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Saudis give Biden the finger; Kanye says white lives matter, too

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 7, 2022 12:45 pm

Saudis give Biden the finger; Kanye says white lives matter, too

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 7, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox news is this growing radio show Brian Gill made to being your body of the brain shall be Joe. 1-826-408-7669 the number he called beyond or Brian will go through that and be able to get to some your emails for those people who are at work or at school. Listen Michele, but I know you're listening or whatever the reason is the one I really: regular show. Point your voice heard a lot to discuss today will see what comes down to the present United States and a pick up stakes and what he does every weekend. Even though we spent his whole life.

Try to get to the White House. He can't wait to leave the White House. Not sure why. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three allegedly confronted article is about proposing to meet your press golf denied that self is direct and confronted the member present, which is subtle. Now that could be anyone you don't know the name that was Karen Simmons of MSNBC getting the report to the Washington Post and expanding on it that appeared in the prison's daily brief pressure on print directly from his own inner circle as the war he started is blowing up in his face scary many who think a desperate Putin is the most dangerous scale but the FBI and the Justice Department got them for tax evasion.

This what really is going on here. I think it's a tax evasion is just opening the door to what's really going on behind the scenes hunter hijinks his back. Washington Post is using official weeks to let America know the wheels of justice, a working I don't buy it now. Explain why they worship the false God of climb. That's when Joe Biden went after by attacking American energy day number one in office with killing Keystone and stopping oil and gas leasing and he's right, John Brosseau, who knows anything about natural oil and gas in Wyoming refilling a red wave that's with the Saudi's did by cutting oil production with OPEC plus and the Democratic panic is quite entertaining.

But the policy responses dangerous and in my view, un-American, about 10 minutes, a former Navy seal is aspiring to be a congressman from Arizona in a tough fight. He'll be joining is Eli Crane and Dave Nelson inside I was tapping with the economy he's a CFA NT strategist for ballpoint asset management and Davis can respond to the job numbers a little bit better-than-expected 263,000 jobs added they expected 250 unemployment and 3.5 the disturbing number is the labor to spatially to 62.3 slightly down 59,000 people decided they just quitting their jobs and leaving the labor force. Where are they going you know any by how many people do you actually know they can quit thereafter work again.

I don't know where these people going I don't know what nesting that they have. I don't know what happened but it's not just in Americans is situation. It's really the whole country. So when OPEC decide to cut thousands of millions of barrels a day as distribution is gonna cause the price of oil and gas to go up. Whether your home is oil or gas.

It's going to be affected whether your car. We've had the price of oil and gas core pretty consistently.

Now for the last two weeks. It is now on average just had it here to 69.

On average, the average price of oil and gas so this is on the West Coast. The average today is $6.39 last week was 629. So now we have the national average is $3.89. Yesterday was 386. When we go 379 get significant right comes out of your paycheck. If you add to that inflation. It matters now Saudi Arabia who knows this present called him a pariah nation.

I know Saudi Arabia's got huge problems. I know that. 13. The hijackers came from Saudi Arabia 25 years 20+ years ago.

I get it, but they are at a since dating back to FDR there complicated ally of ours and our best option in that area around is not an option under the Ayatollah so we are cutting back the president said my route's presence is reaching to Venezuela to try to get another 2 million a day out of them but will take two or three years, or Ron if we lift the sanctions and cut a nuclear deal. Another million or we could stop exporting oil really that will destroy the oil and gas companies to make them corrupt their contracts. Larry Kudlow can't believe what he's hearing as a by demonstration looked everywhere but home cut seven.

Once again the buyers are running to hug that famous democracy loving US ally Nicholas Maduro, the president of Venezuela deleting socialist communist country in South America for literally a couple of additional barrels of very dirty oil Maduro supposed to turn Venezuela back into a freedom loving democracy in return for which Maduro is supposed to agree to free and fair presidential elections. My view that country is essentially being run by the Cuban Secret Service huge investment from Russia. Great presents from China we have so many Venezuelans coming to our border because of Maduro's horrible as a bus driver of Luke moved Hugo Chavez used them. He does a cancer.

This guy gets in his place chose all his opponents. So the American petroleum Institute, the vice president of upstream policies him is Frank my Corolla. He says quote every previous ministration, whether Republican or Democrat is recognized the strategic advantage of US offshore and domestic energy and fulfill their statutory obligation maintain offshore leasing program and continuously hold the sales yet the by demonstrations failed to address current and future US energy needs announcing a program with zero new lease sales will be exact wrong thing to do and what's he saying that to their considering doing you believe this. This administration is going to possibly ban offshore oil drilling as gas prices keep rising demonstration nearing a decision on the future of federal officer of fossil fuel drilling and hasn't ruled out a complete block on new leases Thursday the 90 day comment period for the Department of Interior proposal five-year offshore leasing plan ended. That is why you cannot leave these people in power that is not a policy that helps America that is not a policy that keeps the atmosphere, clean, and the earth environmentally sound that makes us energy insecure in our nation insecure. We need oil and gas alternatives. Renewables are not there. Whatever the political correct term is next on the Hunter situation.

The Washington Post has a report out in the New York Post picked up on an expanded on it that says the feds are closing in a hunter by reportedly have enough evidence to charge him but not over his dad in that big international schemes over tax crimes and gun purchases dessert he had a sugar daddy pay Kevin Morris pay $2 million in back taxes. Now they want to say because you miss taxes going to charge you and to the felony. Believe it or not. According to Miranda divine Hunter Biden who be getting away almost scot-free will not accept the deal and because of that he might get charged for what he really did, and that international money laundering which Tony Bob Linsky basically outline because he got screwed by this guy to investigate some months believe that there's enough evidence to charge the younger Biden, but nothing is happened even though David Weiss was put as did as US attorney by Donald Trump unnatural counter pressures. He is under but will expand on it.

How could that be the FBI didn't follow up with Bob Linsky who knows more than anybody else. He impaneled a grand jury has not asked him to testify, here's what's at stake. John you.

I believe this is a joke. This gives him a slap on the wrist and allows him to say they sought and fought fought God's justice don't buy it cut nine I think he could think of it this way. Member how the FBI eventually got Al Capone Al Capone was making a lot of money running racketeering in the mob in Chicago but the FBI and the Justice Department got them for tax evasion and this what really is going on here I think is a tax evasion is just opening the door to what's really going on behind the scenes.

Why isn't Hunter Biden reporting money from abroad because these deals might not be fully legitimate. Why would hundred 90 being rehired by imprisonment and Ukrainian gas company be paid $600,000 a year to be on the board.

We had no oil and gas expense. What were his ties to these companies run by the Chinese Communist Party.

That's what this tax avoidance investigation opens the door and I don't think after four years you still need to open up a door.

Come on, you have a laptop there. You got a great witness you not using all your resources. No one cares about the gun charge. He had a gun illegally did file the form Y a right and lied about it then had his father is girlfriend at the time was his brother's widow who was his brother's widow Bo tossed the gun in a dumpster because streakers are free to use it to kill himself.

That's not the problem. I don't care about Hunter Biden. You don't care about Hunter Biden.

I cared to Joe Biden's the big guy overseeing these international deals that circumvent our foreign policy, possibly today. Maybe in the past and help finance, among other things, that sinister Belton Road program of China. No joke. We come back you like rain joins us feel talk about this military recruitment issue in his quest to represent the second district in Arizona not have an easy time will talk about that we return. So glad you're here. Brian kill me. Cho diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me process. It's a small word with think implications because whenever an idea starts the process gets done in town, big contracts, real action and people achieve their best work at Smart see where in the process business lingo team for managers who love pulling in the right combination of data, tools, and people from across the company to make one platform every project any scale.

It doesn't get bigger than the smart sheet power. Your process visits your process precise personal powerful is America's liturgy in the palm of your flocks.

Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen Ellen Fox news or wherever you get your project fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me. The polls moving in the Republican direction. The generic vote has been moving slowly but I think pretty clearly to the Republicans since August when the Democrats had an advantage Biden's ratings remain lower approval in the low 40s on the key issues facing the country. Inflation cost-of-living energy prices.

The Republicans have a clear advantage in both the Gallup poll and most polls yeah things are trending in that direction and I don't think I could say that in August and it was gone the other way you like rain joins us now he lies beyond the full bottle preachers a great entrepreneur, also a former Navy seal now is running and you have already achieved by the Republican nomination and is in Arizona for the second district, but Eli is in a tough fight with Tom O'Halloran, a former Republican turned Democrat who's had the seat since 2014 Eli welcome back, Brian Manning, and brother.

