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Mental & Spiritual Wellness & Interview with Gospel Artist Fatimah

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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April 15, 2020 1:40 pm

Mental & Spiritual Wellness & Interview with Gospel Artist Fatimah

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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April 15, 2020 1:40 pm

Fasheion, Ms. Fola, Charlie P. and Minister Cannady

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Jackie got a great broadcast billions we wanted to share some great things with you but you know how I like I like to get into that that good gospel music sound that that gospel hip-hop you know when and like always say you know this is a fishing show.

You know when this is the bait that we use our bait is catching the that the hip-hop is a myth, so to speak a minute, but you I grew up in the style of music. So that's why love the music, and is not it's always a message in the music so we want to share that way.

We got a great broadcast for you today and stay tuned. A man to go my man Reggie Raab and knows well now and now we will really really care what he will and in and in no complaint is made changes now everything will morning: we want to know and and hello me and bring you my son and be in the will and will say in this and I say in mercy and and will and in you and will will will will will will and you will is going to join me Saturday afternoons at 4 PM bridging the gap 12 bringing the hottest urban gospel music world and a whole lot more the church back to the streets sure to join me minister Duane Kennedy for bridging the gap every Saturday at 4 PM 7 PM 1103.5 and 96.3 the like, lay out in going down and have a great show.

Anybody will have birthdays or anniversaries shout out that they would like the collating give please give up but can't hear a prebrief 889 613 for Dave.

You're celebrating a birthday wine and a bar three or you would like to give a shout out to someone who you know is having a birthday or anniversary collar.

The number is a key 336-8913 420 asking a lot of my friends birthdays in the crib is you know it's just like it was, but I have a birthday or anniversary can go anywhere in Maine but you know what three I know right now, but what we have on today show today. You know we got a lot going on in the know that she she puts a program to get you something. You know she you know she spiritually led and this is what you would call some timely messages coming out today topic today is going to be mental and spiritual warfare and discuss the power of the blood.

You know, you know, one of my old friends today Pastor he's on Facebook manage this plan and singing that old time gospel rail begin to cry and rejoice in the Lord but but topic today is mental and spiritual well wellness and the power of the blood looks like, you know what that is no sly smile. My what one of my worldly names I got so many names you know what city I lived in it.but slice you know that was one of my names and I turned it into an accurate and when I get saved I turned into salvation lies in Christ eternally. But yes I did so many personal studies in Scripture. I went to so many classes, but I found myself really just study and for me not not even to me. So just let me know slice is me slicing up the word of the word of God, slicing up that book a man and of course you know we know we are holy hip hop gospel hold down payments will be a plan that got great gospel mix that we get here a minute and we also got mad from a Minnesota man DJ I don't see his name.

BJ went with his name at Misys DJ CGA CAA mandating CGA gospel makes him go back away back is that he's a great brother hello. I did speak to him today and we want to set up a prayer for him is not just came out of the hospital and he's been hospital for the last 10 days or for sickness that he get you nice metal Corona but no thank you.

Some sicknesses and we want to split the brother up in prayer because he's a dynamic man of the Lord and got plan to pray for you to pray for the day not be representing five gospel are paying fees off the tracks and I can't wait to show up last year sometime she was and she was in not the Carolinas going to show somewhere so she was here but yes we got gonna stay tuned. They found out that Stan died all Salam reports we gotta give love and honor and glory to our father. We got to say thank you again to give some shout outs.

Alright, so now look anybody got a praise report or testimony please call in here at 336896 at 1340 and give your praise reports here in your testimony and let somebody all right. You remember that this is the community show I want to hear from you.

We want you to share because you know what you get can bless us all around the board. That's right, you have will overcome by the power of your testimony.

Others hand to me. You don't be scared.

33 689-1340 cell minister, Duane, go ahead, hear your praise report.

When you know someone for the old school gospel guys listen I just love the Lord will find a witness to what I was watching lion King said yesterday. I just took me a sabbatical just went away and closed the door and just just like just dealing with with me in the Lord and and what he has in store for me and just just that opportunity opportunity just to say I love you Lord I thank you Lord, I need you Lord I worship you Lord I cried out to you my blessing because it's only people talking about spiritual mentor spiritual wellness. But you know it's just such a blessing to be in the mindset of God and just let him have his way. So that's always my might to some of my testimony of God is just dynamic in any area of our lives if we let you Lord and we just gave him the praise and glory and honor file that he even father. He is doing the grace that he is getting on cell trolley PO crew and how have you back. Now all we had a great trip.

You want to share with the file family something great about our Lord guy so you first you first given given recognition God as we navigate through the holy week so you won't want to be able to recognize that person as we had a good Monday or on the holy Monday. Holy Tuesday spy Wednesday Monday Thursday Friday and today silent Saturday which will follow tomorrow's Resurrection Sunday and so I know what will get will get into a bit about that later. You know, thinking, thankful for you know the thing of God being faithful got been a faithful God. This this this week there's been a lot of constant change and constant growth and you know one of the things that I'm really thankful for is that you know when we think, like when we do things maybe like in our past that we may not have known to be bad. Maybe not known to be a sin that God is still faithful right that God is still not only provide us with understanding what he will open our eyes right to to the way he views things. Being able to change our perspective to his perspective. And you know it it it's you know there is ongoing with… And are probably going to more next week, but there I think. I think just being it being thankful for you know God is a God. Certainly, that listens that you know you will take the posture. What are God like you know this is something that's not of you. And if it's something that's been in my heart got. If this is something that does not of you take take the desire waistline all right changed and I think what I God is a God that like you will do that like it. He'll take that he'll take that desire to change that you eat is a God that that certainly listens and answers to prayers and even an understanding like I know you and asking you know about aligning yourself with God is is is you think that we should ask will become uniform when we know like that aligns with the will of God like that a lot. What he wants us to be in sync with him rightly wants us to say that that to have that that that sickness and so yeah like I think that you know I am definitely thankful for you know God be a merciful worse like you know even even if if I may have not known that it was wrong that God is still merciful and I was so like if you if you do send light near the price of sin is death, right. And even if we do sin, that we may not know us and God is still faithful God is the merciful that he's not given us what we deserve right is easy, doesn't yet like you know I've often heard a comparison between what grace and mercy where grace is God blessed me with something that you deserve and mercy is him not giving you what you do deserve mercy. I'm certainly grateful for his grace and mercy on you when it comes that when it comes to this is like so yeah so yeah SSS is my testimony to the resurrection that Christ right desire to find a man going to plan that only a man and some is follow Shelley people share with what God has done for you.

Something good about Lord should come back to miss focus the way we live for maintenance for me and Barbara go to break 1/3 comeback all you wanted to guide to part one regarding assented. Anyway, now is the valuable thing you know me I had a wonderful week is been a great week of walking and contemplating I love how God is so simplistic in how he practically guides you know how he is. There is something that God had given me a vision about earlier and sometimes I don't realize how he's showing me something he's about to hold or something that I need you gave me a vision about it first and then later I will oh I actually haven't what I need for that thing that I was envisioning a guy like so much for how practical you are and how crazy you are and also it encourages me so much more to trust his voice to know that I hear his voice. You know he trains us and he just like in Jeremiah 1 where God was basically training showing showing the prophet that he was a prophet that he did hear guy we know we can actually talk about that later.

But I love how he does that, you know so practical, so simplistic, he is in every detail. That's what I get is, you have no idea it would be right back.

