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Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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July 24, 2020 4:16 pm


Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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July 24, 2020 4:16 pm

Fasheion, Ms Fola, Charlie P and Minister Cannady

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Team, I've been telling you. Again and again. The other charge they got first.

Burgeoning. Hey, man, hey, man. Hey, what's happening, triad and, well, y listeners, a man, this is bridged the gap.

And now we just want to we want to just thank you for tuning in the day. We got a great that broadcast today. And we're just looking for the Lord to have his way. Always we always looking for the Lord to have his way.

I think I'm off to kind of sluggish start because that gave me a big lunch and I should have did that. But, hey, life is good.

God is great, you know, and I was reminded that this week about the story, you know, because we're going through so much so much is going on in nine states in the world. And I was reminded of the story of Jonah. You know, the Bible says that he was eaten by the whale. And, you know, that weird that represents difficulty. It represents a terrible situations. It represents bad circumstances. It represents just the fullness. But the Bible says that in the midst of that, the Bible says that Jonah gave up the sacrifice of praise. And other words, it was difficult for him to praise God that in that moment. Right. You know. Right. Right.

The Bible says that he gave up the seat. He did. Deep within his self. And gave up the sack. Read it for yourself. Jonah. The Bible says that he gave up the sacrifice of praise and God heard him.

And I think that that speaks to a lot, especially when we can feel, you know, we win when we can at times, just like Jonah Field, be angry at guy, right? Not want to. Do we, like Jonah was clearly disobedient and he wanted to do the opposite of what God told him to do. Right when God told him, you know, you wanted you to go to. I believe it was negative. Yeah. And to interpret the word. And so, you know, he decided to go the other way. Right. And then, you know, as he you know, as a result of everything, you know, after you got swallowed by the by the by the big fish. And, you know, he went to Nunavut and spoke that message to the to the people. You know, Jonah was expecting God to obliterate Nova. So he was mad. You know, he was able to put me in a point where he was just sitting sitting by the city. The Lord let a tree grow. I just read a story. And Mary, like last week, and he he was angry guy. But I think that's a good point of even when we're angry, like. And even through the struggles that we go through that we turn to God in Thanksgiving in worship. Right. We we we sacrifice that that worship to God. Not we don't we don't worship God based on how we feel. Right. Worship is based on worth. Yeah. It's about worth. So you worship is surrendering to God.

What you feel he's worth a man. A man based on. And you know, it's it's a lot it's a lot of this story of Jonah. Right. You know, and the thing he was mad at God because first of all, let's understand something. Jonah was already he was already a prophet. He was already walking with God. Right. But then there was a group of people that he hated. He despised.

He was prejudice against you. It was a form of rage. He hated these people. He did not want these people to be safe. He did not want these people to become like he was like, these people ain't worth coming to you, God. And that's why he ran. He it wasn't that he wasn't being he wasn't a servant of God.

He didn't want to preach to them people. And, you know, we hear it at nighttime, you know, you people, those people, you know, and that's the same mentality that he had. Right. But the bottom line is when he gave up the sacrifice of praise, when he said, you know what, God, I can't fight against you, you know? And he just gave it up and let the Lord have his way. And it was just awesome, man.

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. So it definitely speaks to a sense of being able to surrender, you know, especially in times of now. Right. Because we can see that the you know, we're all going to hit it, hit this a little bit later on, you know, speak to a little bit of the cost of forgiveness. And you can kind of see the the lack of forgiveness in people's hearts just in the world that we're in right now. And actually things of as of late and, you know, not to say that the things that are happening aren't right. Right. I want to be, you know, very clear. Like, you know, there's there's a definite difference between revenge and justice, right. Where revenge is. You know, I want to get things for I want to do things for myself versus, you know, forgiveness. I'm sorry. Just as justice is is it's the legal aspect that as a result of somebodies wrongdoing, it's the legal aspect. As the legal consequence, justice is required for. You know, it has affect our community. Right. Yeah. So, like, justice is required for community relations. And so, you know what? We see a lot in in at least what I've seen a lot of what I seen when it comes to like even social me. I was talking to my microphone about this earlier of how, you know, you can see a lot of people and when you look on social media, a lot of hate, right? A lot of this side, that side, you know, it's a lot. It is a lot of hate being spewed. It's a lot of unforgiveness. It's a lot of festered emotions, a lot of fester anger, a lot of deep rooted bitterness. Wow. And that's what it is. And so, you know, I think oftentimes a lot of what what we what we talk about in this walk, in this walk is trying to eat people's hearts. Right. That we can see that a lot of times, like, you know, in people's heart isn't right. And so, you know, being so far away from guy has it has its effects on I'm forgetful. You know, not being able to forgive is one of them. Right. Racism is another one. Hate is another. It know, isn't it? It manifests in many different ways.

So, you know, let's just see where we go in the day. But he's got a great book day. We can't get it to sit at somewhere that good gospel music. Right. You know, I mean, that Holy Hope music man. Now, hip hop, hip hop, whatever you want to call it. You want to leave. It gets say they may listen to the message. This in the music. A Man. We'll be right back. Yeah.

We ran. Now imagine any thank you to click, thank you to.

Go back, you go back to clean up. No. Yes. It is my time to shine. Look to your thing. Every place you. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack.

Cha cha cha cha. Oh, my gosh. Oh, yes. This is a trust from I just. Sir. Thanks. You'll pay for it just for me in just three minutes. I say no, no, no, because this debate is making me never repeat it. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. So in a way, they belong. Yeah. Gotta be a must. Oh yes. Oh. So I give him every point to be happy. We're going to feed it. It's a gift for no. Give it right back to serve him. What if he came for a. But you don't get to church anyway. Sunday on the way back to Sunday. You can get it any day, any way. Which we have gathered in his name. He can't be right there. Everybody can go and walk into church.

But it's what we say is the goal here. Give it to him like this. Yes. I've been going to use my time to shine.

You'll your in every place I'm standing you. Many of fun. We ran a rabbit Brokeback. Not gonna it nothing matter. Go back to.

I that I could with a boy. You can do anything you like. You got to take a long time to come up, not like I'm on the bay at all. Now, I got to get a break. Be back this way at home. There are times that, you know, target practice to performance like I did when I lost my glasses. What in the NLRB? Because I can't compete at any given night at the end. Like you didn't tell me some high that need. I've been messing up like my. I mean, come up with skis, yelping cat on me like my stream, protecting Ukraine more than a sheriff's man. But I'm is a cop really.

You have a neighbor down side to side is way, way, way, way. Just don't do this. We don't just do this. They is not. You see a way out. Oh, yeah, way, way. The public with the kids the day Hickham Will Smith up. No, I'm kidding. We'll it. This was getting late. Let me just put it this way. Kevin, like the eagle known as.

It is my time to shine light to. You'll be happy place of safety.

Let's take in the sites that we have good experience. Let's say we have a few minutes, say. About. Any time I can take him. Can take him back and give me.

I just needed to clear my mind, and you all have.

I guess what I'm saying. Anyway.

And it gets them finally ready for me what looks like a broken leg before they say, yes, power in the tunnel. But you already know. He said, I've been get you to skip your baby show just because my treat. Yes. That will bring in complete shock trauma from the crash. Give me a please. A positive muscle, just like the green guy. I was patiently waiting on the right side. I guess I wasn't in my right mind, but got back straight like the tight spine. I'll change the world.

I guess if they tried to block movements like the Ken Baker with the mask, but do with it since, say, to relieve the pain you got me. And then a stroke. But the minute to clear my mind. You must be sad.


Oh, me, what are you doing at. Sometimes he'll be like, kind of cool, I should be thinking, like, should I trust them? But what have you got for me? Because God made me and I never bit of to find. Oh, God. He manipulated the church. We got a of type of thing you can. You've got to be patient. You have to like the hospital. Your patients will be the ones that deal with the patient. God is the fact that he gave you revelation. I know. You ready for a blessing. Drop to your knees, because I know you thought of serving God, but a body like the fellow window dressing glanced at the specimen on your left.

You, son, what's being said? Yes.

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

I was just sitting here meditating and thinking about how good God is a man if you need healing. God is a healer.

If you need more understanding, God will give you more understanding. If you need love. Glory. Hallelujah. Give me that as well. What ever you need. God's got it. How great. Somebody say how great thou art.

Listen to us anywhere. Anytime. I'd like to try. Dot.

Oh, right. From our perspective, the only word that really matters is the word of God.

It is the only word that can save us. We are saved by the word of God. And we should note that that word informs us of the great love that God has for humanity. It is what gives us the courage to continue to fight the good fight in this world and to manifest the glory of God by the things that we say and do.

Teach. I've been told you.

The other charge, the guy who in the. And that gap is back. And this is your girl.

She had the inspiration. I'm so glad to be back. I was gone last weekend. It is a blessing to be back here with my crew minus the DUI. How you doing?

Loving life and living it. A man?

Yes. It's really easy.

God is gone. How you doing? How you doing? Glad to have you back in the studio here.

If it means then allow me.

I mean, yes, we got to give love and shout out to Miss FA la la educator. She is not here with us today, but we are sending our love to her. I miss you girl. And I'll hurry on back. Yes. So today you guys are going to have a great show. And so we want to make an announcement for any birthdays or anniversaries. Please call in and show love to your friends and loved ones for their anniversary or birthday at three three six, eight, nine, six. Thirty or forty. Yes. So, Charlie, what's going on today on the show, man?

So today we gonna have a discussion. It's gonna be a really good discussion today. It's the topic for today. Is the cost of unforgiveness gonna be a really good one? Definitely. And very timely, too. Yeah.

What's the going to have faith moment with Fash? You gonna have your segment showed today? We also gonna have our hot holy hip hop and gospel R and B segment and got our mics going. Got a minute to Dwayne. Kennedy putting putting the mixes down. And we also have Kingdome comedy set segment where today we're gonna be talking about funny childhood memory.

Oh yeah. Let's see what we got to Dairy Farm on the line. Very funny.

So, yes, it's about time at the BTG Church. So family, if you have any praise reports or testimonies you would like to share, be a blessing to the community. And Carlos here. Three three six eight nine six, 13, 14. Thank you for your testimony here at the BTG Church. So minutes of doing. I know you're grateful for something down here.

God. Good.

Hey, you know, I go day by day, you know, but all I can say is that throughout all of this stuff has been going on, you know, my head has just been up high and I just just thank him for that. And, you know, I mean, you can't go wrong, you know? And then I also want to say to the viewers, believe me, listen, people need to hear what you have. So if you want to share, you know, please, the number here is three three six eight mastic, 13, 40, that that number should be right by your phone all the time, sitting right by your phone. When we enns because we want to hear from you.

This is a community call and be a blessing.

But God God is just awesome, sister, you know. And I talk to people and saints that I've been in church food for folk for a while and just talking to them, it's just like, man, you are such an unhappy Christian.

You know that man Sauvé like Sam and I don't live on both sides of the track.

Both sides are different. No. You over. It's just so much better. It's just so it's just growing. Just just having a relationship with God. It's just so it's it's overbearing. It's like, you know, there's nothing that can come and happen and ask speak from experience that that can just shake that up. You know, he has a friend of mine put on Facebook today, you know, a ton about you couldn't you couldn't mess with everything, but you cannot mess with my faith. And I'm just like, wow, you know, this is so true. And that's what the adversary. Do you know what he talks about, Peter? When Jesus said the adversary desire's the SCIF, he was weak. And back in those days, there is this tweet. It was it was what you would call agit. You just want to agitate. You just keep you frustrated, keep you. You know, love me maybe. Yeah. Ultimately.

And it's just so it's such a blessing just to know God know who he is and know who you are in him. A man.

A man. Julie, O Lord, is our strength. The world didn't give it in. No, we're OK. Take it away. Holly, will you sell that? Oh, George.

Holly was what you had for when he drove up on that bike ride. I didn't know why he did run by you.

But. But I'm not, as this week's been good. You know, I went to see. We had a protest down our, you know, downtown earlier in the week. Fought for the George Floyd and police brutality and. Yeah. Justice system that it was over the protests for downtown. And it was really good to go down there.

And I was actually surprised that there were actually more you see there right here where like a lot of white people, I was out there. And so I think that there was I think there is something about, I guess, this particular murder that actually opened up a lot of assets to a lot of white people. Well, yeah. Well, you know, worldwide. You know, we got the it was every you know, every state in the United States had had protest. And there were other countries that that also.

That's in New Zealand, right? We do Mark Masters well, that way, too. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Well, it was a you know. Was it. It was. It was a it's a worldwide, you know, event. And so I'm thankful for, like, the progress that's that's being made. You know, still a ways to go in and even kind of what what a little bit what we're gonna talk to about today. You know, it also exposes people's unforgiveness, right? It also explains people's heart in that, you know, there there is a lot of still a lot of changes to be made. Right. Still a lot of, you know, getting line with God. And I think a lot of issues, people not really fully understanding what it means to love what they do not understand that God love. You understand it that night. God love.

But, you know, I'm very thankful. I can't you keep it light, right? That, you know, I'm happy that, you know, God get good health. Will they become appointed by the little things? A little thing. So.

I had a big lunch.

I was sitting here falling asleep and I heard from the distance. Know that I see you here.

Right. Oh, jeez. Right. So. What about you? What. What do you mean? Well, I have time off.

