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Intervies with: MacAyla Butler and CAPA Gospel Artist

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady
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July 29, 2020 5:00 pm

Intervies with: MacAyla Butler and CAPA Gospel Artist

Bridging the Gap / Dwayne Cannady

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TNM. I've been told can you again?

The other charge they got as far as.

A man, a man he welcome to Bridging the Gap. This is Minister Cannady and we are glad you tuned in.

You know, first of all, I'd like to say that this is a show that's play some music for the mind, body and soul. A man we try to get you with their foot tap in a man and rejoice in that. The scriptures that come in through the music apemen, there's always a message in the music. A man I want to get to my man here, McKeyla. We've got a lot going on the day. But you know me. I'd like to start up with some fresh gospel music. This is some for your ears right here. Take a listen.

I'll take you back to one summer night. I should have known something wasn't right. Cup of ice from his straight getting drunk and nice feeling when you love in life, but you want to fight. Hopped off the bus too intoxicated. See some dudes that has smoked with across the station. One of them may recognize me, so I start explaining them, yelling derogatory steamiest and he started wailing.

I fell back and grabbed to do so. We locked on. But his man was straight from my face like a washcloth and even know what hurt him in a jar. The worst fiend that would step in nothing getting caught off guard by saying no. What I was trying to prove. Man, I am fighting to beat but never thought it through. A slow response and delay reaction that got exposed. Thank God that all I suffered was a bloody nose. This story dates back for me a bunch of years. Tell it to show the dangers of being unprepared. Who you meet up in tune with a drunken stammer. Hope not, because when it's come in name. To that say, I just want to be. Face to the ground, I'm afraid.

I'm ready for it. I just pray for wasting my vocal chords on with the poor and now my voice enforcement guy really wants me to make noise to increase the budget. He said, I want to show you how to spend your money. Now praying more for extra blessings. He said, finish the assignment I gave you before you ask for extra credit. Klima Way put out new job. Manifest showed up today and if you win a paper slip, pray for its bells. Looking forward to the marriage bed in my cabin. Really, Metzen know what my favorite. Quit praying to God for more opportunities with my weak faith. Even know what to do with it. They say you go and judge a tree. But a fruit of it. But if I'm full of. Judge fruitfulness, God told me to tell her, so stop praying for stuff that will really war, praying to spend time but don't want to give up now. Praying for diversity, but won't give up the power of the law, promises that we win. But he also told us to be ready in and now to seize the heart of our right. Believing he's going to face the demons will not catch me. He's leaving me and I.

I just want to be ready.

Placed it in ground. But I'm ready for what I just pray for this season. I'm a tree. Y'all ain't gonna leave me when a tree. I just want to be ready. Ready? Ready, stood out. And don't forget it. Get it. Get it. Rio.

A man may just want to be ready. Sign this record, the Bible says one who has no reliable friends. There was a friend's explosive in a. Thank you, Chief.

I have come to help my dogs on the street, so I am sure to see the flash inside like gloves. This from the story that these cats stay the course on grass. Instead, he is stabbed in the back. Thomas with this cat was always told me it was in this case, he is black. Your little black racist, much triangulate. You would be on to cross the big picture ressource say. No one is thinking clumsier.

I had a friend, I had a friend, only one.

We need to get the word out.

I had a friend.

Everyone I know was going with. Most came right when they sing in a real Wiseman case, because you would let me see the show down the street with only a few remaining people in the. They may might get in from a line and they claim their gang. Now, one is a true friend to say we came from the same thing. They make us sign. They. And gotten me twice the number and became friends. This was back in town. And we've been sending Duchene saying you haven't been Beckstead secret.

A smiling faces like a casket. They say they got love for me, but they've done so much smoke. I think I need a gas mask because when I was down on my luck and I needed a hand up, they never had that. But I let bygones be bygones to this, to which I and I have a past that I don't mean to sound bitter. I'm just trying to keep it hundred, which is the moment would leave. You forget when the kitchen gets hot like that, would you make it dinner? Keep the squares actual circle because they will switch up on you fast, lick to some shape, ship to sleep to keep the grass cut down low cut the snake's next legislation next to you.

Check it out in Zopp Gypsy verse thirty Jesus. Greater love has no one in this. That's someone lay down his life for his friends who are my friends. If you do what I command, the longer to call the service for the servant does not know what his master is doing. But because you're friends, for all that I have heard from my father, I have made known to you, my friend.

You do when this thing closes in my keys. I never had a friend. Only one has live in Florida. Every night I wouldn't do. But I take advantage of. Migrating that way. She had a friend. Trade.

Nobody wants to strike out, but as bad a road, well, everybody trying to get day status up, the pressures that a world is like we have to front. I was starting to and Kelly up in that candy truck. But the big corporation is probably cracking up because vanity is so expensive, you could add it up. See, spend spinney rent money at the club and girls will drop racks on plastic jugs and the fat, but. A sea patrol still never been out the country. But you want arrive formally, though, you no longer run the block every morning and I could see you. My state never made it off the corner. I say try to focus on what's important. Learn to state your claim and credit the sources. Learn to separate the truth from a falsehood. Don't just that life take his course.

We'll take some courses. I know it's hard to stay focused. Post-Traumatic stress symptoms surface any moment. Make it past 25 is what I was hoping. Hard to let it go. Like Frozen now. Want to build a snowman? I'm from my selling drugs is a rite of passage. We pack house parties like forget a fire hazard. People out here dying and we just die. Laugh and disregard and feel as even though that stuff kind of matters.

You see, I'm just barely crawling now. Too many blunders. Too many girls for me to talk about.

Too many bad moves for me to write a song about. My heart was cold, stiff. I was hoping someone could throw me out. It's crazy out here. You'll have to put in this speeding down the highway to hell on a party bus.

Truly, even inhumanities in all of us affects us to the core.

But in my more beloved black man who just stole his job vision. Is it the images you see on television? Is it your home is either dead or in prison? Got you thinking God's kingdom is a white man's religion. My dear white man who distorted job vision. I could understand why you sold this. But it's never personal when I talk about racism, the sin of oppression left to solving.

Let's see. I believe the king came forward, killed by his own people, then rose again as the Lord, but not spiritual talks. Just sounded like some noise when there's no water in Flint and no jobs in Detroit.

See who was Jesus to my people up the street. McDonald's, KFC, Burger King. We got to eat there, right?

No Whole Foods, but the liquor store is full of my favorite songs. If it goes perfectly with we. So how are we supposed to understand God's promise? He thought the Bible letters, but don't talk about our problems. Richard. Try. And that was everybody's mantra. Give the poor man money, but don't teach him economics. So when he tell them crime pays Paisa slang, why not? And after you make that first attack, it's like last stop. I know it may lead to a fatal ripoff box around the block.

Persons watch the. But dear Democrat, who just doing his job. I feel your vibe. You protest, but sometimes it don't match with the way that I see you live. So I wonder if it's real or if it's just for the election. A conservative who does go to Joe Vision. I know you love God. You claim Christian, but you never even mentioned the corrupt social system that we all need in theology. We just want you to listen.

See blindspots. Everybody has some of us don't know the four walls that we've been trapped in. They want to know God. We just want to relying on the pastor as a result. We confuse passion with compassion, like I understand tragedy in the bush, but some parts of the world a child should never be born in.

I believe in God's word. But how are we going to. Everybody's vision is distorted idea of a man who distorted your face.

You don't even know how to ask for what's your mission. For example, the man who has set you up from the beginning. Now you've grown and it's affected the way you treat women. My dear sister, who is going to go fishing. Don't forget you're meeting guys.

The more we lose sight, the more we just keep finding this. Too late to say that. We was just kidding.

Listen, when you walk alongside me while I'm on this road and put me on to the things that I may not have known. Will you come alongside me while I'm in this life? Will you stand aside and judge? We now seem to get it right. This road is dark and it gets colder than a winter's night. But when I share in someone else's story, it gives me life. I want to bring a different light.

I think about my homies from the block who never had a boss that's black over this white. I just want to open our eyes. The more I look around, the more I realize we're blind. My comfort zone, like, how would you know it was what was said? What you don't know can hurt you. That's a lie. That's a lie. But anyone that's felt like the victim put men, women and children trying to figure out the system, what we call foolishness. God may just call wisdom.

Maybe green is 20/20 vision to a blind spot, spot, spot.

Now we shall see only a poor mirror. You shall see face to face. No outlet. No part of the shall. Fully and fully. No.

Does. Dodgin.

I see these hills and valleys and the. No, I got it. Now it's down to. You can make it happen in.

Because I have a meeting at.

If you notice where I come from, you know, to well, I'm going to forget the premature with. I heard a voice tipping point that I love, so and they'll kick you out and keep in mind, forget the pain. Now, Sambit, in full shame. We shall hear me limitations. We don't know what we hopefully motivate the weak saying we really big baby running from. S just getting both money. Really? Is it really believe what he really had to say. Can't pay him back. See if they really care what you want. When I'm sick with the pill. At least the brother has showed up. And the words she said.

I know I got down.


Dad, yes. Is going into my car. Still didn't know that. There's a muffin. No.

Trust tribulations, and it's a place, a place in which an average soccer playing which can get depressed. It's so amazing when you go through some changes, you know, it's a love so contagious kind of meats and sweets like the millisecond, but sweets that everything is counted for. We don't make world freak Zarf quick as they come and go. Put in a bowl is a wrap, right? Unless you've been born again, you can see the Kingdom of God on a map, right? Like a rollercoaster will choose if we want to see you alive or not. Can you like me do it? I never wanted to struggle. When you inspired to start climbing this dress rehearsal, temporarily trying it out.

That is my style. No guns down. Down. You can make it happen.

Go get.

Like, we wish you were eating salvation and didn't ever. Well, somebody say, well, I'm not sick, but somebody else is someone else. Oh, but if your prices go up. Come on, now. Reach out. Spread out. Oh, yeah. Where somebody is crying out. Oh, right. Meat. Got you my connection. Hallelujah. That is your connection.

You break them out of bonds and keep them in the state. You can you can get into the.

The other charge, the gun fires, the. Yes. And a man. Welcome to Bridging the Gap.

