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Biden Finally Acknowledges Crime Crisis, Blames... Ghost Guns?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 4, 2022 12:18 pm

Biden Finally Acknowledges Crime Crisis, Blames... Ghost Guns?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 4, 2022 12:18 pm

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Live Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me yet what is possible I would love to hear some solutions that would try to get there. Jimmy Metz will be with us to jury metals as an advisor. WHO was born in the forefront of the origins of the virus and talks about what is it like in China now to even be going to be Olympics. Knowing what we know about how this pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans really took root Heather not being transparent. Jimmy Metz will be here too, is a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council another column out that he wants to share with us allowing a he wants to push to have an international investigation of the origins we would he want to see it. Now that would be a way of bringing the world together rather than the Olympic Games without fans without journalists without broadcasters on the premises. So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The Russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion.

We believe that Russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video which would include corpses and images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of Ukraine of the West that is John Kirby talking about classified information no longer classified get this Russian actors might just be faking a Ukrainian attack and start the biggest war in Europe and 80 years.

That's a bizarre report we getting from the state and defense bring you the latest on what Congress is saying why Marco Rubio said this is the biggest threat to Europe since World War II. I did a quick Google search on a single light cover. This Johns Hopkins study I came up with daily mail, New York Post, Fox News. I guess a lot of major news organizations want to embrace the idea blocking down mass mandates and the like may have had very little effect on the death rate how we Kurds pretty astonished as I am ignoring the endemic because you want to control the pandemic. My only conclusion is our government and left-wing outlets are ignoring diminishing omicron cases and hospitalizations in the study show mass don't work. We know the vaccines of under ineffective against this variant. For the most part, so let's sideline Joe Rogan for questioning comments. The common wisdom of the day, which often times turns out to be wrong on this.

Just Barbara will issue a final rule regulates the so-called ghost place department report sharp increases in the number ghost found a crime scene. That's why today the department is launching test and intensified national ghost on enforcement of the know my goodness, what is even saying present buying shows he recognizes crime as a major American problem. Will he show the courage to take on his enablers in his party. The DAC think criminals are first in their priority. A party who shout out to dismantle and reimagine and defund the police over the last two years we look at is blame the gun cure for what ails every major city and I see a huge problem. A no new that the knows the difference Democratic mayor Eric Adams.

He came out and said I gotta give judges the discretion to keep dangerous suspects in jail until their trial date. I want to get will revisit no cash ballots not working okay and then I also want to get guns on the streets. Why do you do that one anti-gun year. That'll certainly help, but not to what you have, the plainclothes unit up now they're all wearing the same thing were a big body cams.

That's not the way to infiltrate the gun community audit. Next go back to stop question stop, question and frisk that you gotta do because evidently if you talk to these cops you say what you trained to do one comes to gotchas I can always tell when someone has gone whether it's on their ankle around their waist.

He could always tell her in their jacket and a white wall as soon as you walk up on the grab number two is you see the way they walk. But what happens is unless you have the definite reason to suspect them like the way they're walking what they've done some transgression, you have no reason to do it so they actually walking around with guns writing for adoption, sales, and I'm not done much over this. I'm at you with a lawsuit that are not protected on that the union probably can't fight back on Sigg, go get going. You have a gun go. I'm sure you have it, but I'm not allowed to stop question. First, you gotta keep going so present buying just brought up what I will fear he would only bring up and that is about cops know one thing is true. He never said specifically defund the police: not enough is enough because we know we can do things about this, but for the resistance regarding some sectors of the government and the Congress and state legislatures and organizational structures out you know where Adams you and I agree the answer is not to abandon our streets. That's not the answer answer is to come together placing communities building trust and making us all safer answers not the police to give you the tools and training. The funding to be partners to be protectors right. He has three and $50 billion. He gave the states. He said spend it on cops, but you never said spend, you have to spend it on.

That's the problem. Saudi states sitting on money they never asked for and that $1.9 trillion rescue plan he so happy about it fueled inflation like nothing else also have some good news instead of losing 300,000 jobs that the so-called expert said we would lose. We gain 467,000 jobs and labor petition patient weight went up slightly to 62.2%, but that also includes retiree so that is good news on the economy right not good news when it comes to crime and not a good plan when it comes to fighting crime more from Eric Adams.

Now he did not say to do with the president there that he said to us earlier which I stated two minutes ago about what else has to be done besides the guns cut for Pres. thank you for your response. Then I asked him to go underground because about intervention and prevention prevention are the long-term things we need to do asking to go underground with this be the crisis management teams. The everyday people who are doing the hard work in alignment with the police department night he got on the ground.

He was there in our halfway. The reason he had to announce a terror attack to went extremely well.

We attacked the terrorists good news in Syria just for the record on that very attack. It was laudable. The special ops again. I guess they were all vaccinated. That's where they did so well and they were able to take out this kind of sustained interaction without the L bag daddy's replacement of Isis and they killed him and he killed his family because he detonated a belt evidently so having said that, you know, did you see Donald Trump say he deserves no credit for it. You see Donald Trump say. Well that was on my troops that I put in place now you know what he would Joe Biden said in 2019. When under the order of prison Trump. They took out a bag daddy they did in spite of his inept leadership. Military did this. Don't give Donald Trump credit for this classless and I know it is like I understand politics that was classless then and I'm glad the president of the former president say anything now so with the president said yesterday, and what he didn't say yesterday's key.

It did not allude Lieut. Randy Sutton.

He wanted to know that he was going to side with the cops and away from the criminals against these lenient DAs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kim Fox in Chicago and Alvin Bragg in New York. That didn't happen cutting what I heard today was shameful. The reality is that ghost guns I don't even know one police officer who is ever actually investigated a murder involving a ghost gun. This is version that's all it says this is just about not holding criminals accountable for their crimes.

That's what this is all about. You won't ever hear the president you will never hear Gov. Hogle talk about the criminal. The only talk about the gun and in animate object will never talk about the person who is using the weapon and you can put a million gun laws on the books.

If the judges and the prosecutors like Alvin Bragg who is just a George Soros, a Trojan horse district attorney if they don't prosecute it means nothing and they have not addressed that one little bit and in the lead editorial.

The New York Post says that headline is Biden failed to rise to the moment in one excerpt I want to share with you. He could've called at the extremist in his own party who block even the most minor reforms. The conceit is the pandemic because the US urban crime wave, but I mostly just accelerated the trends already underway, enabled by an ill written reforms and a wave of anti-prosecution prosecutors winning office when we come back. I say this is an endemic I'm watching the case ball. I'm seeing Americans get back to work I'm seeing with temper the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

I'm seeing what's happening in Denver. I'm seeing the trends over in Iowa and Idaho.

I should say in Iowa and I'm seeing what's happening. Wisconsin America is ready get back to work. Mr. prison you are a great moment explained to everyone. Gotta live with it. Don't do it you didn't July and states over will live with it.

Be responsible. You're on your own.

When we come back. Dr. Jeanette Nash what joins us the tell us what she sees because she sees covert patient every day. Am I overstating it in my overoptimistic I don't think so. The doctors next Brian kill me contrasts network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janice team podcast Fox News or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show with natural protection was better.

It was more durable and that's consistent with the CDC found some talk about the vaccinated in the unvaccinated the more precise language is the immune and the non-immune and we need to really recognize now that vaccinated.

They may have a good reason to be unvaccinated. We don't know and those who, for example, wear masks when you have a good reason to wear a mask so we really respect one another in this entire debate. Yeah that is true. And people don't have any respect for anyone.

If you don't wear a mask. Your horrible person. If you do your capitulating to the man who we know this cause massive told us that effective natural immunity. According to a recent study done by Hopkins very effective on the vaccines limited to the symptoms with the reportedly if you actually get on the crown but they don't stop it. You could still spread it. We also know everything that is turned on its head, including the origin of the virus. Having said all that Johns Hopkins is another study over the last two and half years he studied people that have they state societies about 2000 people and looked at the effects of the lockdown shutdowns mandates on the health of society, it only presented points. It only prevented .02% of deaths after two and half years not affected. When should a noted if we study what we did in 1918. It is time to admit this is over is out that Dr. Jeanette Nash what says she joins us now. Fox News contributor Dr. welcome back yet so there's a this story out now that you put out, and you said the crime and mental illness is worse than covert is my solution to combating these issues.

What is your solution. Well why understand that a lot of natural untreated and undiagnosed up to 20% of people and make it bipolar and depression with Dongen and Janelle getting back to back out on the street is soft on crime talking about district attorney change still keeping the criminals off the street behind bars where they glom making sure we had good mental health that Dragon diction we had the combination and what we need. I did like the fact that our our new mayor without a 15 page blueprint of how he got Up in the mediation.

One of the think is going to do is increase the amount of hospital based violence intervention program can want to cut down on illegal diamondback great colonnade making sure that we know that criminals are fearful of committing crime become accountable. Brian there are no repercussions in the dream I can do it again. So we need to tackle it from various angles get cleaned are not the only tool I coded no getting done illegal gun.writing is not the only tool let's focus on the illness Johns Hopkins universe in Lund University in Sweden and the Danish think tank the Center for political studies found the restrictions imposed since the spring of 2020, including stay-at-home orders, mass mandates and social distancing only reduce covert mortality by point .0 .2%. What does that say about what we did what we should do now.

We really need to tell her that look at the 900,000 deaths that we had anyway learned that during the lockdown that there was more harm from the lockdown any benefit from the majority of American earlier when you look at issues with the little that killed thousands and thousands of people they knew lockdown report.

What we had no Dr. Beck's Dr. Ouchi recommended Mexico around when they knew what anxiety and depression. Economic damage by trying to drug drug and alcohol on people losing their job clothing, created more problems, more drama or cannot write our countries which we do now. You actually true. It's actually rights to which we do now is the time to do with Denmark and the UK and Sweden never lockdown and just lift all restrictions let live and let live because the coverage on the Hopkins study was zero NBC zero ABC zero CBS Johns Hopkins does a study and suddenly no one is interested in what we can learn and understand. We should never ever ever enter a lockdown ever again under any and we should never close the school down ever again under any matter what is needed to growing important to know your outbreak in your community you are undergoing chemotherapy to stop where your mouth in public. Get your vaccine.

