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Greg Zuckerman: George Soros' son will be worse

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 17, 2023 12:00 am

Greg Zuckerman: George Soros' son will be worse

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 17, 2023 12:00 am

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Radio that makes you think. This is the Brian Kilmeade Show. The fact that they keep throwing George Soros' name, we've talked a lot on that in our show meetings, is it definitely feels like a dog whistle that is dangerous.

It absolutely feels like a dog whistle that's dangerous. Look, most of these groups, the Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, they all subscribe to what you are all referring to as the Great Replacement Theory, which is that idea that the majority of the white population is being replaced. And this is why we see these spikes in racism, these spikes in anti-Semitism is because they are ascribing to disbelief and it's stoking this division. So a lot of people say that, we just played a sound bite just about people who, when you attack George Soros, it's because you're afraid of the replacement series. It's white supremacists that are against George Soros financing all these DAs that are allowing crime to run rampant. With me in studio is Gregory Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal special writer, author of The Shot That Saved the World, The Man Who Solved the Market. And Greg just wrote a great column on George Soros handing over control to his 37-year-old son and what it means for our political environment. And a little bit about his background. Greg, you've heard that before, when people come against George Soros, oh, that's because you're afraid whites are going to, it's a white replacement theory.

It's crazy. Listen, there's a lot of reason why people are concerned about George Soros and they're upset by George Soros. I don't think it's all or even most of it related to his religion. I think a lot of it is his policies. You can argue they're helpful to the country, they're harmful, but yeah, you don't want to get caught up in the everything that Soros does and criticizing him is anti-Semitic.

I wouldn't argue that either. Right. So tell me about Soros and the handing over of power and why everyone should be, should be aware.

Yeah. So George Soros is among the most influential individuals in this country. I think sometimes we go overboard on pointing blame at him. I think he doesn't kind of, he's not no puppet master moving things around, but yeah, he, he's got this empire, he's got a foundation, he's got a pack that are worth billions of dollars and he has been behind the election. He's not responsible for them, but he's behind. He's funded the election of all kinds of district attorneys around this country and local officials that are progressive.

So it's important to understand who he is and not overstate what he does, but understand that this handing over of power to his son is really important for us all. How did he make his money? He was, I was going to say an investor, you can't even call him an investor. He's a speculator. He'll admit he was a speculator, meaning that he bet on currencies, on stocks, on bonds all over the world and he made over a billion dollars betting against the British pound. Nothing wrong with that. He's a capitalist and he'll admit as much.

Yes. Why is he in America? He was an immigrant from Germany, got out during the Holocaust with his family and he first just focused on funding things like Central Park and some innocuous kind of things. He then helped abroad and also some really helpful efforts, universities, helping democracies.

But then when he started getting involved in politics, it became very controversial. And specifically he said that stopping George W. Bush's reelection campaign was his number one goal. He failed. He failed there. I mean, frankly, why was he upset at George W. Bush?

It was about the Iraq war. And frankly, in hindsight, a lot of Republicans agree with those concerns. But then he took on other kinds of issues, more progressive issues.

And he's a left leaning guy. His impact with these left leaning DA's funding campaigns that usually get very little funding has done what in San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles? Well, listen, on the one hand, I think it's important to know that these DA's have been elected and often reelected. So you can't just say, well, George Soros installed these DA's. I think the right goes overboard saying that. That said, does he do a moderate and a left wing so it makes so he gets one or the other? I think it's we don't want to overstate his power and his control. That said, these DA's, the election of these DA's has coincided with rising crime often.

You think so? Chesa Bodine got finally voted out. How the guy in Los Angeles is still there is insane.

Alvin Briggs, an embarrassment to the country. And when you have very few financing coming into these most, most of these cities are Democrat gleaning. And then if you put one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars into a race, it usually gets 50.

It really makes a difference. Yeah, George Soros was very early in realizing that these local campaigns are really important. Now, everyone else has caught on and realizes that we that they have to get involved locally and in terms of these these elected officials, not just DA's, but others as well. So George Soros, listen, what are his concerns have been racial bias, incarceration rates. He would argue and his people argue that, well, they've told me, well, Greg, look at our country.

Why are we putting so many people in prison now? Again, that's the progressive liberal view. I don't think he's trying to undermine this country.

I get emails all the time. He's a Nazi. He's trying to hurt us. No, but we can disagree with what he's trying to do. I would argue that maybe some of these policies need to be rethought. Yeah, I would argue that's a very moderate way of doing it. Here's Governor Ron DeSantis.

He has a different opinion of you. I also think it's important to point out when you're talking about these Soros funded prosecutors. Yes, they may do a high profile politicized prosecution, and that's bad. But the real victims are ordinary New Yorkers, ordinary Americans and all these different jurisdictions that they get victimized every day because of the reckless political agenda that these Soros DAs bring to their job. They ignore crime and they empower criminals. And that hurts people, hurts a lot of people every single day. The Soros district attorneys are a menace to society. And I'm just glad that I'm the only governor in the country that's actually removed one from office during my tenure.