Hope you haven't a break. Blessed day to day. God is just awesome, I tell you. We got a great broadcast today. We're going to have McKayla Butler, 17 year old entrepreneur McKayla Butler is going to be on the broadcast to share her story. You know what? Get motivated and why she's doing what she's doing. I tell you, you know, I appreciate people like that because when I was 17, having a legal business was far from my mind. So I appreciate I appreciate her because I have my mail. Kate was gonna be on the show with George and George Zeta Jones, and she's gonna be here. They're gonna share his new single. That brother be releasing songs so much. I think he released a song every week. You know, but I'm not what I know what goes into that. See, so I appreciate that. But and what he's doing in the name of the Lord God is just awesome. I always like to share a thought, which is a story. And in the Book of Acts about a guy named Simon. You know, he was a sorcerer. He practiced witchcraft. And, you know, I hear a lot of sermons preached about that through the years. I heard sermons preached about Simon, the sorcerer and and the wickedness that was in him, a man. But I want to come at a different angle, see, because if you read at the top of the chapter, the Bible say he was a retired witchcraft. You know, he did that in the past. And when it went up, Philip Benham came preaching the gospel. The Bible says that many got saved and many were baptized. But then it also points out that Simon also believed God and get saved and get baptized. And the Bible points out that he was rolling with the Christians. He was rolling with the church. He was rolling with Christ. You know, as we read further down, all this is an X X, Chapter eight. But as we read further down, we see that he went the wrong way. And I'm not going to share Y because there's a lot of Christians out here that believe God. Well, let me get into the story a little bit, first of all, because Peter heard the story about what was happening in samarium, so but coming from Jerusalem to samarium and that keep in mind, the Bible says that they heard this. Now, it's not like a hop, skip and a jump because I heard preachers preach this message. But there was this. This is a period of time because coming from Jerusalem to some area, it's about six hundred and ninety something miles from one point to the other. Now, keep in mind, you know, these guys mainly used to walk wherever they went. Now they could have some horses. What have you. But in other words, what I'm saying is that it took some time for them to get from Jerusalem to some area. And the thing about that is all of that time, Simon, the source of what he was rolling with the Christians, the Bible said he believed. Read it for you. Said he believed and he got bad taste in the name of Jesus. And he was rolling with them. He was hanging with them. He was learning from them. He was watching all the signs and wonders that was going on. Now, Phillip had had the spirit of God, but the Bible points out that the spirit of God, the anointing of God, the Holy Spirit had had and felt fell on the man man yet. So these men to us going about their days preaching the gospel. Now, what he told them, did they start laying all hands? People started getting the Holy Ghost. They started getting delivered. Now, keep in mind, Simon seen all of this, but now he's seen these guys laying on hands. And worldwide evangelism is happening now. Simon was still a believer, but he was in the flesh.

And that's the point. I want to try to get to you. You can be Christian, but you have to have the spirit of God to sit in that seat.

You can be a Christian. But now this man was operating as a of Christian see and seeing the state of the church today, seeing the state of what's going on corporately, individually in the U.S. of a.. I must say, there's a lot of I should say there's a lack of spirit filled believers. I've been saying some things and I'm like, wow, I thought she was this, this and that.

So you can be a believer. That's out of the spirit.

The term the term for that is it's called a kind Christian, independent, independent, saying you're independent from the spirit of God. So you're operating under your opinions, your emotions, your feelings and all of those things you're operating under that you're not operating under the spirit of God. And that's what I want to point out, because that's whole story. Simon, the sorcerer, the Bible says that he would be believe God he got baptized in the name of Jesus.

He was rolling with the Saints for a period of time. And you would think that, you know, his stability would be, you know. Right. We're supposed to be. But the spirit of God didn't fall.

So when Peter get there now, the spirit of God has fallen on the flesh that's fallen on. And now now people are becoming from a carno Christian to a spirit filled Christian. Now, I like to believe because a lot of people. Right. Right. Simon off. But if you look at the if you look at the entirety of that text in Chapter X, Chapter eight, you will also see. And I believe in the power of God. But you would also see when Peter when they get there, Simon seen everything. So Simon offered Pete money. He was like, hey, man, take this money and give me what you get so I can go laying on hands and people falling now, you know, and now less stuff. And he said, man, you've got operating in the wrong spirit. You're not operating in the spirit of God.

So I'm a firm believer that Simon did get saved, because if you read further down, he x Pete what you just said to me, please pray for me right now. Pray for me that that spirit don't get on me now. Knowing the disciples and following their lifestyles, I believe that moment was a beautiful moment for Simon.

You know, so I say you have to come out of the flesh and get into the spirit because we operate. A lot of people just operate. You get to a place where you are just operating under the principles of Christianity. You're operating under the principles and the standards of Christianity. But the spirit of God is not in full bloom. That's why I love the script to the Scriptures tells us it's Corinthians 13, 13 five. It tells us to examine ourselves. It tells us to examine ourselves daily. That you made that you that you may be in the spirit. Examine your motives. Be truthful with yourself. Because one thing, if you can't be truthful with yourself, you will not be truthful with anybody else. But the Bible says, be truthful with yourself. Examine your spirit. Test yourself. Know what you go through. The Bible also puts out the second Timothy 316. It points out that all scriptures. Everything that's written. This book is written for reason, is written for doctrine. It's written for us to understand and to relate to. Is written for us to get a better understanding. It's written for us to grow. It's written for us to learn how to do better. It's written for us to come into the goodness of Christ. So all of those things so and in every story in the Bible is made for that is made for doctrine. It's made for reproof. It's made for correction. It's made for all of those things that we make. Learn how to do the good works of Christ, the principles, the standards of Christ, a man, because, you know, you can you can live by the standards of Christ and the principles. And there's a lot of people like that. They're living by the standards and the principles, but they are spiritless. They don't have the spirit of God to direct them for discernment, to direct them, for who to encourage and when courage and what to say and when to say it. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit. That's what the scriptures talk about. The Holy Spirit will teach us what to say in that very Allah, to teach us what to say and who to say it to. It will guide us. It will show us things. And I think a lot of people are missing that point. But I want this one more scripture. Romans 15 four. And these are scriptures. That's this all scripture. Romans 54. All things were written before. Time for our learning. All the principles and the things that went through their reading for our time so that we can learn and grow for them. But, you know, I think in this time it exposes what's going on in the world today. It's not just us, but in the world today. There is a spirit of lawlessness. You know, anything that's against Christ, some people think they're doing a good thing. But, you know, a good thing and always the right thing. You know, so I say that to say we need to examine ourselves, pray before the Lord. So that the Lord can guide us to what we need to do. And when we need to do it and what we need to say and when we need to say it. And we don't go to a break quite quick. But I will get back in touch a little bit more on that. But, you know, we should always practice to do better. We should always practice to be a better person. We should always practice to grow in Christ, to learn more in Christ, because that's what it's all about. A man. Hallelujah. We'll be right back on Bridging the Gap.

You can follow bridging the gap on all social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook, PRECILLA Productions. Also on Facebook, D'Wayne minister candidate on the ground at Minister Underscoring Candidate. It's bridging the gap where we're bridging the church back to the street and.

Again and again.

The other charge, the fires. Yes, the name man. Hey, hallelujah. God is just awesome. It's a beautiful day outside. I got so much going on and we got McCaleb Butler.

It's gonna be in the house today. She's gonna be sharing some things about herself and her entrepreneurship.

A man and I'm looking forward to hearing her story, a man. But hey, I want to hear this song right quick and we'll be right back. But you know the thing about Christianity. Listen, I'm a taysom. It's a it's a sad thing to live your life. Following the teachings and the principles and the standards of Christ and still missed the mark. That's why you'd need to check yourself, check your spirit day in and day out, making sure make sure that you are in the spirit of the Lord. Corinthians 13. Faith, examine yourself. You have to do it. Don't examine other people. Examine yourself. You know, you have to do it because sin brings on a lot of joy. It's a lot of fun out there hanging out. Doing your thing is fun out there. The Bible says that. But the point is, you know, you need to refrain from that and learn how to grow in Christ and be a better Christian in Christ, a man. I'ma tell you, that would be terrible.

My, my, my, my bishop used to say Bishop Richard deha how he's always say. He said, I don't want to have a built in fund. And then when I put the last brick in the building at T over and die, it was just, it wasn't worth it.

You know what I'm saying. So I'm saying that to you. Get your right. Check yourself, check your spirit. If nothing else from the day's broadcast, you learn to check your spirit. Learn to examine yourself. God is just awesome, I tell you.

Kyle, I was running with the.

We have no place you spend. I don't know, respec.

Failed to return to the past. Jesus, Jesus. I just can you just give up to stash?

To kill my son. I've got to. T'Challa, Puttnam, never call a round of high fives for the top guy.

It is dangerous and flame bubbles ever bring to us gangs of us trained to trust a nameless bloodstain. The most kreiss game. I was running with the.

I'm so free. God, no, Che Zomig.

You can get Joe a pig in money out of favor. I can see him trying to keep us.

Nude rappers that should applaud or the drug get into the studio. You've got to pop pills on the usual paradise are really cool. Yo, if you're abroad for the find out why you always try to escape great friction as to fake and the money falls with your money in their life as you come in every helps in the hottest chicks. We'll take it back to making these folks not industry, only taking you in if you don't have to go and take the rap that you just have to serve it.

If that's charismatic and perform to a wife happy in Jesus, loving a nothing left to conform to the.

To me, I only respect the.

Kidnap your way, Sonus, yeah, yeah, they give funny with that HONY rap second song. Daito Homies call me Daito because damn brother. Damn it. They only camped outside when Tony Blair like Jesus. Jesus. And like Goldman Sachs. I'm gonna open tab. Won't you go and get another round? Go ahead. The dumbing down.

Oh, dumb it down. I mean, given the car they live in, Monas Sentimental, put it in the middle. One thing is Ramano, every town in Seattle from my brother Pizzle been open this Gribbles and the father's middle. Let me get a gridlocking. I got a little Windom, honestly. Let me get that for you. But you just got to make it back and watch the money to pay for the blood on my head. But I'll say what I say to you. I'm a dying and I run the same as doing some random. I never switched up, I never did stuff when they did stuff happening in my system. We don't give up. He didn't want to take this stuff. Hey, just tell me, you know. Well, we lived to come around in the plumbing business. Everybody down with a little thing, which.

Call. Trudy.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Can have a ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

I'm an old guy from medium sized cities, Tony. You and me go really bad.

Minutes and they go left.

