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War of Words Heats Up With Russia, Ukraine Invasion Likely

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 17, 2022 12:36 pm

War of Words Heats Up With Russia, Ukraine Invasion Likely

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 17, 2022 12:36 pm

[00:02:20] Jennifer Griffin

[00:18:31] Carley Shimkus

[00:39:04] Marc Thiessen

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[01:15:39] Gen. Keith Kellogg (Ret.)

[01:31:56] Johann Hari

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Live radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me. Thanks. Which was in everybody Jennifer Griffin standing by for the Pentagon will get her to go with tapping overseas. And of course take your calls after 1-866-408-7669, so we have a lot to discuss in the presence of the Ohio talking about infrastructure, but I'm sure a lot of his focus and worry will be about what is happening with Russia and Ukraine. We are getting such different signals general make heads or tails of that was first let's get to the three rings three things that matter most stories you need to know Brian's three number three will work on real Koran reported retaining walls that time Robert Kuttner school board member talk about what's happening in San Francisco whacking localism in the canceled culture. The first blow three Board of Education members are recalled in San Fran and elite sportscaster fresh of the Super Bowl calls it quits. So to quote her she can freely speak her mind will talk about it now. Canada has fallen so much out of control that there actually making American politics and American politicians look saying which is a sign of how badly Justin to go is running things. Right now it can help Travis Wayne.

Indeed, a perhaps for freedom caravan or as emotions boil in and around the clueless Justin Trudeau in Canada. What trouble is heading. What trouble is saying the truckers way why their fight is really our fight is we effort to get back to normal in recent weeks, and even in recent days, more Russian forces not fewer are at the board and their moving concerning me into fighting positions.

This is because for profound concern. They go it's come to this a war on words between the US and Russia but for me I just want the real story Russians pulling back as they claim, or bulking up at the border. As we claim Jennifer Griffin, Fox's national security correspondent welcome hi Brian, so I guess part of our tactic is to say, everything that we know let's not say the CIA's making is that they say is transparent as possible elite de-escalating or escalating in the Ukraine or or should say is Russia escorting her de-escalating in the region.

Brian what we are witnessing right now is as one US official put it, the most perilous moment for peace in Europe since the Cold War. I would argue back since World War II.

What we are seeing right now and this is based on conversations that I'm having with very senior US officials as well as NATO officials and Western intelligence officials what we are seeing right now is there was a little bit of a fake, a faint by the Russians yesterday to pull a few trips back to their barracks. This is not a significant movement. You've heard US official. She just heard the NATO Secretary-General say that they do not believe Russia is pulling back. Do not be duped by this move by the Russians. The Russians often do these kind of deceptive moves as they are also moving forward.

What we do know is that they moved significantly 7000 more attack troops closer to the border. They are moving closer to attack positions that they are adding T 80 tank sees as a special Russian tanks that can endure the the very low temperatures that we see in Ukraine right now. Remember that on February 15.

That's Tuesday the.

The ground was at peak freeze that will change at the end of March so there is a limited window in which I Russia can carry out this invasion. I am told that with near certainty that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine and what you saw in Lou Hance today with the initial shelling of that kindergarten, in which three people were injured.

That is the beginning. Now they're shelling back and forth between Ukrainian and Russian backed forces. This we expected when we when lawmakers were given the classified intelligence briefing two weeks ago. This is what was laid out. This was prudence plan, the US has exquisite intelligence about Prudence planning and what the plans were and so far from everything I heard two weeks ago.

This is all moving exactly like clockwork and ice. I sit here at the Pentagon. And I can tell you the mood is extremely sober and there is a feeling that that we're this we are in uncharted territory.

From here forward so there's some video out what you referring to are initially saying that the Russians pulling out some of the heavy equipment and there they are some tanks on rails and the poem back and then you find out the 7000 troops according to our side will have been added in NATO's back this up and then you referring to this shelling of a kindergarten in the Ukrainian control territory took a direct hit by Russian backed separatists so they show that area and I guess the word is amongst Ukrainians do not retaliate because that will be the provocation so the Russians could say hey you know I don't know what they're talking about. They start showing us.

We had no choice something else happened. They build that bridge last night. Could you tell us about this pontoon bridge that we seen through Max. Our satellite imagery that what's different about this war is that not only are we getting real time not only tick-tock videos but videos from people. Every person on the ground has an iPhone you also have satellite imagery. You have the all of that they US aerial surveillance that can survey that is over, above Ukraine, along the borders, watching Russian troop movements and military movements and and so the real-time intelligence is different than any buildup to war that we seen to this point the heavy military armaments that are being put into position you're talking electronic warfare artillery of Iskander missiles. These are cruise missiles that that are very powerful. These are all these are all being being put into position. You mentioned the pontoon bridge that you can see from the max.

Our satellite photo photos that pontoon bridge has been built across the river on the Belarus border with Ukraine. Remember that is a mere 60 mile drive down to Key Avenue from the Belarus border. We heard also. Overnight that the that the president of Belarus has said that the did the Russians may keep military equipment Iskander missile boat brigades in Belarus. Just 60 miles north of Kiev after the military exercises that Russia is carrying out right now that were supposed to end on February 20.

They're going to keep them there.

That is a change from what we had heard from Lukashenko just days before these are all eyes right now are on February 20. That's when the Olympics and that's what I just see that there's news that has just come in that the young 15-year-old Russian ice skater has fallen and has fallen into fourth place and will not metal that that young skater would be the pride of Vladimir Putin and his attempt to present Russia as as being in a world leader right now, but Olympics and on the 20th the Belarusian Russian military exercises were supposed to end on February 20 and the Munich security conference. This is a very significant security conference with world leaders in Munich including Vladimir's Zelinski they the Ukraine president is best to speak their vice president, Harris will be there but notably the Russians for the first time in more than a decade will not be at the Munich security fund that ends on February 20.

So right now all eyes are still on the that the day or two after February 20. What you're going to see in the next three days I expect is increasing provocations, increasing deception, increasing disinformation coming out of Russian tasks in RTL and and other RT other Russian media outlets are going to be suggesting that Ukrainians are the aggressors and that there is you've heard Pres. Putin say worryingly that there is genocide taking place in the Russian separatist areas of inside Ukraine that is not true but these are the kind of things that rush the Russian people are hearing and it it all is part of what was laid out to members of Congress as what prudence plan would be if he were carrying out a full-scale invasion.

We see no evidence that he's pulling troops back in any significant way agenda. As you know better than anyone of the propaganda.

A lot of times takes place before a war whether it's muscle flexing or trying to look like the good guy or bad guy when you get this intelligence at these briefings, we saw the sparring with the with an AP reporter last week Bill saying we got reports and you have no idea where those reports are from what you know there's a State Department spokesman or Defense Department or from telling you them all. We believe are we to believe everything they say or they also playing the PR game not up your game but a deceptive gamer propaganda game in order to avoid conflict. So Brian, it's a very fair question. I would tell you when you've known me for many years now I've been here for over 14 years and the Pentagon and what we are being told is not from spokesman is not from this this is this is more serious than anything I've seen in my adult lifetime. In terms of the. The yes you're right it's very unusual for them to be sharing this kind of declassified intelligence with the media, but I think it it suggests that there's a great deal concern that the president has said in, and rightly so, that the NATO has said that they will not be sending troops into Ukraine to fight against Russian troops. They do not want to war between NATO and Russia. These are nuclear powers that are this is not the Taliban and this is not a's Syria where where you US can overwhelm their their air defenses so they are in a very delicate dance trying to impart to people to know what they are seeing because of the Russians are masters of deception and they wanted to end. They wanted to make sure that everybody was seeing what they were seeing so that in the event that diplomacy could work, but as the hours tick on diplomacy is not working. That is why you're seeing Secretary of State Anthony Blanck and delay his trip to Europe to speak at the UN Security Council right now. Very, very difficult timing because the and the UN Security Council right now. The presidency is in Russia's hands. They have veto power.

But that is a significant speech that will be occurring at the UN today.

