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Hypocrites! Lockdown Leaders Ruining Lives While Living How They Want

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 1, 2022 12:17 pm

Hypocrites! Lockdown Leaders Ruining Lives While Living How They Want

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 1, 2022 12:17 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian, thanks, which was in everybody's the brain human Joe. We appreciate you being here at a time in which there's so much going on with you dealing with a on the coming of the one they just left phone was happening overseas or more focused on what's happening here at home and the typo pressed somebody I mean wherever your listening right now you been affected by COBIT 19 and still affected today with a have a three-year-old kid that yours or your grandson or granddaughter go to school with a mask on for no apparent reason, or you're in the middle of some battle to do in order to get your job back would be able to go to work or go to college. So we have Allen West. I would ask him about the criticism that the governor of Texas is getting about the way he is implementing the lone star the Lone Star brigade, which is sent to the National Guard because the border patrol's not doing anything so he's gonna weigh in on that as he wants to be the next governor of Texas to so let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Ryan's three number three the threats of action.

Pressures that security demands that is provocative, promising is not provocative. Your actions will speak for themselves.

They go US Russia clash at the UN as relentless deployment diplomatic sparring continue all Russia is doing is escalating. If Russia still invades why I believe Biden and the dams will not be trusted with the White House for generations. Is Janine. Not soft on crime consequences than what what is letting me right so there's an alternate universe on some coverage. What's scary about it is a lot of people watch that. What's scary about it is called the truth not laughing.

The fraternal order of police demands an apology for sake chuckling at the so-called soft on crime policies of the Biden administration. We are free we are we hitting her with facts behind the laughter and see who really will be laughing at the end of 2022. There is a right to protest. There is a right to make your voices heard loudly and clearly there is not a right to shut down our democracy are democratic processes.

There is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens. No one thoracic anyone but you. Justin Trudeau who was hiding out pretending he has COBIT 19 despite being boosted double faxed. Who knows what's wrong with him.

They said they jettisoned him and his family away from the capital of Ottawa because there were a lot of truckers there.

There is a lot of outreach people are tired of the repressive two years that the Canadian people have suffered under this yoga yoga man. Meanwhile hypocrites from Gavin Newsom adjuster Delta Boris Johnson locked down losers ruining lives in like livelihoods. While living there is any way they want.

I declare this over from master mandates with the Canadians are demanding with the Brits of God and what Denmark does complete freedom. We deserve the same in case you don't know me.

Just give an example of what's going on in terms of hypocrisy cc Gavin Newsom's email London breed male Mayor Garcia Garcetti will have in common, all at the big football game.

The NFC conference game which is nice. All in luxury boxes which is great.

All hang out with Magic Johnson which I envy at the same time were they all have in common. None of them wear a mask and one of the rules say that they implement and that they enforce that they mobilize units just to harass where master old big time events when you don't have control the outcome. What's demanded that very stadium in two weeks at the Super Bowl and 95 masks from everyone, but they're not wearing masks now. Gavin Newsom's as well.

I just took it off to BB Magic Johnson went take a picture wrong fan cam video and I can't do this on radio shows that he is sitting there without a mask on with a guy right next to a probably high-powered agent some rich billionaire hanging out those boxes talking about Gavin Newsom's bright future in the Democratic Party.

I mean how many what will French laundry like scenes do we need one debris was caught in a club dancing. We have Mayor Lightfoot at a big event in an arena having a good time singing, but at the same time, we have people tell the pull that mask up third-graders being told or three-year-olds at preschool be forced to put a mask on when they are showing us by their actions.

They know what the science says it does almost no good to where it but it does a lot of bad.

After two years to keep it on Hughes Gov. Newsom pretending as if he could talk his way out of a cut one. I was very traditional sense. Very judicious and you see in the photo that I dictate where magic was kind enough generous and asked me for a photograph and about dancing mask and I took the phone rest the time of war, as we all should. But when I had a glass of water thing and I encourage everybody else to do so and the magic gracious mascot for brief second purge people to continue where we think about this.

Think about all the times people live.

She research to get that mask of you knows, excuse me, can you get your fourth-grader to wear the mask when there during the game during school now put around your around your ears. I don't listen, if you're talking I don't you drop that mask, but it's okay for the governor to hang out with rich and successful athletes and people in their luxury boxes while they put this stuff on you. It is over 70% of the American people say lift all the restrictions we have to learn to live with this they did in the UK. Why because Boris Johnson's the middle of a scandal that he brought on himself. Get disciplinary report shows the UK president by Prime Minister had at least 16 parties over the last two years. Think about this. All the bartenders all the bar owners all the restaurants the catering to weddings. It didn't happen all the things the livelihoods it stopped. The schools were remote. Meanwhile, he's partying with these bodies. The rich prime ministers in the VIPs in England and when he gets in trouble he drops all the restrictions why because he's in trouble and he knows we don't need them anyway. It's a source of control. Steve Hilton weighed in on this on Fox news tonight with Shannon bream. Cut to erroneous Gavin Newsom again breaking his own rules she delivering on any of the real things that people want dealt with, and specifically in that stadium there is a mosque mandate and indoor most mandate and the thing that's really driven people crazy here today that's been such a lot of anger expressed over it because still in California we have masking compulsory lost mandates for kids in schools. Mike etc. go to school even outdoors that forced wear a mosque all day long and yet here is going along breaking the rules and then furthermore compounding it when he when he was called out on it last night. Today, guess what he says is all I I only took my most completely treated for brief second to take a picture because Magic Johnson wanted to take a picture because he's so great.

Gavin Newsom is a great Magic Johnson was desperate for pictures. I took it for brief second video and pictures been emerging all day long.

Gavin Newsom throughout the game.

Having a mosque on so he lied about it as well. So I could set a better California State Sen. Moshe Melendez criticized Newsom and Garcetti in a Twitter response said toddlers are being forced to wear mess all day long in school. Maybe one day to be governor or mayor of Los Angeles and they would have to follow the rules they impose on others.

They'll have to father wounds have to follow the rules they impose on others. It is sickening. It is absolutely outrageous. Meanwhile input in college in Canada they are making old truck drivers get vaccinated one number one there independent thinkers by trade, number two there isolated. They know their capsule to get out of the cab as a pickup load after load and guess what in America were about 80,000 truck driver assured encounter the same situation there. They are delivering food and goods to you. Your Amazon packages. In order for you to get through the last two years of the pandemic and now they say give up the keys which vaccinated so thousand showed up in Ottawa and they ring the placement. Guess what, more Canadians came out and went tired of all the restrictions we want all the stop don't even drive a truck instead of just introducing man, I hear you.

I'm a leader. I was thinking the best interest in man. I made a mistake.

Instead, he doubles and triples down and now is demanding on vaccinations. If you want to go from province to province, not just leaving the country to America or Britain. On the way back. Listen to this clown speaking, which he says first an undisclosed location because he was worried about his security labeling these truck drivers a fringe group cut 13.

There is a right to protest. There is a right to make your voices heard loudly and clearly there is not a right to shut down our democracy are democratic processes. There is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens.

Yet no one says they're doing that. In fact, it's not happening thank Tucker showed some Tucker Carlson show some real revealing footage. The people without a poor and signs of Confederate flag skies were in a full mast ski mask and they did desecrated a Canadian war Memorial. These people didn't show up for their freedom to get rid of a war memorial. I don't I know pretty much the Canadian culture. We all know a lot of Canadians is not much difference between the Americans and Canadians for the most part they have a extreme esteem for those who fight wars, so I'm wondering about that number two. Here's Justin Trudeau finally cut 16. We won't give in to those who fly racist flanks. We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans is sickening that you know there are thousands they're telling you your way or add a line they want to get back to the live to livelihoods. They want to get the mass of kids. They think the vaccine just like you. If you are in fact positive double vaccine boosted and still with the virus people are fed up.

Cut seven Douglas Murray, I mean everyone does this thing these days of smearing any critic of them is a not misogynistic, racist, homophobic companies. Man can't give set up and they they they do all of that stuff in order critic but just introducing accident west about 99 only struck his tongue out and he describes in this world is something fringe of some best friend then the other one accessible. He said that they would visa people who hold misogynistic these young though I dated anyone trying to phrase it out that arise out of might as well say that misogynist might say that racist and and then the other truck is get into town and he flees in the security reads that science the love that security reasons, but obviously obviously these truckers want to kill Justin. Obviously that's a rhyme, rather than making a valid point, but he could do with listening we come back I'll take your calls. 18 664-087-6690 just so outrageous. Please tell me if this is your breaking point is time to get back to normal. If you don't want to get back to normal. Don't worry about it. Keep your and 95 mask on. Talk to your boss about doing remote what he or she make the ultimate decision you want to go to UCLA or USC or the University of Scranton with the mask on, go ahead and do it. But for those who don't let us have our own say two years in we know more than you and most the stuff you told us was flat out wrong and you get really upset when people bring that up and you want to ban them in silence them. It's not gonna work soccer dock at work here so I can work on podcasts you can't control the message because people think with their own minds and were no smarter than you. This is the brain kill me. Joe don't move learning something new every day, for I am kill ratio Fox News time tasks network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcasts and striving. Listen now by doing a Fox News five information you want truth you demand.

