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Midterm races surprisingly close; Ukraine makes major gains amidst Russia nuke threats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 4, 2022 12:40 pm

Midterm races surprisingly close; Ukraine makes major gains amidst Russia nuke threats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 4, 2022 12:40 pm

[00:18:25] Allen West

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My role was private capital, changing the landscape for small firms can investors avoid greenwashing in their ESG exposure to season two of the thinking investor award-winning podcast subscribed to our thinking investor today for these insights and is intended solely for professional investors does not guarantee future results. Always seeking his first sewing is plugged to let his bubble to the right kill me Joe, so glad you're here. 1-866-408-7669 Allen West the bottom of the Elgin of God that delve into the border situation which is getting worse by the day and the administration cannot ignore it anymore.

I think that's good news overall. Also, special thanks to a brand-new station. Our family with Phillies WP and all 1450 a.m. South Paul's main W ERs W ECR 780 a.m. and Rumford main sewer privilege to be word were privileged to know that you are part of the family. The patriot in Oxford County. So, welcome aboard. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three is our ministration on a Democrat and know they need to understand they own it.

Now they own it now and they have to take the steps correct this otherwise whenever you see an end to this that is Henry Cuellar he's a Democrat and he's had, because his communities at the border in Texas border wars illegals flooding the border at New York's mayor defined as density of illegals literally flooded. Now they have to be not disbanded but pushed over to Randall's Island and where's the present on this MIA good news is, this can't last because now he and his party are paying a political price despite the fact that Putin is going to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops, many of the physically and medically unfit not ready to go fight and die in Ukraine on the battlefield that is Gen. Jack Keane.

That is the honest assessment of what's happening the battlefield.

The Russian retreat Ukraine to make a remarkable gains as Russia's forces begin to fall apart and put his massive draft has been falling apart as well. Joe Biden's approval rating on inflation among departments is 21% Congress's approval rating is 14%. Everything which party controls Washington right now anyway change they do Kelly and Conway on Larry because the last night, 20, 22, swinging the right way, showing the crime and inflation and a broken border matter more than trump in row. Plus, we look at both parties are, how they handle in the aftermath of Ian and Fiona. Yes, a presence at some totally bizarre goes to Puerto Rico now. One thing we understand to end.

I got out I got a quick Puerto Rico 101 exam with present trump prescription I'm looking at how corrupt this Republican governors and Puerto Rico. The Commonwealth is we give money to them where's the money go, everything to get it by natural disaster or need something or we give the money, but this go to Rocha and to the right people answers no to the presence of not giving you a blank check. You have to understand that you're coming to this country and if you going to give you money of taxpayer money. You got actually be accountable to it.

So the present United States didn't like that the current president to we want to do the opposite is honest and give you all the money you want, at which time is usually goes too far and goes ahead and says while he's in that country goes and tells everyone but where exactly he stands in terms of the hurricane.

He can relate to the people Puerto Rico because I do know he's in Delaware and there's Puerto Ricans there got 31 I come from local state who stated our son like a congressman from New York vixen, but we have a very relative term, large Puerto Rican population. Relatives are population where the eighth largest black population in the country and between all minorities.

We have 20% of our state are in slide. I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community and home politically.

There's no stat in existence in Delaware that shows his huge Puerto Rican contingent in Delaware, especially when he came of age in the 70s that even make any sense and you could see courses radio that the first lady looking very uncomfortable as he clearly was off script and basically was barely intelligible.

So when he talks about running again the running again and things are going smoothly and his policies implemented and you can make a judgment on it doesn't matter buddy Jeanette Bernie Sanders would not be elected or unelected because of age, but this guy is falling apart before ice making stuff up.

That doesn't happen. Making no sense when he's off script and sometimes when he's reading scripts like for example calling out people that he's eulogized like Jackie, Harris, when asked about age hurricane aid relief never miss an opportunity to bring up race or in equity cut 32. It is our lowest income communities in our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and and and impacted by by issues that are not of their own, and Simon absolutely and so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity. Understanding that we fight for equality but we also need to fight for equity understanding that everyone starts out at the same place as it is that so I mean besides inaccurate, it's so disheartening to see up to a person emerges, a vice president at a young age 50 something and think that she's had this promise incurs Atty. Gen. Sen. and be missed inapt all the time and to bring up race all the time. I mean to be different as Auch often you expected and is disappointing when he does it because activists with influence could be so much more productive. But to see, Harris bring this up again.

It just welcomes what it was this or even on the Sunday shows Rick Scott was one of the bring up in equity wasn't number one. When people got slammed right in Fort Myers. The other people got hit the hardest people by the ocean if you looked at a real estate get Cillo go go ahead log on its free and look at the most expensive homes by the ocean.

The richest people own homes by the ocean. They got destroyed by the ocean yeah and some people living paycheck to paycheck, or in affordable housing might be in a trailer park, but they're not that in the unequally affected by natural disasters but she has to bring it up and has everybody nodding and clapping along with her except for the mobile for a clear thinking people who know when it comes to natural disasters.

No one same peel given to the white people don't give it to the Asians. Don't give it to the Hispanics or the Blacks use Gov. DeSantis cut 33 on this.

I think she's trying to play identity politics with with the storm in a natural disaster, and I think it's ridiculous and and and honestly we have the FEMA administrator in Florida with us and she threw cold water on that so that is not going to happen. It's totally not appropriate. You don't have to politicize every single tragedy in this country and I think people outside Italian Florida really sick of the nonsense just want people to be helped. They want everyone to band together and when they want us to get these communities back on our feet. So that's what were doing in Florida. Yeah. And, in so far I think the put the governor is confronted CNN reporter had a problem with him in on the fact that he didn't give the Lee County enough time to evacuate it where you located and she said will Tampa civil that's where everybody was located.

That's where the weather was supposed to hit the toy a few hours to get it to Lee County to get out there certain people in Lee County who survived every storm and will not listen to any governor, Republican, Democrat, or in between, or family member that is not to leave and to quickly say well you know why you get Lee County out quicker. You might want to get a story which also might want to be accurate.

Let it be the key that's going to decide what this hurricane will mean politically to anyone, is how quick they get aid and get people back to living their lives again unless in the gotta build their house to give them a place to live while they build a house or allow them to get to the aid necessary to allow them to rebuild their lives, somebody's gonna fly out says my second home on Mecca live there fine over those you have a primary residence where the gotta go, how quickly information how digestible canopy how quickly people understand so I do want to talk politics as relates to all this because there was poser coming out and it's looking terrible for Democrats. And it's not because Republicans have been great is because the issues ON and the facts on the ground and in life are so terrible. Six out of every 10 of you listening to me right now living paycheck to paycheck.

That is nothing to be ashamed of, but it's a factor when you go to fill up your gas tank. It's a factor when you pay utility bills.

It's a factor when you go out to eat. It's a factor when you look at your paycheck and see it's not going any further, it's a factor when you go shopping or decide not to buy things because your paycheck doesn't go as far you just don't have the surplus or use credit card cash advance to pay off a bill which you know is the wrong thing to do but you want to be able to keep the lights on so that when people are insane.

What about Roe V Wade and what about Donald Trump really can we worry about, 20, 24, when it happens, Molly Hemingway, Wade and cut seven at least to say that the media where the propaganda arm of the Democrat party it's probably more fair now to say that the Democrat party is the political arm of our corporate media. They understand very well that there was stagnation during the Obama era, the trunk presidency did have great economic height. Peace breaking out across the world. A sick border that was on its way to becoming secure all these issues and now are back with Biden that sort of like that Obama term third term, and so they know these things, but their job.

They don't think is to report accurately about what's happening either domestically or internationally. They think their job is to preserve political power for that for them and their allies. And here's the problem. So if you are Windows media outlets it says will attend the gas prices are too high will focus on the $0.50 he left to focus on the last week and half that they've gone up rightly set focus on the West Coast of the average price leave.

Is this ridiculous. The average car in California is now $6.38.

They have an increase of a five – increase almost 5 dollars in last year Nevada is up five dollars and 48 $0.48 Oregon $5.43 $0.43, so we can focus on the fact that a lot of it's because you try to green up the gasoline to make it burn which you allege is quicker that you put taxes in there to dissuade people from actually buying new gas power cords so all those people going through that we will report that. But the key thing is we don't need the media for that I guide you don't need me for all this stuff you don't say one way to second Mike the gas prices seem high, and so the food bills I would would Brian think snow doesn't matter what I think so. By not reporting it, or saying is better than that is you lose credibility that's on you. That's pretty much why am I unprofessional opinion, but I live it is people are turning to other outlets. It's not because a voting red or blue is because is no credibility or interesting things going on and it's an insult. A lot of times to what you think. So we come back.

I want to talk about Ukraine and Russia. For the longest time people didn't care their zoning in now why Vladimir Putin is try to annex for Regency doesn't control number one number two we start a nuclear war. That's kind of interesting don't you think and NATO's expanded by two countries might both those countries might be in the eye of the storm and what happens if they do use nukes. David Pretorius weighed in over the weekend, causing many people, occluding on the right kind of upset.

Boo we were heading this conflict.