You know, one thing is pretty bad it's pretty bad to be unhappy Christian you know and and and there's a lot of unhappy Christians, you know, it's like they have the salvation but they don't have the joy of salvation is a big difference. You know, but knows a lot of people just living living a lie and admit not fulfilled in a life you know Jesus said you don't want to have the abundant life. The abundance of life friends when we wake up in the morning we wake up we say this is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as well get wasted. I can use it for good. When I went tomorrow. Please, not in order that I shall not believe we got believe that God is working in our lives this week is out there in each prayer for healing right now. We pray in Jesus name that the healing will come to you and we pray this in Jesus name. God bless you and you write people we are going. To wield all of us definitely have. So antibody and everything is connected and so were going to be discussing or doing part 101 mental and spiritual wellness. And so when we talk about the mind. We are also including the emotions that are connected as well. Your mind, your will and your motion so the soul and how that connects with how the spirit works. Everybody has a spirit, God created us in his image, and so be talking about with that looks like to have wellness in that area. Charlie P about mental and spiritual wellness not think I think is really important especially during this time right now of social distance right where you know it it's really critical to be mindful of your spiritual and mental health in a time where where we are now in a a a a more highly elevated stress environment where you have people that are all you know they're there at their home there in their homes a whole lot more having to be around the kids a lot more you know, people suffering with loss of jobs right not not have a source of income. So stress and depression can can raise so is very important to be mindful and to be on top of your spiritual and mental wellness. I don't want will will deafly get into into detail about your account land that foundation and and and you know, what that means what that looks like an answer wasted. In some ways to get out of that. I'm not one.

We'll talk about each each topic from a separate since your phone from a mental standpoint and from the air from a spiritual standpoint right like you want to talk a bit about like the in the black community. Right is not really talked about so much right just just being in the culture that that we been raised that right where you don't feel grown up in an environment where it's you know if if you fall, you know you rub it off right you you don't stop client toughen up you know if if you get hurt. Walk it off right and you know it's kind of old and I think I think because I like that that's how I was raised around nothing as a result of that document like we don't push mental wellness. Why we don't we don't we don't talk about going to counselors are going to see a therapist right we don't, we'll talk about those kind of things we don't we don't talk about having mental illnesses or you'll speak on speak on those those things which which are very are very real right it is is very real plea.

I think you are not going to get into that you don't be breaking down different ways that you can identify some some spiritual and mental illnesses as well as things that that that can be done in order to to to get out of those spent your mental and spiritual slumps and United practically evening because everything is not a demon that you have to cast the right, this has to do with denies the Scripture talks about renewing of the mind. You know, not being conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds that when we receive Christ, and we start walking this walk and we start learning how to apply the word of God. We actually have to actively and intentionally apply the Scriptures in his mindset his mindset. Okay everyone, mind that so that is it internal structure of the mind of the spirit mind of the Spirit in Philippians chapter 2 it says in verse four start verse five says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no apartheid reputation taken, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. Bottom line, God did. Jesus decided to basically shift his his his heavenly placement, so to speak, in his mind and his heart. He was in the form of guide.

Okay he will he's that he's from everlasting to everlasting, but because of the assignment because what we would have to do.

He decided to conform to that conform to the will of God.

Bottom line to all of this Scripture. The reason why I've shared that with let this mind of I need to conform to God's will be in you. So his image, his plan, his assignment for life or your you individually but ultimately for for all of us as well. We want to have the mind of God for our lives and so that is in detail.

We need to learn how to do that and I want to be in our detailed like I was saying earlier about my my personal testimony is just an amazing testimony right. An introduction to our own. One of our topics for today were going to go ahead and introduce our gospel artist that we have with us today, but I want to make sure that I gave my father and having some glory and honor because I was give my testimony as I'm delegating everyone else's.

Well basically just real quick.

I just give God the praise and honor for just leave is for it to me and as it relates to this topic. You now he has and is healing me from some mental issues there is a mental disorders that run in my family and me so funny because most people would never know that you what you're dealing with blood all yourself is optimistic you not your style going. Now what are you doing without pain.

Those are the kind of people that Satan goes after because you are the light.

You are the life you are the joy that some people don't have you know you are the light in someone's darkness and if he can still your light, then he can and you know he can't rob the will of God for your life and someone else is the blessing that you're supposed to be in the blessing that you're supposed to receive if he can still your joy and so basically guys dealt with me with this issue. I had identified it I think is important that people don't ignore. If you have an issue that's not faith ignoring that you have an issue or going about life with you now without a diagnoses or whatever, that's not faith. You know some it can be considered neglect you now take responsibility of your issues, acknowledge them what is what they are, so that God can heal it because you can't conquer something you having confronted you know, confronted looking dad on and face. Hey God, this is what I'm dealing with. Take it to the throne. If you need medical attention.

You need medical attention. You know God gave man wisdom you now. He put things down here for us to aid us so don't ignore that you know will get more into the tablet that allow me to come into the understanding of what I had been dealing with and giving me the instructions. You know how to deal with the and I am being healed by faith in the mighty name of Jesus Christ from the basically mental play that has been you now plaguing my family for generations and I come against it in the right hands of the generational car stops right now in the mighty name of Jesus not give him glory and honor for a given me the just a mind to want to fight against it or not accepted you now and in and understand what he is, so that he can be conquered.

So thank you Jesus. Hey, your amazing I love you with all my heart and so bring him gospel are you dear, I'm doing great beautiful yes it is all my guys, I think I for this good. Well, in the midst of all the cries they know some of them on the block as before, and I like to use his daughter so much.

We just had a ball ball felt that Islam tell us about yourself and your ministry out of my door about five years now and Geiger counter drop.

Now if I wipe a flat nail. You know sometimes you want to think that you know it all in our lab, take it and run with. I operate through the church also operate out of local closing open my contains I go anywhere to hear the messages that we understand right now with everything being shut down at the church.

The church of the building and heart to tracking your heart is My thinking again have to be in the church and not funky but every time we show you how happy you are you okay will bring a church you for temporary moment of time looking you know my leg made a part of my ministry is that my nephew half look about him.

The last time I was there that he started me on the music track special needs and he loves music and he's always want to make me skiing and rap and Walmart is funny and so eventually one day, when the word recall my own words account, together, and the next thing I knew I was off to the right. Now some say so what advice would you give to anyone who's trying to break through in this hilltop gospel industry advice I would give this number why no you don't, because of money may not come to what you want to be thinking they may not come know you wanted to, but I want to play in your area what he wants you and I forgot what it is. Rapid I wanted to let out artist that don't want to study the craft don't want to study. You know the proven method that make they think creativity is the only way but daily structure that has to be in every process and if you can't pack construction help update what the twice is a proven way. Boy, if you follow a certain structured so Artie we have to learn to take creativity and structure put things together, what a better man that's good stuff.) You know you can tell in some some lyrics that they did not study the Bible scriptures. I don't mean it. If you want them but why into a contract before called yesterday and I don't mean to be on falling out with one article I wrote that it does not have anything to do, right had nothing to do great team that make stunning. You might as well be tackling you very back a little bit called Paul calls the thinking realities that 1/3 round) I like the job you know you got some tricks on it is just lost a chance that one year right album and a lot of my music on very controversial because people think. I have not that about certain words always provoke a negative with lots words always used in the negative, people think they want to.

Thank you because they want to have negative concept right on that.that ended the day God created in the way I like right around the lie we are going to go ahead and play one of your selections will get you.

I just pick from a little, but she got so many songs but okay hold for minute and this is one like so many of them.

But hey, this is one who may squeeze the house right now you know you kill that joy that was amazing all my goodness, what was the inspiration for this file. Oh my God in all lines and audit.

The course from when I was right and I would like something that know the older church people will gravitate to a church service this maybe wanted to call that I do get the cat to get the older folks, pay some respect to rap because you know you can hear all of the words to the father whale is something that is if anything about it. If you don't want to be gimmicky. Well another word that you know what you and a negative connotation disrespected, but you connotation a call at 115 think everybody can fall because everybody knows that saying God will always here ever. We think out of the audit commented at one time did like 24 seven. Right now, and my testimony. I and all and all the good mother suggest not coming to look a lot and wanted to I 85 recently within the last month and she was hit by so she fighting weaving here trying to help her out okay but the really big not bad at all, but I was in a car hit me and my nephews and was already started and was about five years ago 2015 2016. Like the crazy part. What I will call so that what you going to do my God you hear will never go might not like the pain often Moving but it paid off for another week. You know what your right. What I like you go through it. More than one what you Go through it 1/3 time you go through with it in private and public and our class in public is to strengthen and while flight path that you can't. You got it down and let me hand and I'll okay if I was like I went to Concord and we will something want to believe God is good all the ladies.

