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Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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July 28, 2020 1:14 pm


Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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July 28, 2020 1:14 pm

Pastor Rich and Minister Cannady

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I've been, don't you?

The other charge got. A man, a man. Hey, welcome to Bridging the Gap. What's happening? Try and worldwide lessness. Hey, hey. We got some good conversation going happen today. We get that.

You know, we can played at holy hip hop. A man. You know, I always say his music for the mind, body and soul away, man. So how you doin, my brother? Doing good. I'm doing good. How about yourself, my friend? A man we had. We have a dynamic man in the house today. This is my man. Pastor Rich. And I'm 87. He has the right name for what we are discussing today. A man. A man, a man. So I. Yeah. Yeah. We are going to come back. But, you know, I like to get into to that good gospel music and go from there. So charming, sir.

Oh, man. So, look, I'm excited, brother. It's amazing how God does it and how we cross paths. But I'm looking forward to it. So let's go get a man.

You know, I'm coming to you. I don't need to stick around. This man has a testimony out of this world. You know, God is good. You know, our topic today is the money gay men. Man. And I tell you, I tell you he has the rules of the money game a myth. So let's get to some good gaffes and access. We talking about numbers I want to start this song out with. This is playing James. Don't do it. Man.

Doughboy's in band trying to keep Bay, you know, to let him go to mean a lot of cash. The key is how the being go. When they pass in the old school drop with the anti take grew up in the gutter. They never had a distribution solution when they tied them bloody and like a sucky grade, a kidney put it on the line trying to get a superstar on a graph like this, how you win the club when the bottom was born and everything that you won't it still fill in the boy place. Never satisfied it all. Wait one more. More pain, more time. More women homes. But more money. More problem too. Hi. Hi. Fancy. Be happy. She got to be broke. But don't try to mind a way to go.

Dun dun dun dun dun dun. Cattle don't do it. Don't try. Their money goes down. Do I know? And tell him, don't do no good. Try to tell them when they go.

Young girls in the strip club trying to keep Bay Lupa Tar Heels in to do with some cash. The reason they started shrimp, because she needed to wishin from a single parent home when they were missing. A real small girl used to want to be a teacher, got addicted into the money, habit, surgical procedures and into too much again, to by the beans in the crime scene. No help came a long way from growing up in the James Windom holes in the shoes in the same mo drift. Everything that this boat was theophylline the boy to fish never said it. Oh, wait. One more. More and more shoes and designed to. But Mom. Monday mo problems. You know. Hi. I fancy he you gotta be broke but don't try to play Monday when it launched and go down I.

Try and calm down. Do I know? Try to calm them down. Do I know? Try to tell them don't do. Try and calm down. Don't ban.

It probably won't let. Typical fans, it probably won't. If he comes back into prominent. If it go hand in hand, it probably won't. This like this put on Facebook to be donating phony, some hide.

Now, he race to the finish line to believe and never coming down. Yet they caught up with the minutes and they proceeded to watch me drown, told me, see the sadness in so deep. There was no sound. So I exhale my last breath. I didn't think I was fair. Then he pulled me to the school everyday life into my arms. He hugged me once, told me that I was his son now walking to school.

Then life would be like a break for the wealthy. Like no one is going real enough to feel what is feared may go wielded. Men are keeping things from enslavement, like delicate things like this in vain. So nice day. How would this like Facebook to be donating?

Now, it's funny how they came to me was really Jesus Christ my life. He saved me from a save me.

Now, we just got word the day was updated that it will be back to when they came to me. See, he is doing the same thing, could be a leak. Of course, that could be a stick. That will be in place.

Give a to see your face when you spray some friendly sweat with these people. So let me let me dance a way to bring in people in my town. But Jesus turned me from a life for standing. If you follow what I'm saying, it's like this flood Facebook could be going in.

She's Naoum Winley.

He did come back. Did chop it up with my partner. We saw recycled water just grab a lamp with a lightning steady job out races monotony. Thank you. Thank you. Creed broken by those times that was meant to be the bottom.

It's now with a wrap up of the game to keep eye on Twitter and a drop in the. God damn it. They wouldn't really let, like we Lockerby, to take charge. Did you sacrifice your sack? Excited?

Any way you want to kind of tell me he had his deadly attack. Go hit me like this could be going in. Jesus, Jesus, down now when?

Jesus Christ, my baby must see me now, just like his. I love Marco.

You ready?

Come on, open up or be defeated. No time for the sake of sleep. Get the bird time for me to Mark Martin. Both my deep and a deep that is being done to keep your feet from the door. I was in the pit and I stand on a tug. I'm the money you got away. Jimmy, go ahead. Break it down for a second. Only to cope with the saw. Have a nick. Everything I do was put a look at just me up on the court with a blessed mother in law mistrusted the person who got me feeling like a fool. And the brothers, my and women section men who protect him when he could drop talking about the cross. You better go. Keep it down. But to add on the Batman, never to take them off the ball, he beat it to the line. Oh, that's good for the to got. But it's in the mycology beneath the mike. I'm a stamp and the king dilo, right. Oh I know. He was living life in the dog so that's my goal. Mindblower. He was I in the way to hack had never been. But I was right. I was trapped. I was living in a nightmare. Now I'm back for the crazy and straight facts. Not deal is alive. Yeah, I'm alive.