A many, many will have to hold me back. Hey, I'm going to give a shout out to pass the rich. Hey, man. He was gonna be here today. He ain't feeling too good. Who's gonna be talking about legacy? A man. The financial standpoint of legacy. Take it over to the spiritual side, too, because you can leave spiritual legacies as well. That's what we operate in. And we are operating under the legacy of the apostles and the disciples and and all that Jesus taught. We are like we are operating under that what they laid for us, you know, and then me being a media baby, you know, I came back, I say to that was the final straw that the Lord put on me that get me over that hurdle to get saved a man. So I get saved through the media. Dwight Thompson says I'm a product of his ministry.

That's why I believe in media ministry. I believe in it because I know it accomplish the word. God said it accomplishes what it set out to do a man. And I'm a witness for that. See, so any time you are here sharing the gospel, please share the gospel. Tell somebody about the Lord continually, because you know what the Bible says that we are planters and waters. We're planners. And water was. But God gives the increase. And the thing about this life that we live, we never know when we're planting in somebodies life. We never know when we're watering some. But we do know that God is the one that's gonna give the increase. That's what the spirit that indwelling of the spirit of God is so important, because here he are umpty. He will he will let you know when to say some things to certain people. A man. But but the Bible clearly states that we are planners and water is. But we never know when we're planning and we're watering. But like I said, give a shout out to pass the rich Hopi, fill in a little bit better. Look forward to seeing him soon. And I give give a shout out to everybody that's involved. But hey, we got McCaleb Butlin. It's gonna be in the house in a little bit. We're going to talk to her about what she's got going on. And we got my man keep it gonna be in the house, man. His brother. I love his brother Spirit. He got that Giarrusso, you know. But the reality of it, that's that's his sound. That's who he is, a man. But we got to be talking about talking about his new release and all that stuff. But, you know, speaking of legacy, spiritual legacies, I used to be a gospel rapper back in the 90s, you know. Yeah, I'm dating myself. But I was I was doing this thing in the 90s. And the thing about it is a brother got a hold of one of my cassette tapes that was done. And when it was cassettes and he got a hold of one of my cassette tapes and we touch bases and he became one of the prime ministers, safe thugs, a man. And we was going all over the place ministry in the Gospel. This is why I believe in gospel, hip hop, gospel, rap.

See the messages in the music. Now, keep in mind, we don't submit any music to the adversary. Remember the adversary, a made nut. And when he got kicked out of heaven, he stole that music. He stole every bit of music. Now to have, say, his unit for his kingdom. But he stole it. And people are putting false lyrics on that stuff. But hey, we got a good cause. Saved D these these brothers man his brothers was doing it, doing it big in Minnesota. A man I want to play one and a sound man.

Every day that I wake up, I gotta give thanks to my. Let me say just a minute, get him ready. When the hospitals do say Jesus Christ, saying this to him, that I know someone would not go round with my little money because I meant to God, this is the truth.

Hey, you need Jesus Christ is your lord and savior. He is the only real man. The priest, the truth. Like it or not, I want to be punky now. So your bambrick your sales were on the sixth 20 percent of wait to see his death. See, you ain't no hypocrite. You're dealing with his coming real from the trustingly because you can find Miceli to charge on the blood spitting with my Bible. But that didn't work because that's all we got with no serving God to save the. Well, I know. Have quacks like man, don't say bad. I got to deal with one time. Think of all the slang it takes me at my call. And what we found was Sanclemente. Tell them Jesus Christ. He was the guy that we, Godlee, miss the life trying to scare us because we black selling crack all the time, but they white.

So I repeat back to some of the teens who look down. It's a tricky one just without gene. We used to smoke. To tweet. To play the women get drunk and get you to dope things. But we don't know what we really do. We got to go down to the real farm and sell good stuff and gone to the same dumb. The city is a best lay man. You got a state you live in, right? I mean, but I'm not afraid. But I still watch my back from them, jackass. They don't trying to catch a brother slip.

I get that he ends up protecting the spirit, just rustling now, witnessing the devil, trying to get me caught up in the game, testing with the wind. He had a. Oh, my God. I'm living with my family. A white man now. I know, dad. He's all good. I'm going no surfing guy. The.


Lives saved and a may lose the things that cannot change.

You just can always continue to share the gospel. Hallelujah. One planet, one water with God gives the increase.


Oh, please. My. I get a check up, pay the same. Boy, you should know when I said I noticed you shouldn't make these, I mean. My bed and my self respect.

God is love, Philip says that even Mitchell has no gimmicks, which I just read to you. It really was like, this is take me to target. Where did. In a book by Rocky Come out, Steve in the house, but we never play, pretend it gets a real shake up. Payday fame.

When I said I noticed you shouldn't make these. I had to pay my dues, Oji told me they don't know where all the things I had to do to make my cheese come true on a nice I had to pray to see a room break due to the large bales of hay.

We did get a play. So if I ever win a Grammy, I'm bringing grandma on the stage. Makes you feel like I'm a camp. So I'm taking pictures.

Brand. Got it. So my vision like a bird, you know, only God can judge. On a daily same guy we trust. I put my money where my mouth is.

I got to treat it like this, so I get a checkup paid a. But fame. When I say I gotcha, oh.

You can follow bridging the gap on all social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook, PRECILLA Productions. Also on Facebook, the way a minister candidate and on the ground at minister underscore candidate. It's bridging the gap where we're bridging the church that back to the streets and keep them safe.

You can either charge.

Oh, God knows the. Yes. And a man he welcome to Bridging the Gap. Man, I tell you, man, that hip hop see I'm a hip hop beat. And so that hip hop music with those gospel lyrics, I will tell you that he said to me, I'd be like, oh, lord, thank you.

Maybe. Hey, we got McCaleb Butler on the house. He's going to share with her what she does and what she's about. Are you decis? I'm here. I'm here.

All right. All right. Glad to have you on Bridging the Gap. Let me tell you something. You know, I'm honored to have you here because like I said earlier, when I was 17, I didn't even think about doing something. You know, no legal business, you know? So I'm I'm I'm honored. But had no shirt. I didn't. I see I see your family at the family barbecue all the time. I was like, oh, my sister told me my sister my sister told me he was just over there last night. I was like, oh, man, I got to get up. Which you, man.

So how are you? Yes, I'm doing great. How are you?

I'm just blessed and just that thanking the Lord in the process. So us share a little bit about yourself. You know what? First of all, before we get into the meat of the subject, won't you share who you are and what you are all about?

All right. So like you said, my name is McKayla Butler. I'm 17 years old. I can't no precise high school and I'm a member at Union Baptist Church.

And I have my own candy business where I sell organic fruit snack gummies, Half-Truth, Mehar, Candy. And I specialize in lollipops and they're call. And my name is called Jelly Treats.

Come on, somebody. Are you doing it? Huh? I seen the high candy. I know you had the gummies.

I just I just added that to the menu like two months ago.

Wow. So. Yeah, so. So give us a point. What got you motivated to get started in your business?

My dad, he got me started.

He he's the one who actually taught me how to make candy. Just one day he was. Why you wanted to try something. I would like. Yeah. And why. All right. With you. We went out and got all the stuff to make it easier. He was he coached me through everything and I did it just so he made a hit at father's.

Daddy's in the house. You hit it. That is it now. So we don't want to claim no negativity on that. Dad did a mess. So we appreciate pops out. Like I said, I know Ponton found the icy amount of time to get the cookouts and all that. But, you know, we never really sat and talked about what to do. So the conversation was like, wow, you know, so I'm I'm impressed with that. So did you face any obstacles? I'm starting starting your business. I would think it wasn't all peaches and cream.

Absolutely not. I started in sixth grade, so that was around 2014, 2015. And I was so in at school at the time, like. Well, not even at the time. It's not really at the top. It was OK to sail, sell anything at school. So my visit this my obstacles were trying to get past teachers and administration and try not to get caught.

And so it was a few.

It was a few teachers that was like, hey, let me get let me get home. And they bought me. And it was like I really liked it. Like I never had anything like this before. And so what do the think. They told me that she liked it. I would like a metro stop if you like it or buy you like it. I mean, that might be an agouti.

Come on. Somebody Ray is.

But now my one of my main obstacles is trying to balance like my life and my business, because outside of my own business, I do have a part time job.

And I also am a dance teacher, a winner, a greater vision.

And I teach two year, two years old, up to two seven year old kids on Tuesdays and Thursday. And so just trying to balance all of that on top of maintaining my my three point three GPA, Dallas is like a really hard struggle.

So, Amy Dangler, I appreciate that shameless plug, came in at three point. You heard that she's doing that thing. That's awesome. That's awesome. I mean, everything that you're talking about is awesome. The dance and all that stuff. That's just a blessing from God. You know, a friend of mine, what he used to do, this guy, he started his business. He used to pull up at the church and he'd, you know, pop this trunk up with you so, so much. That's a church lady, man. They let him in and they said they set up a shop for him inside the church, a met. So that's that's awesome, sis. I really appreciate you. So how do you, like, be an entrepreneur? I see that you have a lot going on, but that doesn't take away from the fulfillment of being the onshore doni owning your own business.

It does. I really like being an entrepreneur entrepreneur like I have to give all credit to, you know, I've got to give all credit to die.

And I gotta thank my family for being here and support in me and like they did. They are the ones who keep begging me all even when I feel like I can do it. And I feel worthless. Like, at all. Like, what's the meaning? Like, they always like you can do it the always up there giving me encouragement. And even when I facing life challenges, they're always there to lift me up and tell me you can do it. Like why did you even start this if you knew he wasn't going to wasn't going to fulfill what you need to do. Like they are. They're just there for me and I if I just look like it is love. You know.

I know. I know you got some cool people, man. I love them. They they seem cool peeps. Maybe we have some funding when we around each other. So what is your plans for the future. I mean, I know where you are right now and you get a lot going on, but do you have a vision for the future already in place?

Yes, it's a little patchy right now because, you know, I'm still trying to figure it out. But my plans for the future is whatever guy has in store for me. I mean, my goals are to graduate from high school and hopefully I graduate with honors and it's a team. College boy, I'm still trying to figure out where I'm trying to go. I've been looking into a school in Philadelphia. You are by still a little shaky. Play out wherever, wherever, wherever God lead me to take it, especially if it's on a full scholarship.

You know, I'm a I would say I mean, I'm still trying to figure out my minor.

I meet my you know, my major, but I know I want a minor in business. And then I also want a minor in ESL translation, because that's something like I'm really passionate about Greek now. So other different kind of communities.

Why we came here, we can see. But there's other people outside of us who don't have that, who don't have that.

And I want to be able to be be there for them, you know, and and for my business. I just want to continue to grow. And I'm always sad.

I'm always so I'm trying to reach out to the world and let the world Facebook.

