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Southern Border at Breaking Point as Crime Surges in American Cities

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 27, 2022 12:20 pm

Southern Border at Breaking Point as Crime Surges in American Cities

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 27, 2022 12:20 pm

[00:00:00] Brian's BIG 3

[00:12:28] Dr. Marc Siegel

[00:18:12] Carley Shimkus

[00:31:21] More to Know

[00:36:31] Ian Bremmer

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[01:12:50] Jonathan Turley

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive aunts Brian kill me. I won one's abilities moments of the brain.

Tell me Joe so appreciate you being here all week long, and especially today Dr. Mark Siegel waiting in the wings. I got asked him about this new report from the Johns Hopkins University that was previewed for us yesterday.

I think exclusively and it was just talk about the fact that natural immunity not only does it have durability you think is criticism from skeptics, but it actually out last the vaccine. So hire everybody back that you fire that is natural immunity in hospitals, cops and firefighters truck drivers and correction officers and everybody else get them their jobs back.

If you have an ounce of responsibility and self-respect.

Dr. Mark Siegel on that and more pro-Shimkus of the bodily hour race through some of the big stories of the day. So let's get started now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have seen nothing and I've said this just recently here at the Pentagon we see nothing that that makes it clear that Mr. Putin is willing to de-escalate the tensions and move those troops away. That is, John Kirby tensions rise of the border of Russia and Ukraine. What are we doing and not doing to lower the chances of invasion and the European people not seen in 80 years and we do a legislative on the state that are allowing people to return to Wall Street's way to understand why the guns are continually continually flowing cities all that is Mayor Eric Adams crime. Even some Democratic leaders are seeing the need for punishment as the men and women in blue find themselves victimized by society that is taking them for granted for way too long they have been defamed in the funded way too much. I have hope things will change the flight to the American people. Southern border crisis there waving them in reporting on planes sending them to airports closed at night like Westchester putting them on buses and then released into cars into the community.

This is unbelievable.

That is Rob Pastorino, former Westchester County executive who is able to through a freedom of information request gets 55 minutes worth of audio NUC video from a police officer's body cam watching fights land in the middle of the night with illegals on them as they vary throughout the New York metropolitan area.

They were hiding it because it's illegal, unconstitutional, and it has to stop. We are the breaking point between the secret fight illegals into small-town airports or Boston illegals interstates around the nation boxes reporting it as showing that the Biden breach of immigration laws at a level we have not seen before, or thought possible.

Will this change only if we can keep reporting so much is going on that you need to hear. It is so beyond politics.

I don't even want to bring politics into this. Don't tell me how it affects the next election. It minimizes the danger and concern I have for this at our border and what's happy to illegals coming through our border. The ones we catch him upset with little loan. The ones we don't in the fentanyl that's very throughout the country which is manufactured by the Chinese given to Mexican cartels and brought exclusively through our border drug traffickers, human traffickers, bringing people through so you think the 2 million number is high.

It's probably higher then you wonder, where are they going to go into your school system.

There going into your town to sponsor families. They are closed given supplies. Sometimes cash by NGOs who are NGOs, Jewish organizations, nonprofits like Catholic charities and others tell me if the matter what Lutheran organizations tell you how you feel if your religious organization is doing this. It's not a matter of compassion you are actually a part of an illegal cartel operation taxpayer money used to continue something that is against America's interest in any way shape or form. So two things. One is really bad audio in a play a little of it if it's just I it's hard on TV. It's probably even harder on radio but just picture the scene. The Health and Human Services home in Scurry Sec. may work in us who's an embarrassment to this country because he knows better was allowed a border to stay wide open and is lied to us saying if you're in a current unaccompanied Malcolm across the board you being sent back under title 42, which is the law. That's not true. We've seen differently.

It's been happening since the spring picture this, border agents, forts are not allowed to do their job not supported by HHS or others at ice because of policy not allowed to reinforce American security during a pandemic MA orchids comes down and they turned their backs on him, engage him, and they tape this conversation if you can hear it. I'll probably read it anyway but let's try to here cut to his day. This is unbelievable. So these two agents try to say hey if you think everything's on the up and up. How come every time a VIP, a senator comes down. You quickly go into a holding areas you scoop people up on the buses and you move them out until they're gone. If you're not embarrassed by that why you're doing it next. It's clear the agent turned his back on May orchids. The secretary because he sickened to the core unit become a border agent. I met a lot of them.

Hopefully you did to do that to become rich because a lot of glory, you're forced to live in an area where there's not a lot of people around were maybe your families complaining there's nothing to do or you leave your family in a major metropolitan area like Houston or Dallas and you fly back on weekends or when you're not working there we go to do your job.

You do an enterprise you do because you want to keep this country secure. You don't do it to be rich or famous, and they're not allowed to do their job and their overwhelmed right now and it's not a matter of poor countries want to come here for opportunity. It's a matter of breaching our system and not reinforcing the law. So would you have is another agent say if everything so great, why are we hiding all these illegals that were holding and letting out into the country and then he gives a generic answer of to keep fighting and then you know it's obvious one of the agents or view the agent turned their back on him and he says well you could turn your back on me. I'm not gonna do it on you and then the agent said brilliantly. You did the day you were appointed. So that's a tapping our southern border that MacCallum Yuma there are these smaller airports where these illegal immigrants are put on flights hired by private contractors out of our money and their ended the money they could be used to resource for border patrol to get that wall built to get the more resources and roads in and around their better surveillance in high-tech equipment and maybe drones consider using that were flying illegals here and we are actually continuing this drug cartel business where they use the drugs to get about to build up their illegal activity and what they do is go up to that for that small family who is poor who sacrifices everything so the kids have a better life and they give that human trafficker may be $4000 or 10,000, and they grabbed the rate and 11-year-old they go thousands of miles to our border, where they have escorted over the Rio Grande River in some cases and then they're allowed to stay. Can you imagine this and if it works.

Guess what they charge more and asked for more. And if you work for Catholic charities of these Jewish organizations Lutheran organizations Protestant groups and you think you're doing God's work know you are allowing these kids to be tortured and possibly abused on this journey. They never should've been asked to take because of hope. They shouldn't have because our system shouldn't allow it, but it is because for some reason and I don't know why this this administration thinks it's in their interest to get illegals here during a pandemic while firing people who are not double vaccinated Rob Astor Reno was able to acquire 50+ minutes of illegal flights coming in to Westchester County Airport. If you don't know the New York area. It's a small county outside New York City that would go to La Guardia or JFK widest too many people too many witnesses.

Some of the middle the night. This contracted private contractor lands with a packed plane. And these are not unaccompanied minor some more, but these are families there here illegally.

They're given a stipend there paid in the pre-handed over to sponsor families or to government housing.

Do you believe this, so here's a little of the exchange cut for so that the cop saying this since I get the whole secrecy thing in all this bleep, but is even above my bleeping paygrade messes with the cop saying this is you know why because if this gets out. Government is betraying the American people. Everybody over there doing the contractor sold his soul because this said this contracting company gods in the New York Post today are poet up this contracting company who usually were to the CIA or HSS. This time they're asked to do something illegal activity pick up illegals and put them into a town that doesn't want them in a county that has no idea that they are entering a play a little bit more. And here is more of the exchange between the cop and the pilot and one of the 12 chaperones who know who are accompanying the flight country. You're a secure facility here. You really don't care. The guy in the tarmac is explaining that there's no security they get a packed plane here nobody's even escorting these people off. One could just run off the tarmac and we even know what they do. We don't really know the background to now boom illusion just reported on Fox news channel that some of these people on their record of misdemeanors and their still getting on planes coming in our country. If you are the most liberal person in your driving in your car right now. This is not Republican or Democrat. This is against the best interests of our country and a for you and your family were bringing criminals into our country illegally. Unbelievable. And you think this is the only flight not a chance is happening right now it probably happened last night we come back the other big story.

October 19. Do you know that there were 12 miles worth of trucks that spread them so that were drove into Ottawa to ring around the capital of Canada because now if you are an American truck driver Canadian. You cannot go into that country leisure vaccinated so that means they don't get the commerce because truck drivers 50% of which are vaccinated, so they are ringing around Ottawa with their trucks and trailers to intimidate Justin Trudeau.

I hope it works. But back to the vaccine talk will do it with Dr. Mark Siegel, Fox's contributor, author of covert the politics of fear and the power of science driving deeply into today's top stories Brian kill me, Fox news on tasks network and the dominant Fox's contributor, another of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominick's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News on talkshow that's real.

This is Brian kill me show all cases are going down across this country precipitously. Debts are not right now with around 2000 a day. But in a country of 3000 350 million. I don't think that is tragic. We don't lose one person but sadly it happens every day. Dr. Mark Siegel with a sound. Fox's contributor and author of arc over the politics of fear join just now. Dr. Siegel, are you convinced that out the worst of omicron is gone. We were heading in the direction you only missed one point in your great introduction, which is how many people did we lose by the hypervigilant and hyperventilating over covert army.

