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Nord Stream pipelines leaking - Russian sabotage?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 28, 2022 12:45 pm

Nord Stream pipelines leaking - Russian sabotage?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 28, 2022 12:45 pm

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You always seeking his first sewing is Brian kill me, I would wonder what his mom to the brain shall be Joe we have a big our company wage RENO standing by me bid Becky Ramaswamy will be with us fresh off not only his appearance with us guys got his book out is also fragile Fillmore guy get his take on what was like on that HBO show where he got a lot of pushback. I don't think he'd mind draws Reno as I mentioned standing by. Of course, all eyes are on the hurricane. So let's get started now with the stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three.

We all need to work together regardless of party lines divide administration has approved our request for Opryland fall declaration and did that very quickly. It's my sense that the administration wants to help hurricane Ian, the likes of which we have not seen in decades bears down on the entire state of Florida is actually wider than the peninsula, always ready Gov. DeSantis Pres. Biden finally speak, does that mean will actually work together. Let's hope the murder rate though 30% of 2019 level girl from the Council on criminal justice to say this same story also stated that the crime is complicated and multifaceted crime matters to Americans, multifaceted and just faceted. More each day is almost every community begins to feel the growing threat. Sadly, I predicted this clearly and concisely admits the Democratic war on cops simmering for years on American streets.

We've certainly seen about inflation more on the month of a month-to-month basis, also dramatically.

We've seen energy prices come down gas prices and that's offset price increases elsewhere, yet they go brain decent money matters from the fallout over the student loan forgiveness, rising gas prices, interest rates, and now a housing slump and job loss remains. It's crashing in on the administration's economy.

Everyone seems to realize it, except for those in the Biden bubble. I chose guest Reno not in the Bible. Bubble buddies in the FOXBusiness bubble as a senior correspondent New York Post columnist Charles welcome back. I'm not that bubbly yet here you are out of the bottle and gray got a bonus. So I began looking at the markets under 30,000 MC know these numbers that are kind of ominous I feel as though everybody's predicting house go to suffer is the administration, choosing instead to say I feel your pain leasing I am ignoring your pain and I don't understand the plight of the day here the conspiracy theories bid by thinking that economy… Which go into recession, no doubt marks an assault that it's an opportunity to expand the scope of government. And you know and be guided only take pleasure at saving where you need to be for cortical transformative that Barack meeting quality for creditor to be served up there.

He said he takes the dentist provided a pleasure stating that he actually no increase government control over our lives much more that you know I remember back then people were like question whether bottled socialist but we got we got upon the knowledge that what with fighting old programs loan forgiveness spending billions of dollars at will and the faith that you have the reserve actually to curtail inflation alcoves that even though he helped start by keeping printed money at astronomical rates well after the pandemics works part so he knows that he got get inflation. What what problem that I think a lot of people out there that they should go the hawkish of inflation it out.

Why can't we have 5% inflation market networks that pledge young people forget that you don't know the people are living it up because average people working class people have a hard time. There's no doubt about that. You know what eat which I know a lot family queens said the pilot people stories are coming back that it hard to put food on the table order in order inflation which is secret project we should point out that while gas prices are going down. Obviously I keep $3.03 all printed out that L3 change.

Diesel prices are still very high.

Execute issue because the laptop truckers use do you get our food a lot from talking and guilt of their course ago it up so this is a bad thing. Powell knows he has to slow down the only way he could do this because the federal government is not help the supply-side slowdown demand that create a recession such tone chose guest because in the past we want to get down recession. He also cut spending there doing the opposite. Coming off a pandemic with a printed money. Usually, Brian D said he's the National economic Council director: if you look at most of the data points of the course last couple of months, we've certainly seen about inflation monuments of a month-to-month basis. Also dramatically basically has been flat for the last couple of months, that's a function of the fact that we've seen energy prices come down. Gas prices and that's offset price increases elsewhere. While gas prices going up in the last four days. But he says it's holding holding and astronomically high doubletalk. There is a Keynesian theory that you spend more to get you better session. Supply-side theory is that the cut regulation taxes and because it's a more efficient way to get yourself out of session but you know you have now is that we have stagflation economic slowdown with inflation and is really nothing he could do about that other than get rid of inflation part so you could start doing something on the demand side with either spending for tax cuts.

And yeah, that's typical that the Fed is so it you know it, and a lot of the conflicted we should point out that the.

Let logic, they will just let inflation rates but without moving to a recession, there comes a point where it is just you know when people can't afford basic things that just don't buy it and I think that's one of the reasons why gas prices came down because people stop and fill up the tank so much it was.

It was a function of not having the money and so inflation does at some point to a recession, and the question is do you want dealt with in recession.

With inflation, which is what we get 70s for you want to manage it.

And the Fed try to do right now. Again, for housing for housing will and was a good meeting for job success from them already housing the Fed is raising interest rates like to get higher mortgage rates and buildup of that, what's going on itself. Housing should point out is that the way a lot of Americans count their wealth not just money. The banker's box what their house housing costs to work and that's the problem right now so all the signs were heading for recession was self-inflicted by way too much spending will need to also said To print money when needed me to now obtain the pricing work in the parts so we also know this is to loan forgiveness doesn't seem to be going over Biggie. We we know the latest report is it's going to cost $400 billion. Some say even more violent had some reservations about doing this Sen. Schumer thing was with one thinks is the greatest thing ever house is going to play out. That one because it plays out millennial years that are already have another fine arts degree from Yale and Harvard and can't find a good job. So play that well with them, but you know just suck it.

I don't quite follow political standpoint it's kind of idiotic because no Republican will run on the fact that okay you what the deal Harvard and can't get a good job to pay for that $300,000 that you owed the government like some guy want to weld steel technical school in a community college, he took out a loan to pay back back back as you point out, the welder probably can pay it back right. If he weren't there to get here is a question of fairness that really get that working class that Democratic Party yelp proclaims to So I just thought you knowledge baffles me that you I read enough stuff that there is of equal issues with this weather. The present can be challenged now challenge it. I just wanted to go through to sound like it's the messy situation and by way that's part of the problem with inflation. If you think about it the minute your pals that I have to do inflation binding started spending this thing which isn't quite the check is written yet, but no inflation expectation for price then he spent another $1.9 trillion on silk Hope inflation reduction is a joke. Inflation was allotted green energy giveaway and boondoggle so that the sperm inflation filling in the face of what the Fed at spending, creating much more demand that he can't yet supply it was completely illogical and unnecessary, so my guess is that what an epic line through this next six months I've been a long time but I've seen epoxies play up the past because of the seals of the major banks in the country. On Capitol Hill last week and retreated pretty ruggedly let's say, and famously they like they had to say and what a circumstance including Jamie diamond you watching that being that you know the politicians and you know the bankers and you know the people on Wall Street is a play on Wall Street because the most part they all voted for this administration.

I mean I wonder Jamie really did pull the lever by but you know he's old. James oh, that is, reservations with the progressive Democratic Party Democrat highly critical of both Obama you know he's critical critical. A lot of what was up, in which said push the company B scale back on the carbon footprint immediately, which means no more drilling in a fit itself is absurd. So no, I think a lot of the CEOs like member coverages going into it were like upset about the way Donald Trump acted really upset after the check, but they board the boat. By that point, but they were always in the back at her and worried about whether abiding affection pay too much lip service to the progressive left that he Was before Bernie Sanders see clearly with touting that during the campaign trip.

Fighting supporters would come back and thing is that Amtrak Joe is really a set I was really a moderate Democrat regional moderate Democrat and you just love it when he gets in office you work to form and I could now they realized he had to go down the light on his economic choices. Applying ESG environmental you know gelid that black Rocky was the guy at BlackRock.

The big money management. Try to portfolio batches suit up and yell. He had no real experience for you.

BlackRock that was it. As a salesman for just you section that is a money manager and you go down the line you look at all his economic choices at the FTC at the SEC it's really mind-boggling how left progressive left socialist to start and their word about that so couple of things. Axis reporting today were up against the clock here, but that Jerry Jones can be leaving right after Ryan tease Mary right after your thoughts me off. I reported this on Fox news FOXBusiness engine that she was on the way out, or likely replacement flow was for Mondo is a very competent commerce secretary should point out again much more in the same note what Jamie diamond would like as a moderate but Fox and the parties establish ropeway basement that you just saw approach to calm about it. That's the funny thing I get that job. You know Mondo okay Charles guess you know I appreciate I bring journalistic integrity to our show thanks to being first duly to get off the show. I will we come back I'll take your calls.

1-866-408-7669 if you're anywhere near the Florida area or any of the coast, heading up Southold up north can be in the eye.

This huge storm this this hurricane Ian which is at a category four couple right on the cusp of category five. Unbelievable double brain to meet you diving into today's top stories for Ryan kill me on tasks network London – Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's literacy, your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscriber list of mailing Fox News five just start, for wherever you get your project fastest three hours and radio your Ryan kill me. States not only as locations for people's health care which will be cheaper for drugs cheaper prescription drugs and has limits for lower income folks. They will not anybody learning $400,000 or less is not going to pay a dime more as it has reduction on the deficit and it would about 87,000 IRS agent, you bring up that was evidently economy nothing good about reduction of the deficit. If it is going to happen every talking to be for years down the line.