My opinion about Ukraine and Russia I think is really valid if you understand the history of the Europe in particular any believer and even Western Europe who majors in doing nothing understands it was of the brain to Mitchell so glad you're here challenging conventional thought and wisdom with Brian kill me. We feel out there hassling goals and career friends witness is unlocked and you're pressing it. If you have any little to keep on keeping on, Holly got your back from mood and think supports daily energy and laser focused vitamins and supplements to keep you on the count.

Find your new go to This episode is brought to you by IBM. I'm how the little head of IBM cloud platform. Last year, cyber crimes, because the world $6 trillion to address this threat. Clients think technology gives access to distant without compromising IBM's open SICU a hybrid cloud architecture and she was. You are the only one who can access your data keeps everyone else out even as visit is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me if I don't believe for a minute that is going to use nuclear weapons. And we take that seriously. Of course, given the nature of the weapons but the probability of that is low why because he knows full well that will expand the war that brings United States and NATO into the war as a result of the use of a nuclear weapon inside of Ukraine and that guarantees that Putin will will lose the war and by the way, that would with a found out the New York Times is a story who picked it up there when it comes to tactical nukes. I don't have any experts there on this world which can't really use it specially near you. You could make an area uninhabitable. But if you use nukes, he couldn't pull up right back into your country and tactically you kill your own soldiers. At the same time. So much of a suicide which would no one says Vladimir Putin, if a visa survivalist would do that.

So if Russia did launch nuclear weapons. David Pretorius said Jake Sullivan.

Clearly, by the way he was talking on ABC clues in touch with him and save Jake Sullivan Ash. I said when Jake okay so obviously is by then ask what exactly his response would be, should they use nuclear weapons. But here's what he said could happen would happen and has been explained. He believes the Vladimir Putin cut 11 still get worse for pollutant and for Russia and even the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield won't change this little Jake Sullivan has publicly stated that the US is communicated to Russia. What would happen in response to that and what would happen well again. I am flippantly not talk to Jake about this. I mean, just to give you a hypothetical. We would respond by leading a NATO, a collective effort that would take out every rational compression conventional force that we can see and identify on the battlefield, Ukraine and also in Crimea and every ship in the Black Sea.

So your sin admitted they did it. They would blow up every Russian ship and kill every Russian soldier, most of which have been deployed. The rest are running for the border. So good luck with that. Which then you're left with this with tapping on the battlefield and was happy in the battlefield and and I'm reading everything I know that the Washington Post and New York Times are trying to sell us on this war.

I am for this necessary confrontation, but I'm not for no accountability when it comes to giving our weapons and I just think that we should be finding out where the stupid stuff is going and don't give things incrementally forget to commit hi Marge, do it right away to commit tanks, do it right away.

If the one of our allies is committed but is not delivering make them delivered or embarrass them publicly so giving idea what's going on in the key area of care, son.

Ukrainian forces have begun to move and what a senior Ukrainian. The military official described as the beginning of an active phase of a month-long offensive operation. This is very fertile land. It's the farmland. It is the Black Sea coast.

If the if Ukraine loses this, they lose their ports will have to be almost totally supplied for all their resources so they haven't lost it, they hold onto Edessa and there up in the area which they lost first-tier son, the beginning to take back Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged on Monday, the Ukraine's tank units have penetrated its line of defense in part of the region.

This is the fertile part of the southern Ukraine that the Russian forces seized in the first few weeks now. What else is going on. It turns out the best fighting force of the Chechnya's. So this guy Roslyn courtier of who is now the strongman leader of Chechnya is maximizing his pole and knows they can afford to lose any chance he chose to those people actually fight. They said over the weekend. They blamed the Russian military leadership. This is a remarkable instance of public infighting within the ruling elite.

So what are you doing really good to go put him under house arrest and that was the whole Chechen army you have some inept Russian military leader threatened to shoot the whole Chechnya's who basically born to fight. Not can happen so he is trying to bolster his command. He tried to get 300,000 mobilized and drafted.

He says the reserves reserves means a train they're not trained. Now we understand the military conscription process is him as a cluster said to bolster the battery forces he set off a nationwide turmoil and said he wanted 300,000 now this massive protest and a good running for the exits bring the war home to many Russians who felt untouched by now many minute been drafted who was supposed to be ineligible based on the factors like age, or disability. Monday, the governor of this region in the Far East said half of the men called up will called up by mistake and they told thousands you all you believe this is a mess. The second-biggest army in the world. The one that should be feared has not been trained. They been bilking off the system money.

The supposed to go to the military is not there defining Russian troops with one gun between three guys who want to give themselves up and said they have been trained at all.

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No matter where you are in the product lifecycle. To learn more, visit commercialization.cover my information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show as our ministration of a Democrat and you know they need to understand they own it now own it now and they have to take the steps to correct this otherwise when a regular-season and this that is Henry Cuellar, Democrat who, instead of listening to humans and how do we solve this Henry the primary him twice and had to go to runoff to win. And by the way Republicans support them, to their credit if they would if that left-wing lunatic beat him in the runoff. Probably Republican seat Lieut. Col. Allen West is with us, he ran the air and see in Texas for a while and knows that well welcome back Congressman Allen West welcome Brian heard good. Cuellar knows that the deal of the border. Without a doubt mean he's right there major city, Laredo is one of those ground zero points with all these illegal border crossings and the fact it was so poor there along the Rio Grande Valley. So hats off to him for saying what needs to be said for speaking the truth because if you look at Robert Francis O'Rourke and all the rest of the Democrats are progressive, socialist run for office. They just continued to get what everyone knows it's happening down the board that is wide open forests that were losing the fight against these are transnational and local criminal terrorist known as the cartels. Henry Cuellar told Vilma losing this they went up to me or kiss and he said what are you doing and he said you know I you know what it takes to seal the border and the response was this was the Prez someone got to the per the immigration groups got to the present. My hands are tied now knowing that that means my orchids has lied under oath when he says the border secure because he knows it. Even though Tom Homan is pointed out that he worked under him in New York and knows how to do this, but it shows you this administration sold our sovereignty out to these left-wing groups that hate us not to look for in groups, but also this administration is funding nongovernmental organizations and NGOs to be down there basically be the travel agencies for various legal ever so the left can be upset with Gov. Abbott in government centers and call them human traffickers. The bond administration is using taxpayer funds to support the Catholic. Some of these other groups to transport illegals all across United States of America. I don't hear a peep from them that in New York is your right Vladimir of if he had any semblance of honor and integrity and character. He resigned from the position.

I would hope so. So, meanwhile, we have Mayor Adams here building a tent city in the Bronx and the people of the Bronx said what the hell you're doing. This starts a rating is okay him to return Randall's Island.

Evidently AOC is among the people that been complaining about the illegal immigrants that she wants to welcome at all times by leaving the border wide open and keeping New York a sanctuary city that listened to Adam Subway I said Adams could've been a national figure if he was smart enough to call out the administration for endangering his citizens of New York.

He could have been, but he's not. Here's what he said though beginning to understand that the Democrats have to be called out cut 21.

I don't know if you have really picked up what's happening. The far right is doing the wrong, the far left is doing nothing, I mean is Silas.

I don't believe the silence here. These are people in need of services and I am not herein from the two ends of the spectrum, far right is almost wrong file left is doing nothing at all. Right. That's as close as he got to a left-wing rebuke, but it's getting there because he has no choice.

The headlights look. He does know I do and you know about the juxtaposition of AOC that staged photograph of her down there.

You know on her knees crying at some going to drop administration and now to say I don't want them in my congressional district which goes right along with the Martha's Vineyard and so just go again to reinforce the hypocrisy of the folks on the left day that you know are Dave her Hispanic brothers and sisters that she cared so much about the Trump administration and now she's like get them out of the Bronx so you know, at some point in time the interest of the American people not know left-wing groups are not NGOs.

Whatever the interest of the American people and the rule of law has to be adhered to in right now no one is doing that and I think that's something that we all agree on the ICC with Isaac.

We can only free to the Ukraine war and we think the chains on the battle field. That's where you spent decades in uniform, I want you here with a general betray a set of the we can cut 17 is going to continue to lose on the battlefield and at some point. This can after the recognition of that at some point there's going to have to be some kind of beginning of negotiations is present. Zielinski has said will be the ultimate end and at some point.

By the way as well. I strongly agree with the idea of Ukraine becoming part of NATO.

So he's talking about was having the battlefield where the where we know the five important forces been blown out of the car Kevo blast region.

We know that they're making progress through in the South and the Keer son region they said that every there watching the Russians ill-equipped either be killed, leave their debt on the polymer. They don't care about their soldiers.

They leave their dead on the side of the road in the plan feel we find them bombed out houses they could not care less about the they just disregard human life in a way in which I didn't think was possible for a 21st-century Army but they're losing everywhere. At what point if you are Zielinski do you talk and at which point, if you are Vladimir Putin, do you understand you can't win. Vladimir court is never going to admit that he can't wear that loser of a dictator and what you see happening with the Russian truth on the ground, reminds me of that opening scene from the movie enemy at the gates where they just force about the Russian conscripts charge into the German machine gun and try to run away. The political offices gone down the Russian conscript also so Chet Robichaux they're there for them. I just got back in on the ground in Ukraine and he provided great report Fox News over the weekend and will talk about 1819 20 roll Russian soldiers there, terrified they don't know who's in charge of not getting good leadership and now the initiative on the side of Ukraine is the number one thing and I talked about this before with you Brian, we have got to get air superiority, air cover, so the Ukrainian not have Russian-made fighter jets flying over a continued cabal of them so that's the number one thing is to restore control of the Ukrainian airspace and I don't know why we have allowed Ukrainians to get a hold of make aircraft.

