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Charges Brought by New York States Against Trump; Can Electric Cars Get You Where You Need to Go?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 22, 2022 3:18 pm

Charges Brought by New York States Against Trump; Can Electric Cars Get You Where You Need to Go?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 22, 2022 3:18 pm

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[00:18:23] Carley Shimkus


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The first time I saw it I got goosebumps was perfect for me. I felt like we could go anywhere together.

There's nothing like finding your match with over 50,000 cars at a daily and a powerful advanced search you're sure to discover the one find your perfect match on today is always seeking his first selling Brian Kelly. I would want to let his mom to the right kill me.

Shall we have so many choices about what to lead with what to have in the show will try to cover it all, and McCarthy standing by fillet is on the on the Trump attack. This is another this one I you can get on Donald Trump and you could say would say what what you chose to state election statements to present why we think integral those documents even with you to be the biggest from supporting caskets of white great trouble but this last one to me smells like pure politics. Republican president who made his name in New York and has an Atty. Gen. wants to make her name.

That's what this is about will discuss all that and of course take your calls. Call Shimkus of the body hour. She actually asked me after as I let Fox and friends. She's a bright dynamic suggestion will to talk about. So being a nice person I am.

I said okay. Would you think would you like to talk about and she told me she wants to talk about what's going on a rush and I said okay but it's not part of the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

How long from here.

Should Americans be prepared for that economic how long I mean it really depends on how long it takes for wages and more than that. Prices to come down for it for inflation to come down. There is the prediction from Mr. T in Rocky three pain that's who Jerome Powell was saying with less flamboyance economy. The fed banking the circus on Capitol Hill and what it all means to you and your family finances for learning those activists during the Florida governor Rhonda Santos for dropping 50 migrants on Martha's Vineyard are heavily funded by George Soros receiving nearly $1.4 million from his open Society foundation that his Chris Jenkins bring it on. That's the message from Gov. DeSantis is the illegal immigrants who landed after signing permission slip on this beautiful viral aisle of Martha's Vineyard. They are now suing. No joke. A massive seizure of fennel in Florida enough to kill 4 million people should be the lead story but everyone's playing politics. Investigation revealed that Donald Trump engaged in years of illegal conduct to inflate his network to achieve to deceive banks and the people are great stating yeah Leticia James the Atty. Gen. in a tougher fight to keep her job and she thought the Trump attack reaches new lows as an Atty. Gen. makes it clear it's personal and political what the civil lawsuit says why the truck needs to win for all of us to win meeting supporters and detractors with me right now is discussed to break it down and McCarthy foxes contribute or alter a ball of collusion so Annie I read you calm. I know you're going with this first offer people at home wondering what lawsuit is this. It's a civil lawsuit against his company includes his kids they want about over $200 million back in restitution for the people that should be complaining on the banks and the banks got their money back and more right now to the Bernie made off with Brian, you don't. There's no victim. Which is why you don't fall apart. So what is the press conference yesterday. Every prosecutor and prosecutor called Trump's financial records three years, federal prosecutors, the case started I would but I had a laugh at the end of the wood during a press conference when she talked about how she referring the case referring her complaint to the justice department, the Justice Department had this case in the first place and they looked at it very hard they decided that Michael Pollan was not a promising foundation to build a fraud case on and then the Manhattan Dist. Atty. Cyrus Vance, Capt. Ahab's quest for Trump's financial records went up to the Supreme Court twice to finally get them and when they got them they realized there was a case there so I may have a minor case brought against the wife of Brown Trump's top financial guide the organization and they kept running around saying we got him to plead the 15th down what they don't tell you to do all of the hundred days in jail. It's penny-ante stuff and it's the same stuff that they're using next month to have a trial against the Trump organization on the same minor tax stuff but again they will really try to make the case on Trump and his children, and they couldn't. The Fed gave up on this a couple years ago. They didn't think there was anything there.

I think that's important Brian because I can tell you I was a prosecutor in that office for 20 years, they don't give away an attractive case to the state not the Southern District of New York think there's a case there.

They take the case to career right for every elected that's what those terrible ambitious prosecutor phone I would know so you know what they don't they don't give away. Okay, especially you don't look for a lot of the people of the lawyers met office care about is no more attractive target on the planet Donald Trump. Though they could have made a big old fraud case against drunk they have been delighted at the evidence. So why is it I mean I cannot believe this Atty. Gen. is on the record saying things like this about Donald Trump.

Prior to yesterday cut 700 so having great fun posting on social media goes ahead and does it now if I saw the founders would said the first thing we do if I was a bomb's attorneys try to dismiss his case on things like that.

Will that work, try to dismiss it on on first blush yeah well I think I will write what New York with do that you Brian that you have to realize, especially with New York, but with a lot of is that unlike the federal government where law enforcement positions are appointed to select the example of Bill Lauro Merrick Garland Atty. Gen. nominated by the president. They have to get vetted by the Senate of the Senate broke them hard to make sure that you lost a political weapon that the big issue in every confirmation that the way that system work in New York is totally different. We don't insulate law enforcement from politics.

These are elected position politics infects the legal system and unfortunately the political force in New York that really punches above its way is hard-core progressive. There are the truth of the Democratic party. They trying me and I say look, she hates me. This is personal look at the tape.

Does that help your case depends on who your jury is right by me.

Thought you were the jury in New York and you get a bunch of anti-Trump developed on the jury that might be appealing on the label to animus have to be unanimous. Okay look Brian, I don't go to trial. The year but in some cases you're entitled to a jury. In some cases the jury have to be unanimous, but not usually in noticeable. But if this case ever gets to trial all my hat is not happen.

Leticia James does this all the time she did the same thing with almost no she does this long investigation. She figures out a way to dump the investigation into the public record got arrived on his job. She dumps out a bunch of stuff that she was never able to prove I'm not that I don't on the current report, all of Beaumont. The bad guys, but you know she never even tried to sue him and even though she put out a book line investigation findings is not a single prosecutor in the state of New York was able to make her try even to make it so I'm really confused because with her try to do is stop him from doing business for five years. So try to get financing anywhere in the meantime, of his investigations going.

How does he conduct his business as he affected this. He just say hey I'm me that's my team of attorneys you deal with New York but is he going to be entered from doing anything with banks.

You have to think about it from the perspective of what would you do if your financial and maintenance work. Out right so I don't want to pretend that because I think this case is nonsense that means no consequences for Trump I think will be severe consequences for Trump. I would just at that. It's not just Trump euro if you're of some business institution and you're thinking about whether New York is a place where you want to set up shop business. I think you wanted.

Think twice about that because if you have a legal environment like this one that felt thoroughgoing leave politicize and where the prosecutor. The power that they get from the from the public in order to go after their political enemies and they think their political enemies are like the 1% in the red shed load of profitable company. If I were me I opened the business in Florida know or someplace else you're right it's like Florida bank has their headquarters in New York. Obviously that's problematic and you don't get the biggest institutions outside of New York City.

But that's the some of them work out and people say aren't you being sued. I don't know if I should lend to you know in this loss and the 200+ pages they say things like, well, you said in order to get financing that you are 30,000 foot apartment.

It's 10,000 foot you said that more loggers.

Third 300 million. It's actually worth 74 million so as things like that. Does that matter, because I always thought institutions like Deutsche Bank who took most of his money from there the one to call the Atty. Gen. to listen.

I'm being screwed by XYZ real estate mogul.

Instead they got payback. They have no problem in Atty. Gen. hunts and examines and sees and then files but the but the point there is no hard party here, and I say that as a pedestrian, not is obviously a legal, great legal mind. It doesn't seem like a skirt you're right, someone asked me yesterday.

You think she could say the taxpayers with the victim and I'm like Trump get the loan the premises.

My network is $1 billion and it turns out his net worth is actually $50 million but on the basis of him saying it was a bill you know what were not in the real world.

Now right in the real world.

The bank has its own appraiser benefit rely on, think the right thing to do their own due diligence. But let's say just for arguments sake, I give Trump alone is the bank on the basis of his misrepresentation that he worked 20 times more than he is. Work if he pays the loan back.