The other thing that I saw was that nobody great like you do realize in the beginning it was only going to eat.

Great derivatives in the beginning that we didn't eat so I want bad about the father.

They say God is great and greatly to be praised, but good came before great okay.where I need to be white male you may be given something different to deliver what you gave me if I got a man will say is we enjoyed you your testimony, your music and ministry. God bless you and all the adventures that you're doing and we want the people to know how to contact you think about that one angel working up a new try to keep it on the right that we get everything where you need to be you know everything). I want to, but we only ended with Brighton deftly trying to argue yeah I believe you know about stuff out and how people got there okay and you know you know the government will back your life that would deftly found that like handy-dandy like you would try to get ready. All I can wait that long way I don't get one working with what we all meet all playing thinking very hard for the 50 same thing paid the following very very important. What we thank you so much for being on the shell today been an absolute blessing reaching out seeds examine up-and-coming songwriter. They try to make me are, think about that part of their want to be reaching out to you so – I'll check out the same as she is an amazing gospel artist reach out Facebook while her is dear thank you so much. God bless you and you take care. I learned a long time ago when I was for now. The cloud realized it was funny all along class one day on the next thing we got makes very own. He has a hot mix call and let us know which of the Blackstone bless this thing you are busy, be lonely trifles get money minute old nose working like an old truck like Changi will bring you all know one. One, you will all will and is never so good morning all was 200 family is bridging the gap in the house doing nothing. Everybody we have a wonderful show. If you would like to call Ian at 336-896-1340 and calming org you your viewpoints on our topic, please feel free to do so. This is a community shell. We would love your participation. So today we are talking about mental and spiritual wellness.

We got two topics today. But that's the first one and I just wanted to give a good definition as to what mental health is so mental health can be defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential can cope with normal stresses of life can work productivity productively okay and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to the community. A man's I will talk about the amount of emotional help, mental health, spiritual health is all connected their all-important and I think that we have a lot of those issues, and personal in the black community where we ignore the mean you know for mental health or the attention they need to be placed on mental health and was a lot of people in the church that is ignoring some mental health issues they think is kind of corny or it's like strange for us to go to a counselor will collate a shrink, whatever you like a bank on station, but I think it's so necessary and that if you're walking by faith in you.

You know you have an issue I don't I don't consider it faith if you are ignoring the fact that you have an issue here. Suffering with depression, if you're suffering with anxiety. You know those things need probably clinical tension now and God has given people is given as resources. He's given me knowledge and doctors to help us sort out our issues and learn how to be healed from these situations be healed from this illness. Mental illness is a very serious issue. If you're struggling with mental illness. It can cause a breakdown on your body, it can cause health issues have blood pressure. I believe statistics say that mental illness are like a lot of stress and things like that, not coping with it will can cost timers disease and Peter first Peter tells us to this for preparing your mind understand that spiritual that that mental state best with the seller is attacking somebody but he's always attacking our minds. But first Peter first Peter 113 preparing your minds for action and be sober minded know because that is our battlefield Scriptures went with Jesus said, you know it gets it gets lost in that when Peter Peter denied Jesus and Jesus pointed that out yet, but what gets lost in that scripture is when Jesus said he said he said Satan asked.

First of all understand that this is Satan desires to see if US wheat and met that first ball back toyou in six-week weakness like this, like this, like putting up his heart is like putting it in the agitation educational state of mind. If this was what we say. He said he said Satan asked to trouble you to keep you confused and that's classy weapons of mass destruction are so serious. Know this, this is Bob this is a battleground battleground is mind and get on minds is in control. You can have his wife and you know what Peter said it went well with the book of Peter said, take action and offices take action and be sober minded because liquor it affects your mind and don't think she thought battlefield and this is with the spiritual warfare the spiritual wellness common. We have to give our minds over to God you know and and let let like this photo pointed out let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus. This is our battlefield battlefield thoroughly wrecked the man I was actually glad I was assuring that I had been having struggles with depression, anxiety, mental illness runs in my family and so I could not you live my life any longer. Ignoring that because I was like okay will my mother is clinically diagnosed.

I have assisted us clinically diagnosed and I'm right right in the middle and I said oh I'm not going to see that you know I'm healed the name of Jesus and and I am healed but I had to first acknowledge that I had a problem. You can't be healed from something you have not acknowledge so I recommend for anyone who is listening. If you have been dealing with a depression. Are you not handling our coping with stress.

You know very well. If you have anxiety any kind of mental or emotional illness. Please seek help you now seek help and do not ignore that thinking that were walking by faith. Walking by faith say is okay Lord I want to bring you my problem and I trust that you will help deliver me from you know that you will help get me through it and there are resources real tangible resources that he has provided for us to use and just a couple of things that I think will help you. Could I notice a lot of things going on. Everybody's is to be stressing about finances right now this coronavirus at every body you now just on a mission right now like I'm at the story I had amassed all is crazy out here. You now and a lot of these things that the circumstances that this virus is causing you can really get you worked up get you turned up and so we have to totally submit these things the Lord. I just want to give this one Scripture Isaiah 26 and three and less than the list below are so Isaiah 26 and three which reads you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust being. You may man's investment some serious stuff you don't got on minds you need to understand this people.

Your mind is your battlefield if you can overcome that and get to know the truth to know the truth will set you free. Know what it know in your mind all the stuff you know it's it's it's all my thing and if that Sherry has your mind yes you do have a phone call. How I we got a collar on the line, all right hello man I am doing great on your wonderful God is God. Not that I had you guys God when you know I got my bloodshot yeah and whatnot not what I recall doing so you know you don't got to get everyone toward you guys because you you're doing really well you know I did some good things we read about the midway stadium which is called the stadium because no matter fact it was the biggest gospel concert in Minnesota.

No okay we we opened up a school.

But go way back. We can do some great things in the name of the Lord, you know everything go out we want something called my work log because everything on the cross right you will record what we need to do is think about quite a few.

Yet, we got a bunch of stuff on the bills that appreciate you BJ.

We did allotment should to call into my word.

All you will keep it real okay well I love how black wheat we did over a segment I want to make sure we get through our different thickness for the Davidson minister, Duane, your book of life.

We cannot go on without our book I will talk about the review on standby for the book of life. Okay you real good, but so yes, mental and spiritual wellness you guys what your take on that interject something here so minister Kennedy was talking about the battlefield of the mind in where the mind goes the body follows basically and I love the Scripture Luke 645.

It says a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good and evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil for of the abundance of the heart. The abundance of his heart his mouth ekes so so in general I think of less.

Let's put aside thinking about the good and evil. In general, bottom line, everything that is in your heart is going to come out one way or another and actually I think of Mr. Kennedy was talking about them. I was drinking right I just I was talking to somebody yesterday where if you're going to drink if you get drunk.

In particular, early your your whole body and your mental faculties and everything is going to start you know, kind of didn't give her last as long Econoline should yeah you know altered in some way. Gradually, the more you drink, and so whenever basically have no inhibitions you're vulnerable to that substance.

So whatever is in your heart is going to come out one another.

