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Critical Republican Primary in PA Looms as Experts Predict Recession is Coming

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 16, 2022 12:45 pm

Critical Republican Primary in PA Looms as Experts Predict Recession is Coming

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 16, 2022 12:45 pm

Kathy Barnette on her controversial tweets at 01:23:26, Dr. Mehmet Oz responds at 01:32:00.

[00:18:39] Josh Rogin

[00:40:39] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:19] Kurt Volker

[01:23:26] Kathy Barnette

[01:32:00] Dr. Mehmet Oz

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. He fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold and live from the Fox News radio's chosen New York City fresh office set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me right to leave. Thanks so much for listening. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

I will come at you from Los Angeles here overheard overcoming the faces of 46 men had heard around the country heard around the world with over 3000 miles away.

Today Bobby for new infarction he can shoot I want to make sure we talked for three hours and of course we in New York had a great day weatherwise on Sunday but it was anything but great in Buffalo when you have this mutant this 18-year-old lunatic Peyton Jen drawn who scouted the area in New York State that he thought the multiple African-Americans would be and he found the shopping center.

This top supermarket in East Buffalo and he killed 10 shot 13, including an errant salt, a retired cop who actually return fire on him. But this guy, the shooter was wearing armor. She was able to survive.

So this is ugly. There also talk about that.

The rise of white supremacy.

I don't believe it. I don't see it in the fact that people just jump on this is incredible to me and I'll add something to that when the subway shooter opens up fire and try to kill white people and he has writes all about killing white people and is on Caremark.

Talk about killing white people.

Nobody says all black people are trying to kill white people. In fact know what even brought that up as he turned himself in. So this is horrific. I don't think is any reason to make it bigger than it is for the present United States is going to go there it on the past. He says when things like that happen when the president comes as footprint so big it ends up being more of a distraction at this time because perhaps NEC's political gain. Meanwhile, we'll talk about that, the shooter, the shooting in Laguna at a at a church where thankfully the preachers wrestled this lunatic to the ground the 60-year-old we don't know many details but Laguna this was a basically on fire when I left on Friday and Laguna Hills is nice area did you expect nothing to happen well with it. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three questions in mind of great music with me that the Russian troops had been moving away from the major part of that. I went to Ukraine.

We are not like over at the mythic in that regard. Yeah, but you should be. The Ukrainians are fighting extremely well and I will take the Russians have lost 1/3 of their fighting force rushes reeling and their leaders health is very much in question. They are suffering humiliating loss on a bridge.

If you've seen this video, it's unbelievable for set of car keys Ukraine second biggest city.

Meanwhile, though the Russians worst nightmares come true. Neutral plugs nations threatened not to join are now joining NATO. Sweden and Finland making it official and it looks like it's going to be a smooth sailing.

Despite wood turkeys been saying for them to get admitted. Republicans are making a mistake by the way, pushing back at this critical time when it comes to a this is our national security have some oversight but don't stop the money that neutral look leave the office endorsement was a risky one for him and if it turns out that Barnett gets the nomination, as result of that, I think you can see a lot of information against a lot of Gov. Christie politics, primaries and approvals as critical Republican primaries is now 24 hours away in PA president's approval ratings drop again. He counted out 38% in 2010 BC, but he has a plan for the midterms and its for his fellow Dems as well. If we been better mind readers. I guess we could remove as quickly as the problem became apparent to us. We have to move with caution as well as speed because we gotta make sure we were getting is in fact first-rate product.

That's why the FDA has to go through the process.

What an insult mind reader.

They told you in February that the Abbott labs were having trouble, it would have to shut down.

What did you do in May see. Well, not a mind reader economic pressures at the forefront of every Americans mind. If you were convinced that buying the ministrations capable of attacking the problem because they're choosing to attack others in alienating a huge ally in the process something about Jeff basals when it comes to baby formula, by the way, the blame is not on them but on the lack of action.

Yeah nobody blames present by even supply-chain for what happened but evidently it was pretty clear when Abbott went down the control with four companies control baby form in this country, and when Abbott goes down because the FDA violations and it should have. The FDA should been pushed in their the more we find out about how preventable this was the more outraged I get. I'm sure you get and I was in Boston this weekend. I was in Los Angeles today and both times went to a right aid and I went to a CVS in the formula is not on the shelves is put behind the counter. There's so little of it and instead they actually accuse these moms are these parents of hoarding it as if they're the problem and is it well it's not my problem that you can get baby formula on the shelf yet is in February and if you if that was plump you be firing his commerce secretary. EB cool blue making what will going to Abbott labs, Tony Trump was ever perfect, but he never ran from a problem yet he created some to, but he never ran from the board was a problem. Crime was a problem. The riots were problem and he couldn't solve it right away, but there was no doubt in the mind in in his mind or in my mind that he knew what was in knew it had to be addressed. That's the crazy thing that will witnessing that when it comes to the economy.

He actually comes out and says the problem is while they were the billionaires aren't paying their fair share. That's why we have inflation.

This time he actually had a billionaire very much is corner wounds, the Washington Post, in this other thing called Amazon blow that up in his face so when it comes to what's happening with the baby formula you just heard Joe Biden. He was asked this on Friday: if we been better mind readers. I guess we could remove as quickly as problem became apparent to us and we have to move with caution as well as speed because we gotta make sure were getting is in fact first-rate product. That's why the FDA has to go through the process. Okay, never been present. I'm sure you have not been president was George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are listening and Barack Obama. But if you have a problem February and you say listen what's going on with Abbott labs with his only four companies and make baby formula missed present.

This could be an issue they can get this thing up and running since he make a quick deal with other countries and you waive some of the international regulations and stop it and then you make sure that whatever you do, you don't run out of these things.

I don't expect the present, to be headed.

But if you're commerce secretary Agricola working agriculture or the labor this stuff should pop up with the FDA skin missed present need to see you. I know it's February flu cold outside when it gets warmer in the spring we might not have any baby formula used to run the FDA and I think this is underappreciated interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb. He spelled out a bunch of things I never even knew number one. Four companies should not be controlling baby formula we have to be that it's not in our national interest to do it. First is here with Dr. Scott Gottlieb said about this Probably Should Have Been Inspected, Especially When I Was in Office, Especially Given the Fact That There Are Prior Findings There.

The Fact That They Went That Facility This Year and Found Five Different Strains Occur Underactive.

That Is a Serious Concern.

It Doesn't Appear to Be a State-Of-The-Art Facility Based on the Findings and That 483 so This Should Be under Close Supervision, but We Have We Have Sorted the Worst of All Possible Worlds. Right Now We Have a Regulatory Scheme That Stringent Enough That Does Create Obstacles to Getting into the Market for New Entrants Is Only Been One New Entrant Last 15 Years.

It's a Domestically Base Manufacturer Accompanied by Heart Rate the Same Time, It Doesn't Provide Stringent Enough Oversight of the Resulting Oligopoly. Three Companies Control 80% of Market to Ensure That There Is No Snafus That Can Cause Shut down Those Facilities and so When You Do Have a Shut down When the Markets That Concentrated It Creates These Distributed Shortages That Were Seeing Right Now That Are Very Hard to Resolve Eventually Need to Get That Facility Reopened You and I Do Not Know Nine People Working That in That Area in the FDA Knowing People Really for the Entire Country. So Now They're Starting to Make Moves in Order to Do Deals with Other Countries Get Baby Formula and Year Now Starting to Get New Moves Next Week.

They're Having a Hearing in Congress May 23 Really Weird.

The Urgency I'm Telling You It's Amazing What They're Doing to Parents between Screwing with the Curriculum on Their Kids and Tell Them to Shut up and Sit in the FBI after Them Detailing New Parents Keynote Not My Problem with It, I'm Not a Mind Reader When It Comes to When It Comes to Baby Formula. I'm Stunned by This and Not to Spend the Whole Time. In This by What You Hear People to Judge What Were on This Country. Fundamentally, We Are Here Because a Company Was Not Able to Guarantee That Its Plant Was Safe and That Plant Has Shut down, but That Is the Federal Government's Job As Regulators to Health Insurance Plans. Yes, I Must Be Very Clear. This Is a Capitalist Country. The Government Does Not Make Baby Formula, nor Should It. Companies Make Formula in One of Those Companies, a Company Which by the Way, Seems to Have 40% Market Share Messed up and Is Unable to Confirm That a Plant, a Major Plant Is Safe and Free of Contamination. So the Most Important Thing to Do Right Now.

Of Course, Is to Get That Plant in Michigan up and Running Safely. Listen, the Question Is, You Knew about It in February Would Have You Done You Not Supposed to Make It, but It Does Go to Food Banks and Food Stamp Programs around the Country, Which Means They Do Have a Role the Federal Government Does Avril a Role and Would Be Able to See This on Many Different Levels, the FDA Who Shut It down and Maybe the Food Stamp Program. The Agricultural Program. The Put Together a Makes This Food Available. Cut to the Presence of More Actions Coming and Going from Months of Supply Chain Issues Already, Then You Have the Issue with This One Plant Abbott Whistleblowing September February the Recall Taken so Long. The Administration Acted from Day One. After the Recall Taking Steps like Creating More Flexibility for the WIC Program. There Are More Actions That Are Underway, Including Looking at Imports Insane and UCL Got His Backup. I Get More Grouper and Credit Because I Was Reading These Transcripts Insane Myself, Skillet Them off the Hook Again Just like Dana Bash Led Nancy Pelosi of the Hook Buddies Job but She Didn't. She's Pushing and Listen You Listening to This Right Now I'm Reading This and Try to Figure out What Happens When You Have a Background in FDA Regulation and Shutdowns, but for Example We Know This When It Comes to the Meatpacking Industry Assumptions to Happen to One Area of Meatpacking Contamination or Workforce Issues or Shutdowns Knew They Had to Keep Working during the Pandemic and Then You Find out That Only a Certain Amount of Companies Actually Do This and You Say Well It Is Really in America's Best Interest to Have a Monopoly in This Much Power When It Comes to Feeding Our Country and That Something to Look at but If Something Happens You Know This Is Going to Be.

If Not That That Day in One or Two Months. It's Going to Be a Major Issue, but It Didn't Seem to Capture Their Attention and I Find That Astounding Real Quick When It Comes Overly Economy Presence Approval Ratings Are 39% Overall for the Job Is Doing 53% Disapprove of the Job Is Doing the Student Actually Awful Job, Especially When It Comes to the Economy with 37% of Americans View Buying in a Positive Light on When It Comes to Economic Issues. I'm Surprised at High When It Comes to Inflation. He's at 28%. So His Goal Is Now to Limit the Damage of the Midterm. So He's Trying to Say. Don't Blame Me Egos Don't Compare Me to God. Compare Me to the Alternative to the Almighty to Compare Me to the Alternative, so There Be Goal and Just Look for Georgie See It Is a Look How Bad Republicans Are.

I Might Suck but the Republicans Suck Worse.

How Cynical and Maniacal Is That This Guy Is Not Doing His Job Is As yet Unknown. Not Good at My Job, but At Least I'm Not the Other Guy We Cannot the Republicans They Bring up Tim Scott Is on His 11 Point Plan Is. He's Gonna Raise Your Taxes. They Bring up Something about Donald Trump That They Don't Seem to like and They'll Make up a Nickname That Doesn't Resonate in a Negative Fashion but Would the Doing It City Getting This Country on Track. Stopping the Divisions May Be Lowering the Temperature He's Done Just the Opposite. Because He Wants to Limit the Damage of the Midterm Elections Committee. Terrible Leadership Is Which I Talked about on One Nation over the Weekend Which Party Should Control Congress Right Now. Republicans Have an Advantage by Just One Point but Present Buying Is Telling Everyone Did Shift Everything into Campaign Mode Believing It's May People Familiar with the Conversation Told Axioms. The Remind Them Some Small Mistakes Can Be Costly and Demanding That They Take Opportunities to Highlight Differences with Republicans Listen, I'm Fine with That If You Talk about What's Happening with the Middle East. You Have To the UAE and Saudi Arabia Don't Even Contact Us or Call Us.