I'm sure you've heard that sentiment before. Do you think it's inaccurate? I don't love the term Soros DAs. It's like saying Koch governors, you know, the Koch brothers got behind all kinds of governors and right wing politicians. I don't like to vilify and demonize people. We can disagree with each other in this country without demonizing each other. So I and others have disagreements with a lot of the policies of progressives and liberals.

That's fine. Let's talk about those policies. Now, what's also interesting is that the Arab parent, the one I wrote about, Alex Soros, he's 37 years old. He's not exactly like his father. He's more left. And he calls himself center. He's more political. I would say he's more left. He believes in free speech on campuses and elsewhere.

I loved hearing that when he told me about that. He emphasized that he's a big believer in Israel. He loves Israel. His father hasn't given anything to Jewish causes, whereas Alex, I think, is more open to that.

I love the idea that we should have be more open to free speech and on campuses and elsewhere. So listen, I'm hoping that there's a little more nuance to the next generation of Soros and that the policies aren't I don't think the policies will be exactly the same. So how did he get it? I mean, doesn't he have a few marriages, a lot of kids? How did the younger guy who you write was introverted and and isolated kind of as a kid now that you become this this extrovert and you see pictures of him with every powerful Democratic politician and in the White House multiple times?

Yeah, it's fascinating, Brian. It's a little bit like the Succession television series where the least likely son or child has become George Soros's successor. This guy's 37. He for years was just seen as a playboy. He's in the gossip columns. He's got a model girlfriend.

He's at the Knicks games all the time, front row, etc. And even within the foundation, within the organization, he hardly spoke up. People didn't consider him the likely heir apparent, but quietly he's been working hard and traveling the world and meeting with people. And yeah, we focus on the politics side of things, but they do other kinds of things to education aspects, things that I think we can all agree with.

Not not all of that, but some of them we can. And Alex Soros, in the end, emerged as the successor. It's funny, his older brother was seen as the likely heir apparent for years.

And he has a lot more in common with George. But in the end, it was the unlikely 37 year old who's going to be taking over the empire. So I mean, right now, Alvin Bragg, you see what's going on here in New York City today. There's a big story that a Jewish man who was savagely beaten in a hate crime mob attack by a Palestinian right in New York City. He's outraged because Bragg has now given the guy a lenient sentence of 18 months. This guy's name is Joseph Borgen.

He's 31 years old. He said, why is this guy getting a break? I really can't fashion why he's getting a deal. I want to go to trial. I want to see a full justice. What kind of message does it send to everybody that a hate crime like this attack on me because I'm Jewish?

He was beat senseless. And the guy gets a slap on the wrist. Does that worry you?

Of course it does. And Brian, this individual, this culprit, he said, I'm going to do it again. He specifically has mentioned, has, has, has, has been public.

He said, I'm going to do this again. So that scares me as a guy walking around New York City and it scares me as an American. This is the school of thought that Soros wanted in power.

This is the same thing that's happening, not just antisemitism, but just pro-criminal attitude. See, that's the thing. I don't want to say he put him in office and that's the danger.

We go overboard. He is a key backer. Yes.

Yes. I'm not going to defend. Listen, I'm not, all I'm saying is let's disagree with their policies without vilifying and demonizing.

So, or overstating it. The guy was elected. Bragg was elected. And wasn't he, I think, reelected. I don't think he's nothing to a Soros. Every city is left leaning that we're talking about. Republicans don't even run people. Fine, but that's not Soros. These guys get elected.

Now you and I can argue. He picks them and puts them in there. No, he doesn't pick them. He supports them often, but I do. The ones that agree with him. Come on, Gregory.

Yeah. Listen, I'm not going to defend. Don't put me, I don't have to, I'm not defending policies of Alan Bragg. I'm not going to go that far.

Trust me. But let's go find some people. Let's get the voters, let's appeal to the voters a little bit better job than vilifying people like Soros, I would argue. But there's very few people with the financial wherewithal to be able to compete with anybody that Soros puts forward. I don't know, Brian. You know, Ronald McDaniel is not going to be pouring money into the attorney general of New York City. It's not the best place to do it because they don't have a shot. I don't know, Brian. I write about Wall Street. You don't have any right, left conservative people.

There are Ken Griffin, Mercers I deal with all the time. There's a lot of money on both sides. So you think they should get 100% agree.

They've given up on the cities. Yes. And we're seeing the results.

Yes. But when crime runs rampant, you would think that attorney general who's in the law and order business would do things to crack down, not become more lenient. Then you have more Danny pennies of the world who has to stand up and choke out a would be assailant because there's no cops around and cops don't want to do their job because no one backs them. Listen, I agree that a lot of these policies have not worked. I also think people, we need to be more focused on the cities. And what's interesting to me is when I talk to the Soros people, they don't say they're not some. We love brag.

We love these policies whatsoever. They actually think and Alex, the heir apparent, the 37 year old has says that judges should have more leeway. And that's something that people on the right to argue to.

