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Johnny Depp WINS Defamation Case, Billy Bush Weighs In

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 2, 2022 12:45 pm

Johnny Depp WINS Defamation Case, Billy Bush Weighs In

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 2, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:03:24] Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.)

[00:18:44] Carley Shimkus

[00:40:07] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:13] Billy Bush

[01:32:00] Karl Rove

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Which would be nearby is the right to me Joe where to be back in New York will be in Jacksonville so with great great WK B studios, but it was even better to be a 46 where everything is at your fingertips regarding Jubilee crazy if you look at the UK the Queen a remarkable life, what you seem which is witnessed orgies build every present dating back to Harry Truman, that's going on TV but I'm radio were focusing on something entirely different.

General. Jackie is been scrambled early to help us out on one with tapping a lot is happening in Ukraine. Crowe Shimkus puts it all together.

She had Fox and friends first this morning right in the news with her so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three awarded Johnny Depp with a neighbor but I was thrilled. Amber heard the small bone that is a good thing because it does show that they were careful that they were met by that is just one of the many lawyers were going to shock for the deaf heard trial that prevails and ember must pay the price.

Specifically, 15 million her career is over.

Bobo both embarrassed themselves, but for some reason America could not get enough of this trial. I would ask you why you interested. There are 36 years. I've never totally depends and I don't know I'm up in negotiations are going on right side they go up present buying house to house moving slowly send, assuming we wait and see if gun legislation that will somehow be effectively dealing with the rash of problems were having at schools and in making workplace. We look what happened in Oklahoma will discuss what could possibly help present score political points. I said there storm clouds. The big storm clouds are. It's a hurricane right now time to study things are going fine.

Everyone thinks that the Fed can handle this.

That hurricane is right up there down the road coming our way.

That is Jamie diamond limit may be one of the most esteemed business people in the country. J.P. Morgan Chase retirements, vacations, new car purchases put on hold. Economies rocked by challenges as you saw Jimmy damages hold on tight economic hurricane hurricane could be coming our way present buying says not his fault. He can help when it comes to catastrophic disappearances of baby formula, knowing the till April. The problem is the baby formula.

People tried to tell them in January. First things first. If you want to know tapping with our foreign policy, national security, where we are United it seems for the most part on Ukraine and making sure they have the weapons necessary to be successful against one of our archenemies in the world by their choosing and that Russia Joe Jackie as chair of the Institute for the study of war Fox News Senior strategic analyst joined just now general welcome back all they are general so much to go over first off, I find it interesting that Ukraine is not allowing Cura�ao on and marry Opal for now just to say okay it's in Russian hands. They're trying to do a counteroffensive in the places that the Russians want to simply annex correct that's true real talk, wait for the Ukrainians that way because break laws. The city of several done on unlikely now the entire lawn Republic is called by Russia, which is the eastern part of Don Bosch Mobile under Russian control. But at the same time as you indicated, Ukrainians are also conducted a limited counter attack the Presidio on which is the city and a province that is on the Russian control and they are having some success with that. What what the Russians have done here is that their initial campaign and look forward to catching the top of the country failed miserably in solid hours personified by the collapse of the battle of P and then also car you tell Le later on Ukraine state cannot back what what the Russians have been wanted to adopt best region also on four axes again and had a very complicated plan to begin with and it was not succeeding so they may change the focus just beyond the blue on problems and focus on one city. Several done on and they stop attacking them know what part of the bombast region completely because they would not succeed in focus. Everything on this one city. That's the first time they've ever done anything like that, more deliberate, less complicated and they have at some success. Honestly, artillery that is making a difference for the Russians. They have more of Ukrainians and they also have auditory at a greater range why they requested the multiple rocket launchers states to give them the equivalent range so that they can deal with long-range truck in October to three is basically will we camp each one a wonderful setback and we have disarmament we got these got the ammo and what is going to start raising cities indiscriminately with the church's school of field or military installation is try to raise an entire city and kill what they can pretty much a rush of oil or they thought that way. In World War II, and artillery was was a dominant factor for them in here. So does their maneuver forces that ground infantry and armor forces are not strictly well led and not properly trained.

They have low morale and they don't all. Not surprisingly very well at all.

So in October that there there a lien on it is grinding down the Ukrainians and taking more recently that that Ukrainians want to. It is unfortunate.

It's like a couple of months to finally say yes to the multiple rocket launchers, which is the system may need that can properly range the Russians long-range artillery which is very harmful to Ukrainians and that's why they want that system because artillery kills artillery as does airpower and may need that additional capability to be open to that effect was joking that we were giving them a transfer for M1 42, high mobility, artillery rocket systems that's not the exact when they wanted but it will do the job. It will need more of them before I likely what we have already in Europe. I would imagine that we need to get them. We need to get more of the fire out somewhere around 40 miles an hour get at the Russian on long-range artillery. Obviously, for systems or is not be sufficient just got to do this for a sense of the sense of urgency and the like that. I don't know why we played around with this off and on again decision about whether we should provide the system or not concern but necessarily so. I think provoking Russia. Russia certainly Ukrainians are now the longer-range artillery to provide support their operations rush into anything quite like what just Russia says US is pouring gasoline on the fire by Armin Ukrainians are right now the streetfighting is going on. They said that we are just like the Ukrainians lost Wall Street Journal also has a story today. The documents show shown to them shall Russians are breaking ranks, refusing to serve in the war. The Cold War also many desertions. That's a big problem if you start prosecuting the desertions.