What is going to come out even with alcohol when there's pressure we see that what we know was going on in the climate when there's pressure what is in your heart is in your mind what is in your subconscious mind what is in your emotions is going to come out like you being squeezed and so is important for us to feel ourselves with the mind of Christ, that is, through the word of God through prayer. God is going to strengthen us. Scripture says, be of good courage and and and God will strengthen our hearts so we be of good courage to actually go forth and do whatever God has asked us to do everything he will strengthen so that is faith without works is dead right okay that's a way of applying that no but if we don't fill ourselves with the right thing then is is going to be a mess and so the thing I think that's due to other things is you know the parable that Jesus brought up about the strawman bindings to strawman. Okay, keep the strawman out okay sweep the house clean and if you don't fill it up, so exactly say they are generally easy to make life which makes a very clear indication that once you receive delivery you have to maintain and maintain delivery. That's right. And once you receive run once we receive Christ first okay you receive the spirit of God. Okay you receive the Holy Spirit you feeling yourself up and in terms of that initial faith move, but if you are not actually actively, intentionally getting in the word yourself studying and reading feeling yourself with the word then you are not going to actually live that out your structure in your soul is not going to change. You cannot have your mind renewed without actively agreeing with God and actually doing the work that it takes to actually walk this walk another script I think about is Hebrews 12 verse 14 and 15 is that pursue peace without people and holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many become defiled what is in your heart if you have bitterness and unforgiveness. Unresolved issues traumas that you have been healed at one time in counseling and delivers not if you have not dealt with it that the situation in your heart. Again, all of this is not to come out by demon being cast out a lot of this has to do with you renewing your mind actually doing the work yourself with with only with help, but a lot is going come from you. Actually doing a lot of work yourself, others will become defiled. Others will be negatively will experience with annual trauma okay is your promise and even know anything even if it is remotely okay it just seems like you you you you remotely kind of feel like that thing that happened to me three when I was three years old five days and if it's a root of bitterness that means is messing up your tree.

You're like a plan about what tree planted by the rivers of water. If you have this root of bitterness because it's a bad thing, your fruit is affecting your fruit is what is showing that you have Christ in you, you actually are looking like Jesus melon like Jesus, you taste like these and other people can taste your fruit and and before we got a brain that give make a mention of these you could be fasting. You could be reading you could be studying and and and getting closer to God and don't be surprised if you become attacked even more.

You now don't feel like alarm not getting closer to God. I'm failing in my relationship because you being attacked. That's a sign that you are growing right so family doctor said our going to be having a great shout talking about spiritual and mental wellness will be right back after this we letters, emails, Facebook messages all the time from her awesome Truth Network listeners about how Christian radio is changed your life.

How would you like to help change the life of someone in Africa were they going to have a radio to listen to treasure already was there with amazing programming all across Africa, Johnson, ruler listeners, we want to give 100 radio sets are going to Truth Network to our friends in Africa who knew Jesus.

This is a big vision and we want to put windup radios in their hands because they may not have electricity batteries are too expensive you could do that today when you give a radio you can hope. Call AAA 988-5656. It's only $75 for one radio like we should try to put 100 and right now on if you do hundred 10.

If you could do have one called out AAA 988-5656 AAA 988-5656 or Africa needs is having a wonderful day weather here going on a man ministered no blessed with his statement, the book of hope you read a short and sweet because we have so much money conversation so I will take up all the time but I want to drop some in your spirit.

I used to do a lot of studying and personal study it wasn't studies for me to Cheryl for me to preach for me to teach it was studying for me that I wanted to know about the principles and situations of God so so I'm going to give you some real quick and just leave like that study. Longtime Golub called called seed harvest okay to put a title to this little segment. It would be you want to see and give it was given a subtitle I would put down something like if you don't like what you get. Change what you given right now. Not now know every time we hear seed harvest.

The first thing to come to my mind is money first thing that comes to our mind we will talk about that couple of broadcasters ago, but the first thing automatically come to mind is money and you know what, that's the American way. That's how we do things in America every time hear seed harvest is about the money but but I want you to understand get this in the spirit that you are you are the seed in the Scriptures like us is the foldable sport now subscriptions the day the Bible says that he relates all life to treat this that you are like a tree planted by the ribs award and in due season we will be a forceful jewel compass what you say so.

He relates all life as a tree, and I want you to understand that you are the seed you have to understand that that you are the seed is not just what you do you you are the seed you want to see the work of God. God calls us to bear fruit to see that in John 56 because the bear fruit he chose us to bear fruit. He gets even deeper with it. In John 15.

He says the my father is glorified God is glorified by you bearing fruit. When I just talk about finances were talking about you as an individual.

Now the Scriptures just English says do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatsoever.

One, so that all now we would put that with money and funds but you have to understand that you are the seed you are the tree planted by the water you know anything. Anything that is born comes from a C, you know right acorn to bring Oaktree etc. etc. everything comes from C Seda said he thinks seed is anything that can be multiplied in your spirit is anything that can be multiplied and I will see within that seed is more options within that seed this more. See Cecil to see is anything that can be multiplied now. Keep that in mind, because you are the seed (what did you and your spirit that you want to see people want to minimize what you do want to minimize your capabilities because it's not the preaching of the sermon they want to minimize what you do what I want you to understand that you will see Cecil everything you may foresee planning everything that you was made for you to get something seated see anything that benefits somebody else the harvest is what benefits you see anything that you do. That benefits someone else, that's the seed you are like a seed planted by the rivers of water and whatever you shall do shall prosper, and you shall be in full force fruit you need to get that in your spirit, because we sit around and not applying the capabilities and everything you need to do this you need to apply even on this downtime just to get to the Lord in prayer. You know what love is the seed yesterday because love flies your money is the sequence money multiplies and I want you to understand that you are see this go to first Corinthians 15. First Corinthians 15. It covers everything the covers of the resurrection of Christ becomes the resurrection of the day. It also gives us the mystery of the victory, but one thing a lot of people miss.

It gives you the gift of the principal of seed sowing. It gives you the principal of seed growth gives you principal Jesus had to die in the Scripture says that a seed that you did. It dies, it dies for it to grow. Knowing we know that science and all that seed dies really good guy grows a lot of times we we do things and it dies and we think is really great for the first was the first chapter 15 a covers everything covers much of the Christ, the resurrection of the body covers the mysteries of three couples. The resurrection of everything covers the resurrection. It also talks about the see your seed is planted, so it can grow. Whatever you do things people everything that you do is to see anything that can be multiplied is the seed you need to get involved in the ministry of Christ you know that love is the seed love grows and also so when you get that in your mind that you are the seed understand what you do, no matter how small you might believe it is doing doing in the name of the Lord because you know it's a lot of time barbecue called Jakarta. We planted so many see and things that you know about it.

Utterly refreshing about when you when you get close to the Lord in everything. You don't stop and start to be more when you put yourself in the Lord, you have to die. First of all flesh… So now you are starting to grow in the new life so you die your finalist your finalist in all of this you die, you die and then you grow in the process of drawing blood on the ground so could you that it was Friday.get that in your spirit that you are the seed you are the seed and what you do clasp is what you do, don't stop what you doing in the name of the Lord because when this one is dead when you think is big. That's when the harvest is being prepared and what book of lies like the last word sell a man. We thank you for that awesome wire Friday has been a blessing to you guys so if you have any comments. Anything you would like to and less chance, please give us a call here 336-896-1345 when I was talking I seen the light of my multitasking up here so you so all I need to give our disclaimer okay yes okay so considering the fact that we all love to share right here in the studio that we also love to Syrian people were calling in. Please do your best to keep it brief. We don't want to cut you off or anything. We love you. If it happens that we have to cut it shorter, hurry things along.

Please just know that is all in love is not personal at all okay, I just want this the listener interaction that I activity that I'm going out here this is show for all the listeners are family out there. Also, we want you to Colleen and share with the some blessings that you are learning about God and life during this season like these allow the coronavirus is going on some sleep, some see as an awakening.

Some see as the play we want to know want to hear from you. What are you learning in this season, so yes please give us a call. Reach out and collect 336-896-1340 L. Yes, for the remainder of our time. Here we want to be finishing up our topic on mental and spiritual whale needs and this bar one knows me and continued his online probably next week. More than likely because we gotta talk about the resurrection. A man, but on like a Sadie know mental mental wellness is just as important is spiritual wellness.