Nobody you know I you can say that yes he got more favorable terms than the average person would get the average person worth $50 million. The whole theory of if I have a town if I'm in Ohio you don't be great to have a downtown hotel in Ohio. I'm going to give them a 2% loan. Perhaps I can work out because my theory is if I can get that beautiful Trump a hotel date and I'll get more people get more tropical get more torso. The more conventions that's a risk you take as a public official and you get lower terms. That's why Amazon in New York. People try to lure Amazon in with better terms that something AOC never understood it doesn't mean you can helping the rich you helping the rich bring your enterprise to your city to bring in more revenue for every body will and in my right with this calculus is not only not only right calculus. Nobody make that argument more than Democratic politicians do think the argument that The local governor of New York made why the taxpayer should subsidize the two billionaires live in Florida to build a stadium for the Buffalo Bills right exactly the argument that you just made that if we don't we bring this week we built a great stadium.

It's good to be a magnet for all kinds of business and commerce and in the long run the taxpayer to make out much better now. In point of fact, I think they often don't make out much better. At least things are right, that's a whole different argument. Yeah, yeah, but you will be argument you made is exactly the same argument the Democratic politicians make when they think it's good for the rights so I wanted to get to the rate case. The appeals court allows the DOJ to resume review of the classified records after was put on hold for the special master listen to both sides. The Trump team did not put up an argument. When asked did Donald Trump. How did Donald Trump declassify these records. They had no answer. So now for the next day. Appeals court looked at this into of the two of the three judges are Trump appointees and said DOJ have attic go back to looking to see if any laws were violated with these documents. My correct yeah, and they may 11th circuit Court of Appeals in Florida may actually have done Trump a favorite here because they just looked a little against them, and he deserved to be ruled against the legal position was meritless and not a very good very good legal reasoning by Judge Cannon the judge down in Florida. He started all this rolling as you point out, Judge Deary, who is the special master up in Brooklyn. He was suggested by Trump and agreed to by the Justice Department is not buying this idea that they because of the Trump declassify the document he would make Trump lawyers put on evidence which they didn't want to do that Trump had declassified the document now that the 11th circuit has basically rejected that argument, that point is moot. The only thing that Judge Deary will now be dealing with is the nonclassified documents which of the other 11,000 documents that we see from our logout. The FBI and the justice department now by some of the 11th circuit ruled will have access to the hundred classified documents which is what they say they need to proceed with their investigation will the ruling last night affect the hundred classified documents but it probably gets Trump out above that of a problem in Brooklyn but I think judge.

The classified documents were still in front of Judge. Make them on the classification is present since yesterday Sean Hannity that he could declassify just by thinking about it is true now the presidential record that we talk a lot about you that along one of the provisions he almost never mentioned like the second provision in the law which the president have an obligation document the activities of their presidency and its it's inconceivable that you would declassify very top-secret information and it wouldn't be a document that said that you did it and he owes great columns. Always great to get through this analysis. I'm so glad you went to law school and get my bill yet you want to law school until I get the bill is going your word. You have the right of private markup on so that on the target a special master name so they go to to arbitrate between us and McCarthy. Thanks so much, we come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 then we open up the conversation calling Shimkus busy day so glad you're here giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me.

The first time I saw it I got goosebumps was perfect for me. I felt like we could go anywhere together. There's nothing like finding your match with over 50,000 cars at it daily and the powerful advanced search you're sure to discover the one find your perfect match on today is so busy he'll make deer kill me know, and McCarthy is so rich with information and sadly, the Trump family is so overwhelmed with loss and as I mentioned this thing in New York. You have to look at it yet you take your time and read it because they say that this is worth this much and this is where this much.

This is an Atty. Gen. getting in between a bank transaction if it was Deutsche Bank complaining of was TD bank outrageous. It was people saying I'm now bankrupt and shareholders are left holding the bag. That's one thing no one got hurt. This is a targeting and that means big and small business people fear Trump found guilty, because that means no one safe politician doesn't like you will take you out precise personal powerful is America's weather you know all of your FOX weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen our talk or wherever you get your project information you on truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show welcome back everyone as a I was talking about her earlier, the calling Shimkus did something very rare, but she always does. She made a request so usually you ask into what we are you talking about when you come in here that you made a request Carly and it wasn't a typical guy got not to categorize your gender, because I know were doing this gender blending 20 2010. Now thank you, but you know it was you said I like to request something and it was anybody but you. You would think. Okay, they have a request there's a story that one out to about Valentine's Day about compounds or reality show that you love to talk about or so I got booted from the bachelorette. But no, would you asked for what I wanted to talk about the presidency when speech yesterday that's going on in Russia and China right like that topic to this way. That is one of the most if I was looking. If I we were dating dating profile. That's the most attractive thing that I would see one of my lady had stated that the right of the. Also, it was great to be hot and I get traction down yes actually turning more into a bachelor conversation which would neither of us are available now. We are not and you're having a baby fully in support of listening that I love to.

I love to Conan O'Brien softer side because it's not you see every day but Allison just told me that you Brian thrill her.

Her two baby showers, write for three kids with everything you think I should have gotten. I should've gotten like one he'd say this is for Patrick underperforming right now is when you have to enjoy it when challenging rules will outline Ainsley asked if I wanted I wanted her to exactly thank you for saying that for me really want to shower and he wants to merely be there. You know I feel at showers.

Well, I mean I don't even O'Brien 31 which is honestly some nice surprises to access house and he is I think people want to be there. I think people that don't have kids don't love going to baby showers. My correct it's just in the middle of the day on the Saturday time grappling to you, so here's what I was thinking for my baby shower.

Could you do need staff because you need to gear to make it so self-serving I would I die love my friends and family.

Of course I just feel bad for them can let people a filing anyway. I was thinking about inviting the husband's tail is cheating is a good idea ever heard of it, having it be like a big party like a female shower happens and the guys going drink it can be for sure, but here's the problem.

If it if you made during the week you should be just girls now generally on a Saturday what he wanted her Saturday I think that's when most people are available who could you like 4 o'clock during the week. I don't know if that works for everybody. Hello, I just think all your friends are to be friends unless you're working for Jesse. Jesse or talk. I do, you can probably make friends. I laid out. I do not ideally I think I went to college, how many friends.

What I know of yours. I was know none of you know my friend Lindsay thrill word-of-mouth because she lives close TL and I go to salt with her right, which is a restaurant in your town. Would you beat me to salt I got there and they were describing you in a Carly came in and no one calling is you is you are and one Tau Island, and I diamond moment Massapequa yeah so that's two steps away the land is trying to get me to move out there you have to make a decision right to the suburbs yet.

I want to stay in New York City. However, when I went to the Brian County Tower which was 4 July I fire it shall Nassau County and everybody came up to me and I was like I thought they were to be like. We watch Fox and friends first. There like a line O'Brien because I coached his son's soccer team.

I know Brian can see with my red RA in college and they are at the town.

We have a membership that you remember almost correctly but Bruce Blakeman is the NASA County executive and Brad Blakeman's been here as a contributor forever. Bruce Blakeman was married to Paul McCartney's current wife write anything about that person currently yeah and they ended up on amicable terms like they shared the same length. Know the divorce. Okay, that was very amicable and it turns out the Brad used to say to me I never put together his and I got to the Hamptons is unbelievable. Paul McCartney is a party. I get invited to sing and then I'm homogeneous and I go to sleep and Brad Blakeman.

You see, my going second you still go out with your to your brothers ex-wife's new husband has to get invited and I always got and just a baseball. McCartney is amazing performance. I heard John Bon Jovi's like this so never know personally with the performers like to perform all the time. As I listen Billy Joel.

I don't evidently they always, I know you want to play all go play so doesn't get all you know like because you're always on you even when you're not working you have your writing a book you're doing is speaking your you just three ascertaining a drink there as a radio sell pot kettle, but in the best way possible right and I don't appreciate the analogy, but I don't belong in that area, but you over and write a book. You are the Billy Joel Fox news read. Thank you very much little taller but I can't tell at the garden he can so that's where different villages I did I could we do redundant people right. I think she just insulted me. Can we even think he was having such a blast. Yet he did a great job today. So let's talk about what's going on with Russia. So right now I'm just reading a lot of analysis by him calling up to 300,000 troops. They might not let me food. They might not exist. In his early riots were inside Russian housing people. Yeah. So they have reserves a lot of you go NORAD here generally preventing people 18 to 34 from leaving the country. When we do not like North Korea situation yet so very unpopular. Obviously in Russia at the present make this announcement, saying that Pres. Putin makes his announcement, saying were doing a draft up to 300,000 people say class and learned that a caller preserves and not seen major drafts you imagine being a young man in Russia right now and thinking oh my gosh I don't even care about this war. I don't know what's going on.