More tension will be brave, be brought to the general public on the failure of this operation so far. Also major issues that you been discussing mid-level officers. Many are not obeying refused to follow orders. Morale is bad. Corruption is great and Peggy is terrible.

Have you heard some of this article, we are very much aware of the problems that they're having fighting the battle and in the combat refusals that are taking place by organizations of the Russian control better in Ukraine and certainly some distortions that it never part of that.

But what I found surprising in the articles 1. The war began that there were people who were deserting the ranks before the election with the ploy to get your sense of Russia certainly didn't do anything. What they should do in properly preparing their organizations for fighting the war. We spent a lot of time with soldiers on why are we doing this because they deserve to have those kind of answers that we deserve to stand and respond to their questions as well. So the fact that the Russians did prepare their soldiers mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

So this is also a sign of leadership at the highest levels.

Yeah, I get out in the ministry just a few of the things this seems to be Germany operated into doing it. But now they're promising to provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons on this.

Any advance artillery rocket launchers because Zelinski said what are you guys doing there also seems to be a divide between East and West.

Essentially, the Francis, the France, Germany, others saying hey you know what what to slightly see we get some talks going in the East to Lithuania, though I fear the Baltic nations: dissing a you crazy. We cannot let the Russians off the hook in a few years ago to be back in the can I come for us eight is that this is not the ending that you should. You don't understand the enemy basically is with the Baltic nations and the former Eastern Bloc nations are saying. Can you tell me about the split from the beginning before the war European countries that were on the footprint of the Soviet Union always wanted to support NATO entrances defense projects that increase their capabilities. They've always had alarm and concern about Russia's aggression in the West. Obviously Western Europe and the economic deals with Russia, which I now obviously about very much a bird tickling oil and gas with the thought that by having an economic relationship that would lead to more stability and security in Europe with Russia course that failed miserably.

Much as it did with the economic outreach to China as well so those differences there actually is counting on this. No answer turned his focus to the dominant first portion of the Dawn Bass region and try to seize that entire region and that likely make it a part of Russia. But what he's counting on here over the long term is Ukrainians fatigue. He is counting on the Western European countries likely at some point begin to ease up on the sanctions and also ease up on providing Ukraine with ammunition and the arms that they need the media by large as in the last month or so has moved away from the story� Covers some mark but do not cover it the way they used to. And" this is counting on the west and certainly not just in terms of sanctions but in terms of helping Ukrainians were not going to and I know you not going to tell Jackie, thanks so much.

Great talking to Brian you gotta go get a general 18664087669022 calls on that. Listen, I also want to talk about which one of this trial. For the most part never been a giant depth in idea I don't I look at him. I figure if doing drugs all the drinking out of control not unique to Hollywood just because the slimy guy yeah I have people say he's a talented actor. I never really bought into it whatever sex symbol type guy Amber heard seems absolutely and on another planet put together wherever you go.

People of all ages would be talking about this trial.

Now that we have a verdict in Johnny Depp prevails all the sudden people have never been further away from the me to movement believe take a woman at their word.

If they say it is supposed to be believed. Remember that then. Now Frankie gets blown up.

Matt Lauer gets blown up.

Charlie Rose gets blown up. Maybe all for the good reasons I've researched the cases I imagine they are, but things have certainly changed over the last few years and now when this happens, only 40 of the channels this morning getting ready for the show because I'm not on TV is a beautiful brown nobody saying Amber heard the woman gets the short into the stick. It's a man's world hearing that the more why is that and I'm all ears. I'm not an expert 1-866-408-7669 used to bring two major your knowledge base. Brian Hill made show tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on the next podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's liturgy in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News time or wherever you get your project talk show that's real is Brian kill me show Amber good thing because it showed that they were careful that they were methodical and that they really really not a case of them being starstruck.

Johnny Depp what Amber is trying to describe being behind powerful man.

I think Jerry took their job and it showed a man to do. Did it ever a jury sided with Japanese libel suit against his ex-wife, who evidently he felt as though he was reference when she talked about being abused back in a few years ago the ready, though I suppose she retweeted it so he said you destroyed my career I can get another job and I never hit you will hear the whole story.

We watch Johnny Depp on the floor. We see this horrible video cutters and openings owes on drugs cocaine to the table.

You would think that this guy destroyed his career.

Instead, they're saying the Johnny Depp clearance. Gotta be hot again, really. He played the band the other day with Jeff back is like 111 years old. So the verdict issue towards him. Third, $10 million right away I heard is gotta pay and in a split decision. She gets 2 million. Then he gets an additional 5 million in punitive damages. I assume the money had to spend to defend himself so we get $15 million. Is he looks like a drug addled alcoholic who couldn't care less about his body's look will for one starlet to the next. The problem is he doesn't come off belligerent. He doesn't come off hateful. He comes up ago you actually feel bad for what I don't feel bad for, to a degree because it looks like Amber heard enhanced everything and no one really believed a lot of stuff that she was doing.

