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Secretaries Austin & Blinken Visit Ukraine: Finally Ready to Actually Help?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 25, 2022 12:43 pm

Secretaries Austin & Blinken Visit Ukraine: Finally Ready to Actually Help?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 25, 2022 12:43 pm

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Brian would kill me. I would walk to the latest woman to write to me Joe 1-866-408-7669. Hope you had a fantastic weekend were back in action now micros Billy with her to the bottom of the hour. No history of how America works will he's back on second season about the launch on FB and it was great to talk to about what's happening one lawmaker looking double minimum wage way to second you didn't you looking to double minimum wage with a bunch of businesses, but with only small businesses and what they want through over the last few years with this pandemic and you looking to do that. That's thinking country first and Congressman Ryan think he wants to be Congressman. Again, the former secretary of the interior in studio if it's one of three watching Fox nations. You'll notice that already. So before we get to the Congressman. Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

I think there is about two members of the Hispanic congressional delegation.

It's myself and I was maybe sent that Gonzalez was also at the border that feel that title 42 should be stayed in place and the rest of them are going to say keep go ahead and left it. Yeah, that's what you said. Can you believe that only one clear thinking Democratic war on the border border patrol agent drowned while trying to save a drug trafficking from drowning themselves ends up saving them and costing him his life. Her children to recover me while there's going to be the Hispanic caucus of the White House today. Talk about title 42, believing that 40 Democrats want to keep it in place. What a joke. Those five things really are the purview of the city say this is a public health issue. We are concerned about that about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health. Yes, this is a CDC issue which I should not of been a coronation. Yes, the CDC, that is to be all about that, done with it and finish with Ouchi doctors are bailing on the usefulness of mass and talked about you think the CDC should trump judiciary branch you believe this skies insane.

This is China starts fencing in people in their homes with the omicron variant many voice, most of which are asymptomatic, they have locked up 25 million people. I'm sure thought you would be fine with that when it comes to Russia's warnings brushes failing to succeed.

Russia has sought is principally totally subjugate the frame to take away sovereignty take away his independence that has failed while blinking in Austin meet with Zielinski and keep are we finally ready to make sure the Russians loses war we just limit Ukraine's loss will bring you the latest from the three hour visit that they had was supposed to be 90 minutes in the 60 day work also special welcome McKay Q OB FM in Oklahoma City I were thrilled to be on. Now in that great station. Oklahoma's talk radio so that's great to know were on there and so it's great to see comes from Ryan's inky cars. We did some of the best features ever on Fox nation. Thanks to you when you secretary the interior that was specially 100. The Lincoln Memorial in DC and some of the greatest sites on Mount Rushmore wasn't ready, Rushmore was not actually right and then come on out this summer and will will find some bright projects and you will be Congressman again.

Montana gets another senior said I let me try Nina, I tend to be a little bit of a truly lightweight look month and him America's not weak and don't ever think for a moment that America's week we have the strongest military ever assembled in the history of mankind. We have resources we have energy resources. This country that we can go out 300 years plus the administration is weak, but there's a big difference between American something way can administration I think is fixable leadership matters there in the house this time the houses I think little more important than the Senate. The Senate is going to make sure the confirmations but house actually can control a lot of policy by the budget.

So I think the house to get in. We can define a lot of things in regulatory and administratively what's what's going to happen this this next year and things that matter to Montana country guns and water is US. There's a number of things this administration's going do administratively. The house actually if it does its job which I believe it will can investigate my understanding that Jim Jordan is going to be the arm of the investigation and the other side of the budget working at the crack open the budget ensure that we can take an out-of-control budget and bring it in control and on and I can fix the border in three or four weeks to build the wall in power, the border patrol to do their job no more catch and release process in Mexico. I can fix energy as we did before know when I when I walked in, his secretary were 8.3 million barrels a day as a country and declining two short years, we were 12.5 million barrels a day. The world's largest exporter of energy across the board. We lowered admissions and had the greatest safety record ever in this country right so if you let America run and do what we do best known can compete down to 11.2 right. I think were 12.8 11.2 and of course the energy industry deserves full credit for the fracking of the horizontal of fracking is been unbelievable with this as Shell Oil well in this administration just put in more Dnieper restrictions is almost guaranteed to those that is the environmental protections on it for billing facilities they they just strangled our ability at the moment we should be building facilities building pipelines building natural gas terminals to deliver fuel for allies and shore up our our energy independence with this administration is canceling leases. We can't can drill in the national petroleum reserve in Alaska.

Keystone pipeline is important for the heavies and they just put a torpedo in the side of billing facilities that we need so and Laura got the green light with the text. What took so long to get it if you got you started drilling when he when he passed, but it was all types of problems in Alaska right with the Republican governor well in an animal arts a little bit misleading it was. That is a 1002 section within the NY that was segregated when and where was was formed as a section in there that that was to be developed when the time was right law of the 1002 section there that we can even resources at the national petroleum reserve in Alaska and that's separate from the MRI and that's how bad it cuts back on the on the planet. I want to get your expertise with your military background on what's happening in Ukraine.

First off, why was it that our intelligence people and I have total respect for the job. I can't do their job, but I'm cut a let down that we had no idea.

Evidently their assessment was 96 hours Ukraine would fall he would follow my sis in their assessment was that the. The rush was going to take over that country in 72 hours by some so the ministry to 72.

The intelligent parts at 96, and no one thought that the Russians with this much of a hollow giant well it it has exposed a significant weakness in combat readiness of Russian. Now they have fine equipment 1990s a great tanks at 125 mm in reactive armor, but they've lost hundreds of these tanks and you and you look at it in Ukraine is not Pakistan is not India is not shyness you look at Ukrainian military strength probably the top 20. But you're right, they their prediction was rush was gonna stay in third gear and overrun your grade. That didn't happen and what we instead found that you had green troops had logistics problems even fuel reluctant troops reloaded totally confused about their mission was sitting on the border for months and you know what was going on but evidently they were being fed while, but also what was our message right and this is an administration I think looks only through two lenses. Globalism and global warming, say they have a telescope with two flawed lenses that they're making every decision on my globalism. We stood there while we want to have a unified front NATO this is NATO that when when it kicked off when Russia invaded Germany by their chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff equivalent surged everything they had forward.

They search the hundred and 50 troops three armored personnel carriers and a missile battery that's what Germany has and Pres. Trump was exactly right when he called it for what was NATO you not spend money on on ammunition in your military or spending your money on social endeavors and is going to cost Indiana pay your share. Remember that when an and look what happened NATO without the US NATO is a fine idea without capability right thing is they did if I was you guys in Afghanistan. A lot of people think they did enough, but they did say okay will declare war. They evidently did declare war with young Libya, whatever that was.

With disaster but and the Ukrainians evidently were impressive you would tell me better of fighting a fighting force fighting with Americans.

They actually helped even with the evacuation of that disastrous exit from Afghanistan, but in the three hour long meeting Sec. defense Austin and secretary of state blinking met with Zelinski was supposed to be 90 minutes he took a train from Poland great symbol they going to announce that will put an ambassador in place. I did not know there is no investor in place my bed to take the one from Slovakia putting in leave that eventually TF. From what you've seen with the allocation of another $700 million only given them enough to win against Russia or push Russia back or contain them. I think were giving them some equipment and I am a big advocate for Ragan to fight for freedom or freedoms, imperialism, and you put troops in but you give tactics, techniques, equipment we should be giving UAVs CO javelins are great obviously very effective against the armor, artillery is interesting is artillery. This is not to discriminate.

Weapon artillery is is as it is and what was seen. The Russians and they do artillery there there targeting civilians. It's it's barbarians strew the face of evil by think we can be be giving a lot more. We should be pushing Russia to make sure we have core doors for humanitarian aid and if they don't deliver. You know we can do a Berlin airlift type operation to we work we do that you would put a fight for freedom. You know I get in this case also trumps which rapidly is scheduled to carry our hellfire missiles.

There was post, deliver Amazon packages we can drop some some well and we can do a lot more with drones. The drones are in its interesting and drone warfare were watching some of the Turkish drones be very effective against armor we should be pushing that that capability and often times in a pilot in the Connex box.

It should be a Ukrainian pilot push the button but we can provide a lot of assistance on that. I want you, David Martin said a CBS national security correspondent about what he thinks of the Russian so far what with the US thinks with Russians have done cut six of certainly have a fighting chance.

Just the battlefield rural farmers for attacker needs a 3 to 1 advantage over the defender and Russian tries for 7 to 1 vacation. They just don't have those kind of numbers now that we've been talking for weeks about all the shortcomings of the Russian military poor morale for command-and-control poor logistics.