This is the variety kill me show let's be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn't about race now about a man sits about man's inhumanity to man. That's what it's about.

Let's talk about it for what it is. It's how people treat each other you nuts. Whoopi Goldberg does understand that these people were killed because they were Jewish by Nazis who want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable. And then she tries apologize and Stephen Colbert were to keep her job as I think she hates her job. The angriest person in television Bob in Oregon while actually I think the other one is joyless Behar Bob what's on your mind Brian. I want to let you know my friend had been a friend of yours do all the shows will greatly spot on. I got COBIT one. I got my back soon after that COBIT one go-ahead immunity and adaptive action because I'm in healthcare.

I got the booster and I got the booster booster. I have had a lot of friends were there mass in the mass not change it.

It's still getting cold.

Now I will say another not paybacks or I will say that the booster.didn't lessen the symptoms of the second COBIT I got so I didn't want to let you know that you are spot on, and it's time to move forward. I personally believe, but I think the same reason Seattle happened, not for the right reasons because his numbers are going down on the pandemic you still want to talk about.

This is a pandemic in the unvaccinated because it's approvals like 50 2/5 65% on the pandemic. He did not want to talk about Afghanistan, the economy or anything war bill back better, or the failure voting reform, which he says we need but now he's his numbers are getting around 40% on how we handle the pandemic.

If you read Jared Brady, Gerard Baker's column today, the Wall Street Journal, he talked about his insistence on getting off operation warp speed.

Were you by the pharmaceuticals ahead of time given having faith in Pfizer modernity come up with it. They didn't do that with therapeutics. Therefore, we have therapeutics but we don't have any shots we have any pills because he didn't preorder them. Tony listening in Jacksonville W okay V hey Tony: Dr. truck driver got all truck driver here. And let you know that you know drivers who were not very happy and there is actually Mark should a cross-border training throughout DC March 1 and think things are bad now, wait until driver stopped drawing. I would love it to leave their insulated real life's like they hop on their private planes of the shuttles to go back and forth.

They do what they want with their families.

They get paid either way the free healthcare. They don't know what real life is so if if you bring that real life. If these truck drivers bring real life to them express their outrage how they going to look at tens of thousands of trucks ringing the nation's capital thousands join them and say this is a fringe group.

Good luck with that that fringe groups can send you a big message in 2022 two UK just ruin people's lives taking destroy the mental and emotional health of kids and say and go ahead and go about your life right Boris Johnson right Gavin Newsom right London breed right. Mayor Garcetti, we understand your living a double life that you're forcing us to go through Chris Barbara's a trucker he's with the freedom convoy and he's over in Canada and he talked about what this is all about. Cut three walks in escrow for the last two days I spoke with multiple law enforcement agents asked every one of them. If there's been any trouble at all. There is not been any trouble.

There's been a few recalling radicals. I guess dressed up like us try to blend and work like us to try make us look bad all my guys are all peaceful and jocular were doing what we need to do to get the job done for the people you go ahead Justin Trudeau call them terrorists say their marginal fringe group you getting what you deserve.

These horrible leaders in times of crisis have melted and have knuckled under the don't talk to the people.

Unfortunately, the look at the polls make the decision if they're doing that you know 70% of the people in America want this thing over they want to live with it back off. No more mass mandates Pneumovax mandates. We got it from here. No thank you, Lieut. Col. Allen West's next would he do with the border that the current governor is precise. Personal power is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast from his mouth to your leaders Brian kill me border security go working a lot countries want to do when the fundamental change will make his figure out why the leave in the first place. Like people sit around and say hello. I got a greater deal of so everything we have given to coyote take us across the border leaders is country done once forlanguage. Won't that be fun is also a way to begin to deal with the reasonably first place. Yeah by the way, that's exactly what happens. They sell their place and got a homophone Guadalajara for five dollars and they have. They said this is the best chance we ever had to get into the best country in the world United States of America. Even though a lot of Americans don't feel that way and they say this is our shot. Get gather the kids, let's pay off somebody can get us in a deplorable person and let's go get in. I mean it's unbelievable how clueless this person is who still is not been out to the border himself. Lieut. Col. Allen West joint just now. He's a Texas gubernatorial candidate, former Congressman from Florida used to run the Republican Party in Texas. A Col. D.

Will you take of the presidents will confusion of why people come here well and the computer. The only thing it's good to be with Brian but when you listen to a piece out vehicle and he sounded weak or support was just outstanding. He's the reason that you just articulated what people are coming across the border here in the United States of America, record numbers of anger talk about 2.63 million in just one year of the population of Dallas is ".7 million. So when you are laying out the red carpet for people to come across into the United States of America illegally.

Yes, they're going to comment Masonic an incredible example of that, with no single military age males that build blue-chip report about in Brownsville where they were taken to an undisclosed location which was the" one of these organizations and they were given be a logistical means by which they could get a taxi to go to the airport flyway and what a great slap in the face of the American people that we have folks that are here illegally and all they have to do to show ID to get on their plate. It should show the rest work of them come into the country illegally, that that's a huge slap in our clicks and what about the fact and they will find Ukrainians and Russians coming in. I mean yeah absolutely right on me. This is not just something from the "Golden Triangle, Central America, South America talk about over 100 different countries of people that have been apprehended coming into the state of Texas across the southern border.

But the big focus is coming to hear me from the ill El Paso sector all the way over to the Rio Grande Valley circuit is just gorgeous wide open houses down there last week from Laredo over to Potter of Roman Texas Rio Grande city and back out and it was interesting you know young people there McAllen are saying, you know, Carl. What can we do have to be ugly. Every night we see these illegals walk across the street you about the taxes you bother counting becomes a process of tired of people knocking on my door say I need to charge my phone to give me water give me food Texan should be living like this. So, operation Lone Star because the government the federal government has let us down so much operation Lone Star one to affect from a thousand out to 10,000 a lot of people criticizing, including some of the National Guard member said the mission is boring. It's not clear a lot of the pay is late.

The equipment is in adequate eye looks like Gov. rabbits getting criticism from the left and the right used in was absolutely right that many National Guard members, spouses got in contact with us because I've been in the military up in the closet up in the situations that they would tell me some of the deplorable conditions that thereunder they haven't to exchange body armor because they don't help about. They don't have enough ammunition. You write they're not getting paid on time.

Some of not getting paid it all. And this is the state active duty mission.

This is not a federal budget so they don't have any cup of veterans benefits if they are hurt or wounded in this operation that you have to file a workman Workmen's Compensation. They don't get to go to the typical benefits that the military would provide a competitive military and sadly repair the leak five suicide since November of last year to suicide attempts to suicide ideation because they don't have a clear defined mission and test the purpose they're basically down there is a political optic being used for.

You know what campaign ads and things of this nature. They are not able to arrest the tainted board anyone.

Basically, they're just collecting folks up or just observing, and the border patrol as you saw in that clip.

They're upset they're frustrated to their leadership because all they're doing is handing folks over to these nongovernmental organizations, ministries, Catholic charities and then they're off on airplanes father six airplanes took off by the Texas over the Christmas holiday season and landed in Wilkes-Barre Scranton counseling airport and again you know what happened in Westchester County, New York. I do switch gears. Whoopi Goldberg I show you not watch said this about the Holocaust cut 39. Let's be truthful about because the Holocaust isn't about race now sits about man's inhumanity to man.

That's what it's about. Let's talk about it for what it is.

It's how people treat each other, really.

She goes on to try to explain yourself. That night after the backlash got very loud and severe; for to be fired. Pretending is it just to two people to like each other as if the Jewish being Jewish wasn't the reason they were killed cut 40 ICL being black when we talk about race.

It's a very different thing to me so I said that I thought that the Holocaust wasn't about race people are very angry and they said no, no, we offer race and I understand I understand I felt differently and I guess that's her version of an apology is you. You are also a black do you do you feel the same about the Holocaust. I don't mean this is one of the great tragedies of human history and people were targeted because of their race. 6 million were targeted.

And for her to beat that dismissive is very disconcerting and ABC news that you know asked himself the type of people that we want to have on air.

This type of people we want to have on ill represented our network. You know, is just the same as recently we had the Collegeville synagogue standoff where after everything was resolved at the FBI Special Agent in charge come out. This had nothing to do with the synagogue or Jewish people, then why would a radical Islamic militant go take hostages in the synagogue on their Sabbath day which was Saturday couple weekends ago so I think that we have to really ask leftist. They always try to make the rules been for them and you know if if someone has said it would Whoopi Goldberg say it on Fox News Channel Fox News radio.

You got to be called up in front of the yard on when I think I'm struck by more than anything else. Of late is how many people like Joe mansion. How many people like characters and cinema bill more Democrats that you would agree for a vote well for Bob but just can't even recognize their party here a little bit of how Bill Moore sounds. He sounds like us cut 12 omicron when we were here couple months collects the new and not one's very milder once milder. We should be celebrating this.

