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Uvalde Police Face Sharp Criticism Over Delayed Response to School Shooter

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 27, 2022 12:50 pm

Uvalde Police Face Sharp Criticism Over Delayed Response to School Shooter

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 27, 2022 12:50 pm

[00:02:44] Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.)

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach, it's Brian kill me things would be nearby the right to only show closing on a horrific week. If you validly would happen that elementary school over in Texas to try to piece it together. They'll be the focus of a lot of the show jacquard number one New York Times best-selling author of I and a Navy seal. His latest book is called in the blood of thriller for that great while Lieut. Col. Oliver North is standing by to bring some perspective not only what's happening here domestically but other things are happening. For example, in Ukraine. He's been about on every war zone really since Vietnam, that America's been involved with. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we now have is a very clear pattern in both the steel dossier and the alpha bank scandal. Both of them originated with the Clinton campaign went over to the FBI apparently according his agent James call me and the rest the FBI were chomping at the bit was at me for the overall case, the during trial wraps up today. Defendant Michael Sussman decides not to take the stand. What we know because of his problem.

What a dorm chances of conviction. Is there any justice says is there any chance to Sussman should be the first of many to go down. It seems like a layup but nothing is a lock with the DC jury can extend a hand partnership to those who live in sitting on the sidelines chosen to side with the gun lobby, but that there's a sense of urgency that we didn't fail before were to try to work through this and see if we can find a common ground sinner John Cohen insisted time to look at guns in school safety, bipartisan talks underway through Memorial day what I what are the chances and what should happen if anything, I offer my views and get it from the Col. to multiple witnesses. As soon as they heard gunshots. They will merely jump in her car. Got to run elementary and that's where he met with law enforcement.

They couldn't get into the school, multiple parents told me that they were frustrated by law enforcement in action and don't understand why it took so long to get the shooter, Jorge, Ventura of the daily caller deal yes to daily: funerals begin for the 19 grade scores into teachers who lost their lives on this week. But what I know now about the timeline and what you should know to about the killer we will elaborate and we been told a lot of mistruths over the last few days. Lieut. Col. Oliver North is seen it all the worse to battle the best to battle big wins big losses is got a new book coming out tragic consequences. The price America's paying for rejecting God now to reclaim our culture for Christ. You check it out on faithful Col., welcome back. Great to hear from you Brian. Great to hear you hear what you just a few minutes ago on TV and here you are doing 3Rs radio no one up there working harder than you are in getting the word out straight thanks in doing doing her best to piece together some of the facts and I want talk about the big picture and also get to take as we have not spoken about Ukraine just about this operation in NY. I believe it's important for us to do everything for them to be successful. I let you review in a moment, but I was shocked to hear some have, how much was being told to us that was wrong since the shooting, and you validly. Your take from what we know will I think is a lot more incompetence and misfeasance, and there is malfeasance in and I say that just because the small town. I've been through it about a half-dozen times when I would travel down in Texas. I was born in San Antonio, which is the biggest city close enough to your belly and it's a little time to go through on the way to Fredericksburg to go to the museum's life that I don't think those are intentional. I think it's a lot of misinformation not necessarily generated by someone with intent and so I look at what it what transpired in that school, and I'm drawn to several conclusions. Even what we know one.

It took way too long to get to the shooter number two there was almost apparently no operational security that was in place out there. Number three is got quite frankly an attack on an elementary school was not in the planning of anybody. Apparently in so we took four minutes for five minutes whatever was to get police on the scene that it took another over an hour. I guess I was looking at the time when you guys set up and it's still guessing at how many minutes it took for people to move around inside the building so you will not get any of the morality I do want to get into that as we talk about is directly related to the book and we didn't book was long plan to come out in May because it's election season officially begins with primary season primary season is in May. That's why we brought the book out in May and nothing to do with the expectation of three mass murderers, while gunmen in the space of 11 days but okay the mechanics of of what you gotta do what were not doing and I'm not bragging or complaining. When I was present generate wheel program called school shield.

It was based on military's theory of how you protect things okay and it's a defense in depth, it basically is for parts. First of all, you decide what your defensive zone is protecting a seaport or an airport or a military base number two you got have intelligence gathered about what the threat really is number three. Gotta be able to intercept the threat between were the threats coming from and trying to get to number four. You got a point defense. The kind of protections that mutually develop a firearm out of the holster or on the shoulder, engaging the adversary no those are four things that are fairly complex. If you don't know what you doing we will do correction running the program started in 2012 before I became president Ray and and I would like to see it still being advocated. I don't know the news, I got fired over the bottom line of it. Those kinds of techniques will protect a place you set it aside politically. What is going to allocate the resources necessary in most of his money is hardly school to protect the kids inside, and the teachers have to do things like lock the doors of abilities. The ability to electronically shut things down.

You have the ability to have the cops be able to open a door that guides inside killing kids like the sky was all those kinds of things have to be taken into consideration any experts that a lot of people going to notice the Secret Service working with the Department of Education way back in. I think it was 2002 or three put together an actual operational plan for how you go about protecting kids in school will be paying attention to got hundreds of millions and millions of dollars that were allocated but haven't been spent yet from the covert stuff, some of it was supposed to go to the K-12 education I'm told is a boatload of months. I suggest you suggestion very quickly is what you do is read "the book was recommended by an array or by by the Secret Service and the Department of Education number two. Put the money into it. Number three. In addition to arming people inside schools to protect kids. That's the point defense people decanters wait for the folks to shop in town.

If the cops are in the school.

School resource officers. It's going to take too long to get there. I don't care where you are facing Ashley 90% of elementary schools have an armed officer, 45% of middle schools and 67% of high settles, but to tell you what you can have the most sophisticated or or rudimentary security plan, but if this is the case we got a problem. Here's the Texas Department of Public Safety regional director Victor Escalon for right now. Verification appeared a lot for you to look at that for cooperative And you you have a high school excusing a grammar school with the doors on locked my goodness. Not only is there not an officer but did it to unlock school. I don't remember last time I want to pick up anybody's school and there was one entrance into one entrance out anywhere we protect our airports are banks building the Fox News headquarters in New York is better protection elementary school down the street.

Think about that when we came into the building where weather is working out of Washington are working out New York armed guards down and that in the lobby little white where the guns around, but you can't get through that lobby without the proper ID work note from solution bronco me to knowing what's coming to see me right the hell is it that we got schools that are wide open. I want to add one more thing to what I recommend.

Okay, I would recommend that if you want to be able to use role models. Good examples. Human beings learn best when they are shown something rather than reading about it or watching a video back to life. I would like to see a program to hire but should pick a number 250,000 veterans would be in schools, whether they're disabled or whether the whatever would be in schools to be mentors to be counselors to be the kinds of people. This is moral. They were talking about number the recommenders of the heroes Festival down in Daytona when I get down there on Saturday I would like to secure 50,000 veterans in the schools is mentors, counselors, coaches and the kinds of people who are working of to see something is not right and do something about it. They don't all have to be armed. Someone probably should be. I would like to see more of that kind of point defense capability in the school already is pretty clear we have to we have to be able to harden every target. This motion because school is ever national program that you kind of mentioned that there is money their pandemic are not the American people can get behind Republicans and Democrats. It sat in many people point to the fact he can't do you remember sky Jack and then there was Scott James have like a leavening year for a long time. We decided were going to not allow that to happen, and it thankfully it doesn't happen now that the deal sadly would still have some blown out of the sky.

We also happened on 9/11.

That's the same thing that's got happen this a national sentiment to support that and would love to see a hardening of that and why not if there's not enough retired cops. I think were military coming out of the military, especially now, as we wind down to wars which are done we met up to go back and someday I want you to put make them the first tire to go into the school's biggest small and be be capable of.

You go to the training for this specific operation to be able to overcome in every school. Why not let every killer know if you try for school. That's dead that the death sentence rental. We put up a sign outside the school's big yellow gun free zone that crazies like the three committees massacres over the course of the list was 12 days unbelievable so so what makes you think are you you write this book. Tragic consequences. The price Americans paying for rejecting God now to reclaim our culture for Christ in you, you can check out a faithful what you mean America is rejecting God was posted whispers of separation between church and state right supposed to begin making 62 cases Engel versus Vitale upstate New York lawsuit. Engel was the was the person you want to get word of prayer in school, and so they did 1962 I was in the last high school class in America we could actually graduate saying a prayer Almighty God, we thank you for your support for us.

We bigger blessings on us are parents or teachers in the school. That's it's almost exactly with the prayer was that 60 to 1973 Roe versus Wade Roe versus Wade is more than a cultural degradation is a part of driving God out of the lives of American people what you got is not just infanticide.

It wants an assault on the sanctity of human life. Polarizer politics and results in threats against conservative justices. All of that as a consequence is striving to the conflict tragic consequence of a nation is no longer regards got to be part of the day-to-day lives every time I hear someone like that congressman who will go off to Ted Cruz and several other people using profane limbs. By the way, former Marine, which is really great season Arizona congressman and only one whose name anyway talk to people using profane and vulgar language and talks about Effingham prayers okay I will tell you some.

That's the kind of thing that's got to stop in this country that kind of thing that is driven people over the brink. Today we've got people pretend to be God because the multibillionaire's in God is not happy what this book offers is a solution in every chapter. That is what you can do about it. I'd like to take the congressman aside and just ask what did you expect to happen in America when you drove God out of our schools are public gatherings.

