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Border wars: Texas Sheriff investigating Gov. DeSantis for migrant bussing

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 20, 2022 1:47 pm

Border wars: Texas Sheriff investigating Gov. DeSantis for migrant bussing

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

Despite all the talk of the legislative victories in the Dobbs decision, the economic enemies the landscape the political landscape dynamic of the selection has not changed his economy. It is inflation. It is crime is integration.

They go Tom Bevan weighing in a burst of optimism from economy companies, the GOP masses suddenly authorities thinking about taking back the Senate seven weeks ago seven weeks to Goel tell you what's going on with the trends of the polls and why Democrats are still holding on to hope for the house sale is the pandemic over the pandemic. It is over. We still have a problem with covert were still do a lot of work on this what the pandemic is filled.

Pandemic is over. What a relief.

Time to reinstate all the suspended teachers and firefighters. The military personnel will heard those words and the president. He also indicated that while we would go to war with China in the flesh is no big deal. That's no joke. Jack why millions of people since Biden's been president, illegally coming across the southern border. They freak out about that. No, it's only 150 get put into Martha's Vineyard border wars continue as a local sheriff decides immediate action needs to be taken on Gov. DeSantis. I'm not kidding. Martha's Vineyard the trip that's what bothers him not the 2 million the diverting cross our borders illegally, but people that died in the back of that truck. The Florida governor is not backing down either more migrants likely to go to Martha's Vineyard, maybe even Delaware and certainly vice president's house how you feel about that Saturday some of what took place between Abbott and DeSantis with these illegal immigrants. These two governors are brilliant. They have taken a border crisis and made it real to the most liberal people in the country so some gown. NBC said it seemed inhumane to send migrants illegal immigrants to Martha or Martha's Vineyard. How would you like to live along the border right now how would you like to to be a border community over to Maine illegal immigrants. So I think what happened and DeSantis is done is made the issue real to the most liberal people in the country and you talk about who's going to win in 2022. Tuscumbia wiped out why because 70% of the people think the countries on the wrong track.

If we can't beat this crowd were not going to beat anybody open border policy over to Maine illegal immigrants, people on the terrorist watch list with no end in sight. Regulation care center. In this demonstration ignores it and people don't seem to care whether the network they're going to lose the public cares. So when you look at every issue out there people believe our border policies are failing that Biden doesn't have a clue about inflation.

They don't like and 87,000 RSR may come in after you. Then along with Stan right so the bottom line is work on when were going to win big and it's got nothing to do with us as much as it does have to do with their incompetency. Don't abortion is an issue after after Roe V Wade was overturned send it back to the states, but not just the states elected officials at state or federal level have said about abortion.

If I were running in this cycle as a Republican I would let everybody in my state or district know that the Democratic Party's position in Washington is to overturn every pro-life low in America allow abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth using taxpayer dollars. Like China and North Korea's most extreme position. The history, the United States, 47 to 50 European nations limit abortion below 15 weeks the Democratic Party has the Chinese North Korean position abortion on demand up the birth center so a lot of people say, okay of review of the Dobbs decision comes in Roe V Wade overturned the Senate, excuse me, that the states will now decide which could help with abortion and now you have a bunch of special elections including a IA election in Arkansas have voting of Kansas. They said no we don't want zero all weeks when it comes that's dear. This is where is it gets. And then you have the special elections are going. The Democrats way how does your how does your piece of legislation change that. So there there's a poll out yesterday 59% of the American people support limiting abortion 15 weeks the French have a 14 week band of exceptions for rape and incest pregnancies in the life of the mother that that can me know that that always wins out in my my view of China and India have no limits on abortion up to the moment of birth. So here's what I would say to attack the Democratic Party for being out of sync with the American people. We need a national minimum standard.

You can go below 15 weeks under my bill but withdrawal on it 15 weeks the baby can feel pain you sexist to operate on the baby have to provide Anastasia up so if our running this cycle I would really make sure that everybody knew how extreme the Democratic Party as they literally have gone from pro-choice to pro-abortion.

So a lot of people like Marco Rubio who signed onto this by the way, you say hey you know what I am pro-life Florida isn't so. I would go with with the people of Florida want I'm not going to demand my values on the east on the state.

How does 15 weeks gel with that. Well, he's supporting the bill right. Marco is saying, listen, leave it up the states.

That's what Lindsay Graham is saying that's release Eldon Sandel easily, but other oil but there comes a point to where I'm not going sit on the sidelines.

You know, California and Oregon have laws that allow abortion up to the moment of birth using taxpayer dollars. I don't want that standard. I don't want to be like China and India. I'm escaping North Korea. 47 of the 50 European nations ban abortion, surely we can be as bold as the French there 14 weeks. So what kind of nation or wait, you know, I believe in federalism. The 10th amendment, but this is a human being Brian at 20 weeks, you know your cohost today is pregnant at 20 weeks at 20 Wade call Shimkus yeah you saying to the baby doctors encourage parents to sing to their child at 20 weeks ago. Second, associate your voice with a war is barbaric is cruel is in human to allow boarding a baby up to the moment of birth, I want to set a national standard 15 weeks, with exceptions right. The Democrats want to have the national policy to be China and North Korea. No exceptions. Abortion with taxpayer-funded dollars up to moment of birth. If we can't win that argument. We really not very good at being pro-life. So right now the most important issues in the latest: you take pose the greatest soul more than ever, but 20% threat to democracy. I'm stunned by that 18%. The number one thing is cost-of-living inflation 60% jobs and the economy Geico Within the same bracket and say that's majority 12% immigration that goes to your .8% say abortion. Someone then climate tied with climate change 7% climates & guns which party is better on border security, 56% say Republicans climb 45% say Republicans, the economy, 47% on individual things – like Republican should feel that the selection Democrats are talking about abortion because they don't want to talk about the other things. So once Roe was repealed and it should have been the states and the federal government elected officials consider abortion policy. Here's what I would say the number you didn't mention is the wrong track.

I don't follow individual issues.

I follow raw right track on track and every swing state. Biden is underwater.

The president and every swing state like Pennsylvania and Arizona people at 70% think the nations on the wrong track.

So here's what you say. If you want to stay on this track vote for Federman vote for Kelly there.

Part of being on the wrong track. If you want something new and have a hope of getting off the track grown vote for me. I said I want you to break down races like an analyst if you can LOL all right Kelly Blake Masters bat matches within single digits within five points. Kelly is a guy thought would be moderate, but Astro military guy what you like working while he and his is a nice fella but is completely in the tank, then why would you think Blake Masters Blake Masters, it would be a great addition.

The United States Senate. Here's what he would do, he would vote differently than Mark Kelly Mark Kelly has not hasn't done anything to secure a broken border is a huge issue in Arizona. Arizona is on the front lines of illegal immigration and they don't like it. Federman against Dr. Oz.

Federman is Bernie Sanders in a hoodie is not mentally well weighted 95 I had a stroke I could do this job. I have the best manager in the world. Legal priceless when you come back. So what I do sooner.

So what's going on. Well Dr. Oz is I think going to be a solid consensusbuilding conservative you season went yeah dude ladies within three points. Let me take you.

Why think is going to win Federman can't break from the Biden agenda. He is an extremist on climate. He will never do what you need to do to secure the border and Frak East Calle wall.

It won't become energy independent owner abortion. He allow abortion up to demand the on-demand up to the moment of birth so will Mark. Mark Kelly voted for that Mark Kelly actually voted for that position. So what would I do if I were in Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina. I would make the case that my opponent will empower the most radical agenda in the history of the country on crime on immigration on inflation. And yes, abortion Herschel Walker. I know you one of his were early out.

Yes, right, and I was had a chest bent out of them is a lot smarter and as to the Maple think is impervious to the slings and arrows unchanged should be because he's get right from every angle.

Here's what he said about the debate coming up and you know about debates and sent you a tough race it went abroad, making a lot of a bigger one by bigger margin anyone thought the end. Here's what he said about the debates. The first wings ever done. Cut 32 is (on this project for you all this more that preacher is a smart man where these guys suit so you got a sober embarrassment. The debate October 14 Found Their Way to Joshua, but I'll do my best to do my best.

What about that attitude is brilliant. You know why behind Herschel. I don't want to be in front of him goes to run you over.

Herschel is going to be a great senator for George or Kelsey thinks like George or Warnock. His voted with Biden all the time when it matters. He will never change border policy. Warnick Herschel will which Georgia like now Georgia is still a a red state. The bottom line is this all about turn Biden's numbers and George are in the 40s, 70% of Georgians believe were on the wrong track. Herschel Walker will be in polar opposite on the things that matter to the people of Georgia Don Bolduc to know a thing about them. Yeah, he's a retired general bend Afghanistan are Rockies special forces guy. He will vote to secure the border. He will vote to cut your taxes not raise your taxes. Maggie Hassan voted to allow abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth. One thing about Dumbledore. Keay evidently is doing to Scott Brown interpretation going every single district doing all these town halls so as not to be outworked. Typical military minds minds I think people you might appreciate that Christina will come out against him even though he said Chris Sununu, the governor was an agent of China's speaking of China. Here's what Joe Biden said about our China policy for the third time he contradicts his own I guess I won't listen fortune trying to use president she know about your commitment to Taiwan. We agree with what we signed on to a long time ago and that there's one China policy. Taiwan makes her own judgments about their independence. We are not removing them are not encouraging or being independent were not conflict that's a fair decision but would US forces differently.