We lost a lot of people haven't we people with heart attacks, but straight home people to get the screening care they needed people with severe depression and suicide. People with drug abuse and alcohol all off-the-wall data and exercise all because of the reactions to covert and yes Brian answer your question omicron in the Northeast right now is having way down New York. Anyway, down.

New Yorkers are area which is highly vaccinated, which I'm happy about and also a lot of people haven't we had two big waves here already and wishing the numbers dropped precipitously in New York in the Northeast are hospital numbers are down and the deaths are way down here Morgan she got across the country. So one thing is the debate now between Florida and the Washington big surprise, monoclonal antibody treatments. I noticed different versions of it, but the government pulled them all back government sentences.

That was one study, we needed that there are people that could benefit from that.

What's the truth, Dr. Siegel know I don't always agree with the governor of Florida admire him. I don't always agree with him. Here's 100% right here and let me tell you why. First of all, he already has. The clinic set up to close those were very very helpful for people that got occasion were at high risk of hospitalization and he kept a lot of people out of the hospital, but the bottom line is the scarcity of the monoclonal antibody that works the best against omicron Sutro Vermont is the government's fault. So what is the FDA shorten anything down for when they're not replacing it with what works better than only inhabit as far as Regeneron is concerned an article in the New England Journal of Medicine showed yesterday to give a higher dose. It still works to some extent.

I as a physician, Brian.

I wish I was practicing in Florida is a physician want to make that decision for my patients, whether it's somebody that this will work for last point.

There still some Delta around and guess what works well against Delta Regeneron and the lily.

So yes I still need those arrows in my quiver they should and it should not of been withdrawn.decision is not being made by a clinician I can tell you about outcome when unless there is alkaline and in some of those in test positive not told you have Delta or yours omicron can they tell the difference).

Because of the PCR test, not repetition can tell the difference with the PCR. You can tell the difference. There's something called an airstream drop but I know that's very, very technical, but there's a way I can tell by looking at the PCR whether it's omicron or not, and that's very distinctive and we can tell. So yes, they can tell know most of the isolates right now are omicron but not all, and a lot of people still in the hospital or dealt with Delta. It's not like one takes over completely in the other disappears.

The other becomes minor when the other ones major and it's a really good point, your dismay, we should be distinguishing on the level of the PCR test so it's easy to see and choose our channel. What I think is what you supposed to run a channel you let Alex Berenson was on said I I'm not convinced these vaccines are effectively seen so many breakthrough cases and you came on the next angle. Yeah, I think the vaccines do work so no one got hurt. We had a differing of opinion.

One is a doctor the other ones, a researcher, journalist, what is wrong with that data unit that's not misinformation he's bringing a conversation to dialogue you call in an expert would you give us your opinion and you cite your studies is that we handle every issue. Why is one labeled and sidelined and silenced by the way, not only is totally true, but later it appears that Brian kill me and I'll tell your listeners to somebody that's always open to this discussion. Call me up and asked my opinion humanity would agree with me on your technique very seriously and respect me greatly. Brian and I respect you greatly but that's the conversation you know you're asking me my opinion. Now that that's what we've always done, and they deliberately ignoring the fact that I'm going on there saying look, the vaccine is not the way it was sold to you, that's the problem is, and it was supposed to prevent spread it's not doing a great job of preventing spread obviously 60,000 new cases in Israel yesterday. But guess what very few deaths in Israel and we have producers in Israel that I talk to about hospitalizations in the way Western here that shows me the vaccine decrease the severity of their million breakthrough cases going on that part is obvious, and Alex's got every right to go on there and so you know, I don't think it's working at all. Why can he say that and then I come on and I say here's how I think it's working. I like to I figured that exchanges characterized us from the beginning as he said to Dr. Siegel's stance opposite appreciated. Always a pleasure Brian Sykes. I go again by the doxies got a great show on Dr. radio on seriously awesome post. We come back, call he sent disjointedly skates as we get to the reporting from whom allusion at the border you have not heard before precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcasts radio show like no other and kill me. I welcome back.

We just got Coley Shimkus is here in educating yourself so through them as is entering the volume was down the volume is down okay. Even I could figure that out.

He and I could never worked at RadioShack which is a shame because you would think.

By the way I call you great to see you the same calling from five different yeah and Fox and friends, but do you think that if anything was built for the future would be RadioShack coming did you think that that was the franchise that would last was Sam Goody and all the chaplain last right well nice sadness of 2022 is that BlackBerry when I was using a flat until the very end. Did you know that about knowing I was the only person in this building and still carry a blackberry around everywhere just for the phone because the cookie board is on the label think it's satisfying to type an email and now it's just a void in my life.

I will as anyone.

I was as fast as anyone in the blackberry but I have still not adjusted to this the new phone the iPhone you don't like the iPhone iPhone eight with your iPhone. I need a new life on any income up to 11 so we can follow this immigration story, two things.

The surveillance video on the border with my orchids and having the border patrol turned their back on him. It's amazing because think about this living will know where can I make $1 million. Just let me do my job and you know you're embarrassing them and making them a shame to do their job and they turn their back and my hope is we get more this video. At the same time Rob Esther Reno's video. They got through the freedom of information act gets more traction that shows these illegals coming out of MacCallum coming out of Yuma and landing in places like Westchester the same time because we haven't why we have people loyal to the show. The network we got people on the border then understand that we care about our borders. Yeah, I now and when it comes to that body camera footage stats going viral. They are posters all over Fox News all over it because like you said about pastoring a got it from a FOIA request and I now it's everywhere antibody camera video of the police officer who is at Westchester airport and he's so confused because airports closed flight comes in. He has no idea what's going on.

And the trend line through a lot of stuff that's been happening since Pres. Biden took office is that there are these lead to videos and you start to realize that when it comes to border they're trying to do things in secret and they don't want people to know it's like okay listen if these are your policies and at least stand by them. So why are you doing right or the cover of darkness. Just only on the fact that you want open borders on the fact that you want illegal immigrants across the country on politically I don't I don't even know why they're trying to hide it. Yeah, I also think these contractors are taken the money on this one contracting company that is taking the money is called MVM contractors and they're the ones doing these flights and these were for the CIA to do some work with homeland. They should know what they're doing is against America's interests that they really need money that bad so the stories moving boom allusion just move this story because now that he exposed the single men who were supposed to be turned around constitutionally because title 42 demands it here illegally single man, you go back a remain in Mexico only is 300 people there should be 30,000 they're not enforcing it so boom allusion said this when pressing ice on why you're doing this we have been witnessing our own mass releases of illegal immigrants here in the RGB this week.

This is video we shot yesterday in Brownsville where we saw well over 50 single adult male illegal immigrants just dropped off by ice near a parking garage in the city and releasing the public you're watching as an NGO leaves those men across the street to a bus terminal. Many of those men had ankle monitors on several of them were hiding their faces from our cameras and ice agent came forward to me who's been involved in mass releases and told me that this is been discreetly going on since last spring. He told me that ice has been releasing migrants with misdemeanor criminal records including assaults do you why drug possession and illegal reentry. I reached out to ice about that this morning. They did not deny it. They told me all releases are done on an individual case by case basis and they consider all factors when doing so and back out here live.

I also asked that Ice Age in our US taxpayers footing the bill for migrant travel. He told me they work with NGOs, the NGOs will ask the families of those migrants to please provide an address and buy them a bus ticket or a plane ticket to a city of their choosing. If that doesn't happen, the NGO will buy the ticket themselves then bill the federal government for reimbursement.

That agent went on to tell me that she feels the Biden administration has turned ice CRO into an unofficial travel coordination agency and morale has never been lower. You believe this, I mean that's all new information to me.

Yeah only does a great job, great hair as well and I can write and I think that's underutilized to be doing more with you Brian.

I think that I actually think it's really sad what's happening our country right now because were country of what 339 people not everybody is can agree politically but used to be that everybody agree on the basic staff safety patriotism on border security. When Pres. Biden was a senator. He he voted yes to 600 miles of her fall and then present Huntington anti-start campaign easy knowing we need to build up the wall and everything. I'll allow.

We never heard of that before anything believable and I think that of all day immigration stories that have made the news over the past month, the one that is the wildness to me is the fact that if you are an illegal immigrant and you want to buy a plane ticket you can go to TSA give them your arrest warrants and then the light you on the plane in 19 you doing that I don't have an ID but here is a warrant out the Iran steers my name is my open beer ticket that I got showcase has to be legal. I don't know of course nothing like if you have an arrest warrant and you're talking to a government agent. The natural next action is okay working arrest you now. Thank you for providing the paperwork for me to go to Florida and when I under homeland security and Homeland security is selling out America and the thing that really worries me and I don't want to be an overreaction on my part in all it really is a security issue on 2 million illegal immigrants were in contact with think tried to cross the border. That's the number that border security had obviously there a lot of guideways that we don't know about but 14 of those were on the terror watch list last year and said then you do have to think about the guideways and wonder how Pres. Biden sleeps at night because I wouldn't be able to.

It's just you're just rolling the dice that a terrorist didn't pay the cartels to get them across the border in a secret way. And then, God forbid, Brian.