So Yuri had a military career you so that the business career. How, but your transition to politics you rented a virtual dead heat, according to 538 against O'Halloran will you know we just felt like we just felt like we couldn't sit back and watch this country had in the direction that it was gone anymore and you know it's been a really interesting experience Brian, but I wouldn't change anything. I really believe organ to pull this off because I think the American people are waking up to what's going on in this country are believe they understand most of the negative things they see happening every day when they wake up and turn on the phone. Read the headline to go to the grocery store and the gas pump. They understand that these are self-made errors and we don't have to be living this way we can make smart choices and we can hire smart leaders and I think that's why the Republican Party is going to bring element November will will see Eli what is the number one issue.

I know water is a big issue in Arizona right yet water is a huge issue in Arizona and it's going to have to be addressed, but I think right now the biggest issue really facing everybody in Arizona is probably the economy and also the border.

Second district to be in all of Arizona feels it, you feel as though that the current record the current Arizona lawmakers have addressed this effectively, including the Republican governor they addressed it effectively was going on of the border, not at all ordered the complete master. Anybody that's been down there.

Natalie knows it's a problem but it really is an invasion and that's not being yelled fantastic. I think that we have, you know, five, 6000 people crossing the southern border.and I'm not talking jesters on docking unit Texas as well. Every single day. What else would you call that especially Brian when that's not just people coming through, but that's the number one killer of Americans 18 to 45 every single day that no you have MS 13 gang members last year yet. 22 members on the terror watch list.

In that lien and count the ones that got away. You also have child sex trafficking coming through that border and Brian. Let's face it, every country in the world whether you know your Nigeria or Czechoslovakia deserves to have their own sovereign right. That doesn't make you more country racist, wanting to protect its border citizens in its community community such as common sense and that's what we've gotten away from in this country as we become so woke in Polish with allotted radical agendas.

Our people are paying for O'Halloran since you guys easy to help address the problem by voting for the infrastructure.

The infrastructure plan that Joe Biden put forward if you guys had any benefit from that.

The $54 million year that there set for the next five years, be able to thin out the forest in handle other things. We've had a lot of benefit from anything that Tom O'Halloran or look at his voting record, you both with Nancy Pelosi, 100% of the time you most recently he voted for the inflation reduction act and you can almost know what these Democratic bills are going to do you read the title and you just jump to its couldn't do the exact opposite of what it says and in addition to that, Brian. It was interesting because it not bill.

We were given 87,000 new IRS agents in one question and asked know why he supported 87,000 new IRS agents or doubling the size of the IRS notice that Brian actually said because we need new revenue streams more revenue scripts. I don't think that's cute what the American people or Arizonans believe the federal government needs. I think in many ways they believe the opposite believe that the federal government needs fiscal responsibility in the quit spending money that we don't have likely not just for Navy seal visa sealed by the breach or and is self-made success story did now wants to give back by getting the congressional seat in the second district of Arizona couple things that stand out. You appeared on shark tank. Everyone remembers what you able to do with the spent artillery and make different type of waste open up bottles and cans. It's always to hit it every party I get you kind of give community came in to talk about it. The other thing you have is is a military background. One of those two things bring to the table for you politically right because I've been to America first candidate for very long time actually dropped out of college.

My senior year at the University of Arizona in the week after 9/11 to join the military. I volunteered for the seal teams cited five wartime deployments in the Navy and then my wife and I started a small business and California were stationed in San Diego and immediately move the business back to Arizona when I was dark and we made all the products right here in United States of America multiple opportunities to take up factoring overseas because we felt like it was the right thing to do and he wanted to keep our jobs and our production and our profits here in the United States and so those posts to experiences allow me to do a couple things. And they really give me a leg up because both of those environments. Business and special ops have to be mentally tough to do both of them and you also have to build the team to get anything accomplished.

And that's exactly what'll happen you if I am elected to serve as representative of the sister house Al Trump helped Donald Trump has been awesome Brian. He actually endorsed me in the primary, and that was really key to know our victory and he also, I think, made myself and many other Americans wake up to the America first agenda and start asking some really tough questions like how much is this going to cost you pay for.

Is this really the best thing for America and our citizens. And that's one thing I love about the America first agenda like range of things done these transfers. Third career now and will find out if he can get there. November 8 you like best a lot worse than dominant Fox News contributor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you kill me, what we believe needs to happen.

Consistent with market is that energy energy company retail prices reflect the price that they are paying for the sale and the reason why gas prices leveled is because of all of the progress that we've made and worse oil and gas prices are moving around, but they are significantly lower now than they were a couple months ago.

So the problem is retail due to the retail prices have to reflect the price of their paying for the wholesale gas really okay so let's not have a profit in the socialist country that Brian Deese wants to live in.

Unbelievable that he is there he is, their economic advisor joining us now, but David Nelson, CFA and chief strategist Bill point asset management I can foam at David Nelson, CFA David, your reaction to wood. Brian Deese wants to do in order to solve the problem with OPEC plus cutting production money. Brian anatomical. When you think about it. On the retail on the corner gas station in it at their time to make a profit off of what they paid some months ago to put it up on their backs.

This is largely ridiculous administration is been selling 1 million barrels a day for some time at all and will hundred and 80 million barrels by election date they now want to add another 10 million to report the SPR down to dangerously low levels of crisis. So how much or how much Linda feel at the pump with that with that 2 million cut. I think it kind of slow.

I think it will be when the when one administration is forced to stop releasing from the SPR. You can't just keep doing that was designed for national strategic purposes for emergencies like a Katrina something along those lines so they can compete go below the note certain levels.

I think that's when you start to see prices really start to climb. So I'm probably better to put nothing on it, probably sometime in December so yeah rights election national average. Right now is 2009 since yesterday was 386. When we go 379 California 639 was five Nevada 550 Oregon 533. Why is it so high out there. They say because two of two refineries are being repaired or refurbished is that the truth.

I on the differential split between premium gas and regular gases is probably the widest I've seen.

Based in Connecticut, and from what I've heard at Reno and and are California as well, so that's probably part of the problem but it's not the real problem. We probably pushed not in a smart way towards alternative energy. I think you will want to green a society ethically understand that, but any rational view of a greener society has to include in all of the above approach, and that includes wind and solar, nuclear, and yes, fossil fuels, because right now outside of nuclear and fossil fuels.

The others are ready to scale nothing to bear to let ready to handle the baseload part of our electric grid.

Swift understand that this is a transition process that's likely to take decades.

This takes decades and they know it. There's more people they just rather be agenda driven instead of instead of what's best for the country.

Tim Stewart was on Larry Kudlow yes Asa present he was oil and gas cut for you know Russia holds 40% of the Venezuelan projects alone and so for going to Venezuela going to Russia were helping OPEC again its illiterate letter policy and and we shouldn't have to be in the situation. You also cinnamon to try to get Venezuela back online. Despite the despicable government and going to try to get a Ronnie deal get there. Million barrels online.

It seems folly when we can control and help our companies with the permitting process. Let them drill. They might even stop banning all new contracts and leases when it comes to offshore drilling with Zach and I mean David Nelson in a way in a didn't want to pivot to your own country to Texas and apartment another place in the United States by sending the signal back early in administration almost his early days in office by canceling the Keystone pipeline instead of Venezuela, Russia or even Saudi Arabia.

We could combine crude from from friendly neighbor, like Canada� Cut off and it was a signal really to the oil patch.

Update that they don't have a friend in Washington so you can't go back to be CEOs and told him to turn on the spigot when they're not sure what board what the regulatory environments could be back like in the next couple years.

It's just not gonna happen. And that's part of the problem and and I just guess they don't understand that we added to 63,000 jobs he saw 250 but the labor participation has decreased 59,000 people just left the workforce voluntarily. How would you describe the firemen.

I find that they can be varied interests in a good bounce from one crisis to the next numbers from my perspective are largely backward looking. There's a lot of more high-frequency data out there. Anecdotally, the data goes by where I don't see some Fortune 500 company actually cutting the workforce and in just the last few weeks, Todd Snapchat, alphabet Microsoft Microsoft was forced to coach out a few weeks ago, bed bath and beyond 20% of the workforce board just a couple weeks ago to cut their guidance by 34%, in part because they couldn't get the parts to deliver the cars. If you can't deliver cars you don't need as many people. How long is a good be before Ford is forced to cut their workforce so that that that has not been reflected in the numbers for the probably add some jobs for holiday help. I know Amazon's doing that yet seasonally it's that time of year when Walmart, Amazon and all these retailers are going our gear up and and that'll likely be reflected in the numbers from the Fed, I think you will understand that the Fed has to do their job. They screwed up last year.