The media world what you expect the outcome was going to be because were seeing it's it's much more than simply the issue of a Supreme Court decision is the people of America. We've got to get back to an old map some asked me what it what is right. This book, I'm an old man I get 18 grandkids I'm I'm selfish about their future. I'm for the first time in my life concerned this nation may not survive. Visitors and I wanted to leave behind something that they could look at the six that was my granddad. He taught me you didn't just talk about it. He showed me how to fight the good fight.

Finish the race and keep the faith, your great example for everybody 365 days your little people. He related to close out the somebody's at the NRA, one South when you went in there and try to fix it.

They didn't like that they got. They decided to get have to get rid of all the north and they've gone down south ever since. Should they be having a conference in Houston today the membership out the membership is to be supported. Those used to be wonderful extravaganzas. I understand it's much smaller than it used to be. I think something's got to change the country needs an NRA puts let's keep it that way. It needs something to support the Second Amendment to the kinds of training and safety programs. The dinner he was doing for years. Generally, also needs to be able to go about their lives, money to things like school field and the timing of the what would be if it was, remember you can't book a venue in America's two weeks out months out thing was booked in Houston way before I know that look at this people down Texas when others think the reason all this happens the underwriters here.

That's, that's congressman but that is you and I both know it's more than a political issue.

Col. Oliver North we get to Craig. We got to more importance about the future of America its own your book tragic consequences. The price Americans paying for rejecting God and how to reclaim our culture for Christ Col. Eleanor. Thanks so much Fight back at you and I will hopefully see you soon. We come back and start your time to talk. I'll go over the timeline a little bit more what we know we can get more details within our show you listening to the Branko Mitchell doubled entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian until made precise personal power is America's C memo, your fox weather update throughout your busy day subscriber list. Some elements are just start, for wherever you did your project Fox News network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week to Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News for talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show confronted walk all school was not reported by that was the most stunning news I got out of everything and it's not so much the fact is effectively told some totally different that they were.

He was confronted with the shooter.

The 18-year-old by an armed guard who was able to confront him get a shot off and able to to drop a bag full of ammo, or could've been so much worse. That turns out to be total fiction who's responsible for that story could to tell that story for at least a day or two is not. I'm used to the fog of war. One person was in two parts was in 1% going to. I'm used to that. But not a whole fictional confrontation at his side as somebody's. I don't know. I guess some cop show they watch the night before. Bottom line is 19 kids dead 2 to 2 teachers 15, 17, were actually put in the hospital. Most are expected to survive. The grandmother was shot in the face also affected to survive. She has a lot of answers. She can talk, but you can write. Hopefully she'll start helping us out to find out how this kid got so twisted and I was able to stay under the radar. Frank will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscriber list Fox News five just Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News by or wherever you get your favorite projects are radio show like no other. Brian kill me as soon as they heard gunshot and nearly jumped in the car, got the wrong elementary and that's what I remember when they couldn't get into the school got to a point where parents and huddled together in one game planning to going to have school. We've also learned that mother was at your place in handcuffs and federal marshals also know that a father was taking his time to grab his kid once again was on the bus, multiple parents told me that they were frustrated by law enforcement in action and don't understand why it took so long to get to the shooter about an hour. Jorge Venturi of the daily call reporting that these were we found out yesterday that there was no confrontation with the with the killer he got in through an open door, and he was able to hang hang out in our classroom for an hour then we did get some amendments to that for some reason this wasn't made clear yesterday afternoon. The two officers one and both were shot one in the ear, one in the arm and still hung in there for a while. Outside that door.

Jacquard knows all about that. The dangers going into a room like that through hostile actors.

He's a former Navy seal's latest book is in the blood. A thriller it's his fifth and said thriller in the terminal list series and I Jacquard joined us out.

Welcome Jack, probably on the up yet so subject the border patrol the blood of the border tactile board tech was the one to took the shooter down there waiting for them to arrive because evidently these cops weren't trained to handle a situation like this to borrow the US Marshall shield and they would input into a stack with a stack of four may be more do you need to have an expertise like the type you have and they have in order to be successful, or is there another thing that an officer could do really help… My extrema situation me running to the sound of the gun and I think that mostly doctors have that special operators have that in the military, especially with the hot duration which calls for going in and saving that hostage.

That's what you have your courtship a barricaded shooter but what we have so much data to go back and look at and understand a history probably can repeat itself so it just a matter of time for this happens again, whether it's a shooter like this towards terrorist to go back to the Beslan school siege in September 2004. That was three days for catching terrorists took over the school went up 300 over 300 people were killed in that and that is something that could very well happen here and why, because our schools are soft targets airports were soft targets fixed that after September 11, we neglect to look at the pages of history. Not very recent history 2004 wasn't that long ago and we refused for some reason to harden our schools Israel has done it been very successful in doing that, but we for some reason refused to protect the softest target among us, and it's unforgivable right. 19% of elementary schools have an armed guard. They say 67% of high schools have them, what would it take for you to feel good about the school that somebody in your family was going to how many guards with EB armed with teachers beyond side of the school. Obviously, how many students are large landmass you're talking about their so with those factors in mind, definitely armed guards with AARs with that AR -type weapon system because you will go to a place that is not as hard as that one.

If you're looking for a place to the committee's crimes are committed acts of terrorism.

So what is your Sunday out after they have. And guess what, their teachers, for the most part also carry concealed for some reason our teachers or school district or whatever might be. They don't take that step is a will believe that they live in a world without is necessary and what most of human history. It is been necessary to have the skills to defend yourself and your family defend your tribe with a very small portion of human history have we been able to outsource these types of things and think that we can call 911, but by its very nature, that means that the police are showing up afterward after the crime is already been committed, so you do it, it's up to be." Victim and not be a victim to be prepared and to protect themselves and protect those in their care car with me now Navy seal New York Times bestseller brand-new book out called in the blood of thriller other continuing with the series.

Just go over the timeline. 1128.

The killer arrives. The crank crashes his truck. We don't know why. Then he gets up and indiscreetly fires it to people at the funeral home and by the way, his grandmother called 911 after being shot in the face by this mutant so then a 911 call comes in from the funeral home people. We assume Ramos lingers outside the school for 12 minutes firing shots before he gets into the school unobstructed Jack. The door was open. 1143 he goes into Rob elementary school and and he starts going looking around for people to attack. He walks 30 feet down the tunnel.

He walks another 20 feet into a classroom where he kills all 19 kids and two teachers.

The PSO police arrive 1144 they don't go in to the building. We understand to 11 for until 105-1154. The parents get so enraged they stop begging police to let them go into the building to give him their armor, would you glean from the situation so heartbreaking on so many levels situated at a couple years ago Nairobi had adopted he will not update you on the SAS project that happens to be a Nairobi suicide bomber walked in the courtyard of the hotel that Nate followed up by multiple Terrace vacated enter the hotel and start executing people 4 x 4 American podcast Mary Chapin was in one of those rooms hiding for 17 hours and she credits Chris and Greg at the hearing that suicide bomber the law for hearing the gunfire and for running the sound of the gun and at least single person enters that hotel starts taking out those terrorist he ran to the sound of the consonant in extremis situation and she credits in the city life and others so that situation like this requires. It requires that you run to the sound of the guns and you have to do that. But regardless of what people think about. Second 11 issues and all the rest of that will people debate that in this country. In the meantime, we can hardly these targets we can make them harder to do it with our airport banks.

We do jewelry stores. Politicians are surrounded by 24 seven full-time security we can do that you are schools we can make them hard targets for whatever reason, we neglect to do that and then we can also give police officers a little bit more training then they should be thinking about this for the first time they think about having to enter a an area where someone has barricaded and has hostages, especially children shouldn't be on the day that is happening as you think about that ahead of time that you training for that ahead of time and know that their job requires them to love the sound of the gun and take action so it's it's heartbreaking all around. But in the meantime is rebate certain issues harden our schools and make them harder targets right will debate usage on corners and Lucy's getting together with Republicans or Democrats and try to work something out cut 21. I think there's a sense of urgency that we didn't feel the fourth floor to try to work through this and see if we can find a common ground that so but I think our goal should be. So would you think will be acceptable for gun users, yellow, brown sugar, harden our schools will be 18, number one like that is we shot every 21 to buy NAR for 15 no no you can pick out certain things here and there always have more laws on the books we have so made of laws on the books already, but hardly our schools sure make a break in your house, time and time again is coming and what they have a large family coming in and killing one of them along you are in your house you get armed security and so you could update you put up likely put up cameras you train your family what to do when it happens, you can start carrying concealed to make them go somewhere else. I look at you, not of a soft target with our target assignment. They are the drug-free zone is the gun free zone don't do much of anything. All it does is make sure that the law-abiding aren't there to save the day when they need to be conducted as a magnet for people that want to commit the crime so understood, heartbreaking and unpredictable. Let me list of your book in the blood to throw its it's the stiff one in your series and it said James Reese is in the center of the action set the scene. That's right novel of violent revolutions and unfinished business in the last few novel get taken care of in this one. The first one is being turned into Amazon prime video.

The summer dropped on July 1 for the July weekend starting Chris crack directed by Antoine Fuqua and it is amazing. I could not be more thrilled with how that turned out. But the focus of the New York Times with the number one debuting there yesterday so that was fantastic and its people's favorite. Thus far, that make me feel pretty good but this one right here is very personal.

This was very emotional and the theme of the sniper on sniper type of engagement without that trope of two snipers on separate hillsides or buildings are looking for each other at the same time as the last second. I did the right sniper centric novel that didn't have that been done.

