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Russian Air Strikes Move Closer to NATO Territory

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 14, 2022 12:49 pm

Russian Air Strikes Move Closer to NATO Territory

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 14, 2022 12:49 pm

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Sekulow Radio Show
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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies.

He fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold live Fox News radio Studio City New York City fresh office set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Hey this is Jason Japheth. I'm actually Philip Ryan ought her to do so there so what happened, but you could join us. You have a lot of fun. We… Feel like before you got a welcome deli is is joyous, the daily news leader there in Missouri and 1050 K SIS thanks kill me crew in the end being one of the affiliates there in the wonderful state of Missouri. My mom was actually born in St. Joseph Missouri so I got some ties out there and thanks for joining us in broadcasting the Brian kill me, Joe, out there in Sedalia so glad were doing that in the lots happened in the news so I don't want to mess around. I want to bring in my former colleague somebody asserted with the United States Congress Sean Duffy was a congressman from Wisconsin ESA Fox News contributors also co-authored the book all American Christmas which was way up there in the New York Times is number one so shot Duffy thanks for joining us this morning to be with you the state I would think the members of Congress on that for Michael dialogue are old and we have a booster yes yes exactly, and that's kind of the way you view the whole stay diseases, think of a delegation in the newer, the members and that's the adjacent like that's money. I think it Wisconsin. I think a lumberjack you think only of use. So glad glad you're joining us and I want to get your take on Russia and particularly the story coming out that Russia is asking China for help. I want to play Jake Sullivan was on CNN. Let's play clip 17 then want to get your response. Thoughts on that. When you sanction China if they didn't help that Russia not to sit here and and brandish threats.

But what I will tell you is that we are communicating directly privately to Beijing that there will absolutely be consequences for large-scale sanctions invasion efforts or support to Russia to backfill them will not allow that to go forward and allow there to be a lifeline to Russia from these economic sanctions from any country anywhere in the world in which interesting Sean is that supposedly I believe Jake Sullivan is meeting with the would try to stop diplomat today, but the idea of bringing China into this fight in engaged and involved in support of in any way shape or form that can't be good. One American intelligence, patient request from the Chinese and old medical about the creation put it out there for the world to see and I don't move but is actually embarrassed reluctant to tell the world how old are you going for them in Ukraine. The Chinese that Russia now interviewed as the younger brother of the greater China. This is an embarrassing asked for the world to know about Bobby meant to be done in private. But now intelligence is exposed until one is incredibly embarrassing for the second Donald Trump America first time is our ally China is not a friendly way we make way too much stuff in China we got a get out manufacturing back home, but if not home America go to India to Vietnam, go somewhere else anywhere but China and it seemed like Joe Biden weather was in the state of the union address which was stolen out of the playbook about the border on the belief in America get here again you start going, probably right to go find it is the greatest threat we face in this country and we rely on China, like Russia, realizing the rest of the world for everything you see the power that Russia given the last weather to banking to the credit card transactions they would we be able to shut them down because they rely not we should think about that as well. If we have some conflict with China. China can shut us down because we get everything from China we can see over the horizon right now don't get out get out now. Yeah that that message for those that I have just got heated it. It's just been hey let's take the cheap labor.

Hey, let's take the inexpensive goods but also our national debt. Mina makes it you were so beholden to the Chinese buying our national debt. How much debt they hold. Let's go back to. Let's go back to Putin and the way things are going because I mean by most accounts, things are not going as smoothly as Russia may have predicted in one of them to do to go and that the everything was just gonna fall like dominoes pretty quickly. But it's also the fog of war. It's also difficult to tell what was what is actually going on. Let's listen to the present Zelinski cut to in his take picture one is initiates you think you all of us. Then they would enter key.

If this is the goal then let them enter but they would end up leaving alone send urgently without us.

They will not find friends among us. This is a country of what 45 million people or so and that it I mean Ukrainians are shown to be a very tough lot who are not just get a seed and roll over and let the Russians come in and take over their land, and when he took me out and and Ukraine didn't do much about it. This is completely different. This is their liberty, their freedom will call them a democracy. Democracy is at stake. They would be eight subjective state of Rochester and are not in a standpoint I'm incredibly fast with how well they thought they were willing to give their life in a clutter yeah I don't think it's interesting though that supposedly you know the US is feeling like oh my goodness, well, you know Russia might come to the negotiating table. I was on the panel for Fox news Sunday one of the guests there. The bread there interviewed was Wendy Sherman for the State Department… Of the cut for in her take on Russia and the second is to put enormous pressure on Vladimir Putin to try to change his calculus to end this war to get a cease-fire in the first instance to get humanitarian corridors and to end this invitation that pressure is beginning to have some effect. We are seeing some signs of a willingness to have real serious negotiations but I have to say.

As your reporter said so far, it appears that Vladimir Putin is intent on destroying Ukraine. We need help Ukrainians in every way we can supply questions John Duffy is is about negotiations because we've we've seen this before wasn't Congress.

I went to Georgia where Russia had come in and basically took over 25% of the state of Georgia and Atlanta Georgia but Georgia there is in their in their neighborhood and then they cite some documents saying that they would withdraw and then they never withdrew me.

That's the concern is that they're just going to hoodwink everybody sent all lay down your arms.

Let's be quiet. You know, don't worry about it. We'll get outta here and then they never leave you know live, we can expect that the quickie plate. I think one thing, but really impact himself. Not really impact the people in Russia significantly. Maybe some of the oligarchs could be a threat to leadership in Russia. I think I think would understand strength understand that if Ukraine continued to fight back if we arm Ukraine with missiles to get them made it through able to fight back and inflict major damage on Putin key understand that and then once you get when you got a you you have to love the faith faith in anything that we don't know this from politics, you might be someone in a negotiation. You have to let them say faith and claim of victory, especially when you have a guy with a nuclear weapon US that's not going to happen until there is a shift in the war that she does Ukraine stop the advancement of the Russian don't take him over. They can continue to take care to continue to advance to continue to effectuate the mission on Ukraine so that have to stop and go back to the table and I let that happen on the Ukrainian goes back to the point that you made time what Joe Biden do this over the last year right and my wife Rachel made a point earlier levels are like oh no Donald threatened take away some of the armament he was giving to the Ukrainian income could take armament away giving getting into them right out Joe Biden gave $120 million over the course of 20 million last summer hundred million in December. November when the Russians were stacking the Ukrainian border.

While I was in a couple billion dollars against enemy arm to make sure they can defend himself, that might make reconsider whether invades are not. Yeah, I don't understand why this wasn't done well in advanced making sure that they had what is proving to be a very effective weapon in those stingers and other types of weapons and the sanctions I thought were an absolute joke because they kept saying all the sanctions, sanction, sanctions are going to be a deterrent, only to have Joe Biden say well they were not.

Nobody seriously thought that those sanctions would ever be a deterrent and then how is it that we still have sanctions in our in our repertoire that we could actually go out and use. Why are we unleashing every single sanction we can possibly do, particularly as it relates to American energy.

I just don't understand what I'm very concerned about the sanctions that were using that we kicked Russia out of square. Everyone in the world. It will be useless with the most part, and once you kick out Russia you have other countries whether China other rogue nation that might not want to be subject to the west you can see an alternate system set up of people who don't want to be part of Swift because that gives too much power the left that can threaten the reserve currency status of the dollar, everyone treated dollars right now. Going between Bill and Sweden don't do that transaction in the home.

Currently they do it in dollars, so the demand for dollars if they treat those dollars in your pulling them out there. You take are currently and you think our economy. This is to be cataclysmic for the country which doesn't make sense why we would play back heart. I think what it has such a potential downdraft for for the American dollar.