They're Threatening to Get off the Dollar When You Talk about What's Happening with with China You Tell Me Things Are Better. There You to Tell Me That Things Are Better with Covert, 19 in Terms of the Vaccines in Cases They Just Decided to Stop Talking about It and Numbered out by the Way, I Don't. The Cases Are High That Hospitalizations Aren't in the Depths Are Actually Going down so I'm Fine Walking through That but That the Same Time, the Getting Rid of Title 42, Because He Said We Don't Need.

At the Same Time They Want Billions More in Covert Aid Because They Say We Needed That Stipend Makes Messaging That Is a Joke.

You Know They're Doing of the Border Are Compared to the Previous Ministration Compared to the Growth of Whatcom Pandemic Included in Where They Were the Previous Ministration When the Only Thing They Have Is Lower Unemployment but the Bigger Problem Is Workforce.

Get Get People to Fill Jobs That Are out There.

Many of Inflation Said a Four Year High. So the Present United States. Just like That the Super Magna and King Bag and the Ultra Mega All That Stuff Is Going over Terribly Almost like Deplorable's Is and Then If You Want to Start Comparing to the Previous Administration Facts or Facts. Life Was Better Back Then. Even If You Thought the Joe Biden Is More Presidential Which I Would Also Push Back on 1-866-408-7669. We Got Josh Rogan Joining Us Shortly.

Since I Was Happening Not Only with China. And Not Only with Ukraine but Also with North Korea. Don't Move Your Knowledge Base Brian Filmy Show Fox News Time Tasks Network Find and on the Next Fox News Contributor and Editor of the Daily Newsletter. I'm Inviting You to Join a Conversation Every Weakness Depend on the Next Podcast. Listen Now by Doing a Fox News Five Precise Personal Powerful Is America's Liturgy in the Palm of Your Fox Weather Updates throughout Your Busy Day Subscribe and Listen Now and Fox News Five or Wherever You Did Your Project Talk Show That's Real.

This Is Brian Kill Me Show. Who Else Doesn't Have Fingers on the Bottom of Putting Has a Has a Military Rated for Verily, Their Morale Is Extremely Low.

The Supply Chain Will Condition and Now He Just Is Realizing That His Opponents. The Ukrainians Are Going to Have Basically Unlimited Amount of Resources to Continue Fighting This War.

This Is an Investment in the Severe Degradation of Our Second Biggest Adversary.

The Russian Military Will Not Be Able to Invade Other Countries. After This and Destabilize the Globe That Allows Us to Do Something Allows Us to Focus on Our Actual Biggest Adversary, Which Is China and That's Dan Crenshaw. Not Only Does He Fight Wars, but He Actually Be a Great Foreign Policy Wonk. He's 100% Correct Know I Understand A Lot Of People out There Upset We Giving $39 Billion to Ukraine. Just Understand That's Our National Security Interest. It Is Not $39 Billion to UNICEF, Which Was Probably a Good Thing but Not Now. It Is to Help Them Slay with Our Second Greatest Adversary Who Is Sending a Big Message to Our Number One Economic and Military Adversary That We Will Combine Forces to Stop You. Number Two. Economically, We Are Putting Sanctions on Others Are Joining in, and Russians Making It Easier for Us to Consider Shutting off Oil and Gas to Places like Finland, Bulgaria and Poland and Now Germany Would Have To Go Elsewhere in Italy and They Are Going Elsewhere to Places like Algeria Place. I Didn't Even Know Had Natural Gas and Oil and When People Get Upset about Spending. I Understand It, Don't Trust Biden I Getting 100%. He Was Lately or Else We Would've Spent Less Money and They Been More Formable Early.

You Have a Great Point, but We Are We. We Are Right Now and If You Show Rusher. There's More Resolved Than Ever. While They Losing 1/3 of Their People.

They Have To Go out and Bake Syrians to Fight the Getting People to Work or City Workers. They: Metro People There Get Teaching Them to Hold the Gun and Sending Them to a War They Started They Had Their Whole. I Got This Huge Tank Unit Blown up Because They Want over Bridge Again.

There Was Blown up by the Ukrainians and You Had Hundreds Die Right before Them As They Try to Flood the Don Bass Preventing Them from Surrounding the Ukrainians like They Plan I'm Not Saying That They're Not Making Progress. The Russians Are, but It's Tiny Compared to What It Would Be If They Actually Knew How to Fight Fully Finance Their Military and Ukrainians Weren't so Determined to Hold onto Their Country, Backed by Us and Then the Worst Nightmare. Sweden and Finland Join NATO That Is Stronger Than Ever. This Is Good News to Look for All That Republicans Stay the Court. Fox News Five Just Network These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now and Fox News Five or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Time Just Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics from Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. Subscribe and Listen. Fox News Five Just a Radio Show like No Other Way. I like Questions Amount of Great News with the Bad. The Event Moving Away from the Major Part of That.

I Went Ukraine Agents, Which Are Just near the Candle Downstage and We Are Not like over at the Mythic in That Regard, the Bad That We Didn't Have Three and Just G and He Goes out on the Only Possible Winning Team and the Long-Lasting War, Which Is Not the Case for Us and for the Democratic World. That Is the Deputy That Is the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in New York of Giving an Update on What's Happening Here While Trying to Wrangle As Much Aid As Possible to Help Ukrainians Continue to Shock the World and Give the Russians More Than They Can Handle the Russians Ineptness Stands out the Fact That They Have up to a No Experience, No Coordination Illusion There Because They Lost At Least a Dozen Commanders and They Lost a Whole Tank Unit over the Weekend While Being Forced Out Of Corky the Second Biggest City in Ukraine.

There Doing Damage and They're Not Done but the Struggles That They've Had a Shocked Everyone, Sadly, Even Our Intelligence Community That Said That Ukraine Would Forward 72 Hours.

Josh Rogan, Washington Post, Best-Selling Author of Insightful Guy Who Never Stops Working. Join Just Now Josh Welcome Back Great to Be Back.

Brian Ate Josh, Did You Ever Think of 12 Weeks in We Be Talking about Ukraine Pushing Out Of Their Capital Out Of Corky Pushing Russians at Both Places, and Now Pushing and Doing the Best They Can to Push the Matter.

Don Bass Will You Isn't It Amazing What Happens When the International Community Actually Believes That the Good Guys Can Win and the Bad Guys Can Lose in. Wouldn't It Have Been Amazing If We Had Thought That the Entire Time and Not I Mean I'm Not Picking Anybody in Particular Believe.

Let's Start with the Biden Administration in the White House Who Told Everybody Including Me, Including Reporters on Background Listen.

These Guys Are Getting Crushed. That's Why We Can Give Them the Planes. That's Why We Can Give Them the Patriots Because It Is Getting a Crush of Lustrous Prepare for an Insurgency, and They Were Totally Wrong and Now You See the Biden Administration, Democrats Pointing to the Intelligence Committee Their Own Intelligence Community Is. Last Week We Thought Was the Greatest Intelligence Committee Agree Now Mythic of What Was Their Fault Than That's What Happens in DC There's a Total Blank. It Now.

To Their Credit, All Of A Sudden the Biting Lighthouses, Giving Ukrainians, All of the Offense of Weapons That They Need to Really Get This Done and Look What Happened.

It's Amazing When the When We Actually Support the People Fighting for Freedom, Dignity, Sovereignty, Human Rights, the Rule of Law and All Those Things We Pretend to Believe in, They Actually Can Win. We Just Have To Support Them. It Should Be a Lesson and It Should Be a Lesson for the Next One and Am Now Talking about Taiwan.

Absolutely. So Would You Think the Message so Far from China Is and What Have You Noticed about Their Original Statements. When This War First Began Because Russia Decided to Invade and What Are They Saying Now Read between the Lines.

If You Would You yet Know I've Always Said That China Is on Russia Side. And You Know There's A Lot Of Crazy Talk and Watch the Now Well They Didn't Give Them This Weapon They Think of the Met Weapon That Must Mean That China's Neutral in This Thing and That's Nonsense.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Russians and G Thinking and Divine Report and Are Best Friends Forever and That's Never Going to Change. To the Extent That China Hasn't Helped Rush As Much As Possible.

That's Due To Two Things. One Is There Experiencing a Crazy Self-Imposed Crisis Because of Their Zero COBIT Lockdown and They've Got Too Much to Deal with the Locking down Hundreds of Millions of People for No Reason.

It's a Crazy Thing to Do.

That's Keeping Them Busy and the Second Reason That They Haven't Helped the Russians As Much As They Might Have Is Because We Threatened Them with Threatened Him with Sanctions and You Know They Believe the Threat and Again Credit to the Biden Ministration for Using the Sticks, Not the Carrots but That Doesn't Mean That China Is Good or That the Chinese Con's Party Is on Our Side. It Just Means We Have To Keep Our Foot on the Neck of the Chinese Communist Party so That They Can Help the Russians As We Try to Fight the Russians and the One Thing That Is Hundred Percent for Sure. And This Is What I Wrote about Last Week Is That She Thinking Looks at Ukraine and He Says Okay I'm Not to Make the Same Mistakes in Taiwan and That's What We Really Should Be Scared about Because It in a Year or Two Years or Three Years. Whenever He Makes His Attempt and He Will Make an Attempt He's Knocking to Make the Same Prudent Mistakes He's Going to Have More Defenses against Our Sanctions. He's Going to Have More Force to Bring to Bear against the Taiwanese and We Better Get Ready for That, We Better Get Ready for That Quick Write by Giving Tyler Only Needs to Defend Itself Is like Ukrainians.

They Will Fight and They Are Determined and They Are Smart and They Probably Game Plan This out Exactly the Taiwanese Are like That May Seem That Ukrainians Are Version of Themselves, a Small Democratic Country That's about to Get Attacked by a Huge Totalitarian Aggressive Dictatorship and You Know Week. There's A Lot We Need to Do. We Need to Give Them the Weapons They Need for Territorial Defense. That Means Stingers and Javelins in Mines in Their Water and All That Stuff That Were Given to Ukrainians and If You Think about That.

That Means We Need to Make More of Those Things Because We Don't Have That We Haven't Made a Stinger Missile in the United States since 2005 Writing That 2005 Swung When We Run out. There's No More, and so This Is Going to Be the New Way of Fighting. It's Not about You Know Ships and and and Planes and Bombers.

It's about Giving Human Beings in Their Cities the Ability to Fight and Feeding Dictate and That's What We Learning in Ukraine and That's What We Should Learn from the Fight to Come in Taiwan. Bill Would Would Bother Me Listen Everything You Said Is Correct and There Was a Shipment the General King Was Saying That Was on Its Way to Ukraine and Was Turned around in the Transition from Administrations and We Knew There Was a Two Month Pause.

I Got the Present.

I Impeached but for the Most Part It Was the Trump Administration Is That You Get.

You Can Have Legal Aid Absolutely Will Give You This and Will Give You That. And We Know the Tug-Of-War That Took Place There in Your Ukraine Was in the Eye of the Storm.

Having Said That, I Am Really Disappointed in Republicans Right Now. I Love the Accountability I If You Want to Demand That Somebody Is in Charge of Procurement and Some Some Type of Inspector General Absolutely, but I'm Getting More More Republicans Who Were Seeing This Because Were Having Problems at Home Because the Border Is a Mess and Because It's a Ministration Allowed It to Happen There Saying Things like, Would Center Bill Haggerty Said over the Weekend Cut 12.