They do a prescription drugs that allows the government to bid for the cheapest price, but you get the cheapest drugs to John Terry way and try to do some damage control efforts of the inflation reduction act is really a green energy bill.

Welcome back everybody for Beck Ramaswamy will be with the surely turnabout non-politically correct the economic challenges is straightahead for us.

Meanwhile, the present United States is really looking at some headwinds when it comes to tapping politically is a BC crime, the economy, inflation of the top issues moving down the wire down the line is abortion, which they have to run on and not in the headlines is Donald Trump which is an advantage to for them. That continuity American Enterprise Institute was always threadbare last night and thinks things are switching back to towards red wave like behavior cut 15 for 30 years crime give the advantage to Republicans in the national political context. Crime crimes impacts are felt at the local level at the municipal level but politically it has big national consequences, and so what were seeing as crime surges as violent crime surges, Republicans are reaping the benefits not also say to course it's liberal policies that are creating this crime search. Whether it's on incarceration with some policing. Whether it's on addiction and homelessness. All of this is creating a crisis in the cities. Even though there are many Republicans in the cities. Republicans will benefit nationally. Yeah, because a lot of people get beat up. A lot of people get robbed sucker punch knocked out. And guess what, in this age of surveillance cameras. It's not only coming across is coming off clear to the three camera shoot is making people seem in the numbers reflect the crime is out of control in this country that you make to the major issue sooner John Kennedy. I'm sure he's running on that New Orleans where there at least a thousand cops down a thousand cut 14 laptop more cops New Orleans in my state needs 2000 cops on the street we got less than a thousand number to pay our cops number three our political leaders need to stand behind our comps number four. We've got to get rid of these prosecutors whose mantra is saying that we've only or not we will prosecute no weight and number five I would tell people if you care to avail yourself of your privileges under the Second Amendment. Now I've said this before I made it. I believe love is the answer, but I also own a handgun just in case of rights together to protect ourselves. I mean, the police will do it if there therefore they can't lock people up. I can keep them in jail in her own Vic Ramaswamy will be with us to bring to light some color some depth to our economic argument will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber listen no Fox News five just Fox News contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download mailing Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest show that's getting you talk to your Ryan kill me. The inflation reduction act will be an accelerator of action.

Action way beyond just what happens in the states, but most importantly it has really serious money is incentive for the deployment of renewables for the manufacture of nobles for the deployment of electric vehicles. The infrastructure for this is a job creator you hear that a lot politics.

Those people are safe.

This is a massive job creator and it's going to put the United States of America in a very strong position to be leading on a global basis. Right now he wants to talk about green energy.

I he wants us get electric cars once our spatters were the combustion engine to bed. The rare-earth is in China for the Congo. Too bad we have nowhere to throw out these batteries into bed every major car company says they are unprepared to the demand of which they've gotten already little and if there's a massive demand around the country. We are not ready windmills don't work effectively together to take care of a whole city when technology is not there will probably never be there as well as solar panels and we do not have a jobs problem.

We have a worker participation problem. I asked everybody in the ministration unemployment there been so low and so great. We have 11 million unfilled jobs. So that is not an issue but it might still be a might soon be an issue because of the direction this economy setting the bake, Ramaswamy joined just now strive asset management, founder and author of the brand-new book nation of victims identity politics, the death of Mary and the path back to excellence the bake. Welcome back, Dr. Brian. So what you think about the secretaries. This is what past two weeks ago really going to help the economy and inflation reduction act. No, I don't think that somehow we have a Orwellian language right now of naming a policy proposal you know everything war. And diversity of conformity, then the inflation reduction active is really not about fighting inflation at all, but about advancing other objective that ironically could contribute to higher inflation but even more importantly, I think undermine potentially long run American energy security and other objective in the name of fighting the thing that Americans actually care about addressing right now fighting inflation not only make that problem worse. But using it at the vehicle in the moment and a label Bank agendas that otherwise would not have been politically acceptable or palatable, but for the label that you put on the front.

Importantly by nap today. The trick happens to work rather successful in marketing something that misaligned with the thing that equity market writers use brain disease to direct tenacity, economic counsel, he saying this about the state of our economy cut to IM fundamentally optimistic about the American economy and I'm optimistic that we can navigate through this transition way where we come out of this is a country and as an economy in a stronger position than when the pandemic hit.

Are you that confident I am not confident in American resilience over the long run I think our history teaches the that we have a nation of resilience that we've been through tough times and were able to rebound from it.

I personally think that the economic hardship that coming that were already in coming over the coming years. I hope can be a source of cultural fortitude for us to actually get our act together over the long run by recognizing the mistakes that we made that God hardship in that long run think I'm not blind but at the propinquity economy look with a double whammy right problem. On one hand we have inflation which one way you got one cool you have to use the fight inflation is to raise rates were already thing the Federal Reserve raised rates. We are out of the chronic zero interest rate environment that we got addicted to overlap 15 years. But unlike the last time we had to get into eight major rate raising environment under Paul Volcker under Ronald Reagan were raising rate against the backdrop of policies that are also fundamentally unfriendly to business to commerce to enterprise and that was the difference in the poker is very raising rate.

Yet the fight inflation.

Yes that have an effect on on putting a damper on economic activity but it's against the backdrop of policy that the economic activity in the two sort of balance each other out here people missed the fact we are in a double whammy were both economy hard by raising rate maybe never. Fight inflation a part of the plan to fight inflation, but against the backdrop of economic policy that absolutely is unfriendly to business from a regulatory perspective without the regulatory or taxing artwork or pack production agenda that drove the Reagan in the lifting economy.

Had it been that double whammy. I think spell for difficult times economically ahead, but I hope in the longer run for our culture, we will still be fortified by it but I don't agree with with the rosy assessment that you displayed from from Brandy 00 nation victimizations with the cell Ramaswamy I want to hear this. Something took place last week because I want you to comment on the Timmy diamond along with holding the big banking CEOs what to Capitol Hill were treated terribly including with this question, cut loose listen policy against finding new oil and gas products.

Actually, not the road to hell for America@Long Bank account with your bank account because there So you get the anger from those who are the way left could have never balance a checkbook but want to go after people that are capitalists which your response to that exchange is emblematic of something bigger hundred. Granted, I'm glad the Timmy diamond thing that now I was two years ago at the end right now. It become popular for people to come back to the point of view that I've been advocating for for a long time that company should focus on maximizing the return on investment of their project associate financial institution and even if that means drilling more fracking, more great boat good for the economy and the peak with money management, as well as for American energy security.

Unfortunately, it took a crisis this year were in a generational energy crisis in the country.

Yes, one of the cattle invading Ukraine, but using that as an end-all be-all for forgetting the fact that we have underinvest in popliteal production overlap several years misses the broader point so I'm glad that certain I would pay more moderate business leaders like Jamie Dimon are now able to say that out loud. I wish they had the courage to say it when the ESD driven agenda dominated capital markets over the last couple of years, but systematically underinvest in popular production are there still people likely that that are tilting the crazy thing absolutely, but I think… To be expected in some way, but what what I what I hope for the business leader like Jamie Dimon Earl at courageous and in the future when it harder to be courageous, as opposed to now when it's obvious that they can be heard this yesterday.

Audie was great. I will play back the ability to summarize the present United States basically start to blame oil and gas companies making record profits while the prices for the last six days have gone up at the pump was the reality reality is put yourself in the shoes of an oil executive or oil company.

Pretend you own one.

Okay if there's an administration coming to power the things that they want to enact policies that cause your industry to end to end our dependence on fossil fuel to even ended the use of fossil fuels over a 10 to 20 year timeframe, then why are you going to make massive investments today in fossil fuel production. It is going to be a business that the policymakers tell you they want to ultimately end over the course of the next decade or two make any sense. Now I personally believe that some of the companies have also underinvest in topical production for their own shoulders Record them to do the same thing, including firms like BlackRock, which by the way Brian Dietz is an alumnus of so in some way. Some of the market pressured the so-called market pressure on companies to reduce cost of the production has just been an arm of the government doing the same thing through the back door, but I think the reality is that you can't implement government policies both through the front door as well as to the back door that caused company to invest and divest from popular production and then criticize them for doing the same thing when you are actually a big part of the reason why they did it right so it's pretty obvious when you see it when you take the when you take the goggles off and look at it with plane. I abutting the more we see that it the more that that everyday citizens are able to hold.