Those are not the kind of problems you solve in a few weeks. American defense secretary once said you go to war with the Army you have Nessie only. They have which may seep when we come back on to talk about MoveOn a little bit, but just from what you think from what you know right now country project for me. How long you think this will go. We think the outcome will be well are rudderless and what is our desired outcome.

We are again allow them to does this take a portion of the country. Well, it seems to be what what this administration is. I haven't seen a clear plan of what the in-state is in my mind.

I don't think is a reset button with Putin.

I think he's the face of evil and criminal war charges should should be levied commanders as well.

Absolutely you can't willingly and knowingly target civilians and the scenes are gut wrenching was happening and its cowardice.

They don't want to take on the Ukrainian military. They wanted take on 80-year-old grandmother Sonia can see the are the effects of artillery because the Russian game plan is just pound and grind in the submission and unfortunately it causes no loss of life in an enormous amount of pain that he 90 see the pushback. Finally, and in the world forum I don't see there's a reset with with Putin and now are delivering artillery. I assume this the target. There, artillery, artillery artillery, it will be somewhat indiscriminate, but I think surgical weapons, UAVs, thermal imaging, those weapons they give our troops the advantage in the battlefield pushing the technology is what we should be pushing absolutely right. So we come back will now it's about immigration and how the congressman wants go back to Garza Montana and the role will have. If they do, and the repugnance to do what everyone expects and that's get the majority goes to the brain kill major learning something new every day, try and kill me show precise personal power. So is America's liturgy in the palm of your hand to fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show my wife with people who are asking for Unitarian relief at the border in mind comprehensive immigration reform.

All the Democrats are on board. We have to work out the details. We still need to be wiped out. That's where we need to make significant change that is was with Warren cheese are you ghost can and are being detached from reality with me right now is coming from right-thinking to form your secretary of the interior was also spent a lot of his quality years as a Navy seal your reaction to the center of said title 42 is not not equal to our values and pandemics article to my values either.

It's hard to get inside of her head. The border and talk with with Pres. Trump today and we can we can finish the wall in three weeks.

I say maybe four weeks we can fix the border in a matter of weeks and wait we have to stop the bleeding and he had in power, the border patrol do their job.

That means no more catch and release process in 1/3 country.

He also have to empower ice to go after the sanctuary cities. The drug trafficking, the sex trafficking.

So finish the board and there's places in the and on the border you not to be able to build a wall there's Big Bend national Park standards 2000 foot cliffs we have any reservations you have at your going to have to negotiate with. But by by large we can secure it seems this administration doesn't want the border at all. Their borderless and it goes back to globalism I know border yet. Yet there is comprehensive reform that that's make sure we control the border and then we have to figure out who's in this country.

Brian, we have no I Dia who is in this contract to million of come since prison bind to go over will even know who's two blocks away from here and there's been a number of terrorist number people are on different different watchlist come across working at the find out who's who's in this country is actually six people vote on this.

Yes you know it and Emil in Montana and over long ways away from the border, but we have drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and in is coming right up the gut from the southern border is a little activity in the northern border, but nothing compared the southern border in affects every town across America is there's drugs and sex trafficking in and there's gangs and so we can more for more planes and mill the night arriving on Westchester County small airports, full of unaccompanied minors thinly going to the school system working class areas where no political power alone.

It takes a lot of resources when children are behind your first child and for speak English and I have arrived at a big heart for children. Absolutely we take a child you dump them into a school system. There nine or 10 years old. They don't have a background they sell. It takes an enormous amount of local resources, even to get those kids in the classroom for on the first day right then you have a healthcare assistant in a number of issues. I am pro-immigration, but we can do it legally right because you gotta get a fat who's here. Come spend a few people to support your run for Congress were to go to Ryan's and whether some good news in a little bit of a cheerleader, in America. This is our country, we can fix it leadership matter he's going back to Ryan Zaki. I got the nomination to fill that pregnancy thanks country Fox News time tasks network mind and down the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now my going up Fox News five radio show like no other. What happened there.

Today is really more a checkbox is not why because first of all you have.

Most people not wearing the night.

Either way to phrase off covering or even a surgical mask which is not effective in reducing transmission then when you get on board if you eating or drinking you don't have to have something on your face and then finally, about 1/4 of all people wearing underneath their nose, which is like closing, only three of the five screen screen doors on your submarine and so that from that perspective that it really isn't all that effective. And so I think that what we want to do is stop talking about masking and talk about effective respiratory protection so that is Dr. Michael on a foster home in the big debate in this country last week when the judge said there is no way the CDC continue this mass resolution makes no sense and everybody went crazy. I loved it.

I was on a plane twice last week without a mask, then quickly LaGuardia and JFK in New York where mask I didn't wear no one for scenarios get on the railroad. No enforcement will I bring that up because it affects everyday life certainly affects everyday work. Micro is joining us now to host a narrated executive producer of how America works. Some FOXBusiness CEO of micro works and host of the way I heard it podcast and hosted dirty jobs, which is back again and host of 6� with micro micro has to put his name in everything and that's the bigger story. The bigger story is what is so wide why is Mike Rowe again his names in the title so would secure the S put his name on everything, but this is season two of FBN prime and it kicks off it kicks off tonight.

It starts at 8 o'clock micro welcome back again. I got the username again so much accurate in all of that good regulations you got. I mean like 90% right 90% you corrected through my names a lot of titles that my full name is a lot of fun because most people don't call me Mike and I don't understand why you know I walk in the room of people gathered Brian or Steve make John there micro Valley. This flies that I don't know yet because my name is fun to say it is. It is fun to say what's inaccurate.

That's 8 o'clock tonight season two starts. And it might be a Skype ticket for micro it's pretty good. I love it. Seriously, well it dirty jobs without me literally in it so it's not about my point of view we we get our cameras into the most important mysteries in the country of the airline industry.

Be loyal textiles, sugar, salt, aluminum, tonight we premier with law enforcement. As we talk about endlessly when it comes time to be a cop last couple years so we got out to a booming thin North Carolina and we spend a week or so with the cops down there and give people really honest look at what it's like to be a cop in this day and age, and super proud of the series done really well on FOXBusiness and they keep ordering more of how America works with micro how can I say no let my kid thing is you made a decision I think was 10 years ago. I'm tired of working people I went on this stuff and that was great decision and his associate of Mike micro poster series, urinary element of Outlook part of the cube root. But honestly, it's really more about being able to be connected to to the stuff you do you know that part articulate. I think for people outside America. A little weird to understand but very different thing to narrate a program for instance that you don't own or that all you do is walk in and read somebody else's words. It's fine, the history works but you put your sweat and your and your thought and your care into a project that you can't mail it in. You know whether you're in the field are not producing whether narrating, so I just got the point my career where I thought you know why work on anything that I don't care about.

I spent 20 years working on stuff didn't matter to me. I asked 20 years I'm I'm trying to make amends. Well I don't really try to make amends design making mistakes, said the thing is to to listen since micro Acxiom don't own it and then this way, you just not same words so do you think I should ask Locklin for a piece of the company that simply take it know already and about right. This is how you imagine your future right to have a conversation with Locklin. It went well and that right like thoughtful public post thanking him for his generosity and feel guilt and that's a guided nose.

Once we hang up. You have to keep in touch with Macy's on the personal responsibility if my career goes south. After that, so just to your topic of of law enforcement. I thought this struck us the Christopher Ray was, unless on 60 minutes in one of the questions was about violence against law enforcement and and he doesn't think he gets enough attention cut 38 violence against law enforcement in this country is one of the biggest phenomenons that I think doesn't get enough attention last year.

Officers are being killed at a rate of almost one every five days alarming percentage of the 73 law enforcement officers killed the light duty last year were killed through things like being ambushed wearing the badge should make you a target that did. That's one thing you have law and order.

That's one thing CS got to have officers do it, but if you don't respect the people who have to enforce the law and order all hell broke loose and that's pretty much the story in every major city in this country right and that story we can point fingers and blame a lot of people for why this war has been waged on cops, but to me, and what you'll see in the show tonight is that the completeness understanding of the perspective I mean there are over 800,000 cops in this country. And when you really look at the numbers when you look at the tiny fraction of a percentage that get themselves in some kind of public trauma. It is not to make it small because obviously nobody nobody hates the bad cop work but a good cop, but the amount of attention that we have paid to cops who abuse the badge versus those who didn't show up day after day do their job care about their community. Deeply the majority of cops never draw their God and their entire career right and that doesn't make her splashy headlines. People don't write much about that but we started to see Mike you anyway. Over the last year so we start to see what happens when we turn law enforcement and the enemy. Likewise, we think, what happens when we turn work into the enemy when we turn energy into the enemy we we seem to be turning on ourselves in so many different ways and looking with a complete lack of gratitude to complete lack of respect at the most important industries in our country and so we talk about this before. It's that weird thing that happens in our species when we start to repent.