That's the one thing they like to have and that also man pants. The man portable air defense systems. I think those are the two critical things but gentlemen with the javelin antitank missiles all really wreaking havoc upon the Soviet Russian armored forces awesome but I wanted replenished. We hi get those contractors going. We need javelins in our arsenal.

We've given them almost all the hours and that's fine I'm unsupportive that I deftly see the bigger picture here but there's gotta be number one accountability we give you stuff to get to the front lines over to we also want to make sure replenished here and there doesn't seem to be any interest in that I want to bring it to some M and by the way, we have two Russian soldiers. His he was found with only one gun between them. They said Ukraine soldiers have encountered hungry poor poorly after the Russian troops, some with little weaponry to defend themselves and they have more more these insincere situations where these guys let alone the new ones that have been conscripted to go when you think they want to fight you. Kidding ones weren't smart enough to get out so much you here and into the exchange I had with John Kirby about an hour ago on Fox and friends because they are kicking out 20,000 at least American military members who don't want to get vaccinated.

Even though the president knows the pandemics over and told us that cut 19 to invest in our people and train them and then dismiss them for experimental vaccine is folly when you can't recruit every one of your branches can't recruit their threshold. Get your kicking out good men and women. How do you explain that lady did make their recruiting goals for enlisted personnel this year. Yes, it's a tough recruiting environment. We recognize that it is also a requirement to be healthy to be able to serve in this is a valid military requirements and you really think so scene and even even if it doesn't prevent you from getting cold myself or just let it makes the symptoms a lot less severe. Get back on duty so health the healthiest people in our country already sacrificing your it's worth kicking them out right Brian, we would rather not lose anybody. Of course, is rather not lose anybody from retention perspective to have them leave the service earlier than they wanted or we wanted them to valid military knowing that this is experimental vaccine that just came off the shelf.

I know it's not valid in the Ritz risk our national security. You are a military officer you could talk sense into the White House. I was a military officer. That's why I'm telling you that vaccines are common for you, continue to join the military without taking about a dozen or so vaccines to make sure that your healthy sick you can keep it. You can contribute to the unit success in readiness.

We don't want to lose anybody to the next thousand healthy force. This is a valid health requirement.

Health is central to our readiness is not just you but your thoughts on this. John Kirby is a disgusting embarrassment to have worn the uniform youAmerica on oh the Constitution and the rule of law and what is right and what is not right when you get a great example of the hypocrisy and stupidity that John Kirby didn't dress that we saw Joe by Joe Biden called up and congratulated a rescue spokeswoman from the Coast Guard by the name of Zach Lasch and Zach had done countless amount of recoveries and rescues. Zach Lasch is about to be discharged from the United States Coast Guard one month because he did not want to take vaccine, but that did not have anything to do with him going and rescuing hundreds of people in the aftermath of hurricane in so I would just like to see the person Joe Biden commander-in-chief who was shot up with covert vaccine boosted and everything the command of the Secretary of Defense Lord also shot up with covert vaccines boosted and everything. Both of them contracted covert Tony Faucher everyone else and Deborah Berg said that they knew that the vaccine would not prevent infection. So why are we for some people out because they don't want to take something that they have admitted those not prevent infection, and furthermore, Jovan said the pandemic is over so why are we for some people like Zach Lasch and United States Coast Guard rescue swimmer out when he is performing his duties to the extent that the commander-in-chief, the president of United States of America called and congratulated and you early on in the interview I see with three variance in everybody knows covert 19.

The standard vaccine that was affected to a degree, but should be a choice, not a mandate to wear three variance in this is useless and they've come up with another book boosted to decide against a variant to variance in where your 34th wave this is a nonissue in America.

The present dismissed it, and they're willing to take out these military men and women at a time in which we can't get anyone to wear the uniform. I was told the recruiter over the weekend. You know they told me they've gotten to guys in two weeks both homeless, both homeless, with absolutely no choice. He could not afford the money for an application to get a new Social Security card. That's our choices in your kicking out people are invested in these this is anti-American. This is an opinion, this is anti-American final thought. Your destroying the capability capacitor United States military, all for what reason to make a political point and and so if you want to talk high crimes and misdemeanors want to talk about the treasonable what Joe Biden and the rest of his cronies are doing to our military leader worn such thanks so much turnaround West. Thank you.

You, my pleasure, 1-866-408-7669.

We think yummy. If you wanted to scream totally okay that that's open here should not be mandating that men and women get something that's proven to be a shot not a vaccine. It's a shot both sides. All of us love let's not new thing that everyone has to have anything to sign those barriers and listening with marching just grant the perfect process on the desk people and resources on any task, and every change with flexibility. Everybody delivering great work for what is its your process casts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast listen no Fox News from his mouth to your ears and kill me for not hurting all American citizens in Russia to leave all try to do that. Britney Greiner said a pretty good line about where is Jackie.

I was surprised that was pretty good and also I would say that they went out of their way. Just destroy Herschel Walker though.

My favorite guy. I mean, they basically he's been on there forever. Yet so you one play Herschel Walker. They just mocked him, why was it even necessary. I see the humor in it. He was just made to be dumb, I'm dominant dumb football player okay. Just make sure vote by way and I actually thought the cold was decent. They made fun of the matting cast that was actually terrible. You see the skits. It's like a high school play. What happened to these guys had a cold oven was started entertaining went. I don't have time for now but we do have the kite where they made fun of Biden think that people okay I White House event present by massive representative, Jackie will RC was in the audience asking where is Jackie, apparently forgetting she died last month.

Pres. Biden on Friday attended a formal ceremony welcoming justice contacting Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, said Biden as Justice Ginsburg bunny that you funny. I mean just, I mean.

And by the way just for very few people to call it antecedent is no excuse for it is see how badly that was handled out of an ongoing story instead guess what they did over the weekend.

They focused on Donald Trump speech the night before, at which time he hosted some a true social which was ill advised when he talked about Donna Mitch McConnell has a death wish it would. Clearly Mandy had debts which for the party's death would still lose the majority, but not personally but at a time in which tensions are high and watch your language and present you and bring bring that up as he puts people like Rick Scott Tim Scott Marco Rubio. He allows all his enemies to ask other Republicans about him even after devastating hurricane.

I believe they just can't wait to talk about October 6. Excuse me January to October 6 January 6 that they want to talk about but it's not impossible.

They put up the hearings a week because of the hurricane and when he comes back, I'm telling you keep your proud boys keep you chewing on. Nobody cares. We know these are the two bad organizations. Nobody want any part of it doesn't represent any political organizations country an extreme element and they want to link it directly to Roger Stone and related to the present.

When you have immigration when you have the board with the report of the way it is when you have inflation.

Weight is gas prices way, the way their current located the spending bills that are sucking the life out of this entire economy and you see the present, refusing to act to try to alleviate some pressure on the at the pump.

Nobody cares much January 6. I'm telling it as bad as it was, I want to reform the electoral process were making a formality. I want the electorates bailing out bowing out like they did in 2016.

I want Jill Stein try to mount some type I/III some type a challenge like he did against Donald Trump. I don't want people challenge you like to do and when Joe Biden was vice president Donald Trump selection, and I certainly don't want to see what happened this past January 6 and 25, 21 before Pres. Biden took over so they could do some of those things that's the story. Precise personal power is America's letter to, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast Fox News fastest-growing radio show and kill me. I was right till we come here from 46 McCammon had heard around the country heard around the world. The number he called to be on the show to have your voice be heard around the world.

1-868-408-7669 exciting difference here to VPN. I was there, join the family of stations and affiliates 1450 a.m. in South Paris main CR 780 and their slogan is the patriot in Oxford company country and meanwhile this out into a Borneo company simulcast you'll see their hero have shareable a world with their audience and then run Rev. Robert Jeffers will be with us and Steve Moore, the economist extraordinaire standing by his new economic numbers and trends that I think are trending away from with this administration is doing.

Hopefully this sober enough to understand that.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is our ministration on the Democrat and you know they need to understand they own it now they own it now and they have to take the steps correct this otherwise when a regular CM and that is Henry Cuellar, Democrat border wars illegals of flooding across the border of Texas, New York's Mayor find his tent city of illegals flooding is going to move it to an island and where is the president. He is MIA good news is they can't lead they can't do that for long because now America cares about immigration, despite the fact that Putin is to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops to be physically and medically unfit not ready to go fight and die in Ukraine on the battlefield general Jackie in the Russian retreat.

Ukraine is making remarkable gains as Russian forces begin to fall apart and Putin's massive draft as Russia falling apart a poor rating on inflation is 21%. Commerce is a poor rating is 14%. Everything which party controls Washington right now anyway change that seems to be the case, Killian Conway, our newest contributor, 20, 22, swinging the red way showing the crime and inflation in a broken border matter more than Trump and row plus look at how both parties are handling the aftermath of Ian as well as Fiona and for the most part you see a very competent governor in charge and you have seen and try to catch them saying things like, why did you get the Lee County people out sooner well because it was posted in Tampa and I would give everyone all the facts that we had in real time. Also, you see that now is pushing for Myers can take years to build everything back in the meantime, I think the governor dissent is going to be judged by how these people are taken care of in the short-term and long-term. How many people are available to give answers to people in the Fort Myers area. For example, where can I live where can I go much money will I have what can FEMA do fire for Ron DeSantis.