What if something does happen and it ends up being that somebody that came across the border illegally and then that's on Pres. Biden. Of course, but it is happening is having a regular basis with the but Carly doesn't seem like anyone outside our network cares but one breed to another area of expertise.

We been following this story significantly and that is the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. We do not, the Ukraine Russian.

I would say the US and NATO. You can then not a member of NATO. They asked the Russians had some outrageous demands. We provided the answers on their request. They're not happy reportedly of the answers we gave Vladimir Putin studying the house. It has a relay I would place into the Olympics and the timing for him in the freezing of the ground, but which we be doing right now is the question we should be unifying with NATO you know that Germany and determine what a disappointment. Germany, the most powerful economy in NATO now and this is a story about why energy independence is still important because the reason Germany is so friendly with Russia is because they depend on Russia for their further energy their oil and gas in on this goes into the North stream to pipeline that would completely cut Russia off. Usually when Russia and a lot of Russian pipelines go through Ukraine. This one would go directly to Germany and still it takes the risk of Ukraine possibly cutting the pipeline. So if this pipeline goes throughout Germany.

As can be for ever dependent on Russian oil and gas. They significantly cut down on their nuclear they significantly cut down on the call and now they're sending helmets to you my house and that's it and then Ukraine president that you might as well send pill outside so can I brag a little bit please. Down the mayor who said that who the mayor of Kiev who said you miserly sending pillow so to supporting the Germans. Now we know where you stand will be my guest on Saturday at 8 o'clock okay, you knew that already. Thanks were to make it in no I know that he was the one Vitaly Klesko who be let excuses former heavyweight champ of the world is like 50 into he's a monster 67 used to be married to Hayden panic here know this is by his brother Heather's heavyweight championship so there and these these guys got masters degrees. I think in neuroscience or something but I want you on this on the subject of Germany.

Here's what Katie K is reporting from MSNBC cut 2470's intransigence on this is Ryan playing other European countries and other allies as well.

The Brits actually didn't even ask the Germans if they could fly that planes that transport planes that they was sending to Ukraine over Gemini space because they didn't want to put Gemini in the position of saying no said they didn't even bother to make the request and then the Estonians wanted to send arms how it says to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian asset.

The gentleman said you can't send those because that she originated in Gemini bulletin from us.

The same can't send them on to Ukraine said that being pretty hard line on this and it's causing quite a lot of discomfort here in Washington but also amongst other allies as well, particularly the central European countries who got out of the Soviet grip and all very nervous as Baltic states in particular opponent when Meeker is Romania will NATO members who have very nervous about what Rusher is doing in Ukraine and the answer is pretty simple. It's it's self interest Gemini last year imported something like between 50% to 75% as much a 75% of its natural gas from from Russia and it's very dependent gas prices and sold in Europe this yet, up 300%. So obviously we have the gas we have the natural gas I have here. We should do well. The issue is that we don't have the infrastructure right easily do that with that pipelines come from Russia emergency meeting with UAE and Johnny Raby there started to an input end and sends like seal up different ways to supplement this, but keep in mind Russia is literally fueled, pun intended, by oil and gas so if they cut off their best customers are actually stopping their own revenue now yeah that's it. That's a great point and then when you think about back here at homeland Pres. Biden dad when when he kind of art.

The Keystone pipeline and he made it so hard for the oil and gas industry in our country. Gas prices started to gallop in his answer was, well, Russia should just pump more and also the way that they they create.

They manufacture the oil and gas.

It's so dirty, so there's not even like a green energy reason behind this.

Aside from the fact that Pres. Biden can just tell is based in the green people that like tenant to vote Democrat. Well, look at what I did, making it harder for our oil and gas industry even though it if you care about you care about global warming. Any Russia is a great much greater offender than the United States and they don't care could not clearly last night near China but believe that they just laugh at the way we John Kerry goes over there and says if you would just help us out in this way, and he said that you yet within 20 years. We will do that. Yeah, and we caught and they improve. Meanwhile, when we come back: Shimkus been contractor for two blocks well is coming back to find out if she needs to know more once and for all learning something new every day, Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen to Fox News five test the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. My issue with everything that with this whole of Snow White and the seven dwarves in the and the remake coming in Snow White and the seven wars it's not snow white and seven normal-sized humans, like every other.

This is a fairytale and this is also giving seven dwarves real life people actors a chance to start a movie in a role that is for that literally fit for that by saying this he's doing something worse for the dwarf and the little people community trying to take roles away. It really blows my mind and that is Dylan post postal.

He is another member of the dwarf community and he is pushing back on Peter dink which is claim that snow white sets back little people's lives because there like movie coming out Snow White and was find out if Carly Shimkus needs to know more about this know that story Snow White comes out. Does he gives gives a remake on it and Peter dink Lidge, who is famous famously in game of thrones is known as but but what else is in elf is also in LA so he's complaining make sports look bad.

Yeah, I now evidently there were in good housing. It's not a career anything I first of all I love Peter dink led to a huge game of thrones fan I didn't hear his comments about why he and criticize this the one you want Eric to get a four woodlot not a player, spun my gosh I was little. By the very very very very proud to cast a Latino actress as snow white, but you're still telling the story of snow analyze yet seven doors sure take a step back and look at what you're doing makes no sense to me. We are progressive in one way and then produced American, not backward story of the seven scores living in a cave for what the error and have I done nothing to advance because from my soapbox is not loud enough, but it was they were so proud of that and all of and respect to the actress and the people who thought they're doing the right thing. But you do yeah well I think if the first actor that we heard from spoke to Peter dink Lidge Peter think you know what I see your point right you think you won the debate. Yes, I down here dink legend lives in Morristown New Jersey I believe, which is close to where I grew up nice big fan of his and I am an obviously be yourself because everything I see thing else the okay this is me left many mallets seen ditching her iconic red dress for a pants.

She will be and a pantsuit in Paris. Stella McCartney famous designer to design the best I guess Cardinal Carney's daughter real no McCartney's poem – so was probably this is the we live is okay for me to watch over our hearts and brains first when you find out of the house and would you Google that find out. I don't think that Stella McCartney is Paul McCartney's daughter without his ACL guy said to escort myself out now what we as many master pantsuit. That's right below not read next Matthew Stafford's wife. You know he's the rims quarterback was so blown away by the prices of the NFC chip into game tickets. He says he's personally buying a bunch of seats so she can give them away to Rams fans quote if you're a hardcore RAM fan or just a regular rim fan of veteran active in the military public servant. Email her at staff get how great is that because rim play the 49ers. Yes Sunday will that's an interesting take. I thought you build I thought you were talking more about Matthew's wife, but I do believe that the Rams will win their more talent, but they do have a habit of blowing it late and they blew it late again. Sam is exactly what I write 55 takedown of Neil Young after he went after Joe Rogan I think is my favorite story the day I Joe Rogan that just modify it either me or him. I think he was trying to say it. I say listen, you gotta get rid of Joe Rogan thought I was like sorry***you're out. Neil Young done Neil Young done swinging a mess terrible. They call you really enjoy this will watch you on the big Sunday show the way, Paul McCartney is British. Thank you. Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest live Fox News Studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

Thank you much. Listen everybody as the Brian kill me Joe coming to you from crime ravaged New York City heard around the country heard around the world even forever standing by the prison of Eurasia group and G0 media.

I hope we shall meet on this weekend show the first edition of one nation. Hope you watch on at 8 o'clock on Saturday. Also Marti's at the bottom of the hour you know is former speechwriter for George W. Bush. Fox News contributor and Washington Post columnist there's a lot of breaking news to handle and before I get to that. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have seen nothing. I've said this just hear the Pentagon nothing that that makes it clear that Mr. prude is willing to de-escalate the tensions and move those troops away that is John Kirby trying to explain the inside story from the Pentagon perspective tensions rise on the border of Russia and Ukraine.

What are we doing what are we not doing and what's Russia's reaction will discuss it and what we do or legislative on the state level that are allowing people to return to Wall Street's way to understand why the gun from tingling continually flowing cities throughout the country that is Mayor Eric Ellington exasperated by crime in his city crime. Even some Democrat leaders are seeing the need for punishment as the men and women in blue find themselves victimized by society that is taken them for granted for way too long they have been been defamed, defunded way too much. I hope things will change lied to the American people. Southern border crisis there waving them in the putting on planes sending them to airports closed at night like Westchester putting them on buses and then released into cars into the community that's just some of the outrageous behavior by our government officials when it comes to our border security breaking point.

Now the border between the sacrifice of illegals into small-town airports in the middle of the night busting illegals into states around the nation on our dime boxes, reporting, showing the buying breach of immigration laws and a level we do not think possible will it change will discuss it with me right now is Ian Bremmer and Ian, I want to talk primarily about what's happening overseas to get your take on what happened here in this country. I think both sides used to agree that securing the border was paramount how we did it was where the rubber hits the road. Why do you think this administration refuses to talk or do anything about the 2 million+ to have come across illegally loser issue and frankly, one of the reason I get to be in charge of the end of the day that she she makes or doesn't make her ability to run going forward. And as you know, there aren't a lot of people in ways illusory shoot to secure the border. It's a plus if you think you can resolve immigration at the massive plus but of course I mean the fact that everyone knows what a general agreement would look like and no one's willing to put the political capital to make the compromise coming on. For example, issues of dreamers. For example, issues of how you deal with massive amounts of illegal immigration into the United States, but a recognition that you want a large amount of legal immigration.