The very thing that we rely upon doing it now and so many ways were doing it with energy were doing it with food doing it with skilled labor, and of course were doing it with cops and it is well let's just say we do that at our peril from the group that series cannot help challenge that may determine those ideas around thing I noticed to visit with the only network by far know is even close to defend police will play joyfully whenever you say oh that's what you seeing from the wrong angle. Now, obviously, is not what you want to reform law enforcement without law enforcement in the room. Finally, people petered out on that. Finally, the Prez United States is saying I'd I never said refund defined the police although Cory Bush a Democratic Congresswoman says it every day so they say were crazy that we actually recorded some of the comments, so having said that, I want to pass go to another area of expertise and you mentioned before about work.

Now I'm all for people audio getting the most they can all for the work they put in, but it's gotta be within the realm of profit and viability you have another lawmaker coming out and said $15 is so yesterday $30 an hour should be minimum wage.

Micro is there a downside to $30 an hour minimum wage. Why not 40. Why not. It's not about the number and every time somebody comes out with a new fixed number media takes the bait and they talk about number okay.

It was reasonable, but 18 or eight he was reasonable and so quick look to me it's a bigger conversation about a shortcut. Most of my friends who I disagree with on policy agreed with me in terms of what we'd all like to see the question. It can you can you really fix a problem by fixing a price. Can you fix a problem by fixing wage and I like I just told Street to see an hour ago I am not an economist. I don't really truly know but I've been alive long enough to look back and I can't find a single instance where this works. I can't find a single link fence where the unintended consequences of artificially fixing our rent or raising wage has somehow magically escape this. This is going to dramatically accelerate robotics it's going to eliminate the lower volumes on the ladder and I hesitate to even say it like that because all the wrong collateral are important, but in my experience it's the one from the bottom that are the most critical rights were used declined, that's where you start.

I don't know any small businessmen were women who can start somebody out $30 an hour. I just don't write up especially now after they've been stressed over the past from 219 on try to get their feet get the legs and turned underneath them again, knowing that the crime is an issue in New York City with big stories he smash and grab and shoplifters.

This is, it just ties your whole series together on this make it impossible for these deli in bodega owners to exist because no one enforces the shoplifting when they grab a person they know they can get out again. Cops know there's no bail so that I didn't like and arresting them so now all of a sudden it doesn't pay to have a business and I get to go to get that supermarket working get $30 and hour which means you the ones getting 30. I'm gonna 150. Look going on here to do since you started with the airplane thing but go back to that for when you talk about unintended consequences. And when you talk about telling people to do its thing that those people deep down, believe it rooted in logic that you get the kind of situation you described.

At the airport where everybody is ignoring the law. Everybody realizes look we know this thing is a sham. We know them. After all, to said these maps are not terribly effective.

I may look to the expert think you meant to say what they don't work at all o'clock math doesn't work at all. It doesn't fit and there's not a shred of science that suggests that it's effective and yet we've been told for two years that we simply have to wear it somewhere in this weird space where were all in compliance really not out of danger and we got the whole risk reward paradigm all upside down millions of people doing something that deep down they really they really don't believe work.

Of course, and it wears you down. Tell me about it and these other people who take it off and they're mad at you for not wearing one. I got you kidding, here's Anthony Thatcher. This is part of the idiocy that we been in the middle of lead by this man. In my view cut 12 those types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue. We are concerned about that about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decision. This is a CDC issue which I should not of been a correlation so he wants the CDC to rule over our country indiscriminate of any of the other branches of government so the CDC says it which means the teachers union wanted.

We've Artie discover those emails so that they want to extend another two weeks to further study the effectiveness on public transportation and mask used a birdie at 2 1/2 years, but they need two more weeks when a judge step since it is no basis for this that something the judges shouldn't do. I do not know that that medical opinions should rule how we live our lives about which empathy ought to rule our lives say I think I probably agree that it shouldn't be. The CDC the bigger question that I wish more people asked was it persuasive is the CDC being persuasive because we we deserve to be persuaded. We don't need to be told to go to our rooms because it's time to go to our rooms with no explanation in your eight but at some point adults need to be persuaded. Somebody needs to make a rational case that says here is why this needs to work here is why you want to do this and then rational people can sit back and say okay you know what I find that convincing or that makes sense to me. Or in this case, no I don't think it makes sense to take down the mask that I wear under my nose and put up between bites. For two years. I just don't. I don't find that persuasive and get if we push back.

We ask well then you know how the argument got right we don't science and who week. That's right, how dearly that's right. That's why mycotoxin hypotheticals. They know I know exactly you mean I see I see exactly to getting what you still want to be canceled or suspended. I don't mind micro I II cannot with your series tonight how American words back on Fox's season to bet with Mike right right so excited.

It's always great to never to scold Mike.

It's micro back in a moment educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So just subscribe and listen to Fox News by just the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. I think Mary Garland was burned last year when scandal Justice Department.

The ion's apparent belief just no appetite to ruin his reputation that by being seen to be covering up for the Biden family side, he will just let this run. Let justice take its course.

And that's of course Miranda divine talk about the new revelation not new to her to but to us that Eric Sherwin had 19 visits to the White House in a sit down with the vice president at least one, and also commented on Joe Biden's personal taxes, who we see use the former head of hunters now dissolved Rosemont Seneca.

What was he doing meeting with the vice president with his sons business. Remember Pres. Biden when he was VP when he was inspiring presidential candidate.

He told reporters that he has never, ever discussed businesses of Hunter.Hunter binds businesses never discussed it even though he was in the New Yorker magazine telling Hunter Biden according to Hunter, and I hope you know what you're doing son.

He said I know I do when they were told that a board membership on charisma. Why would they had a Rosemont Seneca be meeting with Jill and Joe Biden. Why was go to the White House so much meeting with Anthony Boykins, future wife about the way one must is getting very close to buying Twitter. I all came together over the weekend. I'll be talking about that Monday, edition Brian kill me, Joe people here. Thanks so much for listening. Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite time just Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me the latest moment of the brain. Tell me Joe Pelletier from 46 in midtown Manhattan but heard around the country and hopefully heard in Ukraine. This was really pulling for that country to show this really how to fight. Special thanks Oklahoma City's KQOB were privileged to be on that station now. They are now carrying us and to be great is called Oklahoma's talk radio and we been Oklahoma City. I think my last four book tours. I really get a sense how great it is. I would also love to be on in Tulsa Oklahoma.

In general will is have Sen. Langford on two easy days always a big proponent.

So before we go any further would just cover the other news you are in Moscow think he's zeroing in on buying Twitter man what a turnaround in a few days from the shock to the poison pill and now we might as well give in to follow that story. But first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is a three number three.

I think there is about two members of the Hispanic congressional delegation asked myself and Congressman Vicente Gonzalez was also at the border that feel that title 42 should be stayed in place and the rest of them are going to say keep go ahead and left it is crazy to Hispanic Caucus 42 members present Biden he's bleeding Hispanic voters. And now that looks like all but to get us a lift. Title 42, which means wood boards can be flooded with 18,000 a day. The war on the border of border patrol agent ground will try to save would turn it to be drug traffickers who were drowning.

Now he loses his life. He is of national guardsmen. Therefore, for taxes, and thereafter fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unbelievable. Those types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue. We are concerned about that about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decision. This is a CDC issue which I should not of been a correlation this fake affectation like he's the smart one.

Dr. Anthony fatty done with it and finish without you doctors of failing on the usefulness of masks and Dr. fact you think the CDC should trump the judiciary branch. I kid you not.

The guy is insane. This is try to start fencing people in their homes with older crime and most are asymptomatic 25 million. I'm sure without you fine with that when it comes to Russia's warnings brushes failing Ukraine to succeed.

Russia has sought is principally totally subjugate Ukraine to take away sovereignty to take away its independence that is failed really thanks Tony blinking and secretary defense office to meet with Zelinski in cave, we are finally ready to make sure the Russians lose this war is that the case or just limit Ukraine's loss bring you the latest from this three hour visit.