This is just going on too long really cares anymore that last night the grub home delivery guy was eating my French fries right in front of 101 kickback to not going to want to live in your paranoid world anymore. Your mess, paranoid world. You know you go out selling in a mask at the car booster scan your hand like your cashier and I'm a bunch of bananas as you are in there laughing but he's not kidding. He says this is over and onto loadbearing licenses over it's going on too long and were ready to move on 70% of the country are ready to move on. Are you surprised he's getting backlash for that sentiment will not tolerate people that are out there and this goes well below what Rob let a good crisis go to try to expand this crisis and the absurdity for us here Texas is that everyone is trying to continue with all these mandates.


We've had 2.5 to almost 3 million people come into the country illegally. They have been mandate to get the shot you know those illegal males that we saw Brownsville, Texas. No one stopped them. Make sure they have masculine thing on so this is absurd and I think Bill Morris don't see it and I think you concerned about the damage that this is called the Democratic Party to listen to this and I just think it's an interesting time. Listen to what else he said that San Francisco has basically legalized shoplifting. They think Democrats have gone nuts they think you know that guy seems like a real status, but at least he believes in the concept of shopping with money is not my fault that the FDR and JF is turning in the open.

LOL and WTF is tweeting things like cancel rent cancel mortgage and no more policing or incarceration declaring that capitalism is slavery canceling the Lincoln and Dr. Seuss teaching children their oppressors in math is racist, making Mr. potato head gender-neutral mean is it is it this is what we say and it just makes me feel better if somebody who is a liberal could see the lunacy that we been dealing with Bill Moore, John Locke, that's right. Like property but when you look at how far left�: They are proposing is just nonsensical and it's absurd and I think it is a reasonable person and his logic to start the cult through but I just think like the drill Sgt. used to say going to architect training summary also stuck on stupid and I think that there is a contention out there leftist that are stuck on stupid but yet Bill Mark is not want to be in their crowd and they are facing political Armageddon. If they continue down this path because it is right, at least. Crews believes that shopping with money policies of the district attorney's don't used to talk about state tasks.

Now we just talk about this. You can steel up to $1000 so I can just debate I this is what gets people so angry at the Col., where do people go to want to support you run for Texas governor sure they go to West number four I'm in Abilene right now to speak of students at Abilene Christian University and head out to Odessa Texas for debate form of this evening about this all right.thanks much. I can allow us appreciate that you take a brought nice. We do have some breaking news that is not that surprising. Her accent looked like Tom Brady is retiring plus and Instagram and Twitter.

A longer statement. But here's the essential paragraph that he's done a lot of reflecting this past week and is asked himself difficult questions.

I'm still privately have achieved 19 meets coaches, fellow competitors and fans served 100% of me right now. It's best to leave the field of play to the next generation of dedicated and committed. So there he goes at 44 not complete a 45 he's done of the Buccaneers need a quarterback. I think this can appeal a big exit this like Gronkowski and others from that team. Let's hope Arians can keep it together because your classy organization, so I Tom Brady is gone and this is the time to do it too because the championship games are over. This is the dead week between the Super Bowl. People talk about it. I'm sure Jim Gray will probably get the first interview. So looks like Adam Shafter and Jeff Darlington were right and I guess he is going to retire when we come back your thoughts on Tom Brady retiring is bigger than football and what you think. His legacy will be.

I think he goes down, no doubt about it, if not the greatest athlete, but the greatest quarterback ever go move giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me.

Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News five just talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show you have a timeline knowing the times right so like I've always said it's not very blessed to play as long as I have is think I'm gone on later parts of my career. That was five years ago. Even this year there's a lot of interesting stuff plan. I understand something and recognize that just when I when I know I moaned when I don't know.

I don't know your grace to some conclusion about that very interesting. So this just came this just happened that was is coming from two days ago and now he knows for sure Tom Brady's retire at the age of 44. Here's a little of his official announcement is always believe that the sport of football is an all in proposition. If 100% competitive commitment isn't there. You won't succeed in success is what I love so much about the game. Brady said the statement. Instagram this is a physical, mental and emotional challenges every single day. That is, allowed me to maximize my highest potential and I've tried my very best of last 22 years. This is difficult for me to write but here goes. I'm knocking to make I'm good.

I'm not going to make that competitive commitment anymore.

I love my NFL career. Now it's time to focus on my total energy of things require my attention.

I've done a lot of reflecting the past we could have asked myself difficult decisions. I'm so proud of what we have achieved 19 meets coaches, fellow competitors fans deserve 100% of me right now is best to leave the field of play for the next generation of dedicated committed athletes. Brady has been adamant for weeks that he never wanted a farewell season sources tell ESPN will now shift his focus to new endeavors, Buccaneers executives and coaches have been bracing for his retirement. In recent weeks recognized as more likely than not that he would hang it up after the season team sources tell ESPN and there you go Jason like the GM companies best. We haven't heard anything about this, but after seven Super Bowl XXII seasons five Super Bowl MVPs three overall MVPs. He's going to be up for an MVP this year. The votes already interests you think perhaps at the sentiment there, but that's what is going to jail. So that's pretty significant because wherever I go. It's easy know I did sports for the longest time. Most people I know are sports fans mostly hang out with the sports fans when I talk to people that are involved in sports of I told him Tom Brady. They know the greatest ever. Just like Mohammed Ali when it comes to boxing. You don't go I don't really box.

I know Mohammed Ali you know Mike Tyson we don't have Alisa greatest anyone even doubt said did Tom brace greatest amine after meeting with the seven Super Bowl XXI with the box it was a case closed, and this year you could conceivably thought if God when it stayed healthy. If Antonio Brown had not lost his mind through off his uniform and ran out of the stadium. You would think that maybe he came back in 2073 and add in the second half and almost beat the Rams was averting credible play by Cooper cup and you can only see him go back to the Super Bowl. Then for sure he was done then you think about it if he was saying himself. These these players are not to be able to keep a lot of the superstars here there there not understand of the salary cap with a gun retire like Gronkowski, you could see them say are not to be part of rebuilding team and I can be bound apart and eaten a team and by the way he lost to offensive health into the healthy offensive lineman.

So when you have a healthy offensive lineman Natalie can't do the same things.

Your health is at risk.

I don't think you like the constant testing the comes with the covert. 19. I also don't think the fact that he needed to off-season surgery last year didn't help anything to self would be good again in LSU was no fluke this year. He really had a really good year. Top six teams in the league. The out.

I think that's pretty sufficient. Don't feel bad for Tom Brady. Now I always thought that Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter who lived and breathed every aspect of the game would have the biggest problem, giving it up.

But neither did because they know when they're done they're done so I'm no longer projected time raising and have trouble adjusting.

He has his TV 12 and every thing else going to probably take a year be back in some level of television. Thanks so much for listening. Keep in mind, I got that show on Saturday night is called one nation 8 PM. Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest I Fox News Studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me.

Thanks much was everybody's brain to meet your wanting to take 408-7669 will be taking your calls in about 10 minutes. We don't have center Marsha Blackburn Tom Donato by here as well do simulcast Devonian company. The big news Tom Brady made it official. Which room and on Saturday denied a little bit later by members of his family said he was still thinking about on Monday.

On Tuesday, made it official put out on Instagram now all over social media.

He is retired at the age of 44 Fox News quarterback. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three action reference.

The band that is provocative, promising is not provocative. Your actions will speak for themselves US Russia clash at the UN, a relentless diplomatic sparring continue all of Russia. All NATO EU. It doesn't matter if Russia still invades why I believe that buying the Democrats will not be trusted with the White House for generations.

Is Janine. Soft on crime consequences than what what is right. So there's an alternate universe on some coverage. What's scary about it is a lot of people watch that would scary about it is number one but how about triple all the other networks combined number. The number one issue in the country being crime.

What is Jan Saki talking about every cop. The fraternal order of police is offended by her giggling. There is a right to protest. There is a right to make your voices heard loudly and clearly there is not a right to shut down our democracy are democratic processes. There is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens, I would think he's 100% right. Just if you know hypocrites from Gavin Newsom to Justin Trudeau DeForest Johnson lockdown losers ruining the lives and livelihoods. While living there is the way they want. I declare this over from master mandates with the Canadians are demanding and what the Brits have gotten Denmark is achieved complete freedom. We deserve the same March 1 will be a huge trucker convoy to Washington DC. Maybe they'll finally get the message time to join. Just now I checked fellow at the Hudson Institute staff member.

The House permanent select committee on intelligence and Assistant Secretary of State of arms control and compliance from 18 to 21 my Tom welcome to be here so Tom I've never seen such a lengthy diplomatic push from so many different angles we have micro meeting one-on-one with Vladimir Putin of the Hungarian present me with Vladimir Putin lab Rob meeting with Tony blinking today Biden doing a 101, two weeks ago with Vladimir Putin and all he does is keep adding troops now to the Belarus border which is basically undefended by the Ukrainians where this is heading. Brian, great, great question what the problem is that the United States patient already given away from key leverage to the Russian there behaviors been rewarded right out of the gate, the administration renewed the new start treaty, which is the Russian and United States nuclear weapons training.

