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Tyrus defends Brian from Gutfeld's attacks, is not in favor of Black History Month

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 3, 2024 12:00 am

Tyrus defends Brian from Gutfeld's attacks, is not in favor of Black History Month

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 3, 2024 12:00 am

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We all know about racial tropes, do we not? Racist tropes.

You ever heard of that? Where people sit up there and try to use things to intimate something else of a racially insensitive nature? So black folks with the president and fried chicken ain't the greatest. Look, that's number one.

Number two, President Biden, respectfully, I got to ask you this question. What the hell are you doing eating fried chicken? You're 81. What 81 you know is munching on fried chicken.

You ain't better than the greatest help in a lot of people's eyes, you know. So eating some fried chicken ain't the greatest look. Thirdly, y'all knew Fox News and other networks jumped on that, right? And they talked about how he's trying to appeal with the black vote to go get fried chicken.

They made the connection, right? Y'all would have a problem with Fox News and Jesse Ward is bringing something like that up. I have a problem with the president.

A little over there ran to Stephen A. Smith. He does it every day, multiple times a day. But I did bring this up three weeks ago. I don't know if you guys did it.

And Tyrus, thanks so much for being here. I don't know if you guys did it on Gutfeld or you did it on your Outkicks show, but I thought I couldn't believe it. I thought I misheard it. No, I appreciate all the plugs, B, and that's why you're my favorite.

Thank you. I didn't talk about it in my book either, which is available. You know what? Greg did not have your foresight on this. He didn't roll his leg?

He did not. He spent so much time attacking you. Every night, it seems. Yeah, you and Waters.

He's really angry at Waters. I wonder if you two ever just got together and just pull them aside and give them a talk. But I am. We are both two of the most handsome people in America. That's true. Well, yeah, with the exception of that beautiful light-skinned guy. So listen, Stevie, that makes great points. The Democratic Party is that dumb.

They are that simple. This is that corn pop one-on-one that we are all just the stereotypes. I'll sit down with the black family. And eat fried chicken at 80 years old.

We don't even eat fried chicken anymore. But Allison just said to me, make sure I point out to you that he had a hamburger. Yeah, of course he did. Of course he did. Wait, is that what he said?

OK, listen, cut 39. Oh, man, he got chicken burgers. He got all of them.

I went the route of making sure I had the hamburger. See, they warned him. They warned him. So what is, oh, this is what's happening. Our dear, poor, sweet president is now repeating the instructions that he's been given in the back. He's getting him confused with the script they gave him. So, oh, man. It's getting worse.

Little sweetheart. And now you know what happened is he's telling the thing. They're like, listen, whatever you do, do not touch the chicken. Eat the hamburger. Right. We don't want an international incident.

You don't want to steal their culture. This is the most racist. Shit I've ever heard in my entire life, and I've I've seen it all and done all like this is this. I would put this in Blazing Saddles, too. This is a scene that I would put in Blazing Saddles, too.

Whatever you do, when you go out there. By the way, are we allowed to watch Blazing Saddles? I am. I can't.

Yeah, I'm a 1099 baby. I'll find I'll show up somewhere. I'll show up somewhere. All right. So essentially, by the way, will you call Gutfeld in the break and tell him to put on the show tonight, even though it's three weeks old? Yeah, I would in a second. But here's the thing.

I've been fighting. I am of the Morgan Freeman School of Thought, which is Black History Month that. No, absolutely not. I don't want it. February, by the way, is the worst month, not the fact that it's just the shortest weather wise. It's one of the worst. It's cold everywhere. It's not. You have cold in Florida. Yeah. It's like it's cold.

It's wet, but not enough for snow. It's like it's just the worst month. Like if you gave us September, I might have been cool with it.

But like, yeah, not one. And this is America. You cannot designate one month to one group because we did this whole thing with our sleeves rolled up together. And my history will not be condensed down to one month.

Thank you. It was February where we were like, hey, peanut butter, cotton gin and started dropping all our inventions. We only work in February like that in itself is racist. So how about the fact and veterans get one day? Yeah. Yeah.

It should be every day. But yeah. So we missed it because, Greg, you know, I mess with him all the time.

So every time he said something, I'm like, yo, it's Black History Month. It's OK. Couple of things. Why do you always stand when I come on?