I had. I am so grateful for that. I really am. When I was gone last Saturday, I really should have just went out of the country because obviously OBE is the album. If I'm not here, I'm there at home.

You know what? My other full time jobs. And yeah. But I'm grateful for just the time away to reflect and just recoup and everything. And and God has just been a keeper, you know, and throughout all of these crises and everything, you know, in my corner of the world, I have had nothing but peace and joy and contained meanings thing and stayed fast and love. Right.

And in his word. And so, you know, it affects me what's going on in the on the globe.

But then it doesn't do because my peace and my joy is rested upon one Christ and his word and his unmovable. So I am praying and interceding for for the world and what's going on. But you can't touch my peace so much.

I'm just grateful for that. He is a keeper now. Come out somebody now. Don't be scared. You guys call us here. Three three six eight, nine, six, 13, 14. Share your testimony. Your prayers report. Come on. I'm blessed. Somebody who's now be scared.

Early, early this week, I was. I was blessed. It actually beyond tomorrow I did a recording with man talk of Roy Roy Tangles and his crew talking and talking and walking Christian Men's Ministry.

Yeah. We discuss, you know, what's going on. But, you know, it's just it's just so enlightening to and I think that's what the differences this go round. We have Caucasians that are empathizing with the state, you know, empathizes. They're putting themselves in that position. Yeah. And they're feeling, you know, they're feeling what we went through. You know, because of that that scene and what they seen that everyone's seen that no one I mean, here out no one I hurt my boy was Rush Limbaugh.

You said no one can deny what happened. I mean, those guys, you know, so what I'm saying is that it was clear to everyone's eyesight what went what went on and what was wrong.

And, you know, so I mean, it's it's just it's just a great thing. But like, I, I don't know if it was it was you. I think you said it earlier or last week or so. But this is not a time I was talking to somebody. This is not a time to be pointing fingers and to be condemning one to decide that the other side of this side and that's that.

Right. But this is a time to embrace it. And I think this was going on. I think that's what makes the difference right now. You know, because, you know, the oppressor, the oppressed, the oppressor has to be the one that's this is the oppression is wrong. Right. You know, because as long as the one is being oppressed, then crying out, there's nothing that can be done, you know?

So I think this is a whole different spirit. But we know scripture.

So we know we know better, know who he is and you know, he's all right.

You know, I think there's really a time for for the church to just step up, you know, you know, all the petty stuff that goes on in churches and in the church culture, it just we don't have time for it, you know, egos, the competition, like like they was laying into disciples asking Jesus, who was the greatest, who's the great? You don't matter. We're all great. And Jesus is a superstar boy in a day. Let's not give that mistake. I mean, it's all about him. But I like all the evolution is they go on charge, you suppress the to intercede to come together and really understand who the real enemy is is evil out here. Yeah. Is working through people. All right, buddy, Friesian Seek's and Swails say, is that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. We wrestle gains, spirits of dark news, evil powers in high places. Now we need to start interceding, right.

I'm heavily fasting, going back to fasting and praying. Yeah. You know, cristeta there are certain kind of miracles, a certain kind of moves that he's only going to make when we fast and pray. We need to get back to that.

You know, I put I put that up on the book the day a system about prayer. Yeah. And, you know, this is that does you guys say 60 since you said we got to stop playing and get and get to action.

And I'm just like place that should pray is the best you can do. I mean, of course, we got to put the you know, put the boots down, but it's like, no, no, no, you got this all. You're going to more in prayer than you can do anything you don't know. So, yeah, I just thought it was a mentality. You know, it's just like, come on, people, wake up, wake up.

Yeah, I think I think that even what you said, you know about even in a feature that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, what we're seeing right now is just a manifestation of the spiritual right. So what we see now is is is is the physical sense of the spiritual battles that that goes on, that these, you know, people's hearts not being right is a manifestation of the evil that that is in the world, the spiritual evil of the ex. So, you know, if you want to look at it, I'm looking at I like to play chess.

Right. So I'd like to understand, like battle strategy and how to how to not just beat somebody. How to destroy somebody. How do you how do you completely destroy somebody. Right. And so put them. My mind is my set of adversary. Right. What I would do, I would isolate somebody. I would fight. I would deceive them from the truth. Right. And so that they that they are confused, confused themselves. And that and that's what the devil does. Like he looks to to isolate people. Right. Isolate and divide division. Right. And he looks to deceive people by the two who want to divide it. He wants to do anything in his power to keep us to distract us from our relation with guy. Keep us away from guy, right? Yes.

And it's like, you know, those are very deceitful and doing you know, it's funny you said, yes, I got kicked out at Chess Club because I was beaten by my head and I'm like, okay, what is the next just me and the E man.

You can come back. Yeah. That's what smart people I'm actually on right now at last for smart people. I have no interest ever.

You know, my favorite game was I just love.

You ever played a game strategical battleship you had you got to come and never. Loaded game. I said I'm going to put them back.

We know who the smart people in this nation is. Hey, man. Again. So family down means air now. Give us a call here at three three, six, eight, nine, six, 13, 14. Share your testimony. And we're ready to go to break in just a little bit here.

But we're going to be talking about the cost of unforgiveness. So you all do not want to miss that. Don't touch it now. We'll be right back after the break.

You can follow bridging the gap on all social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook, Priscila Productions. Also on Facebook, the Minister Kennedy. I don't get off the ground at minister underscoring candidate. It's bridging the gap where we're bridging the church back to the streets. This. TNM. I've been told they don't you?

The other charge, the gun fires, the. Your family. We are a band.

And today is going to be a wonderful day, we hope you're enjoying this very, very hot weather outside today. Man, you pray for healing. You got its value. Is we going to have the scripture passage of the day?

Yeah. So I go, hey, I go in and take this away. So the scripture of the day is Matthew six, 14 and 15. And this is what he reads for. If you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive you, your sins.

And I say that is the very easy because you think about it. There's a lot of things are emphasized in the church, especially when I was a kid bringing up. Oh, don't go to the club, don't smoke, don't drink. He pulls a dress a certain way, local, certain way. It's half a certain way. But nobody ever emphasizes the need to forgive. It is going to be a lot of people still sitting on the pews. If Jesus came back right now because you don't have forgiveness in your heart, you have a lot of resentment and bitter news is rooted in your heart and that is going to keep you from the inheritance of the kingdom. This is a very serious issue. You can't miss the kingdom of God by having unforgiveness in your heart. Yeah, exactly. I mean, smoking or drinking alcohol. Well, OK. But he clearly say is that we have to forgive in order to be forgiving. That's our entry way into the kingdom of forgiveness. And repentance is deep, is deep. So and we're gonna be talking about the cost of forgiveness today. You guys, you don't want to miss this. And so is want to be very helpful in enlightening. And I am totally blessed by it.

So let's go ahead and roll and set a faith moment we felt.

So I'm glad that we saw it all with Matthew six, 14 to 18, because this faith Mommy. I just feel Layard's it just give a sort of lockout's has Dumanis, so to speak, as it relates to forgiveness.

I really feel like I'm becoming more of a master of this thing called forgiveness. You have to, though, because, you know, every day you're gonna find yourself finding someone suffering who is going to be in a faints after a fan's hurt. After hurt. Excuse me. It's not gonna be a one time thing. Forgiveness is a process to the day we're in the gray. And so, you know, this faith moment for me is just expressing a time when I was I found myself in a situation where I had to give forgive someone greatly of something that they did to me.

And I will say about two years ago, I had experienced a level of hurt and pain and betrayal that I never, ever thought that I would ever experience in my life.

And so never say never, because you don't know what is light or not. None of us is exempt from real life, you know.

I don't care how good of a person you think you are, how great you treat people, how sweet and loving. You know, you're still going to endure trouble. Christ, they're there in this life. You will experience trouble, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world. So we've overcome through Christ. Hey, man. Two years ago, I was at a place of devastation where, you know, sometimes just the closest people to you to hurt you two hours on the people you love the most and hurt you the most. And I was hurt greatly by a loved one. And I'm totally devastated.

It was a, I guess you say, a root of pain and hurt that probably could have put me in prison had I not had Jesus Christ a man, you know.

Was that forgiveness is not an easy thing, especially depending on the severity of what it is that you have to forgive. Well, what happened was God gave me the grace. And when I say grace, layman's terms, the ability to forgive this person of what they did. And I just want to put this out there. Forgiveness does not always mean that things are going to change between you and that person right away. It doesn't mean that you're going to reconcile. It doesn't mean that you have this thing in relationship with that person, depending on if he's going to be a healthy choice to stay in a relationship with their person or not. And so what I did was it was the grace of God before I was actually a went through this this devastation. I was fasting. And I must say this, when you when you get your little fast for something and you don't really even.

Know what, you're fasting for some time, some time. God is preparing you for what you are about to experience or go through. Now, I had no I knew why I wanted so fast at this point, but I must say, like eight days into my face, that's when all hell broke loose. And now and then I realized it was the spirit of God that was keeping me because I wanted to do everything but the will of God. When this when this devastation hit my life. So there was really no way to prepare for this devastation. It was just the matter of having a relationship with God. That's what kept me in the midst of me wanting to do all the wrong things. You wanted to retaliate, wanted to hurt others because hurt people, hurt pretty hurt people. A man just, you know, wanted to lash out in anger, anger and wrath. I did not. And the only thing they killed me.

It kept me from doing that. Was the voice of the Lord. Mm hmm. And knowing that any choices that I make is going to affect my children. So I made a conscious decision to forgive. Because forgiveness is not just for that person, is for me is for me to be able to be free and move on. I forgave of this individual. And in still, forgiving this individual is a process because of the pain. And the devastation was very deep. And so I will say that what I did was I still made it myself. This is the testimony I so made it my mind will and emotions. And I say, Lord, if you cannot heal me through this, I can not do this. I'm going to need your help. You know, God, his love is forgiveness. And I must tell you that I have successfully gotten to the point where I am. I can say I've thoroughly forgave this person so soon. Whether this relationship continued or not, I can say that I have thoroughly forgiven this person, all because because the Holy Spirit has let me what to do when the thoughts of what happened started rehearsing in my mind as to what a bead and how deep the hurt was. I will say, look, I will pray right there in an instant. Lord, I give you my mind, will and emotions. I'll give it all to you. Lord God, purge me. Purify me of any resentment, bitterness, anger, rage every time. And I may. I'm literally every time the falls will come into my mind, I will just pray that pray. Pray that prayer. Pray that prayer constantly. And the Lord said that he rewards those who diligently see him. And I say, Lord, no matter what I'm feeling right now, I want to do your will. I really do want to do your wheel. And spontaneously, you guys, I just started to change my heart and he just began to light the thoughts of the torment of what happened to me. You know, you replay it over and over your mind. Those thoughts started to diminish, like it went from, you know, every so often to almost not at all. And so now I know that whatever whenever their fault comes, I just, you know, reject it and put it back into subjection of the Holy Spirit. And I and I start to speak, you know, piece over myself and speak, you know. Lord, cleanse my heart, cleanse me, purge me, you know. And so spontaneously as I'm praying and and I have fasted even with a prayer, God just or it's it just changed me. You know, just start to, like, heal me. That's what I'm saying. And so through the power of God, I have received healing. I have understood what it takes to really thoroughly forgive. And I can say that, you know, I am free. I am free, you know, because had I not allow God to to really change me, heal me, I would have taken the same pain and hurt somebody else, you know, and it just would have been a repeat of the same episode unanimously and you'd never get peace. And so I just thank God for healing. I wanted to be transparent about their process because, you know, it's real. And I you know, you always ask God, will God, why? Well, God, I did this. I did. Then the third. I didn't deserve this. Well, but why? And let me just tell you something. The person who hurt me had been hurt. And that's what I had to realize. God gave me. I said, Lord, let me see this through your eyes. This person had been deeply hurt and had not never dealt with the root of their situations. The deal dealt with there, the root of their hurt, you know. And so and then so I was hurt as a result of that. And so I thank God for the revelation because he let me know that me forgiving this person caused them to be restored. So the point of what I'm saying is forgiveness restores, forgiveness, restores, you know, forgiveness, restores that person.

Let me tell you what this individual said to me. Come on, somebody. You go. All right. Go, go, go. He says, let me tell you what this person said to me.

They see it because of your forgiveness, because of your love that you show me. I have been transformed. That's powerful because of guys, a love that I saw through you. I am transformed. An ideal day of glory. Just a guy. A man so prayed.

And that blast is you guys made it. So meet your her soul mate, your pain. So meet your Bearder news, your resentment.

Whatever is is tormenting you. Whatever it is, it hurt. Re. Release it. Give it to guy. Let him heal you. Give it all to him. Hold on to none of it. And when the spirit of God leads you as to what to do. Do it somehow feel as power and know that forgiveness is going to restore you both man.

And has restores you, you know. And I'm one other side of the table because somebody did something to me this. And you know what? I did what you did. I said, you know what it was like. You know, I've been waiting like four in the morning. Be praying I'd be gone. But it Lord put my heart to call. So I called was like that. Now I know the situation. But he called. He told me to apologize anyhow.

And I can't apologize. And guess what happened. That's what happened since. This is crazy. What happened? They said, oh, no worries.

I'm like, you know, because you make it feel like you're an apology. Right. Right. Right.