Unfortunately, it looks like you know diplomacy is at its at its end and and what people many people feared and and the intelligence that they started receiving remember Brian this goes back to early December. This is been laid out everything that I've been told has come true in the timeframe that that it was soup that it was laid out to us. So it is. This is very different. It's a fair question that you ask because clearly the mediate media is in the information space in both Russia and NATO we we are part of this very you know this buildup, however, based on my sources and the people who are I'm speaking to.

These are not spokesmen that are simply sharing information with us. There is a great deal concern at the highest levels of our government and the governments in NATO right now and Jim.

This is the one thing I have to keep her money myself.

This is totally unprovoked. Ukrainians did nothing except for should express a willingness to be more Western oriented. Of course in aspiration wasn't close. Join NATO. It's not as if they're provoking Russia. This is they they did this Russia pollutant. This is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Soviet Union red Army day is on February 23. Putin laid out his plans and his his his what he planned to do with regards to Ukraine how he views Ukraine as part of Russia as part of the former Soviet Union.

In July, in a speech in July. This prudent has been laying the groundwork for this since the 220 2014 invasion, certainly, but this is part of his grand scheme to redraw the map of Europe to extend the borders of Russia out to the former Soviet bloc countries, and that is why you are seeing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin heading to Poland. The US has added 5000 troops to Poland: Romania they are right on the border with Ukraine, Belarus, and it is to say, and they are in a article 5 NATO countries. Unlike Ukraine and it is to say, do not step 1 inch into a NATO country. There are grave concerns that Russia right now.

Already controls Belarus that is 88 not now a vassal state if they keep their Iskander missile brigades there if they keep their troops in Belarus. That means he's already redrawn the map of Europe and don't forget Woody.

As you know in Georgia we do with the done best region and when Kazakhstan asked for his help. He gave it so that leaders now subservient and owes Vladimir Putin so Putin is on the mood move and he senses. He was testing NATO he thought maybe that NATO would fall apart in these last six weeks to two months so far. NATO is holding strong.

In fact, if anything, it's been a shot of adrenaline to Noto, which had been somewhat weakened over the last decade or so right. I will begin. So you can ask yes you did anything positive for the readouts from the German Chancellor meeting with Vladimir Putin on Monday. I think that there's been a lot of misreporting.

I think the Germans are side-by-side with the US based on German officials that I speak to and there has been no weakening in German's position nor stream to will not go ahead if Russia invades and I think Olaf Schultz is getting a a real you know he's a new Chancellor, but he now sees what he's up against with Hooton and I think that the reaction from Germany is very strong in there very much allied with the US, Britain and France right now.

Joe know it's hard to get sleep on it when the stores were like this so thanks so much for your time appreciate it.

Thank you.

Thank you Brian, you got it.

186640876 excitement. This is serious stuff back with your take on that and more. You was to the brain to me Joe, you know, places you need to know Brian Gill on just network. Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Dean or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine's personal powerful is America's losing all of your Fox with a real boost throughout your busy day subscribe and lose the metal and Fox News barges or wherever you did your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians was in the words of the prime minister in 2015.

These people very misogynistic races.

The French minister. Six years later I'm justified national emergency prime minister lose his way when it happened. Conservative party members can stand with people because so can you imagine this this is a Jewish woman a great Canada.

I guess they are very similar system. The parliamentary system of the British rebel yell get up, sit down, you yell yell scream and shout. We do that is usually out of order with this Melissa Landsman deters that you Jewish, so not only is Justin Trudeau mischaracterizing what is been for the most part an extremely peaceful delightful family oriented 20 day standoff in Ottawa. He said fringe and instead of understanding that he had it wrong. He goes and says they're not seeing Confederate flag flying extremists interview or if you agree with the truckers that's what you are. So Melissa Landsman is is saying I want an apology and Marla think she's a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor. So that's double down so this guy can't do anything right because it's instinctual wrong.

You would think you would understand if I'm on the wrong side of blue collar workers, truck drivers, if you know you're on the other side of omicron if you know that 5 to 6 to 7 provinces are loosening up on all their mandates and and amassed requirements. Why would you not meet with them.

Show Justin Trudeau the white-collar guy can see I die with the blue-collar guy instead is further airily either himself just how not to leave when I see New Zealand and Australia, along with their thinking man, I'm as crazy as we are.

I'm glad were you. I'm glad we have something inalienable rights back because you just network dominant Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join the conversation every week is the been dominoes podcast listen no Fox News will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News but just radio show like no other, is a factual political discussion give the Republicans the ability to point the Democrats as the super wall culture focused on the wrong things that don't matter to voters adult out of the putting food on the table don't have the kids from school don't matter. The higher wages you gonna lose is that simple. So you need to step away from Super Bowl, but the problem is they haven't. They're desperately trying to now and that of course is Donnie George and MSNBC would resent. Of course you probably don't even never heard of them before but is actually he's a guy that just despises trumpets to love them, bless you Carl Shimkus wyvern introduced yet and he came out to look at which Abbott's services goes emblematic as the Los Angeles Times said of what is happening around the country in a lot of these urban environments.

These woke Board of Education people are discounting the impact of mass and mandates on kids in schools, especially an intern parents apolitical baby by nature not like sewer in it every day are taking a stand and it's against the wall does and that's why three Board of Education members got voted out yeah recalled in San Francisco call Shimkus is not new news. Do you raise one outline of those thoughts of his Democrats getting panicky because the polls are common and that the election is coming and they'll pay the price was because people are really ticked off yeah I just think that you can you cannot highlight what happened in San Francisco enough because it's the Most Liberal Pl. in America and those liberal parents voted to oust three liberal school board members first so many reasons and it's insane what was going on there.

No surprise, they were trying to rename schools from George Washington high school Abraham Lincoln high school Diane Feinstein to rename a school because they stated they like her. She was a conservative senator. But that wasn't that was in it that was the only thing they were also spending hours debating if that again father with a biracial daughter was to nonminority enough for her to sit on some panel. They also went from and a merit basis down to a lottery system in one of their really prestigious schools because they wanted to make it more diverse and all this is going on during the pandemic when they need to be focusing on getting kids back in school parent just got sick of it that we would you make of the fact that the mayor is liberal as he gets so job for this recall there too liberal for me. Now those yapping on the Sunday shows going on that for we are not for the fund, the police, God bless Cory Cory Bush fellow Democrats who have all our listeners on Katie A.

Lewis know all about in Missouri, but you like yeah for defining the police defaming the police a little more yeah and Nancy Pelosi lead guestroom 7-Up was were not for that.

Yeah, well, panicking. I think what when it comes to London grade she got to pick the three replacements so I don't know. I see that motive. She had ulterior motive, but everybody else is trying to get a move so fast so far away from the defined police movement because it's insane. I mean with the Democratic party in a really ramped up over the last three years. They just let the loud run minority of woke stars take over if they were crazy they wouldn't be in this place defund the police is an insane concept masking everybody, even when the CDC is saying that masks don't work is in knots so people are deceiving Democrats are saying this is just too much lately James Carville saying the same thing. Hillary Clinton is saying the same thing now so you know there's that bothered Tidmore to the center.

Now Carly Dino Susie Lalas Anthony Saatchi we don't see the presidency get boosted come all and will be very little of that yet very little of that now because number one good news omicron to the next variant of the variant not enough purulent at all. Very omicron everyone knows numbers like the down 75% in New York City. Overall cases and deaths and everything like that and a lot of these people you can find at these depth numbers away inflated. Remember I said if you do have a pen right it is with today's date thousand 70 so 17 to 17 you watch these numbers go to come way down we re-examine these numbers drive safely. Brian, thank you, thank you so part of the reason on what I found extraordinary about this story. The mayor, but the only times the only times is warning of liberals look out as this is a warning.

This is from this liberal San Francisco school board recall as a three alarm fire for Democrats. Quote.

It's a good bet that the parents will be forgiving and forgetting which taken place over the last two plague years and in this in that way services goes recall election. Maybe the early rumblings of a much larger shakeup to come. Case in point purple Virginia yeah now and with Glenn Young again winning the election. You can really just see it happening across the country and I think that this would be a really smart time for a resident. Diane to reassess his administration and the people that are giving him advice doing out maybe toss some people out there getting in the bison advisors because of the getting bad advice and looking with a gas prices there a dollar more expensive than they were last year.

He says that they're going to go even higher.