There was supposed to be 90 minutes as they hopped on a plane with the pole and now I since have heard that Russia's gotten their oil depot heat inside their country by Ukrainian rockets and the Russians have blown up for a two-game at about five separate railroad tracks almost assemble America.

We know you there and we know you left me right now is guy there.

I hope Michael Goodwin your post, start his contributor Michael welcome back Michael, do you happy within the show of support Ukrainian Scott with sector defense secretary state in a cave today.

Late in the game show support put it up or shut up and the weapons that the Ukrainians keep asking for to protect themselves better and to enter it.

These Russian convoys and that we are holding back here that will see it as dilatory. I mean, what does he have to do to convince us that he intends to destroy Ukrainian kill every person in it. If he has to. I mean, at some point where we are only helping to prolong the war we are not giving Ukraine what it needs to actually claim victory and drive Russia out. It boggles the mind.

And here we are now two months into the actual war and for months before that was masking the troops, but we kept predicting that he was going to invade and yet here we are were still playing catch-up were still acting as though well he moved and then we counter but this is all within a defensive measure within the East destroy.

So we've got to change this dynamic. And I hope that Austin and Lincoln really make Condor were convinced by Zelinski that we're not doing enough and again this is not a call to send American troops or anything like that is simply to give Ukraine what it needs to win absolutely thing before we get to your topic you column is this masturbate in this country.

I judge listed and now LaGuardia in Philadelphia now this book to put it back into their airports. While can't touch the ruling on the actual airplane flew twice most people took the mask off and I don't know what I should stop saying that because New York is going to just try to destroy people's lives, much as possible.

Alyssa Daphne Faucher when he when the judge lifts the mass Mende cut 13 cut 12 those types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue. We are concerned about that about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decision.

This is a CDC issue which I should not of been a correlation really is.

The CDC issue.

What which means it's the teachers union issue so you we want the CDC deciding what we can do Encanto totally in the Constitution, federal court making a constitutional ruling that a federal agency has exceeded its authority. If the court can't do that.

What can they do not be able to rule on Highway issues on on school issues.

Why would you carve out the CDC entail Supreme Court you can't touch that. I mean it's it's a stupid argument to make. From a man who certainly knows better, but I think it is. It is a sign that Faucher is drunk on power to contradict me. I am science that is the tone he is taken throughout, you said earlier, you finish without key I'm with you on that menisci. He stayed too long at the party. He drank too much from the punch bowl. Time to move on to realize that you could set him off. Dr. Shah, John, who took over the White House, 19 response coordinator, walked to backs is subtly because he knew he made a mistake will move on.

You think the president of the United States is not living up to his to his proclamation that he's going to be a no malarkey president you see a lot of BS and him last week. For example, I mean on inflation.

It keeps talk calling it price hike. I mean it's a gimmick there's no truth to the war drew up the price of oil.

The starting point was Biden shutting down the Keystone pipeline and making it more difficult in many cases for American producers. It's not about we could have overcome all of this had Biden's policies and in sync with America's needs and the world needs this the same way on the on the border issue.

I mean that answer to the question about title 42 and he starts talking about mass mass is another one work first. He said people should should decide what they wanted to appeal the judge's ruling. I mean it's it's one day it's one thing the next day. It's another thing to a policy. It's all kind. It's all incoherent. When you try to find the common thread when you try to seek what is this man believing what it what is the policy.

What is the objective.

Where's the evidence of what's working and what's not just seems to be a free-floating BS artist run clean is feeling very optimistic now because he said, Cohen wanted double digit had a double-digit victory and at 36% approval rating is guys got about that now 41 and galloped there in the 30s just about every other pole so he feels optimistic that the American people react like the French people to think this misplace complaint and compare Marie love and to Republican Party now really is legitimately a far right figure and to say that that's where the Republican Party is why because they don't want to know one kindergarten teachers talking about sex to kindergartners that make the Republican far right party because we want the border sealed that make Republicans up on the far right party. I mean it's a ridiculous comparison based on a simple pole but run clean is grasping for straws I guess so thing is that with doing for now is trying to get some momentum for the midterm.

So Elizabeth Warren thinks that she has a she's got a a cure.

She says it number one. I will not run for president. She says but I'm going to Beaufort support Joe Biden for reelection and then urges Joe Biden to start doing executive orders, and fruit.

One thing you should do is is unilaterally just forgive all student loans will all learn loan thing.

I think this is such 1/3 rail for many Americans when they when they either take out loans or repainted themselves and now those who didn't are going to get you a free ride. You know there's no distinction between where did you go to school to learn what did you spend that college alone on the fact that people talk loans for silly degrees because the loans were so widely available. Great grips you know someone wrote the other day, a 21-year-old person to get $100,000 student loan but couldn't get $10,000 loan from a bank for personal data.

Start a business problem like so student loans were so easy to get help to drive up the tuition everywhere. Student loan business. I think a destructive impact on on schools and on students lives now were just going to wipe it away. Forgive those who don't pay. What about those get out of this deal and I think that the thing when the government gets involved. It really creates what what they call Wall Street tomorrow encouraging people to borrow the government will forgive� And to do this for second, the presence of mistresses to sing so brutally dishonest number one Jim Crow 2.0 in Georgia seen the George's reform law.

Other voting lowest. It was Jim Crow 2.0 such a polarizing powerful statement that diminishes the evil of Jim Crow. When you look at this would this is rain input puts in place, that the drop boxes allows expanded voting, but just not expend voting on certain days. He said it ended at 5 o'clock. Most people get work that would flat out just not true. It's it's still a voting monthly Georgia so all those things.

A glossy All-Star game and then they try it with the don't say gay Bill in Florida with nothing to do with that. It was don't teach sex and gender identity to kindergartners through third grade, so those are two deliberate acts that divides a country for political gain. That's nonexisting Stacy. Amy was now running from the Jim Crow 2.0 and a roll with it. The lusty All-Star game and believing this. But no matter how many Democrats are standing up for Disney right now and to start part of it you were to rise situations that are on through. So you mentioned Jim Crow 2.0, don't say gay Bill not say don't do nothing about gay, it's about what can be taught to K through three. It's not some anti-gay bill about indoctrinating students who are too young to make these decisions let me know transgender that swept across the country as though we all now have to say transgender is a good thing. Let's tell the children is a very controversial issues having to do with the science of a six-year-old legitimately determine their sex now in the future they can change their identity when they're sick when chocolate all day.

If we let them listen to them when they said they want to change this so far. Once this there's always the Democrats when you don't have universal healthcare I getting want to raise taxes on the rich. I understand it, corporations open the Fisher all right that's been you busy forever, but this whole thing is totally fictitious.

It's totally synthetic. Nobody cares about this. This should not be a big election issue is unbelievably Joe binds pretending like it's an issue now.

Michael always great to talk to get your columns went back in action, we come back.

It's all in year 1-866-408-7669, but of the hour, Jennifer Griffin from Germany don't move your knowledge base needs that Brian kill me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about and you are with Brian kill me. So I listened to the tape instead of listening to the coverage it seems to me that what happened was he gets on gets asked about the 25th amendment he starts going through. He gives his prognostication that if the Senate is going to convict them that I would tell him to resign. Well I think that's pretty smart device.

If the Senate was can have the votes to convict them.

You should resign rather than be convicted by the United States Senate.

The same advice Barry Goldwater gave the Richard Nixon that he left so to me that is Chris Christie breaking down the dim mania which is a Washington DC centric January 6 talking point where McCarthy came as I never said the present to resign the role at this tape and I'm not sure who rolled out to the New York Times, Jonathan Martin.

In that book that's out and it says chemicals like yeah you know I've had it with this guy but you know what if the sentence can vote against him either. You should resign and then have pens take over. Don't even talk about pardoning so the talk about X's and O's and then the bottom line is this Donald twitches down from said it's no problem. I talked to Kevin about it we hashed it out and I straighten them out if you think that's it down from can afford Elliott and another Republican leader. He realizes that he Geordie not speaking to Kevin to Mitch McConnell any socket he's worked extensively with chemical tape at the house were with Kim McCarthy, take back the house you think about running for president to do it because the sky can be speaker and you can just keep alienating certain people. So I think the present also as mad as he gets.

He does forgive people and member Lindsay Graham command said I'm out on January 6.