Yeah. You gave up your life for your my father so you could be free again. He's just doing what you told us to do with the mother. Believe with God. You say we shall be saved. Submit to the father and give me the child.

I'm back in a break up telling the dad the base up, Kevin, this happened definitely jobs step on the ladder can add value, even religion. You know, you've got a and you better let the weapon and let the enemy come in. Everything is good. We got to do up with the name to a name that made as my diaper. But I still find it far from up to the clip. The devil attacking come into the stadium. My job. When you see my father, Mike does not come to kill in the store, but they haven't. I must rejoice when he had to come up with an assortment of electric cars that go work on the doors of heaven. I'm the king of his dad, a fanatic. Given the method the devil had to win the lamp to the Christ into the ground. I'm a little worried it got him. And I give him everything, everything that I had. The freedom of God, the beauty of God to put a cap on the witness stand and bless me in a fan. You know, it opened up the floodgates, poet. Tell me what you love. Though, man, I'm growing. I remember I was at my lowest, but this is him as I mean now. Out to the cave, man. This is why seeing friends give him what he got, because I couldn't get to be a living for the father. I got to try to ease. Gave you no check on me. Rose up a three day.

Afternoon. Good afternoon. How is everyone doing today? What is this?

Step by decree, a look at it go on a gray day on me. Just put me back in it. None of it. So. So we adjusted last one evening. The first one go with Abby back and they considered church closed. I know you'll be judging them. Right.

That's why they ran the Wojo service from a mobile device for. That should be in control.

Maybe. That sand to cool. My message. Much interation, no whitewash. So he's going to clean create now Kulab will come to agreement Demus in every region. Would you smoke? But as long as you obd God.

Oh my God. I got to tell.

Ow, ow, ow.

If you're gonna do it. Go. Keep get away so soon you'll be in the Sanday be predicated. Jesus. In Austin. Most definitely. I'll say any interruptions interfere which drag race. We don't digress. My people fund projects to measure who they were. These Bridgepoint teams came from stock gigs. Take the word shooby region. It don't mean it. You wouldn't know anything, lady. Salmiya people got pointy, brushed my weasel tongue glazing, embedded a special nomadic in my book.

Got it.

I don't know if you gonna do it. One went from problem to promise, we a happy when the spirit, your happiness. Got a Dassa weekend. New life. New new say. He said he doesn't need your penis trying to benefit from. What a pity. At a million a he used the math. Is there really. No, sir. The Benjamins. So what shall we do? One, to be honest. Jack Coleson brought this up. Saints in New Orleans Spring. We leave it at random. Good compromise. Turn open to another. This is the main man and say, you know, day and night in the phrase pad.

Don't get up. I got to go.

We don't regret any red. You're right. So if you don't do it.

Hey, this is Gary McGee, pastor of Restoration Community Church in Winston-Salem, and I encourage you to listen to my brother Dwayne Kennedy on his program, Bridging the Gap on the Light Radio.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that when I was an airplane, I've told the story before and I'll tell it wherever I was on that airplane, it was rain and it was storming. And as soon as the airplane got above the clouds, guess what came out? The sun. And then I realized, you know what? It was sunny all along. I just couldn't see it from my perspective. So I encourage everybody to kind of have a shift of your perspective. Remember, on the other side of the clouds, the sun is shining one day on the other side of those clouds. Also, the son of God is going to be shining through your music from the air.

Are you a local gospel artist or a local church that has a C.D.? We don't ask you that. You said your city to us so that we can it for our local gospel showcase on the like gospel radio one oh three point five and ninety six point three. Since your music, along with the bio local gospel showcase forty four or five properties. Clean Sweet D Winston-Salem, North Carolina two seven one zero six. Make sure you'll see the ease and quality music. For more information, call three three six four eight zero two zero three nine.

Sometimes in life God is tied to certain places and it takes us 10 years, 20 days to get to where God would help us to be. One of the things I can tell you. Why? Because you don't trust God. There's another thing. Yes. Oh, God. We do not trust in God. God. John Ensign, you know. Destiny. Come, Lowgar.

What it normally takes on a TNM. Ivan Tomiko. And you can make.

The other charge they got first. Virginie. Yes, hey, man. Hey, I want to give a shout out that standoff that ensued was produced by Alex Cutler, a man, Mr. Producer, a man. Look him up on Facebook.

Alex Cutler, a man. So, yeah, we are in the house and we we have a treat today. I'ma tell you this, just by the here. And he has a testimony some can only think about, you know, and it's not about what you've been through, but it is about how you go through it. So I am thrilled to introduce Past the Rich. And, you know, this this man got. He got the rules. What the financial kingdom might tell you. You manage the word of God brothers, the word of God, man. Just give me that life, huh?