Let's start by like a little white lie.this will like you to unify other procedures doctors like yourself and start: press conferences and forcing these politicians to do it.

We should speak our congressmen write letters to your man apply what I did well educating and pushing the truth and point out that extreme to Connie and Megan are coming more harm to Heidi to our children been any good should never have shut down you know you need to call the rocket should never have canceled my meeting over the holidays completely. I met Terry to do all of that home to back away a map to get high with just before you say master's I know you know this, but let's make it clear let's list member with Dr. Scott Gottlieb said. You agree Clark masks are to provide a lot of protection that's the bottom line. This is an airborne illness. We now understand that at a clock mask is not protected from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission� That you have years two and half years. He said what others say it's a total waste of time. So, unless you were in and 95 mask which I couldn't wear unless you have preconceived conditions or you have the virus. Let live and let live forget the World Health Organization do not recommend. I think it can cause more harm to their developmental growth and social engagement. Interaction. But if you truly knowing American turning a compromise. If you truly are and you know compromising you don't have natural immunity where that can 95 but for anyone out the natural meaning or back immunity to Chile and it should be actually it should be.

Actually, 51, where market should be actually want to get back should get back my first cannot care over 20,000 patient which had lost their lives, some of which could have been prevented by the mapping but valuable point Brian really should be a matter of choice, move on with life by you under seasonal respiratory is think I have been many things that we need to ramp up the kind of medication. Okay it is over. Dr. Jeanette Dr. Jeanette is where you find you on twitter, I'll have a great weekend. Thanks much for your insight. This is America's Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen when Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project show like no other. Tonight, to compete.

Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government because they are useless. I know there is a temptation on the part of some to speak out while they are there. I respect that. But I also worry about what the Chinese government might do to their reputations to and families but we went anyway nice tell me after we reset the athletes there.

That's the speaker the house, Jimmy mental member of the WHO advisory committee, Senior fellow the Atlantic Council and former National Security Council official the Clinton administration joins us now knows a lot about the origins of the virus is work in the WHO is our passion and understanding of pandemics is invaluable. Jamie welcome back when you think about the warning. Our athletes got from the speaker really happy to be back with you so I understand why she is concerned because our athletes really are at risk put them at risk by sending them to the game that never should've been awarded to China in the first place. The corporate sponsors seem to be on board. Media sponsors are on board and now we have all this pressure on these athletes tonight if I were Natalie I hope I would have the courage to speak up, but can't protect our.our athletes so I I understand it I don't act like we we really pressure put our athletes in a terrible lose lose situation that they don't say anything there complicit with all these horrible things, but if they do say something, maybe they won't be able to compete in their careers will be will be at risk. So I'm understanding athletes are in a terrible position and that's why we all need to come together and really fight for the things that we believe in and to the genocide indention job investigation into the origins of the pandemic and so many other things right.

Couple things for the first time prison she, since the pandemic started never ended. He welcomed another leader to China and that was Vladimir Putin great sauce. Bad news for the world being sarcastic.

Of course it is bad news was so there teaming up and that is that there's no fans, no families, the broadcasters are all stateside. This is something I expect to maybe a year ago with Japan who delayed for a year with since when are we dealing with this.

How is that China's reality according to them." Dylan lost 5000 people and they control the pandemic. We are having 100,000 people college football games wire know why is not allowed to go well for the Chinese government propaganda spectacle.

It has to do with them making the case to their own public into the world that they can control all the variable they can dictate what the Olympics looks like who goes what they say how this broadcast and so I get China wants to do that why we and the national community. The international Olympic Committee would hand them that propaganda opportunity on a silver platter. It's it's unimaginable many. We have to have basic standards human rights standards for who gets to host the Olympics and how they do it but it's the whole thing is well let's find some dictator somewhere who is willing to spend a bunch of money to build up all the all the venues and then they can do whatever they want with the Olympics.

That's not what the Olympics spirit is about the Olympic spirit is about bringing people together around a common set of principles for building a better world overseeing out the right doesn't like to feel that you canceled the standard sales know if you can bring broadcasting them what people think lights come back to normal. We didn't write yourself there welding people into their apartment still and there's no way but they lost just 5000 people no idea of what was happening on the crown there. In my view, do you know it turns out, nothing to do with you Jamie, but it turns out there's only one of the country to bid on the games and was Kazakhstan winter games. Now I know others so that part of the structure of the games become so ridiculously expensive that nobody wants to do it in democracies don't want to do them because you have to justify the loss of billions of dollars so maybe we need to simplify the game that every year the winter games are always in Switzerland. Maybe a different country gets to host the opening ceremony and do a little parade, but with the Olympics have become something that is not entirely the toys, partly grotesque and it's become part of this propaganda spectacle is not coincidental that that the Russians hosted in Sochi and make it basically this same thing now that the Chinese and in Beijing. If we don't want this to be the story of the Olympics. We need to build a new story based on the true spirit of Olympic. I so Jamie you are hardened you write that we finally have a cobra 19 origins committee a 9/11 style committee, with center Murray and Sen. Burr as skewed committee chairs to head it up and do an investigation. Our youth do you think were going to get a nonpolitical conclusion and investigation what so we don't have it yet. There is a really encouraging story in the New York Times today saying that there is now bipartisan report for this idea so I'm confident that will get it and were going to have to really it's going to be hard work. I do think that there is I've always said that probing the origin 19, and are many failures across the board.

Over time, and people of president, administration from both parties. We failed and we need to look at how we can do better. Our country is so divided, but there have to be areas where we can really come together and I my feeling is probing how this terrible pandemic started in China is one of those area and coming together to say hey what went wrong. How can we build a safer future so that we never have to face this kind of catastrophe. Again, we have to be able to come together. If we passed the bipartisan bill calling for probate. Cobra 19 commission is passed, I think we can make a lot of progress you mean we have to make progress into those two areas in the so much we don't know even about the very center come down the pike and we don't know that a lot has to do with the fact we don't even know officially how it started, we still have Anthony thought you seem pretty consistently. He believes it came from nature. How you how could that be the prevailing wisdom and are you surprised emails reveal that when there was speculation that came up in 2020 about this coming from a lab. There was an immediate conference call and everybody story change. We were surprised to hear all that. I would try you know Brian in the early days 20 I look at the data. This is likely well have come from Fermilab logical to me based on the data. But even if those time and especially those times. There were some very prominent scientists, people like Christian Anderson and Bob Garriott to blame others and they were just forcefully saying we know it doesn't come from the lab know it comes from nature and they really set the agenda, particularly for the first year and then there is a small number of us were fighting against that trying to raise questions and eventually the tide started to turn, but now we realize that those exact scientists in private communications with each other recite habits look like it could well come from a lab and then three or four days for five days later after sending emails, and to each other, making this then they all congeal around all this.

What became his nature, origin, paper that from March saying always got a come from nature that could come from the lap of the conspiracy theories. I that's what we really need it. Did our system didn't work. People weren't here were just as transparent China.

We know has engaged in a massive cover-up. We need a structured process were digging following the evidence wherever it takes going to be uncomfortable for people on all sides. On the Democratic side of the Republican pipe. Nobody is going to come out of this looking perfect but we all we need to dig in order to build a safer pride in the fact that we were scrambling instead of just being honest about it is it's still a mystery to me what is really going on there. No summer since you don't look in that room and I opened up the door the room and is it and it said that there's an explosion I'm going why did you tell me not to look in that room. What I what were you hiding or not hiding will you so worried about the love of looking to lab leak. If you weren't culpable at all. So I have read to this Johns Hopkins study so the question is number one had it happen number two how do we react so this is really a review by Johns Hopkins Lund University in Sweden and the Danish think tank Center for political studies and they found the restrictions imposed by spring 2020 and my audiences are me just say this to Dr. Nash what other state homeowners mass mandates and social distancing only reduce covert mortality by .2%.

The coverage of this Hopkins study guide zero and NBC zero and ABC zero and CBS Dr. Marty McCarthy from Hopkins listen so over two years. It was about 1/4 million people who died many, many scientists have not begun to peel back this number to understand why were more people dying than the normal death rate in the United States for reasons not related to covert what were now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse deferred cancer care. That statistic takes years to accrue. I we know about the self-harm and suicide numbers and their hundreds of kids in Baltimore along that the teachers described never logged on to their virtual learning modules ever they were lost to follow-up forever in the school system so were now starting to recognize the collateral damage and by the time we finally get the research that catches up with public opinion people may already have their own narrative written so that build lockdowns ineffective open up correct. Is it time to open up to this. I think I live with it running and hiding from it yet again. We need to follow early days there was a lot of fear and we didn't really understand what we were facing, and so II do think that it seems at least like to lockdowns in the early days save some lives or at least bought some time. We can't live our entire lives lock down and so we have to open up our art, our societies, and end. That's why I think that we we can't just like our default setting can't be locked down our default setting should be openness when there are moments when something terrible happened because we could have even worse variants we could have entirely new pandemic that could be more deadly than this. I wouldn't ever say that locking down and masking are wrong, but that can be our default. Our default should be openness and then we can say what minimum disruption that will be necessary to keep us safe to keep people open up again. It's the craziest thing I can.

We cannot get the cities even when they get a governor and this is open up and let the parents make decisions they don't want to do that. I've never seen anything like this in my life. And then they say, well, you gotta wear a mask you don't wear a mask and then were watching mainstream scientists like Dr. Scott Gottlieb say this because NASCAR can provide a lot of protection that's the bottom line is is an airborne illness. We now understand that at a clock mask is not protected from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission when I can't get on a plane without it I can't go to bus without it. In his Lotta cities and schools are doing what you go to walk the halls without it.