You cannot ignore the need to take care of your mind and I think I can sum it up like this and think about what you're thinking about okay I want to be real practical, think about what you're thinking about you always find yourself in this dark space okay will sit down and take inventory.

What are you thinking about and I like to say this, that the enemy likes to make suggestions. He can't force us to do anything he can't force us to yield to Sandy can't force us to break down but he can suggest to us again lied to us and tell us all that were not you.

Now he can show you anytime anything that is negative I can identify when is Satan because it's always negative, is pessimistic is the opposite of what God is saying and is contrary to the word of God. You now is contrary to what God has already told me and dad talking normally identify when Satan is lying to me. Stuff like if you're struggling with depression and anxiety any kind of mental illness, emotional illness, you're basically entertaining the lightest Satan is giving the lie that Satan is suggesting that you believe and so you can't you can't entertain every thought that comes into your mind like the Bible says you now casting down cast down any thought that exhausted up against the knowledge and will of God.

You now you got immediately identify okay this is the last I knew a liar you know I am. I am great you know I am remarkably wonderfully made by God, you start to come, says the word over yourself and and reject the lie that he's trying to influence you to believe that he's the father of lies and medicine. The father saying he wants to come and distract you with that belief.

You know you know what does scripture in the Bible when they were second Jesus ago down in the present. Jesus said I'm not going down there because there's no faith in me down and sees the doubt will keep God away from you see, so you know and keep in mind I understand we go through some people you know people went through some trauma and they life something very different. Right now jobs are now being laid off. Some people aren't you now able to maintain their cost of living there trying to now and so this is what we have to believe especially you are a believer you know the guy said he will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory, and he is giving us the grace right now to be able to maintain throughout the grace of the utility companies are giving the companies they're giving us grace and will giving us time to pay bills and get on track, but we have to cast out anything that is negative, cast it down anything that is not in alignment with God's word and you don't even even have to know the entire Bible. You know what his voice sounds like.

If it doesn't sound like that or something that I would say cast it down you now because if you continue to entertaining is going to be calm who you are is going to manifest. I think we have that we have a collar.

I use is that he has? I have an answer on what I wanted to know what went out point.

I will blot out from the list. I woke Joe would not know. I'm sure this was the first of all I like to say we respect everyone but you know all studying world religions, all legends Joe witness is one that I'm scared and I tell you that because one thing the Bible says that he will not forgive us what is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and the witnesses they don't accept the spirit of God not keep in mind that religion has changed through the years.

So many times a change probably every couple years you know they changed it so but I say this out of love and respect yet get into church.

This teaching from the Bible, get into a church like that and you will see for yourself the rights and wrongs not have to do that but that's just one thing that I really have problems with because the indwelling of the spirit. This is what keeps me say that is going on just keeps me learning and that ministry pulls you out of that, you know, and so I'm very scared about people that are involved in that you walk delicately with them. With that, so I would say find new church and let me add onto that so something else not. Not that it is the opposite of God is teaching so just like all the different denominations right so we were talking about world religions right were talking about people that have their own experience with a higher being, maybe not necessarily understanding is God right so you know you talk about list. Let's go to Bible right was put Bob won't ask how, when Paul and Apollo's were in Greece. They saw that the grease that that they worshiped higher being understood that there was a hybrid that doesn't mean what they did was wanted, they just didn't have the full picture the date they worship the God that was unknown. There was a there was a plaque of God that we God right so slight that they had an awareness of a higher being. They just didn't have it all the way right so anytime we talk about these different religious people to put it their own understanding write their own spin on what their understanding is right so so when we took to address your court. You know specifically to to Jehovah witness now is not like they don't have.

There is not like they don't have a Bible right. The thing about Jehovah's Witnesses that they have their own version of the bow just like us as Christians, we have the King James, we have we have many different NIV with ESB.

We have many different than the message we have many different versions of the Bible. Similarly with Jehovah's Witness. They have their own Bible as well. So anytime you know if you are… Knock on the door, you know, a lot of times, Jehovah's Witnesses first argue that they based. Normally their first argument in stance of their religion is knowing the name of God right and so in order to do a whole and entire lesson on that alone you thing about Jehovah's Witnesses that you in. People often referred to as a call as a seal. See OLT from from a perspective of it is an organization that doesn't allow you to to your you're being forced to learn a certain type when you cannot you cannot think or or or learn outside of that. Outside of that right so so you're in a a a is confined that you have to follow this. This methodology of thinking you have to follow this this way of thinking and if you think outside of that, you, you can get shut out from that right you you from, you know, they talk about your people.

That's not part it's bit gossiping about excommunicating right are Ryan separated from you know, and we know like you it's it's hard to reporting to be convinced of of of a God who died for every by Dr. not just people on the inside and outside to his as as Jews and Gentiles right that is is hard for me to kinda believe that that this separation is of God right but listen… Let helplessly school goes on my side I can talk for days about the dumbest extensive research on this one yet. I think it's important to be able to look for you to pick up your Bible, you hit your event and then not have somebody force you, what was right when we go to church is a perspective I okay you know what this is what I've experienced. This is what and when you go to apostle pastor was at Goddard.

It is somebody that God is ordained to took to do the Holy Spirit to give you revelation right is not something you're forced to take.

You can go back and fact checking yourself right and I wish it is not really about you can't you can't have. You can't have different ways of thinking it's it's about this this one theory will lead you into all treatment I've never seen a spirit feel Jehovah's Witnesses is my experience. We appreciate you calling the answer. I hope you got some answers and I would deftly encourage you to pray about that and I like that okay and what I will say to you, five brothers, just sign up for yourself because you know there's a lot of wisdom in this room here and what we are what we do shows bridging the gap because we want to destroy a lot of this falsehood out there. Now you can study your own self on Jehovah witness and how the religious change.

You just saw probably about six to about 10 years ago. They just finally accepted Jesus as to just be a guy you guys that didn't God's also fun of yourself and find you a Bible believing church and you make the call, but I'll let you know man that we love you appreciate you calling me man lives you felt listeners.

We love you guys.

We hope you're enjoying the show and so we are talking about mental and virtual wellness and I just wanted to give some pointers that has been helpful for me. Like I said I'm not very open about my struggle that I've had for years with mental illness and sell.

I did not say 78 as an actual issuance like actually that's in my 30s and 34 now and I say Lord you know this is a struggle for me. I'm not gonna continue to ignore it side. I want people to know that you have not you, not defeated because you have acknowledge you have a problem. You are not defeated yet. That's not the opposite of faith.

Faith is St. Laurent. I acknowledge this issue and I believe in you to deliver me so am I am my journey to deliverance. I learned that there are some practical things that we have to do which number one is keeping your mind stayed on Christ.

Isaiah 26 and three when I began to have dark thoughts come to consume my mind. I casted down I like making a discipline I'm disciplining my thoughts that I'm not going to entertain everything that comes in and I say Lord want to focus on the Scripture says I want to focus on you, Lord Jesus, what did you say to me you know Lancaster analyzes Satan is suggesting. And you know Laura what it what did you what did you say that I am what you call me to do what you say. My purpose was, did you say you now saying that I am and I confess that over my life. I confess the truth whether anyone is lying on the chosen generation of fans out there like that is what help me word of combating the word deep in my mind made on Christ. I suggest everybody take time take time for yourself. Self-care is so important you have to shut down everything around me just take out time for you to minister to my stating I want to sabbatical you now I will say exercise you proper read you now and get you my healthy diet. Sometimes it's the foods that you okay what you have it all in high blood pressure and you had a UNESCO self-care exercise, proper read maintain healthy relationship sometime during toxic relationships that are causing mental stress.