After you're in the middle of the capital right, and they came back and since I talked to them things settle down feel differently what this world so I don't think that's it together. Chris Christie put a welcome surprise me there because I know Chris Christie figure out run for president to be an opportunity to bring something political he didn't radio that makes you think this is the Brian show expressed both of us and vote for president five also generosity grateful for all things were going is also focused on what he thinks of the next in order to be successful again. They have the mindset that they want when we have the mindset that we want to help them and we are the with me right now as I Jennifer Griffin, who was with them. Foxy senior security correspondent Jennifer.

Did you have it.

You did not now have an opportunity go on the train from Poland to keep right and Holding.

In fact, we were in a new blackout not able to report our family. We were going. We were sleeping on Eating at my well. They took that long train ride into key and round-trip. Now it would yell over over 24 hour but when he thought the bar that complement along the border this morning and I pointed questions about whether the track patient know that there are Russian back-and-forth� Can't pump some of, that shipment clearly not all because within the galaxy by Ukraine MLK anything you shoot out how to track my unnamed strategic critical date way that humanitarian aid to God very large and very very very little time getting it that they don't half of the networks on the ground and there's no clear cut line complex built really difficult issues and technically gifted what I find it at HMI we were, we could eat whole lot American weaponry and weaponry and not allowing not where it transportation and getting that Ukraine, the question getting bogged down by Ukraine and work good enough to get him up to the front line. Understood. So I'm asking this words matters in the present United States allegedly ad lib. that line. He got he did you know Vladimir Putin's gotta go. Nobody should be leading their nation like that. The other walk that back Sec. Defense Austin said he wants to see Russia we can to the degree you can't do things that he has done and that they have done in invading Ukraine might be the sentiment, but you think that's the most strongest thing they could say does not help unite the root of the Russian people well in a complicated situation. I think what would be 9 to 50 images coming out of the atrocities of war crimes which I witnessed myself on the ground and pick out if there would unite the Russian people and they would turn against the leader ordered ancient parking #of my parents. When the mockup and not in the Russian lie down people of the error. Any board who killed him back yet. There's a lot of questions I think from the cockpit call comment that we know why we were here. What now I think what I can see firsthand that US military is not going to fight Ukraine that no ground fighting want to avoid, but they are quite open and I think in an unprecedented way lighting weaponry Ukraine Ukraine can beat Russia and their Barry stop sign that Russia is still taking command and oil fired at 45 miles behind line somehow quite that stuffy oil because it is that the supply network that defined their military time that Ukraine and able strike behind enemy line in Bali. Very interesting.

I would say development this morning at the Defense Secretary at the high level so that Ethan Moore started on type like 24 very interesting so I saw Lieutenant General Doug Lou was a former US Abbasids and NATO it was talking about well with good talks going was treaded and this is what he said cut 10 this diplomacy have a chance between Ukraine and Russia yet.

I don't think that the situation on the battlefield. Yet lends itself to some sort of diplomatic compromise solution.

Both sides still imagine that they can win this. You agree, I think it right. I can't talk, not suggesting that each crying uncle at this point and he still there are some indications that he thinking planning and not getting accurate information from the battle. It's not clear what we do know that Sec. Gen. is going to sleep very strong United Methodist that is being delivered and we heard the defense secretary and for contacting taken on the map But the fire and corridor night. They are all Ukrainian think a yellow realism on the part of that what they need to be right now. It might work. Provide as much weaponry weaponry much weaponry that they know how to battering the Russian military date. Nobody really think the Russian military equipment marched cookie they did they did it with javelins. I thought my own. I carpet and paint all the way along the road north of the capital that might capital, but the cranked up in the diligent villager to the crash that apply line at your leave will be studied for a long time to lose your biggest take away could you you knows Jennifer has ceased the State Department and Defense Department have a different view. 60 days into this more than they had when it started. You get the sense in the subtleties of being around them in the body language are they are they change are they changing course at all publicly what they have done in terms of why I cannot tell you I mean I'm not allowed to talk about a lot of what I saw on I am telling you the amount of weapons never seen so much in one place and the number of every hour, which downloaded onto truck and other mode of transport to go into Ukraine and be handed off really quite stunning, and very easily and I know how procurement work that began in 19 signed off on $800 million in additional legal aid last Thursday. Within 48 hours how it thinking how it on delivered Ukraine 50 Ukrainian are killing men who were in court and undeclared location in Europe that that now they train the trainer model behind that really quite quickly empty shell. Well, of stockpiles of weapons that can and where I am right now I'm in. There are 30 minutes and keep the fence coming from 30 nation to meet with secretary often and get all Mike Miller to The joint chief to discuss what else can be what let military equipment. The other 30 countries have to provide key huge effort. It's very complete exchange. They started sending let you know. 24 after February 24, but type of weapons MD and the hardware that there are some very different from what I was really surprised at these Eastern European nations to join NATO was still using Russian equipment. I had no idea why that conversion wasn't put under way surprises me is that we gotta do this barter system training. Remember remember NATO countries to spend all the talk under the Trump administration even under the Obama ministration before that NATO countries to stand 2% of their key on the fence and pushed American menstruation suddenly night everyone. He and one of the problems like equipment if you're talking not equipment but what minor claim and none of them over and see the threat on the seat is to see if this could end with with Russia being pushed back to done buses come sooner than the keep Odessa and Micheal's and all those all those southern cities and the Russians, I think the thing you can have now is NATO motivated with their population involved demanding that their defense be built up, allowing us, allowing us to pivot to China because because will support the NATO nations, like always, always put support them with armaments, which they will pay for it. We will make and then we could give it elsewhere. Do you see a positive out of this positive unfortunate years for this to play out. He's got huge petrodollars there, despite sanctions, because unfortunately think that type of oil so there were in a bit of a catch 22. Right now in terms of money leaders like the team can last a long time I get overtime by their own people and caused a lot of long time. But what I can Ukraine people will not give up their land. They are most motivated, strong people ever seen a cookie for a group of people and they are motivated not wavering from calibration. All I would if there were 20 military aircraft time tomorrow .30 underestimate talking about reopening the country are online to get involved and help when the thing not the most cited in: the Baltic now you are seeing other countries jumped in and they recognize that 99 when I thought I would just walk with Terry their very real concern for chemical weapons already wait in general that he's put in charge by Ukraine challenge that the next challenge that the left absolutely my last question to you is I interview the station bested to the US he really believes it Finland's got to go for full forward with this application process and get in Sweden. He believes so to what you think. You think will be any resistance. Now I think they're absolutely on a path towards joy and I think it could never dreamed that Sweden would join NATO. It just showed foolhardy. You know, moved into Ukraine.

This one Ukraine backfiring United NATO and now country never thought on his court are going to market going NATO in Finland and Sweden compared to some of what developing countries in Europe who thought membership.

They are currently military training on make out they are already spending the money on defense and they just want to be a part of the umbrella group, not because they want to present a united front to Russia and to tell Russia anymore expansion is planned and they are involved.

They are there and they have the stated weaponry that you just great reporting over in Germany before she comes back home after traveling with the secretary state and defense over into our Ukraine. What a day. Thanks so much Jennifer think you got it. Meanwhile, back in a finish of your calls a lot going on. 186-640-8766. I hope you had a great weekend were back in action.

So glad you're here giving you you need to know you're with Brian kill me breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show my question is this how can you pass for international travelers to make sure they have their vaccinated or even show that holding 19 negative tests of a fly and how can we have the emergency federal public emergency extended to July 15 and say there's a pen that was going on in the United States but at the border.

Everything's fine and just let people in into the United States and those are mathematic messages. Why can't more Democrats just be logical. I can require you to fight. It is like in a primary by this left-wing liberal, mainly because most people thought Henry Cuellar was being investigated by the FBI and he's not a target of the investigation I want to get into a business should even affect election, but you put a guy like that.

You also talked about drilling in Texas who cares what parties and you just try to control the border. He's Hispanic. He's not anti-Hispanic breeze part of a 42 member Hispanic Caucus in the house. It's going to meet with present buying today he thinks is only one of the person that he knows who thinks it's a good idea to to not extend that support him and extending title 42, so just incredible. I just wish more people just do which good for their state and not so good.

We so worried about the president, for you know the president wrong. You know he has no clue and the border know we never talked to about the border you know he never gone to the border you know it to stand up for thanks much less everybody keep your go to Brian kill order any of my books all delivered inside my Fox News radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian and Billy Joe come here from midtown Manhattan, but heard around the country and all the hope in the Ukraine.

John Levine is here in the in our studio where we used to have probably more than revoke. Yes. But John is a New York Post writer will provide story to get this new information now to Miranda's book printed devise book a lot tougher. Mel information by checking the logs of the White House about you knocking a believer who had a chance to visit their it was the guy that used to run Rosemont Seneca who just happens to be cofounded by Hunter Biden 19 times we discussed that at least 19 times going to the White House.