I Certainly Don't Have Anything Ukrainians Want to See the One Pumping More and That Country Were Not Taken Care Of on the Best Thing the Biden Could Do Is Stop the War That Is Waged on American Industry Would Lower Prices Overall That Would Take the Funding Away from Whose War Machine against Ukraine and Would like Our Economy to Better Here. Biden Will Not Do That. I Would Love for Them to Really Get Honest on Oil and Gas, but I See Republicans in Some the Guys Are Really like. I Jim Jordan and Rand Paul Delmas Expected on the Matter Whose President, but Does This Bother You Josh. And I Think You See This from the Far Left and the Far Right Brian with This Idea of What We Have To Choose between Helping People Abroad and Helping People.

I Don't Know It's a False Front Wheel Course We Have To Do Both, but the Real Real Flaw in That Thinking Is and This Is Really Rand Paul's Theory Is That You Know.

Oh Well Were Giving Away This Money It's It's at.

It's It's Money out the Door. They Failed to Realize That If We Don't Help Ukraine in the Fresher Crusted Pressures Ukraine Unitech Europe Next and Then Working to Be into World War III and Thereafter Caused 100 Times More so This Is That the Penny -wise Pound Foolish Way of Thinking about National Security. You Pay Now to Be the Russians Now in Ukraine. So You Have To Fight Them Later in All of Europe Were We Have NATO Allies in the Commitment to Come to Their Defense and That's World War III and Bulimia Estimate Cost A Lot More.

Okay so That's the Same Thing with Foodie There's Money in the Ukraine Bill That Feed People around the World and You Know All Likable but Hungry People in United States Sure, but That's a Non Sequitur Because If We Don't Feed All Those People, or At Least Help Feed Them along with Other Countries. Then There You Have All but Drove You Crazy Crises and Those That Are Going to Blow Back on Us As Well. So Unfortunately We Have To Live in a World Where We Weighed the Costs of Action against the Cost of Inaction and $40 Billion A Lot Of Money but It's Not A Lot Of Money Compared to What Would Happen If Ukraine Goes down and You Know so That's Just a Logical Flaw in the Report, You Know, the Political Reasons.

Again, on the Far Right and Far Left Is That You Have People Who Want to Withdraw from the World but What We Found Again and Again and Again Is That When America Withdraws the Bad Guys Advance.

Okay, We Leave a Vacuum. It's Filled by Evil Monsters Who Are out to Get Us to Want to Do Us Harm and Harm to Our Friends. So It's a You Know Expensive Thing to Be a Global Superpower with Global Responsibilities, but It's Much Better Than the Alternative, Which Is a World Run by Russia and China Which I Sure You Rand Paul Will Not like to Live in If It Were to Come Be the Case. 100%. Dr. Think the One Thing Is Pretty Clear Really. Over the Last Eight Years and People Were Burned Because the Iraq War.

The Invasion Was Great. The Ark Church Was at the Surge Worked, We Understood It but If You Look Back at the Iraq War. Now It's Conventional Wisdom. What a Big Mistake. But If You Go Back to the Mindset of the 90s When Everybody Was Saying, Why Did George Bush 41 Leave This Problem for Bill Clinton. Why Did He Not Finish the Job.

This Is a Menace of the Middle East That He's Going to Continue to Be a Cancer or Something's Gotta Be Done and Remember the Mindset Back Then but It Doesn't Do the Thing about America Is We Don't Want to Own a Rack.

We Don't Want to Own Afghanistan. We Want to Stand It up and Let Them Run Themselves. That's the Big Difference Is That We Have Trouble Understanding That Were Not Evil Intention, and It's Coming from Our Own Country and We Don't Have a Choice We Have To Stand up France Can't Do It. Written Can't Do It. Japan Can't Do It We Have To Do It.

That's the Responsibility of Being America Right, the Obama Administration Try to Outsource World Governance to Regional Powers That Didn't Work Then the Bush Ministration Tried to Overuse the Military. That's My Opinion, Is Want to Help These Countries Move the Democracy and Freedom and Liberty and Human Rights, but Apparently the Military Is Not Always the Best but in Washington Because You Know Every Problem Looks like a Nail. Take out the Hammer Okay so but That's Not the Blessing of a Rack Should Have Been That We Need to Use Other Means to Help These Countries. Progress Towards Freedom and Liberty and That the Military Is Not the Only Tool in the Toolbox and Here We Get Here We Have a Situation. Ukraine Were No US Troops Are at Risk.

Not One.

We Don't Have Any Troops on the Ground Were Just Giving the People Fighting for Freedom the Guns and Money and Food and Able to Do so That They Can Win. That Seems like the If You Wanted to Learn the Lesson of a Rack That Would Be the Lesson I Would Learn His Let's Fight These Words without Sacrificing American Boys and Girls in Men and Women. And Still the Isolationists Are like Oh No No No No, We Can't Do That. So You Know It It It Just Teaches You That like If You Have This Worldview That We Should Just Put up the Borders of Fortress America Just Told Whole World to Go Screw Itself. I Am Just Telling You That That's How World War Start. That's How the Situation Gets Worse, Not Better. And You Know I Think That Frankly There Are A Lot Of People in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party Were Learning That Lesson the Hard Way Now and When Ukraine Wins and When the Russians Are Beaten Back.

That Should Stand As Innate As a Correction to This over Correction of the Iraq War to This over Learning of the Lesson of Getting Involved in Foreign Countries Is That There Is a Way to Do It We Have To Do It and like You Said, If We Don't, Don't Nobody Else Will You Thing to Keep in Mind As We Have To Spend More Money on Defense and like You Said about the Javelins and Other Things.

The Somehow the Chinese, despite All Their Problems and the Locking down the Country and Poisoning by Half the World Still Were Able to Spend in the Putting It into the Military and the Only Way to Avoid War Is to Make Us Too Formidable to Approach and Stop the Chinese Haven't Fought Really since 1979).

Vietnam. They Try to Teach Vietnam Lesson That Didn't Even Work Too Well. So with Seeing the Russians Haven't Really Thought about a Legitimate Opponent in Which Seeing How Bad They Are.

One Thing about America. We've Had about 20 Years Experience Fighting All Different Types of Wars and Now We Have To Replenish Our Stocks and Move Forward That That's Gotta Be the Next President.

It's Not Being a Warmonger.

It's Not the Military-Industrial Complex Is Called American Security Right and We Gotta Change What Were Spending on Okay Look at What the Russians Are Spending Time They Spent on Banks in These Shifts That Are No Hundred Dollar Drone Could Take out with a Remote Control so That Doesn't Seem like a Really Good Thing to Spend on Rights If One Thing We Have To Spend on Is Helping These Countries Defend Their Territory. That Means the Things That Keep Dictators from Scooping up Democracies and the Other Thing We Had.

Then We Have To Spend on Is the Cyber and the AI and so You Know the Weapons That Don't Have Americans Sitting inside of Them.

In Other Words, the Things That Are Unmanned in the Things That Control the Information Space in the Things That Control Space.

Okay, That's the 21st Century Warfare That's on the Other Lesson That We Ought to Be Learning Is That You Can Have All the Tanks and Ships That You Want Doesn't Matter If Someone Treats Hypersonic. Your Aircraft Carries Worthless at That Point. So How Is It That the Chinese and the Russians Leap Ahead of Us in Hypersonic Missile Who Dropped That Ball Okay and When the Next War Comes in If It's with China. It's Really Good to Be Wanting the Information Cyber and and and Electronic Warfare Spaces and We Better Get Going on That Pretty Quick and the Whole Thing Is with with China Covert. 19. In the NIH and What We Were Able to Do, How We Are Able to Handle It Will Country Got It Right. We Have To Learn from This and You Are Ahead of the Curve on That Thought. You Gotta Be Doing a Book on China and Its Rise. Next Thing You Know You're Knee-Deep in This Covert Story and You Picked out the Lying and the Deception It Was Taking Place and Has so Much to Do with How Many People End up Dying Yeah and I Know What You're Referring to Were Still Getting New Information about the Origins of the Coronavirus and Were Still Having to Pry It Out Of the Hands of Our Own Government Leaders Met the Leaders of Our Own Health Institutions like the NIH and It's so Crazy to Me As Someone at and I Know You Filthy My Brain to Some People Been Reporting on This for 2 1/2 Years That Here We Are in 2022 in the Middle of 2022 and Congressman and Congresswomen Have To Provide Basic Information about What It Happened.

How We Got into This Mess in the NIH and Anthony Felty and NIAID Are Holding onto This Information and Every Once in A While They're Forced to Admit That That They Have Some of It and They Still Won't Give It to Us in the Spoiled Lawsuits and Investigations, but Because Republicans Don't Control the Congress They Can't Really Subpoena Anybody or Hold Any Specific Hearings on This That Can Pry This Information out Eventually.

You Would Think That Some at Some Point There Would Be Somebody in Our Government Who Would Say to Our Own Health Leaders That the NIH in the NIAID Hey What Give Us All of This Information Publish All of This Information You Have about the Origin of the Pandemic.

Specifically What We Know from These Chinese Scientists in These Chinese Labs Working Working to Cover up What They Were Doing in These Labs and Will on This Whole Time and Why Are You Helping Them Cover It up.

And Why Is There No Accountability and Oversight and I Think That's a Huge Stain on Our Government and Our and Our Congress and Our Media That There Is No Curiosity about That in. I Just Keep the Waiting for Someone Finally Hold All of These Institutions to Account You Will Josh. You'll Do It.

I Know That It Had Just Broken. Thanks so Much, Washington Post, and Also Best-Selling Author Josh, Thank You. You Got It Josh Wrote in 1-866-408-7669. Welcome Back with You Because We Gave You A Lot. Don't Move Right. The More You Listen More, You'll Know Brian Kill Me.

Certainly the Spokesman of the White House down with This. Jim Saki Said. Asked about This.

These Are People Who Are Demonstrating outside the Houses of the Supreme Court. Just As I Don't Have an Official US Government Position on Where People Protest but We All Terribly Violent Obviously but Would You Want This outside Your House, Why Does Bill Moore Sound like Sean Hannity but Will Who Would Be Basically That Human Nature Is Saying Yourself. I Have a Good Job at the Prestigious Job and I Have To Make Big Decisions. Do You Want People Allowed to Protest outside Your House Was for the US Government Supreme Court and All. Here's How I'll Play This at Different Hours throughout the Show, but the Way Dismissive Nature in Which People Talk about This Court As Being Extremist and Unworthy and Unhinged Is Insane. This Is an Equal Branch of Government. Can You Imagine If the Supreme Court Justices Cannot Go to Crazy President but a Nutty Speaker. What a Bad Time to Be a House Member. This Just Know We Expect and That's the Issue. Thanks Much. Wishing Everybody Brian Kill Michio Here If You Want a Life History Books You Want to Put This CRT to Rest When the War in History to the Brain.

Tell, I'll Sign It and Send the Why Is New York City Fresh Office Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Brian Kill You from Los Angeles 3000 Miles Away but You You Know the Main Headquarters Were Eric Nelson, Already 46 in Midtown Manhattan Were Heard around This Great Nation and around the World and We Hope in the Ukraine Is More Good News Coming Out Of That We Have a Great Guest Coming up. Best, Kurt Vogel Is inside Was Happening in Europe and Why We Need to Get That Money to the Ukrainians Because They Can Finish off Our Nemesis without Any American Blood Being Spilled. They Are Fighting for Their Sovereignty, but against Our Second Number One Enemy on the Planet Michael Good Was Also Standing by and We'll Talk about That with Michael Going to Detail with a Horrific Racial Inspired Shooting This 18-year-old Raging Racist Hated Black People Militarize. He Said during the Pandemic on the Rich FBI Trade Are They Met with This Kid and He Was Still Able to Get a Green Light and to Get a Gun Legally Nuts. So What Then There Was a Shooting Lagoon. It's about 50 Miles to 35 Miles from Where I Am Right Now in a Beautiful Beautiful Area Been There before.

