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Border crossings at a breaking point; GOP momentum on impeaching Mayorkas?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 19, 2023 12:45 pm

Border crossings at a breaking point; GOP momentum on impeaching Mayorkas?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 19, 2023 12:45 pm

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Learn more at slash leaders. From high atop Fox News headquarters in New York City, always seeking solutions, never sowing division. It's Brian Kilmeade. Hi everyone, Brian Kilmeade back in studio. Thanks so much for listening and thanks for being here. We've got a great hour coming your way.

Will Hurds in studio, Jamie Metzl at the bottom of the hour. Remember the WHO advisory committee. We know the revelations that came out yesterday. Possibly not only one leak, but two leaks from a lab. And nobody thinks it's coming from some type of bat to another type of animal.

Nobody's found the animal yet. Today is going to be a big day. There's going to be a lot of hearings.

Finance committee on the IRS. Going to hear from the Foreign Relations Committee exposing Putin's crimes and evidence in the Russian war. And the president will be delivering remarks on his bottom up economic principles.

37% of the country approve of the way he's handling the economy. So you know how much I'm interested in that. So before we get the congressman heard, let's get to the big three. Now with the stories you need to know, it's Brian's big three.

Number three. You look at this whole special district. Walt Disney Corporation obviously owns a lot of it, but the district owns other land. What should we do with this land?

Try to do more amusement parks. Someone even said like, maybe you need another state prison. Who knows? Disney download. Governor DeSantis' fight with Disney has caused his possible GOP presidential opponents to pick a fight with him, calling this brawl with CEO Bob Iger anti-conservative. Petty. Way too personal. We're going to look at the 2024 race.

Number two. It has the potential of civilizational destruction. If that's the case for AI, and we only put in regulations after something terrible has happened, it may be too late to actually put the regulations in place. The AI may be in control at that point.

No joke. That is really not AI. That's really Elon Musk with Tucker last night.

Can't be avoided. AI is here and close to affecting everything we do. Did Tucker sit down with Elon Musk?

He'll talk about his concerns and he was at the forefront of all the innovation. Number one. These are reports of trafficking and abuse of migrant children.

You can see a massive surge that begins to happen when, oh, when you come to office in 2021. Thousands of children have ended up in punishing jobs across the country. Children. Broken. This story broken by the New York Times.

Breaking point. Let's get this straight. The chaos, crime and drugs taking place at the border is the Biden administration's fault, and it's getting worse. Cartels are getting richer.

We get more drug addicted, more drug deaths and child abuse. Or only hope. Hold on tight in two more years.

Is that indeed the case? You spent some time in the CIA, spent some time in the House of Representatives, and now he's spending some quality time in studio. Will Hurd, welcome. Hey, brother, how are you?

Finally, good to see you face to face. Absolutely. Right after these emotional hearings yesterday, led by Republicans with almost no democratic support, what was accomplished in unloading yesterday on Mayorkas? It shows the incompetence that has plagued this administration when it comes to border security policies. I was in Congress when this crisis erupted under Donald Trump.

I represented more border than any other member of Congress. The unaccompanied minors were in facilities in my district, so this is something that I know intimately and have been involved with for a very long time. It is outrageous that we have children between the ages of 12 and 16 that are basically being allowed to be human trafficked. Is this 1910? Exactly.

I thought I was reading Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. The thing that's outrageous on this is that there were a number of workers who identified this. They identified the problem when the kids were in facilities saying, hey, these are not people we should be releasing them to. You had people in HHS say this seems to be a problem. They had people in Department of Labor go in and knock on some of these doors.

And what's happened? Not only did they allow more kids to do this, they've only fined some of these companies that are using this child labor. We should be outraged. We should be appalled. And again, this is one reason why I think Joe Biden should fire Mayorkas, because the only way we're going to see a change is to get somebody new at the top of the Department of Homeland Security. Well, Congressman, no one's more street smart than you. You know he's just dealing with Biden wants.

You could put Thomas home in there. He'd last a week. He'd realize what the administration goal was. So they're not interested in doing anything to stop the border.

And what they're doing now got so overwhelming, he had to go visit. In fact, his only comment was the border doesn't work. The wall's too immovable.

And it's starting to rust anyway. What are you talking about? It's proved effective everywhere it's put. But some of the immigration bills that the Democrats are trying to introduce this cycle is already being promoted in places and other parts of the world about how it's going to be even easier to come into the United States. We need common sense leadership on this problem.