Exactly. So we've got a little bit overboard. So I bet, I have a feeling that some people, moderates in the democratic party are open to changing some of these policies and re-examining them.

And we got to bring people together. Listen, I'm a straight down the middle moderate. I think we should, we could all get together and reform some of these policies that have gone overboard.

I would think so. Even the governor, the democratic governor of New York tried to do it, but the left-wing legislature with a super majority stopped it from doing things. I was sure charter schools that help the minority kids in these cities that need help, the results are, are undisputable. And now they don't want to launch charter schools because teachers unions put the Democrats in power and they can't go against the people that finance their campaign and kids get the short end of the stick. Yeah.

You know what? This country is a lot more moderate than you would think. And a lot of people love the idea of charter schools and competition for, for these public schools. And yeah, the teachers unions are quite strong. So I think there are more voters that would support some of these more moderate unifying policies.

We got to, we got to rev up the voter base. And just so you know, it's a New York story, but it's a national story. Danny Penning, a 24 year old Marine stood up when a homeless violent guy with a long history of violence, couldn't know it at the time, stood up, started threatening people on a subway train. He tried to lock them up, put them in a suppression hold that ended up being a chokehold. He had other people help him. We don't know all the details, but sometime today we will find out if a grand jury will indict this kid for doing what I thought was the 100% right thing and stepping up for a group of people he did not know, most of which were minorities, but because he's white, Black Lives Matter mobilized against him.

Unfortunate all around, but the Danny Penney to me could find out his fate in a matter of time. More with Greg Zuckerman, a Wall Street Journal special writer, a bestselling author. Don't move. Greg, you can stick around. Sure. Great. Both sides, all opinions.

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That's 800-884-3863. It is worrying because we don't know any examples of more intelligent things being controlled by less intelligent things. I mean with human societies you often have dictators who aren't as intelligent as some of the peasants, but that's not a big difference. They're in the same league, but here these things will get much more intelligent than us. And the worry is, can we keep them working for us when they're much more intelligent than us? They will, for example, learn how to deceive. They'll be able to deceive us if they want to.

How scary is this? Jeffrey Hinton, the godfather of artificial intelligence, saying that we have created something that's smarter than us. Gregory Zuckerman is smarter than me. He is the Wall Street Journal special writer, best-selling author, and he has a great column out, George Soros's hands control over to his 37-year-old son.

But Greg, I just want to get your impression. You're a big picture guy. Have you ever seen more smart people more concerned about a new technology? And it's new technology that they created too. Jeffrey Hinton is the godfather. He's the guy behind a lot of these efforts. He's been doing it for decades. I've been following his career for years. So for him to be concerned, he's not some outsider, professor, academic, whatever. He's played a big role.

Me too, right? Yes, all these guys. It is a little scary. I have to tell you, Brian, it's also fascinating to me how many experts are confused about the future and what will happen. And again, they're the ones who created the artificial intelligence. There's going to be a lot of really positive aspects when it comes to healthcare and looking for drugs, using AI.

We have Paul McCartney coming out and saying, I'm making a new Beatles album with John Lennon's voice. Yeah. Hey, listen, that should be the worst of what happens with AI. Oh, that's the good stuff. Yes. So I want you to hear what Hinton went on to say.

Listen to this. Are you going to be spending time on solving this problem? I think I'm too old to solve new problems. I've done my, I've done my bit of solving problems.

I will help, but I'm planning to retire. You leave, you leave us. That doesn't do you leave up the humanity in a lurch. Yeah, it doesn't sound good.

Does it? Yeah. Think about this.

I'm watching this on Sunday. I go, what the hell is going on here? You can't do that.

Can you, you create Gigantor and then unleash it on the world. I mean, to defend Jeffrey Hinton, the guy literally has a tough time standing up. He has these special planes when he flies. He sits down, he has a tough time. His back is a mess.

So I get why physically he's unable. But in general, some of these people have created AI. Now they're like, hey, I don't know what's going to happen. We need some guardrails here. You're at the forefront of this thing.

You should be creating the guardrails. Right. And lastly, there's two things we're coming on. Both parties are coming together on AI and they're coming together on China.

Yeah. Do you think we fully understand the threat of China and their true mission? And are they vulnerable, more vulnerable economically than you than one would think? It is encouraging that both sides are concerned about China. You make a good point, Brian. Democrats that I've been following it and monitoring seem just as concerned. Listen, is there more we can do? For sure.

But let's look for these kind of areas where there is some unity and what they've done elsewhere in terms of harming people and the Uyghurs, that Muslim population and elsewhere. We need more focus and publicity about that. All right. What's your next project?

Something in the trading world, something about some people taking risks and the impact on us all. Oh, I was going to do that. Now I'll do something else. Greg Zuckerman, thanks so much. We'll read all your stuff.

Appreciate it. I've been saving the world for a while now on this podcast, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. Starting on June 26th, you can listen to me, Kennedy, five days a week right here. Listen at or wherever you download podcasts. Listen to the show ad free on Fox News Podcast Plus on Apple Podcast, Amazon Music with your prime membership or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
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