Bring bring joy to the world tastebuds, because that's what I feel like my candy day. It makes people happy. If they're happy, their taste buds are had.

This is a mentality's janitress. Give us give us your contact information, because, you know, listen, listeners. This is a young lady who is doing her own thing. And you see, she got a lot going on. But bless her. Bless her. Give her a call. Get in touch with her so that you can help her reach another level a man, because that's what it's about. It's about us helping each other. A man. A man.

So give out your contact information so you can find me on Facebook. A jolly jolly lolly's is j.

O. L l i. E l o l l r e. S. And you can also find that on Facebook again. I mean Instagram. J o l l e s p o l l r e l o l l e s s jolly lolly's hgc a bill bluebird's holding out hope no one in my life, my Laali.

And yes, the reason behind the blue bar is because bluebird's they symbolize joy and happiness. And like I said, that's how I feel like my candy give us off it when people try it like literally they're at Leidel and that's why I love it. Jolly Lolly's and came up with the Bluebird for my Masback. And if you would like to bless me, which I would be greatly appreciate.

Oh you can't cash out me at the cash outside j o l l e s or then mo at the time and j o l. L o. L l. E l o l l yes, gally lolly's.

Come on now, come on now, listeners. Reach out. Reach out to her in ask because he's doing a thank you. You know, we need to encourage our young people. A man like I said, I was far from that. I wish your mother told me back in the day, you know, stuck to that job. He's jolly treats, you know. But the point is, I'm happy to have you on on broadcast. I appreciate you. First of all, you know, I that kids that are doing doing things like that and to be in the church. That's even a greater thing, you know, because I missed out on autum years. That's one of my regrets right now. Lord, I wish I had known you when I was younger, you know. So you got that time. Yes. So now that one more thing. So now what would you say to encourage young people your age to step out? What direction can you give them?

It's a lot. It's a lot of kids my age or even younger, like my. Okay. I got to give a shout some. I look as a Kennedy. He's seven years old and she has her own little lost babies that she calls Kennedy Lip.

Come on. And yeah. So if ya ya watch all the pop in here. Kennedy Lip Pop.

OK, bye.

It's a it's a lot of kids there. I know they took their toll. When they give ideas to either their parents or their friends or anybody, they're told you can't do it. And at first light I posted them, I posted a post on Facebook and people were people were it's comedy. I was like, I didn't really expect you to get really out there. Like, I do fact for this to come along and like, they're kind of like both me a little bit because I was like, why didn't you have that? Why did you have faith in me? Like, I'd like to just not believe in people. And I'm just like anybody who's listening. Like, if you want to start your own company, your own base is your own. Do a fashion show, have your own candy music, your own clothing line, like follow your dreams. Like that's all you have to do because you don't have to listen to way he he they say follow what he was feeling in your heart. If you believe in yourself, that's all the faith that you need because you're the only one who's going to get you there, especially if you if you believe that God is gonna get you there and you're praying and you're paying your taxes and everything, you're going to get there no matter what.

A mercy preacher. Now, so you say you're a preacher, too. Nah, nah, nah, nah.

I just let you know you, which is just a guess, but he's no, I'm just Gafford is preach. It's now. So maybe that's a hidden talent of yours, but yeah, that's, that's awesome. And you know, I encourage our listeners to get a hold of that. Get in touch with her. Bless her. Get that cash up again sis j o l l.

E l o l l i e a jolly loud.

A man, a man. That's awesome. So we appreciate you being on the broadcast. I didn't know anything about you, Candy, till I talked to your parents. So I'm glad that we had this time to share what you doing.

You were, if you like what you see. They hit me up. They now give you. I'll give you a.

Hey, man, that's awesome. Awesome. Again, we appreciate you, sis. I'll be praying for you. I just sent you the link to that event. Nix. Nix Saturday. And I'm a passion. Your name, a number around here at the station because there's a couple other shows that you should be on to share what you got going on. So I appreciate you. And, you know, I'll be seeing you around.

I'll be seeing you. Blessings. God bless. Thank you.

Hey, man, that's awesome, man. I tell you. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. That someone has the mindset and and I want to give a shout out to the to the father, to the to the parents, you know, for supporting that and for encouraging that. When you put some stuff in today, kids into your kids, you know, the scripture to say us raise up a child in a way that they should go. A lot of people think that's talking about salvation, but that's scripture. Raise up a child. And the way it has to go, it is really referring to what business is really referring to their talents that you see in them as you as you raise them and you see certain things in them, then those are the things that you need to tap in to tap them into, you know, because a child's brain is just like a empty computer. You know, you have to fill up information in there. So that's that's why the scripture tells us to raise up a child in the way that should go, because when you put them skills in them, they will always have those skills to fall back on. Check that scripture out for yourself. A man. But that's that's what it's referring to is referring to of raising him up in a skill in a trade. So God is good. Hey, we're gonna go to the break and we'll be right back on Bridging the Gap. Hear me out. People hear me.

If you fall, I'll fall in your pursuit of solid leadership. You're falling out. False rape is not permanent. Because God says, I will lift you up with my hands. So God's hand is still all you. Oh, yes. Yes.

But to give God glory does it feel can mess. But your heart is right before God. God says I will not take my hand off of you because you have it by me on the right.

For the two main reasons. Dust that state God created the heavens stressed him. He just sprayed water in Deadwood's coming out of the. He did give it up to the people, but his spirit was in him that what he called the in righteousness will hold that hand and give the covenant the teeth like the Jintao told the blind us to bring our prisoners from the prison. And then this dog is out of the prison house. I am the Lord and he is my name. And my gloater was not guilty of nothing. This is my praise to graven images. Behold the form as they come the pace and new things to declare. Folder's bring forth you.

You listen to your favorite gospel station anywhere, anytime you like to try and keep them in the church.

God. Brittany.

A man, a man I'm 58. That's 17 year old entrepreneur Sharon. What she's doing and what she's got going on.

It's a beautiful thing to see kids, children walking in that spirit, a man of excellence.

And she she point out she got a three point zero eight man GPA. A man said, God bless blessings to her and what she's doing in the family and everybody is connected to her. Appreciate that, man. You know, I'm like, I. I don't know. I have never in my life had a hatred spirit in me. I want to see people do good. You know, I always embrace that. I love seeing people do good, especially my people, my brothers and my sisters in the Lord a man. And, you know, scripture points it out.

He is, he said, especially the ones of the household of faith who put emphasis on that. You know, that we need to put a focus on the ones that are in the household of faith, a man. But nowadays you have anything but that. A man. But, hey, God is good. A man like me was talking earlier about Simon, the sorcerer. A lot of people in a lot of sermons that I heard, they wrote him off. You know, he's a bad guy. Dad, that dad. Dad, I wrote him off a man. But but if we look if we look at the whole contents of that Scripture X eight, it's Simon. Peter. The source first was Miss Gustav Simon, the sorcerer. He started out in the Bible, points out that he was what you would call a retired sorcerer who used to be, which done back in the day. But when Pete went up, Phillip got there and they were sharing the gospel with this man and preaching the gospel. And he was seeing the wonderful works that they was doing. The Bible said that he believed in God and he got baptized in the name of Jesus. See? So he was a believer, a man. But the Scriptures points out that this the Holy Ghost, the spirit of God, did not fall on or in that area yet. Peter, I heard about it. So they came from they they journeyed from Jerusalem to some area. But when they get there, it's revealed that Simon he was a Karno Christian because he was he was he believed God, he got baptized in the name of Jesus, but he was operating in the carnal manner. And when he said something, he was trying to buy the anointing from them and they put him in they put him in his place. You know, when when you correct a wise man, they love you for you, characterful. They hate you. But they corrected Simon, the sorcerer. They got on and it was some harsh words. We read Chapter X eight. It was some harsh words that they said to that man. But you know what? That man. He replied, like he said, hey, I don't want that on me. Pray he x to beat up on me, said, pray for me that that don't come on me. Now I believe in the power and the power of the Holy Ghost and operating at that time that Simon gets saved. That very day, that very hour. I believe that a man I like I said I see scripture people just wrote him off. But I believe that he gets saved because I believe in the power of God. That was working to Peter at that time. And the Bible says that day was laying on hands and at people was getting filled with the Holy Ghost and and all that stuff. So I say, you know, don't write nobody off. Don't write them off a man. Pray for him a man. And if you have the anointing and the power, lay some hands on. I'm not talking. No, no fleshly hairs, you know, laying them out, but lay some hands on them. You know, God is just so good. And I just appreciate the Lord and the work that he does to his people. Now, the Bible says that we are bastards and he's making his appeal through us scripture.

He's making his appeal to others, to us.

Each one reach one. Yeah. Yeah. Each one reach one. A man one planets one water for the gods to give the increase a man.

Let's get tested. Some good gospel music and we'll be right back on Bridging the Gap.

I know God got a prayer for me to have a beautiful wife and a cup of tea. So many days trying to think his where just life so much harder when in this world.

I'm just trying to put my family in a much better position. People just Guy and his friends really need my competition. But I'm on a mission. The pressure is on my partners up to admit that they are too busy to listen. We've got some job, as we know right now. So we got in a rush and such and such limits to the struggles of delivering the AP hustle and trying to play the victim. So I never ask this question, should you pray for me?

I know I've got a plan for me now. No, lady. I'm just out here trying to. I know Doug had a plan for me. No, I'm just out here trying to get a plan for me.

And the enemy being in there may seem like ever. My brain. Too many people in my city founded.

Even stripping, because I saw this chip on my shoulder, but the size of a border soldier then assured that I love you, support you. You can trust the job. I don't know yet. That's all you ask for. A soldier had to go to court for a soldier killed by members of my family. Still photos I had to make them. But your bank is male. I see people complaining about male perspective. No one stands still. Only one. I know this is my baby is up. And I must say I know, bro.

Got a plan for me. No. I'm just out here trying to be. I know. I've got a plan for me. No, I'm just out trying to be. I've got a plan for me.

I just wanted sure.

Destroyed. Put got a man back together like a treasure. Such a photo. Simple pleasures sort of thing to say to separate us. A welcome branch contemplated family making people leave me alone.

The question still on this one. Aside from Townsing Doug Nassa best scissors list problems George conveys me looking back at my office 16. I know she missed.

Have I done enough good yet to erase my history? They say faith in Jesus does them with a mystery. I see people around me hurting. A mystery. Usually money is what they need and usually I can give a notice presence on my last can leave me any money. Because life is short lived his life with Limbert's. But ready. Think about it. Who really care how you feel and builds a system waiting for you to fill it.

