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One Month of War: Russia Buckling While NATO Rallies

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 24, 2022 12:37 pm

One Month of War: Russia Buckling While NATO Rallies

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 24, 2022 12:37 pm

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. He fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being everybody's the right to me Joe so much going on so glad to be a part of it.

Retired Gen. Philip Breedlove is to be with you shortly know he was a former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO. It's always privileged to have him on because major NATO meetings happening as we speak. Prisons go to be speaking maybe in the middle of our show will take excerpts from it is so impactful doesn't matter who you voted for others so much at stake is everyday.

The Ukrainians are fighting for freedom in their lives. More importantly every day that NATO considers as a talk about diplomacy.

Talk about political things. They have to understand people are literally dying while it while they delay and hopefully have some major announcements because Pres. Zelinski has addressed them already from key and upbringing that selected to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's 330 and then you get all these wackos with their anti-masking tiebacks is the reason they lifted these mass mandates is because the we gave into this small minority of people were completely out of the mind think masks or some sort of prison sentence in your pre-right. I've always love listen to Howard Stern. He is so off-base on this.

He is so out of his mind. This guy need he needs a therapist or a different one finding it hard to say goodbye Cove 19 is receiving in every aspect of our lives for restrictions remain in some cases and the pushback is finally taking place was the outrage of the legendary radio guy will bring you the insanity that remains and why it's still so tough to take. I think initially he was at 50%. I think people were proving that he didn't get us into a war right now they see that I feel is not really providing American leadership, time of global crisis. And he's got stuff to that work or the ratings here and write them down along with the rest of the right Mark Penn weighing any know so much as anybody Republicans are eight months from taking back Congress, perhaps in the polls show America is ready for a change from woke Green party putting the homeless illegal immigrants first ideology now Republicans can rally, not just their party. But what about the country but see it happen. The war of Russia is not only the war against Ukraine, Russia started the war against freedom.

As these these is only the beginning for us. Rossi is trying to defeat the freedom of all people in your older people in the world that is Vladimir Zelinski and that I believe was from yesterday right Eric is from yesterday. So he spoke again today. I'm actually have the translation but I but I have roughly some bullet points that he mentioned one month in Ukraine can win the fine experts and intelligent. The Russians bear is buckling big time but they are not broken. NATO was rallying at this hour to help more. They have to let's hope they see this as an opportunity to state to state to get rid of this prudent cancer from Eastern Europe give the Russians a chance at a real legitimate life will bring in the battle on the battlefield. Something to bring you something you let me just tell you what I know about what Zelinski said to NATO. First off, he didn't ask for admission. Second, he didn't ask for no-fly zone.

He knows neither going to happen was talking directly to the people to commit this happy says I need tanks I need tanks right now because I need harpoons I need something to be able to take out Russian ships.

Why because they're in Odessa and is my words there in Odessa and if they're able to get on sure it's gonna be really trouble with amphibious landing and you could see Putin grabbing the Odessa holding insane you are now landlocked Ukraine keep the rest. And because I can't take the capital. Also, he said they are to. He said what's happening in his country. Says they are destroying education systems there destroying schools. They are, they are stripping nuclear power plants and their chemical pre-are pretty their chemical production facility.

Meeting Ukraine's. My hope is a understeer in suits and they got that happy talk. They can't do that. This is not a time to talk about the future of NATO. This is time to address the present and then dress the future of NATO. They have to act and they've done a lot of great things and they beautified away. I didn't think was possible.

I'm so tired of hearing about Germany not doing this you cannot do when there's some anger about France trying to take over another. The present I've given up on him actually stepping out front and coming up with innovative ideas. I don't care who does it. I just want them to get these people some ornaments if you have these kamikaze drowsy switchblade drones. You gotta get them to so let me just bring it to its happening and I think it's important for you to know this team is not only not be a penetrated. It looks like as a tactic the Russians are digging in with her also being pushed out about out of some suburban areas, which is very noteworthy because that means Ukrainians feel strong enough to be able to leave the capital and pushed back into the suburbs reports them back, hopefully to make those to put some of those rockets out of reach. I'm not sure marry Opal.

They say 2400 have been killed. They are averaging the dead bodies about 100 a day. That's how brutal it is.

Overall, I'd quit drinking unnamed NATO official who talked to the AP. There are 40,000 Russians were been killed, captured with that is missing or wounded. 40,000.

Is that unbelievable if you think about this. I don't care if their dead as was they're not fighting now. They started with 150,000 begging Syrians to fight.

I don't know if they have other concurrent scripts that are going to be coming in but they lost 40,000 out of the 100,000 after a month now.

I hear according to the Russians. I never believe there they were the Soviet Union at the time they said they lost 10,010 years in Afghanistan. They lost between 10 and 15,000 dead Russians already and this is their neighbor mean it's right there. They know the terrain for the most part they do know really Afghanistan a difficult was going to be with. They thought doing a walk into the Russian-speaking areas like cork, even though gotta go. Hey I'm here okay take over. I like to see the new mayor. Instead, they're capturing people, forcing them into camps. They captured two mayors.

They took the kidnapped and replaced him. It wasn't accepted.

They brought one back already. They took your son and your son is been sought so full of unrest that they basically are present, but they haven't been looking to govern. So then I can be taken over a single city and that's what I think is important only to bring that up with with Gen. Breedlove in a moment so and we'll talk about that. What I want to hear them say is they can win. I want to see aspirational motivational inspirational words from the president putting the prompter somebody with some optimism.

Jake Sullivan would say it in fact on purpose. I didn't even give any soundbites from Jake Sullivan. He just says nothing, and he's not none of those things I just mentioned, but John Stoltenberg spoke this morning. I believe our president was the only leader not to speak to Russia must stop its nuclear saver. This is dangerous is irresponsible and useful nuclear funds will fundamentally change the nature of the conflict on Russia must understand about the war should never been full, and that can never win a nuclear war and then the doors close.

We don't know college today with the rundown says and will see if the presents. Honestly say that I guess not because at 10 after Eastern time. The president takes a family photo with the G7. I haven't seen that the running behind. 15 after the prison will attend and deliver remarks at the G7 C got to NATO, the G7 and I believe there's an EU meeting held motorcade held a part they are and they go to go to in route to you of course the UK will be there by the still angry at The UK is been great for sending over 7000 more rockets onto the Ukrainians. My question is I know you can tell me, but I need to know they're getting these ornaments. I know these cities like cork, even and Mary Paul are not getting any provisions we know that they Russians are aiming for food there blowing up any warehouse facility that is housing food.

There are aiming for theaters, schools and hospitals. This is the audit definition of war crime.

That's how evil these people are. I mean, number one, don't you say warm in the Army have to take my orders.

I mean you have to sleep at night you could you blowing up hospitals. Kirk appalled you know he was the last in charge of the call, USS Cole told it like it is and he says this is what we need to do right now, cut seven. The effort by the Russians has stalled and at this point. While the Russians may be bleeding out Ukrainians have also suffered extensive personnel and casualties with their equipment as well.

They are degraded and the key thing that we can do now is the US along with our European allies needs to get more lethal equipment into Ukraine that have better standoff ranges so that we can give them the ability to take out more Russians quicker at greater distances and seeing that today that that video was absolutely awesome because it indeed showed it thousand matter what your religion or stripe is those who Ukrainians fighting for freedom and should make everybody proud. Obviously, like you, I know you watch us in vaccination but we know it will have video component to this. In terms of the video, the commander is talking about and it shows the Ukrainians blowing up a Russian ship after it offloaded whole bunch of tanks looking for an amphibious landing there looking to take Odessa finish off is called Mick click on Nicola Vic which is been holding on admirably but it is buried it is rumbled and they're having a hard time and they are at the very least, delaying the Odessa invasion.

I hope they have enough fighting force there but if you seen this video, they are blasting Bon Jovi. This is my life while filling up sandbags to set up a barrier on the beach so odd it's almost looks like you fortifying Aruba. This is like a resort never meant to be invaded, reportedly going to Europe. The European Europeans love to vacation there. Not for a while and Vladimir Putin lost a key aide evidently cut on the outs recently but is one of the few to transition from the Yeltsin era to this era, he has decided to go elsewhere. They saw video of them at a at a machine at an ATM and he left.

Also, the FSB, they were that a few FSB arms officers disillusioned with with their seeing. There are increasingly disappointed.

The daily mail Russian presence at the plane, the FSB for the failure quickly to control the country.

That's the new KGB, the FSB officers. Meanwhile, becoming disillusioned with the increasingly oppressive sanctions imposed by the West on Russia citing this source going to the UK for newspapers. I told the newspaper that said this is meant the country's highflying Secret Service agents have prevented from traveling on holidays been able to get get to their money take their kids to Disneyland Paris or live their life so far that the rubles pinned down 30% somewhat bounce back. The first wave of sanctions. The shock is over, but the sanctions are being felt we have to do is find a quick way to get the Europeans from buying two thirds of their oil and gas from Russia you do that and then they'll really be brought to their knees. Grain is the other thing that the they are exporting but we can get there from other places. Even Europe, realizes that my hope is they see this reality an opportunity to deeply deeply wound to the Russian army put them to bed for 20 years. Get rid of Vladimir Putin at the end of this and then bring the Russian people back in 1-866-408-7669.

I want to take your calls get your impression also talk about the pulse I mean overwhelmingly the American people are disillusioned with the Democrats are Republicans or meeting right now would point if he drove Florida W okay V listeners know their place.