He was pretty much up for the challenge less. I was Sean Hannity.

He also made it clear that it doesn't matter despite of the vice president said about your status about the money you the earned income, or about the color of your skin who's getting aid, even of the vice president brought up. It's all about equity distribution cut 34. The impacts withstand all demographics, all income levels. Sanibel has some very wealthy people. They also have blue-collar people you have other communities different race different ethnicities who cares. We just want to make sure people have a chance to get back off their feet and get moving forward again and we try to do is stay political and I think that's important.

Ben dominates waiting yesterday yesterday with Harris Barker about where this is heading its heading towards Republicans way because of the facts, not because of their campaign of their new policy cut 36. There such a thing of course is never letting a crisis go to waste, saw that under the Obama administration. There is also such a thing as having a crisis look like it's something that you try to take advantage of think that was the situation here where she unfortunately ran into the real teeth of something that people in America really are fed up with, which is turning everything into kind of a race focus help politically focused thing, as opposed to in a moment of real tragedy bringing everyone together trying to unite around trying to bring people steam or gas, and Steve Z economist, of course, been around work for the trumpet ministration to is when it comes to natural disasters. Is it true that those lower income classes, working class are don't have faith, don't get dealt with fairly meaty if you see any stat to back that up yet you know the answer to your question is no. In fact, I did some analysis of couple years ago of major crises throughout the American history.

Things like the great Chicago fire. Things like that.

San Francisco earthquake 100 years ago and and to really interesting things about those kinds of disasters. The Galveston hurricane flood that almost destroyed that entire area is that it didn't. Normally it doesn't take government to step in with all these billions and billions of dollars. People incredibly resilient.

Chicago was rebuilt within six months. San Francisco was rebuilt quickly and it was done almost all with private sector, charitable money, so I hate this impulse in America today. Brian there when we have a crisis, we have to have government spend tons and tons and tons of billions of dollars because those that a lot of that money is never even get to be spent on the disaster it's gonna get intercepted. So we are incredibly resilient people are held obviously goes out to the people in Naples in areas of Tampa, but I'm not a big believer that the solution is is $100 billion in federal money and I also hate the idea that this is been done all you know were to give money to this county because they have more Hispanics or Blacks in this county and that's not America. I don't think they run since were allowed To the vice president exactly how to happen using is to choose logic. I don't need this to you.

And economists agree like you have Steve to know that Rich's people live on the coast on the ocean in Florida having you if you you aspire to get that oceanview so that's the first thing that got crushed in the eyes and the boat is working at last it has that mansion they got destroyed there back in the going to be ignored and you make a really good point that these coastal towns tend to be the areas where wealthier people live for.

No question about it, which also it raises the question why the government is rushing in with hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars here. I do think, by the way, it's a little hypocritical for all these liberals you know in places like California, to say Archie, why are we giving all the saved Florida when you know how much data we coming to California over the years on fires fired, exactly. So let's look at the national gas averages $3.79, unless your your West Coast, which by the way it is going up for six straight days.

West Coast get this. There's been a there and it is now in California, $6.38 and Nevada $5.48 and Oregon $5.43. Evidently the refineries if either West Coast or rolloff line where the other want to say their maintenance, but there some reason why they're not being effective Utah about Alaska. $5.34 watching $5.30, Arizona 448 on the West Coast. It's a considerably higher why couple reasons. First, we have a new study that we just put out it was cited in the Wall Street Journal today, Brian, that looks at how much if if we just With the trump energy policies as you know, I worked with Trump on this crusade of his to make America energy dependent energy dominant. If we had just stuck with those policies and continued to build out the energy infrastructure that we need. Which of course includes pipelines, includes refineries and includes elegy terminals we would be producing about 3 million more barrels a day and I stays now. That means that if if that were the case we wouldn't be depleting the strategic petroleum reserve.

Did you know were the lowest level since the summer of 1984 right Reagan was first building up what will for it was for an oil shock like the 70s exactly.

It's a dangerous situation were facing right now with well now you asked the question about these West Coast states like Washington, Oregon, California, they are paying all about a dollar 50 a gallon more gasoline and utility costs for the electric power almost double the national average. Why green energy they've invested so much money and green energy. It's incredibly inefficient is not reliable and it's expensive and so they're paying a high price for the center green energy policies, and then California says Brian I'm not making this up.

They say were a model for the nation on energy all really sick stuff for Kelly gasoline double the national price for electric folks you want to pay twice what you pay for your electric heating bills due the California model right, absolutely anything is to point out to Gov. Newsom is running on his California record San Francisco is an abomination right gallon is. It is absolutely nuts in this president and this governor is done nothing effectively to handle it when he does is is he just wants to raise his own profile million people in the last year, a million more people left California than coming to California over the last decade. That's the first time that's happened in American history where people actually left California and that's a result of the weather didn't change their it's because of incredibly bad governance in the state of California. It's out. Actually, I'm how you get people to leave California. It's one of your place on the planet absolutely show about the market went up yesterday. What would you say that and what you say.

The reason well we felt. I so much in the last three or 430,000.

It was unbelievable. So were just seeing a bit of a rebound there.

I'm still really concerned Brian about the economy I think were in a ditch. Right now I don't think run the words at all. I think Americans are glum, you look at companies like Facebook you look at companies like that actually look at cutting back and plotting up running back employment cutting back on production. It's an ugly picture out there right now and it all stems back every time on your show.

I always try to circle back to what caused this crisis.

It was the $4 trillion that that Biden spent and don't you love it when he gives a speech about how fiscally responsible joke says he cuts the deficit, but the deficits been bulked up for the pandemic spending that when he came here, I can use an analogy, let's say I'm drinking 20 cans of beer a day and they say B Brian this year I'm only drinking 14 OF the assignment.

I'm so now is the most ridiculous thing we've increased the national debt. More under this president in 20 months. Most presidents did in their entire presidency. So, by the way, China is rerouting the US liquefied gas that we cut a deal with them during the trump years in phase 1.

For them to buy liquefied gas from us will now they have extra look of got liquefied gas.

Their selling it to Europe.

Howard Katz, our natural gas could be we could have made up for that yet absent this again on your so many times the three biggest winners of the Biden energy policy, which is just to dismantle American energy three biggest winners in the world. China, Russia, Iran, and we are playing right into the hands of our enemies. See Morrison stick around for a little while longer, and then were going to welcome and Robert Jefferson. The Rev. as well as to a simulcast on Varney company. I hope we can fit it all in back and giving you you need to know your Brian kill me.

Will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News by just talkshow.

That's real. This is Brian kill me show or to cancel $10,000 is 20,025 want to hear work. Notice families got tens of thousands of dollars and several dollars pandemic relief loan forgiveness segments criticizing give me a break. Okay Seymour year the economist Steve, not the Congress would just come in on that real quick. You realize everyone had their student loan payments frozen for the last two years and still frozen right now that is the relief you had relief this I get great relief that dissipated. Obviously, it should be these horrible people: landlord's gotta get paid to, and then we assume only if you had a frozen they give you a head start. Now you forgave it, and now is backing off a little on some of the criteria on the forgiveness what you take on his disdain for those who would question I don't understand the logic frankly of why people should have their student. I mean, why, why should somebody makes $125,000 you're not repay the loan. I don't see how, in any form of fairness or equity. This makes any sense. The is you know it's gonna cost the American taxpayer etc. hate this term loan forgiveness. I mean, what were doing is basically telling people what else me and you and the people is showing up to pay the loans so I'll tell you, Brian is not just Americans are opposed to this, which most Americans are angry about it because it just strikes is so anti-American that I should have to pay her alone because you don't want to pay it back in and I hate the fact that he talked about that same speech he talked about well love these people are minorities, and so will. What difference does that make what spelling it colors someone skin is whether they should pay the loans back.

It's pandering, I think it's backfired. I think in November.

People can be so angry about this.

It's another reason in about out Democrats who will prove this and Annette doesn't even get to the point as a as a economics fiscal policy guy. I read the Constitution it says very clearly that Congress has the power to spend money I don't see anywhere. Brian where it says the president has the authority to spend money and can you imagine if Donald Trump that something like this: the dictator and people are trying to tell challenging this town. The courts will see where it goes, because he wants get benefits from it, but I believe that a lot of people the 38-year-old just for you proud of paying off their loan us the 42-year-old that you said you know I did it. What I would love to do is to to really examine whether 7% loans why they 9% loans so people if you want to do something, Mr. Pres.: cut that interest rate and save it to, but now you know the big problem. The American economy.

One of the reasons I'm so bearish right now is look at the mortgage rate you see not.

It went 17% when Trump left office and a large front 2.85%. Yeah you go from 2.5% in a year and 1/2 near seven.