Armed poultry to control our strategic nuclear stockpile right out of the gate gave the Russians a clean extension.

The topic ministration wanted to put conditions on that we cannot aggressive the policy with the Russians were making progress. We gave that away we gave away Nordstrom to so what we're seeing here is that the Russian behaviors being awarded by botanist patient actions now are starting to see some cracks in in in NATO and the French position the German position about wanting to entertain certain elements of the Russian proposal specifically to look at arms control solutions in your net exactly what Google wants to he's following a pattern of success we need to change direction continue to help Ukrainians defend themselves and strengthen support all NATO allies. Of course Ukraine is not a NATO ally, but I think we should continue support and help them to defend themselves Russian basset nations respondent Linda Thomas Greenfield to actually defend America for a change.

Use with the Russian said 30 is there is no surrounded of a planned invasion into Ukraine. The discussions about the threat of war is provocative in and of itself, you are almost calling for this. He wanted to happen. You're waiting for it to happen is if you want to make your words become a reality. Really what we need to get that spin yet again. I think the Russians know that if they continue to pressure United States will continue to give concessions already signal it publicly. While Rob signaled that it would be. Hopefully some progress on keeping additional NATO capability out of Eastern Europe typically long-range strike weapon, prohibiting nine after so the Russians are very cagey. Located in their result of paying off diplomatically. Whether or not they pull the trigger and and actually in in Bayview, praying that that you want gas but the diplomacy right now. Has David the Russians in getting what they want they are.

I want to hear our retort. Linda Thomas Greenville cut 31 I can't say that I am not surprised by my Russian colleagues, comments I am disappointed the threats of action. If Russians that security demands aren't that is provocative. The promisee is not provocative. Your actions will speak for themselves. That pushback pitch that you think will be effective you look at me. UN is important. I think they're starting to find their footing. Hopefully with the rhetoric, but there's always a Yacht in any ministrations of proposals and we need to be clear I that there will be no exchange of the be no change in NATO possibility of change in NATO policy again on bolstering on the old port prompt right on the 2% of NATO spending when Pres. front called for 2% spending from NATO people called him a bully and now here we are in NATO is under threat from Russia so we need to continue to implement the trunk deterrence policy strongly respected and the Russians respect strength and we cannot continue to signal to them that there's quote room for diplomacy when we know what that means that US is ready to make concessions whether missile defenses or on long-range strike systems that will be based in Eastern Europe, understood times and I know is that sometimes these emails come to light in February 2020 where� Oh there's a big push in the scientific community say hey this this week of this virus. We don't know what it is but we really think there's an excellent chance of it being coming from a lab next to you know they all give the same page emergency call by Dr. Saatchi and Francis Collins that it's really important that they don't say that that it came from the environment and that is been the mantra since even Anthony fatty days ago just said is most likely came from natural something with animals to humans. This is outrage you. It makes me when I worked for the government. I was trying to figure out why were being stonewalled. Why would be aggressively being disparaged inside the State Department inside the interagency for looking at this mounting evidence.

Now we know now I know in Artemio that there was an actual conspiracy by the scientists to spread misinformation to send along information to the government. Look, I don't know if the legal but we know that those scientists that were on that email train ended up sleeping the intelligence community and influencing their intelligence products. I mean this is a huge, huge problem when that top coronavirus experts in the world tell analysts it will any intelligence agency.

Yes, it probably believe the not knowing that they were not telling the whole truth that we think it might've come from nature. But there's also signing in the in the genome itself that indicate a potential lab in human manipulation. They left that part out and that omission was on purpose and at least for me and for our team. Right now I see the full picture.

I don't know that behavior was illegal, but should be. I'm telling you, it caused a tremendous amount problem in this way the entire United States intelligence agencies which leads to more questions on analytic integrity are on guardrail the intelligence he brings in to advise him with a US citizen where they with a properly dented security that is none of the questions answered why Christian Anderson was marching around the intelligence community sharing incomplete information. Now we know he knew that the virus had the hallmark of potential genetic engineering did not deposit but we need to do proper Yacht and that he didn't do it and that it caused a tremendous amount problem inside US government and adjuncts over the Hudson Institute is with us now on the staff member House permanent select committee so Tom now I want to dance the scientists they didn't tell the president Courtney Mick Mulvaney. They had no idea about this.

Of course Sen. Tom cotton Gov. DeSantis and listen.

Are you gotta shut down travel from China we don't know was happening. We got a shutdown travel from China for doing this blind in our own people are not telling us the truth so that outcomes people like me or others who want to say bring up things like are to mass work where this virus actually come from. Josh Rogan was on yesterday white for the Washington Post, CNN brings it up. No everyone's marginalizing what he saying meanwhile his sources are great in China. This is a big deal. The Wuhan lab is a problem and that even today, when you bring up certain things people go crazy so Joe Rogan, I thought as a lead that the number one podcast of the country. A deep thinker but never pretends to be an expert in this field said this cut 18 about his critics that don't want him speculating on things that evidently there aren't scientific problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. Eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated. You can still catch coded and you can still spread covert you will be removed from social media now that's accepted as fact. If you said I don't think cloth masks work, you would be banned from social media now that's openly repeatedly stated on CNN if you said, I think it's possible that covert, 19 came from a lab you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek.

Need I say more. We're not scientists. I don't pretend to be a scientist. Joe Rogan's a UFC guy just to bury broad-based show and he's getting vilified by pointing out things that are now conventional wisdom they will consider considering the responsible broadcaster. Now we know that the people doing a lot of the criticizing were in bed with social media experts like Bob Zuckerberg and Bill Gates in order to make sure their message was top down what they wanted to be. Now with the truth was, yeah, I really probably mean part of the problem with your discussion is that the same people that we know why to us. We know misled the intelligence community misled folks like myself and my bosses all at the president from the same people that are out there making public health recommendations. You just can't have that. Once you lose faith and I'm sure you know your travel talk to people and I know when I'm out here talking to real American that people are stop listening part of the reason is because of this double standard because it is clear is bleeding again on the on on the lab origin.

The big circumstantial evidence is overwhelming scientific evidence that been out there if it even gets published up with seeing so many inconsistencies. I agree with what looked like Rogan saying is that the ball continues to move and cause real problems inside the government and confident himself he he played Secretary of State a president and president instead of immediately calling Mike Pompeo, Robert O'Brien was vice president. He decided that international harmony in China was most important that he would perpetrate this. Why is selected these other boats were pointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate to conduct foreign affairs with Mike Pompeo's decision not Francis Collins. Go get him times and I know it is the frustration is real and the credibility diminishes every day we no one believes these experts anymore, but they continue to hinder our lives and our livelihoods. It's got to stop yet so much to pay up out of the our center. Marsha Blackburn will be with us and then will be joined by Stuart Forney will do a simulcast use of the brain to meet you in your knowledge base.

Brian tell me show a radio show like no other walk-through escrow for the last two days I spoke with multiple law enforcement agents asked every one of them. If there's been any trouble at all. There is not been any trouble. There's been a few recalling radicals. I guess dressed up like us try to blend and work like us to try make us look bad all my guys are all peaceful and jogger were doing what we need to do to get the job done for the people. Yeah, that's when they showed up in the freedom rally thousands of trucks because they don't want to get vaccinated. In many cases, they should not lose their job. There's a huge need for year and 1/2 before there was a vaccine them. She's been nine months before there was a vaccine there were asked to work through a necessary workers now counter the US back and forth with these vaccine mandates it's it's impractical and it's unnecessary there in cabs by themselves.

You can even make some ridiculous moves where keep a certain distance from the cargo when they're loading the truck would basically you have a solemn existence and truckers by nature want to be left alone. That's kinda way they choose their jobs and I think it's coming to Washington March 1 look out it'll be a lot better whether I am there still getting thousands to tens of thousands in Canada, Erica sent WND be in Daytona Beach. Eric right at that guy with a great Like the people that believe Dr. slaughter tell about how to think out. I just wanted to tip you off that it happened yesterday in Florida legislature. They've gone there.

They drink the Kool-Aid actually publicly stated that people of the passing they want to go to law and their calling the Republicans racist and actually set it people of color can can I be people color can't get to the pole that the most racist thing I heard a long time. What you think about that idea. It's a total joke, it doesn't do the race.

We get this time with communications with transportation the way it is. If you are in this country legally.

Love, Social Security number, they're asking for people just to put the last four digits of your Social Security number in and there's three ways to if you go to the post office, which is gotta be near where you live you can get an automatic ID. There are federal ID there is insulting for somebody to say well I know you your simpleton. You cannot get an ID. We know it's too hard for you to do that for most of the country. Eric cited a mystery. Most of the country to the tune of 84% think voter ID should be necessary because they don't want their vote canceled out by some illegal makes total sense.