There are too many best interests that are too far apart from each other to make a comprehensive integration to work the Republic of the Democrats have consistently failed in getting that done for decades.

Yeah I just see as equals. For example, if you want to talk about the diseases if you want to talk about making it easier for consulates to be able to screen people will yell that's great debate, but to me I always thought that securing the border and not allowing illegal drugs to come through and making that a primary challenge was universal and we have Harry Reed coming out saying talk about the evils of chain migration.

The need for Chuck Schumer when he was was not Majority Leader the need to Boca to enforce the border and these are the same people obviously Harry Regis passed away will empower just bizarre need for immigration in the United States is changing over time, the kind that the people you want in the US for a constructive workforce are different. Look at me I I'm I'm a big fan of the idea that the United States of the Statue of Liberty really exist. You know the people around the world see America is a place that they want to go and make a life for themselves or their children, but if the average American feels like there isn't a land of opportunity for themselves and for their kids to become much more posed to letting anybody else doing things for them and I think that's become unfortunately a very toxic conversation.

US doesn't have to be. But I understand it, Ukraine, Russia tensions right now.

Russians said hey do you think you know those demands I made to you at least answer them in writing.

We did so did NATO.

Early indications are judged by what some people are saying is in them. The Russians and I can feel satisfied you hear that, I think the Russians are not feel satisfied and even if they were little to say it was just the opening salvo. They haven't no gravity would have the opening of the Beijing Olympics, yet we know that we have more time for diplomacy play out.

And so it's very early days.

But what what I would say, unlike the immigration story.

Brian, one of the things that is frankly heartening on the Russia Ukraine issue is that both Democrats and Republicans agree on what the Americans need to do all across the board, everyone agrees with me. Diplomacy everyone agrees that Ukraine shouldn't join NATO.

But we should send them significant military capabilities to defend themselves. Everyone agrees that we need to push the Europeans to get us on board with us as humanly possible, subdue unified show B's abuse Russia and finally everyone agrees that we need to show very dramatic consequences to gluten if he even engages in a small military and get encouraged further into Ukraine. I Brian, I haven't seen that kind of general agreement on a foreign policy crisis in decades from across the across the spectrum. Yesterday, midprice came out and said there is no more seem to pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. Of course it's not our pipeline, but when you think about him saying it the way you did the timing that he did in the arts Germany on board with that is on board with that. The initial statements from the German Chancellor were late and weaker than they should have been. They have gotten on board since he's the new Chancellor Merkel was there for 17 years. This guy doesn't have any real foreign-policy experience. Further, at the three party coalition, and there are differences inside the German government. The greens are much more hawkish in the shortly don't like the notching pipeline but the free Democrats do and so I think it's taken the American some time to read the Germans in on a collective response but I would say there at least 80% there now and I think that allowed the State Department to make the statement that it's not about Russia taking out the Ukrainian president, killing thousands of Ukrainian if there's even a small military intervention in the US will put unilateral sanctions on all the companies involved in Nordstrom in the pipeline will not go forward.

Germans have been engaged consistently in the last two weeks will be American on that issue and I don't think the US make that statement without the German Chancellor saying okay, just like Germany does not did let Estonia go over flights because the howitzers they were giving Ukrainians were made that was that was that was weak and the German haven't sent any military equipment themselves, and they haven't allowed the Estonia German made equipment in it sounds like they're standing on principle because they say well this nation we don't like what the work but the Germans also do sell a fair amount of military equipment to some of the some very repressive regimes and so I think that that's a loaded BS. Frankly, I was very unimpressed about your so we know that Vitaly please go former heavyweight champion of the mayor of Cleves got word that the Germans were sending 5000 helmets and he took it as an insult. He says it's unclear if the helmets would be donated or paid for anyone say what's next pillows so he was insulted by that while everybody else smaller nations are doing a lot more so I'm not sure how much they changed. McCrone sees this as an opportunity because he is now president of the U as an opportunity to show some statesmanship has he shown it. Does he have Vladimir Putin's respect. I wouldn't go that far?

I mean, the reason why he continues to say I want to talk Americans alone is multi you don't you don't want everybody to be beat ganging up on you and also because Putin wants respect. Internationally, he wants to be treated as a great power. He understands United States ultimately calling most of the shops. So, that's right, micron made in early intemperate statements saying we want to have our own EU security. DO with the Russians over the course of coming months and could be strategic autonomy.

Keep in mind McCrone is also running his own presidential election campaign. It's got a hard-fought with the centrist candidate that could beat them so all of that is playing in. Having said that micron got beaten up by everybody, not just the Americans but other European allies in NATO and the EU. After he made the statement since then he's been fully engaged with the Americans in the Normandy conversations which been happening with the Russians over the last 24 hours than eight hours longer pretty successful and also the French together with other NATO allies provided some military equipment that's going to the Baltic states and to the frontline Eastern Europeans, Bulgaria, Romania, so I would say that France is probably the weakest links here, not Germany but France is more on board today than they were couple weeks ago, on balance, as you say most of the NATO allies in even president want up Turkey who has not been a consistent ally of United NATO sharp statement saying that the Russians should not be invading Ukraine.

If they do Turkey would respond at all NATO member was quite something. The Turkish Pres. while they have their missile defense system. The AS/400 whatever that this is so they have their undeliverable so they're half-and-half out. I'm not sure with turkeys doing so you worry about besides the actual invasion itself.

What what concession do you think that you most worry about that's realistic with this administration. There's also what's being the two sides can be discussed in terms of you know what kind of weapon system. Ukrainians are given what kind of military exercises force disposition in Eastern Europe. No medium-range long-range missiles.

This kind of thing always talks about the fact that a hypersonic could take him out in five minutes. How would you feel if that happened to you. That's when they talk about sending troops the way Q book.

I think you can have meaningful arms-control conversations on those things. On balance, I do think it were more likely to see further escalation from the Russians before diplomacy really sticks in part because I don't think those things are sufficient for the Russians to suddenly say okay were taking a deal. I also think that has a few more pieces of escalation. You can engage in to see if the Americans can hold the Europeans together and also to see if Biden's really willing you know counter the Russians or some of this is bluff and so I think that probably need to play through over the coming month before we can before I can tell you honestly whether diplomacy can really work at the other thing I would say is short of all-out war. There's a lot of danger if the Russians engage in full cyber attack against Ukraine last time they did a big cyber attack. It actually ended up causing billions of dollars of damage to American and European companies, wasn't intended. It's just that the Siebel warms you know, got out and inspected other computers. That's a real problem. There are lots of things like that that could end up leading to a much greater confrontation. Even though the Americans said very clearly that they're not going to provide military defense against Ian. Let's obsess over China's commands of his political weight behind Russia feels that the US is overstepping and Russia's legitimate security worries and also says they were trying to destroy and hurt their Olympic Games wanted could give us the one read between the lines or the Olympics are fine. The United States engaged in diplomatic boycotts, but NBC still doing coke operators all the corporative sponsoring all the athletes are playing. I think everyone understood that this was kind of minimum table stakes provide not look weak, politically at home, but also not to blow up the US China relationship a bunch of other countries got on board, not everybody diplomatic boycotts.

I think it's kind of a nothing burger at the end of the day going. I look at it. I think that there is an enormous amount of US and Chinese business that gets done and is not going away. In fact, US China trade relationship is increasing right now it's not decreasing you talk to any CEO, any banker to tell you the world's largest economy in 10 years time to do more business there. So yeah, I think it would've been problematic for US economic interest you've gone farther than the diplomatic boycotts and most of our allies, maybe almost all of her allies would with us. Generally speaking, I think it's better we can build coalitions on the Scott stuff so you probably close to where Biden ended up on handling the base analytics on on Russia. There's no question look the big geopolitical change in the world in the last year was India flipping farther away from China cutting off 100 Chinese tech companies and apps from being able to be used in India military confrontation China close to Pakistan India want in the quad. They want to be aligned with the United States but the huge loss for China for the previously nonaligned India. The other big shift in reaction is the Chinese cozying up much more strategically with the Russians and that is definitely becoming a principal challenge for the United States and American allies all over the world absolutely mind in the as you know is tight with Russia. Still, they still have a military relationship so that hurt makes it complex so is ISA join me tomorrow talking about China and the electric snow sending the wrong message because after all, if you're Muslim Uighur, you're living a life of hell nothing short of that as well is freedom in Hong Kong doesn't exist in Taiwan as a reason. If you want I Ian, thanks so much.