We know how to solve the problem. It starts with stop treating everybody as an asylum seeker. The best thing for these kids is to be back in their home countries with their family members. We should be working with our allies to address root causes in those countries. There's a diplomatic failure that's happening here, where all these countries are sending so many people here and don't care and aren't trying to stop it. So it's a problem on many layers that this administration hasn't shown an ability in order to address.

This is not your speed, but it was a high-octane confrontation with Senator Josh Hawley, cut for. Let's talk about the surge in child smuggling and child exploitation that is happening on your watch. Do you know the number of unaccompanied children who have come across the border on your watch? Senator, I don't have that number at my disposal, but I can assure you that we are incredibly dedicated to the safety and security of those children. Well, it doesn't appear so based on what we're reading today in the New York Times, what we're reading and seeing from numbers from your own office.

The answer to my question, by the way, is 345,807. That's the number of unaccompanied children, children who have come across the border on your watch. And he goes on and this sparring continues, but he brings back the policy of family separation at the border. And Tom Homan brought up, he said, look, if you're drunk driving, they take away your kids.

They'll just put you in jail and you'll put your kids somewhere. That's how he was doing it. They quickly adjusted that. The first lady was against it.

She went down to see it. It stopped. To go back to 2017 and say that's the problem, that must just drive you crazy. Look, again, it's outrageous that they don't understand what the problem is. They're either lying about what the problem is.

But what do you think? Do you think they understand the problem? Do you think they don't care? I think it is so big and they do not know what to do.

I think it's that simple. When you have, not allegations, but suggestions that Susan Rice, excuse me, that Susan Rice in the White House is like, what are we doing? The reason this is becoming a bigger problem is because of our actual policies. The fact that you have indication that's happening is that they understand that this is a bigger problem and they don't know what to do about it.

And the silence of some of the other Democrats in the House and the Senate when they were protesting in front of facilities on the border almost daily when I was in Congress is unacceptable. And the fact that Mayorkas would show up to a hearing and not have the data knowing these questions were going to get asked, it was on the front page of the New York Times. He knows the data, but he knows what he's supposed to do. Say 345,000 minors are missing or in the system, possibly in child labor.

He doesn't want those stats in front of him. So not only are they not condemning, listen to Tom Carper of Delaware Cut 7. Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Paul, fellow colleagues with whom I have published the surveillance committee for a long, long time. Before I get into my questions, I want to just take a moment to acknowledge Secretary Mayorkas's leadership of the Department of Homeland Security. When I talk about integrity, I often say if you have it, nothing else matters.

If you don't have it, nothing else matters. Secretary Mayorkas has it. This guy, this guy should be fired. I mean, he should be recalled almost immediately.

Look, not only you're not condemning him, you're praising him on television. And why are more voters not upset by this? I think they are. I think they're frustrated. When you go to the border, the communities along the border are absolutely frustrated. The people that are working this issue are frustrated. When you look at the philanthropic organizations that are having to come in to help with this, they're frustrated with this. Some of them get a lot of money. Look, they do.

Catholic Charities? Sure, but they're overwhelmed too, right? Because they want to help people that are actually here. And ultimately, none of this is humane. This notion Democrats are actually being inhumane to folks that are actually here. They're being inhumane and encouraging human smugglers to give folks their money. Of course, they're getting a ton of money. But human smugglers, at a minimum, probably made $25 million last year just in Mexico alone.

That is absolutely outrageous. And you're encouraging the problem. And when you don't identify the people that are causing the problem, when you don't know what the actual, when you can't articulate what the problem is, and you're afraid of collecting numbers, then it's time for you to go. And this is something, if Joe Biden is serious about securing the border, he would fire Mayorkas and they would take a complete change in direction. And unfortunately, I don't think that's happened.

And that's why we have an opportunity in 2024 for those that care about the border to make their voices heard. But he would probably hire somebody, like a transgender Mexican astronaut that had never done this before. He is just checking boxes with all his nominees. Yesterday, he nominated someone for the, well, last month, someone with the FAA. He's never worked in an airport before.

He was a worker. And then we're hearing about, we're hearing about all these other people that have no qualifications. They just are certain gender or certain sexual, identify sexually as something that would be unique. But I got to ask you, I see this video this morning of about 10,000 Chinese in the Darien Gap, April 17th. Well-dressed, not refugees. What are they doing? Why are we getting thousands of Chinese coming across our border?