They say their data dependent, obviously not data dependent, year ago in November. PayPal said there was time to retire the word transitory, yet they kept buying bonds in the open market all the way until March quantitative easing didn't make sense. Another try to rush to the other side of the lifeboat to arrest this man and the work that they do right now. These rate hikes due to stork stork speed that they're doing this is not reflected yet in the ME economy is going to take some time and if they keep pushing as hard as they are something's going to break and it could be something that breaks probably somewhere in the bottom box markets overseas somewhere and be forced to turn course when people listen to David the same as you well how much money you have, what you think about your retirement. Where do you think the safest places for your money long-term investors so I been through this before. This might not my first rodeo reporting reflect a lot of this is been reflected in the market already were in a vicious bear market in a broken down for sure. I'm not looking for my screen right now how we close that is probably a lot a lot a lot more a lot more important. But right now this competitive choices right now because out there a one year treasury is over 4%. We haven't seen that in more than a decade and a 4% you can lock in a fairly safe return for people to put some capital there, but a lot of these great companies are on sale and it never it never looks good at the bottom. I can't tell you this is the bottom but at some point in time. You gotta say you know what I got up I want on somebody's great companies because I may not get this chance again understood you have a podcast you host a podcast close money runner podcast. How do we get it to YouTube and Google the money runner pretty excited about it for a real undertaking for me and we had a lot of support by David Nelson the Chief Judge of the pointe asset management David, thank you. I we come back will take your calls get your emails also will continue expand on something I really talked about yet and that's what happened with Russia and Ukraine. There's trouble in the inner circle with Vladimir Putin. No joke your knowledge base, Brian filming show, Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite piece so as he'll make here and kill me right from towable six you somebody give me will school someone to give me her phone so marketing director, Pepsi, so patient. Have fun yourself. Tell me to notice it took 3� wow sig. I get three greasy cheese would be the money right money great very ground that is sounds fantastic in Tabasco plastic. Also, I don't know what kind it is. He talked about how dads which you are not. It's my money it's not your money. You 39 first 1 to 4039 sent how he learned anything about how he wants to raise his kids because he was wealthy and he didn't drop that way okay so believe in respect grandmother with some $250 so only one shoe is on his knees and start from bottom jocks and stored in the marketing department know his vice president once also split into two problems with this will also teach Mike.

That's interesting because you know you can't pretend as if you are struggling. Hemoglobin military families that was in the military some sure they had enough to live a lot of time. That means free housing because he was an officer so it's not like he was struggling that much similar stray hand, I think, and why pretend you don't have money but you don't.

You kids grow up spoiled right anyone actually a good birth, work ethic, because that is everything.

Yeah, and don't feel entitled actually to curse you actually destroying their lives. If you give them everything really striving for 100% in the never feel as though they deserve it feel better about themselves. They work hard for something really right. Here's more from Shaquille O'Neal the coolest guy in sports talk about talk about his son remember Rich. Rich will probable for you always. So people call from Tesla Honda and smart outsmarted when the test was going for now I how they were up and about $100,000 Erica Dagon. They got low. I think for top-of-the-line models around 80 200,000 yeah, the lowest one I think is like 50 to 60 so I am now you see in the stories in the during the hurricane. If these electric cars going on fire when they came in contact while on with saltwater saltwater so you saying that that's still no big deal.

I know it is a big deal happen to regular combustion cars to goes on fire. Yet if if the car gets flooded and saltwater contacts. The battery will cause a short and start a fire. I saw a photo of one or the resident who came back to his home flood damage everywhere annual, while the only damage was to his car which was burned out. Well what I mean. I think she is working.

I also thank I heard people are not that confident with that whole driverless car thing that is still being worked out and we take your hand off the wheel and you just plug it in and read the paper.

I mean, would you be comfortable not yet, but I thought I mean, most people in the belief that they got the technology does matter of us getting used to it. There's too many like other factors in the air like an airplane but there's no roads or things like that yourself like flying with nothing around you streets you have courage of other people. You fantastic. There's so much like Oklahoma like to think in a straight highway like you in between cities.

I think in the Northeast you have a huge cruise control sometime but I'm trying but I'm trying to not go too fast to avoid a speeding ticket. Well, I don't together every I think he's a cruise control once, but let's find out.

This I do want talk about what's going on in Russia because for the longest time people I get don't bring up the war because it just a big stalemate and everyone's dying and all the refugees and we don't really know these people board deftly ring for Ukraine but she would really be involved will that is all changed. I mean at the Vladimir Putin's army is terrible. Darrell poorly armed or poorly trained, they have lost between 60 and 80,000 dead. They have so little interest in the people that fight, they leave their dead bodies on the ground. Ukraine picks them up and there also picking up their abandoned tanks.

They are annihilating the Russians with their own equipment and get this, according to the Washington Post today, a member of Vladimir Putin's inner circle was.

Will has voiced disagreement directly to the Russian president in the weeks after his head in the over the last few weeks over his handling the war in general. You never heard anybody being inside the Russian government be critical. Vladimir Putin criticism marks the clearest indication yet of the turmoil within Russia's leadership.

This is God is the Pres.'s daily brief as I mentioned before, this content that the member of the Putin's inner circle expressed is related to what the insider considered mismanagement of the war, no joke, and mistakes being made by those execute the military campaign, yet they have no experience. The generals got a get in front because eluding a bunch people don't even want to fight.

Also on that on that pipeline that blew up the Norstrom one into Swedish probe finds the signs of detonation at no extreme leak cites the Swedish investigator leaked into two Russian natural gas pipelines are running the Baltic Sea between security service said that it had seized evidence of what the code because the ruptures and or someone into authorities had noted that the weeks in the pipeline off of Sweden and Denmark were first disclosed that there were explosions near their and the question is, who exploded them and that is a controversy around this.

Meanwhile, Russia's best chance of offense. They have already made drones.

They are not generating the generate type of massive effect on the battlefield, but they're making everybody know another reason to know that Ron is an outlaw nation and they are really causing letting everybody know there's additional reason not to trust them not to do deals with them is Gen. Jack Keane on with me today about what what we could do to stop Vladimir a desperate Vladimir Putin for using nukes cut 17 to have an effective deterrence.

He had to have two things one is the capability and we have the capability to deliver not a nuclear weapon constantly do that. We wouldn't do that we would put our troops in their we will conduct a comprehensive air and missile attack that would take down the Russian military inside Ukraine.

After all, we know well at all is something we could deal with that silver spoon knows we have the capability does he believe the president is the issue that have effective deterrence. You gotta have the capability and the credit rightly and will to use it, hoping that they have with conviction and determination have convinced the Russians that yes we would pull the trigger.

We plot their entire Navy located in the black seaweed kill every one of those soldiers in occupied Ukraine. Bill already been devastated that would happen right away with a total NATO head at which time you know Vladimir Putin would launch a nuclear weapon.

That's one thing that people don't understand this is the greatest fear for people against the war. This would escalate and get bigger than the war first going on against Russia for the first time ever directly would be unbelievable.

But it might be inevitable as always disguising power. This is what it was building towards whether we want to not they look at us as the enemy but it turns out he does not have much of a military at all. Brian kill me show you always seeking solutions first selling Brian kill me and I'm just looking at my screen.

Now oil is now over $90 a barrel above $90 a barrel. Wow, this is going to help take the market which is down 508 points despite great of a pretty good job. Figures of 263,000 we just dared to that.

So they took 2 million barrels off the market. They got a cut production among OPEC plus which means Russia and now oil gushes to $90 a barrel and with the ripple effect of that you mean the way we were paying for everything in Russia gets more money to try to sustain their war which good news is it doesn't seem sustainable. I would welcome back big. Our company way. Geraldo shortly and then Rob Smith will be joining us your rack that you seem over the channel. Fox's contributor got a great podcast. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 3332 nine S. usually just kills people to confront him, but now he's getting killed in this war. Here Simmons that was on the report from him pressuring Putin from his own inner circle as you just heard because this war is blowing up in his face and he started desperate. Boudin is probably a dangerous food will discuss what the FBI and the Justice Department got them for tax evasion. This what really is going on here.

I think the tax evasion is just opening the door to what's really going on behind the scenes.

Maybe I don't think is likely though Hunter hijinks his back question post using official leaks to let America know the wheels of justice are working and that Hunter is going to get indicted. I don't buy it and if it is the indictment going to go for things that are benign. I'll explain why they worship the false God of climate. That's when Joe Biden went after by attacking American energy day number one in office with filling Keystone and stopping oil and gas leasing John Bronson from an energy state and from an energy committee reviewing a red wave that to the Saudi's did by cutting oil production as I mentioned the Democratic panic is quite entertaining, but their policy responses dangerous and I believe un-American self and 46 in midtown Manhattan on her around the country around the world. Let's begin. Just a quick note. Don't forget to watch one nation this week and it able to explore was going on with energy.

In particular, go talk to Nikki Haley about the challenge of Russia, and then I have Henry Cuellar on the border. He's a Democrat who actually knows how to fix the border can't get his party to listen on many given the platform. I think you being intrigued and John Crist will be joining us.