It was great. We got we come back talk loop that will crimes happen in New York City. The funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral for one of us to slain officers from last Friday as well as the emergency meeting between the Manhattan DA and the governor of New York will discuss that as well as these new revelations happening at our border is so much worse than you think Brian shall meet you in your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me and what will legislative that allow current 12 streets to understand why continually lonely cities throughout the country understand why we are continuing to produce broken broken adult and become broken people to commit violence so that is the new mayor former policeman and understands five cost been shot since he took over two were killed massive show a massive show for the funeral of one today St. Patrick's Cathedral. We had the other Cardinal go and pray at one of the soldiers. Betsy passed away the age of 27 shot on Friday.on Tuesday, and then you have a lot of people say nothing to get better business Manhattan DAs I could be prosecuting almost any crime. So the Democratic governor knows that most American people. Over 80% say that crime is their number one issue only outstripped by inflation, said this about bail reform and making criminals pay 11 draft draft and I'm looking for the data that shows me that Valerie form is the reason that somehow crime is going up in 9100 cities in the ark.

We will show you the data and also there's one thing that's hard to write down and hard to find in a column or in an actuary with an actuary and that is how many wrist don't happen because they know these guys in these women are to be right out into second so the obstacles were the second number nobody can go south. What is the point they're all saying that in New York and many other places.

If there's no cash belt. What is the point radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show and love everything that the ancients told Marcus that he only knows this and he said that he knows that the policies and thereby refrigerant has implemented as an optically popular with customs and border protection.

But he said, but we have to work within that framework. It's like what they built that framework, it doesn't have to be this way and it's really frustrating and were now over a year into this crisis into this massive influx and things are going gotten worse and so that's why it's not surprising that this is now the second time Marcus has been secretly recorded and that all is been linked because the agents know they they saw what happened on the ministration they saw things were working and they should be back even if the policies were not that were not effective.

They were trying to overwhelm for a while people pouring in. They had to get a hold of it.

So Pres. Trump announced threatened Mexico threatened the triangle countries withheld the raid and things worked out.

I was a behind closed doors were admitted to the May orchids video brings us there. They border agents turned their back and they know what's wrong and right. I think ice is gotta stop doing these ice agents know it's wrong and right in the Zeiss director. These ice ages should probably start to find their leader and not letting these other single men and families come in and out on taxpayer dollars to be just sent all across the country.

I find it unbelievable to so a lot of the surveillance for the video you if you've heard Sen. Tom cotton did to on the labor immigration problem that's been existing now since Joe Biden took office. Can we even withstand another year of this as we wait for another midterm election cut seven criminally negligent. You have Democrats across country who are still trying to shut down schools are insisting that kindergartners wear masks send them home if they don't, meanwhile your tax dollars are supporting single Roman man crossing this border and being shipped where they want to go as we just saw in that video. That's a far cry from what the federal courts of order to buy the ministration date which is to re-implements present crops remain a Mexico policy.

I was shocked by the Biden administration's response survey said that they sometimes help with the orderly processing to return her to get these migrants to their final destination. While Laura wants him across our border illegally. Their final destination should always be turning around and send them back to their home country. No kidding. You believe that. I mean, this is doublespeak do we think were just morons who say to final destination destinations back where you came from, they could solve this problem. No one is talking about the problem. I would love to see other networks care about this because it's a matter of national security. Britt Hume hard to get them excited seen it all and knows negligence when he views it. Cotton the situation on the southern border is quite striking. It is, it is the problem that the administration is making no serious effort to solve, and it is the new story.

Nearly all the mainstream media is making a very serious effort not to cover which is nuts and I have not gotten good entrances of Ian Brammer. I vested almost every expert. Whatever the Democrats really think it's for their best interest to allow all these good illegals to come in here and they saw the enemy voters really. I thought they thought they'd only the Hispanic vote was to be theirs if they are the ones who push for the dream, the dream act, the dreamer act and if they are allowed for the will of the wax border security no more. The Hispanic vote wanted Donald Trump even after he made that ride up the down the escalator, even after we had a tough crackdown and build the wall many miles and it so this theory is not correct and it's hurting the country about what's happening at our border boom illusion was just on television was able to break a series of firsts. So let's hear his report. I'm pretty sure much of what you're hearing your hearing for the first time we have been witnessing our own mass releases of illegal immigrants here in the RGB this week.

This is video we shot yesterday in Brownsville where we saw well over 50 single adult male illegal immigrants just dropped off by ice near a parking garage in the city and releasing the public you're watching as an NGO leaves those men across the street to a bus terminal.

Many of those men had ankle monitors on several of them were hiding their faces from our cameras and ice agent came forward to me who's been involved in mass releases and told me that this is been discreetly going on since last spring.

He told me that ice has been releasing migrants with misdemeanor criminal records including assaults do you why drug possession and illegal reentry.

I reached out to ice about that this morning. They did not deny it. They told me all releases are done on an individual case by case basis and they consider all factors when doing so and back out here live. I also asked that Ice Age in our US taxpayers footing the bill for migrant travel. He told me they work with NGOs, the NGOs will ask the families of those migrants to please provide an address by them a bus ticket or plane ticket to a city of their choosing.

If that doesn't happen, the NGO will buy the ticket themselves then bill the federal government for reimbursement. That agent went on to tell me that she feels the Biden administration has turned ice CRO into an unofficial travel coordination agency and morale has never been lower. No kidding used when do your job, you not getting rich. So morale is never been lower. We know that they're being jettisoned into the small airports around the country into communities, unsuspecting and not getting their permission. We also know VP Harris, a miserable failure at this no interest in solving the problem is now heading to Honduras to be there for the inauguration of the new socialist president, at which time Cheryl said rather be in Europe and something insignificant and come back and say I handled the problem she is turning over private investment to Honduras money I would say listen, this is the money we've collected for you. People want to help out your country and invest you not getting it into you control your border crackdown on human traffickers. That's the way you do a deal. So we come back. Was it we find Marti's. And regardless, I will be squeezing some of your calls 1-866-408-7669 and talk about some of the ways in which we can attack the crime in New York City, politics, and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me to show when I prosecute crimes when I can hold criminals accountable when is it's only going to get worse. He needs to get his district attorney to do his job prosecute criminals, and we need to give the judges back there discretion to do their job. They were appointed or elected to do, somebody's got to get on the same page and that's Tom Shevlin he's the present Nassau County PBA and he's looking were tapping thanks to the governor, not cursing, cracking on these no bad bail laws refused to do it, and knowing that the state legislature is not going allow Eric Adams to be able to give judges the power to decide if a would-be defendant suspect is a danger to the community and should be let out. And these are things of these experts wanted Israel Democrats fighting with Democrats, you know, was in the middle of us were susceptible whatever they're doing is not working and just to blame guns not going to work.

Bill Bratton weighed in. He's talking about firearms true but also the whole picture. You know you successful when most successful police chiefs ever Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and he's pulling for Eric Adams cut 16, 6000 guns taken off the street last year.

However, with 100 trials for those carrying those guns. The vast majority of those 6000 people carrying those terms still walking the streets of New York. Many of them still carrying guns again start putting people in jail if the answer carrying firearms. I don't think it's that top visit I mean is many start locking people up. You empower the cops and dare I say give them a significant raise. One of things that I think Eric Adams is crazy to bring out without even talking the cops which is an anti-cop move said I want Amanda a demand of residency really you pay these guys coming out in women $45,000 and if you want to empty a resident in the in the precinct that they serve some of which are the most expensive real estate in the country skews me as you go to supplement their income is to be cop housing. If you want to do that maybe actually be an attraction. Hey, I can live on the upper East side.

It could be a cop and they pay for half my rent for the meantime, you can have both you think it's hard attracting cops now now you tell them where to live, forget it when you talk about what tapping the crime you talk about on Friday night, which is really got a lot of people upset because Friday night you had a domestic dispute. He had a call from a mom and the killer was just waiting when the door opens, he executed two cops of words of the third top. Who knows what else he would've done it when two cops went down.

He finished them and then he died. Thankfully because I want to pay for his health care for the rest of his life that Mayor Adams is going to address gun violence is coincided with an effort by Alvin Bragg to turn the page of his first week on the job after his first days in office released a memo we instruct prosecutors to seek jail and prison time only for the most serious crimes gun possession was not mentioned explicitly mean that according to the memo, prosecutors were only to request jail or prison time for possession of a standalone charge and you could resist arrest. If there's no prior record, no big deal. How badly the other crimes the carjackings through the roof.

I could wow you with numbers, but I thought this was significant to you can relate to this bike told you this or have you seen right aid you together is one of my neighborhood will not anymore on the upper Eastside in New York City.

If you don't live in New York know it's really nice. This been so many shoplifting smashing crabs were people brazenly walked in and just clear out the shelves and with inventory so hard to get.

They have closed their doors close their doors because the upper Eastside right aid from month has been the victim of this crime.

You can get a security guard and empower them to stop it. I'm not to do that for minimum wage worker behind the counter you getting me so they come in and they leave close now tell me if you can relate to that story away listen to WABC them around tailing Brian how are you good with a month. Make a comment you were talking about the flight coming in the middle of the night I live on Long Island and I live right in the flight at her and never did a flying in the middle of the night and that would be a rarity.