Do I? With your hands on your head. It's like a defense. We're friends here, man.

Sit like we're good. Is it made this intimidate? I didn't know I could. No, because I can still punch the top of your head.

Yeah. Like, relax, man. We're all friends here.

I'm not I. I say the same thing every time he attacks you. Why? Why? B is the guy. He's the man.

Thank you. Like, I don't understand it. Is it just because you have more street cred than Greg? Is that what it is?

Because your boots on the ground guy, you're not just a pretty face in the suit. Right. You've been in the stuff. Right.

You don't see Jim Brown was a friend. That's enough said. That's all you need. Yeah. Greg doesn't have that.

Right. Couple of things. I don't know.

Allison, does he stick up for me? Because you watch Gutfeld every night. I do the same thing. You throw my hands up and say why? And I say B is a friend of mine. I don't know why you do.

I don't stick up for Jesse. All right. So let's talk about that. The whole reason they did this is because the president's gotten in some polls up to 20 percent of the black vote. You know, that's why they're doing it, because Romney got eight. Yeah. Well, here's the thing. McCain got nine.

Yeah. And yeah, you know, it's funny you mentioned John McCain, rest his soul. But, you know, I miss the John McCain, Barack Obama campaigns because it was classy. And I was and I even it didn't matter which way it went.

Honestly, you might both guys would have been fine as far as like, you're not going to get what you want when you're elected. Like, sometimes your side doesn't win. And that's a part of life.

But you don't want the side to go back to that. Yeah. But there was that great moment. And, you know, I don't think I think Obama would have got it anyways. But that woman threw that lob up there, calling him a Muslim terrorist from and McCain said, no, he's a good man. Actually, Eric has it. Yeah.

Roll it. I can't trust Obama. I have read about him. And he's not he's not he's a he's an Arab. He is not. No, no, no, ma'am. No, ma'am.

He's a he's a he's a decent family man citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on on fundamental issues. If we could get back to that. And that's the that's the thing. And when you say the black vote, it insults me because I don't get a black paycheck that I have to break up amongst us when we get paid. Yeah, we're not a group. We're all individuals. And that's what because that's the very the very the very fabric of America is about individual achievement.

It's about an opportunity to go from living in a shack to owning a three story house in the middle of Louisiana like that is the American story. And you have to get there. No one's going to do it for you. There is no group that's going to say, hey, Tyrus, your grades are down. Don't worry. We're going to go to school for you.

Don't worry. Black America's got your back. They can't, you know, like and then I'm going to take it.

And then my homie is going to finish it for me. That's no it's an individual when they say that is the lack of vision because they want to group us. They want to convince us that we have to vote a certain way. There's no word. There's no referee in life. So that was unfair. That guy was one. Yeah, there's there's no way to use one. Right.

Good to be a lot. Well, no, we wouldn't get one taping. There'll be so many offsides and false. But the thing is, too, is you want equal opportunity to win equal outcomes. It's no fun. If you told me I'm going to win regardless, no offense to wrestling, which I know that's a little bit of anomaly. Tread the waters.

Yeah, the waters. But, you know, with wrestling, you know that. I mean, that's one thing.

But I'm not saying you're not athletes, but we know the outcome. You know what? You might want to stand up. Stand up again. Serious crosses some serious lines here. You're a habitual line stepper. You know, listen, simulated combat is simulated combat, bro.

There might be a pin finish, but it's all fight to get there. I understand. I'm not walking with this cane right now because I was tap dancing.

But you did. You pulled him out. Would you pull? I pulled my T-band. Yeah.

Lifting a small house. But why would you why are you still going for shouldn't you be when you retire? It's not going for the heaviest weights anymore.

See, here's the thing about wrestling. It's never over. And when you can always come back, you can always come back. But you don't come back unless you can.

No, I'm not thinking about it right now. But you have to train for tomorrow. And I'm not training.

Now I'm training my ass off because I need to be able to run around and move watching my kids in their soccer games and their baseball games. You have a soccer player? Oh, yes. My daughter. Her nickname is Thunderfoot.

And she does not. You know, Rodman's. Rodman's daughter is on national team.

Yeah. No, my daughter is. Well, she's nine and she's on a travel team.

She's doing her thing. My son in New Orleans, in in Mandeville, my son. So he's on like four travel team baseball. He's leading the league in RBI.