Understand and now she's financially ruined.

I don't always a good reenactment for what else does she do, she will go to movies is she in use some of that the sights and sounds of her past trials listen to what went on the stroke at 25 so you will all carpet dirty carpet, wondering how I wound up carpet and why I was never so filthy before and after you said around her before we burn her Mr. death you said I will corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead he can continue our relationship to the wedding. There was dinner dancing in drugs on the schedule to came from a certain Ms. Pennington don't call me a liar. I don't so pathetic is so brutal and it makes me so happy.

I am not a famous Hollywood actor because I mean they should be the ones in this world with the least amount to worry about who are the last ones to be doing this, the people out there listening to you right now grinding it out. Working 14 hours worried about inflation diesel fuel of the type of gas.

Can I really travel why was my flight canceled the Delta sky. Johnny Depp owns an island, what are you escaping from drugs and alcohol. Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite cocaine close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News time tests radio show like no other in the wall next to my home line. Look at me. I think that I ended up locking myself in about at least nine bedrooms, bathrooms that day as she was banging on the doors and screaming obscenities, wanting to have a physical change that is Johnny Depp who is barely awake he doesn't really talk to protect himself and guess what Co. Shimkus is here and I'm Fox and friends first was last time we were doing news on the show that I was doing Jubilee is listen this morning.

And then I had to put channels because Debbie is unprepared for the radio show and the people are Jubilee is a wonderful organization organize one of 11 yes let out but let you talk about this for second II was I took it would it would happen is I the derailleur yesterday front of your KB in Jacksonville. They stayed an extra day because they weren't letting us work Thursday or Friday so skeptical Tuesday and then the soprano could be a Thursday Friday to miss radio so I only really so I end up doing the show. I'm fascinated by this Johnny Depp from the more the verdict number two wherever I went from day one.

This was on either the I want to date with the people and yet you watch that yes she was going on here. What do you think what why is it okay so I think it's fascinating to learn about the people who are super hound into the think I would've never thought that you would be really into this because I think that the topic that year until I think you have nine military just cuts the rail.

I think it's the spectacle things where if you're covering on TV you never really know what time to take because a lot of the allegations are horrifyingly of Osiris yeah but then at the same time. It's like these people are famous and clearly crazy. So it's there's also an element of like kind of humor in this as well and there were certain times where dinette was actually laughing at them. This stuff that was being laughed at him, but I do what I see is that this I mean he talks not to risk in doing this, I am not a lawyer but you listen to any legal mind and they say that I mean it is so rare that somebody wins a definition trial because the burden of proof is so high and he just did you hear when they were going through each of the charges because the chair yesterday to fill out a questionnaire with Dean.

Amber heard found guilty of doing this and it was like 52 questions and every single answer came back. Yes, she was wrong in this regard, she defamed him fiercely and it was just after yes and the camera was just on her face the entire time and you can only imagine what was going through that woman's had why right. I mean, we didn't know the biggest stores all the time. I think these are change of last year's membrane is Johnny Depp.

I don't really begin to Amber heard because she so beautiful she was in the rum diary. That's where they map the movie I mean is just there. These two gorgeous people movie terrible awful movie based assists. It's just a spectacle because they're so gorgeous. I think it's in place and partly just have all type or types of sex in the movie that part well shot terrible plot but that's really, times are nasty thing I wish I never take that role because her life is completely destroyed now by her own fault is an amazing say love and hate the razors edge is totally true.

These people hate each other, to love each other right mean the type of hard to believe he came to me to save the marriage. I number one while he is winning is 15 million we find out he's on drugs. He gets so drunk every day that he is the of remember anything like this cuts his finger up her children know why she is a bruiser face. I don't think I did know I like the lock myself in my work member.

She set up a topped off as he threw back about a letter he was saying that he thought that she's the real battle at hand and sliced his finger and he almost lost and also he said that she took a lit cigarette right we approve a picture of the eye where it looks like there's like a red mark on his face, but you would think that that would leave a scar on anyway really going to leave their planning drugs, alcohol is declared himself a mess with this is fame and fortune was 50 feet tall, and angry at her because he was $54 million while he's on his private island wondering does he have enough diesel fuel to get his yacht back to more of a landmass so I'm just saying to myself, and of all the people listening to us right now.

For the most part go out with my wages going up 5% inflation is at 8.5% can I afford to go on vacation this year if everything continues to rise my computer get an airplane with all these cancellations I can even staff, so they're worried about one thing, those of the people that you be drunk all day so worried about think it's amazing the rich and famous. They don't have to sell trail think that people who really have the real problem that you're talking about are the same people and believe that craziness I to Hollywood. But there was just always go back to something that we learned on the very first day and it was on marriage counseling. The counselor testified and said that they engaged in mutual abuse and she was specifically talking about emotional abuse which was obviously trail. She also said that Amber heard has this jackhammer way of speaking and he couldn't keep up with that and I never really heard their counselor took the stand supposed to talk that marriage counselor testified wow why did I buy Mr. Eric when you tell me that this was this, this was six weeks we were kids we were just young and I went on I had never heard Amber heard speaking an interviewer to anything outside acting beautiful girl having a jackhammer way of speaking. But then we need to hear her testing when you can understand you.