John Chris, one of America's finest comedians and greatest can become the comedic minds who also follows the news so let's let's talk about was happening. As I mentioned job numbers for speed to 50 came into 63.

That's a good news bad news is 59,000 people have left the workforce just left. Where do they go where they go. You can see the PPP loan you can say I won't forget you can say that they delivered the rents have been frozen. I don't know where these people go is all these people rich.

I doubt it.

I think the rest of the world doing the same thing to. We have a workforce 62.3%. So just over six of every 10 of us are working that second, we should be at 6872. Some people retired I get it. So that bothered me, and obviously the markets file a bothered by oil and oil going over $90 a barrel, not Brian Deese, the White House economic advisor. He thinks he knows the real culprit is those gas station owners. They just live that life of luxury. Cut to what we believe needs to happen.

Consistent with market principles is that energy energy companies need to use retail prices to reflect the price that they are paying for the sale and the reason why so gas prices continue to be at that level is because of all the progress that we've made it worse.

Oil and gas prices are moving around, but they are significantly lower now than they were a couple months ago what the progress you've made gas station owners have to just take the exact dollar that they get enjoyed that exact dollar to the customer. Does he understand how free-market works. Does anyone begrudge the gas station owner who selling Reese's peanut butter cups to make a profit trying to make a little bit profit on the gas did not gouging their not the problem. You know the problem.

What an insult and modeling the Saudi's use of the look and say, look, they're not an ideal partner for their partner. We preferred them in a bad neighborhood along with Israel to be an ally and they gave us the Abraham accords because we sincerely blew up the Iranian deal and they said that as a sign a loyalty. This administration had a president that said their pariah nation and then started opening up talks with Iran desirably is okay I will talk to China. I would talk to Russia and undercut oil production. I am not defending the Saudi's but you gotta be streetsmart Brian Deese country. Why should US taxpayers subsidize Saudi security when they're not willing to subsidize US gasoline prices so I have totally understand the question. I have no announcements about any of that today and would say that as we mentioned yesterday, we will be assessing something close with Congress around a range of issues on the back end of this so to give you an idea what were looking at nationwide. I don't know what your guesses give gifts call 1-866-408-7669, but today gas is 3 to 9 on the average here in California you laugh at that it $6.39 Nevada 550 Oregon 553 Washington state, 538 Arizona 455. The problem is the gas prices are going up and will go up further. Which is why the market is going down scary. The US strategic petroleum reserve save for things like Katrina or a world war is down to a 40 year low. The lowest level since 1984, and it's artificially wanting our market in order to keep the prices down because he's got election November 8 and he knows how devastating that is so, what are his options to make oil and gas company stop selling to the countries that'll blow them up because they have a certain forecast to number two, we can go Venezuela will give you money to let Chevron go back to your company and she held to go to your role off sheet offshore drilling for gas really take you hereinafter build up that the renegade country's infrastructure, but we would do it get a few million barrels on the line. Guess would benefit Cuba Ron China and Russia is the all-star team of her enemies.

That's actually an option. There considering they're also saying sign this bed nuclear deal and then will lift sanctions allowing you or Ron to flood the market with a million barrels a day, and that would bring the price down but it would cost we have any integrity at all. Here's Tim Stewart with Larry Kudlow yesterday cut for you know Russia. 40% of the Venezuelan projects alone and so for going to Venezuela going to Russia were helping okay again it's a literate letter policy and and we shouldn't have to be in the situation you got know what you don't know in which prison consistently says of Brian Deese backs him up. You blame gas station owners in American oil companies that they evidently had a meeting quiet meeting behind closed doors with these oil and gas companies, at which time they can't let these oil gas companies gotta go educate America about what you're doing why you're not gouging how environmentally sound.

You are especially compared to the rest of the world and they tell me the oil business. If you want dirty oil you go to Venezuela. It makes no sense. Larry Kudlow's been doing this for over 50 years.

He can make out what the game plan is cut seven once again advisor running to hug that famous democracy loving US ally Nicholas Maduro, the president of Venezuela deleting socialist communist country in South America for literally a couple of additional barrels of very dirty oil Maduro is supposed to turn Venezuela back into a freedom loving democracy in return for which Duro is supposed to agree to free and fair presidential elections. Mind you I country is essentially being run by the Cuban Secret Service will take a timeout to give Geraldo some time to talk with not even debatable. What we should be doing instead there really debating banning all new leases on offshore drilling all new leases this pain at the pump is gonna cost them in the booth the voting booth. Unless you disagree, which are more nappy hero pushback. I believe things are lining up for Republicans because of the reality of the policies are so bad Americans will have no choice use in the brain kill me show don't move both sides all information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show so first thing is an old story made the second aspect of there's not going to be an indictment of undermine between now and the like to put her sensitive figure US attorneys manual says 90 days before election. We don't take any public actions in criminally sensitive cases. So if you know something's all made to look new and is not about something is imminent. You and that's they're talking about the hundred by an indictment that could be coming down a lot of people to get ahead think I'm one of them said this is not about Hunter Biden and not paying his taxes with a bed not being accurate, trying to fill out a gun form. This should be about Hunter by doing international investment deals they could circumvent the security of our country and compromise his dad, the president, who according to the emails that have been verified now as authentic word that Tony bubble excuses. Part of that's exactly who he was so they said yesterday indictment could be imminent by eight attorney that Biden left in place that was put there by Donald Trump. Here's more from Solomon on the dynamics of this case cut 15. There are four dynamics going on. The first is a lot of new evidence has emerged since the summer of Joe Biden being a little bit more involved in optimizing meeting with more of his business partners having keys to one of his business offices being listed as a business partner, document, so the evidence is starting to move towards Hunter by Joe Biden. This story tries to focus story back in Hunter. But secondly, there is FBI is under assault Republicans are likely to take over the word about the reputation you want people to know we did our job. Third thing US attorney did some grand jury activity discussions going on with the Justice Department and for their people around Joe Biden would like to see Hunter Biden make a plea deal and make this go away, but his lawyer is made current public he's not going to do that all of those four things are likely at play in this league of an old story made to look new on the site. Geraldo just walked in but he knows the camera Hunter by great to see you and the last part which ensemble she is saying is something bring divine intelligence on the media.

They just found out that Hunter Biden was offered a deal he be charged with a felony is want to do the deal and that so in the White House that has been pushing him to take it and he's like no and that is passive-aggressive because obviously sitting down for trial. If you want to, but if it comes to that they could skip they could up the charges and and pull back this to all for sure if they went for every literal charge that they could get against them would be as long as her arm sounds like a father some kind of beef that's the subtext here. Why would he not you know what face up to the responsibility I heard and Jonathan Turley wrote about in the New York Post has covered extensively and and and well that they were on the verge of a whole bunch of stuff, but that he would take a deal that they would wrap it all into one deal with very little if any prison time and then the outrage would be how basically he skated in will be anything about foreign influence peddling or anything like that just be all about the tax evasion begun lying on the gun application and live the kind of ministerial small smalltime stuff by the priest if he doesn't think the deal.

He discusses good escrow with his father. That's my theory and in the theory solid.

If you think about that exchange he had with his daughter and remembered my change when he said to her horrible when he said to Al. Never due to you would pop does to me and that is payable portion of everything that you earned. I support his family. Resentment passive-aggressive to write the book to write the book into a book tour that brings all this up and even somebody like as innocuous as Jimmy Kimmel would say have you ever thought about AppleCare when Bill and the people left that we know it says the laptops will you draw that is all real. It's quick. What gets me is to back off the legal aspect and dyspnea apparent for second what is it about this guy, where his father is at the top of the of the food chain and in the American political life now is present, but he was vice president for a long time very prominent senator for a long time does it say about you that not only do you do all the stuff with crack and hookers and so forth. But you fill most everything you have the kind of malignant narcissism that you it's all about you.

It's a kind of a wacky dysfunction right is I still say it's a father-son hatred, but why would you do that.

Why would you take your whole family down then sends the smirks them a couple things I think Joe Biden if you have did you have anybody that you know that said drug problems were well-run course averages to the frustration you feel is they won't get off the blowoff appointment a plop your family everything right so I've directed Rosetta to write and knowing that present Biden was also letting him do international deals would bring on uncommon stress weathers the Boersma board or CEF scene deals with high ranking Chinese Kazakhstan Russian officials, parent putting guy who's who's in and out of rehab into that type a stressful situation. Parent in denial, just as so many American families now have that person in their family and you say this time will be different this time. As I said this is the stakes are so high that you're not going to be that petty euro self abusing in a flamboyant transgressor that you are at home.