Hopefully our political class accountable at the ballot box but also use their dollars to hold the company better investing their money to be able to say that you know I don't want you to my money to Bentley the agenda of either and I got to be the two-pronged approach required to turn the ship let's talk about that weekend. Could you put together strive because you feel so as many of these major companies are not striving to be capital in Debbie's maximize profit for their shareholders. Because of the disposable infiltrated by people who have may be, and antibusiness attitude on these boards were to strive looking to do really what would happen. It large investment managers like BlackRock and Vanguard aggregated trillions of dollars of capital from every day and are using that money to tell oil companies to drill for left oil, natural gas companies to practical and natural gas to enact the goals of the current climate records to fight climate change will get what most of those everyday citizens. Certainly many of them do not want their money used to advance that political agenda that the fiduciary gap that the fiduciary breach changing how corporate America behave using the money everyday citizens to do it the way it started, but without a new company that the you know what were going to speak on behalf of everything by telling companies with shareholder power that they should focus exclusively on selling products and services for profit. Do it unapologetically without advancing someone else's political agenda.

And so for Americans want to advance climate change agendas. The racial justice agenda money at the free countries are free to do that I would not be a good home for their capital but for everyone else who wants to exclusively pursue a financial objective without apology deathwatch Drive unit was created and proud that we launch our first two index fund. The first of the US energy index fund called drill DR LL are Methodist US energy company that to drill to Frak to do whatever you need to do to maximize profit over the long run without apologizing for it, that the method US energy companies to drill DR LL a book on the New York Stock Exchange and we just want the second one brine of 500 largest public companies in United States and index fund called strike 500 that that PRV also New York Stock Exchange and the goal there just tell companies to focus on excellence over politics and you might think like shareholder letters benefit in recent weeks to the board of Chevron of Disney of Apple using a shareholder voice to bring this voice into the boardroom and I hope it has an impact both on capital markets and our corporate culture so they you got it happily graduation.

No one gave you anything but you compete so the nation victims doing really well strive is doing well but you you put yourself in the arena. You could tell it there's a chance of the struggle there's a chance of would you your next project will struggle would you want to compete you feel as though a lot of Americans don't want to compete and if you want to compete is because you're afraid to lose or or you will why is it that people don't want to get the arena these days micro no doubt one of the first drug I developed with the drug throughout high hopes for it fell flat on its face. It was a failure. The heart area to develop drugs for a reason you know what you look at failure in the claimant victim. Okay, my message to America is that hardship is not the same thing as victimhood okay hardship can be what teaches you who you are both an individual and as a people and we as Americans need to remember that.

Why is it that so few people are willing to take the risk of hardship to bear the burden of hardship to be able to even take the chance of creating something worthwhile to moment work that people do it. Part of it is that we had the culture of entitlement brine and took a pair of books to write the book like explanation for how we got here but part of it is that we do.

We are in the middle. For example, of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in human history from baby boomers to millennial. I think that that creates a culture of entitlement, entitlement, breed, laziness, victimhood, laziness like a glove because it justifies that 10th of entitlement and laziness by giving you a claim on what somebody else created rather than what you created yourself and victimhood become the product of convenience. It's not that it's true. It's not that it's actually how people felt motivated in the first place. If that they were entitled and lazy of the culture and victimhood became a way to morally justify it rather than have to actually admit failure or deep-seated psychological issues that that you we need to look at with clear eyes and when he looked ourselves hard in the mirror every day and ask ourselves why it is that were so prone to want to describe ourselves for the ourselves of the victim heading once each of us does that hard work we might be in the beginning of our Excellence, which was which is what I hope to layout the book that I most recently put what you hoped would have the parents and schools, but it doesn't seem to be happening enough, they congratulations pick up his book nation victims he expands on it. He also went on Bill marsh over the weekend took the fire and gave it back. Other thing. Thanks so much. Got it. We come back will take your calls.

186-640-8766. I will read your emails applying to learning something new every day, for I am filming a show is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me whenever Brian New York has a C means something when we go there. Kansas doesn't have as well you know what New York has a Brian yeah that is Mayor Adams forgetting that he's the mayor and putting down Kansas and lastly I needed the people of this country need is New Yorkers arrogance coming out again I say as a New Yorker, what are you thinking people can disagree people they got a brand of Midwestern down-home values. Lotta military bases and by the way, and unbelievably college going unbelievably great college basketball team with the Brandon New York that we got crime and rapid subway attacks and sucker punches. That's our brand. Do you think it's about the Knicks Ezra urine Elana hey Ezra, good morning to make a comment about John Kerry. What point did you realize how irrelevant what an absurd program is… I mean can you imagine trying to evacuate Florida because hurricane charge electric battery. Hope you're not in traffic and another 1500 pounds extra battery in the trunk of the whole thing is not ready for prime time. They need to go back to hybrid cars and electric start there and everybody be happy what you think. I mean I had a hybrid car was great but didn't get much better gas. It was a SUV dictating push kazoos no more demand for it, but John Kerry, I'm done with him I thought he's been done he arrogant, aloof, hypocritical, I mean this guy wants us to suffer while he goes out literally on his yacht and literally on his private plane and he tells people. I need to do that. You are to get the message.

That's my way of transporting myself and nothing he does saves energy booties try to do is us is bring fossil fuels to its knees and then heard us in every shape and form and you want to see played out. Ezra Gov. Newsom's doing, and four in California, nobody's happy about that as you sit there, get ready to wear us a sweater coat your house in the winter and make sure you don't mind sweating in the summer in your house, why in this day and age paying the taxes we do sacrificing innovator like we are. Do we have to go back to the caveman era of not having climate control because he claims is going to affect to a great degree of the future of earth. The big story that I was talking about earlier on television was recapping Russia and Ukraine, and I think it's amazing to me that tens of thousands of people heading towards the border there and there was a blowup of a pipeline by the Russians, it seems, and the Ukrainians really do prevail, and this is what Jerome writes your likable Brian Butcher, a warmongering your warmongering teacher message to equate the fall of Ukraine to a theory of the domino theory of bringing down the rest of Eastern Europe that includes native countries is not true. I'll expand on what I was able to do what I was saying Jerome, if you see what happened.

We didn't challenge Russia effectively when they took Georgia they stayed within the attached challenge him under Barack Obama, and they took Crimea. They stayed and if they want to head and took 25 to 50% or dictate all of Ukraine applicable people in Poland would've been next all those Baltic nations would've been infiltrated or flat out taken over and that would happen but we stood up fastest growing radio talk show kill me yes thank you Carl for bringing me back down to earth Rich Lowry standing by just getting ready to join us from National review to put in perspective with the number one issue emerging in for this midterm election is and it is crime and the Democrats have learned that they deserve the blame for that. And Republicans are more than willing to let them have that label. They want to run on trumpet abortion and I think that's fading by the day will see what you say Steve case in studio cofounder of AOL and author of a book called the rise of the resto entrepreneurs is our surprising places in surprising places are building the new American dream.

So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. We all need to work together regardless of party lines by the administration has approved our request for the landfall declaration and did that very quickly.

It's my sense that the administration wants to help. Yes.

And right now they are helping themselves in Florida.

Rhonda Santos meeting with the press over 40,000 workers ready to help in an emergency situation because hurricane Ian is here and it is a cat for bordering on cat five Murray 30% of all counsel say this same story also stated that the crime is complicated and multifaceted thought dry matters to Americans each each and every day in every community across this great country.

Sadly, I predicted you probably did to this clearly and concisely. A couple years ago, amidst the Democratic war on cops reimagining police and now the streets belong to the criminals. We certainly seen have that inflation on the mouth of a month-to-month basis, also dramatically. We've seen energy prices come down gas prices and that's offset price increases elsewhere. Here we go that's Brian Deese in front of the economic club of DC and he's a key economic advisor to the present United States money matters from the fallout over student loan forgiveness to rising gas prices and interest rates in our housing slump and job loss plumes to crashing the administration and the economy.

Not a good combination. Right now, but you would know it by listening to their so-called experts. Hey Rich, I understand that you want to spend things to your to your advantage. But point out the things are actually happening to your advantage. Don't tell people things aren't happening. For example, don't say this is a positive economic environment OC student loan forgiveness is been welcomed overwhelmingly, and please stop telling us that the market the dip in the market is temporary. Now, many people believe that inflation being transitory that felt like almost 3 year give that up… Market is temporary and in the longer-term sense you know it, the market always goes up eventually, but it does mean is to go up again right away doesn't mean that you don't have a whole bunch of indicators/and read on.

This economy, the job market is still strong.

Thank God.

So the employment number still looks good but if the economy goes down. The job market to go down with it. So it looks like were heading for recession sometime over the next six months, which just adds to the pain inflation eroding away people's wages and now you can have more economic pain on top of that.

Probably the very least played company to see just so much I'm knocking to do it. He talks about Brian Deese talks about how the inflation rate hasn't really gone up in the last few months remaining consistent consistently high. It's like I can set you consistently just below nine so we like to write about .5 they don't have a good story to tell. Here they are grasping for straws and it is something that you know and every president tried to open it to their advantage as he alluded to earlier, but the underlying facts or what determinant and how people feel about their their personalized personal finances determinate and in all his poll numbers look catastrophic at the moment you write about that noise coming in this review by the zero is a study done.