And I said, no way. Least it's OK. And I'm just a whole lot. You now know me because the flesh want to get in it. Right. Right. Right. And give them a piece of land. Yeah. Yeah. No, you know what? You tell us this. The apostles went through the same thing. And that's what Jesus said. When when Jesus Jesus told John when John the Baptist was in gate to get his hair cut off.

Yeah. And Jesus said he said, don't be offended by me. Don't be. Don't be offended by me. In other words, you do. You did what you supposed to do. People getting by.

I mean, the blind. Is he seeing. And, you know, because John was. I sent him a message like, hey, I'm in prison. You come see about me. Are you the one right now? You're seeing the dove. But the point I'm trying to make is that we can go through some things and we're going to put we're going to be our faith is going to be put to test. Peter had to do the same thing in X begins when they they killed Stephen.

Oh, right. Yeah. Then they killed him and Paul. Paul. Sorry, Tom. Yeah. So he orchestrated that. You know, he was there. And then after that, Saul was causing havoc to the church.

I mean, everybody was run. He's dragging out the house. I saw this. He's doing this prank. You know Chris. Yeah. And Peter, they laid on in that chapter. Peter, they had to forgive Paul because Paul, you know, he's Jesus. Yeah. And he was a Christian. Yeah. He was personally. You're upset. Yeah. So, I mean, we gonna be put to that all, you know, awful. Christian. Why? Because like you said, it's a process. But the bottom line is law. A benefit for us. It's not necessarily for the one that we are forgiving. It is for us to release the one that that did that did the wrong, you know, because this is scripture say stuff like, you know, when you pray and somebody's got a heart against you. Oh, come on. You didn't say you got out of gives them. That's the truth. And then you go. I'm sorry. Nowhere is that because I highly. You know what? I haven't really lived that in my mind. I'm just as I hold up now. You know, with the crisis in you. Yeah. So. But, yeah.

We can't let you show up when it's time to forgive.

I mean, a man, a man now because you could be put in a situation where to most people you have every right to retaliate. You know, you have to live with Christ. He said, turn the other cheek, my whole Lord Jesus.

I think I'm right there as we aspire to shout em up.

Want a good time to go so they can learn a lesson, you know, but by God, he's going to deal with.

He will say it all every day on your behalf if you just surrender it to him.

Come on. You know, he good like that.

I remember being in Matthew 19, Peter, exact question. He said a lot of times I've got to forgive.

So there you go.

Help out, because this is something that we will have to do.

Any time in Tom, I have to forget, is these people, you know. And Jesus, you know, as smooth as he is, first of all, I like this.

I like to give a shout out to Christ Craig, whom I've never met anyone as thoroughly as him.

By most way, I reply, I said.

Hey, man, listen, I forgive him seven times 70. You don't know me. You know, you've got to continue because. No, the script. Peter quoted the whole script. Seventh Seventh Symphony.

Yeah. Should be 17. So I believe. And in that Deuteronomy in Old Testament, it said you are to forgive three times. So when Peter Dedee said I'm gonna double. And then add one for good measure to get seven. And that was the thought. Right. So we say, should I do it seven times?

Jesus said no, 70 times so loud he was going to prison. Exactly. He was going good seven times. So that's a different metaphor. Just to say you're going to have to forgive continually. I guess the tenuous process, because guess what? We're going to continue to need forgiveness. Right. You know, we step on our toes. I like for. I'll you how much Jesus got. He got to forgive us. He's in there mediating for us. I'm saying we've seen even you know, unknowingly he has to mediate for us. We we need forgiveness constantly. Forgiveness of the day we leave. Leave this art. Right. That man was going to cross. Forgive him. Yeah. Somebody forgive them for they know not what they do. Come on, somebody. Oh, my goodness. Just the beast in up there on the cross.

Do you know interceding forests for the people who crucify you?

I mean, what I didn't deserve that don't deserve.

Oh my God. And that's the thing. And when you do decide to forgive. I mean, it is a decision. It's not because they deserve it. Right. You deserve to be free. And you deserve to be forgiven.

And when you do it, God is going to honor you for doing that, masterminding acknowledge you for doing it. And he said that's, you know, does of them treasures.

Larry, I will speak from my personal experience. There is great reward for releasing someone.

Yes. Just as releasing a grudge. You kidding yourself? I'm a guy. It is very liberating.

Right. And we don't get more incident in just a few. You know what I'm saying?

But real quick. King of comedy. Right?

We got a couple of minutes. We're gonna go ahead and get our segment for the king of comedy on out. This is funny memories from childhood, right? So family, if you have any funny memories from childhood. Give us a call here. Three, three, six, eight. Nasdaq's 13, 40.

And share them with us. Want to have a little giggle here. Hey, lighten up the spirits. We talking about some real heavy over time off for gaming. So I've got a memory from childhood when I was playing charge what my grandma might make the law for the grannies. My momma is the one who introduced me to the cries as I was going to charge not be in charge. Serve is right and I get to follow in asleep. Good. You're not Mickey. I am really intrigued. He wouldn't pass the thing. He knows is boring to me. And I'm time. All right. She will fall asleep and she would twist my error.

Mm hmm. So make we wake up, I say. Because that's the sign. Luis right there. Right. That's it. You honor her. I'm your guy. Well, we say her for our special use of was mahrer. So make me wake up. And then she would she would pinch me. Oh, my God. Your grandma. I just like that. That went funny to me on your hand. But it's funny and. But is you pay to be rattenberg me Weyco because I guess I was supposed to be listening. But I was. I had to be that way. Relevant etoposide at that time. I was, I was taught tell you lost the memory.

You were like the sheriff. I was, I was thinking a while and actually it was a case of my mom. When you give me your assessment, I was trying to hold it in once, so I got it. And then a couple started kind of flood my mind. But I'll say I. So we was it was all at home.

I believe I was in that. We was in the kitchen and and in the backyard that we have a day right in the back in the backyard.

Growing up and so I remember somebody who did something and Mama was they'll give me a whipping.

We got one like we got when I came, I came from a house. Well, we got it. We got we got we got whatever was within arm's reach. Well. They they. Yeah. Larry and Russ shoo me away all year. I think. I think you're really, really young. I think you start out with me anyway.

And so I went to my dad and my mom. My kid brother hit a.

Well, my mom ever let me do life.

And now and then, I don't remember whether he went outside. And my mom chased him outside. And I think at that time there were some planks that needed to be well placed. Oh.

And so my mom like see like he ran and like her leg kind of fell, see. And we're outside. We are dying laughing because, you know, when mom got her leg, Dega with my mom, I see what she laughed for herself. My sinuses in their lab wanted one to help her up. And we kind of playing with the like. Now we've have the whole day.

Oh, I did you get this thing that, you know, hey, that's what you know, her hand wouldn't hurt you.

So, I mean, I see what's in that laugh because it's like, you know. Yeah, well, I got her laid down. Oh, it was so sad. How about Larry?

Yeah. Ma, we love you. You know, we love her. She's dead. Yeah, I know she's still laughing, but that's sad to say. Yes. Burt arriviste. Want a chance. Yeah. She was following me. I got beat. But you know, it was funny in the beginning. It was funny. Hi. Say it was hilarious.

That felt family. We gon be back with some more Kingdome comedy. Don't you touch that, Dabhol. We'll be right back after the break.

You how you ended it with price is critical for the plan and program of God. And if God does, let's see you investing in others. He limits your connection with him because you're not an only child. Children are the only ones that get spoiled once they have more than you. You've got to share. God says I have a family. You are a critical part to the family. You're not the only one in the family. You've got to be linked to the family. So it is absolutely critical that believers.

This is WPRO. Seventy eight Winston Salem w w w 242 S.D. Greensboro W two seven three D.H high point TNM.

The church fires in the. As a family man, the gap is back and we're having a wonderful show.

We have another great day today and we left lift off on our king noncom. Are you seeing me right where we are talking about funny moments from childhood.

And Charlie Prezi is those gave us one from he is a net was super funny. Hey, Mayor. I remember game beat when I was growing up. All right. And in a parent, you can't say is not hurt me more than hurt you in any actually. Do you hurt in the process.

That is hilarious. When I was there, let me see another funny moment from my childhood.

Oh, we. It's really hard because I don't have the greatest childhood. You feel what I'm saying. But I think one of my funny moments. Was is this funny or not? I'm not sure. Why is this deal without you here?

Yeah. I also feel like all of our show last year, I did not know they command me. Let me just. I had heard about one yet.

I guess those deals all bad. And I went on my way to school.

I'll be walking to school, I'll go steal candy from 7-Eleven and then I go to school and be sailing.

So I may not be like the odds of the whole thing is like a you know, I'm saying am I? Why do it the right way? But yet agree. Has these out of sticky fingers. I mean, is that the way it was?

What your funny childhood memory?

I told you, I really don't have no funny. I mean, not not not anything that's appropriate for the and radio station. That's great. But I do remember. I do remember you know, it was funny to me, but I don't know.

It's we used to sing for the choir.

The Sunshine Man. Yeah. You remember that.

Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, that's just that experience itself was just so hilarious because, you know, this is why I respect my mom so much. My mom used to catch three busses and a train to get us to church every Sunday on time at 9:00 a.m. we own time seems to open up the church. She used to take three high boys and did a street, three busses and a train from what's still going to North Philly, you know?

So I just think that. Be your mom.

Yeah. Yeah. Yes. You know, so that's I don't really have a funny thing that I can see. See, when I when I was in school first, for instance, when I was going to. The teachers could hit you. Oh, yeah. No. I mean, you know, so. So my mind was definitely so my whole mentality is different. Yeah. Yeah.

You know, so my humor part might be a little different. Zip on it. You know, I feel you but I can go to it. Oh hey. Oh.

So family. Feel free to give us a call. One last call. Three three. Six. Eight. Nine six. Thirteen. Forty. And share some of your funny memories from childhood. Yes, but we are.

I want to give an invitation out to our people here.

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So we love you guys. Thank you so much for all those who have supported. God bless you. And he's definitely going to be a blast. I'll be listening back to you, man. So discussion of the day, the cost of unforgiveness. Whew. I know he's gone. Yeah, I don't want to miss this. We talk lots of things and feel free family to call us here at the station.

Three three, six, eight, nine, six, 13, 40. If you have any questions or comments, anything you'd like to add to our topic. So the cost of forgive me, is minister delaying. What's on your heart? Wow.

You know, the cost. Actually, you know, first of all, let's understand something. When you don't when you don't forgive this, it affects your body. It affects, you know how I mean, holding grudges is not healthy for the body and all that stuff. So it it definitely affects you spiritually, physically and mentally. You know, so. So the cost is your sanity. The cost is your your piece. The cost is when you don't forgive. It's, it's it's bound down when you you know. And you know, you they come into people, people come to room and you you can't look at them and you don't want to talk to me. I mean, it's just, you know, you just bring more on yourself. So to release someone is actually to rule is releasing you, you know.

You know what was going on in our world today. So a lot of this beat the racial tension in all of these things and everybody get the different perspectives and views.

But, you know, mind I just stand on the word that I stand on the word. The Bible says forgive so you can be forgiven. They it. So to me, that's enough. That's enough. It's an act of obedience. And really, that's enough knowing that if I release you, then God is releasing me. That's all. Because the Bible says he's not a man. He's a liar. He's not a mob. Whatever you saw. I know for you. So, so, so, so. So, so reap. So. So when I forgive, literally forgive. You know, he's he's taken note to that and he's given me. So to me that's enough in itself. But we go through things and things happen and people step on our toes. And like like I said, I love the scriptures. The scriptures point out, you know, don't be easily offended, you know.

Because now if you have a problem and you always offended about this or this, this this day and this, that may you know, you do this now. I mean, you have to check your spirit, you know, because there's something wrong with you. Yes. You know. And so they have the truth right there.

Yes. So that's that's my biggest thing. My biggest thing is just just follow scripture. I stand on the word and, you know, and forgiveness. Forgiveness is it's hard. And the Bible tells me the Bible tells us that it's hard. But that's why you got to get out of the flesh. I just say it's heart in the flesh. Yeah. So you got to get out of the flesh and get into the spiritual because the spiritual is what is what. You know, we see physical, but we more spiritual than we are physical man became a living soul. So we are more spiritual, but we don't see that, you know. Yeah. So so, you know, you got to get into spiritual mindset. That's what forgiveness is so important. It just takes you to a whole different level.

You know, there are you know, I don't even want to say levels. There are different plateaus, you know. And then as just like just like the enemy has are the world of the army that we know. Got generals, you know, wanted you all the way down to the privates, you know, stuff like that.

Also in the spirit neumayr where this. Yes. So in phases. Yeah. So so, you know, it's it's it's a it's a lot of stuff that's going on. But forgiveness is a route. When you start releasing people and don't be easily offended because some people will try to offend you.

Some people would do stuff because they know it takes you all. That's what I always used to tell my kids. Never let us see you sweat. And don't show them if they if they do some of the body, you act like it didn't bother you. Because. Because when they see that it bothers you. Guess what they're gonna do. They can't keep doing it. So exciting to me. Yeah. Yeah. So. So I just be like I just would like, you know, just live your life, you know. I mean, because, you know, kids and that's I think that these kids nowadays, they get so they are under so much more spiritual pressure than we was back in the day. Your answer to like I like I said, I used to get I used to get beat by my my teachers. I asked Kennedy Fun Center, you know, I mean, I'm mom can be right in front of the client.