It's it's wishful thinking, and it never gets better. I I really believe it. I've done those so many stories about that. Once a junkie, always a junkie and now you have this guy now on the verge of an he's making a deal look at what understanding this, he had to negotiate a deal. I think I should thank his lucky stars that easy on the fall. Saut� wood within Miranda story. She says they tried to get him to take a plea deal of to a felony. As he refuses the charges could be up soon. If you refuse of the charges could be up to Farah violations money laundering with the potential for a trail right to Delaware because of somebody the one former prosecutor put it, Hunter suffers from you prism a fatal arrogance. He always received whatever he demand like I see that I see that but I wonder if it is Dr. Jill's and she is such a psychologist isn't that I know what I mean.

It was say you should know if you receive these emails and I really love her. Either the doping of Americo with you Geraldo your new series available on Fox nation. Episode one America's heroin high episode to cocaine crime and cartels episode three synthetics and social media is a great series is ready. Is it on is RNA. It is available right now and it comes at a time when with Fenton all as long as I've been in the business as long as I chase this Dragon. I've never seen anything like this. This is way worse than heroin way worse than crack hundred and 9000 overdose deaths in the last 12 months. This is Brian. I'm telling you this is a different kind of story right.

Why this is the number one story in America is unbelievable. I will still get by. Another reason to get Fox nation brother.

Great to see extra five tonight I am right you be playing yourself. I replied I am for Geraldo. I may use the Brian from his mouth to your ears and kill me. My so-called friends/handlers around me told me, like I said that I liked from that my career is over, that my life would be over. They specify people get killed in a hat like that they threatened her life like they basically said that I will be killed for wearing the hat I had someone call me last night and said anybody wearing white lives matter. Sure is going to be green lit. That means that they cannot beat them up if they wear them like an okay green light meeting that is Kanye West or Yi West will call me a West with Tucker last night. Poor to be today was post be for 30 minutes into being two hours.

It's why there's two parts and at which time he talked about being conservative. He also talked about divorce.

He also talked about how they could die Kardashians world, holding them back in.

His handlers were telling him not to come out for Trump little things at this point about drum to about the country but Rob Smith watched it. He's on a rack that founder and president of the Douglas society and host of can cancel Rod Smith a Rob Smith podcast Rob welcome Brian. Can you relate to it. Kanye West said absolutely Brian Mike on so many levels. I guess first of all, let's go to this conversation that he had about being careful about all of Hamlet and all the people around him saying that you can't come out for Trump. You can't wear that hat you cannot do that or else your life and your career, and everything will be over. I'm personally a black man that came out in support of Trump in support of the public about four years ago right around 20 8C what he is saying is right. You literally do lose everything.

I think that people can't really comprehend the forces that exist in the society that want to talk black people, particularly African-American men and that sort of left that in that Democrat box. I lost friends. I lost job opportunities I have fraternity brothers that literally will not even me anymore. I got invited from wedding but I got excommunicated from society because I made a decision to vote a certain type of way and battle Kanye West speaking to, and I think that when he speaks about you speaking about it on such a larger level than I think a lot of people can appreciate such a cultural powerhouse. The superstar he has the amount of pressure that is on M2 told a lie because of you look at that industry, particularly in hip-hop culture, particularly of black culture.

There are very few people that are doing better doing or saying anything that is outside of the approved script. Perhaps American in the society so he was going up against so much at that point in time and now you know.

Four years later, four years outside of that still banding.

He's bigger than ever. He won a Grammy for the King album here saying all of the things that I think a lot of African-Americans are really thinking, but they're not there. Being canceled will lose your impression of the interview because his intelligence is is is obvious, but a lot of times he would segue and bring up Tonya Harding and other things will think of myself. This is so far from the question. It's all interesting, but I could see that there's a lot going on there. What was your impression that you will think that you are not by the media training buffet okay see, when I sat down to watch the interview. He generally brought it all the way back in the thing that struck me the most. Brian about the interview talk about that one can cancel all approximate, probably on Monday that he is very lucid, very clear.

Now I remember doing a lot of capability stuff and a lot of media around the time that he came out for Trump 28 and there was this idea that cutting the West admitted to being bipolar and has admitted to having mental health issues in the past and so that Mr. a lot of people you sort of odd this baby you can't listen to him.

He is crazy that lucidity and the clarity of thought and the clarity of mind that you pretrade in that interview is what struck me about this is not a crazy person is not somebody that "office man. This is not somebody that is speaking gibberish that somebody that actually had a lot of time to think about the things that you're saying make no question accuses idea what he says comes from why he was wearing the lanyard he was wearing because you don't know he was wearing a lanyard coming from of showing was a fashion show in Paris of a fetus fetus in a from a ultrasound cut 20 see this came from Paris fashion week and just landed lanyard still on ferment and there's a photograph on what is that it's a photograph of the baby's ultrasound. Why is and that you design that this one was that mean that just represents life and pro-life, or see where it on the patch. What will come in response to great. I don't care about people's responses. I care about the fact that there is more black babies being aborted them.

Born in New York City at this point that 50% of Black death in America is abortion, so I really don't care about people's response performed for audience of one and ask God what your reaction to not only his action but his response like the black (Capt. America killing their babies somehow healthcare and I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that even I not aware a lot of people are not aware that there was what started by a white eugenicist made Margaret Sanger who wanted to quote a real quote exterminate the black population like we a lot of people do not know that because that is not a method that the mainstream media points will not be out there. I believe that I think that I realized that about three or four years ago. I think I was talking about it on being one of her platforms at the time so I thought that was very important.

This pro-life message and I back that abortion does kill so many black babies that you know it, killing not only the bike also shrinking the American population in the country look like they fragment on at about 11 or 12% you getting that message out to an audience that so much broader than I think anybody that has ever said that message before and I will make one more point here about Planned Parenthood and about how abortion is marketed so happily to black women in this country. Their CEO is a black woman, and I knew a couple years ago when they were looking for CEOs and they were sort of going back and forth about that BMX person that they're going to put at the head of the patient and patient is a black woman because they're going to use the black women to convince other black women in the country on by killing their babies, the only option that they have something to wrap about all the time you having this polite conversation is having a conversation about how abortion affects the African-American community and he is reaching an audience that is broader than most people on this planet can never reach my thing is that him is two weeks later he could be saying that because it's a terrible person Donald Trump said no he go to go flip to a 180 and the way he acted in the White House a few years ago and he was there was not normal what he was last night was interesting. I don't care what you think about what he thinks he smart and he's interesting then you could we could do this but in three weeks. If these same exact opposite is not really a member.

He turned on Candace all went out of the circumstances, but now they have together have this new shirt out cold white lives matter now people would have fired for saying all lives matter. Remember that that grant Napier said all I matter. They fired him. So listen to this exchange with Dr. Rob Smith had a great podcast out there is called, you can cancel Rob Smith Rob listen to this cut 26 people looking for vaccination people say wise artists. You don't have to. Given explanation, but as a leader you do this, I think it's right so the answer to why I wrote my last matter on the shirt is because they do obvious things like why do you think that's so nice of limitations was always matter because their lives because God created them. Why do you think that that would be considered controversial because the same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as as a color have told us what it means to be black in the vernacular that were supposed to have. You want to build on that you need. We did our thing. After that black lives matter scam.

Now it's over, you're welcome and I think it started not so much about whether you know what might matter black eyes matter easily matter anything like that. I think the picture started conversation and exposed the hypocrisy of black eyes matter in BLM eight now two years outside of the riot that destroyed you black all across the country and destroyed like the created billions of dollars in property damage. You are allowed to expose the hypocrisy of what was going on at the time.

I know I personally a lot of blowback from from you saying that they might not happen in doing all the best, but now two years later, people are starting the question, where did this $90 million go. What was this all about. Why is one of the cofounders of BLM have a $5 million wheel with a portfolio. The community is starting to open their eyes to be scam that went BLM. Eight people are starting to realize that they got hot, but they got hat and there's some people that are willing to admit that they got had and there's some people that are going to double down on on black like that are purely BLM, etc. the point that Kanye made about the fact that they have struck like people of their identity made him a color be BLM stop in the black lives matter movement and all the backstop was all about trying to teach or trying to force a way of being black.

Among the entire American population. Remember Joe Biden site. If you don't vote for you black and this is what Democrats and the left have been doing for decades that the wetlands matter thing I don't know about wetlands matter is matter with you might like that are black eyes matter, anything like that. I think that the point of the statement in the point of the shirt was to expose the hypocrisy of BLM Inc. and that logical movement want to fall money like Kanye could write real quick.

I am rapidly so losing overweight rapper whose played team. James Madison's Lieut. how she got permission to do that from from from the Smithsonian cut 29 lives or works of my trainer, a friend of mine Holly Pasternak Holly Holly Pasternak. When Lizza loses 10 pounds and announces it. The box that's a term for people like a thick telemarketer call callers like on Instagram they attack her from losing weight because the media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal when it's actually unhealthy get aside the fact of whether it's fashion invoke which is not. Let's since four if someone thinks is attractive to each his own. It's actually clinically unhealthy and for people to owe to promote that it said its demonic. You agree, you know, I do agree because look at how money like elevated liver was bare is not just be working with low bend over and expose a career in fixed cameras that in BAK if that was done videos for the Graham were sleepwalking on a private jet and a song with everything that you will be overweight but it won't guarantee of this kind of vulgarity.