Brian, this has been happening longer than we recognize and understand. There were a number of Chinese nationals that came into the country across the border, legally in South Texas, that said that they were, in essence, trying to be day laborers. They went and were working at SpaceX, which is the facility in South Texas.

They ended up finding out that these were Chinese astrophysicists that were trying to go in and steal secrets from SpaceX to help with the space program. Are you kidding? No, I'm not kidding. Has that been out? It's been out.

It's been out. And so one of the things that the folks in border patrol actually look at, they look at when people come across and inspect their hands, these people are trying to act like they're coming to work in agriculture, but they have perfectly manicured hands. These are people that are part of a broader effort of the Chinese Communist Party to impact America. Unfortunately, though, the threat is not just about them coming across the border illegally. They're stealing our technology. They're impacting us globally. They're taking the opposition that we have amongst ourselves and manifesting that with their enemies against us. And this is a real concern, a real threat, and the border and thousands of people coming across our border illegally is just one broader concern and one broader issue in what I consider to be a new Cold War between the United States and the Chinese government.

It's so comprehensive. There's got to be an immediate Chinese policy when it comes to them crossing the border. They've got to go through a special debriefing area, no question about it. Well, if we just do it the right way, if you come in between our ports of entry, that is illegal entrance into the country, and you're immediately deported. This isn't rocket science.

This is common sense. We have a lot of complicated issues. What you can prove is you're a refugee.

Absolutely. And even there, to get asylum, you have to be a member of a protected class, whether that's your race, your gender, your ethnicity. You have to prove your government is trying to persecute you, and this is not happening. And so because you want to come here to get a better job, this is not a reason to be able to claim for asylum.

And it's not humane because we're encouraging this kind of illegal exit. A few more minutes with Congressman Will Hurd. He's kind enough to come into studio.

Not only do we talk about what's happening as a U.S. Congressman, but he's also got the CIA background. Don't move, Brian Kilmeade-Joe.

Diving deep into today's top story, it's Brian Kilmeade. This episode is brought to you by Bumble. Bumble believes that what's truly sexy is an act of kindness.

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Learn more at slash leaders. The fastest three hours in radio. You're with Brian Kilmeade. Hey, I'm with you here with Will Hurd, who at one point may be a presidential candidate.

I don't know if it's going to be this cycle or not, but he certainly has the background, successful congressman over in Texas, and a successful CIA. What was your actual title of CIA? I was a case officer, so my job was to be overseas and recruit spies and steal secrets.

Sounds easy. I started right out of undergrad when I was 22, and my job was to stop terrorists from blowing up the homeland, Russian spies from stealing our secrets, and to put nuclear weapons proliferators out of business. And I got to do it in places like India for two years, Pakistan two years.

I was in Afghanistan for a year and a half, where I managed all of our undercover operations. Since 2001, the focus has been on terror, unwinding these terrorist plots before they happen. I understand, and they degrade at it, the FBI too. Now, it's got to be China, combining with Russia, combining with Iran, and possibly North Korea. They have formed their new axis of evil, and it's a bigger axis, and it's more formidable, led by China.

General Keane says he believes this administration is overwhelmed by how many different areas have taken over Latin America, infiltrating into Africa, and of course, storming our border perhaps, as we just discussed, buying 330,000 acres of American farmland, flying spy balloons over. Why can they not get a hold of this? They can't get a hold of this because they don't have a broader strategy on how to deal with the rest of the world. I think it's real simple. Your friends should love you, and your enemies should fear you. And ultimately, they're trying to negotiate with our enemies, and they're ignoring our friends.

This is an absolute problem. It gets you hostages. Let's take our own backyard, Mexico. The Mexican government invaded an American company and allowed a Chinese company to have access to a deep-water port in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are we talking about that? The fact that that happened in our own backyard with an ally, with an important ally, is insane. The fact that Brazil, over the last couple of years, have gotten even closer with China and have stopped doing currency trades in the dollar, this is really significant. Biden backed Lula in that election.

