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Producers’ Pick | Wilfred Reilly: Black Homicide Rate SOARS During BLM Movement

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 23, 2022 12:00 am

Producers’ Pick | Wilfred Reilly: Black Homicide Rate SOARS During BLM Movement

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 23, 2022 12:00 am

Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University and author of the book “Taboo: Ten Facts You Can’t Talk About.”

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Talk show that's getting you are with Brian kill me scale right now. It should very heavily in favor of reformed restaurant left well intended some needed but to file and what we have as a result.

This is going fear crime is going actual amount of crime is evidence almost every major American city and most of the victims of crime since the 2020 rise above archives matter when it really took root or took off have been Blacks. So as we defund the police and defame the police.

They're the ones paying the biggest price that that fact did not elude Prof. Wilford Riley and associate Prof. particle science at Kentucky State University, author of books taboo 10 facts you can talk about and hate crime hoaxes also got a great podcast professor. I welcome back all so you agree with Bratton. So now, seeing the cost of the "racial reckoning, although I Eileen right are not really political about the national tragedy, but last year in 2014, or about 6000 homicides per year after the Ferguson riots in the quote unquote the fact that jump too close to 8000 a little under 8000 and last year we had 9900 recorded blackbirds like they domiciled black homicide rate during the black lives matter jump about 63% and if you talk to Leo's law enforcement officers, like the former chief Bratton felt guilty that's really directly traceable to police pull you look at the number of stops that the police made a typical urine that tracks really really closely with the crime rate so that the protesters got what they wanted right. The request was that the police pull back, respect black neighborhoods respect black spaces and outgo go lighter. Agreed enforcement of certain laws and what we saw the obvious result when the cops stop policing you have more crime and that that's where you're at right now we look at the black lives matter and in the whole push there. I was shocked to hear the new mayor of New York say this after particular night of death and destruction in Brooklyn and the Bronx. I think year is a use Eric Adams talking about BLM.

All goals stated black lives matter to start asking a serious question black lives matter. Thousands of people I saw on the street was murdered should be on the street right now say stating that the lives of these black children dying every night matters. Well, that gives you hope this mayor as a black mayor who was very critical of the police when he was on the police force to say that we think that comes from mildly right right like saying the absolutely obvious I think that more conservative mayor reset it with no less yapping time might make even more of an impact on crime in that city but black lives matter movement racial reckoning movement to summon a large extent was based on live understand that the original focus with the idea of open sea then legalized genocide of colored people are competent, have the correct route literally trave on Martin lawyer if the argument that the cops were murdering what they say hundred thousand unarmed black man every year. It turned out that one myself had a McDonald news network.

Other people started digging into this little number unarmed black man on provoking only shot by the police at about 10 probably probably a bit directly added on provoking.

We totally and in response to national movement with very non-typical very unique and unfortunate case of the George for a case where there was horrible policing may also had an overcoat hated and shoved into the national spotlight and preventative normal police pulled back by 2030% of the Ponca City absolutely was what we just described. Those days there were 30 or 40 people shot two thirds of reports of them are black. Were seeing that in most major cities The population in Chicago, and local intent that in the inmates. So if you truly think that black lives matter.

The same people, same strong young men around the streets protesting logically should be out in the streets defending their neighborhoods against gang members are criminals and strong arm robbery, but I think we think will be will be waiting a long time before we see that my fighting a police doing this only people I will put myself in that category.

They want to help out the situations in the inner city where kids are born where you know with maybe a single-parent household with air where their they have on welfare with the attached social programs maybe don't have that role model to understand how to make it in this very competitive world baby and have school systems got plenty of money but they fail him because he opened the teachers of whatever the situation is. I love to start helping when you when you see black eyes matter get this type of money and then you find out that their buying mansions rather than helping rebuild cities of putting Boys and Girls Club's and mentorship programs in Chicago and in Charlotte and in San Francisco and Kellan from Los Angeles.

It drives you crazy and it forces people just to stay away Prof. line.

There is actually very important.

Most people want to help out. There can be miscommunication between white and black men and women ordered southern Mexican immigrants in native format But most people actually in this country to the good country aren't bigoted haters huge majority of people in a major mistake black lives matter by making police violence, even all about black people and presenting the average white person asserted the distant prejudice person doesn't care.

The average Italian-American act athlete in New York City or Long Island really really like to help point to get the initial hostility of the movement here and also the perceptions of corruption. I mean, I wrote an article about this for spiked online and talk about my book taboo but black lives matter received something like $11 million for mostly well-intentioned donors. This is all the black lab nations, black lives matter global foundation BLM NGF alone got 90 billion within one gear you actually track where that money was coming there with you.

If you go to the house on almost 30 million with different groups that don't really have a lot to do with the inner-city for the quarrels. For example, the transgender travel group was one of the groups that Patrice Clore's dictatorship to I think a lot of people ideally there would be a movement we could all join together all the old civil rights movement to genuinely help the poor.