Well, and they're coming up with a strategy over the next seven months it's theirs to win and then will will talk about the remaining restrictions. Cova 19 tell me would still left in your life is a work room are working remotely is it massive restaurants I can California he still got awake do you have to get a test we we go to a concert still. This idiocy still happening use of the brain to meet you your calls next giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill made Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show. We have tried on numerous occasions to connect Sec. Austin with his counterpart chairman Millie the term of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is also try to connect with his counterpart made multiple check multiple attempts here, but they have not have not answered update declined to take these calls now will say that it's not like we don't have any communication with the Russians are. We can do that to our embassy. We have a detent defense attach in Moscow. We have a deep confliction line of corsets that were using is really not set so much for normal conflict.

So there are vehicles we still have military military communications with the Russians but at the senior levels where we think it's really important, but tickly right now. That's not happening and is not happening because Russians don't seem very interested but here's one or the result was Adm. Kirby.

Literally minutes ago and that's a story in the Washington Post today that every time to Mark Dillion company reach out or Sec. Austin reach out that they don't get a response. Not even when it's like when the matter you were not target would they just don't call and I think one of the reasons is the guy that they always lean on is missing. We haven't seen them though somebody said these a report that is not well. Russians are notorious, you probably don't remember this but in a deep impression it was a longtime leader there when he was basically dead. They said he had a cold.

Then the next guy churned churning call for something like that. They hired him. He died like three weeks later. Then on drop Bob got hired and he died and they will ever see the tongue like he's got a cold and they end up debt so the never to be honest and would be too embarrassing to take your head of your military and just kill them. I guess Mick might be an indication indication that you losing but he's disappeared at a time in which you need a Schwarzkopf or Unita Rumsfeld door you need Sec. Austin out there telling everyone militarily. What's going on or Gen. betray us go on, so they say.

Maybe that's the reason why that I can call back was dangerous, really dangerous goods that only the Russians doing some maneuvers and doing some exercises in the area where doing exercises over Norway so do you want to misinterpret then they got within 215 miles of the Polish border. Don't you want a phone odd to be able to D confliction something happened and went Adm. Servetus in the same story was came out and said this year. You know where mature we been through at doing this for 40 years in the supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO been doing it these lawmakers been doing it, but you're the pilot is 25 years old or something.

27 years old. They see somebody coming out of and it will take about not thinking that's Russian or that's the that's an American hoops we have a world war so that's what it's taken and that's why I was struck by this point is we share with you with Fox to say it's heartening because there's not much difference between how Republicans and Democrats feel about it. I had no idea you guys felt that I knew from the moment one this this Ukraine was worth worth getting involved with didn't think was ever going to come down to us putting people on the ground but worth being very involved in it does affect our national interest. Fox News Paul should we be doing more to help Ukrainian 63% of Americans said yes another another question concerned about Russia's invasion Ukraine. How many Americans are concerned 82%.

That's pretty much why wherever I go. People bring this up, and instead of Russian hoax or collusion, worried like that where people were angry people more inquisitive about this is my words Fox is another question. Ukrainian Pres. Zielinski job redoubling a job as he done responding to the Russian invasion.

76% of you approve it.

By the way great specials out. I'm lucky enough to host. It is called to is of Latimer Zielinski. It's on Fox nation got expanded special on Fox news Sunday at 10 o'clock does what happens in Russia, Ukraine, conflict, conflict, matter, does what happens in the Russian Ukraine conflict matter in the US, 80 Friday 5% said yes in February, 76% say yes. Now, so it actually went up.

I went down slightly, but is still overwhelming, and the last question to the USB doing more to help.

68% of Democrats say yes 64% say Republicans, is it good to do a poll that doesn't show stage dramatically different opinions and views I'm telling you a lot of good stuff is happening because were acting as one, because of the horror that is happening in the Ukraine. Not a perfect country. But man they are the good guys in this and they are showing tremendous resolve and fortitude right kill me. Fox News contests network on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast transcribing. Listen now by doing a Fox News radio show like no other defendant doesn't want to talk on Ukraine and wants to go begging for members of nature will not stop thinking and wiring can be strong so the voiceover person hardly optimal, but that's up present Zielinski hard showing some great strength and also great vision to say I printed the sport but this is your only supporting me. When you support me with supporting if you could, we could stop them here will stop future tax because they are common, and this guy stays in power.

I think they're just gonna be put off a few years until he read because now he realizes he has a terrible military so II just admire so much with Zelinski seems is hit the right tone is so smart to work almost every Parliament in the free world and Japan yesterday. Yet Italy the day before and then today he addressed that he addressed NATO, maybe you'll do the European Union again and to things he said said I'm on the look and he did not bring up. I need admission into NATO and he did not say you need a no-fly zone, a guy who knows the ins and outs of military as well as diplomacy, retired Gen. Philip Breedlove, former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO distinguished chair at the Middle East Institute general great to talk to you twice one day a doctrine, Fox a friend this morning. Yeah you again Darren. I look forward to our conversation here right so couple things have happened. What I just told you is I would lose a couple readouts from his address. He says he needs tanks then asked for admission to NATO and he didn't ask for a no-fly zone. Can we get him the tanks he also said I need things to get a take out ships like harpoons. So tell me what you now know what we would our listener should now know about this fight well and what the dress that coastal defense cruise missile. I will use the work harpoons because I believe our country has decided not to move harpoons to Ukraine. But the good news is that NATO has several countries that have excellent coastal defense cruise missiles and so I'm hoping that while there are delegation are talking to the Norwegians in the polls and others that have this capability, and maybe we can work a deal to get those capabilities to Ukraine you saw this morning reporting up to large ship destroyed him and one of the small coastal ports of Ukraine and this was done very interestingly by the Ukrainians with a what is supposed to be a surface to surface background capability. They shot at ship and they shot a AMO Dapo next to another ship that was that caused it to catch a fire, and so the Russians lost two large combat this morning while they were parked at port on the southern Ukrainian shore general. Why would we give harpoons.

I think that there are some what our government believes are relatability problems. I was disappointed in Adm. Kirby's answer the other day about you know he said they might fit and rust on the port.

Let me just point out that every weapon we have been Ukrainian. They have used incredibly well. They have used them in and Jean just incredible new way, and this went all the way back in 2014 where we we gave counter battery mortar radars that we digitally limited because we were our government was afraid they would shoot into two Russia using them and and what we found was Ukrainian figured out how to lash these things together and use them in ways that we had never thought about.

And now they're teaching about how to use our radar.

So I think that we should give the Ukraine course every opportunity that we can actually he was tanks to get tanks. We adore those tanks. The ones he has his ways. These going to get. We get tanks in yeah I'm not sure on this one This is a little bit harder to do and I we really have got to look at that. This is a new kind of request and I think we need to do a little bit of introspection before we we jump out there. The fact of the matter is there are tanks that we could probably move across. Are they the kind that Ukraine could use immediately, etc. so I'd rather hold fire on that we get a chance to look at Risa now just a civilian suggestion, so please be tolerant. We have drones drones are dropping blood in Africa. In these remote locations and I'm wondering why we can use drones to drop water and food and MR ease into narrow pool and the car I have in all these places and car keys that are just being starved out. Well I think it is a good idea, I wouldn't be hauling water because that's a lot of weight for very little gain but that but but your other ideas are wonderful medicines. Another thing where you get a lot of bang for the way that your hauling. I think those would be some really good things to look at and oh by the way the Ukrainians are using some of these little quad copters actually there heavy-duty but small Quat doctors and everything to do some really interesting thing to include dropping bombs on the Russians at night. You know, small bombs, but bomb that would our anti-personnel so were already starting to see some really ingenuous more with these kind of capabilities I'm sorry we would've those call you need to have their their helicopters. None of these are the your number though.

I'll let you go out to the store and buy quad copters. These little toy for propeller general and and so there are larger of them. A heavy duty quad copters and that Ukrainians have outfitted them with infrared cameras are using them at night to drop the munitions on Russian troops that is that is actually incredible so couple of things. Why us tactically with the Russians be digging in around keys that they realize I can't penetrate it and they just want to shell it well what they what they are demonstrating that they have either run out of their ability to continue forward offensively or they've encountered such stiff resistance that they are taking a pause to to get quote unquote get more ready but what it clearly says is they have lost the the ability to push forward or they would be doing that and they must have a plan either to reinforce or as you said now sit and and do what they've done in my youthful hotkey than other places, which is to begin indiscriminate shelling and bombing of the civilians because they are frustrated because the Ukrainians are doing a great job of not giving Russia a big force on force battle were thought the Ukrainians are fighting a skirmishing hit stick and moved kind of fight that is really bleeding. The Russian army general before the distorted reports were that the Russians were a lot better equipped than we thought they were ended up being rethought to a much more formidable than the ended up being.

We found out that they didn't even get the pit from too many sides.

There was no communication. They didn't even have a commander in charge of the overall operation and then we find out that Barry predicted that khaki key would fall within a week and Zelinski will be dead so those of the insider reports of what this conflict was gonna be like, why will we so wrong and ended. You must've seen those same reports we over yet.

We over.

We over. I guess overemphasize the the competency of the Russians and we we undersold the Ukrainians.