Now they literally wake me up at Q3 in the morning flying over my house, because a report by Dr. note Republic at Little Airport farming well that I that's incredible and you know you know but there is private aircraft. I mean that's what that's used for. But that's the perfect place to go. I've had people W RCN W RCN has a radio station invite by baggage claim at MacArthur Airport and their people reporting that Inca outcome. The government officials and then outcomes these illegals and they're gone they're picked up by buses in and jettisoned out. I think people getting onto that now they go even smaller is what you're saying Alain aliens foresee breaking up, but I got the gist of it. So Elaine's talking about fast forward or if you go forward West about 40 miles is another airport at this airport in the spring of this past year through freedom of information information act request.

We have gotten the body camera footage and obviously the audio is not great but it's worth listening to. Of what is happening when these illegals leave places like McAllen, Texas. They hop on a plane plane book by private contractors with taxpayer money and they are dropped off at smaller airports at odd times in the night and almost nobody knows where it's going. That this is 55 minutes worth of footage.

But here's a little of the exchange and I hope you can hear, if not all read it back cut three your secure facility here really don't.

We want to say is with this administration is they want to do this is their policy and they do think they're selling out America but doing it anyway. Marti's and Joyce's question posed Fox's contributor Mark the explosive video that we are able to get at the border and then in the smaller airports from Pennsylvania to Westchester to Long Island you think this will change things at all.

This rattled the cage of Americans not Republicans or Democrats. Americans remain in the idea that there have people like mother hiding people behind partly your government should not be hiding doing things in the dead of night and doing the behind hearts of people can't see her doing that you're doing the wrong and we just get on the border. They just announced a new policy that any truckers or any people crossing over from the southern border of Mexico after the have to test negative for development have to be back dated except if you come across illegally. Okay, but you just admit this is the worst border crisis in American history.

I mean, the more more than 1.7 million encounters in the in the line in the last year, which is the highest ever on record and you know what else but the people not talking about is the Sentinel seizures have doubled their record fennel figures.

We have a doubling of overdose deaths last year during the pandemic in this country because the deadly was coming across the border comes from stop it coming from China. Big bear would be a thinking fee imposed and so they moved all the production of Mexico because it's cheaper and easier to get across and now we're having a doubling of of of overdose deaths in this country because of this, this is affecting millions and millions of American merit millions of American families just backstroke somebody will so was the big picture Democrats just look at this people simplistically, I think, say, while Democrats want voters, but if you see them. If you see them shedding the Hispanic vote. You know the extent that such a simpleton response.

What is the big picture. Why would people on the record saying that enforce the border in the in the debate would be how change to it's okay to come through.

Let's not even acknowledge it's a problem big problem. The Democrats seem to think they have right now is that they're not even competing for voters in the middle right now, the whole show they have a double-digit gap with Republicans going into the next election left so.

By the owner by the barn administrations one by its absolute incompetence in the end, and inability to get anything on plummeting in popularity and to their failure to get through all the radical agenda you know the bill back better in a failed bit the baby. All they really were able to succeed in doing what getting back over to Berkeley felt through and they've been at it for a full standstill. So they're knocking to do anything it's going to despair their base for their faces is unfortunately out of step with the rest the country when it comes to immigration, so they have no interest in cracking down on this because there because their base will excoriate. They did anything to secure the border there trapped between their between the, the demands of their base for open borders and the inability to act Mark, I agree with you, but a lot even on the right to not agree with me that I believe that Ukraine matters Russian dating matters brushes the bad actor.

Ukraine isn't, why should people listen right now care about Ukraine because Ukraine is not Las Vegas. What happened Ukraine the state think about why matching troops on the border in Ukraine. It's because of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan because Biden is projecting weakness in the world if the same reason why he invaded last time with Dr. after Barack Obama failed to enforce his redline in Syria. What happened in theory of matter and if we are unable to do this, China's watching the odds of that an invasion of Taiwan happening on buying what dramatically increase the markup to leave it there.

Thanks so much, you could hear the brain to meet you.

I Fox's New York City show set of socks and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

I'm just watching this now on Fox news. All these illegal aliens being marched through San Antonio, Texas into the interior of our country on camera. Not only do we have it on tape.

Now we have it live and they say males thanks to title 42 should be immediately turned around. That's the law, but it doesn't seem like the this administration cares by everyone. Welcome to the latest hour.

The Brian kill me, Joe, we have this hour joined by Geraldo.

He does not have a last name Jonathan Turley does, he'll be with you shortly. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have seen nothing and I've said this just recently here at the Pentagon we see nothing that that makes it clear that Mr. Pruitt is willing to de-escalate the tensions and move those troops away right tensions rise on the border of Russia and Ukraine, despite the talk yesterday and promise of two weeks from today. What are we doing and not doing to lower the chances of an invasion in the European are people not seen in 70 years understand what we do a legislative on the state level that are allowing people to return to Wall Street's way to understand why the guns are continually continually lonely cities throughout the country that is Mayor Eric Adams crime run rampant. Even some Democratic leaders are seeing the need for punishment is the men and women in blue find themselves victimized by society that is taken for granted 42 long they've been defamed and defunded way too much.

I have hope things will change your life to the American people. Southern border crisis there waving them in reporting on planes sending them to airports closed at night like Westchester putting them on buses and then released into cars into the community. There you go. Former Westchester County executive Rob Pastorino the breaking point of the border between the secret flights of illegals. Small-town airports thereby do with a land the blessing of illegals into states around the nation without telling the governors and mayors Fox's reporting showing the Biden breach of immigration laws at a level we didn't think possible.

Will it change. I'm not sure unless there's going to be a change of leadership. With the right now to talk about predominately the change of the Supreme Court, but I like to get you on the record with this Jonathan is okay for the president not to enforce our borders in a long controversy, remember personal, Obama declared that immigration laws would not be enforced against the whole group including the dreamer and the court apparently found that the matter of aggression that you have president critically at the border can prioritize different things and so this is been a problem that the courts have really grappled with for years, but I think I did know to defer to the administration as to how it prioritizes immigration becomes a political issue is who you want on it in the light simple title 42, says single males without excuse.

We are turned around. They're not watching it live on television and then we see the secret flights in Westchester through freedom of information act 55 minutes of audio they have these contractors talking to cops saying what is going on missing lower in the air were not even sure will go in the evening when we're in the air and then they quickly tell us so here is a contractor talking about the secret flights to a cop on the tarmac to listen cut for by letting them and can I add in the run vaccinated. And we know nothing about the background of delusions reporting. It's not been denied by ice. Some of them have records misdemeanors and their still coming in. They been dumped into school districts into schools doubling the size of classrooms using taxpayer monies through NGOs. This whole process seems to be a flashing of flashing five alarm fire going out word that the president legitimately criticized for the debacle at the border and lack of transparency and quite frankly honesty with the American people know the flights are really good example of how Hartley ministration has worked to avoid the obvious that in fact is releasing thousands of people into the interior of the United States and in Corky ministration has really a lot the trunk policy that would require the return of these individual and as court ordered them to follow federal law that tended to slow and they take they take pride they cite progress in which they are implementing a change but in the meantime they are getting thousands of releases out into the country so let some of the new CSA justice prior to reporting on NBC.

It's now confirms the justice priors can retire. How unusual is the way we learned about this and the fact that we have not got confirmation from the justice himself really unusual. One of the fortunate things I've seen come out of the court in a long time. There is a protocol that we wait for the justice to issue a letter announcing the mediator forthcoming retirement and in the president comments on Biden was correct yesterday. You make a comment that I want to wait for Justice Breyer the right thing to do the wrong thing with equipment leak this really the culmination of the year in which Breyer has been treated in a shameful fashion been hounded by liberal groups to retired billboards that called for is for him to retire at the end they even leak his plan to retire the moment you earned it you disagree with his will often have disagreements with consistent and profound jurist, you know, he came from a very liberal view of the law, but he had people seated reasons for that. He consistently applied in his opinion will have a lasting impact because they cannot to those good fission that will be cited for generation shameful way to treat him and I feel really bad for you. Just respectful to your business. You. There's a protocol and they blew it. I'm not sure how NBC got the link.

A lot of people think it's because they're forcing him out and this is part of it and it might've come from the White House pretty clear though and tell me how unusual this is Jonathan. Instead of saying well, to be a man or woman, which is what was that you know okay we get an indication but now they tell us what color she will be ahead of time so listen to CNN yesterday cut 32 history making moment will change the way the court looks.

I think we cannot understate that for this particular president, where he is today with a need to get something that is of great importance to his supporters people and put them in into office, especially black women.

This is a really important moments. I never have. The lecturing, leaving any part of my identity at the door before I walked into a courtroom walked into the boardroom walked onto these very stats on CNN. I brought with myself the entirety and being of black women lived experience and what that's like in a country like this and I think it's incumbent upon our country to recognize that if we do not bring all of America and the holistic names of people including black women, then we are doing a disservice to any objective evaluation of laws in this country but are usually objective evaluation. If you've narrowed you've taken a gender out and every other every other ethnicity out my column this morning in the Wall Street Journal tried to point out that this approach would be deemed unconstitutional or unlawful. If it was applied by school or private business nominee will be sitting on a cord that has repeatedly declared that these type of racial and gender criteria are unlawful or unconstitutional, and indeed this nominee will fit for argument on two new cases involving racial preferences in universities and yet she will open initially selected not just by a preference for financial exclusion of other genders and races so what's really striking here is not to tell a precedent. What Ronald Reagan said he wanted to put a woman on the court. He didn't guarantee it will use one of his vacant woman on the court and he worked very hard for to do that other president made it clear that they wanted to have more diversity among nominee Joe Biden went further and said I'm going to exclude any male or anyone who is not African-American, and that was really quite shocking in the debate.