So, I mean, you know, I know you are you're a resident here, man. But I want to get into, first of all, before we get into the money issues and all that stuff. What I want to get into, man, is you. Who are you? And give us your testimony, man, because you went through some things, man.

Oh, my goodness. Don't we? Yo, yo, yo. Well, you know, many people tell me that my life is a movie. So, yeah, man, you know, as we were talking before, interestingly enough, like a lot of young African-American males, I grew up without my father and no excuse, but I didn't have, you know, that male figure in my life to provide me guidance. I was in a church in New Jersey, in a city, you know, so all the influences of the crack era during the 80s and, you know, being in the projects, you know, the projects became your friends. Right. What was going on every day becomes your friends. And so, you know, I just was just into the streets at an early age. My mom was pregnant and had just moved back from Bronx, New York, to Jersey.

And that's the lifestyle right there. I used to hang out Atlantic City.

There you go. You know, why you feeling so you know what's going on. You know what's going on. But yeah, man, you know.

And the hot bed. Eighty four. Eighty four. Right. That's right. Epidemic in, you know, just I grew up on the streets. But just to be honest with you, I ran the streets and I did things. I was on the streets or whatever was going on the streets. I did it. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, I was eleven years old the first time I was arrested. And I found myself continually in a cycle where I kept being in police custody for one thing or another until ultimately at the age of 19, I was facing life and 40. Wow. And it was a serious predicament because you talk about a life sentence at 19. Like now you can't really articulate it at that age. But I'm through that whole process. I was sentenced to thirty five years. Mm hmm. And I was told that I had to do a mandatory of about 13 years before I will come home.

And God was good from the beginning. You know, I went into the system.

The prison population, man. And, you know, I had just turned 20. Right behind you. So I'm just nearly 20. I remember laying in my bed, actually, just before I was arrested. Interestingly enough, I had a tragic accident on Highway eighty five. Car flipped over five times. That was in a coma. There was a fatality in here. That's out hit man right here at Townsville, North Carolina. Brother come from Carowinds. I fell asleep behind the wheel. Five people in the car. I was driving car flipped over like five times. Very tragic. Five year old boy that was in a car with us. He, you know, fatally he died, was ejected out the window and, you know, impact, you know, on his skull. He died on impact. I mean, very, very bad. But, you know, I say that to say it was at that point coming home from that when I read dedicated my life to the Lord. So our vision gave my life to Lord at the age of 14. I came down here to go to my father's wedding.

Nineteen eighty eight from Jersey was just a pit stop, a wedding, a fellow union. Yeah. And I never had seen it before. My dad's pastor was a fireball and he preached during the when he set everybody down, they were at the altar. He even set them down and preached doing a wedding at the age of 14. I don't know.

My hands were up in the air on my side. I was saying the Senate prayer. You'd never guess that. Yeah. Get to know.

A few days later, I got back on the airplane and went back to Jersey and continue my same behavior. But little did I know that God had planted a seed right in his seed as incorruptible. I didn't know that. So, you know, fast forward to the age of 19 and here we are in this predicament. You know, I knew enough to call upon the name of the Lord when I came home from the coma, 19 days in a coma somewhere. God gave me a moment of clarity. His spirit reached out to me. I've read dedicated my life to the Lord. About a week before they arrested me for the crimes that I will ultimately go to prison and serve eight years for. And so it was amazing, man. It was crazy ordeal. Wow.

Hey, let me take a sidebar, because you know what I Dymocks Father's Day. So I'm going, wow, give a shout out to the fathers, you know, because those father stories are so real. You have a brother and the Lord. Even though they may be absent or so so forth. Coming into the press, this guy uses that, you know, to bring you closer to you, because I've got to give a shout out to my dad, my dad. You know, he used to come get me. I was stuck in Philadelphia. I was stuck in Philadelphia drunk. Confessed it. Yeah. Robin's still stealing.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And doing anything that I can do here. Running back and forth to Jerry's. Right. Right. Right. Right.

And my dad used to come get me and take me on vacations. Wow. You know, so he would come get me and then we'd go on a road trip. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But did not come back. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I just want to give a shout out to the fathers on Father's Day because you are unique in your kid's life. And if you haven't been present in there, it's even even just that time, that little time can make an impact. A man. That's right, man. But I understand, man, that jail time. You know what, I. I became legal beagle, OK?

Because when I got locked up before you go too far, I want to give a shout out to my dad as well as Jonathan Mann, because I want to tell you what you know. It was because of what the Lord had done in his life. Yeah. The ego that God was able to do what he did in my life, because when my dad was in his wildness, you know, he told me I would always pray to the Lord, you know, Lord, I know what is too late for me. Save my son. Hey, man, is that amazing? Now, my dad, you know, in the middle of his craziness, he said he would be high, you know, drunk, whatever, while and now he would pray not for himself. Lord, save my son. So when you say that that's what it was going on today, because God prophesied that the hearts of the fathers would turn back to the son. You know, I'm saying man is so. Yeah, man, I like you, Dad.