I Used To Live out Here in an Area He Never Thought to Be Any Violence, and of Course Did It Happen in a Church, One Person Shot. The Good News Is, Everybody Got up and Wrestled the Sky to the Ground so Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian Is a Three Number Three Questions in Mind of Great Music with Me That the Russian Troops Had Been Moving Away from the Major Part of That. I Went Ukraine.

In Fact, If We Are Not like over FMS in That Regard, We I'm Getting Optimistic, I Don't.

I Know They Can't Afford to His People Are Still Dying, Rushes Reeling and Their Leaders Help Is Very Much in Question, Russia Suffered Humiliating Loss over the Bridge You Saw This Whole 300 Fall into the Water Because They Want to Cross a Pontoon Bridge out the Open That You Would Think Any Person That Ever Had a Plate Again. Mr. Teagle Wouldn't Do Ukraine Second-Biggest City Is Now Theirs Again.

Meanwhile, Sweden and Finland Are about to Join NATO, Making Them a More Powerful, More Formidable Alliance Republicans Are Making a Big Mistake Pushing Back on This Critical Time When It Comes Ukraine Eight Siding for That Neutral Look Vivi's Endorsement Was a Risky One for Him and If It Turns out That Barnett Gets the Nomination. As a Result of That, I Think You Can See A Lot Of Information against A Lot Of Evidence That Could Happen, Politics, Primers and Approvals As a Critical Republican Primary Is Just 24 Hours Away in Pennsylvania.

Presidential Approval Ratings Are Dropping Again Even on NBC, but He Has a Plan for the Midterms and That Is When the Republicans Really If We Been Better Mind Readers.

I Guess We Could Remove As Quickly As Problem Became Apparent to Us.

We Have To Move with Caution As Well As Speed Because We Gotta Make Sure We Were Getting Is in Fact First-Rate Product. That's Why the FDA Has To Go through the Process Mind Reader. They Told You in February. Your Answer Is I'm Not a Mind Reader Economic Pressures at the Forefront of Every American's Mind.

If You Were Convinced That the by Demonstration Capable of Attacking the Problem Because They're Choosing to Attack Others in Alienating Huge I like Alia Jeff Beto's When It Comes to Baby Formula Blame Is on That Is Not on Them for Having It Happen. That's a Problem with Abbott Labs for Not Realizing What It Means, That Is on Them Only Bring in Michael Goodwin, Now New York Post Columnist Fox News Contributor and Also It's Great News Michael Because People Naturally Listen to You around the Country. Also, and in Upstate New York Today. WDL 812 70 A.M. and Walter New York and W CHN 970 AM in Norwich New York WDL West 7:30 AM in Oneonta Is Were Very Fortunate. There Can Be Carrying the Show. What a Horrific Time in Upstate New York) and Heartbreaking.

Of Course for the Families but I Think for Everybody in That Area. You Know You Just You Just Said You Know but for the Grace of God and End the Madness behind This Kind of Hate and That He Went out and Bought This Gone. I Was Just Reading the Story about the Gun Dealer Who Sold It to Him and He Says That He Did a Background Check and Nothing Came up. And Now I Think That That Should Be an Issue If It's Not Already That He Made This Threat Earlier, the Police Investigated Him, Why, Why Would He Not Show up on the Background While We Do Not Show up in a Background Check.

I Mean, I Think We've Seen This before. For Example, a Member of Former Servicemen Who Got a Dishonorable Discharge That Was Never Reported and so He Was Able to Go out and Buy Bio Weapon Which I Think He Used in the Texas Church to Kill a Number of People so I Think That Sort of Thing That We Gotta Tighten the Screws We Have Lots of Laws and Lots of Well-Meaning Protective Issues to Prevent These Kinds of Things. It's One Thing to Be Grieving Angry Afterwards and Even to Try to Make Political Hay Out Of It, but It's Quite Another to Prevent and I Think That's What's Missing A Lot Of the Stuff. Now I Know There Are There Are Also Those Preventive Measures Have To Be Weighed in Connection with Right in People's Right so He Had a Right to Buy This Gone but the Preventive Measures in My Mind Should Have Stopped Them from Buying Back on That No Right Is Absolute and People Have Forfeited Rights by Their Behavior and When He Made That Threat against Scott School Last Year That Seemed to Me to Be Enough Cause to and by the Way.

New York Also Has a Red Flag Law That Anybody Who Is Thought to Be a Danger to Himself or to Others. Law Enforcement Has the Right to Take Away the Gun Again at the Controversial Things That Tries to Balance His Rights Were with Safety, but I Think There's A Lot Why He Was Why He Had That Done Yeah I'm in the Red Flag Things in Front of Them Really so Ill.

We See These People. These Horrible Divorces Do Anything to Hurt Their Spouse or Loved to Hunt While He He Threatened Me or She Threatened Me and They Take Away That Gone in and He Knows What Is True Here, but in This Case You Have an 18-year-old Where the Elder Parents. By the Way, the 18-year-old Officials Confirmed on Sunday That Jen Brown Was Brought in by State Police and in the Southern Tier Loan New York Southern Border with Pennsylvania Last June for a Mental Health Evaluation after Making Unspecified Threat at a School Evaluation at a Hospital Lasted about a Day and 1/2 That We Can Find out about That Threat and Help How a Separate File That They Got the State Authorities Done.

The Manifesto Wasn't Enough Online but He Did Something Else Threat Was Generalized and Not Racial. They Said He Was Evaluated. Then He Was Released. There Was Nothing That Was Picked up on the State Intelligence Nothing That Was Picked up by the FBI Intelligence. No One Wanted in His Manifesto That Goes on for Dozens of Pages. He Says I'm Not a Conservative but I Don't Want to Be Replaced. So We Gotta Go and Shoot As Many Black People As Possible so Now He'll Spend the Rest of His Years in Jail and You Have To Wonder, Is There Any Update to Look to Blame, and They Can Look to Blame People Who Say Things That Other People Might Interpret As Insightful, and It's Amazing What I've Said over the Weekend of People Pointing Their Fingers at Certain Hosts a Mom. I'm Astounded a Twisted 18-year-old with Parents House. The State Cops Talk to Them and You Going to Blame a Talkshow Host Another Element Here Too. I Got New York Does Not Have the Death Penalty, but the Federal Government Dollars and under William Barr in the Waning Years of the Trumpet Initiation. Several of Long Term Inmates Were Put to Death Were Executed Well. Why Doesn't the Fed Why Don't the Feds Take over This Case, There Are Certainly Ample Grounds for and Use the Death Penalty.

Why Should He Is 18 Years Old. What Good Will Will Be Keeping Him in Jail Forever Is Also the Danger That Some Future Lunatic Governor Would Release Him. So Look I Think This Is a Perfect Case of the Death Penalty Talk to Me These Are the Two Paramount Issues Here beyond the Grief and and and and the Hatred That Was Evidenced Here It That, Why Did He Have Not Gone and Why Is He Not Facing the Death This Is to Bring up Racing Should Bring a Play Sets Was His Intent to Squelch with the Subway Shooter Was Doing the Sibling She Was Looking for White People, White People. There's No Place for Black People in This Country We Have To Kill White People That's with This Guy Was Saying That It Benefits Anybody Start Bring up These Phrases in These Point of Views Because Their Niche and They're Not Prevalent and Makes It Seem like They Are, but You Have To Be Somewhat Fair If You Going to Correct Yes I Think There Are Mirrors Racial Hatred across the Spectrum Certainly Is Not Isolated in White or Black and Brian Also. I Think We Have To Bear in Mind That We Are of Course Captivated by This Event As Horrific As It Is, but the Reality Is That the Murder That Happens Routinely in America's Cities Primarily Is One Accounts for the Bulk of of Homicides in the United States Every Year.

And so We Will We Will Get Exercised about This Case but We Should Not Forget the Routine Murders That Happened That Don't Get Any Attention Because They Happen 123 the Time to Meet. There Was a Shooting in Milwaukee around the Basketball Game. There 21 People. I Think Shot. There Was Another of Course You Mentioned the Church in California so We Take Exceptional Notice to Some of These Exceptional Cases in Which Is Understandable, but We Shouldn't Forget That Day to Day Murder in American Cities Is Largely Carried out by Nonwhites against Other Nonwhites and Involves Illegally Held Handguns. Now This Is so the Contrast with This Big Case. I Know This Is This Is the Stuff That Gets Everybody Going, but the Other Stuff Is the Stuff That Really Happens Today I Day in and Day out, and Accounts for. I Mean at One Point I Known One Year Was Roughly 90% of the Nation's Homicides Are Not in Mass Shooting. Yeah, That's It. That's a Great Point. A Couple of Things Going on Right Now with the Personal Bonds Presents Present Buying Coming out and Saying Don't Compare Me to the Almighty Compare Me to the Alternative and That Being the Philosophy You Your New Baby Formula Were in 40 Year Highs and Inflation. We Are Trying to Figure out Figure out a Way to Rebuild Our Military. I Just Goes on and on and on and They Said Have an Idea What You Say How Bad Republicans Are and and Get People Fearful of a Mag Agenda. Michael to Some so Much Wrong with This, Even Politically. When People Compared to Things on the Pure Facts of What Happened over the Last Four Years. When It Comes to Inflation When It Comes to Growth When It Comes to Security of What When It Comes to What We Looking at Inform Policy Means One Who Wants What Joe Biden Is Giving Is He Really Want That Comparison It's Only a Little after One Manager What He Means Is Strong, and Don't Forget That January 6 Committee Is All along Been Largely a Political Exercise Designed to Be Put into Gear for This Election and That's What It's Doing Is Getting Closer. We Are Meeting at Work There Virtually Stories Every Day about Doug January 6. I Mean, the Washington Post Won a Pulitzer Prize.

Just like It Did for Russia Gate to but This Is This Is the Way the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media Work Hand in Glove You You Take Your Eye off the Ball You Say Look at This Shiny Thing over Here Look at This Mega Mega Mega Meanwhile, As You Say Inflation the Border Defendant All Doubts That's Done with the Order. Also, in the Course You Know All the Things of the Baby Formula Foreign-Policy Debacles. I Mean This Is Been Quite a President to Joe Biden Has Been an Enormous Damage and in about 15 Months until Yeah Let's Talk about Donald Trump Again Batch the Game Plan and It's Just a Game Plan and I Think You Know It Is Just Politics.

And so I Think We Should We Should Take Them at Their Word. Everything Joe Biden Does. From Here on till November Is Just Politics Baby Formula Which Shows by the Way It's It's It's a Bad Move Because He Is Limiting Trump's Name That Means He's Indicting 73 Million People Devoted Form, but Not Him. So Here Is Cut, Listen to Joe Biden. When Asked about Baby Formula That He Was Told about the Shutdowns Were in September. It Was Official in February They Were Told about Shortages, Then and This Is What He Said When Asked That One.