The strange thing about Russia now is obviously cannot trust these poll numbers by number in the beginning of the war that help a lot a lot of people in Russia are really really supportive of Vladimir Putin in a way that isn't safe, which I am. I am stunned by in the big cities St. Petersburg Moscow, but if you get out to the smaller towns they are very anti-Putin and that's part of the 300,000 tail so now you have all of these people that are immediately when he made that announcement buying plane tickets and trying to hightail it out and people are really putting their lives on the line with these antiwar demonstrations because you're not allowed to do that in Russia and I was reading some announcement said the scary thing would be for Ukraine and hearing that there is a possible fresh batch of up to 300,000 troops could that turn the tide of the war and the person that I was listening to said now because what they need is our experience alters people are Joe Schmoe off the street to give him a gun there immediately going to die. Unfortunately for these people.

It's just their situation. 60,000 dead Russians already and that's return the war in Afghanistan at a draft they invaded. They thought they run right through. They ended up getting their ass kicked again and end up like 6000 died yeah just trail right and what happens is I think they are educated over there Afghanistan's uneducated population. This one is when Watts waited on MSNBC about about.

Would Vladimir Putin would do and what is about to do in a week cut 35 is talking about building essentially annexing parts of southern Ukraine is the justification that for using things like nuclear weapons are accelerating. Essentially the war. From this perspective, because if he does, that would be seen as an attack on Russia. Now, no one really buys that and that's where the fighting is happening today in that southern front.

There are some pretty intense fighting back and forth and for the Ukrainians. I think the point where done remarkably well, but it will be tougher and tougher for them to advance as well about taking so I think getting in the winter, it's important to notice Zielinski space plan yesterday. Yesterday that could be a way to bring this conflict of some sort of well with their doing is so Hans can other areas have the vote for this so much fighting going on. The remote was a joke. Just take these areas but I guess the weapons we get all the weapons again the tanks they should win because how Russians can fight as to as general as Gen. Kellogg said terms that the Russians are Belgian with nuclear weapons yeah I know, I know that there's a lot of people who will come out and say that we're sending so much money in this in this war, but I also think it's really important to remember that you know it's not America first to have Russia and China sort of decide a global new world order and defending a democracy really does matter.

So now Pres. Biden has given and some daytime weapons to Ukraine. The question is are you really getting them enough to win. And some people say now you here getting Ukraine enough to just sort of win the next battle, but not when the overall war you guys are pressure hours to do with a pledge deal that was part of the speech and when Nikki Haley was saying yesterday that Pres. Biden's UN speech where it was. It was a well set speech when he called out Russia. What about China India that are buying Russian oil propping up their economy, and he didn't really say much about those country say to you I was thought out over the whole story meetings that Iran has to supply supply drones was a say to you than with Crisco supply rockets. That means that China is not cannot make in their own will.

Let me put in and she's in pain recently. Face-to-face is the first time feeling pain left China since that place in the world. Exactly.

I let's not forget that. And apparently the speech wise and she was like I don't really support this will back off right so now he's feeling squeezed from his allies and that maybe one of the reasons why he's doing this.

I guess this draft because he doesn't know what to do. Now I knew what happened.

Brian well what could happen is there hoping for winter antifreeze out Western Europe and there hoping that Hunter provided to try to destroy the infrastructure Ukraine and they hoped that evens the playing phone so that it brings us to what Pres. Biden said yesterday during the speech about climate change right where obviously part of the UN speech wise promoting climate change because that's what these global organizations. Dale always promote these ideas and then look at what happened to Germany they went totally green. They rely on for all of their oil and gas from Russia and then you know what I was reading starting this month. Germany has introduced a series of measures to cut energy use, businesses are no longer allowed to keep their doors open throughout the day to reduce the need for heating. You're not allowed to eliminate advertising signs that you have to switch them off on by 10 PM and halls and corridors of most public buildings will no longer be heated will be cold during the winter and offices can only be heated to a max of 19C this is happening in Germany think one of the most advanced nations, if not the most advanced nation on the planet energy independence lesson in there somewhere. Right there is that their pinewood and the biting cold fire fire of plants and their deer with their shelving plans. Everything is talking about when he talks about listening to your criticizing fossil fuels or criticizing on natural gas when it which is cleaner and now it's more expensive and countries are switching to go because of is my problem in life that this is my small talk if I like literally I would I get so bored if I go out on the weekends and I'm not talking like I decide this is so strange back and will call you stick around newsmakers and news breakers.

First, I show Fox News network Fox News contributor daily newsletter inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News five from his mouth for your years of recommendations. If the primary goal when you're dealing with a situation where the hospitals were being overrun in New York, intensive care units will be put in the hallways you have to do something that's rather draconian and sometimes when you do things. It has collateral negative consequences just like when you shut things down even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy on the schoolchildren you know that the conference yesterday. Dr. Boucher was explaining himself, at which time he is trying to say what he said is correct.

The hospitals were being overrun and their dues need to be severe action in his chair cushion wrote his book. Roy Shimkus is rather do something to the house was being overrun, but how long you did in the reasons why will not admitting that you said it's not to be a problem here that you didn't have to keep get wear a mask previous awful sense of security and that he never pointed out that schoolkids could suffer long-term on this. That's the maddening thing exactly and it's just so fascinating to hear the language that he's using now that he is retiring or doing whatever he can.

Dale and he's calling the measures that he propped up for two years calling them draconian for the first time snail he was saying that it he was criticized criticizing people for calling these measures that he was supporting draconian he's criticizing us folks. Now he's admitting and it's it's it's it's very interesting. Also think about the fallout from that send the rules for the not for me but a lot of people calling the firings that are taking place still to this day. Even though the pandemic is over.

According to the presidential Brian Morgenstern used to be behind the scenes of the White House spokesperson.

He wrote the said this thing is podcast vignettes and Vino. He said he said this is guy Brian Morgenstern. He said factories and awful egomaniac use of the virus is nothing to worry about in the beginning for the American people, then the months and the months that followed, he said we should not wear mess.

Then there were ineffective by June July here change his tune. Everyone should be very concerned. They should wear multiple masks and goggles. He said I didn't recall boiling go boy my blood boiling during infuriating meeting at the Roosevelt room of the White House. When Sachi left about his own goggles, and make you clear how cynical he was that he could get people to believe anything. Think about that. I know it's a truly and I don't mind that I don't fault him for being wrong and some of these things in the beginning of the pandemic because we this is like a totally new virus.

I do take issue with the moral high ground that he took when people were losing their jobs as well and you think that where we are right now, especially when the vaccine came out of course and people started getting vaccinated, and then we were told that that was an immediate care all and then it turns out that it does protect you but doesn't protect other people from getting it and then just this absolute unbridled pressure to get everybody vaccinated, and where therapeutics while taking down other doctors and disinformation to work with social media to take all this down and ridiculing people that might have a counter opinion is 80 years old, hasn't been in the lab coat forever.

And then you call it that with what grandpa always talks about with that emails in the beginning about how he was told very early on. This can come from the lab in Wuhan and then later all of those people that were all the scientists that were saying you know, you may want to watch this evening when I look into the fact that this was probably produced in the lab and then when he found out that there was some funding that came from his company. All the scientists are saying something completely different from what is I, not financially. If Republicans usually making 500,000 300,000 has millions of billions to hand out progress, they had to go Shimkus Fox News network is ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download no Fox News by or wherever you get your favorite Fox News fastest-growing radio talkshow kill me hi right will bring to me Joe's thanks much for being here we come to you from midtown Manhattan border on the country around the world soon going to charge me to come to Midtown to believe that so this could be a congestion pricing thing so just in case you're not overtaxed already in New York New York City paints to be taxed a tax and federal tax just in case in Europe at the taking. Basically, 6.5 for every dollar the ticket $0.65 from you now that you have congestion pricing should you. I will be one of those rich people delivering bread to delis or those independently wealthy ones who sharpen knives at restaurants, so you pull up in your truck to go around the place to place. A place you to be playing congestion pricing. No wonder almost 6000 people left New York permanently to go to Florida and all-time record last month center of Marsha Blackburn will be here shortly about a half-hour and will James diabetes in a matter a moment.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. How long from here. Should Americans be prepared how long it really depends on how long it takes for wages and more than enough prices to come down for inflation to come down okay. Take your time when you and I love the way change your tone, Jerome Powell, chairman of the Fed economy. The Fed banking circus on Capitol Hill.