What would that be will discuss that in the second. But let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. I think there's about two members of the Hispanic congressional delegation. It's myself and Congressman Vicente Gonzalez was also at the border that feel that title 42 should be stayed in place and the rest of them are going to say keep go ahead and left it nuts were on the border of border patrol agent Randall try to stupid drug traffickers from drowning as a Republican delegation edge to the border and Hispanic Caucus. It's the White House is a huge push to get title 42 of in place and stay in place through the summer because what the majority of Hispanic Caucus does not want this day.

They want 18,000 a day at the border. It's not those types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue. We are concerned about that about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health physician exactly the CDC issue which I should not of been a correlation yet done with it and finish with Ouchi doctors are bailing on the usefulness of mass� You think the CDC should trump the judiciary branch. The guy is insane. This is try to start convincing people in their homes. No joke with omicron. Most are asymptomatic. You took about 25 million. I'm sure felt you would sign off on that when it comes to Russia's warnings.

Russia is failing Ukraine to succeed.

Russia has sought is principally totally subjugate Ukraine to take away sovereignty and independence that is failed as a secretary state.

Lincoln blanketed Austin meet with some whiskey and keep we ready to make sure the Russians losers were just limit Ukraine's loss will bring you the latest from their three hour meeting in the 60 day war. Also, special thanks to take you a BFM you're now taken the Brian kill Joe in Oklahoma City.

We appreciate that your slogan is Oklahoma's talk radio right to the point and so true, so John welcome officially to the show a welcome back. Thank you for having me this is the first in studio appearance that I've done here about a few remotes is great loving your voices and quite you newspaper should be doing voiceovers mean one of these days offer me a job will be people is that people told you that people told me that my whole day until I got them back to little close to the microphone. I get a little bit of advice John so first off, we do the Hunter story is not stopped really since the New York Times and watching was realized it was true. It is his laptop. The emails are authentic. This is stuff that you had a year and 1/2 ago. I feel like I'm having like d�j� vu look him in the matrix the times and the Washington Post are putting out stories that I knew 18 months ago that that the New York Post put out 18 months ago because there there suddenly getting around to confirming air quotes confirming the hard drive bring out we already knew but you know unfortunately for a lot of their readers there caught in I call at this Bermuda news triangle where they just they have no idea.

They have no idea.

This is all information that was publicly known for a very long time frustrating for you. We must been unbelievably frustrating for you. This huge story involves the present United States and his son, and they want to make it about all the guys addicted and he just happens.

I was lessened by no we don't care about his crack use care about what he did. I think that's that's important.

The Hunter Biden story surface level appears very very complicated because there's a lot of contracts in foreign business deals and very exotic countries. It's it's really very very simple story. It's not about crack addiction.

It's not even really about nepotism it's about 2019.

Joe Biden told this networks Peter Ducey. I've never had any involvement in my son's overseas business dealings and it's about is that true and what we we now know is is a growing body of evidence to suggest that it's not true but he was involved so as much is you can look at that laptop and go through it and Miranda wrote a book about it which are about to tell us is new that you were able to get this information that was public but not pursued so just before we start Rosemont Seneca is Rosemont.

Seneca was an investment company cofounded by Hunter Biden Devon Archer and Chris Heintz and Eric Swearingen was the president of Rosemont, Seneca partners okay and was type his investments today do you know it was a very good question because there's a lot of in the hard drive. There's a lot of evidence of money changing hands, but it's very unclear what this company actually did lose their skill set right skill set was that Hunter Biden was Joe son. That was the skill set and a lot of it was oh, you know, I'll introduce you to this person, but it was all there was a lot of proposed deals with oligarchs, whether it's in Mexico, whether it's in Ukraine, whether it's in China and is a lot of flurries but we don't actually know you know exactly what things came to fruition with didn't still to be seen. Chris Heintz credit whoever is for John Kerry's son, Kerry's stepson, Teresa Heinz carries yes son, and she's married and he walked away from right yeah so maybe this is save himself. Maybe so was going on there. What you find about the president of Rosemont Seneca here's the thing is you said this is an and the hard drive pleaser in the Obama administration's publicly available visitor logs which we link to in the story I published anyone can go there and look at them and it shows that Eric Swearingen, the president of Hunter Biden's investment company made at least 19 official visits to White House the vice president's residence or the Eisenhower executive office building where the vice president's offices are and for about half of these there it says in Scripture. No reception party inaugural party but for the other half the much more interesting half weed. We don't know what it was for so we don't know what the meeting with Joe Biden in 2010 was about this note. This description is that a 101.

We don't know we don't know what he was doing meeting with Evan Ryan who was an assistant to VP Biden at the time, now married to Anthony blinking now working in the administration as the cabinet secretary that's important. I read that twice I go with second so Evan Evan Ryan Ryan is a woman woman so you think it's a guy only ways he knows it to Anthony blinking future wife. Yes, so there meeting when I went blinking CPA to Joe Biden AutoCorrect they become Secretary of State was once Debbie secretary stating I really blew the whole surge in Iraq but will lose because of his decision. We need is a surge in Iraq to pull the troops out.

But having said that, submit there's a link there. Others more than that one of the people he met with was a woman named Betsy Massey Walker Betsy Massey Walker was an aide to Joe Biden Betsy Massey Walker is married to Rob Walker another business partner of Hunter Biden's and Rob Walker is on the eat the infamous 10% for the bigeye email so all these people are connected so I'm going to the White House feeling impervious that you could do this you know you getting recorded and you know the problem is if the vice president is ever implicated into this is influence peddling. There will be disastrous for his career. His legacy and everything. Maybe they think of themselves, never to run again.

He's old right now we live can be present.

So what's the big deal I mean, who knows. I mean, unfortunately, my story raises a lot more questions than answers. I can't tell you what they spoke about. I can't. I can't even tell you how long the meetings were investigating this down to I need to see him more than ever, and Sherwin. Oh yeah and he's he's definitely someone who is going to become a much bigger player in the hard drives and saga for sure and you would think that if the Republicans get the majority that's what they're expected to be in there to focus on Hunter this guys can be subpoenaed. Oh, it's not just Hunter. This is gonna be a lot of other players who need to who will probably be subpoenaed in this because you can't get everything from just Hunter. We don't have Sharon's hard drive, but if we did I know that would be a treasure trove of information to and John as you go back and then you look at the emails knowing how often they met. Does this say that Sherwin is somebody that the that the notice of finance of the Biden family, but he is interacting with Joe Biden about his about his taxes right he was talking to Joe Biden over the phone about taxes about the mortgage about what Joe Biden might do after he left public service for this future earnings potential with the words he used.

We know this because he emailed this to Hunter so when I say he was Hunter Biden's closest business partner. I mean you personally close to him and the family and their personal finances.

It's very noteworthy that such a person would be in the White House meeting with Joe and top aides one on one. While he was our spread have brought this up before it's do you know anybody in your family or friends had been addicted anything� I don't personally know I do.

And the worst thing you could do is put them under stress. So give someone's addiction to feel the stress they got ago that stressors with recycle. Whether it's drugs or whether it's gambling, that's their stress relief and knowing that hunches got this long history of extreme drug use doing the worst things possible.

Why would you put him on international deals where a bad movement could get which we find out get people killed they disappear. Others go to jail.

The worst thing you could ever do is do that but they trust the family. The way these laptop reads in the way the book reads in your column.

These trust in the family fortune with a one of the great a functioning drug addict. It's can explain it and that's what weighs me to wonder in a drunken stupor or a drug induced stupor. He takes a laptop to a local computer repair shop at which time signs a piece of paper that says in 90s.

I don't come pick it up. It's every it's mine and that begin. Turns out that repair shop guy happens to be a conservative that knows all the players and says everybody in Delaware knows the Biden's anyway. He was a Fox news. Your and he saw Giuliani on Fox news got in touch with Giuliani's attorney and one thing led to another, which is sometimes truth is stranger than fiction makes it what was enough to get you the craziest thing was, get your account frozen suspended if you if you retweeted that who was the press secretary Kaylee McInerney tested positive covert Caesar's article retweets. It has circuit account suspended ceiling press secretary sees a story that's newsworthy in one of the oldest newspapers in the country if it means I know it you lived it, but I still it's still stunning, to say I think it was clearly an overreaction to 2016 were a lot of people in the press and social media oligarchs thought that we went a little overboard with the coverage of Hillary's emails and WikiLeaks but clearly you know it shows you that what's worse than too much coverage is suppressing coverage and you know there was a there was. I use this word, it was a conspiracy by big tech. You know, with the complicity of the media and the Democratic Party to keep this information from people before they went to the polls in 2016 and you know the consequences were obviously enormous winter Hunter Biden. Not only does run for the story, writes a book knowing that some of these questions got to get up there was so that come up Savannah Guthrie asked Mr. laptop is that you left, i.e., that the truth is I don't know what I can tell you it is right, Jimmy Kimmel guess the question is have you thought about getting AppleCare and people left. John have you as someone is been filed.