And as much as I love it had to figure out a way around that one. So the veneer that forgiveness, which is a little strange because that would appeared as I was writing to Lori for anybody listening out there not going to be "love anytime soon. There is a point of explosions and vengeance throughout so more thrilled with this thing debuted at number one. And that's all do people take a list on the treatment and telegraph so thank you everybody and no injected you lifted a lot of the stuff you first hand experience in the context you have to bring some onset authenticity to the stories as he goes along way is called in the blood of thriller on the fifth and the terminal is series Jack or congratulations. Thanks for your insights. You also follow him add Jack Harwood to ours USA thanks Jack… You got it. 1-866-408-7669 we come back will open up the phone to get your take on the timeline. As we know it were about to get more information and will share with you and then what you on board with that. Whether you are a grandparent, parent, kid. How do we harden the target and make school safer today. Brian Kelly Joe, your knowledge base. Brian fill me show more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. I will call it what is happened at least think is happened so far the fact that for 12 minutes the shooter was outside shooting and went to the school and four minutes later, police respond, but they were ill prepared for the attack. They didn't have body armor. It doesn't appear like they had rifles and the ability to get into the classroom and stop the killing. So they sat outside for what appears to be 40 minutes waiting for a tactical response team to come in and address the threat so that is Ryan Petty whose whose child was killed in Florida when those rampages at Stoneham high school and we thought that with the cops waiting on the outside was a disaster. It was disastrous. The survival of Allied. A lot of those students because the shooter was able to go back and forth and just finish off some people. The wounded were dead, yet are joining us now are actually the milk of the phone's bill is losing a Pennsylvania WTR W to talk about this a bill which you a great holiday weekend coming up with you and your family. Thanks so much as one nation for Memorial day. We have Gary Sinise does more for troops, then perhaps anybody I know. Except for, of course, maybe Dan Rooney, who started fold for honor of folds of honor and then you have time to Towers Frank Schiller. There are three of our guests will go ahead bill which anyone might like, and remember, and I am a proud gun owner I think going forward. Even at this convention would be great if you generate the amounts that going forward Trailblazers. That argument take on security in school to come up with innovative ways to prevent the shooting, like take on a dual role not only to be a gun advocate, but also be the one spec Trailblazers new ideas that prevent somebody shooting from happening. I got be great for image it would prevent them from becoming a villain all the time. Everything happened. Think tank and got together with some the best security forces and with Oliver North used to run the NRA. They have a program that would hundred million dollars into it and that it's out there in this from the research so I'm not sure it's exactly what we need, but it would be a start. They should play a role but instead they want to vilify if Pres. Biden comes down to sourcing Republicans do this in a responsible and real is all rhetoric of the deal doesn't is not in the wood deer is not in the woods with Kevlar vest and owning AR 15 that just alienates people so let's maybe this can get some done two things mental illness to I want this red flag law to be put into play that if you're a wild man at 16 and you turn 18 and there's nothing in your background check because any problems you had at 16 do not transfer to adulthood I think is gotta be amendment for people that they pledge violence when you're a teenager that there should be a background when you get a background check.

There's gotta be a red flag that says yeah take blog better look at the sky.

This guy could be a problem.

Like the shooter in Buffalo. Wonder if there's a way to implement that Jamie WVMT in Vermont. Jamie Ryan no, but if money is an issue over $40 billion worth of military equipment to Ukraine and I just feel like Bill hundred percent of the American civilians and citizens here would gladly send $1 billion to help train officers are trained veterans to protect our schools yet is money here for that and knew no question in the be able to get it and I don't get to deny Ukrainians who, doing the fighting really for the entire West of anything that they need. You could do it inone of the crap that we spend on how much winning money we been wasted. This a national movement to harden our schools and make them safe, pro-gun, anti-gun doesn't matter will of the same objective.

So the red flag get behind and number two hardening the targets and I love your idea of using a retired military because you just train them both more domestic use in elementary school instead of taking down an Iraqi mud hut.

I'm all for and I bet you they can make the adjustment, Donnie W LAD Connecticut Donnie Brian was An umbrella which anyone about something about Stewart's backup, so my my idea micromanagers all these companies you are micromanaging all of the schools had groups for you have monitoring system okay and something is wrong or whatever it doors ajar doors unlocked, or you want to monitor hall where you want to monitor classroom you can expect. Maybe two people apply to people for an eight hour day for school or whatever and you can see what the heck is going on and you can relate that outside whoever Never Know the System That I Found out You Salty. They Agreed They Actually Did Drills on This and There's a Master Key That Supposed to Be in a Certain Place That the Cops Know about the Go Grab the Keys to Ron K Not Talk about Talking about Monitor.People inside the School Employed by the School Whose Coming through the Door.

Walking down the Hallways and If There Is a Door Ajar Shows up. You Know the Technologies You Can Use It to Such an Extreme and Then You Have Your Backup Vets or Whoever You Want and Then You Can Tell Them What's Going on Now I Need to Receive Video System like That Would Be Great That Something Should Be Talked about. I Think Everybody Working Extra Day Where Weeks to Provide the Funds Is Unnecessary As We Make so Much Tax Always Consuming Tax Dollars Provide the Funds Are Never Single School and Make School Shootings As Old Had a Sky Jacking We Could Do It Compliments about Everybody's Onboard. My Hope Is Democrats Don't See You Deal Getting Done with Republicans and Then Walk Away from It Because They Want Is an Election Issue. This Is Right to Michelle, Thanks Much for Being Here Don't Get to Listen to and Watch One Nation O'clock on Saturday. Fox News Live from the Fox News Radio City Is New York City Fresh Office Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice. Brian Would Kill Me Thank You Much for Being There Everybody It's a Brian Kilby Joe, We Know You Getting Several Memorial Day Weekend We Have Finally Not Take Anything for Granted Any of These Holidays with the outside the Family Not Having to Cancel. I Understand in the New York Area. The Blue Angels Going to Do with the Always Doing over Jones Beach That Will Be Fantastic to Find a Speech in the Country and Then in New York to If You Look around Will Whereat Gas Is Probably Be around Five Dollars a Gallon on Average $4.59 Last Year Three Box Believe This but 82% of Americans Are Planning to Travel This Memorial Day 51% Are Carpooling on Much of That's an Open Carpool, but First Things First, Will Discuss at the Present Night State on Sunday Will Be New Valley with a Horrific Shooting to Place Killing Those Preschoolers, 19 of Which to 21 and All 19 Kids between Eight and 10 Years Old. Just a Quick Note to Hear Talk about the Fear among Law Enforcement Is Why Suffolk and Nassau County Mullally Villa Responded with Force Suffolk County Police Have Arrested. That's New York Here.

If You Look around Probably Is the 20th Biggest Market in the Country.

Suffolk County Police Arrested a 16-year-old Bellport High School Student after Allegedly Making Online Threats of a Massive Shooting at His School. The Teenager Was Identified As Identities Being Helping Obviously Is under 18. He Said Multiple People Call 911 about the May 26 Threat. So the Detective They Picked This Guy up. It Happened the Day after We Found out about the about the Shooting That They Took the Lives of These Innocent Kids. So before We Get to Our First Guest Who's Going Talk about How to Talk to Kids about This Horrific Crime Letter and Lee Greenwood at the Bottom of the Hour. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Sponsor File I Fax Save a Life and a Choking Emergency Visit Life to Learn More and Use Code BK Tend to Save 10% Number Three We Now Have Is a Very Clear Pattern in Both the and the Alpha Bank Scandal. Both of Them Originated with the Clinton Campaign Went over to the FBI Apparently Corn His Agent James Call Me and the Rest the FBI Were Chomping at the Bit Yeah It's Unbelievable Right Which Is the Revelations from the Dorm Drywall Wraps up the Vendor. Mike Sussman Decides Not to Take the Stand. What We Know about the Trial What We Learned Because the Trial Interim Chances of Getting Conviction Will Talk about We're Going to Extend a Hand, a Partnership to Those Who Live Sitting on the Sidelines Chosen to Side with the Gun Lobby.

I Think There's a Sense of Urgency That We Didn't Fail before You Try to Work through This and See If We Can Find a Common Ground.

Yeah, That Is a Little Different Then to Chris Murphy Wants He Wants to See the NRA's Holding the Republicans Hostage Not the Case. Is This a Timely Looking Guns in School Safety, Bipartisan Talks Underway through Memorial Day Will Keep You Up-To-Date. I Want to Find out What You Think Should Be in or Out Of This Multiple Witnesses As Soon As They Heard Gunshots. They Will Merely Jump in the Car. Got to Run Elementary and That's Where They Were Met with Law Enforcement. They Couldn't Get into the School, Multiple Parents Told Me That They Were Frustrated by Law Enforcement in Action and Don't Understand Why It Took so Long to Get the Shooter, or a Ventura Daily: Reporter's Lot of Questions Funerals Begin Today for 19 Great Schools into Teachers, Which Is beyond Said What I Know about the Timeline Is Taking down the Taking down the Killer Has Me beyond Mad to Talk about This Elaborate on All This Stuff and Why We Told Such Inaccurate Things for the Last Two Days. Let's Bring in Dr. Michelle Borge, Dr. Michelle Barba Is of the Perfect Person Have Right Now She's an Educational Psychologist, Best-Selling Author of Several Books… Drivers the Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle Another Shine.