What it all means for you and your family finances will discuss learning those activists during the Florida governor Rhonda Santos for driving 50 migrants on Martha's Vineyard are heavily funded by George Soros receiving nearly $1.4 million from his open Society foundations you have one of the investigate him and that foundation, bring it on. That's the message from Gov. DeSantis is the illegal immigrants who went on Martha's Vineyard to sue him this clown show overwhelms the bigger news, a massive seizure fit known Florida enough to kill 4 million people, which crossed the southern border. We will have the latest investigation revealed that Donald Trump engaged in years of illegal conduct with late network to achieve to deceive banks and the people of the great state if he acted differently in Georgia there would be no lawsuit. You could say regardless of the outcome you blame himself if he had if he didn't take documents tomorrow Lago you have no problems with the FBI. You could say at the very least, you could blame Trump if you read this and I read most of it.

This is a pure political attack by the Atty. Gen. with Tisha James. It's a civil lawsuit meant to gum up the works and maybe take him out. I don't think it will do either.

I will talk about that the other big story remains with tapping over the Ukraine. Nobody better talk about that and I will James diabetes, the 16 supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO. His recent books, the sellers bookshelf 50 books to know the sea in 2034 novel of the next world war, which might be with China and welcome back Brian Adm. of first off, don't you think the prison could use yesterday to pressure our European allies to start fulfilling their obligation to Ukraine. We are doing it.

I'm hearing these reports they are not. I don't agree with that. I have seen quite a bit of weapon systems flowing notably from Poland and the countries in the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, I think that you're correct we could do more from the western part of Europe, France, Italy, some of the other nations there have a lot of capacity, but the bottom line here is the alliances standing together in providing not only the equipment but a lot of the intelligence training all that support.

I think the alliance overall is doing pretty good job right now I think that the Ukraine is doing a great job of making Jesus a 3000 mi. roughly the moving on to her son but they say that is going to be very hard going.

From here on in.

When Vladimir Putin comes out and and he says what he said don't give a give you his comments through the translator here at Fox and says what he says, a leading up knowing the whole world is coming together are moments. Here's what he said to his people cut 32 but I think it is to support the proposal of the Ministry of Defense in the general staff to conduct a partial mobilization in Russia. A repeat we are only talking about a partial mobilization partial mobilization the sale to 300,000 reserves was the reality there. Reality is the Internet be thou I doubt they'll be able to scare out hundreds of thousands. Look what does not have the kind of highly orchestrated, very detail oriented grid serve military system that the United States has, for example, or that Estonia has worked for in one Finland has a population of 5 million Brian they could put 500,000 troops in combat in three weeks because they keep the train almost like Israel during the month. It Israel, Finland and Switzerland are the three top reserve systems at the bottom end of how to run a reserve military would be Russia. These are going to be stumbled bomb assistant bartenders who were conscripted 12 years ago maybe went to Syria, maybe not have forgotten anything they ever knew about combat, don't get corny uniforms, bad rifles and they'll be cannon fodder so I wouldn't go over scraps on mobilization. So right now we understand the annexation is to be done through proxy because a lot of it's in war zones again and excite for areas of the Dunbar's region and the brushless is looking we got Wu highlighting plaintiff your Ukraine well for starters like a burglar breaks in your house and then pulled out a gun pointed at your head and says sign the deed to your home to me. That's how legitimate this is a referendum conducted under combat conditions, military enforcement, it'll be badly managed, and frankly it's just a sham. So what the Ukrainians to do is highlight all that to do what they've done brilliantly, which is not shine a clean glide up big shining spotlight on this correction behavior nets with videos with testimony, with all manner of outgoing strategic communications in you shine a light on this end and show the world how illegitimate this is so having said that the fighting goes on to get tougher and the stinko Winters about to happen. Russia thinks it's going to be to their advantage.

We know that they're basically shutting off the gas and Nordstrom one another, despite France's urging not to maybe permanently losing that customer base which is just devastating. I think long-term to Russia. But how do you get through this winter will put this in perspective, Brian of all the energy energy stack if you will, that Europe is using so nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, renewables like solar and wind, etc. of all the energy Europe uses only 20% is natural gas and all of that 20% and only controlled about half of that. So he's really got control of about 10% of the total energy stack so the bottom line is we can turn those Europeans are going to have to take their thermostats from 72 to maybe 65 have to wear a sweater around indoors.

Give me some industrial slowdowns when natural gas is used in process, but they been preparing for this for months and I would put it this way to my European friends you can have one hard winter but really make the effort to get through it and cut off Russia or you can thanks this year after year after year and remain behold it then that ye don't do it.

Take the pain this year. I think that's what Delco I hope this would go go when you look at these protests in Russia do have a sense of what's happening there happening yesterday 18 to 34-year-olds are no longer allowed to buy one ticket air by plaintiff and want to get anywhere so that I like to go that he did not want to get tickets at all. So they're afraid of the young people leaving there was some protests yesterday you have any sense of how the government set up that there might be an anti-food movement among them.

I think there is very much an anti-Putin movement among the intelligentsia.

Notably around you who have names who are connected to the Internet to understand what's really happening here.

Unfortunately, as you get into rural Russia and you get away from populations that are connected, you start to find more and more support for Putin so Brian looked in the cities you seen these kind of protests. I think Putin is going to be able to handle the bottom line. The big danger here for Russia is not being overthrown. I wish it were, but that's not the danger. The real danger from Russia to words brain brain. These are the best and brightest. They are buying these tickets go on the Internet and Google.outpouring of people from Russia and you'll see story after story video after video of people clamoring to buy tickets one way ticket to get out of Moscow and I'll close with this. Nobody's Brian the return legs of those flights known trying to get in Russia these days. Right we have that problem.

Let's talk about China. Here's here's the president on 60 minutes got 37. So unlike Ukraine. To be clear sir. US forces US men and women would defend Taiwan.

In the event of a Chinese and yes is not the answer you would give no answer. I would get is our policy toward Taiwan is unchanged, which is that we don't want to telegraph to China exactly what were they to do one way or the other. We would look at an armed attack on China is a grave threat, and we would reserve the right to respond militarily and economically in the technological realm and cyber I will have said a more nuanced response to the question would be where US policy currently is.

So in other words, on the on the Taiwanese to defend themselves.

But why is it so Adm. you seen this with the president and his staff present, Trump would say things like, well, that's not really where were going to do it or matters wind up resigning and people go that's present. Acting on instinct. When I used to four times now this administration as walk the president back on this issue alone. I'm not comparing presidents and really don't. How about just about on this policy.

Like the obvious question you give your reaction. I think all of us ought to stop thinking about defending Taiwan as though it were an on and off switch on the wall and think about it as a rheostat and what we are to be doing is dialing that rheostat up here like the dimmer on the wall of light in your dining room where the clanking that rheostat up what that means is selling not giving Taiwan's a very rich place selling them high-end military equipment they need. And guess what we have scenario unfolding in Ukraine that gives us a pretty good idea of the kind of weapon systems. We are to be selling to our Taiwanese friend. That's where we are putting our emphasis right now.

I know I will still be this would learn from this invasion, and maybe think twice is China going to school on this invasion and thinking about a sequel with Vladimir Putin promised and what we was able to do, I think so.

Brian put yourself in a haze present. She shares thinking three things right now number one. I wonder if my generals are as bad as those Russian generals appear to be one of my equipment is as corny as their equipment appears to be because it's all pretty intertwined.

That's question one question two is he's wondering what those Taiwanese fight like hell. The way that Ukrainians have been fighting. I think the answer is yes, I've been there I visited with the president Mme. side there's not much quit those Taiwanese in the number three is asking himself sanctions there pretty big, big economy here in China. Maybe they can't sanctioning fully target me with very strategic sanctions that could cripple my economy. Maybe they could. So I think present she is pumping the brakes on the idea of attacking Taiwan right now because of what's going on in Ukraine so this is theory that you ever try to get their head around the fact that for the first time, every branch of the military cannot recruit effectively in the recruit so many people so out of shape. They can perform even though you guys have loosened up a lot of the criteria the policies there's also theory out there that a lot of the wall policies and politics have heard the military would do when you guys sit around and have some beers, other military officers like you would do you think it is. I think there's a little bit of everything but number one is hey it's hard to hire a lifeguard right now it's hard to hire servers.