I doubly foxes just did it on the issues right now. The concerned voters the most number one is the economy. As you mentioned. Number two is inflation could put that under subset number three is education in schools and number four on and on the ascent is crime followed by abortion, then immigration than climate change. About 51% of people is that if you talk about crime and you want to see an advantage crime goes to the Republicans by about 22 points inflation by 18 the economy by 17 and believe it or not, immigration only by one crime matters and people remember who was saying to fund the police who took $1 billion of the New York City NYPD budget. What happened in Minneapolis to allow the police station to get storm you can spin that in my right Rich and and Republican garage on this and keep swing states controlled the Senate in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where you have bonds in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania really partook of the spirit, and that the letter of the anti-incarceration anti-police movements entered are trying to squirm out of it specially barns who supported no and and abolishing cash bail in Wisconsin and earlier this year's campaign thing he wanted to end it nationally, you know, and you look what that's done to New York City is just a total debacle and help drive the weight of disorder in the city so so that there there being hit on this clearly working there running the fence about on it and also making their go to argument on this that they have like 30 years which you can't talk about it it's it's racist. Even though Milwaukee look at Philadelphia, and 90% of the victims homicide victims there are black and brown so I was a racist to have policing and policies that diminish that that sort of victimization rather than make it worse come into play play right now is instead of people saying hey I was wrong.

I think we overcompensated this is my new position than people can decide what to do when instead a lot of these politicians are deciding hey I'm Forbes strong bomb bomb along order candidate for cracking down on criminals.

I am for backing the cops without acknowledging that the total change from where you stood, you know where it's you know whether it's Karen Bass, who was just robbed in who wants to be the next mayor of Cal in telecare betterment to wants to let out all secondary murderers out of prison. We do we ever get that II welcome converts on board, but they have to be legitimate and honest converts. If you say I favor deep on the police. For instance, I realize that was wrong. It's been tried someplace to please budgets and plot were losing higher top and it was a mistake and I wrote myself I take great what welcomed but you say that's not what they want to do. They want to start up their position. They want to play the victim and say these ads are being run against him or her racially charged, which is false and that unit end of the day. There are still where it was in 2020. They were very sincere about that and I haven't really changed their minds to see how that goes back on my continuity was on with this report yesterday of the AEI 27. This election savers Republicans when you look at the president's job approval voter assessments of the economy. When you look at historical precedent. Usually the first midterm does very poorly for the president's party but you know were still about six weeks out, which means that there's always room for one of these candidates to mess it up with the gas for some unplanned act and you can always count on one or two of them to do exactly that. So and when you talk about those one tough tough JD Vance is a surprisingly tough race. You know Herschel Walker is in a tough race. Not a surprise Rafael Warnock at once hold onto that job for six full years and then you have tough tough run for Dr. Oz and Fetterman, which astounds me because betterment seems to be nothing, nothing, of which the Pennsylvanians want. That's no fracking light on crime lazy no legitimate accomplishments and basically furnish centers in a honey yeah and ability to perform but done better. We talked about that and in recent weeks, but still you look at the real clerk of the real clear politics polling paid for Pennsylvania and is not one poll that shows that this still more work to do there and I I don't discount them. I feel pretty good about Herschel.

I think JD Vance is gonna win in Ohio. Ron Johnson is looking better in Wisconsin. I like a lot black salt in Nevada.

I close to getting a public masters in Arizona. But you know I these races is as Matt was saying on special report knife edge and what what can a performance matters. I agree with you.

What about Dumbledore to the general in New Hampshire.

I understand the people on the ground say he is like a Scott Brown. All he does is is is outwork everybody's doing it on ton of town halls and he's going with Maggie Hassan who is probably the weakest Democrat in the Senate right now. Do you think you'll close the gap granular tensions that race and I just look at the general polling which looks New Hampshire now grim overall for Republicans, but I had not heard that. That is, people think got brown appeal going or drive going. It's so great and be a little surprised, but I don't discount what I want for you to New York since of the horrific footage that is shown we have this woman who just walked out gets accosted verbally by this guys coming on to her and she's blows them off and that he'd be too senseless to the point where she's probably an allusion.

I always came to be, not a cop around the pedestrian. Try to help her out yesterday.

She spoke out pieces were all alone here and then you see the bodega owner to get shot. We see what's going on in the city randomly and the mayor, Eric Adams, who I have not even seen the police Commissioner doing things that one appearance since she got the job. Adams was a police background seems to be front and center in this is some of the bizarre things she saying listen to this cut 24 we have a Brian New York has a brand and when people see it means something we don't we go. There is not in Kansas doesn't have a plan you from Kansas know you know what New York has a Brian so people think and I'm thinking what I wanted to go a bit of a flake and it was clear beforehand that that is a bit of a flake. But you saying all the right thing during the primary and saying them, even though he is under pressure from the left which year is that which encouraged a lot of people, but is been an utter disappointment and utter disappointment. And there's something that out of hand.

He can't change the bail law which such a debacle for the state thing but you Rudy when he came in and out of New York. The battle days 9293 went when he came in 93 instantly felt different. You know that they had announcements on the subway to don't give any money to the vagrants, will take care of those people at public safety and a nuisance threat to give the money don't do it mentally immediately that signal the public signals like that and he could feel things changing so if you want down the street in New York City.

You're likely to get assaulted, you're not. But the horrific story he just mentioned they create fear in your mind right and you have to be afraid again in New York and set the city back in like 34 years and Eric Adams. That should be so mission should be fixing that.

And he's either not capable of it or not willing to do it, or some combination of the two got about 15,000 illegal aliens going up in intensity in the Bronx. People are outraged you might be the most fervent Democrats to see who are these people might be the greatest people the world might the next Einstein, one of those tents do all day because in cots we can put their stuff speak English where they go to school. I guess we're writing. Additional checks already 47% of all your income comes out in taxes and then you have the city tax on top of that. So if everybody opens up their wallet and says I know your bills to pay, but we gotta give it to Venezuelans.

El Salvador rings oblivion's Brazilians who don't belong here instead of Eric Adams using his Ian with Pres. Biden. He wants to blame Abbott will, he did a look at the numbers, it turns out only 90% of the illegals are from Texas are from Gov. Abbott. The others from the Democratic mayor of El Paso and from those planes landing and really nice bring home don't blame him for coming here because we give them the green light were opening the door so not their fault that are taking advantage of it. But there a burden on communities and what the process is feeling right now is what communities around the country is better on the border have felt for a very very long time. These are people you know and that there my high school education back from their own come.

They don't speak the language they're desperately poor and I can have needs for healthcare for education for public support and is a burden on communities is not fair. No one in the Bronx. You know, these folks aren't affluent communities that have problems of their own already and to add to it is unfair, which is goes to the how the whole situation is wrong and we should be securing the border and instead of having let in 1.35 million people since Biden got inaugurated illegal immigrants. They all should've been excluded and the ones that have legitimate filing claims. You know they can fit Mexico and say that the claims are prove out and are accepted fine thinking, but it be a fraction of a fraction of the amount we played in and this is just it's wrong on every level.

This is something six in 10 Americans is basic to paycheck. A lot of them will come home for there is one job expressing this inflationary cycle and go to another in the probably won't buy those tents up there in New York and say something's missing here. I had no vote in this and and I'm tired of being put in the correct when my family and my friends have to suffer and I'm working 60 hours a week and I'm on a treadmill.

Richie write about all these type issues in your columns and this one's the latest you you tackle what's going on with crime. Thanks, Rich 1-866-408-7669 list of the brain to mature to move. You need to know basis. You need to kill me information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show why the part of the divide we have in this country is an opportunity out there are some people in some places like eval are going really well.

A lot of people a lot of places that are struggling feel left out there left behind in the new jobs and new companies and new industries or happen someplace else that leads, understandably, to frustration, even even resentment. Sorry we have to be back in Hartford everywhere we need to make sure they anybody who has an idea and started.

That is the case is to be my next guest, cofounder of AOL revolution and a New York Times best-selling author's latest book is now out the rise of the restaurant there was a surprising in surprising places are building the new American dream is can be with us in the second. I was going to chuckle quickly listening case ERS hey Chuck hi Brian.same here to anyone will comment about the you are talking New York Mayor about his comments about Kansas.

All I live right in the middle of candles and I was born and raised here when spent 30 years in the Navy and came back know he needs. The hike is happy but out here and see who's feeding this country.

Thank you. Absolutely.

The military bases there. The hard-working people there. There unbelievable college basketball team I could add who have great pride in being from Kansas just the arrogance of New Yorkers and I say that is a lifetime New Yorker that is not the attitude of a mayor that's going to be inclusive from his mouth to Brian kill me the remote and growing workforce. How you think about all the different social issues and prioritize those growing your own company is also a hard time and think about how to keep your employees happy and healthy. Parents want because she's expenses low in series is highly in business off the ground.

Those are some of the arts never speaking up and speaking out about the hurdles that they've had and some advice that they give Steve cases, cofounder of AOL and the American American online revolution and New York Times best-selling author's latest book in the town now. This week the rise of the rest how entrepreneurs in surprising places are building the new American dream. Steve welcome back Brianna.