A man here I'm saying sometimes you have to do they limit process of elimination and get rid of toxic very unhealthy relationships and then you need to ask God to show you the right wants to to create so that you can maintain healthy relationships and people can help you keep you accountable. And of course prayer and meditation. These are some very practical things that has helped me because I were saying that. Heal me deliver me yeah but there are some things like this policy and there are some things that you're going to have to deal you're going to have to learn the word in order to you know meditate on it you can't meditate on the word. It may rely on the word meditate on the word comes fast the word and being make sure you're exercising. Make sure you're doing self-care, taking out time for yourself meditating and getting proper rest, are you all that I am her good afternoon clean and often prayer open today with the right guy friends again yes yes clean so I woke up this morning very well what you out on me know what I was feeling afraid to think critically right but feel prayer I cannot receive it. Thank you. Will Linda called the word of no actual word is right on point was always on slightly detrital resurrection. She already found it confused.

Don't don't look at that difficult for you Elsie will meet already a little bit iffy bridging the gap, he will grow when things you are never that you shout without telling people to find a rifle shoot you lucky we pray over you call walking victory, bridging the gap indicated ministry. I'm going to disclaimer to testimony for a worry about how she made a very very point, especially, it is really important. You know we talk about the mental virtual wellness, especially during the time right now where you know where were practicing social distancing right where you know it's it's it is especially in something that will we need to be new to mesh one on top of our spiritual and mental wellness that you know you when we know when it comes to social distancing right at it. It's just a is just a physical distancing you. It's important that you know we increase our social interaction with not only gobble with other people that you know when you know so so what you when were going to be times of August went one were in this topic right now. Social this thing you know we have it. It's a time. Where there is elevated stress. Right there is there is elevated depression. My thoughts on the depression and you I think just just because of that it even more of a of a motivation to make sure that your your spiritually and mentally. Well that you don't even when we talk about you. Just like the black community that you know mental mental wellness are mentally you mental wellness is a really thought about right because we been at can we talk a little before like you would raise in a society where it's you know as you get hurt right if you get hurt. You walk it off right all or don't cry tough enough you know you if you want when you know you just you, just it it it it develops. This mindset of being being able to handle things on your own and there you don't dust is one of the effects of not talking about depression not talking about to permit mental illnesses. It also leads to, you know people on that mask you write when their church because it what you want to put my face while I have it all together right or not wanting to acknowledge the issues and problems that they have taught you, even when it comes like depression, like you know depression is very much a mental illness that that has different symptoms sound like people often identify depression with that like melancholic depression that has like that sadness persona right but contrast with what you can say you know something that's not always that the symptoms or the characteristics of depression because you can see people go to work.

They can put the mask on. They can be able to cover that up that there there are other signs that deck and show that that you're depressed right just know like for.

For example like a weight loss right, not just weight loss but weight gain as well that not only that the benchmark is usually 10% of your body. Your body weight. They've usually do 10% more or 10% less is usually assigned depression saving will sleep might you know people can often talk you know when one were depressed know we can we will want will have the feelings of wanting to be isolated wanted to be by ourselves want to be sent one of the stay in bed all day 01 and the sleep you go to sleep for extended periods of time, but at the same time it can and an additional sign. Depression is also the lack of sleep… Write me and goes all of it done it a go. It is just gorgeous. I just know going on just going to into detail that that I guess just just highlighting that you know what we talk, you know that melancholic depression is the only, or is it the only type of depression that that we can often see it.

We can all deceit you don't depression is Austin can be seen expressing adolescents as well write that it may not be as especially you know that when it comes to parenting is not to be shown is a will you know they just in their room all day and they don't do it because he will personally drag your kids out of the car and take a pic of the school right that sometimes a symptom of depression is anger. Anger and in adolescents and so that's that's just on the mental wellness on the mental want to sign and enter several ways to overcome it fast, as you were saying can all you know all work out. Make sure you're eating healthy, making sure you're you're taking care of your body right making sure that you know you talk about going to a therapist going to a psychiatrist going to a counselor things that we, again, we don't really talk about it in the black community. I think at the same time. When it comes like spiritual wellness that you know sometimes when it comes to like spiritual when you hit a lot of on this to because a lot of text takes place in the moderated spiritual potato takes place in the month that you know we can often think we as people like when when when we fall short. Some of the things that that summit characteristic that we can take on can be shame and guilt, and because of that shame and guilt. It can, it can, it can almost put us in a posture where we don't want to approach God, right where we don't feel like you know we we may have feelings of inadequacy right or or you know that that that because of us not being able to like hit that mark. Then we thought you we we we can tend to want to hide from God, but even in that light, you know that there are signs of of things that you can see that that can automatically trigger okay you know what they're things I can do to improve my my my my spiritual wellness and a lot can be characterized as art not just what type of relationship that you have with Dr. Winston at that.

That's important as a believer like that's the next step after you after you all become slaves that work on that relation.

But look at the quality of your relationship with God that I how was the quality of life when it comes out like it really just comes down to one question, do you trust God is really what would it come what it really comes down to it, so you know there are ways to improve that and talk about that you know that spiritual oneness of having that that relation with God or being having to be in identify of the lack of relationship with God is also evident like it if you're not reading Bible that that can be something that you're all right. Well, you know, are you reading your Bible and said nothing. And I think is the biggest thing is whatever you going through. For instance, you can be going through this. This event but if you not being renewed in your mind. Yeah right. Continue to point this is no and that's why we were, put your stuff out and push the right thing Israel doesn't do that well is about to go to that you were wasted to overcome like spiritual depression is is by reading were let you know didn't you'll start by researching how God views you write because you know often have insecurities of our self often looking as a reflection of me. I don't like him good enough. I don't feel like I'm a lot. What comes to so few efforts that are and how does how does God view me right and there are several scriptures that that would beckon get us to help understand God's perspective of what so you know you know you are God's masterpiece.

Ephesians 210) Psalms 1 3414. I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made all your works are wonderful. I know that all full well or we are love wins nothing from John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave right and you're worried that that you were right that that is what you were worried because of what Jesus did for us. We talk about you was right in front of me.

Tomorrow will work because of what what happened all over 2000 years ago tomorrow you that's was what he see a lot of people don't realize almost every story like this in the Bible know the Bible says there's nothing new under the sun. Write what you will note, no, no new charges just new faces and places and look at David, you know what was mad at them.

They had no right is Carla and David had to sit out. He said he had to think yourself happy writers did not know about John but he see what what in that very story. The people that were actually following him as a leader when they had things taken from down there like mandate was stolen from body was including David like okay now know what, mental all we know today as though you would like to encourage himself in the little guy when every body else and everything else around you is crazy and snapping and you don't know why because you don't know why because everybody else. You were supposed to be able to trust and they were supposed to trust you with everything right everything is not going right is that you know we, as believers, we have hope that passes all understanding run in this you don't click this in Corinthians 4444 speaks on speaks on the indication, the unbelievers sit in their case, the adversary had blinded your mind. This is important God in your mind again. He said that Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers, and they can't see this whole experience is hope they can relate to this hope because the adversary has blinded the minds and this is why you have to renew our minds and what? Keep in mind that some people went through some turmoil in their life and I understand his house trauma. Yeah, about that is whatever you went through. You have to give it to God is still you have to give it to God's word and guess what his word will saturate your mind and and then I must read it, but he will saturate your mind and you give you that piece that goes beyond understanding and you have a piece in whatever situation at you and that's why love Paul Paul Paul Spall set up Christian know how you felt about himself. But God was right and Friday only.

So I want to give the Scripture, and what you did just say it about transforming our minds, which we know this is Romans 12 into do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Again, you will be then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good, pleasing and perfect will. And so on. I think we are constantly renewing our minds were constantly converting and transforming more and more into the image of Christ. You now by consuming the words of Christ concerning his teachings in learning his nature. So we had.

I think the letter cures for mental illness is to change the way that your thinking, change the way that you think actually asking God to give you the grace to help you change the way that your thinking because a lot of things that were entertaining in our minds, our lives were just believing lies nothing.