She's very animated and just very intense, extremely intense and I really think I Johnny Depp I didn't follow it hundred percent. But what I saw I you know Johnny Depp scars and all. He, like I said actually know Angel has a drink by drinking probably has a drug problem probably not something that you ever want to get involved with get married to. But the question wise and the answer according to the jury is now and the fact that he she accused him of that in the Washington Post.

They said was made that the burden of proof and the fact that she actually did that in a malicious way to see what happens if she's ever to write the check. Usually the lawyers are a session of the money which is in Christ, right, I mean they don't like us. We we will you and I have for a rainy day fund 50 million very rainy. Here's Marter goes the famed criminal defense attorney on what he thinks is going to happen next at 33 at the end of the day there's going to be insurance companies are going to resolve this, or it's going to go up on appeal. In my prediction would be that some appellate justices are going to reverse this. See, this is the bigger question which I'm just debating on one segment for this weekend for the one nation show.

We have open.

I know really exactly to do with it but I really want to talk with the end of okay is him and also said is this the end of a woman is to believe, regardless that's we will find this gone for me to me to come up with the me to do with woke sweep get back to stop overcompensating for everything. This is to say that yeah I think it is an incredible have to do that. I think it's a really good idea and it really is very interesting on think about how full-circle we have, especially when it comes to the 24-hour news cycle and I think that a lot of times people are very reactionary and when we were in the middle of the need to movement. It was every single woman needed to believe and now you're hearing from a lot of the same people always have to pony on victim. They're now saying this proves that man can be victims of abuse. This proves that man can be victims of emotional and psychological trauma and I think that that is a more balanced way of looking at you would have never heard anybody say that to yourself. Yeah I'm right it is. I think it is the end of this needs to overcompensation or pass a man has to walk on eggshells and every woman had to use or act a certain way in order to be successful in the so-called man's business world. So that's maybe the emergence in the 70s that they had to go in and start dealing with this type of a barbaric attitude which need to be addressed, doesn't mean it was everywhere by everybody by every guy. Overcompensation absolutely which is the same thing with black eyes better movement was there.

Racism is the racism as well yeah but just because you're a white guy you should be allowed to talk to Mike Sen. Coronel right to file me. I think I think we might be sobering up to who used to be on us now who Ralph Rankin yes it was how he was assured by Julie Brent really do anything wrong picture where he was wrong. Right now, but like the sunset from the 70s ran a picture LOL pretending to touch a woman. Yeah it was last yeah from 40 years ago when he was far ago but it was about 20 years ago. He was an USO tour and he was just being going going what I'm trying to say is that picture came out today right. I mean it would be in writing. You know would be in your post and I wouldn't be in tears on the foot of the stairs think this is gotta stop. You must resign today and he did, but I don't listen. I don't like it but do we get extra points for defending Democrat reaching across the aisle, always, always, yes, but I know where a point to see what you are in a capitalist world. It is about winning or losing. Like I say because this radius I want is a theater of the mind and I paint a picture severance vaccination.

The model Brian looks at your suntan. Yes, I am having a cell just rifle of life. I was so very happy to be outdoors but I was always in Pontevedra Florida in Jacksonville.

No, I did see a little bit below. I also did like an active 10 I'm a terrible golf. I took lessons with the sun was out you to travel yeah and this is the first time I took a lesson I might kinda get it. So that is a just or your elbow. This way you do this right turn your hand over. That's what was good and by time I put the ball down a guy. What the hell did he just say so.

This I just had the best instructor and I feel as though everybody I know plays and I was yeah I'll meet you. If after dinner will see if I feel the same way until really coming like my hand and I went running on the beach it but they have these beaches there actually firm and not an angle so you could run forever on the beach, sponge also-rans and is one of the most incredible work at the right but not deep sand and listen to go into the Marines, which could be an option right next step. I like long down when a person carries golf thing. I think this is so funny golf now as a matter of fact I went to the driving range couple years ago with my dad for Father's Day. Step father daughter event and he's a golfer and I he the way I was swinging the club. He's like you are not my daughter. This is this is supported like my gosh and my mom was there, is the ultimate supporter and she liked it right on my tail I am the most awkward swing but you know I because I'm too musclebound. That's the problem with my great body as I have too many muscles to demand right. Thank you for saving you concluding that right until meat is too much of a man right cut right so my daughter Kirsten just turned 21 athletic unbelievable even when she met she missed the ball a few times and even if it goes with your swing is perfect and it looked like it was just inches she would be a just listening to seconds and goes back to what gets greater and cheap chili and jelly and really she said she's a golfer shall excel right now and I think I look at what we think to be two movements over. I should not say that I like that bright say oh yeah okay yeah okay that's back in learning something new every day. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me� If you look back on the early days we used to think of as conservative versus liberal liberal was prone free speech people were open-minded nonviolence. No one people were open and the right was like suppressive, you know, the nanny states, you know, condemn certain language condemn certain behaviors.

That's not the case today. Today, the left is gone so far left so radical that the right of the ones that are celebrating comedians in celebration.

Apparently they had my back to all the crazy happened to me was Fox News that had my back with you everything that they would be the ones the Cape for you like you know 10 years and I'm so liberal.