By the way you would never see them on the rate there are obese are heavier set white women. The actually Graham of the world, even a double course.

He walked away. Do you people would never be presented like that mainstream media only a black woman little why is that they Kanye made a point better about glorifying will be better typically about glorifying obesity among African-American women and she is one of the simple� And for me it's unfortunate because I actually have a great especially. I will see you being used to push an obesity agenda that is not healthy but aspirational equally deeply unhealthy to American populace and when you take it further and realized that the youth are people you know what the left and the Democrat agenda and all they want American. They want they want them government depend upon the healthcare stream to on top of that. Still presentable exactly Rob Smith would reach podcast yet can cancel Rob Smith Monday through Friday on podcast I heart podcast or where ever you get your pocket, and my problematic because we are problematic. Baker and I welcome you all to our joint Rob, thanks so much.

Always appreciate your insight, Rob Smith, thank you. Also is a rack that we come back will take some your calls. This is the brain to meet you something new every day, Brian kill me show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show welcome back everybody just passing to see Kanye West continue to be a fascinating figure and I guess beer still be able to be a dominant fashion and music by John Chris is coming up next hour it's been a great guest on TV and radio here are become a comedian really established selling out across the country who is really known for first and foremost not only what he does on stage.

What he does on social media. The guy is hysterical just holding up a light seem to be just his iPhone and just going added. Here he is talking about soccer and golf with Constance/left but the ball starts just solid contact 6C magic of a golf commentator and a second commentator switch cadences and approaches see how that would go. Here's John Chris is an irritated weatherman Watsons and monitoring traffic Ryan Marshall monitoring the snowfall out there.

Yeah, it looks like snow just like I predicted in my forecast from the studio. I'm not sure why I'm out here literally looking around, it looks like snow. You could just take a video of it snowing and show that why do I have to be here to describe snowfall pretty self-explanatory and I see made yourself Ryan you know what Shannon I am in an icy mood. Okay, I spun the only time you think that Janice would like to do that every weatherman rate Janice D.

Wood � she's got to hear that they'll be perfect. Why do they have to stand in the weather up there for the fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me. I would what delays moments of the Brian kill me jump from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world. I know you heard of the station locally.

I think people know what going on because he's a national figure Bernie McGurk is one of the most talented people he heard a radio here for years and I misusing our building focused on what I missed was simulcasting out here on FOXBusiness and that he got his own show with Sid and he instead dominated in the morning on WABC which is well lucky enough to have our station heard in 77 WABC from 11:50 every day by his passing was stunning and start everyone in New York or the people to know me, lives alone now and work to Manhattan for the born.

I believe in in the Bronx and Brooklyn so he just the greatest guy passed with 6040 cancer so a lot of people should keep him in in your mind with key people at the top your mind and keep people of people know what's going on with terms of services commemorating his life and his family. We come will bother yeah what John Chris is going to be with us a guy that loves talking about was happening in the news put so there is own tapes likes to mark this news industry as well as kill new still with us on one nation, which is to be at eight 11 o'clock on Saturday night. On Sundays, and Shannon bream on Fox News Sunday in a matter of moments. She's gonna be joining us. So let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three number 314 32 nine self confronted member present in a subtle night yeah that's report oversees pressure imprudent from his own inner circle. This, according to a Washington Post report and now this war is blowing up in his face, scoring, scaring many people think a desperate food will use a nuclear weapon.

What about you like the FBI and the Justice Department got a four tax evasion.

This what really is going on here I think is a tax evasion is just opening the door to what's really going on behind the scenes. Yes, the hunter hijinks his back officials are leaking to to the press that they are about to charge him wheels of justice or working over they charge them on a real charge and will get to the president will discuss why they worship the false God of climate.

That's when Joe Biden went after by attacking American energy day number one in office with killing Keystone and stopping oil and gas leasing.

Yes, John Brazeau knows it refueling a red wave that Sally said by cutting oil production in the Democratic panic is quite entertaining their policy responses dangerous and un-American. Let's bring in Shannon bream anchor Fox News Sunday and Fox News's chief legal correspondent, author of mothers and daughters of the Bible speak Shannon, welcome back. Markets not love. And even though the jobs report was little bit higher than they thought the market is tanking right now because with the Saudi state and they come along on OPEC plus is cut production by significant amount in the road and the price of gas. Keeping your home warm is going to go up this administration seems to be scrambling caught by surprise today really been caught by surprise. Shannon been trying to make sure that you would take up not be cut by 2 million barrels so I do think they're sort of shocked but you have to look renting happy relationships work and right now are not working for the White House thinking to be in many cases working to the advantage of Vladimir Putin, and the distraction he wants to wait on European energy in the global market. They do team caught back on what that so their answer is going to Venezuela Ron I thought this this presence, it will put human rights rights at the forefront of all our policy not to go to Venezuela and Iran asked them to put a million barrels onto the world market or mow or review all or re-prime the Venezuelan oil and gas structure which would be with Shell and maybe Chevron be circumventing all your values and beliefs. I would thought I thought.

Guess who Brian Deese is blaming again. They blame the gas station owners listen to this cut to what we believe needs to happen. Consistent with market principles is that energy energy companies need retail prices to reflect the price that they're paying for the sale and the reason why. Also, gas prices continue to be at that level is because of all of the progress that we've made. What is even talk about. So stop making a profit. Shannon said this for the longest time that profit stub is terrible. Well, I'm not what America when you go after the refiners and yanking it accrued pretty certain I can think like a groundhog day multiple times during the campaign wording to fossil fuel producers will now say we convert like 1/3 of our production over the green because back plant. The president told her to get a deal like stop us now and we can turn it back to thank you and I need to ramp up production and quit counting everybody in the billions of dollars to ramp up production. You will just turn on a guy and you know during obeyed billions of dollars to stay operational because he knew eventually it would be over and be back in business and driving a car is not going to people who are on the business end of producing and selling the oil when you get rid of them. It's a very interesting take that so interesting that you sort interesting.

A poor intake against human beliefs and values will just come and do a better job sticking up for themselves. Yeah dirty they say the oil from our from Venezuela is and how how responsible are oil and gas companies are their parents for sure.

So let me so I want to talk about this with the group or the Washington Post said that they're about to charge Hunter Biden, and the cover of the New York Post is charge him already a four-year investigation led by US attorney David Weiss who was nominated by Donald Trump not fired by Joe Biden.

We were going to get to the bottom of who the big guy is as if we don't know, but instead they can look to indict him on fulfilling out a allying about a when he was applied to get a gun and and to maybe charge him with a felony for not paying his taxes that would be a gift to the Biden family. Wendy interesting and weird for me if equipped last two years ago.

At that time we had all of these allegations are guarding Hunter Biden things that were making blanket down think these are not emails and everything any that the applicant waiting for that from the Biden can't now lead the people around them paying a prescient information.

You can't believe anything you remember social media groups and companies that would even allowed you to share the story the reporting in your product and current others were doing on that and now here we are feeling In the midterms and their lead to potentially better can be tracked in coming, but you're right there. They're not unaffected to collect 20 by blinking others and alleged on out whether not invite then VP, now president, directly involved or knew anything about what his son was dealing with it with all above board is really beer that you mentioned you don't want to potentially allegedly thinking about hurting him when it's not. When his biggest critics would like to see investigated many of their investigations on that front going on as well about that for business dealings, etc. so here's what did you watch the 20 by Belinsky interview I get right. So he comes out he's got more details he'll backup everything with hard drives.

Yuri gave for five hours of his free time to the FBI grand jury was stunningly has never called him. Listen to what he said here's a little bit about what he said about how the FBI never followed up in the sky. T-ball dues have mysteriously retired while saying that he had nothing to do with bias in the FBI cutting you.

I was ready to sit down with anybody you need to me to travel wherever I wanted to and they were supposedly working a follow-up interview, and Kim Tebo in his last discussion with my legal counsel was listen we know Tony's cooperating. We appreciate all information is provided we will follow-up with you deafening and have them come in for follow-up.

Interviewer spends more time on this, and I haven't heard from them since two TiVos. People said that he has nothing to do with that they passed everything over to the more division of the FBI so that's another there's a lot of subplots here again by Belinsky not being called by a Trump appointed US Dist. Atty. The guy that said knockout if you're getting a lot there publicly and pay.

Email my activation and he clearly made that calculate it, rent the authorities don't want to hear from him information I passed on parting be picking up from Tebo's legal team said they were in communications with Tammy told him if he wanted to submit evidence. They carried contact Tebo to arrange it and keep it that he documented the call, provided that he had information about our field office and he never heard from Belinsky counsel after that.