So I say that to say that we just need to practice it. It has to be a part of it. I don't get to some scriptures a little bit. But, you know, that's just my my. Well, my heart is that we need to forgive. I think that's a big problem. What's going on in America today in order to reconcile anything you got first? First, you have to admit or or acknowledge the wrong right. You know, it's the same thing with repentance. We can't just say, Lord, forgive me. What forgive you for what you have expected. Well, forgive me for what I did. Forgive me for this. Forgive me for that. And we have to. Knowledge that that was wrong? Yes. And that's why God says, you know, you can't fool him. You know, he knows if you're serious a man. So we just have to be in the mindset where we are just like, Lord, forgive me. And mean it in our spirit.

Yeah, totally. You know, the cost of. On forgiveness. Don't want to read the Myriam's Webster's definition of on forgiveness you say is unwilling or unable to forgive you. And to having or making no allowance for error or a weakness. I thought that was pretty powerful because how can we not make any allowance for other people to error when we are going to air ourselves, when we going to have weaknesses ourselves? The Bible says that the spirit is willing with the flesh is weak and because of flesh, because of sin, we are going to make errors, want to make mistakes. And so because we know that we are going to make mistakes. We have to be merciful to others, you know, to forgive them for their mistakes. So it's not a one way street. So I we have to say, you know, just thinking about the cost of forgiveness, the cost of loan forgiveness, it can cost your relationships because you can bring this same anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience. We can't get to the point of how to forgive. OK. But right now, the cost of unforgiveness, they there's any root of it in your heart.

It's gonna show up in your relationships. You're going to probably run away the next warming because you make her pay for all the things that the last woman did. You know, you don't pay it. You send then the next man who could be that one spouse, that husband. You can't make him pay for everything that the last man did. Because why?

Because you're still holding on to anger and bitterness from unforgiveness from the last person. So. And, you know, and end. So not only will it cost your relationships with other people.

It's going to cost your relationship with God. Because Matthew, 18 versus 21 through 35 tells us that we have to forgive others in order to receive forgiveness from that. And if we don't? Is not only going to cost us our relationship with him, but it's going to cost us our inheritance of the kingdom of God. Yeah. There is no entry into the kingdom of God with our panties in forgiveness. So just unforgiveness is now worth your salvation is now worth you losing your rights to the kingdom of God. Right. And so I'll go back and meditate on that. We'll be talking more about it with Matthew 18, 21 through thirty five is going to cost you your relationships and is going to cost you your relationship with God, an inheritance to the kingdom.

And you know what you have, which you have sometimes like in relationships. You have that that spirit of reminding. You know, I mean, this is some happen three weeks later, my lady. You bring it back up again. You know, I love it. And just going over. Matter of fact, Proverbs Proverbs 17 nine. It speaks all the same. Whoever covers an offense seeks love. Yes. But he repeats a matter, separates close friends, you know, so you can keep bringing it back up and keep bringing it back. That's why the law says. The law says and you guys need to notice listeners. The scripture says that when we come to God and we say, Lord, I'm sorry for this and mean it. And and we we are determined not to do it or go down that road again. The Bible says that he throws it into the sea of forgetfulness. See, so what we actually have. You see it. And there's a difference between forgiving other people's. But a lot of times we have to learn how to forgive ourselves for things that we've done, the things that we said. You have to learn how that principle works and leave it at the altar, because we will get it off. We'll put it down. And then when we leave, we pick it back up. Take it back with us. You know, people. Yeah, you have to. We have to learn to leave it alone and just move on. Just move on.

I'm a man and it's not OK. Like First Corinthians 13 says they love holds no record of wrong. That's God. God has demonstrated that, you know, when he says I'm gonna throw it into the sea of forgetfulness and that our our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus. Because it's him who reckons thousands back to die. So it's like, OK, we're holding no records of wrong. You know, you're not going to be able to literally forget. Right. But it means don't keep giving it life.

Don't we live? Don't don't relive it live.

Every time you bring it back up, just cause it came popping your head does not mean you have to bring it up. It means you need to cast that they thought out and reject it and plead the blood of Jesus over it and start to control. I mean, discipline. Your thoughts. You know, don't let your hair go back into the dark space again, because he will if you allow it to. But you not only literally forget and sometimes you don't need to forget because, you know, knowing being careful about. What had happened the next time give you wisdom on how to go about the situation or the person? And I'm saying but not keep bringing up. First one of these 13. Don't keep record of wrongs.

A man has to do that. And then when he did this, he did that.

You know, because all you do is making yourself angry all over again. You can party is like reopening a wound, rehashing the one reason I'm saying. So, yes, our family is going down. We getting ready to get into the nitty gritty of this topic.

And we're talking about the cause of forgiveness. Don't touch Dad now. We'll be right back after the break.

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I've been told. Can you tell me again? The other charge they got as far as.

Bridging the gap, the gap. I mean.

We weave back and wee into our already. We are Tommy Franks.

So, yes, Charlie Pedes upsy you. Now we're talking about the cost of on forgiveness. And so what's your thoughts on that?

Whoo! All right. So the cost of forgiveness. So, you know, first start off with forgiveness is the core of Christianity.

All right. You know, when Jesus speaks about, you know, when he talks about the parable of the two debtors, that that's about forgiveness. Right. A little bit. What we talked about earlier when when Paul hit I'm sorry, went when Peter Xed when Jesus said 70 times seven.

That was about forgiveness. Right. Especially, you know, looking at this and being relevant, especially how, you know, with things that's going on now of unarmed black men being killed and but police brutality and our legal and justice system, that the ugly and evil that that we witness, it can put your Christianity in tension with your identity. And, you know, we can see. And from a biblical perspective, right. We can see how many people in Bible, how they exercise forgiveness. Right. From Joseph to Jesus. Right. When when Joseph. Right. That that, you know, he was sold into slavery. He was falsely accused. Right. He was put in jail. He was then forgotten about. Right.

And, you know, he was still able to forgive his brothers, you know, in in really in spite of all of that, you know, in witnessing the world like that, that that we see now, it's been more right has been more apparent in the recent weeks of how hard it can be to forgive. You know, when you experience racism, hatred and bitterness. So I want to start off by acknowledging that sometimes and we've touched on this sometimes. Forgiveness is tough. And, you know, I believe at some point in every person's life that you come across a situation when you struggle with forgiveness, that you know. Have you ever, you know, accident? Have you ever dealt with somebody that's been low down? Right. A repeated offender. Right. Or, you know, someone that that knew what they did and they meant to do what they did. Right. You know. You know, someone who did you wrong. Betrayed you. Hurt you. Right. There are there several times when forgiveness isn't easy. It isn't as easy as some people would lead you to believe that. You know, sometimes forgiveness is hard. Yes. Just beyond sometimes forgiveness is hard, but not forgiving has a cost. And that's kind of what we're talking about today. And you bringing it to a biblical perspective, fresh. You talked a little bit about this earlier. Matthew's eighteen. Twenty three. Thirty five. Is that forgiveness? Is this story the parable of the unforgiving servant? Right. For those that don't know, it's the story where the king was looking to settle all and all of his accounts. And there was a man who owe the king ten thousand bags of gold.

And the man was not able to pay the king. And so the king had commanded him, his family and all of these things to be sold for him to repay that debt that he that he owed. And so, you know, right after that, the the the man was begging the king, you know, to have patients that, you know, he could he could you know, he could sell back, you know, give them time to to to sell back that payment. And so the king being moved by that act of worship, canceled all of the debt and so acted as the man went and he went and saw a fellow servant who had owed him equivalent one bag of gold. Right. So he owed ten thousand. He went to another fellow servant that owed him was equivalent to one bag of gold, which is about I think it was equivalent to about a day's wage.

And so the fellow servant begged the man, you know, have half patients with me. But the man refused. And the fellow had the fellow servant thrown in prison until he could repay the debt. And then when the king heard about this, he summoned the servant and said and had him tortured until he could repay the debt, repay the debt to everything that he was doing. And they call it of. That's the end cost. And this is how God will treat you if you don't forgive. So there is there is a certain cost of forgiveness start. You know, we we talk about how forgiveness is a choice. Right. And that choice. It starts when you make the choice of letting letting go of that anger. Right. It doesn't start with somebody else's apology. It doesn't start when when you wait on somebody else for for them to wait on you. Right. Arms out for them to apologize to you. That's not that's not that's not where it starts. You know, letting go of that anger and even you know, and when you look at letting go of anger, it doesn't mean that there is a consequence to the action that that that's happened. Right. Forgiveness is when I won't let my anger drive the consequence that comes to you. So some of that sometimes some that consequence, it may not be reconciliation. Right. There is like. Like. Gameness and reconciliation aren't synonymous. They're not. There's not the same thing. The Bible says, you know, you tried your best to be at peace with one another. Yeah, with. All right, you try your best to do that. Sometimes reconciliation is essential. It is. You know, when you see people on on a daily basis, maybe a coworker or maybe a spouse. I think that's a that's a big one. But, you know, it's not always required. Right. I may forgive you, but that doesn't mean we need to. We need to go out and have brunch. You know, we need to go off our brains and BBF. Right. Exactly right. Forgiveness is a choice. And it is something that we have the ability and power to have to the Holy Spirit.

And so I think there's a lot. A lot. Yes.

It's definitely a lot to unpack and and even understanding that, yes, there there there's a cost of forgiveness. It's it's it's it's a letting go. It's a it's a it's a it's a you giving up. And I'm again to us a little bit later but it's almost it's you giving up your right to to get even.

Wow. And you know that that has to be I think back in the day. We don't get mad. We get even, you know, and that's that's the thing. But but that's deep. His costs was deep. You know, his costs for unforgiveness was his tortue. And like like you pointed out, that's a spiritual thing, too. But I love the scripture. The Bible says, if at all possible, you. Yeah. If at all possible.

As long as as it depends of one year.

Yep. Yes. And so some people you just got you be like, hey, I love you from a distance. Yeah.

You have to. And a laptop you say, you know, it doesn't always restore relationships because sometimes it may not be wise. Right, for you to stay in relationship with their person depending on the circumstances, because you might find yourself back in the same situation. Right. You know, I'm saying so asking God for also the wisdom on how to go about this power, saying once you have forgiven them tonight, it's essential, you know.

Is using the wisdom that God gives you. And a lot of times because the Bible says if you need wisdom, exit of it, of God. Yes. But a lot of times we don't. We do. We have to realize that we have to act for wisdom in multiple situations. Right. Let's not just give me wisdom and I'm done. Right. You need wisdom to how to deal with this. Right. With that, you know, because you can put just you know, you have to protect your peace. You don't have to guard your heart.

Right. Yeah. Right. And even, you know, the Bible, the Bible speaks about how you know, that that it teaches about forgiveness and restoring relationships.

They're too deep to separate things that release by restoring relationships. That means like you're building trust over a period of time. Forgiveness is your part in the reconciliation. To me, it was like. But, you know, for relations to be restored, the offender has. And it's actually a note that I made that I fought for a relationship to be restored to the offender has to demonstrate that that genuine repentance, that to make restitution whenever possible to rebuild your trust by providing, you know, by proving here whatever he or she did provide, that they have changed over a period of time.

So this is to separate things from from reconciliation.

And then they are committed to the process because is going to be a process, too, like you say, gained back. Their trust is gonna be a process to bring back that they love is gonna be a process to you. And I'm saying to give back in their relationship as closely as you probably were in the goal would be to be closer than before. You know, I'm saying and sometimes you cannot even do that without that. Right. You have to have the power of Gaza even do that because you have to get over what was done to you. Right.

And that's what the Lord is talking about. That's why this conversation is so important. When he said he gave us the money, the Ministry of Reconciliation, he Tombo, he gave us the ministry to reconcile the whole man, not just like he was pointing out earlier, not just the sin stuff. Don't do this. Don't vote. It's also, man. You need to get deeper into yourself and stop doing this within yourself. All right. So this is reconciling the whole man back to Christ, you know? Right. So that's that's why this conversation is so great.

Oh, my God. And actually, I meant to say to those two girls that you brought it up about the apology. It it it doesn't start.

Forgiveness doesn't start with an apology because one of you never give the apology actually what that person is. Exactly. What if they're dead?

Now what? What if they never they always refused to apologize as they don't want to be held accountable for what they've done. It happened. People will take resentment to the grave.

You know, I'm saying that is a dangerous thing to be doing. Do not play with it. You do not need an apology to forgive you. Right? You know, I'm saying it is, sonor. You want to be healed. That's the best. As soon as you want to forgive. Right. The moment you forgive is when you can begin your healing process. Right. Because there's going to be a process that doesn't happen overnight, you know. But it is over. You know, forgiveness is actually right. It does take the decision to basically commit yourself to. Well, it is a commitment, you know, saying give yourself over to the commitment of the process of being. Forgiving and being forgiven. All right, you're forgiven because let's say you the person who needs forgiving. All right. You have to go back and settle their debt, right. You've got to go make it right. No matter how painful it is, you take all the courage and the strength the Holy Spirit can give you.

Engelbach that you can apologize. You know, same thing right now. What arrogance? Now you say pride comes before a fall.