Happy birthday, Passivist. His birthday and Father's Day. Have a look. Absolutely. Yeah. Oh, no. Happy Fourth. Oh, yeah. Got the books. I mean, that's that's awesome.

Oh, man.

I tell you, when I when I get into a legal situation, I became legal beagle, OK? I got locked up. And you know what I said to myself, I never come back to this place. Wow. You know, I did everything that even I was doing, everything that I could do, but I was doing everything. I never get caught doing anything. And now was like, you know, I have I refuse to go live in that system. But, you know, you 80 baby man.

So, you know, man is going on out there, man. But it was rough, man. It was rough. And, you know, and I tell you, man, things have changed so much. But, you know, just the epidemic in the climate. I mean, literally, you know, you walk to school. There was no school busses in the city. Right. So you walk into school and, you know, guys playing Cee Lo here in the morning. You know, sales crack all day long. So I grew up in that man. And I mean, literally, again, because there was no man around. You know, I'm not making no excuses or blaming. But I think that the greatest one of the greatest epidemics that we're dealing with, and this is big in my heart, is this issue of fatherlessness. Yeah, there'll be a birth. A child will be could not be responsible for that child. You know, I'm saying. And so that that was really my story, man. But I thank God for his mercy, his goodness, man, because, look, somebody prayed for me to have me on him.

You're not saying that's how we made it.

You know, and yes, I thank God, because that is part of his legacy. Yeah. He says that when he got his life right. One of things that he prayed for. Lord, if you would just give me back my lifetime. You know, I'm saying and we have a great relationship today. So I don't want to make it all doom and gloom. Yeah, right. But we have a great relationship today. Matter of fact, I was he's the last person I spoke to. I spoke to you on the air. That's my damn.

Yeah, that's that's awesome, man. You know, like I say, it is Father's Day. And just just to all the men out there, you know, just be there for your children. A phone call just to stop a letter. You know, just anything that impacts the life.

You don't know how big that is, you know? Yeah.

Cause I see me and my dad, we had and I don't know how how, how, how open I could be, but I mean, my dad, we had a wow relationship. Wow. I knew I knew my dad when he was at. Yeah. And I knew him when he was here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now. Now he. My dad taught me how to roll my first thing. Oh wow. Wow. Yeah. We had a crazy release. Yeah. Yeah. But then he also he also is the one that gave me my first Bible. He gave me a Bible. And I kept that thing. He did not kept that thing in my pocket like a like like it was my wallet. Wow. And every time I went through something, I would go because in the Gideon's Bible, he has these little helps in that. No, I get it. But we don't get hit by a bus. We don't get him out of. Hey. Hey. So.

So I just I always every time I go to I did turn into a little help thing and be like. And then I read the scripture. Okay. And that that was impact in my life. Yeah. But it's just it's great, man.

I'm kind of hype and I'm kind of hyped up. Yeah. Man, I was up at four o'clock this morning man. I shouldn't be sleep man. You were by yourself. We were. We were together in a spirit. I would kind of make myself go to sleep. And then I had a breakfast this morning and I, you know, Dalkia. Stuff. Yeah. But my brothers are in town on us. We're missing three of them. One of my brothers came into town. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great Father's Day. So that was just awesome hanging out with them last night. Yes. So it's just awesome, man.

So, you know, God is just awesome and he's doing what he needs to do. But I want to say that because like you say it, the absence of a father. You know, we just go. We just go. Go. Wow.

Yeah, man. And here's the thing. Right. There is something in all of us, both male and female, that's crying to be known. Yeah. Is crying to become. Right. And so. But let's keep it with us.

You know, as young African-American males, you hit puberty.

You know, I have a teen. You know, I have a nine year old son. That boy watches me everything that I do. Right. I mean, his day is his super man. Mm hmm. And when that's not there. Where's he getting his identity from? Where. Where's he getting his knowingness from?

You know, who where does it come from? And so, you know, I know that experience. I literally got my identity from the street.

Right. It was my friends that gave me my nickname because of the things that I did. You don't have. Say it. Yeah. You got friends that taught me. Is that another? You know, we learn how to steal. We know. We learn how to fight. We learn how to run with a gang. We learn how to, you know. And I. Because they were the males that were old in the media. Right. And they ushered me into the things on the street. And we really have an opportunity to do that for young males today. Yeah. We can usher them into the things that God. Right. As a man do. I mean, so that that's very big for me, man.

Hey, we got to go to a break, but I want to leave you with it.

There was an Africa. They had this safari camp and they've been moved.

They've removed the male elephants out of it. So it was just a juvenile elephants. And it was the late female elephants. So they moved.

And so they couldn't understand how you can look this up on YouTube. I think it was calm, but, you know, you could find it.

Elephant. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know. But but the the young elephants. The young male elephant. Yeah. They started killing elephants. They were killing them. And they couldn't understand why. And then it was getting in gangs to do this. Yeah. And the researchers.