Welcome to America. We believe in Gov.. David. You know, I think I believe in God and the universe shall just let me be. Just let me be free. Just let me be what I've always wanted to be. I've been on this pro forma downtown Napa Valley.

Just tell me, do you feel the weight of the world on my shoulders? It makes us better. As I got. I know it's so long, everyone. Allow me to let this guy.

I need to know, just maybe you speak was the answer I was needing, maybe seen a cross but never seen the bleeding. Maybe he has seen the rituals and that was sort of mean maybe freedom is much more on any Sunday. Meet his. Maybe you need me. Know what I was? I used to pray for this for years. Now I watch when I pray because I knew what to say. Let me see how you feel. But now I'm feeling lonely. I you really know me.

The weight of the world on my shoulders makes us better. Has I got. Oh, oh, it's so long. Everyone will meet you in the sky.

I need a sec class Beatlemania stages as to follow the leader and leaders the same, but nominally to myself and no cry for help. I know the man. Got it. I'm asking you why you're still sitting on without these questions, contemplating my existence. What are you saying? I know I need to save your final Damiana. I'll be free so soon.

Freedom's just another one is a witness like, say, my brother. Being left with no words to say so lonely and now one no sign of.


How can I make an impact in this job? Whatever your destiny is, it's bigger than whatever your destiny is. It's bigger than you, because if you can do it all by yourself, you don't need God. When you look at God calling people to their destiny in the Bible. He was calling them into something bigger than they could pull off one day. He told Moses, Mom, what I want you to do is I want you go tell Pharaoh, let my people go. You look at my people, Moses. Huh? I can't do that. That's too big for me. God said, don't worry, I will be with you. Abraham, I'ma take you and make you a great nation star. I want you to deliver Israel out of Persia, huh? I haven't talked to the Kenyan 30 days. You're asking me to risk something to do that. I'm gonna be with you. Because when God wants to use you, he chooses something bigger than you. So that you can't do it without him.

Bridging the gap. Hello. I'm Minister Dwayne Kennedy. Join me Saturday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. for Bridging the Gap. I'll bring you the hottest urban gospel music in the world. Interviews and a whole lot more. We're here to connect the church back to the streets. Be sure to join me, Minister Dwayne Kennedy, for Bridging the Gap every Saturday afternoon from 4:00 p.m. to seven p.m. on FBN, one or three point five and ninety six point three. The late.

TNM. I've been telling you, it was a church that God knows the.

A man, hey, man, welcome to Bridging the Gap a we have a great broadcast today.

I just love the interview that we just went through with McKayla Butler, a man. I'd love to see that. I encourage that. And parents put something into your kids. A man puts them into one. They are our future. A man who puts them in to him. Some may know Gospel Gangsters Solo passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I think I may have a tribute for him. Next week, bring on BBJ and couple other the gospel artists that knew him and knew of him and the impact that he made in the Gospel Kingdom, Gospel, hip hop kingdom. Plus I got I get some so much music. You know, we used to be in the studio together, so I got some studio music with him and BBJ and safe drugs and all of that stuff together. So we'd probably be releasing no one ever, actually ever heard the mixes. So we'd probably be putting it together and releasing that. But God is just good. You know, I appreciate him in the fullness of who he is. And I think that's what we need to come in to. We have to come into the understanding of who he is and what he's about, because a lot of the things that we think he is, he's not, you know.

Now, keep in mind, he hasn't revealed everything about himself to us. So we don't know everything about God because most people try to figure him out and they try to put him in a box and they tried to understand the undies.

What cannot be understood? A man one thing for sure, like I was talking about the Simon the sorcerer. If we if we look at read that scripture, I believe the dead man gets saved at the end of that ticks and. Excuse me, at the end of that chapter eight. I believe that he gets saved. And the Lord did something in his life. A man. So I just thank him. Thank the Lord for what he does.

But, you know, I always like you know, I want to hit up one of my old school jams. This is from the from the East East Coast, eight men. These are some brothers that put some stuff together from the East Coast.

Here we go. Yo, yo, yo. What's good? Yeah. Which we're all doing up here. Which that's fine to get in to.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, Christ. To light the flame here.

It's like the body clips like mine. Nobody can reform it as we follow.

We can do this if you feel anything.

It's not about the outer, but what you can see.

It's all coming together. Everything is revealed. The energy is crazy. Get it? We can't get all these significant seeds on the scene. I only men. That would be magnificent trip and not for a reason. We had differences and put these sentences together.

Nothing will be stopping me. Sweet hip hop. It will have the whole world hopping, breaking Yeltsin on just but making fake gas prices. It will decide who gets to give him one check. You have put out what my brother.

My swing has swung some summer by the to and the plot was prophetic. So he felt like a classic, like a body clips like body body. We thought, you know, we follow.

We can do this now.

No competition. We owe them. We give them what we see, not a Shayne's, we set free seewhy now insane. Change his name. We're where so.

It's not my job to get him to pay. And if you can't decide for your dad, we try to take out a life sentence.

The passport for your son. But he wrote this song for you. He's taken over making moves filled with smoke. Break the truth seat. Watch us take global, bring the scriptures, then hold me knowledge. Drop and educate. Still that fabulous 90 Catholic Breaking Bad. We get to breath. Christ, we need someone to bless and slap at us. But meanwhile, look at how we smash in this world is one until he branches US ambassador and go home. And don't be mad at us. Yeah, we're savages. So this is hazardous to your happiness, master. This made me cringe.

We thought it and we thought, oh goodness. Oh, I don't know which way I'm going.

Go slow in the spirit. So enjoy the show.

ABCL not up here. Keep finding 90 percent. And most is the theme of this group of God. I don't get it twisted. This right here in a bad way, I suppose. Jesus Christ, he's got all the shoes and everybody I speak to. Man, a humble wooden, came up with a body because a body part of the body. Joey Straight. So what's in the head of he's got like me in my britches, up in hips.

I saw the sign, the creases in the feet. I need someone to bring back in before we just close. Ever set foot outside. And the only requirements ain't see the denied the right stuff. Hey, J. Jane.

It feeling like a body. A glimpse and feeling like one body. No body.

No body can reform it as we follow the. He needs to Boston, thank God, and thank you for taking a minute.

Up in here, a win. I'm glad we get Nate bang on. You know, at on his boss about lifting up Christ in a gracious manner. A man grow and find the lord and savior who is Jesus Christ. A man lifting him up. The Bible says if I'll be lifted up, I'll draw men. And to me, a man. And that's what we need. It's a lot of people that need to be drawn unto him. A man. So we are just his examples. And we are the ones that are sharing the light that he gave us to share a man. And that's what it's about here. Bridging the gap. A man we got as we got to start going straight hip hop, a man. We got to have a bunch of things coming up. A man, as soon as soon as the quarantine is over, we get some Cotsis said of Lord, help us a man. God is just awesome.

Many, many, many, many, many, many, many ready to.

But even when it makes sense, a lot of sticking a bump on the button when it hits. An independent candidate is sticking up. An incident in this incident.

But take off, take off every mistake you sick. Singing I've been out running and look at a book. If a kingdom rises just for me to go break out into my own no zone, it never is the only way to go. Got his money, so I know why I'm running. I'm a look back so I notice you coming. Keep on running, Jeannie. No you want to know. So nice we here. But if you look at the Indians. Yes, Daddy. Oh baby. I'm a sap. No. But when I run enough, I got the key saw.

Mom, you stop looking at the ground. He presses on the sound. They want us to fall. But I would never become out loud.

Just keep on. It makes us a lot of sticking a up on the phone when hits. And just running it kind of makes us sticking up. But it didn't happen and we almost separated.

So we all get a say one go when name one brand one K. It makes a lot of us who follow in his way Zoni to be anonymous. And I'm one of your friends. Be didn't. That's space. It's not about discrimination. It's not about race. Once it gets to preserve your place, everything gets active. And when the place he would not waiting that he didn't take me. When he comes back, it's on that day. I know some big decisions to be late. I'm headed up at a buffet. I wake up and gets it. But nothing later. Nobody say to Xenephon late but through obstacles like this. OK, wait.

On. Wait, wait. I got some more. A Grigoryan. You go eukaryotes dustoff. That's it again Kaposvar. Quit being like a robot running and.

Just keep on running. That makes us a lot of fun in the kingdom, but on the phone. And one in minutes, minutes by an independent ladies to see both the president and Mrs. Levy picking him up on the bus. So then when this incident happening, happening at my name when any.

Many, many men, women who were moving to Britain anyway, but many new. In an infinite minute, any money would lead any living and living with.

But be ready when it is good.

Now it's 30, 40, 40.

Like you feel three point five if you go.

The one the latest, it might seem to be someone they don't want to figure out a way to put this away and believe it or perhaps it was the Russkie speaking, believe it or seeing everything that I missed you.

I'll see you in a minute. This is just the beginning of this ticket. This is going to Bannister's Unamuno was with on the other side of the border. I had to listen to it the next. I'm impressed. Yes, oh, yes. Oh, yes, yes.

Just right at the beginning. Someone had to be someone they wouldn't want to see, you would be able to take this away from profiting with it for speaking, believe it or see it.

Minister, what the latest it seem to someone they don't want to take this away from, perhaps meeting with the speaker, believe it or seeing it. Si, si, si, si, si, si, si, si.

So another way to be a everybody, everybody, just like any man. No one got to give him credit.

Missing it so many bestand the best thing, the Gandolfi. So when a misstep with a player for man just make did you see someone?

You would say they would take this away from me and get it out profiting with the ropes. Speaking, believe it, or seeing it live on the scene.

It's amazing to me to be someone they don't want to figure see, you know, they would take this away from.

Speaking are seeking a speaking. Si, si, si.

Let me stay on this. Let me can I go to my phone so my telecom tactical Officer Kennedy takes it both. Daniel Dassin. I don't know a dilemma facing the president when he come back. Nobody got any courage to wake up in the to wake up in the morning. All right. Back to the moment.

We go one eight five oh oh oh oh one made a snap.

I don't know why it has come, obviously, McColm in his money. Get up and get it off the charts. Getting to know them when you put this like most and I was like chosen pharaoh. I'm a win in a battle. Sparrow. Pray for my brother, but not that one. I've seen it with a clear mandate for the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Get me a Beelman sprint, please. God bless you. Must be shuttle me. I go to church. You know him better. Make him look like fairly friendly. To Christ. My words in. You're here. This is very demanding. Makes me legendary on my way.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. One eighth. Three hundred dollar auto.