I wrote a column at that meeting really better be the criterion, the court that has struck down the criteria for private I can add to that, as was published in the book. One of the trumpet books during the debate. James Clyburn and watching Joe Biden in South Carolina primary had happened yet. Said he was going to the restroom. Instead, he went by backstage and a break and resort to Joe Biden since you have had many opportunities to guarantee that you will name a a black woman as a Supreme Court justice. Do it is is you got it and he does.

It's almost like I know there's nothing illegal about it, but there's something unsavory about his prayer. Nominee women on the list would be considered for regardless of their race and gender creating an*nomination not there. They don't have to have this type of shorter no lift of consideration, and I think that was done for Joe Biden benefit with the political that he needed this for the primary, but he I think he really undermine not just the court but the future nominee herself and I remember when those Hollywood stories came out how these Hollywood stars were basically using athletic scholarships paying those colleges in northern other words got in the college they didn't deserve and they pretend to be athletes.

They weren't and they use some of that scholarship money as rowers and track stars when they were in and they would get into these procedure schools and everybody was arrested and it's obviously going on some of those cases still going on and then some of the black students on these Ivy League campuses is now you know how we feel.

Now every celebrity walking on campus will wonder did their parents pay for them to be there and pretend there was somebody there not a said that's how we feel, because a lot of people think that there is a quota to these Ivy League these elite institutions.

That's the only reason the rat yeller at Harvard there at Dartmouth, and even though some of them or most of them have earned it with their GPAs. That's not how they are viewed because of because of affirmative action and college campuses and they say now you celebrities now you know how we feel that tell you to be viewed on campus. From here on in. Like it or not. I think it's akin to this.

I really don't understand why people cannot support the idea of having an African-American female albacore was saying you know what you went too far. He shouldn't of done that you should consider all candidate and do what the Supreme Court is done, it can be a plot you know diversity can be a plot that just can't be determinative.

It can't be the primary or only consideration. Even the racial crap racial exclusion. You know, the court would never tolerate for an educational institution. For example, an effective set in the pain the law. Discrimination, he did note that the president's record on racial discrimination is not good.

Court struck down programs like the farm subsidies with the pandemic relief which were given a where where black farmers were given priority over white that would be called racial discrimination, and they struck that there and now the administration is arguing that the treatments for Colbert shirt and partly based on race. You know all this is entirely unnecessary to come up and it tasted such a such justice got the job because of their race and their gender maybe will she have to recuse yourself. No, I don't think so. Some people might argue on school cases nominee had a controversy with regard to this admissions rule effectively for the court. I don't think it would be treated credible if left up to the individual justice. Whether she will recuse yourself different situation you present great discretion on how cooler.

Why you nominate someone and were talking about a school admissions policy that is subject to the 14th amendment and federal law. Just the chosen education agenda tell you thanks so much. Thanks so listen we come back the controversy over Minnie mouse going from dress to pantsuit. I have a friend it's a Disney wants to clarify what exactly is going on so it's we discussed in the previous hour on the Thursday edition of the brain kill me show, but I want to get to it now because we have breaking news, weather is sick. Whether it's animated or fiction or nonfiction. We covered all going to need to know basis. You need to know kill me the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me a lot of thinking you know what happens next. Liberty was just another country. This was the what happens next is economic opportunity overwhelmingly for Ellis Island is about a job is about getting beyond this place and me on this. They were accepted. Hopefully that was and that is a part of my feature on Ellis Island.

What made America great. The series I know you love on Fox nation because most are viewers of extremely patriotic this would be my 40th and 41st feature I love these both its five points which talks about the revitalization of five revitalization of the five-point section of New York City really done by Teddy Roosevelt the first police commissioner. He brought law and order and accountability to some horrible conditions in New York. He also made the city more livable, making a series of parks that are still standing today Ray Kelly join me for that. Ellis Island. I was joined by one of the leading experts in the country gives the tours right now Ellis Island along with Michael while season immigration attorney and historian is actually the mayor of Englewood, New Jersey to so he'll be joining me.

Maybe tomorrow to talk about both these on on Fox nation. Quick thing this big story in a fun, fun way that Minnie mouse no longer wearing a dress would be wearing a pantsuit. Here's the story she's wearing a pantsuit for the 30th anniversary in Paris because Stella McCartney was awarded the job.

Apparently, Stella McCartney does a lot of her designs with pants with pantsuits and that's why she is wearing pants, not a dress.

So this isn't an example of political correctness. This is a woman making the choice that is true yet and she's only doing that 30th anniversary in Disneyland in Paris is not many privately in America you know about those in their morning China to if you're in China China because I felt terribly of hearing China nuclear Minnie mouse tell me which is where the talkshow that's getting you talk your with Brian kill me. We have been witnessing our own mass releases of illegal immigrants here in the RGB this week. This is video we shot yesterday in Brownsville where we saw well over 50 single adult male illegal immigrants just dropped off my eyes near a parking garage in the city and releasing the public you're watching as an NGO leaves those men across the street to a bus terminal. Many of those men had ankle monitors on several of them were hiding their faces from our cameras in Ice Age and came forward to me who's been involved in mass releases and told me this is been discreetly going on since last spring. He so that is a little boom allusions reports that constantly being updated. There almost all exclusive and we were watching live in the year we are witnessing on tape were stunned by and will watch you live in the air in San Antonio is all the single males that should have been turned around with title 42 on the books and kept on the books by this administration instead and they told us they were instead you see them streaming right to the bus station onto buses and then into the interior. The country rewarding bad behavior rather very joins me now cohost of the five boxes contributor and done everything once. At least Geraldo welcome back here bad behavior.

So when you think you will watch a boom allusions brilliant brilliant reporting.

It is really does it disturb you at all.

Oh yeah definitely very very unsettling and what is interesting is that it's just talk doing it and technologically speaking. We never understood the scope of illegal immigration until the drones were employed by Fox and you get an idea of the magnitude of the of the situation with real flood of people coming over the southern border and why the bill is reporting the single males come with ankle bracelets. Basically being released into the community. Sometimes, under the supervision of the NGOs. I think it's quite quite shocking and must motivate, harass the borders.

Also called vice president and the president of United States to do something she couldn't. She's in route to Honduras, even as we speak to deal with the Honduran under under one of the Central American country.

Of course, on the route, not the source of many of the other people coming to our southern border to then be in the dark of night distributed to the rest of the country so there I know you love this town reporting is when you get really get a body cam ranting freedom of information act find out over the course of 55 minutes what is actually happening on the small Westchester airport. What is happening. I got a call from Long Island and you know Republic airport. They say that there call I worked there.

You did. I worked there in the kitchen with my dad there we were in there.

My dad ran cafeteria in the Republic aviation. I'm kidding this is okay just admitting that they believed they were rigid immigrants. Of course, illegal legal right Geraldo's mind and little son and I know you stuff to do the five but if I give you a disguise, would you go back there. See if your job still available and observed to see if illegal immigrants are coming thereto in the morning would you do that for my dad. My dad reported just 42 years old when he got fired from that job because the concessionaire sold it to Stouffers the national chain and they thought my dad that I was dating $10,000 a year was overpaid as the manager two dollars a week he got fired and we all will leave with them through the shocking thing might have been for the coffee shop and can spark and then the diner in your neighborhood on Broadway in Mexico where I worked at Golder Berkeley law school. I was the overnight shift that's my story and I'm sorry to deviate the headlines of the day never see me but I went there after the prom. I thought that the directors at the counter with John Lennon himself first so I forgot with you she was put back to that. That's fascinating, but I got add to this, so we we got this footed video from the spring boom allusions said those flights been happening since the spring of last year so Rob asked Reno whose Westchester County executive wants with the governor of New York Republican said this. First off I want you to hear some of it at home, cut for you know why he said to the cop because if this gets out, it's the government betraying the people and I want to listen to the raw tape to please and who is this who are these people why you do this. He says I've said more security for a basketball team. These people could go anywhere once they land on the tarmac and you see them with all brand-new clothes they got their bags. Some of them got cash to go to sponsor homes or housing, subsidized and some of the kids going to the school districts so I got a text message this morning that said they vetted 434 kids to the Patchogue school district and most some of the kids.

It's not all Spanish speakers summer Portuguese summer Chinese Patchogue area longer hot because of the agriculture and attract many many many many hundreds, maybe thousands of undocumented immigrants limited put on my compassion just once a there are towns in New Jersey) like Passaic Patterson that were dead town postindustrial towns with factories pulled out residents left they will goes down in came mostly Mexican migrant… Is more than a million Mexican migrants in the New York City area. You never hear about them.