The more you listen Memorial know it's Brian tell me that look at 5 to 4 boxes that we had another to my TV right now. Right now is to give you a sense, the Pentagon, as many as 800 US troops trailed same on MSNBC doing their own thing about the market and then I thought Janine Carol talking about soft on crime consequences than what what is letting me right. There's an alternate universe on some coverage. What's scary about it is a lot of people watch that would scary about it is, people watch is the best news channel around. It's not even close. You take the first clinics to take three conservative networks Newsmax in the still unequal ratings because we cover everything in the number one issue for the American people is crime.

Number two was inflation. What is she talking about what spring in center Marsha Blackburn member the Senate Judiciary armed services committee center. I just want you to hear that because it makes absolutely no sense. I mean she usually has the communications down even if you disagree with her but do you understand to other people feel that way that were off-base covering crime and start crying. And I like to thank the security moms are out in full force and they are concerned about curating in their communities and their global education for their children, securing healthcare job caring energy supply and you want to thank people are not concerned about crime. Why alternate universe are you living and who are you talking to hearing that people are not concerned about crime and turned back again. They are not concerned about drug on the streets that are coming over southern border right. I want you to succeed. She went on to try to explain yourself by saying that you didn't go to the rescue package that had money for more cops that makes you susceptible to this criticism say you don't care about crime is a little the exchange yesterday cut 24 Jackie Heinrich are all on not as I context of the interview in the conversation when I was speaking to was a Chiron on Fox news since you race that which suggests that this administration is soft on crime with no basis given we have had many conversations and back and forth with you and your colleagues about the prioritization of the president to ensure that we are working as close partners with leaders, whether it is Mayor Adams was going to spend the day with on Thursday or others in the country and the facts speak for themselves. This is what I was talking about in the interview for the full context. The facts speak for themselves are members how that might administration department to define the police high stain across the country. Crime by an complication when independent and Democrat they're trying to rewrite history try to rewrite history every single day, whether it is our nation's founding.

Whether it is constipation.

Whether it is the rule of law then you want to rewrite it and make it and they are liberal socialist image of God and the American people and figure them out and they are no longer listening when you like Jim's sake making thing. I would think so right now we see a lot of diplomacy today.

The law bras and cling to the meeting with Crone stalking a pollutant directly. The NATO officials would if I was speaking to Russia through NATO I would speak to Zelinski, the UK Prime Minister is over in Ukraine right now he wants to change the subject after his ridiculous party habits, but are you okay with all these different oars in the water or because I'm used to us taking the lead on this.

We have to realize and strengthen our client could be an American ordinary on American extraordinary exceptional power. All the bearing.

My dad and now that things are running off the rails with Russia and Ukraine with China and their aggression with our rhyme and the way they are pushing their proxy with North Korea going mental all going. Oh my gosh Wayne really got a that we are talking around having to juggle not one. We got all the issues that are coming up and people are paying attention and pushing back the house will become something attention to pushing back no see was happening. If you can go look at a game on Sunday with the range of 49. As you see the mayor the governor to Mayers Gov., all without wearing masks were seeing problems with the New York dates to we take the mass off the kids go to school with mass they sue back the kids that put the mask back on orders and others issues Tennessee is now the many issues in Virginia executive orders being ignored at about half the state 70% of the American people want to start living with this virus. What's going take for government to let us know. Our bear in mind the Democrat line you got Dr. playing a world-class game. Why and changing his mind work math don't work double man and 95 mask any or all of the board. People no longer believe they are not looking to them for guidance. What they are doing is talking to their physician. Having this conversation.

I talk to people and everything were saying. What matter. If you get double back we can double crime and now we have to learn to live with looking at why and Dr. County are saying anything, you're wrong. We don't believe you said somebody who believes that what comes was having Ukraine.

It matters. I fully understand if the Russians able to get Ukraine to take some of the natural resources in the same fashion in which China took Hong Kong and wants to take Taiwan to get to become a much more formidable little we will send to other smaller nations about Russia are reemerging as the Soviet Union would you say to people, especially in the right to say this is not our fight.

It's not a worry enough matter matter on a lot of different crimes. We remember that Ron White Dragon won the Cold War without firing a shot.

That was a good thing when you want me to basically in Nashville put the band back together and he wants to reassemble the old Soviet Union feel like it's going to be weak and right or left behind by man going to be more aggressive on the border matter that our ally it matters because I tweaked it matters to Russia, leaving into Cuba and Venezuela with current threatens our bear. It matters because it can take that not a one-off and running going to be the way I work and you will China run North Korea all continue their aggression. God matter going to happen here back in November I NI now time to put in place sanctions on Russia on the oligarchs began to fail to Ukrainian Army and government. Now is the time to have a coordinated diplomatic man. We know from past that he is chosen to leave forward during the Olympics.

Beginning in the late George and he didn't and 14 with Crimea.

We have to be very watchful going to do with anything Winter Olympic is going to treat Ukraine and for buying the farm and that you're not going were going to back Ukraine something that will cause a lot more problems down the red Marsha Blackburn.

Thanks so much else will place I got it so much like Rachel is a seven Tennessee we come back simulcast of the devil and show in business television Vardy company in the news, Tom Brady. Calling it quits at the age of 44 made it official short time ago, will discuss now.

Brian kill me show joints. FOXBusiness is firmly in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody keep in mind that do a quick hit Mr. Wood.

Bonnie will share audiences on FB and you listen to him will listen to you, I listen to us and then will be able to take your calls in the back in 1-866-408-7669 and he'll come to us these in the middle of this, of course, the big news about Tom Brady just came across and confirmed it was leaked out on Saturday was confirmed. Here we are on Tuesday, then the news about New York. You might not be familiar with, but in New York, we certainly are. They are going to the courts and getting rid of the stupid masks so the kids can go to school, make their own decision. So let's listen together after 22 seasons bright has announced his retirement. You're a sports guy on Knox.

I want to know why so many people dislike Brady was clearly the best quarterback in history I say I don't really see him as dislike to me now Roger seems to think I dislike because he had the audacity not to get vaccinated.

There was a time in which people really resented the Newington patriots. There was a story about that.

The videotaping of practices in the Rams Super Bowl. We knew that in the chats and Eric Mangini who was a former assistant coach. The Jetsons is your tape in our games or practices are walk-throughs. It's gotta stop. That was a big scandal deflate gate, but I feel like that really washed away, especially last year we go to the box and then he goes and does something that he's been doing for most of his 20 years with the patriots and that's when the seven-time Super Bowl championship and then this year it looks as though he looked around and said I think we got a really good lose a lot of talent to the I been doing this so long on 44, 10 years past.

Most quarterbacks see at 34.

They usually looking on the other side of things, he will have an MVP season of 44 so they said okay I know I'm the call quits to say get money $15 million is on a certificate not resigned or retired by fiber.

The fourth, he gets the 15 million will now is retitle at least announced it so does he not get the 15 million as I just like to confirm to you is we'll talk about the holes we get our 15 million articles to taxes.

But keep in mind once you pay taxes. I would say that he signed for 20 he got five and what they did is for salary-cap purposes. They postpone the payment until Friday.

I don't think he actually lose it because I think it's for last season, so that's what I think the story is if he comes back again.

He gets even more than that. Another 20 million but I don't think money is really the object with him.

I think he's got a kid that's 14 daughters even younger son this guy about ready for his senior year in high school. I believe and I think that he's got three or four businesses on the side including TB 12 which, if you listen to the book on tape which I did is really a whole way of living, not to be a quarterback and I think that's what he seems to want to get into next will is not to bring you issues that you can get fired up about nothing.

We got one now Gov. Hogle of New York has extended the statewide mast mandate to febrile the tents. Frankly, I think that is ultimately ridiculous.

How about you, the fact the cloth mass don't work affected preschoolers their first-graders here who have never seen their classmates face. How about the fact that being that we are two years into this giving parents the choice does this woman want to get reelected. She understand this is huge uproar for parents that want to say in their kids education, many of which are big secret Democrats. So my town in particular said would take them off in a week so I don't know what she's doing. She's working through the court system.

They already had that invalidated where and we have a Nassau County executive and for those people around the country. NASA counties bigger than nine separate states that took densities populated by the way, taxed higher than anywhere else in the country. They are saying enough so they are at war in the courts February 10 to come delay this until February 10 to be scheduled for two more weeks and is just so unfair.

Stuart, I just want make sure that when the storm comes this weekend to the New York area one is coming to the New York area this weekend. I just want to make sure that you do the shoveling at your house and not your wife because that futuristic shovel. You got that I don't believe you actually used it. I am told that it was your wife who did the shoveling change that this weekend onto Stuart.

We need to be told as if you are shovel sources don't act like you got this investigative team. I've seen the Varney & Co. budget.

You do not have the budget to fan out to Long Island to see if I'm shoveling the problem is I was using a shovel that has little circle thing this way could go lefty and righty. I could go low when I go hi I get adjusted. I think there's a jealousy involved with you that I have not seen up until this moment I could actually shovel it away. They will be easy on my God, I'm amount of time is 1055 33 my talk at a time ago to promo your one nation show at 8 o'clock Saturday night on Fox News this weekend sometime. You better get your wife to stay indoors.