That's it. That's can add $200,000 to the price of a 30 year mortgage for an average price, so whatever scheme or socket to sell his home like you were going to allow you to reduce the price so it's bad for the buyer and the seller have for both of them is excellent to housing and it will no question is already doing that. Can you in layman's terms, tell me what's going on. The UK economy and was trust, because first of all I am disappointed that she backed off on this tax cut. You know this is a rich this is how Reagan and upper-class getting the tax rates down his way to bring lower with I is yeah and so I don't understand like Medway. Here's the other thing that tax cut was $2 billion in only a $2 billion lot of money.

The total amount that all the OECD developed countries spent and borrowed during covert and since then $20 trillion. So why are the blinds the bond marking market, throwing a fit over $2 billion tax cut when $20 trillion. Thousand times more has been spent by these countries so you know it just makes no sense close to what should they do who UK UK wise and focus on their time and they think it's canary taxes. They should cut spent the single most important thing Brian for the countries of the world to do virus. The new virus in the economy is out of control government spending everywhere. Countries are borrowing and spending like never before and it's good to bankrupt the world and it's gonna cause great depression and low so I'm telling the Republicans when they take over Congress. They gotta start taking an action. The budget did you see the reports in the New York Post yesterday almost 1/2 $1 trillion of waste pandemic from outside our country people in Africa and Russia and Eastern Europe and Mexico. These people don't even live.

People were just ripping off the system and by the way, briny amendment blood is boiling right now so the Republicans have asked the Democrats who are now run the Congress. Hey, let's do an investigation. Let's have an audit. Democrats and no not at these programs crazy even if plaintiff technically got away from a lot of the stuff after ministration. If you wanted. This is what happened back in and yeah of the bottom line is I know I got hit twice for people claim it's one unemployment insurance in my name, so they were there so much fraud going on.

Seymour was great to talk to check out more money and 77 WABC on Saturdays at 1 PM 1 PM.

I radio show like no other and kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody in about 15 minutes ability with Steward morning through with FBM were the fastest growing cable companies stations in the entire country. Employees at the number one show low with Ari Kudlow on the channel so we do simulcast there just about every Tuesday with me in studios. Another great guest, Dr. Robert Jeffers. He's the senior pastor the First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas north of her brand-new book called 18 minutes with Jesus straight talk from the Savior about the things that matter most Rev. Dr. Jeffers, welcome back. Great to be back with you Brian. I know that you you still in touch with love for present Trump.

Occasionally I am and still supporting him and if he runs.

I'd certainly be a great support. Have you noticed a difference in the last four years of me would notice the aging of person Biden rapidly before rising before, in between when he was vice president and president now. Have you noticed anything with this with the phone present.

I have sent out I tell you I think the contrast grows more stark every day between him and Biden's Biden deteriorates a member. He came to Dallas about a year ago with the Bill of Rights to do this history tour and halfway through he called me said what you think. I said I think Joe Biden could never get the kind of answers you didn't, so I think that if he runs it's going to be a stark contrast that will play to Trump's favor would you think age matters from the present different with the present that 75 you would be not like it is now. I think with him. Age equals experience and I don't think his age is a detriment to his running from what you know, unofficially, what type of toll has church attendance taken since the pandemic when they told everyone go home. It had a big effect and gratefully at first Baptist Dallas word about 95% of our pre-pandemic attendance but were way on the high-end. Most churches are 60 to 70% and I think Brian it's taken our spiritual and emotional toll on people being separated from their churches. I think all of these pew research poll's about Christians not believing like they did and be more discouraged than they have been. It's all a direct result of not being connected together with other Christians. They think a mistake telling people go home during the pandemic. I think they went overboard. I mean that we, for a few weeks went to Internet television only, but we only did it for a few weeks at we realize people needed to be back together and present Trump does a run again. Do you think the religious community would be behind it.

Would you be behind him I'd be behind him 100% and I think most evangelicals will be to simply because he delivered on every promising night in 2016. For example, 12, for example, three conservative justices on the Supreme Court that were highly pro-life in O'Brien even Democrats all the left acknowledges that had it not been for Trump Roe V Wade would still be in force today evangelicals know that they know their 200+ federal judges he appointed to the courts that affect all issues like life and religious liberty. The things we care about.

So yes I think it was promises made, promises kept us about your book.

Now you say how did you go about doing this because you take Jesus whose whose chronicled in the Bible, yes, and then you want to make it into today's vernacular understanding for the people that don't necessary live and breathe it like you in the ends at the end the evangelical community what the title 18 minutes with Jesus came about from the sensation. Ted talks that everybody writes about you know a Ted talk is a short talk by an expert on a topic of interest to an audience but it can only be 18 minutes and I had this thought Brian what if Jesus were to come back today and give a Ted talk. What would he say and then it hit me. He's Artie given his tech talk. It's called the sermon on the mount.

It's a sermon that can be read in 18 minutes and get in it he talks about things everybody cares about about your money, your sex life how to deal with your enemies, your eternal destiny and so I gave this fresh look at the sermon on the mountain for today Brian. A lot of people think Jesus is a slow wimpy rabbi who won around a crunching birdseed and saying nice things to people. That's not the Jesus of the Bible. He was radical and the things he says in the sermon are really radical, but they live to a satisfying life for those who live those principles every day was a similar amount like well I think you know what was on the hillside looking over the Sea of Galilee. I'll take a group to Israel in April and will go to that place where scholars believe he delivered the sermon on the Mount. It was a crowd though that was filled with some devoted disciples, but some doubters and some religious leaders by the way, Jesus harshest words were not for the adulterers, liars and drunkards. It was toward religious hypocrites. He couldn't stand hypocrisy and I think if you came back today, he would talk to the religious and political leaders and point out their hypocrisy. You think you would be involved in politics. There's no doubt he would be involved in politics. In Matthew five in the middle of the sermon on the Mount.

He says you my followers are the salt of the world. Salt was a preservative in Jesus that you didn't prevent decay of meat, but it delayed the decay and I think he would say to Christians today. The way you push back against evil. One way is by the leaders you elect leaders determine policies policies determine the moral and spiritual direction of the country so that that's what he feels he feels that he could knock down is that, did you actually give that Ted talk, yes, I didn't but I think Jesus did and that's what the sermon on the mount is what you do that if asked me that's a very conversion of your book absolutely absolutely right.

And you know I again I think Jesus would be nonpartisan and I think he would be fiercely independent. I think he would say some things commending Republicans but condemning them in the same thing the Democrats you know I think if Gavin Newsom a few weeks ago put up these billboards for abortion and quoted the words of Jesus love your neighbor as yourself. I think Jesus would blast Gavin Newsom for perverting his word about life.

I think he would quote the verse that he said himself, don't hurt a child it be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be cast into the sea than hurt a child. I think it's like the Republicans hate you stand for life inside the one that's great. I do too but also be concerned with children outside the womb. Make sure they're taking care of this. Well I think Jesus would have some for rewards for both political parties of the very interesting item that fellow Christian the Pope that your necessarily Pope would notice that he called on the called out Vladimir Putin. He loves calling out us. He has no problem seeing a will have in a one-on-one with speaker the House Nancy Pelosi as I received it. She claims to be invalid Is pro-choice, but she actually called out Vladimir Putin should that be the role of a leader and you are you comfortable with that.

Yes I am. As long as that leaders speaking. According to biblical principles and not political dogma and look I think that we mean by that. Well what I mean by that is I don't understand is a political leader how anybody like Joe Bogner, Nancy Pelosi can be pro-abortion.

It just doesn't square with Scripture, and I think if you're going to call out somebody they are to call out their own party Gavin Newsom who is doing something that is totally antithetical to the Catholic faith, and certainly evangelicals and that's calling for the slaughter of the unborn. That's interesting because famously the Pope combined Ronald Reagan to help take down then Soviet Union is that a role in which you think would be supported a book like yours. I don't think that would be the major thrust of it because I mean is mandated, it would for good didn't write again. I think Jesus would speak out against leaders that are slaughtering innocent people. I think certainly that's the right thing to do. Ronald Reagan called rush of the evil Empire. I think it's fine to call evil what God is called evil when he's called murder.

The application of basic human rights evil, but I think again up about religious leaders have to be sure they're on solid biblical ground before they do so you don't trump he's been in the headlines really since his mid-30s he bought the USFL jersey generals when he was 37 years old so he's been out and about with the weather was George Steinbrenner. Whether it was Roy Cohen and others he's been on that the so-called page 6 of our society is not live that that great biblical Christian life that may be other people would.

Why is evangelical community so supportive of it. It's real simple.

Brian is because of the policies that he and Bryce's evangelicals realize they were not electing a Sunday school teacher when they voted for Pres. trump and that he often quotes me about what I said.

I said he may not be a perfect Christian, but he's an effective leader and when you're looking for political leaders. It's a different list of requirements than looking for pastor personal religious pieties and important important qualification for a pastor forward a political leader.

It's the policies that he embraces me look evangelical supported Ronald Reagan in 1980 the first divorce.

President ever. It's not because we supported divorce.

It's because of the policies that he embodied divorce was a big thing that can make yeah that what I was an and Leslie Mike pence is also somebody that you support in a great admiration for how you handle the fact that they're not speaking well, you know, I would say this without saying too much, you know, one of those party said to me, we had an amicable separation and but it was a separation and I think look.

They both are great friends of mind. I think they had just different views and third not going to back down from their views about January's actually both are great quality sector average.