If Russia invades Ukraine in which may happen even today, you don't know and I he has every ability to change that. But he won't because there's that climate change people that are breathing down his neck and he's kowtowing to them and it's hurting Americans grow. You have a rich sports background and you sure that every chance you can on Fox and friends. I absolutely got everything they have now.

I am really bored stories I'm coordinated I'm athletic I can do many many push-ups and around right that was I was referring to.

That's good to know more of a bio I was about your knowledge. Fox news is give you all by sports assignments right everything we do is Wharton's Carly" would you think noticing this now.

This is been going on for years and I know the number of sports events that I have covered from Fox and friends.

I believe I know nothing about sports is like you know stuff I can't tell if you're letting them know that I do because everything we talk you are you because you do digest that topic.

So some of the event to cover the national baseball game. You don't need to know a lot about sports that the politics I went to France for Fox and friends member got back on the soccer guy in 1999 at the Rose Bowl as Mia Hamm and company Brandi Chastain win the world to send you your the anchor. Do your too big for the split of their choosing to send you over me is a rivalry that we might not be in the championship game I went to that.

Yeah, that was phenomenal. But what else there've been many right that the World Series was so Michelle to FOIA is one of the best-selling dog yeah probably I probably 30 years of you every big event. I miss you beyond in and I think with for the Super Bowl. She didn't the game. I mean view the best you know part of that and NBC did and she did and she said this. Most came on my list came on resigning, just was unknown though big deal. No scandal.

What happens is she's tired of the woke attitude. She started watching every word she says so she was on Parker last night. He was actually on got fell to why she'd come out of this crazy because he is not saying here's her talking about the decision to step away from sport 26. NBC did not encourage this. They did not force this. This is been on my mind. I've been waking up every day with a palpable hole at my got that my side my view my my middle ground, moderate viewpoint is not being represented to the rest of the world. I didn't feel in and so rather than you know this banging it out on twitter or Instagram every day. I thought I'd better do something. I have benefited greatly from the American dream and I feel like for the sake of my kids and because I so love this country. I've got to start giving back so we think. Yeah well I think that she's a sportscaster. Second, she's a mom first and when she was talking to Tucker.

She said that her son throughout his childhood was best friends with a black child and then when he got a little bit older. The school systems are literally started segregating the kids by race so that he stopped hanging out with his friend anymore because they were just doing different things in school.

They weren't.

They were able to hang out with each other and how insane is that so she's seeing this. She talks about this on the view. I think one of the reason she this was the tipping point for this view interview.

She got backlash because she was saying this is crazy.

I mean where we are united country. Why are we going back in time and becoming a more segregated nation and then Whoopi Goldberg jumped down her throat and says now you're here, you can be saying that kind of stuff. I think she said enough is enough. I want to speak out Adam Corolla doing the same thing I want to speak out and you know bring sanity to the conversation again.

Crow also yeah I think Obama grows best because he was were the first to the broadcast is yeah not work. Everybody was my own thing yet as sponsors come, he does his own thing mixes and would stand up was phenomenal. And by the way, one of his best friends, Jimmy Kimmel, and they also are friends, I wonder. I mean, I hope so I befriended people who are politically different and is as liberal as the day is long. We don't talk about politics right and I you this week he would have no problem but Jimmy Kimmel might have a problem in my view. So Michelle to FOIA went on to say this 20 I don't care if I'm attacked I really am not afraid of that and I guess I feel like so many people now are afraid. And I'm not. Listen, I know there are repercussions for whatever I choose to say I and I talked to my kids school about no, please don't hold this against my kids.

I'm speaking for me speaking for my family, but please don't hold this against my kids, but this is what I really believe I think I speak for a lot of people like he said Tucker and his people, my friends are afraid to repost things that I've posted. Or, you know, get into political conversations. They are, and they said it. I'm afraid I don't want to get in these arguments of my friends with my boss with my colleagues. This is the most terrifying thing in the world to me right now that people are afraid to talk. It's unbelievable in a country with the first First Amendment free-speech and people. People are self censoring people afraid to speak out say things that make sense to them because they don't want to lose their jobs and you can't blame them, but it's a sad state of affairs that wherein I think the people living in rural America right now, or places that are solidly conservative. Her arm H is moderate. Looking at the liberal cities, California, New York and saying think I don't live there. Oh yeah nuts I know and didn't know that it's almost unaffordable. If you're just barely know you're not doing really well. Even if you're doing well you live here. I'm not sure but I was 911 Eric city. I was with somebody extremely rich who moved from California to Florida and you really can afford it.

This something obscene about giving away millions of dollars and it goes to illegal aliens and to go to a homeless crowd and the governor keeps welcoming everybody and now on the smash and grab Cindy to continue to finance this and pay more. They always gives me I'm going.

I'm traveling to Saturday.

Thank you. Even though only billionaire it's crazy and then you think about that stuff that just like the government waste like these crack pipe drug things. They dispatch drugs back then that was: what they called it was like a Seth safe drug can you thought about correct, you know, anything very detailed notes of any administration. I'm sure you talked about this a million times on the readership.

They said that they never had crack pipes in them so slim to me why they would cost $30 million because I don't think lip balm cost that much and it's in the packet why. Also, what is the liberal why Limbaugh might want any lookup on your smoking crack I think is calling on that crack is like coffee crack is it is a diuretic, so you have to move you doing correctly tree of water all is your lips crack is provided on this he is you got it right that he's not always in go Shimkus zero answer all of her crack questions in the break we come back we change gears.

I want to find out if she needs no more. The answer might be no II know enough closely entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox news Bob just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite projects. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. I wish I could tell you what employment you are. I want to know but I don't. My golf like to do the were limited to just about really well the chores were well but I would love a long stuff still working on the walking part walking part is something I'm still working on strength of development and that takes time. What's frustrating is not my timetable want to be at a certain place, is to continue working on getting better. Yes is also not the speed and rates I would like.

That's is eloquent and is I guess as verbose as you will hear Tiger Woods very honest and you know so so measurably try to recover from that car accident when there there's a special come out Fox nation I should say with him as opposed to Ben Hogan, Ben Hogan were hit by a boss, Tiger Woods had a deficit in car accident which you can find that that the similarities in the come back. That's a special on Fox nation. But Carly, with your permission, I like to find out if you need to know more. Permission granted Carly Shimkus got a big think I go ahead okay will I I know that your event dying to know that Aaron Rodgers love life. So here you go on. He had split with his fiancée Caitlin Woodley is an actress in a statement that therefore there people that it was an amicable split. It just wasn't working there very different people with busy careers and there were obstacles that they couldn't surmount. They will remain fat friendly. There's no bad blood no drama. Well, like an infatuation right is the quarterback was to be a free agent. Maybe she couldn't take the instability know how many politically different.

He's like a super lip and he's been on a do not like everything I questioned next average person was 90 minutes before I line Lynn kicking a snoring partner out of bed. They do it to 2000 adults. I found the sleep compatibility is important to 70% of respondents.

The average person will only put up with snoring partner for one and 1/2 hours before kicking them to the couch or moving themselves unsurprisingly will respond as we reluctant to move confessing that as their partner to do so. Instead, 98, 90 minutes is your long-suffering ride like one snow at my husband and I'm getting him like the elbow. Why would you leave immediately. Well, I'm just saying you but you bothered by the snorer right but you bothered by you when you wake him up. The move as you get sleek if he's the one I wake up just like they you really move the company for target about how big is your survey. How big is the go Shimkus survey. It's hard to know their names and the pronoun they want to be your Florida high school star basketball player was declared to be the tallest teenager in the world when his flight 5.33 inch height was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records over 70,000 will does it say there is a basketball star I'm reading this so called so I don't really know the details yet. He is from Canada and in his life. Not me that's the tallest highschooler I was very tall. The words 00 bother you now the only thing that bothered me was I wanted to do to mass text. When I was little, like it you know very young and my mom is like your 57 ends in second grade. Right. That's not hard. Could you please port you can hurt yourself. I ran cross-country seriously out. I played soccer a little bit dappled run run overtime so I want to convey that I am a sports car. Brian, thank you Fox News radio studios New York City you opinions and facts with a positive approach, it's Brian kill me.