It's got Shelley with his lips, got back on again sunshine that starts got shot that's got Shelley I think something with us for the house that we really appreciate it.

Thank you. Going through things I were bleeding over into the real thing. A bank is you really say goodbye to me wasn't me that was rude. I was still with it was implied right so here's the deal on the shovel done. Does it all the time. Yes, but it's not my fault.

It does not snow on weekends and what happens is when you do news, which some people say I've been doing since here since 1997 Bill say Brian a big storm is coming so we need you to stay in the city and we need to stay overnight because if the storm hits. We need to block away because of you go home, which is 30 miles away and take it back. It's on you.

So what happens I stay in if it's really bad. I stay two days, and if I stay two days, that's two days a shoveling for Dawn kill made. It's not that I don't want to shovel. It's that I'm not there this weekend.

What happened when you were home and it's the weekend, but there's nobody of your siblings as I am and what I have is still video nobody trusts me.I was still I will post the still. In fact, Dawn took the picture she has no one can believe you're doing this. I too took the picture and there are no known you since you took the picture. Noel believes it to me know please.

My futuristic shovel today put the shovel up during the peak they did they get a question though. Not that there your son under the bus but where's Brian sometimes knows where. I know what I mean if he's there, but he has Ashley working away with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here so conduct this offense and then you know he's working reason that there's nobody lazy my house just so happens towards the best that she's the best dad, why would I try to get ahead of her. You keep up the good work. I wish I was that good Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill me. Thank you much listen. Everybody is the brain to me Joe 1-866-408-7669. We have a lot to cover Peter Schweitzer waiting on the sideline and ArchiCAD sod professor of marketing at Concordia University.

Evolution of behavioral science is a best-selling author of the parasitic mind how infections are the infectious ideas are killing common sense and we have lost all sense of common sense in America today and will take your calls Peter Schweitzer's best-selling book is now out is called red-handed how American elites a get rich helping China when and it's kinda sad. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three threats of action. Pressures that security demands that is provocative, promising is not provocative. Your actions will speak for themselves.

Yeah I guess so went to Thomas Greenfield, UN ambassador, US ambassador to the United Nations, US and Russia clash there.

New York City is relentless diplomatic sparring continue all Russia is doing is escalating. If Russia still invades why I believe Biden and the dams will not be trusted with the White House for generations.

Fox is chaining. Soft on crime consequences than what what is that even me. There's an alternate universe on some coverage. What's scary about it like people watch that not laughing.

The fraternal order of police demands an apology is sake's chuckling at the so-called soft on crime policies of Fox and the Biden administration. We are but we are bringing you the facts behind the laughter and see who really will be laughing now, and in 2022. There is a right to protest. There is a right to make your voices heard loudly and clearly there is not a right to shut down our democracy are democratic processes.

There is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens.

Then there are as much harassing going on each unit being harassed because you will not let your mom or your foot off the neck of Canadian citizens and many American truck drivers, hypocrites from Gavin Newsom to Justin to know you just heard the bars Johnson locked down losers ruining lives and livelihoods while living there is any way they want.

I declare it all over from master mandates with the Canadians are demanding in the Prince of God, and complete freedom.

We deserve the same, don't you think and I believe so. In case you do not know Gavin Newsom along with London breed mayor of San Francisco and the governor of Los Angeles with Dale were caught, all without mass at a at the ramp sepsis before that or get I have no problem with it but they have made rules and laws that they were enforcing a regular basis say that I wear a mask at these events and the relentless they hire their minions out there's a pickup you, sir, pick up your mess get that over your nose. Excuse me ma'am get your child put them on the master. They're not allowed to go excuse me, your walking to the halls get that mass. Please put it on. I don't see it over.

I know you're sneezing, but was done sneezing, but that mass backup now governor Newsom the man that will apologize because of the French laundry and a birthday party right behind the pandemic is now sitting there with the oppressed Californians by his side in the pedestrian seats we actually have to get up to get a snack not get waited on in the boxes with the rich and famous, and the athletic like Magic Johnson, Gavin Newsom tried to explain his mask was shot that was posted everywhere: I was very judicious, very judicious and you see the photo that I dictate where magic was kind enough generous and asked me to photograph the mask and I took the phone as the time of war, as we all should.

When I had a glass of water and I encourage everybody else to do so and that's it.

Gracious master for brief second first people to continue. Not true. He was caught on the fan cam people zeroing you could see all over the place you sit there hanging out, probably with a billionaire big-time agent without a mascot hanging off his ear. I have no problem with it but I got a problem that you are to ruining everybody's live by these mandates. Think about this, your third-grader, a three-year-old you have to wear a mask and if it drops down you teacher might even taper to your face and they might say you going to kill somebody. If you continue to drop it excuse me teacher.

Why is it that the governor doesn't have to wear a mask, you have an answer to that the answer is you don't have an answer because these hypocrites have to stop ruining our lives, the governor of that state. The mayor of that city. The mayor of San Francisco, which is why people leaving this fantastic state of California.

The taxes due. I the traffic is bad in the oppressive conditions are ridiculous. Remember that is the state Los Angeles is the city with this beautiful weather and they make they don't even let you eat outside for months.

Think about that for second but they didn't said that didn't get by Steve Hilton. He was on with Shannon last night.

Cut to Gavin you send yet again breaking his own rules is not actually delivering on any of the real things that people want dealt with, and specifically in that stadium there is a mosque mandate and indoor lost mandate nothing that's really driven people crazy here today that's been such a lot of anger expressed Everett because still in California. We have lost getting compulsory lost mandates for kids in schools like it never go to school even outdoors there. Where mosque all day long and yet here is going along breaking the rules and then furthermore compounding it when he when he was called out on it lost like today. Guess what he says is all I only took my Moscow file treason for brief second to take a picture because Magic Johnson wanted to take a picture because he's so great. Gavin Newsom is so great. Magic Johnson was desperate for pictures. I took it for brief second video and pictures been emerging all day long. Gavin Newsom throughout the game. Having a mosque on so he lied about it as well. I did Steve's anger.

I don't have little kids. I am outraged I have kids in college were forced to get boosters and I just want a quick expanded real quick bars Johnson.

He is now probably lose his job as prime minister because he's an idiot. During the height of the pandemic. When he's locking in the UK as bad as the Canadians were locked out in his bed as some states in America were he had 16 parties, one of which he threw. He made this formal invited all his friends 16 times while the Queen of England is forced to have a funeral where she sits by herself with her husband, Prince Philip dead in front of her in a casket. She is to have her 6 feet apart.

She is the one taking in all the covert rules that he put into place while he is 16 parties Justin Trudeau healed double vaccine booster tested positive, and then you have this governor here and of course we know that Joe Biden's been caught walking the restaurants know mask within 100 hundred thousand miles of them and then we see them as idiotically knowing a photographers there walking on the beach with his dog alone outdoors. Obviously with a mask on. So this is gotta stop Denmark released all regulations all mandates UK did the same thing Canadians are being that they bring to Ottawa, demanding the same thing we should do the same was of the brain to mature. We come back. The Titanic news not that big of a surprise that Tom Brady has retired the age of 44. Ian O'Connor who spent about three years writing the book Bella check the outstanding writers in the New York Post around the country's got a brand-new book out about coach K it's about to come out. I should say joint just now with some perspective on why Brady did not think anyone of the patriots. If there's anything to that is Instagram farewell.

Don't move, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me, you have a timeline and I know when the time is right so like I've always said it's not very blessed to play as long as I have, as things have gone on later parts of my career. Well, that was five years ago and know even this year there's a lot of interesting stuff plan. I understand something I recognize that when I when I know I moaned when I don't know.

I don't know a lot about grace to some conclusion about that and now he knows Tom Brady is officially retired.

Joining me now, Ian O'Connor, New York Post columnist, author of three straight New York Times bestsellers, including he's got one upcoming call Coach K comes out in two weeks. Actually, Fairbury 22nd. Coach K. The rising rate of my shoes have ski but the last book was Bella check and man he won inside that relationship.

Big time. In O'Connor welcome. I got to get your reaction to the news. Brian little surprised I'm not surprised given the conversation report to the last two weeks but I had a conversation with Tom Brady in 2017 where we talked about him playing into his late 40s maybe age 50 and so he put that employee and said his wife had signed off on 45 and maybe even beyond the stop at 44 it's not often work Tom Brady stop short of the stated goal, which was 45 or beyond. But he's taken a physical beating over the years. What he does in the off-season to get his body ready for an NFL season is is pretty intense and after 22 years of doing that day after day week after week, month after month.

It caught up to him.

I would not be surprised by after year.