It's hard to hire IT workers. Newsflash is just hard to hire right now because of the demand signal from the economy as it comes back from COBIT so were competing with the military with an awful lot of pretty good jobs out there available I think number two. The fact this may sound strange, but the fact that were not engaged in active combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan that was a draw for many people to come into the military to go forward. To be in combat to defend forward are some of the social policies you mentioned part of this. Perhaps, I think you got a look at it in the totality Brian but it's just a hard environment out there and I'll close with this, which may surprise most American if you look at all of the high school seniors graduating in a given year, only 25% of them are eligible to come into the United States military because of their obesity because of their previous drug use because of their mental health. Only 25%. So we're competing for a very select group of Americans coming out of college, and I hope that patriotism and service will win out and will be able to reverse some these declines to see clearly. I also think we left Afghanistan with me this really is not did not help did not help. And let's face it, that's the last image and a lot of people's minds about the military is undeserving to you guys for brilliantly. This is the finest generations of military operatives we've ever seen at every level, and we get we made mistakes, but the way you've grown and I think the rest will us to know that.

I guess the helpless feeling is when leaders let you down. Adm. thanks so much, always, always enjoy talking to you Jane Aaron Riley covered with chain the Navy we covered a lot of what I think. I think we help the country. Thank you. Back in a moment with you cause 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base Brian film late show will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list just talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show you all now transition emissions from lending to line 20 action starting today I will call if you go down the list again agreed to doing this. Please answer the policy against finding new oil and gas products. Mr. Nyman capturing the road to hell for long account with your bank should probably read as they don't care about working people and communities are facing huge amounts of trade issues and so much more cancer rates are so my on my community that they want iPads today what iPhones they want to have heated homes they would have air conditioning in the summer that Telco clueless Congresswoman squad member. She did believe is going talking to the CEO Jamie diamond of J.P. Morgan Chase wanting to give up all investor think is literally fueling our country and fueling our enemies nation are you thoughts these people are what use your hair dry tomorrow radio show like no other personal clandestine killer Texans are victimized by Mexican cartels that produce an important so cartels are terrorists is time that we started treating them that way and that is Gov. Evan of course in Texas same. Can we stop pretending things of the border are not terrorists, especially when you have 74 who cross last month and we used to have.

Maybe zero in all of an entire year that we know a lot of terrorist grades are not getting caught. These are the ones we got the turn to turn up in a terrorist watchlist center Marsha Blackburn. George is now center will finally talk about who's going to the border we use have different takes on the magnitude of the problem, you think about Gov. Abbott's idea. I think you look at what governor do you see that and this sentence have done and to the illegal immigrants across the country to communities that have said where a sanctuary city. We have the infrastructure we welcome the emigrant the right thing to do because you got on base camp along the border that are Johnson being overrun on their social services are override their morgues are override their hospitals are over run and every counter border town every state to border state until the border is secure, but you do have the cities like Chicago and New York in Detroit and in communities like Martha's Vineyard who said they were a sanctuary and supposedly they were going to be welcoming.

These individuals yeah this is how about the audacity that the governor being sued.

Government says is being sued by George Soros's open Siders funded opens open society network to fund this law firm lawyers for civil rights against Gov. DeSantis on behalf of these 60 illegal immigrants take a bus into Martha's Vineyard got flown and have supported open border.

They cartels are the ones who are making money going after the cartels for abusing physically and sexually abusing these individuals. They are not going after cartels for the drugs that they are getting people to pay in order to keep him up to make this walk across the border. I ate doing any of that. I am going after the administration had over a year ago about a year and 1/2 ago when plaintiff started landing in Tennessee with the individuals that were being put on the plane flown to connecting. Nobody said anything about that, except to say well it is hardhearted and it is not compassionate complain about the planes landing in your state, but they did not go after DHS or Pres. Biden, and you never got a heads up, and he never even told the governor not just in the till the Republican Senate tried to tell the governor correct that church that is correct.

I didn't tell the governor that man your share of the school system anybody they just arrived series with Ned Price said to Martha McCallum yesterday about the problem at the border cut 17. What I can tell you is what we're doing with countries throughout the region with our partners here in US government to try to address the root causes of migration. The roof factors that are pulling people away from their homes and places in Central America and South America and the broader region that are in some cases, bringing them to our border, the State Department, we are working very hard every day to try to address those factors. Those were his dues are any indication there addressing it every day and the pull factors is while not going to the border, go here. The pull factors any of their addressing it every day. I cannot respond why so insulting to the American people and disrespectful of the taxpayer that pays his salary not addressing this need to do to address it is. Look in the mirror and say what it is that they are saying look, your foreign policy and your domestic policy meet at that border. There are people from 180 different countries coming across that bordered that we know they are 78 parish that we know that have come across that border. There are hundreds of thousands of people that we now have, but they didn't get to call the got away. The thing the pull factor is the Biden policy that basically has rolled out the red carpet yell, where ready for you and the cartels are the ones making the money every body that comes to that border has paid the cartel. A lot of those people are going to be sent to gangs to work out their fee. It is modern day slavery and this administration by allowing that border to be open by not getting the border patrol. The three things I Consistently ask for a physical barrier, better technology play they cannot have a barrier and more officers and agents to handle securing that border until they do that you have the pull factor so the pull factor is them and their policy so the economy and talk about your own pounds. This is his prediction after raising rates for the third straight month cut 24. We have always understood that restoring price stability while achieving a relatively modest decline to rather increase in unemployment and a soft landing would be would be very challenging and we don't know. No one knows whether this process will lead to recession, or if so, how significant that recession would be. That's great okay if he doesn't know. I just want to know in the known what could he be possibly the cause of it in an effort to get reelected.

He did not stand in the way and speak out about that rescue package that we didn't need in the crazy spending. We just got correct now.

I think that what he was trying to do is find a very elegant way to say I screwed up and this is his explanation.

He knows that this is inflicting harm on the American people. When I talk to tenants against mom's not summed it up for me a couple of weeks ago Brian she said you know I cannot fill up the gas tank in the grocery cart in the same way. That is how people are being hurt.

They are working two jobs and they're trying to get grandparents or neighbors to help with children to get them to and from activities. Sometimes they are saying to kids we can't do the travel soccer team this year. We can afford it. I this is real life and real America, and they know what they have done, but you know what they really don't care, and become shabbily apparent because the underbelly is this green energy transitions at two heating bills 3 to 10 year high. If you want to get windmilling in the solar panel in somebody's house to limit oil and gas is too high so brings me to this ridiculous exchange that refused to leave. Should be embarrassed by but sadly not does. She has no self-awareness in the her supporters probably love it. Listen to her question to Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan cut 20 but you all now transition emissions from lending and align with ways to zero 2050.

No real production starting today I will call if you go down the last agreed to doing this. Please answer the simple yes or no policy against finding new oil and gas products. Mr. Nyman capturing the road to hell for long account with your bank don't care about working people and communities are facing huge amounts of issues and so much more cancer rates are so high among my communities right so it's Jamie Dimon's problem that your kids and your committee of asthma would like to blame everything on the environment. Right now we have cleaner and cleaner water were also clean air and clean water. We are not for its tradition and teaching the United States of America so that people don't have jobs and we are and you know just what you want to hear them at some point take the United States of America is the greatest country on the face of the how could she possibly have it out of her mouth. He has to stop investing in fossil fuels and using gas is high now as we empty or strategic oil reserve. Does she understand were not in a battle with Israel will even though she prefer that were in a battle with China and the rest of the world who is not shut down anything to the to the sword part of the problem and you have some of the company entity.

The ES and G. Early on, they thought they could mollify people on the left said I think I can kinda ease into it. Do a little bit out of it and mail what they've done is to embolden all of these leftist who this leftist socialist agenda and looking at the Harvard Harris poll that came out this week so interesting people don't fear Republicans. What they figure is the socialist left and what they're doing to this country and the pace at which they're trying to truck change in this country. That's what people fear and that's what's keeping them up there looking at what is happening how China is embolden the lefties and bells Sandpiper you blame them because they placated and voted for Democrats and now they got to deal with it because Democrats don't have this capitalist gene in them and don't understand that that fuels our economy so you have very little sympathy for the hell that they are going to be in his out is out of my reading that right. I think it is unfortunate that individuals have opened the door and now this is why they are facing this kind of victory all from people and you know what they need to do is just take know we are a company we are supposed to make a profit for our investors.