The holiday. Oh, my God. Have any food, clothing, your growth in me to get. We need to sell it. We sit on it. Do you want to move on a road? Beautiful. Thank you. Happy giving. I gotta take my picture. This guy came up with seats in recent memory clinging to the seat.

The question may seem Roy is in the times when of. I'll be on. Go ahead. Go ahead. One made stop. Three hundred dollar auto.

You can follow bridging the Gap on, oh, social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook, PRECILLA Productions. Also on Facebook, the way a minister candidate and on the ground at minister underscoring candidate. It's bridging the gap where we're bridging the church that@@@@ to the street.

First testimony is March 16th, the 18th and rejoice always. What is rejoicing? Rejoice in it. Look what he's done. Even when there's darkness. Look what he's done. Even when there is a crisis. Love what you steal. Last week you still got a roof over your head. You still went by the mall. You still got gas in the car. I mean, come on now. You need to rejoice for all the things that he did.

A man, but I'm a play one to keep a sound alert, his brother, his brother. I met his brother while he was on our play to pray for it. And, man, I just love his voice. I love what he's doing. His brother kicking out hit after hit after hit. I think he does a hit. He sent me a link to a hit every week and I'm just like, go, hey, brother, do your thing, man, because I know what goes in to it. A man. But a we'll be right back with him in a minute.

Jump up like this in your hands, and I love you so much and that need to be healed. I just need your help. I know that one day everything about me, too. I want to thank you for adopting me, my faith. I want to see you in the clouds and I'm ready for home. I know you are with me every second. Everywhere that I wrote Wicked Kingdom in its world in Be Open. Girl, I could cry out loud. Garnham.

Once in the wilderness of flood, Sandy made Kleman daddy good. He's a counterfeiter. So listen to what Damon said.

His mom got a freak flood and a major attack on the church soon. The preacher trying to kill the congregation dominated. Never it.

Got to win the battle and tell him to be. You teach.

I've got Mommy. Come on, come on. Enough time wasted. No sharp like a razor. Police behind the pulpit now, men. Please, God, give me power now. 10 times three, Wolf. Step out in the world and put it all on paper, off brand every day. Now we've got to stay in overdrive. You folks different now to sit back and laugh. It's getting better. And I'm making sure to fertilize.

Do recognize brand for you, for them, assisted, never minimize chickens, so you want to specialize in seven years of visual life without the drugs or the guns of being a stage on Mustang.

And I represent a movement. I'm only just a vessel. And he used me to my music to save souls by. No, you make it up to you. Please just forgive me. I was out of my mind and never did you leave me. Everything I did on my boys, they repeat me now to Yahtzee. But the devil still beats me. Never been a cop would not back down from nothing.

Only thing I did back down from his love. Hate filled my heart and now is filled with compassion. Yes, destiny.

I'll make it up to you. Please just forgive me. I was out of my mind and never did just leave me. Everything I did on my boys, they repeat me now to you, I'll say. But the devil still beats me. The devil in the car will not back down from nothing on the thing that did back down from his love. Hate filled my heart that was filled with compassion. Guess that's the mindset you've got.

Oh. Oh, Mr.. I see.

Oh, God. You wish that.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. That is hot. That sound is hot Casement.

I love it. I love it.

So how's everyone today? Hey, we are on the line with Caple. Hey, you want to start, Georgette? Find him.

Hello. Hello. Hello. I think I hear you. Nine nine nine nine. So how's everybody doing today?

Great. Definitely. May I?

Yeah. I'm just loving life and just sit here. I had this control bouffe right now looking outside. It's a beautiful day here. And God is just awesome, you know. I'd be having some fun plants, some in his gospel hip hop. You know, because his ministry.

No. Absolutely. Definitely.

And then my man capable. I mean, he's he's dropping a hit every year. Every week I'm seeing a link to a new hit with a video itself. Me.

You doing your thing, man. But tell me about this. This new song that you get united, unite the world, unite the world.

It was just so mean. Georgia did a soul first love. And it came a really, really well.

So I guess the awesome message from her that I wouldn't expect and said, let's do another track. Hey, man. So.

Yeah. So. So we got on that track. Note the word man. This is just the world needs of right now more than anything that we've got all kinds of stuff going on. You know as well. And, you know, with the election coming up, I mean, anything to get crazy. So we need to unite before this vote as time goes, man. And then.

But none. No. You know me, man.

I was so amazed by his ability, his talent. Like, he just really said everything that I think was in my heart, too. He I didn't even realize, you know, it was going to hit me the way it did when I signed. I mean, I I sat down, I cried for a long time listening to it. I just thought it was something that and all my heart needed. And so I felt like it would it would be something cool for everybody to share and just to hear how he explains what's in his heart. It's an amazing feeling. He may not have been proud. He asked me to be a part of it.

A man. I'm getting feedback. So someone listening to the station, I need to turn it down a little bit. Well, we have the we have it on the podcast, so you can hear it later.

OK. But, hey, you know, it's like you you've been in this field, the music industry, for some time now. Georgianna?

Yeah, I've been around for a little while. My mom and dad had me singing on stage with them from the time I was four years old, and I'm forty nine now. So it's been a little while. But I grew up listening to gospel music, my mom and dad both. That was what we loved to listen to it. My mom played piano lead pipe. She played piano at our church. So I always loved gospel music. But I also when I got older, you know, I like listening to all different kinds of music. And in fact, when I was 14, I was saved at a Petrak concert, which was a Christian rock band.

So important to me of being able to share that box.

And for all people, that's important. And I may not have heard and understood really what I needed to when I needed to. If I hadn't been at a concert like that. So I think it's amazing what he does and what you guys do, share and worry.

God, he made a mistake. I would say that changed. A friend of mine back in Minnesota, friend of mine, invited me to a concert and I had to do I say, okay, yeah, let's roll. But he took me to a Christian rock concert. And, you know, the first group went on and I was sitting I like, well, when am I really doing here? You know? But then it was a group that came on Russ and Dale. Yeah.

They came out in a minister and they was commanding the crowd. I mean, it was like the whole island. There was command in the crowd to praise God, a man. And then I started seeing that the the anointing fall on people. And people were running and fall and now and just call on the Lord and crying. And, you know, that point that changed my whole perspective in Christian music. I would never put my mouth on anybody's ministry, you know, because we don't know what is what is what is going to do.

And we don't know who is going to reach, you know, those who will reach us, right? That's right.

That's right. And the power of God and the power music combined, we don't think anything could be more powerful city for me. I know music has been so much to me in my life and it's gotten through me a lot of hard times. So, you know, I'm I'm just happy that I got a chance to be a part of something I feel like is so special. The song to me, the words, if they don't touch you in your heart, I know you've got a heart to be touched. It's just a super powerful my man.

A man is also a blessed I am to have George at all. No, man. I mean, you know, to me, he's a superstar, you know.

Yeah, he may see me and he's being made is pretty modest. You know, I'm just amazed. He was a day in my.

There, that is George Jones and Tammy Wynette. You know, one of the greatest superstars that ever played with.

Say that again. Well, why are they always amazed? It's a blessing to have you here. But I'm not. I listened today. Dave Muse. Right. You know what? Capers sent me one of his songs, too.

And I seen it. And you just have such the most beautiful voice. And it was the mellow, mellow versus precious memories.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so far. Thank you. That's Mike. I think I sing that song with my mom at media church service. So that was that's a special following up on all of that one.

A man. A man. Yeah.

Well, I went to your Facebook page and your fan page and not just like what you go mom and dad, because I listen to ourselves.

Man, that's awesome, man. And, you know, the music industry is really a tight-Knit field. You know, everybody know everybody, you know. So it's it's a blessing to have you take your time to come and be honest. But I'm a tell you this. The songs that I heard you singing on, they they are ministry. You know, like I always say, there's a message in the music and those songs are Ministry plus Caillebotte. You know, like I say, you always drop this up new. This this now like you know. And I appreciate that. I know the work that goes in to those in what you're doing. See, so I thank you for that man and especially the success of the song with me in Georgia.

Well, was going on theme for well over a week. And we're yeah. We're having to do with the e-mail, you know, because we couldn't get a course on fast and all that.

But, you know, so we did it at two separate studios and still managed to get some pretty good sound. I know that you're not a man.

Yeah. And you know what? I'm looking forward to one of these days, we can, you know, meet in person that the off. And I love that.

Yeah. Yeah. And that's that's what we trying to do. We trying to and you know, that's, that's what bridging the gap is all about. It's about connecting the church to the streets. A man because there has been a disconnection. And I think, you know, when the churches sleep, that's why we have all this stuff running around in the streets today. And and, you know, it's it's what you would call a hopeless generation. So which is trying to bring some hope in it that that lively hope, you know, because hope is alive, you know. And that's what we do. That's that we try to share. But, yeah, we want to get into that song. So share your contact information. Keep us so we people know how to get ahold of you and how to because you get song after song ministry songs, you know. I mean, you got a C.D. with about 22 songs on it and you still popping sounds a week, something that a lot of inmates, over 700 songs that I got.

But, you know, it ain't no gospel, though. I got to say that can deals.

Yep. You are from gospel. Yeah, well, that's that's the life that we live around with.

Different jobs of the gospel is my main thing, man. I'm trying to trying to help this hurt world, especially right now. That's bad right now.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, you know, that's that's what we all need right now.

Left to the Web, the Web site, meaning go to the Caple ministers, dot com, CIPA ministries, dot com.

And judge Georgia.

Georgia, what are you going to do, Georgia type in YouTube or Google that you go find her anywhere.

So probably go like Georgette Jones dot net.

And I have a Web site there, but most of my music blog is country music. But, you know, we did a country me rapidly in that steel guitar on this track. I think it's pretty cool how to unite people undertake kinds of music. You'd never think you'd hear together and make it sound the way you want it to sound. I think it's pretty cool.

All right, listen, listen, close, man, because there's steel guitar is in there with her, her husband that put it in there.

That's on me. And just for the record, I like country to.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you got to know, like I gotta say, I spent most of my 20s trying to go to dance clubs and listen to hip hop. So I'm not a stranger to it by any means. I just met my pull at a brand stick for a long time in century traditions. I sound crazy trying to sing anything else. He actually tried to get me to talk me into doing some rap on this one and I would have loved to have been able to do it. But I'm telling you right now, y'all pay to turn that stuff off if I tried to. I'm not any good at it.