Great to see you in person doing the book the rise of the rest status is not in knowing that a great title save the program that you this was that really drove you for last decade to travel around the country trying to understand what's happening different parts of the country of bus tours to see cities like Pittsburgh and Nashville Minneapolis in Phoenix and Dallas in the morning all, the country just trying to see what's happening because her so much focus these days on the tech sector, and so much focus on just place like Silicon Valley innovations happening all across the economy is called happening all across the country. But there's not much focus on those entrepreneurs. Not much focus on those cities and that's why wrote the book. It's a pretty optimistic view of what's happening in America is not really getting reported on because there's so much focus on the media. On the other big cities and even on the other investors or venture capital 75% of the venture capital last decade has gone to just three states. California New York Mets to 75% and some other states, whether big big big states like Texas or Illinois or Florida or even somewhat smaller stakes, so there were Highlanders.

They get brittle venture capital as result of controversy or get very cooperative start companies and as result of his community don't get a lot of job creation. So we have to create more jobs and more places in the best way to do that.

My opinion is the back more new companies therefore backing the Oscars. And that's why wrote the book you brought the money and investment to them rather than making them come to New York, Los Angeles or Washington yeah oh yes I has been the last several decades. Kind of a brain training parts of the country were people who want to be part of the tech sector. The startup economy generally felt they had to leave where they were because there wasn't much focus on startups there and that that led people to typically go to coast. Often, this time Silicon Valley or trying to do is slow the brain drain of people leaving for better opportunities and pretty boomerang of people returning because there unbelievable opportunities in the cities, as there they build up their startup communities as there is more capital there to back those entrepreneurs as you see more jobs being created there so I got the broader societal impact. We also figured if we were able to prove that investing in an entrepreneur is in these places can generate top-tier returns for investors that will lead others and investors on the coast to start paying attention to the entrepreneurs and all the country that is now starting to happen.

The pandemic actually been helpful not. Frankly, it's a little bit of the tipping point in terms of travel to Mr. Mr. innovator who is coming to New York City medical refi.

My dream know we have allowed to happen there anyway so then all of a sudden maybe we gotta stay here and there were two things after one is one of the investors in places like Silicon Valley because of the pandemic.

Suddenly, instead having in person meetings, lunch burners had zoom meeting for lunch burners. They realize when I have assumed entrepreneur doesn't really matter that entrepreneur is a mile away, or a thousand miles away.

Open up the eyes of a lot of investors to the fact there are great Oxford building companies everywhere. The other thing that happened is some people in those places where you been here in New York or San Francisco or other other places in the early part of the pandemic.

So you know what relevant stay here.

I think I'm a move somewhere else your moving home or moving to some other place to work remotely and after somewhere else I'd rather live and a lot of people decide to stay there and now you're starting to see some of those people move into the startup economies and those in those cities.

I think this bodes well for you. What can happen over the next decade that we have to figure out ways to create more opportunity for more people in more places we can't just back a few people in places like California are not entrepreneurs all across the country and what did you find because you do have. This credibility is one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever and you really have more responsibility for crating the Internet, there may be anybody else on the planet. And you know that you did a very young age, yet you did not have any connections born in the why you weren't born with the budget your uncles and aunts weren't CEOs of major corporations, so your life story cells.

This program not live my life started growing up in a hole in Hawaii at the time actually how I was in the state became a state of my first birthday and how I was kind out of relieving of television programs. A week later because of satellite technology have been developed so to follow, but out of that with the college semester since I worked in Ohio that I worked in Kansas that I worked in Virginia and that's really restarted AOL 30s seven years ago, lonely place outside of Washington DC was in the startup sitting on the venture capital. There were a lot of people focused on on startups. I think that experience of starting a company and struggling a little better to get people to pay attention to get investors to believe in what were think that is part of the reason I feel this empathy was passion to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and do it in and in cities all across the country so with Araiza rest fund that we've invested in 200 companies in 100 different cities all across the nation under some amazing companies, one in Chattanooga Tennessee called freight where built this data platform, to Bloomberg for for the trucking industry. I did know the story there on a bus, but the biggest trucking companies in America are in Chattanooga some quarters, Ronnie Bastien, the boss, you know around eight years ago is there and hit the road.

See America and in the number of these tours and when we go to these different different cities. We really start time six months really before we get there, trying to understand what's happening very connect other people in the community. Inspire them to focus more on entrepreneurs where pitch competitions were invested in at least one so that the campus was targeted.

I think with with that with you but to bring the community together to support their startups and bring the nation together to understand that there are interesting things happening in different parts of the country and the only actions not just in the big cities like New York, Boston sample screen test in your fund that allowed you to invest in others was made to grow by about 35 on some of the most prominent individuals in the country. Entrepreneur like Jeff Baeza and Howard Schultz and Tory Burch and Sarah Blakely. Private equity investors like Henry Kravis and David Rubenstein had fun.

People like Ray Dalia venture capital investors like John Doerr and Jim Jim Breyer and Seth some families like the Cope family and the Walton family the Pritzker family so we really tried to reach out and say join us on this mission there great Oxford everywhere there crating companies everywhere that are creating jobs everywhere that are creating opportunities everywhere, and we think by backing them with investment capital.

We can help them scale and they'll be more successful, will generate great returns and will also have a positive impact on those communities botanically by creating jobs and a lot of places that have been struggling because the innovation economy is often young, left them behind. You mention the company in Chattanooga and have some other, it doesn't that's I wrote the book. After spending a decade during the SRM so excited by the stories we were hearing from the companies from the from the city's most people don't know what's going on.

You have to write this book and share this with the world.

I will give each other examples in Eastern Kentucky. Others are Hochberg, Jonathan Webb, who grew up there, but then moved onto the coast and decided to move back to start a company focused on farming called Apple harvest and he built now. What's the largest indoor green house in the country and it uses 90% less water, so it is good for the environment and I sing about where they're located outside of Lexington is 70% of the US population is when a 24 Hour Dr. so it's actually easy to get the fruits and vegetables to different different different markets. As you know that that area which is known as, Appalachia coal country is how the struggle for last several decades on the industries they relied on were were in decline. Jonathan's wrap harvest concrete 500 jobs in an area that most people didn't really think had that same possibility or in Richmond, Virginia as a company we back all temper packets working on sustainable packaging grown quite significant.

Hundreds of employees now just raised a big round led by Goldman Sachs over hundred million dollars and they actually started in New York City when they were start to build their manufacturing plant for this site is moved to the whole company to Richmond Virginia so that's another example is also story in and outside Indianapolis suburban Indianapolis is a mom who had some experience in the tech sector and this was after the Flint water crisis is concerned likely maybe my kids are there. Water is safe so she called the water companies that I want my water tested this, we don't do that for for individual people, as you call somebody else's will do that though, because you thousands of dollars to do that… This is crazy and started a company called 120 water that initially offer families are going to have their water tested. Now she's telling that chemical is cities including cities like San Francisco so is somebody who saw problems with launch producer while they see a problem and they do something about it.

They do something about it by starting a company that the news here is you don't have to just be in a certain places like California start a company can start a company anywhere serve your out there and have some idea. Hopefully this book will give you a roadmap to attempt to take that from idea to reality and attract the capital you need to track the team you need attractive to you like to see in order to get to get your company to invest in theirs, while first all we partner with now with over 300 regional investment firms, so we work with them all because of never try to do this all across the country so a lot of the opportunities come from those investors did you find it. Sorry for the same question of the rich business backer you do you find there the investment firms in the smaller areas in the northern Virginia to the world in Kansas and you come in to help the investment firm find the entrepreneur well it's changing and it's a great question because a decade ago. Generally, in most parts the country. There wasn't much of the scalp mention even my my own experience in Northern Virginia were starting America Online. There wasn't a venture capital but that's changing over the last decade 1400 new investment firms focused on startups have been launched. All across the country in what we call these fries are a cities which means outside of sound outside of New York outside of Boston outside of the cup. So now there is more money there for those early investment seed investments and so forth. There was before. So the entrepreneurs there. They have an idea how more about the capability of raising the capital to scale up don't have to move to a place like California to do that they can stay where they are start when they are in and figure out ways to tap into the startup community that existence and dozens and dozens of cities and we profiled them in this book are you tapping innovation or you hoping to inspire entrepreneurs to innovate because you understand fundamentally. That's what made our country great people that had that can-do attitude to make a difference in why not me. Did you worry on some level they were losing that and you feel a part of your mission is to uncover that and reignite that you have so that I actually started about the first chapter the book talks about America to celebrate his 250th anniversary in 210 about this yet another chair of the Smithsonian Institution and so our summer of 19 museums and work on the planning for the 250th which is four years now that's our check out the books reminding people that 250 years ago. America itself was a startup.