I want yes is in fact there was an unprecedented attack so he said we will defend the island with US forces of Taiwan's attack that might be. Lindsay grants policy, but surely he was neatly contradicted by his own government for the third time.

So here's the deal. What is it well when you're weak you can't be ambiguous.

Donald Trump was strong and when he was uncertain about what he may do is scare the hell out of on purpose yet on purpose.

This guy is weak in the minds of most people because of Afghanistan. He spent his whole life and for possible health at the end is been wrong. What did I say before he got elected. If you took the opposite position of Job on you'd be in the Hall of Fame on most issues, but he is now president I believe it. Taiwan is a valuable ally. I don't support the one China policy, but have legislation with Bob Menendez to send a more military assistance to sanction chatter did not say what troops American is not failure you have said that. Who's right is government or him. Here's what we need to do.

We need to be consistent. We need to let China know that if you invade Taiwan you're gonna regret it. The Taiwanese are going to be like the Ukrainians we need to give them more weapons. We need more American forces in the Indo Pacific region. The Biden budget puts us out of business. The Biden budget actually reduces the number of ships the Navy has to blow 300 are missing or recruiting goals.

But lastly, you withdraw present of Turkey to want forget a lot of time. He's a very consequential player right in the Ukraine Russia war. What's the reality on the graph for the reality is, the Ukrainians are dismembering the the Russian military there fighting for their lives. I want to pass legislation this year before January 2023.

More weapons, more money, it is in our interest for Ukraine to win because boot will go for the Turkish Pres. think I think the Turkish president has been a mediator between Ukraine and Russia just a great out you got the grain out. I want to thank the Turkish government and the president for work and get the grain out working to get hostages released but they're still supporting Ukraine militarily can Ukraine push the Russians out of Crimea.

I think eventually the Russian armies got a break and how does this movie end with a draft of the Russian draft the Russian people eventually turn on food and I want to designate Rush as a state sponsor of terrorism under our law because their terrorist state binds opposing me he's come on board to every idea had only reluctantly but if you made Russia's state-sponsored terrorism you could sue Russia in federal court for the damage or doing in Ukraine and secondary sanctions will be stronger so I think Putin has no offramp in the Ukrainians are going to fight to.

They liberate their country if we give them the weapons and the economic support they will win one day soon rather than later. I hope somebody in Russia is going to figure out that Putin destroys Russia. Let's get rid of them asking to happen well and will see but will try to let that happen. China is not all in their smart enough to know that this blunder by potent they're not going to own it.

Should India be threatened in land to 30 seconds to stop buying the oil from Russia, India is part of the problem when it comes to Russian sanctions and they should see suffer the consequences that they don't change her policy pressure 1010 at the UN this week, Sen. Lindsey Graham you dedicate your plane to catch plane. Thanks so much with quality time patios back in a moment in your knowledge base. Brian kill me show they will back everyone. Brian kill me, show 1-866-408-7669 take some culturally, but Ron McDaniel is going to be on the bottom of the hour grew cool when the great things about being in the Fox Studios.

She never knows going to come by Sen. Lindsey Graham at the last minute join Fox and friends. I so want to come upstairs. Sure, I'll join you for 15 minutes so whatever you think we were bubbly or Democrat. One. Consequential players a part of the show and to find out what's going on with her. It's in war, home or peace, always going on with the former president, who he talks regularly.

You deftly it's ethical to have mine. I hope you enjoy that.

Meanwhile five more migrant buses arrived in New York City. There were 11 over the weekend. Microcosm the buses coming from Texas went to Washington DC. We understand this been 8100 overall did Washington in New York 22,600 to Chicago 675 and that they continue to get them and their shipping them over to different towns. Meanwhile, I don't know why the sheriff from this border town in a bed in in Becks are in the border town in Texas with everything going wrong with the bottom falling out of the wall with the lack of law enforcement there with him being perceived by thousands of illegals with them.

Found dead, suffocated to death in a truck in his own district, he decides he wants to sue Rhonda's mantis for putting people in a beautiful plane and sending them to the one most people places in the country Martha's Vineyard. Where's the crime Florence each year around McDaniel in studio. It's not often we get it this chance but so was great talking to you in a very exciting time. I review contracting at about seven weeks until the midterm election now. I've been tracking and by the UK radar marathon.

Yes, I appreciate that would handle stress work out and working out a lot so I appreciate first off we would talk it if I took in June is very hard to find someone didn't think a red wave was coming you your seven weeks from election day for midterms where you stand.

I think were to take the house and I think what I think is that I never liked the phrase red wave.

I say bandit from the RNC vernacular because I think it makes people complacent that we have to earn every single seat. The Democrats do not give up power easily and they're certainly not gonna do that in this midterm Nancy Pelosi.

This would make her ambassador to Italy.

I cannot get a timeout are that I think we should confirm that, get her out of the country, right.

So the number one issue thing that changed everything.

Was that the Dobbs decision in Roe V Wade most polls have abortion top three issues do you like what Lindsey Graham is to is sitting in your speech saying that I think we should have a referendum on 15 weeks. Understand what Lindsay's doing is showing the extreme method, the Democrat party because most Americans.

Brian and this is what our polling showing wind exceptions and limitations they want to make sure that were not having babies aborted on their due date.

They don't like tender selected abortions like China were out of step with the world's I think Lindsay's trying to highlight where the Democrats are self stream and let's not forget that the Democrats take the Senate, and they get two more about still get rid of the filibuster and the codify their extreme possession does it bother you that Sen. Mitch McConnell them in the same pages, Lindsey Graham, and Kevin said that's not where the most of this caucuses I don't get involved in interparty staff I'm focused on how do we win in November. So what I'm saying Arcana, the referee and things like that.

I just my get past and move forward and focus on the Democrats and I never like Republican and Republican fire.

Friendly fire is not that Freston we got a focus on how do we highlight the Democrats and their extreme positions and the reality is brain it's going back to the states consensus only found in the states.

Alabama's different than George Athens, and Mississippi than Michigan State.

Sorry had it on the box. Nothing change in New York. Nothing changed in California, it wasn't banned. It's just sending it back to the voters and that's where check, and that's the message you when they ask you, how do I handle this question you have to address that. And you gotta say we need consensus in the states and then you need to expand mean voters care about a lot more than abortion. Right now most voters are waking up thing about abortion their way Thing about coming to pay for groceries, you pay for gas coming to pay for rent out what's can happen with my kid who is behind in school because of the pandemic. What's can happen with my child and Halloween with the stent now coming across our border, we can get some candy that's laced with that now. There's so many things what's happening with crime. People are very very anxious in this country. The Democrats are trying to distract him the money to force abortion to try and force that to be the issue. Republicans need to stay on the page of immigration crime and the economy which is the number one issue and right now run to San Jacinto Gov. Abbott Immaculata news by saying if you like to address the border to take the illegal immigrants are coming in and send them to you. And now Rhonda Santos is getting sued by a sheriff on that one of these border cities. Here's his response. Cut to. They all sign consent forms to go and then the vendor that that is doing this for Florida provided them with a packet that had a map of Martha's Vineyard and had the numbers for different services on Martha's Vineyard and that it had numbers for the overall agencies in Massachusetts that handle things involving immigration and refugees. So was clearly voluntary, so he's he's fighting back but he says I'm not stopping. Is this a good move. I love it I love it love it love it because finally the other networks are having to pay attention at the border crisis. I mean just last month in August, 2000 pounds of fat analyses at synaptic L 500 million people. We had 200,000 crossings.

We had 4 million in the past two years and mean it is frightening.

What's happening and they sent 50 to Martha's Vineyard and the world's in and out for. We had 50 migrants die in a trailer in Texas last month and the Democrats and the media said nothing so good for Rhonda Santos and add that for pushing it back on the Democrats and showing hypocrisy because they they're all for illegal immigration unless it's in their backyard. Their rich backyard and Martha's Vineyard are the VP residents cut 14 is Sen. Dick Durbin he feels differently. Why is it when the Republicans want to enforce their immigration series.

It's always the kids that end up being the victims we saw with kids in cages we saw with the forcible removal of children from their parents. Some never been written on it with their families and now once again it's the kids and families are put on these buses transported for political purposes across the street understand his reality.

Now, because by then flying these folks to Westchester, New York.

They been back nightmare about past husband passing people have estates out. The Democrats are doing.

