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Vladimir Putin mobilizes army, threatens west with nukes

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 21, 2022 12:39 pm

Vladimir Putin mobilizes army, threatens west with nukes

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 21, 2022 12:39 pm

[00:00:00] Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

[00:18:25] Rich Lowry

[00:36:46] Matthew Kroenig

[00:55:09] Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

[01:13:30] David Sokol

[01:31:53] Martha MacCallum & Bill Hemmer

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Fox news is this growing radio show Brian kill me. I am worried about my self-confidence. Karl Rove die so much and around Johnson standing by which lower the national review. To put this election 22 in perspective as we get set in seven weeks to a consequential decision on the house and the Senate. A lot of governorships we have a lot going on today 1030 the present will be speaking at the UN were also watching with tapping of the border in all of the developments. So before I get to the senator who is now ahead in the latest poll to retain his seat for another six years in Wisconsin. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three than those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds can also blow in their direction.

This is not a bluff. Really Vladimir Putin present Biden to speak of you and what can we expect we call our China walk away from you morons deal land-based spoon. Let's see if it let's see, but his woke agenda at the Pentagon and exit from Afghanistan makes his potatoes presentation reeked of weakness. The bases are energized.

Democrats are hundreds of abortion.

Republicans are energized on immigration economy. But if the independents are to swing this midterm election and they are much more economic focused than the basis of the individual parties and with the economy sucking wind and were losing 15% of the on the stock exchange.

You gotta wonder if the American people want to change, 20, 22 where's trending in the role of the really economy in the November outcome as the Fed gets said to inflict more pain and sarcastic sorry dams to Santa's own view and the president on this issue. He's bringing his show to your home is to present, not the White House your Delaware home. The border wars of blowing up the Democrats faces as they deserve exactly with coming to them because they they ignoring it and with the Santos and Abbott have done is by taking these illegal immigrants having them sign a paper and putting them in the cities that are non-border cities there bringing the problem to their doorstep making them comment on it.

Sen. Ron Johnson joined just now with Homeland security, foreign relations as well as a budget center. I think a brilliant move by DeSantis. Even though the sheriff is looking into suing him from the area of Texas in which his those people can one on the plane to Martha's Vineyard I was brilliant to highlight popular demographic all the dark sanctuary city. Everyone of them welcoming the fraction of a tiny fraction of what the government can review your about 7000 people per day are being powered about 3 million people.

Biden took office have either been encountered process to disperse or come to this country legally is a known or unknown got away number large population 17 states where they go on it.

We don't know. But now I think it's brilliant. These governments have been sending second wrench to some sanctuary cities.

These Democratic strongholds all claim to want to coexist and be welcoming and the freaking out that they they can't handle it. What our government is handling 7000 people day. How is CBP handling it will be a blamed for deadly drugs that the laughter ~hundred 7000 people and drug overdose. It's a crisis. I blame the Biden menstruation that is the root cause but also immediate the complicit and corrupt media is required the government to do something to highlight the problem so that maybe, maybe the administration will take her seriously, but they won't even admit it's a problem to his explanation was exhalation yesterday. He said the problem is it's a new group that's coming to the border cut five is never sure if circumstance was on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. That is not true.

There's more coming, but they're coming the same way to the southern border of Mexico to our southern border. So this is the new spin center is equitably executive. Sailed to America. They're coming because the binding is inviting but remember every Democrat candidate they were going to stop deportations and offer free healthcare called an enormous course, the reality is, once they get here, even though most of them don't qualify for asylum there still being an claims not be adjudicated for years to stay here, that's reality and that's why millions are coming and millions more will come unless we stop this spring for him to say, do doesn't matter, there's a way to apply for asylum.

The first country you get to after you leave yours. That's where you apply when he gets his of the border you get stopped if he gets our southern border, you remain in Mexico. It was very simple and finish the wall but he's done none of it but at least people are talking about it. Do you think this is going to come up in Wisconsin in your race were worse drugs I talk about this on national level for for years talking about the human depredations begin attracting six trap start crafting the drug trafficking killings last night we local sheriff don't have to deal with meth labs anymore because it got put out of business by the flow from Mexico's lot cheaper to get the methamphetamine. The court professionals was really killing people so that every state, Brian. Should this should be an issue in every election. So right now you're by I guess the real clear average Europe by less than one but on the latest poll Europe by four against Mandela born to how you explain the surge despite the fact the monies pouring it against you were finally able to tell the truth about Mandela bar help media the same moral and unbiased media you be called the police and he doesn't pay his taxes. Is that a fact what happened in the past.

Right. He thinks the founding of America's awful implies that our national parks are racist. Now he claims he doesn't want to become. Please please on record and supported by all their primary functions define the police. He can't be honest with About who he is hiding about. We been able to finally tell the truth, but we got a pain to get the truth out. So Ron Johnson be spent over $70 million lying about me assessing my character got Bryant the Defendant's record the open borders before your high inflation record gas prices rising crime so all they can do is lie. Democrats have no problem why you called on by the press presses complicit and crept along with them. The thing is you don't need to press to understand that your your life is paycheck to paycheck. You really screwed and it turns out it's people are doing 10% of the countries keeping a balance on the credit card that sell up to 60%.

Right now in this country. And now there's even more.

61% of Americans say that falling behind that I didn't see anything about Democratic Republican. If that is your reality. You know that's a new reality. And now, if you got to buy a home. The way to solve the problem with the economy and to control inflation they say is to up interest rates so if you're about to buy a home or think about it you going to have to put it off when you think you're putting out of the reach of consumers.

This is caused by the control deficit spending, purposely driving up the cost of energy and gasoline Bryant a dollar you held the start of the Biden menstruation is only 88.3 cents. If you're a senior and fixed income for two Hundred thousand dollars savings account struggled Biden menstruation is now worth 88,300 box. The federal government abiding attrition basically stole $12,000 for it and look around special things on it nowadays so this is something that press can't hide the fact that people can't help it grow parts of the gas is still 50% higher than it was when bike took office. Nationally, about double what gas prices were so media can't cover providing from the standpoint which is maybe one of the factors listen to the governors race.

I think I ever spin. Also, I'm just fascinated that Witmer is in the lead in the Everest got a two point lead the latest poll tactic is to Michael's, how you explain that got shut down the country didn't stand up at Waukesha.

Did you didn't stand up to black eyes matters with a wood destroying your cities what to what's going on here are hiding the press to crush your press and don't have to talk questions basically get the barn nutrition had a gold ring of reducing our prison population by 50%. Brian Rivard reduced by 15%. You think they share of nonviolent criminals right now only 11% of 884 people. He let out 500 people were nonviolent. The other 784 violent criminals, including 44 child rapists 270 criminals is primarily committed or attempted murder. What one guy shot his wife cut off her head and a wood burning stove to let this die out violent criminals out on the streets in the neighborhood scratching or maybe even near you free, and Mandela binds to reduce the prison population dangerous. Locating the watching that New York fall apart Chicago especially in Philadelphia. Just rip apart at the seams. I was in Memphis I see is the number one issue and we seen that horrific crime over Memphis of the prison United States said this at a closed event in DC if the Republicans take the House and Senate to different world as should be spending all my time with the veto pen. Is he right of what you'll probably be doing a lot of time answering questions of the public house for him.

Try to expose the truth try to expose the corruption of the Biden menstruation department. Just as the FBI helping. I know we need to stop his massive deficit spending. That's true, but hard time thinking demographically passing community a piece of legislation. But we can stop their agenda. So one thing is clear and releases to the carillon have experience in foreign relations till the impact of this statement cut 27 after our interview White House official told us US policy has not changed. Officially, the US will not say whether American forces would defend Taiwan facts about the commander-in-chief had in view of his own. So unlike Ukraine. To be clear, certain US forces US men and women would defend Taiwan. In the event of a Chinese invasion. Yes. So who's right and who's writing this government.

Is this a attend. Is this a tough guy act good cop bad cop we make sense of the center. Johnson why Obama and Biden is wrong on every foreign policy issue/40 years and continued strength in our position for time, Taiwan has always been one of ambiguity that we we also want to support people want to remain free but same time is pretty dangerous to be no poker sticking out of China is weakening our own military. With all the boldness and the exact same readiness precisely graph which probably pandemics over always mandate should be canceled. Okay, there should no longer be vaccine mandates.

I agree with Jake Sullivan explaining his own president that Hiram cut 20.

He was asked the question a hypothetical question in this interview, just a very similar question back in Tokyo in May. He gave a similar answer in Tokyo in May that he gave in the 60 minutes interview after that answer in Tokyo. Someone said specifically to have you just announced a major policy change and he said no I have not answered a hypothetical question. I have not announced a policy change that explain it. No really radically mopping up mopping up in the box to just losing it is just you got up to the task were America is a very tenuous right now just the radical leftist take over government debate got control of the both houses of Congress got ministration driven America into a ditch that puts on accelerated petal there, driving it further in the ditch. Importantly, we gotta stop them they have to be stopped. So sooner we see Herschel Walker moved up in Georgia will see what Don Bolduc can do in New Hampshire visits a vulnerable race.