How could we be so wrong. Well, a couple things. For instance, one of them. You know that I was over in Ukraine about 10 days before the fighting began in one of the things that the president thought they told our little group was that you and and frankly Brian, you, the American press have been watching so closely what's going on with the buildup of Russian forces and have been so focused on that because it's great news that what you meant in the preparation of my nation, and what you also missed is that the war is already going on in my nation sabotage cyber attack all manner of things were already happening inside Ukraine, but we all missed it because we are focused on the really cool news of the buildup along the outside of the borders and so the first thing Brian is that the Ukrainian military did an incredibly good job of preparing this fence and death that their fight, and in fact it goes right to the point you made you hit them all. We weed I believe felt that Russia was much more confident than it is proven to be. You know the old adage in the military is that that anyone can talk operations and amateurs do, but professionals talk logistics and that's what happened here. You know there was a big focus. I think on restaurant getting in their getting this quick victory in getting out and they absolutely did not prepare themselves for having the fight like they are and so they were ready to command and control. They weren't ready to logistically support their Air Force has not been able to do what we call the suppression of enemy air defenses so they have not gained air superiority over the battlefield.

All these things we thought they would be able to do, they either are not able to do them or they didn't expect to have to do them because they expected that easy victory. And to be welcomed with roses. I just don't understand how you can prove you could have an operation with this no communication means they would do using and I'll just say the layman's terms using the cellular service of the Ukrainians who plucked up the Russian prefixes so there so we hear Ukrainians able to pick up all their interplay and effect in New York Times today on the front page had audio of 15 minutes of fighting, and you hear the panic among the Russian tankers in their same would where you going out or were you going I'm not going over there. These guys are totally disorganized and they don't even know what each others are doing so they just publish this on the front page of New York Times.

If you have a digital version. I think you will get it so Sue general tell me what is wrong with this one as well and it will both which come in and after knowing another question. It is shocking and again will give a little credit Ukrainians.

They are jamming and using their ability to disrupt what little communication the Russians have had and you know, depending on who you listen to that Ukrainians have killed five or six general officers. Almost every one of them was because they were using their cell phone because they couldn't communicate on their tactical communication. So in some cases they did bring calm capabilities but Ukrainians are doing a good job of what we call electronic warfare in their jamming. But again, Brian. You're right, they just didn't come prepared and again I think it it goes back to their expectation that this was going to be an easy walk and that they would be welcomed with open hands, that they just didn't come prepared for the fight that they have found for the military level.

You guys must be that you can wait to analyze all this, my last question two uses what is wrong with the president saying and even John Stoltenberg who runs NATO now Ukrainians can win. We have to do what's necessary for the Ukrainians to win. Is there something in in the diplomatic world it would be bad about saying that because I think that we did. They deserve us to say that and make a sleeved and make that the objective O'Brien. I am not going to go out on a limb here and I'm probably going to be criticized, but I believe that we are still that heard an hour. The Western nations and the leadership of Western nations are afraid of saying and doing anything that would provoke Mr. Putin and saying that it looks like he's going to lose. Remember, that would be a big face-saving problem for Mr. Putin who a lot of this is about him now and this is his war you singing that's missing some of the seniormost people now have a heart problem and always think they're going to have the military right.

That's correct. And so we need to be. I think I don't sign up to this, but I believe that there is a feeling that we need to be less provocative about these things. Okay, fair of tripping Mr. Putin into something understood more thoroughly understood human offramp and save face. This would save lives, but I just think it a time in which they get to keep 1/3 of the country.

If they get Odessa and say okay we got enough to hold onto Don Bosco Crimean Odessa and be able to spin it for the next two years to their oblivious nation that they want and not care about the 15,000 bodies. They left there to come back scatter that. That's why management problem. Problem and I believe that resonant thorn got a mind for not getting that land and and I hope that we don't pressure him in any way and allow him to negotiate based on the fact that his military is now delivering his strength and negotiation is going up every day. I will help you. I hope you would would mind if I kept on speed dial. I can with its perspective because after NATO used going behind closed doors with them. They can open up and tell us what they're going to and their communication to be fascinating and impactful retired Gen. Philip Breedlove.

Thanks so much. Thank you, Brian. Fantastic I we come back. I know you have a lot to say. 1-866-408-7669. The move your knowledge base, Brian filming show precise personal powerful is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Marilyn Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me half a dozen other people and you and I can't recall at this moment lasted longer in the sweepstakes in 2020. And she did. And that's because she's a terrible candidate. He was a dreadful senator. She is a one trick pony. I am the I'm the tough nosed prosecutor asking you a nasty question. She doesn't do her homework. She is got a big ego. She's got sharp edges she's difficult to work with and work for and she is a terrible vice president and that is Karl Rove yesterday. Talk about the news is coming out of this book from two New York Times writers that some marketing did write a book by, Harris without any sources. Obviously they're not inside Democrats. These people are and evidently, Harris is been a nightmare. She has felt slighted by AIDS when they did not stand up when she entered a room really vice president to get inside of disrespect has allies in recent months attempted to reset her office, but instead to more people of quit. It's now up to 10 so she felt slighted constantly by getting that portfolio which talked about the border. She didn't want to do that this on the book. All this will not pass trumped buying in the battle for America's future. Some of our supervisors with the present almost entirely white inner circle did not show the vice president, the respect she deserved Harris were the Biden staff look down on earth she fixated on real and perceived snobs in ways the West Wing found tedious, that according to political the book says Harris had a Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy speak with Anita Dunn, a supervisor for buying of the time about her discontent about not standing vice president to get assigned disrespect. Unbelievable. We can you believe this would you do as a vice president and his work are you going there you have a chance to establish self go to the board of find of the parameters.

Go make your relationship with Central and South America sit there with border patrol win the respect of law enforcement with them really doing everything possible and if the thing to try don't work out so would it be from lack of trying.

Let it be from a programmer, an idea that didn't work. Instead she did not try it had to be harangued to go to the border Will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends is America's receptive voice kill me. I ready Brian Kilby what delays moments of Brian kill me show we got Martin standing by Dr. Oz from Pennsylvania, he got fired by Joe Biden yesterday that a simulcast regarding company special edition so before we get the markets get to the big threes we come you are from New York stories you need to know Brian's three number 30 and they need all these wackos were there in time.

As I backed his reason. They lifted these management is because the gave into this small minority of people were completely out of the mind think masks or some sort of prison sentence in your rewrite. He's out of his mind. The mass don't even work was evident 95 that's fitted finding it hard to say goodbye over 19 is receiving in every aspect of our lives with restrictions remain in the pushback is finally taking place to the restrictions will bring you the insanity that remains and also why it's so so tough to take care I think initially he was at 50%. I think people were approving the medicines were warm and how they see I feel is not really providing American leadership, time of global crisis. And he's got to that work or the ratings here and write them down along with the rest of the rate Mark Penn knows what he's talking about Republicans eight months of taking back Congress and polls show America is ready for change from the woke Green party putting the homeless and illegal immigrant first ideology now Republicans can rally not just for their party. But for the country will day the war on Ross is not on the war against pre-Ross started the war against freedom as these these is only the beginning for us. Ross is trying to defeat the freedom of all people in your older people in the world. Vladimir Zielinski is doing just that one month and and arrived in Ukraine can win defying expectations intelligence the Russian very sparkly but not broken. NATO is rallying at this hour my fingers across. Let's hope they see this as an opportunity to put food in Guzik answered Eastern Europe out of power once and for all will bring you the latest from the battlefield and the latest from Brussels with Perez United States I believe is now going to the EU meeting motorcades departing all the more they could.

Kate is departing a half-hour from NATO headquarters to EU headquarters at one point he is going to speak Mark teasing him and asked to speak.

Now you are washable's, Fox's contributor Mark so far. I asked Gen. Breedlove. This was former supreme Allied Cmdr. is there a downside to saying we have to do everything that Ukraine wins and he says there is, is that were eliminated offering for Vladimir Putin. What you think I have to say that's ridiculous. The idea that we should not bill for total victory and give it to her.

What part of the problem that we got from the very beginning I mandated that.

Think about where we were in Ukraine the whole world by reporting last July issued a manifesto 8000 word manifesto, explaining his rationale for the subjugation of your client while Ukraine and the Russians were warning people and that the collapse of the Soviet Union had left millions of Ukrainians abroad overnight separated from the motherland how the West was trying to turn Ukraine into a springboard to attack Russia and how he wouldn't allow that to Dick's anyone who read that manifesto knew that he was going to invade, but instead we instead of arming Ukrainians and preparing them for the defendant giving them like the mix. For example, before rushing bated when there was no problem and the projected wheat we did not. Biden said no no no that will provoke so okay so they invade and then no one thought they could win if you looked on paper any good military analyst looking for a look at the Russian portable Ukrainian forces Melbourne three day, and here we are. A month later and there and Ukrainians and the Russians have been able to achieve their goals and binders issues like $800 million in weight and an weapon for them last week, three weeks ago given them all those thing from the first day of the war absolutely had to.

He was trying to avoid defeat, as opposed to achieve victory right when I now we know we can lose me know Ukraine you can when we should be getting them everything possible to send them back with his tail between his legs and by the way, for not selling them harpoons. They can take out ships from the shore or anything like that is is horrific. Evidently they say Adm. Kirby said yesterday they would be rusting on the shore you kidding me. They've been brilliant in almost by everybody's account been bleeding using what we've given them, but we need to be able to get there. I don't know.