He's the what we call him, Kakarot. How old is he? He's twelve and he's six to first baseman switch hitter. Is he bigger than you were at that age?

Yeah, a little bit. But he's kinder than me. He doesn't. My son is he's grown up the right way. He's got a program. His grandfather is actually being featured this week on the dark side of wrestling, Haku, where the his laugh is euphoric laugh was was all over the Internet yesterday.

But, you know, he comes from we come he's from a wrestling family. But your thing was you weren't mean. You were beat up a lot. You got me. But I was. Yeah, I got me.

I got aggressive. And none of my you know, it's cool because none of my kids know that life. And I have to catch myself when I'm teaching them because my teachings come from that life. So I had to educate myself on how to be a civilized human being because talking to my kids the way I was growing up or the way I look at things doesn't connect. So it's a it was a it was a tough, you know, to a dad learning to be a dad is on the job is tough.

So this Abigail Schreier, you would love to have her on. She wrote this book about basically how therapy is killing these kids. People getting in touch with their feelings and going. And what happens is these kids have no freedom. They don't walk to school.

They don't. They find that people want to ask them how they feel. Doesn't mean you have to go join a gang.

But the bad times that you go through make you a better person, provides resilience for later in life. The reason why they go to the gangs or the reason why it's not just gangs, it's other things. Why they turn to other people is because they're looking for it. And unfortunately, they're getting it artificially on social media. They get the fake love. They get catfish. They get told they're great. If they put a filter on, they can look pretty like it's just and they get a mask and then they step out in the real world and people remind them of who they really are. And they spend all day on a device pretending to be something else.

So the reality and then you have someone who reinforces you are what you think you are on your little social media and your little avatar maker opposed to working on who you are. Go outside and play. Get a scrape on your knee like a parent.

Let him let him. And I do it all the time. And I've even literally put my arm out to stop mom from running in like, no, they need to. They'll figure it out. They'll figure it out. And guess what? And then when it gets to the point where you need to step in and separate them and be like, all right, what did we learn?

Two stories. I hope the Hasselbacks don't mind me saying this, but they when Elizabeth started hosting with us, she said, why don't you come out? Yeah. Why don't you come out and visit?

And I go, OK, beautiful Greenwich, Connecticut's per capita, the richest place in the country. Yeah. So they have two boys that are full contact, right?

They had like four fights while we were playing soccer and baseball with them in front of them. And no one even moved to take no because that's parent. And then after a while, it's like, listen, Tim walked over and just grabbed one out. Great. Let's snatch him up. Like all of a sudden, this guy beat like one beat the other one inside. The other guy gave him a horse collar.

And I'm going, wow, that's interesting. You might be in Greenwich, Connecticut, but they grew up as Hasselbacks with their dad was an NFL player. And he said, me and my brothers beat the hell out of each other, Matt and Tim.

And well, we me and my brother to beat the hell. It was pretty one sided. He had he didn't get as big as you.

He didn't get no and or quick or strong. He did have a moment, though, where he caught me and we were playing Madden and his favorite player was Dan Marino. And I and I was playing with the Giants and Lawrence Taylor picked off his pass and I did the zigzag to run out the clock. And before I could cross the end zone, the Sega was in my face where I get my lip.

Yes, I think I wrote about my book. Yeah, that's right. And I dragged his ass. My mom was like, do not get the blood. Never again. Take it outside.

Just didn't even smoking a cigarette, reading the newspaper. Take him outside. Do not bleed in this house.

That's just it. I'm done with you guys. Fight it out and get outside. And that was the first time that my mother didn't stop it. And my brother's entire his entire defense changed. He suddenly was like, oh, I was never not in the face. And that was the only thing we agreed to is not in the face.

So younger, older, younger. So I punched him in the stomach. So it is kind of normal.

It's hard when you're there. You have to you have to educate aggression when they're babies, because if you don't, men become the monsters, because that's what's the most dangerous thing in this country is men and especially men without fathers or directions or people who have taught them how to deal with their aggression. Because I know everyone wants doesn't know what men are born with testosterone.

Right. And if you look in the animal world, what happens with uncontrolled animals with test males are dangerous, more dangerous than anything else. It's the same thing in this country is like that you have to teach them young the responsibility of the power that is to be a man, whether you're a gut filled height guy, you know, not a big guy like us. You're still a man.