There is a lot of optimism over in Colorado.

Overall, though you have the sooner Mitch McConnell is picking and choosing who to back. He's knocking a backplate Masters. He says other monies come in anything you think of Peter Teal are you getting the backing in Wisconsin absolutely.

I really have been great to bed early to come in early and not again. Now we have an appointment and we have to pay to get the truth out about my forms radical leftist sheet.

She's hiding from the press so I'm I'm cautiously optimistic about my race but continued run like I'm behind tactic may be granted so that Ron Johnson We got the Brooklyn accelerator seven weeks left. Is there debate on to unscheduled what is going to want to bet I'm unhappy debate that we've accepted three except one watch mailing ballots were after bells right and set out so that he just does not want to go in front of the people. Wisconsin yelled, tell them what he believes what he truly believes is running away from all prior positions we got Audy.

We got the video the practice is not howling and they're not asking the tough questions they should be houses that is Wisconsin today will she find will you do will Siesta see you live in DC. What I hope is she'll actually listen to the pain their nutritious, causing Wisconsinites with the 40 are high inflation and high gas prices and rising crime. I hope she doesn't do at the present did what Mandela binds is gotcha doing it and just lie about me just live out I wouldn't put it past her. Thanks so much, and Ron Johnson.

Best of luck back a moment until this person is America's losing all of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and saw space-time or wherever you did your project Fox News network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five is so busy he'll make here and kill me.

Here is one of the causes of it that we offshore to whatever production will make enough things in America we don't make masks no making of baby formula we unmake semiconductors worshiping all these things from China and then paying shipping costs. One thing we can come together is what I say is a new economic patriotism make things in this country in the long term, bring down inflation to the talk about the struggles with the economy and that being the top issue for Republicans.

Not that they have to manufacturing so culture war until war for your dollars and who's keeping him and was getting paid with them whose quiet recording who's grinding it out behind and then in their paycheck no longer adding up because of inflation and Will Kahana came on last night on the network. In just said that's one thing we can agree on start making things here. The question is where you put pressure on the unions to come in at a good price point, which will make sense for a business owner to bring back cars and masks and who knows what other things to make manufacturing great again but affordable and the people don't go offshore with a love going to Mexico or China, they do because the number so overwhelmingly better. The maximize profit and is never been frowned upon. Until recently, but the Pentagon's mental pull everything out Apple and others have said when it comes to high-tech equipment in the Vietnam and they start to make the moves it's gonna happen rapidly. Both sides can agree on Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen. Fox News five test information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show bases or energize Democrats and has an abortion. Republicans energize on immigration, the economy, but if the independence or to swing this midterm election and they are much more economic focused. Then the basis of the parties and inflation isn't going away.

People have a very negative mood about the future of the country economically speaking, those of the voters are to make it or break these races in their tilting to the Republicans in the home stretch right now, but according to the power I guess the power play on Fox It looks like. Currently, as opposed to where we were in July. It was like a late September.

Three seats are now favored and leaning towards Democrats doesn't mean the house is going to the Democrats means that if the election was today. The lead would be the margin will be smaller and is a tossup in the Senate, which was not the case a few weeks ago which Larry joined just now at her financial review, so he was you saying about independence. Are you into the belief that independence will sway this thing.

Yeah, we live in error base turnout and people tend to forget there still Natalie a letter to still persuadable people and the independent vote still matters top one independence in 16 Lockman 20 that made a huge difference and it will be the same thing in this this midterm which does not look like it to be the Republican blowout I would've expected two months ago, but I would still expect a normal kind of midterm Republicans win 2025 House seats in the Senate seat or two which is all they need and it'll be largely, I think because independence had been turned off by Biden and are as was me that their focus on the economy and it is not a good story to tell their endless indication of that was the answer on 60 minutes, which he gifted anything good to eat. He blows every every response in that it spaces it would throw them as it was a listen again to bring up insulation is we should bring up. Instead, he wants to dismiss the fact that people think it's still high, and even Scarpelli said it's a four year high. Think I know I know but it's only three that was the word yeah and impractical term stuff like this.

I know you thrive on the percent of Americans carrying a balance on the credit card in 2021. 10% now 60% the cost of living, staying about even with the cost of even be with the cost of living, or falling behind.

They were ask you falling behind her staying even 63% of falling behind 30% staying about even 5% going up faster. So I know with those 5% were but I congratulate them grocery show up. Stop 15%.

Two thirds of adults say their income is as you know is falling behind our overall national data 27 trillion was a 2720 when the president took office is now with 30 trillion.

He's only been there 18 months. So these numbers the American people feeling along with the interest rates and 50% decrease in the stock market, but it was Mara Lago, and it was the Dobbs decision that was flooding the zone. Is it still know much less my letter going on. We had a special master hearing yesterday, but not dominant.

Abortion was taken off the front pages last week by the operation Martha's Vineyard if 50 migrants showing up in an pony vacation spot was enough to turn the new cycle and I think the end of the day EF Democratic turnout is to step over Dobbs and it debuts comp I think pretty pretty effectively for the purposes but still it just they don't have anything to say on on a place in an economy that's compelling and those are the top issues I guess.

So I will talk about what's going on with immigrations Rhonda Santos and Gov. Abbott together have made Americans pay attention. It did not paint into the whole story.

The thing more lockdown. Martha's Vineyard is the story they think the vice president's house is the story they think New York and Chicago distorted stories was actually happening at the border and along with fentanyl, although the 76 terrorists. They picked up trying to cross the board last month which Larry right the estimate of our friends at the center from 1.35 million new legal immigrants residing in the United States since Biden was inaugurated have to go somewhere and they been going somewhere beside the others when inundating the border states, but not all of them and staying there to check been handing over to this overwhelmed handing of his migrants to private groups that say hey where you want to go and here's the Greyhound bus and just have fun where the money for you for the ticket and you're on your way. So what DeSantis and Abbott and Ducey. By the way in Arizona.

There also doing I'm doing is basically version of the same thing.

You know that they show up in greater numbers in one spot. Note dozens rather than one or two but there's no reason that it shouldn't.

That pain shouldn't the burden shouldn't be shared across the country and meet these migrants are choosing to go you know they don't get on the bus in Texas or Arizona not compelling them to do that coercing them to do that is because they want to go to New York they know someone in the environment of New York City in the area so they go.

That's just how how this apparent work so you think if people are being used by Pontius Pilate, have fewer ponds on the planning board which is very easy to just reinstitute everything. The truck was doing and you drastically reduce the flow of courses that will Biden wants to do is blame it on the communism sizzle guidance comments from this comes from is always been there for she saw the border.

I don't care who it is. Plus we getting in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, everyone, through listen to the press secretary. One of the strongest we've ever had was so fortunate. I cut seven.

I don't have the specifics of who where we got word from I can tell you that we've been closely coordinating with the folks in Delaware. The officials in Delaware when I can tell you that our headset did not come from Gov. DeSantis because his only goal is as he's made it really quick clearance to create chaos and use immigrants fleeing, his political ponds. So it's about creating political theater for him. It's not about getting to a solution and what he saying is I got to talk to thinking that these these immigrants are to be going to Delaware today so you thought this to be the new spin Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba fleeing communism.

First of all the heads up a good idea to Arizona to go to New York okay on this bus and until the other end in a four date expect the bus to come, which I think the common sense approach, but these folks by large, you know they're not the not walking from Cuba and onto the southern border that they're already probably been in a Central American country where it not as comfortable United States as much opportunity United States but nothing persecuted there that that's the root of the problem is almost all these asylum claims are bogus. They know our system is overwhelmed. It makes no sense you come to say I'm claiming asylum your weight in the country and no one will ever make you leave so that was the whole point remain in Mexico.

You make a claim of a silent, fine, stay in Mexico if you're claim succeeds and you generally fear persecution back home, and that's what the way it works. You know your Internet you now you now in the United States, but if your claim fails as almost all of them do, 70, 80% of whatever it is you're not coming and not staying you're going home and that's obviously the way it should work I can ever pull them should have like 80% approval, but that's what they they want to include the end of the day.

They really don't think we have a right to exclude them. They they think anyone wants to come has a moral right to be here, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a hateful bigot right were over that so far there's been 78 SDI watch Terrace have shown up in 2021 was 15 and 2020. There was three 2019.

There was zero. So when you look at with Those of the guys we get usually terrorist in kingdom what the usually good at being a lucid. That's where the terrorists so we had 9/11.