The 76-year-old criminal. If you can't even get your allies right, the fact that President Macron from France went to China and basically said, America, don't make us have to choose between the U.S. and China, the only reason he says that is to imply we would not like the answer. This is France. And so if you can't get your allies behind you, then you're not going to be able to get your enemies to fear you. And the Chinese government, and it's not, look, it's on tech policy. The way the Chinese government recognizes that they're going to surpass the United States of America as a global superpower is by being the world leader in about 12 different areas.

This is a reality. And we need to make sure that the federal government is working with the private sector to deal with this. It starts with having a strategy.

And when you don't have a strategy, you can't deal with these individual things that pop up. And what was Anthony Blinken doing yesterday? Praising Japan for making their embassy, the U.S. Embassy in Japan, all green. Can you believe this?

Well, Japan has doubled their defense budget and sees China as a threat it is. Will Hurd, thrilled to have you in studio. Always a pleasure to be with you.

All right, when we come back, Jamie Metzl tells us about what really was displayed with COVID-19 and the origins from that meeting yesterday. Between the kids being home and hosting, everything in our house gets used up in summer. With Instacart, I can save money by stocking up on all my favorite summer brands. I save time by getting everything delivered in as fast as an hour. And I save myself a sink full of dirty dishes by stocking up on paper plates for the annual summer cookout. Save more on summer essentials?

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Additional terms apply. From the Fox News Podcast Network. I'm Ben Domenech, Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. And I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. It's the Ben Domenech Podcast. Subscribe and listen now by going to The talk show that's getting you talking.

You're with Brian Kilmeade. I think that the search for the truth should drive where we go from here. And everyone, from our intelligence agencies, to members of the administration, to members of Congress, to public health officials, should put politics aside and let our intelligence speak the truth about what happened. Speak the truth to the Americans who deserve that truth, deserve justice, and deserve accountability.

And only by seeking truth, justice, and accountability for this pandemic can we achieve the other equally important goal of preventing the next pandemic. So that's what John Ratcliffe brought up, the former DNI guy. He was in charge of all the intelligence and he does believe that this thing came from a lab leak.

And so does somebody else who thinks there's an excellent chance of that was one of the first to say it. Jamie Metzl, member of the WHO Advisory Committee, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and former National Security Council official in the Clinton administration. Jamie, you were there testifying too yesterday.

Great to see you in person. I wasn't there yesterday. I was the lead witness in the first congressional hearings, which were a month ago. So what came out yesterday was kind of interesting in that John Ratcliffe, the Republicans now leading it, and John Ratcliffe brought up something I did not know about. He also believes that people back then thought it was a lab leak, but everyone was afraid to say it. So I certainly, as you know, as you mentioned, I've been saying it from from day one, there were a lot of people who had suspicions.

And there was this crazy environment in the United States in 2020 where there were all kinds of politics that were pushing people into weird extremes. And so, again, as as a Democrat, I know because when I started speaking up, fellow Democrats who were saying, hey, why are you speaking up so loudly? Doesn't this narrative support President Trump? And what I said is I'm not even a fan of President Trump, but I'm a fan of speaking honestly and looking at the data and following it wherever it goes. And if President Trump, who I wasn't even who I was not a fan of, if he was saying something that sounded right to me, like, why should I say, oh, no, it's wrong just because President Trump said it? So I think we should all just be evaluating the information. That's what John Ratcliffe said yesterday is because Trump brought it up.

They went the opposite way. I'm sure our country would have felt different about the vaccine if Trump won four more years and the vaccine was out there. Remember, the vice president of the United States says, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable taking a vaccine from Trump.

Really? Well, when that came out, you were a horrible person if you didn't take the vaccine, which is generated from the Trump administration. So people would have flipped sides, I think.

We're in this crazy situation where people are developing their opinions based on tribal identities. And so President Trump, when the history of COVID-19 is written, the Operation Warp Speed will be an incredible success. It saved millions of lives.

Do you know if he brings that up during speeches, he gets booed? I know. I know.

And so it's unfortunate. I think this is on all sides is like we have these crazy purity tests for us. I mean, just when I came into the studio, I was commenting on your U.S.-Ukraine pin and I was saying, it's great. We should all be on the side of supporting the Ukrainians who've been invaded.

Who were invaded. I mean, this is like it's just like a clear thing. It's our whole history as as Americans. And that you have some people on the on the far right, on the far left who are saying, hey, this is somebody else's, somebody else's problem. I think we just need to take a step back and just look at the at the evidence and on on vaccines. And I was very supportive of the vaccines. I've been very vocal saying that Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration, it was incredible. And I just wish that President Trump, after that success, when he was vaccinated anyway, would have said, I'm going to get I'm going to get vaccinated on national television. I'm going to say, hey, here's why we did Operation Warp Speed.