I want to bring to me looking to let his moments of the Brian kill me Joe Marti's and will be is waiting on board.

He's going to be talking to shortly about this breaking news overseas and beyond Charles Oakley when the greatest mixing bowls of all time. Certainly the most respectable week he will be joining us with his brand-new book, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three will work on oral whacking localism and cancel culture first blow three wacky will board a board of Ed members house in San Francisco and Lee sportscaster fresh off the Super Bowl calls it quits because she wants to speak freely. We had a breaking point number two in recent weeks even in recent days, more Russian forces, not fewer, or at the board in their moving concerning me into fighting positions.

This is because for profound concern, I think so. Ned pricing it comes to this war of words between the US and Russia but for me I just want the real story of Russians going back as they claim were bulking up of the border is weekly now Canada has fallen so much out-of-control that they're actually making American politics and American politicians look say which is a sign of how badly Justin to go is running things. Right now in Canada that is Clay drivers DJ.

Perhaps for freedom of the freedom caravan is a motion ball boils over around clueless Justin Trudeau in Canada. Trouble is heading the truckers way and why their fight is really our fighters. We effort to get back to normal, and self-centered politicians just don't see it was welcome and more teasing rights for the Washington Post columnist and you know is a Fox News contributor Mark I get the sense he truckers are to be hold out much longer to lose their license, they do lose their trucks to get jail the good of their accounts frozen as important as that sounds, that's China like ornament Canada recoded police we have north of our border what it becoming a military dictatorship but not an exaggeration. I mean, by the way, you know, the only media people here you are picturing the mark. Remember the outrage. But when one presents from clear protesters out of Lafayette Square and and and one authoritarian regime do this is outrageous. Now they're cheering on Justin Trudeau is not only go to clear them out of our old thing, but you could use their bank accounts of people who are supporting them. You going to take their like the way put them out of work destroy the lives I mean, what on earth would we do doing the same people work at the club and draw our cheering them on. And this is not as if the omicron is not feeding into the wilderness omicron to is nothing so we really have turned the corner and there's another Berean this ministry. She kick it ahead of it.

It's their problem not ours were done were done listening and if you look at what's going on right now.

This would be such an easy thing for Justin Trudeau to do go out meet with the blue-collar men and women see the families out there instead. When he points out is there was somebody carrying a I guess he would. He claims was a Nazi flag was into this one trust their government. Government needs to trust Canadians.

Those are the words of the prime minister in 2015 these people very often misogynistic, racist haters, science deniers, fringe minister, six years later, the flames of an unjustified national emergency, Mr. Speaker, prime minister lose his way, when did it happen. Conservative party members can stand with people because there is at her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. So you really think that you be standing with somebody.

What a swastika. Everybody's been seen that footage if there is some crazy in the middle that it doesn't represent that movement. There have been no incidents of violence whatsoever in the Canadian part is about the only violence that we have seen with a guy in Winnipeg who rammed into good anti-anti-group freedom convoy and rambler truck car into it to them and what people so there's been no violence whatsoever that would Lafayette Square with a burned-out big John shirt or the black white matter photos here in the United States were 220 black, white, better protest turned in the right none of that in Canada the people have been quietly been they've been peaceful but been respectful. They were there exercising their right to nonviolent civil disobedience and Canada which claim to the claims to be a democracy is cracking down on them like like like good like Justin Trudeau is channeling his inner shooting pain and people don't understand (what a police state what a covert police for candidate here when omicron arrived. We got upset in America because of their jurisdictional support map mandate. They went into a complete shutdown shutdown all restaurant picked up her outdoor going to shut down Jim Daly shut down sports facility. We did have the Super Bowl with hundred thousand people watching a football game. The NHL teams are playing in empty arenas or the been forced to cancel their game to get a complete Canada. We are in 2020.

Right now, 20, 22, they're going back to lockdown support for Madden reports the rising up to the facts now Marty Metairie last night I had the CDC still has not moved on masks despite the fact that the studies show during studies. The only help to prevent illness by 2% cut 13. The CDC has its own journal called MMWR, which is not subject to independent peer review so they do is they hoard the data they don't release the underlying raw data to researchers around the country and in their own time they publish in their own journal with their own conclusions, which often are not derived from the data presented itself. So what you have is this unprecedented trend of using scientific research for political propaganda and if I were advising administration right now it said make all the data available to the public to researchers around the country can do their own independent analysis.

People just want honesty yeah and were done with restrictions and usage market. If you feel that I know your mom passed away. To this, so no one has to tell you but the reality of covert, 19 if he feels he got were amassed more power to you where to 95 because the paper ones don't work, so that then go do it. But what they're doing. For example, my daughter's upstate New York.

Every kid's gotta get boosted double back and they got were in 95's in class.

Tell me what scientists greenlighted. This is with every school about their doing invasive testing of every child repeatedly on my phone and call it three times a week and at the enemy and it becomes a positive that he would have to be that he would have to be quarantined for with no symptoms at all. I mean you know is Marty. Marty pointed out you Marty on my podcast. What the hell going on in Marty.

Marty pointed out to you if you tested every college student from avenger Caucus, which is where would you be a big factor. The 10% would have it in their note doesn't mean that your good.

They're going to get sick right with me looking to get anybody else sick. If you go searching for monsters you were taking kids who are asymptomatic, who have no who are who are of no danger and then taking them out of school and grew up ending their lives over this ridiculous effort to get the Coke zero, which is never.

I by the way Elsie do you go to any request for more community on this podcast you want to check the schedule. Love you ought some type of thousands. I'm sure you invited me to see Chuck nothing. Okay, I guess I'm just I'm I'm sure was just daring sure you call this you probably on my voicemail pretty sure Mark Ellis. Isa Jennifer Griffin on last hour and she says is the most serious moment for Europe since World War II and the intelligence that they're getting cheap meets with these people a regular basis. There there people to really trust her.

It's real, and their goal is to trip everything the CIA gets almost there letting everybody know so 7000 troops they claim moved in. The Russians put on tick-tock of the there are some of their text heavy equipment getting on rail moving out of Belarus. We also know that they studies the Russian separatists air quotes show the kindergarten in the Ukraine a few hours ago what your take on this. So a lot of people are getting all of the older very incurred 69% of American support allowing Ukraine to apply for membership in NATO and 59% said we should not promise Russia that we will not allow them into NATO edit to avoid an invasion of a support sanctions. Other support standing with Ukrainian people. Nobody wants an American troops in there, but they understand the importance of the principles involved are so Americans were very clear, but there are some of my Nordic Americans were wondering what was in the end, the answer is simple with that Ukraine is in Las Vegas what happens in Ukraine doesn't stay in Ukraine if we allow blood recruitment get away with an invasion of Ukraine and guess what she's thinking is watching and he says Taiwan is next. If it we can invade Ukraine and annex and annex the country and put install of barrack takeover territory. Why can I get away with the Americans or we could never do anything. The other issue is nonproliferation Iran and North Korea are watching this. People forget that when the Soviet Union collapsed. Ukraine had 2000 strategic nuclear weapons. They had they had nuclear arsenal missile that could reach the United States. In the end, and what strategic bombers and they gave all that up in exchange for some occult Budapest memorandum which was an agreement signed by Russia, Ukraine, the United States and Great Britain, Russia promised not to threaten Ukraine territorial integrity United States and Great Britain promised to support Ukraine of its territorial integrity with and now if it will help them in their guess what North Korea is going to accelerate efforts to get away to get a weapon that you wrote that could reach out here in the United States, nor Iran is going to go into accelerated efforts agreed to get a nuclear weapon if you have nuclear weapon no one to threaten you, and guess what that Saudi Arabia will get a nuclear weapon because the knuckle and a lot have a nuclear weapon that they don't global. As a result of this, there are consequences to this far beyond Ukraine. We cannot allow a totalitarian dictator like Vladimir to invade annex one of his neighbors. It just can't be allowed to happen we have to take top steps to make sure that adult.

Why do I think so when I couldn't put our troops in their blood week, we can make this painful for them. This is all unprovoked friction. They made the friction because they don't like how on Russian they feel and how more Western.