Yeah. They couldn't understand what was going on. Yeah. So what they had, what they they finally figured out. They put one of the male elephants back in it, wanted to hold you back in it. And lo and behold, the whole thing. Calm. Yeah. Calm down. Yeah. And they stopped killing an elephant. Wow. And that's the presence of of of a male. Right. In your life, you know, and that's why it's so important. But, hey, we can't go to a break and listen. I said I would tell you this. Glad to hear this brother. His dynamic.

You know, he he's low key. You know, this is you know, he's low key. He is easy. He don't make a name for himself.

And he's real laid back. But his brother got a lot of things going on. So we appreciate him. We'll be right back in a minute.

People have died. Today we are living in perilous times, dangerous times, and the world is at a poor condition. We have no idea how many times God has kept us in a safety zone from enemies and from some unforeseen danger. When we go to sleep in peace, God watches over us. He sustains us throughout the night and enables us to rise in the morning, invigorating and fresh. Both are gifts from God. David knew what to do in troubled times. And that is David Quired out to the Lord for help. Many people watch him tend to run to aurally huts, and there's nothing wrong with using helpful resources in the world. But ask the people of God, we should always use our spiritual resources and cry out to God for his help. First, TNM and. I've been telling you.

The other charge they got. Virginie.

They feel, you know, I need to know. You can rethink the way to go. That led me to notice that, you know, everybody talk about his latest. I phoned him his trying to track the devil we knew it was a threat. Oh, my God. I do it all my life. I had to get it right. Amy. Amy. Amy. It's funny. I never would have the cow did like this, so I did it. Now we've got to take a meeting like this.

Now we're. He made a promise to be. And in his word there, we owe. I can now turn back. Not in no way. Everywhere.

You know, a nation of.

He took everything to notice that he did so to limit it everywhere. I used to know, I need you to walk.

I need you to tell me just what my scene is. Look, when they took everything. Call me some way to go like that. You may notice like that. And this is Mickey Donato for me.

And he did it all for me. That's Caudill page. He did it all for me.

Yes, I went and found that thing I was talking about, about the elephant. It's it's it's the name of it as a teen. Elephants going wild. And you know what? This is not that long ago. I think this was like eight years, eight years ago. But this is teen elephants going, wow, you know, and one thing they said is that they need a male figure. Yeah. You don't have to look it up on on YouTube. Tinos means going, wow, wow. And you see why we have all these problems with our kids today. You know, crazy animal magnetism, you know, a hit.

And, you know, it's so interesting because here it is. We took my elephants. Right. And you would just explain it like that. And that it was an experiment. It was an observation. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't mean it. Do it right. But they observed that when that male that bull that that fathered a mature male was pulled down, that dirty elephants went, wow. Right. Date. Date began to destroy himself, became savages. And that's kind of like what happened in my life, as we were saying. I thought about that and we were laughing at that because, you know, it happens every day. It's not just me not making me the exception. This is our reality for our people. You know, at a time when we're talking about the just occurrences that are going on and we know we're not really going to get into that make that topic. But we've got to George Flor's, you know, my eyebrows, you know, and in all these keeps will happen over and over. And I keep asking myself, where are their fathers? Mm hmm. Any scenarios? Yeah. Right. George Floyd credit for his mother. I'm never gonna knock a man for crying out for his mother, but I haven't heard one word mention about his father. Mm hmm. All these scenarios where the father stepping up and he's. I don't know. I'm just saying this. So I know for me, you know. You know, no, not my dad wasn't there. I got into trouble. I end up serving eight years in prison. I came home from prison. And I don't know if maybe Robert Kiyosaki. So. So Robert Kiyosaki is one of the foremost financial and, you know, wealth gurus, today's business gurus in the world. And he he wrote a book.

Oh, back in the 90s. Reached the airport. You know, they putting out a book. Yeah. Yeah. And most people do know that, you know.

And I think my life kind of went that way because after coming from prison, you know, my father's my pastor. He's the one that, you know, matured me and things of the faith and the things are the word. I'm a very sound biblical teacher. And I know doctrine, you know. But as I came home trying to reestablish myself and find myself innocently enough, I say to God brought me a rich day, you know? So not to say that my dad was a poor dad, but he didn't really have the opportunity to educate me in the things of economics and finances in this world. I met on the radio. I heard a broadcast coming home from work one day, and this man was saying how we could send our children to college debt free and had to graduate.

And I was like, this appealed to me because at the time I think I had like a six or seven year old daughter and I'm like, man.

And interestingly enough, he would come on the radio on my way home and I listen trying to figure out who he was. Needless to say, I end up joining his class is, you know, discipleship, the teaching that he had. And I'm a shout out to William Thompson.

Dynamic Financial Solutions, Greensboro, North Carolina. No, but, you know, he became as into me like rich dad, poor dad in the book.

