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One Year In, Biden Has Worst Week Yet

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 14, 2022 12:25 pm

One Year In, Biden Has Worst Week Yet

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 14, 2022 12:25 pm

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[00:11:03] Admiral James Stavridis

[00:18:14] Senator Bill Cassidy

[00:36:31] Geraldo RIvera

[00:54:52] Lanhee Chen

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian killing too much for being here ready to bring to me Joe, thank you. Being here all week long. It's been an exciting week a lot going on. Not good for the administration not most, only give your Democrat or independent losing to be a Republican is just a fact. It's not.

You don't look back at that time John McCain walked in on repeal and replace Obama care sees thumbs down and think what a great day for Republicans are down from it was tax reform was absolute absolutely and there's a lot of things that were doing the trade deals that were matches and then you can give your opinion analysis, but this is been a week.

I have never been seen before. So anytime the presence in trouble. He does couple things he has talked about the pandemic that doesn't work anymore because it's such a disaster, the ways handling they talked about the bipartisan legislation that will be today when he was talking about. For the longest time is that he was that he was a president it was going to bring people together that ship has sailed. And when you want to get ratings you do by January 6 when getting ratings you want to talk about Donald Trump but now the president is so overwhelmed with the series of events and the ramifications of his actions. He can't get out of his own way and I want to go over the whole list so let's get to the big three first now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three have a choice. You want to take on consequential economic sanctions and more troops posted in NATO countries and the water there now and more missiles in those countries and one of them now or is he going to conduct a limited attack into eastern Ukraine.

There's a lot going on man Russia a lot of talking and no tangible gain now Russia threatening America in our own backyard.

Plus, it was just a massive cyber attack targeting the Ukrainian government, hours after the NATO Russia talks ended. Coincidence, don't think so.

500 million tests that have been ordered that 1% everywhere.

We know when those are going shortly. I got your name and ardently I have to look at the current information assembly by next week. Should we have done that so we are doing.

Surely, if that's what we're doing, which he says one more time when doing it. Kobe catastrophe. From testing to mix messaging to Supreme Court losses. Every aspect of the handling of this pandemic is under scrutiny from Dems and Republicans and Joe Biden's getting message is getting a failing grade from all sides was also clear Joe in this nation can expect the VPS you just heard to save the day after another cringe worthy interview. At. Part things and white houses. You had every challenge late at your feet.

We could certainly propose legislation to see people support bunny rabbit and ice cream. But that would be very rewarding to the American people right guy Jen Saki thanks for that one year in the worst week ending with an embarrassing, futile, inept attempt to blow up the filibuster and then ran the voting rights bill through the Senate. If you disagree with it.

Your Jefferson Davis Biden doesn't have the votes from his own party, and he knew it before he put his presidential prestige of the line to personally sway them at the capital building.

The present gets his convoy of SUVs they go to the capital building to personally lobby Democrats to blow up the filibuster and pass on a simple majority. The John Lewis voting reform bill which would be a disaster for this country. Disaster and nationalize election for the most part, forget about voter ID for the most part create a national holiday for voting like we could really afford to take another day off for no reason. So it didn't happen in route he finds out that it's not can happen. He doesn't, he only has 48 Democratic votes and he still shows up and he still loses this two days after his speech that was so unhinged. Even his own party and left-wingers like Dick Durbin say Gail was a little over the top.

So what why talking about. So who am I talking about number we don't know about Martelli. He's gutless is the military guy that goes into space and he doesn't have the guts to stand up and tell us where he stands on any issues. His seat is up. If the Republicans don't put a real push to oust him.

He is totally phoning it in literally.

So Kirsten Cinema with all the got that. I say that I don't care. I've never met or never interviewed her, but this woman is fearless, so she knows you from purple state.

You know she got elected not to be a left-winger Amanda. She believe that she said look out for the voting rights legislation, but I don't want to blow up the filibuster. I've said that for two years so they thought they could sway and that's why Sen. Schumer came out Cinema Luther King day have a boat to jam it down. The Republicans vote the throat if they don't agree to this voting rights bill. Okay, but I thought you missing Joe mentioned a Christian Cinema were doing lytic events. Really, the presence on the slim same weight you only have 48 votes. What am I missing. Is there a backdoor deal yesterday, the ultimate insider Chad program came on. He said to have the boats something. I guess they know more than me because Joe Biden's been in Washington for 50+ years he would never embarrass the presidency like this his own prestigious own carte blanche with Gain capital Woody will before he gets there.

You Sen. Kirsten Cinema cut one for me to restate my long-standing support for the 60 vote threshold to pass legislation. There's no need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals and federal policy so she can phone for Jean barge Yoshi is for the voting reform which I find scary which not budging. Sen. Joe mansion.

Listen to it country supports another, making for an awful long time. She has to okay so I'm I'm I'm always open to people being smarter than me with a better game plan that I have but I'm just trying to think ahead. I'm doing the show Fox and friends can be in the five tonight son Tucker less ice almost try to think what don't I know turns out it's time not missing anything.

It's Pres. Biden who still goes to Capitol Hill goes behind closed doors and then to find the microphone first. He doesn't even know if it's on when you walk up to these microphones. There always the hot microphone. She's been in the Senate really for 50 years. He then goes to the executive branch, any act so clueless, so he has to come out and address the press with GH doing. He never is any answers in the middle of a raging pandemic without mass with we are plenty of vaccines with with controversy on the boosters we don't know what's going on without the these hospitals. We did the PP will buying from China on the mast might be affected.

We got get in 95 schools on "what's with all the stuff swirling so Joe managed to come out and realize gives me Joe Biden's got a command realize is that the most critical trust. The press cup for all that I hope I don't know is this Mike on this.

Anyway, I hope we get this done.

Don't worry you. I like Mike pence more every day. Dick Cheney more every day because they just competency chambers in the house for a while and any new secretary defense. So you might not like his advice you might not be so competent ran to Halliburton so competent Mike pence is competent right there when it prompted Dan Quayle and I think got a bad rap, but I never thought he was the smartest guy around. Al Gore evidently was competent, they can get along. Bill Clinton, in the end there even speak what would happen is you need a vice president's get a backfill backfill. The areas which are not doing the want number one, I'm in a pull US Sen. and was a minority who's a female make some history but knows her way around the Senate. That's her job full-time knows her way around the Senate is young could maybe push on mansion give you an inside straight let the present note don't show up the capital today because the you don't have the votes was present, but she sits down again in a big rehab tour. She shows up in Georgia for the terrible speech so therefore she's stained with it and then she does the Sam Cisco Chronicle where she admits in the we did not see these variants coming and then she sits down with NBC and you would think this could have an easy time, but she doesn't have an easy time she's not gonna get this the civil rights things past.

She does not have an answer on the pandemic with they have more deaths than Donald Trump ever had and they have not innovated anything the therapeutic that was engineered was not part of their version of warp speed.

Therefore, now that we have it. We don't have enough of it to give to any people. So here's an example of some of the exchange that any politician, CEO, vice president of any small or big company would have to be able to answer cut 14. The 500 million tests in order that 1% every every American. Do we know when those are going out shortly and I got an order name and ardently I have to look at the current information on SMB by next week, but soon absolutely soon and it is a matter of urgency for should we have done that so we are doing this we are doing. She says it one more time after that were doing it. We should be doing it almost the minute the interview ends in heirs their White House composites is not to be ready next week if he didn't order anything ahead of time so I we asked Donald Trump to come up his ministration to come up with a test, the FDA, the CDC was already forward.

They figured out the rapid testing of PCR tests.

All he had to do was for Phil just sent out the invoice.

He didn't do it. So what I want to do. I have so much to say about this. Obviously I got a read off everything that's going on this week and I don't relish in doing it. I much rather talk about policy, then talk about epic fails and incompetence. But that's what I'm dealing with the other big story and you have a passion for world events and what took place with the series with Russia at the NATO and in the US, as I now come to a close and Russia's responded with action and it's not good.

I want to speak to someone about someone used to be the supreme Allied commander of NATO.

He is next. Adm. James, diabetes, and then Sen. Bill Cassie brings me back inside Washington will finish the hour with your phone calls, 1-866-408-7669 Franco reach out and use that up. Thanks you Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made Fox news broadcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor, another of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show the good news coming out of the notations that that the United States of our European allies, particularly, we were worried about the French and the Germans who are clearly soft on Russia. We have made no concessions. We have stood our ground in terms of not ask the right to expand NATO as we see fit. If countries want to join in a qualified and to change our disposition and composition of our forces in NATO countries that border on Russia. Actually what Russia was taken as a dismantling of NATO, the third but nonetheless he put that right on the table to get you somewhere. He is heading with this that you are checking with me about an hour ago on Fox and friends now want to bring Adm. Jim Servetus another really respect each other and of course you the 16th supreme Allied Cmdr., author multiplied multiple bestsellers, including the sales bookshelf 50 books to know the sea in the 2034 bestseller novel of the next world war Adm., do you agree did you hear I know you you very tight with this administration we have so inroads did you hear any concessions euro absolutely not and I think Gen. Jack had exactly like you said it would be absurd for NATO to give ground on either the two key points that he mentioned I would say I just work preposterous to even consider it.