When can we get the scientists to speak to the superintendents to speak to the CEOs to speak to the transit cops to let us live our lives. And if we have underlying conditions. J Jamie metal then we know it's weird and 95 mass present protect you not your neighbor got Dolly was saying was caught don't work and 95 mass do work just so you bandannas like they're about to rob a bank in the old Weston member so that that doesn't work, and so I do think that we just to get me to follow the data and see what's going to keep people safe and it may be that there are certain enclosed spaces where we want to wear those and 95 mass because it protects you.

Jamie Jamie protect himself. Jamie mezzo wants to be protected.

You can do the same thing they say with the paper master cause mass, they say, will that protects other people around you what's what you say you buy that even those people that would dispute that solicit you by that okay I am. I'm not wearing a mask. I will take the risk. Now Jamie metal doesn't want to take that risk. So where the and 95 so so that's it, I'm not aware of fake a mess. It doesn't do me any good. So you feel better even though the facts that you shouldn't feel better because it doesn't do any good. So where to find. I ask and let me get back to my life and 95, but I also think that there is a broader societal? When you travel around in Japan you see all of these people who are wearing these paper masks and their culture. You wearing because you aren't feeling well.

You want to protect other people like to think that we live in communities and again following the date there are things that we can do that aren't too much about interference with our lives that help protect other people even just a little bit and I think that's not a terrible thing but I will. But I do think though that I don't know if that's like everybody's wearing it and 95 mass get will not have known the little everywhere.

Yet if I missed him present to surgery to know the clock mask I agreement a clock mask. Now we know even more. There is theatrical elements of that they don't really work, but it's just like like theater then that's kind of silly and Mike Jamie.thanks want to get the committee going and will see with their conclusions on the need to approach it honestly like to did not.

The 9/11 commission Jamie mezzo. Thanks so much. Thanks so much. Right always my pleasure to join you at 1-866-408-7669 be back because just a moment trying to meet you this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true bill that really hurts one nation with Brian kill me Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming up Fox news contests network � Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News five listen more, you'll know Brian kill me.

My point is we all exist in this world on this planet and there's no question that there is reaches this information is purposeful and hateful all those other things and not being moderated is a credit to the platforms that run them and I know it's a difficult thing, but this overreaction to Rogan I think is a mistake. I really do. That's saying a lot because they say 67% of liberal Democrats want government to rein in misinformation of social media platforms, 67%, according to pew research for pole but that is Jon Stewart Jon Stewart Santa committee and I'm sure he and I think him and Jerome came up at the same time so the probably friends but having said that his Lotta people came up with Dave Chapelle and the like with Dave Chapelle's doing fine called him out so you put him out with the Mumford and Sons guy with the rock and put Kevin James on one side, then you put then you put Crosby stills Nash and Young as well as some marginal 1960 stars on spot, a fireman, people like Mary Trump who's got them the unsuccessful podcast in the let's modify my and this is the raging debate this country right now. Should you be able to talk to people with credentials who might have a differing view that Anthony Patchett and Pres. Biden, then the CDC director than the FDA. I like hearing other views. I like talking to people move so you oppose or say they were abducted in my poison the mind of people just because perhaps they were abducted that they thought they were.

I'm asking questions so I think that's pretty cool.

He, Kevin James, the rock and Jon Stewart on the same page. There is a lot of people also your Jerome because they can't control Jerome my fear is like apples say I was gonna take it out of the app store could buy spot a fight that's my worry will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts on a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber listen no Fox News five just Fox Studios New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me.

I want Brian kill me.

Thank you much for listening all those nice people for saying such nice things on deck Peter Schweitzer at the bottom of the hour, a man that knows more about conflict than just about anybody else and will Jim Servetus form supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO who was just written a book about possible war were China other people using as a handbook even though technically was fiction. It's talk about a future conflict and we have a lot to discuss including you know Joe Biden sooner or later, more more people go to pick up these investigation of Peter Schweitzer's doing for his new book red-handed American elites can get rich helping China win and they talk about what the Biden families done a particular I does the New York Times now doing a FOIA request for Hunter Biden's exploits in Romania, so maybe there's some mainstream curiosity. So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The Russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion. We believe that Russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video which would include courses and images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of Ukraine of the West John Kirby yesterday on pacifying information to talk to our Russian actors might pretend that they died at the hands of Ukrainian so they can have a big invasion you think that'll happen. Not sure I did a quick Google search on a single I covered this Johns Hopkins study I came up with daily Mail, New York Post, Fox News. I guess a lot of major news organizations didn't want to embrace the idea blocking down mask mandates and the like may have had very little effect on the death rate ignore the endemic because you want to control Americans through the pandemic. My only conclusion as to why our government or left-wing outlets or ignoring diminishing omicron in the studies that show that mass and shutdowns don't work is why Joe Rogan in his uncontrollable podcast are such a threat because we allowed to discuss things that they don't want this issue final rule regulates the so-called ghost please department reports sharp increases number goes going found a crime. That's why today the department is launching a test intensified national ghost on the force. Unbelievable. What a let down. Missed opportunity present.

Biden shows he recognizes crime as a major problem, but thinks guns of the issue not create DAC don't want to prosecute not the defunding dismantling and reimagining which is a lot of the mindset of his party that's been out there for the last two years.

Blame the gun it will knock your thing kinda said I will discuss that but put that on the shelf for now. Peter Schweitzer presently government accountability Institute and a number of a number of number one New York Times bestsellers, including this one red-handed.

How American elites get rich helping China win such an important book Peter. A lot of people focusing on what the Bidens did or didn't do you surprise. New York Times look to what you're doing and now they have a freedom of information request that there wishing for when it comes to Hunter Biden's exploits in Romania outline. It's great to be with you. As always, thanks for having me. Yeah I know, I think it's very interesting to get indicate that some of the media may be starting to turn its attention to actually reporting the Bidens commercial ties overseas because Hunter Biden ran a veritable United Nations of corruption, I focus on China in my book. New York Times is looking at Romania where this Romanian oligarch who was convicted in Romania on corruption and bribery charges apparently hired Hunter Biden, who then hired Louis free, the former FBI director to try to run a PR campaign to get those charges removed.

So yes, I'm glad the times is on Times reporter working on that. Ken Vogel, I think it is a good straight reporter so hopefully will be hearing more about that in the weeks and months ahead.

Giuliani's role there. His name popped up.

Yes, yes, you know that you find a lot of cases these corrupt overseas officials operate on a bipartisan basis and apparently Rudy Giuliani was also hired as a consultant during the Trump years to try to get the Trump administration to pressure the Romanian government to get these charges taken away those efforts seem to fail the ousted Hunter Biden's efforts.

Interesting superior, focusing on China was gone.

So there you know this whole investigation of the biggest crimes.

I think that I can remember that had almost every media outlet outside foxing you on board and the New York Post was when they took the New York Post story the talks with the laptop with Hunter Biden and they said that is bad.

This is a fake news and within the disable your account until elections over and they didn't apologized after nothing fake about it. Nothings proven inaccurate effect. Hunter hasn't denied it was that done for your investigation which helped launch this book will yes. Exactly right on the trail, but it's really disgraceful how the media has had a complete lack of curiosity about this and covered it up for what I did in this book. Brian was in a we first revealed Hunter Biden's commercial ties in 2018. In my book secret empires. What we did in this book was we took the Hunter Biden laptop. We also took emails that we got from Bevan Cooney was one of Hunter Biden's former business partners and we wanted to try to figure out who made those deals in China happen or is my kids would say made it rain for the by some $31 million that they were able to collect from Chinese businesses, so Google open those doors and what we find. Brian is that there were four businessmen that played a central role in each and every one of those businessmen has direct clear ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence and what that means. Flying is not a story just about corruption or self-dealing or cronyism anymore. We have to recognize the fact that this was a intelligence effort by Beijing to co-opt or to capture the Biden family and we have to have a discussion in this country about whether the Biden family may be compromised by Chinese intelligence and how would you know what we've seen so far, have you seen indications of ineptness or a conspiratorial trend that's a great question like it's really hard to gauge that because part of the Chinese strategy I talk about in the book is there not looking for people that they co-opt or that they have leverage over to walk in lockstep with the Chinese term or phrase loosely translated English is one big help with a little badmouth. So in other words, if Joe Biden doing some on the Uighurs or talk about human rights violations verified without they recognize that Western elites have to maintain some political viability to be credible, but what they want his help on the really big stuff. The big help and put them. That is they want unfettered access to Western capital markets to investment and they want unfettered access largely to US technology and if you look at that measure the Biden administration is giving Beijing exactly what they want. In contrast to the policies that the Trump administration was carrying out, which was much more aggressive in trying to curtail their access to both capital and technology. Couple things that would speed and Hunter but just to close in on Hunter for second so there's investigation going on into his transactions and what he was doing. I meet where is the money I mean, I know that if I don't if I'm not handed letter to Mercy for restaurants and I'm looking right off or anything you would talk about millions of dollars, who, as it where is it and since when is there a multiyear investigation and we don't hear anything about it yet why there are at least two multiyear investigation for the Hunter Biden one is that grand jury up in Delaware. The people of discuss that launched in 2018, about four months after my book came out, and that grand jury is still in operation. So were going out almost 4 years. The other thing that's going on, just broke a couple of days ago, is the IRS subpoenaed records from Hunter Biden's account at J.P. Morgan because of issues relating to transactions involving the bank of China and accounts there are obviously tax implications of both of those investigations are going on. Your question about where the money is. This is working very interesting. Hunter Biden, of course, is the was the face or the guide to close the deals in China, but we now know that some of the money flow to other Biden family members changed by your wife's brother got at least $2 million of that money but we also know based on the laptop that Hunter Biden was paying his father's bills she was subsidizing his lifestyle talk to the children at least tens of thousands of dollars. I think the number is much larger, but we absolutely know that he was paying bills for his father so this is not just the Hunter Biden story. This is a Biden family story and the question is where is this money being held for taxes paid on it. What favors were getting in return.