That's their playing games and they're not being forthright with the American people and you know what, let's talk about our kids that leading cause of death right now for 18-year-olds is fat.

Now it is coming across our border and our kids are being killed by and the Democrats are turning a blind eye to it and it is just shameful so Dick Durbin might we talk about that president has spoken about seven months to the media. And he did speak to 60 minutes. I got some good news.

The pandemics over cut 15 is the pandemic over the pandemic is over were still have a problem with covert were still do a lot of work on what the pandemic is if you notice no one's wearing mask.

Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. Did you know so I was over, not according the Democrats. I mean we were documented today public teachers in New York are still getting fired for not having the vaccine. I mean I'm I know Terry let go exactly military like I'll mean the Democrats want to keep this going forever and ever. They want more money for pandemic relief. They just want to keep going back to that while the American people know now it's over were live in our lives as if Lyons came over the weekend were flying were done we want to move on with our lives. That means 22 million emergency funding should probably be passed probably not right and I think that there is the old mandate about getting these vaccines at the people on this new variant that pretty much goes by the board, what's the rush, are you staggered by the fact that Anthony found. She said I think that he misstated it went out of his way to give him a soft landing as compared to where he was with prison trial haughtily. I mean I think he would have been completely different with Pres. Tromp, we've seen that Anthony Thach has become a political figure. He should not be forking to trust the science we needed to trust the people telling us about the science and he's become so partisan in the way he behaves and one reaction with one president as a Republican in a different with ident that we now County wants to hold onto power so he has a month is pandemic going and so the present one and he rallied over the weekend were JD Van Zandt of interesting.

Murray said JD Vance kiss my ass didn't like me now is kiss my ass because he wants my vote did you write that line like me. I mean it's it's classic Pres. Rabbi mean JD had set some pretty tough things about the president right now is running in all the ads and in the primary and then he came around, but you JD spalling at five right now I feel really good about Ohio. I spent a lot of time at JDM in Cleveland a couple weeks ago I think is a great candidate side. I know you before but was we having said that, Dr. is an interesting situation. It was such an expensive primary, he found himself up against it financially and a lot of Bob maybe some bruise feelings as he now tries to unify the party but I've never seen them in front, although he seems within five in the polls. What is was the RNC think God is searching.

You know they post on down at him with him down alive and after a bruising primary with about 30 million spent against both of the candidates. McCormick was the other on Federman's on TV right now with an ad about crime.

Why because I sent them on the defense that be fat because Federman's telly had a stamp at the people of Pennsylvania. We want to 30 people at a prison cats and he hasn't a record of putting criminals on the street. It is really frightening. He is a socialist. He is a communist. The people of Pennsylvania are not and want him, the more they see in the more they don't like him and odds doing a good job exposing armies got the stroke but he also doesn't want to Frank. I think that's even a big jobs in Pennsylvania at 700,000. How is that different prison binds message even when you try to get to nominate the same Amy Biden just went in and pretended to be one thing and the people but Pennsylvania believed them.

I think that believing Federman you know why we have them in his own words to me to show an ad is one thing we show him his own words, signing a ban on fracking Salmon to get rid of fracking. If those are the ads that are run it move it moves the numbers and that's what I was doing Renu who is happy nose can be one debate October 25 for 60 minutes but he needs close captioning so Dr. said give me 90 minutes because it's going to be delayed by the time it's you understand what I'm talking about and he says no with your doctor trust you agree to it anyway get a debate I mean I think eyes is right you gotta keep pushing at I think the people Pennsylvania are really frustrated that Federman won't get out and debate Rimmer he's telegenic governor for eight years.

This guy just showed up. He owns a lot of the problems in Pennsylvania and odds doing the right thing really challenging them on these debates with the other thing that to keep in mind to is is comes up is the president really make sure Dr. Oz 1.Dave McCormick had a lot of trauma people with them. The president also was very supportive of Herschel Walker cracks and must Rihanna and others. JD Vance with the prison is not written checks for these people. Yet outside George in a losing cause has written checks and he has that save America pack. Have you spoken to him about spending this board is actually Mitch McConnell's the much way with him these days. And everybody, including Pres. Tromp and everybody saying is he reluctant to spend awaiting can't coordinate so I have some limitation. I can legally say and that I've said to everybody who has money. Please tell parking on the sidelines. We needed in this midterm election here is Joe Biden on what's going on with the economy cut 21.

Your grocery bills.

What can you do better and faster. First, Wallace put this in perspective inflation rate month to month is just an inch hardly know you're not arguing that 8.3 is all about sin is good but it was a point to where a point through before you write me back and make a sound like all of a sudden Mike God went to a 42% is the highest inflation rate Mr. president in 40 years. I got that. But guess what we are in a position where the last several months. It has been spiked is just barely spent basically achievement.

So how do you fight that message I mean by listening to Mike Shea.

It's frustrating. Brian and I think that one thing that really hurts. Biden is his inability to see the suffering that people are really feeling blue-collar Johannine migraine personalities Delaware all vacation every weekend gel lies being the president but let's forget the plight of the American people and my hand and I mean when people see them do the student loan forgiveness when they see 87,000 IRS agents when they see their priorities which are on full display with their voting and then they know they are hurting and then they have a president who is who ignores their problems.

It compounds the insult and I think a lot of people feel like he is just choosing to ignore the border at the drug crisis, inflation energy issue after issue is padding is not south on the back while people are suffering across this country where you see your role between the super PACs in the national Governors Association and the Senate committee you see your role in this. Are you of the orchestrating providing advice. Where were you can legally Courtney with the candidates and that an RSC and an RCC so we we share polling we do everything we put out a memo last week on the floor big issue is what we see in our pulling how you should message that we get that to candidates. I call the candidates. I try and give them what were saying go to help and I hope they take the advice if they don't@@that if there the candidate there. The one with their name on the ballot and ultimately they need to make decisions for their race but I'm certainly getting it in the best advice I can get. I been here for a while, right and uptight. One of the things I signed 2018 pre-existing conditions was pulling nowhere. It was the number one issue that lost us the house because Republicans have voted to remove pre-existing condition coverage with the Obama care about and Democrats had enough money to make it the number one issue to do that with abortion this year so far. Candidates don't address that and talk about it. But the Democrats on defense and then pin it to the issues that really matter to be in trouble. You can't just stick your head in the sand. I hear you, and they were in the works caught by surprise by it.

So do Lindsay Graham if you don't subscribe to what he's doing. Although you understand it. What is your message to Republicans, whether they're pro-life or pro-choice like Joe day. I think he say I'm proud to be where I stand. This is going to be decided by the voters of my state Democrats are extreme in this issue they are out of step with most of that most of the country they support abortion on a due date to support gender selection abortion. I don't think that's for women's rights when you're supporting a baby just because it's a girl out of step with most of the world. Most voters are whole voters. They don't care about one issue all day long. They care about the economy and crime, and the Democrats are in control. Right now we need to talk about what they've done in the sky like rule this really get why should we trust any polls because we're in a cellular age capital pick up calls that we don't know where they're coming from and we have a real problem with being honest. Especially if your Tromp person because of the derision that's happened in the past and the present, now saying ultra mega and semi-fascist remakes we would just go keep this to myself. So when you look at the polls and try to tell try to. I did get an idea what to look for in the science of the polls so I look at a couple things I look about her ranch and looking at absentee request forms, and then looking at absentee returns right and then we know what our RR votes can come mostly on election day.

I'm Italian 2020. Every Paul said we were to lose 15 seats in the house picked up 15 Susan Collins was never leading in a single ball time. Seles was never leading in a single ball. They both won their needs. Johnny earns all three of them were outspent by 40 million. I just don't trust the polls that happen cycle after cycle all the way back to 2014… Science that sells you run if you write a check. You want to see an email poll do you want to see his cell pulled you want to see land lines that you want to see you all a most focused right to see you I see all of you on analytics and their modeling, data modeling, but then you also want make the cell phones you want to mix of landline you want a good spread seven day rolling average and then you want a good amount of people on the ball and then you want a really good sample of independence. I think a lot of these posters oversample Democrats and under sample independence, and independence right now breaking Republican about about 7% and if you don't have independence and that 30% margin. I think it's a babel so I intentionally didn't talk 2024. I went to Brian because I want to keep it a topic I know that you want to give a topic to what I think it doesn't really matter now I think will if the present comes if the former present comes out and says amen. Then the debt is probably my first question what is not to say that and the rest is all speculation. On the other side, but Joe Biden's. It could read answer when asked about his you run again not committing rude 10 seconds. Did you find that strange that it was really weird.

I don't think is right. As he opened up the door to what is your dad, Ron McDaniel, I know you'll be busy for you. Quoting him for having a hope to catch up to you again back in a moment to close use of the brain shall meet you newsmakers and news breakers.