Mental illness is just based on you believing the lies over and over in your mind games with you and I will say as it relates to isolation Cadet Nina try to people saying that that's one of the signs of depression and sometimes mental illness. Isolation is the devil's playground right you know you do not need to be isolated when you're finding yourself in a dark space you need to be with someone to reach out to someone and confiding to keep in mind if you don't have that God is a counselor who my know you know that we can go to break what you notice this conversation so rich and so needed especially like you said in this time of isolation right. Some people are just lonely and frustrated and you don't know your mind, pick up a Bible. If you have a Bible, give us a call right but you have to know your mind sell family. We love you. I doubt that standout would not come back with more gray wording conversation right after the art, you know what I believe that my understanding of my purpose. After about try think I'm going to try and reinvent myself for the third time I've first of all with military force pictures are okay.

And then I went and asked her to pursue the beauty industry. All right, they tell you that life is an mollifying outcome into business for myself in the house okay this is my calling Peter in a slow start and I really encourage you listening well start if you are in a place where you like that okay I sound feel fulfilled it. My job okay. I don't feel fulfilled in my career. I think I've chosen place my lateral against the wrong building is never too late in your body, you can begin again. It is the beauty of salvation, and it is you got your breathing. You can go back to the drawing board and say Lord, what did you call me to play a call with mankind increase in weight is already given me the pain that latest thing we get there associate media you do anything over there so yes we have been talking about mental and spiritual wellness is been a great conversation. We pray that you have been blessed by some of the information we have been giving Ms. Paula would like to give some information as it relates to referrals and now we can win a tap on a couple questions we were asked on Facebook.

So there was someone that had an please try to make sure I say this right there. Someone who who ask about okay would you do if your children are going through mental illness. One.

You apply what we've been talking about your children. Okay, you have the power to pray and speak the word of God over your children and also teach them the word of God turn of Chatham in the way they should go and we know they will depart. A man I have something in their in their minds and in their spirits actually sell children, you need to be in church don't not have your key when you at church, but they need to be there with you. A man is trying to say that right and over.

I also have a referral to share with you. There is this organization called more ways to success more ways to success Danielle Moore is the CEO of this company and she's also a friend of mine excellent in the work she does. She is a counselor for for children.

She's also an educator and you can contact her at him WT as in Tom again that's him. WT is in time you can also directly call at 336-391-1601 and she's located right in downtown you can also contact Kristin Franks.

She is a professional counselor and life coach. If you check her out and Kristin that is KS and Kristin are IST as in Tom I in CAR ES. Kristin She counsels adults she has lots of experience is also a friend of mine as well and I highly recommend her.

She is a professional life coach as well as a counselor clinical counselor, so please please contact them and if you somehow missed that information, you can directly contact us at BTG, Ms. again is and the other the other question was, you know, people and depression often don't know don't know how or have the willpower to get out what you do well, you know, my mother, for example, is she's clinically diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic manic-depressive and is been a struggle out of it and with that since I was a child been a burden for a very long time and down. Guess you know Satan would have wanted me to say okay have inherited some of her traits that the devil is a liar. I had not, but I did experience some similar challenges with the way I help my mother is on. I continue to intercede for her, as you see a couple examples and the word of God. People were brought to Jesus not on their own will on some people were brought by their friends by their family. They were lowered into lowered into buildings to get to Jesus and they were able to come to Jesus for themselves.

So sometimes you have to go to the throne of God. You know for those individuals who don't have the wheel when they might be strung out on drugs on addictions. They may be so out of their mind they can't pray for themselves so you have to continue to intercede no matter what they look what he looks like Sam like with with no matter what the circumstances, no matter how deep they fall into what their loss and do not give up on prayer because God can do and go where you cannot and so plead the blood of Jesus, which is lower back to talk about before we go.

Plead the blood of Jesus over that person accounting intercede and just be there to help them.

You know, don't.

Don't let them abuse you, especially if they have an addiction. Sometimes they can become manipulative, but be laid by God as to how to help them and don't don't write them off in a Sam & I do not address that question two that came through to the friend. The friend said the what, when asked question is that dealing with the person that don't know then depressed don't know how to get out of it what is a friend.

You are the one we just talk about.

You are deceived you are to see you are the one that needs to if you acknowledge it if you see it you are the one that needs to address that. Go through that and you know everybody situation was totally different. You know the one thing I seen, this is a friend of mine friend of mine was always the church is always just given Christ to the kids given Christ to kids, you know, Christ, Christ, Christ, and it's a good thing. But you know a good thing. Always I said in a Christ thing shall I know so.

So what she learned. This is what she learned she learned just to be a parent not a friend not a friend just to be a parent not a preacher, not the teacher just to be a parent and she loved him as a parent. Now the kid seen how she was living and they wanted that life out of her seat so Michelangelo was short she just was apparent she was apparent to her kids and eventually the kids follow suit. Wish she was that you know and got saved and got in the church so I say a lot of times we don't want too much about times.

We just need to sit back and let God leave the guy because we pray about somebody would do it ourselves. Pray about leaving God's hands and let God deal with it and be apparent to your kids because you know we could get to some places and we got back, but we must not miss the business and that that you know stop trying to redo it.

Start where you are and stuff like as he said to take the kids to the church what you in particular for you so you can just like to know you just have to start when you are invited invite live in front of the because the biggest thing kids do more what they see and listen what I'm telling you have to live in front of a menu.

I love it and I got talking and I want to say it is.

As far as the assisting the children with mental illness. As you can also reach out to DSS you now if you don't have enough money for private counselor or a private therapy. As you can reach out to division a set of social services to get help for clinical mental assistance and and let your children know that they are able to talk to you because a lot of times children don't. They don't they feel like they so restricted they can't discuss certain things, certain topics are taboo or slightly controversial and a lot of times you know our children can be me being bullied there dealing with sexual identity issues they they just you know they don't want to live in this age, no child left not with the same as it was years ago know they have a lot more stresses than we did in style allow them to be able to come to you about anything right and a node as an educator. As we we segue into our tough know resurrection break we have a break coming up to see if we go on our break down and write his name is Ray coming up. Don't touch that, that would be right, and Jesus answered and said hello and go have faith in God.

I called the God kind so say on this mountain. Talk to you, and shall not doubt in his hall, but shall believe that which you say Cheryl Cohen to play portal so for us. What is when you receive an Cheryl rate was about our timeout resurrection wherein resurrection is right celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is our life, who is the power of God in us.

When I went to that's right the way the truth and the life. And we've been talking about mental health and spiritual health, wellness, and is not without the resurrection power of God that we can be healthy and wealthy. Okay landlord, we we are able to actually have that overcoming power and that healing everything that we need through that resurrection power of Jesus Christ because number one if Jesus was not obedient unto the father where he had the mind of God to actually take on the assignment actually take on the sins of the world, all the sickness and disease all the way that he was with Jaden's unit without raising recognition. He was beat beat beat Jan recognition all of that, he took that for us. Without that we would not actually be able to have overcoming power. Even today, so we are able to apply that resurrection power in the blood of Jesus to every single elements to everything Rob lunch every single situation that we have even for us to actually be stronger to do anything that is power – so I'm I'm thinking about the.

The word that's called due limits doing immense power of God. You can find that in many scriptures talking about the power of Christ talking about the spirit of God, the power of God.

It is an image that is a Greek word and basically it means strength, power, ability inherent power residing anything. The virtue of God is the power that that performs the miracles is the power that brings the excellence that we need the grace of God. All of that is the resurrection power guy and so first yes Jesus died on the cross.

But then he went to hell for any took the keys of death hell and the great everything that was going to keep us down in the ways and then it that's all Anand. Okay, we don't have any victory beyond that, Jesus took that for us and he also has the victory came Jaden for us and to prove it. He rose from the dead. There were many witnesses that saw that he is Rosemond that the Oracle fact so that same power, not just the story this actual work that is happened were able to apply that to our lives.

We do have a color know we don't already do they cut off subject but putting one. I read your path on okay my question Brown from Prairie where trash and pray for you over last night's concert she was. It was like she was at the club last night but my question back at the club might read for a moment. Chris will thank you.

