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Trump Backed J.D. Vance Wins OH Primary, Hunt Begins for SCOTUS Leaker

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 4, 2022 12:55 pm

Trump Backed J.D. Vance Wins OH Primary, Hunt Begins for SCOTUS Leaker

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 4, 2022 12:55 pm

[00:11:15] Allen West

[00:18:30] Rich Lowry

[00:39:43] Mark Penn

[00:55:11] Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

[01:06:02] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:22:37] Gen. H.R. McMaster (Ret.)

[01:32:00] Bill Hemmer

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and positive it's Brian, thanks much for being here buddy of the regular Joe.

186-640-8766 and I will have a lot to discuss today.

As you note supposedly little bit surprising to Col. Allen West in 10 minutes. Bridge Larry the bottom the hour and will get their point of view of what's taking place. We know on a side note, I was stunned to get this news last night of the Hollywood bowl comedian Dave Chapelle was and friends were performing for an ethical expression. We haven't seen yet. They were just taping it and the guy rushed the stage and evidently there's a report that he was armed as a get beat up and brought to an ambulance hopefully still in jail right now, but if Dave Chapelle wanted Knoefler especially vulnerable on stage. What hope does anybody else have in that small club in the Midwest to the big club in Manhattan maybe are not established, we can protect the famous ones I'm telling you right now but that doesn't happen at the Oscars.

This doesn't happen at the Hollywood bowl will discuss that what it means for performers or lecturers or anybody else that was to say some things that might rub people the wrong way. Remember, they tried to cancel him on his transgender joke. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The truth is that we was too slow to grasp what was really happening and we collectively fail to impose the sanctions, then we should put on Vladimir Putin and we cannot make the same mistake again. Boris Johnson obviously united against Russia as they try to gain ground in Ukraine. The EU makes a move to walk away from Russian oil and gas altogether. For every European Union's country and mysteriously the Russian offensive seems slow and tepid, going to the Pentagon get barbaric president and say you there is a no other right on top of the fake news we get over that midterm media has begun and what a night for prison trumps hand-picked candidates in Ohio and Indiana to headline JD Vance wins in a walk with the Fox poll says the country cares most about into the midterm. As we get sent every week will have an impactful primary wiring is that this is just the beginning. The left again marriage. There are a lot of things now on the chopping block. Mental rights include interstate travel include same-sex marriage, what other cases have been decided based on these precedents that could now same-sex marriage interstate travel interracial marriage. Are you kidding melting down overdraft drafted of the end of Roe V Wade and melting down is exactly the story because that's her tapping in a decision that was leaked out in an unprecedented fashion. We now think Roe V Wade probably has a month left doesn't mean abortion is banned me just got a go to your state, but that doesn't stop Democrats for seemingly unknown ready to just jump into the fray's political had the story they got these documents is trying to find out who the weaker is number one, number two, the ramifications of tremendous you have protests in San Francisco and Louisville, Kentucky in Seattle in New York to Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, and sometimes I got violent believing that it's not the cop fault that somebody leaked out of Supreme Court justice opinion if you're rallying or writing don't hit a cop destroy yourself, not law enforcement got enough problems. So what is the action so what I was telling you yesterday's.

This is that Justice Alito wrote the opinion in a brief that is just a outline that says it is time to heed the Constitution return the issue of abortion to the people elected representatives that could state representatives. The permissibility of abortion and the limitations upon it are to be resolved.

Like most important questions are democracy by citizens trying to persuade one another when it comes to voting. This is with the Constitution and the rule of law demands, but that didn't stop everybody from losing their minds. Case in point cut for my wiring is that this is just the beginning. The left.

Again, marriage and and maybe maybe the board is in Brown versus Board of Education. They already eroded our voting rights a little bit so I see some pricing fascism down the line. There a lot of things now on the chopping block. Mental rights include interstate travel include the idea of same-sex marriage include sex relationships just to name a few. Now this is essentially gone.

What's next in the event that we had a president in 2024.

That's a rebate we be at a South America style nationwide abortion ban in America. What other cases have been decided based on these precedents that could now be in jeopardy. Same-sex marriage oh my goodness you ego so cheap to digit is a few things I want to look at the weaker Chief Justice Roberts decried the betrayal and aimed at undermining the Supreme Court decision on abortion that is the cover in the New York post and John Roberts put this out yesterday to the extent the betrayal of the confidences of the court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations. It will not succeed. The work of the court will not be affected in any way. I have directed the Marshall to court for lunch. An investigation into the source of the leaks of the Marshall is going after marshals of people together. Question 260 people and find out who did who did it.

It is pretty amazed at how this could turn out how coordinated all the Democrats were almost immediately.

Word is the Joe Biden got word that this document was on politicos and on Friday night or dare I say Saturday at the Washington correspondence dinner.

Maybe we'll have to see. Bottom line is I would love to see all Supreme Court justices at a press conference yesterday. Talk about how outrageous it is not the term of the are the find out what happened here. You want to hear unhinged. So Elizabeth Warren cut 10 are all all right okay can listening more tedious gleaming craziness is a college professor get a hold of yourself. By the way, go with Pocahontas is trending on twitter is people think she's on enzyme should she has no constituency.

She's I can't believe she want to Massachusetts she ran for president has zero popularity on the get me a beer, we can forget about that Mark Levine, who is a constitutional expert cutting the Democrat party is out to undermine this country. They been threatening this court for years, threatening its independence, threatening individual justices had destroyed the confirmation process destroy people's names. We don't have to take this from these people and women of America, you should rise up Chuck Schumer just sent you represents 100 million women doesn't represent 100 million women that goofball.

He doesn't represent any women as far as I'm concerned, so the money market for 20 minutes. This is his area Romanian black hole but the Supreme Court justices.

My fear is that some people do change their votes because of public opinion to be writing Cavanaugh's house to go to be riding Alito's house to find out where Gorsuch lives in the sea after want to.

Are you want to do this if you are nominated between court justice and the gotta be harassing you for the rest your life like Cavanaugh's obviously lived a nightmare.

So far, by the way Fox did a poll about the thing that concerned most of you, not even in the top 10 is abortion, not even a top 10 so you of the present United States is remarkably unpopular 42% of the economies 28% when you have crime inflation at the rate it is a war raging in Europe, they could easily spiral out of control. I'm not saying Roe V Wade doesn't matter, but it's an opinion but it's not final.

So that doesn't stop Bernie Sanders for going to blow up the filibuster and codify Roe V Wade make it law, but to do that at the blood the filibuster with over 50 votes Joe mansion does not want to do it never has.

Still doesn't cut 13 elements that are basically leaks and common regardless of yet so they rule over Titian Cinema Joe mansion Perkowski and Collins Perkowski countable the percent to Republicans. They think the Cavanaugh Gorsuch did not tell the truth but finally Joe Biden is changed to Joe Biden. Joe buys been around forever 50 years.

Mrs. if you just seems out of the sky was moderate. He was listen to this.

Cut to tell me about abortion, where you where you stand and how will you fix that issue is.

This can be very difficult. I do not view abortion as is a choice in the right. I think it's always a tragedy and I think that it should be rare and safe and I think we should be focusing on how to limit the number of abortions and they want to be able have a common ground in consensus is to do that, say I'm a little bit bit of an odd man out in my party. I do not vote for funding for abortion. I voted against partial-birth abortion to limited and I vote for no restrictions on a woman's right to be able to have an abortion under Roe V Wade, and so I am.

I made everybody angry right so that is Joe Biden 2006 man different.

We come back. Allen West joins me and we have Rich Larry from this review and then your calls, 1-866-408-7669 come back the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian Fox news, not just network. Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast and Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show. I really think the referendum on one we went to battle what party stands for the donors to write checks the club for growth or do we want a Republican Party for the people right here in Ohio? JD Vance wins after Donald Trump supports him and was very close race in the end, after the Donald Trump endorsement came in. JD Vance wins the Republican nomination of will to be the center to replace Rob Portman in Ohio Lieut. Col. Allen West joins us now Col. can we officially say in your mind has a red state to be with your brother without a doubt I red state. Now when you look at it, but what is happening in the last couple election cycles, and the fact that it is very a blue-collar state and the Democrats who lost the state not think they really need be concerned about somebody's other use the old blue-collar space Malacca, Michigan or even in the place like a Pennsylvania. If you can overcome the fraud and the things that happen in the Philadelphia couple things. So JD Vance wins with 340,000 votes, 32% of the vote Josh Mandel, a 32 and 23% vote and Matt Tolan with 23% of the vote Tim Ryan's coming out nieces on the run and he gets the nomination going away for the Democratic side. He says I'm in a run an American first campaign is impossible for him to run American first campaign is in the Trump's campaign and monitor with him in Congress is truly one of those conservative blue dog Democrats, but that's not what Democrat part the Democrat party is a progressive socialist party fringes of them a Marxist, even if you look at what they stand for and the type of candidates that their support.

Look at how they're going after Henry Cuellar down here in Texas and putting up very leftist candidates against him in a runoff that will help them out later this month. So the left does not want the centrist Democrats anymore. They want far left candidates and soak goblins to live but he cannot go be successful Trenton run along those lines, while encompassing the present United States to greatness. I think he had used 10 for 10 or 11 for 11 candidates depicted the primary usually form presents only a primary but having said that, without a will close.

So next is going to be the next big was going to be Georgia right kid is way up and Herschel Walker's way up so much drama there for the present will be suffer loss you want to camp out right yeah you know when it goes back to what happened there. George and the fact that you can have a Secretary of State that is changing election law and be the consent agreement for whatever reason they buckle to the pressure of Stacy Abrams and did not allow those signatures on those those ballasts those absolutely will mail and balance that with their Supreme Court judge ruled against that. And so it will be interesting to see how it comes out there George so you get away and with Herschel, but he may not get away with [so now we have the sprinkler chassis. The sprinkler Justice Alito evidently February. After December oral arguments in February 23, writes an opinion and it's in its draft. This is Roe V Wade should be overturned. It's not constitutional, nothing about abortion is in the Constitution.

Let the states decide that's Republicans want. For a while they leaks out ahead of time when he thinks the most important part of the story.