The American economy, but when your risk to the US so great from a reserve currency that could be lost. I don't think that card and what impact that we have the Russian a lot. I think your point energy is the key energy, drive down the cost take money out of pocket a very good point about Swift because I think the Chinese and the Russians do share a goal and that is to get the world economy away from the dollar. Everything is pegged to the dollar, but if they could create because of necessity a drive towards something else that they could be more in control of and not to allow the United States to be a leader. I think that is a that is a very real threat to us, but the energy sector may well many times were you have to talk about the need to develop you know and be energy self-sufficient, but also be able to be the backstop for Europe so that they can buy a viable you know energy product from the United States without having to behold be beholden to Russia together when we passed the bill before you left allow exports of LNG terminals in the southern part of the countries we could export LNG to places like Germany who actually need it but I don't think anything that the Democrat that the green new deal wing of the Democratic Party, which is the most vocal and most powerful one of the party are background believing that we need to produce energy in America rather outsource that the country to produce energy with no rules or regulations in a more dirty fashion, all all of the assets for the economy but also for the environment and so the only way to get the messages to election you have one coming up in November.

I think Democrat have a big loss.

I thought that four months ago today.

I think it can be even greater when I came in the public and pick up 64 feet to give you a drawer you got becomes before me. I think the Republic of the pickup. You know 35 feet with Democrats only have a five seat majority right now.

So 30 feet 35 feet pickup means Republican 30 feet majority massive. It is massive and energy will be a major driver in those decisions. Former Congressman from Wisconsin Chantel C. Thank you so much for joining us on the bright Kelly Joe do appreciate it. Stay with us will be back with more the bright Kelly Joe diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me.

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Now it is time to start, for wherever you did your project Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show. We also see once again the fact that they lack a real noncommissioned officer corps and not much initiative at the lower levels either one reason that were seen, senior officers killed fairly regularly is presumably because her getting out of their vehicles having to go forward and find out you know why you guys stop sitting off the road where we parked in the open and so forth. So really quite underwhelming performance. They have failed to integrate their ground maneuver and their air assets is something we thought they were used to great effect. That's really the essence of blitzkrieg going all the way back to say 1939.

I haven't been able to achieve combined arms effects. In other words, using armored together with infantry with engineers with indirect fire mortars, artillery drones and all the rest of that just have not seen any of those kinds of operations that was Gen. David Tracy was on with Brian Kelly on one nation over the weekend Gen. betray us to a lot of things about him, but he certainly has a lot of experience and understanding of military military tactics and being underwhelmed by what's going on in Russia now.

Make no mistake these Russians are ruthless. They're using some weapons that boy. A lot of people think are just out of bounds. The human toll that they been taking. Seeing that the attack on a hospital. Other types of attacks don't let's not oversell rushers short in their tenacity and how viable they can be in the world of war. I think there's a tendency to say wow okay there's a lot of great strength in the Ukrainians. Ukraine is a big size country. There is a lot of territory to cover. We hope and pray I guess that that the Ukrainians are able to fight back at street by street and road by road and neighborhood by neighborhood, but the brutality of war.

The millions of people that are having the B displays that are leaving their homes to to have to take what ever you have imagined doing that. Imagine having to take what you have with your own possessions and having to walk or try to get on a bus or some sort of trainer something and then go to a country that you're just not as familiar with the toll here is absolutely devastating. There's no reason for it.

I hope the world will continue to look at this and understand that Vladimir Putin is he is just absolutely one of the worst dictators on the face of the planet at least ruthless in all that he does. God bless the people of Ukraine and the dates may not spin out of even more control that it is stay with this.

This is the prime Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News for wherever you did your favorite radio show like no other, kill me. Hey, this is actually a lot of fun. I really appreciate bright Kelly let every once in a while and they love to talk about policy of not talking about the world what's happening doing something in the United States of America. You can't do a lot of places which is to have the discussion and I just find radio to be such a great format.

You know, don't get lost in the hundred 40 characters in the back and forth and actually get to dive in and thought go a little deeper on issues and you know I served in the United States Congress for a nap years are just so thrilled and honored to do so and along the way you meet some people.

He probably would meet otherwise and thrilled to have on Congressman Doug Collins for the great state of Georgia. He's joining us. He served with me in the United States Congress. We are both on the judiciary committee.

He was the former ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee's host of the Doug Collins podcast and author of the clock in the calendar a front row look at the Democrats obsession with Donald Trump and he's just an all-around good guy Doug Collins thinks are joining us on the bright Kelly Joe and Brian yeah you know it's just kind of settled in here and he kicks me out pretty quick but II really do have a lot of fun with it. In Doug, you know, one of things I enjoyed as I got to know you through the years is just you.

You have a love and passion of the country you you have a military background you represent the representative for a long time of the good people there in Georgia who are about as patriotic and promilitary as you can possibly be. And so I know you be painted I painted when I hear that there is an American journalist who's out there serving you know trying to bring the story back home and and he was he was killed, and nobody wants to see that solicited Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor use on CBS and let's get his take on this Night I do when asking about these reports that US journalists have been killed in Ukraine by Russian forces. Do we know what the consequence would be for Russia killing American well this is obviously shocking and horrifying in just learned about it as I came on the air here so I will consulting with my colleagues will be consulting with Ukrainians to determine how this happened and then to measure and execute appropriate consequences as a result of it. Know what the right answer.

That is, you have somebody in the theater of war, get shot. I don't know all the details haven't seen a video don't understand what happened or didn't happen, but nobody wants to see an American. Nobody wants to see Ukrainian for that matter have to lose their life unnecessarily what your take on all the stuck in another context. It really helped me to learn about MB which is sort of scary. If you look at it but I get his answer there was very concerning to have.

We went back to diplomatic and invited Walker soldiers had killed all accounts and all from another reporter who would later shot and killed an American girl we passed that girl called the war zone Baltimore we get that yesterday Russia bomb 10 miles away from the polls more where administration get 2.4 not deal involving a middle ground will be ready to respond when or actually incur outside of the Ukraine window to get to the point where Amy pushed back from an administration that seemingly letting others lead and I think that my concern right now a big thing with and acting upon allowing will let solicited Gen. Jack Keane use on the next revolution last night on Fox News really appreciate his his expert analysis, but let's go to cut 12 that's been a part of the behaviors are sometimes going back to 20, 21, when put 70,000 troops on the Ukraine border. We had a shipment going in there that same month, March and April that was scheduled from the Trump administration of arms and ammunition by an administration delayed at the August showed up in the fall. After the Afghanistan fiasco with 170,000 troops we delayed another shipment and the stated reason for delay in both shipments will we did not want to provoke Putin into attacking. It's outrageous what happens to this administration said affect right babysitter got before, so that Putin would have been obvious that they can look that that seems like it was absolutely backwards. Doug back by three well, there are the weakening of America's number one we talked about the Afghanistan. The Afghanistan withdrawal gave the world dictators a look into really what is incomplete. Looking so willing to turn people away 60 feet away were willing to walk away and leave them after promising to take care of all that happened, all radio Democrats want to impeach no legally holding up what they perceive was a shipment of arms to be Ukraine and there we have the by holding up to in a time in which there was a no more.

This is, you cannot get anymore hypocritical unless you miss his department scares me, and I think there's another part love to hear you talk about the I don't think that the Russian the Iranian strike in northern Iraq was a mistake. I think you anything. I think it was probably coordinated release approved upon just to see what America will do and I haven't heard a lot of friction over that brought you as well yeah let it hurt is well were not sure was an attack on the actual concert. I mean really what 6+.

This holds the just happened.

The life of rock that we just happened and we are in the midst of these negotiations now. Doug Collins explained to me why in the world, we would rely on the Russians to do the negotiating at the table with a rod what it would only only a few people about a movie for me to call big dog you know a bunch of people that will use anything that they can't. What bothers me is so desperate extracted little of the land and again to go back to allowing in China and Russia both workshop did America have the while they have what is it about five minutes duration of the law is so enamored with the way I just don't get that that the country number one does not even recognize why I don't get what I would rather deal with all the jewelry and Democrat in the last 15 years with Obama apology to the bottom hat in hand to the people in the world to get them to give its me to suggest that we have to send people down to Venezuela to open that up squarely I don't want to let go of this Iran nuclear deal. I was on the panel. As I mentioned earlier on Fox News Sunday when Brett Baer was interviewing Wendy Sherman from the State Department. Let's go to cut 24 and get her take on what's going on there.