Here's why we think this is a safe, a safe way. And then even when there were issues, I know people have asked questions, raised issues about the about the about the vaccines. We could just have an open, public, respectful conversation.

Like, for example, I don't think Trump would have mandated like like President Biden did that creates resentment. You know, if you tell somebody what to do, you you're a parent, you're doing these things and you're told you can't go to work. You can't do this. You can't go to school once you get it. Excuse me, I'm healthy.

It seems like it's not really effect. If you don't get it, you're out of school. You cannot go to school.

You got to work at home. You're out of that college. I saw in the SUNY system here. A few relatives I know said, OK, I have to leave that school, go to Florida school. And they're there now because of it created so much resentment. And then there are situations where people had a negative reaction to it, the myocarditis and things to that nature. But if you acknowledge that, if I'm a leader and say, listen, I'm a little concerned about these 22 year old athletes who are getting swelling in the heart. So I think we should consider that all of a sudden I'm in it together as opposed to I am not going to acknowledge it. Yeah, I think that's and I think this is what happens when we get pushed into these extremes where there's a purity test for everybody.

And you kind of have to just be the purest version of some extreme. And we do have vaccine mandates for kids that measles, mumps and rubella and all these. There are all kinds of vaccines that are that are required. And so I just think that we need to as a country, I know that you're trying to to do this as well is to say, like, let's just look at the evidence and say we're all Americans. Everybody is trying to protect their kids like that. Let's that have that be the starting point and have a conversation.

What are the best ways of doing? You know, we just watched this video watching this last night in Ithaca, New York. There's these kids who have to wear their mask all day, even outside. Well, so I'm seeing stuff like that is just abusive. And then if you have a problem with that, maybe you can't afford a private school. What are you supposed to do? You have to deal with that. John Radcliffe said this about your idol, Anthony Fauci, and being sarcastic.

Cut 20. Did Dr. Fauci relay any of these concerns to you that may have come from a lab? He did not.

Now, why do you think he did not? Well, that would I would obviously have to to speculate, but I would I would point you to Dr. Fauci being perhaps the best person to answer that. And there is publicly available under information that has been obtained through open sources and freedom of information where Dr. Fauci and other virologists and scientists talk about the fact that it would bring unwanted attention to funding sources and the research that was taking place using funding sources, domestic funding sources from the United States. And you've heard that. Yeah. So that's what people go crazy. Some people defend them, some don't.

Yeah. I mean, the basic facts, as I see it, is in the early days of this pandemic, it was certainly clear to me when I looked at the available evidence that maybe it came from nature, but there was a very real possibility it came from a lab. And I feel like there were people in the United States who were would have been not well, who would who would have had the most knowledge of that possibility. And certainly people like we've talked about in the past, Peter Dezak and EcoHealth Alliance, who in twenty eighteen had been part of a proposal and a funding proposal to the Defense Department that was rejected, calling to engineer SARS-like viruses to make them better able to infect human cells in the exact way that SARS-CoV-2 ended up being. There were people like Dr. Fauci. And you said facetiously, I'm a fan.

I actually am a fan of Dr. Fauci. That doesn't mean I support everything that he's ever done. And I think there was a lack of honesty and transparency in those early days. And I think that we're and I think that the American people are better able to to understand nuance.

They're better able to understand. Someone says, look, here's what we know and here's what we don't know. And here are the possibilities. It may have come from nature. And and people said, we think it probably came from nature, came from market.

That's fine. But there's a real possibility that it could have come from a research related accident. And we need to follow all of those leads until we get the right answer.

That would have been the way to do it. The theory that came out over the weekend, over the last two days, is that what about two leaks? Because there was some signs that they were looking at a vaccine after it would be the first leak. And why do you look for a vaccine? Because you think something got out.

And how do you know what to look for? Because you know what you're what you're vaccinating against for. I don't know. Vaccining is actually a word. We'll make it.

We'll make it one. So they said there's a theory out there for two weeks. Have you heard that? Yeah. So Roger Marshall is it was has been speaking about this and it's a it's a credible hypothesis and it's worth exploring. And that's why we need to get more information.