And he began to school me and groomed me and teach me the secrets of a wealth, you know, and how to bill money and or how to build wealth, how we can empower ourselves. You know, I had his profits when I was in prison.

She came. I was actually in Hillsborough, North Carolina, about to be released. And she came and she told us, she said, listen, you know, many men that are in this situation, oftentimes they come out and they say how much the world is against them and nobody would give them an opportunity, she said.

But the word of God is such a he says that when one door is closed, another door is open. And she said the door of you working for somebody is a door. It is fortunately being closed because you're a felon and you're going to go in too many places, establishments of employment and people are not going to give you an opportunity. And many African-American males, because they do have a felony record. Right. They they they they really can't break the mold of the streets of trying to get ahead because employment. She said, why don't you get out and start your own business? How do you know that? That door being closed, guys not opening the door for you, for you to be entrepreneur, for you to be a painter or a contract or a plumber. This pride in that. And I literally took that to heart. So I came home with entrepreneur spirit from a man, you know, I'm saying I came home. I finished my degree. I went back to school and got a degree in electro electronic technology. That's what I did for a living. I was a industrial makes his manager for plant electro electronics, you know, pneumatics. And I did it and that was good. But I had been learning principles and disciplines and knowledge of how to empower our own hand. And I just desired in my heart to preach the gospel and not to have to tax a church. That's what we definitely did. That came to me. I want to preach the gospel. And the reality was like, what if you can preach?

But the church don't have to pay you to leave.

And I just fell in love with that concept. And I said, that's what I want to do. So, yeah, man. Yeah. And William Thompson's out of the way of Thompson one more time and.

Well, that's that's the reality. The church coalition. But that's the reality, man. Money, money, money is a tool that God uses to help us live and help us.

Love like Jesus. All right. Right. Right. Oh. So, I mean, this this lady, I don't know. You had jumped to manage to make it do it. This it. You know what?

There's this this issue about the church and talking about money, you know, saying and Monju, I'm a I'm a preacher.

So when you get a preacher to talk about money, you set me up early to talk about my name. Oh, my goodness. You know, say I'm going to first. I've heard of Creflo Dollar. I was like, you got your church or preacher last name Dollar. You know, either a low Creflo Dollar, The Gruffalo.

But but the reality is, I like to see you live life without it. Yeah. OK. And as the saying is, your ranks right up there with air money ranks out there with air. And we had to get to the place in the church to where we could feel comfortable talking about money, talking about growing our money without necessarily being money hungry.

You know what I'm I'm with, say, some to the only people that don't like talking about money is the ones they get broke folk.

Come on, bro. Yeah, that's what it is. You know, I'm saying and, you know, while we're broke because we have bought into the lie, you know, I like the way what would you call this? The money game? Dieter crowds. He is. It is a game. It is a game. You know, talk about fathers.

My dad taught me this many years ago. He said it's the golden rule. See, in the church, we understand the golden rule to be the Jesus is doing to others. You would have others do unto you. That's what we understand to go to rule. But in the world, the golden rule, my dad told me, is he who has all the gold makes all the rules.

He was that not a true. Oh, yeah. And we've talked him on this issue of racial injustice right now with, you know, how we've been suppressed all these years and you know how they have our foot on our necks. Even today, we saw, you know, the Minister Farrakhan preaching you. Oh, no, no, not not fair con, but Al Sharpton. Yeah. You still have your foot on on next today. But the foot that they have on our neck today is an economic foot.

And until we learn how to win in this game or economics or this game of money, we're not going to get a hate week, a riot and revolt and protest. All we want. But what do you bring it to the table?

If you're not bringing any gold to the table, then you can't make any rules at the table.

That's a fact. Hey, say that again, you know, because that's a fact.

Absolutely. And one of the things that I must say my rich dad taught me. No shame. No shame to pass. If you hear me, man. I love you, man. You know, Richard. Dad, I have, man. But, you know, playing off at a parody of rich dad. Poor Dad in a book. One of things that I learned many years ago is that money is an idea.

Money is simply an idea. That's why money has changed forms throughout the years. See, we can attach an idea to anything and call that money as long as we exchange debt for currency. Yeah, money is an idea. We have to awaken our imagination. Come on, somebody you see one of these is you know, one of the downside is that if you can control a man's thought process, you can do which one. Right.

And I think that for so long that has been a perception of the church that ultimately there have been so many rules. There has boxed in what what a Christian can and what a Christian can't do. Well, what a Christian looks like and what a Christian doesn't look like. But one of the amazing things that's happening in this age is God is doing all this stuff out the window, man.

Well, you know, no doubt that old saying mo money, mo pop. Come on, man. You know, the thing about that, more money, more problems is that they're crying of money. It's not fixed in your your profits while you create more profit. Right. Right. The money that you get at your own. And I think those are some realities that people you know, because I hear and I don't know, I think money can Essam a lot of my problems. But the Bible says money answers all matters. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you. You're right. Think of Allen Iverson, OK. Wow. Alan eyelets AP.

