this spiritual warfare as a man will happen just like when when I know it was like those seven guys and exercising a lab and beat the brakes off all laws set off themselves in order. Does my oh I know Paul I know Christ will understand the power that you have because you can't come by yourself as a manager, you will get you into his mother cannot defeat Satan and the powers of evil on our own efforts right have to have the Holy Spirit you a good person.

Just because you are good person don't mean that you say person. People believe in Christ but there are not here, but you know is just like you said, you know that when when when situations come together you know all we can do is pray and rely. That's why you know in the Scriptures tells us please yes is it tells us that our purpose is. So we don't have a lot of time to fulfill our purpose. That's why prayer is just so much having that prayer connection relationship with Christ to get you out of stuff right that you can get you something to have you go to your plan and that's what we need to capture because the you know I read Elijah sitting under a tree and then you sit in the tree wanted know God had put in the check I gave the.

The definition of Perseus want to start with that supersedeas is continue to continue firmly are obstinately in an opinion or a course of action.

In spite of difficulty opposition or failure. And a lot of times when I look at the Scriptures and Jesus had pretty much identified someone having little faith.

It wasn't that they didn't have faith initially is that faith that their faith didn't last long.

Okay and sides want to read Galatians 6739 which says do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever Mansell is that he will also reap. For he sells those who sell into their flesh will reap corruption, but also south of the spirit will reap everlasting life. So let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap a harvest if we do not lose heart. If you do not give up a lot of us. We ask that we start off with faith, we have a mustard seed of faith, but we never grow that Satan that they gave us a measure of faith.

We never develop their fate, so we get stuck and I want to say it shared the is they got a gave me said. He said I when I was meditating on this message. He says we will see the promised land. If we give up in the wilderness, so I okay land God had promised the promised land to the Israelites as they were being brought out of Egypt. They had to go through the wilderness and then they were going to do not obtain the promised land, but they got stuck in the wilderness, and they end up being there a whole lot longer than they were supposed to write why they they lost faith by how do you forget all these miracles of God just performed for you you the things he's done for you.

That same God is with them ran say about water and food for you and you see life seriously stop the moon the moon by lightness of the December day, every day, every day he was gone he was renting manna write down from having a man that was a blessing with 87 and he carried out the meat and quails are popping out everywhere you know I'm saying but lost faith in the end that slows us down to the front you get distracted by the circumstances but he's greater than a circumstance.

That's why love James James Brody said, count it all joy. Yeah, joy when you fall into these situations because I know that's that's the time that you can see the Lord working on your behalf right because you can fall in fallout know, so I told you something if he told you that you're going to a place where there's milk and honey you cannot stop, you cannot afford to stop and there are people who are depending on our persistence and perseverance. There's there's people faith is depending upon you keeping your faith & Scripture says that you know talks about our purpose and we will have time enough time to fish. We have a short time to fulfill. It is because we have an assignment that we may not have even attempted to because we don't have a relationship with him. With that faith, that know we have to believe you don't believe God is going to turn this around. Believe God is going to directors believe God and in that process.

There will be some go look at the guy crossing over the river is the shallow shallow river rocks in the river walking on rocks and you don't, you stumble, you stumble you don't know the footing under the water right you know, but it's like the persistence you gotta get to the other side you know and that's what Christ why he wants. On the other side of the river not stuck in the river and not on the wrong side of the river so you know this is a process in you know it is engaging not get to a place now where is like you know what I'm talking about nothing else but pleasing God, you know, when I went to my little issue, especially with my surgery was more like you know what I don't care.

Nobody think Lord God with you first, second, third going to strike out on really care about anything else.

Also best, the mindset that you don't tumble faith and persistence in this nothing is going to stop me, this nothing is going your way. We right out front, but I'm going to where I need to go. You know what you know is 20. The last book of life is there is no erasing that life is not was not right know… Somebody said well the Scripture to talk about men will be blotted out… Talk about the life.

Talk about your city right right right you. What is this distinction so this great topic that you can go so far with the right wing talk about like it. One thing we talk about faith on the part our persistence under pressure that have not that I think a good question to ask, will be like how you have the how to get to the point where your fate is still showing that you are persistent under under pressure and I think that a lot of that that foundation begins with putting the focus on God that I think you know tells us in all your ways acknowledge him, and you will likely not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path that it so many times that we doing unto our own understanding and that takes the focus off of God and puts it on ourselves nothing and assess like that's that's like the root of pride. Pride comes in that when that when our attention is not on God. But it's on ourselves. It's it's been.