I believe got to stand firm and the good news is the whole alliance 30 nations now are standing firm on this and I think will continue to do so.

So what's happened since a major cyber attack into the Ukraine. More weaponry. I moved into the Ukrainian border region. So it looks like they're sending a message. They're not happy they got nothing.

How would you react now at this point, we got the weekend over which Vladimir Putin will get briefed by all of the different Russian diplomats, who met with their counterparts in the US Russian talks in the NATO Russia talk and in the most recent Brian yesterday. The OECD talks in Vienna so all those diplomats are going to go back on bended knee to Latin America and delivered the bad is that he already knows is coming. I think he'll take the weekend really take a deep breath and let's hope he makes the right decision here which would be to back down on it.

He doesn't. Here's the heart of your question. What we do next. I would say we are lashing weapons in the Ukraine right right now I need absolutely. There is no reason to wait on that we ought to be pushing defenses but lethal weapon systems anti-armor antiglare antitank follow that second providing the Ukrainians the absolute top grade intelligence minute to minute.

Thirdly, we are to give them some top cover in the world cyber as you just mention the Russians are probing into their cyber systems. Now we have defense of mechanisms that can help them. We have documents and things we can do that would startle the Russian I think it's time to really show the Russians where were headed near and to include laying out point by point the pain of the economic sanctions that are going to come anyway but now you read the Wall Street Journal. I'm sure you did Russia's threading as deployed troops and infrastructure into Venezuela and Cuba. Essentially they keep telling us why are you so concerned about the Ukraine.

Why would you wouldn't tolerate missiles in Mexico. Why should we tolerate missiles in the Ukraine or in alliance with, I guess Russia with Mexico. That isn't the case that with the Munro doctrine, which was modified so what you say to Russia's threat starter all equivalent as follows. Russia has now invaded its neighbors about three times by my calendar once into a small country mold go. The old chunk of backup trends needs truck more famously, they went into Georgia 2008, they carved out a chunk of Georgia. Thirdly, and most recently 2014 in Ukraine now huge coop movements and by the way also attack helicopters moving to that border. Nowhere in the Americas do we see the United States invading its neighbors pushing into it and so I would say as we look at that policy equivalent first and foremost, Venezuela. We don't recognize the administration of Nicholas Maduro. We recognize the opposition we are one. Guido he he. Guido has already come out and said it would be unacceptable for Russian troops to be stationed there Cuba. We have more economic, diplomatic, particularly sanctions that can be applied to Cuba.

We got tools to counter that we can make both those nations feel the pain as well and we should want to do general Keene said about his concern about Germany because 38 without a problem with the Germans and Anglo Merkel writes in the beginning when she initiated this and she has significant European opposition Western European as well as Eastern European opposition to installing self administration for this tooth and nail to get the stopped. She now has a successor Scholz who was a little left of center from her someone that we have been very concerned about because he soft on on Russia here what United States is attempting to do with him is get a commitment to him.

It's a Russians go into Ukraine that he will shut down that pipeline and I'm not convinced he's got the wherewithal to stand up. The Russian so in term of the notion to which is not quite done yet.

I just I don't get it. They want us to protect them. They bypass Ukraine with this pipeline and they know that Russia is showing you they can't be depended on.

And they want to be depended on them with their energy healing. Gen. Jack on this one and this goes back to the days when I was supreme Allied Cmdr. NATO working with Chancellor Merkel and I watched our diplomats wall again and again and Landon say don't do this, as you mentioned Eastern European countries in particular said donkey and got clean letters for L and G liquefied natural gas can be changed.

European elections really do turn down. We will supply you at a fair market price, liquefied natural gas which can flow across the Atlantic and into your terminal so there are solutions to this, Europeans have made my view, a mistake and I've said this directly to Chancellor Merkel directly to other European leaders, it's a mistake. We hold that pipeline is leverage potentially shutting it down. We could push Germany to do so by Adm. thanks so much.

True education.

The story forward. Thank you. Simple Cassie's person is Americas with all of your FOX weather updates throughout your busy day subscriber list of Mao and FOXNews or wherever you get your projects on a radio show like no other and kill me while I continue to support the sales I will not support separate networks underlying disease division infecting her debate over the Senate 60 vote threshold shines a light on our broader challenges and no sooner send them yesterday and then Joe Biden's on his way there to push and twist arms in and say were going to blow up the filibuster get a passport in my legislation him to be the true hero and want to get a full spot on his face because center cinema. Nobody sent him the rundown she went to the microphone and said I am not blowing up the filibuster Joe mansion. I told you are not blowing up the filibuster.

What Democrats and Chuck Schumer not understand sooner Bill Cassidy is seen a lot and to his credit, he said I'm for the bipartisan bill and the bill back better is not in the past I thought well that's optimistic as everybody else in the Democratic sizes. It will you will write and they're not blowing up the filibuster you write again Sen. what about the drama that took place yesterday.

Hey Brian, thank you very much dialogue. What current with the division now why campaign he gave his in our little speech that he was going to yield and then to go to Georgia and he speaks in a way which could not be more inflammatory, more likely to divide Americans against each other, more likely to rob us of the theft that we actually are fellow American. II think her speech was brilliant and I like the way she prayed that she still looked at as the MVP of the Democrats because the way things are going this country right now it doesn't take a particle insider no republics about to gain a degree of power and maybe total power, at which time the sky because Republicans above the filibuster and they won't, and she is setting precedent and she'll look like a hero.

Then for the meantime.

On a side note, centered, she has to get security.

I'm watching these people getting very close to her. She's always walking by yourself. One time Tim Scott saved her in an airport I made you guys talk about that part of all Allied elite got shot, but don't unhinge God appalled by the founders were all aware that there is a small percentage but but big enough to cause problems. What you get when Pres. Biden that you want that heal the vision that was what was supposed to be about to go to Georgia and liked the match beneath it. It was the nuttiest speech the most unhinge speech. Now if using the interview and he started saying things like that.

So this guys really got control his temper, but someone wrote that he read it. Jerry if you don't agree with me your Jefferson Davis.

If you do your Abraham Lincoln I meet is this is this 1880. I mean, I could not believe it. So why do you take a family.

I point out already there. Jefferson Davis was a Democrat and Abraham Lincoln was Republican, absolutely.

And by the way he voted to reinstate Jefferson Davis's citizenship in 1977, you know that he helped Jimmy Carter past that when he was in the Senate so but it's not accurate. The main thing is we have the secretary stated Georgia on the main thing is it's not accurate be different if you guys said no more mail in voting only voting on Tuesday from 9 to 5.

I would before that but that is just not the case you in some states they reeled in pandemic rules to post pandemic life and in 19 states. They change the rules to control the voting and in all 24 states they loosen them up. So where is this coming from center at map point out that I know you know and George Moore only in Louisiana there's more early voting day in Delaware than in New York.

No true blue state compared to the two red states although Georgia become low purplish we've got more early voting day today so so the president and invite all you can about counting the votes.

One thing we found in the last election is that if you have any problem accounting about the federal courts got them pretty quickly pretty forcefully and they demand back. So, I think, however, present body goes absolutely wrong for political purposes.

The starkest base in advance of the midterms and by the way, the holder of the kind of math their failure to failure the past BBB bill. I want you to hear the present yesterday, so criticism speaks mansion got comments by the elevator door they go behind closed doors in center. Biden gets usually present buying gets word that this thing is I can pass then he is to go out to the microphones whose his Chief of Staff uses PR people he's gotten never with anybody. Five. Like every other major civil rights all missed the first time we can come back and try to second miss this time miss this time state legislative bodies continued change the law. "Who gets to count count count.

It's about elective subversive, not just whether or not people get what is the timing. I guess you start about the controversy after the last election of 2016.

Hillary Clinton never admitting she lost in 2018.

Stacy Abrams never admitting I'm Hillary Clinton did concede but every other subsequent interview.

She talked about how the Russians deliver that election for Trump 2018. Stacy Abrams has never conceded the election for governor. So him, yelling like that put on your analysis For second.

Your doctor what's going on here. You don't remember the old dog and Sam Ervin.

I think Sam Rayburn with no air early. He said if the facts on your side argue the facts and of the spirit of the law is on your side. And in need of the documents. On your wall, yell like heck. And what we saw. There was a guy yelling yelling because neither the facts nor the spirit of the law is on the side. This is a political ploy by Pres. whose pregnancy is going down going down fast, and I think it have to be good beauties that I just insanity once was a moderate. He would've had mansion, he would've had guys like you, he would had met Romney you have a lot of Republicans going his way, and it would've pushed though the wild left-wingers to get in line because they know this is their shot coming.

They had the government that I think will go down in history of saying the worst thing to happen to Joe Biden he thought was the best and that's was to Georgia Senate seats his meeting with those historians.

They told him he could be like FDR.

Then he said I got both chambers and I you know I got I got history on my side I could do anything when he can't. He is in FDR he is in LBJ he can't. That's not where the country is right now.

What bothers you about the John Lewis voting bill.