I don't know what's getting it out and I think it's good that we don't know how but we need to know that it's getting it just released a thumbs up. We have all this money. I think the UK just said you 7000 more rockets. My question is are they getting to the Capitals to the Ukrainian forces we don't know the answer that we don't know what Ukrainians are getting now all we know is that it too little too late. Ukraine in the everything they can because they can win but you know, like you, I'm sure Brian and like millions of euros of your listeners. I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is look to see if Ukraine still standing up and doing that for a month now every single day, Americans are inspired by Pres. the one there inspired by the Ukrainian and we want them to win and Joe Biden need to understand something that is if you Russia were to win. After America's hopes of gotten so high for the Ukrainian than R&R and we become emotionally invested with the people and and that's it would be a setback for him politically worse than Afghanistan but the Afghan withdrawal because it would mean that he didn't do enough to help them with because we now know that they can with and if they if they lose, it will be because we didn't provide them with a weapon, even if he doesn't care about and I care about saving Ukraine to care about saving himself, and you need the victory in Ukraine to do the right and the thing is, nobody thinks he's leaving here and I mean listen just have a lot of charisma. He's not a great seeker never was. Nobody thinks he's leaving my thing is don't hurt that look at the Arsenal. The American people have given you, and then do everything you can to achieve that objective and what you want to say publicly.

You know, because this guy is so emotionally fragile. You want them getting desperate. Use chemical weapons. But I don't like that whole what are we so worried about outside the weapons of mass destruction, which is big to be attacking Poland really think it through Ukraine going to college grad and stocking up and going to put the money in Lafayette.

Then they got to get totally annihilated. Then you have to be wondering what happened to my fighting force the general and charges disappeared. They lost one of the key age that actually was in his government since the 90s just left with his family to another country. There was 14,000 people to Turkey and listen to this, according to a NATO official overall. They have lost 40,000 men from the from the battlefield between death casualties missing and capture 40,000 does not blow you away more than 10 years and 10 years of the Soviet war which was what brought down the sewer help bring down the Soviet Union. I mean, here's the thing we need to understand is that Ukraine is not just a problem for us to solve it.

Actually an opportunity because Vladimir Putin has been building up his military to threaten NATO for years but supposedly the first step in it.

Every meeting that we take out is one last May that Ukrainians take out with our help is one let's make the can bring Poland and the Baltic states and NATO every tank is one less tank every every Battalion that we take one less Battalion. This is an opportunity for us to decimate the Russian military by proxy. Why would we not take it. We should we should be. We should what we want them to be going out and you know something I'll tell you about the chemical weapons where you think bladder putting up those chemical weapons. He got them a lot of them from Syria because Barack Obama would not enforce his redlining Syria efforts.

Use of chemical weapons and so John Kerry cut a deal with Serge lab, Rob Russian to take custody of serial chemical weapons to use those chemical weapon using the ones Obama gave him from Syria instead of blowing them up.

That's gotta be money or columns. What a brilliant memory you have, that is fantastic. I do remember the genius Secretary of State who still is commenting about how he does Vladimir Putin still commits to green energy as he invades another country Lord I mean no kidding.

So the guy that left Antonio true. This was in charge. He was there climate guy. So now you talk about sadness for the first time John Kerry is probably sad about this conflict because he lost someone is climate with matters not so couple of things are going on the ruble is down now just 30% Russian banks. Apart from carrying out transactions on global shipping and deliveries delivery supports have gone down considerably. The GDP is supposed to retract about 15%. But the thing that's blunting everything is there continued steady sales of energy of energy to Europe.

So knowing the Germans commences and I can cut it off I go to an immediate recession, UK and US have stopped doing what could you do if you really want to get them instantly off what could you announce today in Brussels. We would mean a sanctions on energy as opposed to as opposed to an oil band what you want right now we need to sanction their energy and also by the way, we should not be cutting a deal with Iran that includes a permission for them to bed, to earn $10 billion building civilian nuclear power for the Iranian that would be really stupid. Let me first and I go back to your point earlier for a first do no harm. Before we do good, like why are we sitting at the negotiating table with the Russian what works at the air over a long moment, trying to isolate them and why would we be allowing them any economic benefit from wrong deal when were trying to correct cursor economy if it like it the right hand of the know with the left-hander doing in the Obama admin area in the Biden board input in the Biden three.

This works I just those funny in your newspaper things in the Washington Post and New York Times braces.

Same thing otherwise impulsive saying that while you know what the Democrats doing a great job not blaming Trump for this because I would be very easy for them to do with the presence trying to stay unified blaming Trump for this white because months. Maybe there was no weapons, but they ended up flowing there for the four years he was in office. Unlike the MRAs and blankets that Barack Obama did and didn't even respond. They think Simpson sanctions and some oligarchs who never felt them, and now you worried about blaming Trump for this. Nobody thinks is what happened if thou Trump was in office show you the warped sensibility of some people who have a lot of power yet you know it invaded Ukraine in 2014 under Obama and in 2022. Under Biden and Dignan rated for the couriers of the Trump administration and as you pointed out, the president that then-President portion go above Ukraine came and spoke to Congress in 2014 when Biden was VP Biden was sitting right behind him while he spoke and he said we thank you for the MRAs but we need RPG. We need weapons we can't we can't defend our country with blanket and thereby limit Obama by ministers and give them nothing. They give them humanitarian aid they wouldn't give them any lethal weapon that all the lethal weapon except for as you say, a 1 mile and a very unfortunate one month away which which are where I want to relitigate beyond that they gave them everything they asked for in the nearby, thereby demonstrating him and suspended review and and and wasted months why Walmart bloodline was building up his arms which are been shipping them everything possible before the war to defend this and deter this from happening in the first place.

So Marty's my guesstimate Give the audience of information we know the presence of Lindsay's early dress, NATO, at which time he never asked for admission and he never asked for no-fly zone. He did ask for more weapons. He stressed that this isn't just to spite the goal for Poland. He's going for the Baltics after he saying he wants tanks and he wants weapons to defend himself from the sea and amphibious landing is what he worries about norm news.

We just came across the US will accept 100,000 refugees from anywhere army from Ukraine so that's 100,000 rhyming weeks, we took about that from Afghanistan, maybe more so. I think the American people are on board and that am amazed out in support. The American people are for this operation by his one I guy know you can appreciate this is Neil Ferguson of Hoover. He says hold on Russia still might be accomplishing its goals cut 12.

The key here is that the Russians are ready to negotiate in earnest, because they still think that they can make against Vladimir Putin wants to negotiate from the strongest possible position so house works very carefully of the next few weeks, and the Russians achieve what they're trying to achieve. Which is to roll off Ukraine defenses and Dalton bus and also make further gains in the in the south along the Black Sea coast. I think the possibility of besieging to see if this is on hold, and may even have been dropped. So they're looking to make gains before the negotiator i think that's right. So look forward tell me Mark what's next. So the first thing is if you think if you believe it, and I was correct, then the answer is to throw everything at him to put them in the weaker position to negotiate possible and give him no options for strength that that's number one number two you mentioned that there that he didn't know Gallant even asked to join NATO. You know it you know the joke you think you have right now. After this war is over. I'm sorry is that they keep after it. After this war is over NATO can apply to join Ukraine we went we would be we would be we should be honored at the possibility that meant that Ukraine would even consider joining NATO because they would actually make our our week. To admit the country that defeated the Russian the Russian red Army would probably make NATO stronger than a lot of the members that we arty.

Marchese desperation, he is been very solid throughout this and to keep this all in perspective, that's where people read your columns awaiting your comments.

Marty's and thanks so much, trying to get you got it by the hour. Dr. Oz why he was fired by Joe Biden, and why he believes it should been Anthony Saatchi that should've fired the guy got fired.

Then we do morning company do a simulcast there'll be able to take your calls next Franco Mitchell, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made some of Fox news contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest. If you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill made present by wants to go over there and show of force, or a sense of unity that the United States is been very happy about between the White House between the US and between Europe, but there is a at least one piece were they don't seem hundred percent on the same page that is on energy Europe is is in a much different position than the United States is with regard to Russian oil and gas. They rely on Russia for 40% of their gas is a lot harder for them to come on say organ embargoed give my new shooter was dead, but Northridge one is alive and that's flowing into Europe and the cake. It often right now without going to recession, I would think there would be that be something to that. Eric W okay V hey Eric hey Brian, great usual that last call you hit it right on the head pretty much that after joining Ukraine because the United States is word has been thrown in the garbage so many times lately and Trump try to rebuild it. But as soon as Trump's gone to cancel everything again.

Nobody's ever going to believe a word of country, says Godhead. We got your back don't have anybody back your take some position weapons out there. Obviously we did a great job training the Ukrainians we were in there for a while obviously do have some weaponry but and I don't know what exactly is getting in but you know those those those trousers, those kamikaze drones. Then I got to be kidding me.

How could they not be in there. Yet those two weeks ago. I have no idea whether weaving ahead of time is God Gen. Kellogg is always saying use some imagination. If you can't get anything in by ground in terms of provisions. Can you go by air.

Is there something else you could drop if drones can how it can carry missiles and they also carry food Franco Mitchell were wrong with Dr. Oz next radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you want to make sure were really out of this before. I really seriously consider doing anything different were still in this we have a way to go. I think we got clearly going in the right direction. I hope we stay that way. Anthony found you over the weekend does not want to go. The pandemic never speaks anything but doom and gloom, but says I'm not quit until I know right of this is if he's the only one that can bring us through joining us now. Dr. Mamet's eyes running for Senate in Pennsylvania currently in most polls tight second against Dave McCormick and he's got three other people in that race.