It is looking at our own capability our own power, our own ability to control and you know we we walk in that and you know in doing that week. It's August that we following all you know we are on Facebook, you know it it's it's important to have the posture of of the humble because it is in that it's not partial where your focus is on God, not on the situation and having the iPod definitely falling susceptible to being able to make like forgetting the things I got a barbecue like taking think it might have been so so so maybe focused or pressed on the current situation and on the future that I don't, stop and turn around and look at the things I got about me through staring right it is… That's that boost your faith and automate and acting like having that strong faith will get you through those times struggle will get you to the times when you are right you know when. Because what you what what you understand is that when you're under pressure.

What comes what comes out you is what you put in may so aspire if if you know if you get to a point and what you been putting in is a lot of negativity a lot of yelling a lot of negativity when you want to pressure that negativity is going to come out whether whatever form it is whether his person, whether it's weather is you you you you turn to drugs what you turn to to something ideally idols anything that you put before God when you turn alcohol you understand what you put in is what you put out swats and such so important to stay focused on God and to build your faith that was about what is it all Romans 10 seven. Faith cometh by hearing our faith, yet they can't hire the world are you gotta be costly in the world. Gotta be constantly writing in order to boost your faith. That's the thing I want to go to get us through those rough times, and we believe whatever we hear okay the Scripture says the word of God. But whatever you are hearing becomes your belief system so you're hearing yourself say all I can't do something, probably won't never happen all yeah that's none of the impossible. If you continue to say those things you confessing that that is exactly was going to happen because there is wet life and get our of your time. You are forming your future with your own words and it just comes by an inheritance of being created in the image of God we have that power. So when you speak. The universe is farming what they were saying you employing angels right on when you began to speak.

Now you giving them something to do. Now I can start to move because you're speaking the word you're speaking the word and even when Jesus spoke the word against Satan. Every time he came form.

Now the say of the where it is written every time and I think even when you and your most weakest mommy you can pull strength from the Scripture.

Because what he said once she Lee says that resist him will not just submit to the Lord.

Resist the devil, then he willfully we first have to submit the where how you feel about it. No matter what you thinking at that moment just submit and surrender and the areas that you will have the power to resist Satan and then he willfully said that were submitted in control their cell family. Well, gallery and blast bodies. We are talking about persistence under pressure. We want to take a break, but don't touch that dial will be right back. You never saw the morning report, Winston-Salem 613 200 WK WWII 42 city Greensboro family.

You are out today which is persistent under pressure and in this statement we are discussing how our fate of things are believed to be persisting in our pursuit of God's will. Our purpose and ambitions in life, especially during adversity in how God's grace can give us the power to endure and be victorious in every area of life. Something is annoying you that you will just aunt something powerful before we went to great your lows, my most is like more word and more word out so so obvious in the moment it all but you know I have a lot of people say that God don't test what I see in the book of Genesis tested. The Bible says that he tested a you want to do it and a lot of times this would you put in that position to put you put us in a position so that we can grow in faith. You know, just saying I have faith from God and not doing anything with it is not were no Solano so that it will be put in certain situations that are fresh right no yeah I'm pretty sure Abraham was in a lot of pressure. You know you was like when God's blessing to have a son.

He had that son time passed right and then when he got that son. He loved right now you try to do is install what you people know when Wendy is way he slept with the handmade and had another freak on the baby is these are issues that are going on right now.

See you know overnight so so the point I'm trying to make is that he was put Abraham was put in devastating position, but he had this one is the father of faith, but he said he knew no matter what the thing is, God gave that to him and that was his son, and God will take away but got put us in positions so our faith can be tried it all and all I know a lot of scriptures that Dr. Beckett up if you look up Genesis 2 2227 chapter 21 what he went through that process, you know it. It points out that God putting that position until God puts us in certain positions, not to destroy us to write your own not to make this week but the build up in him. Without faith it is impossible to please God and like like a professional pointed out that Lou must see that that C is the smallest seed known to mankind, but it grows to the biggest herb known to mankind never stops growing. No and rolled no whatever whatever situation grows and grows and grows to grow and faith that moves the mountain and the Lord is want us to get us to is that faith with you. But nothing else but please faith steps get easier the more you take that. That's why you know I will college taking your faith to the to the gym because it takes one step of faith to give you faith for the next you now to see how God had rescued you are, how he manifested me for you have the faith to go to the next step of obedience whatever he's leading you to do so.