Dr. Barbara, One Thing Is Pretty Because Pretty Clear the Matter What Your Grades Are If You're a Kid Watching This or Experience the Shooting. This Carnage You Get to Be Forever Affected.

Can You Give Us an Idea in What Way Multiple Way, #1. We got children who we do know one in three already having mental health problems during the pandemic.

That means that stress and anxiety is already going out but the second thing that we're worried about what an incredible psychologist discovered long time ago called mean world syndrome that if you continue to see the world in your view, mean Gary plate and you only think that your entire image of the world. The rest of your life becomes more pessimistic and that's going to really erode your confidence, your happiness in your view of the light that… Our children deserve a heck of a lot better. Don't I would think so. So we find out this disc.

This 18-year-old wanted targeting elementary school like Sandy Hook. Like the Sandy Hook shooter did Adam Lanza and we don't know much about this kid yet. He walks into the school locked himself in the classroom.

He kills everybody in it. We know some of the horrific stories from these kids. More will emerge once said, my friend got killed and I want to give the gunman a sense that I was shot at least so I took some of my friends blood and wiped it on myself and ended up walking past me, mean, think about what that kid's life is to be she is she is. I think nine years old. Obviously the erode director in each of the world forever. Children clearly need major major help right now in terms of counseling but also look at that child.

What a brilliant kit to be able to come up with a plan at that moment and still be able to think when you're an absolute care about this story yeah yeah like that. She took her teacher whose was shot dead took to teach her cell phone and then called 911 yeah yeah we do know that the skeleton were coping and resilient what we now need to deal with rapport on the ground. All of our kid able to keep them calm and faith because the children are Derek balloting) that moment, but were also realizing in today's digital world. Almost every one of our kids also have access to those images and they are repeat again agent that one thing I constant appearing to be very careful about a young child because we knew after 9/11 that when images Forming at the of the planes going into the towers. Many young children thought those were continued kind of attacks. So the first thing is we had a conquer our kid's sake, and we got a listen to what they know or care what they know and make sure that we are giving them the information because a lot of the information that they're hearing it. Believe it or not actually work that what you're seeing if that's even possible that that's what's happening with children for the mind can't process the information. True, you have a model it's an acronym to talk in each way each letter of talk mean something number one with the T talk about the tragic event, so if you're the parent of a kid or since it's so relatable since you give these kids and say that could be my classmate, my friend, and a hero finds out. The kids were targeted, they can't get their head around the fact and the don't want to kill a kid and they're hearing the stories you get a kid to talk. There wasn't even directly involved in this. Children are far more likely to open up clear, heartfelt conversation down next to a child with buoyantly no young ones in particular. If you do something like play like your shooting baskets are something like that.

They're more likely to open up. Second of all, you may start the conversation with what your friends say what have you heard at the public to start, how you feeling about that get the more indirect Derek and what you're trying to do just help your child open up to you so you can hear where he is and how can process this information yet.

So the next one is assessed which is the a SS how the child is coping your kid right you do thinking about that fine if every child we are shocked that every child handle see things differently and many parents are telling you I didn't expect him to be so verbal.

I didn't expect her feet always operable to retreat tuning into your child affecting how they're coping not now but with finding that some kid it takes a couple of days for them to all of a sudden be strapped and you may not realize that that the reason that they are becoming angry or frustrated or draft or irritable or reticent or pulling back. You don't know how your child cope you get to keep tuning in and you'll be able to help your child be able to slowly be able to process this information. Handle it in a way that there don't feel quite extract are you rocking your child prints include fleet targeting a change in eating behavior.

All of a sudden she's more clingy. She gets want to go out or leave. I don't want to go to mom filter kind of things that could be red flagged changes that are different from your child's normal are also changes that you should be tuning into the good news is selling places like Florida, they're done with school and work to be done a couple weeks. I mean that school in Texas was about to close. He just had their graduation. I maybe that's why the door was open so much speculated but in New York a few more weeks of the kid in you Sen. Mike Terigo, Yana Cohen, I'm not safe and that brings it to the next one. Listen listen to the concerns I have here. They hear them out on her silence very often what happened with younger team.

They're trying to profit extremely difficult information we haven't baked but can't get it going on your monolith, talk then stop and push upon and listen and talk and stop click pot and listen also not a one time marathon conversation you want to short little conversation for younger kids.

You make age-appropriate or maturity appropriate.

Yet you say, I'm always here for you keep talking about when you hear something, let's figure that out monitor that new please monitor it carefully. Turn it off when you know that middle school kid. Fascinating thought they were okay. They say that one thing after 9/11, it went. They couldn't stand the latebreaking news that with all of a sudden coming out here to do thing that we just heard without an adult getting there calmly helping them product that they may not asking you you need to be empathetic and tune into what my child probably dealing or probably needs right now your calm present the key Dr. Michelle Borg as our guest. Educational psychologist are bad. Talk to kids about this.

In adults, and lastly of Kindle hope so. Despite the horror life will go on. Let them know life will go on out we learned that you can deal altruistic offering sound so lofty that it actually does help if a child can do something print apartment What you saw them do what get out there and mobilize. They were part of the school shooting that you saw many kid speaking, it didn't stop the pain, but it helped a little bit important hatred that may be what you told help your child cope you pray at night together you and Teddy bear up and send them off to the child with your child. Do you plan to treat what ritual going to help your child become what we do know. Also, if your child can help you figure out a way to cope. Now, your child will be able to use the same strategies Brian the rest of their life and health with grace. So we watch this Buffalo shooter platinum plan and he already was interviewed by the state officials and they said you know we when it when they found that he was trying to threat to blow up the school and kill himself. He got evidently up to 2 1/2 hours of analysis they thought it 17 years old he was okay the wrong added 18 publishes a mini manifesto hundred 80 pages and he goes up in pots and plans to shoot as many black people as possible up in Buffalo to 18-year-olds attack in the last three weeks.

How do we stop this action would've the red flags, not just for gun use but to know that that kid is not only different from the other kids is only quieter, but he might be a killer.

What we do now. Unfortunately, since Columbine behind that report on 38 shooter than they found that there is not one profile but we do know something about them low gradual process where a child learn the stages of what criminologist called violent invasion.

The step one is that you don't have strong accurate integrity or empathy, and it starts to wane.

Many kid. Believe it or not, were in fact reported that were bullied along the way. Nobody stood in didn't have not been getting them any credit for anything in my care, but that bullying can make it different and we need to stop at a very early age we start here can't planning or saying things I'm going to kill someone.

Like everyone of you.

Can't you not even the plants one do report and made you tell now they are reporting and telling on Facebook on text and we need to be able to get Facebook all of our online store to look at the red light and you'll not wait because that is one of the protocol of the public at the Keller. They want notoriety and at that point they are meticulous in their planning is never an overnight contact. They plan interesting thing is is okay €17 little and you know his classmates to his little different. Some legitimacy in man, that guy's got a screw loose. That's pedestrian term that's on you would use this guys a little dangerous. He makes me wordy. You makes me eerie to be around him and then he turns 18 and whatever problems and analysis. He went through because other people are concerned it is expunged and then when he walks out as I say he exempts all guys when he walks down to the gun store. They look at those background check and you know what.

Okay, so you first gun, we think, and they settled the gun and then he ends up in the Buffalo shooter. You and I are on the exact same page. At one point but we got it to start connecting the dots school will be able to see some of the counselor will be able to feed some of these red black can they report to the police think they do. The problem is that we do now in our past shooter at the police report to the school we got a start connecting the dots at an earlier age to cut what we are doing it intervening not preventing we have got a heck of a lot more proactive. We do know that that all of this can be prevented anything for Peter that and it's a slow slippage were a child start losing that humanity no longer is part and parcel that apathy and complacency and no longer human being is for two years they've been sent. In some cases is a secure family. They been alone and their EMR to shut them because of the pandemic. Dr. but we go on for an hour so that cover everything but I think you help people a lot, Dr. Michelle Borg. Thank you. You are welcome think you got it we come back your turn.

1-866-408-7669. We still got talked about the. The dorm report and Lee Greenwood of the bodily air. This is Brian kill me show you if you're interested in Brian's talking about Brian kill me far because we don't bother receiving. We have all the calling for additional resources and the problem is they waited outside an hour and that's what Moses is like a lifetime may be quick to the families. It was way too long into me on first blush was my kid in there and I even think about. You gotta be able to go in and the more police officers. I talked to enough the nebulae training you can't wait that awaited our fullbore tech to get there.

The elite border patrol guys. They ended up going in there with the lease for a stack of four behind the shield and they end up taking this guy out who was shooting away so Rob elementary school.the Facebook post was out there at 1143 two schools under attack and local police arrived on the scene. 1144 and wasn't taken out until 106 parents were begging police going 1154 and you see that on video. In fact, based on stun gun. Some of the parents refused to listen to radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show. I may be behind the Star-Spangled Banner's most patriotic song ever written when greatly Greenwood to see your country music singer you know and he just was able to sing that song, proud American on our show.

Just a short time ago. And here is we welcome thank you very much Brian incidentally is a rare treat. Thank you.

This is cool I don't think of it been in the studio before the on Fox nation several times but not in the studio with you right now though monitoring and privilege they just kinda built a deep did this thing to have the whole radio they have a channel 115 on serious which is 24 hour news national news, like the Tintin wins locally so they bill this whole thing for the talk studios to so it's relatively new is the pandemic Hell I've ever left the pandemic on my gosh it over to be traveling out of the country here shortly and is still skunked. Some countries were going. The require masks and I'm this like you can't forget after a while when the mask is gonna like lots it's over but it ain't overcoming. Still other countries you personally and professionally.