If We Been Better Mind Readers. I Guess We Could Remove As Quickly As the Problem Became Apparent to Us and We Have To Move with Caution As Well As Speed Because We Gotta Make Sure We Were Getting Is in Fact First-Rate Product. That's Why the FDA Has To Go through the Process. Okay You Have Any Problem with That, Well Located to All. It's Wrong. It's A Lot Well and the Pattern Is so Clear Brian You Joe Biden Is Late to Everything He's Always Slow It It It Has To Be Embarrassed into Taking Action. The Fact Is, They Did Nothing. They Did Nothing about This. I Mean to Say the FDA Has To Be Careful That That Suggest It If Donald Trump Had Followed That We Still Wouldn't Have a Vaccine. I Mean Sometimes Our President Has To Be a Leader and Cut through the Garbage and Cut through the Red Tape and Say Dammit I Want Answers.

I Want to Know What's Going on with the Baby Formula Issue. Why Isn't There Enough You Don't Get That Sense from Joe Biden.

Never. It's like He's the Last to Know.

It's Almost like When the News Gets to the White House.

It's Old. It's Not Fresh They're Not Ahead of the Curve on Anything.

They're Always behind, and That I Think Comes Directly from Joe Biden. I Just Think He's He Moves at the Pace of 100-year-old Man. There's Nothing There's No Sense of Urgency about Him. There's No and I Think It the Way the White House Works Again, Brian. I Think There Is Still a Great Mystery about How Decisions Are Made in This White House but It Seems to Me That so Many Things Are Decided and Then Presented to Joe Biden and He Goes out and Read from a Script. His Involvement Doesn't Seem to Be Much Deeper Than That. So the Question Is Who's Making Those for That's It Says Everywhere I Go See Who's Running This Country Is It's Not Him, and If It Is Could Be Worse. Thanks so Much like Always Insightful Appreciated My Pleasure Brian, Thank You. 1-866-408-7669.

Join Us This Is the Right to Only Show Your Dock Next. If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about It until Made the Narrative for the Actions Taken Yesterday by His Officers As the Shooting Started in Five Hours Later. This Individual Is in Custody and Rate and the Bravery by the Buffalo Police Officers to Engage in Individual with a Vest, an Assault Rifle with Handguns. I Could Just Not Say Enough about Their Actions Simply with the Buffalo Police Have Been under Scrutiny of Late with a Stood up and and Acted out like They Did. It Is Pretty Amazing Especially When One Cop. The Retired Couple and up Losing His Life Actually Shot Him and but He Was Armored up It Was Able to Fend off Those Bullets and Then and Kill Kill the Retired Police Officers Who Just Terrible, and This Guy Is Somebody Just Have To Wonder What I Think We Have To Get to the Point Where Stop Saying This Is Good News for Biden. That's Why Set It up and Visit Waukesha Was Not Good News for Buying. He Said He Was Too Busy to Go Because Too Much Disruption You Start Analyzing Who These Killers Are How Each One Could've Been Stopped and See This. Some Commonalities There from San Diego Forward.

What about That 186640876 Extent I Would Have To Come from a Leader Who Is a Major Person in Their Party Radio That Makes You Think This Is Brian Kill Me Show What a Strategic Failure for Russia. One of the Objectives That Have Any Invasion in Ukraine Was Certain NATO Was Contained and Also We Can Because It Wouldn't Have the Resolve to Respond Effectively and Look What's Happened. NATO Is Expanding with Finland and Sweden Overwhelming Population. Polls in Those Countries Are Supporting Joining NATO NATO Was Strengthened As a Result of It, Not Just Expanding and Russia Has 40,000 US NATO Troops in Eastern Europe and NATO Countries That Were Not There Prior to Any Invasion.

So Yes, a Major Turnaround for NATO for Sure Well and That Was Gen. Jack Keane, 45 Minutes Ago on Our Channel on Fox News Channel Talk about the Developments in the War That Really Matters to Everybody. A Lot Of People Say What He Knows. Thousands of Miles Away. What's the Big Deal We Have Things to Focus on Here Is Her Number Two Enemy after Right after China and If They Could Be Thwarted. Put Back into the to the Condition Which They Belong, and Stop the Expansionist Nature, Stopping to Stop Threatening Its Neighbors That Will Save Us Unbelievable Amount of Money and Fortify NATO Is Always a Good Thing I Don't Explain That to My Next Guest. These Ambassador Kurt Volker Knows This Area Quite Well. And so This Problem Manifesting Itself Vaster Welcome Back. Thank You, Trying Drink Beer. I Curse You Will and Will in Week 12. Your Thoughts Right Now on the War As You See It Because the Russians Are Trying to Consolidate the Areas in Which They've Gained from Cure Son to Marry Opal and Starting to Put in the Row, Mayors and Pride in and Pipes Changing the Street Signs so It's Not All Good News. But A Lot Of It Is Good on the Military Side Is Where the Good News or Ukraine. The Russian Advances That Push Them Away from the Major Cities Large and Have Not Fully Taken a Single Major City And Ukrainians Are Pushing Them Away from Hockey They Stop Advancing the East and Now Momentum Is Really Building on Ukraine Side All the Russian Mechanized Rifle Battalion Completely Destroyed over the Weekend There Trying to Cross a Bridge That They Had Built a Pontoon Bridge Couldn't Do It.

Ukrainians Just Took Them out so I Think This Will before Turning Militarily. The Stuff You're Talking about This Creeping Annexation If You Will Territories of Russia Occupied They Do Not Have the Support of Ukrainian People, There Is Some Internal Resistance Already in Anything That They Construct Now Will Be Taken down in a Heartbeat. Once the Ukrainian Military Comes Back in and I Think It's Almost Inevitable That Will Be Seeing That. The Good News Is Been Pushed at a Car, Keep It Seems a Ukrainians Houses Were Position on Saturday Disrupt the and Supply Lines. Looks like They've Done It, and the Rushes I Could Have Lost 1/3 of Their Ground Combat Forces at This Point That He Committed to the Invasion in Their Scrambling to Get More.

Can You Provide Additional Insight Yeah Sure Will First off with Hard Numbers like That and Know Losing 1/3 of Their Conduct out Some Time, but This Was Confirmed by the British Ministry Of Defense Now over the Weekend, so We're Very Confident That That's the Scale of Russian Losses Devastating after Huge Number. Mayor Harkey, You Mentioned That They Pushed the Russians Away from Their Restarting Public Transportation As of Today in Hotcakes or They Are Getting Things Back to Normal. Very Very Quickly Awesome and I like Her to Use the Air for Two Years As US Special Representative Ukraine Negotiations in 2017 to 2019.

When You Talk to Intelligence Officers about What Would an Invasion of Russia Be like. We Also Getting Reports That Ukraine Would Fall in 72 Hours of Russia Invaded Non-Not Want No One on Any Context on That Because I Was in Touch with the Ukrainian Military Directly Ukrainian Leadership. I Could See the Determination That Resolved. I Met with Our People Who Were Supplying the Chaplain Missiles Already Starting Back in 2017. Training Ukrainian Military, Helping Them Organized and While Far from Perfect. This Was a Much Different Ukrainian Defense Course and Much More Connected to the West Than Anything You Have Back in 2014 Where We All Got Wrong Was Overestimating the Russians We Know They Spend A Lot Of Money to Have Big Numbers. We Know That A Lot Of Equipment but We Didn't Really Understand the Impact of the Dictatorial System When No One Tells the Truth the Poor Training Recruit Support. Treatment Includes the Cannibalization of Equipment.

The Poor Quality of Maintenance Lack of Any Concept of Logistics That We Really Overestimated Russian Capabilities. So When They Ran into the Ukrainians Really Discussed Low down They Did, They Still Are Hitting There Is Armaments with the Just Indiscriminately with Dumb Bombs Is Blowing up and Eradicating Cities. So Having Said That, You Don't Know If This Corruption That Actually Kept Their Leadership in the Dark without This Report about Vladimir Putin and Being Cancer Stricken.

Have To Go through Cancer Surgery Is Some Type of Blood Cancer Was in Reality There. Well Nobody Can Say with Any Certainty What's Going on There. We Did See the Pictures of Him on the Victory Parade on May 9, Where He Was Limping. He Was Puffy and Then When He Sat down He Covered His Legs with a Blanket and This Is in May so Will We Do Have To Think That There's Something There but We Just Don't Know What What We Do Know, However, Is That There Are There's A Lot Of Finger-Pointing Going on inside Moscow Goodness Put Some General under House Arrest, There's Talk about Terrace Amount Being Replaced Is the Head of the Armed Forces. There's A Lot Of Finger-Pointing Going on. Who's to Blame for This Debacle That They Got Themselves into One Other Point That You Brought up Earlier This Wanted to Come Back to It When You Talk about the Russians Bringing More Forces and Having to Rally More. These Are Not the Same Quality of What They Already Lost. They Had Their Best Forces for the Most Trained and Most Ready Never Pulling in Conscripts or Recruits Who Have Little Experience a Little Training in the Equipment or Pulling Out Of Storage Is Second Rate Both Generationally and Also Having Had Problems with Clarkson and Patient about Equipment If There's Little That Russia Can Do Now to Turn the Tide Back in the Trailer through Click the Maj. Gen. Carlo Boudin of You Might Know He's 36 Years Old. He Is Intelligent Charge of Intelligence Is Ukraine. He Says He Believes That Putin's Calamitous Word Ukraine Will Be His Breaking Point This Summer Will Be over by the End of the Year As the Spy Chief.

He's Able to Pick up Intelligence.

He Says Please War Will Be over with Because There's People on the inside.

He Said Hard Men That Are Starting to Zoning on Him Because of the Trouble He Has Caused Not Only Because the War but Domestically with the Sanctions Is That Somebody We Should Believe We Have No Way to Verify That He Is the Head of Intelligence. He Has Sources You Have Operative. He Also Has a Reason to Want to Say That This Is Happening Both on Morale for Ukrainians and Maybe to Encourage Just That Sort of Thing in Russia so We Just Don't Know What the Facts Are There but I Have To Say the Factors That He Terrifies Real That the Military Know It Is Taking Devastating Losses and Shouldn't Be Here. They Are Not Being Led the Right Way They Are Taking a Serious Hit on the Economy and All the Business People and All the Oligarchs Know That so This Is Something It's Going to Get Worse. Rather Than Get Better and Has Nowhere to Go but Double down and This Is Very Dangerous for Russia and Musing about This This Morning and Another Where People Ask Turn to Nuclear Weapons As a Last Ditch Is a Dying Man Perhaps Perhaps You See There's No Way out. Would He Do That I Could Very Well Be the Breaking Point Where Others in the Country Say This Is Gonna Be the Destruction of Russia If We Turn to Use of Nuclear Weapons so That Could Be the Thing That Causes a Break so Courteous and It Bothers Me Is Says Is Big Push to Stop the Funding You Are Deftly Hurting Here at Home. There's Deftly Issues We Got, You Know about Inflation. You Know I Was Going to Order You Know the Frustration Republicans Are Feeling and They Want to Write a $39 Billion Check and That Bothers A Lot Of Republicans and I Want You to See Here with Sen. Martin Said This Weekend and He Does. One of the People That Will Vote No for This Aid.

So Here's What He Said. I Certainly Don't Have Anything Ukrainians Want to See the One Pumping More and That Country Were Not Taken Care Of on the Best Thing the Vine Can Do Is Stop the War That Is Waged on American Industry That Would Lower Prices Overall That Would Take the Funding Away from Putin's War Machine against Ukraine and Would like Our Economy to Better Here by Will Not Do That so That's a Sentiment Were Rand Paul, That's a Sentiment with Jim Jordan and Others What Your Thoughts Compared to Fighting the War to Weaken One of Our Key Strategic Enemies in the World What That Would Cost for Us to Do It. Both the Money and Lives. It's a Bargain Ukrainians to Be Doing This for That's a Great Point and You Know George Would Be Next.