Yeah, I got talk about it all the time I got I say I am not a conservative, not conservative, but I am pro-Second Amendment and I am a hunter and I am a cage fighting commentator and I you know I drink and smoke cigars and I like the bow is a lot like silver yeah but it's just being a human. But I'm a compassionate person so college with this cushion kisses here with this play lotto this week that soundbite. Ellie played on Fox and friends yesterday yeah but in fact a reference path and transport your thought on. I love Carolyn's podcast and I hate I completely understand where he's coming from with the comedy thing. He's right. I used to be that I guess from his perspective, he would view the Republican Party in appetite and you can't tell jokes and now it is competing. The complete reverse is amazing.

This arc has occurred speech used to be like a core tenet of liberalism and something that would happen that that was champions on college campuses. The exact conservative don't come to college with a shout you right now there are so many crazy examples. There micro-aggression. Then there was that debate over it with a debate at Yale that ended up getting stormed by protesters and there was a conservative Democrat member when this happened, and then all of these yellow law students at your you're going to school to be lawyer when you debate the other side and they claim take the freedom of speech because they are so you can't well it's unbelievable how it will generally particular, they tried to shut him down. He admitted use the N word he says. Should've done that was a different context, different time. Moving on and then Neil Young comes out this other artist come out to stop him and we ended up with 2 million more followers, so we ended up being more famous more than is keep, I now modify stood by me that Netflix is standing up to the people I now if you don't like it and don't want to get a project you can leave yeah I do think that there is a shift happening. I don't think it's always good to be this this woke Nance in the corporate world now and then there are people like the back. Grandma swami who have like now made it their life mission to fight back against that. I think it's always going to be there, but especially with Netflix and what they said about if you don't like the shows that were putting in maybe this is in the right place to work that should be the mantra for every single company. Now remind me I need a life mission so you is to learn golf like say that's a short-term goal next week. Thanks, Carly Drive, live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City right to lead back in 46 and seven, Herod had heard around the country heard around the world that affiliate wrote about that special thanks everyone eject okay be grossly for the last two days but I'm back in action here where I walked in and they said to be deleted to find myself beautiful object to those you don't have a crew were just afraid to tell you things, but by the time I landed, it was the weather was so terrible last night they would try to do a timing thing was pretty bad.

New York got overcast today but I'm just so glad without middle winter I would get more teach in a moment at the bottom of the Billy Bush is going to join us to host these OTB are you host extra credos.

Always great radio guy that's first America Billy Bush and I was on radio is to do stuff with them on Fox. We still go to the radio stations, different morning shows around the country on Fox and friends first started I will get to him and talk about this Johnny Depp trial. I will burn more teasing with that. So let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's 33 Johnny Depp but I was thrilled when Amber heard this small bone is a good thing because it shows that they were careful that they were met by that was one of the many lawyers were shocked by the depth heard verdict looks like Johnny Depp to get $13 million from Amber heard for not marrying her anymore and never hurts to get $2 million. Both if you look at any part of the trial should be humiliated, but somehow I believe Johnny Depp is going to come out even richer. Unbelievable detail are comfort totally depends and I don't know I'm up in the negotiations are going on right right present by the house is moving the Senate, assuming we wait and see if the gun legislation deal will somehow be reached and the consensus is, these attacks are due to poor mental health problems with security in our schools in our streets, will any of what they come up with solve any of those problems are storm clouds of big storm clouds are.

It's a hurricane right now, so anything is doing fine. Everyone thinks the Fed can handle this. That hurricane is right up there down the road coming our way. That is Jamie diamond, not just anybody, retirements, vacations, new car purchases put on hold as our economy is rock by challenges Jamie diamond you just heard says hold on tight for an economic hurricane. What about that and what about prison by saying he had no idea about the baby formula problems that this catastrophic until April to get the people he was on the phone with on this call with to show how on top of that he is role baby formula manufacturers who said we told everybody in January. This was about to occur will join me right now is Mark teasing Mark the present United States. Nobody wrote this up.

He decides to get all the major baby formula manufacturers on a call he wants to tell more bringing into a formula from Australia from France from Mexico will go good I'm doing this and nobody could have foreseen this. I said excuse me. We told everybody this share of the Health and Human Services Sec. should've known it. Everybody should be known. This was he getting a pass on this Mark will be there with the blower notify the FDA in October And the FDA didn't do anything in February yet another failure of the FDA, then I didn't know until April and they didn't take any steps like allowing imports are the things that don't make.

I mean it if it's sure incompetent, but I'll tell you but it's working not become as incompetent by the ministrations responses, but that's actually not the reason why we have a baby formula short.

The reason we have a baby formula shortages because we have a Soviet style of regulation for baby formula, baby formula is food right if it's not rocket five to produce it it it it it. Protein, vegetable oil, mineral and vitamin put together in a formula, it is not a vaccine about the COBIT vaccine therapy, but the government regulates it like like if the pharmaceutical product like in the backseat of the tens of millions of dollars in clinical trials to bring a new new baby formula onto the market so the result is all the baby doctor to companies control 80% of the boy baby formula market in the country to put the Soviet Union what why is that there is no free-market competition, you can't. You can't just that we just had this like two months ago. The first new entrant in the baby's apartment market got company called by heart.