The most important part of the story is that the left is to undermine one of our government, which is the judicial branch. The Supreme Court, this is unprecedented. It is unethical and may be illegal because you're obstructing a case that was heard before the Supreme Court. But when you think about where we are.

The left is not care about the respect any of our governing institutions and the fact that they are celebrating this person that leaked to that that document this is going to send shockwaves throughout the Supreme Court and we cannot have a politicized Supreme Court about what the progressive socialist left belief that they believe in fear or intimidation, courtship threats and ultimately violence is so without a doubt this is done to try to intimidate the members of the Supreme Court. But in his draft opinion, there was a sentence in there that Justice Alito said that the court cannot bow to political, social, whelps quantify that. I start doing twitch popular center which right. I think were lost as a country. Yet at the Democrats when you're clueless Democrat Congresswoman Jay a Powell cut nine justices acting like this is somehow something that they have the right to change to not have the right to change this weekend not accept. I don't think people across this country are going to accept it. What you think not understand the three branches of government, Supreme Court, and the judicial branch is supposed to interpret law, make law, for whatever reason those people of the progressive socialist left believe that courts can make law which comes back to what they believe if they don't believe in three press three graduate school which is the media, academia, and the courts so that Justice Alito was right when you interpret the Constitution. There is no enumerated power there like a murder of the unborn child. And so, the Supreme Court 1973 overstepped their boundaries and of course the left dad is no standing law. The only people that could make law of initially up his console and does not understand that the legislative branch. Lastly, Dave Chapelle on stage audibly the best meeting the country has pressure because of some joke. I think the trans community. He was able to just work through it. He says I'm not stopping no one's canceling me last night at the Hollywood bowl, Netflix specialty storm the stage he looks like he got tackled he was able to get up on her feet up the attacker. I think this'll get the Oscars doesn't happen will will Smith and Chris rock.

This doesn't happen. We think absolutely agree because what her daughter's we are rewarding bad behavior, and so there should've been charges brought against Will Smith and they should be very clear that not tolerated. But again, this is what happens with the left. If you don't agree with the ontological agenda. They will seek to since you shut you down. This information governance board or they will physically attack you work that well constitutional rights union executive director with Tenneco and West.

Thanks much, Mike was out that Friday night inside the conservative think tank of Rich Lowry in his brain from the national review movies next tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News radio show like no other like pork within many of the right, so that's the bottom line here folks. We have a great contrast between the Republican vision for America and our vision for America. This isn't your grandfather's Republican Party America Donald Trump's Republican Party. It's a right wing Republican party. It's a party where your children will have less rights than you did write Chuck Schumer already with that speech.

I don't know why Rich Lowry, editor of the Nash review author of the case of nationalism. Rich would how would you describe us 24 hours as we look at the end of Roe V Wade perhaps wanted anything. I don't think I've heard anyone on the left, saying oh I hate Alito's opinion.

I hope it's not really the majority, but this should never be reached, that the terrible blow to the Supreme Court. Most of them blow right by by that or data support the leak and want to burn down Supreme Court goes the wrong way to the people that lectured us for five years about the importance of institutions norms standards all the rest of it. Here's one Supreme Court decision that you got wrong way to port one. You know, but it would reverse it decision that was wrongly decided. 50 years ago and return abortion policy to the state and an II think Supreme Court justice or get the majority need security and to get yeah I guess so, challenge and harass testing to do this anymore. Should I care about public opinion and we see that with Alito saying when it doesn't really transfer elsewhere, the media meltdown says start saying that the Republicans are going allow interracial marriage cross state lines, same-sex marriage, all in jeopardy. That's within 24 hours already with the hyperbole.

No crazy and this is Rose wrongly decided. There's no cost basis for a sweeping right to abortion and another notable aspect of this debate. Brian very telling as none of them say yeah you hear humor there thing and take away the rest dear right now to say oh this is this is where the right abortion is in the Constitution, lifted by the Supreme Court of getting it wrong on the constitutionalist understanding of our system that you know it's all this about the women you know this is can be terrible for gay marriage etc. etc. because there is no argument that there is a right to abortion in the Constitution. Welcome NBC guy got confronted on the narrative about late-term abortion and how Republicans most of all against take a five support late-term abortions do so only if the safety in the life of the month is literally not true challenge you, I will send you the objective data on this is literally not true challenge you to do that work and not just gas the argument to support late-term abortions make right Betsy argument. Most people late-term abortions make, but that is not with the fact of the matter is final thought on this. Yeah that people don't understand row people think grow reasonable, moderate regime where you can get an abortion. The first trimester and then after that he gets it gets really hard not to get it is imposed on the United States. One of the most sweeping pro-abortion working in the world. Almost all European countries have more abortion restrictions that were allowed to have her even consider in the United States. That's wrong that saying it shouldn't stand. I'm hoping now I don't want to jinx or get my hopes up too high, but I'm hoping something like the Alito opinion is actually the majority opinion and this returns to the Democratic realm again all right. Let's fast forward to the primaries big knife down from last night when you say yeah the Jade event is a notch in his belt, JD, he ran the campaign from the beginning gunning for Trump endorsement.

He got it and that delivered the wind to advance and third is a penny with coal second-place prior to Trump endorsement crowded field Trump endorsement endorses them you know any jumps up, 10, 12 more points and that's just going to make a difference in a crowded field so yet that's one trunk and brag about right now.

Straight ahead, you have Dr. Oz and Dave McCormick. That'll be a tough one. You also have Brian Camp and Purdue.

That's another one to be Herschel Walker. I should win so he jumps out 10 or 11 and all of the present yet that McCormick is a big one, and not just look till neck and neck with the JD Trump endorsement immediately talked the other End like crap. Up seven point left today and seems to be rising, the, the Pennsylvania rate still basically to be tied.

Georgia can be at that that that could be a bad night for Trump Can win their could be that Rothenberg affect her estate and when. Shockingly, I thought he'd be dead but could win as well and that Herschel doesn't really have an opposition and that the question of Herschel as he can be up for to win the general, and I think that that can be a close race but had a really good shot of Peter Warnock got engaged people I talked to some people who know women are pulling for him and he does not want to get in this debate yet. Maybe he's taking his time at Gastineau. They started to beat Warnock at some point about what this means for Trump Kelly and Conway cut 25.

I think you can't do Trump found JD Vance was at about 11 or 12% a month ago, he went up 1213 points in one month. He won tonight decisively companies opponents and endorsing already think the president ran the tables in Ohio because he inflation integration border security to skyline Ukraine gas Congress Easter everything that is vexing and perplexing fear of the people 1990 to mechanic nominee not potentiating at the total 70 million manager by next generation Loch Ness monster has been watching 20 years completely unremarkable serving lost one race for president something or so Kelly and Kelly don't talk quicker but she really she's got away. The little contact between the murder of podcast so Jason JD Benson 32 Josh Mandel 23 Matt Tolan 23 so he gets the nomination go against him right it did in their walk to Brian 30 talk about America first as a Democrat, JD, Bantus is pretty impressive. As a candidate, but obviously hillbilly LG best-selling book, growing up extremely poor and rural that helps. It helps you round yard as a person goes with Ivy League school serves in the military. That's a pretty impressive background of 37 I think it might be a little closer than it would've been with somebody the other Republicans but you can win any of those Republicans would win in Ohio this year and to Brian the Ohio Democrats a little different than other Democrats. They are more working-class and popular in their orientation attempt right will try to get that hard but II can't see them up possibly winning in this environment and this year Lisa Murkowski the prison.

Trump points out, and Liz Cheney. Do you know their individual prospects. I haven't called either extremely closely.

I think Murkowski is just one of the better count. The man establishes independent identity and has a brand and in that state is really embedded in the political culture and it is hard hard to beat or a live Cheney. I can't see. I think she's a goner. Unless something really weird every and every Democrat you know about her and that that rate somehow into the doubt that I think is on a one-way road to CNN contract.

Lastly Ukraine bye-bye with a sign that she is generally conservative and they'll just Ukraine. You can interesting Lord Ukraine.

We know the Russian still bombing all types of cities of the most what I was shocked to see this in the New York Times today and it said the Pentagon is wondering why the Russians are moving so slow and they don't seem motivated. Although there bombing to the barbaric things, but the speed that their speed they say the word is tepid and head to head you the Ukrainian seem to always be successful when you think shopping now.

It may be the one part of the rot. Pretty deep and even after they they really get great to get a strategy to focus on is still at the logistics of the skylight and all that accounting for them. Plus, that they don't have the morale that the note don't want to die for her trying to dismember or take over Ukraine.

If you're a Russian word here Ukrainian your highly motivated to defend your homeland so we talked for a shot that Ukraine was able to defend you and I'd be a little surprised that they defeat the Russian for me but it it possible and the bombarding and the rocketing that's easy, relatively you do it from a distance they really want to take a 50 yeah get out your armored vehicles, walk on patrol and put yourself at risk in the Russians either untrained or motivated about to do that Jean sent me this. As you know, used to run NATO supreme Allied Cmdr. cut 29.

Frankly, it's not just those kind of precision guided fire that were really good at discovering the Russians really bad. I just keep coming back to logistics that you know it's it's boring to figure out how I get those artillery shells 600 km downrange. How do I get that intelligence enhance my planners all that stuff isn't sexy. That's not Top Gun kinda stuff but that's what war moves on execution confidence logistics. That's really where their failing and answer your seeing our side of the fence putting the hands of Ukrainians full of the tools of war were really good stuff across the board. Yeah, Ukrainians have more help. Your opinion is proposing a total ban on Russian oil with which we gas. Do they have they been all imported crude in the next six months and refined oil product imports by the end of 2022 socket to be easy, but they get a push for the get a gift to give a hungry little bit more time United States and Britain have also been sending streams of increasingly powerful arms to Russia's Nordic neighbors, Finland and Sweden were inching closer to joining NATO, but they're worried that in the window before they join the Russians by attack. I watch what Rush is doing in Ukraine up to get think anything Beat Sweden, they can't be Sweden anyway.