I think it's close and we would like all of the parties, including Russia, which has indicated its got some concerns to bring this to a close.

You know, we are very concerned about what Iran is doing that in these Iranians with a nuclear weapon.

We need to get that off the table so we can address their malign behavior in the Middle East, and we will do all of the above. But first we've got to get this deal and it is not yet closed Doug Collins. Nothing about the Iranian developing a nuclear weapon. I blow it down and cleaning up and breaking this protocol, the reporter who was interviewing Wendy Sherman actually okay all here to follow.

Well, nowhere in this agreement, they can't have a nuclear weapon and yet this is how they sell it and mail sitting there. I would like it like I'm sitting with no down the street attacking my cousin's own spreading retreat over here and talk about it. Talk about. I don't me on most American well. The goal is supposedly not allowed Iran to develop a nuclear weapon that we can all agree on what that's not there has to be a way to verify that actually go in and check in. You know when this first Iran nuclear deal was put in place as chairman of the oversight committee, so I went to the State Department said hey alright well I want to go to Ron and Outlook and they said they just laugh like you kid me.

Nobody's going to run well then how do we verify what's going on there so do we have people don't like if we have Americans going into verify and check out these facilities that I want to go to out. Why can't Congress have a look on owner. Nobody's going in. I mean, they just blew me off like are you kidding me there's no possible way were going to allow you to tell you even talk about that, but it is one of the greatest threats that's going on to the world today and to suggest that Russia and China are going to be party to coming up with the negotiation here.

I just don't understand just perfectly. There's one thing I've never had anybody.

The one thing that was still spinning a ramp and have been for the last 12 years.

They all they did was they put it behind closed doors exploded, the travel restrictions don't dawdle traveling the wonderful traveling the world's last take care of Congressman, or Doug II like this: hope your Mike Pompeo was on Sunday morning futures the former Secretary of State somebody we both served within the Congress on his expectations about presidency and whether or not they'll go into Taiwan cut 20 fishing thing is the term he's made clear his intention to quote reunify" with Taiwan.

What tools, what tactics, what time it is difficult to know.

I only know this is not predetermined that he'll be successful and be successful. That if we're scared if we think that taking action to support the topics people's provocative dishes you think it's not.

This is an independent nation.

They know what the world knows it got to behave in such a way to provide them the tools they need to make to maintain their own sovereignty.

This is important Maria. The whole world for the central idea that his conduct that has allowed Western civilization to advance in the way it has these last years. We can't walk away from that that the right public policy are real and if they go into Taiwan. The world will be all will know how long it will likely move about one probably the best, but could do it right now.

I'm still looking at you very local looking at how one is much different than most any others. If he does, though, there's a good probability that you have a quick first drive from China, Taiwan, in a very short amount of time.

The question will be of help. The world will react to it. I'm not sure but we still waiting for about what it is concerning the world for me. This is about concerning time is not seen it even probably two or three areas that are all tinderbox. What would drag me into a war with peer-to-peer power and therefore feel that concerns me of something we've ignored for long time and that's part of the commander-in-chief does not claim to have a good clue about leaving, probably yeah I think that's it. I think it's a lack of American leadership, the ability to rally the world. I just totally believe as I know you do in peace through strength that from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. We had leaders out there that were saying hey you know what the United States military is the biggest baddest military in the face of the planet. We don't apologize for it. It's what's going to keep the peace. But we don't act like it right now and that that's when you sent, Harris is the vice president over to do your bidding on her second trip to that and get it done Doug Collins. Thanks for joining former ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee hosted the Doug Collins podcast and author of the clock in the calendar front row look at the Democrats obsession with Donald Trump and all-around good guy, Congressman, former Congressman from Georgia. Doug called thanks for joining us on the bright Gilby Joe. I will be right back.

Stay with us your knowledge base Brian show will gain close to Fox and friends we can share my thoughts in a wide range of pop-culture politics and business. Subscribe and listen just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. Well, almost regularly.

This is right.

That's a good life is a lot going on the lot line not only the heels of COBIT, but the war raging in Europe. We got inflationary problems energy problems cost of foods going up on me. Life is just much more expensive and much more.

Taken a toll on on people but you know what, here's the good news.

One of the great American traditions. It starts tomorrow and I want to make sure that you're paying attention.

Not only did you have to move your clocks forward this past Sunday which, except for those good people in Arizona. Everybody had to go move their clocks forward. You know what March madness is upon us and I don't know.

Close your ears here for a second if you don't if you don't want to know who's going to win, but you gotta thought those brackets. You gotta get that thing prepared and I tell you I had more speed and more fun with college sports this year at the college football just really I really had a great time with college football this year probably is much as any year in recent memory is good to see you back and people in the stands. But there's nothing like March madness those rocket marinas.

I think it can be so fun with that covert kind of in the rearview mirror.

I'm a big Gonzaga fan. I got it today. I think they're going to go all the way if I you saw my bracket they would be at the top of the heap.

They're going to go all the way.

But you know what route your team. Have fun with it will fill out that bracket. You start paying attention to games that you never paid attention to in the past. It's a great American tradition.

It brings the country together for a couple of weeks. Cinderella stories who's going to be, but at the end of the day it's going to be those good people at Gonzaga that are actually going to get to the finish line bring home that national championship working to have fun watching it every single step of the way so enjoy the March madness for the break of the show started with Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me.

I will give the right to live. Brian honored, so we got a great our lot talk about so many things happening, but we want to start off I will 92.7 WM a Y talk right network bladder there in Springfield, Illinois. Welcome WMA why seven Lovett right with together a great show.

We got great yesterday and working to kick things off right away with Michael Goodwin, New York Post columnist Fox News contributor and I got it say if they do, your post if you want to read a column you know day-to-day you want to read something that really has something to say who's going to give you perspective, there's nobody better than Michael Goodwin. Thanks so much for joining us here in the bright Gilby Joe Michael might think you know I love chatting with. This is a good opportunity to gotta dive a little deeper, but I love the way you write what you write and you got an interesting one out here by letting prudent run the Iran nuclear talks.

What could go wrong there. Michael me when I stumbled on the column. I saw this several weeks back and maybe even a month or so and it was that the United States had effectively designated Russia to broker with Iran on the nuclear talks and this is because Ron will not meet with the Americans directly that had to be a go-between for a while. It was Finland. I believe that that have been various go-betweens and somehow it became Russia now that never makes any sense. When you line up know Russia's alliance with Iran and Syria and elsewhere. They are partners for strategic and military partners, and so why in the world when we assume that they could broker be an honest broker in this deal, but then you you fast-forward to what happened in Ukraine and you say will okay even if the Biden ministration thought Russia could deliver around deal last year. What about this year. What about when Putin starts amassing the troops on the on the Ukraine border making all kinds of threats.

That doesn't say do Biden and Tony Blank and Jake Sullivan. Hey, you know. Maybe. Maybe this arrangement with Russia on Iran is that good of an idea now given that where you know is about to invade an ally of ours. Even when food doesn't invade even when he starts slaughtering civilians and turning Ukrainian cities into rubble creating mass refugees not seen in Europe since World War II. They don't rethink it, continue to let it go and as I say in the column in January and the third week of January, at the confluence of events is amazing. NATO is mobilizing against Putin and Jake Tony Blank in the Secretary of State's publicly encouraging the Russians to give the Armenians a sense of urgency about completing the Iran nuclear deal and then fast forward to last week when ever they say the deal is all but done.

It's ready to go and the Russian negotiator. Our suppose it our honest broker is on the video saying the Iranians really got a great deal here.

They got more than he could expect. They fought for everything they got it all in our friends the Chinese were very helpful to have Lesha Ron and China on one side negotiating the nuclear deal which we are just happy to have done it makes no sense in the world and you know my head is sometimes you get the stories it you scratch your head. Other times you feel like you want to pull out your hair. This will make your head explode, they go through with this, and what kind of deal could possibly emerge that would make it worthwhile to work with whom we have called a war criminal simply unbelievable that this is happening before our will and there's absolutely no reason, no history known the reason that we would ever trust the Vladimir Putin I mean I don't know how you say that believe that and then say well but go ahead negotiator in our path and I Fox News Sunday. Brett bear was able to interview the deputy Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. I was on the panel of that show, but listen to her and cut 23 and I want to get your take on it. Ron has a nuclear weapon, its ability to project power into the Middle East and to deter us our allies and partners is enormous.