It took hundred and $90 million in five years to get approval to start production of a new baby if you want a legitimate issue of why run for office explained to the American people what you just did you get a lot of support, not just for baby formula for other things that you could point out with the game is rigged by these major companies were looking to make sure they all profit.

Give me some examples of what took place when the whistleblower comes up, they write the letter it stays and gets caught the mailroom until December. By the time they really take action on it. It is the new year by February they go to Abbott labs and they say to kids of died and they look back and they were they come from Abbott labs and local residents place a message shut down, at which time the mold to be reformatted by told by that. They knew that shutting down the Abbott labs in February would lead to short shortages.

All the executives warned the FDA about it now to the FDA tell anybody about it. If they didn't it's sinful. But if they even if they didn't do that. There's got to be the Health and Human Services sectors.

It was you just to shut down the Sturgis lab the covert 40% of our baby manufacturing, I what is not a problem. So this would Murray Kessler says the CEO of PIP Rubio company Persia company says we knew from the very beginning. This would be a very serious event. Okay, so rackets we knew from the very beginning that this had to be taken seriously.

So he was on one of those gratuitous photo op like interactions where he supposed to impress them with what he's doing and he ends up getting the reality check. Any gets embarrassed.

No one told him until April says imagine baby formula, baby food right so baby formula to manufacture 80% of the production viewpoint about that one plant percent of all baby formula come from that one plant.

Imagine if instead there when you go to baby so that you get baby for the first month of their life. We start giving them stream easier than pur�ed banana. You know me and gravy.

There are literally manufacturers who make those products. Nature is all you could name the list of the right one factory shut down, we wouldn't have beer store shelves because there are other companies make in the same stop. Why do we put our baby in the first month of their life treated like a pharmaceutical product stop is treated like regular food, it makes no sense at all what this is a what and then it gets worse run because then there's the WIC program like the government is the largest purchaser of of of of baby and the way they do it every state negotiated an exclusive contract with one manufacturer to give them a monopoly and that date and so that produces competition as well because you can't get the government contract, you can't.

You can't sell baby formula that we are literally distorting the market. This is a story of big government and big business colluding to create a monopoly right that it Soviet style bear shelved in our in our work and by the administration want to take the model that we have on baby formula and apply to every other part of the economy.

They want they way they were.

They wanted to socialize our economy and create government government winners and losers, and this is what they want to do the rest of our cognitive socialism is we have a socialist system for baby formula and that's why you have socialist style bear shelved so as to the daily New York Times stands controversial step. It's actually it's really interesting and they said that it turns out when they did an analysis of these two kids they passed away.

Sadly, they can't pull it back to the baby formula with other things so they can even pull back to the Sturgis lab. Even though formula anything to do with. So that's why the FDA because I because I'm tired of this. Your shut down. Listen to this, by the way, you know more details about this inane when the country so right. I mean, there's nothing you can you come up with a call about a little so the spokesman for some so when this happens the spokesperson for two of the five infant formula manufacturers explicitly said they recognize from the start.

How huge a problem this was, and they eventually went and they became they would took action and goes we we want to head we call retail partners like Target and Walmart immediately to warn them to start troubleshooting available inventory to ensure they can get what they had on their shelves for the very beginning we did when we first heard about the Abbott recall we can foresee this is going to create a tremendous shortage because I know this could hurt their monopoly to if this happens now the most amazing thing you ready for this. When the president is talking to these baby manufacturers. Obviously, a communications disaster. Nobody's writing up today. This will be screaming news CNN wouldn't have taken a break. The Queen what is taught we will cover the queen today or they would've cover the queen today. If this was happening Karen Jean-Pierre says she was not watching so she had no idea what the president said about this, all she was.

I had it on my office, but I was really watching you believe this because of incompetence and and big government. And again, I'm fine with the government monopoly on the youth support but with very big government monopoly.

You know you seem store that happened like temple that we have like a meat plant that gets shut down because of the bacterial infection. We don't have operation.

Why meet way to bring the country you don't have Burger King shutting down because you can't get one factory shut down government level distortion and the people are missing and the whole thing. It's absolutely true that the by the ministry's responses been incompetent, but this is a bigger problem if it is big government and this is the model that Bernie Sanders and a copy of Cortez administration socialist want to bring to the rest of our economy.

This is the model for the future you think you what what could happen when we do what we do this with with cars electric car like that every every aspect of the economy. They want to remake in the image of the big story at the NBC report is about seven reporters on it that said, the by demonstrations of mass presence is angry at the communications for walking back everything just right and the creek is what we check every time we walked back we always check with him first. They talk about how frustrating it is. Approval ratings below with Donald Trump. What you can't believe how unlucky it is now unappreciative people are so now that we have the labor costs up 12.4%.