Average congratulations on your latest book 18 minutes with user straight talk for the Savior about things that matter most think Ted talk in Jesus and you understand this book was great to see a doctor ever great to see you Brian, thanks we come back on a deal with Stuart Varney.

Hopefully I'll survive. Now there Brian until meat show joins FOXBusiness is Varney and company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian Gill made the back everybody about the December student body in a little bit of that.

We discussed more first hour the children. This and that was the vice president seems to put her foot in mouth every day and not being a help to the president she would have the most promising career possible when you have a 76-year-old present in decline and then you have a somebody in their 50s, who's got a law degree and Atty. Gen.'s background sitting Sen. before she was named a failed candidate got it, but a lot of people felt the candidate and get a reboot and she had a chance for reboot, but the more we see our the more epically, she fails to mean think about her speech is think about her comments when she goes over seas.

Think about her refusing to go to the Polish border with Ukraine and then think about what she said about equity. Let's listen together to avoid sounding fast but Brian, let's get into Matt Adams was change the location of that migrant tent city. Okay, sorry, I want to go with another one. Let's get how I'm getting confused right just like the one I go with that which is unbelievable. I know to talk about those 10 cities in the progress is moving into Randall's Island because IOC doesn't like it in the Bronx go with that. Okay dude, you understand a Randall's Island. There's a police academy there's a fire Academy.

There is about 25 to 30 soccer fields.

It also well sleazy rugby there and regular basis about five baseball fields. So what you have is his isolated island with these to run world games and things that nature now. Why are they moving part of the reason they said is because well it's flooding in the Bronx after three straight days of rain in the puddles became untenable. Maybe that's a little bit true. Maybe another part of this is not in my backyard AOC, whose district is there who's getting a myriad of complaints there. This liberal area that said go in there Ms. squad member and crate havoc in Washington DC. Give us a new green deal make us proud and don't want to be a sanctuary city just don't want to see in front of them and makes mess up their neighborhoods were saying as a country you control the borders when the borders come to the Bronx.

The people that AOC represents want no part of it. Therefore she's whining about it now. Miraculously, they move. I know you going to disagree with me but you got 23 4 million people in this country in the last couple years that can walk with you like it or not they can walk in a world that sit around doing nothing with paying for what he said. I say this if you if you were to about 2 to 3 million.

I understand it, but just understand it is going to kill go exponentially.

If those two through 2 to 3 million and up having promising careers. We are basically going to adopt all of El Salvador, all of Nicaragua. The Venezuelans can get out without being killed if Brazil flips and goes to this the socialist year goes away from Boston arrow they're going to start emptying out here China's influence of rotten food to Russia's influence attorney everyone socialists including Columbia now, so if you're able to come here blow up our system thumb your nose at it and have productive careers and eventually get your amnesty then there is no saying that we have no control of our country.

So even though your answer. They felt the 2 to 3 million is admirable. I think it would include 20 turns out down the line is not, is nothing but disaster for America okay okay if it encourages motor, that's not good news but you gotta do something right. You ain't gonna send him back and that's a fact that it nearly 20,000 active military personnel facing discharge because they wouldn't get faxed you're fired up about this in the present say the pandemic was over. Yeah. And I think you still fired up about it to anyone putting tell the tell everyone your position on this and I will say this every one of our branches including the Navy is below threshold on improvement and now you're taking a bunch of military men and women in the Army. The big story two weeks ago is that these Army members are actually applying for food stamps. That's how little they are making but yet they want to sacrifice for a country. This is their best opportunity then there told get a vaccine.

Really, the vaccine don't feel comfortable with that, for whatever reason that we find at the very six-hour excel or accelerate in the present says pandemics over and they say if you don't get that vaccine which is really a shot.

A vaccine is something at once a lifetime once every seven years. This is a shot and you see now you want this. The present got two shots to boosters against covert Tajik to shop to boosters against covert Adm. I'm talking to you today to shots to boosters get scolded these people in the prime of their life. Want to give to their country.

Go to the Coast Guard and out 20,000 are given their walking papers and like the gentleman I talked to today, 18 years serving for the Coast Guard to save countless lives in Florida risking people out of the water at this killer storm and now is told in two weeks. Goodbye. Hopeless absolutely hope make the situation. Unbelief Brian to take a look at the market, and open your 401(k) to get a smile.

If I select the fiber today you like. Today right thanks Brian, thank you. Here over 30,000 updates, 76, seven, 698.

It looks like on the on the market so that is good news. I would just said also get some sad news history to so many people here love country music. Loretta Lynn is tied at the age of 90, so she was somebody in the 70s and 60s.

It really thrived in the one thing about country music. They really respect their heritage. So sad day over in Nashville for sure 1-866-408-7669 will take some calls on that with the vaccine of the mandates is just horrific what's happening. It's such disrespect for the men and women fight in the when I know this that did the fatality is infinitesimal for those who did. Especially with this variant that covert and actually suffer symptoms get some hospitalized look at was happening now all you do is say I'm going to let my military reflect the country were living our lives were back at work right to sublease or not wear masks weird, even a college campus is the most liberal bastion. There is now wearing masks. No vaccination mandate. Believe me, both my daughter at school, said he will lean quite precipitous, quite deliberately to the left and they are not wear masks. Nobody asked about vaccines foretelling the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and Coast Guard EF yoga vaccines you're fired, and now even if you have a religious exemption like them. The Col. I talked to today. They said no I'm sorry I couldn't go when I come to acknowledge that which is unbelievable to me so well will think about where that stands and that is part of the reason when you vote this year yet understand this and anti-militant military sentiment within this administration, and the fact that people like Gen. Austin don't stand up and speak out by Gen. Mattis did in others shows me they care more about the cruise and they do about our defense right to only show the right to Find out how to see us live on stage.

Talk about all my history books and more in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Brandon Mississippi is always seeking solutions versus selling its Brian kill me. I will look to the latest focus of the brain to me Joe Commager from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world and you listen close can hear the buses pull off the port authority when they drop off illegal immigrant after illegal immigrant because it's not just Texas's problem anymore. It's America's problem that this president ignoring Michael Shellenberger's can be with you shortly. He put in perspective the folly of this rapid push towards green energy in the new green deal was just jam down her throat to mislabeled in a great column in the New York Post, and I want to go over with you in detail. It's even something I can understand and Brett bear the bottom of the hour. Go inside 2022. So let's get to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

This is our ministration of a Democrat and you know they need to understand they own it now they own it now and they have to take the steps correct this otherwise went over to CM and this quarter. Wars, illegals flooding across the border in New York's Mayor find his tent city of illegals literally flooded now to be disbanded because AOC and the frog still wanted in their backyard. Nice with the present MIA not for long, because the political climate says this is a problem with the voter. Despite the fact that Putin is going to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops to be physically and medically unfit not ready to go fight and die in Ukraine on the battlefield. Russia retreat Ukraine to make remarkable gains on the battlefield as Russian forces begin to fall apart and Putin's massive draft has also come apart at the seams I prorating on inflation is 21%. Commerce is a prorating is 14%.

Everything which party controls Washington right now anyway change right and if was going well did get all the credit 2022.

Swinging the red way, not because of great strategy from the Republicans because the economy because a crime because of the broken border row and tromped to stone add up. By the way, before you get to our guest. Special thanks to a brand-new station for joining a family of affiliates over in Maine WP NL 1450 a.m. over in South Paris.

Thanks so much guys and by the way their slogan is the patriot in Oxford County local now is Michael Shellenberger, Michael, welcome back, Brian bothering you.

Do you always come on in and talk so succinctly and directly about the need to have renewables or not there yet and you put that on a column in the car. The headline is binds will green energy is a joke makes is dependent on China, Michael, first off you testy.

Go back to your testimony.

Row Kahana ask you and would make you realize that they know what they're talking about a couple weeks ago, I said more on energy, how it contractor on the financial making of her current nonprofit and I pointed out that making a profit is because we have really high price energy right now.

Matthew L because you don't have a supply supply the war on energy I don't I don't think it's the case I meet some people. Some Democrats that you don't understand the relationship. The client demand.

Okay, I grant that, but I think that you understand that the more a method that they have been leading the last decade trying to repress domestic gas production present by sanctions on the Arabian fist bump the crown print there begging them to produce more oil and gas their oil and gas have less carbonation than our all become oil and gas here and outrageous. It actually dangerous. The world needs more energy that we don't have as much inflation because we need to bring down the price of everything and the quickest way to energy rights and we can Japan without natural resources we have.

All of this and we think by asking OPEC to poke more with helping the earth. By the way, below their meeting that day.

OPEC is supposed to agree to raise prices so they can maximize profits. That's how much they care you right to win solar and batteries require thousand percent more steel, concrete and glass and 4200% more lithium 2005 at percent more graphite 1900% more nickel than fossil fuels to produce the same amount of energy that according to not Michael Shellenberger but international energy agency. Minerals comprise 60%, 67% of the cost of producing solar panels lithium batteries and guess who's making that China total environmental nightmare.

One of the biggest maybe the last 50 years is the unit renewables are good for the environment. There absolutely terrible environment. Solar and wind require 3 to 4 times as much land to make the same amount of electricity or natural gas or nuclear power plant. You just read that huge quantities of materials and mining that's required for solar wind electric cars. The problem is the energy is to dilute from sunlight in the land is not energy dense enough so you have to grained up all make sure all the natural environment to build a produce sufficient energy. Brian did not happen right now about 10% of minerals on earth are used for energy. If you go to Louisville, go up to 50%. That is inflationary that is going to cause inflation in two ways, by making that at the energy more expensive, and also by making electricity.