But it's it's as plausible as as anything else. Right. You only have 30 seconds left.

You have to run. Yeah. But real quick, for you personally, is the well-been poisoned for the next pandemic because of this?

Well, absolutely. I mean, China, it looks like most likely, as you know, I believe it most likely came from a lab accident. They've done a whole cover up. 20 million people are dead and they're just behaving as normal. We have not done everything we need to do to protect us for the next time. So we need to be honest about what happened and we need to be building our defenses and we're not working quickly enough. And somehow we've got to rebuild the trust to listen to whatever the leadership says has happened.

And right now there's some distrust because all the misinformation that's been out there. Jamie, thanks so much. Great. He's an old fashioned scientist who's curious and open to ideas.

Back in a moment. Expanding your knowledge base. It's The Brian Kilmeade Show. He's so busy, he'll make your head spin.

It's Brian Kilmeade. They don't make moves like this that aren't in their interests, at least in a general way. So the fact that many of them seem to be moving over to Trump is really a warning sign for DeSantis and all the other Republican candidates. That is Larry Sabato saying, noticing that so many Republican Florida House members, not Chip Roy, he's going to DeSantis.

And I think one other in Florida, but most of the big names like Byron Donald have already endorsed Trump. I know Michael Waltz has been the biggest name and I don't think he's done anything yet, but he's really tight with DeSantis, too. Ron DeSantis not getting in. It might be more difficult than he thought in waiting.

But I think he'll probably be in the next couple of weeks. I look to fight it out. Chris Christie will fight it out, too. I think 2024 is fascinating. Donald Trump pulling out so early in so many different states. Is it a surprise?

Definitely. I mean, he's got a real good team this time, much better than his last two. No offense, Kellyanne Conway, but they were just kind of half put together.

This guy's in, this woman's out, this person's up, this person's down. Brad Parscale was hot in 2016. He was a mess in 2020. And now 2024, he seems to have a pretty good team with Pat Sumrall's daughter running things who seems to be a big enemy of Ron DeSantis. But Ron DeSantis is extremely tough, extremely smart, extremely successful, and his instincts are real strong and he's indefatigable. And he's not going to make he's going to make mistakes on policy. But I don't think he's going to make mistakes on, you know, the easy mistakes that Trump makes.

So having lunch with a white supremacist or Kanye West, if this is if he's anti-Semitic and a lot of other things. You know, I don't think he's going to have any of those type issues. But Ron DeSantis has got to get in now, I think. And for no other reason, not that he's running out of time, he's running out of time because of what's happening now and with people picking sides. But I think DeSantis has got to get in because I think he needs to make sure he has got a good staff. I think he should make sure there's other people thinking about not endorsing him, having true choice.

He could say, well, you look, you were getting in. Number two is there's a big story on Disney, big divide on Disney. When it comes to cracking down on Disney, DeSantis is in a pitch battle with Disney Corporation.

Why? They came out and mischaracterized his bill and they said, so don't say, OK, Bill. And the Disney came out about it with all their power in California. And then Ron DeSantis goes, really? Why do you guys have such a sweetheart deal from the 1950s? And you have a whole autonomous zone.

Why don't I take that away from you? Disney battled back and found a loophole and then took power back. And now DeSantis is going back. So they're wrestling to the ground.

But guess what else is happening? Other conservatives like John Sununu, John Sununu, Chris Sununu, governor of New Hampshire, like Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, former like. Vice President Mike Pence and now Donald Trump have all said that's anti conservative.

I don't think it's a good move to fight with the corporation, especially Disney, that means so much. And by the way. Jeb Bush said the same thing to me.

We were doing a feature on who was Ron DeSantis. So you understand what's going on here. So that's the message.

The GOP. This to me is OK. That's healthy. That's a good debate. Don't get personal.

Don't make up stuff about eating, eating, putting with your hands. Don't go make stuff up that he said he wants people to retire at 70. Don't go make make stuff up that he does. Ron does. Ron DeSantis wants to take away your Social Security or your Medicare. What he wants to do is make it solvent like every other Republican used to want to do.

More from Sabato Cut 34. I don't think it's a mistake so far, but, you know, we're getting close to May, June. That's pretty much the deadline. And you've got the first Republican debate coming up in August.

I think that's on Fox. So, you know, it's time to go ahead and jump in. He is right now the major opposition to Trump. And it would be a little easier for him in small groups and large if he were actually a declared candidate.