A lot of things bother me. Basically about taking control from state and local government, or dumped pretty well making incredible progress over the country and putting it within a federal office. So, subject to abuse as we saying that a leg to be abused in order to dictate legal now this is about, Democratic majority because they change the FPC kind of a democratic commission staff. Total financing of elections. They do a lot of things that Americans just don't want and it's so partisan that it easily seen through. I can keep going by the white if you want to fix the electoral college act so that, what Harris can't. You have to certify the election. I'm all for that. I did upgrade eyes away most as and so is every Republican. They just want to go to now because it's not enough is like the bipartisan bill was not enough today. The present will celebrate that you have everything to do with it. I want you here, Harris yearly area have is a medical background and we all frustrated with this pandemic the facts is the hospitals are still dealing with too many patients there are too many cases we don't have enough tests and the vaccine information and intelligence is not making people feel better.

I will tell you that is in every man, not as a doctor and I will tell you the fact that therapeutics are mass-produced, even though they are passed through the FDA and CDC is maddening ears, let Harris when asked about is it time to change tactics cut 14. The 500 million tests in order that it will be sent everywhere doing know when those are going out shortly and I got your name and ardently I have to look at the current information assembly by next week, but soon absolutely soon and it is a matter of urgency for should we have done that so we are doing. We are doing. She would answer will you absolutely court administration of $10 billion have kept on door on hand and it's not like oh my gosh I thought a bunch more like my gosh got I always have a bunch of your and as we spend about we replace all regards.

Like how Walmart does their inventory except apparently in our case we use the ones we have some more populated by the pandemic. People need to know if they're infected so that they can either going to quarantine our staying quantity but they should be wandering around On the test to find a test is no innovation, all they have to do is fill out an invoice and he didn't do it. So display close me, why, why, what is the hesitancy when it comes to therapeutics that would be a great press conference.

I like you to meet the CEO America like you need to see your Pfizer. Let them tell you what do now have an answer to keep people out of hospitals and we've already preordered 100 million, but instead there was no Biden version of warp speed and there's a reluctance to talk about therapeutics again. Dr. Cassidy why would you know when you are fighting pandemic like you need everything in your commentary on and it is a public health and more, which means that you never stop and just when you think that you have the pandemic under control. You keep on fighting. You cut off the head.

You bury the body you dismember because you can never take for granted that I won't come back. And so the public outburst of terrorism that they got complacent. We we want to you can't, you gotta keep on pushing every different thought and they did not someone to talk to the two things are nestling the headlines, but easily could've brought you guys together can we agree that Sony off the Boston bomb or the surviving one. The younger brother should not get a stimulus check. You put together legislation. Stemless text going these prisoners terrorists like him wouldn't. Why would the Democrats slam that shot. I had no clue why they would not let felt like they had taken for 20 behind bars on me that the only thing I can imagine why that would, but think about different people love Boston bomber got a check from the covertly package and there was a happy the first time and I was told it was an oversight and so I put up a piece of legislation saying let's remove that ability from the next round of checks which present troubles pushing and and the Democrats voted to a person to oppose. Maybe one vote for it. So the only thing to a person but but almost to a person not to a person to oppose that and now the Boston bomber get the check all the right in the murder and armed robbery things very interesting that everyone can relate to the terms of service, labeling you guys you thought you had bipartisan agreement to propose a terms of service labeling so we hopped on the website you click on something you actually understand the terms of service, just like you have to include when you're involved in.

If your mailing list.

You could stop receiving those those emails. What happened with this now.

Souls quickly turn it could also be of the build the TLB on too long.

Don't read so many people, click on the privacy policy and then by an attorney of the study saying will take the average American company thick day to read all the privacy statement of all the tech companies that they use NFL and I doubt walking blind. They know more about you.

I do about ourselves that we know things you would think about their able to track� There is information that that people with HIV have had their diagnoses sold down, which is going for members of our armed services, which can be sold upon governments I could keep going about the contract, but that were making it so that you can easily figure out if they're selling your data with your data and you can opt out.

Lastly, Cleveland, Newark, New Jersey, and Washington RC are seeing that there it seems as though the peaks and sections are beginning to drop that we saw it happen in the UK we so what happened in South Africa this a suggestion now that were going to be peaking with this omicron soon as in the next week or two. Is that what you're hearing that I am.Gallia good night quit showing that at the peak goes up in previous epidemic like Delta hospitalizations and up goes up on the peak goes up, but hospital patient and not go up as rapidly don't want to stop there, but it's a lot more infectious. By the way, I got that earlier don't become complacent. There will be another way.

So even though you think you have it down, cut it off, dismember it very differently because covertly going to be with us for a while longer center. Lastly, the Lindsay Graham came out and said I like Mitch McConnell is my friend. I like tile Trump is my friend Mitch McConnell can't work with Donald Trump he can't be majority leader. Do you agree, I don't know what one thing up like no Trump again. That was absolutely the case but let me talk about the one proposing legislation signed the law or veto, so not quite sure will come soon. Bill Cassidy, who predicted over everything this country right now.

They'll be a bipartisan infrastructure bill, but there will not be a bill back better. Thankfully you are right, center Cassie thanks so much. I think right back with you in just a moment trying to leach out makers and breakers here is first only on the Brian kill me show some Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contests. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that the vice president was still telling people to Google where you can get it tested, now I mean really, if you if you want to figure out how to get across town to some restaurant you heard is great. You usually do Google to figure out where to answer that simply about giving people write a mechanism by which they can locate something that they need something that can help them.

That's cool, right right now I'm you. What a disastrous interview and I thought a lot about the vice president had which each reminds me of and I thought Will Kane put it best today. She might have somebody who would have to give up oral report on the book that she didn't read and would bolt blows me away is that every know she's bright you don't become Atty. Gen. Sen. you don't go to law school and succeed and not be price and forget about not smart. It's all about work ethic and to me when she's not any meetings so there are certain things you just W chosen meetings. If someone tells you how you by how she never bought one. You could go look it up. Watch a video. But if you bought a few houses you need to study how to buy a house you know exactly into the realtor with questions asked mistake she made how to value a house had to get inspector use know it.

She's not in a the meeting.

She has no idea the construct of buds about the pandemic response no idea the construct of the lack of a board of policy no idea of the issues that revolve around crime raging in almost every major city no idea about what's going wrong with the current way of dealing with China and Russia and everything could she's never the meetings she wants to be queen. She doesn't want to be prime minister. More than ever we need a vice president that wants to be president.

The country needs.

She's not ready for to go to bring to I'm ready for you to order the president freedom fighter all my other books I said I saw them and send them will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber. Listen Fox News five test Fox News New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you much listen.

Everybody is the Brian kill me.

Joe happened to be coming to you from Manhattan 1211 6th Ave. heard around the country heard around the world. Rather embarrassed. Anybody's got some great news that he shared with everybody this week and Lonnie Chen California State controller candidate and directed Rick to policy studies in the public policy program at Stanford University longtime a Republican insider and political expert used to work with Mitt Romney, so I cannot with you his perspective on the new move by the RNC to maybe not take part.

The debates in 2024. What would that be how would we be benefiting from that reform. It don't kill it.

So let's get to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's three number three have a choice. You want to take on consequential economic sanctions and more troops posted in NATO countries are one of them now and more missiles in those countries and one of them now or to conduct a limited attack to Eastern Ukraine that is Gen. Jackie one hour ago on Fox and friends Russia a lot of talking and no tangible gains on either side. Now Russia threatening America in our own backyard. Plus, there was just a massive cyber attack targeting Ukrainian government powers after the NATO Russian talks and it is that's not a coincidence. The 500 million tests that it would be sent everywhere. No one is going shortly and ardently I have to look at the current information is empty by next week. Should we have done that so we are doing this we are doing good answer.

That is, somebody was deftly the captain of the debate team covert content covert catastrophe. From testing to mix messaging from the Supreme Court losses every aspect of the handling of this pandemic is under scrutiny from Dems and Republicans.

What's also clear is Joe and this nation can expect the VP to save the day after another cringe worthy interview.

Her heart things and white houses. You have every challenge late at your feet. We could certainly propose legislation to see people support money wrapped in ice cream but that would be very rewarding to the American people that will listen.

I understand that she has to spend one of the worst days in the history of the present say that in modern times, but that was a ridiculous comparison on your end worst week ever ending with the embarrassing, futile, inept attempt to blow up the filibuster and ram of voting rights bill through the Senate. Mine doesn't have the votes from his own party, and he knew it before he put his presence and prestige on the line to personally sway them.

I just don't get it. Rob Rivera seen a lot covers Washington covers the world. I still want to talk about Russian would convene with these talks breaking up. At first things first. Or, although the present United States before he got to The capital. Consumer already said his his goal will not be reached. How embarrassing is that I think it's horribly embarrassing. I wonder where that was happened when he was in route from the white is only 1 mile from the White House to the capital and for for him to invoke the language of the civil rights movement how load images from our troubled history when it was totally in an applicable and I felt that there was a desperation there in an and incompetence there.

I felt very badly for the president.

I think the theme you know will see coiling around you know where where and I think of Ron MacLean I really be Chief of Staff of the White House that Rasputin is the person who comes to my mind. You know the Ebola Machiavellian character took down the Russian Empire. I just think that it's really so disappointing and I think that is a pitiful aspect to it and I think that you say correctly. One of the worst days in the history of the presidency that did not involve you know Worrall massacre before with no back veteran seal. We did fail, and he showed up at the way the capital building twice and came out with absolutely nothing and then he said well I have something you came.