Because let's face it the Chinese state Chinese intelligence services they're not running philanthropies are not running charities they want something in return for that money and there's no discernible legitimate business activity that I could find that Hunter Biden engaged in, or this some $31 million that you talk it says I can go through your books you know is I was if I was Barack Obama I'd be ticked off SUB vice presidential running over your private deals going over to Mexico you going over to China you traveling your son. You know he's got an addiction problem, you're making it worse by putting the sidestreet situations.

Meanwhile, you travel around because I named you VP so my not yet been thinking the present Obama might be sitting at a table going to show what the hell was he doing yet I think you're exactly right.

And certainly we know that there are all about it ministration alumni in the Biden ministration and you have to think part of that is just sort of track that's what's going on me to show you how reckless the wives were in the midst of this, Brian. One of the things that happened to this is been confirmed by the U.S. Senate and by the Secret Service that in the middle of 2014 is Hunter Biden is closing the deals with these businessmen who are linked to in some cases, the vice minister of state security in China use of the top guidance by agency as she's closing those deals by he goes to the United States Secret Service and said I don't want protection when I travel overseas. That's a stunning starting development is not related to drug addiction. Yeah it probably is. I also think it's a link to these deals. He did not want US officials to know who he was meeting with money what he might be doing with those people that he is meeting with entities closing deals with so couple things to view Republicans in here young John Weiner's and hear you talk about Tim Hutchinson is about Ed Royce taking certain money for certain companies in order to lobby for certain organization or if it's in front of your committee. That's a huge problem and we need some patriotic businessmen. I mean, how much money does J.P. Morgan need, what if they sacrifice in order to get over there and break dahlias and embarrassment. I do know I'm not smart enough to know how brilliant years but they say he's the most brilliant investor we have. So he's over there praising China every chance you get. He's fascinated with that country and he's very talking with that country. I got the whole section of the book Andre Dalia your course towards Bridgewater Associates hedge fund of the world and one of the things I cited in the book is great.

Dalia know this brilliant investor it in a book he wrote in 2017 call principles. He praises the number two leader in China dining blank he shot he this is a guy that has helped me tap into the secrets of the universe. He goes on in that sort of qualified religious way about what a genius this guy and then he says that wonky. Sean has been a remarkable force for good, for decades. So Brian, I decided to spend, you know, half an hour investigating who is this guy walking Sean Dalia thinks is so brilliant it turns out he is Pres. Jean's enforcer guy that throws people in jail who tortures them using charge of party discipline, the economist magazine calls him the most feared man in China you got Ray Dalia praising him a sort of qualified Gandhi -like figure it's important to point out after he made the statement and said other nice things about China use firm Bridgewater Associates was granted the first contract of any Western investment for the offer.

Hedge fund services. Ordinarily Chinese so you know is his brilliance, which I'm sure he has investor brilliant I think is only matched by the goal that he had to say these things about the Chinese leadership so he can get access to the Chinese market for this company in general and design your book is it's new. She's 18 Eileen goo who was born in America trained in America. We trained her.

She was able to get a total bunch of endorsements. At 15, she's a world champion for the US and decides to go compete even know I live out of the West Coast for China in the Olympics because her mom was down there and wondering what kind of deal did she cut because if you are a young beautiful athlete when the winter games we watch these athletes like Mary Lou Redden be famous for the next 50 years. Why would you be better off going in China. Should we expect things like this. Yeah, I think we should. I have a section of the book on Lebron James. The course work from there we are with the whole situation with the general manager of the Houston Rockets to talk to you about Hong Kong and Lebron James. The MBA shut them down as I point out in the booklet on James has deep ties to China to go beyond the Nike's media company has deals with the Chinese state owned media company for the distribution of product.

He has his own shoe line that is released to the Chinese elite, before it is released anywhere else like you spend appeasing China for a long time if you were back in 2007, 2008.

We have a crisis in Darfur for where 2 to 300,000 black Christians in Sudan were massacred by the regime as I point out in the book there was a petition drive launched in the NBA to condemn the Chinese government which was the sponsor of this regime that was killing hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lebron James was the only player who refused to sign the petition to China guy is spineless when you only if it comes to Ricky ridiculing America. He loves doing that, Peter. I got into here, but you do know reads is no reason why your books, I gotta be up a number one bestseller for four months. It's it really breaks ground on every page. Thanks so much Peter appreciate you joining us. I was a pleasure that's right you got it in the name of the book red-handed how American elites get rich helping China win back in a moment your knowledge base, Brian filming show, Fox News contrast network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News time.

Just don't jump or wherever you get your favorite if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me by basically trying to got the Second Amendment. In addition to everything.

Talk about today is a registered nearly 1 million gun owners record you talked about that earlier this week. To me that's a list that can always be a prelude to gun confiscation is ATF's proposed a ban on boarding million pistols and by the way, those 1 million 1 billion records can show the administration is not complying with that band truly there's a long list of things the Biden administration is doing to gun owners, but he needs them as his scapegoat because Democrat cities are setting homicide records and that's embarrassing to the left and he doesn't talk about the criminals themselves. He doesn't talk about the DAs don't want to incarcerate prosecute the criminals themselves that I like the fact identify crime he had to 22 cities. The astronomical growth in crime next to him talk about his other big challenge to them but one of which is seen present. She imprisoned putting together those that's the new alliance the new axis of evil but evil. These are strong strong nation strong militarily for Russia strong economically and militarily for China who if Russians get their way and start absorbing country after country, like the natural resources to be a true economic and military superpower again those of the challenges he faces along with what's happening in the Ukraine.

We come back I will James Servetus will talk about that and will to be talk about crime until telling your reality. 1-866-408-7669. Also some good news got a show at 8 o'clock one nation.

I want you all the tune in to put it together now and it looks like it's going to be a great show and then you can go out dancing right after Melissa Borchers noted radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show Russia doesn't much like what's going on not simply because of NATO, and the possibilities there, like the example that Ukraine sets little little like the continent when anyone Russia got excited Ukrainian democracy. China looks at Taiwan. They don't much like the example that Taiwan sets both of them want to have freedom to use force to create spheres of influence in their parts world to the surreal parallelism there and what they agree on is they don't much like anything the United States is about, and they are increasingly banding together. Also, if they have found common cause, but this is a real sign that these two countries are essentially forged "alliance. The common cause against the United States.

They found lots that they agree on a lot since think that they jointly are against Richard Haas on the Council.

Finally, talk about what he saw today that is Vladimir Putin present she present. She welcomed the first leader and since the pandemic started and they talk to their alliance, another going to be reunified against NATO against the US joining us now and will James diabetes.

Very few people who were better talk to at this moment, the 16th supreme Allied Cmdr. and NATO member. The Carlyle group and author of several bestsellers, including the sellers bookshelf 50 books to know the sea. Adm. Wu your thoughts that welcome will you thought seen these two powers together today and talk about this for several years. I think this is the most dangerous geopolitical alignment for the United States is prudent. NG bringing Russia and China. Closer and closer together. Look, it's a strategic marriage made in heaven or hell depending on your viewpoint, but here you got Russia massive land area huge natural resources oil and gas arable land, timber, freshwater, everything, small population, on the other hand, China, huge population, almost no natural resources and where they share in common authoritarianism and deep antipathy to the United States and NATO look they are going to be working together for the foreseeable future.

Probably for decades in its could be a real challenge for the West and in view of the thing is you look at Russian experts like you will say what the word about Russia, their gas and oil station in their not very good farmers and they're not good, even harnessing their own timber but if they take Ukraine things change if they start absorbing some of the Baltics is change that they start dominating place like Belarus. They start taking those natural resources they become more more dangerous and formidable. That's part of the reason why Ukraine matters correct. That is absolutely right, and let's also recognize that food invades and when we then slap huge sanctions on what's he going to do. He's going to pick up the phone and call his BFF best friend forever in Beijing at present NG and start moving oil and gas moving commercial relations even more deeply, so there's a huge economic component to this client. In addition to the geopolitical one you just mentioned. So this is store yesterday there was exposed like a strategically and I assume it's I assume it's true, by John Kirby. Listen to this, about what Russia might be up to with Ukraine cut 32 we do have information that it is that that that the Russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion which again is right out of their playbook.

We believe that Russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video which would include corpses and actors that would be depicting mourners and images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of Ukraine of the West, even to the point where this is some of his equipment would be to meet made to look like it was Western supplied Ukrainian into Ukraine equipment so if you ever heard of something like this. And what about the strategy if it is in fact true and were not being played, and if it's played toward and helps America stay safe. I understand the big picture.

We think about this operation and exposing it. It is absolutely part of the Kremlin playbook done it on somewhat smaller scale in a couple of other situations in Chechnya and in the invasion of Georgia in 2008.

They are unafraid to manufacture something like this and I think it would be very active. Given the way the social networks dominate the world as the saying goes, Brian Alai travels around the earth before the truth can get it signed is a pretty good example of how they would play this by doing its part of a larger checklist that includes cyber attack massing forces maritime encirclement that's going on in the Black Sea put all that in place. Check then you get ready with this kind of so-called false flag operation.

You have a pretext you pulled the trigger. So yes, this is very much part of the Russian playbook.

We are right to expose it because by doing so we can at least devalue it when it does go global. If it occurs, we can say hey we told you this, and that would be the moment.

By the way, when we would need to put some real evidence on the table and I think we have that evidence and could do so many extra troops: skinny, some troops were putting stuff 2000 and there you still try to run NATO and keep everybody together.

Are you what, how would you characterize the togetherness factory NATO right now.

I think it together right now and let's remember their 30 countries here think about a bicycle with 30 different people all peddling in or peddling at different speeds, but at the moment they're all gone.