Went to get the nominations also can be tough to win in that very purpleish but leaning blue state. Dr. Oz there said that he found euphoria when I quit out of this yet all my goodness I'm an optimist were looking at a new varied of omicron which might get it working today just doesn't seem to be any more dangerous.

It actually a way for people to get natural immunity all along. We have watched Anthony grouchy give advice, top-down authoritarian advice dismissed about the role of doctors is one-size-fits-all belief that we can cure Colbert by backfilling everyone through it been proven to be wrong over and over that was predictably incorrect. Very early on and yet he will not say what Nietzsche said, which is the way to get through future covert variance is to arm doctors so they can take care of their patients with better medication in the Biden administration's incompetence just getting therapies in the pharmacy so the doctors can use them is shocking to me once again hearing the ticket of accident six months of the five euros not go to a high risk group go back getting to your prevent 90-year-old from getting a future very of the virus. It's not all about vaccines. Talk about use more from him when he talks about what will happen if we're not vigilant cut 31. We need to be flexible and is in fact we do see a turnaround in a resurgence we have to be able to commit and go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is so we can't just say we're done now looking to move on. We got to be able to be flexible and be flexible. Is there anybody that they really believes the stuff they were telling us with the 6 feet apart by by wearing a mask outdoors by wearing a mask it all by and 95 don't wear them because they need to be fitted and you did there actually gotta be bad, but you gotta ask Alan Ellefson and 95 third universities all across the country. Does anybody think that would get to go back to that chaos is always a false narrative and this is an important message conversing the same thing with energy policy that which is why where Christ Ukraine and with inflation. America.

Ukraine a false narrative in this case the only way to get through Colbert is through lockdowns and mandates over and over again to be incorrect. Despite that, you notice how we work like that. It's all about the fact that mitigation efforts might be best at what if they were truly mitigating the virus as you point out 60 doesn't make a difference. WHO says 3 feet on the beach with a mask on this and helping on the beach is probably good for you. In general, despite the fact or shame by the New York Times, Washington Post legacy media for doing that during the pandemic.

The reality is it work we call before they don't look energy policy for Quiktrip here. Energy policies based on a lie degree. New deal will not work scientifically forget about politics and get all the other ways you can look up the data.

It just scientifically impossible. What does work is natural gas which is a very clean and effective way of setting up, protecting the world make energy dominant, not just energy depended and will drop it you price a statistic that one of the big energy producer shared with me that he said it week were allowed to ship our natural gas from pure Pennsylvania to other countries will burn dirty coal. It will be the equivalent every year for 30 years of electrifying. Every single vehicle in America. Plus, putting a solar panel in every house in America. Plus doubling wind energy that felt pretty good to me. Yet we are not allowing our energy produced got the found cheese of the world middle level unelected bureaucrats passing rules, making victims your proclamations that are not truthful and misleading us so couple of things.

This use into top stories and political right now of the fourth shot is coming our way will have to pay for. And number two is omicron's of variant subareas coming our way. As a doctor as well as a Seneca candidate, which I know, but this sub variant sub variant becoming the dominant screen in your already. It's about 35% of US infections. It's more contagious. But it doesn't seem to be any more dangerous. So the vast majority of people will have a thoroughly mild episode, which should give them long-term protection from future covert variance at older folks need to be protected. We don't know if additional shots of the fact you have a meaningful effect on severity of illness they might benefit you by not letting you get sick at all, but you have to get to that of the couple wanted to get a do that but I get one-size-fits-all doesn't make sense. I was talking to a big group of college Republicans yesterday. Your livid because they know the data reported been backslidden or more portly already had the virus like my son. By the way, we had the virus is a medical student he studying immunology medical school at Columbia is forcing him to get us an extra booster shot you think I I'm studying immunology in our school there thing not to do it in our textbooks and yet you're making a fool because again you're following the political science, not the science that infuriates young people. Most young people.

I don't think you didn't and not additional shots, especially for Gordy had covert, in particular because of the risk of myocarditis. Why take the risk. So you got up today or yesterday and found out that the present United States is asking to formally resign as when the appointed members of the present counsel sports and fitness and nutrition, along with Herschel Walker not because you're not good at your job or Herschel is invaluable because you run it because you Republicans and running for office.

How you feel about that one part wrong. Dr. Mark Ouchi I don't know I got it wrong, but the get everything wrong and felt Jesus Christ come after me because I been saying the fire about the clear on this present trumpet appointed me to not just one but two terms of the present counsel, which was a counselor for this sport but this nutrition was printed back in the Eisenhower and Kennedy administration. It's a nonpartisan effort to help young people stay healthy.

You got Bill Belichick on the pants. We got you up volume and Mario were there.

I would get a lot more out. We got a lot of great people. Logically, Herschel date, so why would you now in the middle of a of Everett inflation it's acceleration that's the worst in 40 years. Gas prices-15 a war raging in Ukraine. The truth that you let unfortunately with weak messaging may have facilitated and all that going on in your mind sending me a letter to tell me to step down and for a reason that I don't actually believe in the letter. By the way private email to me at that after 10 in the morning it said by the end of day. I must resign or be fired thank you to do something there right on time trying to help get more coaches and try to get kids focused on thing help to be working. The space you for years now short and to present trumpet.

I was worthy of being on the Council. If you don't want me on the day after you're not great. Why would you do this month and month after her saliva. Now start candidacies. I actually think it's another example of incompetence by the administration. I'm not going anywhere.

So the have to fire you with a member they got rid of HR McMaster. I actually that's a terrible lead to guide knows more about battlefield of the battlefield and the challenges diplomatically, militarily, and anyone else Sean Spicer was told to hit the road. Kelly in college. There were fire to when they got over and Gen. King was asked to read review I resigned for the defense counsel given talks joking genius. He couldn't care less as an office that I just want to see America do well. So the way they bring politics was unnecessary is so petty. What they don't have replacements that are able to. Walker is a hero for a lot of folks taking speak to the population that we can get what I started health corporate your kids foundation of $80 million to help kids learn more about their body to get milk to resilience as part of their training for their copper they can do with the challenges of language what sports does feel like what why would you want to find me now is the right time to pick a fight and what I said about kids and childhood education is so reprehensible that you want me out but it was also done touching typically clumsy way you'll send someone a letter after years of service at your tent during the morning and you're fired by five unless you resign.

Of course by weight. When people hear this they go psycho and Jokinen, porcupine, to push back when this happens because it's my nature but but in addition, I want to fight for my country and the young people of this country continually are ignored. We have mortgaged our future with the debt that the children's the pay we have with covert use children as a shield.

You'll construct their schools output master the little faces with the argument that might help older people, which it doesn't. I don't like using kids as fodder. I want to protect them on the kind of person you want the presence of counsel.

But if you're going to get me off for a reason. That's justifiable.

Otherwise, you know I'm not brother have all of the people that I trust make decisions about who should be on the Council right in the thanks so much Dr. Oz. What deep comics out theories are the sole Republican what you why you better candidate. I have fought on the biggest stage in everyone's living room for the last 13 years against big Pharma, big chemical companies against big technology company that's going to work the US government.

I got scars to prove it. I know how to hold about voice to address the cultural challenges getting America back on track. Washington gets along line values that we won the fight that you also broadcast to human heartbreak. Dr. Oz thanks so much.

Thessalonica, Pennsylvania.

Now Brian kill me show choice FOXBusiness is Varney in company with Stuart Varney don't just hang in there on your investments call Talon wealth and get peace of mind with active management of your portfolio dial pound, 250 and say financial plan. Investment advisory services offered through Talon private wealth, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor. Past performance does not guarantee future results. So in a matter of moments when you going to do simulcast and FBN they'll hear you, and you'll hear them. I was Stuart Varney and then I'll be able to take some calls and so lineup 1-866-408-7669. Ideally it would be talk about what's happening with this war, and financially, and how it's affecting the market sets with Stuart focuses on but let's listen in now. 51. Here is Brian kill me drive his mice that my position if we give Ukraine the right weapons. I think Ukraine could win.

What say you know question and one of them is these harpoons variable from land to take out ships at sea they are.

We know exactly where they're coming. In Odessa they know they're making sandbags.

My goodness, you see some of that video while blasting Bon Jovi can you at least given the harpoons necessary to blow them up before they come ashore because my fear is that as bad as lab reports, doing, losing 40,000, according to one NATO official off the battlefield.

40,000, 10 to 15,000 dead. If he goes takes Odessa hold onto Don Buss and Crimea go look now. I got my buffer. Now I got I may think Ukraine, a landlocked nation with they gotta do is start arming the Ukrainians to the way in which they promised to from NATO today, and this I want to hear from the supreme Allied Cmdr. from Jan Stoltenberg. I want to hear Ukraine. The objective is not only for Ukrainians to hold, but to win because we have to give Vladimir put the cancer of the Eastern Europe right now your former country 6000 more rockets to 7000 more rockets is EU there's the NATO there's the G7 all meeting for the same cause. This is a rare moment of unity and only one man did made it happen.