We supply jobs for people. We deliver a good product and we are confident and how we serve the public, not only here in the country, but around the globe switch it before you go to David Sobel most successful business people with especially spent couple decades and energy. He was with Teton capital used to work for Warren Buffett as a CEO when net jets cut 27 as they follow these ESG initiatives if you well. They've underperformed all of the other major pension funds in the country.

They don't they didn't tell their pensioners with their investing their money this way and that and that perhaps it would be a bad idea.

This whole thing.

Laura's is is part of the breakdown of the institutions that make this country great meal. This woke is a virtue, signaling ESG trying and trying to put first people are Board of Directors just for diversity purposes rather than for qualification purposes. You and he says he sees his guys love you make this commitment and now you know you gotta deal with it and I investing you have a 401(k) you think the person who's shepherding your 401(k) is not going to worry about what policies should allow your to invest in things that are to maximize your profits in your retirement and he says it's nonstop that they are doing this, try to be politically correct to the highest levels.

It's crazy. Well, there embolden the left and emboldened in the best way we can kinda put a check on that. To be sure that Republicans take the House and the Senate in November so we can put a check on some of this. It's a Biden White House is doing.

Joe Biden is supporting, like Harrison doesn't know what's going on at the border, but she's the Czar of 70s policies that Pelosi and Schumer have been pushing this bad legislation we need to write it and we need to check it in the best way to do that is to win in November. I will see what happens so disrespectfully assume house for another that would happen said Marsha Blackburn. Thanks so much, we come back the phone to finish of this our strong.

We have a lot to discuss.

Because with the events of the UN. We had these Fed chair will take a look at the economy as well as what's coming up this weekend so move entertaining like you're with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. I want my teammates told me to tell me were elevated like to me when I told him I was elevated to know why I'm a player they said were sorry man, I totally get where they're coming so I got to prove myself with the grinder that I have my way with tailgaters and I thought it was a blast on few people know where to go, inspiring what and see how much will hear many determine you know I want to be a great player here. That is to build a people's punter written Colby who is forced to park a half-hour with the players entrance and he was security did not believe he was an actual play.

A lot of times kickers are smaller kids of gotten gradually bigger than it was faulty so that the blind to go in there. The practice squad. I left Kobe one solution at the park with the general public and walk to the players entrance to the stadium through the tailgaters. So when I was just good attitude about it.

So I think they told the quarterback Joe you know Jaelyn hurts. I hit the road. I also write my feelings talk about him and his name more now than had he not had to park half mile away. Makes me wonder if there's more to know not hold a candle to Princess Diana's when it comes to TV ratings of the US and UK. But the reality is it's kinda hard to compare the events.

The Nielsen numbers are striking an average of 11.4 million viewers watched the Queens tape. The next to the 33.2 million people watch Diana's funeral more than two decades ago, the United States was little closer among the British among 27 million people watched the monarchs final sendoff 32 million Diana Diana's much more dramatic, much more so like soap opera like she was much will the real person are technically the Rowe family had the break up with a princely affairs. The blocks young kid, and when the holy by the Queen's controversy not a lot happened.

She lived a long time in a very ceremonial position. Also, there's a lot more people I can watch by screaming out next board member Mayweather wants to fight Connor McGregor in the 22 2023.

In a real fight. They say MCS was very much about the interest in rematch for medically or that he is and is already been conversations about money and location they fall in 2017.

It was a big snoozer Mayweather won easily with the TKO could not about sooner, in my view for its rumored to have made 300 million Connor 100 million want to do it again. It is not the money is not a box is not a fight. UFC mixed martial arts should ever happen. I'm telling you it's done. It was a one-time thing I would put the money so maybe just get 25 million.

I will come. McGregor should give it another shot though and go back to the UFC. Mayweather retired Rich still not have right always seeking solutions for sewing. Brian kill thanks much for being here about you throwing to me Joe.

I will finish up this our coming to you from 46 Midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world this out to be joined by Mark Eason and more my call.

Yes, a reporter based in the Wall Street Journal Detroit bureau recovers the automotive industry and talks about the folly and how we are not ready for the electric car we don't have the infrastructure we don't have the chips we don't have the cobalt we don't have the rare earth we don't have the batteries, rather way to throw things out yet we have this administration clueless on the free market jamming this down all the big firms throat saying you gotta make the transition making them build the plants, but they don't have the material they don't have the infrastructure and it was pointed out yesterday by David so cold they don't even have a universal plug for the cars solicited to the big three stories you need to know Brian is three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three. How long from here.

Should Americans be prepared for that. How long it really depends on how long it takes for wages and prices to come down for inflation to come down yet what I thought you is what your thought you were handling that Mr. Chad fair fair German economy. The Fed, the banking service on Capitol Hill and what it all means for you and your family finances. Learning those activists during the Florida governor Roger Santos for dropping 50 migrants on Martha's Vineyard are heavily funded by George Soros receiving nearly $1.4 million from his open Society foundations. Bring it on. That's message from Gov. DeSantis is the illegal immigrants who landed in Martha's Vineyard now lawyer up to Sue DeSantis that clown show overwhelms the bigger news that there was a massive seizure in Florida of fentanyl that if we put on the market could have killed 4 million people. Investigation revealed that Donald Trump engaged in years of illegal conduct to inflate his network to achieve to deceive banks and the people of the great state great state of New York.

Leticia James Atty. Gen. What an embarrassment Trump attack reaches new lows as Nagy makes it clear this is personal and political for the civil lawsuit says why Trump needs to win for all of us and his supporters and detractors. What I mean by that because if you could just be targeted because he Atty. Gen. dislike you, your party or your family. Then we have no hope because he can lawyer up and fight back.

You and I can't Mark T's and former chief speechwriter for Bush. Fox News contributor question post columnist Mark welcome back, put your take on the what your take of the Atty. Gen. lawsuit number one and she is alleging that banks well if you fronted banks and one of the banks but wanted wonder what I know so so it's obviously political, and it's part of a political strategy on the part of the Democrats to get us to talk about Trump instead of talking about they wanted to focus on Trump and all the chaos and everything like that going after them. But the purpose is to get us to stop talking about buying serial disasters widens inflation by an order crisis of the worst crime wave, but 99 is the fact that prices are higher than 1979 housing committee for all of these things if it's a part of the campaign and so we on the right of gotta stop taking the bait. I truly don't care a flying patootie about Donald Trump for the next three months.

It should not be what were talking about. We should be talking nonstop about Biden and the disasters that is all. This is a look over here look at this effort and we will all for it. We could do it well, but in a way is couple things mean is a big story when a former president has entire company sued for $225 million. You do not cover it. We have to lead with it and all the rest of it, but we gotta be conscious of what they are trying to do.

They're trying to get us to talk about this. They're trying to get us to stop talk about that and and so yeah, I forgot to cover. Gotta mention it got in a report on it. News bought don't read we got like our ecosystem should be focused on Biden at least until November about what we want this to say the Democrats to Donald Trump Malaga raid this in the number two is the Dobbs decision, but right now with the economy getting this tenuous, at the very least, everybody knows the Fed chairman said it all. The CEOs of these major banks revealed the economy is teetering not on the macro level and the micro level, the one that everybody's talking about because is nowhere to escape. It is no safe haven in this, you're right. I don't think that because if the in the midst of the worst inflation and forget the worst collapse of real wages and for decades the worst border crisis in American history. Worst crime wave since the 1990s and all will be serial to the highest gas prices on the record. Another fallen a little bit just over 25% higher than when Biden took office amidst all of that the Dobbs decision can affect them to the election. It was a good dog with a lot of other stuff in Republican ticket very hard look in the mirror. We don't have a red wave Democrats out about how it will be because it will be because we picked the wrong candidate. It'll be because we talked about the wrong thing and it will be because voters didn't look at Joe Biden doing pretty good job. After all, they were looking for men like the alternative.

I don't think that's going to happen early. I think were going to despite ourselves. Republicans are going to go ahead and win fairly decisively, but if it might've been a bit if we win narrowly or if we don't don't take both houses. It's not on Dobbs not on anything else.

It's it's on the Republicans not offering a palatable alternative to Democrats and to swing voters who are hurting under Biden, but still decided that they would vote for the Democrat since and see if there was a major story about trade, manufacturing, or will award you could say whether some people aren't affected with the economy.