I look at this headline politico is angry with the reporter at the border and it's Peter Ducey recent days, current or former White House demonstration officials express a West Wing playbook that their increasing frustration with on-air coverage, arguing there's an alarmist quality to it side to feel political narratives, rather than aluminate people in the name Bilbo illusion as to why the guy should be getting a award yet and what is it what I don't want to do tremendous work and I want to fight it anyway but one way to look at it only does it set up a camera you Eagle Pass Road coming over no one else would do that with an enormous story you needed to tell in that respect is much more than that, but no one else to do it and the one guy was doing it. They want to shoot at a minute till he only needed to see know when you do this you get sources and they look at us is the only ally so the private shows giving of all the facts and there are basically whistleblowers every day. Providing information that the administration doesn't want out and doesn't put out there wondering how he gets it. It's called being the reporter they don't have didn't have an adversarial press then have anybody pressing them to be better and makes them worse as I get a coach. This is everything you say is great to be the player you can be, but they don't care about that because he do so much that is so dicey. Couple things to come out the dynamic you on a story and people come to you because I know you on the story that have been generally more right I usually waved with understood it. Go to DeSantis now in Florida. According to the latest poll is up 4840 a present from Millward if he would lead to any other state is that significant to you year and it is better than the alternative that there been other polls in my mind of the pole that had that in Florida the first time. One topic I look back and the last time Trump was behind anyone in Florida was in out sometime in 2015 so the national polls.

The compass still stomping DeSantis. I think this morning or yesterday as one had him up again like 52 to 19, so it Trump has all indications are has a really strong grip on the party to maybe it's the polls a little illusory and and people are saying it's supportive just as a function we like him. We feel defensive of him. We hated enemies and push comes to shove, though the one someone else, but just evidence of in front of her eyes that he is a real dominant position in 2024 was interesting is that binds approval going to morning consult is now at 46% and I guess it's because they're looking at the scene. See passports to look at the content which he did for thing that the gun control with you like it or not is not to regenerate from the White House was all the Senate they wanted not to get involved. He basically took the issue off the table in my view. Number two is when the infrastructure bill was done, he got 15 centers not one thing the present buying do, except for almost blow it up by saying without the back better. We don't pass it and then on the chips bill was pure party was. It was a simple majority, and that was under reconciliation, as was excuse me chips. Bill did pass with the majority.

They got some Republicans on there and the reconciliation got us the mini bill back better. He's getting credit for all those years and gas prices look a little a little better and you're right it it it it created painting is better than failing almost no matter what you are with your passing, but it's it's weird they look at the polling of that climate bill Princess that the mini bill back better like 36% approval in life: no one really likes it or think to make a big difference, but the fact that you know it's not internal party. Can you get not have a signing ceremony. It it does make people feel little better about you. 46 morning morning counsel, Paul feels high to me but there's no doubt he's taken a step or two up the Journal-Constitution is Herschel Walker up on Rafael one occupant list opposes deleting 6 to 7% is undecided.

Still, how much is riding on that debate. Well, I think it a fair amount and Herschel you in plain expectation game. I think widely if I cannot.

I'm not a debater is trying to wipe the floor with me to put in a credible performance if he puts in a credible performance. I think that the natural gravity there in Georgia is Pulling Walker over the finish line, and especially in a year like this and you gonna see it in the polling and if so if if he doesn't totally step on himself, and I am out there doing a lot of crap. I think you can win down to Georgia phenomenal guy who grow from the world in rural Georgia with absolutely not to since the rub together. Both parents worked in and they will work the farm and we ended up becoming a lead I is an athlete, a businessman, if he makes the next epicenter that would be a great story that American should embrace the other one is Brian If he goes and holds onto the fleet over Stacy Abrams will not only validate his first one he will destroy maybe.

Maybe forever, which they thought was a reply Democratic superstar, don't you agree now actually in and view the other day.

I never denied that I lost that election, which according to complete PDF and every national Democrat still afraid Abrams didn't win that race. Think temp is a hugely impressive politician with what he's done a be damage the first time that aunt come shooting out of the primary one that how often does that happen and be her the second time and get probably in on the coattails get a centerleft affiliate is an oppressive guy also was very bold in the pandemic. I think people appreciate that now more than ever, as was governor DeSantis.

Lastly, prison ended the pandemic yesterday. What does that do for fax mandates that have gotten people fired and suspended around the country and you think it all would just appear rightly but you know that when this bizarre twilight of the pandemic silver but his administration done and you know what this means for the legal standing of his student loan forgiveness, which is supposedly pandemic measure what it due to title 42 at the border which F support we have for some enforcement down there with the pandemic measure so III think the lawyers in the policy. People have to be nervous that he said that but if something is true and something that he should say.

And all these mandates disappear right Rich Larry � review for sure.

Now get my subscription was asleep to the postman the show up.

Thanks so much. Thanks, Brian has got you a lemon official puts and calls got a lot to say were also monitoring events of the United Nations, 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain kill each other so that your going to you places you need to kill me from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me.

I let Haley I want to feel as they can think in millions and decide not to embrace our ethnicity so that we can pass yeah that that's of the idiocy on the view. I'm reluctant to play. Sometimes we played all day though this all morning and that is Sonny Huston seen the Nikki Haley changes need to be more American Americanized Bobby Jindal did that. I know Bobby named himself that the Bobby Brady you could brought that up six years ago he was governor and ran for president, but Nikki Haley that's her middle name so she uses it effectively.

But if you think she's running from her.

Her Indian heritage and read a book like for chapters about her childhood, how it shaped or is she that she marries a man that was reserving the military becomes a governor and a UN ambassador, so she's got domestic and international experience in respect so just to do yourself a favor just talk about what you know it's always been advantage of mind even if people disagree with you. Lisa could say I read it and researched it some your writing me a brain kill I appreciate Richard Wright's me and says talking heads have reported about the border leaders are busing immigrants and those they didn't use the word.

The term illegal anyway. They are busing them wherever they want to go. Are they kidding are busing illegal immigrants yet they are busing illegal immigrants and illegal aliens and their actually getting to go to some great places. If you are at the border, stuck in a small town in Texas. It doesn't want you, and someone says how do you like to hop on a bus to go to New York and Chicago, you're probably going to go Martha's Vineyard on a plane and sign me up.

Gary loosing North Carolina. Gary and I haven't really a lot illegal. Anyway, upcoming crop now obviously they don't have any idea like that American country have to have an ID to get basic utilities pollens drive a car, and you have to be better to have any, rental exactly these people going because the apostle line anybody many people to have a sponsor in this country possible you write. That's what that's with the outrages. Gary and I hope you both that way with Andy as the Republicans in charge of and you will do everything to treat people with respect would set up a system because we have 11 million open jobs and some great people always seeking solutions, selling Brian kill me. I want Brian to me when you look to the latest moment to bring to me Joe come here from 46 to meet them and had her around the country around the world was like. Have Ken Burns on is joined by his codirector Lynn Novick at the bottom of the hour, the US and the Holocaust three-part six hour series, as well as Matthew Kroening is standing by to bring us the latest around the country around the globe and our main focus we wake we wake up to finding out the Vladimir Putin that despicable character.

The Hitler/Stalin of our day is now threatening nuclear war because he's doing so poorly on the field and is humiliated in every sense of the word and should be about the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

So before I get to Matt.

Let's get to a big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 and those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds can also blow in their direction.

This is not a bluff really we do people say it's a bluff at the blood not a bluff at the bluff present by to speak at the United Nations in 25 minutes. What can we expect will recall how China will be finally walk away from the evil Iranian deal will you lambaste Vladimir Putin. Let's see what the problem is the woke agenda at the Pentagon and exit from Afghanistan as his presentation. Reeking of weakness. The faces are energized Democrats or address abortion Republicans are energized on immigration economy, but its independence and swing this midterm election and they are much more economic focus than the racism of the parties. Well, that's if that is true, it's bad news for the Democrats. Meanwhile, dissent with that's 2022 where it's trending the role of the real economy. As you just heard on the November outcome and the Fed to get involved today said to inflict more pain and so funny. Sorry Dems since his own view in this issue and Mr. present. He's bringing his show to your home, not the White House. The other place.

We spend all your time that Delaware house yours the border wars are blowing up of the Dems faces and they deserve exactly what they have coming to them why does he let it happen. The press compliant as it is ignored it 90 more Matthew grow chronic joint is now directed studies of the Hellenic counsel acting director. The Council's go cross center for strategy and security in the direct of the Scowcroft Center's Cocoa strategy initiative Matt welcome so that we expect to present to say would you include all content wise in his speech today will likely focus on the international security challenges United States probably number one will be the war in Ukraine and US efforts. There second. Likely competition with China, and I think third of the Iran nuclear negotiations, so I expect the major items in the speech doesn't change anything. The threat of nuclear war making the nuclear threat and February and talking up again but he hasn't followed through yet and so I think what this shows is that you deterred that you said at the outset. He's running out of options. Losing the war into the speech showed that he reaching for the few remaining options you have left calling up these reservists lower quality courses.

That's not a great option and and again relying on these nuclear threat. So I think the take away of the United States and Western governments should continue to support Ukrainian and then in a desperate situation yesterday from Moscow losing down the sink 3000 mi.� may be more at making some progress in the South and your son is let me Putin announcing the partial military mobilization in war.