In the same direction. US UK leadership France kind of in the middle Germany peddling a little more slowly given their energy relationships and business relationships. But at the moment and I talked to the secretary general of NATO this morning at the moment there peddling in the same direction, Brian. Here's a problem when the invasion occurs.

If it's massive believing the law peddling the same direction, but if it's limited. If they just take up right out of one portion of Southeast Ukraine.

That's when I think you're going to see the rubber meets the road, and frankly the tires might start squeaking a bit at that point.

Unfortunately, so would you be doing that with that they're not doing any ministration would frustrate you. You talk to people and they're just not listening.

I think the only thing that really we need to up our game is flowing weapons into Ukraine you see these videos of Ukrainian bankers and lawyers and schoolteachers signing up to fight but you also see videos of them practicing with wooden rifles.

We have got to get a broad spectrum of weapons in their rapidly.

Here's a bit of good news, in my view, one thing at present, she almost certainly told Pres. Putin over the last 24 hours is okay. Do not invade during the Olympics so that gives us know a couple of weeks here made a little more to flow more weapons in their everything from the high-end stingers and javelins down to that stuff you need for hand-to-hand combat unlike you, I guess in the call last week.

One of the things that Zelinski said they got out from the Ukrainian side was you got all the weapons were going to give you because that is that how you understand it to. I mean, are they using this opportunity to flow more weapons in I don't have visibility into the minute to minute talk of what's flowing in, but you asked what would I do differently from what I see now I would push more weapons and more rapidly and more publicly to send a signal to Vladimir Putin. So here's Marco Rubio. After he gets the briefing yesterday. He says quote. This is the most significant threat to Europe since 1945.

It is just that simple.

There's a big push MIP by Parsons on some level to do to do a sanction situation, but limited sanctions before an invasion about the threat they've already done. Could you tell us about that and where you stand on that sanctioning before an invasion innovation they could still not happen.

First and foremost, you're right. Broad bipartisan consensus about the level of the threat here. That's good news .2. It is a situation where reasonable people can have different tactical approaches. In my case I would say give a little taste put a little bit of that sanctions magic out there showing what it's gonna look like so that there are aware what it will be coming from the front edge of that and then you got the visibility on the package big hammer behind. It's kinda like A little bit at the glass let them know what's coming.

Had the big hammer ready to go. There are others I don't know where Sen. Rubio is I think he's been very strong on this crisis. By the way, there are those who say no, not full shot right now. Personally I think that's premature tactically. Let's keep Vladimir Putin calculating but perhaps a little taste of what might be coming is warranted at this point I will indeed, it seems as though getting more more classified briefings or delete documents not denied about what was really going on in Afghanistan before the evacuation.

And it's so mind-boggling how out of touch. We were a what stands out to you from the actual's reporting for the documents it came out October 14 are in the situation room and they're just stunned there's no plan in place to thinking about getting a list in place for evacuees potential evacuee candidates, while Kabul is falling mean when you look at this from everything that you've seen it study from war colleges that you classes that you teach and the ones you take can you get your head around all the mistakes we have made that really stand out. One is our inability to truly understand the Caliban we never were able to understand depth of their resistance. There Frank frankly their confidence in their resilience so .1 we never got deep enough, and then to your point tactically. We were obviously way late to need on being ready to take our allies, partners and friends out of that place and that's something that I think is going to be investigated thoroughly and I think a lot of the real accountability for failures in that regard. In particular, think a lot of the problems I would need Ukraine and Taiwan are because of the way we left Afghanistan. The embarrassing inept way in which we did that after 20 years.

I put it this way. Brian, you know nations are like people and they make mistakes and so you can go back frankly to 1975 in Saigon and are mistakes there. What happened in Afghanistan looks like repetition and that you know what, but in the middle. We did an awful lot of very competent kinds of interventions including into the Balkans largely done by Democrat administrations and into the Persian Gulf.

The first time done by Republican administration. So our record is uneven. Afghanistan what occurred there. Most recently, unfortunately I think is top of mind and it hurts us in both the Ukraine situation as well as potential issues around Taiwan will see, smell weakness is that why this is happening. This is nothing Ukraine did in particular to warrant this type of weapons buildup. Yet this is the question of why now, why is this now and I think Afghanistan is a part of it. I think that Zelinski and the president of Ukraine has been erratic.

I believe Putin felt initially he could control him work with him more.

I think COBIT creates a real distraction globally and lastly you know Vladimir Putin is not getting any younger is about to turn 70, he's thinking about his legacy and the mentality from Putin and settled Russian proverb Brian when you probe with a bayonet and you encounter blush keep going when you hit steel withdraw. We've got to show Vladimir some steel so please listening steel that we did, but were not going to use were going to give Ukrainian steel you're not saying that we should have armaments in Ukraine were correct. I am saying we should not put our troops into Ukraine to fight this battle but we should do all that we can to prepare the Ukrainians to do so. They are tough. I've been with the many times I've commanded their troops in Afghanistan.

They will fight and we need to give them the means to do so. Lastly, if the legacy of NATO. If we do all were doing for you to NATO to the US individually. When we done this really is intense negotiations last two months and they still invade knowing the threat of sanctions and everything short of actually fighting them directly because they're not technically a NATO are you worried about the next day because of they were able to pull this off and survived like they didn't the Don Voss region in Crimea. This going to make NATO look as though we are really toothless and America. Like there's really nothing to fear. I wouldn't go that far.

Brian because if you really look at the correlation of forces here. Putin is content to attack a nation like Ukraine which has a minuscule defense budget, a small army doesn't have the economic throw away on the other hand, it's a very big difference attacking Estonia or Romania or NATO country and I'll tell you why the NATO defense budget collectively US plus Europeans is over $8 trillion Russians is about 60 billion. Russia has an army of perhaps 400,000 NATO has 3 million people in the alarms I think there's a big difference between the calculus for Vladimir Putin crossing the NATO border and anger. I don't see it. This is why the alliance makes sense.

But we gotta do all we can your point. It's a good one. Our credibility and how we treat partners not formal allies but partners matters.

That's quite important that we give the Ukrainians the means to fight services.

Thanks so much pick up his book bookshelves at school 50 books to know the city preceded Adm. think five times that it might 1-866-408-7669 to finish up some calls everything from crime to war to Joe Rogan this is a brain to meet you this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so ruin your weekend. So take it easy Bill that really hurts coordination with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me to go from the spirit of cross network cooperation versus just want to replace Jeff Zucker with Jeff Toobin: Jeff small thing.

Jeff Jeff prison type Jeff, here's your large pizza draft deep dish everyone is seen as saying those words every day so treating one Jeff or not it would ease the transition. One of Penelope in this job too many syllables.

Jeff similarly knows the landscape is hearings been there for decades. He knows how CNN works to illustrate that on his now famous zoom call from the first day Jeff Toobin will have the network in the palm of his hand a lot of Jeff supper rubbed off on him. Over the years will be easy obviously running a left-wing TV network is like exposing yourself online.

It's a lot more embarrassing than that is also a ton of work. You gotta get up early every morning to just lie in bed and the snooze bar.

You gotta make it to the office and crank it out just humans up to it to be reportedly has a keen business minds the sales team at scene and welcome him there.

You can imagine the innovative new sponsorships from news hour, weather updates party by Kleenex a content sharing deal between headline news and only found the possibilities are endless. So don't dismiss Jeff Truman. Ladies and gentlemen as the new president of CNN HR department seen as we enforce them. Fewer lawsuits. Jeff was knocking to harass anyone. Only himself, that is very interesting. That is Tucker Carlson having some fun. Jeff Zucker's expense and Jeffrey Toobin's expense.

It was so that you know is writers love their job and left to right now like let's just do this so you come with a field arrangement through the roof for the network I was talking to I degrade got fell last night and you know you think yourself are people really care about jobs. I can only those who use it sound like it, or Jeffrey to reach is a contributor but it turns out, if you look at the writings people really into this, especially this a big win for Donald Trump. These are the longest time is a sleaze bag is a horrible person.

He wrecked his whole direct CNN and I got in the job. I helped him get the job and then he goes up in flames. I think the I think the Fox fans are going.

They are a bigger mess than anyone imagined that his ship anything. People also like to laugh, that I thought when funny like that. I think so. Frank Fox news radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here everybody.

It's the Brian kill me till 1-866-408-7669. It's what cometh you from crime-ridden New York City where we gotta get on top of this, this mayors got a back up his words with actions.

And I really let down the Prince United States but not surprised only talked about guns did not talk about assailants and criminals and the need to rein in this bad behavior and make consequences for these actions on this outing to be joined by Shannon Bremer law and order anchor and Howard Saper New York City police Commissioner from 96th 2000 and he was pleased he was of fire commissioners well I'm just looking at some of these developments that have happened already today.

Time difference prison.

She and Vladimir Putin met shoulder to shoulder first time a leader is met with present cheese and soup pandemic are poison the world that they started and then did I just was what some of this footage to get more on this and that is they told they said they don't hear any negative reporting from here they won't hear any protests and a Dutch reporter was just pulled off the air so I gotta get to the details on that. But men were not even an official.

The opening ceremonies just concluded and were having problems already and then I so center scotch is having a press conference and we've done nothing to protect our athletes. The really susceptible and on a limb or Zeus. Gotta be a typical euro cane Olympic yard in the Olympic city and you'll be alright alright so we like to discuss. Big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

The Russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion. We believe that Russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video which would include corpses and images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of Ukraine of the West attention attention Russian actors might just be cast in a fake Ukrainian attack movie. That's because the biggest war in Europe and 80 years. They told us that I had a time. All this stuff is new to me.

I'm going to take it as it is and that is if we see some blood.

Let's make sure it's real blood sale.

I did a quick Google search on a single I cover this Johns Hopkins study I came up with. They'll email me your proposed Fox news.