I want to share a passage in Luke the night, among them the Gospels right there. We got a lovely Luke five and verses four through six. Now this is when Jesus was at the light of my make something right.

Get cigarettes okay sitting down okay in Galilee and he was selecting his first disciples right okay so basically Jesus he came on about he saw Simon Peter and fisherman fishing. I would have you okay and so this is where it starts off and after he finished teaching Jesus said is he says when he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, put out into deep water and let down the nets for a catch. Simon answered master. We have worked all night and haven't caught anything that that word but because you say so I will let down the net when they had done so they called such a large number of fish that their net began to break.

Wow, it is so much and that right there, but I just want say this is that you what wick we are quick to believe God but were not quick to do what he tells us to do we always say what God can do, and I make this little statement. I have known that he is offended but I think we are the most faithful faithless people. We always say what God can do and what we believe he can do, but they were not quick to be obedient to do the things he's telling us to do to bring it to pass, because you are a co-labor you are building and creating your life with God, so as not to cause you nonparticipation. Okay, so what we do the same thing assignment it when Jesus darling God is leading us to do something we give out his excuses, yams, and we still hadn't done it before.

I been doing is all night you now and you celebrated late Sunday. Let me know that God's timing is the best timing and that's why we must persist because you don't know when he's going to show up. You just persistently be obedient is persistently pursue your dream persistently apply for that business. Allow persistently. Be faithful and then when is God's timing, like the Scripture says and you Galatians 69 at the proper time, you will reap your harvest so don't stop sowing seeds down give up and in the seed sowing season right because you want to forfeit your harvest, you don't know when harvest coming you to be processed. Sawmills are walk about what you want to hang out hello so we want things to change in our lives that we don't want to make changes. You & we want successful relationships, but we don't want to kill pride people change yeah were so comfort but nothing great comes out a comfort zone, yet I'm saying you want to die while the water with Jesus you have to got a comfort zone. Israel's out thing like there's a circle back to that to walking toward the first part with that with the loop. I think one of the big I think what makes that to me will makes a guess at the time assignment such a great faith walk is that the fact that you know all his life. He was a fisherman that was his treat. At at at, you know I was something he'd always done and to be able to know after fishing all night that you know he listens to a man that says are you know what, do it like this and as a result of doing that he had sold like as as you can almost do that as he had so much success in his actual career by listening to God or by listening to Christ that you know what even I'm all like this my joy. So if if somebody came here so you know, because the work that you've done you know you do it like you do one thing like this on the radio show and that then produces you $1 million and then the next day Gossett give it all up and follow me. I think was such great is that him experiencing having so much prosperity almost in the sense of your boat. Got you something you been doing are you like. Now you have so much like to. Both are about to sink because of how much fish you bring, and then out almost like that's probably the most accessed. He's actually had as a cast party's biggest catch and to leave something like that Baha'i to follow.

Got to meet such great great faith you stand and anti-go against his fishermen expertly write what he had done all his life and he's like okay you know you are but you don't come up here and tell me how to do what I've been doing things like that.

I love her and tell me you been doing all night and I know what has manifested nodding because he is because the Lord and we need to understand God. Jesus is the word of God is his word.

That's what we need to follow his word. If we like it love it you know we have to follow his word.

If we don't believe you got to follow his work is going be a lot of people will get to the judgment seat and you know you haven't followed his word out to me that's double. The Bible says is a lot of fun up in world look like it is also like that all without that and then you miss out being obedient despite what you think are… How does one know when a man asked Jesus to help you now can heal his son of a demonic. I believe I have my unbelief is because I believe you. I really do hope that you can do what you say you want to do, but there's a natural part of me that don't really know that part of me.

Give me grace to believe you fully without a doubt without wavering obedient things one James 15 weight if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives generously to all without reproach, but let him ask in faith, you know, and it's a lot of things that we just need to sit back and believe God for you.

You don't believe God for that direction.

I had a conversation with him.

I was just like okay okay is worse is that you will direct the steps of the righteous. So you might not like what what I understand you all the money according to your riches in glory.

You made the point like that's a good question.

I like, you will step out on a boat when you will step out off the ball into wars because that's what Christ has called us to step out of Apple he's called us to walk on water.