It turns out he goes to his G-7 event he comes back and had nothing and then he went to his car climate says is climate change thing in Glasgow we came back he had nothing and then he goes to Capitol Hill after a terrible speech that even Sen. Dick Durbin said was over the top and then goes Capitol Hill and gets nothing. In fact, this is what was happening while he was driving. Now just keep in mind I know a lot of people are busy and are keeping up like we are so active for them. I say this just know that you need 60 votes to pass a piece of legislation in the Senate already past the house and he doesn't have it. He doesn't even have 50 but in order to get this passed yes to blow up the filibuster carve it out but would blow it off he need 50 votes we need cinema and mansion and wobblies in route to the capital building center cinema gets of the microphone and says this cut one for me to restate my long-standing support for the 60 vote threshold to pass legislation and need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals and federal policy.

And here is Joe mansion as he gets into an elevator cut 3.15 is making for an awful long time. She has to know where Mark Kelly stands, he seems pretty gutless for a military guy who goes into space and we never get to weigh in on anything Geraldo so he gets there and I just say to myself what you said wears a staff wears any's politically savvy person in the Clark Giffords the Dick Cheney that the anti-card of been there a while they can navigate the situations I go back to Ron plainly what because this was the strategy it seemed to me from the get-go. They have the slimmest majority could possibly imagine a 50-50 split and they have the vice president In the 51st boat that fit with that kind of government you can't behave as if you were Franklin Roosevelt and had two thirds of the convert, you can't behave as if you have the awesome mandate to do whatever the hell you want to. It is it that there's an irresponsibility and a lack of realism. There's also a boldness that obviously bows Jeff that backfired profoundly and I wonder if the buying presidency can ever recover.

Because remember, we have three long years. We focus because were in the media, the midterm election is running it's going to write or talk with the fact of the matter is you mention Russia and all those other cooking career with hypersonic missile and all the rest that some damn important perilous stuff out there. You need a clear by the executive chief executive and a staff that knows what the hell they're doing and they don't run claim was continuing this does your lawyer to so when the sprinkler came out there decision to say that OSHA cannot regulate and mandate vaccines for private businesses and or testing the cited Ron claims retweet of Stephanie rule and he basically admitted that this OSHA move was a workaround from the Constitution and this was cited by the Supreme Court justices. They knew they were doing something that didn't work and was effective and he would be he was dumb enough to do it on social media.

They cited that in their decision. While they were hip and up to read his twitter account. The fact of the matter is that the government has the right government at the federal level the government at the state level.

That's with the police powers exist even municipally, you can pass a law you know your elected government can pass a law that mandates the backseat that is been established and that there is healthcare involved that we are Medicaid Medicare so federally funded the federal government has a role that with the other case that was decided by what that what they try to do with OSHA with the, the occupational safety group that you know they're there to make sure they got too much asbestos in the building where they tried that there was really too cool for school.

There really was.

I think that's the best way to fit too cool for school. Who the hell you think you're kidding, particularly when you put it in writing� There's no mystery here. You try to scam and you know something that may have been, and I believe in back the mandate that I believe in. Back then, dammit. But I also believe in the can't and do not date what they tried to do is good sprinkler rule 63 was on top right. A couple is about happening Russian-made. I know you so we have sources that we know the results� All NATO and the US didn't give him that's fine and I'm glad it's a release, but on the same time Russia's actor they are starting to move more equipment into the Ukraine and yesterday there's a major cyber attack and now the Wall Street Journal reports that the Foreign Minister is quoted saying little look to put in infrastructure, perhaps in Venezuela and Cuba to see how the US likes having this type of weaponry on their doorstep. So where do we go from here with considerable experience in both Cuba and especially better as well. All I can say good luck to rush. Good luck you want to go in the totally dysfunctional impoverished Latin American countries where you have no other than the Russian missile missile crisis. You are full. Russia has nothing going for it other than the fact that they are energy-rich. There is an aging population. They are the first world Army in the Third World country and they are that they wanted to come Venezuela and Cuba. I gladly needed to the high dive will only do is just take a portion of land a portion of the city and stop putting in ICBMs that would be the issue and they could do that and you I know you say that is just right, and I hope you do you think that any government of the night, the 21st century is going to allow Russia to take over the mall abandoned mall in Caracas and printed. I BBM that it happened one other thing out one of the board at the where the hell are our allies in Europe when you come through rewarding Russian aggression in terms of Ukraine. II want to see the German army mobilized where the French army with the Polish Army where the Estonia, Lithuania, the other lab.

The default the Baltic country. They all have on is where, why aren't they much more acutely responding to the rush is that not it's not just the United States versus Russia. They were talking about potential Soviet aggression into your which is why NATO was established in the first place. So Geraldo news is we've had so many great moments in your career. Are you don't need to work anymore but but Fox is not hearing of it. They have you on the most successful show right now until one of most successful shows in television the five and your name is, as a permanent host unity rotating to permanent host on the show so that only you do in your reporting and any your specials on Fox nation how what was was like when they approached you and what is it mean to you while I had to get over the hole got built in the fact that they were no kill me and I go way back to. I know you guys get along with frequently that the grand that's I think the beauty of Fox Gen. that that various points of view can be represented that you don't you don't have the all thing, the same song I to have a deep respect and I went at it this morning. I love you so that I so that you are different and you know my goodness sweetie what were blood brother for 21 years that we are allowed to be who we are glad you enjoyed that Jared is story five in terms of it I'm going with chicken, but will use it just for you personally to write this book as it would occur. I've had all I now do reports on Fox news whenever they need and now you back. Basically like working with doing a radio show to how you feel about working this this much and and being on this rotation and and having this impact. Well I have to say that I am the II believe the first man in history were 78-year-old that the three year open-ended contract.

I think that that's pretty remarkable.

But I also think I got a kid in 10th grade. What am I going to do. You know I get to sit home and click coupon, you know, mow the lawn. Talk to the bird, you know, I might as well have some impact on hopefully on some of these issues and help guide, at least let people know where I stand and I feel very strongly about that we disagree about immigration, you know a lot of other things including military at the bench and abroad Brian but we we are we are blood brother. We are allowed by Fox to be who we are and I'm bogging on. Please know it's funny. I did a bit yesterday were traded in my Bentley in which I fit right now for one of these. These cars that lie to go to production in 2030 elected by popular myth that they do up that Erin got a good laugh. Nothing about 2030, but out all okay. That this country is great and all CEOs as dynamic to the show because you're not really I can't really anticipate a lot of times your opinions almost ever rub you want tonight.

I know is on the left do that. I usually take Fridays off. I got that from Johnny Carson that never worked Friday night and try try to abide by that will infect them take in reference to the harbor in Cleveland oldest dating back to the 19th century, and I expect to be inebriated by to 3 o'clock okay great.

I'm five today so you can watch me talk job Geraldo go get them graduations, 1-866-408-7669 we come back. The teacher calls first time today, so get on board. If you preferred righteous go to Brian kill me. Dot-coms click on comments yours. I'll get your reports then Lonnie Chan will bring us inside the Republican Party on right now things have never been better and think about where they were a year ago they lost two Senate races and they had a president whose rally turned into a raid on the capital so things were looking as bad as possible. And now I don't think they've ever looked better. Go figure. Size all opinions.

Brian kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about it. Your with Brian kill me.

My concern mostly about the mandate, and the Supreme Court ruling on it is really they have been talking about a mandate designed for different virus they been talking about a mandate design for downtown, so when we saw that the man that the mandate was upheld for healthcare workers recognize Delta now represents less than 2% of all the colored viruses out there that's according to the CDC study just came to Southern California that it's so mild that out of 52,000, contents is not a single person went on to need a ventilator so I'm concerned that been using inaccurate data needs clearly from the statements of some of my Ortega and Briar and also this man is a timing problem because it takes a couple weeks for people to come in and then for six weeks of immunity, think again. That's when Carlos peaked in. Very low levels.

By that time that would make sense if you were about a mandate. Can we just be honest. The vaccine according to the seal of modernity and others is really not effective when with a booster limited help. So maybe they give you less symptoms after the president's going on now but were actually debating something that the omicron variant beats Cato's listening online in Florida, kiddo. You are also listening to our conversation on Russia good morning.

Yes with anyone.

What I got this right that I am I a Republican conservative right and the fact that I don't understand why people or the media, and interstate is really pushing the idea that Russia is attacking Russia going to the borders of Ukraine and so look they are interested in protecting their borders. I mean we have. It's not American borders.

Therefore, you may you have a solid point but it's not a matter protecting their borders. They want to influence the entire region again acted enslaved them not insulate but slay them to their economy will use their resources and limit their people tired of that radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me and show. I think Joe Biden, the Democrats are frustrated that they can't remake the American political system, so I never have to relinquish power. Today's debate is really about.

Laura want to destroy the Senate rules and customs. Not so they can say raise your taxes as a cop, Scripture guidelines or they would do those things. Of course, so I can do things like federalize our elections and take over the way elections are conducted in all 50 states like Washington DC estates to get to Democratic senators in perpetuity. Packer courts including the Supreme Court.