Yeah, I'm saying a hearty spirit before destruction. Put their pride down and gave it to the Lord. And if they person and when you repeat it to this person, which means you're going to turn away and never do whatever it is you did, it means you want to turn from those ways, not just may not acknowledge and do it again. We you we pancit and dadon receive you.

God always forgive you. You're free, right?

It's not weird to have everyday attitudes about it. If they don't receive you. That's fine. God saved you. OK. Nelsan first job one in nine. He says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us of our sins and purify us all in righteousness.

Once you forgive him. Once you look. I'm sorry. Repent it. Let me go. Because whether that person holds it over your head forever or not. God has forgiven you. And that is what is most important.

Freedom. Three year forgiveness isn't for isn't for the other person. It's for you. It's for you to get free. It's for you to. It's very much a forgiveness.

Forgiveness is compatible to God's love. It is not. It's not. It's gotta be. I want to say I want to say is not not real. But it's like it's unconditional. It's hard to grasp the concept. Right. It's it's it's you know, it's something that we don't want. It's not something that's earned or deserve. You know what I mean? I Maritsa. It's not exactly right. You know what I mean? And it's it's it's not based on a promise of. All right. You know, I'm I'll never do this again. That's that's that's not you know, if if if somebody says.

All right, well, you know, you'll forgive I'll gifts. I'll forgive somebody if they don't do X, Y and Z. That's not forgiveness. That's a bargain. To Right. So this is a berry. Is a berry a natural thing? Because it does take it takes a Holy Spirit to do that, to work to to focus on God to to try to see people through the blood of Christ. And I think for me and I probably go into this little thinking about it, it's all right. But like for me, I think that that's and that can be that can be tough because it's like man light, because a lot of times you you you can you can you can say that. You can think about that. You can get that pain. Right. You can think about that betrayal that.

Right. You can you can dwell in that. Right. And that can it can be hard. Make you mad. Exactly. It very much. It can make you make making more matter. Can. It can. And fill you with hate. Exactly. And bitterness and anger. You know what I mean.

It can it can end and it brings on your behavior, you know, toward the individual, you know. But yeah.

So listen, there's listen, we're about to go ahead and go to a break, so be sure. Don't touch that dial. We'll be right back after this.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that when I was in an airplane, I've told the story before and I'll tell it wherever I was on that airplane, it was raining, it was storming. And as soon as the airplane got above the clouds. Guess what came out? The sun. And I realized, you know what? It was sunny all along. I just couldn't see it from my perspective. So I encourage everybody to kind of have a shift of your perspective, remember? On the other side of the clouds, the sun is shining one day on the other side of those clouds. Also, the son of God is going to be shot and all through.

I've been in charge, oh, God, the.

Yea, welcome back. Listeners, listen, we don't have this hot air holy hip hop segment coming up for you. We have some hot, hot music coming up.

Minister D'Wayne got a nice mix coming on. Do I wish it was that first make that you got? What's the what's the artist's name that you've got?

My man. This is 20-20. This is Reggie Rap. I am you.

In a church parking lot up in my column, late night shows, a black guy puts in a white lamb and I'm not sheep place. I come with colored skin tone dress and. Oh, yeah, we. Oh, he's insane. We don't know. Jacob see that he has the crowd guilty in a black hat. He held me down like a duck in this favorite gypsy squawking like he I went for broke. He fixed me. And if you please miss me and if you don't at me or you should ask to see. If I lay my hands on you, I'm happy for him. Jesus is a of fresh prince in his Will Smith, the these bars within the state, scenes nine.

This is heavy. Let me handle that, Heidi. Go hand to hell if they can wax. Oh, my God. It's no good if it's in a fanny pack. You looking for hammy downs? Sing a hammy back. Everything from me. A massive statue. Acho fearless because I usually never be in my life. We're not acquirable. We across this hall meetings that equi you're a tyrant to be durable when approaching, preoccupied with treatment down as the mere man. And we wear it in three men. We kings, all things are red. So are religious symbols. So pray for us every day for us. Running from your problems like a majendie. Not today because he said he prepared a place for us until noon. So was collecting many young baneful represent this the most difficult part of life? Just a reminder that success not all with nine nine talking about Fortune 500 soul fortified fortresses, fortified Porsches, it depended.

No, you see now. They wouldn't know what. I mean, to me.

Stay right here, is just big and announced. So it's in a position where you get a lot. Depositing a. So you should be saying it to you. I mean.

Superficial, I think, of my lack of. Like, if I was a kid being killed by my name. So if you mess with me, you know, you want to call Obama on it for them. No. Just let them do it. Take it. I'm like, if I would show up for. I was like, I want to move. I mean, Dougie, I came out there to embrace this. I'm like, I'm tired and I'm out of range method. So this is a. I'm on a stage of turning the page. Carrie's cage. Cage playing He says he broke my chains. Shay Shay. He's going to fight I this way.

But doesn't because now say now say he God. I know because I like to call on gosh. I don't want to do.

I came up to some great. Sodomy is a stage. Look, I'm trying to do. I'm out of range method here. So this is a play. Oh, no, no, not stage. Turn the page.

You hear me every time I call on you. No matter how big a smile at are, you knew I'd be champion, but better following a bit. Bet you gonna.

Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know. You know how big a smile. But.

Yes, sir. Yes. I don't deserve to see mercy. But the first time with D word leads me down a straight path and that's a detour. Did not come straight back. And don't get D curve either immersed in Easter. But a Reed surrogate disbursed a rebirth since the deeper you spend. G. Indeed.

But promises you keep your baseball faith less gracious but attachment to put down to the. Don't know. It'll make sense. But just like baby baby baby sitters.

But to say let's sit in the center of the thing. This great listener. Does it show. That's a proud mix. You know what you found.

How big a small. Trip him gonna.

Yeah, yeah, I know, you know, you got me, you know.

You don't hear me every time a car along, you bring a smile to put in.

I know I took them. But a far. To put in. I know, but I've got a guy.

Transform new they walking in is known as the corporate Bressan homey, I'm about to lose it on the same poor, wretched man with his skills just the same loading keys. I your letters. Which document is still with. Can't nobody tell me. I can't. I can't sit with this music. When the last time David saw it done up your hands like he's worthy, then you say it's so melodic, modest, some singing. What's your promised song? His lyrics brought to you by him. Transfer my mom same's. He's instead found me from the same.

This is turning Grayson's the response to see you to sing Jesus kicking and not he broke you to saying Jesus, take the curse and put the cross song live and die in the rhythm at the beginning of the heavens and then get up to see you in.

Guy is a witness and a master 40 days now I'm clean clothes. And I know in the middle, disliking him about smoking, Mel, no doubt, when I was deep breath, God, he met me straight before the race that he made it crystal clear we had trouble going great down on the knees, scot free. We had trouble seeing some things to say. So what's so on about the dope game? On the black. So, yes, you're the get shot talked about the connection from the streets.

So disconnected from the streets is more disconnected from the streets as more crime, more murder. The same thing. For Christ's sake, try this relationship this morning where the hot Roxanne Roxanne price becomes the name change. Come. Just a great shame. His money should go for the fortune to pay play like never last. And you can't get out the game. What? You scream for forgiveness. Jesus Christ. And we say businesses because this is the job of your soul mate. That's what I meant when I need to tell the truth. Not. You know that. I told him not to take three minutes out to get the best attention. The boy gets us to but demon daddy trust in Boston. In the spirit of crisis, feeling real disgusted, just wandering in the wilderness. Casey, what's your feeling when you hear this song about did not do this? It's a test. And you feel like you need to be in this mess. The stress, the kids uncertain and how they dress and wound that he puts out led to believe the stress. Confess these kids walking with low self-esteem and no dream. How was that? The key tot mom was not done and he won't communicate.

The bad news for the family, the the phone stayed that way. She was talking to Don Lucas, the hate bait. He's a shrink. And he threw it out when he speaks. I spoke with a crisis real. The name no show can change the hot uppercut, but touched the heart of a cult. Here's some of the bus going to hell. I know you were living rough. Now this here. Rain, hail. Oh, well, I just had to give you the winning game.

This is reference for the ladies, Peyton. Yes. Crazy for me. So I guess that's why I'm not my cell. I'm the spirit.

Master German down to write down what you was for in your turn to waste our name in the town we lived in. We live in the cloud. We focus on, oh, gee, there's got to be quick-witted chicken.

Most people to deal with it. See a recipe that was left with the SAP initiative in my heart. So, Cookie, they're sticky. I got to try to get on the move from jump in the keep didn't have a way to change it to divorce the sexiest snake set the specs to kill it automatic forgot to pick it up like the breath in my sight. This, like mine, is grasping a cooped to be sad preconstruction right now. You walking to realize the key concern to make you go up with all your heart so disrespectful to just keep you. You do, but you're playing with the darkness. To tear it up, to get you fully committed. You should meet this game in what is the window to give because it never shifted. Luppi will not come between any discretion. Damn it. Yeah.

Whatever happened to Kevin McDermott I distressing. Not too damn metallic.

Chaplain Barry McCaffrey. Come on now, everybody. And we live in now, so feel free and make it to Lautrec accretion within Micko fit in a trip and mission to point of you. Think about it. We're just trying to catch a wave of private trading. What we do that's good for their safety. We dodgem and claim we prepare for the truth. You rounded them up, but they shot to death for Christ. He gave his life and he paid the price. They don't care just from the music you hear. But as you said, the Nicklen life inside into the whole book, which I read, had done a cup of tea. So listen, so that they look guilty. Show us some hide in the darkness. We light up, think go well, I'm afraid my flesh. They might have been less. It's time to put foot on the gas. Blood of Jesus was the standard darkness. I hope this you know that Tim Lister couldn't get food within last. I knew this would be the end. Then you go back to the person not to ever happen to you. Whatever happened to.

When how came about the question, I tell you what to tell you.

A majority. Do you the stretches all around me seem to try to drown me. Good to me when I make it through what it's like herself, Pakistan whistling secondhand, mistakenly, I'm just the man I can do to move, but I can't do with bruises. He was being announced. It actually made me truly bodies from the witness stand as a witness. I was awake it in the BJP, but I got my ticket. It hit me. I mean, if you would like to keep it. Was there anything that you said, I love you with all my heart. So it must not. I repeat, if I said I know before you update, I got you to give me your night to tell him the truth. What do you keep them from the sky? This is any discretion to do whatever it takes to get a majority.

Any discussion, whatever you want to tell them what they can get coaches to follow the Bible. I'll just say, look, it's been a tough thing to harness a battlefield. I never saw any of these young cuckoo.

I've been told. You can again.

The other charge, the guy who the. They pray about our family. We get it back and we are having a great show today.

And we we are talking about the cost of earn forgiveness. And so it's been an interesting conversation, to say the least. Well, we were just talking about how on forgiveness can cost you relationships. And the next one that I think I will bring up is that Fergie UN unforgiveness. I'm sorry, unforgiveness will cost your relationships relationships, but on forgiveness will also cost you your help.

Hmm. Oh, my goodness. Like people. Well, you know, you're repressing anger and resentment, bitterness and rage. Oh, my God. You can give yourself ulcers, depression. Oh, my God. So many things that can happen to your health if you're you just holding. And this hatred. And it takes a lot of energy to be like upset with someone, you know. I'm having a lot of energy. And it takes even more energy in your muscles, in your face to frown than he does to smile. Now, it's really interesting to me. I know. I mean, you can see people are losing sleep. You know, maybe being feel with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure. Holding hands on forgiveness. It can cause you to lose weight gain weight. I mean, the list goes on. Authors. It can cause a lot of stress on your brain. Can cause Alzheimer's disease. Oh, my goodness. It goes online. But I can definitely say from the stats and just from my own personal experience, they unforgiveness can cost you your health. What do you guys think about that?

Oh, yeah, it definitely will. You know what?

I wish it affected me in the weight loss thing, but.

But I guess, you know, this elicit this. This is why I believe that America is going through all this drama right now. Because there has never been a time when they said, well, what happened was wrong. And it's not to point the finger at anybody right now. But see, that's how that's how forgiveness. That's how restoration store. That's how, you know, acknowledgment. You have to acknowledge the fault. You have to acknowledge where you are. You have to acknowledge. And I really appreciate where we are. Appreciate where we are right now as a state because there's so much love out there. You know, I had a couple of my Caucasian friends. And you know what? I don't I'm saying Caucasian friends just to just so people can understand that they weren't black. But I look I look at people as people, you know, I don't look at the white person, a black person. I mean, this my brothers in law. You're not saying that. But I had a couple of my Caucasian brothers called me last week and they fill out the blue eight day. I'm thinking about you and pray, you know, and that's all that stuff right there is what it takes to restore the love and everything else, you know. That's right.

So so my my thing is just embrace one another. All of this stuff is it's about individuality. All right. You know, you have to be you have to receive Christ individually. Yes, you do. You have to receive and give forgiveness individually. You know, all this is about individual things. It's about where you are. And this is the problem we have at the church, especially the church, because the church is well known for being morally conscious. But they're not socially conscious, you know. And you have to understand what the people are. You have to understand where people are. You have to empathize. This is why I love where we are right now as a country. People are empathizing with us and what we've been through and what's what's, you know. They see that is wrong. You know, now now you're always going to have the element that you thought was going to be there. But it's it's just it's just such appreciate. Like you pointed out, Charlie, there was more Caucasians down at the hotel. Yeah, my dad was down. He told me about that, too. You know, he's like he was amazed, you know. And that's that's what he had to say. Yeah. And it's going to take because we are all one with a human race.