He says he's not fighting cut one. I think it is necessary to support the proposal of the Ministry of Defense in the general staff to conduct a partial mobilization in Russia, I repeat, we are only talking about a partial mobilization right. Meanwhile, we do know he's looking Annex at Ares of the Don boss, which he says is important when they have that phony vote in the Dane and Nancy want to be part of Russia which is a force they need, says I'll be obligated to protect that area and he hopes to get public support behind him. I know it's hard to get inside his diabolical mind.

But what is he up to what cards is he still have to play running out of options.

Ukrainian counteroffensive and looking at remaining cool conventional military really been chewed up and tell you turning to these reservists lower quality personality. It really hope to avoid this because it undermines his statement that this is a special military operation.

The limited operation is worried that the Russian population could turn against them becomes a bigger war wanted to avoid this, but here we are. Secondly, relying on nuclear in the conventional military to death that he still has nuclear and then these are referenda I think are meant to show progress hold these sham elections claimed that the Ukrainian territory.

He's occupying actually want to be part of Russia, and I think that helps them with a domestic audience, but I think he hopes will also help maybe deter Ukrainian and be cautious as they going to be various because Putin could claim your attacking Russia now this is getting serious. You need to need to back off. So you do this you we have allies in the allies are coming up with maybe 1/10 of the arms he should be supplying to Ukraine. At the same time India technically an ally is one of the best customers that they Russia has with the Royal Eagle when they are behind close to what the hell you doing I mean this is not the time to acquiesce you can you get stuff like that done today and make up your points. One night I think it is in the US national interests defeat, Russia, United States still have an interest in help Ukraine sure you'll like the Europeans should be doing much more. They they have done more than was expected. But there's more they can do. I think behind closed doors in the way to do it and say come on guys, you gotta you gotta step up. This is in your back yard and keep working on that the Indian think that many in Washington by surprise. We see India as a partner and dealing with China and Asia. Other largest democracy on earth.

I think the hope was that they would be on the side of the free world in responding to this Russian invasion of Ukraine. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to buy cheap Russian oil is going to be harder to deal with them and I think it's notable that we have new nonaligned movement, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil.

Other major powers in the global South seem to want to stay out of this. Out of this conflict in the customer yesterday to Stacy Linda counsel Matthew looking good in these doing we have leverage the will.

They feared this Russian lease provides arms to them. They worried about China, they need us economically and elsewhere. They worried about China and that provides a little bit hedge on China and this way they get cheap oil in it in a challenging economic environment. As we look in Central and South America.

It seems to be going socialist. We don't seem to be doing anything will watching China infiltrate Russia has a role in Venezuela. Why was letting Nicaragua now Columbia. We know that Venezuela and Cuba or the socialist/communist countries are taking root and now there's a fear of losing Brazil.

Should we be doing more.

I think the way we got here, and for good reason. We focused on Europe and Asia, the Middle East, as most important strategically regions for the United States but it also meant that we've taken our eye off of the global South Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia and the Pacific and the Russian China have seen an opportunity to move then I think what Carter got a lot of people's attention with this big deal. The Chinese sign with the Solomon Islands in the summer to that will maybe allow China to open a naval base. So I think Washington has woken up to this problem and thinking about ways to respond, but were just in the early stages and I don't think we have a good strategy right now totaling that was present as well. I had no idea that communism is a Nicaraguan Venezuela now to come aboard a really weekly skin of the globe. I mean, that would certainly help we could just coloring the areas that have gone bread. Are you worried about Brazil.

I am now the Americans are not backyard go back to the Monroe doctrine that we don't want foreign powers messing around in Latin America and you're absolutely right that the trendlines are not not at all good. Russia, China, are gaining gaining influence. So I think there are things we we can do you not part of the reason their gaining influences through road initiative in these other efforts to provide loans for bridges in court like that United States is the most dynamic private sector in the world and so US government is going to be providing major lines like that. I think we can devise the private sector to look for investments in those regions to at least get those countries a choice. They want outside investment. They don't have to go to the Chinese, party date, they can look to the US private sector. I mean, look, we don't have productive Hispanic communities in Central and South American's provide a lot of manual labor in our country and there's more opportunity here. Obviously the perfect move would be moving manufacturing. The best we can into Central and South America will be closer to allow these blood provide additional opportunities for Central and South American countries and out of the Far East. Obviously as much as we get out of China. The president said this on 60 minutes.

I want to get your take a 26 what should Chinese person she know about your commitment to Taiwan. We agree with what we signed on a long time ago and that there's one China policy.

Taiwan makes her own judgments about their independence. We are not moving them are not encouraging or being independent were not conflict that's her decision but would US forces to defend the island. Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack you surprises that ended and how can they continue to say there is no change in policy when the president said three times we would attack if they attack well I was actually the fourth time now. Okay well I got hard part doing so.

If I think that by statement with the right policy.

My worry is that like to talk, calculated in Ukraine.

She could miscalculate think that attacking Taiwan would be easy and we want to deter that invasion. We want to think out your heart. This could be Warwick United States. Don't think about it, so I think the president made the right statement of the problem is been his White House contradicted him for the fourth time and so that doesn't really strengthen the message, and any other problem is is were talking a big game now but were not really building the military to back it up.

We don't really have the ability to defend Taiwan right now I'm this is the Pentagon's biggest priority, but if you take into account inflation by the Pentagon is actually cutting defense spending. So I like to talk, but we need to carry a big stick to back it up right. I just instinctively recruiting being down might be an important time to lift that VAX mandate, and stop kicking people out. Definitely we need to be recruiting people and into the Armed Forces not taking them out for questionable scientific reason. I'm embarrassed to see some simple questions but it seems so obvious from my point of view think that even we used to talk about the nuances of policy but they're doing the good guy bad guys to bed.

Good cop bad cop thing which doesn't make any sense with China. I'm not sure because it puts in an awkward spot. Jake Silva did not look comfortable yesterday trying to explain away his boss or and then with the whole recruiting thing does anyone else concerned about that shouldn't of the person in the White House be concerned about her defenses and that his primary responsibility learned and no military leaders have been warning about this for some time that we for health reasons, and obesity and other reasons were were having a hard time recruiting enough for young men out for the forces the Army has a deficit recruiting for several years and so yes we need to be doing what we can to get the best people and not let things like a vaccine mandate and in the way. So Matthew will concede you doing the school crossing well. We focus on a global strategy and security and honoring collective general national security advisor, the confidence and for answer right now, our biggest priority is competition with China. We think that is the biggest threat United States and if the comprehensive credits not just military, economic ideological, technological, and so were trying to develop the strategies and policies. United States dollars can put in place to deal with this deal with this breath. Last question is Ukraine capable of defending against additional 300,000 Russian troops. I think so either to be lower quality forces and here's another place where the White House could be doing better. Were wringing our hands about providing Ukraine with more advanced weapons because were worried about Russian escalation, I think we should that be giving Ukrainians the weapons they need, including the longer-range attack on missiles. That's what they're asking for. We have them, but were were being felt. The chart should talk about the help Ukraine when the score and how to get tanks and maybe planes Matthew Koenig think so much that thank you, my pleasure. You got it we come back I'll take some calls and were waiting on the present. Speaking about 15 minutes more into the content and delivery, and then we have Ken Burns and Lynn Novick coming on target about the US and the Holocaust sprang to Michelle, don't radio show. People kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show. I think at some point you're going to have to embrace the fact that this is happening to a certain extent I would say we've got people that want to work and you've got a shortage of workers hire these folks given the opportunity to work legally in and make sure that the employers that are employing them are doing it the right way and paying them correctly and then here's the catch tax them on. I listen, I understand the sentiment but it's not to work because it's all about symbolism. What Henry Cuellar say when Jay Johnson echo over the weekend people in central South America where they're coming from. Need to see people going home being rejected.

They need to know that the border is not open. You gotta keep showing them with video administration keep saying we sent 100,000 home. You know we keep sending about tens of thousands every day back I could see that. Why do we never see that I don't trust them, but even if I did trust them. You need to see it because they need to see right now they're seeing a greeting party at Port Authority everyone hugging them in Martha's Vineyard. You gotta be kidding me.

There will getting in and coming across the Rio Grande Valley Eagle Pass, and that means honey. We should go we could get in. You saw the video.

That's the danger, and that sheriffs and embarrassment. He's the sheriff in bear County. He thinks Gov. DeSantis is the problem. He's not John in Fort Smith Arkansas done all your memory about you. Okay all criminal yet you think that an empty not different United States would be hard to find out I mean not sending their best right now so I got higher interest rate don't really know presidency to be on the same bat will couple things they should be applying for citizenship.

Your or admission here in Columbia the first country they step into the godly counsel and they say hi. I'm such and such. In this my background check is Michael's use my numbers, whatever they are checking out.