I hated it. First of all, and in particularly, we flew to Africa for our family vacation. Last year we had to wear the mask from the time we left Nashville through New York through Paris and and France was more picky about the documents we had a thought for culverts, then Kenya Kenya and there was no mass was fine there, but there was 24 hours of constant mask through the airplanes and in the urban airports. It was awful. In 2020. Of course we had about six or seven shows most of them outdoors, and most in the West Coast so that was kind of hard keeping our talents up you know during that year began to get better and 21 and the course were back full strength. Now right so yeah right you know, for the most part I went to three events was packed really for the first time that I realize of the trains are back I'm able to get a seat on a train even if I go a minute before I'm around railroad subways are close and maybe that's crime me that that's a crime thing yet. If you notice New York little different now were no just come in and out so quick I coming out, but it seems normal to me except for the fact that during the riots when they closed all those expensive stores.

My wife is really pushed off all of all of those busy stars of the glass knocked out they didn't reopen a lot on down Fifth Avenue, Alex, well that's too bad, honey couple things where you just tell about your childhood. Yeah, anything but easy right. Well, you're not limited to say that it was. It was perfect might might my father joined the Navy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I was born in 42 so he was deployed by the time I was born my mother divorced him because she didn't understand his commitment to the country into the service, not our families went through that. That left my mother with two kids. My older sister and I and my sister still alive.

Listen Boise Idaho is three years older than me and my mother was a piano player at night. She was a comp tumbler operator for standard oil during the daytime to clerk for Southern Pacific so holding down three jobs I really knew her, I didn't know my father till I was in my teens. But I was raised by my grandparents we were sharecroppers lived on a farm in Sakamoto California I worked on the farm as a kid growing up I had a great childhood. Great role models for my grandparents and I didn't really want for anything.

So if you say that I did you have a true typical nuclear family, but you had a great grandparents and that's all it takes is love right when did you really should musical town fiber, six, seven. How well I sing in church and and I think that's it.

When you first realize you can you can carry a melody and then you learn songs off the radio just quickly start sing along with them only had the old radio with the two knobs on it. I like it. Here's some music occasionally my grandmother loved the music of that Canaries heart Canary had a 78 vinyl record and she would listen to that signature and I would try to memorize the first song that I ever memorized was from a 78 record was Stan Kenton, the father of American jazz was called artistry and rhythm and we had a spend piano in the trailer that we lived in the corner and I was allowed to play that panel every night after I finished my chores and my schoolwork and I memorized artistry and rhythm. I still remember the melody… I need to get all four parts in my head I was eight, nine, while 10 then they think they realized we had a like support this and you end up going to. You want to Be said to write well. It was really support, but my grandmother took charge of my career in such a way, and it was fights between my mother, my grandmother about how much leeway they would give me they really had a strong leash on me but at the age of 13, 14, I was only playing in nightclubs and to my grammar and would have the bandleader to come and sit in the living room and we had this Spanish I was saved by me just call what is Mexican bass player and had hardluck tattooed on his knuckles a big pile.

She said if he doesn't come home by 2 AM in the morning he'll never go with you again and I was very good on the saxophone and was in those years they had all is rhythm and blues quartets and everyone had a tenor saxophone and I was already pretty good at it and so I would finish get home, have breakfast downtown or Sacramento get home in bed by 230 be up at 630 go run the baseball track at that school genetically jobs in the first thing that hit me when it before I met you as an athlete in great shape while thinking and and edit 79 I still feel pretty darn good. It had a few few surgeries on my knees and back. But that's just structural damage from sports and I I left.

I wouldn't give a minute of it. I'd like.

Let my baseball out of basketball and I played racquetball for tenure 12 years. Vitamins interrupt you because my dad was in a quartet to I guess you would've been about the same age. He put a band together pays way right through college. He had opportunity to go to Julliard by my his parents said no and makes a living in music. So do not support it ends up being a chemist at Iona proclaims his music to support them through what is big regrets was not followed through with that and after he put down the clarinet and saxophone. He knew how good he could be. He hated pick it up again. Well, yeah, I got a 23-year-old just graduated TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. He'll play piano scary to death.

He looks a lot like Van Clyburn as a matter fact there's a van Clyburn room. Anna enter contest interests in at TCU in Fort Worth and he's elected not to do that because he wants to be just a writer seems a Chancellor scholar could get a perfect score SAT score and site score in high school and a change from music that from theater to musical composition so you can write music for video games and motion pictures and is very well-qualified so I think his masters might be in Scotland or somewhere, but he's gotta be musician. I like sons can be tough. You know, but you can't deny the talent if I figured he didn't have the talent I would've declared him and his brother is actually pretty talented singer who is now getting a PhD in cancer research at Vanderbilt. Dalton is 27 and just got married but he's his future secured, but I just said the Parker unit. It may be tough. He sits her right and ready for the ready for the long haul. Do you so when you started in the music keeping most people don't make it music right when you're right it's grabbed the brass ring really lucky I had to three shots at it. Brian, you probably don't know this, I was working at her at a hotel called the Desert Inn in Vegas and I was working for a female star named the Betty Castro when we traded every every 40 minutes to get a different act on the other act was called Sandy Scott in the Scotties and and they put on their show to female axle when I finished the Betty Castro's act. I joined the other band we went to Puerto Rico, then New York to do the Ed Sullivan show, so it puts the timeframe right for you to know that with his and so the drummer deemed an elite leaved and live in Hoboken so I stayed with them at that time New York had the joy dealer and star lighters had had it a new song called peppermint twist.

I will come to New York. We see them to dinner winter.

I'm getting pneumonia, and if the guys I just can't stay New York I got back to Vegas and go back to work. I did that three months later they put the band back together and they became the young Rascals so I miss that gold last I missed that brass ring. It's interesting that Felix Cavalier wrote all the songs now lives in Nashville and he just did my 40 years of hits special which vaccination carries. By the way link to your CBC on vaccination yet proud of the American and and so Felix was a national search full-circle. But you're right, I'd say thousand one may be more 10,001 if you get the brass ring right aboard would you say your work ethic has a lot to do with it and did you have a plan B. No. Is that the key no no no that because I read of the net like your dad Ameena.

I think there was opportunities my stepfather was say it was a contractor Louis Denton only I loved him and I could went into building I got. I like I like that I could win at the farmer work the gas tank. That's artwork you may have to get up at three in the morning, but the peripheral farmer Europe the street and you're out in the field as an open eye makeup in a suit.

Yeah, exactly. It's a little harder and I said not want to be farmer and so it music came so easy though all my gosh but I was scouted by the Dodgers and I thought well maybe baseball but I was hundred and 40 pound dripping wet.

579. While there are some there were some guys your your your dimensions. David lopes was much bigger than that right session Basil Cheramie there. There's always that Ami Walter Payton in on me that there's always an exception but I don't want to be an exception. I've done but you are exceptional. When we come back, Lee Greenwood, tells the story of God bless the USA and what where that song is taking you in your life and the presidents and officials you had a chance to meet Bill move.

By the way, perfect guests today lead not a coincidence with Memorial day a few days away.

One of the many people in our country does not have to be told, the meaning of this holiday don't move something new every day, for I am filming a show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show were backward, Greenwood.

Our guest room was kind of Fox and friends how to kick off today thoughtfully.

God bless the USA and a proud American is what Lee Greenwood is known for. You think about Lee Greenwood's red white and blue but is really country music star. First and foremost when you talk about that song that you played for us today. What is it done for your career.

Many people, it cites an umbrella. It is not. It's not a parachute that's for sure. I'm an artist I'm a singer and a writer and I'll be that until I'm done and God bless USA happen to be one of our songs along the way that I wrote because I wanted to write something about my country, but was on the first album that was on was call you got a good love, and we put $25,000 in that video and filled in the London train station and Patrick Duffy was a guest as a cameo to open up that you can get yeah you can get that video on YouTube if you look for you got a good love, and so when we finished that album. We were actually recording in Nashville as a natural artist.

We didn't want LA actually controlling what we do and I was on the label is Reba McIntyre, George Strait, the Oak Ridge boys and Barbara men drilling we all had the same mindset.

We are a national artist. However, I was competing with George Drakeford not for chart position because his A&R man ran MCA and so I was a little hard getting past his record. So I said let's go out and have get LA behind us so we took that album you got a good love coming to Irving Azoff in Los Angeles and had them listen to it. It was him that made the choice to release God bless USA it would never been, it would never been heard if he would be buried on it out just another song and then when you release what happened when the power radio. Of course you know and and it was it was aimed at July 4, they released a little bit later with number six.

I think on chart and then after July 4. The patriotism wanes and then the song was not popular until it became song of the year in Nashville at the CMA to start getting legs and an end and as much. As for the National Guard and the militaries anything because they immediately adopted me know as their hero and I I did like 15 USO tours Lincoln winter break and take notice yeah think the campaign for I'm a Reaganite. Anyway, I'm from California so I worked in his gubernatorial campaign.

Even you. I was a nobody yeah and and then they never forgot that. But of course when USA come out they call me and they said we want you to play the president's dinner for Ronald Reagan. So I did that and then I did the 84 convention as well for Ronald and then I became Nancy Reagan's champion and and then at weaving a performance, the White House, and then I met 41 who was vice president of the time and then I sang for five presidents at the Reagan library which is Reagan, Bush and Nixon, Carter and Ford all standing behind me while I was saying. I think this is pretty awesome.