So Pres. Biden believes very strongly asked a secretary blinking as to why that we need to make sure that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon and then we also need to deal with her malign behavior in the region. But first we've got to make sure that they cannot obtain a nuclear weapon. You know it. It strikes me Michael that they so desperately want a piece of paper that it may be worthless is certainly if it prohibits or does not allow for a way to verify and to go kick the tires and actually see what's actually going on here I thought the first nuclear deal was just an embarrassment. I don't. I can imagine that the second would would be better know and I think it's also reviewing what she said her and then we've got to deal with her malign behavior in sports is an old line that you you play like you practice meeting what you're doing today is what you're going to do and Sunday. If it's the NFL etc. well right now the Biden ministration is doing nothing to counter Milan, the malign behavior of Iran but were supposed to believe that once they have that piece of paper. Then they'll take out go on Iran's malign behavior.

Of course we don't want them to have a nuclear weapon, but if they're going to continue to behave as they behave even under the deal. Now if they continue to pursue terrorism throughout the region attack our allies sallies and the others. What good is this piece of paper and so I think however you look at it you would have to say that this is this is come kind of a fantasy foreign policy that this piece of paper will constrain a Ron who's going to enforce the piece of paper. If not, the United States whole thing was misbegotten. It started in 2015 with the Obama administration and John Kerry, who continued to advisor Ron after Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement and the reality to. We've got a Ron on it. Shields only China and probably Russia will will deal with it economically and by oil, that sort of thing. So why should we let them off the mat as long as they continue to behave as they continue firing missiles into Iraq over the weekend. Maybe it wasn't aimed at our consulate, but wanted aimed at and why.

Why should we just excuse this kind of behavior. John service just in accident you know when you have multiple missiles fired the just happened to land right near our consulate. We don't have a whole lot of consulates there in Iraq.

Let's listen to the same Wendy Sherman on Fox news Sunday the deputy Secretary of State talking about that attack that went from Ron into a rock cut 21.

This was a very concerning attack as Gen. King pointed out indeed, and we do not believe that the consulate was actually the target. This missile attack. We are very glad that our facilities are secure that everybody's accounted for that no one has been hurt or killed, but all of that said, this is great concern. There will indeed be a statement.

I'm sure coming out shortly as well as causing this was an attack on Iraq sovereignty, among other things, and of great concern to all of us about Michael. I think it's you pointed out in her first quote you know, then they will deal with their malign behavior.

Only after they deal with this other think this is the problem with the Biden ministration there so tepid they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings still want to come out too strongly against them. Because what we want them to sign this nuclear deal, but there's a very real threat right now, that's going on attacking and sending missiles with great proximity to the consulate and you bring up a good point if it if they're not attacking the consulate if they're not trying to firing on consulate or send warning shots what were they doing well and I think there's a word for this, and it's not one we should use lightly but this is a form of appeasement. This is that were going to let them fire missiles were going to let them send terror squad into Saudi Arabia were going to let them do all kinds of things around the world. But then once we get the agreement were going to stop their malign behavior. Why would a Ron ever stopped malign behavior until the United States enforces some rules of the road on it but so we don't have to make an agreement to enforce those so the idea that were going to enforce some rules later just doesn't bear any scrutiny there's no history of it. There's no example of it.

This is this is a perfect moment that even supposedly went about to enter into this agreement, a Ron fires missiles into a rock and yet were supposed to believe that that agreement will change everything I needed to find common sense but I think it is the Biden administration suggested it was the Obama administration's way of coddling a Ron and you know if you go back Jason over some really interesting things written about what Obama was up to with a Ron and use of the Ron.

It was basically not just to bring a Ron in from the cold. It was it was essentially to make them the counterweight to the Arab nations to salvage the UAE to our allies and to Israel. So you have a Ron on one side, probably nuclear armed for too many years pass and you have our allies on the other side. Why would we want to encourage someone who is not our ally. There's no promise no real hope of ever being our outline the foreseeable future, but were going to treat them like a friend treat them like and how to give them the benefits really give them all the money unfreeze all that money that Obama did send them cash in on pallets and airplanes. None of it makes any coherent sense.

Especially when you look at what's going on with Russia. You caught oldies roads like this. And one day they wake up and they want to bite you I like your illuminating this in your articles. Biden is letting them run the Iran nuclear talks. It really is stunning. If you think about it the way that I want people to make sure they understand that we have empowered a Ron is the high price of gasoline. The Democrats, in large part of push for higher fuel prices because it fits their narrative with the green new deal to justify the development of a lot of these alternative forms of energy and hey look on him all about.

They, let's go ahead and develop all forms of energy. All of the above kind of approach by when price of gas is up over hundred $10 a barrel.

The Iranians and the Russians make a lot of money.

That's how they feel their future. One of the things Donald Trump did is help starve these nations is the fact that the price of gas was so low, so energy independence for the United States of America is more imperative than ever, and it does play a role in Iran as well, taking out solo money in Iraq.

The Iranian terror master Joe Biden said he would not of done that Joe Biden also course would not have gone after Osama bin Laden as he said at one point before changing his story so you you could not get a more stark comparison to how how to deal with these rogue nations and said years ago about a Ron it has to decide whether it wants to be a country or a cause and to judge from his behavior. You would have to say it still cause a Ron is still a because it's not really a country that will abide by treaties it's going to behave in ways that we would expect of allies or even people under agreement.

They are a cause and that cause is erratic is the export of radical Islam as long as they continue to do that. Why should we treated as though it's just another country well you bring up the seeds. Great points are so much to talk about. It is a complex issue. Michael Goodwin, New York posts a columnist and Fox News contributor. Thanks so much for joining us on the bright Kelly Joe today. We do appreciate it. My pleasure, I Michael Goodwin thank you stay with us will be back with more the bright Kelly Joe right after this you need to know basis.

You need to kill me if you're interested in Brian's talking about it. Brian kill made hey this is actually billing for Brian kill me, you know, I served and I wanted to bring up something before you and that is the Democrats have out with Republican help a 1.5 trillion trillion. By the way to spend $1 million that every day taken nearly 3000 years to get the 1 trillion. That's how much money you're talking about $30 trillion debt, a bill was introduced at 130 in the morning. It was more than 2700 pages and then they voted on that night. There is absolutely nobody that actually read the bill. Now if you're in the majority could probably try to make the argument that hey, you know, we knew it was going to go in it. But then the minority never had a chance to read it and my guess is the overwhelming majority almost all of the people didn't have the light of day. I thought Republicans blew an opportunity to actually highlight this and say no were going to vote no on a bill that is only have the light of day. Less than 24 hours, especially for spending $1.5 trillion. Now there hundreds of pages and hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks that are also in here. You know when I first came to Congress back in 2009 we were fighting against earmarks and fortunately we won that fight earmarks were taken out.

Some would argue that earmarks are the congressional prerogative to try to make a case that the congressionally directed spending is the way that you should do thing. But if you're a purist, then you'd say that all of that is congressionally directed spending and you would have even more earmarks, but this is just the medicine. The this is the sugar that makes the medicine go down.

You want to go try to buy votes you want to go make sure things happen you want to make sure that Chuck Schumer gets the money that he wants in his district and Nancy Pelosi gets the tens of millions of dollars that she got for her district. They guess what you reinstitute earmarks you pay off these members of Congress by getting them special little pork for their district and then you end up with a bloated budget. That's where were at the other thing I would highlight is we didn't have a budget this year, Democrats in the House and the Senate never even introduce the budget and yet we went had passed $1.5 trillion. Is it mystery is why were $30 trillion that you could do that at your work you can do that at home, but only the federal government, which can print money and go to the Fed say Fred Moore five Mark Kumar that's why were in the master at got a lot more attention. I know there's more in Europe. Let's pay attention at home and continue to be the economic superpower stay with us radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show that China is looking very carefully at what is happening night world with very grave sanctions on Russia.