Vladimir Putin, the presence gotta step up. He's taken 100,000 refugees good, that's fine. Will you know our poll was taken 1.8 million Romania about 600,000 so rule sacrificing at least give them what they need were not dating her for no-fly zone today. They asked for tanks when I would get me to get them in tanks. Why can't we get drones to drop water. Why can we get drones to drop food into the cities that are besieged. I think some degree. This administration is afraid of provoking the Russians was also always follow rather than lead.

That's my position, but I'm glad were in agreement because I think will win an actual with say it is possible a military win is possible now is the time to strike. I just got a raise this phone with you, the mayor of New York Eric Adams is expected to lift this vaccine mandate for performers and athletes, but is not good at this point he's not lifting it for private businesses. Brian does not make sense to me, it doesn't. This is the guy is power-hungry. This crap was left over by the previous mayor. He made it up, and now cops and firefighters. They gotta go home. Their careers are over, but now Kari Irving, who never should have been prevented from playing and the Mets and Yankees attitudes about Mitac is more popular than the nets in Nick's so you can tell Aron judge you can't play because you were not vaccinated. So now Kari Irving can play home games like unvaccinated opponents again, but my goodness, while leaving cops who are making Bono 80 220,000 a year. Perhaps ordinary started 40,000 Kari Irving was getting paid 20 milli-16 to 20 million for not playing have to games and he's back to help the fans and morale. But what about the nurses the cops and the firefighters lift them up and makes no sense. It's not you can easily do it if you didn't make this policy, we are mayor Adams so just divorce yourself from it. Yeah and reverse course.

Come on, open up New York City Midtown Manhattan is not half-empty it is, is not fully staffed. At this point because if you're not backs that he can't come back to work.

Lift that restriction come on you on get us going again get is working again. Last, what do you feel all except Howard Stern, the powerful radio legend keep saying that we should be in mass can still be distances and in our in our bunkers. That is the wrong mentality we got live our lives we got the rules let us alone is leading so that alone.

This is America, truth, good law, you would be watching you. The woman nation show Saturday night 8 PM Eastern on the Fox News Channel and I just got word that you were going to be on and you can wear jeans because we to be sitting at the desk. No will ever know deal absolute deal you got it, Brian.

I'll be there in space that is developed so you think you 1-866-408-7669 probably don't have enough time to close which is is kind of sad, but here is what Howard Stern said about covert cut 28 on any and all these wackos with their anti-masking tiebacks with the reason they've lifted these mass mandates is because the we gave into this small minority of people were completely out of the mind to think masks or some sort of prison sentence in your free right now that they don't even work I see. Would he always was counterculture and I just don't understand this whole I'm scared.

I'm going to die attitude.

You have a pre-existing condition to handle it but what about the live and let live attitude, let me live my life. Plus, the guys on a beach in the Hamptons on Long Island or New York City and apartment that you probably Linda helicopter the living room like goodness why you thrusting that that week attitude onto the rest of the country when you used to be leading people with great courage and pride. Unbelievable. You want to know people that are backwards. Listen to what you gotta do. Now if you want to go to one event with the first lady at the White House. This is the wife of Representative Byron Donald Scott, 29, I don't believe there is a medical justification for the attacker was if I posted it on Twitter and let everyone know how ridiculous this mandate lies not only to have to come with a negative comment task along with everyone else, but because I had called ahead and have natural immunity and I don't need a vaccine. The email from the White House said that I cannot eat or drink at the reception and I also have to stay in a six-foot bubble myself the entire reception wasn't very inviting to say the least. What a joke you kidding I know there are important people, but my goodness, Jim Saki got it twice was double vaccine boosted she's got it twice now. Maybe my goodness, so I mean if someone said that to me.

I'm not going to concert. Gotta do that.

I me guys I got there. If certain people will not make you show up if there's a vaccine mandate. I think we've all moved past it don't make a big deal of it let go. The restrictions don't be Canada, Australia, and certainly don't be China. Don't forget one nation Saturday 8 o'clock repeated again at 11 that's coming up the keep here Brian told me to live from the Fox News New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thanks much for being there anybody trying to make sure I come to you from New York City was slowly but surely is getting back on its feet and I heard a hopefully run the country and maybe more than ever heard around the world, but talk to Roger Zach, the bottom of the hour. Dr. is a director of the Ronald Reagan Institute former deputy assistant secretary of defense and member of the strategic planning working group of the form for American leadership and why just import that Reagan attitude help transition from the Soviet Union to rush.

Of course, through Bush 41. We need that back Vladimir Putin is an anomaly.

I hope hopefully there's normal people in Russia that we can work with to a degree understands a different culture, but we have to read this continent on that continent of Vladimir Putin but he fights on just a report now. The fiber Putin they believe according to our intelligence is going to be looking West less Kevo more Odessa.

We better be ready. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number 30 and then you get all these wackos with their anti-man stand tiebacks. The reason they've lifted these mass mandates is because the we gave into this small minority of people were completely out of the mind to think masks or some from prison sentence in your free right. Yeah, that is Howard Stern and he is a rare talent and just so timid about this covert, 19 is done finding it hard to say goodbye as the story receipts receding in every aspect of our lives. We know to handle it. We don't need any guidance for we gotta make sure economy continues to stand up of people like Howard Stern to keep the mask on. Stay six Eva Martin stay in your basement is insanity. How many countries and some states, some cities are still saying keep the mask on. Don't go go don't go into any place indoors without a mask and keep it on outdoors. This is gotta stop. I think initially he was at 50%.

I think people were approving the war but now they see I feel is not really providing American leadership, time of global Christmas and he's got stuff to that work or the ratings here and write them down along with the rest of the rating Republicans just months from taking back Congress perhaps pull show America is ready for change. They are tired of the world Green party putting homeless and illegal immigrants first ideology now Republicans can rally, not just their party. But the country. The question is do they have the plan to do. It will discuss why the war Ross is not only of the war against Crane Russes cost of the war against freedom. As these. This is only the beginning for us.

Russ is trying to defeat the freedom of all people in your older people in the world that is bottom Zielinski and his with his messages totally correct and on point one month in Ukraine can win defying experts and intelligence in Russian. In the Russian bear is buckling for it is not broken. There was railing at this hour to help with to help more and they do want to help. Let's see what they say when they communicate which should be soon. Let's hope we have Jesus up and tuning to slay Putin not delay his ascension not allow him to fight another day will bring to the battlefield and to Brussels so screw the battlefield first where this is the story in Odessa there being are they getting set to be attacked by three sides one settle B from ships. The amphibious landing then through me collect which is still holding on miraculously, they hope, and then vote even mulled over is not safe. It will take Vladimir Putin wants the entire black see no get it. If he keeps it so I met Mary Paul Mary Paul is holding on but it's been rubble to the most part and I don't know what can be done to get them food and water.

I still say the drones could be the best option. Beverly dropped from the sky. The good news for NATO and for Ukraine. They kill between seven and 15,000 Russian troops and for the most part they say between captures desertions and between those taken as and those people killed or wounded or just doing self-mutilation wounds. It looks as though the Russians no longer have that have access to 40,000 soldiers member they had 150, not begging Belarus to get in and of begging Syrians to unite and fight but serious presence like I don't really want to send them over there. No kidding member they lost biker bars. Russia was about 15,000 troops over 10 years in Afghanistan in one month. They could have lost that much. They also lost their top economic advisor.

He is desert of the country and tell your pubis he's been a reformer since 1990s.

They said he just left there defense minister, the ever present defense minister who told Vladimir June Putin reportedly they that this will be easy. He is missing, heart problems, really.

Also, they've arrested FSB agency say was hired to pay off the mayors and officials in these Ukraine cities just to turn over their cities, will it turns out these FSB agency. The dinner they pocket the money. We didn't do it all and now they've been arrested. So good luck with that chaos around you.

No more poet borrow not to fear or to lean on flight of whom you are on your own sanctions are working to a degree. The rubles down 30% by the beginning to stabilize Russian oil is selling as little as $30 per barrel, but they are selling. It is keeping their war machine going the US a plan to cut Russia guess by two thirds by the end of the year they needed now because every day that goes by the Russians can fuel their war machine is it they were more more people die, I mean in them and make a lick lick affect. They say the put out 100 there were taking 100 bodies a day minimum into into the mark so there is note that their time is going well.

If you just and purify battle speed if that's great So and Marable in around key.

It looks like the Russians and pushed back to now 40, and cook kilometers and also there losing some of the suburbs. They had recaptured. They also have a recaptured some other areas some other suburban areas they had lost in the one that they got your son has been nothing but a headache form. We dug nobody there except the new mayor they put in place. Nobody there accepts that these Russians are actually in charge. Good luck you have and probably curious on how unit was sitting like evil khaki book. These cities had been flipping destroyed need provisions. I warn you so here is Vladimir Zelinski talking about what is happening today to NATO and tell them yet this is Ukraine, but it's also you cut for the war.

Ross is not only the war against Crane.

Its meaning is much wider Russes cost of the war against freedom. As these.

This is only the beginning for us on the Ukrainian land Russes trying to defeat the freedom of all people in your older people in the world tries to so that only crude and cruel force. Messrs. tries to so that people do not matter as well as everything else that make us people. That's the reason we all must stop Ross DeWalt must stop the war. I thank everyone who acts in support of Ukraine in support of freedom by the war continues. The X officer or against peaceful people go on one moms already so is one month, then they are still alive if I was one city and that evening down. I worry about what could happen in Odessa you have a great call by Josh Rogan today talks about talking to mayors in the region and the expectancy signs.