And end and then it gets like it that you had to go for an and Gen. Schwarzkopf used it as it is a song of the war, if you will.

And then Katrina. It became a song for unity then of course the attack on American 2001 and as you know Brian I was here three times, once for the firemen's Memorial Yankee Stadium. The police was more like Carnegie Hall and then I came back to the fourth game of the World Series which was kinda cool of the Yankees against the Diamondbacks and the Yankees couldn't pull it out.

The seventh game that finally lost it to the Diamondbacks Arizona but that was a part of rebuilding New York. Since then there just been eat more and more and more need for unity and every time I do this I come to New York and I sang for Fox and we get in on the network. I have so many people coast-to-coast who attacked me this morning on my phone mites blowing up your nose like oh my gosh were so proud of you for forgetting there and singing people worried about pages. The patriotism still there in America. Can you pick and compared to the 1980s when we put the hostage crisis behind us.

We begin to becomes clearer going to win the Cold War. Reagan was such an optimistic guy wonderful speaker. He won by 40+ stay 40 ninths rates for every election. So can you put compare the two generations. Let me put it this way in World War I and World War II, every household had somebody serving the military.

I think we move on to Vietnam. It was may be every block had three or four soldiers as you move on to the war on terror is maybe 100 people in the city so it's less and less people who see the value of the military, and therefore patriotism begins to wane. You have to remember how our freedom is protected. It's the military and not enough people do that.

So if you compare the generations respect for the country and the flag is my if you go to Neil for the flag. I suggest you go to church and Neil. That's where you'll find read you know where your God is an end and I hate it that the NFL is is one of those. It didn't step up immediately and say you know what, I appreciate your because this is not the place you nailed it with the other way. We agree with our guests leave when I thought about you two in the statue start coming down people have a problem with Jefferson at William and Mary.

When he went to college.

People are defiling George Washington's statue. I saw that they took down not exactly founding father, but an iconic figure Daniel Boone. They want his name off elementary schools, Lincoln what would Teddy Roosevelt moved out from the Museum of Natural History tickets took him off his horse. Even though he and his dad built the Museum of Natural History was their idea when you think about when that those things happen O'Brien were two white guys are talking on the phone. I sometimes as I look back on again.

You have to have an African-American in the culture in the room to talk about his culture and in his appearing and his his perception of what's going on. I disagree with anybody wants to remove a monument. I don't think that's the right thing. If you want to erect another monument next to it and say this is my heritage in my flock to it exactly.

Let me just let me just give my opinion. Okay great, I'll take your opinion but don't take down my history records the history of the United States. You can't erase history so I did the prison freedom fighter Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln in the battle to save America so and at that same time there's a protest around Frederick Douglass's statue because the statue that died the Lincoln statue that Douglas dedicated to Lincoln 10 years after his death had a average American breaking free of change. The best answers what you just gave leave that statue. That's what Douglas stood and then put one behind it exactly because even back then those like cattle of the statue, but he understood what would they tried to do with and was the pub slaves paid for it and okay the design yeah that's a way to do it absolutely America is changing its again every time we have. You know it like the shooting in Buffalo and and it becomes racial just, you know, it's such a spec another 40 years absolute, but hopefully we move forward we want to truly happy here and have a big weekend.

We want to promote real quick by Fireworks have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and go by some black Fireworks also. You are adopted that program come to my website Lee and adopt event you find out what it is, rightly, thanks so much. Great to see live radio studios in New York City show set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian McCammon had run the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine with Jack Curry the bottom of the hour studio analyst for yes network to time your time for seller and he's got a brand-new book out called swing and hit what died innings of baseball taught me it's really about Paul O'Neill, Jack Curry baseball aficionado is all right you break going and if you happen to notice Yankees and letting people in. The off-season was seen got to choose underachieving wildcard last two years. I don't because it's an all or nothing team with him with an aging staff that the best record in baseball Jack Curry on that and Shannon bream is going to be with us in a matter of moments I want her to break down. Not only was happening in the world right now, but also was happening with the dorm trial which is really coming to a close. It's a Michael Sussman.

He is guilty as the day is long. Why some say he might get off and also why it might not make that much of a difference. Intriguing right let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three what we now have is a very clear pattern in both the steel dossier on the alpha bank scandal. Both of them originated with the Clinton campaign went over to the FBI apparently corn his agent James call me and the rest the FBI were chomping at the bit yeah. They couldn't wait to said the seventh floor during trial wraps up Sussman decides not to take the stand.

What we now know about the trial what we now know about the investigation and how justice really should be served if Sussman is found guilty because he was caught dead to rights why it might not matter. We're going to extend a hand, a partnership to those who live in sitting on the sidelines chosen to side with the gun lobby, but that there's a sense of urgency that we didn't fail before you try to work through this and see if we can find a common ground. Yeah Chris Murphy are the center from Connecticut you'll be tested because Republicans are come to the table. If you're reasonable on things that will help stop the school shootings is this time to look at guns and school safety in a bipartisan way. They will discuss it all throughout and those whom it in a bipartisan way and will see if they have a deal. If A1c is going to play midterm politics for multiple witnesses. As soon as they heard the gunshot merely jump in a car.

Got to run elementary and that's where they're a member of law enforcement. They couldn't get into the school, multiple parents told me that they were frustrated by law enforcement in action and don't understand why it took so long to get the shooter we still don't Jorge Venturi daily caller reported funerals begin for the 19 grade scores into teachers who it's beyond sad will be laid to rest and you don't get you beyond mad. The fact that the killer was able to last an hour was free and Shannon bream. Fox's legal correspondent anchor a file of Fox News at night and the author of mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith I have from nine biblical family. Shannon welcome Jen and I don't even know. I mean, you show starts at midnight to reporting throughout the day but I was." John Robertson, Sandra Smith, some watching the whole press conference thinking is going to be quick but certainly impactful. I did not expect of interest on to say this is so many things that we thought were true, then it ends up not being true about the shooter.

Listen to this.

Cut to for right now. It appeared a lot for you to look at the front to cooperate. We also thought to shoot was canopy was confronted and was forced to drop a bag of ammunition cut one. It was reported that through different police officer confronted the suspect it would make an effort not accurate.

He walked in uninstructed initially so from grandma's house to the bar. Goal to the school was not afforded by Junior kills his grandmother. She calls 911 with a bullet in her face. 1128. The killer was a truck arrives and crashes into school at 1139 11 call comes in, there's a problem. Ramose lingers around the shooter outside the school for 12 minutes firing shots before he goes into the school unobstructed.

Nobody was there and the door was open and it gets worse from there. Jen which you reaction we see so many of these school investigations would you think about the fact that we were so inaccurate for so long that all the churches pondered everybody out, but the complete human being that one can even bear who likely exchanged gunfire with the fact that you secreted out of thin air calling to me because we witness accounts instead. Without the truck crash I called people trying to help the guy. Shooting at family from going to school. I don't know who invented the school rate. If there any clearly say the fog of war very very confusing and so much to unpack and unfortunately that cannonball talking precious little kid to survive that banks don't know how things get entered into the equation. It never even existed any parents with the Texas apartment 80 on last night and it true that let's talk about what you do now in helping came out that he didn't know where you are now here if you were curious you have video who showed up there on one 150 with Hancock.

The Marshall think not true. Another father was tackled to the ground think that people here call to be questioned if no one else does. Parent. They deserve it right and we got to get trees. I saw the video you see them be installing a stun gun and he also I see somebody being arrested when the parent try to get on the bus to see their kid. And then there was evidently part of the timeline that's been accepted is 1150 for the parents start begging police to get into the building at 106. Facebook shows you vow the police and the shooter in custody, but he was ever in custody was dead. The Dragon another room he killed everybody in that room so thin that then the vortex shows up in there. The special operators with the shield to go in. The question is not talk to people that we both know that the police officers. They say you go in, even if you just have a gun Kevlar vest and there's pictures on their website with tactical equipment solder know where that equipment was at the time those questions have to be answered. But most importantly Shannon, so to so how we handle it the next time we supposed to learn to turn in 1999 from Columbine, but in some ways we don't seem to learn about enforcement expert. There are people in therapy and are now the content after Columbine. An active shooter or shooters in time and their law enforcement people with guns on site data land and ultimately thinking that was a change that if the policy how you engage with the active shooter.

I think the children and thank you don't wait actually learned after Columbine.

So dear to me questions now law enforcement will tell you and people come from him tightly that they were working around other classrooms breaking out Lincoln getting kicked out away from where they need to shooter. Why fill it.

Nothing much happening they were actually people they were doing everything that they contact front pressing on last night with the canal area one about what and I thanks there have been reports that officers went. In any case with the guy that true delete delete ethical betrayal and he said yes they were in the hallway trying to figure things out in there. They got engaged with gunfire and retreated from that point but they did engage with him full hour before court actions that they go to college and people are still hearing gunshots and play at that point and I cannot imagine as a parent. How absolutely hysterical I would be for an hour. Unable to my child and hearing gunshots will say this. This was brought up to me by someone we both know is that you go in.

That's what you trying to do. Don't tell me and I trained enough or train wrongs that you trained to do. You know you're in the line of fire for everything from a traffic stop to something like this there's always danger that's the nature of the position not saying that I'm trying to do it but that's one thing you know about cops who put themselves in harms way to daily basis. That's why they get the rest by spite by so many. The other thing is you don't make those kids could've been saved.