First, kill me, show you want to, you undermine the one thing we've got that enables this other experiment to go on the other side's perfect but a lot of Republicans if you agree with this. Like a lot of Republicans who don't like Tromp want forgiveness but they don't want to repent. Well it's not personal, almost exactly and we that in. Of course Thomas is exactly the end because would tread Terry Atkins is not saying him. Tromp liver died, the policies that he had in place was what he supports and toys are going to apologize. John Meacham, who's gone full out and he's as bright as anybody and is is writing is is essential and it's so important in the world of history when he is gone so anti-trauma by think it's delusional. Like Michael, best boss, same thing like these guys used to be dispassionate, nonpartisan, almost reporters and give somebody go to with prospective now the just anti-Trumper's Fillmore long to play some soundbites a little bit later.

From his weekend show is as every left-winger up in arms because we sing makes total sense and he is God will bring credibility a lot to discuss.

So glad you're here.

Go to Brian kill and I want to see you and Fran the Mississippi, Tulsa, Oklahoma associate to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three. Despite all the talk of the legislative victories in the Dobbs decision. The economic hearings landscape the political landscape dynamic of the selection has not changed his economy is inflation is crime is integration Tom Bevan real clear politics. A burst of optimism from Mitch McConnell of the GOP masses about winning back the Senate seven weeks to obligate the trends the polls in the news around 2022 is the pandemic over the pandemic is over were still have a problem with covert were still do a lot of work on export, the pandemic is good.

There's a whole lot of soldiers. It want to go back to work. Then, because you suspended them goes the vaccination because they want to get vaccinated. The pandemics over time to reinstate all those teachers to we all heard the words of the president. He also indicated we would go toward China and inflation is no big deal, why millions of people since Biden's been president, illegally coming across the southern border.

They freak out about that know it's only when 50 get put into Martha's Vineyard. That is true of border wars continue as local sheriff decides immediate legal action is needed against Gov. Rod DeSantis, the Florida government not backing down. Will discusses buses full of illegal stream to Chicago to New York, DC, and the vice president's residence always bring Gen. Griffin Fox news show special security correspondent Jennifer welcome back and congrats on the new multiyear deal. Thank you very much all right try to go on vacation that gets off owning and watching sports on an objective or just plain new contract. You take it easy by the year and remembers that's my philosophy work for 28 years, okay, okay. Stick with your way.

So general limit.

Let me ask you this whole how much damage is been done by the by the men and women refuse to get vaccinated in the military.

How many we lost. Well I don't I don't have a number at my fingertips right now but I do know it's been very articulate. The Navy SEALs brought a case against Pentagon bats, winding its way through the court. There are a number of of young people who felt that they were healthy and that vaccine could interfere with other other vaccines that they were supposed to take but not the result of being in the military and it's really complicated now that Pres. Biden has stated that the pandemic is over. What are they going to do now and I think we don't we don't know exactly where the Pentagon stands in terms of going forward.

Obviously, the Pentagon requires all sorts of vaccinations for troops to serve and so most likely the covert vaccine. It can be a part of that makes for some time to come with all the variants out there, but it certainly has been divisive and ends it. It caused I think it's a psychological divide, particular among some of the special operations troops and and the younger troops notice until you recruiting goals.

None of them to reach on any branch. This just adds to it that at a time in which the former secretary defense expert said he believes the volunteer model looks more more like it's broken. It's really interesting. Brian there at the second lowest recruitment recruiting rate that they had historically and are not meeting their goals and this is across the board services, it's probably not unanticipated in terms of you know wars winding down pullout from Afghanistan. The ugly way in which the war in Afghanistan and it did not leave a good taste to people about that and then you have also been at the labor market is such that that a lot of those young people who would be coming into the service have other job opportunities. The other problem in this is really the elephant in the room H and that is that most of the country is not fit to serve and they are they are unfit. They are overweight.

They have many of them have done drugs and and so our young population is really in a very bad state in terms of recruiting potential for the military. One thing that has been brought to my attention and and I'm involved next weekend the 100th anniversary of the reserve organization of America's celebration and they are rebranding. I tried to explain to corporations out there. This new idea of the civilian warrior and how there's a benefit to both corporations and the military and meeting recruiting goals to have more reserve officers reserve enlisted take an example of the cyber security warrior.

Let's say you have your clearances through the government and then what what you would be of great benefit as a reservist to a cybersecurity company because you already have those security might need to work with a government contract so that the military is recognizing they're going to need to work with industry and you have the tracking organization of America that is short 30,000 truckers there. The there's a high unemployment rate among veterans so it's one of the highest unemployment rate to 11%. They are perfect for some of those those folks who driven big heavy equipment overseas for the military would be perfect in a trucking are also marrying up that notion of service billion warriors that can be how they deal with this shortage. Hey I just talked to Lisa Eldon easily said last week and he was close to reporting as I'm still in the reserves she report you. I guess where he know what it is every three months were or once a month for a weekend but it's also two weeks a year once a month for training, but it is crucial in terms of national security in the country because they're not meeting their goals and in the nation needs to remain on not a war footing but a service letting so which one of the Ukraine. Fascinating and heartening will look so grim. I believe it was around April and June. Suddenly the Russian stop making advances in offensive seems to been very effective for the Ukrainians. The estimate 3000 mi.² been picked up the Russians dropping their uniforms, weapons and machinery and running their started to recruit in prisons. The total pubic España life in prison or go to the front lines.

I've seen the videos we know it's happening. There seems to be some doubt among people normally on prudent side who were on telegram saying that this is going badly. I want to hear what Ian Bremmer said cut 33. The problem is that prudent does not have any good military options on the ground in Ukraine. Yes, things he can do to punish Ukrainians you've already seen significant military strikes, missile strikes against water treatment facilities against electricity plants to punish the Ukrainian people but that's not to get the land back and what we are looking at it, even if they were to announce a limited mobilization of Russian troops which prudent needs over time if he wants to be able to grab some of that land. It's going to come at a minimum of 4 to 6 months. What is urea is Ian Bremmer writing your estimation right, but I think there's a very interesting development, including today, so let's talk about the lightning counteroffensive that the Ukrainians have taken back all that territory. Why did that happen. Well number one, around July is when they got those 1816 hi Marcy, the sophisticated targeted artillery that that the US government has given to the Ukrainian military and they started with a very very smart planning and I think help from the US government in terms of how to how to basically there was a fake out they went. They suggested they were good Ukrainians. We can go south.

They went north and they took that car keys area.

The Russians ran across the border. They abandon that territory day.

Now Russians are on the defensive. Their pushback, their supply lines are being touch with the way in which their their backup arrogant against the wall and cut off with regards to some of the net natural landscape and the rivers that they they are stuck up against what is happening today that is of note though is prudent feeling that these humiliating losses that he's experienced both inside Ukraine, but also brought the meeting with Pres. she didn't go as planned for Indians spoke out against against what Pruden was doing for the first time we seen some indication of some fracturing there and so Pruden is really in a humiliated position and today he spoke to address it nation and there is an expectation that he going to announce a referendum of boat and the four occupied territories where he his troops are in in the pants can enter that and that creation and curse and he's also expected to possibly announce that limited. You know mobilization, which he is been reluctant to do because the mother is in Ukraine and Russia are not going to stand for sending sons into a war that is clearly going so badly. So he's facing a lot of domestic disk scent that is starting to percolate up which we had not seen before and so today is a really dangerous turning point in terms of what is prudent going to announce and how is that going to be received both domestically inside Russia, as well as on the ground in Ukraine, but right now, militarily Ukraine that Ukrainian forces have the momentum and and they have made incredible games with the help of US military armaments and all that $20 billion that was passed through Congress – there really getting a return to that money on the battle.

So what you would like to install the former ambassador in the prison Obama Russia said cut 39 I think this is the moment and give them all they can hope that they can achieve present a desire on the battlefield. Zielinski is said winning is called taking back Crimea is not been talked about in Pentagon circles. Well it's not talked about out loud, but certainly nobody is willing to get in the way or doubt what Ukrainian leadership right now because there were doubts in the beginning we see how that turned out that the will to fight is proving lamented this will be studied in the history books for years to come. But right now, before winter sets and this is the time to start a flood this if you will, and get it. Many that the armaments that that Zielinski and his his team need in order to continue this momentum, because they really have had a lot of momentum since midget mid July when when the time I finally arrived in the group and I guess Jennifer the Michael Walz told me that he was just over Zielinski and he said that they're not getting a fraction of what they were promised from Europe from Germany from France in particular with McCrone calling food every single we try to convince him to keep the gas the natural gas flowing this winter will can you tell us on that. Well, one of the things that that prudent bank on. In the beginning was that Europe would fall apart that NATO would fall apart that the particularly the EU nations that are dependent on his gas and oil would would be able to peel them off so far so good.