You know to me when when he satcom went went when Peter asked him if that's you tell me to calm when due. Says company does a just computer like many people I think you know everybody on that boat could got out of the boat and walked on water right but they were comfortable they were comfortable in being in their own security.

They were comfort in their own situation. So going up I'm going to boat your mailing. This is this this is cool cool. I want muscles like how many of us will do that you would we have to be able to write like I said we got to be obedient and and and stepping out on that step out on faith and believe that he… Will supply all it needs to be able to to listen God is whatever the situation is double the point it and missing a finding that during the interview apart like what your RAM in the Bush because we need to see that people need to listen like I'm going off for something that was nothing but God's word like that's that's all I had everything around me told me everything around me told me know everything around me, gave me doubt it it it it gave me reason to not believe what life you have to be able to see people like I believe that progress minister to people not perfection out like me like you like it might make it make it make sense and in the wake of a system is like I want to see what like to see what it's like I feel I wonder is why God is calling is because like he to show others how to do this like I'm not one from a place of perfection I walking walking through this computer stuff mom talking to my testing like you know being able to show others like you know what like it's possible to do this like us to give up on K to show us right how we do it right right right you power to do. I yeah yeah again. Persistence presented like resistance on the price of my letter. We go through.

Sometimes we gotta be persistent. We got a step. We got a hold of steadfast or movable to me. You and and and and we say persistence under pressure.

One thing about pressure is now pushed out you was really inside you know you you think you close to Jesus how you think you find white studies trial, I don't see how wonderful you Nottingham Scriptures that is now show you exactly where you are. You have to head that you have said that anchor because if not you be just like that ship in the water this way when you take whatever blows is that you know that's with a lot different when you want stuff on your own when you when you said you know I'm I'm at my word that because now you will treasure you put yourself in the place was like I'm going to find out what is going on in the more work you put in more work to get out because if you have nothing in you when trials come girl have nothing pool you know basically what you're doing is you're building your faith. For when the test comes when the trial comes up and allow him back in Luke five and let Luke chapter 5 Jesus he went down the boat he had to start performing miracles. He taught the unfairness of the Bible that he taught them so so he built there. Let me know he built their faith up for this moment for when I do now when I do tell you to do something your faith has been built enough to trust me and to do what I say and being with God as he puts his so pretty unnatural. You know the natural part you to the practical application and he's going to put the super to supernatural.

You understand what I'm saying so but he taught first. People were addendum first and then he had the substance to be obedient. He, like u said he I trust you right now.

We can build a relationship. I can trust somebody I don't know he came on.

He built report he built relationship now and now I can trust you and because I trust you.

I'm going to do what you say okay and being a supernatural happening from his practical obedience so we can go to a break would be right back and get you will really understand what she is one of the celebration following Christ have given your life, your life in Christ you today our topic is a on depression right now want to give our black history moment and give it to you this week especially with it being the last day in February but wanted to clear that this is something is not exclusive to February the that we should be studying on a consistent and constant basis. And so today I give a little precursor. First, that normally a lot of times what I've seen people given our black history month that a lot of time to have to deal with a lot of the time. During like the civil rights a lot of what I've seen is a lot of highlights on black during the civil rights and want to take a second and go outside of that, not just that time. But outside of the US as well. Still, focusing on black culture more particular in Bible and Bible and so when it comes to Bible they don't know the when the it it in Hebrew, the so so Old Testament was written, his ability to moment Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Then there were just Jewish start German Jews that translated the Hebrew into Latin and then that line was encumbered transliterated into English. That's how we get the Old Testament of what we see today and so wet that it in that mindset is best when we saw I'm sorry it.

In Old Testament the way people were identified.

It wasn't by the color of their skin was by their nationality in their language we don't recognize or we don't like, so we'll see things as as color.

Up until like our recent history of American history and slavery. That slavery was an American American slavery was a new type of evil. In a sense where that was the first time that that there's ever been any kind of enslavement based on skin color we see in Bible, there was never there's never any time in Bible that that slavery was used as a part of their skin was always based on nation.

It was based on POWs, prisoners of war, when one nation will conquer another nation, then that nation will be enslaved because of the color skin so that been a precursor. I want to take this moment and identify a day, a man of color in Bible for this for this black history moment and the person that I'm going to use is King Solomon. So there's some background to give us heads on his culture and be and and different descriptions of him being a man of color. One comes from. So I read through the song of Solomon's yeah yeah if the married couple in the little little some out that that song solid below and write about a spot but it talks about him having lots bushy and and all but locked out of Bush with black and on the right to read but not enough. Let's go let's go do genealogy that his mother is Bathsheba. Now Bathsheba was a Hittite in the Hittite. I actually come out of the out of the line of Cain land of Canaan, which is actually the son was one of the sons of Ham and Hamlet as we don't have the blood of the. The.