We got to them right away so little girl who may not have the perfect reading for a while and that's the first hearing about one little girl an account. I am trying to remember which me out like that. She actually survived. She told her parents or told him it felt that her friend was still alive.

She tried to plant Her to pretend like she went dead. But that by the time it was all over her friend had not made it to my 30 seconds or 30 we just don't now and that like at the beginning. The horrible thing to survive death are having to beget great, but I couldn't look at the parent thinking about my child maybe could've made it out a couple things to me. One thing the grandmother evidently is is so awake is not going to die, but is knocking at his hospital anytime soon is able to write things down. She might be of the fill in the blanks on what caused this with the signs were evidently was in a graduate you want to take his phone back in a part-time job at Wendy's.

He shoots her in the face takes her truck and then you know we did so the question is to question why get to dorm trial to but now you know we've been through this before and now the Democrats are going to say it's all the NRA's fault Republicans who are subservient to the NRA, which is an insult. All of our intelligence, especially if you know what happened to the NRA over the last few years are almost powerless in Washington. Josh Holmes said this about possible some bipartisan legislation cut 24 you know is a former Chief of Staff to Sen. McConnell but I think what this effort is to try to be responsive. It's not simply not enough to sort of throw up your hands because that there are good ideas that are out there. I think Republicans are more closely to pardoning security around the schools. Obviously, Democrats have had a long-standing want in the in the gun form, gun-control space and as these facts emerge.

Like I say that it is not irrelevant what the ultimate facts on the ground were in terms of how that book bipartisan coalition comes together so bipartisan we know that Mitt Romney seems to be in center County to be in soon.

According seems to be, and they would they want to try to do something but not gratuitously harden the targets cross country provide the funding to do it and red flag laws seem to have everybody intrigued, especially after these last two shootings without long time ago, so it's not easy like everybody thinking when you come to the table to negotiate over something like that hundred percent of what I think every single American. If anything they think with actually actually have made any of the think the people shooter was breaking multiple state and federal laws at the kind Including shooting a grandmother including shooting anything children and some of them. Many of them still covering any psycho who would not TokenTalk a lot about building you talk about whether to conduct the school we have mom on from Texas last night that she after Newtown was still determined to figure out how to do that and she said they thought and thought in your community. For one thing, maintained like to get an arm Dr. everything old-school in the pocket. Think make single point of entry and accept think that will make little difference in hardening.

This all because somebody is psychotic enough, they will feel like I'm being told you any number of things that we see people deal to look at all think the equation and see what would actually make it different slack line. I think a lot of people want to investigate and see how that could work. Unfortunately I think with the Buffalo shooter and with all the shooter, there was a criminal path or mental health treatment with documented somewhere that wanted triggered a brick red flag.

In either case a lawyer but but evidently he did have a psychological interview because he sprinted to borrow shooter as he turned the book is going to homecoming shoot up the school and can shoot himself in after two and half hours with state officials he turns 18 syllable to get a gun. Nothing on his record. Official adjudication or something where you have a mental illness or threat anywhere. That's not painting a background check. I can't really talk about thinking we country people already have that document something again first hearing your neighbor somebody well great I can't have to look all the way through. That's what if it had a bad breakup and someone like that that you're crazy and threatening dance and find out if you know a coworker who has revenge for you to try to make if we want to encourage people to unlinking them well. If you elect to take on that. How and tell how lawmakers navigate through that and find something that's workable. It can be exceptionally difficult. But again that'll elect them to Dale. I would go to the dorm trial exposed wrap up today Michael Sussman will not stand. There will not stand trial or from what you know when Sussman's on text messages and says to James Baker the Jim Baker, the lawyer at the FBI I'm coming just to represent myself and then he talks about this Russian bank connection to Donald Trump which ended up being nothing and then he turns over to be investigated and they tell everyone I cannot tell you gave me this because he came here on his own and that means that they start investing in. This is legitimate as opposed to somebody works with Hillary Clinton camp.

You would think that that would be enough to convict Michael Sussman but many people do not think he's going to be convicted because these evidently the FBI used the Justice Department as a reference in order move this investigation forward. That was also false. It kind of muddied the waters what you think. Sharon well showed the jury don't think that I can remember this journey to the area is heavily critical. We know whenever the church donated to the Clinton campaign are supportive when it is one of the folks had started a plate on a team with 14 all content material in any case, whether you're in to get the Kentucky or Washington DC or anywhere in between all about your cure. So I think we just got a fee if people think that the evidence and and come to the same conclusion or not, that people walking outside many of them questions and even to be sound innocent.

So much was exposed here of the art of the erratic wing which they approach this young professional agenda driven way has as true or as dorm accomplished many of his goals blackout on covering this child. A lot of people have no idea what McDermott present an intentional blackout that this is not to pay attention to unbelievable Santa bring thanks much a watch of midnight. Is that okay what we have been the five first of your mind by great thanks much, Embry writes only child. Thanks much for listening when we come back I'll take your calls and then we talk a little baseball category. The fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me.

We have learned a lot. It is, there's been questions raises why the molar investigation did not uncover or reveal some of these details. We now have is a very clear pattern in both the steel dossier on the Alpha Bank scandal. Both of them originated with the Clinton campaign, the Clinton campaign hid the funding of the steel dossier was recently fined by the FTC for doing that, so they push these two separate parallel tracks both went to the FBI both went to the CIA both went to favorable people in the media, and they unleashed to this torrent will and the response was we just need a narrative when you know what the claim. People were right because when I went over to the FBI apparently according to his agent James Comey and the rest the FBI were chomping at the bit. They just want to make sure Trump was elected why Robert molar to time.

FBI director could not do that and figure that out for Andrew Wiseman because he wasn't being honest. Six of these guys and we go where the investigation leads them. It should been to a dead end and they were seeing that pay attention to dorm trial. Anyway that's on the fence with Trump and Clinton will trumping Obama and Biden tell them just to take a look at this trial and the summaries that are written in the conclusions that will emerge.

I just hope Sussman convicted some people don't have a reason to look away talk show that's getting you talk with Brian kill me all that is, the fence getting Paul O'Neill as he said goodbye to his career or put them in will put them in the Yankee. Basically, the annual payment to Monument Park and that was in 2001, there was game five the Yankees World Series with me right now as Amanda knows all about that. He's friends with them and he wrote a book with him is Jack Curry. The book is called Paul O'Neill what nine innings of wood baseball taught me swing and a head Jack, congratulations another book appreciated. Always good to talk to you yeah and it's great one of course at this a great time to be an anchor on yes you might've noticed the Yankees help putting together some season will be no one expected in my right 3113 is hard to predict. I will say that I have them for 95 went to court now is my prediction about that. Go to the posted about Brian in some respects, they have clearly exceeded expectations that mean guy picked last night. Mr. Cortez is the 36th round pick who's picking like an All-Star their their bullpen until got decimated with some injuries. I think it been the strength of the team and the Narron judges and MBP was going like BP the shortstop to see done Connor pull-up is a contact hitter who is athletic and plays steady defense and I think what they like about Brian is the first thing that you put the ball quite hit for power. He's probably not driving a ton of runs, but for the most part of alternate steady defense that he will strike out and that's kind of what the Yankees are trying to get a little bit away from the netting, Donaldson and Connor (and bring back result. Those guys are all above average contact hitter they've already got a lot of strike out guys in the lineup you need some guide to put the ball in flight and labor now is playing like he did two years ago right.

It looks better.

Everything is trending in the right direction for indicating the ball harder hitting the ball in the air more you got seven homers already this year really hit nine last year and it looks like Brian is made some hitting adjustment you talk about both his lower half and in the use of his hands more and just seems like he is more comfortable at the plate.

I think the shortstop thing heard him lecture you know shortstop I think being back at second base as well as made a more comfortable, no question. So you write this book up O'Neill now part of the broadcasting team.

You know, obviously, people watch them play that we are Yankee fans really appreciate them. They should know we started with the rights all so before we get into that.

I think the first time I remember Paul O'Neill's name being mentioned. Being that I grew up in New York was when they asked our strawberry how do you feel like being on the All-Star team and he said I'm not the best for us right field in the week Paul O'Neill this is a Paul O'Neill gladly watch much of the Reds lately. My, who's Paul O'Neill and he was a standout player when he was traded to the Yankees already established for Roberto Kelly correct yes Brian, you got it right. And it's interesting that you say that there are some people who do want to check about the red portion of his career. He won a World Series there. I interviewed Allport's managers for this book, including Peter grows he rose glows and gushes when he talks about O'Neill and his athleticism and what he was able to do both offensively and defensively.

Yes, he had a career before he got to New York. It's just that his New York career ended up being much more productive and profitable than what he did in his years in Cincinnati wanted to play in the Reds surrounded by people.

Does the player Deacon SIPC on the shortstop right I mean Tony Perez was still around the Reds to let the remnants of a grade that that legendary team will imagine brining the kid who was born in the Midwest in the early 60s and the right teenager with the big red machine when they win their championships and anything with the team in 1985 and you just mentioned some of the players including roads were still around in chapter 1 we talk about him kinda being the accidental teammate because eight days into his career.

Rose breaks Ty Cobb's all-time hit record and O'Neill is running out onto the field thinking this guy's poster used to be on my bedroom wall mount. Now what am I supposed to get out and shake so there we cover a lot of his Cincinnati career in the first couple of chapters 3 comes over the Yankees any joints which would be one of the greatest runs in modern baseball history with this team was 27 championships and I believe Paul O'Neill 14 here's a moment.