Russians can attack from three sides can come from the north going to come from the East is going to come up from the south and the going to be hit mulled over is also not safe.

They went on to say, as I mentioned before, they need some some Javelin missiles to get the taxes are coming, but they also need harpoons to take out the ships, why would we not getting this.

It makes no sense, but he was officially yesterday accused Vladimir Putin of committing war crimes, that against civilians blinking to the same thing about the brutal attacks. Of course this reported there just going into houses and seeing the people hiding their basements and shooting them in cold blood while re-ransacking their house let alone just aiming for schools and hospitals in theaters that they know people ran this is a guarded definition of a war crime.

Evidently, Putin doesn't like that doesn't think this can help his reputation to bed so there losing some people there losing their steam. They are deftly not making any friends. In fact, is making very hard to be friends with them Ukraine to counter with victories in around key one places are up in northwest suburb of cave regulations there mayor clinch Co. said the battle is ongoing for the village of leasees, which is 20 miles to the north of Kiev and confirmed the retaking of Macquarie which is west of keep now market of footage of admin that places rectus to the Russian presence but they do not run the state. Awesome. We come back. I'm in a talk to were the most important interviews are due. Kathleen's, she's a present Western energy alliance. She signed a letter saying is to present your attitude and what you do through executive orders really destroyed the gas and oil industry. Stop vilifying us now. I master that and also how we get her drilling again everybody working again to be able to fill the gap fill the European selling get off Russian oil and gas Franco Mitchell your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. Let me give you an example. There, there have been found including American petroleum Institute claim that this is an issue of having access or fun on the oil and gas industry had a lot of unsure alone more than 9009 Drell and I would note that only 10% drilling is happening on federal land.

The other 90% is private lands. But I'm talking about the 10% in that case that the argument that there is no opportunities to drill for oil is just not true really, but what about the regulations you put in place and our permits. All it takes.

I haven't seen Jen socking a hard hat in the oilfields but maybe I just have had to get out more.

Kathleen's, joins us now. Kathleen is there present Western energy alliance represents 200 member companies engage in all aspects of environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the West. Kathleen I want you. Thanks. Want to join to be. I want you to take on Jen Saki's comments. I imagine you hear that you and your head you your head wants to explode correct and what's the problem so we are indeed lucky that in the United States.

Only 10% of our oil and natural gas production is federal because more were federal then we wouldn't be the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world because the federal government put the whole many roadblocks on federal lands that were lucky that the most prolific basin blocking North Dakota Haynesville in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio. The Permian in Texas and New Mexico were lucky that those predominantly are on nonfederal land, but in the Rockies where I am in Denver. We public lands and the most prolific basin in the last you have public lands and it almost impossible to develop in the last without touching some federal lands or minerals and when you hit a pocket of federal mineral.

We have to go to the years long process in order to develop and help you with it. It's bad enough in normal times, but when you have a ministration that is putting up additional roadblocks and trying out the process putting up more bureaucracy starting off with more new regulations trying to starve our industry of capital, then it really becomes very difficult to operate on federal lands and I got to take on the 9000 permits. And if we have time for this right now.

Go ahead.

Great. So, indeed, there are about 9000 outstanding permit on federal land, so she is correct in that respect.

However, a permit to drill is not the only temperament that's necessary. We need rights-of-way, which also come from federal government in order to make the pipeline and the gas gathering lines because we now because of pressure from investors and from environmental groups. We don't want to flare at all anymore.

We want to capture all the natural gas right away and probably a good thing.

Although income centers when the nation is when a high gasoline prices.

We can't turn on those oil wells as quickly as he could in the past, but we want to reduce Larry, but we need pipelines in place to capture that gas. And guess what environmentalists stop pipeline all across the country simply can't get the right-of-way in the pipeline to put that natural gas and we can't develop that oil well that's one reason some of those permits don't go. Another reason is that the federal government is so inefficient that companies have to get hand several years of drilling permits before they can really start because they don't know how long it will take the federal government to get any one particular permit and you don't want to get into a situation where you 12 certain number of people out and then you have to stop the rain to wait for federal permit permit can take a month to month six months a year so we do have to because of the inefficient of the federal government we have Several permit in hand, several, but many tell you might have well pad that has eight wells on but that well pad can be drilled in a matter of months and then you want to move on to the next one so we need to have many years of permit in hand and sometimes you start drilling and that one row or a couple wells determine what they really aren't enough oil and natural gas on the particularly on all these other permit we were going to federal permitting system that does cause us to have that large inventory and not all of those permits get drilled so as part of the reason XL pipeline wasn't done that's three years to get a jump in environmental challenges in court cases stopped at things from being finished pipeline story started out, I think it was in the mid-2000 and they started going to the property and then they were required to get a permit from the Department of State because they pipeline crosses in Canada and told me that's another reason that permits don't get developed.

I have even talked about that big environmental analysis on now.

Now if this is great except it used to delay projects and stretch them out for years and years and that's what happened with Keystone environmental analysis took all this time and then he'll bombing ministration came in and stop permit ministration and restart of the permit and then of course he held my demonstration came in and stop apartment very perceptible government manipulation, political manipulation, and it's unfortunate that the processing United States for so many notches pipeline roads and bridges as well. So increase the cost so long and opportunities for environmental groups to sue and also to just stop things out right so I'm I'm looking at Jamie diamond, J.P. Morgan Chase. He wants to drill moistened by demonstrations constructively convince oil and gas companies to increase production. That's a totally inaccurate assessment is that right well right signal to the industry, they continue to move forward with regulation out of that is designed to starve our industry of capital, though we haven't signal all you want to drill more now because they're in hot water because voters in an American top down their doors because gasoline prices are high and we want you to the content drill more now but we have any assurance that they're going to stop with all this new overregulation and we don't want the insurance that they're knocking to put future capital at risk so that while we drill today could carry additional risk trial until it really is showing the marketplace will click testing. Could you get natural gas to your quickly.

Well, we're very proud that in January we delivered more natural gas be at liquefied natural gas export to Europe Washington pipeline we could export more. Have the administration approach to telling export terminals. Last week the good times pipeline could deliver natural gas to those LNG export terminals on the coast then become the point got you ministration to move forward with pipeline. Thanks, Kathleen very educational phone for you guys and restart. This is very responsible and we needed the talkshow that's getting you talking with Brian kill me a stronger solidarity and unity. Confirmation of the reassurance given to our neighbor's Alliance fronts is redeploying the aircraft carrier we send more troops to Estonia and to remain, we mobilize all tech fighters. For instance, but also nothing minutes of seven little subjects of incident and you submit three summits discussions during this summit, Swiss presidents Zielinski and the reaffirmation of our support to the Ukrainians and also of our resilience, for instance, less dependency on energy imports from Russia. It was amazing all the stuff we do because one country, one country and that one country is brought all of NATO together and you see how more troops to go to go into those areas will be a trip where you attack Estonia Lafayette Lithuania, Poland and eastern European nations and Romania that are dear a vulnerable youth to get head Roger Zach time knows about that old Cold War lineup while Eastern Europe is now part of it on our side. These director the Ronald Reagan Institute former deputy assistant secretary of defense and member of the strategic planning working group of the form for American leadership. Roger welcome hey Roger, first off, this is dj vu all over again the 1980s, Russia's then Soviet Union against the world history doesn't repeat itself Brian but it rhymes.

And, importantly, learn a lesson from history in one of those is peace through strength will attack you think are too strong and how do you label us right now were not strong enough administration leaked out today that there defense budget for next year fails to keep pace with inflation to meager 3% increase and as a form American leadership outlined in favor waiting for national security strategy outlining how they want the posture of military and or strategy to deal with threats across the world were focused on rice rusher and out rightfully so, you know we have to focus on China to to be an American leadership requires global presence in global leadership in a fallen short, so this ministration is posing as a lead experience who is expected to do that paper comes out in our Security Council and that's enough. Your advisor's role but ultimately if the president find it out and understandably they want to revisit their strategy document might of prudent aggression in Russia's war in Ukraine suggest that somehow they were not focused on Europe adequately. Maybe they were think about outsourcing security, leaving a vacuum there.

That of course no longer credible was incredible. The past but certainly not something anybody subscribe to now, so we sink you. We miscalculate the Russians were better than the one we thought the Ukrainians are weaker than they were is really no excuse for that because we sit on the sidelines and we are watching just one free country be caught up by a soulless Army who prides themselves. Now it seems of shooting innocent people and loses everyone a one contest with the Ukrainians certainly are not 10 feet tall. But what is the challenge and why the security of Ukraine and security Europe is something we need to focus on is land his will is clear. His intent is clear, but didn't take it seriously enough to thousand eight Georgia, nor do we take it there's enough in 2014 when Yvette invaded Crimea. He has a munitions he has the bombs, the ability to destroy Ukraine and that's were witnessing. So yes is military is not 10 feet tall and the linking Ukrainian people have shown themselves to be great fighters and people of strong will and that's why they're still in the fight. Let's be clear, the longer this goes on the more disadvantages. Ukrainian people write in less the Russians continue to lose people off on the battlefield. We know the running out of gas and provision. There was one report. The only three days left of food and they have not taken one major city and they're trying to move on Odessa while giving up on the capital with the communication so poor I don't know how they can be optimistic.