But they just want to make sure there's note is the type of I guess tactical nuclear yeah so hot record so I have your cutting all your heart might take a while cutting upwelling at Scandinavian country talking about joining NATO at everyone rearming and getting supplied with weapons. The defendant felt the exact opposite of what was counting on and per the point about the logistic military is fundamentally reflect their society and in Russia never been a competent well-run place in it as though it had corrupt government on certain level and the military reflect that you know and in our military fantastic at logistics but reflecting our society + chain issue aside at the moment is incredibly good at like doing things and delivering things so everything else is really an indictment of of Russia at such a recycle is closing question. If Trump is strong in these primaries with his endorsements like the JD event situation for Dr. Oz triumphs and Herschel triumphs and some other other ones you believe he runs and you think that his decision really weighs on how much influence he shows part of the equation. Hard to tell you telling appellee. Everyone run. I think another 78% chance to run it. I think what happens with the endorsement wave wave somewhat.

I think you know polling will will wave somewhat crowded way somewhat. But then the biggest factor that would stop to help the weather is he feeling up to it and it is and I think it's very likely he runs, and very likely limit the field, and very likely one nomination and true.

If he doesn't run, they probably have the best cast of young talent that I remember. You have much better perspective than me and my right between Nikki Haley Tim Scott Rick Scott are Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo, Mike pence that she's off the top my head.

Yeah, my constant country.

Note that I've gone through Friday a lot of time and end and made a lot of time and actually running like the fall from nothing out of the money that oftentimes a look better on on paper than end up in reality but yeah, it looks like an incredible crop. It certainly can compare to what the Democrats have the fight doesn't run, which I think about also likely, but it it's the experience sheet left grade-point retention interesting. It's good to be down from today. I'm sure this is one of his big sigh of relief when Jade events one and convincingly by nine points, and then we widely third place, but never out of it and then got on top of the really flawed Mandel did not want to get campaign might like it was not that. The guy who it just by the TV bullet so it was good timing and it made it made a difference, is no doubt right now rituals educational national review.

He's got to the case of nationalism which I would thank you thank contacted by 1-866-408-7669 will finish up the shower with your calls a lot to discuss with Chris the latest with our Roe V Wade, the lease on the midterm mania and the latest on Russia Branko Michelle and thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is going to start, for wherever you get your project the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian until made at this point we do not know where the leak came from but we do know that there has been a pattern of attacks on the Supreme Court going back quite some time.

We saw during the Nonconfirmation when there were attempts to disrupt the cost proceeding confirmation of a Supreme Court justice when Justice Cavanagh was confirmed there were people who attacked the Supreme Court trying to tear down those 13 ton doors at the front of the court, scaling the walls get people attacking the cars of all the justices including Ruth Ginsburg and Justice Kagan that was by Hemingway to it at that. One point Lori Ingram is having trouble coughing, which happens to everybody's perceive your single hostess or coffee, lost Somali just jumped in this career issue writes about all the time. I wrote a book about the Cavanaugh situation. What went down in some of the egg that were seen here. He really reminds me that you seem as unhinged when asked the American people. According to a new Fox bowl American people what is the most important important issue to you. You know it is what is 11th abortion in Roe V Wade month is not important, but to me the most important thing that I would like to see found out this week. Latest is the licorice because that will show me what is designed or not designed.

Maybe there's an organic upper you know anger. They came out with Elizabeth Warren said the vice president suddenly able to speak to a pro-choice meeting yesterday on Emily's list or whatever it's called the present United States was evidently informed on this on Friday.

How did he know ahead of time. It just makes you wonder if this is all scripted is Lindsay Graham on the leak member Lindsey Graham's a lawyer cut 15 what happened in July he got hijacked by the most radical people in the country.

He's captive to their interest. What happened to the court today was the saddest chapter in the history the United States Supreme Court.

This was despicable is dangerous, and it was down to the person that did this.

If it's a conservative you're a traitor to the cause. If it's a liberal you're the dumbest person in Washington. Cost is not going to change the midterms you're not gonna scare any conservative judge away from repealing Roe V Wade, and it should be refilled it should go back to the states in your adding a narrative to a storyline that you want to win and you don't give a damn about how you went on that so fired up Lindsay Graham and that is true, we will find out. I think we really need to find out is between one and 260 people, five minus Supreme Court justices themselves in trouble. He lifted himself would be nice to see more at a press conference express that outrage when it will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice talk show later this week. We actually beat was to be that beautiful city. And of course that's three great guesses, hours, and Marsha Blackburn at 34 will do a simulcast on FB end with another network is always fun Mark Penn standing by the present United States will be talking to them talk about the economy my lunch is he from the Roosevelt room talk about the outrage which is the projected elimination of Roe V Wade and how he spent his whole career against it fighting against it, fighting for it, even though we have on record really condemning but we'll see where we stand. It's outrage across the country and shall be protest aplenty so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The truth is that we was slow to grasp what was really happening and we collectively fail to impose the sanctions, then we should put on Vladimir Putin don't make the same mistake again. Wow can you meeting your wrong.

That's what Boris Johnson did United against Russia as they try and gain ground in Ukraine do you move for a total Russian oil ban as well as natural gas, mysteriously the Russians offensive seem slow in tapping yet barbaric resident and you say you as you know, well I could you do that. The big media, but midterm mania has begun and what I propose an trump all his hand-picked candidates were victorious in Ohio and Indiana.

They had like being the venue just heard from JD Vance wins in a walk to look at the Fox bowl. This is the country cares about go with the country cares about going to this midterm. My wiring is that this is just the beginning. The left to gay marriage. There a lot of things now on the chopping block. Mental rights include interstate travel, and clearly same-sex marriage, what other cases have been decided based on these precedents that could now be injected same-sex marriage unbelievable melting down over a drafted draft which could be the end of Roe V Wade in a melting down to search and organize where you wonder how well how much of this was actually preplanned. The answer might land. We might get that interest as we find out who the weaker was leaked.

Justice Alito's outline for what could be his decision in ending Roe V Wade in putting the power back to the states. Mark Penn joined just now chairman of the Harris poll and chief executive of Stockwell Inc. Mark welcome back. What is youth what changes now that Roe V Wade could be going out the door where we don't know exactly what changes are meant we think that that that abortion is going to be one of the major issues that comes up in the midterms now based on what the final decision is in June and last fall I did in December are people wanted to keep Roe versus Wade by 54 to 46 so it's a country that provided but still more so than not, although deeper in the crest of the majority accepted just rolling back the number weeks from the current 23 215 E. So far we don't know the direction this truck yeah I mean that's the Chief Justice said this is a mean some final decision is authentic now will going to have a mobilized series of we hope peaceful protests around the country were not talk about inflation when I talk about crime when I talk about the border to separate to the Democrats direction Democrats favor favor keeping the fishermen know overwhelmingly something like 70% of Democrats and the comfort more intense turnout, and certainly the suburban women voters who were really angry at the Democrats over inflation could now balance inflation what's going to happen with what's going to happen with abortion torso. So I do think it's got to say that in the mix here is something more favorable to the Democrats and Republicans so I think everybody generates a lot of money and there will be even more intensity in this midterm turnout.

I can imagine Mark Penn was a smart to do the Harris poll believe we have our Fox bowl to a dozen to favorable about the approval rating for present buying roughly what trump was about 42% like a Quinnipiac) 38 but why where's the rate of proof on the coronavirus 49% climate change 40% Russia 39%. The last one is inflation a 28% and if you ask people in almost every poll with they care most about its inflation number one I got my poker very similar 41% job approval: 35% approval on inflation are your exactly right. The last thing you want is to have the worst rating on the most important issue and I think that's dragging down the ministration of tracking down the Democrats, and some of the post actually now when you ask. Who do you think we do a better job with inflation. Republicans rate significantly higher than Democrats.

So you see a kind of you know, a retrenchment account policies attaching span wanted to go more current Republican fiscal and economic policy that's something we haven't seen really part time for trumpet ministration to this foxes to this question. Are you extreme extremely or very concerned about the following in the one people concerned about number one. As I mentioned, is inflation number to the future of democracy number three political divisions Russia rush Ukraine higher crime rates.

What schools teach gun laws, opiate addiction, illegal immigration, then abortion.

Abortion is 11th. It shows 69% are concerned about it, but the 11th so if you Schumer and your buying what you do with those numbers well what you do is to try to move abortion up from 11 to make it more salient. You make it hurt the various clips to say that just affect abortion but you know every single other right. Although the draft actually very clear to say that it was not doing that, I think you're going to try to get up from 11 to 3 or four and dislodge your logs or that otherwise inflation, immigration, healthcare and crime as kind of the kind of the biggest issues and some of the Ukraine and obviously that's what happened in the final ruling obviously will make Victor so talk to Mark Penn, now Mark, let's talk about the midterms. Last night we went. Everyone wants to find out Republicans and Democrats how much power trump actually has is JD Vance wins.

I think the other 10 races did the president prevailed his candidate one.

What is that tell you, even though it's just day one of the primaries.

Certainly, certainly trump does have a very strong base of the public and party. Most Republicans were born to run for president again. Most people in the country, not so much and and he has been successful. Q picked the right horses or or or or the right horses associated with him think he sees Dr. is off to a pretty good role. I think he probably was responsible for the movement. JD Vance really was behind in the polls until until he endorsed him all about big events or struck me as a candidate. Probably the potential to do pretty well. So you take president trump you don't have a good night. What that means if he has a reservoir of strength within the Republican Party, but nationally in the general election. It doesn't say anything about that because she's not doesn't have great numbers outside of the party right so he has not been he's been hasn't really done much of the past two years to win over independence.

Moderates obviously moderate Democrats seeing any movement now again, his numbers are kind of similar to Biden numbers. Neither of them own the center of the country and track. I had a question you want present Biden to run most people said no, most Democrats and yes to say what you want present trump threat against the president. Most people said no. Most Republicans suggest. I said well if those two are the candidates. Then we do pro forma them or an independent and 58% share independent so it does very well at third base, but neither well direct critical 20% in the middle which is interesting because Newt Gingrich had aligned you know I think that he is very close to the president is try to get to present to stop thinking. Looking back and looking forward. And I think he said this last night and I think it's a message each try to relate to the present.