That's what this is all about the Democrats know that their agenda is massively unpopular and its delivered catastrophic results for Americans like highest inflation for years and it's all in this nothing. He said it was if I could use you is Joe Biden's favorite word hyperbole because the economy is reeling inflation highest since 1982. You see, they say were in full employment, but this did the will the worker participation in the workforce is never been lower.

And then you have a situation where they can pass any legislations visit so revolutionary, it is not popular with their own party like channels all about political reality sees California State controller candidate is Dir. of domestic policy studies the public policy program at Stanford University. Longtime Hoover Institute guy who also try to get Mitt Romney elected in 2012. Lonnie welcome back. Okay, I think that you could do that without Microsoft changing what you're saying we can have new software to do that. Lonnie, can I ask you first of have you ever seen such epic fails as what you with this yesterday a political fails no, you know, I mean the reality is you do have you not and can't find an old friend of mine and that we excellent college together and write very very big concern about what the Democrats are trying to do and it's also very shortsighted. Think about applying. Because if you change the filibuster rule. Now, what we've essentially done if you have completely changed our political system. The reason the Senate is there is to provide for parts to provide deliberation to provide for people to consider public policy in a reasonable way and essentially what that what the Democrats are proposing to do now is to wipe all that way just so that they can have a couple of policy victories over the next couple years and we can have a debate about the things they want to do and there's a number of things they want to do that are deeply troubling. But I would say that in the long run. What they are promising is a completely different political system and and that's very scary to me Brian because that will change the entire landscape of what we're trying to do with public policy in the US.

I think people need to understand that there are great implications of this blessing. People do and I think Democrats used to steer this Chris Townsend was asking for this almost every day.

Mitch McConnell blow up the filibuster get something pasties.

I will not do that, but it was Harry Reid that started us down this path that is expanded by Mitch McConnell for the Supreme Court justices first originally for justices if you had carved out this foreboding. It was done as Joe mansion said so. Joe mentioned Christensen were not there Lonnie. I don't care what you want your your inoperative you know the reality so Joe Biden is been there for 50 years. Why would he put his political capital out there knowing that cinema and mansion were not on board why I think the simple answer that the progressive development in the Democratic Party and the all the talk about the challenges of the Republican Party and and there are challenges of course in every modern political party, but the problem with the Democratic Party is that it has by and large in many places, including here in California really become a token of the four progressive black and what you see increasingly are politicians trying to respond to that instead of the broad majority of Americans who really want public policy for the middle of this and so Joe Biden has fallen victim. I think the same dynamic so many politicians.

Gavin Newsom here in California you can go down the list of different Democratic governors who work the holdings of the four progressive left and thank goodness Allstate Joe mansion Kiersten cinema, who were willing to stand up and say you know not how we should make policy. By the way, we know you and I probably would disagree with Joe mansion Christmas, and a relatively significant percentage of times, but there's also the time Tori might figure out what they're doing is the right thing. That's the hallmark. In my view of the good policy make is willing to stand up for what's right even when it means going against their party debate. So the challenge the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is falling into that trap and it's really sad to see you soon though. I thought you be moderate who couldn't get the left with them.

I didn't know he was going to be way to the left to kick at the moderates with them. Its exact backward so I wanted to be to the court of our sure the most oppressive country skis restate the country Inn in California that will they do is clamp down and mandate.

So, Harris is sitting down with Craig Melvin this is a former Atty. Gen. and center from your state. I would argue know as well as anyone politically. So here's her being unable to answer the question that is paramount in America today. Cut 15 at what point does the ministration say what the strategy is changed six former ministration officials last that open letter urging the ministration to change course, to change strategy is a top is time for us to do what we have been doing in that time is everything every day. It is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down and so right now we now we still have a number of people that that is in the millions of Americans who have not been vaccinated, and could be vaccinated, and we are urging them to get vaccinated because it will save their life. What was that I've never heard something as embarrassing as that that matter so much. There needs to be another strategy correct answer with incomprehensible well I mean I think they don't know what to say anymore because all of that discussion all the conversation about this is what we know this is an incredibly virulent. It is an incredibly contagious virus and there are only so many interventions that will work for what you have to say it wasn't. Can we examine what were doing.

Can we pause and say what kind of public policy needs to work at this point and I just don't think the administration has had answers to this. I may not read some criticism recently. For example, that said that they need to start thinking about how going forward.

We can all manage this as opposed to being scared and I think that is a fundamental shift in philosophy that the administration is not willing to admit to, or or or they just can't.

But the thing if you look at this across the country. Many places are doing what they can write and not being irresponsible about it, but they are trying to encourage Americans to do what they can also live their lives, and we have to take this in the balance coming.

We have all of this all of the study that come out now about the impact.

For example, kids not being in school and now you got so many places so many large urban centers, Los Angeles, Chicago talking about keeping kids out of school.

Again, this is a remarkable thing working in our country we actually have public-policy data on the negative impact of keeping kids in school.

For example, so many places to get out of school so I this administration need to figure out had some tales and begin to really answer questions the American people have about the future of what things look like with the continuing problem is we all know you're in a campaign now you know campaign will say things like today understandable when you talk about the pandemic.

He says will kill the virus not the economy. He is not till the virus he has killed the economy and he came out and said how dare you not have enough testing anybody obviously detests were already invented by the time he took office only to do is reorder me didn't do it, let alone create them from created on number two when it comes to therapeutics.

He actually Merck and Pfizer have a therapeutic to keep you and I live and keep that 75-year-old smoker from going into the hospital, but he didn't order enough that's inexcusable. Of course them and by the way, Trumbo said keep schools open. They said the responsible, so almost everything the trumpets said, and he had criticized.

We actually need to do and he didn't so that's his problem and if you don't have the right answers and with the your biggest critic of the people that were on the medical team from your transition team.

You have to have something to say. By the time you sit down with network television and she had nothing to say, as if she was in another country. Do you know her to be that ill-prepared is that the senator you knew the Atty. Gen. you knew well, I think that she clearly that answer was horrible and I do think it reflects maybe just a lack of understanding about all the different public-policy challenges that one face with his vice president and serious job and where serious timeline I want to go back to Brian about the availability of tests and things like that. We are seeing all over this country shortages in things that people need to address the challenge of coping and beer promises that have been made. For example in this administration promised repeatedly.

No AA test for every family. I know here in California you seen the governor promised that every schoolchildren I got every every a school-age child and family should be able to get access to home Still don't have that yet all these promises keep getting made and none of the prompts are being followed through. One that I think it looks frustrating. People also about the situation Brian is that we keep hearing things right with you. Eradicate the virus will connect kill the buyer. The reality is the only virus we've eradicated in our lifetime. Smallpox right and anything you think about polio, something which is exceedingly rare rare even that's not been eradicated to the notion that we can eradicate coping and in the administration of the vice president and others continue And it just completely different with reality, and they need a reality check on some reality checks when that happens with the government is that the executive branch obviously become so insular they become so defensive they know anybody in the you got to just the opposite. Anthony found she's failed. But if you look at your numbers. He's at epic failure at the very least, you have to open up that circle of understanding because when your biggest critics are from your own party. That's an another thing the other thing is people that aren't is involved in politics like you and I are are affected by what's going on so the shelves are bare. We can get back to school, you can get back to work you having trouble going to a restaurant you have debates on the most fundamental basic issues ever on travel on going to college so you will grant the will. Who's making these policies who's making us get a vaccine who's making is get a booster why all these people testing positive. Having said all that, he goes out and says this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated knowing that almost everybody watching them right now. 70% of which over 12 of God vaccinated know somebody fully vaccinated and boosted that have gotten the virus and yet he still walks out and say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated yeah I mean that you also like a very good point which is there. They pass the buck mentality here right if I were to say whatever it is not our fault in place of the complacent thing as a perfect example right we saw recently, reporting that that that be inflation in this country is worse than it's been since 1982, 7% month over month of December and what is this administration's response to that was not our problem powerful you know and and there was even that clip, but the famous quip of I think it was one of the administration official Sec. of energy, cackling and laughing when she was asked about the role that inflation plays in why Randall it's remarkably callous of this administration to be to be unwilling to admit that their policies have contributed to the inflation that was seen right. You cannot have 45 $6 trillion of fiscal stimulus and not a speck that could take the economy and and creative placement of the guys need a federally they need a reality check. January 6 and now today he sets about the bipartisan infrastructure deal, which he took five months to sign makes no sense. So the Republicans have a lot they have a lot of money, a lot of momentum the police to take the house. They feel confident they could take the Senate, what would you as a reply as a conservative that you are on the West Coast you're running as a California state-controlled candidate what what rent would you recommend the party do from here on in knowing something like going comes of this pandemic in Russia. It's beyond political point you talk about national prestige and survival. Yeah, I mean, they're very realistic that our country here in my state, which is that which is California. Obviously, by what I think we need to focus on across the country is the recognition that there are serious policy challenges that are not being addressed. I talked about inflation, the economy, the importance of having down policy.

Fiscal policy insuring that were doing the right things to get families more money into their pocket that they're able to do the things they need to do. Making sure our kids are getting a solid education and then you mentioned the challenges from places like Russia, and of course China view continue to be really significant issues so we need to focus on on substance Brian that the most important thing the substance of how we can make things better in this country that really needs to be focused at the end of the day and we could talk about politics all day long, but for me, at least one of the reasons that I'm actually the big reason I'm running for state controllers precisely because I believe need more accountability in our politics need more transparency in politics and we need to start bringing some of that back in really legitimately thinking about what that means.