You're still dangerous. But we do agree that you're educated. We understand we have common sense and we were raised right. Well, white men are the worst. We agree.

No, no. Men with powers. I think with whoever's whoever has the power is the worst. If it switches tomorrow, let's say Cambodia comes in here tomorrow, takes over shop.

They're running everything. There will be like those damn Cambodians are the worst. You will be. And I'll finally be able to say, you know, I'm saying, brother, you'd be like, yes, I do, brother.

Back in a moment. You know, he would step across the line habitually. He's a habitual line stepper. You're with Brian Kilmeade. A talk show that's real.

This is the Brian Kilmeade show. Another thing I hate soccer, otherwise known as metric football. It's a dumb sport that nobody should ever play. And if you can't tell, this is an AI generated voice. I'm not wearing a shirt right now. So what was that about? Yeah, that was an AI was about to change. You set me up, you have me open about my daughter and then the next, you know, I'm a soccer player. Yeah, I know.

There's literally a soccer ball in your in your studio. What was that? So, Eric, um, uploaded your voice at one point to an AI software and you could then just put in what we want you, quote unquote, to say. And that's what it did. And so we thought that was a nice way to tee off a lot of break up.

Iris thinks about, uh, Google's AI Gemini. Oh, I don't participate. I've never used it, but I had no problem with black George Washington. I actually kind of liked it. I had two theories on it because if everyone is the same color on the Internet, eventually you'll talk about the issues. So I try to look at that with the other side of it, though, is that's some of the most racist thing I've ever seen where you've eliminated white people from the conversation. But in the cold part was it was done by white people.

It was like a it was an inside job. Like that's the problem. That's the deal.

Well, no, no. You know what, though? You know what, though? But that's it is with all of us. All the worst people to your cause is your people.

Right. It's always like as soon as you started, as soon as you start something, it's always two or three underlings that want to embezzle. It's like you and then you want to like, we got to stop Whitey.

But it's Blackie that's robbing the hell out of me while I'm doing this. Did Pichu, did he retire? Did he apologize for this? Because we thought AI was bringing us to the next level of intelligence.

But is it still human beings putting crap in there? To say that there is no AI. There's just Josh and John, the tech writers down at Google, who and the whole thing, this whole thing over AI that we're racing the white people was a family issue. It was a domestic issue between Josh. What was his name? Jack Murder Crotch or Jack Rotten. He had like he had the worst name to have. Jack is the first and it had crotch in it. He is Jack and crotch in his last name. He hates his parents. He finally gets to his moment.

He's now the guy. And he's like, so he doesn't have to relive that because, you know, he got picked on at school. Absolutely.

You can't have a name Jack with crotch in it and just slide through elementary school with no issues, especially if there's any kids like us around. So do you think that should happen to Anthony Weiner? Same thing. Yeah. Oh, Anthony.

Yeah. But Anthony took it the other way. He embraced it. He went with it. He did. He did. Jack didn't feel that way. So Jack erased his parents.

He erased any trace of any white lineage that could ever recreate that name. So listen to this, guys. Tyrus has got this great tour. When's your next big, when's your next big event? Well, you got to check my next one.

I just found, you know what, let me start. Because your wife books everything. Yeah. Ingrid, my wife books all my shows, which is awesome because we deal with a little bit of, oh, I don't know.

You know, we get, you know, it's funny. So when arena is like, no, we don't want a Tyrus there or something like that, which we always book the next arena right next to it and then sell out, which happened. And we were going to do a show in Boston and the woke, triggered person on the phone was bringing up all her issues. And I said, hang up, find the closest one next to him. We did Andover, which was a 1500 seat arena, sold out, packed standing room only. Wow. And then the other venue calls and goes, hey, can we get you in next month?

No, I'm sorry. I'm booked. Now, where do we go to find this out?

Go to my, go to my Twitter account or yeah, my Twitter account's the easiest way and just click on my link tree for all the dates and I'll kick and I'll kick. You'll see it on the wall. And then of course you check out my book. Enough said, we've got it all in there. I'll plug it in and Hey, don't forget. Listen to this show ad free on Fox news podcast. Plus on Apple podcast, Amazon music with your prime membership or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
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