In particular, more expensive because of the unreliable nature of ground that we had major by article country in the 1970s and early 2000, to discover how to crack oil and gas and shale rock formation about a mile underground when the greatest innovation success stories in American history we want to become into energy independent. We did were pretty cute with the biggest producer of oil and gas of the world, and yet Pres. Biden refuses to allow oil and gas production at a time of the worst energy crisis in 50 years.

Instead, he wanted to become dependent on Chinese mineral 90% of them refined and in China they control the monopoly on uncritical minerals in saying to sacrifice his hard-won energy security in the United States for dependent on Chinese removal right and I'll give you verbatim what you wrote. Worst of all our deeds of these materials means we have two increasingly on China Chinese market share. Renewables and EB minerals is already twice OPEC's US depends on imports of 400% absent of 17 renewables and EV critical minerals for 28 others we import more than 50% domestic demand sewer outsourcing our security and an energy insecurity, why would we do that and it's more expensive but in the short term. People think it will going green, but don't they understand that this is not in our nation's interest is not being responsible. It's not going in early in not driving drunk was saying is what they're doing is responsible in any way shape or form does John Kerry not understand that the United States be reduced or carbonation more than any other country in the world ever in history from 2005 to 2020 we reduce our carbonation by 22% massive and we did the fast through the introduction or moving from coal to natural gas, clean, cheap, abundant natural gas we should continue to do that instead by waging a war natural gas Co. climate activists to burn more coal this year than you have any other year history. This is absolutely counterproductive in other solar panels in China is a moral imperative to not import them there being made by by incarcerated weaker Muslim in concentration camps is not a conspiracy. This is confirmed by the US State Department BDC New York Times everybody had found. This is a moral abomination.

The idea that we would be importing product made by people in complication You progressives talk a lot about Muslim right forcing an uprising in Iran right now at the beautiful thing we should not absolutely not be importing a single solar panel more. I said when I went to Congress and the shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Though the progressives know they're wrong to import Chinese solar panels. That's got to get 100% coal, the dirtiest fuel on the planet it if it's a kind of collective madness, the religious fervor is no other way to explain it. There's no environmental rationality behind so Michael couple of things we don't have a were thrown out either. There's no safe way insecure way to get rid of the solar panels in figure that out, nor the batteries we know how long they will last.

Michael give everyone an idea of your background. No you not exactly Barry Goldwater Republican right now independent. I could no longer being party.

What I knew about what the politics of the natural world the way, worse in California still an independent Time magazine hero of the environment.

I read a book. Apocalypse never about the environment cannot 2020 back Michael Saunders stack up in a big piece coming out today about how the media buying for people about climate change and natural disasters.

I didn't climate change is happening.

I did and we should do something about it the wrong thing to do is to become dependent on China the right thing to do is to produce more natural gas from my view is that natural gas and nuclear support technologies for protecting the natural environment and achieving American energy abundant and abundant jobs at home is any Democrat looks to post notices my criteria.

You don't stop I'm stuck in this guy can't disavow my party but I understand where you're coming from.

Is anyone in standard is everyone just medically all the time. And of course exactly the way you know last year, the senator from Arizona. The Mike Kelly Kelly did say that we recognize that we have a problem with solar panel supply chain panels are being made by the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world right or wrong on that day, but they don't want to do because the Really extremist.

You know she was that she was in Congress for a week and came up with this detailed new green deal you to tell me she came over that at Boston College, so that whole portfolio to work and you add this and because it all relates to the war with the US import around 18 million barrels of war per month of Russian oil per month.

We produced 19 million pounds of oil domestically per day instead present Biden's lease less public or less land for oil and gas production during his first 90 months in office and any other ministration since World War II. Think about this, if we really wanted to help Western Europe to get through a going to be a total leashes winter because of Russian oil and gas they made these bad decisions to be relying on them got it. We could be doing it. We are choosing not to do it will let them bag over to Canada going over to the Middle East for natural gas we be setting up LNG terminals on a rapid pace and be there answer and a market economy will get paid for. They would be more than happy to pay us, we could become.

They could be our customer forever and as you tell us natural gas burns clean but he refuses to do it right.

People Democrat by like you offered fewer leases than any Pres. Truman had a bipartisan consent. Pres. Obama and Pres. Tromp. The extent to which we been doing really gas turbines ministration because of the beef and permits that were given by Obama recently expediting the creation of these LNG exports, no no-brainer. We can produce enough natural gas for ourselves at home as well for our life in Europe with Europe going to be ugly and not just this winter for several winters to calm. We had a treaty obligation to protect your militarily to avoid having to do that we need him to help them to maintain their prosperity and made a terrible Pres. Tromp and credit action warned against becoming depend on Russian gas but we should not compound their terrible decision by depriving them of the fuel they desperately need. It's unbelievable.

I just would you know we used to have interesting conversations and the like to be nuances to bring in these intellects debated and now we have things are just so blatantly right and wrong. It's mind-boggling to think we will do with anything in our national interests. So our national interest while trying to build coal plants and has the rare earth and is stripping their country in doing it and providing us with rare earth and then they'll have a stranglehold on our economy. Wow you say this Gavin Newsom the day he says will go all electric car stop delete gas stations and ban the combustion engine. He tells everyone, don't charge a car but I don't dig her car between four and six.

Whatever you do don't put in your air conditioning is running out of energy that was like the next week, bonkers or unnatural. The main way that we reduce our carbon mission. There Brian banning gas heaters banning gas cooking is happening California In New York around the country that in saying were having blackouts in California for three years in a row because we don't have enough reliable electricity right now to make it even more dependent on the user gives me hope. In Sweden they tried this just in a backlash. Republicans, one in or their conservators when in there you could honestly say the same thing with Liz trusts in the UK and maybe even in Italy. There's a practical basis to the above to the average person we want to do things that make our life somewhat livable and not this ideological way of living. Michael Schonberg thanks so much look forward to your new column on sub stack. Thanks, Mike Ryan back in a moment your knowledge base Brian film me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's bright and kill me both his last discussion with my legal counsel is listen. We know Tony's cooperating.

We appreciate all information is provided we will follow-up with you and have them come in for follow-up.

Interviewer spends more time on this, and I haven't heard from them since all nor my lawyers notification whatsoever since before the 2020 electric correct, shocking, shocking units would be one adjutant bubble is consistent with articles and again with extended interview. We have more of that interview and you know that he was the business partner of Hunter Biden, and then he was backstabbed by Hunter Biden there with him and his uncle were doubledealing behind his back and it became apparent that this military intelligence officer whose early become a self-made multimillionaire didn't need this type of duplicity. He came to help out a former vice president whose family business did not have the expertise which he brought.

Then he realized this guy was doing things against the interests of our country and certainly not in his best interest to maximize profits from the fund. They founded and that's when he came forward and when he gave the information out people said the laptop was disinformation.

Nobody picked up the Bob Linsky story, which was stunning. Unbelievable.

And now as things start the New York Times question posted other outlets a year that that the laptop was real, which will now what about Bob Linsky.

Has anyone ever asked Pres. Biden. Do you know Tony bubble and did you meet at the Beverly Hilton hotel when you are former VP Joe Biden did you tell him take care of my family this man. If you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me around the gender by picking up way too much space in the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people have up with the season or the thing that the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal. I think the working-class voters that the people are not concerned about the things that affect every day are not concerned about inflation. Not concerned about what is not a thing you can think care about everybody but there's something is out of balance and so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call, and we are concerned about the fact that you don't have a house or job. I think the parties are tracked Van Jones in HPL with Bill Mark and I think you hundred percent right, and I'm just astounded that very few people talk like Bill Martin in this case Van Jones joining us now is threadbare. She put a blank Fox News anchor special report and you of course his book to rescue the Republic, Ulysses S Grant the fragile union and the price of 1876, now available in paperback. Hey Brett Van Jones speaking logic on the left. I've not heard a lot of that younger and younger more sturdy on the left side and he I think changing some of mine. I think Ben Jones is always… More practical side, and one when the woke side of his party goes off the rails. He cannot bring to backend but I do think that it reminded me of when in 2016.

Some polls in North Carolina and Pennsylvania suggested that Hillary Clinton was more concerned about who was going to the bathroom which said then she was about my job or my economic success in the start of the pop-up and pole light and I do feel that in some places that have that mentality has come up something again yeah will see what could happen if it's not too late now.

Right now I have not seen a pole that she listed abortion is number one. I seem to be dropping of late, looks like him mostly interested people are mostly inflation economy as well as crime and now border is rising up over the border wars along with immigration. That's bad news for Democrats on not an answer, not. They don't have a policy prescription yelling Speaker Pelosi said the other day. When asked by Bill Lujan that the border there trying to make it secure, and that there's a plan for that but there really is no plan and you not talk to Sec. my African-American son talk to somebody and other places it it is not set in stone about policy about how to deal with this and because of back.