This just came out $11.4 million jobs opening productivity down 7.5% so we know it's going on with inflation and we know this going on with interest rates present. Biden is to say is I am not responsible. The Fed is responsible for inflation, are responsible for bringing down the deficit. He claims here is hears with the president also says he would prefer to do and I can believe it. Cut to is a lot going on right now but the idea were going to be able to now click switch bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term, nor is with regard to food. One thing we can look I'll talk about this over tomorrow. We can do that same time, by increasing tax rate that should go up on some corporations are paying no taxes at all. Having them pay minimum facts and the very wealthy. No one on the 400 grant would have to pay another single penny taxes, but it would not be inflationary. It would help pay for, reduce the deficit even further and will provide relief for families. So he believes raising corporate tax rates and raising the taxes on the 694 billionaires in this country is going to help with inflation remarkable and personable, but can't find workers that we have the largest labor shortage in American history. 11.5 million unfilled jobs in this country and Britain businesses are desperately trying to wave wave pay can attract and find people to come into work and on top of for tax increase on them on top of that note, that's already a tax increase inflation of the tax increase for you won't raise taxes on anyone like what you call five dollars gas is the middle class and lower class regressive tax increase. Tomorrow is Joe Biden's 500 day in office. We now know the least popular president in American history at the 500 day mark in the history of recorded public from top to Harry Truman. No president has been this unpopular. The 500 day of the stuff like that raising taxes and spending more money after solution. Everything called me inflation with the $1.9 trillion social spending disguised as covert relief which overheated the demand part of the economy look like I can keep up and shortages missing want to do more walking time for you, but I'll be talking you on one nation this weekend right looking forward I can't wait right Sue. Couple things will be like close out with. He's doing this with this remarkably unpopular streak with a compliant press.

97% of the press just ignores his mistakes and pretend he's competent.

But the good news is twitter, which will soon be old by you. I must hopefully hashtag Biden is a failure is trending.

Thanks, Mark appreciated 1-866-408-7669 which of the brain to meet your medical back with you because then Billy Bush joins me to tell me what the fascination with the Amber heard trial was all about, from Hollywood don't move radio show people for the kill. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about it Brian until made whatever this is so, so that was seen in reporter confronted the police chief and he says he's on conversation as a means cooperating to be king yesterday. A bunch of things.

Number one. One of the other school police officers was on the outside and he was talking to his wife, now deceased, when the teachers were shot and killed. She was still alive.

They were having a conversation and she was describing what was going on. The question is that police officer walked over to my wife is there.

She's clinging to life. We need to get inside because right now no one just to disabuse me of the fact that look like the police chief Eddie Baldi was didn't even have a radio but for some reason he was holding everybody back and they listened even vortex.

They finally, I do not know this. They do not say this originally the more they said this is when the teacher left the door open.

That's not true. Teacher left over. They can walk through it. They close printing lock. That's the problem number two is that they help vortex back the special operator for the border patrol back and they just said to hell with this one I went anymore. They grab the show for the marshals and then one in, I think at least you know 10 deep into the guy out one of the worst decisions. A history of law enforcement. Now I know is bad because law enforcement's critical of his on a bunch of civilians that I could've done better is to train people saying they should include the Texas Rangers got one from this Billy Bush is top gun. Johnny Depp makes you think this is the Brian kill me show all nine bedrooms, bathrooms, that they as she was banging on the doors and screaming obscenities, wanting to have a physical what was it about this child particular, they got everybody transfixed. Even people I don't walks alive blue-collar white collar to middle class. I get one so that trial houses can and would twitter train wreck Bush puts all perspectives in the best and worst Hollywood on a daily basis and reports on it and no one is better added. He's the host of extra and with ease with us right now Billy welcome back to the medium. I first met you in all morning show in Washington right 0104 Morning Dr. program simulcast on Fox and friends, but we seen a lot of Hollywood stories become major new stories and then we see the how we can overwhelm for a while go on hold for two years with the pandemic woes about this trial that seem to get beyond California where you are and everybody talk about around the country.

While I knew it would lead art show every night so let art show every night and got more and more I think many components.

One for me. Celebrities are so afraid like everyone else could say anything the truth because the truth might you know be against the grain, or some type of established narrative and therefore you may get not just bully online you may lose your life, your house and your career.

Celebrities have gotten tight. It's a boring world for me and what I do interviewing them some because they don't say anything bigger publicist and they'll put their own message out on Instagram and when you interview them every time we walked out of the public thank opaque scrap that will never do business with you again thank you so much heavy-handed. Celebrity of the highest order.

Johnny Depp going to the mat and every personal detail of his life, including that whatever is shared with the public who consumed it.

I mean they and I drugs 15 million get I guess she gets 2 million because some some of things.

It is lawyers have said. Amber heard most people walk around saying she's totally unlikable, not Hollywood people. Who is this woman totally unlikable. We think she's lying and Johnny Depp seems to get compassion what you think is is is something about him if you met him something about his character that he plays or is the people, like them, despite some of his behavior. I think one of the people on our you and Richard Burton quality without violence. I think you got the but every one that ever dated.

They can only find Ellen barking that he was jealous that you know it was across the little row with a buddy but every other woman involved in his life had nothing but great moments. Of course the livers in the end, and said that the incident Amber cited of him going on the stairs and absolutely not love about the interesting women.

Women Amber heard because women many have had enough and you will I once it is possible that you might many many times and she certainly got caught in more than one line that was a problem and she thought my movies opening shortly.