Personally, 27. Truth is trump or change his hold on the base of the Republican Party that he currently has. Unfortunately, if he starts shifting towards describing a better future. I think that he will consolidate and almost certainly end up as the nominate tonight's a very big night in terms of 2024 as well as in terms of 2022 and a sense for saying. The fact is, inflation matters and collapse of the border matters crime matters high prices for gasoline and food matters in the middle of all this other corruption of the of the Biden family matters and I think the Democrats and discover that the January search committee doesn't matter to most Americans and their going to discover that I hard-line pro-abortion extremism is an appeal to most Americans would you challenge any of that or all of it. I got a pretty good list of issues here about the problems of somebody's talking about about the election in 2020 and losing winning and losing related getting that election book is about themselves in the future, and so none of those issues really got hurt longest president trump is still mired in talking about 20/20 anymore than you Talk about 2016. So something's developing might just be the press tonnage ended up with George W. Bush is going to help Brian George W. Bush is helping raise money for Murkowski, Liz Cheney.

All three of them are now arch enemy Republicans of Donald Trump.

Is there a little bit of a Bush trump rivalry going on here now.

Where bushes famously wanted to stay out of it since he was done with the second term expert on the Republican internal worker much but it would it would seem pretty much so that Berkshire works with her compassionate conservative view themselves as conservative. The more moderate wing of the Republican Party and and never avenged any like for trump whatsoever. Wouldn't surprise me if ESA if he is helping those people who want so much. Never trump first but are outside the mainstream of the conservative Republican Party at this point I Mark Leslie's shoes on the Democratic side, who would you recommend my listeners keep an eye on that. Somebody that could emerge coming to Zeus to Democrats Ron DeSantis Tim Scott Nikki Haley Kristi Nobles the somebody that you see with tremendous potential essay on the Republican side of the chapter really getting stronger and stronger and emerging trump either runs and he runs against him or her trump doesn't run to Santos clearly has but himself significantly ahead of everybody else on the Republican side. I think I'm on the Democratic side, you will will will by Brian right doesn't run Harris VP after all, by VP Walter Mondale comforting. Great tradition. Now the Democratic Party that the vice president becomes the Domine and I can't give her 67% and the only other figure out there so there's not really a strong bench at the moment for for candidate compared to compared to Republican bench, but neither party right now seems to be able to get past the two people that the broad swing voters are likely to mark an exciting time. I proceed joining us. Thank you so much.

1-866-408-7669, appeal to screen some calls and Marsha Blackburn then simulcast busy hour or you ready Brian kill Mead just click on comments and will go right to my email so move both sides all Fox News contests network.

These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me. This is the link heard round the country around the world and to tell you that as a you know any cleric when I started out one of the first things there they find out very quickly is that the sheer power that's in a draft opinion is a lot that changes in those opinions and for this to be leaked. There certainly very few people that have access to these and it is a very tightknit group, though the investigation should not be long. I think they can find the leak fairly quickly and I hope they're working feverishly to do so. The Chief Justice said yesterday confirmed the authenticity of the document density can hunt down the weaker they directed the marshal of the court.

I didn't know there was one to launch an investigation into the source of the leak and that Marshall is Col. Gail Curley, whose appointment was announced May 3, 2021. As you know, before she took on the role she will be in serve as a court's chief security officer facilities administrator contract executive managing approximately 260 employees, including Supreme Court police force provide security for the justices.

Col. Curley will call the Supreme Court to order to to argument sessions maintaining order and decorum during this time. I hope they have all the receipt has all the resources she needs help. She sees the urgency there because I give Democrats don't work to their to their interest to find out who it is, so that to me is will disturbing.

I would just say call the FBI made sense to me that this person is almost ceremony like the referee in a wrestling match that you know the Tory pre-scripted, worries me. The newer Post editorial board said this after that decision was often authenticated. The legal likely hope to somehow influence this, the motivation, the final decision. Both the positions of at least five justices seem rocksolid.

In short, the Supremes, tossing over Roe and Casey only make abortion law, the subject of normal politics so that anyone looking to change. It will first have to convince a solid majority of their fellow citizens and will require a lot more than dirty tricks like handling confidential documents to your buddies in the media, which they say this is one of the great cats in modern journalism Pentagon papers. Okay, fine. But because you do that there were all types of protests in stepsister, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston so Lake City Los Angeles even in Louisville, Kentucky the rope that's protests. I imagine more will be coming today Kim McCarthy's firm.

He said yesterday's unprecedented leak is an attempt to severely damage the Supreme Court is clearly scorning a campaign to intimidate and obstruct the justices of the United States and independence in our political system from upholding the Constitution a must merely be investigated by the court. Yeah, I hope this marshals up to it.

To me that's that's gotta be Kate because I'm not sure.

So far that I've seen in the job description.

John you was on last night on she would Shannon cut 21 abortion has politicized the court and the Constitution, and this very leak is a kind of political tactics were starting to see more more used to try to influence the course decisions. I think in the short term.

That's what someone did here to try to link this early before the decision became final, so that people in the political system could try to pressure one of the justices to change their minds. I hope that doesn't work because that will mean that the court will become more of a political institution and not really be there to stand up for the rights of minorities and for the Bill of Rights and they really need to.

Yeah, then Eric's well well continues to explain on I expand on this is to so many good by same-sex marriage goodbye, interracial marriage, which prompted Wesley Hunt, a black Republican to say hey Eric, my name is Wesley Hunt, Republican nominee and a kid in a congressional district settings and white on black, and infuriate interracial marriage and my wife and I have two biracial kids Republican celebrate diversity for liberals like yourself and race bait firing Donald you are such a fool. I agree. So the issue radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show this campaign. I really think with. We went to battle what party stands for donors to write checks to the club for growth. Do we want to Republican party people right here in Ohio? That is a very pumped update events with some yellow note in his hand. He had a victory speech to give because he won by nine points, and he really catapulted himself to the top spot after Donald Trump endorsed him. Peter Teal supported him. He got about $16 million from Peter Teal. Overall, the number one the highest spending for any sanity or any congressional seat on the history of Ohio would be right now.

Center Marsha Blackburn said we talk before the results in Ohio last night on television what you think now about Donald Trump and the power he still wields what we know Trump had a great day at the polls yesterday and used on the results that came trailing Brian, you can look at JD campaign which has been an incredible race and the way he has really taken desk grants rates. He worked with small meetings in person meetings, letting people see him here again spoke about what he believed anyone disgraced good job for him in the prison of royalty supported 19 candidates they will prevail by including one former staffer. So what does that with the Z tell you about Ohio in particular me for the longest time he heard Florida and Ohio will decide the next president now. Both seem firmly red.

You're right about that and get me. People are looking for authentic that they are very focused on people just telling them the truth just given him deaf and I think people are very unsettled about taking in the mainstream media Area you have pinion journalism.

You don't have the reporting you have opinions that are filling the papers and feeling airtime on mainstream media outlets can brighten people just. Every single day when I'm talking to Tennesseans to plan out in advance. Just give us the truth. Let us know how bad a � let us know what is taking place.

I don't get this span right so I look at Mark Penn.

This poll and talked about the attitude of the American voter according to the Harris poll conducted April 21, many Americans under 60 of relatively little express with anything but comparatively low flow of fuel costs.

Negligible interest rates and stable prices. That's been the case over the last maybe 25 years overnight.

All that stuff been shaken to the core. Only 35% approval present by its handling of inflation even lower on the foxes post 28%. So when these gas prices are now sometimes seven dollars. Inflation is at 8.5% wages going up about 5%, would you say to people listening to us right now forcing this for the first time the word around the 70s and 80s right now about $5000 a year coming out of people's pocket to pay for addition by economy and it just shows you governance inhibiting charge matters because under my diet increased regulation.

He's got taxes that are going up there trying to undo the Trenton tax cut. You have inflation at a 40 year high. When you talk about 8% inflation here when you go to the grocery store and you're looking at the cost at the mail and eggs and bacon and coffee and Brad and you see that the price of produce is through the roof and you know it's going to get even Brian because we hearing from my farmers when it comes to fertilizer and pesticide and things I need to get crops in the grant.

They are already seeing an escalation right so therefore the present decent content in this file is going to cost even more.

Very interesting. So we know to 48 hours ago this this draft lease is a ropey way will be overturned in June. If it stays even though the Chief Justice is authentic but doesn't mean the votes are cast were done. That was just a draft but among the things just Alito said is that we hold says it is time to heed the Constitution return the issue of abortion to the people elected representatives, meaning the states.

The permissibility of abortion and the limitations upon it are to be resolved. Like most important questions are democracy by citizens trying to persuade one another and then voting that is not how it was interpreted. Listen to how the rest of the media played this news cut for my wiring is that this is just the beginning. The left.

Again, marriage, and maybe maybe the Brown versus Board of Education eroded out voting rights so I see some pricing fascism down the line.

There a lot of things now on the chopping block rights include interstate travel include same-sex marriage include same-sex relationships just to name a few.

Now this is essentially gone. What's next in the event that we had a president in 2024. That's a rebate we be at a South America style nationwide abortion man in America. What other cases have been decided based on these precedents that could now be in jeopardy. Same-sex marriage that was Jeffrey to be the last one that's just not true. If you read if you said this is this opinion and that's it. Center Blackburn well, you're right about that. Brian course immediately. Did talk about the leaker or the integrity of the court or the betrayal of trust began to politicize the issue had a dance morning and they were prepared for a rally with signs were there on the plot in front of the Supreme Court immediately. You had justice and raising money � this was coming, but they were concerned about the Lakers I never said anything about that.

They continue to make it sound as if abortion was going to be banned, which is not true. Why didn't die is to return it to the state for the separate states to decide for themselves how they want to address the issue back to left answer not want to talk about what actually went in the draft and of course it should not a final opinion and opinion has not been issued an opinion has not been written, and they are not focusing on the cranial trust of the court die just so far the person is to tell a lot.

So now we understand the Chief Justice is given the Marshall court-martial Col. Gail a curly. She said she was appointed yesterday to go ahead and investigate this we know about the court-martial Supreme Court security route. That is, therefore, damn it. It's like tear and forth, and my understanding is it's a few hundred people that are � take him to the security of the court and the justice edge and oversee bases of integrity that may arise. So they will conduct their investigation. We want to make certain that everything that me that I have a lien do know that the court is very careful and how documents are distributed.