I guess a lot of major news organizations want to embrace the idea blocking down mass mandates and the like may have had very little effect on the death rate. That is how we Kurt started about ignoring the endemic because you want to be in and restricted us in the pandemic and why they need to rein in things like sub stacking Joe Rogan because they are not going along with the plan under this issue final rules regulate the so-called ghost Police Department report sharp increases number ghost goes found that crime scene. That's why today the department is launching a test drive national ghost going forth from the whatever. Have you ever thought about rereading any copy Mr. Pres. present buying shows is that he recognizes crime as a major problem, but he wants to blame the guns, not the DAs, not the criminals, guns, that's an issue is in it, not calling out fellow Democrats who want to dismantle the fund and reimagine police how many dozens with me right now is Shannon bream. She has a great imagination, but she does not want to reimagine police my correction. You are correct right. I imagine please be allowed to do their job like I don't know every year up until 2005. We have not really had it on their deposit was running on Michael Bloomberg fumes and the law and order and then when things broke loose in the pandemic in the The George Floyd riots. We really saw where he stood and we have not been able to bounce back. Since you think the whole country was watching the president and wondering where he stood yesterday and you think they felt better about what they heard what you are and you what your perspective is you think that what's working now we keep moving forward and again focus on the guns rather than the people who are using the gun, but if you're worried about and watching funerals for law enforcement officers around the country and hearing the grieving loved ones talk about how the following officer was worried about the policies and afraid about how it gave them the ability to do or not do their jobs.

You wanted to hear a different message than what you got yesterday question.

We didn't get it. I was just saying that I just like the people so the politicians can do is best for them. If I was doing what's best for Joe Biden and I want to save any type of majority in either body. I would scold. I got my way to save well-meaning but ill.

You know well-meaning Democratic lawmakers over the last two years that have call for defunding dismantling and reimagine police have been way off base and it's helped fuel the sense of lawlessness that we see from smash and grabs the carjackings the flat-out assassination of our police beat and if you go do that you would blur the line for Republicans more firmly in place when it comes to law and order, and not only would you help us stay safe like me and you in major cities and people listening to us right now across the country, but would actually benefit them politically. What's holding him back and wonder a Ron claim in the White House. You know there's always chatter around Washington that he told the president to my left for his own good and for the good of his administration wonder I need some even igniting him the company's tax that thereon that could be reversed and would probably be helpful and she said to the White House to change course kidnapped on no restrictions or whatever didn't work. Mandates get Soft on Crime Didn't Work. We Urgently Got It and Let's Turn Things around Together It Would Be Helpful Message but It Seems like What Did the Strategy They're Going with Instead Is Staying the Course for Sticking with What We Said Were Not to Look like Were Flinching or Made a Wrong Decision and Continued and You Wish Even Out Of There Just on Their Self-Interest and Selfishness with Trying to Appeal to the Midterms That 50 Think the Policy Is Great As It Is When You See the Results and Health Killing You and Hold Self-Interest. Maybe Turning around, but Now so Is Just a Little Bit of the Editorial Today in the Lead Is on the Cover of the New York Post NDA out and Brag Leaving GL You for Using a Gun in a Robbery Unless You Actually Fire It. Not a Word from Biden on the Issues Were Atoms in the New Yorkers in General Need His Help on the Lake, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia As Well As Los Angeles. This Is for You to Nothing on This Lunatic. No Bail Law Which Doesn't like Judges Jail Even Clearly Dangerous Purpose or Chronic Repeat Offenders. Not a Word about There Nothing on the Gang Empowering Raise the Age Law. If Biden Really Wanted to Boost Adams's Agenda and Turn around His Own Failing Political Fortunes.

He Could Have Called out the Extremist in His Own Party Who Block Even the Most Minor Reforms.

The Conceit Is That the Pandemic Because the US Urban Crime Wave, but It Mostly Just Accelerated Trends along Already Underway Enabling and Ill Written Reforms in a Wave of Anti-Prosecuting Prosecutors Winning Office. He Didn't Do Anything He Blame Goes Guns Made Some Bad Jokes and Now Is Back in Washington Does.

Does Anyone There. Think about What's Going on Big Picture Hired a Long Time to Think This Place up There Now Works with Officers Who Are Struggling with Morale and Having Trouble and Trying to Move through Doing a Job in This New Environment and He Said He Never Had an Officer That He Knew Who Arrested Someone and It Was a Ghost Gun Situation and Having Read This Is How Much Respect I Have Your Show. We Pulled That Cut All Well What I Heard Today Was Shameful. The Reality Is That Goes Guns.

I Don't Even Know One Police Officer Who Is Ever Actually Investigated the Murder Involving a Ghost Gun. This Is Version That's All It Says This Is Just about Not Holding Criminals Accountable for Their Crimes. That's What This Is All about. You Won't Ever Hear the President You Will Never Hear Gov. Hogle Talk about the Criminal.

The Only Talk about the Gun and in Animate Object Never Talk about the Person Who Is Using the Weapon and You Can Put a Million Gun Laws on the Books. If the Judges and the Prosecutors like Calvin Bragg Who Is Just a George Soros, a Trojan Horse District Attorneys If They Don't Prosecute Means Nothing and They Have Not Addressed That One Little Bit. So Take Opinion Out Of It.

That's a Law Enforcement Guy That Want to See Criminals Crackdown on and We Would Just Pull in Short, Everywhere. Well Only Knee-Jerk Reaction Think and Do We Need More Gun Control, but He Makes the Point That If You're Paying Attention. People Know There Are Plenty of Laws on the Books and Americans Agree about A Lot Of Things That We Should Do to Keep People Safe. But We Currently Have Are Not Even Being Enforced and We Know the Bad Guys out There Are Using Guns That Are Still Land or Illegally by on the Street If Not Law-Abiding Citizens. You Need More Laws. I Mean There There Mina Registering Her Gun Taking Licenses to Carry or Whatever They Need in Their Jurisdiction. Until Yesterday, There Was a Tweet from Kentucky over the White House Talking about How There Was Some Common Sense Gun Measures That Were Stalled but They Couldn't Get past That Would Help.

But Again, If There's Not Enforcement What's Already on the Books It Makes It Hard to Support Your Argument That We Need More Life. It May Not Be Enforced. Yeah, a Couple Things This Joe Rogan Story Is Not Going Away. It Seems like People Taking Sides on a Daily Basis and the Reason Why Think Everyone Should Care Is Because If You Can Crackdown on Somebody Who's Who Got Popular Just Because of the Content of His Program Must Modify Says Disguise a Runaway Hit Him and Him $100 Million for the Next Five Years, He Moved to Austin and Continues to Interview People Face-To-Face for up to Three, Sometimes Five Hours, at Which Time He Interviews People like Dr. Robert Malone Who Invented to Have Six Patents When It Comes to the MRNA Technology Understands It and Feels As Though We Have the Wrong Policy. He Questions Him and Now That's a Problem.

The Administration Says Okay Good Jobs, Modify on the Disclaimer on Controversial Guest but I Want More. They Were Upset about Sub Stacked They Wanted More. 67%, According to Pew Research Poll Liberal Democrats Want the Government to Be Able to Crackdown on What They Claim Is Misinformation and People like Crosby Stills Nash and Young Now All for Them, and Some Other Artists Are Bowing at a Spot If I Do You Worry Where This Is Going. Shannon, Even Though It Popular but I Worry about Them Taken. They Take Spot If I Have the App Store Sponsor Stop Running for Start Running from Joe Rogan and Nick Sneed Always Neutralized, We Can All Be Worried. I Don't Care If You're Super Far Left or Right Country Being Silenced Will Not Be Tolerated and Any Worry Because It Will Come for You at Some Point You May Not like Tell Rogan You May Not like a Cat People across the Spectrum. We Talk about Dr. Sunday, and Others Who Don't Agree with McCullough Malone Likes to Try Different People Wanted Just Asking Questions. I Think He's Generally Genuinely Seeking Information, People Are Still Hungry and Thirsty for That. But Don't Let in All Different Kind of Interviews Whether They Agree with the Person Talking to or Not. If You Don't Tell Rogan One Day It Might Be about You and What You Think May Be Unpopular Country Was Built on the Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Petition Our Government All Kinds of Things That Are so Unique and Different from the Rest of the World. If You Want to Be like the Rest of the World and Go Where I'm Dissented. Not Tolerate Your Walking Now, but I Think You Don't Speak On Behalf Of People Who I Completely Disagree with Because Freedom of Speech Is Not Important at All Should Care Speech Advocating Harming or Killing Someone or Bill Kind of Thing We Should Be Able to Have Conversations That Are Uncomfortable or Unpleasant.

So Mumford and Sons of Sky Winston Morse I Guess Is the Banjo Player Lift Station Left the Organization Left the Group and Said This, He Said, You Can Still Stream His Songs on Apple Ignore Their Forces. You Can Stream Me about Neil Young Still Stream His Songs on Apple Ignore Their Force Weaker Labor on Amazon. You Can Still Get the Neil Young Stuff but Don't Read about the Company's Infamous Working Conditions. Keep on Rocking in the Free World That's Mocking Us on the Road. Neil Spot Fires a Private Company. There Is No Obligation to Platform Anybody.

While This Campaign Doesn't Preach Rogan's First Amendment Rights Is Clear. Stand against the Cultural Norm of Free Speech on His Side. Also, John Stuart Obviously to the Left of Center Cut 24 I Don't Remember There Was a Guy Who Went on the Spot. Cousin Josh That's Bruce Who Had Their Talk about. I Think Joe Said Myocarditis Kids Shouldn't Get the Vaccine Because It Causes a Higher Risk of Myocarditis in Josh That Will Actually Getting Covert Is a Higher Risk Marker. It Is for Kids of the Sugar Backspace No It's Not Snow. I Think It Is Not Pretty Sure It's the Other Way and They Looked It up and When They Looked It up Came out That It's a Much Greater Risk If You Get Covert and Your You Know, 8 to 12 Verse 6 to 15 or Whatever the Injury Trust Is a Much Greater Risk of Myocarditis, Catching Covert That It Is Getting the Vaccine and If You Are an Ideologue. If You Are a Dishonest Person That Is the Moment like Tucker Carlson in That Situation Never Would've Looked It up and Would've Given That Look He Gives like Somebody's Giving Him a Confusion Enema or Just Firing Confusion up in Childress.