I don't think BLM ever want that steam Fox News senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Fox news where ever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine. Prof. Wilbur Riley with associate professor. But besides Kentucky State University. I want you here. So now people like the IRS or same when second you have all this money, you don't really fire tax returns and you buying mansions. So now people are asking her for some paperwork she doesn't run black lives matter anymore. I don't think anybody actually does. Here's what she said. I actually did not know what my 90s or before all of this happen that count handle that. Like I don't know what that is.

It is such a trip now to hear the word that the term my 90s. Unlike the triggering, triggering, really, everyone did the whole countries been triggered in April. I know it's it's tax month, almost funny debate that modern heart left that they only have one argument like the same dance steps really really well for caloric clip. She says that she's triggered by the difficulties of working in the tax system at another point she said that the right sisters must be designed to take a lot of money for my black small businessmen white background, and others. Another point where she said she says I feel unsafe. Looking at these are complex for all just BS.

I mean, you pointed out on the five almost any accountant in the country would've been glad to work for with black lives matter to make sure that everything was paid up properly. There is no continuation of the racial crisis on they just didn't do that if you actually start to look at the operation of BLM NGF at the charity there been massive problems and caloric resigned as I recall, in late 2020. If not, it was 20, 21, and plan to turn the 501(c)(3) over the counter per second and third ranking people but they said no they never assume both called. So for a long time there was no one in the group in the very spot it says it's remarkable. And it really is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Were you and I were both charitable givers want help poor black Americans for white Americans. Whatever. But where it is hard to take this seriously, but it's really unfortunate. This is what is happening with this movement that gets back to the movement itself being founded around this false if you founded on the idea of helping the poor across the color line. It was founded on the idea that there is a race war targeting black people led by the police and that was never really true that that was the problem all along that was brilliant because you talk to please you really it's my fault because he George Floyd my Long Island cop friends. It's their fault. The ones that are working for 40 you come out of the Academy. Jim, would you make 40 $38,000 year and you think they wanted to present will you live in New York City so that's what you become a policeman, not for the money not for the glory and now you find out you the problem. A lot of people are just in our country just walking away from this insane I might do law enforcement anymore and that's kind of will rat were wrapped know I'm in Detroit and I went to the Henry Ford American Museum of innovation, and in the air is the Rosa Park bus in their these great speeches by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and their rolling and in there is a of an actual water from the says whites only Blacks only and there is a actual bathroom visible colors only whites only the people see that, like me, and listening right now white people or non-African Americans and horrified. We wanted these things and I we go through we study it.

I went through mostly white working-class community grew up.

We never.this we had semesters just on civil rights what LBJ did and what has to still be done never ducted. So of course we can always improve on. Having said that, we look at that. We can't pretend that was yesterday, we can note much the progress want to get better and my question to you in the big picture is how do we grow to look out for. We come look out bad.

It was and do it in a positive way.

Is it possible I think what you're saying. And again I grew up in a working-class integrated community is one of the south side Chicago or you had after American American, Italian, Irish, minimum.

R. And while I work with people. I think that most Americans have a perspective pretty similar to my me.

Most people at this point, 20, 22, think race is bad presented people would consider interracial marriage, like 4% of people also go a step further and the legacy of the past. There are more poor people and say an Indian reservation because of past abuse. Even quite frequent. Now we want to fix that problem. Is that what you could call critical race theory met my buddy Chris Ruth follows so I could work on the medical term is useful, but that doesn't provide a solution that's not the civil rights movement is kind of the exact reverse face of everyone working together so the whole CRT argument basically is that every gap in society.

Now this is eager to work. Work is due to some new hidden subtle form of racism, so it's not enough just to work to help the poor. Like I worked out the poor there probably doing that for some crooked manipulative what you need to do is bring in these paid to minority experts and consultants delete and down that path. I don't think there lies anything.

Racism is what it always was disliking people kinetically or ethnically. How can you stop it or punish it in society. What you do with people don't have a lot of money to help them out of our portly piece of the scale and I think as people come forward operating out of a group prayer foundation of the dollar rates of seven inter-music unites normal groups of middle-class citizens offer an alternative where they say what we got black and white.

Hispanics with jobs or working together. I think most people are going to latch onto that sort of the endless whale right like we got from Disney and a lot of people just writing checks and like what happened in Atlanta skews me in Georgia during the election. Okay were racist country were trying to blackout stop likely from voting in Georgia, so let's move the All-Star game so we will see a lot of this is especially the corporate level now so I want to be a stroke their hands and sale can really keep my mouth shut.

I would hang out with people that understand that I'm not a racist. And I went to just stay out of the fray, but with his political environment. 24 hour news it's impossible final thought Prof. what you said is unfortunate and it's a sign of laziness is the main thing you're talking about work that we do have some problems in this country that require us to work hard and clean up the path.

Not many still some people want to do that, but it's very easy just to look at the loudest voices assume they represent minority communities or whatever. And like a contract but they dealt almost no one on the ground of black community, or for that matter, all I want to Long Island want the cops God nobody so you need to actually talk to people from those areas.

We need to actually work together it harder, but like most hard work that always educational talk to process Wilford Riley pick up his book taboo 10 facts you can talk about and hate crime hoax thanked Prof. just subscribe and listen to the Tri-County federal prosecutor and four term US Congressman from South Carolina brings you a one-of-a-kind pungent subscriber

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