They are the delivery boys the pizza delivery boy said that this work is the job that I I used to do. They do all that that medial you never leave everything old bike messenger that you see is an undocumented immigrant weather from Latin America usually but also for major China, especially you know it they are not a criminal element other than the fact that they broke the law to come here you know they want the American dream.

They are strivers to be the bees are good pros that are bringing the fence and all that you know people that the cartels that run that business ruthless organized criminals.

You know maybe occasionally they use the the uninformed innocent migrant is looking for a job, but I think A separate bid is never been a terrorist penetration that we know from the southern border on what you know so there's a benevolent side to this population.

It's just that you can have a country we don't have rules and it is today. If you have friends that are sitting there trying to get admission you get citizenship from Bulgaria or Brazil and there waiting for the paperwork to paying the fees they had a green card to play in the perfect game to get a DUI or any type of significant charts there out so they play by the get rules and then there looking around and they were outraged. This in ways I can I not such an undertaking out to take an oath of citizenship hard I worked to be my first generation year and then you see people making you seem like a schlock for doing it the right way.

You know I can. I can argue with that. I can I can in any way assuage the the anger of the anxiety of the person trying to do it the right way, you know, what would you see what happened to locating reporting on their network of this morning boatload of patients You Know Couple of Dozen Dad At Least Though. Maybe More, Maybe Three to One Survivor in the Gulf People Are Desperate to Get to This Country, People Are of the World for the Impoverished World Is on I've Been There on the World Is on the Move. You Know Always Go People from Afghanistan Coming from Interview into France from Morocco and Algeria and Then in the I Think Mostly from Latin America. It Is How You Stop It How You Control It. I Believe the World the Wall Trumps Wall Should Be Completed. I Think That If We If Anything Concrete Can Come of All This Turmoil and Controversy. Let It Be That the Democrats Understand That the People Want to Wall One along the Southern Borders. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. You Know It's the That's the Least We Could Do but You Not to Stop People Wanted to Come Legally or I Would Say Part of the Deal Would Make It Easy to Apply Here. We Need People We Need Workers. We Need That Hunger and Passion Want to Be Americans That Could Be the Send Offices Use As Soon As You Secure the Border Immediately Try to Expand the Way and Look for the First-Run Traffics Also the People or Colleges That We Train Why We Sending Them Back If They Want to Stay Why We Were Given the PhD in Neurochemistry and They Get Deported to so Leslie Geraldo Justin I Know You Made Some News Yesterday. Justice Breyer Was NBC Broke the Story That Justice Breyer Will Be Retiring, He Has Not Said Anything Formal yet. I Guess There Are Reporting Said He Was Surprised First I Thought He Was. He Was Mad. Now It Says Will Only Say Surprised That This Happened.

Having Said That, Having Everyone Come out so We Know Is Can Be a Black Woman, Are You Okay with That. Well, You Know, I Spoke with Elder on My Little Cleveland Radio Show Morning and It Is Definitely against the Law, You Know, to Make the to Reduce All the Candidates to Just One Race Just One Gender but but It's Good Policy and I'm Not Done Much at All Quiet People That Already Understand. There Also against Schools, Which Is Also Ironically an Issue before the High Court Right Now but I Am Okay.

Let It That There Be a Black Woman I Said, Only Partially Adjusted, Harris Would Be a Great Supreme Court Judge, the Former Atty. Gen. of California so She Wouldn't Abandon the Vice Presidency to Take That Job Which Should Be Good but the People That They That They'd Noted Are All Distinguished People, You Know, the Head of the Court Of Appeals of DC Which Is Frequently the Spawning Ground of Great Sprinkler Judges in Support Right so the Answer Is I See the Irony That It's Only Restricted to Black Women but I'm Okay. According to Sources They're Looking for, but We Can't Confirm It Now. It's like No Black Women Really Okay. I Didn't Think Michelle Should Be Doing That. But Having Said That Last Question Will Be the Toughest You Ready, Okay Neil Young Has Told Spot If I Make a Decision near Joe Rogan. I Don't Know If You Looked at All the Facts before He Made a Proclamation, but They Artie Spent $100 Million on Joe Rogan on Spot. If I and Is in One Podcast or the Country Who Shares His Podcast with 11 Million Listeners and Neil Young Was Great in 1969 so I Have Sided with Mia Dabbs Told Neil Young. Your off Spot a Five Did They Make the Right Decision.

I like for Neil Young on My Sweet Followers, or 10 to 1 against Me and I Thousands for Joe Rogan. I Just a Mere Handful for Neil Young but III Feel That Joe Rogan Given A Lot Of Bad People and Neil Young Is Standing on Principle and A Lot Of Money but He Gets All Those Royalties Got a List of Hits As Well As Long Arm, but He Did Not Go Back with Him All the Way to Crosby Stills Nash and Young a Great Great Performer Is a Man of Principle.

You Lose Money.

Spot Applies Going to Lose Neil Young Joe Rogan Lorraine, and I Think That Your Advocacy for Him for Rogan and for People Who Believe like Rogan Is Carrying the Day. The Polls Are Swinging Your Way Again, This Is What You Have To Clarify Joe Rogan's Not Saying Believe Anybody and I I Listen to A Lot Of His Podcasts in a 3 Ounce List All over Him, but He's Putting Giving People a Platform with Credentials to Speak into the Most Part He Is the Type of Interview Style Where He Just Got Depth on the Issue and He Lets People Talk so You Would Thrive There As Well but It Doesn't Mean He Agrees with You so I Just Think I Think You Can Appreciate That I Am I Got No Beef with Joe Rogan at All That I Believe like Neil Young That You Have To Take a Stand yet to Let People Know We That You Should Not Interview People of All Different Thoughts and Beliefs, but I Think That You Shouldn't Be Ready When You Want to but You Can't Interview People That Are You Know Telling Things That Are Provably Untrue and Giving People Advice It's That's Harmful and That's What Neil Young Right so Accurately Better Ban Anthony Pouches Mr. Don't Wear a Mask Where Mass I Think That Doubt You and the Hot Seat. Now, Particularly the Pond Lab Is the Origin of His Left Leg up As a Member of the Five and If You Talk to Got Filled the Most Valuable Member. The Five I Tell You concerning Pedestal and Ease All of the Channel and He's Also Got a Series on Fox Nation. Geraldo I Don't Know What You're Supposed to Be Relaxing at This Point, Your Career, but Now You're Dominating Geraldo Rivera. Thanks so Much That I Dearly Come out in the Republican Right Right That Is No Job Openings on Keep My Eye out Boy.

I Tried on My House.

Rather, They Are Still Looking for Other Work, 1-866-408-7669. I Want to Think about in the Break Whether I Need to Know More, or Whether I Need to Take All Those Calls but I Want You to Stay There Both Sides.

All Okay. He's so Busy He'll Make Dear Brian, Kill Me, but Whatever the Walls and It's Great You Must Hypnosis Formation and I Could See That One Side, Stopped to Look for Eyesore Everywhere. So I Eric Clapton Saying That This Old Mass. He Sees Mass Hypnosis. Having Everyone March in Line with These Masks and out through This Pandemic. So Now We Have To When We Put Him Allison, We Have To Put Them in Cancel in the Cancel Corner. You Can't We Can like Many Crazy Right He's Crazy. Who Else Is in That Joe Rogan Joe Rogan's There. Who Else We Can't We Cancel Belmar Right To Barry Weiss Has To Be Canceled Yesterday Think so Now You Know You Have A Lot at This but on Saturday Right. This Is a Little Preview Righties Aaron Rodgers Got Cancel Him Because of Course He Does Not Believe Anthony Found She Is Right. He Does Want to Give Accessories Gotta Be a Horrible Person.

Anyone Who Wants to Make Their Own Decision Right Anyone yet Who Anyone Wants Autonomy. I Guess Kari Irving Right yet Absently We Can Vilify Him Because He Can Go out There Yeah I Mean Is, Sooner or Later Cancel Side of This Culture Will Be Bigger Bigger Than the on Cancel Side of the Culture and Then Everything Will Switch and I Can't Wait for That Day Is It's All Coming Back.

So What Would Await so I Just Remind Everyone It's Only Thursday but Saturday at Eight Is When We Will Have the First Addition of One Nation We Have Our Last Meeting before First Taping Tommy Listening in Texas Would Say My Time.

Good Morning, Brian McCall Couple Thoughts on Ukraine One My Wife Is Ukrainian. My Son Is Also a United States Marine Ukrainians Have Not Asked Us to Put Troops on the Ground and Nobody and Nobody Wants to Do That but the Ukrainians Also Gave up the World's Third-Largest Stock Pile with Nuclear Weapons Because We in the British and Russia Bill of All People Guaranteed Their Sovereignty. That Was a Stupid Agreement to Make but They Made It and We Did Two in All Their African Fours Weapons Get into into $1 Million. I Hope It's Enough People Rallying to Their Cause. I Know They Know How to Fight. I Know They've Really Improved since 2014, and I Think There Really Unified. This Time Where There Is a Russian Heritage. There, but They All Seem to Agree or 85%. They Want to Be Ukrainian and Try to Repel This Invasion so See Tomorrow Fox and Friends Want to Keep You Here on the Brain Tell Me to over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You Did Your

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