The time would be on their side. It's true that latter prudent militaries failing to advance into the city is also true that he has no compunction about bombing Ukrainian cities destroying the city letter witnessing everyday 24 hour news is reporting it and let her put his goal here may not be to occupy and control Ukraine and maybe to kill Valencia remove this government and I did not and we, that is the West United States, NATO can't allow that room prudent to prevail on that front key cannot have the ability to go in and just mercilessly without any constraints, restraints on Ukrainian cities and threaten the Zielinski government. So the question is will sanctions along with the frustration that Ukraine is inflicting on Russia and the decreasing numbers of 40,000 a really taken off the battlefield. Once way shape or form is one NATO officials said would be enough to squeeze them for a change in leadership or something else here. Steve Ratner, former economic adviser present Obama cut 15 the economy continues to deteriorate. You can take a look at what's been happening so inflation should he pay and what the facts are forecasting is likely to happen to see inflation which is estimated this year to be a stunning 15%. We think are a percent is obviously very unfortunate. There 15% is a heck of a lot for assignment having widespread shortages and widespread spot inflation, the price of sugar went up by 14% below last week and so they have banned sugar exports until August. Just to give you a sense of what's going on in the Russian economy with respect with respect to inflation and you know, according to some people. One human rights activist said in Russia was there for work, says the always there to do a different story was saying that the morale of everyone is terrible. The FSB of the people responsible for the intelligence that said that Ukraine was the rollover are in jail there defense minister seems to be missing this guy Antonio Childress who was there when Ronald Reagan was there is a reformer. He left he did. He was there had a climate so he's just gone and the they say, the defense minister has heart problems.

We know that means. So there are some things that could be shaking the foundation of Russia at this moment, no doubt, sanctions are important and necessary condition. You know, not a sufficient condition. We need to give Ukrainian art Ukrainian arm. They need to continue to have the firepower to respond to Russian aggression but this is prudent for this is what happens when you have countries with nuclear weapons led by our loan echo chamber is isolated is where China comes in. The key relationship for Russia right now is a relationship with she and China that is were put in looking to bail them out economically that a recruiter looking to bail them out militarily and that's why your form American leadership strategy document emphasizes the need for strategy that understand that leadership needs be present in multiple theaters in the world and that the patient credit China but also Russia and the two worked together in a strategy for the United States in one response that cannot yeah talk and you are Roger Zach Thomas Reagan is to Roger couple things number one if you are close to us right now it NATO and the going over the years that have G7 really shown us on the unity I don't really remember ever in my lifetime so they can when they come out the statement. Do you believe that China should be in that statement as they are the number one supplier and backstopping Russia the best they can. Should they be told that's not acceptable. I think whether we name China or make it clear talk about China is important, particularly that's getting that China explained that somehow they want to be a mediator about the same time are supporting and backing that report saw that before the winter Olympics. The meeting we seen that in any case in your communication.

Subsequently, China and those who will not call out by reporting about the war crimes have no place in mediating or trying to lead diplomatically to resolve this war that would be a very important metric to be included in any statement, NATO or G7 or do you mean by my reading a lot of inside the best I can to find it, which I was thinking evidently they can be way short of their economic goals.

The whole elimination of free enterprise and any degree of free capitalism and the redistribution of wealth has resulted in unemployment and a very I guess slow growing economy and present she's up for another five years. Once a lifetime appointment. Do you think that he really thinks it's necessary to take in these sanctions for their good body who's been humiliated in the last month Russia from there.

Put yourself in their perspective. Is it worth it. I think for the field along play it worth it because you get energy from prudent to understand that you will never have the allies that United States and the West have and prudent actually carry out work for G in the form of challenging NATO distracting the West United States away from Indo Pacific so you have a lot to gain or not without risk. As you point out that there is deftly some upside looking GM putting up something in common here.

Their biggest fear is freedom. They don't like the color revolution. People like the lengthy Tuesday fear mode, and therefore, even if they suffer economically even if they don't keep the same pace of growth economically for their people that matters let them staying in power and making sure that every country to study. Don't creep up next for border either country case.

You just don't notice today in addressing a closed session of the NATO officers. He did not ask did Zielinski to get into NATO. He did not ask for a no-fly zone. He asked for tanks and he asked for a way to blow up ships their coming might be coming ashore in all unmarried appalled their shelling and might be coming ashore in Odessa.

If you get them that they can hold off and you can wear them out. Is it wrong to make a statement that we believe that Ukraine can win we see Ukrainian learning everyday on the battlefield are not wrong. I think the description of the facts we need to get more support so they could ultimately prevail grinding everyday. Their battles going on, but I can tell horses Ukrainians are when it affect the rest of not occupying their cities or capital, is a reflection of Ukrainian strength and commitment and resolve go.

Not only I think it is a Campanelli ship and the fact true Joe Biden not leading on this front. Not really leading the charge. He's got a harangue Europeans to get off the Russian oil and further their dissent economically what you think happened behind closed doors. What would you hope to see when he comes out and meets the press going on here. One may want to make sure that it NATO United States Pres. Biden that they deter Russia from more adventurism, but they don't talk about before trying to carry out the same play against the NATO ally in the Baltics of Poland. That's really important when you have a security posture enforces present capabilities present to make it clear to the Russians.

We won't tolerate that and and second, what can we do to help Ukrainian rollback Russia too much high-fiving about Ukraine NATO unity good positive better than we've seen, but not enough line high-fiving every unified while Russia occupying Kelly in math. Civilians in Ukraine. Make no sense to me only, should high-five only, should celebrate NATO and Westerners all will be rollback Russian aggression.

Ukraine, that would be a great idea. I mean, the fact it takes would be leaving like he did. Afghanistan would be something everyone look forward to and I was staggered to find out over 10 years. They lost 15,000 troops and the bombs. Reportedly, this the story in the Soviet Union were the ones or outrace a one to end the war. What about now, when the numbers are between seven and 15,000 dead and 40,000 off the battlefield.

What about now Roger, could that be a decisive the parents forced this thing to an end. Gorbachev prudent or not the same person or Gorbachev are doing the 1980s, a glass of perestroika listening and thinking about the needs of the Russian people is entirely not the mindset and approach of P autocrat of the tyrant who lives in a bubble and it's quite clear that he's willing to sacrifice his own people to vent his own maniacal plan. It's not within the interest the Russian people such as Zach, I'm always good to talk to the director Ron Reagan is appreciated by want to know next steer it all. Brian kill me show a welcome back everyone. I hope you enjoy this. Our like to finish up with some we don't do enough ever since the war started and that's finding out if this is no all right get this. This is disappointing for a former waiter longtime waiter tips are shrinking as inflation rises a variety of factors during the pandemic. American felt bad they gave more people more to on average of 30%. One reason to may be decreasing is due to more business using online apps make appointments and accept payments when customers pay with cash though they tend to tip more. Many online payment services calculate tips rates on percentages, full-service dining however still seem strong tipping habits. I always I never go less than 20. I usually go away more and less the service is intentionally horrible.

Know what is there a minimum that your Macs are a minimum that you would hate even if I never I just do it.

I mean, I forget. By the way, don't double the taxes you don't tax out yet identifying old rights of the don't do that which you do is understand people make hardly any money per hour because they think you're tipping them. This whole 1619 project coming out and saying that that's dating back to slavery.

No metal capitalism. You do good work, you get more next MSNBC off.

It is roasted proclaiming the fitness essential to fascism this world, this woman, Cynthia Middaugh's Miller Idriss Prof. American University studying polarization extremism roasted far right is taken advantage of the pandemic trend of at-home fitness to further expand his radicalization views you even talking about physical fitness always been central to the far right. She says in mind, Hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu. The intersection of extremism and fitness leads to a shared obsession with the male body training, masculinity, testosterone, strength, decapitation really the male body of women taking fitness classes that I missed something.

Think boxing. I'm a huge boxing fan. I wanted everything is to specify some this week and I guess now I am like Hitler, but if you thought it out right. Mussolini had greater so that's with the problem. For if everybody I'm coming.

This is just crazy what I'm happy about. I think everybody listening to his think it's crazy next local Home Depot training courses online. Stir the fire was up early post on break for a room in Calgary Alberta at Home Depot show the home movement giant logo entitled leading practices unpacking privilege really and asked employees to literally check their privilege. Whether it's white privilege, class privilege, Christian privilege, since gender privilege with a set whatever able-bodied privilege or heterosexual privilege to stopping privilege.

So basically we have privilege and everyone almost everyone. These categories right every single one where you go to what is good own people. I might return my chain by chains and chainsaws changing this two-page goes on to encourage workers discuss white privilege in race with their colleagues. Are you nuts if you ever want to not have a friend say you have a second to talk about white privilege in race.

Okay fine you know what I think I'd rather eat my car alone with the heat on this conversation, Eric. I'm sure you will visit Eric talk to you this dizzy workers threatened more strikes.

Unless the firm stops building attractions in Florida guess why because the team come out strong enough against the run to Santa's bill that prevents teachers from teaching preschoolers kindergarten first graders and second graders anything about sex. They call it to dumb it down they know gay Bill don't say Gabriel that you're having fourth grade and up there allowed to teach you what's I don't solicit disease in the pages make a stay.

That's what happens when you try to please everybody. You worried about taking one side over another disease in trouble. Hank keep building arise. Forget about these wackos. They can afford to go to your park anyway they're not working out over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you did your

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