They're leaning so that's important. The other thing to keep my with the Prez United States could be Ohio today talk about his infrastructure plan and the need for bill back better. You actually want to say by spending $4 trillion will be able to get the deficit down and be able to get inflation down. We all know one thing he can do. Mark is he could start picking up the drilling the barrels of oil coming out domestically he could do that right away. No hundred percent and look. They were to look at every measure to publicly approved invade Ukraine would have to put oil and gas sanctions on Russia like a great gap. Walking about.

He would love to have an rising up, but he could claim accrued rather than on, but that would be a win for Barton to have a problem, but it but here's the thing.

If that's true, once you approve the Keystone XL pipeline approved drilling and antiwar stop waging a war on fossil fuels about driving up the cost of gasoline around the country. So if you if this is really a formal priority for us and we have take punitive measures on Russia that we take all the measure possible. Here at home to unleash American production so that we can report not only people you have art for art supplies guaranteed and prices down. But we can then go to Europe, which gets 40% of its energy from Russia and provide an alternative to them so that they don't have the they're not dependent on Russian oil and so I don't understand how he can wage war on fossil fuels and also deter you Russia from abating, Mark Leslie, what do you think the significances is so three San Francisco school board members recalled and people ridiculing the fact that they want to rename schools that have American founding fathers on them and people like Pres. Lincoln on them and the fact is, they were cracking down on various people who are woken off you believe this is the beginning of the Democrats trying to wake up their party. I think they are what you got. You see it with the blue state looking map mandate based on people maybe maybe Gratian didn't get the message from what happened in Virginia but a lot of Democratic doctors. You also see the mayor sent from Cisco suddenly backtracking was used to support the funding. The police knocked on the police. I think you're going to see people look for innovative. They may not. They may not follow the signs look at all they are they are there. They understand that their voters are angry and they want change is Marty said thanks so much Mark. Good luck with your podcast about who you interview will be altered… Don't rush. Don't worry about going anywhere you interview everybody else and then somebody cancels you notified me Mark when we come back I'll take your call is 186640876 exerted your knowledge base Brian show if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it.

Your with Brian until made a lawyer didn't tell us that he has done some work and billing. Hillary Clinton. Some of the time and the notion that somehow this guy's lien where he twisted like a pretzel to throw the ball to the right wing and course they taken this little bitty phone and they try to make it into the side of me in a way better out there by himself with Mayor Garland shut it down forever be all look what happened. You know he was on the verge of finding that Hillary Clinton had it always in the Trump tower looking under Trump's bad but this keeps going the way it's going to twist in the wind and eventually died in Galway.

The people who believe what they're saying on one cable news channel believe that if they say Trump lots hundred 50 pounds and is trying to dictate to me the only neutral people watching Sen. Claire McCaskill who failed and lost to because she was not answering the the will of her constituents real quick. The term of the dorm report.

It's amazing with Hillary Clinton tweeted out and I will actually take a look at that and break that down. But first we go to Choco swing online in Montgomery Texas a chuck truck you want talk inflation right cannot get through. I will put the phones on hold for now. So basically, Hillary Clinton finally addressed the dorm findings from on Friday and in which he said here is know what Fox News and without Trump are saying is try to overwhelm was happy with Donald Trump scandals to two. I paraphrase they should. Here's a Vanity Fair article. This tells the real story of Vanity Fair bends over backwards. It's so obvious. If you read the initial documents that the dorm report talks about a tech firm who work for her, and worked for the White House of the time actually was probing into Trump tower that is spying on Trump Tower. But there's more to it. I get it, but it was a total whitewash and they said the New York Post is an example of the study leader for how the Wall Street Journal now you over. Probably, the Wall Street Journal, Fox and the New York Post. I know you probably don't radio that makes you say this is the Brian kill me show non-quality. I just last week still say no to this day I don't like really likes to mix over you. This is just what who he is but he's a good guy right and Michael was mad Michael to understand what it all you know why they had to get Bill Cartwright. I guess that was John Sally were the funniest guys really good player and a very good team Detroit talk about Charles Oakley plate 19 sees in the NBA for the bulls.

The next most importantly, the raptors wizards and rockets all through the brand-new book the last enforcer outrageous stories from the life and times were the NBA's most fierce competitors I don't think there's anyone who didn't respect Charles Oakley when he was in New York at a chance to cover it when I was doing that prestigious job like sports phone and new sport and watch the magnificent Nick teams that didn't win a championship, a man with a good Charles congratulations on the book you will know about our work and no I know we got up about what up I like Bella more like dog Margaret you don't like Charles Barkley does not understand why you don't like him. Here's what he said cut 43,000, like me, which is no big deal. I don't like is like I don't think about is not important enough for me to think about. If you don't want me know.

I do. So what would you like Charles Barkley not important. So what I like going over the world are going to believe it will really chose what would happen will you know go by the lower right like you know like I was on the field.

A lot of my auto I don't talk to my brother got them of breakthrough about the plug on me like a dog walk.

When you know the cool little woman will only I mean I watch you play the tenures as it was at that point they let the press sit under the basket so I know how hard you played in the first time I sorry Charles, I was doing play-by-play and color for the CW Post basketball team score and you will like you. I mean, I expected you to average 30 the NBA, and you admit more rebounds that you're more of power forward but I mean you would dominant in the middle and post was an elite division to two well a lot about what no goodbye girl I Gordon school told my brother got me a soda can trade my game right and you will journey you teams in a rough neighborhood. You talk about that. It takes three buses just to get the high school where the gums and go to to go through this like you to be like you know what I can afford this one like to go for three buses to get to school. Why did you while you determined to get through it and then get to college almost no one recalled no more war look like it struck a plug for the care you know the meal and the tablecloth on the wiki vehicle brake job but your big meal that we hear you happy with the great you know like. So you love your Division II player the year to over 2379.16 hundred plus rebounds. Did you know you were destined to the NBA and woes like being drafted by the bulls when you were well known.

The book up on the boat majority among other no little better want to allocate well before you go there to be a bad deal on the streets of drug. But what I want to go requote the home will be 12 will be able to lower the weight novel about going to school new friend.

Love you love you forever drafted by the balls. What was your for a woozy first thought about the roster and why did you hit it off so well with Michael Jordan who wrote the forward to your book Charles, what was it about your game that he respected mobile: going on where you know I'm old school work started to treat everyday I show them directly for really good bigotry for reason to bring me to Chicago to help build a clean know you children should not think that I will open the foundation foundation think that will give a foundation in Chicago going polite about him.

I wasn't there but you know you can only go Michael Moore start coming to go watch the last dance again. When would you thought you missed the championship run, but you brought into the doorstep got traded to the next battled the bowls. The whole time Patrick Ewing talk about you cut 41 coaches around legal recognition of any deserving the respect that they deserve, think if everyone all four. That was him when playing you. You were not enamored with Patrick, would you think that's accurate that you did you saw there were times when you he was not as dominant, that he was in college and you thought the effort was pregnant sometimes lacking no Michael go I'll go talk to go through the group about you want to go back way I would want to know how I might bring up right when it came to a ball of mothering with the computer was shot in the ballroom don't close up oil filters, the log, but not hard to do it mopping up about him, so Bob is okay no problem with like it was but with with Patrick. In particular, would you tell him when you play like a man were open you got up that morning, Michael Long why the management ultimate believed big mall big brother to everybody, but he wasn't so won a championship you got to go deliberately chose the thing about Coley microblog Magdeburg. We all want to reverse the review of your you will talk about recalled, no, nothing to write about blogging the same way I've never really said much yell but they won championships use Pat Riley talk about why he always kept you on the court late cut 43 Needham on the court when I made a mistake last year and own everybody talks about know what happened in game five. Probably the biggest thing that happens I was sitting on the last 25 seconds that game in the side try to make a commitment to myself to keep him. Patrick on the court because what's going on the fourth 1994, 95 you remember that so I'm glad you made up about talk about bubble you know like that you will prepare a bug up talk about when you microphone the binding of rebound three new a lot to me because we had to go, but I don't think you know more about the Pope about what you see no good thing to reverse the ball know about the black book called the no risk will know by Job all all fun infected got the real time ago that you limit what you can see in me will have a chance to live without the Laszlo Miller 05 and in which a psychosocial great players. It seems to me chose you, the expert decibels changed a lot since you played. I mean, there's not the physicality anymore is really no big men dominating and that was the big attraction which shack in a chemo. I want to Patrick Ewing and Alonzo morning and you are the power was much more physicality of it. Do you like it better when you played. Would you like to play in this era.