Lunch and thanks so much. Best luck. Hey, thank you. Take care, Brian. You got 186-640-8766. I will be back to taking calls just a moment like going on here Brian to meet you. What is the grand plan to increase oil production in America is hilarious giving you everything you need to know breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show past administrations have been really quite leery about litigating these issues on the edges of residential power because they didn't want, not only a loss for their own administration but to find your presidents. That's why this is so reckless is that they're taking very weak arguments in creating really strong precedent against their own office so that's what Jonathan Turley doing some its analysis on the Supreme Court decision came across our our show on Thursday.

They talked about how it's it is not constitutional for the executive branch to unilaterally just pass a pass a law that says that every private business with over hundred employees has to get vaccinated or take a test. There are certain amount of days can't do it and if you want to pass a law you can do, but they didn't do it they circumvented and foolishly. Ron claimed the Chief of Staff knew about it. Any exposed by re-twinning and anchor who said this is a workaround.

He said yet to work around. So imagine me saying yeah I told you I didn't mean to shoplift. I do know is my pocket, but in whispering to the guy next to me. I put in my pocket.

I just can use as an excuse so they don't press charges and that's why it all blew up. So you didn't get. If you are somebody if you're a hospital or or in a medical program that takes federal aid like Medicare or Medicaid. You can mandate that everybody there gets vaccinated. Hence some great people, great nurses, great doctors, medical workers are all out of a job. They were fired because either had it or you are not comfortable with this vaccine. These are experts. Some of them a PhD's. Some resurgence number nurses, cancer nurses, we seal these hospital worker shortages in these overtaxed hospitals will if you didn't fire everyone for not getting vaccinated, even though they know I keep safe visits in their own best interest to do so, they treated covert patients maybe wouldn't have this problem and that comes from hospital workers don't push back. I come from the executive branch and Democratic governors to go to Brian kill Think of the president freedom fighter put race in American perspective Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. I running Brian Kelly went to the latest moments in the Brian kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669, Shannon Breen coming up in a matter of moments, and Jesse was at the bottom of the big news he is going to be hosting prime time so he's here at seven and he hosted I believe he was on Hannity last night, so that's great. We know the present United States to try to get some good news who is going to be trumpeting the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he got forward knows I can be there anybody on the left. Certainly not the squad because they hate that bill is on the green stuff in it solicited to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three have a choice you want to take on consequential economic sanctions and more troops posted in NATO countries in the water there now and more missiles in those countries and one of them now or is he going to conduct a limited attack into eastern Ukraine and that is our general checking with me on Fox and friends today talk about the collapse not collapse with end of the NATO Russia talks and what it means, because already the Ukrainians have gotten hit by a cyber attack in the Wall Street Journal, a very provocative article with a quote from a foreign minister who wants to put missiles in Venezuela and Cuba would we tolerate that the 500 million tests that it would be sent everywhere. No one is going shortly and ardently I have to look at the current information assembly by next week. Should we have done that so we are doing.

We are doing covert catastrophe.

From testing to mix messaging to Supreme Court losses. Every aspect of handling this pandemic is under scrutiny from both parties. Yes, and the PP will not be bailing out the president. The latest catastrophe from her perspective again. Her heart things and white houses. You have every challenge late at your feet. We could certainly propose legislation to see people support bunny rabbits and ice cream.

But that would be very rewarding to the American people. One year and worst week ever ending with an embarrassing, futile, inept attempt to block the filibuster ram through voting rights bill or two of them present buying doesn't have the votes from his own party, and he knew it before he put his presidential prestige unaligned to go to Capitol Hill someone in Washington analyze the Supreme Court decisions as well as taking in the political ramifications of Shannon bream. You know, she hosted Fox News at night at midnight and she's a best-selling author, Shannon, what a day yesterday first offer you instant analysis on the two Supreme Court decisions.

I did you kinda think that this is to be a split decision make the most of the groundswell questions and concerns about the ocean mandate and it just went way beyond anything the federal government allowed to do before they get contained with the parameters being an executive branch of powers, but this issue with me and asked Medicare and Medicaid funding workers that work at facilities that have fact-finding. There are only strings attached.

Federal money said not seem like much closer case that you know I can't. I just took five justices that one bill could have gone either way from either cabin are the Chief Justice found that they were content that within these facilities that receive this money already know there are strings attached and filter string at this time is a vaccine that the secretary had it within his authority, determine heating.

It's critical that not so far beyond the powers and it's not beyond the powers that secretary and it's getting more popular by the day, especially when the least taxing people and boosted people are getting the virus anywhere they thought if I make this decision at least some out of the woods and with the long term is what a lot of people question is Gov. Pete Ricketts I Nebraska. He is relieved her 28 Nebraskans don't need a mandate to write things throughout the pandemic. We ask the right things and they just did it to Terry Tyler course clinical came out with their scorecard states and the restless were the best estates with regard without mandates lockdowns is in contrast to what you see is going on in these different cities and you know he made a comment earlier about the vaccines and now that we know the vaccines don't really prevent you from getting the virus or transmitting the virus is just another form of treatment, and so we only think about how we manage back the virus mandating vaccines or having vaccine car show to get in those databases all just completely makes no scientific sense and that's a great line.

It is more of a treatment because even the president said yesterday your seven he says that your 17 times more likely to get hospitalized to beget this virus and if you don't get vaccinated. It is a treatment court last week were not up-to-date on the information I will put it nicely.

They are operating off of personal world has changed since November Windows mandate came out we were still primarily doing the crime hadn't showed up which is bad news for some people, but for the majority of people bad news and ultimately leading to vaccines so you got a situation now where mandates were put into place to stop the transmission.

They're not doing and everybody from the CDC to NIH calculus all admit that openly and don't try to hide it director set on a hill this week. We think everybody getting help sell it now interchanged as a dive evolves we learn more and clearly the regulations that were set up at the federal mandates were done at a time when the client and through different. It's amazing what was happening.

The last two days where it is not even new wants to see people's take on how it's going to move the present United States to get his SUV and stream over the capital and have Kiersten cinema on the floor saying I am not going along with blowing up the filibuster. I'm saying I suppose you know Shannon, it doesn't matter everything with her public this is just bad politics going on and certainly within your own party, something that Pres. always get credit for it can't hurt to catch within your own party if your Democrat or Republican, and go up to the health plan on kicking cinema and gel mansion had made clear and doing it again yesterday.

We are not going along with this we continue to think you knew my inbox gets filled with things from Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Things are moving forward regarding this weekend when our not confronting a snowstorm this coded theory disjointed on the White House and the hell are not anything page on with the realities of what they're dealing with. And when you have phone numbers at 33% approval.

Your upside down and coping the economy the future of the country trying to go to hell and make your optics look even worse when members of your own party winter stopping you from getting what you want.

At some point you have to stop and reassess right so the economies of the story on Wednesday on Tuesday was the president's ridiculous speech in Georgia, where he says if you agree with me your Abraham Lincoln.

If you disagree with me your Jefferson Davis someone loaded that teleprompters of someone's happy about that but I don't know where that came from and the voting laws are not Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln Civil War style.

Nobody looks at the Georgia thing rationally, and says that so I'm wondering as you look at the structure of that administration is run claim with all the sways is Susan Rice using her with our instincts. What is going on behind the scenes wonder because remember Ron plaintiff cannot help them this week with the Supreme Court.

He retweeted that TweetDeck said when he came out with the mandate paid the ultimate workaround getting a federal agency came up in arguments and justice course I can hit concurrent actually referenced ministration trying to do a quote workaround which seemed like a reference to Ron plaintiff retweet so you don't think you be more careful about what they're saying publicly and privately began everything that they're doing right now it's kind like my dad said some people have the Midas touch everything he touched turned to mufflers and back story how it feels at the White House. Right now they're not making the decision and their doubling down on things that are working like the filibuster and pass the voting rights law, you're not because to members of your party.

Say you're not can it do it for to go to Georgia at night and have them show up and then basically say you're a racist.

If you're not with us on this market went over Jimmy or Kiersten for either one of them heard that me tonight. Yeah I'm a racist.

I needed about my objection to the filibuster and abandon the principle that I sent that built on my self-esteem as I said to myself I keep reading trying to find all the nuances. The axial supply labor comes texting Chad Thompson went missing. Why would someone commit to a Martin Luther King vote when there's no sign that these two sinners going to flip the filibuster and then vote for this John Lewis bill and why when you know that 71% of the country, if not more, are for voter ID, most of which are of people of color, a full voter ID when you're demanding peopling the restaurant have to show ID and a vaccine card.

Why would you go to bat and say we gotta get rid of voter ID have a national holiday and give ballast everyone saw it to me with their doing is not even universally popular so they turns out, there is no game plan and I think when you write about this first year it will be his worst thing to happen to Pres. Biden is to win those two Georgia seats and then go meet with those historians who told him he could be LBJ and FDR and he couldn't. He didn't have the votes. He does other public sentiment. It's a different country. Now there was in Washington at about that winning the two Georgia knowing that my credit and here it could be there tiebreaker on the hell, and that anything he wanted to get them have to keep every single person together. I know party.