So there talking past each other and exactly what happened but it it's clear, but plenty like me to call me.

I'm saying about a phone I'm waiting to hear from you and if your intent being that portion of the allegation against Hunter you do it without talking to him right is legal expert to chat.

And lastly, it looks like the report is for Miranda defined that he wants to.

He's refusing the plea deal, and if he does, that would open up that you he's being charged with a felony. He's refusing that deal if he does refuse it. I understand the process could mean that they could up the charges include Farah violations money laundering with the potential trail right to Delaware and to his father one former prosecutor put it like this.

Hunter suffers from you prism a fatal arrogance. He always received. He always received what he demanded. What you think about a guy that would turn on that plea deal, it would get worse for attorney advising a client like you realize that sort of an old man if you don't take kindly on the table. I'm a pretty good point. If you've never had a canopy in music for the difficult things he think trail and they tweeted that he made in the past the ball and you may think like I'm then-President are some of the current president anything for me and how much political drama to get drawn into this and it is not possible, he is taken deal with now, but never had to pay the penalty or consequences for a lot of what you've done.

You may feel like just like all the others are not.

Actually, they went in deep dependence on in jail think that the possibility to find his attorney. Anything you need to deal with the possibility that that's the reality. And let's get serious about this thing because you don't want all the other doors to open this outside Publix curing jail.

I mean, you got to Devon Orchards in jail.

The CFC guy is Chinese contact has disappeared. I mean Ukrainian contacts is Kazakhstan this you want to really expose it. I think it's passive-aggressive against his dad. I'm telling you, if you read some of his emails that this he does not mind exposing his father and some level we just watch with Herschel Walker son who is an ally to a woman you would see technically remember that exchange he had with his daughter. All never I would never write you make you share your earnings like I have to do with with my dad so that tension between the two of them over and enter family squabble made me talk to Dr. Brian and I counted Dr. Drew you want to call you us break it down find out if we could potentially be only have family. I sent a funeral to soundbites on my show.

Brian Kelly postulated on Friday, and here's what he said on Fox News Sunday besides that soundbite. What else do you have an interest in other news this week were very excited. 2018.

Rain began.

I'm not sure the doctor never settled over the 2018 construed about competing containing the rain fell. We will get action on that on defining the plea, the board can I have a feeling that Ralph and Jordan can come up as well. We got former Sen. Mike Pompeo on all of the front parking chemically dependent pain were closer to a nuclear Armageddon. We been to keep an integrated cleanser pallet were to Think about when we got Jim grant support stories.

I think you're familiar with the sports world and were right the time bracing his story is an answer. I don't question like how much did it impact, even as glad as they go to add primary on the field when every you know that there talking about your potential divorce Allison how you feel about that you think that's a good question for Shannon to go with any questions before doing anything right now.

I find it a very good judge of all, it is fascinating to think that would actually the rumors as happened with think it's happening to me. It was getting divorced right in front of our eyes just as possibly football sparked a lot of pleated husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.

I think my lack of supreme athletic abilities really help my relationship with my wife. I've never realized this would come in that handy you have a 21 year football career and it's really help my home life when I caught her earlier this year we were altogether. He was worried about some of your athletic pursuits. Iron Man your CrossFit family can the big investment I will quit that.

That's the only reason I will not do an Ironman for the you're willing to be held back by coming at me but I didn't realize I was such a great person until you brought that out to me. Thank you so much. Now the world Shannon with Watson Fox's Sunday and will you get is only checked by local listings here locally think and remember relieving off with Frank on the right of my soundbite. Not me. Also see the guy come Saturday somebody check my Saturday did a crossword check your local and general dream.

Thanks John Chris joins us.

Next is going to be. You go from Salem Oregon to Jacksonville Florida to Virginia don't move entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me radio show like no other, kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody. John Chris is coming with us at the bottom of the hour and you know is one of America's finest comedians are the hottest selling out across the country.

Also response the newsgoing on out there is that you make so perfect for show like this back here he is. He does a lot of these videos any post them on social media. In fact, is his book called delete that talks about it working all the way through social media getting his point across that we father's comedian here is John talking about things you will not hear at the airport. You know you guys can cut front of me in line. Yeah, your flights probably way more important than mine. The TSA line always moves superfast frontline that was the boarding pass and ID just like ready to go to several rates delayed flights that never happens next that emotional support rabbit yes it definitely needs carrying a full size pillow through the airport. Now she's not a psychopath, massaging the airport is not creepy at all. I hope I'm sitting next to a baby you know I love people to stand on the moving sidewalk is super convenient for everyone, so that is the last poster you directed at you.

Yeah, I do feel that I don't have an echo I will go if I see somebody there. I'm a person who prefers massage from a woman I don't really go for guy massages. But if I see a massage opportunity and I have some time I will go there. I got traveling with you and you you get very unique doesn't write your day. One of those Walker ones recently had with the chair with you face forward.

What else I'm not I'm not getting going. I don't have to lay completely just dissector personality from that when he comes in and waxing my to one nation is to be eight 11 o'clock John the beyond that to 8 o'clock on Fox News Channel, so don't miss it.

Also, if you want to catch me onstage. I know you doing Tulsa, Oklahoma K RMG fence. We talked about this morning with Dan Potter. I want to see you November 13 because I'll be there and I don't want to be alone to sound great.

So when does a VIP opportunities remain November 12 in Brandon, Mississippi.

Let's go to Brandon. It will be great by John Chris is back in studio you smart enough to have gotten Fox nation. He's a Canadian commentators got this rich religious knowledge because his dad was a minister pastor religious knowledge that you agree or anything but I just spent a lot of time in church you do you see you at this is interesting. I spent my whole family is willing from field to field family. Emily process is seven right you want to ballpark at you and I know exactly said you a lot of time in church.

I have a lot in that you love it love it yet of the growing up in church, the vesting of the one thing I'll start your course. Don't murder you know don't steal in the third commandment was dull, get a massage in the airport.

This in the Bible that in the back has to be.

I did not know really early man that savvy about the Wright brothers were able to pull all the together flight yeah know you what you know the art. If you ever let go out of town to make it anywhere but I just go on the machine that they have.

They do have the naked one that's crazy in Dallas-Fort Worth. They have one goal in the back room to get you will the arts of your out of town like a new city were you want to write clear and were you doing Tulsa's and Brenda Mississippi okay what you can't do is just Google massage and go there right you cannot cause you to be on the news that look of a reputable play like go to a hotel that has like a spa or like you can't just be out here just like I guess this is my reputation, my family kinda sets me up okay no I like to get a massage, given the size of what I tell them it was Isaac all okay hot you take care you so you all to handle everything, you will get you massage my quick bite is forming ratings are well and I get this I go to the franchise massage envy Jesse go to go to French like oh I know of that one. One or two in the morning just blinking massage not go to reputable resides in the day of tax they have a they file their taxes. You and I am the anyone can get an appointment because every chemical oversizing like we don't used to make a point where my schedule is working for you anyway you can get scale drop some names work right will be coming through the people that work for the people that work for you, John Christy, Pike Enterprises, are you Enterprises junkers entertainment entertainment like junkers enterprise that sounds better.

You want to change it.

Sounds like multiple, there's multiple things that just me posting yeah right as a guide dog in the airport. I so we play the airport.

At lunch we do the NASCAR one would you think that Alaska is funny right here, right here right to be honest she's not all the very thing they're all great but the stars are all fantastic to work for radio that's right down to think what you would John can probably play the soccer golf which is fantastic, irritated weatherman, which I think is awesome and I got thousands of leaders have an ID just doing is well once I press publish its kind. My already on the eye. Sometimes I see them.

For some, I guess that's my fair video I got for Alameda.

While this makes so many videos I will comment on what is going on doing things a great idea which you should've come up with Allison. I should go my own who pulled the shack who pulled Shakti that was you. Okay so what are you doing this can be a problem when you have children yeah okay you are so famous yeah and you so rich. What I like how you kids got growing up not being entitled yeah listen to how shack was very similar to paradigms okay this is how he handles it cut 39 a believer in respect to Graham over with some $200 so shoot miscues on his knees and start from the bottom to the jocks and start the marketing department is vice president once also, there were 250 start from the bottom so this will also teach my so how do you feel that is not responsible thing that's that's not really starting from the bottom there's like a huge net below. If you that's not G league would be yeah you got a tryout yeah some guys Eric and Rucker Park. That's that let you write you clean the court in Rucker Park. Yet, if you dozens if he doesn't doesn't get if he does like I normally do this anymore like I know I got because you have when I start a comedy.