Everybody's affected your investor review. If you have a fixed income and if you have been pure hanging out a retirement doing all my goodness is getting serious. If you think about retiring. Well I gotta put that on hold. You think about buying a car buying a house selling a house selling a car, it affects you.

So the banking CEOs were brought up to Capitol Hill. Here's what they said about the economy cut 26 is a chance naughty pictures a small chance of soft landing that inflation is impacting those who can afford it the least I would suggest I think inflation still be a little bit stickier than we would like. I think we are fortunate to have had the consumer in good health entering into this that we do expect like I'm in for tougher times ahead so I me. That said, most of these people preside over banks supported Democratic candidates and this is exactly what they're getting, so I hardly don't think I think they're culpable now that being pressured to divest from all fossil fuel companies that hurts our country and hurts investors great article in the Journal weeks ago about not an opinion writer, a reporter tried to drive from New Orleans to Chicago and back in electric car. In the end he travailed what she went through trying to charge her car and get one place. Elder and when she came back and she got back in her gas collar, Carl went to got a big lifeline with some of it effective.

The sweet smell of gasoline. We are not ready for this week.

I think we should ever be ready for this one word. We get all the all the ingredients for a four for the battery condo we just we just achieved under Trump. We just achieve energy independence for the first time from the Middle East. We were dependent on the Middle East for decades for our oil and also the mental security implications. All the rest of it and so we finally achieve energy and the Democrats want to become dependent on China, what, why would we do that from a national security standpoint, why in God's greater we just went through the pandemic to try to unleashed audits and found that we were dependent on them for the biotics and for all the supplies that why we now make dependent on them for transportation.

So listen to the present. Yes, I listen. Try to pretend as if I don't believe every word you said to make the show better but the president brought that up. How dare I cut 38.

That's why the United States together with fellow G-7 partners launched a partnership for global infrastructure and investment we intend to collectively mobilize $600 billion investment. Through this partnership by 2027. Dozens of projects already underway goes on cut 39 these are investments that are little returns, not just those countries were everyone. United States work with every nation, including our competitors solve global problems like climate change, climate diplomacy is not a favor to the United States or any other nation and walking away hurts the entire world.

Really, I think we heard a lot less.

We walked away right during the cold war. What the left wanted the first nuclear weapon and we were in an arms race that we finally achieve nuclear superiority, which is what helped us win the Cold War for nuclear. As soon as we got the capability to defend herself and the Soviet they wanted to get rid of it unilaterally give up unilaterally disarm.

Now we have energy independence and national security weapon in our hands. It is completely dependent on on the West oil to grow their economy if they tried to invade Taiwan. The play is to shut up malanga and Boyle which would grind their economy to a halt. So what do you want to do they want energy. It's the same players in the Cold War. Whenever America achieve strategic superiority over any area of national dirty their natural reaction is to unilaterally disarm getting here. We should not be getting rid of it.

Fossil fuel because we are also fuel and other people dependent on fossil fuels. Why would we want to give a strategic advantage to save the world to stop having heavy rains and hurricanes hundred years ago.

There are no more of the highest temperature and heat waves are no more were bigger than they were 100 years ago global global climate change is happening, but we can't stop it.

What we can do is mitigate what we should be investing it is not destroying our economy so that we can to stop something that cannot be stopped. Global see of the rise of the next hundred years.

What Littman believed living under its undersea level for the first century people who live below sea level.

It's very cheap to build dikes. It's not very cheap to turn your entire economy by central planners injured from from fossil fuels into into electric car so I want to do these. The battle adds more depth to this fight squad member receipt to leave and Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase cut 25 you all now in the emissions from lending to line with 20 no production starting today I will call if you go down the last agreed to doing this. Please answer yes or no policy against finding new oil and gas products.

Mr. Nyman capturing the road to hell for my account with your bank as they don't care about working people and communities facing huge amounts of trade issues and so much more cancer. It's unbelievable you care about kids with cancer among the working class right blackout that you have in California in one because the city policy people notice they have an official policy that there will be no coal plants in America in eight years. By 2030.

So if you run a coal plant are you going into improving your coal plant make it function or you shut it down or shutting down coal and and and and or sentimentally fossil fuels before they have an alternative to sustainable people know that there are no batteries in commercially available that can store wind and solar energy it doesn't exist. So if you turn to wind and solar and there's no wind or sun you got no electricity right so what do we have to we have to fail. We have to fail and have everybody just thrown out of office word the great work that are never succeeded in putting into a presidential speech called stock which is a government of the worst and stupidest people we are being run by Dr. Weir being run by people who are who are who are intellectually incapable of understanding basic facts about how the economy works and they want to simply plan it for people like Jamie Dimon who worked into investing in the stuff they want instead of the stuff that they knew that the country it's just insanity right and Leslie on this against it, but in many cases the seals On these Democratic candidates and this is this a deal like this dear now reaping those rewards look switched the irony of going after Jamie Dimon is one of the side they leave the party to which the Democrats used to be the party of the working class and the Republicans were the party of big business and today the Republican Party is the party of the working class and small government, small bits and 12 small businesses in the Democrats of the party of the elite. That's why they are taking money away from working-class American graduate degree. The people who work for Jamie Dimon's him and telling him he shouldn't have pulled their money out of the bank 20 something from them. And when the government took over the stag all that money from those banks a long time ago on the Barack Obama martini's and always great. Thank you Brian. I am fired up for the rest of the day we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669 something new every day, Brian kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it until made.

They will go back everybody, let's go to the phones. Alice's NW ABC Alex morning, Brian finally turned all the way to Florida to make them a break right next to I would enjoy corrective like the one that we actually answer the phone if we knocked on their 76 yeah yes I would sorely like I want to come to the wrong sued by NASA's Vineyard and it out, but they're throwing in behalf of the illegal immigrants of the Center for misleading illegal immigrants you should do if you should go and sue the people. The illegal immigrants out of Martha's Vineyard on behalf of the illegal immigrant because Martha's Vineyard is itself a sanctuary city that welcomes everybody illegal immigrants because he welcomed with open arms by Martha's Vineyard.

As you can hop on the ferry stop radio makes you say this is Brian Kill Me Show Dr., New Orleans, Chicago and back in electric car and be available for which she went through trying to charge her car and get one place. Elder and what she came back and she got back in her collar, car went to the last one was amended effective the sweet smell of gasoline.

We are not ready for this right. Notice expense my Colliers's report of the Wall Street Journal, not the ones Mike Martinez was referring to, but a similar story with the Detroit bureau, where he covers automobile automotive industry and we really need to know what's going on with the present was just there and what's everyone driving electric car Mike, thanks so much for joining us read your calm. I learned so much. First off as willing as the CEOs were to bring on the electric car and mass manufacturing. What have they discovered about the current situation today when it comes to consumer demand and how the infrastructure is yeah I mean I think they laid out a bunch of big plans right at me and you know GM was first on record saying about 2030 5B all all electric, you know, for mostly others point out made similar pronouncements think the issue is they want to make this move, but there are two things. Number one all the prophets today come from internal combustion and so there's a little trepidation even even with the company saying they want to make this move you.

I think they've done so little bit at the tightly made it hard for them to get out of the gate. There is some early demand.

Early adopters are looking at some of these do you know for lightning Chevy Silverado some sort of flood review and you like people early on.

People want the stuff for the car companies are, stumbling out of the gate producing them material charging stations with the infrastructure.

It's been a year.

We haven't really done anything with that and I found out yesterday. We have even agreed on the type of plug from GM 242 T they will plug indifferently. What if you get to a station in my plug doesn't work, there's no doubt that infrastructure. Earl to a lot of your point. A lot of things don't work on the same target. A couple different than a lot of the others charging station and you know thing doesn't take your credit card broken know the girl taken out there.

There are several big hurdles to some of the big target and put out there. I think you know the White House is that half by half of total car sales beauties by 2030 auto companies accountable out somewhere.

Goals infrastructure the big one, the other one at the merging of the big one is batteries to really do this you all the cost.

What with him and Nicole have skyrocketed in the last year and 1/2 when we get that lithium can come from all over but Nicole, you know, Ukraine. The problem early on the computer trying to get this you a lot of stuff processed in China and you know you IRA is a bunch of incentives to bring a lot of stuff to the US. Years and years and people worry that there can be a battery shortage before that even happens. See prices for nickel with the battery room until zip shot up the CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, who I wanted to the future with on the for lightning said in July he wanted only half the battery mature raw materials the auto industry needs to achieve his long-range EV sales targets are available today only half. That's why speed assistance in securing supplies so critical. Which is true.