We understand and support one China policy, but we don't believe that China PRC ought to take Taiwan by force and we will do everything we can to deter that effort by the PRC and I think there watching very closely. In fact I think they made that statement. Brett because they've seen what's happening and they're trying to go on the offense, knowing that they ought to be on the defense that was Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State on Fox news Sunday talking to Brett bear adjacent to Vincent filling in for for Brian kill me, but we also have joining us on the line now somebody was wicked smart on these types of issues. Alex Gray, he served as the deputy assistant to the president and chief of staff to the White House National Security Council from 2018 to 2021 there during the Trump administration Alex Gray is also a candidate for the United States, Senate U.S. Senate there in Oklahoma. They have a special election because of retirement and Alex Gray thanks for joining us on the bright Kelly Joe you know I always learn something where the more I talk to, the more I learn about the world didn't and you had a special Birdseye view I mean your work on foreign policy and in foreign affairs is.

It is truly amazing.

But then being the chief of staff to the national Security Council you get to see so much intelligence and whatnots going on.

Help us understand that the China role here because China news out now that Russia is leaning on China asking them for assistance. China supposedly involved in the Iran nuclear deal that we are negotiating talked about this talk about this a lot that somehow someway were negotiating a run nuclear deal with Russia as being the moderator I just physically don't understand that but there's so much you China is involved and engaged with, and the concern is that if there looking at the way Russia is handling Ukraine and what lessons are they learning and not learning and certainly they learned a lot with what was we didn't didn't do in Afghanistan so it's a very complex situation. Help us break it down. I think the thing to start with is first of all, you have a comment from Wendy Sherman. I think it's important for people to remember that Wendy Sherman was one of the main architects of the – restaurant nuclear deal and Obama said that the lens that she comes weighted when were thinking about this situation. The second thing is you know only in the US State Department might be considered logical sanction. The Russians try and cut them off from the global financial system which we should be doing the same time working with the same Russian diplomats to try and get disastrous run nuclear deal back on the table so to talk about an exercise in futility. Everything I think it's worth pointing out is the intelligence community shortly before the Ukraine Russian invasion of Ukraine came out and said we been wrong for many years in Russia and China are actually collaborating and working very closely together across any number of areas. A lot of knew that pointing that out had been told for years, but the intelligence community that really there was nothing to see here. They had separate interests they want. Truly collaborators in the sense that obvious now that they are the thing that the United States has to really be careful of them to be watching Jason is every step that we make, globally, has repercussions elsewhere in the world. It means that when you have a disastrous misguided, poorly executed withdrawal in a stand that has implications in Ukraine. When you fail to deter Ukraine when he failed to take type of actions because the Trump took during his four years in office to strengthen Ukraine. The results of that old China and emboldened Iran and believe in seeing important Venezuela in the Western all of these things are interconnected and I think we need to be very very careful and this is one of the lessons of Pres. Trump's presidency that weakness is provocative strength deter them when you had four years of strength followed by a year of weakness you seen some of the worst national security disasters of the last half-century. In such a short period of time because of the change in policy. We sing under present time. Yeah, I think it's go back to Ronald Reagan and certainly Donald Trump.

The idea of peace through strength in the projection of strength and it's it's amazing how quickly that can be lost and given up and the bullies of the world can feel emboldened to go ahead and make movement and do things I don't think it's a coincidence that this movement into Ukraine happened during the by administration didn't happen during the Trump administration. No compass pointed out a lot of us who work for him pointed out the specific policies the president Trump undertook on Russia policy president has taken the end of the Cold War thinking more Russian individuals and oligarchs than any president up to that point. Provided the Javelin antitank missile seeing at work now to the Ukrainian Army. He provided number of excess defense articles key US systems that were needed by Ukrainian symptoms over and in large quantities and take down the nurturing to pipeline came very close to doing so by ministration reversed it after taking office, so you look at that record and you contrast it with a little over a year. Pres. Biden, and you see what we've got.

Afghanistan overrun the Taliban and Ukraine invaded energy independence squandered. It's really a textbook example of how to take winning foreign policy and turn it into a catastrophe. In short order, Alex Gray, you are running for the United States Senate there in Oklahoma, but obviously I get all the Oklahomans I understand, and I've known about his patriotic and military. They care about our military is much as anything and it's amazing when you got the few times I've been out on some of our warships.

The USS Eisenhower this in his cento. Some of these are just amazing experiences and you find people from all over the country, you know, you don't have to be from a you know from a Florida or California to be in the Navy obviously got a lot of people there from Oklahoma and whatnot that are out there on these ships, but I've heard you talk about the need to develop and you know you worked very closely with the ambassador of Robert O'Brien who was the national security adviser Robert O'Brien's been a real leader on on sing like our United States Navy really needs to be built up explained to us why that has to happen and contrast that if you will, on the march that the China is doing because they're building up there Navy about as fast as can possibly be done while it's important point in your brain has been a leader on the decade and have certainly worked very hard with Pres. Trump on it.

President Trump instinctively understood why powerful Navy matters same way Ronald Reagan did 600 ships look with the Chinese are doing right there. They're building one point this year they built three ships. The commission three Chinese Navy ships in a single day were basically on track to build six or seven or so in the entire year.

There, now the world's largest Navy quantity and quality. All of the Navy remains the world's technological leader to remain that way for a long time. But when you start building the quantity of ships that the Chinese are doing it, it becomes very very challenging even to an $80 it matters to every American. Whether your Oklahoma weathering California weather here in Florida. It matters because that's the global system.

The supply chain that were watching really strained in the last couple of years during COBIT. All of that is upheld by the power of the U.S. Navy and without that Navy we see what happened to the Chinese, Russians and Iranians in the Straits of Hormuz global piracy off the coast of Africa. You watch all of this and without the U.S. Navy so much of what we take for granted, economically and in terms of supply chain resilience at risk.

So I think one of the things the president Trump did that was so insightful really gave his successor a great starting point to build on with the say working to build 355 should Navy were going to grow back on track much higher than that over the course of time to get our Navy back to a preeminent position unchallengeable any power in the world and unfortunately again. We have not seen the investment the president Trump started continue under his successor is such an important point in the email.

As we look forward to look at what's going on and all eyes are focused on Ukraine United States of America has got to be able to fight and people to pay attention on on on multiple fronts. So you know there's a lot of discussion about you know will China should China, what, when will China do what it's going to do in Taiwan. You know the these are the types of things that needed to be debated and whatnot but Costa got a pay attention to what Rush is doing and I guess one of the biggest concerns is that you know the situation with Russia just spins out of control.

The here. They've got rockets flying that are very close to the Polish border. It just takes one errant missile here or there and then suddenly you've got a respond and then you know will it spiral out of control.

One of the big concerns that I think because of their history is that Russia would ultimately use the a biological attack.

Listen to John Kirby, the, the Pentagon spokesperson on ABC talking about the possibility of a chemical or biological attack. Be careful, don't get into intelligence assessments.

Here we continue to watch this very, very closely.

It is of the Russian playbook that that which they accuse you of their planning to do now.

Again, we haven't seen anything indicated indicate some sort of eminence, chemical, chemical, biological tech right now but will watching this very, very closely. This is a reality right because seven look with a gun in Syria look at what they done on their own people. Well, you certainly correct in the sense that the Russians often accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they've done or there about, so it's no doubt about that I think will United States has to be thinking about is every time we choose to to accept the next step of the escalation ladder, whether it's from Russia whether it's from a lawn, whether it's from North Korea. We've now seen the city and Ukraine were continuing to send the signal of weakness that no one talking about going in and intervening militarily in this conflict. I think that would be a disaster. From the standpoint of focusing on what the preeminent threat of the century, it just kinda getting bogged down in the Middle East again or in Eastern Europe is a terrible, terrible thing, not just the human cost for the American soldiers.

The economic cost the American people but strategically it would be a disaster for us, that would take decades to recover from that being said, this is where deterrence is so important.