I fight that I say it's like the of aircraft carrier had assigned 9-to-5 job and then you go, knowing that there that goes on that it's it's almost since the water and then it right that the $250 million net is like but don't live in a shelter. How about this scenario you guys on the pastor's Robin Williams came as our boys you want to do you come alive comedian Jerry Seth will go the right has great prolific so you dance comedian you still working with the club to annually club healed yet this John Chris Junior not go to the call because the clouds, I might add a primate go by a different name. Oh, I'm not like no I'm not like Robin Williams Junior right a really good name Scott and then that the crowd will know Scott Crist yet is your dad would never name someone's but a lot of those guys. A lot of those they got NASCAR drivers and stuff like that like their junior Ricky Stenhouse Junior, you know, balancer, Junior Dale Earnhardt Junior could wear their dads to drive. Yes, they drove so as soon as they get in that car. There are miles ahead of the guy that that is dads and drugs they know they seen it, they know what success looks like because you can't pretend check-in pretend he's not ridiculously rich yellow finally heat.

He is Enterprises. Yes, everything is shack is Enterprises ECM on TV every parish but he's got to tell my desserts I entertain commercials with the worst, I would say the worst is when the nepotism and the kid is like not good. That's bad like Michael Jordan Junior's like he's not, that's even worse because you like. I just wish I was just like a guy like try to play basketball you I heard Qaddafi's son, one what you write this down someone to be prosodic color like entertainment and sports, and so could not be someone to be signed or planned on witnessing. He was at his dictator best like the coffee before light before he was killed by his people at the site so is some milling and someone tell Kingwood can we tell his daddy's terrible though he wasn't good wasn't going to vote like the average he's pleased better than club all yet another plan probably kept him on the team you got because yeah you got your country right here. Keep an eye that you're leaving, the analogy works because wealthy ghosts. I would just imagine him going to like the rival countries I do that hello that those other crowds would give him right you imagine he would have is real story, yet Qaddafi's son was pro and that should not of been pro-you can see I have a lot of escort you do not know this.

No, I do not know that that's unbelievable. You have soccer fan US soccer right naturalist, the knobs of the World Cup teams hey � let's eat as well. A huge window.

It would disqualify the boils as you know this is your first year, one of the call letters of the national stage I.

I found Natalie that was the most impressive thing last time you know he knew everybody right. I will say this. It hurts and you brought that up Alcazar Nashville because H in their how do you do that all all your people down there. I know you know the people you member this last time, you know, the people are you know you call me when I call you to grow what blue got yeah yeah I think that I've been using it less doing see you writing your book and I'm through all that. Yet you writing it out yet, but underpaid.

So as I renewed of the place but it's not out, it's not out that's on next week 17 right and you they handed to you on the said summitry. That's first time I ever saw.

So you got it before me shall not talk about what did you care if I talk about some stuff in the book or our unit, I mean you get back out now you roll commercial I have at this time. Anything what I did not know you need to see somebody else do religion on stage in Los Angeles at the comedy magical for you to call in what your background you would just back when you thought you have in Los Angeles and I can bring up religion.

I know it's going on yet. So tell me this woman's killing, killing and cheese time of Moses and the burning bush.

Why was that a revelation for you okay because I grew up in church.

I was thought we were like like a sequestered community like that like we would drive to our church. We passed 20 churches on the way my parents liked all these are the only look at that youth group has pizza doll even were not even they raise their hands over there.

We don't not work on our right. You were just I was homeschooled very sheltered. So I started telling these jokes about about growing up in church I go do joke like just because your kids name the Bible name doesn't mean it's good be a good kid because pretty sure in six grade a kingdom. Jesus stole my bike right everybody you have to be a Christian. I will where they know it can have the fundamentals yeah but then it but then, I mean if you go outside if you go down to New York City when everybody knows David and Goliath for sure yes let everybody know Christians meet on Sunday morning. Sure and go and give money right and 70 million Christians in this country see how the odds are good now you are, but maybe in the new German New Jersey this weekend will be little like you and I can do. Father Abraham joke like you would down at Birmingham Alabama is more of a tradition down there, but I thought in LA these people are comedy magical yeah I got there. So when this girl was doing a joke about Moses and any say it in a way like if you go to like up. I mean there's no black comedy shows Muslim, shows gay comedy shows Middle Eastern there's there's a lot of themes of comedy shows and if you work that specific you want that specific market. You would you wouldn't love, but you would get right. For the most part now is revelation is then yeah artisans tracing funny stuff you wanted funny stuff about you about Lord Seinfeld talking on an interview is this guy make unique his time is your that's it like a Jim Gaffigan has a bit about you know growing up Catholic. Having 676 kids and trying to steal cake at night was because her sleep. No one can steal that right that's is joke yes so I talk about being homeschooled and working at Chick-fil-A like you can't steal that you like. That's John's Joe yeah you as you live it you living speak directly from your perspective and I just started doubling down. I just cannot do on to talk about me and that's when my career took off and help you. This will become a better person as you like. As you expose yourself to the audience that gains an attachment to the audience wanting to tell you right yeah there's a lot of guys I see there like just joke joke joke joke shall be like when we don't know like I got what I will see you on the street they like hug you right here. Like you I don't know what ways does he love massage but I like hug so I'm in a call you bradycardia now living a double life lists only fully auto like physical touch at all medical get excited to get in touch with myself because I don't even realize how I really feel yeah you yeah you I like a lot when I heard the last of you got a massage started crying and there is not. That is not true and I know this interviews with my masseuses whisper from masseuses Masai must, though this is not saying a word.

I will say they they sign a confidentiality agreement that I must like trial much like everybody son knows I also hope you have people to like if they come with me on the tour bus for the weekend right like another sunny day here they have to sign guy, but if you like someone comes to clean my house. You can't be asking people to sign an NDA for the I think Trump does dragged us. If you come over to Jake's house. You put your keys in the basket and sign an NDA to go into his house. We come back. I need to get on that level. Drink menu menu on that level. I don't see it happening.

That's the oath on junkers enterprises, and I got to do and you can hire a high rise of junk I junkers entertainment barely make it, yet not as yet no if you give me NDA back in a moment.

Excuse me with your explant a chance to fork out as I can tell that you were never satisfied will somberly call me chick flicks always satisfy you and it was founded on Christian principles girl me and you were made for each other like a homeschooled man in a Chick-fil-A parking lot, you Chick-fil-A's first girl.

You treat me wrong and I'm a chicken biscuit after 1030 not available so muster up a chicken strip I mention constriction constraint hanger a listen I know a lot of guys are like a lining up to date you. But honestly I'm like a Chick-fil-A mobile order, I can skip the line you can't spell love without I you what you can okay moment you click okay I can't spell girl you can call me at Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich wrapper because I am still good in the morning know because I went home after gate and stayed in my house and came back in the morning we went on the second day was still fun to call me Chick-fil-A chicken soup Christian and soul.

Oh sure, yet we go to dinner and a movie but I got morals okay. Unlike the AAA store hours. Nothing good happens after 10 this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me White House event present by massive representative, Jackie will was in the audience asking where's Jackie apparently forgetting she died last month. I attended a formal ceremony welcoming just in time to ground Jackson to the supreme said by Justice Ginsburg right had some moments, but they just refuse to do the other side. Chris is with us here like when the when the press secretary try to explain away that one favor. It's like that's like I should come off. I should come off and just let you just play those as standup unbelievable humor in which he said essentially was. We have to understand the present had her on top of John on real everybody knows that he had a your right. You just forget refusal adjusted to doubling down is just and evidently even the Washington Post was asking a listen all know that show I want to do this, but you're making me ask you itself because I like those I actually get like the booster location get it still costs you will just say like hey we went out this Coast Guard guy gets praise from the present United States IQ out there in the in the middle of a hurricane, 14 foot waves and you saved countless people is a great man turns out he's being fired next week and I can in the backseat sure that's totally true.

Next week you will get the vaccine done this euro should be wearing a cape is getting fired. Further vaccine about the guy that back when I confronted Adm. Kirby and Kirby was in quarantine got four shots he got the virus I saved people to know that when I vaccine works. I just want you to hear this.

I wanted your reaction. I'm ready.

Joe buys got a problem, try to relate every story to and make some things to make a more relatable telling to me for years so I yeah I was raised in the Puerto Rican community and home politically.

So he's try. He's in Puerto Rico try to relate to those three was raised in Delaware where he says he was disparagement of Puerto Ricans. They looked up there was no way just don't say anything other met someone had put himself in the center of every story you know someone from its own from the right that every canceled only I was raised Puerto Rican to listen. I'm excited about. You renew working. New Newark, New Jersey in the seventh New Brunswick yet that's even more important.

Weekend on the eighth for you going down there and then you're going on that on the eighth again and then over to Virginia Beach funnybone on the 21st let's go over 100 meteorologists and the resources of Fox Fox weather podcast precise personal powerful subscriber.

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