We know that there are certain markings for every printer at the court said they are going to be able to hunting very quickly and sticking printed and distributed or printed and scanned document and sent it forward that you know seven investigative arm is handled by the marshals and anything need additional help they would agree That Not My Understanding, and It Is All Handled Internally by the Marshals to the Court Right I Was Still No II Guess I Don't Know Exactly What They Would Call the FBI in for Something like This.

I Think First Thing That You Have To Do Is Establish the Investigation and Decided Shaklee 20 D Is It That You're Going to Need and Then Resources for Segment That Are outside the Marshall System for the Court That Would Be a Lamp to Pull the Resources Forward. All Right's Center. Blackburn, Thanks so Much Appreciated.

Take Care Marsha Blackburn Weighing in. Listen Everybody Was Well Knocked out There Axis. When This Came out, but Those People Watch the Supreme Court like the Shattered Dreams of the World for Their Job or for Their Passion.

They See the Oral Arguments Made It Clear Because Eight the Air. A Lot Of It That This Is Where This Whole Decision Was Having. They Dried up They Type It up in February and Then Here We Are in Maywood and We in It Hits the Fan and Gets out There Now.

If It Comes out in June That It Deflated.

After That, We Kind of Expected Coming to Look to Codify This into Law. All Right, Good Luck with That.

You Have 50 Votes Vengeance Executive to That Judge a Book.

The Filibuster Do It, You Get 60 Votes We Could Have a Vote and See Where Everyone Says We Can Know Where One Stands Right Now so I Wish You Would Just Stop Yelling and Trying to Make Things up to Get People Excited and We Come Back a Simulcast on the Number One Show on FEF Was Invited to Joe Don't Get up beyond Just and Saturday at 8 O'clock One Nation. Now Brian Kill Me Show Joints. FOXBusiness Is Funny in Company with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian. Kill Me Back My Jacket Look like a Breaking Story State Dressed up As They Dressed up until about Seven and Then I'll Be Able to Squeeze in Some Calls Right after 1-866-408-7669 so Will Find out What's Going on with FBN Student Phonies in the Middle of Economics, but He Loves to Segue into the Real World and Political World.

She Will Do Just That and Talk about the Big Three Stories. Let's Listen Together Here Stuart Is 1051 You Know What That Means. It Means Brian Kill Me Joins Us by Brian Dave Chapelle Attacked Last Night at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Attacker Was Armed with a Replica Gun and a Knife. He Was Just Arrested and Charged with Assault What to Do If You Are Now Running a Comedy Club Someplace You Could Have Security Guards Everywhere.

I Mean Look This the Hollywood Bowl with the Biggest Comedians in the World. I Mean, in America, John Stuart Leslie Jones from SNL. You Have Jamie Foxx and You Have Dave Chapelle by Me. He's the Guy Is Dave Chapelle and Friends, There's Some Controversy There Because of Some Comments He Made in the Special Article. The Closer about about Trends Sexual's and It's Not Offensive. I Doesn't Seem Offensive.

Seems like He Just Having Fun. He's Not Looking to Offend Anyone. They Went through This. Some Netflix Employees Walked out. But Now, Ever since We Watched Will Smith Go up and Slapped Chris Rock We Always Wonder How You Do It in a Smaller Venue of the Oscars. They Do the Hollywood Bowl to Your Original Question, What about Chuckles in the Middle in Bill of Iowa.

Nowhere about the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

I'm Working Security.

But What about the Whole Idea of Making Jokes and Sometimes a Joke. Come Be a Little Bit Thoughtful but It's a Joke. Can We Think Make Jokes Any Longer. Well, What Are You Have To Do for Joy through Annotated Dave Chapelle so You Know He Went Back Out Of the Sky Kidding around about It in Chris Rocky Mount Said, I Think That Was Will Smith. I'm Not Sure They'd Made Some Fun of the Boy If You Want to Video and Knowing That There's a Strong Report That the Guy Was Armed with a Fake Gun. They Conversed to a Knife so He Was Better Evidently Were Broken on Broken Shoulder Looks like He Was Put on the Gurney of the End. Something Happened between Him Jumping on the Stage Knocking to Shape the Dave Chapelle down Backwards. He Got Back up. He Runs to the Back of the Stage and Then He Kinda Disappears with It Did to Steward As It Took Everyone's Phone Away Because so Many Comedians Get Their Act Stolen Because I Sit There Someone Suits or Tapes. The Whole Thing Go to Do a Special and People Slightly, and I've Heard This Stuff Already Post on Social Media so They Don't Have Nearly As Much Video As You Normally Would Have.

But You Have One from the Balcony Shooting down and You Really Get to See How Perilous It Was.

You See Them Pop up on the Stage. Go Ahead Out Of the Tackle Just As Shocked to See the Kind of Thing All over Again One More for You JD Vance One Big in the Ohio Republican Primary.

What Does That Tell You about the Value of a Trump Endorsement for November, Especially in Ohio so Listen.

It Was a Great Start. I Think You Want Every Single Race He Put in for That Was the Biggest One Is You Want for JD Vance When He Was Third and Was It. I Guess for Five Point Separated Them, but I Have Fed JD Vance on the Show Probably Six Times, Every Time I Look at the Polls. He's about 11%, 15% Said Don't Worry Will Close the Gap. Peter Teal Came in with A Lot Of Money, A Lot Of Support, but If You Look at As a Candidate, Stuart.

He's Burning Seals This I Was against Trump. I like Never I Do Know That I Was Coming from.

Now If I Was Form, but If You Look at Them from a Rural Background Becomes an Ivy League Graduate Goes and Serves in Iraq Comes Back Becomes a Venture Capitalist Right up Your Alley. He Starts Investing Money He Makes and Said Consider Staying Rich and Being Isolated, Living off like My Book Sales in My Movie I'm a Little Run and the Trump Endorsement Brought out over a Million Republican Voters in Ohio Alone, More Than Double the Number of Democrats Who Showed up for the Primary That Got to Go, Brian.

Sorry but Thanks for Being with Us Today. Thank You. 1-866-408-7669 Debris That so Now If You Look at Present Trump's Gotta Feel Great Today and but I Mean Getting Keep in Mind These Testing When They Just Win the Nomination, but He Is Really Put It out for Liz Cheney and He's Put It out for Brian Kemp. I Don't Think Anyone's Touching Camp Kemp's Gotta Be Stacy Abrams Any Clear Thinking Republican Knows That You Do Not Want to Give Fuel to CCM's Got A Lot Of Talent Certainly Very Organized and Policies That Would Actually Destroy Georgia Socialize the Whole Situation but No One Doubts or Intellect or Background. If Brian Kemp Can Be Stacy Abrams Who Would Marginalize Her. If He Doesn't. If He Doesn't Been CCM to Get Peter and If CCM Does Become Governor, She Becomes a Front Runner to Be Present If Joe Biden Can Go on with That.

So I Think Brian Kemp Is the Enemy Number One of the Present, but He Shouldn't He Shouldn't Be like the Way. Obviously, God Governed the Governor Didn't the President-Elect with the Governor Handled the Postelection Stuff but They Didn't See Any Problem with the Election These the Secretary Of State Presents Also Targeting Him Liz Cheney Screen Primary in Wyoming Where, but for the Most Part the Cheney's Walk on Water and Nobody Doubts Was Cheney's Conservative Bona Fides by Think She's Been Way Too Aggressive on the January 6 File Generated January 8. The January 6. Excuse Me. I Think She's Way Too Aggressive on That and I Think She's Going to Drawing the Left and That's I Can to Help Her in Wyoming, Which Is As Red As He Gets.

So Those Are Some of the Things the Presence Going to Be People Talking about Liz Believing That Everybody Wants to Write the Story of Donald Trump Is Lost His Power Is Going to Be May 23 When She Should Be Really Tested Again and Then Will Find out How Much Power down Trump Still Has but Still I Mean, He's Already Shown That He Can Be a Kingmaker. I'm Wondering If He's Content with That.

It Is in Content like Andrew Jackson Was after He Served Two Terms in the White House. He Became a Kingmaker from the Hermitage Overridden and Tennessee. I'm Not Sure the Prison Will Be the Former President Will Be Happy about That. Here Is Kelly and Conway Cut 25.

I Think You Caught the Trump Found JD Vance Wasn't about 11 or 12% a Month Ago, He Went up 1213 Points in One Month, One Tonight Decisively Couplet His Opponents and Endorsing Already Think the President Ran the Tables in Ohio Because I See Inflation, Integration, Border Security Skyline, Ukraine Gas Congress Easter Everything That Is Vexing and Perplexing. Fear Is at the Seat of the Hands of People like Tim Ryan, the Democratic Nominee Not Potentiating at the Total 70 Million Miniature by Next Generation, the Loch Ness Monster Has Been Watching 20 Years Completely Unremarkable Serving Lost One Race for President Something or That's Tim Ryan. He Did Not Get the Boxers Knows a Moderate but for the Most Part He's Come up Very Angry of Late. But Now Is Running an American First Campaign, You Believe That America First on the Democratic Side, Not Really.

Can't Really Buy That I Think Switch Listening Which People Here Don't Forget to Watch 7 O'clock Tonight and Brian Kill Me Show You Why New York City Fresh off the Set of Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Kill Me Pumped up at This Hour. Thanks Much Felicity Coming to You from 46 in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country around the World, Especially the Ukraine.

Ukraine Will Talk to HR McMaster.