It was a fragile country that almost failed that everybody wanted to have most people around the world thought it was a joke must live just as many's people look at startups and think now that that's I can work. Most people did not think America is going to work on America work. Why all in part because the entrepreneurs, led the way to hundred years ago with the agricultural revolution that led the way 100 years ago when the industrial revolution, and more recently led the way with the technology revolution.

That's one from this fledgling startup nation to the leader of the free world because we have a leading account because we been the most innovative nation but we are seeing kind of a globalization of innovation look at venture capital data 25 years ago.

Over 90% of venture capital globally was invested in the United States. Now it's under 50%. So many other countries to see China being the one but there are many other countries are trying to lead in the technologies of the future of the industry in the future, so we need to double down on our entrepreneurs. We have to do that everywhere. We can't just keep backing the people just in places like Silicon Valley or Boston. We have to document people all across the country and that's why read the book. I do want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

I do want to inspire people in those communities to support those entrepreneurs and I do believe if we are more inclusive in reaching these places that often have been left behind the last 10 or 20 years in terms of capital and innovation and that will maximize the likelihood America continues tonight and also could help unify divided country by closing at least in part, this opportunity gaps were a lot of people, feel left out left behind. How do we create the jobs for them so they can be part of the future, absolutely.

See case. I guess we come back this question China is taking away the profit more a murder motive. They've also squelched a lot of individualism will that hurt their innovation in the future.

To me the answers yes will see was Steve K says as he comes back continues to talk about his brand-new book, the rise of the rest back in a moment your knowledge base. Brian only show talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me and show cases where this is cofounder America cofounder America Online of course, revolution and New York Times best-selling author's latest book is the rise of the resto entrepreneurs in surprising places are building the new American dream CBW so multifaceted. First off as we come up on our 250th anniversary of our country.

Are you getting concerned that the average American doesn't appreciate how special while not being perfect this country is think I think there's a lot of focus on challenges the problems, what's was not going right which is understandable.

Some of that was anymore.

The focus on the things that that really are the reason that America are special and unique. And that's part of why I wrote the book on rise rustica part of that story is the entrepreneurs that have helped build the country and then the nuance personalities. Rather, a cities that are current building. The next chapter of this American story and by integrating healthcare and food financial services and transportation and doing it all across the country so there a lot of great things about this country that sometimes we we forgot and hopefully this calls for if it is not bad stuff out there in terms of inflation in Ukraine and also other stuff I don't want to make light on their issues, but the book is meant to be an optimistic view of yes or America right and if you think about our founding fathers knew multifaceted natural force was just wasn't just a general. Thomas Jefferson wasn't just the first Secretary of State. I mean they were multi-fascinated to learn to do every Benjamin Franklin great inventor great entrepreneur yeah well is being great patriot when you had so much success orally is that a difficult challenge. In retrospect, when you have all the success in you and you still have two thirds of your life straight ahead.

Did you have to read it was. That's something that needed to. You had to take time to wrap your head around a little bit all the rides I would say like my own story was a story of struggle for more than a decade before Kayla was successful, how old were you when the restart accompanist was 25 but it was probably not till I was 35. I took off that we went we went public with first Internet public company to the public of 1992 to 30 years ago and when we went public. We raise $10 million and are now only had 200,000 customers value a company like $70 million and really nobody knew or cared about and will never cared about the Internet, received a set of his friends.

The obvious thing would never be mainstream and a decade later. It wasn't long was driving a phase 9 the customers but as a result, I think it is that struggle was helpful to me. It was not an overnight and now you pass it on.

The rise of the rest will pick it up and please find out how to produce surprising places are building the new American dream. Thanks. Got mail is always seeking solutions for selling Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here by the right to me Joe come here from 46 McDermott had heard around the country heard around the world in a matter of moments for three count being here.

And then Bill Hammer will come barging in 1134 and Karl Rove has agreed to appear.

This is been confirmed in a matter of moments were watching the horrible situation would seem to be unfolding with this hurricane is actually wider than the board of Peninsula and work its way up the coast.

The good news is, it did not descend on Tampa, but the bad news is, it did on Fort Myers and it seems to of missed habit would agree with those not totally out of the woods and Miami Keyser paid the price is work its way all the way up north will keep you up-to-date on that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is a three story we all need to work together regardless of party lines by the administration has approved our request for the landfall declaration and did that very quickly. It's my sense that the administration wants to help, but it did take a while to get the prison to call the governor do seem to be rivals already. Governor DeSantis had already had two press conferences this morning, the Windsor and hundred 55 mph serious stuff murder rate is over 30% of all girls from the Council on criminal justice that same story also stated that the crime is complicated, multifaceted, yes, that explains it. Great press secretary K GP JP Korea crime matters to Americans more each and every day. What is it mean for the midterms will discuss which certainly seem to have that inflation on a month over month to month basis so dramatically we've seen energy prices come down.

Gas prices and that's offset price increases elsewhere. Brian Deese try to spin things in a monotone way, but positively money matters from the fought over student loan forgiveness to rising gas prices and interest rates and now housing slump that looms in a job loss that also looms is everything coming crashing down before the midterms and can imagine they were not emptying our strategical supply which is got many people, including me worried. Karl Rove joins us now called is everything those days ahead of the curve stress when it comes to politics. Carl welcome your state your take on Brian Deese just said he sees a lot of positives in the economy fundamentally optimistic. Is he right no American people rate poorly on the economy because he doesn't understand reality were suffering from inflation were suffering from an economic slowdown is probably going to get worse before it gets better ahead of print in Dallas to is involved in a group of private companies, mostly started by families but not all privately held across the country and they have a dinner every quarter and had dinner in Dallas you recently. All the guys and gals fooling from around the country and of the people there all but two were planning to reduce employment cut back on hiring because of softening conditions in their businesses and that's happening everywhere everybody should put everybody's felt experience of going to the grocery store. LOD says old gas prices that will accident all the way back up and EN in indirectly last time I looked. This is last week about a dollar 31 a gallon more than they were when Joe but the office and there's nothing the administration has done to expand supply infected moved to constrict supply and it's been reflected in everything you know everything we buy is hydrocarbon and it's also been reflected in everything else with virtually everything else with so couple of things you write. Gas prices are taking up again in the DR above where we were when he took over and guess what he's trying to do to vilify the oil companies and number two we started to is including gas stations of bring the price down really bring the price down is three fire capacity and if you really want to do it.

Believe in the Virgin Islands River refinery ready to go if you really want to refine a greater rate and ease the pressure on the American people and not worry about your green agenda you done that you don't even notice that the ministration has in place a new regulation on small refiners that basically makes it makes it very, much more expensive for them to operate and involves retroactive fines on them for having gotten exemptions for political wins. These are special air air quality credits. The grant sees these exemptions when the credits are not available for purchase in the marketplace and the administrator ministration say what will go back four years and removed exemptions that were given you by us and previous administrations and crying you forget your trip to now pay I was tentatively drawn to be allowed because because they're setting out a rule that says wait we can do this in immediate effect will be to drive up the cost of gasoline. For example, you know him saying in Georgia or Alabama whether small refiners Acropolis provided supply immediate impact will be in those markets to drive the cost but it's also going to literally drive some some of refiners out of business because yes some of the small refineries refiners are part of large enterprises at somehow they got out of this for the next year to. But a lot of these are our standalone entities won't be able stay business looks September 13.

NBC news came. I will call which party is better able to handle the economy 47% said Republicans 28% said Democrats. The ABC poll abortion" came out on September 21 which party is better on inflation. 54 Republican 35 Democrat the Democrats are in bad shape on this economy, and no amount of happy talk from Brian D need to quit implant is turned around will.

Not everyone can have the charisma Janet yelling so yeah it's a hard to high bar top issues facing voters right now.

According to Fox is 85% list of the economy, 79% inflation, which is really the economy, 77% Inc. education. I was surprised by that and 67% crime and if you see some of this video, which is just about every corner.

Especially New York City you're horrified by liquid tapping in Philadelphia. Here's the City Councilman.

This guy name Davidow joined Laura Ingram I Sica 13. I think it will continue to get worse because the leadership of our city is not recognizing that the policies that they've installed have produced this type of wanton violence in every which direction we can see innocent children and seniors. People just going about their own business being shot multiple times. All of this has resulted from just a lack of law enforcement is chopping down.

I could if I could've played as a councilman from Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and certainly New York and Washington. These are all Democrats run city almost every urban environment is it is out of control and that's why believe crime in you would know better. Could it is going to be one or two. By the time November 8). You mentioned George Soros funded and backed prosecutor affected Texas. Of the five major counties in Texas, Harris County, which is used in Dallas bear County, which is sent Antonia Travis County, which is often worth, which is here County for five counties, only Tarrant County does not have a prosecutor who was elected by a mound of money from George Soros and Moore seen the same kind of policies being played out in in Texas that we don't have the same kind of very progressive very left-wing bail law the New York were seated here. You mentioned that you mention important issues you read off the list based on how important people thought what ABC poll did something interesting they may people make a choice.