He reconsiders us but for right now the greatest football player of all time has decided to retire. What I can tell this a long statement nothing about the Pats. Thank you Bruce variance nothing about Dallas Guerrero is his trainer said he would present Don. He and Steve Dumont. Thank you for with with me every step of the way since I left the University of Michigan and to the league. My supposed to read into do you read into that well. He did mention the patriots at all. I think you did the galaxy in there but the greater deterrent the Belichick craft the fans that he probably felt like I did that when I left New England, but still, if this is the end of your career and you want six year seven soup bowls without franchise it. It's pretty hard to believe in, in a nine page Instagram post that you wouldn't have mentioned craft Belichick and the fans at some point and so the whole this whole thing is been not. He does a radio show last night where he acts like he still going through the process of deciding whether or not to retire and then all of a sudden this morning he is retiring and so that's why think it is possible he could come back at some point I may be after year, but if this is the end of Tom Brady not only be the greatest quarterback ever. I certainly think you can make a very strong case is the greatest football player ever, because that position. The quarterback position. As you know, Brian is 80% of the sport so I think that it's the enduring legacy of Brady is that he basically proved that almost anything is possible with the work ethic because he started out his mission at Michigan as the six or seven string quarterback. He was not that highly regarded. He was drafted 199 for 2000 overall.

So for him to become what he became is a pretty incredible story is no doubt about it. What is mean for him to get the Super Bowl last year, you know, since those kind of weird. He actually took that loss better than a most losses city that he that he has when he lost last week to the Rams comes back for 27 three.

Ties number 27 and then of course the rams going to get the victory beat when I was going to Super Bowl but I watch them at the end it's is almost as if on in a way you thought. Okay, that's it. And I won last year and I'm ready done. Did you notice that they didn't seem as angry and distraught as we usually see him, I agree. Brian and I would say the same thing after his playoff loss last playoff loss in New England when Tennessee beat them there was almost a resignation or sense of relief that you could see on him in that moment and also the moment you just talked about in Tampa when they lost to to the RAM so so you yet feeling he knew he was leaving Foxboro.

When he did and and clearly here. He knew he was not going to play again for Tampa Bay so I think your read of his body language was correct and really proven today with this with this official statement and so will see the rest of his life plays out.

If this really is the end of his entire football journey. Again, I'm not. I'm not completely convinced of that.

Since he did talk about: 847 48 that with me and others in the past so it would be entering the seasonality can just be a businessman showing his TB 12 products as wellness products and just making that the centerpiece of the rest of his professional life. I'm just not sure he's going to do that from here to eternity will see all plays out.

Suggest sets with system expanded on the story that broke on Saturday with Darlington Jeff Darlington came out and said you look he's going to retire and then he blew he actually Edison color to it.

He said that Arians does not run as buttons up ship as Bella check and he also looked at the salary cap and saw how many roster changes they were coming down the pike and didn't necessarily think they could win again next year when you think that play into it that there was there was too much even know was a relief to get away for the Belichick regiment. There was a little bit too loose of the ship.

I tried II always thought that Brian he was going from one extreme to the other you know Bruce Arian's motto is win or lose, we booze. That's not quite the Belichick floppy so I was very sort of surprised that he he picked the coach would be complete opposite the Belichick I thought he'd find a middle ground somewhere but areas of the kind of guy. Hey, let's get a beer after practice. Let's try to sneak in nine holes. If we can of golf and and so I think I think Tom Brady probably really enjoyed that in year one, and maybe in your two and I got him a little bit that it wasn't a little bit more like New England and NAD that playoff defeat. He saw something in that game where boy, if we were in New England that wouldn't happen then. So I would not be surprised if that was part of his decision to walk away. So in talking with you know, read a book, Belichick writes of many bestsellers and other vessels come out that way 22nd. I'm sure about Coach K and you start writing a book before you knew Coach K was retiring this year. The rising reign of Mike, she sets but Ian Ike I had asked you this what role this is conjecture. I understand this affected Bella check did make the playoffs last year got eliminated and crossed and you million by the Buffalo Bills this year. He kind of buried this deed, the storyline of whose more important radio Bella check as he went to Super Bowl and then went to the others you know and does well wincing a playoff game and loses a heartbreaker in the second round. Well Brady certainly now the leader in the clubhouse probably play football again. I think Belichick is a coach another for five years. If he happens to win one with Max Jones. Nothing is going to but you got a chance to do that next day for years and all of a sudden he pulled even at at 727 in the course. Belichick also has the two rings as a defensive coordinator with the Giants show that's not quite the same thing as head coach.

I understand that but eat Belichick now has the benefit of time of Tom Brady does not come back and play for somebody else do you think spoken yet have they spoken since you left did you know if they spoke when Brady played there in October and Foxboro. They spoke after that I came Belichick went into the locker room had a nice conversation to try to mend some fences and I think they did, which is a good thing. They should think they accomplished more together than any head coaching quarterback in history, the sport, so I do think their relationship got better. It was not good at the end but it but it was very odd that he didn't mention Belichick in this farewell. I, I don't really understand why that happened the way it did and then go ahead and I cut you off before you statement about next year if he comes back after year.

Josh McDaniels is very close to Tom Brady. The former offense of coordinator of the pictures he now the head coach of the Las Vegas raters. They have a quarterback in the final year of his contract. Jim Harbaugh takes the Minnesota job. He's friends with Harbaugh and they have a quarterback in final year of his contract. So, if people are looking for. Well, Tom Brady comes back in 2023 after year off between spots. I think to look at Sony try to make some news is retirement Dean O'Connor will have you coach K thanks so much for your left foot right now radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show with her wasn't controlled by the government supports these power and critically in Nova Scotia. Protests against just those vaccine mandates are now banned by law rarely has the nation changed this quickly or more unequivocally for the work last week. Thousands of Canadian truckers reached their limit. A convoy of truckers converts in the capital city Ottawa to demand peacefully cheerfully but persistently an end to just introduce Tierney justices response to this display of democracy. He fled the city through evacuated his official residence and hid in an undisclosed location. He is still cowering there tonight will he come back as he abdicated will tend to be ruled by a junta of truckers. Wow, that is a little Tucker Carlson's take on what's happening Canon Ottawa. It's unbelievable. Thousands of truckers have shown up and then thousands of Canadians have shown up, demanding, and � mandates all the restrictions the mass in schools with their doing to the kids much like what you're experiencing here in America.

Much like the UK frustrated into their scandal ridden prime minister realizes he's gotta lift everything much how Denmark felt, until they decide to lift everything house into the do that here and the idiocy of what's happening. Dr. Gad side salad joint is now professor barking concordia evolutionary behavioral scientist to specialty best-selling author of the parasitic mind.

He also so you can see them on YouTube. You could also see get his podcast. Dr. Saad Gad, welcome back to be ready by what is your take on what's happening in Canada today.

What if your producer off-line. I went to work this morning at a caf�.

It's the first time that I've been able to go and work from outside my house for the past month, until recently just listed it. All the countries were closed all the restaurants were closed all the gyms were closed. You couldn't walk your dog at night. There was a curfew until they reverse topology so it's insane we really are living in a cup yet � Orwellian world. It's grotesque.

Why would you guys tolerate well I mean I guess most people are pathologically apathetic. Many people are cowardly so they'll complain privately, but when it comes to them putting their necks on the line B don't think that's the problem that I see in academia for the past two decades right behind him, and I reject thousands of emails from Prof. say thank you so much Dr. Saad you keep me sane. But please, if you're going to read my email on your show, please don't mention my name so I can get you to be courageous enough to simply publicly start with me. How can I get you to topple these governmental mandates. It's almost impossible feet, so these truckers have shown up with the result then says they rings Ottawa. It's more than truckers that was in all yeah I mean I just yesterday Brian I one of the disbursement of the freedom convoy to reach a particular collateral for many years happens to be Jewish, I might think that because Trudeau and that mainstream media is basically feather and tarring everyone who is participating in this convoy you know is being Nazis and extreme management science deniers at their white supremacist. The reality is that there are liberal there conservatives block white, gay, straight, it really find any demographic pigeonholing but of course the government relies on the fact that most people are cognitively lazy. So they tell you that these are just a bunch of trucker extremists. You'll nod your head and quietly believe it somewhat uses the sky Rick wall. He placed what you're saying he's a trucking company owner and he stated he's describing what's it like on the ground and I will cut six our federal government and our prime minister is completely out of touch. At this point. I mean, he does not have the best interests in mind are not of the general public that there might be a small minority that may still support what he's doing, but the general the general mouse. Some of Canadians that are there just stared at the bridge just tired of it. We just want our livestock and most importantly, we just want we just want to be able to have the right to provide for comedies and that's being ripped away from us and Stanford anymore. I mean, that's a sentiment that I think that I'm seeing in the soundbites and I'm seeing from coming from Ottawa, Abu Simbel, New York, but I really believe that March 1 they're going to hit Washington DC with the same thing when people speak up. You know, in unison, the silent majority can't take this anymore. This is where entering your three right if I just know you about some of the mandates of my own university department, departmental meetings are still being held against you. But we are now forced to go back to you know a person teaching more than happy to go about their persecution. But why art departmental meeting still be as you. The virus spread when we are 20 professors in the room but it spreads will have to face 100 students on the room so so the amount of hot man. I don't think all of these mandates are due to no a priori diabolical advantage just be a measure of the ineptitude of these governmental agencies and we just quietly sit there and take it. It's unbelievable. And right now he says he tested positive the virus he was swept away for his own safety. I'm likely look at the sky and even no one but his policies make me sick is self-righteousness. Political correctness makes me ill. Here he is talking about the difference in the right protest in the wrong protest cut 14. There is a right to protest. There is a right to make your voices heard loudly and clearly there is not a right to shut down our democracy are democratic processes. There is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens. And that's not happening there. Might he scissor some, but I can see these people that have infiltrated inside of the most part, these people are peaceful use to one of my quotes about become knowledge vital. Let me just try to summarize or paraphrase your I basically argued a few years ago that if you took all of the undergraduate students that I have taught in my now nearly 28 years as a professor and you rank them according to intelligence the dumbest student that I've ever taught is about 100 to 1000 times smarter than Justin Trudeau. I used to say that you know much. Many of his positions were due to imbecility ineptitude, whereas now I actually think that he is a diabolical creature is been progressive by all sorts of idea packages that are truly detrimental to the individual dignity to freedom and that what amazes me is that not only did we elect them once, not twice but three times.