You come from seemingly nothing, right. Can't a city for von Harp slums to a position where now you've earned one hundred and ninety million dollars and then you in a place today to where you know bystander's. You still going Goob by the world standards. You're broke again. Right. And we've seen that play out time and time again. A lot of our entertainers, a lot of our athletes, they acquire these millions. But but it seems to go through their hands. So the issue is not the acquiring of the money. The issue is the handling of the money. And that's really where our problem is again. It's a game. They played that game with Allen Iverson. They gave him that one minor key and all the people around him watched that one 9D go out of his hands. But he went into their pockets. I betcha he was surrounded by a bunch of people who look like us. Right. Because he did not know and see what the world does as the world teaches us how to work for money. But they don't teach us how to make our money work for us. It's the money game, brother, is the money game.

So, you know, we like to say it's the forty, forty 40 rule. You see, they tell you when you're young that you need to go to school and get an education so that you can get a good job. And when you're in high school, they start to say you need to find out, figure out what it is that you want to be. So you could figure out what you want to do in life. And the access to that is going to college to get a degree so you can get a good job. But they're not shelling that. The doorway you're going to go through into college is debt.

Why most of us can't get a debt free college education. I mean, don't know. Shout out to these young ones out here getting these scholarships, not going to down being great performance students, but that's a small percentage of us. Most of us enter into college with massive student debt. And it's not just us, it's worldwide. Student debt is a mess. It's a game. It's a game. It's the money game. They enter you through the door debt. Now you accumulate debt. In college, you get a job. The job is not enough to leverage that student loan bill. So you're paying a student loan bill. That's probably eaten up one third of your salary. Entry level. But but it doesn't stop there. You've got a new job. You probably got married and got a wife. Got a baby. What else do you need? A new house. So you've got a new job. OK, we're going to lend you some credit. Get you this house. That debt is racking up. And we don't realize that we end up working 40 years on a job, 40 hours a day to retire on a 40 percent pension to realize that's not enough for us to live off of because we can never account for the inflation process. Right. It is the money game is a game. It's a game that we're not educating or early enough.

And so one of the things I'm really passionate about is, you know, leveling the playing field with us now because you can win at any point. What is oh, oh, it is never too late to do the right thing. Right. So it's not a condemnation. Then you can start at any point. But the reality is, it is a game. You know, if you work in a job, that jail be, you know, just over broke. You know, you go to work all week just to get that check. And by Monday, most of it is gone. You paid it on bills and you got a little bit left. And you want to do some for yourself. But, you know, there's another bill coming. So when you go to sleep at night, you don't sleep comfortably. Yeah. We got to join the law yet that the peace of God lives in our hearts. But it ain't in our minds, because at the end of the day, we know we got to get up or money to go back to master. You know, I'm saying. And so and so it is a game. I mean, we've just got to tell the truth of it. Yeah. You know, money is a game. And it's time that we are are learning to leverage the conversation so that we can win.

I mean, you know, that's that's so powerful. And that's that's what this show is about. Viginia Gap, because Jesus came back.

He came back for the whole man. Come on. Come on. Come on, man. And let's understand when I say, man, I'm not talking about the flesh. I'm talking about that spiritual man. Yeah. Saturday. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Came back for. Because, you know, he got easy saying things like that. If you're worried about this, this and that, you can't live a sanctified life. You got too many worries on you on your plate now. Now I know the script. The Scriptures say, as the scripture says, that the love of my love, of the love of money is the root of all evil. Yeah. And this the book of slice. Right. Being broke is the root of all evil. Come on, man. Come on, man. Hey, hey, hey. We got this far somewhere in the middle of battle.

Is win to win? Absolutely. You know, I loved, as you said that because, you know, one of the things that that Jesus said in John 14, John 15, 40 said, if you love me, keep my commandments. Right. So so when you get the love issue centered, you know, I remember one at one point in my entrepreneurial pursuit where things are taking off for me and I start to, you know, get him book for things more. Yeah. I was trying to think in the years, but it was probably about twenty fifteen or something like that. I remember one day I was doing some landscaping in my yard. I was excited how I was booked for this book for that. You know, has some extra money coming in. You know, I'm saying and I was excited and when I was raking the moat, I just remember Spray said, now, what are you excited about?

Are you excited about the money? Are you excited that I'm causing things to work in your life?

Wouldn't it? This let's talk about this. You know, I was like school me. I was like, oh, I was crazy, man, you know? You know, I weird just to interrupt, you know. And I was I called. I was in a good place. Right. And and and and he hit me what he said.

Are you excited about the money. Are you excited because I'm doing good things in your life, you know? And I was like, wow. Okay, I'm excited. I'm excited about what you're doing. And he said, Okay. He said, well, ask me this question. I'll you chase him money. Are you chasing me? And I had to ponder it. But at the time, I was the youth pastor at my church. Shout out to one Christian Fellowship, 1951 Brightwood School, GSO.