Hunter Biden through the New York Post have you wrap your head around the fact that someone could write a book and knowing about this about his life in his career, knowing it's all these questions swirling around it, knowing that most of his business associates are in jail where the chief case of the Chinese contact missing.

Think about that mindset. Hunter Biden has not been asked a serious question by anyone abide by any member with you any interview he's given. Whether it's Jimmy Kimmel or Savannah Guthrie or anybody who is the big guy, the person identified by business partner, Tony Bob Belinsky as Joe Biden who receives various slices of equity in different deals on the Hard Rock they've never been asked that we don't know so and it doesn't appear to me that they're going to ever sit for an interview with someone who would ask that.

And so that's why it it it it may come down to just a subpoena is the only way to elicit this information and you could get away without her nose on crack and he probably was but not now, and that's then you see a lot of the interaction there. The seaward sum of the month is probably the most unsavory characters we've ever seen in black and white when you talk about leaving his marriage for his wife's widow and then disparaging things he said about her as he hooks up with somebody else denies ever meeting them. Some stripper and then this week gets her pregnant denies that that he's the father and before having to expose his taxes quickly settles and then marries a woman he met two weeks later. This is all recent right and I just I just I just have to bring this up.

If this was if this was during the Trump administration I and I had proof that sort of on Junior was consorting with prostitutes and Trump was meeting associates of Donna and do I even have to finish that sentence don't believe he was impeached over focal to the right side and everything else so and by the way, a phony brush or story which most people acknowledge now two and half years.

Listen we go back just couple questions for John John Levine. Can you say I can say what floor you want 10 so you could still go back and forth on the same elevator you have to get off the elevator go to 1 inch Angel thanks I don't even feel guilty.

No, I could thank shut just ignorant diving deep into today's top stories Friday and kill me the fastest three hours and radio Ryan kill me a few more minutes with John John within the John the New York Post for John, why do you think we are interested now. Do you have a theory of why the New York Times and Washington Post decide to go with the story as I know of the conventional wisdom is indictments, eventually you can only put so many fingers in the dam before it starts to break and there's a point at which you just can't ignore reality you can ignore the fire in front of your face you can't sing. This is fine as your house is burning down so I think there is that recognition from a lot of people that if Republicans take back the house which everyone agrees probably happen after the midterms is to be nonstop investigations and your knocking to be able to just ignore the story when people are being subpoenaed on Capitol Hill and so I think this eventually decisions were made of those news are not asked them I don't know why they'd suddenly decided to do but I think decisions were made that like we've got a finally got on this.

How long can the press secretary continue to parry these questions got a question on MSNBC. Soon, hopefully, no pressure jumping ship right how soon she could say Jesus is Hunter by does not work for this White House while I was just reporting in the Washington Post the other day that they've hired Kemal Harris veteran named Ian Sams he's going to be like the commissar for the White House counsel's office to handle all Hunter inquiries and all you know anything anything that any probes or subpoenas that come from the house of the Senate are knocking to go through the normal communications channels in the white house organ to be handled by this just a Hunter unit that handles the investigation. The comms aspect for them. So there.

The White House is totally preparing for the for the title wave grand jury is evidently has asked some questions that Bob Belinsky about the big other witnesses. What is that tell you it it it it's coming closer like every every day. You know we cracked the door open a little more grand jury and is this her knees or aunt. It's one thing for Joe to say on an Iowa press conference. I never was involved. You can't lie to a grand jury. These are under oath questions and apparently witnesses have been asked reporting in the New York Post. You can read witnesses have been asked who is the who is the big guy and you know eventually it's a question that hunters can have to answer under oath, possibly even Joe Biden right John Levine, New York Post writer all over this story with Joe Biden in this article today will move the story forward that you don't get in the laptop from hell by discussing the White House for their lives, their public go download them and look thank you show that's getting you kill me. We have a president United States is who is not negotiated with the president of Mexico so high as governor of Texas taken matters into my own hands negotiated landmark historic deals with the governors of Mexican states and adjacent to Texas Mexican states are still going to step up and they are going to start securing the border that's on top of things it. Texas is done is never been done before. The history of America such as billing is own border wall Texas laying down miles a razor wire to prevent people from come across a border creating a boat blockade and I'll tell you something else is ever happened before. That is the Texas National Guard.

They have turned back more than 15,000 people attempted to come across the border illegally. Texas is doing everything we possibly can to contain a completely out-of-control border situation this the worst I've ever seen.

Wow it's desperate is pathetic.

Yes you do that, that's Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and we lost a border patrol agent who's actually not a border patrol agent working the border National Guard rack that he drowns trying to save what turned out to be a drug dealer. Drug traffickers that unbelievable. It's stunning to me. So Brandon Judd waited on Bishop Evans cut 24. This is something that we could have stopped if we had the proper policies on the border. These individuals will be crossing del Rio, historically speaking, del Rio is a very slow second.

We have nine sectors on the board up on the on the Southwest border and jewelry.

It was a very slow sector.

But since present Biden completely took away all of the policies. At present, Trump implemented we've seen an explosion in del Rio. This was preventable and when you see somebody lose their life because they're trying to protect others.

That's what we go out and do we as as law enforcement, we put on a uniform to go out and protect other people naturally want to do and when you lose life that is senseless and because a policy really upsets everybody yeah it upsets everybody but nobody reported.

Now think about this present Biden here sees border patrol agents on horseback and he says they're trying to corral Haitians who were storming the border and then using the whips to get their horse to move up and down through the stream and they accuse these border patrol agents of whipping migrants and the vice president runs to the microphone and the president runs a microphone he condemns a W full investigation. But now I national guardsmen drowns trying to save a would-be illegal immigrant and not a word, no coverage, no mention from the White House. That to me is it's could not be more responsible. But that's exactly the dishes situation. Everything is political even death. You magically remember that family. It's not so just a little bit further on this over Brandon Judd could 25 I've got 25 years in the profession.

I've never seen it worse than what it is right now.

People just don't joke they don't like coming into work, their heads are down. We feel beaten. We just don't feel like like we can do the job to protect the American public like what we want to do if you don't accomplish something you just don't feel fulfilled and right now we don't feel like were accomplishing anything. I don't.

I agree to. You want to bring up this would happen. Ukraine historic Anthony Blanca and Lloyd Austin of the Sec. defense and stayed home, took a train from Poland into Kyiv met with Pres. Zelinski's post be 90 minutes with three hours of the $700 million is come in their direction hopefully is the arms I need to get to the right people. There are reports of the Don by Don box region that the so-called Russian separatists have some of those some of that, they said just a casualty of war, but getting just a Poland is not enough. This is our money.

Remember, you left so much hardware to the Afghan Taliban to make sure we don't give these to the Russians. Here is Lloyd Austin cut for boarding night and we were sitting artwork on also support willingly to this sections as we move her demonstrate so I Ukraine just rocketed into an oil depot in Russia, which also the is going to exercise the Russian community. Evidently they are rallying around Vladimir Putin.

Which is sad is enacting the true story. Most of the those who got the true story left is estimated that about hundred 40,000 Russians have left their country since this whole thing started when Austin said, which I think is not smart. I understand the sentiment, but I think it's not smart also said this, he wants to see the Russians Russians.

We into the degree they can't do the things that he has seen done in invading Ukraine listen. Of course I agree with that but you don't want Russia to think this is a fight on Russia and in that they are just defending themselves and we are still looked at as their chief rival because the Cold War days, generations grew up thinking that that was the story up until 1991 so biasing looking a week in Russia. It's okay.

No kidding. That was you real objective.