Will the record date for redeployment weekly for Creek globally given to me. You know, go through the rebate a lot of three rebuilding rebuild go. We will no longer go go hogwild from no bagel before the movement little turnover free go no fault Mitch Bob go that would happen because you can simply go you like just to toss another time we cross paths I got the word Charles Oakley's opening up a carwash and I go. Great echoes can be filled in for interviews like yeah so I get in the car with my shooter go down there and you will washing cars usually want anything to do with the press like business to run, so you don't work. One thing about all of you know you want to call but I never took away that's true so that's what it comes to people about away if you love basketball of sports you will love this book Frank I soul is a great writer and he wrote the book with you and easy was to be right or you got banned from MSG. I think to buy the next Sir James Dolan throw you out of a Madison Square Garden everyone saw the scene is part of the reason which I believe the word is that a lot of superstar players don't want to go to New York because you are so respected around the league and the way he treated you. Here is here is how it sounded cut 44 chose to escort you out of the building. What happened I don't know what happened: the order: no walkable Michael what program will be little embarrassment for the MBA from the library will be well branded one another like this. I don't know.

Probably probably be a month that you are not limited you to Brantley about the whole Jimmy Dolan James Dolan just thrown out of the game and I guess he does like to critically try to throw you out and then told Chet Krause or Channing Oakley because they would.

They love you with the garden. Anyone who watches you play just appreciates the way you play. Here's Dolan explaining himself cut 45. We need to keep the garden a place that's comfortable and safe for everybody who goes anybody comes to the garden whether they're drinking too much alcohol looking for flight. Their abusive, disrespectful to the staff and the fans there going to be ejected and there going to be bent because everybody has a right to come to that game to come little games and enjoy them, and no one has the right to take that away from everybody else in this case that did happen.

We are going to put the band in place and hopefully you won't be forever Windsor stand while you wait so I worked there in court all play out over the alcohol and you alcohol, you shouldn't be around alcohol equipment and you called someone will probably how you going with so be almost to the level look longer. The only thing I know you love be boiled and created great whales, and lowball the God who can control the chamber got the leader leader. The loan will be deleted like New York Way will below the last bullet told him if you let down and think about the ticket price is the last to force the name of the book. If you love sports you love this book.

Charles Oakley was watching play congratulations open to huge bestseller breaking news. All Brian kill me show they walk back everybody 1-866-408-7669. Hope you enjoy that interview with Charles Oakley. I just don't know better guy to watch if you want to know how to play the game at any level showed up every single night.

We did the dirty work.

You have to see the sky dive in the floor. I mean, he's a great athlete, but for an NBA player average, but we did is was strong as a mountain and would die for every loose ball and play hard every single game he was worship garden worship in Chicago and that is why the Michael Jordan wrote the forward of the book, the guy he said he talked to them today so it gets pretty important.

The other thing I wanted to relay is just how out of bounds. Eric Adams was Eric Adams came out yesterday and said basically the critics in the newspapers are because they're critical of him and the way he's we've been running the city of the last six weeks since he took over is because there was enough diversity among news rooms have they been around lately.

They've never been more diverse has nothing to do with him being black.

Would Eric Adams said in should've said is I went up to Albany I wanted to get rid of bell to make the city safe. You know I got return a big no, a nonstarter that makes New Yorkers more in danger and I should read off the list of all the lawmakers white, black room between standing in the way of a safe city tax newspaper people for writing the story about you not getting success of an Albany blame the people to deserve the blame. I appreciate you trying live from the Fox News radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill and New York around the country her around. Brian kill Michelle, thanks much for listening everybody and continue to grow. We had a couple affiliates this week and hopefully a few more major cities is always a privilege to expand our audience.

A lot of people just was on the podcast and that's great. I love people come up to me for the first time and not CAI listening on the radio. They say I guy get your podcast. Whatever works for your lifestyle. We appreciate you listening we try to bring you the best guess and most insight at all times. Knowing what matters go with which coast you matters most.

Sadly, we have one thing that we all have in common and that is pandemic. I mean all from Belgium to Australia so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three will work on whacking focus of many cancel culture. The first blow through three wax jobs Board of Education members in San Francisco will explain in recent weeks even in recent days, more Russian forces, not fewer, or at the border in their moving concerning link into fighting positions.

This is because the profound concern. No kidding. That price it's come to this war on words between the US Russia but for me I just want to know the real story are Russians pulling back as they claim, bulking up as we claim now Canada has fallen so much out-of-control that they're actually making American politics and American politicians look say which is a sign of how badly Justin for no is running things. Right now in Canada.

No kidding DJ perhaps reprising the freedom caravan is emotions boil over around the clueless Justin Trudeau's leadership. What trouble is heading the truckers way and why the fight really is our fight to will discuss it with me right now is a man that knows all about tough fights. That's Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg, a key advisor to the press United States and VP.

He has a book out this great war by other means. I general in the Trump White House Gen. right now in the Biden White House. We are looking at a a a tactic where they are letting us know almost all the intelligence they get.

They claim they're saying that the Russians bulking up if they're building a bridge if they're pulling back there letting everybody know you think this tactic is been affected to this point. Hi Brian, well and effectively put them off balance, but I will tell you I think it's a big mistake. I've said a few weeks ago, the best thing present Biden to do a shot up your starting giveaway sources and methods you look I think maybe the indicator when they expelled the deputy chief of mission Gorman from Moscow today, send a message again and when you talk a lot like outing give up a lot of information. I think it's a huge mistake. I think it done that time.

Unfortunately, I think we may pay a price for that because I will be able to find that information. What they want to do themselves an enigma wrapped in a little but is capabilities very clear right now that you know some of the invasion force around Ukraine that is not an exercise force. I've never had an exercise that large yard, former KGB teachers, Jeffersonian Democrats, but he's got a clear intent in mind. And he's clearly got Ukraine in the site so the bridge less at a pontoon bridge that would go from Crimea to the heart of Ukraine.

We claim he had a 7000 troops. They showed video of tanks and trucks being loaded into rail and be brought out of Belarus. We also know that somewhere the Russian separatists which makes this dicey and great maybe it's perfect for a Boudin show the kindergarten last night so I just gave you those three things you might have people that will might you say that what I just said was wrong, but I just tell you what I've been told what are the reports are. If I gave you that where you will you do now.

If your Ukrainians and what you do have your NATO and the US would NATO not much you can do. Ukraine is not a NATO partner with article 5, stuck clear with a NATO position were kind of doing the right thing, but we should have been doing it over the last year is continuing to pour armament into Ukraine to make him very, very formidable fighting force. This is something that we started to do the truck ministration given like javelin, antitank missiles, which are the best in the world. We should be doing that have heavily in the last year out there and look it's typical for the Russians in the shepherdess to do that, you know they're not. They don't fight. By the same rules that we are used to in the West, but you have to look through their lands and see what they're trying to do and are trying to find an excuse to go in there I think that's really what you're saying when you shell schools are fighting in in the shepherdess areas I think is looking for reason to go and that's what you're trying to find right now so I think if I was predicting guy.

He's got a capability if he wants to go just a matter of days not weeks before he does something you Brian.

You can't keep a military on a teller like that because with maintenance issues, logistics issues, training issues, personnel issues, they start to wither and and you gotta make sure the ready to go. So if he doesn't use those forces in the near term a week or two weeks that he impacted going to have to start withdrawing them because it will shortly skip capacity and capability were fire another silly diplomat, but things like this. We'll see about the saving measures so if he does not want to play war which by by all accounts it will be body.

Of course you win, but it will be plotting the occupational be worse and evidently instead of the five families in Russia. Russia is really kind of torn by this.