It becomes exponentially a problem, even though just now networks are starting to send people to border notice, not just within the past month NBC email sent somebody to the border to distort and surprisingly, the Democrats who are turning to Republicans based on what they're seeing on the border state to be the only Democrat that has credibility's and require you and and he is been on the border every day.

He tries to talk logic to Democrats. He also said to Bill collusion who relayed that to Shannon bream on Sunday that may orchids told him that the left-wing immigration groups have gotten a bite and he's really helpless to do anything and there may orchids in many cases is gonna sit there and be the battering ram and take it like a like Mohammed Ali gets George Foreman it in insight here and almost marital but you can't lie, and it now seems right under oath.

I know and he's got a long story and history of being a public servant and is given his life for public service but if you're dealing with the policy that you have to defend and it's not defendable, defensible, it's really hard and and basically that's where he is and that's what is not doing a lot of interviews… In the very friendly and I hope you feel is so confident as we switch to the center race is a JD fancies Missy given all his money now to Blake Masters.

He believes Vance's locked this up already. I don't think he has cut for his fans are coded tried to run or wait and that our job is to remind people that you.the moderate back rubber stamp looking that we can be against it by or thanks to what people know how all.

So that's one thing Tim Raines doing he's running from the president and saying he's somebodies this moderate or/conservative said Democrats a bad word these days, but the bottom line is JD fancies right Tim Ryan vote Nancy Pelosi all the time hundred percent not not like 80%.

I know it across and so you got a situation where they have to point out that as Tim Ryan just today or yesterday said was, after question, should you ask present on the campaign. He said no I'm not, but if that's the case you are not telling the voters that every time Biden asked you to vote you did and that's the dance campaigns challenged to fundraising issues.

They had some slow start issues. He's a first-time candidate ranch, but it's a Republican leaning place pretty reddish Ohio is and to make right.

I mean, I may be solidifying but right now the polls are still on the other one is closing is Dr. Celeste Fetterman's baby because the issues have moved away from him because he's he seems to be, let's go easy on crime was. But let's look at the problem think it's police took and taken black lives matter outside some audio interviews office website and Dr. Oz has talked much more practically what we thought going in were Pennsylvanians were used.

Dr. Oz yesterday with Laura cut five border letter know that you care anyway which express that is by listening to what they're saying which is what you do as a doctor as well and then addressing their kitchen table concerns while Fetterman is talking about the topic you just mentioning the lots of other issues have nothing to do with the crisis happening here in Pennsylvania I'm talking about crime the highest homicide rate ever in the city's history in Philadelphia. I'm talking about drug Sentinel particular in the open war that's causing it to kill folks in Pennsylvania more than ever before top five in the country with pencil desk I'm talking about that for your high inflation and tax rates that are through the roof, advocated by not just Fetterman as a candidate for the Senate but also as a Pentagon that he was pushing for was a 50% tax increase, while not paying his own 67 times so he's going after Fetterman who can't get a sentence out because of a stroke. Perhaps who's going be looking at a closed caption debate which can be bizarre which substances will probably about 20 minutes was expanded and then you have somebody that is against fracking is it is basically more towards to fund the police then fund the police. The issues are not tacking his direction. How close is this race in the margin of error and not a substantial shift from +11 Fetterman when everything started. Remember for a bruising primary against it. McCormick that slowed him up.

I do think is finding a stride and ride crime is driving a lot.

The push town hall the other day in which the black man stood up in Philadelphia and said honestly, it is easier to get Sentinel on the streets than it is to get baby powder for my formula, my kid and these are not like made-up people.

These are not like people that they're putting in the crown.

These are real people that are coming out to talk about the issues they're facing and you're right.

The issues are going Oz's way. Fetterman stump speech. That's about 12 minutes and it is not full of substance. It is full of making fun of and you wonder how long that can hold yeah I'm easily around the clock as a scary present buying was a presence he doesn't campaign and Fetterman Windsor sentencing doesn't campaign I don't. I am afraid what people might learn from that. It's just not fair to the real electorate not to get to know who people are under pressure and a debate setting. The last one is the most controversial Herschel Walker being accused of funding a woman's abortion paying a $900 check. She's come forward, listen to Herschel respond less. I cut one. First question, do you know the woman that is making this allegation.

I have no no idea, but it is a flat out lie and and now you know how important this CD is the seat is very important that you do anything to win the seat lot go they want to make about everything else except where the two problems that we have in this country is this inflation border wide open crime didn't want talk about that so that making up lies now because they need is Georgia see and then his son last night came ounces. His dad is lying and that they had to move eight times Missy feared fear for their welfare because of him and said some disparaging things about Herschel.

What's going on here management and help getting deals with it in the next two days or so going to determine the case of the settlers now both candidates have family issues Rafael Warnock's ex-wife has her own statements about one document in his you know how he dealt with the family, but this is not good. Herschel Walker and how he deals with the next few days and the debate. More importantly, on October 14 in Savannah is going to determine this risk, you know, I've seen stranger things and in elections. I mean think about World War I with friends and tromping candidate was tax Hollywood boss John McCain coming down a lot of roads on the elections. I don't know how you handle it that determines whether each of the top right a lot going on in. Indeed, there is a lot at stake and I look forward to the next Herschel Walker and you. I think Sean asked very direct questions and this woman produces a check and received a phone call then Herschel to his line a few dozen inches set up it would propel world could propel him. The victory shown that he's a target of all these would be a tax that was inching the S&L could go could secure one candidate.

They chose Donald Trump and Herschel Walker better if you saw they just had keening commodities Mark Walker's intellect. I thought to myself while I mean who commissioned that Rafael Warnock will ever happen, it will fair up and did now the late-night shows. Basically they promote bread something you would promote coming up next Nancy Pelosi.

We can you believe what you think Johnny courseware saying the speaker the house on the next edition of the Tonight Show lose lose Brent entelechy refused to answer the question, how to write inedible. The questions I've ever asked that wouldn't be the toughest but will say so. See, we get a back act.

Yet they are and that's what had bread fair just finally made a stand clear here this real quick. The late-night shows a political shows now, but to the point where they're actually saying Sen. Schumer and Rob coming up next. The Sec. of transportation. The late-night shows go to be like that it was our job. Gregor called wondering, have you been on that show. I survived a couple times and had a new career still intact yeah dammit is it they did have the wreckage of the day, and it's not even close to strange time Brett, thanks so much, do you have you want to unveil your panel for the first time we have. We have been dominant.

Juan Williams and little beepers on also have a common ground. The segment you want to reach about either Democrats or Republicans or people from different tears start to talk about where they come together so continued at least one switch wow is this a music anything. There is a nice intro there is that you feel good, good, maybe feel better that you came back and induct my question that and think of this paper back to rescue the Republic appreciated back a moment, this is Brian kill me show radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show American words have many times and contain the children of the community. They are children in the community.

We are the United States America because we are setting the passage of time frames the significance of the passage of time. Think about it.

There is great significance to the passage of time that is a mix on the daily show of deep in the come out, Harris think about how bad things of God within the outgoing host and producers of the daily show arts finally said I can't take it anymore will have to compare it to a comedy on HBO and it goes on for more than that. It is very entertaining but yes you know she's lost. Everyone just last week the whole equity, and North Korea's and longtime ally of ours disposed Jesus. She's making things worse for the presence trying to: dead congresspeople while his mission throbs over in Puerto Rico where he says I basically am Puerto Rican. Politically, he said it's amazing how he is constantly more problems for himself by picking people at checkboxes rather than qualified and is he at his best when he's at coven use at his best when he had coven's ratings went up what he was unable to speak in front of people in the White House that he takes questions, but that's think about.

That's when the president's number searched feel bad for me.

Hope that is healthy and also that he can't speak and stick. Let's find it this morning. No, no neural private pathologist of Fernando Mahon Ballou the inspiration behind the Will Smith movie concussion tells TMZ that you should never played to play should never play another down the NFL again after suffering a scary head injury. Listen to Mr. Emma Lou stop playing doll on walk mother how tough your bluntness to 62% water still is vulnerable because to bring up the fat little kid who is 16 years old. So my advice takes his time suffered severe lung come, and think God makes you love your life love your family love you Kate Gates it's time goblin walk away is never to walk away. There's no way you can walk ways to go through concussion protocol and that's it make and how much is his contract. He's about to get a huge contract. He's playing like he's playing is no way he walks away, but I wasn't going to make that kind of money right but is you do wonder about the head injuries in football we haven't heard much about this, but nothing to reinvent the protocol know they fired this the train of the put them back in the field but evidently the trainer did every single thing you're supposed to do under the current rules and they make him the bag. That's not fair either.

I mean, except for use logic and same in his heel. He was barely walking his Al alibi was. He has a bruise back finally just got a problem, bruise back the coaches, then even if they kill him something I'm going and nothing's wrong. I mean where where you draw the line. I write and only this because own attempt another story. The Giants tyro tail Tyra Taylor is the backup quarterback. He played one drive and gets hurt when I move the perceived thought to be concussion. Any thought that he could play the same week, sometimes five days here okay.

Going to London. No one after the two situation is going to let him play because your health is the most important link after the big contract, but if he can't function in 10 years, and even if you don't know him know this for the good of the game to a can't be criminally injured. His these criminally injured everybody goes down and people start saying the kids get up playing football and they got past that it was a bit of a crisis point over the past over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber list of Malik Fox news or wherever you get your

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