In a Matter a Moment about the Mysterious Way in Which the Russians Are Going about Their Fight Lease and Possibly the South and That Is Tepid As Brutal and Barbaric As They Fight Because They Have No Skills and There Really a Precision Weapons Reportedly yet yet Still Bombing Brandon Lease in Killing Innocent People. They Have Not Been That Aggressive Why I Want to Talk to HR McMaster about That Aggressive in Trying to Take Back Their Region with a Blitzkrieg Type Style. That's What I Mean Bill Hammer Fresh Office Coverage of the Primaries Last I Will Be Meet with Me in Studio. So Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Sponsor File I Faxed Save a Life and a Choking Emergency Visit Life to Learn More and Use Code BK Tend to Save 10% Number Three. The Truth Is That We Was Too Slow to Grasp What Was Really Happening and We Collectively Fail to Impose the Sanctions, Then We Should Put on Vladimir Putin Candle Make the Same Mistake Again Horse Junta Being Honest Say They Were Wrong. United against Russia. Now That Was the Trying Gain Ground in the Ukraine EU Now Stunningly I Think It's Great Is Moving out for Total Russia Oil of Fan within Six Months. Mysteriously the Russian Offensive Seems As I Mentioned before, Slowing Tepid yet Barbaric and Say All You This Would Be No It Isn't That Is JD Vance. The Midterm Media Has Begun and What and I Present Trump You Want about 10 Races. The Headliner JD Vance Comes from 3rd to 1st Wins by Nine Point since the Endorsement from Trump. What Is It Mean for the Rest of the Primaries Was a Meeting for Dr. Oz. What Is It Mean for Gov. Kim My Wiring Is That This Is Just the Beginning. The Left to Gay Marriage. There A Lot Of Things Now on the Chopping Block. Mental Rights Include Interstate Travel Include Same-Sex Marriage, What Other Cases Have Been Decided Based on These Precedents That Could Now in Jeopardy. Same-Sex Marriage Yeah That Is Jeffrey Toobin at the End Melting down Overdraft a Draft of the End of Roe V Wade Melting down in Such an Organize What You Wonder How Much of This Is All a Preplanned and That's When Talking about, You See Some of These Riots and Protests Yesterday Got Out Of Control in Los Angeles.

It Seems Hey I Have an Idea. I'm Upset about Supreme Court Decision. Let Me Throw a Rock at a Cop. That's What They're Doing in California Just a Joke. I'm Sure They've Done It Elsewhere. You Don't Blame the People Who Were Sitting There Trying to Keep Law and Order and Maybe Save Your Life by Him in the Head with Rocks so That's What That's Really What Get You Arrested That That's the Truth of It. So the Other Places, San Francisco, New York. There Will Be Protests There. The Other Place Was Chicago, Atlanta Used in Salt Lake City. I Met You in LA Are Ready. They All Had Louisville, Kentucky. They All Had Somewhat of They Wanted to Display and Protests There Will Be Way Could Be Gone by the Boards. Keep in Mind Doesn't Ban Abortion. It'll Leave It up to the States You Want Your State to Have Abortion Rights, I'd Six Weeks at 15 Weeks Go Put Somebody in There That Can Reflect Your Views. While Some Republicans Were Not Happy. Susan Collins Is One of This Lease Draft Opinion Is Final and the Reporting Is Accurate.

They Recomplete Inconsistent with What Justice Corsican Justice Cavanaugh Said in Their Hearings in My Office. Murkowski Said Said Accounts Nine February Just a Bill That Would Codify Roe V Wade, I Thought It Made Sense. I Think It Makes Even More Sense Now.

So That Was Republicans the Other Republicans Are Saying Calm down, Sit down, Relax, Here's Jen Saki Who Says I'm Not Called for a Filibuster, but I Am Calling for Something Revolving around the Election Cut Three Reentering When He Said in a Statement That If the Court Does Overturn Route Will Follow in Our Nation's Elected Missiles at All Levels of Government to Protect a Woman's Right to Choose to Do Exactly That. It Will Fall on Voters to Elect This November at the Federal Level, Need More Pro-Choice and Pro-Choice Majority in the House without Legislation and That Was Exactly Where We Are, yet Will See I Was Here.

Those Boats Go by. I Know Schumer Walked Away from Demanding the Filibuster Now Looks like Saki Had a Chance to Demand That Not Demand the Filibuster. She Did Not Show. She Got to Get It, but Bernie Sanders Immediately Tweeted out Will Take a Pre-Choreographed between the Came out on Tuesday at 845 When This Word Leaked That Political Had the Story and the Documents to Back It up. Well, It Turns out, the Democrats Seem Remarkably Poised and Ready to Act Effective Preprinted Signs. They Were Marching at in Front of the Supreme Court Police.

So Why Are They Doing This. Why, in My View, Because They Don't Talk about Anything Else. Here's Karl Rove Last Night with Me a Primetime Cut Seven. I Don't Blame Them.

If You're If You're a Democrat and People Are Concerned about Inflation and They Think the Government Spending Too Much in Their Upset with the Attitude Towards Covert Policies and the Word about the Immigration of the Southern Border of the Word about Rising Crime and Democrats Being Soft on and Wanting to Defund the Place You Want to Talk about Anything Bad That Some of Course, Schumer's Consent.

This, Yeah, I Know That Is Marked That Is a Karl Rove I Talk about the Political Side of This on the Computer Playing up Now If This Happened in September for November Midterm. I Could See the Thing That Makes Me Feel As Though We Wasn't Necessarily Choreographed Was What You Doing It in April As We May, Why Mean the Primaries Funnel to Help Tim Ryan Does Make Any Sense to Me Mean It, since They Seem to Frank Kempster When His Primary so I'm Not Sure.

Do You Want a Six Month Lead Time Forward and You Going to Get This Pump in June. Anyway, When the so What If Everything Were True to Form and They Have Got Him Wrote This Opinion You Can Get That We Right to 4 July Weekend, but Now You Took Some of the Surprise Out Of It Okay All the Surprise Out Of but If You Want to Feel Bad for Joe Biden Listen to What He's Got a Deal with This Is Congresswoman JR Paul Cut Nine Justices Acting like This Is Somehow Something That They Have the Right to Change to Not Have the Right to Change This Weekend Not Accept.

I Don't Think People across This Country Are Going to Accept It. The Right to Make an Opinion Because It's Not Popular That This Make Any Sense Does It Pushing Back the Prison of Live-Action This Morning with the West. I Would Tucker Lila Rose Cut 12 Massive Meltdown Happening Right Now from the Pro-Abortion Side Because They Can't Force Abortion on All America Can't Force Abortion for All Nine-Month on Children for Any Reason on All 50 States. That's What This Is about at the Massive Cancer and That's Being Thrown by the Extreme Pro-Abortion Last Night, Not Reflecting Us in America and We Had 22 States That Have Almost Complete Abortion Bands in This Country That Want Us to Going to Affect That Want to Protect Children in Their State.

Children No Matter the Fact That Their Unborn a Month and a Protected It's Really Amazing to Watch This Moment Unfold and in the Pro-Life Movement Where We're Thrilled It's a Step Forward and Were Just Getting Started Right.

Thanks so Much, so Listen We Come Back I Will Talk to HR McMaster Want to Get This Real Sent to the Battlefield with Any $33 Billion over There. I'd like to Know If Our Weapons in Our Trade Is Getting There Dropping in Poland Doesn't Work Also with the Russians Rub to the Truth That HR Hears about Vladimir Putin Having Cancer Surgery Then Will Come Back and Talk about Donald Trump's Monster Night Because of the People He Back. Probably His Biggest Night since Brew the Day before the Election When He Thought He Was Going to Win Four More Years. It Was a Bright Tell Me Cho Don't Move Your Knowledge Base, Brian Filming Show Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Filming Show the United Nations Together Because Hopefully They Can Hold That Destroy 90 Is Steel Eisenstein Steel Plot That Is Present Was His Translator Talking to Chris Jenkins on Fox News about an Hour Ago Which Bringing HR McMaster, a Historian, Retired U.S. Army Lieut. Gen. and Former National Secure Advisor to Present Trump and Author of the Book Battlegrounds the Fight to Defend the Free World. We Are General Wearable World about 70 Days in Right Now I'm See the New York Times Report That the Pentagon Is Saying That There Surprise That the Russian Ostensive in the East Is so Dear Words Tepid. Are You and Would You Describe It That Way.

All Because This Is an Inept Military Tribunal and Seen It with the Initial Offensive All All of the Less Tangible Elements of Combat Prowess. Your Ability to Fight Their Dictation and I Didn't Have Unit Cohesion Are Not Well Trained or Not Discipline They Haven't Maintained Our Equipment, They Can't Do Basic Logistics Functions That Can't Integrate All Orange into the Fight in Close Combat Matched Mobile Protected Firepower by Taxing an Infantry and and and and Firepower so You Can Now Also Seen How Capable Ukrainians Are the Tremendous Will Know You Mentioned the Situation Very Important in the Steelworks amidst Its It's It's Astounding and We Are All Acknowledge and Praise Ukrainians for Their Resolve in Their Grit and Determination, and We Don't See That on the Russian Side the Pulley and Shed the Moral Is to the Physical As 31 and and and Nursing Ukrainians Come out on Top in Terms of Morale and and Will to Fight Bullying. As You Know, Invaded Russia and Russia Did the Old Scorched-Earth and Winter Came in Route. Now They Are the Invaders. Instead of Being Invaded. So They've Lost There Was Something They Did Best to Stay and Thus Destroy Their Own Stuff.

They Just Want to Destroy the Ukraine. What How What You Think Is Going on behind Closed Doors between Putin's Military Leaders Part of Your Discussion with Latimer View Offers One of the Most Prominent Russian Opposition Politicians Just Don't Live or Not in Jail in Exile in the Baltic States Now and You Can Describe the Inner Circle around As Those Were With Him at St. Petersburg and of the Old Security Service People from Also Uniquely Brought with Him When He Took Power in the Year 2000 and so His Readers That the People around Him Are Going to Polish to Because They're All Going to Go down with Goes down. They Go down and They Said the Oligarchs Don't Really Have That Much Power Because to Me That Savvy Businessman and It State Owned Enterprises Your Bike by Five Latimer Proved an Opportunity for Corruption, and of Course She's Credit This Whole Patronage Network through the People around Him Your Lot of the People around Him like Popular Chef Who Was My Counterpart Wife Met with Our history Divisor Keep His Son Is a Vice Minister in a Different Department. It's All Dirty Work and Extends Internationally Instruction, More Sanctions against These Individuals You Know You There's a Cellist Brian Was Worth $2 Billion Because She's Holding It for Latimer. It Is Estimated to Be Worth $200 Billion Right so It Is a Corrupt Network and Establish a Patronage Network That Helps Keep in Power, and of Course What Else Power Is His Grip on the News Media and Information Close and That's Why They Brought Poke Holes in It Is Likely the Firewall and Get the Get the Russian People Alternate Sources of Information That Your Profession Girlish Man I'm Either Coming out on Top of This Thing.