I like to apply for asylum that I have a crazy Mindoro as my as my leader. I don't want to be a common site. I grew up in capitalism, you know that we love America. Okay let me just check you out and then let's see we look on the asylum list. I'm all for three more people to this country never against it to find out if they want to be here and if if they're looking to work with you looking to live off our system and that's so easy to find out it's all built into it, but we just on the border you already lost. You lost me that Ken Burns radio show like no other, kill me, we tell ourselves stories as a nation. One of the stories we tell ourselves that were but in moments of crisis, it becomes very hard for us to live up to those stories Holocaust beyond just disappear. Primary goes, but the goal is not your challenges Americans to think about what we could have done that. That's not old theories to the store and is a valuable story. It's always worth looking back is so much footage available that no one would ever see. But Ken Burns and Lynn Novick to get up the codirectors and producer of the US and the Holocaust a new three-part six hour series they expose America's response or the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 20th century. Welcome to both you. Thanks, thanks to Ken will hello Lynn hey Brian it to be with you always cancel for self to both you if you take this question what we would thus how did you get onto this topic, would you think this is unexplored. I got it would expose it. Yeah, you know. Remember when we made our film when I made a film on World War II that came out in 2007.

You and I talked about it significant pain on the Holocaust, but people came out of the woodwork with a lot of misinformation and disinformation, conspiracy theories, and questions like why did you do this you know the statement that this person was a Dominican, we really try to tell and then later I worked on the film, but the Roosevelt without writer Jeff for both those pieces and now this one. And finally we are approaching 2015 by the Holocaust Museum in Washington that was going to do an exhibition along the same line and thought it be nice if we could work in cooperation in their exhibition opened in 2018.

We spent seven years working on on this and it was really trying to dig deeper into the US in the Holocaust, such as what happened in the Holocaust, but we who are not responsible for it was complicit in any way what we did as you heard that Peter what we did and what we didn't do. Perhaps what we should have done and you don't go, the United States led into hundred and 25,000 refugees more than any other sovereign nation we could have let in five times as many at least even within the pernicious quota that existed with the Johnson Reed immigration law and we didn't. And I think in some ways, we have to reckon with a complicated history. It also permitted us to receive the Holocaust, not a separate event within or attached to or adjacent to World War II, but something that's very much part of the tick-tock of what happened and you can see it in two German expansion so we just wanted to revisit it and tell a complicated story filter filled with a lot of American heroes is so typical because the water isn't blazing hot. It gradually gets what's going on with Hitler always is to be a problem. Only one just expand a little bit only just want to restore their economy away to second their belligerent against the Jews.

But maybe they won't expand in the old Russians of the issue and then little by little. It's easy to say why did we asked sooner but when you realize the headlines were covering it. They were doing it they did fear but they worried about another world war.

When first off I want you to hear what a cut from your documentary.

This is the State Department why they didn't do more to help Jews fleeing Nazi Germany cut 38 the Nazis persecuted the Jews was undeniable. The notion that the Nazis were now preparing to kill them all was simply impossible for many in the State Department to believe department officials decide that this is not good information and this is crucial even if this were true, there's nothing we can do about it. They believe that they are doing all they can to assist the Jews any sort of rally or petition or protest asking them to do more would be diverting resources from the war effort. Many of these people were also racist and anti-snake and need a fast and so you have to wonder whether some of their concerns. Some of their annoyances have to do with the fact that they're being asked to help Jews your thoughts on that line wonderful historian that really helped us understand adulation that I later media that Brian gradual escalation of a problem happening while happening people to believe in the scale apology so there are multiple different problems here. One is not changing to an what do we do about it and that these are difficult problems not only to try to show not to judge the 2020 hindsight to represent the complexities of the situation that the American people in our government, then in the lake. My correspondence could have been better in State Department at the site where people apply for visa to come here because of the tracking and they went out of their way to make it harder making it easier and there are many reasons for that, nothing explained in her in her beautiful looking somehow to listen to. As I watched all of it but looking at it I'm I think Ellen is instinctual better than FDR's was just the nature of his position. I think it great question, Brian.

The nature of his position. Remember, he's not a king is not a furor. He can't wave a wand and fail lucky people in this is been voted by Congress and act the American people overwhelmingly supported. There's a kind of toxic environment of bothering people and blaming, particularly the Jews lot of anti-Semitism in the air and he's moving as strategic politician who better than anyone in the coming war and realizes he has to sort of revoke the neutrality act quietly and while in retrospect that the humanitarian uniform. Most, but that's just in retrospect if he hadn't revoked the neutrality act we might be speaking German today. No kidding. But you're right about Eleanor.

You know, with the exception of a prohibition, and her father was a hopeless alcoholic and she watched him die in the most horrible throws that the mental illness of alcoholism. She's basically right on everything constantly got you know the somebody at his shoulder in his ear, telling him what's right and I think of the most part believed it, but sometimes this action think a lot. Frustratingly cold because you wanted to do something more and I think perhaps he could have done more shouted loudly, more loudly, but for the most part he got I wanted bigger fish to fry. There's nothing more important than the Holocaust. In this regard, but he does have the greatest cataclysm in human history. The second world war to manage, which will kill in its totality no more than 50 million human banks will lend to just to set the stage. You do a great but what you get to set on the Apple I get on the app PBS video Apple urges PBS you get an iOS, android, Roku, Apple TV everything and is called the US in the Holocaust.

We got ready to fight.

We got hundred and 39,000 troops in the country decide to stunning our equipment from the one we have almost no we have no infrastructure so with the neutrality act allows us to build planes and tanks for Europe to fight for the UK United Kingdom and for for France to fight. Little did we know they wouldn't but at least we were able to ramp up a little before we directly got involved. I want you to comment on this. This is the Auschwitz report, and it's so horrific we can get our head around it cut 40. The release of the Auschwitz report is headlines throughout the country. These news reports explaining to the American people what Auschwitz was and what happened there are followed up by offense by Collins about Auschwitz and what America has to do in the wake of all of this information and the fact that it's released by the war refugee Board it's not being released by Jewish organization. It's not being released Rabbi Stephen Wise says it's coming from a governmental source. It's much harder to dismiss it. Did we know how to report a very important document that I cannot report that clearly verify what is going on on the report before that plan in April 1944 the government delete report deciding the Chambers occasional rotation. The whole scope and Catholic happening and how she went into like your contact the European gently pat and update and it was all over the country on the world. We can question what to do about it. April 1944 before D-Day we do have daughters fighting on the American continent but were nowhere near anywhere that killing happening and if it's a high priority priority is to win the war, can now immobilize it dealt with Connolly again to fight well coming out in the contact Millie the middle of so you yeah yeah but we should one little fine point Brian.

I would just add that is aptly true is that by the time we get a boot on the ground in Europe and Sicily. Three quarters of the people who are going to perish in the Holocaust have already been murdered right there and bearing Poland like we think concentration camp. The gas chambers are in the killing center in Poland in Nazi occupied Poland and they are hidden out of sight and they're out with their child knows their bells that there's still people are there. My Donnay coming there. These are the horrible places people are dying in concentration camps are being worked to death and they're being burned in cream and torment that these places are designed purely to kill human beings and work them to death are immediately killed and that you know we were not even yet at a place where we got an air base to go and conceivably disrupt if we could write, I think, and still there by the with the voiceovers the best in the business Peter Coyote. I guess he works for.

Yeah, I see he's is unbelievable. Every time he talks he is one. Pay attention Ken Burns and Novick. I guess what I with the support about what you do you put in perspective you bring us back to the time rather than judges from the eyes of 2022.

I'm not and I never thought we first started doing interviews about your project from the Civil War on down. Ken and I love doing it. We have to remind people that history is history for a reason you can't judge me against today's today's morays and to what we believe today and believe it or not. I think Bill Moore Nando's. I've nailed it when he talked about this current war on history cut 41 how we teach our kids.

History has become a big controversy these days, with liberals accusing conservatives of wanting to whitewash the past and sometimes that's true sometimes they do, but plenty liberals also want to abuse history to control the present and last month a scholar named James Sween caught hell calling amount for doing just that. He criticized the phenomenon known as presentism, which means judging everyone in the past by the standards of the present, it's the belief that people lived 100 or 500,000 years ago really should have known better, which is due.

It's like getting mad at yourself for not knowing what you know now when you were 10 Funny Comedic Way so smart you know you don't agree with them. Is it isn't that would people to care about history of battling today that people want to take down statues and and when rule in Brecht museums is that what you're battling today.

No more complicated a new one line. I think we need to hold all of the higher standard of living in the pincer movement from from both what we have to do is liberate ourselves and tell a very complete and honest history that unafraid of controversy or tragedy, but equally drawn to the story and moment just an abiding faith in the human spirit, and particularly the unique role this remarkable, but also as our film showed dysfunctional Republic plays in the positive progress of mankind. People want to sanitize and make a Madison Avenue view and not upset people with anything that's disturbing and people on the other side want to use history as a kind of weapon to do this.

Both are not right where interested in telling stories and stories about human beings are always complex and not easily fit in there is venality and virtue. There is greed and generosity. There is Puritanism in.