I just thought about I well, people might be saying this to a man where Jesus is Lord and we do live together. Yeah. Yes. Was. But but you know, I was the you I was a youth pastor. We are one. And all these things were going on. Musk my my calendar was done in booking up. You know how that goes. And I had topolice at the church. I had to it, you know.

And that's what got me with that conversation. And I said, you know what, Lord, this is how my Saturday to prove it, I'm I'm going to go harder for you than I'm at the half of my business. But but I'm a make sure that I still show up and do what I got do. I'm a girl. Hard for you, you know, I'm saying.

And so that's that love of money thing, you know, because the love is gonna determine who you follow. Hey, man, I don't follow money. I follow opportunities to help people, to improve people's lives, to make it better, to create change, because I do believe that's what God has given me with. You get him saying he's inspired me with that. And so. Yeah. Mambo Bobby. We ran that so long, bro. Yeah.

What you got to take a break. We'll be right back. A man with my man past the rich with the money moves. Yeah.

How many you can tell the. Thank you. He had guests. Great. What are you grateful for? You shouldn't even have to stop and think about it. I'm grateful for life here. And you're in a mess. I'm just grateful to be able to take one breath after the other. Long. I'm just grateful. A man when I look back on my life and see what God has brought me from, I just want to tell him, thanking them. I've been telling you. The other charge, the got.

To find out place by.

I get a check up paid. When I said I noticed you should make. Bidding myself your respect. God, no feet. Phillip says that even Mitchell has no gimmicks, which I just read to you.

It really was like, this is take me to target. Where did. In a book by Rocky. Come out, Steve in the house. But we never play. Pretend he gets a real payday. Foot fame. When I said I noticed you should make. I mean, I had to pay my dues. Oh, gee. Told me they don't know all the things I had to do to make my dreams come true. On a nice I had to pray to see a room. Right to see my bills on my way to get a play.

So if I ever win a Grammy, I'm bringing grandma on the stage. Makes me feel like I'm at camp. So I'm thinking brand.

Got it. Stop. So my vision like a bird, you know, only God can judge. On a daily same guy we trust. I put my money where my mouth is.

I got to treat it like his so I get a checkup paid a. But fame. When I say I got your back, when I said I noticed you should make.

So no, man. I also knew I had to get to work on it. Oh, I. Who are you sick or doesn't tell him?

Tell him I said no, it's not me. I'll tell him. Tell him it's not me. It's not me. You didn't like you in all these. No, no, listen. They know and just know me. Listen, listen, listen, listen. I know you folks like you win. I know. I know.

I know me. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, Mandy. Less than a roommate on the road. Used to be concerned about what to say. Now, I played a background check.

Maybe I gave my life to Christ. He gave me the same jail. You know, I was lost. He told me to follow him. Oh, yes, I was. Go sell some swimming in and out of level shelf forever.

Yeah, I was a mess that made it. I had a couple of vices doing to bump into fit, and that's when I got cut with no license. Cheated grace like a snake. I was gonna get it with God. And he said, I love God, I love my actual crew about was hot and they let me a lack of oxygen tell me I would never finish marching until he did. It was not. It was why you were at the time. Oh Christ. Made it all in a blog. Normally my friend Carson was industries that laughs. I'll go home, aircar man. Know me.

Back him up a little bit in this day and manage a better retreat because I got to back him up. We have been in the state. Oh, my knees are better, Ritchie, because I got hate to sound dhody.

Don't blow me. Just know me. Look, I'll tell him it's. And only just to know that you didn't not like you in the movies. No, no. Listen, I know that. And just to know me. Listen, listen, listen. I know that you felt like you were always out. No, no, no, no.

I was on a cruise. Trust the pool. So. So give me some chicken, Frank, and say look like your big place to me, sir. He had gone through this process that is out to give me all the food, like I think saying you acted so.

Dinsdale Danzy Life, SABC Karma we are going up on. No, no, I can't draw me doing my script. I would just take a minute to be wondering. You want to say because they cannot figure Brandon was just different.

No, no. So that is totally different. Not Ray Ray. And let us stay. Tell me. Good luck on Gotlieb case. Real good without GOP smear what you see on TV. So it's not a game. It's a it's a count due to what they want.

I mean, there's no real saying I could know what this is what they might me bradbourn Janet.

I really. What is this exhibit. Did you hear me now. Really talking to you. Spear beer spirits. All right. Just be you gonna like it but you happy.

I would have said I mean would you be interviewing me. Right. A.B. So what do you suppose he told me.

Is the number one selling selling medicine. Know that you Flaxton that you like you and me. Oh yeah. I no fishermen in just a moment. Tell them this and know me as soon as you folks like you and me. Oh no.

No, no, no, no.

Yes, I know production. I know, I know there's the.

And God damn boy is 17.

Let go and let God. 19. Same six faced. It's like I'm I'm not looking back. A past is in sight. Still on the box. No, no, no. I mean, the thing about me is Brando. Brando, I see him, Brando, Brando, everything about these Brando and the guy. Now for this 17.

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