Now we have gone through the winter months where people are going to be cold but but from what I'm hearing from from European ambassador to I meet with regulate Washington. There does still seem to be a very strong sense of unity among EU members and even if some of their error sometimes you can understand why getting enough fast enough but but the bottom line is there is a lot of weaponry flowing in there anything he asked for he can't get from the Pentagon, and I even heard talk about that from the Pentagon they been reluctant to send tanks up until now, but there's talk about sending US tanks. They sent Soviet era tanks and because they know how to use them so that the talk this morning with it if they could be trained up on how to use the more sophisticated American tanks. Those could be in the cards that was unthinkable. Back in the February March timeframe right Jennifer. Lastly, the president said this on Sunday and 60 minutes should join these she know about your commitment to Taiwan. We agree with what we signed on to a long time ago is one China policy.

Taiwan makes her own judgments about their independence. We are not moving, not encouraging or being independent.

That's their decision, but would US forces yes factor was an unprecedented attack so would with this the third time he said that is the third time they walk other people have walked back. What is our policy well remember the policy of strategic ambiguity and I think that's what you're saying. Biden said basically from what we keep seeing because we've heard it three times that you mention that the quiet part out loud that the US will wants to project to China do not go in and forcibly take Taiwan.

There's been a historic amounts of funding just past defense funding for four arms sales to two Taiwan there's a real feeling that not enough with Don to deter Pruden from going into Ukraine and I think the White House White House is been scrambling trying that 60 Minutes interview to try and say that policy has not changed because there's this fun do you provoke China by state that if the American president says that or do you give China wink and a nod that it's okay to going to Taiwan if you don't say that is the disconnect. Is this a policy think. I think sometimes in Washington again that the policy remains technically the same but you are seeing with increasing congressional visits to Taiwan more foreign military sales. There's a feeling that if you don't help Taiwan defend itself that take advantage of this moment Jennifer since I so much. Thank you and welcome back everybody is a few minutes would take a break from the craziness of politics and about having sports goods blending into real life and not talk about the two Monday night football games last night of the Giants miraculous of the just miraculous. One of the joys convincing win over the weekend will be talk about Aaron judge walked class act number one number two. He looks like somebody from another planet because he so strong so physically dominating at 670 don't see that in baseball AOC. This type of excellence. Usually when there is a home run record at stake you see a lot of moments because they avoid use of the ball this year. It was like a dead ball era where you have the second-place guys got 34. This because 59 and if he could break it in New York will be something where all eyes were in Yankee city will be sold out to draw big good to get there going for first place up 5 1/2 games that were the backstretch in late September.

Of course he going to have good desert. I will anytime the rink attention this little different, so we'll talk about that with the present New York Yankees Randy Levine. Then, with a short timeout and go on without warning.

Company will talk about something else happening here and that is they fired 850 near CC teachers and aides know what sort of accident you believe that how could you let go, teachers, teacher shortage because they made a personal choice not to get vaccinated with the presence of the pandemic is over like to be a prisoner New York Yankees. When history is about to be made when they make so much history, the past and really probably the most successful franchise in the history of sports, but more is on the doorstep joining us now is ready.

Levine, who lived at seen it is running the team. The present New York Yankees Randy welcome back Brian, how are you I mean people are thrilled to hear that any sports fan. We get to that moment I followed Maguire around when he broke the record originally and I did. I felt it would buy you with everything that you seen when the couple leaves that with ballpark for 59. What are you thinking very people who worn around her during you know a great Marist mantle and 61, or even Maguire family Sosa and Bonham history and 62 years right since Morrison Morrison mantle American League record and you know this is so exciting. Couldn't happen to a better person. No error in judgment. Guy is all about winning and were trying to win the American League East is handling it with such grace and poise. We can know look at them and admire what he is doing and how you doing it because it's inpatient. 11 thank you sir are intertwined with Sarah Connor in baseball history tracing to Yankees to great Yankee group, probably the greatest baseball player of all time and Roger Marathon magical year with Ricky though. I mean, this is really thrilling and it's a treat for all of the great week. I just hope we write.

Obviously this week will be doing it. The Pirates is not that the juggernaut of the National League to say the least. So it's certainly possible you would think in these batting leadoff couple of things he was. I remember we were lucky enough to we had a fox day at Yankee Stadium for about five years and Brian Cashman owes come in and one of the years in which you guys were not in contention you traded off the great bullpen that you had any brought got Chapman back to next year. He said keep your eye and Aaron judge and he so my only worry its re-leasing about Jesus and his for high average about 220 at the time of the miners now is going for batting title in layman's terms, ready what is done. What's changed about his approach is play mature committee), Oracle to win the home run and RBI title from the American League and is a point behind him about a majority learned how to is myth of the strike zone is a professional better and that's it now and it's, no young players learn more. There, the more time they face picturing him just just remember, people need to understand the magnitude of what he's doing. In addition to tracing the home run record he may win the Triple Crown.

[When the Triple Crown don't jump on the moon, but I think with Ricky. So, long time ago.

I mean this is unbelievable stuff going on in the middle of right which you guys rock by 5 1/2 games. I understand this is the deal Tuesday and Wednesday today and tomorrow. It's on yes Thursdays on Fox if it's not broken will Friday's game still be streamed.

Only I know that's the deal you have with Apple where they give you a Mulligan there and let you guys take it for those that don't have the downstream major league baseball not a Yankee were talking to major league baseball middle Apple are great people Apple with great people, so we're working on it, but that will be out of my right will come as a crowd you get this week. I hope you know the advances is good. Please come out watch history of the great weather supposed to be nice but we really averaging really since the covert restrictions feel roughly 40,000. Again, the fan support is been phenomenal.

So come on out watch us. Hopefully we can move closer to securing the American League you want Aaron judge.

Hopefully you create some new history is very exciting to talk about this. People compare judge to Jeter and if there's gonna be next captain. It would be judge. He seems to have fit the criteria in every way, but you gotta sign up for next year. Are you optimistic you will sign them to try very very best to sign up.

We think the world is a great player we think is a great Yankee know that something that will happen in the off-season got married is a great person to put our best foot forward in trying people we know his work for the franchise was work for the Yankees. His face carry enough billing with great poise and dignity and will see what happens in the off-season and it won't be for lack of trying right also play doing this will while playing centerfield in almost every year. He said valleys at his stay on the on the disabled list on the IL oh what is there something about his training or is it just one of those things where you stayed healthy this year. I think he healthy this year. I think he magical year happen in life and God blessed me having one of those incredible years we talking really looking present Yankees syringe. You guys rock to historic store. People talk about all time great Yankee teams all-time great teams are terrible all August about 500 September for people that are diffident now try to find out what we had. After the egg is where the at will. Could you tell us I think will be fine. We had a really couple of very frustrating but you gotta look at the injuries we knew we were devastated .56 of our our daughters were people get healthy.

Rizzo came back out, I believe it will all be filled tonight. That's my other standing hopefully featuring Lemaire will will be back Serino's post the store tomorrow starting to get healthy going to move at the right time.

It's all about health. It's a long season hundred and 62 games of the long season. You have a great way to build up a lead because everything there there there are peaks and valleys. Gotta get school to get caught term of three weeks in October to get that many gotta get out in the playoffs but always been associated with pain you probably the best team in the regular-season World Series and team probably weren't the best team in baseball 30 so hot those three weeks for them to stay healthy and anything can happen know they say you just gotta get you. Getting now go to the Time Machine you have this historic start and George Steinbrenner's at his peak and you're sitting next to him, as that is the team's wounds as their worst August since 1991 I remember the summer didn't like what he was preceded when he lost exhibition games will been like if George Stein was George Steinbrenner. The 80s when this was happening. I went in around 190 and thereafter the late 80s I was. I think George Steinbrenner with a different George Steinbrenner and I think he would've shown more patients than been in the beginning I think our fans know are so passionate and we lose just like me. We get upset back then they get upset. But it's a long season. I mean you got remember the first half of the year. You know this was like Nirvana, Aaron Boone was a genius the world with one a little bit of a bumpy run, mostly because of serious serious injuries and everything takes place on the misses a long season. Anybody is been a bobble baseball notes with the marathon went to be judged at the end of year see what we are twice now.

Right now we gotta I believe a six-game lead in the left column with 16 to go and you of course want to discuss and get over over CCC goes over 61.

Do you believe that he is the all-time homerun single-season leader does. He says no it's bonds what is was Wendy Levine say but I think that the record books on the record book on got it ready.

Thanks so much. Always great to talk to all about fine the present New York Yankees historic time in baseball sports and I think is one of the signs with everyone tunes in this week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday for sure use of the brain killing shelf book about everybody writing to me Joe was a stupid warning about our moments before say that after were done using Jesus, about 90 seconds.

Take some calls. So come aboard. 1-866-408-7669 and will find it would have to say about that about what's going on.

I think we'll talk a lot about what's with the present said he said the pandemics over is uninteresting. By the way Anthony Saatchi comes out and says I think that Woody wanted to say is that we we should get vaccinated and had try to handle the other variant so it's listening together 50 wanting to know about playing this, it means it's time for Brian kill me to miraculous legal affairs on the screen just as 1051 it's therapy is more than 800 teachers and classroom aides in New York City been fired for not getting the job. Matt Adams just ended. The vaccine mandate for the private sector. But what about the teachers, should they just should they get their jobs back will not only 850 teachers.