We have to be in a position in this is where the administration unfortunately has not have not spoken clearly and confidently about what its intentions are. Deterrence point, we waited too long to supply the Ukrainian president Trump did with the weapons they needed to be a real deterrent force to give the Russians second thoughts about going in the Russians at understood what the Ukrainian Army was capable of doing. I think there may be would've been a recalculation about this invasion and part of that recalculation would have been a greater signal from the US and the European Union that we were willing to do the financial sanctions that we ultimately done and that we were willing to continue supplying javelins and stingers and other weaponry to the Ukrainians that think that would've changed the calculus. So we have to think about where prudence headed next country user or other tactics you might use the administration have to speak very strongly about what it escalation point*where he views where he views the redlines and unlike Pres. Obama in Syria has to be what willing to enforce the redlines present prompted over and over and over again he did with North Korea he did with Iran. He did it with China. He made very clear what was unacceptable and no one ever doubted when Donald Trump said this was a redline to not cross. No one ever doubted that you should not cross that yardstick you have Pres. Biden keeps telling the world what he won't do instead of being able to say here are the lines. Let's not make any mistakes. Folks because here's what's going to trigger some severe action and I don't think there was anybody. Anybody would've doubted the idea that that Donald Trump would have actually followed through on it.

I think that's what helps create the crates, the peace and and being able to use the strength of the United States of America, but I could talk to you all day about this. One of the best minds out there you can see why Alex Gray ascended to become the chief of staff to the White House National Security Council is a candidate for the United States Senate from the great state of Oklahoma. But Alex great, thank you so much for joining us today on the Brian Kelly Joe all right will be back with more the Brian Kelly Joe right after this educating, entertaining like you're with Brian kill me breaking news you need to hear it all.

Brian kill me show forth Deb's second you think it will is necessary for no perfection with the fair is good enough actually quite good but doesn't last very long. But we are just submitting those they will be of the same experts also say outside five. Well, that's the Pfizer CEO don't know conflict of interest there. You need 1/4 booster shot, listen, let me be really clear, this is just my own personal opinion, don't listen to some dude on the radio tell you whether or not you should get a booster shot that's between you and your medical professional. Your doctor. You can make these decisions with your medical professional. Given your set of circumstances. I got it today.

I watch that stated the union and work we all amazed how the science unmasks and mask mandates changed within 24 hours of the stated unit.

It was absolutely miraculous how the science just lined up and the idea was that you didn't need a mask mandates before the state and then suddenly that the state of the union.

It was absolutely what a coincidence that is so there you have Nancy Pelosi, VP, Harris, you have the present United States and then you have all the members from all over the Congress there gathered together, you know, shaking hands and hugging each other close proximity knows those 6 foot distancing rules anymore. But guess what, if you did what I did yesterday I was in Washington DC for the Fox news Sunday program and that that I got on an airplane and guess what, I had a mask up so you know.

Hey don't need it. If you're in the United States Congress don't need to fear the president don't need it. If you're Nancy Pelosi, but oh yeah you get on an airplane you better darn well have a mask in the four-year-olds traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles better mask up. I'm so sick of these mask mandates and, in New York, the Brooklyn Nets you Play the basketball game but you can go sit next your teammate and not have to wear a mask. It is absolutely ridiculous. These politicians are just the politicians.

It's not right time to get rid of the mask that make decisions yourself with your medical professional. I just live Fox News radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me and right Congress and I live out west and help you with a lot of energy product is the energy that America America the world we we deal with energy and the development of energy on a regular basis and thanks for joining us on the Brian kill me Joe because we have a lot to talk about but probably the thing that touches every single American that you're going to feel at one point or another. Probably this week is going to be at the gas pump is affecting inflation. It's affecting its has an effect on your pocketbook and you start to see how high those prices are gone and how much it takes to fill up your trucker car or whatever you might be driving, so I want to bring in somebody have known for years.

One of the smartest minds as it comes to taxes. That is, Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for tax reform and Grover, thanks for joining us on the bright Kelly Joe, great delighted know. Glad to have you. Because sure enough true color of the progressives there in the United States Congress out there want to make a bad situation worse assists because for all the talk in supposedly rhetoric about all we want to help by releasing some of the strategic petroleum reserve to help drive down the cost of gas.

That'll help for like, six, seven hours, but it's really not going to have an effect, but some of the things that these folks that they're trying to do out there from Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and others want to do is to make the situation worse, not better. All of what Biden and the Democrats should drive up the cost of real energy, natural gas, and therefore you look all great subsidized energy which only works when it's when the solo which only works and whether they can be part of something that would be driving up the cost of real energy by casting like constricting supply by not letting people produce and so much more expensive than what we've got oil and natural gas showed the challenges they higher energy prices formulating governor Michigan was actually due to get prices down. She laughed in the face of the journalist because she never questioned Wallace to raise the cost of energy so people will drive last plot and somehow the American people know how what they would you like and the new NBC. Paul had we think of the president on energy costs on gastric 7030 waiting by inflation 70 3034. Richard Nixon happened last night. So this is killing him, and they want to talk about anything else member. The first one. Businesses are greeting. That's what it felt during the four years that was interesting. Got greedy and wanted to make money selling oil and natural gas without even move the needle. That didn't fool anybody stupid. This is Elizabeth Warren Republican and academics and decided there was a $40,000? A couple hours a week pre-market does not jump like that she had profits tax sort of thing somebody had a bunch of oil in their backyard and the price doubled overnight. He didn't do that people might well today they sell it next week. Oil prices is going up this year under Biden. She wants to have a $22 tax per barrel of crude cries. Prices are higher prices are higher costs are higher a lot of money because of Biden's inflation and so she put her we must punish them and we will make your life miserable.

This is not to be in the form that I can vote on it too stupid for words. It's just to get you to talk about something other than how she and Pres. Biden, Democrat purposely driving up the cost of driving on the economics is actually accurate but it is the goal and has been the goal of these greenies to say hey look, we want the price of gas and oil to go higher and they got that they got it at record levels. It's rising really quickly because of the other inflationary pressure because they cut off supplies to be able to develop things, you know, there's so many so many lies they go out there really do drive me nuts but let's remember what to what Joe Biden did on day one right they want. Got rid of antiwar, but what is a 19 million acres, up there in the Arctic national wildlife refuge North Street are the Keystone pipeline.

We talked about that and in shutting that down and then the inability to develop products there on on public lands now come from a public land state and state of Utah. But if you look at Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, in New Mexico that places like this where we have millions of acres that can be developed. It's not just that you have a lease then you gotta go get permitting and the other thing that happens and Grover I know you know about this is this is these environmentally sensitive governments.

ESG's where banks and others are being pushed by the Federal Reserve and others to score how good you are on climate change, and they're afraid to do financing and other things for petroleum-based products for fear of getting a bad score on their ESG's left-wing agenda and not about that want to take over more power want to run the airways and you stop by the ministration of the subsidized reporters and writers for new storage and so on you and all the press directly on the payroll as opposed to just seems like there on the getting a thank you note for helping try to get elected as a private patient continued good general behavior by reporters will do what they're told and report what they're told.

But they also want to control the capital.

They hate that capital meeting investment close to what Americans want Americans want more money will flock you go into making what they want, yet more avocados people watching can you got your money so they currently come up with different rules and games so that they can only think certain neighborhood should have and what you want to control the flow of capital because that's central to government control of the economy and people's lives and our answer should be no just one more trip about how to have the government before you make that long. Take a look at this is look or talk with Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for tax reform in and Grover part of what's happening here is that this trend be some revisionist history and try to spin this is only the White House can spin this. I want to listen, this is last Wednesday, this is Jen Saki talking about the broad problem of inflation and look at how she kind of weaves in the idea of gas and gas prices and what was really causing the gas prices to go up even before. By the way Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

Jen Saki from last week. We don't have a date at this point As well. Looking had we certainly assess that that we expect to see high headline and headline inflation in tomorrow's February inflation data key reason is you touched on energy prices boosting the price of gas increases. I noted $0.75 is the beginning of the years couldn't build up his military near Ukraine increasingly aggressive measures that were felt in the markets it was because food was building up his forces on the border of Ukraine that suddenly American energy prices started to jump at record really want to blame everybody but themselves. When we talked earlier businessmen. When the government prints money and makes it work last summer to buy the same thing cost $2.50 F defaulted people get too much money spent to much and had too much that the government and government always likely wage and price controls that'll that'll stop prices from going up and going up because of the printing of money not because of anything else.