Yeah. Human, right. Yeah. Wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter who's doing it.

Now I have one brother said to me, you know, first of all, I want to shout out to the police officers. I couldn't be one, but I give them up now. I give them props. You know what I mean? Yeah. Now, I was talking to the man man talk show the other day, and I told him, I said, you know what? I can be a cop because I would definitely be one of the guys that be will cause I'm not taking the wheels, you know. So so I'm definitely coming in holding my pistol, you know, saying so. So he say he thinks so some people and this is where police reform and all this stuff come into play because some people shouldn't be cops. Your mentality, you're not a man. And I know that I couldn't be one, you know. And some people need to recognize you should. He won because it takes a whole different mindset, you know, to be an effective police officer. I gave my I gave a story about that on the show. I remember I had just bought a car and it had the whiskey plates on it. This first time I ever realized there was this something called whiskey plates. There's the license plate was. Whoever had the car before me, they had a drunk driving up what their plates was labeled so they couldn't drive. So now it's because of the plates.

You know, it was playing I started to play Allen fun to play. The place was Tag I and make sense whiskey play now. But I had never heard it.

But but I just bought the car. I think I put the car like two days and I was out late and it was I think it was about like one o'clock in the morning. And I have friends with me and we put it was we going home now? And cars pulled me over. Now, like, you know, we've done none, right? I'm like, I'm in charge. I'm doing what I supposed to do. But the bottom line is you had to get out the car, had to prove to him I had to show Mama paperwork to prove to him that I'm not that guy. And then the guy was like, Man, man, you know what? You know what he said. You know what? You so nice man. Because we talked me into office that we had a nice conversation. He'd pull anybody up the car and he said, you know, I won't let you go, man.

And, you know, you just go ahead, take it my home. But check on that on Monday morning.

You know, I mean, just, you know, I'm like, cool, we cool. And we actually shook hands. But then then flashing lights was coming. And this this dude drove. Oh, look. On the pavement. I mean, he's like he jumped out of car, jumped out of the car and slammed this door and pulled up his pants walking to me. Right. And do say it. The cop that I was talked to, he said to me, he said, man, I'm sorry. Now, I didn't know what he's talking about. I'm nice. But he was apologizing for what was about to happen, you know? And I think that's what we need. We need people to stand up. We need the officers to stand up against one another. But but he said, I'm sorry. Now, this dude came and this dude. Big dude came and was going to him, but he bought me bought me high like got me into the car, you know. Yeah, that was Robocop. That's Robocop. So when Robocop got that whole thing is would change, everything changed. I end up going to jail. And it wasn't me. I mean, it got locked up, you know, good thing I had people to kind of take my car home. Right. You know, but he went, I'm gonna let them do that because at a place, you know, so it's like a negotiation. But I'm saying some people shouldn't be in that position. And I think that's what a problem come in, because I respect the law. I respect. And what we have now in the United States is a lawless generation and that they forget. I don't see how people can forgive. I don't see you, not me, because some of the stuff that's been going on labeled from from one from one individual or a small amount of individuals, it's corrupted the whole I don't know how they can do it. I don't know. There is that. There is the spirit and we know scripture. There's a spirit of lawlessness in the United States as well. You know, they don't respect them. They don't, you know, and that's hard. That's hard to be a big officer now. Right. You know, but us us as Christians stand going up salaries because they they need. Well, I was always there if I saw that enough in it. Yeah. Good to hear you. Well, yeah. Yeah. I know that was another problem in itself. Yeah. But you know, I can just say that to say because what we have down, we have a lot of unforgiveness and you can't put everybody in the same boat. You don't know me. So I respect I sing. I remember I sing. The thugs, the thugs yelling when he was great. Wouldn't want them goosies on his behalf. I seen that. Does it does go to police. Go to police. So we need the law. You know me.

So I just say that, you know, stereotyping. Yeah. Yeah.

Because they had run ins with these group of people before. They think that all the people in this race is the same.

And and that's and that's part of the problem is that, you know, you don't win when, you know, you can have like cheeba police or mayors and governors and speak about, well, you know, there are a few bad apples when it comes to police, but it's like they don't have that same kind of mind that when it comes to blacks, it's like you see something, you you blanket you completely blanket the whole you know, the whole race, the whole the whole culture, the whole black community.

But like, you know that to me, like, that's that's not acceptable.

You know, that's not acceptable because, you know, we don't accept a few bad a few bad doctors. Yeah. You understand. We don't we don't we don't accept a few bad surgeons. You understand like that that that level of expectation should be the same all the way across. And I think part of the issue and and we all kind of spoke about it, but like, you know, part of the issue was that when even when it comes to forgiveness, like part of that, you know, part of that promise of forgiveness is that you have to have that difficult discussion about the truth of the offense.

And so there's a berry root. There's a very real sense about the systemic racism. There's a very real sense of police brutality. There's a very real sense of the legal injustice system. Right.

There's a very real and and factual truth to this. And I think part of, you know, it kind of gets me. Because, you know, people are, you know. This is recorded, as you know.

You know, a lot of a lot of people, you know, particularly, and people in other other other other races that aren't black, not nonblack races are seeing that. OK. Now, this is the thing. Right. For me, like this is something that this isn't new. This isn't. Start with George Floor. You understand like we have video proof. Like the list goes on. Michael Brown. Brianna Taylor. Great. Trayvon Martin. You know, to. The list goes on and on and on. We've seen this. We've seen this again. We've seen this over and over again. We've seen we've seen the the injustices in our society. And, you know, when it comes to forgiveness, it's like a lot of times, like whites are kind of just white people are kind of just now standing up for that. But it's like the difficult. They don't want to have that difficult discussion. You know, it's it's hard to forgive you if you felt you have to talk about the defense in the matter. And then, you know, they don't want to acknowledge or they don't want to talk about the the the the reality of what's here. It's hard to begin. That discussion is like. And even now, like, it's it's really great that we're making a step, as you know. It's a lot of people a lot of call is a lot of people, other race that are stepping up to start starting to see people around the world are seeing the very real racism that is very existing. Yeah. Give me that. Its very existence at the same time. You still I think it's a lot. It's still a lot of things that's going to be exposed. Yeah. Right. Oh. Just the other day Drew Brees made that statement.

Right. You know, to me and like a part of that, that's part of the problem. That's part of a problem, Mary, because, you know, you'll see look at something like this, but then you'll make a statement like, well, we'll see why. You know, I still I don't respect anybody that kneels for a flag. Well, again, like you like I remember I had I had this I had this conversation when I was at my last job with a guy about the whole Colin Kaepernick thing.

And like, he wouldn't even acknowledge why he was why he was kneeling.

This like, you know, is it some people that feel like white comfort is more important in Black Lives Matter? You know, what that means is that if you don't even want to talk about, you know, if you only want to say, all right, he's doing this to shine a light on police brutality. But all you all you choose to see is I will just kneel and before to fly. He's nailing that flag, disrespecting the the you know, saying that an arm that was you never that was never, never what it's been about. But it's like even though you've been told that you refuse to see because it's not comfortable.

You don't I mean, you know you know what it is to a lot of people because it's not their problem. They don't think that it is a crime.

And I think that.

Yeah, they don't. And that's why I love where we are right now, because we have a great deal of people empathetic with what we went through, had been through. You know, and you started seeing a lot of change. You start. Bank of America gave out so much money to police reform. Well, I should go to police reform. But, you know, companies are doing that. They are both. I mean, you've got companies that are doing that now all around the United States, in Minnesota, Minnesota. The the the the the school system just dropped. The police fought for their security. I mean, so and I do believe when things start affecting people's money, you know, because money is the steady.

You know, again and then and I think and I think there's there's certainly will. All this is really aspect of gases, the heart. So we see. All right.

Are you given money just to get on the bandwagon? Oh, man. Like they're doing it. Maybe we should do it. We got it. We got to save face with the company. You know what I mean? Because that's a very real thing as well. Well, we need that right now. I mean, that's. That's right. You're right. And that's true. But at the same time, is that all right with the motive? Cause sometimes people will do it just yet because they have automotive, they have ulterior motive was like, well, you know what? Here. Now, let's let's jump on his bandwagon now. And everybody's seeming like this is the thing to do now. Right? The NFL thought about, oh, now we were wrong about what what Coughlin did. All right. What are you gonna get my job? Well, your heart really is. You know what I mean by.

I see how, you know, companies are talking about how it's it's wrong. All right. I'm a pay attention. All right. Who's on your board of electors now? Do you have. Are. Are you. Do you have a diverse board? You know what I mean? Are you hiring by going in? And those people out of power, not just to fill a quota. Yeah. We got to see, you know what to me. But today, like God, God knows the hard guy has a heart.

And I think this is great progress. It's great progress. Yeah. And to have the conversation, you know, is a plus because a lot of time they were even talking about it. You know, it was just like it's done. So it's just even have the conversation and then to have the acknowledgment, you know, cause sometimes what the what the Bible says as a soft a soft word with a voice, you turn away. Sometimes it's just being like, hey, you know what? Like like my friends call me man, I was so touched. You know, you're thinking about little me. Yeah. Pretty wealthy. Yeah.

You're not saying anything about it. So.

So anyway, you know, Charlie talking before I get that call. He said, you know. They say anything's going on. Want to take a boy. As a girl, you know. Yeah, it is.

They love and I think in a world where hate is on the uprise. Love is the remedy.

Love is the antidote to to defeat hatred. Mm hmm. With love. And you know that in the midst of all of this rage and in murder in all of this. There we are fighting against the powers of darkness. To stay ever reminded that our focus is one should be on God. Our focus should be on God and know that we're now wrestling with flesh and blood. We're wrestling again, you know?

You know, I was that when I first moved down here, you know, I always been the same guy, you know. May I speak with in my mind, you know, I was at a meeting with some of the ministers around the city and I told him I said there was there was a talk. It was same problem, same problem, but a different situation. You're not me. And I told him. I said. I said yes.

I said, Jesus wouldn't be a none of your marches, you know, because this was this was this was a guy practicing lawlessness, got in a tussle. And get shot and die, you know. Now, this is a situation that we've just seen. I was on my own.

This is this is a couple of years ago. It was, you know, and I told him I said Jesus wouldn't be none of your marches so that, you know, there was an uproar, you know. But the point is, it was a guy practicing lawlessness. You're not a saint. And Jesus stance didn't support that kind of stuff. Now, if you are in a word. Now, keep in mind. Wrong is wrong. And you can't have because I have one person to say to me, one of my Caucasian friends, and I explained to him.

But they said to me, they said, well, there's this there's more black on black crimes murders than that. Then it is the police murders. And I said and I told him, I said, what? You know, two wrongs don't make a right, you know? So you have to deal with the wrongness in front of you. Don't justify the wrongness in front of you with another wrong, you know. So.

So what is your point, man? What would be his point? Why? You know.

Because because because like like we said, people people that don't see the problem. They're not affected by the problem. They don't see it as a problem. Right. You know, so.

And that was a totally. I'm sorry. It was a ignorance. Yeah. Yeah. To me, you know.

And, you know, it was ignorant. And I explained to him and he got the picture. But the point is, is this, you know, we're where we are right now. It's being embraced. People are empathizing with us. It's past sympathy now. They're empathizing with us because they seen it. They seen it. They acknowledge it. And they're with it. And I'm I'm happy about that. But, you know, we know scripture. You know, I mean, we know the end of the end of the matter. But the point is, you know, hey, it's a start. Hey, you know, it's a start because, you know, I was pretty quiet on the cut, cap and nickel thing. I was pretty quiet because he'd do he do some things that, you know, if I was a CEO like, man, I hired you, you know? I mean, because if you did some things like hold up, do you? Not me. But that's my my my view. You're not saying. But, you know, we haven't a conversation. We haven't the dialog. People are talking about it. And as long as you are because we do have to have a righteous voice and knowledge, we have a righteous voice of Christianity. Because because crisis is crisis. The matter of the fact you're not saying as long as we keep him in there, you know, it's a great thing, but that's necessary. And that's where I met you. I know we to win over break. But look, I got to say not.

I think I think I think when it comes to I think you brought up the point of light.

You know, Jesus went marching other people's marches of one night. I think I think in a very I think a very different sense that, you know, Jesus stood for he stood for justice and being innocent.

Like, I don't think a lot of people will picture Jesus as a rebel, but that is exactly what he was. Right. He stood against the Roman Empire that that oppressed not only Christians, but, you know, it that was that was really the reason why he was why he was killed. Right. Because, you know, it was, oh, there's a king among the Jews right there. There's another king. Right.

That you know. And, you know, Jesus stood up for and spoke about walking in righteousness, you know?

And it is I think I think that they are certain that he showed the perfect balance between stating what's wrong and being a servant at the same time. Yeah, you don't know me because I think you still need that balance of, you know, justice is like that. That's the legal requirement for an action that that happens. Right.

And like legal Litefoot from from a you know, having justice affects the community. Right. So so, you know, it's like a uni like like justice is required for community relations. You know what I mean?