Most over and Couldn't Provide for Interrupting Brian, but It Couldn't Survive If He Remains in Power and Remain Successful in Taking Pete Ukraine You Know He Will Not Stop It Already Announced Intention to Take the Whole South Coast of Ukraine Mulled over That One.

I Read That We Visit Georgia and Then We Do Have a Defense Obligation to the Baltic States and They Were Incorporated into the Soviet Union and That Will Be on His List of. This Is Where the Calls Arise If We Don't Do It Now Obsolete Is That in That Way We We Have a Chance to Throttle One of Our Top Two Nemesis It We Have around the World from from Syria. You Know They're Trying to Do All Everywhere and Everywhere. They Can Even Ends with Their Was Doing in Venezuela, Which China You Want to Focus on China. The Best Way to Be Able to Do so As Not to Have To Worry about Russian Mark Will Click Francis Playing the Good Cop in the Situation Saying the Sec. Defense.

Austin Was Saying Was Wrong, Saying That We Want to We Can Rush in Their Coming out. Are You Comfortable with What They're Doing. This Is Coordinated Is, or Is McCraw. I Have Returned This I'm Concerned When I Hear Dr. Alston and the French. Talk about a Cease-Fire at This Stage, They Need to Be Talking about Russia Getting It Forces Out Of Ukraine. A Cease-Fire Would Leave Them in Place and Not Something That Would Allow Guddi to Claim That He Remaining in Power That Is Achieved Something and Tear up Another War in the Future We Need to Be Calling Russia to Get It Forces out and Only on That Basis.

Can There Be a Piece and a Cease-Fire and I'm Concerned That You Know MacCallum over the Weekend Said That We Need to Help Russia Save Face. There's No Saving Faith: Someone Who Is Committed War Crimes and Killed All the Civilians and Launch This War of Aggression You Want to Live in a World of Some Justice and Some Peace and from Security. Gotta Make Sure That Russia Gets the Course without It Becoming Massacre Focus Using the Comes to Mind Is Micro Met with Them among Bunch of Times and Got Nowhere.MacCallum Lost When There Is a European Union Hero Is in Charge Election Because of It. Instead of Maybe Saying Okay I'm in the Back off of This Guy Is Really You, He's Not Tenable. This Is Not Something We Can Deal with. He Said He's in There. Go Let Me Save the Day Again and I'm Wondering Maybe That's the European Perspective.

I'm Not Sure I'm Okay Good Cop Bad Cop and Doing That If It's Got This If It's Coordinated by Just Don't Know If I Want to Get to Two of the Things I Know You Care about That. If I Told You Five Years Ago That Sweden and Finland Can Apply to Be Members of NATO and That Brush Would Almost Be Powerless to Let It Happen. What Would You Have Told Me I Really Don't See It That. They Are Just You Know They Been Neutral Whenever World War II and Sweden for 200 Years.

This Is Something Deeply Rooted in the Populations so I Would've Been Very Skeptical That Anything like That Would Happen, and What Happens Russia Attacked Its Neighbor Engages in Unspeakable Brutality and You Countries Begin to Realize the Population That They're Not Safe on Their Own.

The Only Way to Be Fake to Be Part of an Online Click Data Absolutely Silly Instead Happen to Those People at This and We Really Have To Fight for Finland and Sweden.

They Come in with Great Economies and Formidable Formidable Militaries. They Are Plots Correct. Absolutely There Is One of the Best Militaries in Europe They Been Manning the Front Line Pressure on Their Own for Decades Now. They Are Very Very Capable. We Had Good Close Working Relationship with Them. They Joined Us in Places like Afghanistan and Substantial Numbers, but They Just Never Been Part of the Decision-Making Were Part of the Article 5 Defense Commitment and That's What They're Looking for Now and She Said It Can Be a Net Plus. Now All Of A Sudden the Entire Baltic Sea and All the Arctic North Where Norway and Sweden Are Not Will Not Have Much More Robust NATO Landmass More More Capacity to Project Power.

From There If We Ever Needed to Do so.

To Share This with You Can Study This Retweeted This Sin Is Generally Reacting to Putin's Threats and Finland Joins NATO You're Most Welcome to Come Here to Join the 200,000 Russians It Already and Finland Buried A Few Meters in the Ground after Last Attempt in 1939 so They Got Some Pride and They Know What They're up against. And They Voted As a Country without Any Polish Was All Came from Them. So I Think It There's A Lot Of Goodyear in That Situation. Thanks and I Said Thank You for Card Poker Former US Ambassador to NATO. This Is the Brain Can We Chill so Glad You're Here. I'm in Los Angeles but I'm Willing to Take Your Calls from around the Country. 1-866-408-7669 Double You to Know Basis. You Need to Kill Me Drinking. All Brian Kill Me Show You Point Therefore Getting This Far Right Appointing Those Anti-Freedom Justices to the Court. Let's Not Take Our Eye off the Ball Wall Is This Court Which Is Dangerous to the Freedoms of the Country Anywhere in Terms of the Marriage Equality Anywhere in Terms of Other Aspects. Let's Not Waste Our Time on That. The Fact Is This Is a Dangerous Court. Okay, so You Don't Expect a Republican to Win the Presidency and without Trumped It Is Do Something No One Else Is Done but It's Not That Unusual. When You Have the Selections Any Republican President Would've Picked Conservative Judges. He Named Them Ahead of Time from a List That Was Approved by Him Almost Every Republican They Are Crazy. Amy Cody Barrett Is Brilliant Gorsuch Is Brilliant Cavanaugh Was Not Only Mainstream. He Was a Pic It Was Basically an Aspirin.

The Bush Administration Because That's a Valuable He Was so Her Saying a Creature Is so Disrespectful but That's the Same Idiot That Ripped up the State of the Union Address for the World to See Barry Listing Los Angeles a Very Hello Brian a Couple Ukraine. You Keep Saying How Inept Russia Was, yet You Cut yet You're Telling Us That They're Going to Somehow Attack Other Countries It Doesn't Equate Number Two in Regard to the Buffalo Shooting Items Only Going to Buffalo Because Using a Bring up the Big Child Charlottesville. I Guarantee It.

Barry Barry, You Know That They Thought You Can Get a Phone 72 out You Know That He Waged into to Georgia and Stayed You Know That He Took Crime. Mia and State. You Know, We Still Had a Presence in Syria and If He Was Successful in the Ukraine. Georgia Was Next Mulled over What What Would Have Been Sucked up and Still Could Be Sucked up in the Process, You Realize That Right with Her Doing Is Being Exposed and There Being Bled at There Being Bled out There That They've Already Been Exposed and I'm Not All against Lot of Money. It Was a Very Corrupt Nation before They Were Invaded. We Use a Little Prudence. That's All I'm Saying That I'm with You. That's Why Getting Guy Love the Inspector General Having a Bipartisan Inspector General Oversee Every Dollar That Goes There but Just Don't Slow It down Because They're Doing Our Work Right Now Work Again.

They Been Exposed yet. There's No Way They Can Rebuild in 5 to 7 Years Ago for Georgia. They Cannot Be Allowed to Take Territory and Declared a Victory. I Appreciated Barry Think Were on the Same Side 186 and I'm Perfectly Willing to Take Other Arguments, but I'm Very Concerned about People Seeing That Biden Could Get a Victory.

So Denying the Money Because of That That Is What They Do. You Can't Do That so Appreciate Everybody Listening. Keep It Here Right Fox News Radio Studio City New York City Opinions and Facts with a Positive Answer, Brian. Kill Me like so Much for Being Here Everybody at the Brain to Michelle Coming to You from Actually Los Angeles, but the Base Means Your 46 Countries around the World Is Specially Ukraine This Hour, We Talked about Thing That Matters Most. Right Now in the World of Politics and Maybe in Our Nation, and That Is with Him to Be Happening in Pennsylvania so Much Intrigued Three Great Candidates All Finishing Strong for the Right to Replace Pat Toomey Get the Republican Nomination and to the Best They Can to Win in That Purple State When We Find out That It's Unbelievable but Fetterman Actually Had a Stroke over the Weekend and He Said He's Doing Fine but I Would How That's Can Affect the Democratic Side Because He Was Way out in Front, but His Big, Big Guy like Pullovers and He's Extremely Liberal so That's Why A Lot Of People Think Whoever Gets the Nomination Is Really Favored to Get the Pad to Retain Pat Toomey Seat Kathy Barnett Is Can Be with Us in a Better Moment and Dr. Oz at the Bottom of the Hour. Dave McCormick Is Also Finishing Strong Silicate to the Victory.

The Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Sponsor File I Fact Save a Life and a Choking Emergency Visit Life Back down There to Learn More and Use Code BK Tend to Save 10% Number Three Well Questions Amount of Great Music with Me That the Ration. Then Moving Away from the Major Part of That. I Went Ukraine.

We Are Not like over at the Mythic in That Regard. That Is the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Kind of Happy but Knows When Out Of the Woods yet. Russia Really and Their Leaders Felt Very Much in Question Their Suffering Humiliating Loss of a Bridge over the Weekend Tankers to Float up into the River for Static Car Keys Ukraine Second-Biggest City. Meanwhile, Sweden and Finland Want to Join NATO.

What a Disaster for Russia Will Talk about It Why I Think Republicans Have To Fund This and Not Back off Now so I Think That Neutral Look Leave the Office Endorsement Was a Risky One for Him and If It Turns out That Barnett Gets the Nomination.

As a Result of That, I Think You Can See A Lot Of Termination against A Lot Of I'm to Kathy Barnett Doesn't Feel That Way Will Aspirin a Moment, Politics, Primaries and Approvals Is Critical. Republican Probably Primary in 24 Hours in Tapas in Pennsylvania. The President's Approval Drops Again, Even on NBC Works Now with 38% What His Plans for the Midterms Are Are Very Disconcerting for Free Been Better Mind Readers.

I Guess We Could Remove As Quickly As Problem Became Apparent to Us.

We Have To Move with Caution As Well As Speed Because We Gotta Make Sure We Were Getting Is in Fact First-Rate Product. That's Why the FDA Has To Go through the Process Mindreader Economic Pressures at the Forefront of Every American Mind, and Few Were Convinced by the Ministrations Capable of Attacking the Problem Is the Choosing to Attack Others in Alienating Huge Ally Inject Phases of the Process When It Comes to the Baby Formula He Was Talking about the Blame Is Not on Them for the Shortage That Abbott Labs I Get It with Their Lack of Action Is. Specifically, the FDA, and Not Pushing Them to Move Forward Will Discuss That Kathy Barnett Joins Us Right Now She Is Really One of the Remarkable Stories of This Primary Six Years and You Know What My Bed Should Be with Us and 1010 Minutes but I Do Want to Take This Moment to Welcome in Some Very Great Stations That Are Now Part of This Network WDL 812 70 A.M. in Walton New York W CHN 970 AM in Norwich New York MWD OS 7:30 AM in Oneonta, New York. You're All Part of This at a Time in Which Something Happened in Your Community around That the Whole Countries Focusing on Specifically Awful When This 18-year-old Deranged Lunatic, Plotted and Planned to Shoot up the Tops Supermarket and Shot As Many People As He Could, Killing 10 Shooting 13 Aiming Mainly for African-Americans That Are Twisted, This Guy Is Question Is I Don't Have This Book Barnett As Well As Dr. Oz, You Had a Guy Who Legally Get a Gun Who Was Just Interviewed by State Police Because of Things That They Did in School That We Do Not Know Specifically Is There Were Disconcerting and Made His Classmate in the School System Feel Uneasy so They Talk to Him for Doing 1/2 Hours and Let Him Go. Nothing on His Record and at 18 He Comes and Gets His Arsenal of Guns, a Gun Shop Owner Says a Background Check to Him. Nothing Was There. He Goes up and He's Fully Armored up and He Was Shot but He Kept Going through It Because He Had the Boat Present Bulletproof Vest on and the Helmet Unbelievable Right so Having Said That, That's Where This Problem Is Identifying the Deranged amongst Us, the Mentally Incapacitated or the Ill, the Violent the Parents First off Number to the System. Number Three the Gun System. The Background Check. If I Had a Psychological Evaluation of Relate and I Was Able to Click on It and Look on It What It Was This a Contact State Police. It Doesn't Mean That You Are Prevented from Getting One Will Get the Officer on the Phone. They Evaluated This Clown for Two and It Is Killer for Doing 1/2 Hours and See You Okay with Him Getting a Gun. How Hard Would That Be. We Have Computers, You Know, We Have All This Way of Communicating the Red Flag Law Everything Everything Failed on This on Damper They Want to Blame the Gun and They Want to Blame Talkshow Host. It Is Embarrassing. The Other Big Issue I Want to Know Is How You Feel about More More Republicans Not Wanting to Fund Ukraine Think It's a Major Problem. I Think That People Have To See That This Is Ukrainian Is Actually Fighting against Our Nemesis, Not Just There's Encouragement Dan Crenshaw Summarized It Best Cut 13.