Well, you know, the script, he's off matter.

What the scripture says, though, that beginning be small, that lady should greatly increase. We don't know what the Lord has for us, but I tell you, I know. You know, I enjoy I enjoyed the song and I enjoyed a relationship with Kaper. And I you know, I look forward to combining all of us stuff together soon and just, you know, letting the Lord have his way because, you know, bridging the gap is not just. It's not just bridging the gap, the church to the streets, his understandings and in racial tensions. And, you know, we want to bring everybody together because one thing like your song says, Unite the World. That's what it's all about, is about being united one with one another. I mean, that's the scripture teaches us all. We should all be united, you know? And you know what? You know what? You have the problem today. You have the church fighting the church.

So they can't get no work to be changed by the church. What kind of crap is that, man? You know, but, hey, life is a life as it is.

Hey, but we got to get to your song. I don't know if you want to stick around. Big caper. You want to come back after you song. I don't know how long you had. That's fine. I'll stick around with you. OK, well, we don't play your song and we'll hold for a minute and we'll be right back.

A man came off in Puerto Rico, a six point four earthquake and multiple aftershocks rocking the island just a day after five foot eight earthquake destroyed multiple homes.

Concerns about two crises at the same time.

Protesters urged to get tested for COPD 19. And health officials telling them they should assume they've been exposed. 18 states now with the rise in cases.

Plus, he's got to put up a fight, got to unite. Come together, name what? The stripes. The planet ignites warfare. Light up the night, conquered the land and known evil vanish in line. Bring our troops home. But too long in Afghanistan. Not really. Would think the album really had a plan. God does though. A lot of power in the hands. We Muslim immigrants in the Caribbean looking for the freedom that we'd love to be a better man.

God help us. Welcome to the land battle, spirit and the World. This disaster has got to be a child of God fallin down the. Now, again, a church killer. Maybe go to heaven. They get to see the rest wanted got a loved one. You never know the.

Used to the street stop right there with just the media. Because they buys all the stand strong rain, gonna keep quiet. Reminiscent in the prison day as violence, no matter what you race, we can never keep silent is divided. And we need God's. God, it's a no man's nick killing him in public. Can't read many minutes, did he? He had to suffer. And then he had to show in China shop when he was called from. The way to racism by a hundred matu to Mark Cuban. Going in the face, being terrorized. We will get the feeling that we lost and we fear lives normal, giving hugs to a stranger in a handshake. You got to show the love and it's going to be for Christ sake. Front line workers. We appreciate your dedication to working in the middle of a serious complication. What do you say to sell the to know the truth? US looking now for new recruits. I have you pitch on the nightly news, did a lot of dirt put my God, he only changed world gone crazy and the bird.

You guys there? Oh, yeah. That's awesome. That's awesome. You know, my my mind is always brainstorming so you can hear back from me about some stuff.

But, you know, but, you know, I'm a tease some. I really appreciate how modest you is.

The parents that you have as this done all these you have all these accolades and accomplished so much. You didn't even mention them. I had to bring it.

I keep ahead. Dimensioned it. You know, I appreciate that.

I appreciate that. That humbleness.

Well, I'm thankful I was raised that way. I'm telling you right now, if I could like out, I had big britches on, my mom would come back from the grave. I didn't know she would.

So you know what her saw since she seemed like the type, you know?

Absolutely. I tell you right now, she was a great mom, a man.

So I appreciate that song. We're going to end up. We're going to close the show with that song, actually. Again, we're going to play it at the end of the broadcast because I think I think it's a timely song. And, you know, Kaper, you get some lyrics up in there that people need to hear, you know, and that's what it's about. It's about Jahshan, what we have with whoever that we can create some change, you know? And we we all see this world. This world is going crazy. And you know what the funny thing is? This is not the same America that it was last year. And I doubt if we ever get back to the way it was last year. So, you know, that has its pros and cons. But, yes, the world is changing and it's changing right before our eyes. We are living witnesses of this change. You know, so, I mean, we this is a lot going forward. But I appreciate people that are still contributing to the to the message and to the to the battle that the spiritual warfare that we're in a man. So what you want to be what is canel?

I just want to say, man, like I said, I do appreciate you for one man. Let us come home. I appreciate you, George. And together, man, we got some awesome going on, you know, up the stairs, you play it. That's the only way this thing will get out there. People need to really hear it. Yeah. And, you know, especially the youth. Man, these millennials, man, I guess that's what you want to call them. Absolutely.

You know, they they really need to hear the word man put in there. Get in there.

Get in the mind of this this devastation, this eaten alive instead, you know, when they listen to these southern man stuff, this is crazy. Yeah. Well, just, you know, definitely some positive. It is madness. That's what I'm grinding on. And a lot more for us. That's that's my main goal right there. You know, I didn't want to upset that the other Jon Stewart stuff, but we're trying to stick to that. That's going to help this war more than hurt it.

Hey, man, that's awful.

Well, we appreciate you guys this time and we look forward to connecting in the future. Like I said, I'm just waiting for the Cortini to and so we can get get back on the streets and do some things, because that's the name of this book. That's the theme connecting a church back to the street.

So we want to get into the streets, a man to share these type of ministries and all of this that, you know, and that's pretty much where my heart is set.

So I appreciate you guys time.

And we just need to have an say shade. That's why I'm a man.

So talk to you a little cape. A man. That's awesome, man. You know, and that's what unity is about. We don't play that song again, but that's what it's about. It's about getting unified in Christ a man. Anything else really doesn't matter. A man. We'll be right back.

The disciples, Roundwood Jesus out of the stormy seas that Jesus. You seem to speak to the wind into the sea as a peace. Be still a man. And also Jesus Christ. When he met the disciples and they were freed, they were frightened because Jesus had gone on when he showed back. And once again he told them, peace I give unto you and equip them with the Holy Scripture. Every believer out there is going through right now believe that the power of God is even greater as he is in you and that is in the world.

And if you believe in that, you as Christ is your storm chaser, you can look at your storms and David Chase storms to quite.

The other charge they got as. Brittany.

You know, I really love you. I just really wanted to take some time out and just express how would you like the sun shine when I wake up?

The daily brought out breakup. I love you strictly for your makeup and not just for your blessings. You made me a man from matter less than now. Wish you a happy day. I'm overstressing.

My first impression. I thought you was fake. They thought she was just jealous. And goody goody Zillah. Which you straight tabo Mitchard. Christ watching my dogs joke about you. Abara pull a couple of times. You pass by to say hi. My eyes are on my backside. Mad Pride never realized I made the Lord cry. But you kept chasing for me. Don't understand why you took the rap for me. A backslap for me. It's a point to get gas for me. I'm a wreck. Just damaged goods, not worth the penny. But still you stand with arms wide open showing me love. Please forgive me.

This is my feeling. I see. Well, could you deal with a thing like me? Yes or no on the sun and not having shit. But I don't deserve it. That's one up. This is my feelings on the white sheet. Well, because you deal with a thing like me. Yeah, I know. I'm your son and so my shit. But I don't deserve it. Just one up and able to pay you like a cool rain in the hot summer when you speak.

We call it thunder. It's basic knowledge. Law to me is one to get credit for this. Your power love your effort to get complex before just some bread for the edible scientistic up in mid teens, create lots of schemes to push harder just to beat up a cast of mystery. How you make more from the dust. Get the earth crust man mesentery from the dust boys became but such not you call close to property which you like the funny but you what the mock up bloody get set said just love me. What is this. Don't tell me to meet good business. But you quoted did you witness my past publishes the book of life please up a local hitlist to lead the world. Should have been an Jelawat horse. But you said you don't risk what I've done. Call me. Your son gave me the perfect plan for my life. Call me your wife.

I the physical spirit to get the fish and do that when Godsell into the sea he advises you which is fearful that wonderful phenomenal got on a site like Billy Blixseth dominoes and nothing compared to the silks in my heart. It seems that my philosophy alone doesn't speak straight to perfection. Thank God for best infection. Your matchmaking business. My feelings on the plague.

Why she as well? Because you deal with it thing like me.

Yeah, I know. I'm just fine. And so not a heavy machine, but I don't deserve just want nothing. Bookham.

This is my feelings on the white sheet. Well could you deal with anything like me.

Yeah, I know. I'm your son so not inherit my shit but I don't deserve it. That's fucked up. And Apple pays nothing.

To get worse every second of every day, I mean, when I was on the.

Like intoxicates. Jealousy. Yes. Why are seriously hating? Oh, my God. I think we now have an. Every second of every day, I want to see your face.

When I was on the.

Intoxicated, the whole experience.

You can follow bridging the gap on all social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook, PRECILLA Productions. Also on Facebook, the way a minister candidate. And on the ground at minister underscoring candidate. It's bridging the gap where we're bridging the church back to the streets and keep them.

I've been told they don't. You can get.

The other charge they got.

No one, no kill.

My cousin just talked about. I really know what a cough stuff, but I feel we've been showing somebody that's all gotten right on the walls of being so busy chopping real Galeazzo that people to that thing that more than just he's the lone steel. Every field. So off to go get his dad dreams. They got planes with a fellow. Would it go to the child care. Be careful. You cannot. Hey buddy. He goes to scream team. But it's of medicine. So hard to keep it right. He's being so good to me. Could add me baneful to me. But it got to me being proud of me because I'm going to let it just bully me. How good to me in them, by God's grace. Just looking weak. Good faith. And that's how you done. Godspeed. We see Demet. He's back. Kicked in like he can't back that. So now in the weeks pay summary, big goal now is to reach out to the lost souls. That could bring bad feedback. It just might be one show. So we set up to talk about God, not to seek God and gotten a lot of stuff. Got enough of a guy. I'm talking luck. See God's love. Go, Canada. Go ahead. And. You what? You're going to criticize. Don't offend me. No, really. I'm so dependent on the BBC over Sydney. It's half a young grasshopper can talk with God, man. How to keep swag profit from a fact from Thanksgiving to last Adam to pass someone to keep the best friend with a new one. None. Don't really know to hand down that bag. Just that. Only because of them at night sign and see what got me in the first place. He sent me back to my first place. I saw the first Brigden earthquake. Things just like shit that makes me feel like the worst things I heard the good things on my mind. That one. Oh.

Man, a man. Hallelujah. I can only do me, can't do you.