And it's not just necessarily between people but within people can adopt a thing what you're telling Dorian not making an argument because argument don't change people's minds. Do you have the possibility of finding a common space where you and I and your listeners and PDF listeners, which overlap tremendously can have a civil discourse which is the whole purpose of history to give up the perspective right to look on this moment with a little bit of grace and understanding and and civility, but I always think of you and when SRC was in that way when I just when we only have 1/92 left until Teddy Roosevelt get that statue with the Museum of Natural History when they say take Lincoln's name off that grammar school that would take a rip the Andrew Jackson statue down from from the White House that angers me and worries me.

What about you that we need to be able to look and act out critically and understand barely have time to get better and you have and I were selecting let's get it damn how they are children and grandchildren velocity having difficult conversations that uncomfortable truth in our path and I know and I think that the statute is a question but there's a fair question like timbers and Novick because their new documentary, the US and the Holocaust. Thanks so much guys appreciate it greatly with you Brian, I cannot talk to you soon as you got it.


I know I know the magnitude of work that went into a project like this just in awe I go to PBS. It's so worth it. We come back I'll take your call trying to me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me the same meaning of it is bought every single thing that is been sold to them over the past five years there completely unquestioning about things, which is of course the real problem because you cannot have a free Republic without an informed public and these are the people relying on what it really is amazing the way this stunt has managed to expose the by demonstration policies and expose the people that supported those those 50 migrants landing in Martha's Vineyard if they had been carrying ranks and mop buckets.

They would've been welcomed and open arms as they often are what because they came as humans looking for asylum they could these people could have handled it and the policies reveal themselves and these people review revealed themselves chilly her just made sense of it.

I meet Julie to embarrass the should be given meet somebody in your life that does something so embarrassing, and what makes it really worse is they don't realize and I guess we all done it to a degree. We quickly correct. I hope, but Martha's Vineyard is totally unjust and not self-aware enough to know that when those illegal immigrants arrived in Martha's Vineyard and when they signed forms. It allowed they they live in small-town Paradise have been there a couple times.

It's awesome. They arrived there and these people horrified. They can't believe these Venezuelans in these other Hispanics are in their area and they quickly for you to get you. We don't have an infrastructure will be a trip like somebody something else.

Of course, is plenty of room there. You put them into a gym for short term to bring to the beach for a while they could rotate and make sure they understand proper sun protection, but instead they call the National Guard and 300 arrived and they escorted him to a military base fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me one to live this moment to write to me.

Show 1-866-408-7669 at the United Nations the runway and evidently Joe Biden to spoken ready should have been, probably don't have 10 minutes ago his phone was to address the whole world at 1035, but hasn't this terminal think he's the blame of the overdoses talk along with this hour can be joined by Martha McCallum and Bill Hammer or three count pressure for British courage, great coverage and Bill Hammer's him do some evaluating about what's happening domestically with me in studio now familiar face to all of you, David Soquel chairman CEO of his T.T Junco Teton capital, chairman of the board of Atlas Corp. and former chairman, CEO of a net Jetson for Berkshire Hathaway. I know through the book. Go get it. American perspective defending the American dream for the next generation before we get to David. Let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three and those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds can also blow their direction. This is not a bluff you present Biden to speak of you, and today what can we expect what we call our China walk away from evil Iran and land-based potent for that statement, which is ridiculous. NATO threatening nuclear weapons on Chun Russia. Let's see if the woke agenda at the Pentagon exit from Afghanistan will allow the president to appear as he is. If he has some American strength. The faces are energized. Democrats are addressing abortion. Republican's are energized on immigration, the economy, but it's the independence of swing this maternal action and they are much more economic focused than the basis of all parties. Dry scratch our wedding in 2022 wears a Trinity and the role of the real economy on the November outcome as you hear it might be the key moment is great for the Fed to inflict more pain on the people and hysterical. Sorry. James DeSantis owns you and the issue. Mr. prison he's bringing his show to your home, not the White House to your Delaware home where you spend most your time the border wars of blowing up the Democratic spaces and because it is a tragedy, not because it's a political cudgel to be used is actually broken and maybe done on purpose.

David Soquel are welcome officially to the show that you Brian appreciate your time. Having first off, I know business is your expertise and organs over the economy.

Your take on what's going on with because a lot of people you did you hang out with are the most successful powerful people in the country. When you have illegal immigrants are arriving in a place like or migrants arriving in a place like Martha's Vineyard and they show up their design to a desired through the issue home to those who want to ignore it.

I think it does. It also lets America realize this isn't a joke. This is the present VP team seem to think it's kind of humorous that we have the situation or that somehow they may benefit from it. 76 people find on the FPA Terrace wanted list have been found in the border so far this month and in those those communities along the border. How did they have been if if the community like Martha's Vineyard that has an influx of over hundred thousand guests during the during the peak periods in their yard. They have 17,000. They must have a lot of rooms there, but apparently they don't view that those rooms are available for for immigrants a bit.

But somehow they think the people along the border should just open up their houses so they did study did do some studies have found that who's got the power with the issues of matter and it turns out abortion is dropping, but the economy's rising inflation pain of pay. Taking a big bite out of the American budget so far as to consider the highest I've seen. They say Tyson for years at the most. Were talking about it. It seems at least 20 years. I think it's a huge issue and frankly we could be heading into, and I think we are at the beginning of a period of stagflation globally, which is the most painful thing you can do to lower middle income folks to find that hot high inflation and low GDP growth. Basically, a recession globally with high inflation.

There's nothing more painful to to the lower middle class and you think were beginning to feel it. We are a few hundred GDP projections globally.just here in the US, but around the world.

China particularly were deftly going into a slowdown you're seeing it. Your shipping rates.

In many cases China to the West Coast United States down 90% in the last in the last 12 months just in the last three months China to Europe shipping rates down 60%, which is as is zero covert policy and how much is that demand most of it is the clearing up of past backlog. It was caused by covert and and now it's demand here is the president on this very issue your grocery bills. What can you do better and faster.

First, Wallace put this in perspective inflation rate month-to-month is just an inch hardly know you're not arguing that a .3. Telemedicine is good but it was a point to where a point to before you write me back and make a sound like all of a sudden, my God, it went to a .2% is the highest inflation rate Mr. president in 40 years. I got that. But guess what we are in a position where the last several months. It hasn't spiked is just barely spent basically even a present speaking right now is talk about Russia: the amount justifiably, but I David, your reaction to his his evaluation well for the problems we have a government today is they just say things that are true.

They try to mislead the American public enemy eight 8 1/2% inflation for most Americans. They remember 50% of population was born after 1983. Mostly I I'm old enough to to remember when when treasury bonds were over 10% mostly young people today don't don't know what inflation feels like, and so they try to downplay it by saying all well just the same as last month. It's 8 1/2%. That's a 40 year high. Two thirds of US adults say their heart, their incomes are falling behind the cost-of-living groceries were up 15.8% gas is up 25%. Even with the tuition reduction rent up 7%.

Airfares up 33% see if I will if I am impressing.

I say to myself, working on situation. QB you can be surprised. Okay have to take your word on working with Europe on how to neutralize Russia you'll see a keyword, but I'm not waiting for the presence cues to tell me how the economy is I need anybody's advice on we all go to make our own evaluation. So when he says something you know is totally wrong. Really, you lose rapid credibility that might not come back. Absolutely. Even for myself where differences in energy prices targeted change my lifestyle. But when I pull my pickup into a gas station and even today at 370 a gallon. It's $90 to fill up that tank. It used to be 40 III just say to myself wow. That's a huge difference.

So for folks at have to find that extra $50 a week or every every five days a huge impact on how did you grow up.

Did you grow up of did.

You are working class middle-class. Did you lower income but you will you have a real understanding what is like paycheck to paycheck, absolutely pure my first house was a mobile home and you you you you make payments if you take your but your money you put in envelopes and say okay I got this much for utilities I've got this much for food of get this much for gas and Windows have also emptied their empty and that's what Americans are dealing with today's their budget process is being completely blown out of proportion. CII will full. I I am extremely lucky to have this job now, but for up until like 33, beyond paycheck, my life was dramatically underfinanced and no doubt that I had to go out eat every night. I have this nice car. I didn't a Celica that was seven years old and things to that nature by nevermind today total for the process you just go ahead have evaluation when people were haphazard or or were in different about what's going on. I doubt that drove that drives me crazy about this and you have a situation where you have a politician who knew the same job for over 50 years. He's got no sense in going shopping. One time George Bush 41 didn't know how I a price got a bit of a price to find a worked out one of those wipers worked and there was like oh he's out of touch.

Is he getting a pass now. Oh, absolutely. Having the mainstream media is is just holding this guy up and it's it's unfortunate because these are real issues and not always inflation she what he speaking on right now mean he is had to walk his own words back three times on whether we would defend Taiwan. He says yes State Department says no the course of year and half right and now now were dealing with the potent threat of nuclear war does anything this country really believe that that Joe Biden or Kemal Harris should be making this decision on war its frightening end, but these are real issues and I think this coming election. People have got to pay attention to America first. Yeah, I will pull in some of the speeches he opened up with Russia right Eric, so he opened up talking about Russia because Russia is going to do a fake referendum.