Who Else Doesn't Have Sticker Shock to Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin Has a Has a Military That's Been Degraded Severely, Their Morale Is Extremely Low.

Their Supply Chains Are in Critical Condition and Now He Just Is Realizing That His Opponents. The Ukrainians Are Going to Have Basically Unlimited Amount of Resources to Continue Fighting This War. This Is an Investment in the Severe Degradation of Our Second-Biggest Adversary.

The Russian Military That Will Not Be Able to Invade Other Countries. After This and Destabilize the Globe That Allows Us to Do Something Allows Us to Focus on Our Actual Biggest Adversary, Which Is China. I Agree and Dave Crenshaw Not Only As a Lawmaker Ivy League Grad. But He Said a Navy Seal so He Knows the Danger War Lost and I with That He Almost Nears Partial Vision Loss in the Other Illusion with It Every Day so He's Not Someone Who Just Want to Throw People into Battle and I Don't Believe Were Not Going into Battle Is Almost No Scenario Where We Do It, but If They Go after Bulgaria They Go after Poland We Are in the West to Georgia Were Not but Maybe We Should Be and If They Were Able to Survive and Say We Got Additional Area in Ukraine Do Going to Georgia in A Few Years after They Rebuilt All These Areas Have To Be Fortified.

That's the Only Thing That's Gonna Make It in This World We Want to Go to the Point We Can Talk Away Out Of Things and Use Diplomacy but without Strength There Is No Diplomacy and We Have To Show They Were Willing to Fight and Fortify with Finland and Sweden Coming in. This Is Where Good International News. Embrace It. Don't Starve It out Here, Sen. Bill Haggerty on Maria and Essentially He Does Not Agree with Me at All.


I Certainly Don't Have Anything Ukrainians Want to See the One Pumping More and That Country Were Not Taken Care Of on the Best Thing That Biden Can Do Is Stop the War That Is Waged on American Industry That Would Lower Prices Overall That Would Take the Funding Away from Putin's War Machine against Ukraine and Would like Our Economy to Better Here. Biden Will Not Do That We Have To Be Able to Do Both His Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, We Should Look at It and We Should Pressure the Europeans to Do Their Share Get Inspector General Make Sure It's Been Playing the Right Way Propagating Poland and Saying Good Luck Getting in Is Not Enough. All That Stuff Works but Denying It and Showing an Uneasiness Gives the Russians a Reason to Fight Longer and Harder, and Gives the Europeans a Center They Could Equivocate and Get Away with It.

We Come Back. Kathy Barnett Can Be Joining Us.

She Is Bad. She Is the Upstart Story in Pennsylvania and Really the Country Where She Came Out Of Nowhere. She's a Great Guest on Her Show A Lot. She's a Veteran There's Some Things about Her past and She Wants to Clear up As She Tries to Pull off the Upset of the Primary Season and Be Dr. Oz and and As As Well As Dave McCormick. Both Were Great Resumes. There's A Lot Of Talent out There, but Tell You What Donald Trump Is Much a Moniz Dr. Ross Dr. Oz in 10 Minutes Donald Trump to Dr. Oz Is My Guy, but Mike Pompeo Ted Cruz Said No It's Dave McCormick and Kathy Barnett Says Hey Look at Me I'm the One with the Most Momentum the Lease Money the Most. Momentum Brian Kill Me Choke, Don't Move into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me the Fastest Three Hours and Radio Is Your Brian Kill Me Kathy's Campaign Trail and I Appreciate Her Personal Story, but She Has Been Tested over the Last Couple Years and She Asked the Congressional Race Here in Pennsylvania by 20 Points. And Now There's All Sorts of Questions Being Raised about Her Background, Experience, and We Will Have an Answer Those Questions.

This Was Quite Appropriate That She Gets Stress Tested Just like All the Candidates Get Stressed. I Think Romanians Are Ultimately Going to Decide Based on Those Three Questions That I Mentioned I'm Again Presenting Myself As Someone Who's Been Battle Tested As a West Point Graduate Combat Veteran, Someone Who's Created Jobs in Pennsylvania Someone Who's a Pennsylvania True Guy That Is That If Dave McCormick and He Is Trailing Now Dr. Oz and Kathy Barnett Neutral Fogger Pole Became a Just a Couple of Days Ago and Now Listen 24 Hours to Election Day for the Primary and Is so Much Intrigue As You Know Prison. Trump Chose Dr. Oz but Is Allotted from People That Have Chosen Dave McCormick and Then Kathy Barnett Comes Out Of Nowhere Joining Us Right Now Is Kathy Barnett Who's Been All over Fox. Are You Not New to Me Kathy, but the Front Right All My Country Held Great People.

So There's a Couple Things Number One No Doubt You Conservative. We Surprised at the Present Came and Said There's Some Things about Your past You Have an Answer yet He Didn't Want to Say Anything Bad about You Personally, but He Does Not Want People to Vote for You. We Surprised Prison Trump Did That All Wired Now. Looking Forward to Working Them Back When We All Should Be Writing Right There Are Plenty over for Me Tell You, Not yet All Lock Yesterday Doing the Hard Work and Quite Frankly I Play or We Can Pray This of the Arson Looking to Send You Background and Questions You Sent an Adjunct Professor. Acute Settlement Served in the Military When It Comes to Some of the Tweets That You've Had That They Say or Is on the Phobic Those Messages That They Look Back Tonight and You Not Seen Anyone Act Saying That's Where You Felt Then, but You Don't Feel Now You Do You See a Difference between Muslims and Aides and Extremists Isis and Extort Differently Now in 20 Extreme Extreme How I Fail. I Know How Many People Are Preventing Me All about a Man by You Think I Recall, I Remember, Former Director, All People, Now All I Know How by Radio Scout.

Let Me See If This Is a Summation You Seen This Happen You Thinking This Is Out-Of-Control You Worried about What's Happening Here and You Made Some Statements That Maybe Would Overgeneralize the Muslim Community.

Is That Correct All I Radio Scout.Right You Are, Obama's Muslim Doing Was Something to Feel of Freedom Is My Not Feel Must Not Be Allowed. So Some of the Pit of Pedophilia Is a Cornerstone of His There on Your Feet Producing There in the Context of 121 We You. You Feel like You're out Working Everybody in the Ego Is When You Come Front Runner People Really Zoning on You. It's Easy When You're a Contender but You Could Actually Pull This off Tuesday and That's As Unnerved A Lot Of People.

Kathy Barnett Thanks Much for Your Time. All Right That's the Luck We Come Back. Dr. Oz Joins Us Talk Show That's Getting You Your Brian Kill Me Kiss the Ring. I Think I Think They Do That He Sees Referring to Dave McCormick and Dr. Oz but Dr. Oz Ultimately Got Prison. Trump's Blessing. That Was Kathy Barnett Minutes Ago Dr. Oz As Well As Kathy As Well As the McCormick Are Looking to Close the Last 24 Hours and Pull out a Victory That Most Everybody Agrees with It in Single Digits. Dr. Oz, Which Are Which. Your Response to Kissing the Ring. Kathy Barnett You Every Conscientious Question She Raises Many More Work to Build a Statue to Obama While Attacking the Father of Our Country toward Washington As Well As Attacking Pres. Trump by Way Lighter, Gory Preterm Euro. She Said She Dared Her Books That She Didn't Really Record so She Didn't Order All You All the Rumors about Working on Wall Street, Which He Didn't Ministry, but the Reality Is the Reason I'm Actually Beating at the Polls. I Don't Know What You Can Talk about What That Rate You Just Shared It Is Because I Focused on Americans and Protecting Us Fighting for Us against Powerful inside My Whole Career. You Know That We Didn't Get on the Most Recent Cobra Pandemic When I Was with You Every Single Box of Friends Relitigate Mandate Litigation Shutdowns Docent. The Fire Felt She Pleased That I Put out There Is Because You Try to Censor Thought the Same Twisting of Science Is Hurting Our Children with False Arguments about Why We Should Teach Gender Studies of First-Graders by Biologic Men Should Not Be Playing Sports, but This Is All Where We Are Today. The Good News Is All Fixable with Strong Leadership and I Am That Bold Voice in DC to Represent Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment Control Energy I Make a Land of Plenty Again and I Get Rid Regulation Incompetence. We Literally Can Start Making Baby Formula. These Are Things That Are Created by Joe Biden Scale Approach Is Working Better Public and Party Are Shocking to Me That He's Missed the Boat and so Many Issues in Washington Too Long Because They Don't Really Understand Her Values or Frankly Care so Talk Because I Know Things Was Serious Busy with the Way Things We Serious Medical Things like the Pandemic.

Obviously When Things Were Coming out You Would Do Our Show before You Did Your Ship Its Alchemist Seven Now Committed Six Will Go over This and I Think in My Opinion. What I Noticed As an Outsider, Not a Member of Your Family Are in a Circle Is When You Got Pushed Back about OxyContin When You're Just Trying to Do This from a Medical Perspective and You Think You Can Have an Intelligent Conversation Is Dead. You Were Vilified and Told You Were Trump Sycophant Because You Thought There Was Some Merits to This and It Should Be Studied Was at One of the Turning Point for You Hydroxychloroquine with an Example of an Eye. It Was Quoted to Me from Other Countries but Shoulder 100 Countries with Dr. to Call Me If You Want Getting Pretty Good Results. Pandemic Will Take Any Advice You Can Get. I Talked about It on Your Show from Product That Attracts Comfort Because He Cheated and All the Sudden I Never Thought Possible the Liberal Media Began Booting Americans from so Much. They Were Hoping It Wouldn't Work Began Crating and Manufacturing Studies about Cooking Claiming Wouldn't Be Effective Blocking Clinical Trials That I Would Try to Do It and Others As Well.