It would also be easier for his TV ad people as well. They could they could go right after Trump and other candidates that they chose. And Nikki Haley's been quiet on this issue, but she's been the strongest since she declared her candidacy. She seems to be the biggest, the busiest Vivek Ramaswamy is in there. Asa Hutchinson's in there. And the vague is probably making himself known worldwide. I don't think he has a legitimate shot, but he'll be very formidable on stage. He's not a his knowledge and intellect is through the roof. And Nikki Haley's experience is phenomenal as Mike Pence is not going to be intimidated. But no one is stronger, has stronger percent than Donald Trump. I also think Chris Christie's getting in the former governor of New Jersey was talking to potential donors, former staffers, and basically said, I'll need all of you if I'm going to do this thing.

He thinks that somebody this might be the right time for him. He says he also sees himself as a candidate who would appeal to enough independents to beat Joe Biden. My goodness, you've got to be able to beat Joe Biden.

I think that goes without saying. I thought I thought Brian Kemp would get in for a while. I thought Tom Cotton would get in. Neither are Mike Pompeo is not getting in.

He's going to get into the show at some point at some hour now. Republicans won't win, won't take back the Senate, may not hold the House. If they don't get a hold and start tackling these new voting rules, even though they're abhorrent, if you have voting season instead of voting day, instead of voting week, instead of voting day, you're voting week or voting month. And it makes it too easy.

I get it. But in the states that have not reformed, you have to have a policy. You have to have a plan. Ned Ryan from the American majority, really bright guy with Laura last night, said this about what the Republicans are not doing.

Cut 35. And we're not going to win simply on the power of our ideas. Laura, we actually have to build a machine. And I would point to Florida as an example. I think a lot of people know that as in 2018, Democrats held over a quarter million voter registration advantage in the state. And yet today, 2023, Republicans now have a 450,000 registration advantage because they were actually determined to overcome that deficit. And when they were down in voter registration in Florida, Republicans took the time to actually fund real absentee ballot chase programs. That's why they won 21 of 24 statewide races since 2010 because they put 10 million into an absentee ballot chase program over six weeks.

The votes are there, Laura, if we have the force of will and determination to actually fund the right things. So that is a strategic issue. That's like saying I got the most talent, but I'm not practicing if you're a football team. Well, you're not practice if you don't go over the new rules. You're not going to be prepared for the new rules. You're not going to be prepared for the new rules. You're not going to be prepared for the new rules. And for example, it's like being a baseball team saying, yeah, I heard about the new pitch clock.

Heard about the bigger bases. I heard about the lack of shift, but I'm not going to prepare for it. I got the best team. No, you need the best strategy for the new rules. You may hate the rules. Doesn't matter.

Well, you're a 41 year old pitcher who can't get used to it. Find a way or quit. There's enough money. And I mean, there's so much money flowing into these parties and these programs and these candidates, even the one that's the most lightly funded.

They've got to be able to put together a strategy that allow whoever the nominee is to win. Because you don't want Joe Biden to win again, even if you're a Democrat. Don't tell me that that's better for the country. Sixty seven percent of the country says he's got bad policies when it comes to the economy.

Between thirty eight and forty two percent approve his overall job rating. And when things got tough, this guy was in Ireland for a week looking at different bricks his great grandfather may have made. How does that help America? Nice family vacation when you retire or when you quit.

Let me know how it goes. Not in our time. Brian, kill me. From the Fox News radio studios in Midtown Manhattan, it's the fastest growing radio talk show, Brian Kilmeade. Everyone, welcome to the latest moments of the Brian Kilmeade show.

So glad you're here. Coming to you from forty eight and six in Midtown Manhattan, heard around the country, heard around the world. Carol Markowitz, New York Post columnist and co-author of Stolen Youth. How radicals are erasing innocence and indoctrinating, indoctrinating a generation, which we're witnessing.

We'll be with us shortly. And if you've seen what's going on in New York and Chicago specifically, you'll want to hear from Heather McDonald. She is a crime expert, is the Thomas W. Smith fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, New York Times bestselling author. Her new book came out yesterday, When Race Drumps Merit. How the pursuit of equity sacrifices excellence, destroys beauty and threatens lives. And basically being anti cop, killing the country. So let's get to the big three now with the stories you need to know.
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