What is the most important issue that has to do with your vote 26% said the economy 21% said inflation, and 14% said crime. Now you add all of those up and that is 61% of the electorate same. The most important issue is the issue that the Republicans are talking about economy, inflation, crime, by contrast, 22% picked abortion and 13% climate change, leaving 35% of the electorate prioritizing the Democratic 61% of the people say the most important issue, something Republicans are talking about 35% say the nation. The Democrats are talking right now the feds raising rates and regular basis to pre-routine basis to attack inflation city could cost the economy. About 1 million jobs and certainly get into a job in the housing market, which unique about the way they are handling this. Unlike the era of Ronald Reagan, Paul Volcker combined with Reagan and Greenspan to do a job and that they cut spending and regulation here there increasing spending. I've never seen that combination work. If you know Reagan also cut taxes and cut right unnecessary regulations and think about this. Yes there the Fed is raising interest rates. So what does the ministration do. It goes out says working to give 1/2 trillion dollar giveaway increasing demand work in a wide awful student loans up to $20,000 in working to pump another half of trillion dollars. With the demand in the economy and they were to have an unspecified rule change that is anticipated to add another hundred $20 billion of demand into the economy and and then they have a meeting two days ago at the White House to talk about ways that the president said to help families like you know and cut prices and what was their recommendation. Let's make the airlines let people know additional fees before they board the airplane. Okay, so how exactly is I cannot reduce prices for people across the country don't have any answers, or just make it worse. They are inflation is too much money chasing too few goods and what are they doing that focused on ratcheting down the supply of goods by making it harder for companies to compete and manufacture make it harder for energy industry to be to make our country energy independent and by and then by dumping a bunch of money right now it's nearly $8 trillion of additional spending sent by the ministration payment to international relations.

What's going on in Russia are nourishing to his being. It looks like there's been an explosion nor stream one merchant to his biz knocking to go online and that would provide natural gas to an oil to Europe and there's a lot of speculation about what happen he was trading Scott 35 gas bubbles penetrate the surface of the Baltic Sea under the water. Three gas leaks within 24 hours have been detected from the north stream one and two pipelines that Russia and European partners spent billions to fill. The question is this actually separate stage or some kind of hard worker and we are witnessing here only the line was operating when the leaks began. European officials are investigating what caused the pipe structure: Prime Minister blame sabotage for the leak was Ukrainian leadership is already blaming Russia, calling the event a terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing European energy security. Russian officials did not take responsibility saying the Kremlin is extremely concerned about the leaks would would you make in this call euros a step ahead. It wouldn't work to Russia's advantage to blow up the pipeline. I wouldn't think it is their goal is to make Russia for excuse me Western Europe forever depended on them.

So this is escalating clearly is getting hammered clearly is country is turning on him to a degree, running away from him and his 300,000 call a man call up so we would rolled his north stream wanting to rupturing play very likely that this was Russian – and keep you know you keep proposing us and starve you for energy.

And here's how vulnerable your energy infrastructure is the Norwegians have stepped up security at all of their energy facilities because they have seen drones in surveilling some of their offshore installations so just follow Rio follow the trail here who would benefit from Western Europe having energy supplies constricted further. Russia and there's no doubt in my mind that this is an active Russian sabotage and settlement message not-so-subtle message to Western Europeans back off of mama proposing me in Ukraine. The problem is I think is misreading your Europe is now awakened to the fact that Russia is a threat to their independence or sovereignty, their economic vitality and that they have to find an alternative to Russian gas and find some of it may be US gas affect the German delegation coming to Texas at the end of October and then going to Louisiana to inspect the natural gas transfer facilities or LGN five natural gas that would come out of the United States and Europe and there's a vital interest in establishing other sources of supply with the United States or Persian Gulf nations or or even inside their own region.

I mean we know that: in Great Britain, and other tax increase have formation geological formations are highly likely to contain large amounts of gas and that's the list. Trust the new Prime Minister of Great Britain is basically said I'm I'm removing the ban on tracking and England. We better become energy soup a bit more energy sufficient and if they would do that in the rest of the country. We would be able to yell Robert O'Brien up against it said that they had a plan to have a pipeline through Portugal or Spain that would go through Europe.

We set up an LNG terminal and we would be there. We would be there natural gas supplier. The friend stopped it because of concern about the environmental impact on the Alps. Now they reverse that we have an administration that has no interest in that which I think is terrible for a friend of Europe cannot do this is is under I think it's underreported, but not know, but it certainly notice will certainly real quick is burning more coal like they're having to do now and burning wood is good for the environment and climate. I mean what what a natural gas pipeline as you described it would do is, it would help bring about a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Your just like the use of natural gas in the United States in lieu of coal and other sources of energy has brought about a decline over decades now in the state he is Karl Rove does nothing he can handle call. Thanks so much event over the next month becoming better moments than we have to deal with the challenging conventional thought is made on a radio show like no other, kill me pay a monthly cam I did something very rude. I was very long: he is only really get two minutes and then we have a whole half-hour and bad news. Pete invited Bill Hammer, your archrival, so I leave, I'm not doing that now.

I am very angry. Karl Rove's outside and had to keep my resume is going to have the biggest midterm election history know how German delegation coming to Texas to try to get natural gas that is interesting in order to get what about and what you want to know 225 fascinated by that story to you whose advantages it to blow up the pipeline.

Karl Rove exits or brushes that the kind you know I mean there's even some people speculated that it was the US the tenant. I heard that there's no way pipeline yeah it's possible that it happened on its own, but that does the promise you can't believe anyone in this story because the demons and Polish leadership have their own reasons to say that it was Russian who didn't sell its mean you need to have a serious investigation to figure it out but it's there is no there was no fuel going to a currently my Eileen transgressions looking at the whole thing could be ham-handed way in which they think they can get into Wesley will they're doing is expediting the movement towards another Western Europe going somewhere else and actually adding oil where they're scrambling everywhere. It's so embarrassing for Germany to put themselves in a situation which everyone told them was exactly what would happen. You do not want to be beholden to Russia for all your energy and they did it anyway. Merkel absolutely falls on her and now they're scrambling all of the Middle East everywhere else I can find Norway try to get sources for natural gas and all their own fault and we could be of much for your help and talk to we come back. Feel him. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. We have a brain. New York has a brain and when people see mean something minimum we go. There is not in Kansas doesn't have know you know but New York has a brain.

So think about this. New York shows arrogant, self-important, pretty much as a mayor that's making it clear to the Midwest anybody else.

Kansas is the example Weaver branch. We have a brand reputation keep up with the levers here.

If you smart enough to get Fox nation you see the Martha McCallum Cedar and Mayor Adams got ripped for saying that, because number one yellow crime ring through the streets is a lot of things about New York. There are tracking people is the brand that you have good grades were great at making 10 cities in the Bronx of people. We have no idea what was in full each we have any idea guys how this is going to turn out. We put a thousand costs caught in the tent. We act like it's the spate the innovates of grace innovation since the space shuttle in the center of your hand and no place to put their stuff, no place to shower in the bathroom where the job who thinks that tents can go from 1000 to 2000 and 2000 and 5000 mass tents look like a refugee camp in no time. You know I was coming home last night and cleared off on my emails. My text message before I go to my building downtown Greenwich Village and guy comes up on me which a lot of people do these days and was no longer the city were people just walk by and make eye contact the people who think they're looking for stuff and said excuse me, I'm from Venezuela. Can you help me and it was really well-dressed backpack. I thought it was a sinner from NYU because I live in a neighborhood, and he started speaking in Spanish. I said I'm sorry no English. And anyway, we got to the point report our Google translate on his iPhone and it was explained to me that he and his sister staying in a shelter to avenues away and that he needed money and what I helped him and I'm what you do so only been here for two days.

I assume his story is true. I assume what he was telling me was correct and I told him and Google translate that our country is done so much for your you're lucky to be in the city and he turned around and walked away. And off he went down the avenue disappeared and I assume he's one of the migrants who got off the bus at Port Authority, and he doesn't like the shelter. He says it's loaded with drugs and alcohol and his sister aren't safe there. I that's his story and can be thousands and thousands of these outdoor who will be here just one anecdotal experience that I'm sure the people of town as well. It's a mass at the mass of our own creation.

We lured these people here with promises that they would be taking care of, and now we have to take care of them.

I mean this is where the situation right now and it all goes back to not having a safe, secure border, which would be so much safer for the people who want to come across it with the underreported story is the sex trafficking is going on young women crossing that border that think they're going to go get housecleaning jobs to end up in in horrific horrific sex slavery situations.

This is there if it is so that is just the opposite of compassion. What were doing in these situations and what to do all that you know it. There should be a work program you nothing to be here. It should be part of a work program. God knows there's there's no for hiring signs in every single place in this city and Martha's Vineyard to for that matter. However the Cape and everywhere you know my problem with that is that if you give 15,000 people jobs in New York City, you can end up with 45,000 because were to get right back central South America wherever people think at Saudi Arabia wherever you come to New York to get you nothing approaching the city to be an iPhone to be some nightly to be a clear bag full of toiletries and then you be able to get a job instead of setting up something where you expand the consulates in these countries first country to come into you apply and then we make out we agree bipartisan American. We set up stack tables and go listen can you work with your background check and that any two days to find it where you from and then we put them into these cities are preordained to say how many I need and work visa situations absolutely no 80 something percent of them get turned away. The numbers have dropped a little bit in the by administration accepting more people as asylum seekers, then certainly than they were in the previous administration.