September 20 on the areas in which they just talk on the Don bus region which might be of the whole two morning and one of the reasons he wants to do that is tell the Russian people were being invaded on that land. We just got me while he's can have trouble holding onto it. Where's conscripting your axes activating 300,000. I guess reservists into action which could blow up in his face, usually Zelda and set about the president who's on the Foreign Relations Committee and served in the military.

He's also running for governor New York cut for as a member of Congress for me and for all of our colleagues how we should sit down in a classified setting with the US intelligence committee calculating to find out what they know.

I will treat this seriously before anything else and when Pres. Biden gets the United Nations. Understanding that Vladimir Putin is known to be homicidal, not suicidal. And here's the key where leaks your expertise is energy. So everyone fears the fall in the winter because he's cutting off natural gas. He wants to have Nordstrom to actually pushed over to China when he's doing long-term is pulling us. He's losing his best customers for ever.

If they have a brain in their heads, how worried should you be if you're in Western Europe right now. I should be worried Western Europe. I think you should be word in North America because part of what Putin is doing is using energy as a weapon and when the West include Europe and the US are dumb enough to basically start start shutting down fossil fuel availability which is the lifeblood of our economy and in the hope that something is going to replace it. Which by the way, it's a hope, not a plan that those are our adversaries recognize how dangerous and dangerous that is for our economy and how they can affect popular opinion and things of that nature. What they've done in Europe is is a great example that American should be watching out for Germany shut down the nuclear plants shut down their coal plants went to wind and solar, but did not have enough to back up their entire energy resources. They then tied themselves to Russian gas and look what's happened now have to ration their prices rub three and 400% on energy and it's a weapon and if were dumb enough to to provide that weapon to China or two to Russia or the other adversaries, Iran and others were to pay a huge price for this my whole because you know was happening California. They kept the nuclear plant open know they're doing in Germany they get there reopening their coal plants and the nuclear plants. I don't think it open in time so they can be burning the fossil fuels they ran from and thought they were, but have put it behind us. They can in all practicality and you can only have windmills for one season for the people rebel and when they can't get heat and they can't get air conditioning, it doesn't matter if your Democrat, Republican or socialist or nonsocial over the people he gonna let me go back to my life correct. Well hopefully but but what body part what are our art.

The folks want to hurt America thinking is thinking destabilizes the right. I mean you you shoot energy prices up to 100 oil for $150 a barrel natural gas to 30 and $40 and MCF UD destabilize the American economy.

People can take advantage of your propaganda from other countries and back on one hand you worry about cyber stuff, but I worry about the intelligence that a lot of our opponents have the just sit back in our fueling the flames of American politician stupidity.

We have Mexico and Canada and America, so oil rich at what point do we use does the practical side of us come out well it it needs to come out now.

That's why think this election so important because what the left is trying to do with energy is make it impossible to turn his back on those coal plants have been shut down already have been torn down. You know where were not keeping them alive. 23% of our electricity, Ice Age culture, nuclear power today. Left wants to shut down. That's a zero carbon source and they wanted shut down. You know all taken seriously when it when they don't say energy Zechariah CO2's existential threat of our time all but you can't use nuclear nuclear can be done completely safely. But again, what they're trying to do is take away our options so that we can't revert back. Hopefully you have a have a chance to rebuke them voters out there listening to right now into cinema message in 2022 and then change gears in 2024.

David Sokol always great to see always educational, especially in these very erratic times.

Thank you Brian appreciate back in a moment. This branch only show bodily Martha McElmurry Bill Hammer waltz in here giving you you need to know your Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me just today Pres. Putin is made over nuclear threats against your reckless disregard for the responsibilities of the nonproliferation regime now Russia is calling calling out more soldiers during flight in the Kremlin is organizing a sham referendum try to annex parts Ukraine an extremely significant violation of the UN charter. Yeah exactly right that's right United States.

Moments ago. Speaking of the United Nations, but of course he segues into climate mug into that in a moment what MacCallum here fresh over fantastic coverage of the Queens funeral and old everything that led to it. Martha present came out pretty strongly against Russia. Bodie just said is what's about to happen. They are going to have a thing of phony referendum.

September 20 are they going to annex about 44 heirs of the down bus region and then still have a rationalization to defend it while calling up 300,000 reservists your thought about what's been taken place in the last 24 hours. I thought that the top of the speech at the UN was fairly and it's what you would expect to hear. I was glad that he didn't sort of mess around talking about anything else he'd address this at the top, which is as you would expect, and that's what everyone would want him to do. The big question here is, is what is the capability of Russia because we've seen this happen over the last six months and it's been a very haphazard effort on their part.

We know that they sent in all of these recruits. They were told they were in a training exercise.

Next thing they know they're trying to take Eve that blew up in their faces. It went went terribly wrong. So now as we would also expect backed into a corner and potentially losing.

Putin looks like he's doubling down his calling in all of the people who are reservists, not regular civilians but this is the second level that they're going to with the reservists and talk about annexing this this territory, which is you say would given the right to defend it. So the question is how capable are they of launching this this kind of assault we been told to beginning well if they really if they really go for it and they really pull out all their guns there got crushed Ukraine right this is the moment where were going to see and I hope we all hope we never get to this moment. If that is the case and what that looks like. I'm afraid you see the video of them in prison with the Wagner group trying to swear them and you want to stay in prison or you want to go to the front lines, asking them you don't do that. If you have if you have you still holding an ace in number two they been terrible in the actual battlefield itself pretty killing innocent people without conscience and bury them in shallow graves. That's what it is and torturing them and blowing up infrastructure, appear to have a unified sense of duty. You know, and what they're doing, doing friends and brothers and family members who live over that same over the line.

Ukraine I it's very difficult to turn them against your archenemy fill him important to radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show. Let this be the moment we find ourselves world turn back the tide of climate devastation devastation lock resilient sustainable clean energy economy to preserve our planet perfect time. Really this is the perfect time.

That's a little of the present remarks are still going on the United Nations they have started almost 245 minutes late Bill Hammer's here on time what MacCallum actually got you really she says I'm giving to One single without Bill Hammer Sycamore and that wasn't the plan. I barged in there saying I didn't know going to be back to you just need someone to fill in no know we we we have both you was outstanding in London. 12 days of work. As I write 12 days, but for you it was a job with joy right well know what it was a story that I always eventually wanted to cover. I never really wanted it to happen because I just grew up in a world where Queen Elizabeth the sort of in the backdrop of everyone's lives in the whole global scene for all of those decades that it was extraordinary started covering it was it was great to be there. It was absolutely magnificent ceremony and I think the reason I'm so attracted to her is just her her ethos and her sort of selflessness finish that perfect person.

There were ups and downs but we don't have a lot of people who operate in that kind of way outside of the great members of our military who put our country before themselves is not something you see in sort of everyday behavior all that much anymore.I think that's why there's sort of a nostalgia for the way that she lived her life and I don't know if were ever to see that kind of thing maybe is negative or you will she have the Queen that think that'll happen.

She asked for a bill you were talking about this before she's asked for one on one with the cane. Yes, she had she was embarrassed by this whole thing.

Don't you think they got back to California. I guess there but you kids never go away. It's well a client if they did what they want what they said they wanted to do is to leave and go live a private life, but it turned out that they don't really want that they want to keep coming back and asking asking for one-on-one meetings and I think that kind of thing would work the other way around. If the king said, I'd love to spend some time with each of you before you leave. It's usually the way that works. I doubt that she was she's going to get the meeting that she wants. Apparently Harry also suggested a mediator come in immediate help the family to which you know when I have been reporting said that Camilla laughed out loud and her tea and I said no I think will work on this ourselves that because that's some good cheer. I did you guys have. At the other day. Now that you know will see that I just would mention.

I know a lot talk about, but I would mention that in the front came out that Harry was very upset that they took the Elizabeth region off of his. His uniform really all you need to now because if he got there any any put his uniform on any side he had two choices one is just to suck it up. Be glad that he got to wear his uniform and walking down never mention it again right.

Let's take it out on instead.

He said he was humiliated almost to where it thought about putting his seat on. Instead he keeps me. It's all about him. You know all that the two of them. It's very, there's barely in the line of succession at this point I even know if we should even believe that story like that story get out there competing factions at the PR people on that on the whale side anesthetic side and they always in a sort of try to make sure that the other side inside of rising tax out. I say this yes but JR moringa who wrote the tender bar JR moringa who did shoe dog this Knight book who did the Agassi but he's unbelievable biography did Harris book and I heard even before you know when this file right before the opening to you always doing a book. Whatever happened [before time is explosive and by the way to a book it's okay dozen books that are explosive and I can picture them destroying the book, but if this if he was writing a book. I could see this whole thing gradually getting better.

You're the expert.

But the book is going to be if you thought the Oprah interview was explosive.

This can be out of control and has said, you know, I know a lot and I'm going to keep talking about it until I'm done now whether or not the podcast things that I think is whether or not this experience this week changed any of that.

It doesn't feel like it did. There was so much tension. I thought William looked absolutely. You know it just stonefaced the entire time.