There was about. There was about about a thousand. That said, I want him not to go back. I'm not getting vaccinated, so don't pay me, but give me benefits and now this year. They want to come back in the ready to go and they said no you not vaccinated don't so 850 New York City teachers when you fat head and all add up all the aides in the bus drivers that have been fired.

It comes out to about 2000 2000.

So in time in which we have a national teacher shortage in New York City. We need quality teachers to make up for lost time. These these people are so ridiculous in saying if you don't get vaccinated. You're not allowed teacher for the class.

At this point we all went to school we all know it goes all of this, we probably no more than a professional's inscrutable life for the last two years with these teachers do they have to do the first of the story was the teachers to want to be at risk because of the kids. Now the team skullcap. I got it were three variants in the original vaccine does even work for this, everybody knows that. So it will go to go back. We watch the we want the present get vaccinated four times and get it twice this summer in August. A math teacher from teaching 11th grade on the Baris by these idiots and their idiotic decisions and this is also killing the military on top of that, we told thousands to go home but you still get a vaccination got another one for you but always migrants being Boston to New York City from Texas to me that be in Boston flown all around the country. I want to know why these migrants count woke why should they not with the here costing all of us $10,000 a year per migrants. Why shouldn't they walk the jobs are available, it is a problem with this. Yes, Brian yes, just like I have a problem with them getting off the bus being greeted with the handshakes in New York City like their heroes and then they get the Nikes and they get the iPhone notice selling to Hondurans, Ecuadorians, Cubans, Venezuelans, you name it.

Come one come all this if you save you come to America.

You not only can stay but you can get a job, then we just say we have just welcomed it. Another 200, 340,000 next month.

The ones who are already here. I will talk and millions of people going back home, we got the support that does make sense to me. With all this money stopping them from walking not sending them back to all. Sorry Brian.

It may be an invitation for more to come, in which case we should build a wall and sop up the border bus. I don't see why they shouldn't walk as a labor shortage in the 11 billion people you know it shows me to write two wrongs don't make a right. So you let them illegally. You don't track them responsibly, and then you give him a job so you were just saying you an idiot. Why would you stay in Honduras. Are you crazy, why would you stay in Bolivia. Are you nuts could sleep Venezuela Americas letting you come stay for free gives you a nice little launching a cushion. Maybe put you in a cruise ship in New York City. The Norwegian air level of the cruise lines they might be rented by dismay or see get to stay on a cruise ship and then worked without any fear of deportation. At what point do we just stop the lunacy and I think to add to it and just finish it off by giving illegal aliens is a brilliant salt all those green cardholders. All those people try to play the perfect game applying now for a student visa this day hoping that they convince everybody that the immigration stay there was anyway the second of the guys from Saudi Arabia. This guys from Venezuela. They get to stay on paying the money warning about American history. So to me. If you do three things wrong.

It doesn't give you right to do. The fourth thing wrong, but I got 11 million openings just goes to show you that after this election get work fees is easy to expand your consulates with the first thing first, finish the wall back at the border told Uzziah regions to take out the been take out the pocket protector and will get the blue get a blue jean shirt and go to the border and start sealing the border less IRS agents will border patrol agents and we have a game on will grill not want you control the border right over the wall. I'm with you I would have an exam he tested, you take how many fees you pay. All I stood in line for a long long time pay my fees did only the documentation for a long long time to stop and look what Brian said again soon. Thank you so much from one steward to another. Let's go to Stuart listening in Orange County, California. Stuart Brian so on earlier and I'm wondering if someone can let Sen. Graham know that the midterm elections coming out, but not Republican primaries. Consider abortion bill is a gift to the Democrats.

He might as will be campaigning on having January 6 looked at again inflation crime is the only thing Republicans should be talking about right now. If a Republican legislator gets asked what data we could. The answer should be, inflation, crime, inflation, crime, inflation, crime right, which I know he's intending to do and many people agree with you know you continue to do because he's there were not in a one third not in a one person race their opponent saying abortion and the Republicans want to make it zero and the Democrats are registering female suburban women which female women of the best of his suburban women at a dizzying rate that could affect every election. So we saying can we agree on 15 weeks and Kenneth once we agree that you take it off the board and quickly the extreme behavior is up until birth. That's what his goal was and he feels as though we still on the right. With that, but do you understand what is trying to do is try to get the Republican a message you respond to it make sense but I do think that typically there is a greater chance of losing a voter and independent motor. A greater statistic chance of losing a vote of odor by talking about abortion right now than there is to not talk about his bill. It's all for not. Soon, a lot of people have you considered more on the right have that concern the don't Graham which is here says listen I know I'm right and I'll explain it didn't convince Stuart in California so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33.

Despite all the talk of the legislative victories in the Dobbs decision. The economic hearings the landscape the political landscape dynamic of the selection has not changed his economy is inflation is crime is immigration and those leads and it's not trump and it's not January 6 and it's not and it's not abortion, they win a burst of optimism Mitch McConnell telling people behind closed doors. He thinks the GOP can in fact take back the Senate will discuss the rest of 2022 is the pandemic over the pandemic is over. We still have a problem with covert were still doing a lot of work on the pandemic is okay that's great to know that slip out the middle of an interview pandemic will literally time to reinstate all those teachers who have been fired all those military people live and to let go and all those nurses that were told you there's the door.

We all heard those words and the president. He also indicated that a goodwill which I have no money so you don't millions of people since Biden's been president, illegally coming across the southern border. They freak out about that know it's only when 50 put into Martha's Vineyard's true governor. Dissent is now being sued border wars continue.

Local sheriff thinks Gov. DeSantis is the problem, not those 60 people that suffocated to death in a truck in his district and not the 7000 across the border illegally every day is worry about the 61 of the nicest places on the planet Martha's Vineyard in the summons spring in the summer I should say Rob Estrin are trying to sell former two-term Westchester County executive and former Republican nominee for governor, a Rob welcome back.

I will clean what's going on like I'm just I just feel as though I can play a role in that ceremonial position and I'm not upset. She was 96 years old. She was a dominating figure, but she really do anything. Like a lot of liberals probably had. That's your greatest asset.

We don't know what she stood for ever. Rob I know you stand for you which you will be able to get a hold of video that showed these these illegal immigrant fights into Westchester County Airport and in Newburgh, New York is happening Jacksonville Florida and throughout Pennsylvania and what are your thoughts when you hear the Republicans are being condemned for not coordinating with with boarded with these local authorities. I don't know how to spell the word schadenfreude needs a lot of fun watching these progressive Complete meltdown because they are wholly inadequate to handle any of the problems that they are actually causing your right eye you go back to last August when I broke this about these flights coming in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness and was a reason for that.

We were able to follow that to please video camera will you got the footage in this cop was talking to your the NGOs and the people. The bus drivers.

I don't being hired by the government to take these illegal immigrants off these lights and put them on buses and they were saying that they were doing it in the night under the cover of darkness, so nobody would find out because the people did find out it would be a betrayal by the American government of its own people, so there's a reason why Biden and federal government are doing this yell cloak and dagger, but now that it's all the way out the open and it has been obviously for the last year, but now that it's actually you know the Republicans are picking the scab in showing the whole world what's really going on here. They can't handle it simply not a meltdown and one thing is guaranteed. Whenever you see the signs on the lawns that no person is illegal. We believe in science, black lives matter peacefully coexist the other side of the sign says were just getting just totally totally hypocritical on every run. DeSantis said last night: it's really frustrating because you know you been covering this millions of people since Biden's been president, illegally coming across the southern border. They freak out about that.

No, you had migrants died in the Rio Grande yet 50 died in Texas in a trailer because they were being neglected was there freak out about that. No, there wasn't criminal aliens get across that southern border and victimize Americans killing some raping some was there any type of outrage about that. No. And then of course we know fentanyl dancer at an all-time high. Where's that fennel coming from over the base coming over the open southern border.

It's only when 50 put into Martha's Vineyard which wasn't saying they didn't want this, they said they wanted this, they said they were sanctuary jurisdiction. These are people who were basically destitute and then put in a situation where they could have succeeded, but that was all virtue, signaling, and not only did I not welcome reported in the next day with the National Guard listed matter of hours and Martha's Vineyard and some of the quotes where they may be better people having interacted with them and I think it was so clean from the be stuck in Martha's Vineyard. This beautiful but his blue beautiful little town in the Salida part of the world on watching all this right now so saying the reaction from the left, including Mayor Adams in New York City and Chicago you know about DC literally cannot handle anything yet.

They had been having explosive and I had to deal with this to you mentioned Westchester for eight years.

My legislature, which was democratic made Westchester a sanctuary County which I veto it was over know it was upheld so while I was there when I left the new County executive.