Yeah what what what this was to send a lesser issue saying that she went to the club to minister.

She might affect. She's a gospel rap artists so she could invites to different places to different venues. Yet sometimes our club standing at an end. First of all, if you believe in the word of God because that all the words will transform people, you know so so is that principle that she wasn't going to the club to close. She was going to club to share the gospel in her format now to club anything for anybody jump send that kind of ministry for everybody. But that's what she was talking about. She's going to the club to do ministry peace in the midst of mess and drama and and I love it I love going and that is alright so you know foundations always got foundations always got so right in the same aspect right. Why would Jesus go and hang with tax collectors or nonbelievers) to write product is right when he went to the house when when those people went when those Google guys lower that guy into the house from the ceiling right that was a place where it was that there were tax collectors. There were there were Romans right there were nonbelievers there were was there that wasn't there when they were in the tabernacle. Jesus wasn't always in the church preaching others like it, we I think we first section that that that no Christian should only be ministering in the church right but like I will often I think I think about Michael Todd did a very good depiction of life you not think I think you can almost look at Jesus went to I trap houses to took to minister to. Like you don't go to you know what season does that help he needed not rise and help people go go go go to the hospital right now what you know you you you preach the people… All broken. You know you preach the people that that meet that need that help that have that lack that have that that disconnect from God.

Like we were were to go out into the world to bring people like you don't you know your time. I like Paul said I know you are compelled you to come in also so you and I think I think it it it it's about how it's doing what you feel God is called you to do one thing I think you know one thing that I will I will will talk about until I'm blue in the face is whatever you do, you have to be obedient to God and God is called you to do something do that.

What I however that looks good no matter what. If your own human mind can't fully comprehend. You're not supposed to. You only get a small picture what were not given the full picture of how it is going to work will be obedient to God and God is God tells you to give five dollars to rent a person in the grocery store just found out that a person in grocery store, don't question well you know what they're listening to track music as you don't know you don't know what they're going you don't know what that five dollars can do.

You just one small part of the picture. It was that Jesus was in the marketplace so the words those people would have never found him if he didn't go to them right now right in there right like right now, sir, to spread the gospel. You know it's all about the efficient Bible said he'll make a switch is gone. She's going I know her spirit and the thing is, that's what we do we go to where the law*you know what you when you were in darkness a little late to do… Room and you see a little bit like you know so that's what we wanted to give this Scripture Romans five and 12 any reads. Therefore, just as seen into the world through one man and get through saying and in this dead came to all people because all seen and another translation says that this necklace is Romans five and 12 about Paul yeah and then another translation says when Adam seen seen into the world. Adam Sam Broadbent so desperate to everyone for everyone has seen the descriptive threat this is this is Romans five into a different color was all know know came into the world. One man, and life came through the world through one man, Jesus is the point I made looks like one has to die for the other one to live right on the process of seed and harvest is feedback. I love guy got one has to die don't die so that you can. I went to bring together again that the mental and spiritual health and the resurrection. Jesus had gone into the synagogue and he read about himself in the book, and I'm particularly reading here from Isaiah 61 wrote read from that. He said the spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord God is a point anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor. He is sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn our reading more more than that. He read the same one to console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, depression, yell that they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified and they shall rebuild the old ruins, and they shall raise up the form of desolation and they shall repair the ruined cities and the desolation's of many generations. Now all of that summing up. It noticed there easy talk about the spirit of heaviness that talks about that mental health and layout. I personally am familiar with actually put that in one of my points that the spirit of heavy heaviness.

It will just keep you there and and it is, suffocating in a way you know kids like a dark cloak, but the garment of praise would snap you added that I tell you when I'm not singing I love singing, but is also my worship is also something I just just it.

It's a joyful thing for me to just sing if I'm not singing for several days there something that's that that is off for me. I need to go back okay if I just sing a little bit, I noticed the switch in my countenance, and in my spirit, but really I encourage you to meditate on Isaiah 61 and put yourself in there because it's also talking about you. You have the spirit of Christ in you, you have received Christ and you are the one who's going to rebuild the ruins and raise up former desolation so those ways in which you think everything is been lost and you had all these traumas is destruction you are going to be one the ones as you are renewing your mind you're going to also be helping others to renew their mind and you're gonna cause restoration to happening other people's lives. As you are being restored in Jesus name a man so really weekly family Easter is the greatest event that ever happened in the history of mankind. Jesus overcame saying and dad itself. A man Easter is that Jesus died in our place so that we could be forgiven for all of our seen and in the word tells us that no greater love has no man than they sent to lay down his life for his friends. John 316 let us know that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. So when Christ daddy say it is finished, he came to destroy the work of Satan, and he was finished everything that you are believing for all the healing that your needing and believing for the deliverance that your believing for.

It was finished right there on the Krause and we want to take this time and opportunity to pray with you to pray for you and where believing in his were pleading the blood of Jesus that we are so blessed to have the opportunity to access through the court to the through the death and resurrection of Christ. We want to pray with you right now this opportunity and we could have our brother Charlie P. Lead us in prayer our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy kingdom come. Gone will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our debts as we forgive our tools and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Are we thank you for being such an amazing little we actually we thank you for sending your son to die on the cross for our sins. Lord we ask that we we believe that for for those on the backs and we believe that your son that you sent your son to live.and to be raised again for our sins and we we believe that he is our Lord and Savior God that we believing in Psalms 23 that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures lead me beside the still waters. He restores my soul he leads me in the path of righteousness for my names for his namesake yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou are with a rod and thy staff they comfort me.prepares the table before me in the presence of mine enemies.

Thou anointed my head with oil my cup when it's over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen a file if you this is probably one of one Sundays that people will not be in charge for Easter. This is really interesting here but you the people you are the charge. The Lord says that his spirit doesn't dwell in buildings, individuals, and his people, and sell on wherever we are gathered together, the church is the church is present in cell. I totally suggest and recommend everybody get in there word and actually studying the story of Jesus. You can go with Matthew going to Matthew 27, 28, you go to Luke 23 and 24 and you can also looking ask first chapter is whale studied the story of Jesus for yourself. You have to know if that's always fun to be made personal. You know it for yourself, not by way of someone else's sermon, but love for it yourself you nice a great time to restore your relationship with the father and he's a great time to access that authority.

Power to he's getting you to to plead the blood of Jesus over your life. Plead the blood of Jesus over that that illness that mental illness that emotional brokenness on in their times and I live what we may be broken and we we really don't know how to be fakes like Lorton is where Charlie PA mention you know to trust him Lord on broking. I don't know how to fix myself.

I need your Holy Spirit to do either. I need to do is all I all I recommend for you to do if you're struggling with any emotional brokenness, mental illness, or anything of that sort you know of physical illness submitted to the Lord submitted guy and releasing and entrusting him with all your heart, you know, don't try to figure it out. Just lease and some me and and out to him, he will give you rest and he will give you peace that surpasses all understanding, and so it is there's nothing he is not based on your own effort is solely based on your trust in him and relining him and we want to make sure that you know why we are saying okay, makes you getting your word. You can also find a church online.

Okay, there plenty of services going online okay Google some some Bible believing church is the love turns on beyond awake church, both in Winston-Salem going to be on their many others.

I mean 20 oh the love transaction. The sun is going to be streaming going to be on TV. I got out the that is fantastic out Incident. Now you got noticed you. So we want and by our listeners to follow us on social media G on Facebook and if you would like to support our ministry. We have a cash app that you can refer to it is money sign priesthood PR I ES TH00D number one line cash that's that's the cash Information will follow us on social media connect with us, you can contact Ms. follow and BTG Ms. If you are looking to become a sponsor or if you want to buy and add can promote your business. You can gently browse on the Graham at the start is out there and the ground now, so I'll follow you shall love your hair like we will be the same thing applies. We love you

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