What I Learned from This Little Mixed Topics in Medicine, Politics. It Actually Dipped Really Hurt Our Public Health. It Hurt Our Doctors and Nurses That We Weren't Allowed to Care Patient Were Told at the Moment You Look at Her Blue Go to the ER Mistakes We Made over the Pandemic Only What Pandemic It Would Be the Exact Same Mistakes Are Being Made Energy Policy and Educational Policy, and That All Border and with the Relationship Turn. It's a Top-Down One Charged with Assault Authoritarian Approach in American One. Collectivism Individualism to Become Aware of Plenty, Which Is What I Pledge to Do but You Need to Get Rid of Some of the Rules and Regulations Attached to the Levees That Don't Actually Help, but You Don't Want Middle Level Unelected Managers like Ouchi Making Rules That Can Destroy Energy and Energy Producers Arcing to Trust the Government, Which Finally Did. Don't Doubt Energy Prices Skyrocketing Inflation Goes up Ukraine Gets Invaded. We Will Have Energy Security Will Negotiate from Strength and People Start to Wonder. Are We Really Probably Work and I Believe the Biggest Breakthrough for the Were so Close to Doing It Right. Pres. Trump Had It Right.

You Just Changing 50 Most of the Administration Has Claimed the Kind of Problems You're Facing Now and I'm Still Optimistic That with the Right Leadership Will Make It Happen so Soon As You Know, Mike Pompeo, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Others Have Have Gone with the McCormick in There Pointing out Pompeo at a Press Conference Saying That You Vote in 2018 in Turkey and That You Have Dual Citizenship in These Questions Your Loyalty to This Country with Your Response Distraction. Your Managers Are Hired.

They Want to Link to Shipper to Care for My Mother Who Has Alzheimer's Lives in Turkey and I Pledge to Give up My Ship Was Elected to the Senate That's Proposed by People of Fallen behind in the Polls, the Need to Fight about.

I'm Not Taking My Eyes off the American People and What Pres. Trump Said When He Endorsed Me. Thanks Mark, I Will Never Let You down. I'm Smarter Than You Can Usually by Reviewer Thought the Trust Will Yield Extra Cost. I'll Take What I Know Is Right and Do It, Which Is Not All What Happens I Will Wilt in the Face of Pressure Example When You and I Went to Battle about Schools Being Closer Should Make Any Sex yet Because Your Credentials Were Open Why Worse." You Get Your Teacher. We Hurt Our Children Use the Shield Was Wrong When I Said That Hardly Criticized You Were There with Me It Was Okay.

We Got Scars to Prove It.

We Cannot Be Bought at the Personal Business Credit and Finally, This Is Really Important to Trouble Yourself That Will Never Let You down. What Mattered When Y'all Go to Sleep.

I Know You Personally Never Sleep When Mortals Go to Sleep. You Have To Know That the Person Is Elected Will Do Its Right to Take Attach That's What I've Always Been at the Docketing Care, Patient Hosting the Show and I'll Do That. US Sen. but His Issues Are in Black and White in That, for Example, You Have the Number of Republicans Who No Longer Want to Fund the War in Ukraine and You Have Conservatives Going out, You Know, Differing on That Where You Stand Because We Have Jim Jordan Says about, and You Have Sen. Haggerty Says Same Thing and It's Got to Have a Vote in the Senate Are 39 Billion. The Real Issue for Me and Blank Checks Have a History of Not Doing Well.

Look at the Picture Qubec Program during Cold Most of Money You Have Right Now with Her Figuring out That You 25 Money Is Wasted When Complainant Wasn't Supposed to Go so Check That Larger Not Know Where It's Going If You Give Me Accountability. I Think Every American Worked on Ukraine Is like Blank Checks to People Take the Money along the Way to Ukraine, Long Way from Your Right to 18% of Pennsylvania's Still Undecided, so the Present, Obviously, Is Big for You You the Minute He Endorsed You Want to Number One but It's so Tight. Still, Scott Pompeo Cruz Mike Huckabee Sarah Huckabee Rick Santorum and Brandon Judd so Is 12% Are Undecided. What Is That Tell You and You Believe That Donald Trump Has As Much to Lose If You Lose Not Involved Specifically Whether One Candidate or Another Busy Care.

That's Why He Nominated Me Because You Don't Open the General Election Is All about Winning Sheets of Republicans Dominate the House and That's Why Will Be a Tragedy If I Didn't Win Because on the Most Likely to Carry the Sheet for a Bunch of Recent Going Back Will Do Very Well with the Suburban Keelboat and I'll Get Minority Populations, along with Living Every Day for 13 Years. They Know They Don't Have To Guess Exactly That I Was. I Fought It out.

The Other Reality of This Race Is That Although There Are Some Who Are Undecided Go Those Numbers Are Dropping.

The Republican Party Is Coalescing behind Leaders My Life That I Had Attended a Telecom Hall with Ted Nugent.

I Wanted to Become, Because He's Very Strong the Second Minute the Passionate Person Spent Part of Pennsylvania so He Has Local Groups and I Love You Have If You like Rick Perry Euros Energy Secretary Come to Our Number One Guy for Energy and Pennsylvania Which You Have Enough Natural Gas to Power the Whole Country for 200 Years Number One Guy on Energy Is a Big Deal Because All You Local Communities Are Suffering by Ignoring the Fact That Everything We Can Actually Get a Clean Way Protected by Negative Energy Independent Couples at One Time That Real Issues That Are Happening Right Now Is If You Had That Seat for Example You Know That Sweden and Finland Are Looking to Join NATO in the One Country That Could Be Standing in Their Way Is Turkey Ones Not Comfortable with. Some Things Are Going on in Sweden Doesn't Think This Is This Too Provocative Perhaps for Russia to Do That You Know of One Nation Says No.

It's in No You from Turkey You Know Were the One Where You Stand. I Don't Want My Parents Were from Turkey.

I Feel Strongly Reach America First Credit When He Endorsed Me and We Have Got to Be Able to Take It out like the NATO Special in Their Appropriately Noticed about Not Being Part of Nero See What Russia Did.

Ukraine and We Don't Want to Have Mixtures like That.

The Most Important Thing for America to Do with Both Russia and China Is Very Clear Messages Had Ambiguous Messaging around Ukraine and Was Able to Manipulate a Situation Where He Couldn't Stop Important. We Could Stop Him from Doing What He Was about to Do, but We Still Have an Opportunity.

For Example in China. We Cannot Be Ambiguous about the Fact on Taiwan.

They Get a Porcupine Negative Clearly Painful for China to Decide That Try to Take over That Island Nation and If You Don't Do That and Our Allies and Make Sure You like You Abandoned the Same Way Some of Ours in Your Part. Silicon Oxide by Bushes Aggression. So He's Another Tough One. This Is a Big Blow to Present Trumpet. He Must've Been Crushed When He Heard This News Cut 34 and If Trump Were to Return to the White House As Pres. and Covert Is Still a Threat. Are There Some Other Public Health Emergency Would You Have Confidence in His Ability. Would You Have Confidence in His Ability to Deal with the Pandemic of of This Nature Would You Want to Stay on Your Post Will Know the Second Question, the First Question That Is Your Take Drs. Do You Think Donald Trump Took That Personally Deleted Anthony Sergey Would've Kept His Job.

If Trump Gets His Job Back at 2024, Hoping Whatever US Editor That before Attempted to Enter the 24 Care. I Will Have Helped Part of the Move Felt He Needed to Be Fired. I've Never Witnessed before in American Public LP Sensor Doctors Welding Scientist Who Had Insight to Help Donation Cold with Media to Undermine These Positions Other Than for Side and Try to Avoid Because They Were Trying to Help It Happen to Be Happy to Many Others.

It's One of the Reason I Want to Be Competitive in the Subpoena Power to Confront about the Natural Question Not Just about Where the Line and Who Funded All the Going on but He Also What Are We Going to Do As a Country to Allow Best and Brightest to Feel Free to Say What They Believe. We Don't Want Public Health Century Power Controlling A Lot Of the Purse Strings That Fund Research Dr. Oz. We Had a WDL a in Both New York and Norwich, New York to BCH and MWD OS in Oneonta, New York All Today and They Wake up Knowing 24 Hours Going Buffalo Some Crazed Gunman 18 Years Old Legally Got a Gun Even Though Was Evaluated for Two and Half Hours by State Police Because They Got Some Unnerving Information. We Don't Know the Details yet about How He Was Acting in School Is Able to Legally Get a Gun.

The Gun Owners. As I Looked at the Background Check. There Was Nothing There and Kill His Intent Was to Kill As Many Black People As Possible Which We Supposed to Learn from This to Make Sure This Isn't Happening in My Heart Goes out to the Poor Souls and Retool the Grieving Take Mental Health Issues Seriously and My Family Had Mental Health Relative of the Health Issue. Many Families Do That We All Have It in Our Daily Lives. Cold Has Worsened Dramatically by Isolating People, Especially Young People, We Have Too Often Thought of Mental Health Afflicted Sidecar Issue.

Federal Law Pretty Clear Chronic Mental Health Conditions Must Be Treated the Same Way with Him on the Money Is Chronic Health Conditions Will Get Diabetes Treat That Year Mental Health Condition of the Trees That Were Not Doing It. People Coming to the Cracks and These Kind of Tragedies Occur so Couple of Things. If I Click on That 18-year-old, and Somehow He Was Able to Leave the State Police Officers, the Bureau of the Precinct and He Goes Home. Should There Be Something on His Record That Says If He Goes to a Gun Shop. Call Me. I'm Coming This Fact Is That Gun Owners Doesn't Want Blood in His Hands. This Guy Forever Has To Live That He Sold That to Him, but He Seems to Have Done Everything Right Is Something Wrong with the System. Don't You Agree to Wait.

Of the Trojan Horse. You Don't Want a Registry, Especially Federal Registry Tried Be Very Very Much with the Dark Blocking That Keeps Track of Everyone Who's Had an Issue Could Then You Have Strict Laws Is Told While Little When You're in High School You Have Depression Probably Should Not. You Can't Do You Use Your Customers and Protected Right to Own a Gun and I Think That Is the Big Fear Got Overtime I I Talked to Local Law Enforcement A Lot about This and They're Pretty Clear They Will All Be Done Locally until the Community They Want to Talk to People in the Community. When These Issues Occur They Want to Have Rapidly Adjudicate 30 Seconds Last If I Told You in February That Abbott Labs Is down for the for Siebel Future.

The FDA Says Is Legitimate. Violations Think the Whistleblower What Would You Have Done I Would've Issued after Lab Major Important Corporation Upfront Colbert Was Addressing Provided Other Sources of Infant Formula and Make Sure That I Want People to Come down the Pike Incompetence Combined with the Regulatory Morass That You Can Get through That Shutdown Industries like of Which We Can Make This Reporter in America.

What Can We Do Better Than This. Dr. Roskilde Closes out in the Next 24 Hours. I Know You Will Not Rest. It's Too Close to Call.

I Appreciated Right through the. God Bless You Please Vote If Your Pennsylvania Love You. You Have A Lot Of Affiliates in Pennsylvania Very Thankful for That. Back He's so Busy He'll Make Your Czar Says She's like Some Committee There This Governing Board with the Power to Quote Twitter and Add Context like What Twitter Is Right, and He's Talking about. That Is Bill Moore on Friday Night. Talk about the Disinformation to How Dumb It Is to Even Do That When You Look at This Woman's Background and Seen How Partisan She Is. And on Top of That, He Also Went out and Said This about the Protest Record Certainly in the Press Spokesman at the White House Is down with This. Jim Saki Said. Asked about This. These Are People Who Were Demonstrating outside the Houses of the Supreme Court Just As She Said I Don't Have an Official US Government Position on Where People Protest but We It's Wrong, Terribly Violent Obviously but Would You Want This outside Your House You Problem.

What a Way Agree with Him Every Week. Special Thanks to W CHN for Joining Us W DLA for Joining SWD OS for Joining Us. I Will Keep an Eye with Tapping Buffalo Back to Being on Board the Team and the Fastest-Growing Show All of Radio Brian Kelly on the Road Back to You Tomorrow from LA over 100 Meteorologists and Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber. Listen Now If Fox Is Not Just

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