Game five 1996 the eggs had been to the World Series and so long are they finally get there and had to overcome Mike's deficit to to beat the Atlanta Braves. Here's a moment.

Game five Paul O'Neill with the game saving catch with a bad hamstring cut 41 usual role-play agreed on a number of excellent outfielder who hit line drives right couple of things yet. Couple of things about the play real quickly. Brian first of all, anyone was ever a Yankee game. Paul O'Neill had the habit while he was in the outfield of practicing his swing before that at-bat Louis Pallone with the hitter.

Paul was practicing his swing ninth-inning World Series game Yankee coaches José court now was trying to get in touch with him because they wanted to ship him about seven steps to the right. They finally got to him before Pallone hit that ball and I'm telling you, if he does not move. Brian doesn't get that ball so yes Paul was always an all-around player is very grateful that he peeked into the dugout and make sure the he moved to his right to catch up all the sites that you remember much about the play carrier gas subject to thing.

Amazing that that's when Mariano Rivera was a setup man in John wetland was the closer right. I used to call those I was working for the New York Times called literally because after six innings if you were impeding the Yankee you lost because it was mold for seven and eight. It was wetland to sometimes make it a high wire act, usually an overnight cure one of the Yankees might end up doing a little something like that for sure they got this kid Michael Cano could pitch multiple innings and you never want to compare someone tamari on a 96 because that was off the charts, but I thought that with this kid king could see the Yankees in late innings, letting him handle seventh and eight set of Chapman Chatman. Brian has really struggled is on the IL. Right now I actually think when Chapman comes back he should not be the closer I think Clay Holmes who's got it scoreless streak of 23 straight innings. Your eyes and the numbers are telling you that Holmes is their best option to finish games right now, Paul Neel, the name of the book is nine innings of baseball told me it's about Paul O'Neill, Jack Curry wrote it with Paul and it begins will Paul with his relationship with his dad's dad was a picture but worked with Paul Neil about doing one thing hitting line drives and he said and something else parents listening right now you got your kids and Memorial Day tournaments, baseball, soccer, lacrosse. He said he never lambasted them at any point. The matter how hard the loss or how Betty played dad always stay positive with them all. Funny line line in the book so I would look forward to get into the Fort Ranchero after the game that would take me for some ice cream so right there. There are different ways to coach. Paul had an and I know you coached your kids.

Paul's dad was was about positive with about optimism and he was about having knowledge. Brian as you said he was a minor league pitcher. He knew what talk to advance to that level and he told Paul he was five or six years old. You're going to be a major league or impulses when your dad tells you that at that age you you just your kids are excited that he may truly believe that his father saw that kind of potential and very interesting so he also said this, he learned if you were to hit and he would take tweaks, but he wouldn't change his swing and Pete Rose was the same way Lou Panella tried to change Paul Neil Dendy. We covered that in chapter 2 and what happened with Lou and Paul they both admit that they remind each other of each other and Lou had a way that he thought somebody like O'Neill should hit export to 15 this big powerful guy should get the ball the air and hit more home runs and he had some weight shift techniques that you want Paul to do with his lower half that was not who Paul was always more at least 20 Cincinnati, stood tall want to hit line drive hit them all over the field so they ended up clashing.

They did win the World Series together 1990, but I interviewed Lou for the book to I think it was a case Brian up to really strong-willed hitting mines just didn't gel that they thought that the path to Paul being a great player at different ways to get to that path is about Paul Neil Hughes was a few loose number love to write, never would get under my nose.

The last part of his life but he just love the way polio played go back to 1997 Brian and the Yankee get knocked out by Cleveland but in the ninth-inning of that final game in the postseason. He hit the ball off the wall again so they may say so. Part that he had a stumbling sprawling, awkwardly driving second to get it double you want to hear it. Cut 43 game five.

So now you can paint the picture even better now. Great. And then Joe bought the car all over it to McCarver phenomenal announcer. I think he had a little more elegance to what actually was. It was a all-out survival of the fitted. I've got a stumbling crawl and dive to get to the space before they packed me pretty Williams flew out after that. But the point of the slide was George Steinbrenner that and from that moment on he called Paul the warrior we talked about this in the book. Brian Paul didn't like that initially he thought it was a little hokey little cartoon character asked why do you call me the warrior and then the more people around him talk to him about it is that you realize how demanding short. Steinbrenner is, you realize that when he tagged you with a name like that where he is elevating you in his eyes and and then Paul grew to love it yells course, I tell it to Dave Winfield. He would love to have heard that right hundred percent. Yeah. So here is O'Neill talk about what I did this the best season I've ever seen Justin in my lifetime. I was actually doing a lot of sports here at Fox News at the time in its 1998 the Yankee team just refused to lose and then they just walked away with the World Series in San Diego that year right well I remember watching David Cohen did not leave the dugout watch everyone else cheer. I never asked him about that white never left the dog at Welliver is celebrated but they wanted in San Diego is Paul O'Neill talk about the team cut 44 in my mind it was closest to the perfect teen that was a report. A lot of teams are really good on paper and then you know injury set in.

Guys don't have the years are supposed to have all the sudden this the season started and then once we got going it was. I've never seen a team going to the city looking to win two and three Eritrea three minutes, his psyche would win two or three and then you would expect to sweep and you would go on to the next series. It was really an amazing thing sobbing. He will talk about that team like everybody does.

Right. That's where Joe Tori takes over clueless Joe and he it becomes pretty apparent that that he is the right man at the right time trying to give me a perfect segue. I know I popped on to talk about Paul O'Neill in our book sling but I'm actually doing a book on the 98 Yankees that will be out in April because it will be the 25 year anniversary of that team, so that my next project, so I see you bringing David Jack's yeah yeah Zachary. I guess so here's the thing you picked a guy the people in Cincinnati New York appreciating opponents feared I get it, but you hit 500 home runs he didn't hit 350 if you don't even know his swing was compared to Ted Williams by his dad and they had conversation with Ted Williams and he had brushes with greatness with Rose and the Reds and with the Yankees is not the best player of all time. What made you think that Paul Neil somebody I got a focus on writing you just talked about some of it I think all O'Neill had a great career and your right is not a Hall of Famer, he would say the same thing himself. But how many players I had over 2000 had almost 300 home runs at five World Series rings have a batting title, but then I hate to use this but I I I used to because people get the reference.

He's got a forest Gump quality to his career was on the field within a week of Bayview with Pete Rose's hybrid record-breaking hit sought Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter as rookies guys who were first ballot Hall of Famer's Mariano unanimously saw Joe Tori come in and get his first World Series ring after 30+ years. You mentioned the connection with Ted Williams that he got the connection with the big red machine. He and Bernie Williams again another Bernie was a borderline Hall of Famer not saying the call was there so many ways we could intersect this book, and Brian. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I was able to convince Paul to do it.

He didn't want to just talk about himself when I said we can bring in all of these other people impacted your career that really interested this check. I think of the team all the time. Only one became a national story and I my my first I was sports phones. I used to go into the locker room and stump Merrill was Clarence. I like is yeah and and Moss was the other bit with the baby bombers back then, but I was found out Paul Neil was always in a bad mood. He always seemed angry at the media this evening. Of this, he talked about his relationship with the media, why he outside the jack cries of the world and and maybe the Michael case wasn't that pleasant, ever. We talked about that and I described the scene in 1994 were sitting 400 in the middle of June.

Brian that's that's a huge story. And if you're the beat writer.

That's your story every day and approaching. Paul was was tricky because he didn't want talk about it and he says in the book that I always used to tell writers nothing I say to you before the game is going to help me get ahead in the game. I think he was so locked in that he didn't want to get in his own head about what he might be doing. Paul did believe that if you went to the plate with less clutter could be a better hitter. Hey Jack, congratulations does a great project. Another gradebook up to get a pony own Zachary Wright nine innings of baseball taught me swing and hit a good job, Jack, thanks so much and have continued you have a great season I love watching thanks for having me on. Brian always thought you take care you take out Jack always everyday on yes this is Frank to Michelle that is so busy. He'll make you kill me some point today will go to get a very detailed tick-tock up-to-the-minute film illusions that are report on the ground that would have you filed the school a couple days ago more more details and help at a press conference was yesterday and two in the afternoon. The officer felt even mention how many people they did get out through exterior windows ME. That would be something you would reach for what alone and people say well you overemphasize that he they chose to forget it. I will squeeze another call Paul in Boston, only to be talk about things to Horner schools make sure this doesn't happen again. What ideas do you have more bracket maritime three quick points I want to see the parking shooter 13 times.

Monitoring is the illusion of preserving and protecting people or psychotic associate that tell you what you want to hear. Adam Lanza walked into Newtown because his mom works there, they just let them walk in and putting the cop isn't going to work because Bill just shoot the cop were to his bulletproof vest puts a pleasing danger. What Newtown did.

It's time for the cities in the district to recognize this, you have to create one entrance kitty poor separate bulletproof doors in the front and the back with a hidden metal detector. If you going to one of our schools to kill one of our kids, you're not getting in trying to spend 900 shooting since Newtown the baby forms locked up from the grocery store monies in a bank file for a most precious treasure of children while target that's a great point man that was well put Paul excellent way to end the hour is a brain to make sure all of the same objective lessee we get there right over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you did your

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