I did a lot of it's in China and we got to agree to do some stripping here a lot of people don't want to do that. They don't think it's environmentally conscious is something that we should be doing. So you can have it both ways, but the demand was there no one can do it and what he told me to is like we got our early dude we got all our people share their hundred dollar deposits.

We don't have the cars now people pulled their money back saying I would go somewhere else because is no hope of getting more cars we don't have chips for the combustion engine right now in the lightning is a really good example like a lot of buzz truck got endured.

It so there's there on of your handrails are schlepping people put up with her hundred bucks down your halftime initialed it in May 2021 is when the sheet came off. The thing right and there's talk to many people who were still not signed up that day and are still on the waiting list because I think number one Ford wasn't sure demand. So they set their production targets. Probably ultimately they wish that you're scrambling to get the batteries I need to ramp up beyond what they expected, but those batteries are hard to come by, like with the traditional automaker was making it all right now the traditional car companies are struggling to get out of the gate.

Even though there is time.

Maybe there is more demand than people thought right but so we can answer the call. Also, this is 7500 tax credit so we'll see how long that stays in place to make a cost affordable and huge as you writing your story. I do not know this need a lot more chips for electric car.

You do a standard car and does it dealership the other day and they say we are delivering cars without heated seats without a lot of luxury items and we told him get back to city year and now I've people call me. It's been a year and were still not getting them. And that's not the electric car is a normal course. So these politicians get up and say we need to make this transition and it's not there yet. I think it's up to the auto industry you know the business better Mike to stand up for itself and say guys back off. We don't have the battery material we don't have the manufacturing capability yet that correct know a couple things done appointment number one you right across the board. You know anyone is going to a new card knows the market the mouse. You can even get on my test drive anything on the lock early any cars out there backlogged for think they have enough demand like you never going to recession, they think they're starting selling cars big enough demand to fill for the year two. Inventory because of primarily chip situation. Other supply chain stuff, but in terms of the rare case of the regulators in the industry right now kind on the same side of things people want to push in the directions but I think they're sort of hesitant to admit that there are some big barriers. We talked about infrastructure the raw materials you need to talk about is the grid and whether that's ready and that's a huge question around 2030 target told the grid burns with coal and a lot of places the dog so your view might not be as clean know it all depends on word source or electricity comes from. So the industries it's getting a lot of focus is not ready infrastructure is not there, you need a private company did I know was financed, so some of the federal government.

Tesla to take the entire process on so he didn't construct even make a car that he couldn't charge the building their own Tesla charging stations, so he looked at the complete picture is that different from the other automakers. There is no question that what is years and years of the three try to catch up just about every phase of the supercharger network and a lot of people thought was a dumb idea to begin with, turned out to be really smart people by couples don't have to worry, you know. Up until recently I received some instances were over seven frustrated because the drum tuples out of this. There's more demand on the charging station you thought of all these things that the industry is now just catching up to the chart you know the regulators are trying to help for money and do it, but I think it's sort of a bit of a drop in the bucket in terms of what you need know if you have a garage and you can afford $1000 charter in your home and you want to contribute in any of you that that's very doable today road trips get trickier for a big chunk of the population. EV's work really well before. While I think you forget to insert a mass-market adoption of these things and then look at the barriers that keep us from getting there. We talked about Michael you suggest Mike will we talk about this.

Currently, we want to we want to get these mass produce around the country around the world. So as we look at where China is right now are we when you look at the raw material is the most part we have to use China yeah so one of the requirements for that IRA to get 7500 block your consumer car can't have had anything processed by China, which right now nobody will qualify for and so they're hashing out those rules now do not affect your social media you qualify for 7500 to try to figure out how to China for either their vehicles and it's really hard because most of the battery material processed in China until they got a fix is not an overnight solution like Leslie, we will looking now at situation we want to be able to buy these cars that we understand it, we don't know the length of the battery. We don't know this can be like our iPhone.

We first get it holds that charge. The longer we use it the less we hold the charge so if you trying to forecast how far you can go on a charge. It depends how old the corridors. We also hear that it could be 20 or $30,000 for a new battery, so six years and you might be by making a $20,000 investment in you car your car guy at the Wall Street Journal. What is the reality there. I don't think there's a whole lot of concern around battery life for the DVDs.

At this point I think hundred 50,000 miles 200,000 miles shouldn't be a problem with mostly coming out you know a lot of you have probably bigger warranties than under it with a normal death in the car because they realize that some people might be hesitant is likely everything use market that's all stuff that needs to get sorted out.

Right now I think you I would personally I would look at EV purchase with any more trepidation in terms of reliability of the powertrain.

I would adjust in Jakarta that she's just my read on it. I know when it comes to rapid charging. How long will it take takes what my ministers love you. Car 10 minutes hello will take to charge this for the lightning F1 50 with an easy substantial course connected to the shorter problem right like certain are all different so if you get a fast charter in your vehicle that can can take a faster, not all of them take it at the same speed for the lightning you can probably top off 100 miles and maybe you know 20 minutes or so you could be good to go. Other cards might not be that easy to get your charter your level II charter like to take a lot longer your draft away your world trip you go do some planning before get behind the wheel and people ready for that and the other thing would be using the BU charge a car and see how long it takes to charge it. That's one thing and then number two. How much does it cost many times a guess as to what you plug in your car for free is good to be like, to charging us for so how much of these charge when it's all said that my losing money.

I know I could go more than 60 miles hundred miles on a tank of gas.

So now I can only go 100 miles on a charge and then I'm going to charge for the charge right you know anyone look at their own electric rates and what they're paying utility for Charlie home charging all the public charter to depend on the speed like the higher-speed ones are going to charge more by large putting left than you what I'm gas but can get up. It can get up there if you're on a fast charger on the highway charging a premium to be different for every different use case in different charger locations so thought you gotta do your homework. If you're going to get into one of these is the headline reads electric cars took off. Carmakers were ready. He details it is, the Wall Street Journal, my coleus, thanks so much for me right 1-866-408-7669 ICU calls up there will get to them. We come back to us of the brain kill me, Joe this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show back everybody just want to remind you I got a couple events coming up that I hope I can see you in person, especially for the Oklahoma area total, November 13 Carolyn do listeners hope you can join me and then Brandon, Mississippi up let's go to Brandon, Mississippi, November 12.

So some tickets left is believed give me an opportunity to talk to you guys meet you in person and that of course be able to talk about my books and put history perspective. The latest one coming out in paperback is the present freedom fighter Abe Renwick and Frederick Douglass in the battle to save America so we talk about race you needed perspective. Even Bill Moore was talking about presentism. Everybody wants to look at today's news, and say why weren't John Adams exactly like JFK why wasn't why weren't why was slavery existed. You know why was segregation happening.

We got put people in their time understand what's going around the world and that's what I try to do through these books into these conversations is been really dynamic and have enjoyed it. We just came off a show in Albany New York.

I cannot wait to do it again expanded on November 12 and 13th.

Brian kill and of course we got one nation Saturday night, covered all the breaking news like this show Brian. Brian, you are in Illinois. He Brian EV six month and 1/2 or so, with my phone charger charges about $0.12 a kilowatt hour so I used 395 kWh which is about $45 for one month in the closet.

I never heard of it work in the car key CX and doesn't see a small car. No, like a crossover door okay. Do you like like yeah child, would you go if you're traveling you don't know where you are. You just look at the GPS and traveling someplace out how to read. They have a thing on the screen by charging stations and there's like charge Americans like that but they charge like $0.43 a kilowatt hour. Those okay how much it cost you well one when we bought the car. They gave us about kilowatt hours free with charge America so I'm still using the free hours on that so nothing got you.

Sounds good. Go get a kid is not a hybrid fuel electric right yes got interesting.

John W NIS in Virginia Beach. A done two comments.

One of the electric 240 million vehicles in this country left the percent are hybrid or on the total electric so that's a little bit of a girdle disqualified at done casino also about trends people are buying them now, so go ahead and agree less than 5% of all vehicle sales to electric okay so you want to say: this is more important thing I retired with about a 10% inflation rate, which is what I think will be by the end of the year you got the 20% that my retirement plan money has decreased stocks and bonds so far this year the pocketbook by 30% that affect how you both so much and so are you experiencing that so that's the reality check copies like you asked a guy like Don over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber listen Fox just

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