They would always have to do that in order to move anything for it. Whereat even if you split that shortest seats you could constantly blame the Republicans for things getting gummed up and not getting done in the Senate.

The only reason I can think they're pushing so hard in the voting rights bill is because it's really all they've got right now. As far as conversation there there tanking on all of the major issues right now with independents with big chunks of Democrats with Hispanics with Blacks with all kinds of subsets of voters out there. They're really having a rough time voting rights bill. I think they believe will think their base any of the people progressive groups and part of their base training because they said were initialed to the thing along with faith even to had a scheduling conflict. But even the progressive left to I guess this is not said when I coming you in any way to pass this were tired of the speech is supporting you and getting super excited and you guys knowing this is going nowhere. The only other thing I can think is that they want to force it to some kind of vote in and say Republicans abutting against you there racist. They don't want equity and voting. The only plane I have right now and defeat sensitive people will fall for that is, Harris concedes on the inflation question single-handedly the most universal and pervasive thing that hits everybody listening to us right now. 32.

What we've seen over the past year. Why should Americans believe that this restriction has 64 inflation so essentially the issue is whether folks can afford the cost of living is the cost of living on to point and again there are issues that can be addressed in the short term and there are issues that are to be addressed in terms of impact on families and the longer-term. So we need to do a short-term mission which supply chain termination feel better question and we all know and get sent on some very pleasant assignment usually, and thereafter a lot of time taking on an incoming but with the questions. Are you prep for the things they don't lock-in without prep. You can wonder kind of doing a moot court practice questions that they think they're going to get difficult difficult things all across the economy and across the country were gaining and thinking of the best possible answer to this question. Knowing you're getting them I and we both know that these were brought to the casing and sometimes we do not you are surprised, but to say inflation.

Second, doing those things when you talk about the US supply chain matters. What about oil and gas.

We have to find a way to get that number down and maybe we'll going to make an alteration to the no ban on federal drilling in federal lands going to re-fire up some of those yields. Some of the pipelines is going right now and were going to do the best we can to cut regulation allow people to get back to work. Here's what Bill Simon said he's the Walmart CEO about what he's seeing with not only the lack of people in the end labor flow actually working but the price of goods cut 33 and it is driving inflation. It is a big component of it, but it's sort of in my career I've never seen such a sellers market in labor and it's a time and it's what's really causing a great resignation as you described earlier. It's it's a buyer seller's market.

People are leaving a job for a better job and better wages and and that's it. That's a unsettling thing.

You know what where you could've found somebody at 12 or $14 are now paying 20 or $22 an hour to do well that's good for the worker. It's not great for the business to just do the math.

Shannon, as you do if you're paying workers a lot and you you have a certain business model would you do is up the price of that product correct, especially if have to wait for that product is not as much as our product because of the wood coming out of a pandemic and some some problems with having a porch that might've been preventable. Unfortunately, they are predicted going to get better quickly. We get wrinkles along time and place much mandatory that there were hiccups and bubbles in the supply line but there are so many complex complex actors that are feeding into like happening. Everyone admitted not to be over soon.

Now situation in our economy. Now what we had huge numbers of open jobs number the people who say they're claiming that there is something that happened during color that made him realize when a different quality of life. I feel like I can demand more out of my employer or go somewhere else and find a different job so kind of job openings. A lot of people who don't who motivated to go back to work just going to continue have a ripple effect in right now, obviously so many businesses people out with him crying gets a perfect 24 Nine anywhere that you've been with the groceries earlier this week on the shelves were not bursting at the seams in the line to check out all the way down the aisles of the store and she never filed five to but I told him he is on leave Fox news is nice tonight. Thanks and fastest three hours in radio until made about letting the sycophant the media falling all over you. Let's talk facts you got covert wrong facts. You and me doctor to doctor again. The American people the truth about covert, 19 was a good idea to design a million years that Dr. Oz will get his offer to Dr. Katya taken up on me doctor touches like going on outlets that but wanted to meet them. That's what is a come on Fox and back first him realize he was a political animal is when he came on Fox when this pandemic first happen, and I just had seen them a few nights before.

I know these are the channels and we finally got them and they took forever to Bochum and finally Bochum and what a huge attitude he has, in fact, to the end of it to lighten things up.

There was some doubt she a bobble head that was out there and I said I was wondering if the doctor found you. How much will I should be paying for this lease as well is not really time to get around and then something similar happened. They asked him who would play you in the movie if someone was about to do. You to make this a pandemic movie that they're talking about any sinking oil.

He starts kidding around with CNN saying well and think in Al Pacino Robert De Niro on big fan of his and then who would play, always sick. Why would he have that attitude in the same pandemic within 24 hours after Trump lost. He went on Rachel Maddow and said you're my favorite show. I want to go on your show so bad myself game over. Now he is useless without credibility is a political animal will not relinquish the spotlight talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian until made just like this. Anyway, I hope we get this done right now is that you're buying one of the worst days of prison could possibly have. And he was out there after meeting behind closed doors with his caucus, knowing the Christian Cinema about an hour before blew up any hope that he had up blowing up the filibuster by saying, almost teary-eyed.

I'm looking to do it. I'm not necessarily against a lecture before, but I'm not going to do it.

What you she's been saying for a year, which Joe matches missing for you Jesse.

I know you live this a watch on the five yesterday and then with Sean Hannity last night you focus on, Harris. I'd actually do that with Tucker somewhere. They were Tucker but that was one of the worst days of prison could have yesterday. It's like he was alone this evening at the staff. Please use the rejection. You know, he proposed to his wife eight times before. She said you have on this one.

Yes, Jill Dr. Biden. I did eight times for her to say yes. So I guess you could say he's persistent okay and and if you're almost 80 years old. Take the long view of things and you heard him say that at the end of the civil rights legislation. Sometimes these things take a while you can. I've insert little it's not civil rights but I okay but his point is you know up to take a crack at this.

Maybe next year will take another crack. I don't think the countries thinking about it that way. Well, I'm kind of relieved because a year ago you muddy bidding of that time they were going to add to states to the union they were going to add to know just to see and generate a member this. That was the goal and then went above the filibuster and pass on this legislation and almost none of it come to fruition, except for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and he jammed 1.9 trying dollars down our throats, which even Larry Summers says help fuel the inflation right now is a little grease fire for the dollar and then you add infrastructure so if you're running in the midterm election.

Those aren't sexy items to fire up the Democratic base, just not right infrastructure for so that money is not even to go out the door next year. You have a presser today). That's all he has and then covert relieved you feel relieved from covert. I mean, they spent 2 trillion.

Giving it a test. They're running out of anybody's that's crazy so he's gone empty-handed going into a midterm year and can inspire anybody when you hear him pretender Democrat Brian Julian Serra hired which would you just get I want to run through a wall if you heard the guy talk, no, never.

But don't worry because he's in a vice president who represents the future the party who has great contacts with the Senate. So if you need any type of leverage and power in the Senate. She'll just call user speed dial to call Joe mansion and Christian Cinema.

She looked totally clueless about almost every major issue as if she was asked to be a sportscaster for two years and not pay attention to the news, you know, it sounds like when you pad your resume with fake experiences and then you get into the job interview is something very familiar with and they start asking you about these fake experiences and you start making things up. That's what she sounds like, and she doesn't have deep connections on Capitol Hill.

She's a pretty new senator doesn't seem like she gets along with people. It's not like Biden when he was VP for Obama. 30 years ago, and be old Joe and slap some backs and shake some hands notice she didn't even go to Capitol Hill to close the deal on voting rights. Yesterday he went so I don't know if he doesn't think she has what it takes to knock heads together or she didn't want anything to do with it because she knows it's going to fail the story as he was in actio's and said that when Joe Mantua coming to visit, she would be asked to leave really yeah so she would be leaving the room and that I should come over and they were talking they would talk about with the guiding is okay just coming over and she would leave. So the problem is see a lot of stuff that we know are people listening to us right noware in the room and my example earlier was you bought a house before you before you bought a house, you have a million questions on watching videos right now. I don't really think I know exactly I'm getting into mistakes I made before and assumes is how you buy a house uncle let me check my note teaches here right this tufted instincts, and with it, every lawmaker has. She doesn't have it, so she's in the dark and she's feeling her way through, and I don't think she's prepped enough. Obviously she does not answer basic question. Are you going to be on the ticket. The easiest question ever. These are hard questions. When are the tests coming doesn't even know basic stuff. I think what I see her doing. I think she looks in the mirror a lot. I think she fusses over superficial things. I think she gets involved in the personnel BS that doesn't really matter, just focused on the job you focus on policy and then she does a national TV interview and she looks like it's amateur hour. So a lot of things which interesting as I thought prison trumps weakest thing was the pandemic I all my goodness you know some of things of the press, but a lot of his instincts.

There were turned out to be correct to me touching too much testing enough, we gotta get gotta get the kids back in school where I was reluctant to shut down the economy playing China right away. That's where it starts. So we while the stuff he was doing and he had that great plan, even if it was his idea. He signed off on it pre-ordering all those vaccines before they testing data came back. We at any Same therapeutic sensor Joe Biden and therapeutics didn't work. Speed the therapeutics. They didn't advance order any therapeutics they didn't advance or the covert pill so now there's a covered pill shortage Julie quarter million for anyone. It's got this treatment now that I don't think it's out yet but they said it was out and haven't seen it, but they didn't order enough because he never preordered it.