A man. And yet, you know what? The fact of the matter is he had to talk about that. That's my conversation. Got a man out this to save me, man. I love God. Hey, we appreciate that. Caleb Butler being on the program today. A man, Sharon, huh? Hup, hup, hup. This just does jowly treats. It's just awesome to see young people stepping out on some thought. I did not want to give a shout out to her parents for encouraging that. You know, that's just awesome.

I know it's a lot that we can do to invest in our kids. But at last and a lot of times just pointing into direct right direction and encouraging them, because one thing will go to another thing.

And when they have that experience and that taste of that success. Yeah. It's like unstoppable.

You know, it's like that snowball effect pushing a snowball down the hill. A man turned into an ambulance. Hey, man. Hey, buddy. We appreciate McKayla Butler being on the show. I want to give a shout out to Capa and Georgette's Jones. They set in with us for a little bit. You know, I just appreciate people in doing something ministry wise and people that a focus and people that are pleasant. A man I'm a play his song at the end because that's what the world needs now. What the world needs now. A man to be united. A man especially to the church. Especially a household of faith. I was talking earlier regarding the story of X Chapter eight story about Simon the sorcerer. And I heard all kinds of stories pushed about that man.

But the Bible pointed out a principle that is running in the church today. You know, we have a lot of people that are what you call lukewarm. Not all the way in, not all the way out. A man either you gonna be all the way in and you won't be all the way out.

A man, the baseball term is if you're almost safe, you always out. So you have to be safe. A man. And that's why we're talking about Simon, because you need to examine yourself. I think it's a tragedy to live this life in Christ, walking around church door in a church, being involved in the church and miss the mark at the end. The scripture says he that endorsed to the end the same shall be saved. So that's a terrible thing to live your life. And then missed the mark at the end. But we see in the life of Simon that he was a carnal Christian. The Bible says that he believed God and he was baptized in the name of Jesus. But he was still operating in his carnality. You know, so you can be. A Christian. And he was operating in that field and it took a toll at the end of the story. And in the end, to me, that's so disappointing, you know, but I believe if you read the script ya'ari down, I believe that Simon the sorcerer, did get saved. You know, I believe that when he acts, Peter and Paul to pray that that spirit. Don't don't be in him. I believe that they did that. And I believe that he received the Holy Ghost. And I believe that he's walky. He was walking with the Lord at that time, a man in that very hour, and the Holy Ghost fell on him. You know, so that's that's that's the biggest thing tonight. Tonight, I just want you to to examine yourself, examine where you are in Christ. Look at the motives. I may be truthful with yourself. Look at the motives of what you're doing, what you do. You know, look at the motives and correct them. Because the Bible says in Corinthians five fifty, it says 13 and five, it says to examine yourself. And then it goes on to say. Test yourselves. Put yourself through the tests. It's better for you to test yourself than than a spirit of God. You know, so what I'm saying. Just examine yourself and be in a place, a man where the Lord can have his way in your life. A man and utilize you to the fullness. A man. And I think that's what that story Simon, a sorcerer, was sharing with us is that. The man was a believer. The man was walking with the Christians. This man was walking with Lord. And this man still was. Hey, but at the end of the day, you can overcome that. A man to the spirit of God, you can overcome that because that's what happened in that man's life. And when it when he asks Paul and them to pray for him, I believe that he was delivered. I mean, from that. So with that said, please look it up for yourself. Corinthians 13 five. Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith, test yourselves, or do you not realize this is not about yourselves? This is about Jesus, unless indeed you fail to meet the tests. You know, don't wait to the end to take the tests.

Hey, man, get on in preliminaries out right now. Get it out of your system right now. Get it out right now and lay it before the Lord.

Hey, man, we gonna go to Cape a song, Unite, Unite the World. And I appreciate the time. Appreciate that. I mean, I know what goes into putting a mute prince songs together, getting the music together, going into studio, writing the lyrics. It's exhausting. But when you have a love for the Lord and you believe in what you're doing and you believe in the message that you share and you know, it will accomplish what it set out to do. A man I want to give a shout out to, Pastor Rich, a man I hope he's feeling better and hope he's with him and his family are doing well. Want to give a shout out to my man, Rick Gibson? Hey, man, that's a good brother, man. We've got a lot of things coming up in the near future. And I want to give a shout out to Stu Everson, Stu Junior, the Epperson family and all that they are doing in the city.

Like I said, there's a lot of people that are in the unseen doing a lot of things on the scene, a man, and they're not looking for the pats on the back.

So I give them a shout out. A man may fall that they're doing in the city. A man I want to give a shout out to Michael Bowen, to the station director here and on the Chouf Network family. And in all the things that does these these people say they pray to God. They have a prayer meeting every morning. You know, these people are serious about what's going on and what's going over the year. They're serious about that. And they want the Lord to have they way. They are people that are praying for you.

Is there people that you don't even know, a man that want to see you succeed in life? A man. I was there to get his breakfast prayer breakfast this morning. And I just want to say God is just so awesome. He's awesome. And he's greatly to be praised. So we want everybody to get into that. No, get into that. No. You know, we want to see everybody say the Bible says the hell is not is not made for man. But it's there. You know, I always tell people, you know, I'm kind of calm. I'm look, I'm a little clown. Sometimes I tell people that hill is not a punishment. And I say it's not a punishment because the law wants you to be with him. But if you don't want to be with him, he does some specially for you. He made a little place for you. We can go be by yourself a man.

But hey, that wasn't designed for man a man. So let's get that out. That one designed for man.

Hey, so come into the fold of Christ and let Christ direct your life. And that's what it's all about here. Bridging the gap, connecting the church back in the street. That's what is about it. Like FFM, Chouf Network and many churches to Sunday tomorrow. So y'all get prepared to do them.

Zoome cause if you ain't going in, get prepared to do them. Zoome calls and let the Lord following you a man.

God is just awesome. So we appreciate you and we appreciate everything that you're doing. Hey God it's awesome. Haikerwal Capa unite the world.

We've got to begin off in Puerto Rico. A six point four earthquake and multiple aftershocks rocking the island just a day after five point eight earthquake destroyed multiple homes. Concerns about to crisis in America.

At the same time, protesters are urged to get tested for October 19.

And health officials telling them they should assume they've been exposed. 18 states now with the rise in cases.

Plus, the change got to put up a fight. Got a nice come together name, what a strike. The planet ignites warfare. Light up the night, conquered the land and known the evil vanish in light. We're not true. Solemn. Bit too long in Afghanistan. Not really even think the album really had a plan. God does though. A lot of power in the hands. We Muslim immigrants in the Caribbean looking for the freedom.

God help us. Welcome to the land battle, spirit and the world. This disaster got to be a child of God. Down the. First page. Now again, a church killer, pastors go to heaven. They did get to see the rest. What he got to love. We will never know the.

Used to the street stop right down with just the media, because they bye's stand strong. Going to keep quiet. Reminiscent in the prison that day as violence, no matter what to race, we can never keep silent. Devilment is divided. And we need God's got its own little man's neck, killing him in public. He can't read many minutes, did he? He had to suffer because then he had to shop in a shop when he was dying. Call for months. Think of your man, George Floyd. He was so. Give way to racism. But a hundred, a change of heart, Cuban. And we submit the plagues spread through the earth, can you really visualize? Normal giving hugs to a stranger and a handshake. You got to show the love and it's going to be for Christ sake. Front line workers. We appreciate your dedication to working in the middle of a serious complication. What did you say? To sell deserve to know the truth. God told us, looking out for its new recruits. Should a word that get us to talk about his life, not offensive, what?

Oh, my God. I really mean, I'm like, oh, my God. No, to summer time, my. But you couldn't let me die. Did I fly pretty high? God.

Guy stood I pretty high. God. God, hi.

Bang, bang, bang, bang. Medicine in my brain was whipping deep the purple in the phone. No Fregoli mission, my game. I was up between the Bulls and the people who helped me to make it a secret. It the legal boys. Unbelievable. A chance. Yeah, but I'm about to double my bet on the ball. I'll put you on my show now. Oh wow. Don't feel too. Didn't I. You're welcome, Brandon. Where did the couple just to industry be. To the media. It no DCP McGray. Don't they know that they go basically gone scientific method to send in a plane. I hit a trumpet blowing my brains out because I got the question. I got trapped because I had a couple cracks in my No.

Oh. So. Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. Crazy. Oh yes. So yeah. So I saw you at a summit crashing.

Hi guys. Are you really me. I'm like, oh my God. Limit of summer time. But you couldn't let me die. Did I fly pretty? I God, my.

My God, let me die. God, I'm dying. My God. God. Babe, babe, baby.

Come here. Evil thoughts on Jesus. Fight to bring you near. We must not the helium balloon when fear in the spirit and we in the pier missed payment. And maybe if you're in the boy admitted element to it, it's up to us. Is the board in the boys? Did the boys still enjoy the Filipino boys with noisy clapping you from my neighborhood voices. Give me give me the boys. Finish destroying you. Just to let them know you Jesus came to give me in business. You to witness it. To listen. My son was killing you with precision. That is his the systematic illicit syndicate in a bid to get the Silin missing his dad to visit.

Oh so I say it better myself instead of my soul.

So I pick up my God, I got rid of me. By God damn it is my mind. My kids and my did I fly pretty high?

Let me die, die, die, die, die, die, die.

First up, race in a the most. Larry, to show you what a roller racing you would him, I hope, black folk. No, I know, but I don't play both sides. So down with the windows, Daniel. Music Blowing out the window ledge of a pit. When I wrote back, got the money market that you win it. I know when you ran down the whole were often a day out. Now or down in a. No time. No other room. Do what you come to do. We go hand in hand when he shoots he doesn't come in so he didn't love it. One day you go find that you saying, well, the only reason you was him because you were afraid of him. What I believed to him was 100 percent real. When I was still about your face in male straight raising hell here to be, people literally make a simple achievement to deliver the cheapest and the great delivery things never fit to the time. When I see the pattern, when at least I see what I think is Bradham. But we all believe that we have seen it all until we meet somebody from beneath the body. And thing about daily only to see proud. Honestly would like to see. It's kind of hard not to think that we have from.

Way different. Right. Come on down.

We've broken teeth out to the teeth, the elite. Oh no, not to play Serpico for two days at the police.

No touch has a good day, but wouldn't trying to be cool. These empty people don't have my place. But then I play to when they get back in my cell chatter baby yo I know to deliver on the feet of Jesus but so dang when he's telling that crack them up trying to get him back and they look at him like I'm in this battle with no chata to the captain actively actively defending this man. Except that one man is the most daring fellow.

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