Well, I Got an Okay I Didn't Get That and That to Me Says Oh That's a Person That You Can Engage with This Example, I Do Know That Was a Cross with Us on the Cut. I Thought We Had.

But That's Interesting Emmett Is Still Interesting, but He Does Look up Things in Real Time Because He Has Three Hours and You Will Do That We Are Four Minutes Not Doing Much Tail and You and I Will Defend Our Right Carlson Unique Format That Your Welding Can Do This, Different into Transparent and He Noticed That People Are Drawn Because They Are Desperately Looking for Authenticity. There Also Looking for Sources of Information That Don't Have a Preset Agenda. I Think People Think Great.

Let Me Learn along with Them.

I Don't Know Everything about MRNA Conversation and It May Challenge Some of What I Think I Know, but You Can Enter Expert and He Should Sit There and Probe the Questions We Want to Go Forth in Her Doctor's Office and Would like behind This Work and How You Know You're Right. I Think People Are Desperate for That and Sub Stacked Is Another Example.

So If I Have a Different Opinion in New York Times Is Want Me There Anymore like Barry Weiss She's like Okay Will Publish over Here. If You Click on It I Get Some Money and If You Don't like It, Don't Click on It and Now People Have a Problem with That. I'm Have a Huge Problem with This. This Is the Pandemic That Never Stops. And When People Bring up Things to End It. They Want to Silence You Then Never Got a Salad Shannon Bream Shannon Name Your New Book Is Mother and Daughter. I Don't Think We Can Download It or Anywhere Else You Can Preorder It and Got out. March 20 Generally Watch It Tonight. Thanks so Much. I Can Moment Entertaining like You're with Brian Kill Me Assess This Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian. Kill Me Will Encourage a Run from You for Some No, It's Not Force for the Fire. Thank You Shaquille O'Neal, Again, Speaking Wisdom and Nurses and Doctors and PhD's. Some Don't Feel Comfortable Taking It.

Some of Conditions or Have Religious Contentions Was Go to Barry at Los Angeles a Barry No Matter What Your Opinion Is Whether or Not We Should Wait and See Is Broadcasting the Opening Ceremonies Is Just Atrocious Running.

You Know That It's Choreographed by the Communist Party of China, What, Why Would We. Why Would We Be Broadcasting That Is Insane. The Good News Is Was Six in the Morning Right so Now They're Doing It Tonight and I Plan Time to Well Yeah Thing Is I Know What You're Saying but They Pay All This Money Nobody Spitting on These Gains. Beijing Gets It Again and They Broadcast It. One Thing Is, I Encourage You to Look at What Mike to Rico Just Did He Call Them out Using Coleman's Way since State Department Officials Say Their Torturing Uighurs.

The State Department Officials Say or the Government Router Reveals That Hong Kong Freedom Speech Is Been Crushed in Taiwan's Been Threatened. They Do Talk about All Those Things, but They Do It Using Sources on CNBC Is Supported by Their Their Human Rights Record, but They Say.

Other Reports Reveal There in a Tough Spot.

They Pay a Zillion Dollars for They Don't Know If France Is Going to Get It for China's Going to Get It. I Blame the IOC Flights and Now II Good I Hope They Fall Flat on Their Face, but I'm Pulling for All Our Athletes Itself You Know These Winter Sports Athletes They Get No Glory. This Is Their Moment Talk Show That's Getting You Talk to Your with Brian. Kill Me Bill Moran and Also Raise the Age.

Both of Them Need to Tweak Those Laws in Certain Areas Is Unimaginable That Right Now. Judges Cannot Look at a Dangerous Person That Can Actually Do Everything Danger in the City Is Not Say This Person Should Not Been Released. That Is the Aspect of the Bail Laws That Were Looking at and Asking Lawmakers to Revisit Believed in the Criminal Justice Reform. We Must Be Clear on That. But When You Do an Analysis of Reform Must Also Have the Balance of Public Safety and Right Now the Way Stands Would Raise the Age and Possession of a Gun in the Bail Law with Judges Cannot Use Dangerousness As an Assessment 49 States of Doing That New York Should Be One of Them Is Well Here's the Thing That up Yesterday. That Was Eric Adams on MSNBC, but Not with the President There. The Present Only Was Talk about Guns Yesterday for Police Commissioner New York NYPD Police Commissioner Howard Saper Joint Is Now Commissioner.

Welcome Back Ike I like What He Said There I Wish Would've Said to the President Saying All the Right Things. The Problem Is He Doesn't Do It. Albany Does in the Federal Government Does and Look like They're Moving Anywhere in That Direction.

And the Thing Is If You Pressure from the Presidential Level. If You Do the with This to the The Political Capital He Has Right Now That Might Be Able to Draw People to the Core Being That Crime Is Affecting More People Than I Can Remember in My Adult Life. We Have a President Who Sided with the Writers of the Lord. We Have a President Who Said Funding Should Be Used To Reform Police Is Appointed a Atty. Gen. Who Said His Primary Mission Is Told Police Accountable. That's All the Wrong Message and That's Why Criminals Are Running Wild. How Bad Is It the Worst That I've Seen since the 80s and It's Going Back Towards the Bad Old Days. I Am Hopeful That Eric Adams Will Be Able to Get Some Things Done but Then Again, He's One Third of the Criminal Justice System. He Has the Sentences Arrest to a District Attorney in Manhattan Who Says He's Only Going to Prosecute Selective Crimes.

So Right Now You Have a Situation Where Most Everything except Murderous Is Gone up since He Took over by People Being Thrown in Trains the Carjacking the Outright Smash and Grab Theft. I've Never Seen in My Life and Were Seeing It Here Now to the Point Where Night in Nice Neighborhoods Watching Bright Needs Close Where What You're Saying Now Is Exactly What Is Going on in the 80s Were People Were Innocent Victims Being Thrown from the Trains, People Being Shot As Collateral Damage or Things like That Ridiculous Horrible Thing in the Bronx Where Robert Shot Somebody Right after She Gave Him the Money.

What What Were Seeing Now Is Politicians All over These Progressive Leftist Cities in the Country Are Sending a Message to Criminals to Be Held Accountable in the Way That We Change Things in the 90s and 2000, before the Boss You Was We Sent a Very Clear Message to Commit a Crime You Carry a Gun Going to Jail That's Gone Grand Larceny of 92% Grand LRC Owner of 92%, Grand Larceny of 50% Burglaries up 8% Felony Assault of 12% Robberies up 33% Rate 27%. That's Just in January so Here's What the President Says Cut Three This Spring Just Barbara Will Issue a Final Rule to Regulate the So-Called Ghost, but There's More. We Can Do across the Country Police Department Report Sharp Increases in the Number Ghost Goes Found a Crime Scene. That's Why Today the Department Is Launching Test and Intensified National Ghost on Enforcement of the so How Would It Would Have Been Bad of These Ghost Guns. Nobody Really Knows What Their Infinitesimal Compared to the Amount of Guns That Are Already There Is Not a Question about Stopping Them from Coming into the Probably More Guns in New York Than People and We Have To Do Is Deal Criminals at the Same Time Dealing with the People Who Were Doing Stroke Purchases and Sending Guns to New York from Other States. Guns Are Not the Primary Issue As Far As Regulating the Deals.

The Primary Issue Is Getting the Guns Out Of the Hands of Criminals Who Already Have Them and That's Where the President Is Missing the Boat. Commissioner Savers with the Sasso Commissioner One Breach of This Story Can Thoroughly Relate to Know the Presents I Talk about It Much Now, but He's Doing Police Reform As As Executive Order He's Going to Set up a Database for Bad Cops. He's Going to Get Rid of Chokehold and No Knock Warrants Really Okay with the NYPD Was Forced to Pump the Brakes on the Rest of a Dangerous Ex-Con's Name Is Jamie Brown in a Harlem Stickup the Same Week the Two Police Officers Were Killed after the DAs Office Initially Balked at the Cops Request for a No Knock Warrant Multiple Law Enforcement Sources Told Opposed the Detectives Were Looking to Pick up This Guy Jamie Brown Who Allegedly Held up a Bodega and Lenox Avenue with Two Handguns on December 5. Whipping out One of the Pistols We Decided That the Store Clerk Was Taking Too Long to Fork over the Cash and Shoot the Guy Right so the Issue Made It All the Way up to the Chain of Command to the Chief of Detectives James Essig, Causing Investigators Valuable Time.

A No Knock Warrant for Brown Was Finally Issued on January 27, Allowing Cops to Arrest Him inside 1/3 for Harlem Apartment. We Ask You, Commissioner What You like Having to Knock on the Door Knowing There's a Guy the Other Side onto the Teeth Because People Don't like the Idea of No Knock Warrants and What about This D8 This DA Delay Delay Is Clearly This Was a Classic Case Will Not Warrant You Have an Individual Who They Knew Had Gone. Use It in a Violent Felony. And so We How to Do If They Not Pushing through the Door and Kill More Cops. This Was Ridiculous. That Should've Been a Punk Should've Been. We Know We Got a Violent Felon Who Was Armed. No Not Warrant.

Go Get Him off the Street. This Kind of Delay Is Going to Be Dangerous to Both the Public and the Police Officers. So Paul D Giacomo, the President of the Detectives Endowment Association Told Opposed to My 39 Years in the Department.

I've Never Heard of the Chief of Detectives Getting Involved in a Simple Warrant Matter like This Makes Me Think, Sir. The Worst Is yet to Come in San Francisco. By the Way, the Police Chief Refuses Now to Work with the DA This This This Clown Chest about Being on the Use of Force Cases and Accuses Him of Concealing Evidence They Could Help Officers Facing Trial for for a Beating. I Guess There on Trial so Put That the Police Are Not Talking to the DA over in San Francisco Just Fracture You. We Watch the Police Commission.