I'm Not. I Am so Proud of the International Journalists Who Were Taking Risks in Ukraine Getting Us the Story Prevented from Doing Such Information and and and and Then Produce Your Will to Help Ukrainians Open.

She Was so Right Now This Is with the Fencing at the Same Time Analysts in the Fish of the Day Knows the Brutality in Which the China Kill Everybody and Mary Pulled Trying to Level Cities. They Also Got Three Ships Blown up Right by Snake Island Is That This Is the Quote Analysts and Officials Are Quietly Beginning to Question Why Russian Troops Appear to Be Acting with Restraint Rather Than Engaging in the All-Out Offensive to Their Battle for Eastern Ukraine. They Describe the Russians Fight. There Is Very Cautious and Very Tepid at the Same Time They Take Your Son There Putting Their Flag up There so Use the Rubles Brought Building up Basically Taking It and Doing the Same Thing and Mary Opal and Maybe a Couple Other Cities Beginning to Take It at Any Cost You Take A Lot Of Notes for Skill Just Rubble Cities Right You Mentioned a Military Historian Looks like. It Looks like Russia's Stalingrad like That but in Reverse to Start Right I Meant Never That Was Where the Nazi Offensive against Russia Culminated Right Both Both Napoleon and Hitler Looked at the Map of Russia but Forgot to Look at the Scale on the Map.

I Think I Thought. I Think Your Other Question Made the Same Mistake.

Now in Reverse and Witnessing Determination to Hold onto the Steelworks. The Russians Have Been Impelling so the Reason Why They're Being Tested in the Attack Is Because the Get Kicked the Numbers of Armored Vehicles and Lost. I Think a Conservative Number That I Think People Agree on Now Russia Killed in Action Is 15,000 Right You Have Three Wounded for Every Killed in Action.

That's 45,000 More and Still Try to Taper the Saltworks Just Accorded a Special Military Operation. So What He Needs to Do by Regional Slides by Declaring Some Victory Is to Get Something to Take to Lie to the Russian People to Make It Look like You're Being Victorious She Was to Do This before May 9. Right Which Is the May Day Celebrations in Russia Important to Listen to What He Says Mobilize after This Double down or Does He Try to Just Say Okay Enough Is Enough Because You Don't. If You Think Your Active Army Is Bad Which They Are One Your Conscripts Tried by the Time You Train up a Soldier Integrated Soldier into an Infantry or Tactile. Your Stop Rotating out so They Would Have Unit Cohesion Point Howard Will Come from inside Soldiers and inside Units Trust Each Other Company. So I Think May Not Be Something to Watch and What Is His Message Would You Say Would You Telegraph Terms of Work Goes from Here, but I Think This Could Happen Is This Offensive Will Fail, and Ukrainians Will Start Building a Powerful Counteroffensive I Got so Gentle and Possible It's Possible to Push Them Out Of the Don Bosses That Would Victory Looks like I'm Not.

I Know You Sent up to Us to Decide When Pieces We Seem to Be Flooding More. We Have More Than 10 Now for the Rest the World Also Was Hard to See the EU Is Starting within Six Months. Stop Buying Oil and Gas Demanding All Their Nations Do the Same. I Think You Are Will Now That You're in Terms of Your Pocket, but I Think We Need to Maintain or Will You Shut down His ATM That Sponsors Warmaking Machine and That's a Hard Core You Mentioned. We Do Hope Ukrainians with Logistics Right Which Greatly Were Given the Weapons and We Need to Get the Weapons I Would like to See Is Botching Them on Logistics on on on Integrating Some of These New Capabilities. He Held out a Humanitarian Quarter Maritime Quarter 20 � Right to Challenge Russia's Effort to Try to Make the Black Sheet You're Russian like You See the Feeling That Already Mentioned the Instructions of Three Ships There, but They Also Offer Flagship in the Black Sea Fleet so I Think We Need to Be Doing All We Can.

Val Bryant Talked about like She Would Give It off Closely RIGHT There so Often for Him with Excellent Driving to the Brick Wall HR McMaster Gen. Thanks so Much with the Same Here. Hopefully You Have That It Is the Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Brian until Made Debate about Who Is Well-Versed in the Lawsuit Could Not Purchase Birth Control the Privacy of Their Own Bedroom and Use Well Then Construct a Wall Was Thought to Be a Bad Decision, but Working on My My Guess Is the Guys on the Supreme Court. What Happens If You Have Stage Change the Law, Saying That Children Who Are LGBT to Camping Classrooms with Other Children Present Present Religion under the Weight of the Decisions Written. What Are the Next Thing to the Front of the Attack Because This Mega Crowd Is Really the Most Extreme Political Organizations Existed in History. Wow That's That's A Lot so I Didn't Know That You Can Buy Touchup Devices General Bedroom so That's Kind of Interesting but Do You Really Think They're Going to Come for Contraceptives. I Said, It Still Hampers Here, but I Cannot Go to Fact Check on All This Right� I'm in the Court Case. He Mentioned Might Be Accurate but I'm Not Sure It's like Look into It Myself.

Yeah the Griswold Case You I Tell You I Look at It If the Decision Is Written As Reported Yesterday, I Think We All Need to Take Deep Breath and Just Think about What the Leader Was Trying to Express. And People Can Make up Their Own Mind and Psyche Pages. Yeah, I Know from What I Understand, 1/3 of That Is Referencing Other Decisions That Have Been Made by the Court That Many Would Consider in Supreme Court Legal Terms Considered to Be Overturning Some Sort of Precedent Law. 1/3 Pride That Substantial so You Have To Listen to a Leaders Argument but What He's Going to Say Is That Amazing Statement, This Court Cannot Bring about the Permanent Resolution of a Rancorous National Controversy Simply by Dictating a Settlement and Telling the People to Move on Right. We Do Not Pretend to Know How Our Political System, or How Our Society Will Respond to Today's Decision Overruling Grover and Casey. Even If We Could Foresee What Will Happen, We Would Have No Authority to Let That Knowledge Influence Our Decision Right Shouldn't. And He's Challenging. Show Me Where It Is in the Text Because the Notion That the Leader Was Saying This Where Where It Says That Abortion Rights Should Be Protected.

Another Thing I Did Not Know 1973 Roe Versus Wade.

It Was a 72 Decision of Which Five Republican Justices Who Voted with the Majority. Five. That Substantial and What a Leaders Can Argue and I Would Imagine Were Probably Puppets Can Say Is That This This Used To Be Your Decision, the Courts Took It Away from You Were Giving It Back to You to Decide State-By-State Stabilized and When You Put Your Legislators in That Your Vote on This and Everything Else from Taxes on down and You Know What There's A Lot Of People That Don't Live in New York. I Don't Her. They Left Florida and People to Texas from California and That's What You Will Do and Some People Say Why Don't Have To Move Because of This Auto That's Pretty Much Where System Works Want to Pay Higher Taxes and You Should Be Perfect for You. I Think You and I Use That Phrase Marinade Let It Marinade.

I Think We Really Need to Do That and There's a Chance That We Were Supposed to Get This toward the End of June, Brian Sommer, Suggesting It Could Come out Sooner Because of What Is Happening with the Leaks. Maybe That Happens, but I Don't Know but There Still Will Be a Level of Drama.

When the Supreme Court Says on X Day Working Announce Our Decision on This Case and Will Have a Chance to Read It off Ourselves That I Think in Terms of the Electorate. There Is a Substantial Debate among Politicos. Now As to Whether or Not This Issue Changes the Dynamic for November.


But I Tell You, Inflation Is Something That I Think about Every Day Now.


And That's Not Going Away. I Don't Think My Mom's Listening in the She's Got WBC Radio New York) 770 Yeah We Are in New York. No Love That WHI 08 in Ohio, No State You Seek It.

Why JRC We Think You Would Wish among Cincinnati so Anyway I Order Flowers for Mother's Day. I Will Look at Things That I Do Same Florist Brian Every Year for Free Here for Mother's Day like That You Just Know It's a Clockwork in Every Year.

It's $109 Delivered Every Single Time I Ordered Flowers This Week.

Much Hundred 55 Five and I Said Excuse Me, Can You Read Back My Order Did I Did, I Chance Something. She Says I Am Really Sorry, but It's Hard for Us to Get Anything She Said We Can't Forget Carnations Are.

This Is a Little Flower Shop and Do a Great Job in Southwestern Ohio and This Is the Kind of Thing in the Kind of Factor That People Feel Every Day Now Sent Back to What I Would Say This When They Did, the Foxes Pulled We Saw Yesterday. They Asked People Were They Most Concerned about and It Was Bush Was 11th.

Yeah like She Was Number One. I Saw That I Just I Just Think It's Too Early to Know.

I Think with All the Talk about Our Now the Numbers Can Increase for for Various Reasons. Some Will Supported. Some Will Be against It, but I Think the Use That Pole Was Premature, Collected the Information's Outdated Right Because Now the Now It's on Now Artists All That Polling Was Done before What We Heard This Week. 36 Hours Ago Right Where You Are. You Can so You Could Say Are You Concerned This Can Be Going Away with Talk about What Happened with JD a Vance, so He Gets 32% of the Vote Josh Mandel 23% of Outgoing Invoices Separation between out That This Is Really Interesting Got the Numbers Right Here We Are on the Billboard Last Night Late into the Night Here. We Were Doing Polling in Ohio and A Lot Of People Were A Lot Of A Lot Of the Campaigns Were Giving Information That Improve the Lot.

I Meant to Be Largely Inaccurate. So in March We Had JD Vance 11%. I Don't Hands on Hereto. In April We Had JD Vance at 23%. So That Is after the Trump Endorsement, and That Is before the Rally That Trump Held on That Saturday in Central Ohio, Delaware County, and Vance Turned in a Big Number Was 33% of the Vote That Is Substantial.

It Is Significant. It Tells You One Thing Donald Trump Matters in Ohio for Sure I Will See How Much He Matters Elsewhere.

Another Point to Be Made Here, and Both of Our Polls. 1/4 of the Electric 25% Brian There Were Undecided. When I Was Breaking down These Numbers Last Night. It Appeared to Me That All the Undecideds Went to One of Three People and They All Finished As Front Runners Right It Was JD Vance.