Having said that, what is a face-saving measure. Do you think the West could live with it hard to say because anytime you talk about Russia United States you get a Pavlovian response goes off the rails on but this is one we need to think strategically and say okay it's almost like you're telling Ukraine. You don't want to be a little bit like Finland polymerization meeting your sovereign nation which are independent nation which are nonaligned you not align with the Western online with these feelings been able to negotiate those trails for long time and then maybe that's what you tell Ukraine. This is what you want me back into that what you try to do that and continue to build up militarily, but that's about the only way out of this is going to satisfy Boudin didn't prevent him from going for what you're trying to prevent a major war and I think that's what you want to do with the same time in the back your mind, how do we get out of this in the near term, but in the long term we keep ensuring the sovereignty of Ukraine and they will become a divided nation by force will look at the center point and said he seen a lot of these conflicts got 90 quarters. Only one person that knows the answer that question and that's Vladimir Putin, but he sees a tremendous advantage here to test the limits of the Biden inspiration to see how much they will push back and to try to undermine NATO and is already succeeded in getting countries like Germany really raise the question whether they would come to the collective defense of NATO, the NATO alliance under article 5, so Ms. having having the way and probing weaknesses in seeing how far he can get right now I do expect him to conduct some invasion. We don't know to what extent, but I do think he is not bluffing, so I just want to get you that take. I actually think there's a strong case say that NATO is doing pretty. I don't think the natives were initially poorly and Jennifer Griffin was on the last I know you respect her and Jesus journeys come in around and there see you after the meeting that they had on Monday seeing the port.

The problem clearer than ever with your sources say the same about you.

I like Germany the upcoming round about time I don't because we pounded him for four years, which are we're falling right in the Russian trap economically and politically and militarily as well. And they're starting down say that these guys are a big threat yeah they are doing and the problem was Joe Biden gave prudent in a little bit of a group lightly talk about what Mabel talked with the limited incursion limited incursion is a huge green light.

The Germans have a long ways to go. When I was in the ministry at the Munich security conference just couple you're still with my parents which are across from Oliver Merkel, a Chancellor of Germany and she said well will never get to 2% of GDP that we can organized to portal for NATO which they will agree to during the well declaration sheet I would because of our contract with the with her people and let wish you all agreed to present GDP. Everybody – and if you do that, then you are formidable foe to the to the Russians you really want to scare the Russians have Germany rearm.

The Germans always seem to march east and I took that should bother the heck out of the Russians but the Germans don't do that. That is a huge hole in the NATO alliance. So I think you're starting to see them come around. I think the new Chancellor Schultz is is it might see that little bit of breath of fresh air, but want to see what they're going to do if Germans come around that will bring the westerly lines around as well. Only one third of the members of the NATO contribute 2% of their GDP which they all agreed to two defense measures we doing that in German is the biggest liar sanctions to get the retention individuals around Vladimir Putin take their visas prevent them from traveling will still pump some countries outside Europe and outside NATO that would allow it to me. What would get his attention.

Besides the swift financial system which they say is not on the table for your hard shot not only with with Russia, but also with Rand we did with other countries as well.

Sanctions really don't work because they find ways to get out of the sanctions. The best way you handle guys like this course strong autocrats you handle them with forceful messaging even that means pick up the phone and being tough in critical situations you send them a message. You know, I remember that when when Syria would when they had Russian mercenaries attack US positions. A couple of years ago we killed about 200 Russians to the start of a patient well, though that's really not Russians attacking each other.

We killed them. We know it because we picked up on the Intel on and present truck picked up the phone call prudent should look you know I let you rest of your course to get back across the river probably should kill them all that's in a pretty clear message to boot that we are in a word I can screw around with a message like that will kill Solomont left her bad daddy. You gotta send a strong message. You can't use verbal messages that say will a limited incursion might be okay and I fortunately Biden was very strong as last message just the other day, but the trouble is, all of his history is shown just to be the option so huge – here if in fact the Russians going to Ukraine and then what was his response can think sanctions are the right answer. They have worked in the state decide to back off. It's a major win for the president and the mage went to the West, but if they don't, we what it is such a huge loss. That means extreme diplomacy at the highest level for sustained period of time did nothing to stop one of our three main foes, and that means all bets are off for the receivable future, which means forget Democrat or Republican, you talk about legitimate peace wanted. Look what we've done and we what China will be incurred in the case of Taiwan becomes conflict push the envelope. We haven't done anything. There were letting a Rand probably get a nuclear breakout match defined as having a nuclear weapon within a year probably heading that way so you're not taking one.

So you've actually cursed repose the Russians, the Chinese in uranium – my feet and when that happens, and were facing three enemies.1 in an irrational and right hip payback.

Often I think it is good to be a win for NATO win for the present as well. I just don't keep doing that. I just think he's a bit of a dog to say the least. I think is going to keep pushing for an advantage. I understand that. Lichen was up with the UN and comments that the rush is looking for pretext probation is right and I think our intelligence shows as well.

Told to stand down, even though they shelled the kindergarten today. First off, what do you tell the troops about who Russian separatists are supposed to Russian regular Army winning we still don't know what the heck a Russian separatist is a Russian separatist of the same green of the Russian army contract.

These are all part and involved with the Russian army because are supported by the probably led by former retired Russian officers or noncommissioned officers as well. These people just not standard people.

What you find as well.

This is just a small insurgent group. This is a very strong force that is supported by the Russian military. That's how the Russians do it that's what you know when you look and I'll give you the student is an example in Syria today. They put a group called the Wagner group, which were mercenaries in the Syria to help the president of shot and it will do the same thing in Ukraine. In fact, what I'm hearing through my sources is that they pulled a lot of the Wagner group.

These are the mercenaries under a guardian for Goshen is actually good friends are prudent. They pulled a lot of matsuri and put them in Ukraine. What a good indicator right there what she's American envoy to Russia investor John Sullivan has been told to leave the country. The government is expelled the deputy US ambassador.

Unbelievable. So this will go in the present. Just said innovations likely is just an odd tactic, something we don't want to keep calling for it. I think it's going to a degree. The Russians off-balance policy if it stops them. Gen. Kellogg, thanks so much for having always great to talk to you listen the brain to Michelle back in a moment, go right back is three hours in radio until made plans to manufacture pretext for this could be a violent event that Russell blame on Ukraine or an outrageous accusation that Russell level against the Ukrainian government. We don't know exactly could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside rush into discovery of the mass great stage drone strike against civilians for a fake.

Even a real attack using chemical weapons. They described this event as ethnic cleansing or genocide making a mockery of the concept that we in this chamber do not take lightly, nor do I take lightly. Based on my family history in the past two days. Russian media has already begun to spread some of these false alarms and claims to maximize public outrage to lay the groundwork for an invented justification for war. That is not a long time ago.

How about a few minutes ago, the Secretary of State at the blinking at the United Nations. Evidently change his plans to make it clear that he wants to address the world and alert into what's happening you not to get a unanimous opinion of the Security Council because China is not in rush is on so I love to me when the secretary say comes out addresses United Nations you know it's serious never to this. Nobody was better at this and then Nikki Haley really spoke from the heart did not be leaning heavily on notes that the applicant did, but that is active and as energized as I've ever heard Anthony blinking their hope is in is pretty clear. If we keep telling you what our intelligence says. My hope is you would do it if you know this guy is outside a bar is going to commit a punch you in the new breed into the barn you guys want tell you there's a guy to do a sneak attack on his gotta punch me in the face. The hope is the guy will keep hearing that you been warned anyone coming Russia yesterday mocked the US because we came out and said Russians got attack on the 16th there Russian ambassador denied the country was set to invade yesterday which is ended up being true and they said wars in Europe rarely start on a Wednesday. As far as Russia's concern I can assure you it will be no attack on Wednesday and there'll be no escalation of the coming weeks either, or the week after that or in the coming months. If you just think about that how these countries are in such a different track.

When Boris Yeltsin was here and I know we had a drinking problem and he was not a great leader but we were not looking at them as enemies. And remember, Barack Obama said you did not enter nobody would say that no one got something to change potential weakness. I know we want to pretend people are civilized with this guy is not the talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian kill me help you back everyone to Brian kill me, Joe. 182240876695 start opprobrium. My next guest, John Hariri, Joanne Joanne Hariri. He joined just now to talk about focus and focusing on what needs to be.

We need to be done. Joanne welcome you already six hours working on Joanna, so what is my apologies.