At what point do you start thinking Canada is a lost cause.

When it never AutoCorrect from its past.this is unbelievable, so people should not talk to God. Saad he's calling us from Canada.

We called him. I should say just for you. Background used to live in Beirut in 1975 in terms of the Olympics.

Your brother compete in the Olympics. I gotta get you on that. I also want to get you on what it means to. I guess the Holocaust because it means what I thought we all agreed on. It was in denial and attempt to annihilate the Jews, but not according to Whoopi Goldberg cut 39. Let's be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn't about race now about a man sits about man's inhumanity to man. That's what it's about.

Let's talk about it for what it is. It's how people treat each other. That was the Holocaust was. Unbelievable really. When Jesse split experiences of full hoax of a crime of a hate crime and everybody starts crying and sending the prophetic messages, but the wholesale eradication of a people on an industrial scale level you know that was just against you who will grace the cheese.


And in science. The concept of epistemic humility right. I know what I know and I know what I don't know.

Regrettably, the people on the view know about everything like you have no epistemic humility so they can spew all kinds of nonsense and then once in a while they will know Clyde back and apologize.

She's grotesque. It's unbelievable and she tried to apologize to me for buying this cut 40 I see all being black when we talk about race. It's a very different things. So I said that I I thought that the Holocaust wasn't about race people are very angry and they said no, no, we all erase and I understand I understand I felt differently. So did you use this to the Jewish community, except that apology one to be gracious and accept what someone does something also find yet I accept that. I mean she's committed a capital crime. Let's be gracious about it but you earlier you mentioned about my history in Lebanon and my brothers being in Olympia.

We left Lebanon because we are Lebanese Jews who were going you will going to be executed in any moment. My brother have to leave Lebanon prior to the war because he was visited by some Lebanese folks who said that it was time for him to retire because it wasn't really looking good for the optics for Q2 continuously went the Lebanese championship. So he moved to France to pursue his career and yet he was gracious enough to represent Lebanon in the 1976 Olympics, when he had left Lebanon, so I don't need to hear about what the goals were whining about American racism when someone like me growing up as a child, didn't know whether I was going to live from 2nd to 2nd, but that's the problem with the West right now everything is judged according to an orgiastic competition on who was the greatest victim while I was a true victim. Whoopi Goldberg wasn't get over it. Grateful for what you have and stop whining understood very good point. So I got a bring you to win the debate in this country now. Should we really care about the Ukraine. I should we be focusing their instead of on China.

What is your take. I mean, in the in the ranking global threats and you don't where we should. I don't worry about my cholesterol level. If I hear is on fire, and so use that analogy.

China is currently my hair on fire, so we should be a lot more worried about what China is up to and whether we should intervene in Ukraine now if we are going to intervene in Ukraine and at least be consistent and worry about your own borders, but apparently the United States and Biden care a lot more about the territorial integrity of the Ukraine that they do about that US doesn't sound good system for me.

I do worry about the reconstitution of the Soviet Union and the fact is they have Ukraine to get those ports and get the natural resources they turn around and try for the Baltic states we might have a another formidable fall as opposed to the oil and gas driven economy of Vladimir Putin.

Don't you agree. I do agree but again the hierarch who is our greatest phone now. I think that Russia, even if it were to reconstitute itself might yield greater Soviet Union would be minuscule compared to the threat that China currently is making on the world got two more topics. Number one is China going over there. We know that the millions of Muslims the kids up and separated from their families. Genocide is actually taken place there. We know they did to Hong Kong with the threatening to do the Taiwan with a deed to the world is essentially poison us all. Or try to.

Should we be competing in the Olympics. I think it's a dreadful idea that penalties for what China has unleashed on the world should be much greater than our symbolic title, but at the very least, we have the ability to say you know what they are consequences to your actions. I'm not implying that whatever happened in China.

What willfully duplicitous. But even if it was accidental.

They weren't the right measures there set up for all the click of my research. There were doing so the least that we should be doing is boycotting the Olympics from my Leslie Joe Rogan. Yesterday I came out and explain himself or was it Sunday when he released it came out and explained himself and some of the misinformation he's been claimed to have been relaying always doing in my view is asking questions and they say he spreading misinformation responsibly is very easy got some people who are extremely high credentialed coming in was still one of which has six patents, as it has to do with mRNA. Dr. Malone usually said in a very I think humble address yesterday, here's a portion of the cut 17 do I get things wrong.

Absolutely I get things wrong but I try to correct them whenever I get something wrong I'm not trying to promote misinformation about trying to be controversial.

I've never tried you anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations and that's the approach I got you been on there before.

Do you have a different take no bullying agreement. Look� Been on Joe's show many times I just released a few days ago a clip which I titled Joel Logan versus Neil Young act, and the reason why included Tom Cruise and that makes it because remember Tom Cruise God� They will look Scientology has the cure for psychiatric illness right you don't have psychiatric disorder, you simply have to note take vitamins and exercise and you will have any such psychiatric ailments. Well we didn't cancel that we can see speak in a free society, you have to allow people to state falsehoods be racist. Look, I'm Jewish Brian Gooch who escaped execution Lebanon. I support the right of Holocaust deniers to spew their nonsense so that in a free society, the way we adjudicate between competing ideas is by letting them all compete in the battlefield and then made the best idea went so it terrible that we are seeing now the pension where we further empower anyone with whom we disagree as being a probable gator of misinformation. It is grotesque and will only be to downstream very nefarious effect. That said, thanks so much, it's going to find your podcast when we go about this truth with Dr. Saad for top spot. A fight everywhere all on my YouTube channel. It sought truth. You can find me. Please subscribe and support the channel and have some time please pretend I'll do my best. Thank you to today's top stories Friday until breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show it.

Welcome back everybody just don't forget. I know it's early in the week but don't forget think Saturday show at 8 o'clock and Fox and friends tomorrow six tonight and always be back here every single day. As we cover the breaking news, including the big news today and that is the big news today and that is that Tom Brady officially retired the age of 44 but you, have you heard of you and O'Connor New York Post columnist very successful five thing five-time New York Times best-selling author left three books were on the New York Times list came out, he says listen I did a book on Bella check. I've talked to Brady many times we thought explained to his 50 so he could retire for a year and then come back. I don't actually see that it's not like it's boxing really do that all the time. All the other big story and I can keep an eye on this response to Peter Schweitzer this hour. Probably later in the week, but the New York Times is suing the State Department guess why over the FOIA request of Hunter Biden's emails, this one in particular to Romania.

We hernia deals Romania.

We know you deals in Ukraine we know it to the Moscow mayor's wife.

We know we had about four separate deals in China.

We don't know the details of those deals but now looks at the New York Times cares. So now that he's a safely elected in the year in office. This turned to look at what is families actually up to remember Tony Bob Linsky came out in the New York Times would even acknowledge it. He came out and said Joe Biden was getting a percentage of these international business dealings listed down there as the big guy so that to me. I find I find fascinating that the New York Times suddenly interested. We know they could do the job and they certainly have the resources, if indeed they decide, but most of all what I want to take from today is the outward hypocrisy of everyone putting these "oppressive rules on us. We have Justin Trudell hotel is hit double back selling Canadians get double vaccine boosted, he's pretending, I believe that he actually has a coping 19 virus because he scared to death because his people begin to rise up against him, and as oppressive ways for Boris Johnson cracks down on his on his country massively over the course of the last two years suddenly decides to lift all restrictions up and has everything to do with the fact that it was discovered in the rev. An investigation revealed that he had 16 parties while everybody else was locked down very similar to Gavin Newsom caught again without a mask on demanding your three-year-old and your sixth-grader do the same thing with the mayor of San Francisco mask off Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles. These are the people in control of our lives. This has got over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscribe and listen to Fox is not or wherever you

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