It Was Josh Mandel and It Was Matt Dolan from Cleveland, Ohio. That's Where All the Undecideds Wins, but JD Vance Got More of Them Than the Rest Yeah No Kidding. So the Prez Got a Feel Good about What He Did. He Also Had Some Other Races That He Was Put His Hand on the Scale with and I Think Attending These Are 10 or 11 I Was 12. Actually He Waiting on 12 in Ohio. One Was the Senate Race There 11 Congressional Races.

He Went 12 for 12 Right Now Uses Big Test Coming up Dr. Oz Can Be Used in Pennsylvania Right Dave McCormick Says A Lot about from People on the Staff Kelly a Conway Who Picks Dena Powell Is a Former Staffer Now Their Married Dave McCormick at This Great Resume and They Been Battling out Put down Tripping on a Limb and Said Dr. Oz, My Guy and Also Don Junior Is Also Heavily into That. Blondie Evidently Told Him You Gotta Go with Dr. Us, so That'll Be Big Liz Cheney's Going to Be Big She's Being Primary. I Think That Is Going to Be Substantial. I Don't See How We Set up a Veil, He Scuttled He's Designed to Get Brian Out Of Out Of George. I Would Agree with That.

I Think before the Season Began, and We Were Talking about before Kim on the Albums Last Time We Paid Attention to Primaries like This.

Never I Write. I Mean for Republicans and Democrats. There Is a There Is a Progressive That Ran in Cleveland Ohio Last Night. I She Was Trying to Defeat Chantel Williams.

I Do Believe Is Her Name about That up a Second Here Are Brightened in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. She's Lost Her Twice in the 11th Hour AOC Came in and Endorsed Nina Turner, Nina Turner Thought She Could Go over the Top with This and She Lost Worse Than She Did the Last Time She Went in after the Election Last Night. She Said I'm to Go for the White House Next May.

24 so Not Right but the Point Is That You Should Track the Progressive Movement Just As Carefully As You Tracking the Donald Trump Endorsement Setting Is Something to Write on. 13 Days Now in Pennsylvania. I Don't Know Which Way This Race Breaks but I Think What Trump Did Is That He Looked at the He Looked to the Cast of Politicians, Stochastic Characters, but I Think Sometimes That's the Way He Looks at the Character Keisha and I I Know JD Vance Wanted His Endorsement with Soda and A Lot Of Others and They All Made the Trip down to Florida. I Think What Trump Did Was He Said Who's Got the Best Chance to Look Good on a Statewide National Level and I Think Today and Everybody Said Yesterday Hey Hammer What He Thinks Can Happen. This Race Is I Don't Know but If JD Vance Wins. I Guarantee You Will Sit Here Tomorrow and Say Well That Was Obvious Right and Elections Have a Way of Just Crystallizing the Moment Crystallizing the Politician Crystallizing the Character Nobody Today Is Saying JD Vance Should Not Have One That That Race What They're Saying Is JD Vance against the Democratic Congress.

Ryan Is Going to Be One Hell of a Race to Watch a No Go to Rights It Would Be an American First When America First Campaign Really That's Original Is JD Vance Cut 23 Now This Campaign. I Really Think Was a Referendum on What Kind of a Republican Party. We Want and What Kind of a Country We Want. We Went to Battle. We Want a Republican Party That Stands for the Donors to Write Checks to the Club for Growth or Do We Want to Republican Party for the People Right Here in Ohio?

Well That That's True, but the Other Thing Is to Keep My 21 Race Was on Top My Mind. I'm Looking at Him Requires Race When AOC Ran into Rand Going in There to Order District Texas Modern Southwest Moderate and Correct. One of the Only Remaining Pro-Life Democrats in Congress Right.

Who Says the Borders a Problem for Hispanics to Someone Listen to Me. Maybe That They Know He's Right out over the Gotta Listen to Them but You Have the FBI Investigation Turns at the Wording of the Day so You Not Target the Investigation. So They Have the Runoff Election.

So Even Though Trumps on the Ballot There but the up for the Country.

I'm Wondering the Democrats Understand That You Did the Left-Wing Squad Attitude Might Get You Headlines for Second to Get You Elected to Sleep Texas Very Interesting. Your Cuellar Is in a Runoff with the Progressive by the Name of Cisneros and She Just Barely Avoided All or Most Avoided Runoff. She Was under 50% of the Vote. A Month Ago. Two Months Ago Right in the February Yes a Primary That Was Overshadowed by the War in Ukraine.

That's Why It's All Coming Back Now. But Even If Cuellar Survives, He Still May Lose You Look You Look at the Trends along That Border. Now If He Doesn't Win, and the Progressive Defeats Him. Republicans Think That's a Pickup What What What I Think You Will Be Tougher out. I Agreed.

I Think What What the Listeners Need to Think about Is in Districts That Joe Biden Letter Republicans. Washington Will Characterize It This Way in Districts Word Joe Biden 1 x 12 Points. They Believe Are in Play.

Others Pushed out the 16 Points. Why Is That Because They Look at What Happened in Virginia and New Jersey Last November Think They Might Be Right, but I'm Gonna Take A While to Figure It out. But with This Abortion Decision. Democrats Are Can Argue That All All That Old Math Is Null and Void. Which Brings Us in Pennsylvania Right Oz Has Been on Your TV for How Many Years.

20 Right Dave McCormick Has Been on Your TV for How Many Years 10 Yeah Yeah Well, so We've Only Seen Looks at the Cast of Politicians. The Cast of Characters and He Fingers Are Met. Amendment Moment's to Be the Winner Because He's Trying to See Who Looks Best on a National Level Right and That's What He Saw When JD Vance, I Think That's Why Give the Endorsement's Right Guy Was Barely Lived in Pennsylvania If You Can Turn a Trick like This Race, but He's Pretty Good Politician.

It Was Pretty Pretty Impressive. His Work Rate, Maggie. I've Never Seen a Guy Work Order These Guys Just Grinding up into Every Single County Doing Everything Club Doing Appearances without Notes for Very Comfortable. I Watch Him Do Interviews He's Taking Things out. I'm Very Impressed with a Guy This Have To Work Another Day in His Life Gave up a Syndicated Show Proceeds Will He Says the Line Is, and I Believe Him. Yes, That's What I Get Back I Will Affect This, You Know, in My Feeling Is It Happened during the Coronavirus As He Was Used To Having People Listen to Them All the Sudden He Says You Know the Hundred Hydroxychloroquine Really Has Some Positive Elements Things Out Of This Phrase It Will Wheeze to Collaborate. Dr. Would Talk to Dr. Now Getting Ripped Them Getting Silent, Getting Suspended so I Think That That Got to Me. So Let Me Get into This Very Interesting from Your Show Anytime He Came on Your Show at 8 O'clock during Covert. I Turn up the Volume and Oftentimes You Go 1520 Minutes with Him. I Thought Everything You Said Was Compelling. Everything You Said Was Interesting.

It You Just Said That He's Been Every County in Pennsylvania.

I Know That Friday Vance the Same Thing in Ohio. 88 Counties Know Who Else Does That in an Iowa Chuck Grassley 99 Counties and I I've Always Thought That These Politicians Get the Most Attention When They Look like They Care Right and for Politicians to Go to Every County and Publicize It That Makes a Difference, Absolutely.

So Listen and by the First When He Did That to Me with Scott Brown.

We Did That in Massachusetts Got His Pickup Truck and Drove Arising to Go See Everybody Ends up Having the Upset Ever Taken to Kennedy Seat Alyssa Bill Hermanson, Stick around, Which Is Amazing As He Was up Late Last Night Just in History Are Show so Back in Moment Trying to Make Sure the Rep at This Hour, Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me Talk Show That's Getting You Talk More with Brian Kill Me the First Time since 2016 Treasury Department Is Planning to Pay down the National Debt Issued to the Public This Quarter for All Talk. Republicans Make about Deficits Didn't Have a Single Quarter on the Premises.

Not Once. The Bottom Line Is Every Year under My Predecessor Pandemic and Is Gone down Both Years since I've Been Here a Couple of Things Job I Just Made That Announcement Bill Hammer Hear Bill What Were the Reasons the Deficit Was up Was Because of the Deficits Come down, so Much As It Put so Much Pandemic Spending It. So If I If I Give You $10 Trillion, and I Don't Need It. The Next Year Loosing a Cut the Deficit by A Lot More Fuzzy Math Yeah You Can Look at for the Last Few Years Lowballed. No One Really Looks at the the Economy Right Now. If He Hears Anything Joe Biden Said I Think A Lot Of It's Built on Sand. I Felt That Way for about Two Years Now. Nobody Really Knows What's beneath the Surface.

I Think It's Proven by the Stock Market Today. I Think Some of These Other Issues Are Confounding People Just Trying to Understand It in Terms of Direction and Inflations a Part of That Output Things before We Got Wages Brian Where Are the Workers Is Aligning 11 Million Jobs Are Open If You Want to Work in America Today. You Can Find a Job Anywhere. Right Couple Things Dave Chapelle.

I Mean This It's Unbelievable That a Netflix Special at the Hollywood Bowl with That Have Secured Iconic Place. Do You Believe the Changes Anything for These Performers Always Wow Distinction Bells. The Top Three Comic Right so What Top Comic Bill Bar Example Top Comic Right Gets His Everybody Spaces Insulting Everybody and It's a Funny Is Very Funny Fun Billboard like It Was My Life. Did You Watch the Video Carefully As Best I Can. I Can Look a Minute Was about Three or Four Seconds, and Three or Four Seconds Is Enough Time for That Great Guy to Do What He Wants to Do It Apparently Had a Knife on Him at a Gun That Was Fake. I Think Yesterday and I Finally Get It Done Damage to Chapelle. If You Watch It Carefully Gets on Top of Him after He Tackles Him and Then Leaves Immediately Security Cards Right There, but It Took Three or Four Seconds I'm Sorry but That's When the Security Experts, but I Just Think It Says That's a You Know If They'll Tell Me It Happened That Chuckles in Indiana.

I Go out Guys Gotta Look out for Those Comic with the Best Comic in the Country of the Most Iconic Place Scary Bill, Can I Watch You Tomorrow between Nine 9/11 Is a Registered Time.

Yes, Thank over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources. A Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Alyssa Malik Fox Is Not

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