That's why yelp and the Ukrainians $713 million military aid and financing for Ukraine with it other than dozen other nations are in on this funding will allow those countries to purchase new weapons to boost the stocks or in some cases replenish arms and provided to the Ukraine. So the good news is that the Bulgari sees Tony as a wife is a Lithuania's didn't stop buying our stuff and they do give the stuff that Ukrainians out to use Eastern European stuff to the Ukrainians to fight good scenario you what's not good is Russians don't care about life and death. They don't care about horrific war crimes. They don't feel so ever be called on to pay that they lost about 20 commanders. They lost about 20,000 troops yesterday in the ceremony going to the British Defense Ministry. They officially took your son. I was the first major Ukraine Ukraine city to be occupied so they just took it over. They said officially, it's ours.

Ukrainians actually battling to get it back right now and they're never going to accept any type of Russian rule rule you at all those days a Crimea going in and say they want to see her anyway taken the Don box region states not a problem that is a problem with both were problems with the rest. Ukraine hates Russia more than life itself, but the black seaport of care signed according to them is now Russian is been about 5100 5,186,000 refugees, 7.7 million people, according to the international organization for migration have moved so some state when out of the country but you million move to a safer part of the country so that's where we stand real quick. I want to play a little bit more from what these guys are saying if you think it is nothing citable type but David Sanger's got more security context of most people in America. He talked about what Vladimir Putin is thinking according to the American intelligence says this about how Vladimir Putin sees the war cut seven US intelligence has basically concluded that Putin thinks he is winning that may be a reflection of the faculty saying to himself out of take Eve anyway. I just want to get my land bridge and get the South and get this get the ease. Whatever it is he thinks he's winning and here's why. That worries me. If in fact he suffers a second big setback. That's the moment when I think you will be most tempted to reach for weapons of mass destruction, whether it is chemical or whether it is nuclear because I think that the sense that he must have his two big setbacks in a row would be more than he could pick in the first one was the capital of the whole Northeast in the disaster what it was. So on one hand I found this interesting to David Sanger saying that he thinks he's winning. But on the other hand, he knows he's not winning because you're embarrassed himself because most of the fighters had to go back to Belarus to root to get refit it or recover or quit 3% of the pollution population wants to fight with Russia 3%, but the leader Lukashenko is allied to Russia because they basically say to me lost election. He was stayed in power. But as Russian troops.

So now Belarus is gotta be a launching pad for this war gets only 3% of the American people. She is me the Belarusian people actually support the war. Lieut. Gen. Doug lutes also available commodity.

He talked about what he sees. Right now, and what he sees. Next, cut nine was largely isolated, very difficult to resupply and so forth that the Russians had to build the bridge to Crimea just to resupply.

Now they have a land so they have the roads that the railroads and so forth. But seizing that territory in the south is not the same as holding in the Russians now face the remnants of the Ukrainian military library but also the Ukrainian population there still in for a fight in the South that's ICAC is pretty very accurate.

He's deftly a good context here we come back I'll take a look at more than also take a look at some your calls, 1-866-408-7669. We have not discussed much of covert 19 boy that the fact you said is even off the charts for him. Most of the stuff he says is illogical and irrational, which is wrapped in somebody they put a date prides himself on being credible. I don't never bottom 1-866-408-7669.

This is the Branko Mitchell thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian to kill me.

So he'll make here and kill me. Decisions is what it means to follow the science and to look at scientific agencies are recommending. Obviously, the judiciary has important role to play. What I heard out of the administration out of partner justice was was the assessment that this this was an incorrect decision in the DOJ is now appealing that decision.

Yeah okay that's Dr. I should job and he's walking back and try to clarify document the fact you said the CDC should rule nobody else to try to overrule you crazy.

What is wrong with him in on the mass issue once and for all.

It doesn't their they're not effective, especially the ones that we keep wearing if you could wave you know when and 95. You don't even need one. What you getting on and off the plane because the planed air in the entire fuselage changes every four minutes.

Dr. Scott Glenn Gottlieb talked about that cut 17. I think this year is really a transition year. I think this is going to be the year when this comes more and more pandemic illness is not to be a defined point in time when that happens, but will what what's going to happen is this is going to settle into more of a seasonal pattern.

I do expect prevalence levels to start to decline.

We may be peaking right now if you look at the wastewater data. Hopefully over the summer through the summer. We are pretty low prevalence of this infection. You want to see reemerge in the fall. The question is what reemerges. Is it a new strain of Oma crime and that's the drive decisions around the vaccine right because he says it, the vaccine doesn't work from the crime scene will lessen your symptoms pretty glazes over the tell you who's Donald Trump, was present. Right now, and we be better off if he was with ABC Donald Trump's vaccine doesn't work, he rusted to quickly warp speed. Most other vaccines like polio and others work why we keep medium. Why do we need for five shots you actually stop the whole booster thing you would be making sure that these private universities are demanding two and three extra shots were now 95 masks for a variant that for the most part doesn't get you sick was fun of this morning no Texas judges and judges invited Disney to move from Florida, admitted to Santos. I'm surprised Texas get involved with this. They're not moving. We all know they're not moving Disney blue at the battle apologized next Google goes walk the search engines watching inclusive language. Do we go users typing.

Landlord will see a warning that you may not be inclusive to all readers, landlords, kind of a futile term.

Anyway, like out of a NH and Viking term Obama Lord of this land where humankind is suggested instead of mankind. Gender term such as policeman or housewife to be replaced by police officer or stay-at-home spouse nudging users towards woke language being seen by critics as a step too far.

I transcribed it. He with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in which he uses offensive slurs and talks about hunting black people promote prompted no warnings, but he suggested that present an occasional address for all humankind instead of mankind changing historical speech by the president yes states that's okay they did that recently with Peter Ginsberg's wealthy oil and money on Twitter somebody changed the wording of her. I'm not more woke I met you I think she was overrated.

Next one in 20 heart attacks in cities may be linked to noise pollution heart attacks in the study, 70% higher in places where high transportation exposure research essay. These areas like 3313 Startex per 100,000 compared to 1938 researchers estimated that the high noise exposure account for 5% or one in 20 of all heart attacks. The study study nearly 60,000 patients gave that is no way, it's not.

It's the traffic is the constant aggravation. I don't think it's the noise next battle and you know that Nicholas Cage is a you know who Nicholas Cage is one in a GNC adults admit they don't, that according to recent poll that's in contrast to 92% of respondents. Overall recognize him more than half of whom described him as extremely familiar with the actor since he was also likely to describe cages compelling to watch.

Why is he got a movie that what were doing this you know any reasons as by his my question and you have Jen's ears and your family. They know Nicholas cages. Yes, low national treasure of doing.

Next, swing your arms while running does nothing for you. Speed while SMU University of discover that arm swing isn't so important for speed athlete to read with their arms close to growing the cursor on their chest read nearly as fast if I suggest the classic view.

The arm swing directly drives like motion to affect performance is not well supported. The study, the team study.

The velocity of participants completed a 30 m sprint with swing arm motions and those without running with restricted motion. Slow down their race by just only .08% by the difference between using and not using arms for sprint performance was 1.65 that's used different to be sprinting anything coming down to the to the why have to say half and half a second.

We are, we had a stuff to study something so we okay I guess so.

Next move we parties without saying if I save up to two days. I love this, the Irish goodbye say goodbye to friends of parties may seem obvious, but it wastes a lot of time. Researchers at this time management is suited to be 2000 Australians and finding out an average they go to 25 parties per year from the moment we actually decided it was time to leave the party. It takes us an average 45 minutes to say goodbye. That means we spent an average of 18/45 minutes each year. Say goodbye report found that those who say goodbye before she dripping the same excuses for leaving multiple people want to just make an announcement get a sky writer say I nobody like one big goodbye.

I like a bodily left right center deal same time I am what you know that's next is Jude's Jew.

Jupiter's moon Europa Europa may be hiding alien life under its icy shell come on, researchers at Stanford believe life could have evolved in the moon shadow pockets of water near the surface. The funds come from an analysis of symmetrical landforms goal double ridges. They stretch for hundreds of miles eyes penetrating radar observation observed observations capture the formation of the same type of geometrical feature in northwest Greenland is compelling evidence of potential habitable environment. There's no way we can live out there can we know that everything is this the exciting potential of some sort of snow my microwave microscopic life well although I say this Mucha Clark who was the smartest guy ever wrote that book about the future of everything or for at the David he says it's a terrible idea to guide get in touch with other cultures as fast as I can see everything, especially one of the board and you just realize that was Star Trek, yet I don't yet I don't really want to Star Trek plus was because popularity after left the extra solicitation. Thanks much for listening.

Keep in mind I will be hosting a brand-new show on Fox nation ready on Thursday called you who is Elon musk is a genius or a huckster of visionary visionary or a villain who is Elon musk on Thursday Fox nation over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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