They made it a sanctuary County meeting.

You could have no cooperation with ice and in the county jail. For instance, we had federal prison inmates that were there for you know, major crimes, by the way, and they were illegal immigrants and we could not coordinate.

So when they were being released could not coordinate with ice so they could get them on a go back into communities and recapping and yet this is what's happening all over the place so you know look on thankful that the Santos has the guts to do this course, you know, he steers left so much right now that he spoke more dangerous than from eBay. More than trump actually at this point, which is good things these kids going into schools and overcrowded classrooms nobody checks with the teachers don't even check some of the principles that you show up. These NGOs get paid so they'll do anything including Catholic charities which are finding embarrassment as a Catholic series.

Here's the incomprehensible Mayor Adams. Somehow he has no problem the Democratic mayor in Texas sending his people.

There, but he is away in Laredo, but he's got a problem with the Republican governor was tricycles for coordination and travel to Washington last week spoke with Allison assumer's Sen. Joe O'Brien and other lawmakers and sat down a wave of the vine the ministration to talk about how do we coordinate. Their goal is to make sure that we get to resources in the Cornish. This needed as the mayor of El Paso stated these migrants and asylum-seekers are not coming to any particular city coming to America. This is an American crisis that we need to face the humanitarian crisis made by human hands by some of the governors and mistakes made by human hands, not paid traffickers to go through the jungles get raped and beaten and maybe drown when they show up is of course got a rabbit's fault that and now he's getting cruise ships. How much is the cost of bringing cruise ships and for illegal aliens and waving them all, starting with Joe Biden's world, and prosecute know it. It's a game that you can get across the Rio Grande, or somehow get across the very poorest order, which is very easy these days and finally, even if you do get caught will release you anyway or or will pitch on a private jet and send you to places exotic like like markers that your door beautiful New York City and and will take care of everything and you Brian Dench about the schools before I can tell you in my school district alone and I know this case everywhere and if you're a parent you want to spoil information just oil how many new English as a second language students are coming into the schools. You get the name you don't want the game but you can find that out. How many new kids Come in since last year. You'll be shocked.

I think of how many new kids because my kids tell so many new ones in the school not only speak English, but these are services. That's just one aspect of school. Think about hospitals that are going in the Medicare and Medicaid. Think about the cash benefits like states like New York, which I multibillion-dollar spawned to get cash payments to people who work here illegally nuts and just goes on and on and on while while our own citizens are struggling to fill up the car ordered you don't buy a carton of the bag. You know, so it's just everything is so backwards. Right now, which honestly November 8 if the Democrats win, then control everything were done. I mean, I say that with hyperbole worked on 2.1 millions in this year already close to 4 million overall and they would even address it. The one person to go with the vice president goes there cursory resume calls with Central American countries, but we just got this from room delusion of the border. Brand-new data from CBP reveals there were 12 arrests of individuals on the FBI's terrorist screening database at the southern border that brings the total to 78 so far this year that triple the previous five years combined. How is that responsible governing.

We know in August, 203,000 cross and overall this year so four months left 2.1 million of early cross and your blaming your blaming a governor for bringing 60 people Martha's Vineyard. That's the outrage I can't get around the idiocy.

This whole has been turned upside down in regards to the law. None of this is a silo okay the strict definition of asylum which the United States follows with international law asylum is narrowly based on religious persecution political persecution that it is like six definitions none of which is based on poverty, none of which is based on gang violence in your area or domestic violence is that it none of that. So it is a complete and utter lie calling them asylum-seekers there just being told by you know the leftist lawyers that are assigned to these cases say this and it'll trigger that and and that's the way you can say it's all a little lie. So if you are running the country and not running your party would you do we see secure the border you expand your consulates in these countries or the neighboring countries bring back in next country where the first country you enter if you leave yours you applied to come to America will decide when we see replication with 11 million open job Rob Pastorino.

You know that we could use the workforce and you know why these people are great people and you know they be acids to America. We just have to do with the right way, nobody saying shut it down. We got enough people nobody we just don't want people to do with the right way. Brian got a hold of the woman in front of you look like an angry reaction is the end. And yet that's what is happening in America. People were jumping the line the coming cost illegally and you know they're there literally are people million leading online the right way.

I have a friend who has been through the process for 10 years.

Wellsville 10 years. She's waiting to get a green card, and yet she still not allowed to be like just fly her to Mexico. Walker across again the definition of asylum is you are escaping. Basically, death because of your religious war or political persuasion.

So the next step you put in the first step you put into a new country that triggers asylum, so anyone coming from. You know the triangle countries river the minute they step. Next country triggers asylum and the end.

That's where they have to apply simple remainder Mexico apply from your own country incentivize governments to lose your rate unless you cracked on your own border. And then of course make sure that a ghost of the right people not to the cartels with the government. Part of the governors pockets, but just to be a little bit different. Being that you're New York and I'm in New York and right now were talking about the mayor in the center of the storm was getting cruise ships for illegals and since they are already overrunning can handle it here. Charlemagne, the God he owns. He has a very successful radio show uses his Comedy Central show and he's way to the left, but said this about Gov. DeSantis cut six Florida Gov. Rhonda Sanchez sending to client full East Coast elites a favorite vacation balance in your Massachusetts genius sentencing great man's wall that would expose the hypocrisy of Democrats which is they don't want immigrants here either. I'm sure the knocking one when they lose the Hispanic vote but go ahead. Your thoughts know. I think he went to Mars in God that you know as long as people start finding out the real story Of brain you realize what's going on and this is no this is being pushed by the liberal white educated outgoing people were doing all the pushing the walk agenda in this country they're pushing this open border nonsense.

The crime in the cities that their help and on destroying this country and by the way they think that the alligator last bit.

Well, at some point come out to the wealthy to just beat them up. Thanks so much a good job if you want to see his video rub when we see the video that you download that you were able to get my twitter at Rob Pastorino got back in August.

Check it out anything that Joe Biden says the government says is doing beat them to the punch. Believe me, don't miss a minute.

Thanks, Rob. You need to know basis because you need to know kill me. They welcome back one a little long thereby, Rob Estrin, a result which is the balancing .5 you don't like Martha's Vineyard you want to give New Yorkers a head up a heads up for the 11 buses that arrived to report authority over the weekend her father came yesterday with a 600 came to Chicago the turned around and sent to the suburbs.

The next day or the ones who were dropped off the vice president's house for the one that went to Martha's Vineyard okay be consistent then show where was your outrage when these planes full of illegal immigrants landed at airports.

Now, with almost nobody knowing said the air-traffic controllers, no mayors, no local executives you heard him and we got the video we hear the interviews with the officials they landed mill the night they go to the NGOs. Next thing you know they're in your kids school system and if your teacher complain these unions turn on you. They either transfer you they don't back you or they could fire you if you don't have tenure.

That's the system that was there. Now the Republicans took action. This collective outrage. It's laughable, laughable Lieut. Col. Allen West precinct to the border. We spent a lot of time and also Ukraine. How this thing turned around. Our understanding is that a Venezuelan migrant was paid up of what we would call a bird-dog fee to recruit approximately 50 migrants from the area around a migrant resource center on something little here in San Antonio. As we understand it, 48 migrants were Lord will use the word Lord under false pretenses into into staying at a hotel for a couple of days. They were taken by airplane at a certain point, they were settled to an airplane where they were flown to Florida and then eventually flowing to Martha's Vineyard again under false pretenses is the information that we have right. Great analysis can we find out why they left their country went through the jungle pay the human trafficker they got across the border, but maybe swimming the Rio Grande.

How many people drowned to death trying to get there than what they told the people in their process half this sheriff in the Bexar County Sheriff's name is hobbyist salads are more worried about Gov. DeSantis and bringing charges on him rather than the thousands that have come across his board of the 2 million that have come this year with 2.1 million that have come this year already in the byway those 60 that died in the truck a couple months ago that happened in his district, but is worried about Roger Santos, Lieut. Col. Allen West joined just now of the American Katyusha rights Union Executive Director, former Congressman from Florida and Texas ran for the governorship in Texas. Col. your reaction to the sheriff and the county was real funny but Hispanic nomenclature is appalling because what you see happening right now is that the left not only official in their hypocrisy. Additional disregard effectively.

You know people that are secular cities and they don't want illegal immigrants a sanctuary for the very definition of the secular city and Sheriff down there bear County who is been absolutely silent about what is been going on the rise across the drug trafficking. The human sex trafficking and everything going on now he wants to try to bring charges against the government for this response to a political event that took place. This is why I just wish Brian for the bottom my heart just get back to the basics of the Constitution and protect the solitude.American securable as we can talk… To the border to talk about trying to lose 11 million jobs was illegal immigrants to pass background checks, especially because we just got a message another 12 illegal immigrants were were found to use me legal emergence. Of course, but from the terrorist watchlist of the illusion says it was just reporting the 12 suspected terrorists arrested at the border in August when the terrorist watchlist put together by the FBI. A total of 78 so far this year. Please don't tell me these are great people who want a fresh start. That's not counting old illegal drugs are trafficked in their right. So when you think about the illegal drugs at all. Especially, you know, we are all way over 100,000 of America and what the last year and 1/2 to you about. So the put that in the context we lost more Americans to the fence and all that we have total amount Americans the loss of the Korean and Vietnam wars combined, serious issue and you know about plot the crystal porno star talk about the Biden body bags.