That's where a lot of the understanding of that's where black came from the black people from the Monahan so it was, so there are many different accomplishments that King Solomon had that he wrote many a couple books of the Bible. He wrote Proverbs 0, Ecclesiastes, and he also wrote song of Solomon that he also built the house of God, he built the first temple that is this immaculate that described in believe it's in second Kings know yes like the first Kings are believers first Kings and he also rebuilt several cities including Tate are in the wilderness are rebuilt upper and lower Beth Yuan. He fortified many cities with great walls, gates, and bars. He was also. I guess one of the things that I like to test the home as a man of color that he is the he was the wisest man to have ever lived in the wisemen to whom will who will live right there there to be no. And while there's going to be nobody that is as why that was as wide as him and I really find a really fun a wisdom and that because I think being able to a lot of times.

History can be especially from the Bible can become a whitewash where we look at, you know, we can go to the church that we see pictures of Michael, a white Jesus. But like you know even that since that you know is a lot of history behind just lie history behind as you know, especially one complement of the Catholic and and and Orthodox church painting on your a lot of figures in Bible is like his blonde hair, blue eyes, but you can't have somebody to do that and hide out in in in Africa in July understand so we will have a whole lot but I think that that that really brings up a good point of no being able there's wisdom and in seeking this wisdom and seeking wisdom and so that was one thing I really spoke to me being able to see a person of color being wise being reflected in by like it to me. That spoke out so that's why decided choose will.

That's why chose to use King Solomon as others black history moment you have more time to align with the limited time changes and its allies. A lot of a lot a lot of my fees, we talked about Hagar Hagar was it was and it was an Egyptian woman that gave God a named Elroy she was an African woman so I can read we get in the disconnect laughing a lot studies but I know we we we we were pretty sure so I guess I want to go and so every so always on the monogram, get this. What I will probably suggest the most important time discard salvation where you know when we talk about persistence under pressure you want to be able to have that one thing we have to do is check if we are saved, and what is it mean to have God as your Lord and Savior, because you often do things by ourselves. But this salvation is given to us free and so I wanted to say this this this prayer over on listening. Anybody that may have backslid, and anybody that that may not even believe that one want to be saved on that that you will pray this prayer with me. Father, thank you for all the things that you have done Lord, thank you for your many blessings and and waking us up this morning though, we ask that you would touch the the the nonbelievers here are people that are in backslid estates for those that are nonbelievers.

We want you to hear my words, and believe these words that got God. We believe that you sent your son to die on the cross for our sins, believe that you you would send him that he is your son and that when he died, he rose again and are in it for art for our sins and for our salvation is through faith that we may be safe and we believe that we put him as our Lord and Savior to lead and guide our footsteps and during this life.

God we we we thank you for all these things with you will continue to lead us and guide us in the way that you want us to go God let us let us have no have no distress that come between that relationship between us and you Lord that we know that in order to to grow our faith that our focus must be on you and we look, Lord, we we love you for all these things we love you we praise you in on you in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen. I may man himself family Canaan family pray to you I have been blessed by this broadcast is we are a little bit short this afternoon but it was so much power packed in this message and on this visit with our fish against Ms. Raffaella Thomas out out make sure you I'll patronize her business where a beauty man spots and self persistence under pressure. I just want to read this this passage that I have from very awesome Arthur which his name is Napoleon Healy says that persistence is an essential factor in the process of transforming what you desire into manifestation so it doesn't matter if you have slipped if you have St. in your walk with God. You continue to pursue personal relationship pursue righteousness if he's putting your heart to to start a business. If he's putting your heart to to apply for a certain career pursue Perseus do not break under pressure because in due season you will reap your harvest. If you do not give up and I will give you the grace he will give you the strength even when you don't understand. And even when your emotions are not even in agreement you continue to stand on the word of God and persist under that pressure, a man we love you printed and reprinted, is not my real Sony and from what I know we will be back on line next Saturday right 4 to 7 anywhere and I will jot out with very good are you this last one you have a wonderful Friday prayer 1340, 1400 life

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