So what you do is is you focus on focus and discover about this technological age when it comes to focusing on each call required reading a book what you along with getting me more and more about running up but I'm getting harder and harder all about American now focuses on any one task.

Three minute one child was identified. Potential problem when I was seven years old now hundred children figure out what's happening, what's going on so use my training at the University to travel the world from Miami to Moscow, Melbourne 200 leading experts on attentional 12 month retention data like the fact that the commensurate tension was hugely increasing in recent listening to your attention is getting worse. Kids attention is not just you know imagining and crucially your attention didn't collapse.

Your attention is been stolen from one school stolen 12 doing this to we can begin to build big happened intentionally was just one of those things keep on making the iPhone better keep on making social media more attractive keep on building a website to get more eyeballs or is it something devious and insidious. Some of it by accident.

Example. We finally got attention children to play outside freely is profoundly damaging their ability to focus attention number one design intention.

Don't take my word for it, shown Paco one of the biggest initial Facebook said we designed Facebook to Maximilian by people's attention. We knew what we were doing and we did anyway go to what extent torture can run one of the 12 damaging contention article because I know that every single one I went to MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of technology interviewed one of the leading neuroscientist in the world of company could understand about the human brain more than anything else. You can only consciously think about one or two things at the same time benefit the fundamental limit of the human brain to change anytime. What happened: from dilution. The average American teenager now believes they can follow six or seven forms of media sometime so what happened is starting to skip all the people as well get them to think that doing more than one thing at a time, and it turns out every time you can't do more than one thing at a time. What you do is you chuckle very quickly between tasks and it turns out comes with a really big cost. Just like the way trying to be more than one thing at a time comes with something called switch cost effect when you try to move one thing at a time.

You will of the things you're trying to do, much less comfortably. You'll make more mistakes you remember less of what you do not trust created a small effect right.

One study, for example, found that just being interrupted while working twice as bad for your intelligence and the tension of getting stuck and don't really big if that is what Prof. Miller said we are living in fixed cognitive degradation of the moment.

As a result of being constant interrupted so interesting, so you concerns if you keep getting interrupted and you don't have the time to wind down and reflect and think her to cognitively long-term but really welcome you to one.

If you interrupted it takes you on a bridge 23 minute level of focus you have before you interrupted most of now netiquette. 23 and when you look at our country so important for anyone to think she will show ever achieved in your life. The problem with starting a business, being a good parent leading to play the guitar when I printed your problem to come sustained focus and attention focus and attention breakdown. Your ability to achieve any of your goals start to break down your ability to solve your problems breaks down when you see For comfort knowing that could be less able to achieve anything in the book is about talk to how we can put it right if you don't get attention right you can't do anything right. You can't achieve what you want to achieve in your life stolen focus name of the book and tell your Ted talks, I will over hundred million clicks so people are taking it in.

If even look who endorse your book from Emma Thompson to to Adam Grant to Elton John, people have really said the same problem of all ages about focusing, which is got interesting. It's almost we have a national it's a self-inflicted ADD so what study did you what study did you do that maybe gave you an idea of how to beat this problem and what could be done to attack this problem because almost everybody listening right now outside that crazy friend you have, who still is a flip phone could really benefit from what you do. You've researched 12 part two I think at the end.

Also, much as possible, as individuals. One example out of him stupidly important thing about the case if the plastic site you to complement your phone and you turn the dial to talk and it will look like anything between five minute hold down a partner in a personal fine if people come out to dinner on the phone so you thought before I give myself the head thing just click one example I could look recommend people like the things we should hugely help on passionately. But the truth of the fall meeting. One of the leading experts on children's attention problems. Prof. Joan made points to the Portland Oregon attentional pathogenic environment like at the moment someone is itching powder into our heads all day going to stop you. Should problem which is one big change is one of the biggest change in one of the most criminal and grew up in Chicago and like you like me when she was five years old. She would leave the house to school which was 15 minutes away generally should arrive. She was pumping together to all the kids to school. By the time you got to 2003 completely ended up only 10% of American children.

By that point played outside without an adult.

I'm a kick to the class I go about 10 minutes with sickly child climbed children. Childhood became something that happened behind closed doors under adult supervision times out but childhood we have lost compelling. The thing was essential to children's attention so children run around and pay attention much better if you could call let them run around when children play freely with other kids without adult how to use their attention what they find interesting about how to persuade others to pay attention to) those were the heroes of the book. She described the problem you like to describe problems.

She the solution she let go of the older kids to go to the she does hold schools and whole neighborhoods sway to let the children have increasing levels of independence, building up to playing outdoors again where they can begin to develop a healthy attention because she's a hot stove moving Long Island to a 14-year-old boy like our program to run the big strong for me right until this program began nine months to school. He had never out of his house on his parents would even let him run around the block right. This program began in my friend's response played ball in the street and then went into the woods and he said work was still there with all the words he said. We built a school full melodramatic toque was like watching a child come to life. How many kids on the children at school. Everything is "not right with me that day she sent you think about human history over human history. Kids have to go out from the tartrate spool in the space of one generation. We took that away as boys given a tiny bit afraid of what they do with the fool so deep in human nature and the things we need to do together to heal our attention effect is one of the big one. Many big ones, but one of them being to restore human childhood. We cannot take, especially in the lock.

Even before the child recognize the human childhood if you can focus.

We could give them a childhood so interesting because Willie Robertson, the Robertson family grew up in a form is driving the tractor at eight go out in the woods with a gun. He learned how to shoot it but he was go hunting. That was the way we lived. At one point in life.

We figured out things for herself and a lot of times, watch the news you think if you kids out always got here. She's gonna get kidnapped and never see him again three times more likely to talk one of these really big changes motioned me on my struggle with the way we eat is profoundly damaging our ability to pay attention big white morning. The standard amount of sugary cereal all white right thumb releases a huge amount of energy really quickly to play great God is really so much energy 55 did you get your desk to look at our will to later energy Wiltshire and crushes you get what's called brain fog You have another sugary coffee trade brought the way we live so well energy spikes and depression throughout the day after the bright white one nutrition class for a few minutes. Energy most steadily throughout the day you'll be able to pay attention much better. Think about what causes your brain to function nutrient sound really cool… Lock out current diet. Chemicals like drug study in Britain 22,007 with a 297 kids to groups order on the second creek water. We find the time. I would like to pretend that money to the kids the kids. You have to think that the guys will worry more likely to become a direct struggle with, you can see how so many of the think even think of is affecting our attention like sleep like discretion experience what they damaging our focus and attention, along with some elements of the technology. I talked to for four hours and hope to talk to you again. All no doubt about his New York Times best-selling author, a British writer Johann Hori stolen focus why you can't pay attention and how to think deeply again so you don't only identify the problem you solve it. So that's awesome. Thanks so much, you will wrap up the sour take your calls if you can focus long enough entertaining like you're with Brian kill me.

He's so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. This crisis directly. Every member of this council and every country in the world because the basic principles sustaining peace and security that were enshrined in the wake of two world wars and the Cold War under threat. The principle that one country cannot change the borders of another by force. The principle that one country cannot dictate another's choices or policies with whom it will associate the principle of national sovereignty. This is the exact kind of crisis that the United Nations and specifically this Security Council was created to prevent prevent and humbly bother me. That's Vladimir Putin and that's what Rush has been gradually remember Bush 41 thought he could get Bush 43 and five to put together a pretty relationship with Yelton Gorbachev to listen guys, you really kinda separate you countries get really on different paths to come over to Maine Kennebunkport and what we talk this out and it was really a sense that it was just a miscommunication. Now fast forward 15 years later, miscommunication is intentional. He was able to get his feet underneath him. He was able to circumvent the rewriting of his Constitution member Medvedev took over for I think four years with five years and he became like a ceremonial position with people say he was still running think is a hand-picked Medvedev and then he took the job.

One election air quotes and they kept the job myself leader for life.

That's pretty much what he has done.

He jails and kills anyone tries to challenge such a dramatic difference in the guided Ronald Reagan Bella George Bush dealt with George Bush dealt with Barack Obama has until this place, which was my Saturday show. It's 8 o'clock it's called one nation repeat again. 11/100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources.

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