Obviously it's a funeral is a somber event, but it looked painful for him and I don't know if it was just because of the tension with his brother or because he now realizes that he's one breath away from being king himself. The first time in his life. I think all of that probably was waiting on him quite heavily.

But you know the Harry and Megan thing. It is a distraction that none of them need if they want to live a private life, they should go good to do it if you want to get back in the family needs to shove the box that's the choice they have eventually run out adjacent stories to tell people and they know it's in a Caremark right now get invited to lunch, dinner parties, California for the rest of their lives and that'll be not right. It was so cool how their kids were like talking to each other you know you have to do this that that big sister staying in our the little sister but that's my sister Sgt. out singing out when many of the two of them looking like that's either side is everyone bowing on either side and quickly curtsy: tender real now. Brian is a sure show a high notice of this is great though this is the part I think that you when you're on for 12 straight days, more than we can pretend like you are just covering the biggest are in the world. So I begin this business. Now it's over, which is why you're here today off and I was silent on today so here's a little bit more. So Eric would we have now that we missed. We know we talked about Russia.

We note about climate change. First of your reflection on climate change. I news can be in the speech, but my goodness, in a time in which natural gas is being shut off to European energy should never be use a weapon that's not enough about my story is idle dreaming goes deep on his list of priorities.

I think the reality check. That must be made at the United Nations, of all places which we can debate whether or not this meeting is even necessary anymore and how much relevance in house.

China's listening chart is going to have five times the coal plants we have nine saved by the year 2025 today care they know damn you think Prudence even thinking about this.

I don't so what are we doing listener John Kerry John countries yeah India who by the way is by all the oil from brush allowing them to finance along with China this whole war effort along the European Union right.

I just think that the events overnight that we woke up to this morning out of Moscow nuclear war.

That's right that's that's that's the story for the next six months or the next year it will house anymore guys I I'm fashion about this for the fact that impure on impure drive alone.

This is where the technical ideological age. We thought that emotional morale would matter it still matters as well as can weaponry an organization can you believe a standing army, the size of brushes has no commanders lieutenants and captains in order to run things that has new generals that are actually competent in practicing with their stuff, which I believe those directions offers tanks completely inefficient society. Communism does not work well. I remember seeing it back there in the 80s and when after the Cold War ended. It turned out that a lot of the things that we thought they had were rusted had been an old silence for a long time that the way that they talked about their capability was very different than what actually existed and were seeing in real time. They haven't fixed it. They have a leader who is full of bravado, but they don't have the system don't care about their country we live in communism. It's a different they just don't is the first time, let me put is been cut down because wow, look what he did over in Syria 32 is a receipt to cry. Marianne George, without much of a problem look out each morning Ukrainians.

He's a mess with her own selections will now is been expose. He got to the octagon is get his ass kicked. Here's what here's more from with the present remarks about Russia's improvement. Needless war war chosen by one man to speak plainly permanent member of the United Nation's Security Council invaded its neighbor attempted to erase the sovereign state from the map.

Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenants United Nations charter. No more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by four he got the theme Russia and how many people get pushback except China and India.

Now I guess just China. I just think what China did say bring the temperature down immediately after prudent talked earlier today and apparently Turkey and once in the last 24 hours it has to give up Crimea. The Turks have a long history with that Peninsula II think we have to be on ISO to hear Sen. Lindsey Graham said more to see, yesterday said he spent an hour with 31 and everyone believes the war is totally turned towards Ukraine's way and there and then suggests there's only one reason it got there. That's because of our weapons and the weapons on behalf of NATO. We can debate is whether or not the Europeans are stepping up the plate the way they can possibly damages. No sunlight of a okay well behind bar rockets that we gave HI MAR. I believe turn the course of this. These are highly mobile rockets that can move all over the country and they got a range of 50 miles. Ukrainians had no chance of re-reaching these ammo depots in Crimea without our rockets..

Let's be honest we are at war with Russia, whether we want to admit it or not, but just remember that early on we were very hesitant to send them anything that would go over over the line into Russia. It was all about defensive weapons, and we were in a fight we're going to help them fight anything that came into Ukraine so that we had sent those high Mars right off the bat absent on the morning able to take out some of the deep is think about how many people would still be alive if we had made that decision earlier, I agree with you that was the game changing defensive weapon. If indeed the game has changed in early one is right, but it could come sooner right and by the way it started right before started so here is the president on Iran. While the United States is prepared for a mutual return to the joint conference and plan of action for ranch steps up to its obligations. United States is clear. We will not allow ran acquire the right to believe right thing to say he's got a walkway from that deal should have an answer ready to launch his long as he is in office, they will continue to pursue it. I don't know if it will get done or not, but the logo for what is just anti-turning around everything that trumped at you now II think that's just their ethos everything and Obama started it, and he never had that you have had Schumer reported as a board card and he never had Menendez and even the in the house he took you brief us on what were evidently agreeing on. Ukraine is a real shame on you think about elections have consequences. The route that the Trump team was on. They went from outside in a supposed inside-out was a hell of a strategy and it worked for a lot of these countries, Egypt, United Arab Emirates Bob Ray. They were all part of this in Saudi Arabia was the next major domino to fall in these piece of core SNA absent you and and band the election happens, Trump set of office here comes Biden, and they do a 180 ability and a transition of power which would take so much pride in doing successfully in this country to say when you get in the door shut.

It's working some he was not working right. I that's working a lot.

But let's let's build on that because for the Abraham courts Joe Biden on let's build on. Let's leave this run. Okay, we didn't want them to scrap that deal, but they didn't. So where are we now where where are we passed it has this held them back or are they ramping things up and would it make any difference if we thought that optics sending many places in the nonfiling workers and see what happens and needs the optic of St. we went back in a week. We undid what he did want that we come back Leticia James having a press conference right now. The filing civil suit against the Trump organization. They know they went ahead and deposed everybody. This is not a surprise and looks like a political play.

The world is not needed in New York with all our problems. Donald Trump is not the problem. In New York you have plenty of things to do.

Have a keeping somebody in jail or three come will also tell Bill and I and if the mics are on the whole country whose and be on her show at 3 o'clock Beckenham entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show so we have not told you this yet. New York Atty. Gen. is suing down Trump's ability, civil suit arising inflated the value of this property along with his three kids of Monica I think Baron is probably not included in this Eric Don Junior and this is unbelievable oh so once we get a hold of that real estate investor that's inflating the value of property to get loans, then New York will be straightened out that the sucker punch guy in jail.

Those are two things I gotta worry about it we just take that skating rink away and the golf course get in somebody else's hands. While the present United States its acute pressure of the extremely significant violation of the international charter of the UN. He also said that he does not seek a Cold War for China Martha McCallum seer Bill Hammer's year of the stuff bill before.

I want to break.

I promise my audience I find out which on Martha show with three. Do you mind if we just know I was a Salvia Hatcher medical survey, 18 hours and I'll come back and right this way.

If you try to think of the person behind the counter to three in the morning. She says no, which was my my my backpack.

That was the scariest.

Many have got on still net price is going to join us. He's at the UN with the president, so will talk to him about what the president had to say today about this very unnerving threat from Russia saying it's not a bluff in terms of talking about his own nuclear capabilities and and you know incredible technology that he says he has ceases his spirit is allies exactly it's bad to the provocation of the allies as serene as much net price has on a talk to him you know about together things that are going on the world that will save that for we actually discussion but Malkovich is on the ground in Ukraine so outward and talk to him about what he's seeing in terms of the battle. There front firsthand so I am looking for to talking to him as well and in her. Others can join us talk about the Eno airlift project of migrants to Martha's Vineyard have now been sent to Cape Cod. This story is just so incredible to me. I can't understand why these same people were calling it inhumane and evil. When plans were sent to upstate New York to read districts. They didn't have to suck it up probably know that this delete is anyone sharing the burden and think hypocrisy is so incredibly right. It's so unbelievably ugly people can argue that there was a drop off in New Jersey to write. I do believe right. I don't think so I think wasn't there.

Then a plane or a bus trip in New Jersey three months ago this this network has been on the border every day for more than a year and 1/2 and there often times we speak with her correspondence and say who else was there and they said you can live for hours and not see another TV crew but son of a gun.

As soon as that plane landed touchdown on Martha's Vineyard. Those guys beat a line out of New York first flight in the Martha Jane is right to say this is a genius and only thing people on the island said was to get was no warning and I think after about six hours of people say and you gave us no warning. I think I think people looked the at screen and I said this is absurd. We can't be reporting this way and then a day later is when they put them on the bus to the ferry to take him to the database on, quickly trace Gallagher as the new host of Fox News at night for Shannon Breen, your first reaction Martha McCallum you and support fantastic. You take that awesome awesome reporter great anchor and it's a great apposition for all of us to have him answer out yet. There's nothing you can do so, and great colleague and a great guy and I'm happy for him and his family right and I'm happy for him to. I like him out again seek to create a better show but I'm fully guys want to watch you three billable watch where you are trying to be afraid to meet you over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News five just

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