Government date. They do not take responsibility for you very well, and Biden, Sherry the exit from Kabul not waiting for the union meeting, Ukraine, to telling the Germans. It's okay to have a pipeline from Russia that goes around Ukraine.

Why did you know they could now invade Ukraine because now they got a pipeline that goes around Ukraine without that Russians couldn't have done this invasion and Biden made it easy yet there's so many factors here that the fundamental principle I think it should be that America should be energy independent and that should be in a position to be able to export those energy products.

The backfill what Europe needs, but when those with echoes away in America can't provide an alternative energy source alternative on I mean in terms of getting it from Russia just went in their field. The Russian Russian knows it. And by the way, the rapid rise in the price of a barrel of gasoline only goes to empower Russia and it goes to empower garage. That's how they that's all he said. These countries feel their future, it's what I call Russian blood oil. That's what it is member when they had diamonds. They said they lets not find the blood diamonds because using child labor slave labor. Well you got by Russian oil. Guess what you're feeling. The fight in Ukraine for Russia*presidency failure on economic elation spending too much money paying people not to work.

All of these that make us weaker and that includes an international level when we're not producing enough energy for America and Europe provided the oil. The whole world to and that allowed us to win World War II. The people want to restrict America's capacity to produce energy at a reasonable cost.

And I mean the real cost of wind or solar subsidy that the real cost of what you charge plus would you take person taxes and pretend spending on your take the challenge program only got about 45 seconds hear what you take what you take on these done these states that want to have a temporary suspension of their local gas tax is ridiculous. It doesn't solve the problem, they should work to make it easier for people to produce energy that brings the cost it does it does does bring the cost down and look we got a rethink in this country. How we fund roads, bridges, structure there is a better, smarter way to do that. But that will have to stay for another day. Grover right to tease you with that we would talk with Grover Christy's, the president of Americans for tax reform in the and exceptionally bright mind on all things taxes. So thanks so much for joining us on the bright kill me, Joe will be back right after this giving you you need to know your Ryan kill me fastest three hours and radio your Ryan kill me last month because the well. Last year last two years. There is a global pandemic. Everyone who's global economists have all agreed that has been the biggest contributor to date inflation because of the impact on the supply chain obviously global events impact the economy. The global economy as well as global inflation and the price hikes.

As a result, that had X escalated over the course of time of President Clinton's further invasion of the impact on the global markets are of course having well that's Jen Saki talking and bantering back and forth with Fox news is Peter Ducey over what is the true cause of inflation. Let's go back to Milton Friedman. Let's go back to the economists who understand that the definition of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods and it is the Federal Reserve and the federal government that will dictate the supply of money in the marketplace.

Let's understand that the massive run-up in spending is by the trillions of dollars injected into the economy such that now, almost $0.25 out of every dollar spent in this country is spent by your federal government. Now think about how stunning that number is. A lot of people believe that that number should be maybe 19 even 20% of our GDP, your gross domestic product, but when you start to get it up with the 25% range. When you accumulate a national debt that is $30 trillion. And remember, if you spend $1 million a day everyday taken nearly 3000 years to get the 1 trillion you have $30 trillion in debt. In the interest rate is near zero. Guess what, then you know what happens.

You have to spend $1 billion a day in interest payments. We get nothing for that but that monies gotta be out there.

I got to be spent in injected back into these institutions are those that lent the money. Much of that is going overseas and you also simultaneously cut off the supply levels, not just immediately but in the future. The markets will look at this and say there's more money. But there's less supply. What happens when there's less supply.

Guess what the prices are going to go up because there is that demand this insatiable demand by the federal government to go out and spend so much money now.

The economy was doing quite well under Donald Trump. It was zooming along if you just did nothing he would've taken care of itself and we would've had this continued prosperity, but to continue to try to say well it was the buildup of troops on the border of Ukraine that started to drive up the rapid flow of of energy. Nicole maybe that's on the do with your cut off and what are you cut off the Keystone pipeline. Maybe it had to do with the curbing of development of energy products on federal lands and you have a green deal new Deal agenda that is going to try to fundamentally change the economy and get us going into directions that we have a God before.

Nothing wrong with doing part of that. But don't do it.

If the exclusion of things that were already that's my take on it. I just achieve its ability for bright kill me stay with us.

We got Gen. Keith Kellogg show that you kill me so that is predicting what's going to happen and getting people trying to rally the world to his support, as Russia continues its march and its destruction in all out attack there on Ukraine were pleased to have Jason chief it's by the way, fill in for bright kill me, but were pleased to have retired Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg, a Fox News contributor, former national security advisor to VP Pentz former Chief of Staff to the national Security Council. The Trump administration and author of a book called war by other means a general in the Trump White House, Joe Kellogg, thank you so much for joining us on the Kelly Joe for having me know really do appreciate it because Ukrainians are taking taken the brunt of it and boy pipe fight. What's your take of it because sitting here on the sidelines and you know it seems like at the beginning of this war that Putin had the military capability with the hundred plus thousand troops in the military might of Russia they could just march right into keep it. That's not the way it's gone down to watch because all of us thought this would be over pretty quickly and accurately determine staff said that you know direction to take key within three days one hour you 60 day 1617 happen initially try to find like the Russians only fight the user units are with the caller immediately forces try to take an airport writer try to keep smash their way and he got hammered. They lost it and I don't think Vladimir Putin had a plan B and now is try to get what is Plan B Ukraine you fighting incredibly courageously incredibly well but there also led by a very charismatic leader who a lot of people talk with Ron and move somewhere other than Kievan study looked at it and when you come you not see her back against your face in and that counts for a lot. There's an old Napoleonic saying that the morale to the physical as three is the one and what it means by that is when you got a force that fights really well and it accounts for a lot of ability that there may be other side has in the Russians are coming with me to one advantage.

My dad told me years ago.

You know it is not the size of dog in particular to start a fight in the dog and I think it's it's true. So you have enormous problems and now he's kind of stuck in. This was a price like when Ella points you printed on points and I my concern is what is due next because if he stalls out with the enormity of the forces he's gone, he's going to have to do something to tell us this person and I was watching this over the weekend to go boy this is interesting if the Russians have to say I want to bring in Syrian fighters Nextel number one until number two is to be ghosted to China and he says I need to military support. That's telling me he's got some real problems either command-and-control or the fighting ability of the numbers he's got because he's currently in the year he sat in Ukraine right now that is predominately Russian-speaking, not Russian supporting but speaking when you moved to the west on the on the western side of the Dnieper River that's up to about 10%. So now you're in truly, as they say in the business you're in Indian territory, and I think he's got a problem unique title to close a deal deal.

I double my bodyguard interesting take on that you know there is Fox News Sunday, the deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said that Russia appears to be serious about potential negotiations, but then you have Congressman Michael Walt's Green Beret serving. He was on the next revolution last night on Fox news and he doesn't think he's serious about negotiations with placenta clip five Congressman Michael Walt's has ever been serious about negotiations at this point his grip on power depends on victory here. I do think so, once he is made somewhat of a concession and saying he's rethinking NATO but that's not enough for food he wants at least the Black Sea cave I change in government in the eastern part of Ukraine at a minimum, and he is he is all in what we need to be doing is to quit dithering and wringing our hands providing the mags provided in the ass 300 Russian air defense systems and provide them a lot more arms than what were doing little Kellogg. What's your take on what Congress wants that there I think Mike was right on the money.

I was Ukrainians. I would say before you start to negotiate with the Russians read a book on the Hungarian revolution of 1956 when the Hungarians who were actually doing quite well and actually held on the Budapest Russian department for negotiations until the wall. I would negotiate with the Russians. I think Ukrainians are doing fine.