The American people are taught across the board. A Medicare disaster that will go on all and we don't need to aid trafficking. We need to make sure that the card to local continue to make $100 million-$200 million a week by bringing people across the border.

We should be put on plays and books. You got all your day to get back to doing what's right about the people here in America are solitude in our constitutional rights. Emily Boyce is looking into investigating a possible bring charges against the governor who said I got 12 million more dollars to continue to do this if you want to know the human face in the human life and what it's like to be alone land by the border. Listen to Selena Botelho price. She told this to Fox's digital about what it's like as a Texas restaurant owner cut nine don't feel safe at home anymore. I worked alongside my father for 19 years. One break-in and 25 years from February to now I've had size, I don't know how to secure my building and enough to keep these people away. I decided to finally sell because two locations down from our original location of our smokehouse and and or honky-tonk.

We have this facility that assists in processing all these might immigrants coming in and so once they are processed. I've literally seen busloads on a daily basis, just release me that your life these people in Martha's Vineyard can take 44 hours with 40 illegal immigrants living in terror laws under bondage degraded. They don't want to go out at night. You have went down on the register animals being killed. There water logic. Couldn't you have people to go out want to be a newborn's share of the bear County. This morsel again about the governor of order that being concerned about the safety and security. Once again share a copy all you should be the one standing up there pounding the table about why we do a more secure the school of the Constitution. Local political party books too much politics going on right now broad and the American people.

People in all these border counties. There are you in the countries looks ridiculous.

You surmise that this is this is a prison United States is totally taken his hand off the wheel and now the mayors and governors are fighting each other within our own country is in charge of the federal responsibility of the border.

So now we got this but now we are more we got Martha's Vineyard if we got New York. We got Chicago got Philadelphia would soon have Delaware and with the vice president Washington DC control the border and the border states the same like the one you're in Texas. Col. is saying I'm fed up, but I want to put your the rear expertise is war you know tapping Ukrainians know how to fight and determined to fight and here's what Adm.*vita says he's finding out about the Russians and what they study and what they've seen so far. Got 37 Eric disaster in the field. The incompetence of the Russians switches surpassed what I would have expected. They have simply failed to deliver logistics a decent battle plan are competent troops that's with the noticing do you believe is your source is telling you that Ukraine could go, keep going. The verdict of 3000 mi.² and you know Apple you know very gentle about you always know that in the military. Only when we knew that they did not play their low-level leadership to be able to make the flexible on the battlefield and also to lot, which is what the market economy is all about plot: military, you have the ability of a very out about market. We saw that happen in Afghanistan and saw that collapse so that they did not like they just don't put people out there that can wait, all and all the people they love not know how to god-awful.

There will Ukrainians to get control of their airway natural router against the act's lawyer was killed by Vladimir Putin directly and is made it his mission to make his life miserable and oust him from power.

Great sources inside rush Asian Americans usually said to me on Saturday night. Cut 36 nets basically launch this war to look like a strong man to create a foreign enemy so that he would shore up his domestic support and if this were boomerangs back and shows him to be weak, which is what's happening right now. You could potentially lose power and S. That's the best. The ultimate good outcome for us as if the Ukrainians pushed Russia back in Boudin is no longer allowed the stairs as leader by his people. We know those leaders tend to come back to what is yours says sense of what's going on in their dawn. Some media outlets speak it out. You cannot wall the body back come back.

People talk about you drop then this is not a special military mission is something that you thought they do on the black market on the bottom. The amount Americans about drilling and consuming and export all of natural gas resources on the bottom because the pipeline that I see the American rights. Thanks, Col. brought you to 1-866-408-7669 will come back and take some your calls. Also find out if you need to know more brain to meet you something new every day.

Brian kill me show you undermine the one thing we've got it enables is another experiment to go on the other side's perfect but a lot of Republicans agree with this.

Like a lot of Republicans who don't like Trump want forgiveness but they don't want to repent.

Well you personally as well as exactly transactions is a supporter of drum says it's a personal it's it's policy and is willing to take on John Meacham to do it.

I would love to see that OSHA actually get that online I know it's real. It airs Friday live. You can still get that online right and you can get there and they usually post some clips on YouTube so that was a trace Adkins and men Bill Morrow actually making news by just being a normal person, then we might be having out there about having him on mosaic was fun of this even more so in a major-league baseball star from Puerto Rico is offering free food to hurricane Fiona victims. Fiona just slammed Puerto Rico yesterday made landfall on Sunday. Hurricane filters will slip millions without power is beginning to come back all those families are in need of a hot meal can stop by told hot bath for the two-time also said on Monday will serve it to you for free. I guess you got a bar there you commuters affected and you're in need of a hot meal 787-665-2323. I I know what you're going through is very difficult. That's pretty nice when do that is on board.

I absently publicity for so many Puerto Ricans are in major league baseball. Next, an Englishman broken Guinness Book of World Records by having a drink at 67 different clubs in 24 hours.

His name is Nathan crimp is 22 years old. He took on the record for the most part visiting 24 hours ended up losing 67 in Brighton, England area. The space of 17 hours group was accompanied by a pair friends aim to beat the record of 56 Bob's, which was set by Gareth Murphy over the course of 10 hours in Cardiff, Wales. Now it was the easiest and hardest thing he's ever done so, they completely underestimated his heart. It was actually going to be there question is does he have agrees always has a drink there goes that I would drink but was trying keep it sober for the first 25 paths that went out the window on 15 pubs in the mixup a little bit. He tried to drink alcohol and wanted not outgoing, another trying to space it out will be the hardest part for you about that, regarding your three children who are so many think things get really handled on their own. At this point I want to finish the drink either think I just logistically right and obligation you want to finish it is a celebratory thing that's an issue you have no say this. Out of all the goals to have his interesting choice. You might want to try what you need one you need a lot of pubs in the right area. New York City could actually do it.

This ice proposes a restaurant tells above went to look into the bar.

We have to go will probably get tarp over the table called Dennis to find out and then we shall set a date and all of us will go one we have Eric to that likely after the show. Where do you do anything. I mean, are you saying out usually high with emails from Eric to be the responsible one to make sure everyone gets them safe. You don't mind doing 66 and coming on the cusp of the record and I like to come in like a hero and beat you find that goes next express gratitude. Maybe the true key to happiness. The survey 2000 Americans examine the potential connection between thankful contentment to life reveals that 65% of respondents who say they're very happy a daily basis also are more likely to always give thanks that surprise anybody now it doesn't I don't hear but I did read a study along similar lines lately that it doesn't need to be like think things like little simple things actually can have more meaning and make a big length gesture of thoughtful gifts like a humble or a paperweight rather than a new car or leg giving like that small, thoughtful, thinking like a coworker or just think like your closest friend stomach the thought of them didn't want to do a once again expected which wrong you don't expect any gratitude anymore with an acquaintance that often brush by apologize brush it to someone you brush into and say I'm grateful you didn't hurt me. When you brush and to try to hold the door. That's good. Next City Hall burglars strike twice LAPD source tells TMZ that our city was home I was home was Saturday 11 AM when he heard a loud noise coming from downstairs.

We told he came down to discover similar broken glass on the sliding door attempting to get in but an incident last month was even scarier Say 25 people, broken door broke a window at his place back in August and entered his home city was home with a broken were told the programs got spooked and took off disease Arsenio Hall. Please respond both times the suspect.

Before they were arrived Detective down looking in surveillance video for for the home and neighborhood to ID the suspect. This goes to show you how bad it's getting I'm in the breaking of the Arsenio Hall so I'm pretty sure he doesn't live in Compton at 11 AM on right. It's like I just want other people stuff is hundred thousand dollars I can get prosecuted dream job. The Japanese manner gets paid to do nothing is ever so she more Mito has has what some would say is a dream job basically says I rent myself out. My job as we were of my clients want me to be and do nothing in particular. His job was taken to a park with a person. One of the players on a seesaw also. The beams in wave three train window at a complete stranger who wanted a sendoff so said they mean I think he really has that Market into something get paid for that $71 per booking rate and it does do a job that's twice. This is mislabeled as the most unique job in the world, but he does do it does have a job that is sitting up 71.

He alone that he sent letters to just have someone talk to wave to you that's perfect and probably offered like social media post how I would do it for 60, think aloud, Cobb destroys business is undercut everything job Fox News contrasts network subscribe and listen to the Tri-County federal prosecutor and four term US Congressman from South Carolina brings you a one-of-a-kind pungent subscriber

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