And so I think I think when like I think I think like I say, it is for me, of course, when I know he's not here, I think he will certainly speak on speak on the right way to do it, the right way to go about it. That's not always coming at. Right. And I think. But but from the way I imagine and understand Christ, that he always brings it back to God. He always brings it back on. All right. Yes. Do like no, this is not right. This is something that you should not be. But use this as an opportunity to tell lie. I can see you got I can see you, Sam. But you know what used as a tool, as an opportunity to be a servant, to serve somebody else.

And that's what he did. That's what he. That's the whole principle correction. That's the whole principle thing. See, Jesus had Jesus had a purpose. He had his responsibilities. He fulfilled his. And you know what he did? He left us to do some things. Right. Right. Some things now. He told us that we are the voice of the oppressed. We are the righteous. We are the voice of the ones that are being crushed. You see you see that in Proverbs or Proverbs 31, eight to nine. But he he gave us some responsibilities. But like you said, like you pointed out, we can't support. We can't support lawlessness. We can't support unrighteousness. But we do have to have a voice.

For the for the for the crushed, for the weak, for the poor, you know, so, yeah, we have responsibilities.

Jesus had his responsibilities and he gave us responsibilities.

And so as we are talking about, the cost of unforgiveness is blinking. I'm sorry. I'm try to holler.

Yeah. Forgive me for doing.

I'll get so. Yeah. OK. You call it three. Eight nasty. Thirteen. Forty out calling in. Join in on this conversation here.

And so we didn't pass the breakup. I mean I just keep on going. I know. We've got to break. Look, I got it. OK, well we got a lot of break you guys. And don't touch that, Dad. We'll be right back after this. This is the light.

We'll go to Wal-Mart or whatever your favorite store. We want to go straight and get that. And we will go to the cashier and get out. But in the midst of all of that, Wal-Mart has removed a whole lot of them cash register because of people like you. And we don't want to be faced. We don't want to wait. So now we've got this brisk lives that you could go in and get your stuff real quick because we don't want to wait. And I know we're not waiting with confidence. And so we're going to do this waiting.

I want us to wait with confidence. So this morning, I want us to learn how to wait on the Lord.

I found out that real believers tend to forget that our father died and he knows what he's doing and he don't need a word.

And so today we're waiting we're going to wait with confidence. We're going to wait on the law in an act of obedience, because waiting requires a trust in home.

Sometimes in life, God is trying to get us to certain places. And it takes us 10 years, 20 days to get to where God would help us to be.

Now, one of the things I did to his wife is because you don't trust God. And there's another thing is you don't. You don't. Oh, thank God. And when you are not Christian God and being God, being your journey to your destiny, come love than what it normally takes to keep them.

I've been you can't get.


We are back, Sam. Hey, we're having a great time.

We're about the cause of unforgiveness.

Recapping on what we say on forgiveness will cost you. It will cost you relationships. Why? We say because you bring bitterness and anger into the next relationship. Your new experience is we say it will cost you. Your relationship will die. And the inheritance to the kingdom of God. We gave you a scripture to passage to meditate on as Matthew 18 21 through thirty five in meditate on the unforgiving servant. And it clearly explains what forgiveness is going to cost you. Right. And then we say that on forgiveness can cost you your help because holding and repressing anger and hurt and pain will. It can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, resentment. You can't sleep a weight loss, weight gain. It can cause also there is high blood pressure all the above. So next on the list of what forgiveness will cost you. Where are we anyway?

Well, yeah, so and oh, I'll speak to this. And, you know, not forgive me can also cause a root of bitterness to sprout.

And, you know, Hebrews twelve. And he was so right. It tells us that, you know, in every way and every effort lived to live in peace with one another. Without cause. Without holiness. No. We'll be able to see God. Right. And so, you know, to make sure that I would have business bitterness doesn't grow to cause trouble with other people. And so, you know, we've kind of said, you know, throughout this show that, you know, forgiveness. It isn't for someone else. It's for yourself. Right. Hating someone or harboring an offense or. You know, not letting go of a grudge. No. Each one of these things, they have many different negative effects. Right. And that's kind of what you were saying. Right. It can't you can live joyless in a sour life. Right. And it can also affect like your health as well as your relationships. And, you know. And so, you know, when we talk just robs you. It does. It does. Like like, you know, when it comes to forgive us, like it can result in bondage. Mike, to be honest, I that's that's really what it comes out. It can be in bondage, right. It can be in an entrapment. You can be trapped by your own feelings of of anger and spite and bitterness. Right. But like, you know, when you forgive, you're choosing to let go of your right to get even. Right. And so you kind of kind of what we spoke about for, you know, different ways to or, you know, how how to forgive and different things you can do to forgive.

Right. No, it's not about forgetting the offense is not about forgetting what happened right time. The key is seeing it through the lens of God's two guys sovereignty. Right. And discovering how he can turn bad things and turn it into good when you just trust him. And, you know, and respond the right way.

And we kind of learn, is this what we learned through through Joseph, through the story of Joseph. Right. That, you know, and when you when he he is he is at the point, you know, after he is sold into slavery and falsely imprisoned and then forgotten about when he gets to the point where he is the he is by sparrow when he is a second highest. You know, Egypt or Cairo at the time or you know, Egypt at the time. It is the is the is the strongest country in the world. So Joseph, in a sense, is the second most powerful person in the world as a result. And he knew that as a result, you know, when he's at the point when there's about to be a famine. Right. And all his brothers and they come to him because they need they need food. Right. They need him to provide. So. So Joseph is in a position where there are people that has done him wrong and now he needs them.

And so he takes on the person. You know, I know a lot of people can probably be in that position to want to be in a position where somebody said, oh, you've just done this here. Is that right? He was absolutely in the spirit. Right. And so, you know, having that being able to. He shows that, you know, he let go of that that desire when he said, you know, what you meant for evil, you intended it for evil, but God. Right. It's that he knew that. But God. Right. He ain't no God but God and I God turned to for my good. And so they each and each and every one of us can have a need a little bit that dose. But God, you know what I mean. They in in the things that even though when when I feel wrong, when I feel that that somebody has done something wrong or has planned, you know, iniquity and planned on doing something that that was against me. Right. But God took that and he turned it for my good, you know what I mean? It's just right there. Things so exact. Yes. You know, I mean, it's so like we can we can we can learn a lot from them. We can learn a lot of you know what. And even in that story of Joseph that you like. He had there were times when he. Yes, he had to take time to forgive. There were. If he if you if you kind of read a study, you know, when you go through Gena's. Yes. Dennis Genisis about Adam and even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But the majority of of of Genesis is about Joseph. And I wonder why. Because I feel like when it comes to Joseph, like that debt story is a story of forgiveness and the stories of how to forgive. And I'm in the paper it Berrima walking in the spirit and not by the flesh that you know what. Yes. In the flesh. Like, we want to get back. We want to get even. You know, we want to have revenge. We want that person to hurt as much as they hurt us. You know? We want days. But in showing that, you know, and showing, you know, there there are many different levels we can learn when it comes up again is when it just comes in that story that. Yeah, it does. It does take time. Every time his brothers came to him and because he recognizes brothers, but his brothers didn't recognize him. But every time they would come up, he would have to step away. He would go. He would go away. He would cry. And he's not me. And, you know, the Bible said that he had to leave. He had to get his emotions together and then come back to find his brothers. You want to me. So it kind of shows that sometimes it does take time to forgive. But, you know, it's a very good you know. And this is something that like I said, I think I know I'm certainly sure I was I was surprised at how far you might might look a little bit of a testament when it when we come back. It's similar to what you did. But, yeah, like, you know, it's a lot. And it can be tough, but it is definitely possible. It is possible. It is possible to the Holy Spirit metaphoric.

He he destroyed those three roots of evil that the pride of life, the loss of the flesh that lots of. He did not. And retain either one of them. And that's the spirit. Just that spiritually, you know. You know, one thing one thing I always try to do this is this is like just me. I always try to avoid that because you know, that PRAD look, because even that proud look, you know, you know, you get you get some new and you just I try to avoid that so much because even that as simplistic as that is, that's a route to see. So, yeah. So I mean, I try to stay with Marla, but Joses, that's that's a powerful story.

I mean, I mean, and that's real. And and if I, if I remembered Greggy those three, those three I guess think those three, Noah. It's like perspectives of life. I believe those are the three that Jesus was actually tempted with. Yeah. Those were the three things he was actually tend to win when it when he went into when the spirit let him into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil that those three things were. That was what the devil tempted him with. If you kind of look down and look at each individual thing that goes, those are three bases and. Right. Yeah. You know, the Bible tells us those are the roots of anything. Yeah. And I think it was it was if you look further, even through not just the rest of the story, but even through revelation, God actually gives that to Jesus. If you kind of understand in a sense where it's like. All right. Four for one. You know, he told him to go up to the high place and look at all the came to me. And he said, I will give it to you if you if you bought if you bought me. Right. And, of course, you know, he responds, what would you say, you know about a know what? You put nobody above God. But you know, when you know, every knee shall bough by the name to the name of Christ, everybody. Well, now this Christ was like even a sense of the things that that he said no to Gosta rewarded. And with that in the end. And in his lying, if you kind of do a deep study, he actually does that with with each one just in a different light.

And you've got to give me something that belongs to me anyway. I will say that all things was created through Christ somebody anyway.

Look at this. That's what we need to get into a discussion some time about the tranquility of Jesus, the person, you know, get up to that man, because that's some deep stuff.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be honest. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm mindful that the Van Jones is the Lord. Yeah. I leave room for my wrath. Right. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord's. I don't think that anything has been done to you will go on dealt with it.

Right. Nothing escapes the eye sight of God. He will. He will settle all day.

Right. I love him. Don't. And that's what forgiveness is. Because he's given up your right to forgive and you put it in the hands of God. Be fast to hear, so to speak, and say hello to your family.

Randy, go to war breaks out. We'll be right back.

After these years, we take a year with everything that you have entrusted us to get authority over the body of Christ. Now, in the name of Jesus up your word that upon this rock I will build my church and some hail will not prevail against it. We don't take your word of true. God, we thank you right now. We thank you for continuing to cover up with the blood. We thank you for continuing to cover that light. Every breath. And right now with the name and the name of Jesus as we have apply the blood of Jesus over this network. God, we thank you, Mark. Much patient now. In Jesus name, we call we call down to you right now in the name of Jesus Father. We give you worry. Praise and honor is all. Do you? And we thank you for your love or your mercy for young grace. We know that you have an unchanging love and we bless your holy name. In Jesus name, we pray. Hallelujah. Amy.

I've been told you again.

This is the Church of the Holy Man. We we back, you get family.

We're having a great show today. We're talking about the cost of unforgiveness.

It's been a very heavy subject as we we've already declared that in order to thoroughly for guilt is going to take the Holy Spirit to demonize a man again.

That's the spirit. That's a spiritual battle. Yeah. Yeah. And that's kind of what we were talking about during the break. Like, you know, the next step for all of this, for everything that's going on. I think that, you know what what what really what make this stick. Well, you know, it's like a long lasting thing is that, you know, whatever whatever the next up is, is gonna be geared towards changing people's hearts. Right. Getting people's hearts back aligned with God, you know, in a man and continue to to instill and teach God's love, you know, to me, because I think where we can be so miscued and understanding what God's love is, you know, we get that confused with what the other types of love with feeling right with way.

I forgot the other the god you need the euro. Yeah, right. Rosie and Filia. Right. But I think, like, you know, instantly getting people to better understand God's love, you know, to me. And Laris, Corinthians 13, everybody. There you go. Figure it out. Right. On to me.

And I think, like, you know, being able to instill, like, those those principles of love and how to treat one another, understand like that, you know, when Christ came down here for his gospel, he showed us how to treat other people. That that that that is what his. That's what he did. His his his miracles and the words. It was about how to treat other people and walking as way because there is a call to community in this war. You know, there there is a there is a call to it to have interaction with other believers and nonbelievers alike. You know what I mean? How do you treat them? You know what I mean. People even in their flesh, can be very judgmental. Right. We can be very one sided. We can we can treat people bad. Based on what we've been taught. Right. What we've experienced, all the part that we've had, you know, I mean, hatred and days of hatred is my view and learn, you know what to me. So even when it comes to racism like that, that is something I taught it and they taught behavior. You know, to me, it is it is it is a it is something that is that is learned, you know, to me. So it's like being able what? Like I said, whatever this this this next step, whatever this next phase is going to be, it's really got to be geared towards getting people's hearts back in relation with God.

He's referring to the broadcast in general people. Yeah. Because. Because we're not just here talking. We're not just here in music. We want we want to see life change. We want to be be a cause because we are workers with Christ. You know, he has made us ambassadors of his word. So we're just trying to share God's love, God's word, God's, you know, because you can. You could. The principles of God, you know, the just the principles of God will keep you. And grow you in him, you know.

Right. I mean, there's just so much things that we want to accomplish with this broadcast. That's why your heart, your hope, help and support is definitely needed. But.

I'm sorry to cut you off. Not good.

Oh, look at me all day of forgiveness.