I think Walt is right, there's a big concern about it in and I wouldn't trust the Russians as far as the Empire State building was very far and I think you're doing quite well and I think if it would way to pressure you going to do more to this building on Putin. It's not building on Zelinski you still got two thirds of his country pretty well intact. His forces in the foot in the far east of the country are doing quite well all things considered in the Russians are just winning by sheer numbers with their have an easy damage. So, I think) that you think we can apply pressures from the West and help member party start on this and I think the ramifications of initiation are stunning.

Because if they fail in this area are already failing what to say, the rest of world. Was it say about the Russian military wanted Russian military.

He's committed almost 200,000 troops, and these were slugs.

These were the top troops.

He's got he's thrown his best people and having problems so this should give me kind of interesting to watch him all the support we could not eat are given the best rock slingshot anything they relate will give it to him and let them fight it out to think of them quite well yeah it's I think one of the lessons to be learned in one of the more recent things in history as is it we talk about negotiating with pollutants is what he did in Georgia when they went in and took 25% of the country. Then they signed documents saying that they were going to withdraw and then they never withdrew and went to an observation point will I was in Congress there with the European Union to look at how they're fortifying those those places still to this day in Georgia as opposed withdrawing. Despite a document that was signed saying oh just give us a little bit of time and then will pull out of Georgia they never did. Well you trust the Russians a bridge in Brooklyn and I wouldn't trust but all you know I do that easy.

You know he's trying to set conditions. Any return take the whole country and is trying now that I think is fallback is to have an East and West Ukraine sort like the old East and West Germany and I think he's right.

Fight it out in the longer this goes the worse it is for food because it shows the vulnerabilities and I am damn sure if I was right about now. It start think about doubling up my bodyguard is he's he's already arrested people as FSB intelligence services is military probably was going on because it shown a week to week and running in command-and-control have a fight in Wisconsin. Proposition – it's their ability was putting stuff on the battlefield, their abilities, they just don't command-and-control it in. It's really, I think.

I don't think you can find a middle military analyst right now that would complement anything.

The Russians are doing militarily in Ukraine to see what it's what your take on account of the broadening of the target target said let's get listless in the clip six.

This is John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary talking about what Russ is doing. We certainly noticed that the strikes were conducted overnight. Early early morning hours there overnight.

Here we do know that there was some damage to the training facility and that were still assessing and went and talking Ukrainians about what else they seem here. This is the third.

Now military facility or airfield at the Russians instruct in western Ukraine in just the last couple of days. So clearly, at least from an airstrike perspective at their broadening their target sets which we read from that what we try to do yet he understands his concern is bringing in other assets into those airfields and I think you deny does airfield bring in humanitarian support) support you. I think very candidly, I think we were little bit. We the West were little bit behind on supporting Ukrainians on what they may have needed their culture feels like your defense systems or like for example you could use the X300 system which is in NATO in this Russian system bringing in and in particular give it to you regret you're going to stop, but I think what is worried about is just reinforcing those airfields and is trying to eliminate the cat dear Ukraine Air Force, which are still flying about two thirds of its original four structures try to make outings also trying to eliminate abilities to bring in supplies with control roads so the Army done that but he still got a problem denying them battle space to resupply or bring things and so it is an understandable reach what you trying to use militarily.

I see what he's doing but again on that is not real high. Okay good you can repair runway about six hours so no big deal so cynical exactly need always associate with Fox News. He was on the next revolution last night.

He believes a part of the challenge here is the fear of consequence by the American presidents listens.

Let's listen to clip 13. The same thing Steve that happened with the Obama ministration they get paralyzed by the fear adverse consequence in this case its escalation and that is a fearsome time to them instead of meeting that and doing what we should be doing to assist Ukrainians being all and should be what were doing and we should not let Putin drive escalation but your take on the general teens right we can bit late to the game on supplying Ukrainians with what they probably needed, but you don't quite know why were reacting to the Russians when we should be portion of the reactor give you an example of the Russians brought the special combat readiness of raising their nuclear forces to a level you shut up about that what we have what's called a defense condition one through five were you raise your levels of the nuclear threshold we currently operated for 11 we took 23 this crisis, we took it to know that we should prompt what we just had out really well. You will raise you by one to go to column three and that would send a signal to instead of saying instead of canceling like we did a test of a nuclear jump start the test with ICBM system which is a routine test we cancel it for fear of sending the wrong message. I would reverse that we want to send a message we want.

It's like with number one Kim Jong-Il and told Pres. Trump. You know he's got a red button replied back younger red button much bigger dealers – how you handle this guy you don't get your general teens getting buddies actually right, you don't know you don't wring your hands in a negative manner. You basically go all in with this crush your nuclear power but what we have three nuclear power United States. The bridge in the French on our team. You want to go that way and I think the Chinese will sit this one out. Think they're getting a little bit embarrassed right hand and when foods reach out to Chinese for help and you're on your own buddy. I just think you are just think Ukrainians write our head on points out, they pull it off. I think resupply was much equipment we can we make an unshakable aircraft carrier we should've done that months ago when he started building up in December and November. The Russians we should've been matching at every step along the way. Instead of waiting to let you know we need to give him stingers your defense system despite it actually started which is incredible to me that we didn't think about that for much go five much we should've given that a long time earlier. Yeah, it does seem just somebody who is not that in the military that we should've been giving that defensive weapons the stingers. The javelins those types of things in advance of it so that they gave had some to think about and why they didn't put sanctions really really stringent sanctions in place before the attack that's I mean even her present Zelinski talk about that as well. So listen to the general Keith Kellogg of retards. Now, Fox News contributor, former national security advisor to VP pets, former Chief of Staff to national security: counsel in the Trump administration and author of the book is war by other means a general in the Trump White House Gen. Kellogg, thank you so much for joining us on the brain.

Can we chat. We do appreciate it. Thank you again and stay with us the Brian Kelly Joe will continue after this something new every day. Brian kill me. He's so busy he'll make dear, kill me.

Michael Gordon came back home and only thing that Mike Tyson came back with you ever considered taking everything I know that I'm very very good about you and I try to make.

I can in the moment which I did this last weekend.

Again, I think it not looking reverse course not looking to do that.

Yeah, well, he did so much later the go Tom Brady back in the gate decided that he's going to rejoin the NFL say he's got a little bit of left.

He's got some unfinished business there on the field and you know it is is going to make that much more that much more entertaining. The guy is absolutely amazing. And by the way, I saw on an airplane American underdog.

The story of Kurt Warner. If you haven't seen that movie, can I just personally tell you I think that is a great American story and I hope a lot of Americans get to see it. I don't think there's really any swearing and other types of things in there, but it's just a great movie.

There's a really good good people involved. You know, we hear about all the garbage and all the stuff that's going on.

People who can't stand for the national anthem and things like that but then you have some really good people like Kurt Warner and Anna Tom Brady who make the cut. The game fun and enjoyable to other things I want to touch bases.

We got a wrap up it's also my wife's birthday. Talk about the goat, the greatest of all time. My wife Julie happy birthday to her and she's is the greatest thing that happened in my life and she's got a birthday today so I got to give a shout out to her and the other thing that I wanted to mention along with some sports since we are talking football is March madness. The madness starts tomorrow.

I hope you can be involved and engaged in a spoiler alert.

I hate to tell you who's going to win, but the reality is it's Gonzaga. Gonzaga is going to go all the way.

I think they're going to take it this year.

An amazing program year after year after year and I think there's a reason why they're the right number one I think they're actually going to pull it off but you know what roof your team enjoy it. Watch the Cinderella stories fill out a bracket you can be much more involved and engaged. It did not have to put money down on you know if you do that you do. But if you don't, you still look at and see who in the family can get the best bracket out there, but I'm going with Gonzaga.

I love March madness college sports is still one of the best things out there.

This is been the Brian kill me to show IGC chief it's honored to fill in for Brian kill me. Thanks for letting me sit in the seat.

Brian will be back before you know it is been the Brian kill me show 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast personal powerful Fox News five just

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