We Watch the Police Chief in Los Angeles Just Call out the DA over in That City to This Is the Cops Are at War with Their Own Blood. Prosecutors Will Happen When You Have Progressive Leftist Politics in Los Angeles. They Went to the Federal Government to Prosecute a Police Murder Because They Didn't Believe That the Current Dist. Atty. Would Do It Properly and Get the Person Convicted We Have Chaos Going on in This Country Right Now We Need to Turn It around. We Need to Get off to Sleep on Police Hold Police Accountable Kind of Vitriol That's Going on and Say We Support .7 with the Number of Cities Have Eliminated Qualified Immunity, Which Protects Officers Doing the Job. Let's Figure Something Unconstitutional and Police Are Doing Is Big in the Setback, and They're Not Going to Be Assertive Because the Word about Their Jobs and Their Families. It's Not about Holding Police Accountable Is about Getting Criminals off the Street.

I Believe in Civil Rights but the Number One Civil Right of Citizens Is to Be Free from Harm. And That's Not What's Happening in This Country, Which Is to Qualified Immunity Right Now in in New York State. It's Gone in New York City, the City Council Revoked Its What Is That How Do Officers React to the Fact That You Could Be Prosecuted While Making an Arrest May React by by Going Back to What People Talked about in the 80s about New York City Becoming a Group Flowerpots Just Hanging out. If They See a Crime in Progress. So Probably Take Action, but They're Not Going to Go out and Get Guns off the Street Drugs off the Street. Make Sure That Criminals Were about to Commit Crimes Arrested before That Happens When the Crimes Committed That the Failure Because Somebody Is a Victim Assertive Policing Does Is Make Sure the Crimes Don't Occur Right and the Whole Idea or Concept, Which Is What We Use throughout the 2000s in the Late 90s Was Not The Rest the Count Crimes.

If You Make Sure Crime Was down You Were Doing Good Could Drop the Matter Commit Thousand List Citizens and the Rest of the Victim. Now This Is the New Plainclothes Units Coming Back for Commissioner Please Close Unit Is Not in Plain Close to Be Wearing Different Clothes and Body Cameras Is That the Way to Run a Plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit Is Certainly Not the Optimum Way, You Know, I'm Hoping That May Read This Wait to Come to Progressively Get Back to Real Plainclothes and Know If You Have a Rejected on the NYPD of the Body, but Everybody in the Neighborhood. No, the Police to Joke You Know Everybody Knows How to Fix It. Let's Say That the Political Will to Do It. Commissioner House Everything so Much to Be with. Thank You John Listen W ABC Hey John Morning to Securely Become a Pleasure to Speak with You Get Back on Yesterday. We Spoke about. You Will Be Controlled by the Rational Left and the Reason What's Going on and She's Already Lost Moderate Democrats regarding Lost Independence. Sophie Was to Lose the Radical Left. It Would Be Catastrophic for the Democratic Party for Generations Now. The One Thing We Need to We Need to Point out Is That When the Democrats Lose Political Power, They Don't Lose Institutional Power. They Control Our Institutions, Whether or Not the Politicians Are in Power in a Really Good Example That Is What Happened to Donald Trump for Four Years. He Had the Most High Seating Government, the President, but the Institutions Attacking from within for Four Years Example of the State Department Specially and Then We Had the Criminal Justice and with the FBI but Wants for the Longest Time Law Enforcement and the Military Were Littered with Conservative Minded People and Their Dates so We Change That. Can I Can I Make a Point on That the Vaccine Mandate Is a Purity Test Driven out Any Free Minded People from These Organizations with the Vaccine Mandate. I Definitely Think That Was One of Their Intentions for Making It so Stringent That Makes No Sense Soon Be Out Of This and How They Got a Mandate That Still the Army Just Let a Bunch Whole Bunch out the Navy SEALs. I Don't Know How That's Been Remedied, but They Did Win in Court, so Keep My Eye and That John Very Insightful. Thanks. We Come Back We Find out If There Is More to Know This Commentary, You Need to Know Brian Kill Me Please so Busy He'll Make Dear Brian, Kill Me at That Thriller of a Thursday Look You Joined Us. Yeah, Brian. Kill Me Got a New Show on Saturdays Because Apparently He's Cheaper Than Infomercials for Nonce and That Is Not True. So That Was Another Bad Career Move by Me Going. I Got the Last Night I'm There to Promote the Show. Let Everyone Know We Have a Show on Saturdays, 8 O'clock Prime Time Followed by Then Dan by Gino and Then the Great Lawrence Jones and I Get That Type of Disrespect You Give Writers a Really Fun Opportunity to Think Right on the One Thing That You so That Site Soliciting Monks or Gets Can Have Bill Hammer and Dana Perino Going to Talk about What Matters Most. I Want to Find out What Matters Most from Them. I Outlined It Then I'll Follow That up with a Look at This Is Black History Month at the History of the African Americans in America Where We Were Where We Were, How We Progressed and Where We Are with the Comfortable Pod Casters Including Prof. Riley Who Comes on Here All the Time Then and Charles Black, Who Wrote the Book Race Crazy so We'll Talk about That Then We Have a Special Look at What's Going on the Democratic Party by Two Former Democrats Turn Republicans and Have Great Success. Gov. Jim Justice and Gov. and Gov., Congressman Jeff Van Drew. Both Were Democrats Got Elected and Switch Parties Because He Could Not Recognize Their Party and Will Talk about the History Were Bill Clinton Was When He Got the Deficit down to Zero Where JFK Was and Where I Guess You Could Say the Party Was When They Were at a Different Place When It Comes to Crime and Everything Else Pointed out by Bill Moore over the Weekend Brilliantly Said You Would Everyone Say about Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz Believes He Issued Money Buys Stuff Not Smash and Grab and Not Pay Rent These Assembly in the Eye Own and Defund the Police Some the Idiotic Mantras Coming Out Of the Left Saw Talk about That and Then Call Shimkus and I Will Have the Second Ever on Television Done New Stool, No One Will Get Hurt and Everyone Gets Informed Now without That'll Come up That'll Be Saturday at 8 O'clock Right so Let's Find out If There's Even a Biologist.

We Should Not Point out Some Good News Is That of Losing 200,000 Jobs That Many People Thought We Gained 460,000 Jobs and More People Added to the Workforce so Present by an Actually Very Happy Touting Job Gains with TB Sticks around and Take Some Questions Because He Was Here Talking about Crime Yesterday and by Most Accounts, Was an Absolute Disaster.

So Let's Find out There's More to Know No Right, Amazon Is Going to Raise the Prime Price Nearly 17% for the First Time, Price Increases for the Membership since 2018. The Price for Amazon Prime Which Is an Elite Membership for Just A Few Yellow Subscription Will Go from 119 to 139, the Monthly Subscription Will Also Rise from 1219 1299 to 1499, the Price Will Take Effect for the New Prime Subscribers on February 18 and for Current Prime for Members after March 25.

This Can Make a Difference Right Other Things and Partly Most People. I Just Cannot Grin and Bear It Tends to Come out Automatically and the Free Shipping Is so Convenient and At Least Me There Trying to Get Their Stream Melodic Attention to Chose the Swiss TV to Alexa A Lot Of Extra Perks with the Prime Membership Okay and I Was into A Lot Of Original Programming Decks before Brushing Their Teeth Less during the COBIT's Are a Covert Pandemic.

One in Five People Letting Their Oral Hygiene. Slide the Pull of 2000 Adults in the United Kingdom in the UK That They're Getting UK Have Never Did the Thing They Have Less Interest in That Even Then American Football Is 30.

Your Mouth Is a Gateway to Your Overall Health Because It's More so Many Doctors but of Course That Means I for Some Reason Braces Invisible Line.

Nothing Ever Gets over the UK. They Just� Interested They Are Pro-Plaque on My Knee. My Question but That Is Thinking How Much Does It Cost Terry with Their Healthcare System. I Guess I'm Assuming It Wouldn't Cut a Reliable Tube of Crystal and Toothpaste Talking about Braces and Invisible Line but on You Can Serve Understand That Rate during the Pandemic Are Not Going out As Much Stuff. Your Hope Is That Invisible Line Right As I Did for Two Year and 1/2. You Have the Pressure Teeth after Everything You Eat. Now I'm Manic about.

I Literally Carry around like to Face and MMI in a Pocket, Toothbrush, Because I Feel Obsessed Every Time I Drink Some Bright. I Will Say That Every Time the Great Traveling to the Airport Might Not Will Grab before the Flight Back to the Bathroom Yesterday. I'm Not Going to Mathematically Bring My Question When You're in the Bathroom to Get Me. I Look Some People He Brushing His Teeth and I Don't Know I'm so Confident in Myself. I Don't Care What They Think like Men Neck. I Want Shiny Teeth. How Dare He Next Fear Is Contagious and People Actually Feel It More in a Crowd of Researchers from the California Institute of Thing down to Use a Haunted House Experience in 17 Rooms Containing Very Spooky Threats He Found People Were Actually More Scared with the Group Walking through the House Was Larger. The Team Was Also Found That There Fear Built up and Increases People Move through Room to Room Side to Say When Face with Your People Are More Likely to Have Heightened Physical Responses When Other People around.

This Is Called a Facet of Fact Involves Rapid Changes the Body Expresses a Response to an Event That Stuns Me Is You by Yourself. You Would Think It's Worth a One Person Reviewing 25 People. I Feel like Nothing Can Go Wrong, like a Herd Mentality Rate like a Herd of Horses Start Running. They All Run the Same Way They Running to the One Exercise of the Running. I Think from Right If You Know of Horses That Are Running around Find out Where They're Going 100 Meteorologists, and Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not Just

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