How do we reach a state of forgiveness? Right. Forgiveness is a commitment to a personalized process of change. And God is always the subject of forgiveness. We can't do it without him. And we have to do it his way. Right, in order to be effective. OK. Because he gives us the grace and the ability to do it thoroughly. Right. You know, I'm saying so forgiveness is a process. And so he does not like to say it does not guarantee reconciliation. It does not even guarantee change will happen immediately. Right. You know, it just may happen over time. Right. But so I say it. OK. A couple of things that can help you reach this state of forgiveness is try seeing the situation from the other person's point of view. You know what happened to them to make them be the way that they are. One state of mind, you know, has been created for this person to be who they are. Right. You know, I'm saying what learned behavior, what what spirit is there? We know it was a work behind evildoing. You know, we know the real enemy is Satan. But look at it from that person's point of view that they can help you in the process of forgiveness and to know that we wrestle against evil and not just flesh, but then to understanding their we required the same forgiveness that we're extending. We will constantly need forgiveness that the day we leave this earth. OK. And we're going to constantly have to forgive people until we leave this earth. Yeah, it is. It is what it is I'm saying. And we can't go to the Kingwell guy. We are relearnt that scripture. We are not going to get to the cable guy with forgiveness in our hearts. You know, so there has to be purged. But so in the end. OK, three don't bottle up your feelings. Don't don't bottle up your heart. Anger and resentment and bitterness. You have to express them, get it out, get a counselor. I mean, you might literally need a real counselor or a psychologist. You know, you have to release them through prayer to the Lord. And sometimes journaling is is therapeutic. Lou enables a journal. And until your journal, all these things that you've been through, deep, dark secrets or whatever, you know. But then also for you, if the situation requires confrontation, do it, do it. Some people, they don't want to be held accountable for what they've done. You you know, and when you do, you feel the need for confrontation to heal, give you closure is not always necessary. So definitely pray about and ask God. You know, I'm saying yes, sometimes confrontation. And the way that you do it, Mike, may make you worse.

That's the science. That's Jesus. That's why I love Jesus. Jesus. Well, you pick a fight. You know, a lot of people say a lot of people want to talk about people. And here's somebody on the Sabbath just so they know. And guess what? He went back to Nixon. Did he did it again.

And the saddest thing is they're very Pharisees. They are looking at the fact that he did something on the Sabbath.

But what about what he did? The Healy, he hailed a miracle you saw obviously stuck in tradition.

And that's what the people want, this guy being stuck in tradition and religion. You know his name. I'm Sam Boso. Next. When real quick. All right. Of is like we say, if if the situation requires confrontation, get it done. Hold the person accountable in an Ephesians four. If you've seen before you do this. Go. Do you feel this form you've seen it say is to tell the truth in love, in love and gentleness, because if you come to them wrong, you're going you're not going to get the positive response. You might fall right in the breath and the the vibe in the spirit in which you come to somebody, what you call, quote unquote, confronting them a need to be correct. I'm saying I'm in love. You might make this situation worse. And but then release release like Trollope say earlier lady go. You know, I'm saying release your need for revenge. Release your need to to be repaid, you know, for whatever I'm saying to you that they all you release that you release it and gave it to a guy, monitor your thoughts and guard your heart and cleanse yourself of any hatred that is in your heart. Because what will resonate meaning better is do it will turn into, hey, trust you.

Hey, man, I got a question about if you know my fashion show about your your testimony that you gave earlier. So, yeah, it from from from your experience, how long do you think it took you to forgive?

Oh, man. The decision to gave. And we're talking about something that happened to me one couple years ago, devastating years ago. Right. The decision to forgive happened with an.

Well, I will say the first week, OK. OK. That decision to forgive, but the process has been two years long.

And that's good. And that's what I want. And that's what I wanted to highlight. Yeah. Because, you know, I feel like even even me, like I'm me, I'm going through something now worse. Like I say, I'm going through some of the worst. It's tough to forgive. It's tough to forget. I was talking about my girlfriend about it earlier today. And you know about somebody that I'm having a hard time. Forgive to forgive me. And it's like, you know, I can I can try to I can you know, I can say I forgave him. Right. I can I can try it and kind of let go of the pain and the hurt and the betrayal. Right. And I think for me, the hardest part is trying to see them through the blood of Christ, through the blood letting, like because in that we're like, you know, forgiveness is you extending God's grace, you understand? And it's you looking at a person through the blood of Christ, you know what I mean? Like, because that's how God use us. Right. God views us, especially when we send through the blood, you know. And of course, you know, I try to try to look at things that are right. You know, I know I'm supposed to forgive, but I've got to forgive me. And it's like, man, I just feel like I'm not I'm not a hundred percent. There's still a process of of. It's like, yeah, I want to, but it's like the feelings part hasn't caught up to the action yet. You understand the act of forgiveness. You understand. And so I am. I'm causing a problem. So you said a lot of a lot of good things that that definitely helped me. You know, when it comes to forgiveness, like and something that I guess I didn't think about what it was was about stating scripture like I know, for example, and just to be really honest and transparent, like any time I get like maybe like thoughts of like sex or anything like that, like I can I mean, I can start reciting scripture songs.

Twenty three. That's where that whole thing came from for me. When I talk about like so that I start again, that the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Right. And it just it not only helps kind of instill that scripture in me, it also helps take my mind off of what I'm thinking about what I want. And so I think that really help like is it speaks volumes and it's evident.

And when you talk about when you feel, you know, when you feel like maybe like anger build up or you feel like you don't want to forgive, then you're quite the going prayer. You're caught to start standing scripture. And I think, like, that's something that's helpful for me that I know that's something I'm going to I'm going to personally take away and I will personally try to try to try to implement that when I feel like, man, you know what?

But they they treat me right. They will they will speak. You know what I mean? I was real, you know, to me in some I start to get to right. Guy like, yeah, I got I can do this without you. Like you gonna have to take this because on my own, do you think I'll have, you know, your Jimmy Lai guy. You got it. You got to you gonna have to step in. You got to see you got you got a chance. You got. I want you to change my heart. You feel me like I want I want you you really so many.

You just say you lord I surrender. Yeah. I know what I'm feeling. I know what I'm dealing with. I can't take this away. You're going to have to take your eyes off my my wheel and my emotions are given to you as there's no matter how painful it is, no matter how much the flesh don't want to do it. I give it to him any way. That's right. That's how you're going to get deliverance. So surrender it in here.

Charlie. Charlie. Just some to hope. Show up. Real forgiveness. Extended grace.

Extended. Great ending, guys. Grace. Wow. I'm asking. Stand by. Not a fantastic thing.

I got that from, you know, where I got my. Maybe back like January. I want to say I believe you. I mean, I believe I took it from you when I held onto the last man who. Now, now just.

You need to forgive and settle you. If you need forgiveness, go and ask for forgiveness. Now, you don't wait because we don't know when you don't know when your last breath, you know, no way in Christ is gonna raise her. You better do it now. You need to forgive. Do it now. You you don't want to be caught up with any unforgiveness in your heart. And as we spoke earlier, of all the different things is going to result in in your life.

None of them are good. None of them are profitable, and all of them are gonna rob you. Unforgiveness robs you of your life. You cannot even enjoy the present or the future because you're stuck in the past. Seriously, you know, but God has given us liberty. Were there in in his word and through his spirit, he can liberate us from that bondage to a man and stuff. You need to do it. Do it now. Settle down.

Freedom. Freedom is the great, great thing I tell you is it is, you know, these from that bondage. And I think the apostle Paul, he had mentioned, you know, the line free from the opinions of all, you know. You know what? And I know we get it. We've got to go do some things.

But listen, Paul, this is just this is just this looks like it's just me. Break it down, Paul. Paul, I think, you know, house.

I think when it might murder stuff, Steven and how he Paul everybody was there seeing him ascend and, you know, and seeing the United killed him. Right. They shot him dead I think was only Steven that I think saw Christ, though.

Yeah. No, not enough time bombs I've done about. Seeing that. Oh, yeah. Right, right, right, right, right, right, right.

And when we see down the road, he was asking God to remove some things from him. And he said, My grace. Now, me being a Christian, if I was because Paul thought he was right. What he was doing. Right. Saw. Yes. Yes. I was a boy. Home people's coats in. And then I'll start. I think you are people. Right. Right. Right. That would be as a Christian. That would be on my mind as long as I'm safe.

You know what I did? That man, you know. Yeah. And I think that that had to wear on him that you had to wear it. And I just I just say that because I know it would wear on me. Yeah. You know, to me. But I think you made a really good point. Like, even forgiveness is not only with other people, but it's also God to forgive you. Yeah. You know what I mean? Because again, I. So that's a burden. That's a heavy burden. I just like you.

I imagine that may because sometimes I mean, I, I, I try not to, but I notice things in the past when I've hurt people, you know, I mean I've done things with his hands. I guess it's just like I've caused pain. You know what I imagine? I mean, I was another. No. But it's like, you know, I've done things like, you know, God for Jesus. Thank God for wanting me to fight.

You know, I just it's it's a burden. You know, it's hard to say. You got to be able to forgive yourself and to release and to release because, again, God forgives us, you know. I mean, we forget was. You know, God God forgives us as well.

Yeah. And I think that is very powerful to forgive yourself. Definitely forgive yourself. And I think this will help me with some things that I had done in the past. If God forgave me, surely I can forgive me. Yeah. I don't want to live the rest of my life beating myself to you for something that I made a mistake about. If God gave forgave you, you are free. You release you. You know, I'm saying it goes back to what we were saying earlier.

When you repent to someone, if they don't receive you, they don't really don't you know, and accept your apology. You keep moving. God forgave you and you are released. You I don't keep living in their bondage. So a man family we haven't been blessed by this program has been an awesome discussions about the cost of forgiveness. And it's not be a blessing to us even when we come back and listen to what a man is. Right. So that's what we want to do. We want to extend the invitation to you guys to support BTG. If you feel in this ministry of you that love with his ministry and you want to see it, keep going and grow. Please extend your love to us in the form of connecting and sharing us on social media, which is our Facebook page. Is BTG crew, right? Is that the name of it? All right. As the Facebook mythology doing shows and then connect with us also on Instagram, we are the BCG church. Yes, that's right, man. All right, Nick, with a share like Commy and share, share, share, share, tell everybody. And also, you can support BTG also with a token of love through our cash app. And the address is a money sign priesthood. Number one is money time. P r i e s t h o the. No wine. So we don't want to give you that invitation. Let you know that we love you guys. Thank you.

Listen to what is right on the podcast.

Yes. You can listen to us later if you didn't catch it today. You can share this podcast gamble.

Absolutely. So. So, you know, for those who want to go back and listen to the radio shows and listen to this is a podcast. They are up on on our Web site. The Web site is Bridging the Gap.

Radio, TB, radio, TV. Don Lipson. That's L. B. S y in dot com.

Yes, sir. And so we are going to go ahead and use this time to pray, this prayer of salvation. And we also invite you all to e-mail us. If you have any prayer requests at BTG. Miss Fola, G.M. dot com as well. And so, Minister, don't wait. Can you close us into the prayer of our salvation? A man.

A man. Well, we appreciate you listening. And we we we believe that you get something out of it. And, you know, God is good, God is awesome. And my thing is I just want everybody to experience the joy that I experienced with him because it's so true. He's so real. But Heavenly Father, Lord God, we thank you for our listeners. Lord God, we actually, Lord God, that you would reach out to where they are. Lord God touched their heart. Lord God. Lord God. Ensure them who you are. Lord God. And reveal yourself to them, Lord God, that they may have a greater understanding of you, that they may grow in you, that they may see you in the fullness of who you are. Lord God, we ask you to release your power in their lives. Lord God, Lord, guide and guide them and direct them. Lord God encourage them. Lord God. And show them, Lord God, the steps that you have for them. Lord God and the blessed name of Jesus. We just thank you. We call upon your name. There is none like you. Lord God. Lord God. We just all just so awesome. Lord God. So, Lord, I just pray for the listeners. Lord God. That you would touch him and reveal yourself to them. Lord God in all that.

Agree, say a man and Amy. God is just awesome.

I just I just what people just just. You know, we've been talking.

The first time I felt true repentance was when I, you know, I a painting and I was I was safe about two years and I got baptized in Jesus name. And that was when that was the first time I truly felt true apprentice. I was on the floor crying. I mean, I felt I was truly sorry for my past life, you know? And I just want everybody to scream because he is so real. And when you get to that place, when you can experience him, there is no going back. You know, there is no going back. See, a lot of people haven't experienced that. And when you get to that place, there is no going back. You are sealed a man. So I just want everybody to reach out to him, Korla, because we can pray to pray a faith. But you have to have the faith to believe it. And what's more important, God wants to hear it from you. He wants to hear your mouth. He wants to hear from your mouth.

Talk to him just like we're talking right now. Just like you talked to your friend. Your neighbor talked to him and asks him because he wore a stump.

He rewards them to diligently seek him a man. So we want everybody to experience this. We want everybody to know who crises time is getting can. Sure. Didn't it?

Yes, it is hot outside. No, that's not my temperature. Right.

So, family, we love you guys. We're going to be back same time, same place. And before you leave, he is down tonight. Do a heart check. Make sure there's nothing unclean in your heart. Make sure there's no forgiveness in your heart. And make sure you ask for forgiveness. Meaning? Because we're not promised another day.

We love you guys. We love you. And next Saturday for this Bambam Bridge in the Gap. We'll be back with that hot holy hip hop in awesomeness where, as usual, we love you. Enjoy it, Hop. Well, look, definitely knew that.

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