But if you don't have it you have to have a situation where if you're leaving a country because your oppressed beer persecuted the first place that you get to you have to find that embassy and begin the process and then let you know whether or not you have tickets coming to the country. I was in the UK right come back you go through the process to get into this country. Everyone dies every time you come in or go out of this country with their American citizen or not. You have to have your papers ready passport. You're not going anywhere accepted this area on the southern border which is complete control married in New York talked about little bit about this about a week ago. I don't know it's progressives that I meant to the house to a degree I was with a guy over the weekend and shaking his head as I don't understand it, you know, I feel such and such way about all these issues, but everybody else feels the other way. I just am I alone on this bill, Obama and he said the thing I don't get is that we have men who fought for our country are living on the street homeless and the borders open right right the borders open and when he gets you shelter and you get foods in to get an iPhone and he said that's more than were giving our own veterans and to a degree.

He's right about that point the piece of our border patrol agents who are working night and day to patrol that border, there's no way they can control the people who are becoming got away to come across the border and then were hanging out hundred 80,000 IRS agents with me going to the more IRS agents in order to be border patrol which is unbelievable between so to see thing is zero and issues in this world that are really debatable and you need a think tank to go through and some the smartest people of flesh it out. This stuff is so basic you think to yourself, what am I missing are you trying to actually hurt the country, let alone trying to help the country. For example, why would you open up a refinery in the Virgin Islands to speed up the refining of oil and gas for a country to bring the price down what when you set up some type an emergency operation with Mexico and Canada to bring the price of energy down. If you care about the American people. First you detect global mortgages emergency we got a handle this but instead you go in for an agenda when you were asked to pass legislation one piece on simple reconciliation you chose that you chose a green agenda that the country is not set up for its steady sweep to kill and you know who is making out and it's on this whole thing is China because China is playing both sides of the energy equation. They have not abandoned any of their traditional energy resources building solar panels and lithium batteries and monopolizing the rare earth minerals that are needed to build on the steps to change one thing that are cutting back on one thing they're not me know. Trying to get people to drive electric cars and then on the other hand, they're making a ton of money off of everything that it takes to perpetuate this green agenda which we have worked you know which is coming right into their hands from all from Europe and from the United States. It is constructive product problem-solving of the nature that you just talked about right allocate money and after that happens, nothing. I would challenge anybody to .21 large-scale high employment project that has come out of the infrastructure about 1.9 trillion. Can you show me a highway airport can you show me an energy plant plans.

Why wouldn't they be showing it to us every single day right is going to work on building this highway in wherever Minneapolis or St. Louis. This is part of the structure program think they're enough to try to follow through and say here's for all that money would go Barack Obama said yeah we would happen him this would be this readably, but opportunity for him to establish himself as a politician proclivity something to do Dean Herbert Hoover established himself as a legitimate politician by what he did. I think with the Red Cross or something in getting aid to Europe after the war he confers United States actually setting stuff done right that Eric Adams has such a great opportunity. Building has because he has a name with Biden.

He was elected a city that was replacing the worst mayor ever, and he had an opportunity to straddle both sides become a national figure.

The bar was pretty low for them come in and I think were all still waiting to see what he can and cannot do. I've seen very little change in the city. Other people tell me neighborhoods. A great time, I think mine went from eight of C- really, but in others there a couple nights last week with the weather was nice people on the sidewalks and they sort of tend to make the vagrants less obvious, but when the streets are empty, the vagrants are everywhere and that I have bear in your face. So now I don't want to live in a C-. I will get back to the NA that I came to know for 20 years right and Eric Adams hasn't done that if they care, they would go through these areas and clean things up and it hasn't happened. When you go out for dinner downtown in Manhattan, a city in which I sit outside. Mr. ever inside when you say I like to sit outside still still get a little dice. I used to like outside. Last time I sat outside it was, you know, like a huge rotting old mattress next to my chair to piles of garbage and like little things going around. I think sit inside. I've got my little Italian go to demonstrate and so I feel quite comforting. Her name was to hammer where they were. Mr. Bill if they saw a rotting mattress. They clean it up before we got there so we ask that the point right all we asked when we come back I'm going to let you guys decide to bring joy to talk about today when I like to talk about.

Most likely I want to move about Russia and Ukraine. If that's okay. Talk about Tom and Gisele that is funded there's more to educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. In Russia want to fight more. We believe that regardless of their nationality. They may apply for asylum in the United States and have their claim educating on a case-by-case basis, so as far as that. We welcome any folks who are seeking asylum invitation that all right, fantastic.

No Russians let's bring in Russia. KJV decide O now that you goes to meetings as a policy if you're rushing over good time. Martha McCallum here. I always think back to now present, by standing on the stage with then-President Tromp and he said you know if you're seeking asylum. You should come to America instead and that's everyone you know people voted for him and now we have more than the should come crossing Biden T-shirts remember them as if there was no that big beautiful door winter one wide-open desert so villages just tell me what you think is going on 98,000 Russians have crossing to Kazakhstan, let alone Finland and Lincoln border Mongolia Dana and I've been there. We been obsessed with the airports and the way the flights have been boarded filling out other pulling people of train box I've seen that I know in that town near the border with Ukraine seem like the men at least were they were checking cars lease and that one town based on the reporting look if Pruden were to put an order in place like Zielinski did and said anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 cannot leave the country if you're a man that would be an enormous global story because Russia is what is it 10 times larger than Ukraine and Ukraine. But this much smaller country.

They need everybody on board to try and win this war hasn't gone there yet.

I'm not so sure he will. But it was was pretty interesting to see the choices so many Russian people have made over the past two weeks that all you need to look at is the answer to that question on the part of the people. So in Ukraine you're living in a country that was invaded by Russia.

They rose to fight because they have that national will and desire to keep their country and they can absolutely and they can which is incredible no more than a week in the early going, and said their strength and and their unity is absolutely awesome thing to watch. So in Russia. They don't want to fight this war.

Reports of people breaking limbs to get out of going they don't want to go there not trained they're saying on my mother's enemy 13 out to Chris on and and I haven't even been trained know what I'm doing to the front lines in the calling up Ukrainian scene I quit. So this is unbelievable. We're watching a 20 year reign by Vladimir Putin to Internet equal to four years. Then he said to take Georgia didn't do anything going to Syria change the direction of war I want to go take a Crimea to be a hero to block the US and Libya in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will on the worst day, we should great sophistication adaptability with modern weapons and have you there what they're fighting like it's 1951, seven organization. The generals are so upset they get in front think die 80,000 dead against the country.

There was danger. Now you've had a sham referendum that took place over the weekend everybody outside of these areas knows it's a joke but doesn't think that way and puts can say this is Russian territory. These people voted, they want to be part of of our country.

So what happens than if the US continues to give these weapons and prudence as you cross the line. You are now attacking the Russian people in the Russian country.

That's the danger of escalation in this war as I see it today. Absolutely. And that's the setup that he has created for that. The question is whether or not I mean he can't do it alone so he can will that to be Russian territory, but unless he has unless he has the battle to fight it. He's going to be in trouble. I would have been presupposed about his ability to crush Ukraine appears to not becoming trail so Zielinski Zielinski says it ends in Crimea. Evidently plenary talk to Vladimir Putin says I'll take the dumb boss formally recognize Crimea as ours in the hands and the hands and then will leave the other places independent okay this means he's given up 50% of his country while he's winning. Really, after already losing tens of thousands of people but II think the real danger point is if Pruden makes a declaration what we can do what's Biden going to do not acknowledge this I mean the John Pass region was this exactly when this war started. It started with that proclamation. I went in and said the dumb ass region is is ours it's annexed and then they walked right over that line and went into Ukraine and eventually we started to help Ukraine militarily, but this is how they've done in the past.

I think the Crimea offensive is fascinating. I mean Zielinski has made it perfectly clear that he wants to go back to those original lines including Crimea and was to her because this is shown touching the hurricane about 250,000 of lost power. We understand that the hurricane did not hit Tampa, but it did sadly hit Fort Myers and expected is actually wider than the entire peninsula. So as it heads up north building and Martha final thoughts on that. I just sent you look at that radar system.

I was absolutely amazed by by mother nature on how the power in the strength and there is a set of in which I was telling you guys are given on behalf of Noah earlier today. The search of the lightning strikes. If you look at that from above.

It looks to me exactly like Katrina looked before came on shore, Louisiana and Mississippi. Katrina was three have an infinite level, which is a bad mix well.

New Orleans is 15 feet below sea level and rent a lot of these low-lying islands in the Southwest shore Florida are idyllic and they are in the target bill him a monthly count. Thanks so much time trying to over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. The Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News

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