And you're right about the president instincts the last president and the only knock on him. He wasn't. I guess compassionate enough to the people of the country, especially the older generation that were nervous and anxious and when you scare. This was a new phenomenon and that was I guess the only legit knock you have because if you look at the fundamentals from warp speed to lock down openings to pretty much everything he was right on the money. Then you get a guy was supposed to care more than Pres. Trump. I don't know if he cares more because he doesn't act like he cares right.

He's not doing well among the final things that you need in terms of opening and therapeutics and forward thinking and I think now you can compare Trump to Biden vis-�-vis coven and if you go back in time.

I think the country take a second look. I use the other thing you looks but also my pants when my kids got a Simon.

He was a fish and he was not talking he was able to hold his own press so could you imagine, Harris going up in that briefing room and answering questions live. Remember they were taking those briefings on the network, absolutely. And he was to Mike Penson of Dr. Wright and he had to basically crash course in epidemiology right and so and he did a very good job and he was reassuring to people, couldn't cut it. She could not cut that lives taking random questions about what their strategy was and she is not to be in a piano neurologist, which is to say, I was was in briefing 45 minutes.

Without this doctrine, I went over this Lebanon I was briefed on this study, and then you don't don't really think about studies. Yet those pills are probably six weeks away.

That's going. Maybe I just left it just becomes natural because you know we know this. This is a different venue slightly different from the five your own show. It's totally different but with her. There's no instinct but I want to bring you to.

I think the most important thing Donald Trump is much as he loved the microphone and camera would bring these people out with him. Why is Joe Biden to bring these people out with him and introduce the presser and then when they get specific income sites income CF Ouchi and then goes and then after while there might be this pressure on present Biden to make a change as opposed to present Biden has to change right so there was a little showmanship to Trump 20 bring out the people in the lab coats are whoever he brought out and when I think the audience appreciated that in the beginning and towards the end I think he started speaking a little too much and not letting some of the rationalization. I'll start it and then they stop that and he recovered from that, but Joe Biden's solo show and Joe Biden needs help right. Not only does he need help just speaking to me he needs help off-the-cuff when when he's talking about some of these issues and in the American people. It would feel more confident if you was there was a wrong supportive faces with credentials behind him to say this is a team effort, and he doesn't have that right. He doesn't MNS claims fall that Chief of Staff he's got a go of his membrane and braille predicted is toast your well the thing is, who's gonna tell me this gotta be a long time friend, but you never any card after the first four years of Bush walked in and said I was present at your enemy.

You should make a change so the fresh start. Can you do it now turned himself and said you need a franchisee clan doing them doing that now. He doesn't seem like he has a high character. My my thing is maybe he knows he sold over his head.

He needs it out like he needs to be fired, but then again when you go from here after this epic fail which it is but this is to me the most substantive soundbite from yesterday and last were told of the Supreme Court decisions and the fact that the mandates of hundred people private business with 100 people do not will no longer have to mandate this vaccine or get a test and that got blown up and we know these are things Dr. Marta Carey who knows her stuff and sign out said this about this whole band a conversation cut 27.

My concern mostly about the mandate, and the Supreme Court ruling on it is really they have been talking about a mandate to sign for a different virus they been talking about a mandate designed for Delta.

So when we saw that that the mandate was upheld for healthcare workers recognize doubt that now represents less than 2% of all the covert viruses out there that's according to the CDC study just came out of Southern California that is so mild that out of 52,000 omicron case is not a single person went on to need a ventilator so I'm concerned that been using inaccurate data values clearly from the statements of some of my Ortega and Briar and also this man is a timing problem because it takes a couple weeks for people to come in and then for six weeks of immunity, think again. That's when Carlos peaked in bed at very low levels. By that time it's great and it's exactly right. And Joe Biden was supposed to be the guy that understood the mechanisms of government. He is supposed to understand and to fit and be confident is how he contrasted himself with Pres. Trump and he's throwing up cases that are just getting knocked around by the Supreme Court.

He's getting basically beaten in the head by his own party in the Senate and and and now he's going off of a playbook like you know you play the Jets one week and then play the box. The next week you don't play the box with the Jets strategy update the strategy right.

And even then BC picked out that it's not working I just he's going to be here to preview his new series that he's this terrific 25 years.

Will this run for 25 years. That's a 25 year run right will be just like The Simpsons with The Simpsons. That's the goal that's ago is all one will be similar format exactly animated see we just broke loose. See you gotta do stuff like this on your side.

Now what my thinking back in a moment, all is right now right to be taken to manage up to 866-408-7669 Brian kill me. He's so busy.

No major Brian kill me, please wear a mask I think is part of something comfortable. Joe so finally I realize I should wear masks are comfortable. That was sort of the motivational press conference. The present had after he was just embarrassed on the capital floor and with me right now is Jesse Waters.

Jesse did that work for you. Please wear a mask. Brian, I have gone all over the map on masks and I am exhausted. In the beginning I was anti-mask and then I was Pro mask and then I was. I didn't care anymore. I don't care and now I don't wear one to do it and I just heard that the only mask that works is the end. 95 yeah and I been wearing masks that don't work for two years so they asked, Harris, that and we might find it, but it's worth looking because I'm seen a lot of it. As I watch the whole interview because Osuna Tucker same lesson I want.

By the way, were both can be a five yes yeah yeah bum filling in for Greg but she said where the Masters wearing tight tight goat. Thankfully, have you worn and 95 mask Lexington and you to make a kid do that hurts my face creates wrinkle lines under my eyes which is down on television dense, yet you can have that right. Where were network without self-preservation. Right. So first off, congratulations on what is amine and today was you said that was a big day because you it is your last Waters world shown the weekend so the last ever Waters world airing this Saturday night at 8 o'clock Eastern repeats at 11 and I wrote my monologue at the top and I got a little sentimental. I almost choked up a little bit but now I want to be seen as weak around my cost so I choked back tears, but it's been a long run it's been a good run and you're going to see the best of waters world the sometimes people would say the worst of waters world because there's been some ups and downs and the show meant a lot to me. It still means a lot. But most importantly, the audience means everything to me and it's that connection with the audience that makes you know my job special how similar is your chest. What is prime time to be just what is weekend. They'll definitely be similarities. I'm still gonna do a monologue at the top will do waters words of the top I will get out in the streets occasionally for a waters world interview so cold out right now I'm back in the Dale rallies to force me to go outside and polar vortexes so I didn't have a choice. If you even answer back ever. I had to. I said yes sir and pension.

This is where a funny hat and and but now I can kind of pick and choose when I go out, so will be going out in the streets a little bit and just doing what we do best, covering the news, making it fun right so did you tell Bill he knows very understated. Congratulations speaking to him next week. Try to get some tips on how to make the show successful because he deftly was the best and hopefully I can translate some of that wisdom right to how you can negotiate this so it's a lot of studying right, so you'd be doing five which you can hit phone in the five you got and sayyou would Greg not to monologues so there's more on you to give. I want to say this, but since Greg has stopped doing the monologues the fives ratings have been so good thank Eric could you check that a make sure this is true objected and stop doing the monologues we went right to number one right so would you feel as though there is you mean you can't just say well time just got a comment on crazy things. Dana says no I'm going to prepare for the five just as much, as I always prepare for the five then at Ryan. I'm just have to come in earlier which some you tell me I mean I sometimes I get in. You know, 12 12 by now I'm in a have to get an 11.

I mean, I'm still I wake up at six and I do my meditation really and I do like in my journal this ha ha that I I do my workout and and but I Minsk I have to come into the building at 11 o'clock.

Are you worried that that somehow this generally six committee will ask your journal will subpoena your journal to find out what you are thinking. Anyways I will bleach my journalist thoughts episode. So this is who's gonna raise your kids ever going to be home. Have you thought about a lead that spending quality time with the family in the morning I write. But then I'll be coming home a little after 8 o'clock and I get a get right to bed like you do because I gotta be up early and can be fresh right in my game face on. So it's good take some adjustment but will get there so couple thing to realize, you can end up going to bed and getting some ridicule from you. I appreciate your makeup on the pill is trying to make a ball for people don't know this how hard it is to take this makeup so you have it on for three hours that you keep it on all day and I do have some like FOXBusiness and foxes all day long, and what do you know what the routine is should we tell him what the routine is first. Gotta take a little baby wipe right and smeared all off your face and I love you do this, but the take these little circle tabs and then you pour a makeup remover on I don't.

I just learned this right. I just learned this because I got an eye inflammation because I didn't take the white makeup off well enough and then you take that and then you wash your face and yet the more stress face right if you moisturize you, and I mean you look like Ducey or Clint Eastwood say anything about it so gradually changes Jesse and will watch a show at 811 and will see you on the five tonight with us same outfits a makeup, I think so much was never went by Jesse's book. It's almost as good as mine right to I should post your book on my site use of the reciprocal.

I'll think about you want to wear tight fitting over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber listen well and foxes not or wherever you

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