My new friends that that the ACLU to write this up for me and I'm gonna soak in a position of martyrdom on the hair window. Sometimes you could be could see the jury sort of feeling and I think what people in the public, especially women. No no no no no you cannot man or to a human being, you know, there's a thing called toxic humanity have never heard of people never actually good people do terrible things sometimes go. Being human, but in this case they snuffed out what they saw. They didn't just rule against Amber heard realtor Johnny they said to her, she is maliciously line sheet to promote herself and her not have been more definitive. It was no coming in only three days of deliberation to deliver it around while over so Mark dear ghost doesn't sync is done. Listen to at the St. attorney sent a 33 at the end of the day there's going to be insurance companies are going to resolve this, or it's going to go off on appeal in my prediction would be that some appellate justices are going to reverse this bill you might be a lawyer are you, Lord.

Verse yes so I know more about that probably will be that far, you might as well just keep going on for the job because members lawyers were very good. Back in the closing argument rose garden with exactly buffer permitting what was K back down. She was one can you give me one if you give me one call and they said no deal you right now Billy that's true. So having the trial right now.

Do you think Johnny Depp is going to get offers you think Amber heard will get offers welders a word out there that Beetlejuice to think what was coming a long established relationship with Tim Burton telling the job Willy Wonka Alice in Wonderland and Johnny will be part of that movie. So there big box yes you today to go report that Amber was ideal to do is what one she played the psychiatrist in the 1890s in the room and another one she plays maybe model under attack from a serial killer or something like that movie from the petition, with 5 million signatures to have her completely removed from Aquaman to 2023. She's already had a role cut down but 5 million people want out of the movie.

I don't like this barbarism thing I don't like it.

In this way the people are vindicated and feel like movement went off the rails and all these things would off the rails and yeah our life is lived in the middle. I life is gray. Everything about human beings is gray. We have a criminal justice things that need to be handled that well looking compassion here what I feel for Amber heard when you know Shannon Curry to psychiatrist for Johnny Depp to understand that she had histrionic. I spent 23 hours with his histrionic disorder and bipolar. Guess what, I think I got the combination of some kind of thing.

If that's the case, think you got swept up in the stamped out and got her no he got what he wanted. I don't like the guy that I think you I don't think he goes you finish her off in some kind of angry way. Thank you.

I got my life. I can smell the big trucks coming in again. They will and I'm not here to rub your I'm here because I can't defend myself on people admire a person who is there anything yourself for a little hole because you know this people at the gate, so I guess Billy so would you say that I appreciate when a gray area. Having said that, you think were approaching the post woke world and the post meet to world and more of a moderate modulated world where we overreacted to things that might've been shown in equity, but do you think will come in out of it. Now when you see the billboards of the world same hey folks what's going on here.

Joe Rogan, not a right ego.

What is wrong with this going on over here on the left, Bill Morrison, I don't recognize my party anymore and also sleep the extremes on the right the same way. Do you think we getting to that post woke world. I certainly hope so. Like I like to think at the heart if you're the right person you think Alexandria, but underneath it all.

She believed something principle. We believe in evil operator trying to maliciously tear down the government and make people have one thing is for me to movement has integrity at the heart is good intentioned at the heart of every woman would agree with that and I said anything. You know it can get carried away any moment, any moment in our you know all the time direction. Let's hope they don't ruin too many more lives before the correction kicks in.

I really believe that we're getting to that the post woke world with more logic it's in and I think a little bit has to do with where you actually agree on something will look at the Russia Ukraine war we do agree with the good guys are the bad guys are and will help you and both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals are going yeah I really I feel for these people there fighting for what we take for granted and that's freedom. I think it's helping you know what we don't know what about something more positive.

Finally, reason to go back to the theater. Because of this movie is still weeping you all the great line patriotic will we all wanted, so it was really back to theater theater is not dead, Billy Bush, we can we say that Tom Cruise show that what you're saying you believe you like my mom just got "it was her second time she's been boosted back everything. My agent last night Greg got absolutely crushed by covert it except what's not out there is the fear we have found the gray area of death we have faith and believe that we can we can live with it. So no, I don't think will ever shut down like that again. I don't think the theaters of the closing. People who have no getting out of debt over greatly is a great looking.

We got an extra remember the first is over a year ago and everybody went all look at those aerials being Tom Cruise back in the cockpit gives everybody a warm feeling. The biggest opening of Tom Cruise's career and he opened yeah hundred and 56 million biggest a weekend opening ever biggest for Tom ever and by the income 11 miles Keller a.k.a. rooster Billy Bush is your first draft of this whole high withing the cinema text you the names of the cinematographer, almost, and even factors that I made up my mind always when I'm telling a story and Larry anything anyone letter got it Billy thanks want to hope we do this again agreed to hear from you and watching the show you better than ever. Billy Bush thanks so much on extra lot about Lays up early because I was texting him probably at 530 is times like a mop so that she's probably working out we come back with six more calls. It was Billy Bush brain to meet you entertaining like you're with Brian kill me breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show. I think I was wrong then about the path of inflation would as I mentioned, there have been unanticipated large shocks to the economy pushed the present by the say. Yet inflation is the fault of the Fed in my treasury picture was wrong to predict.

It was transitory.

Even though that's what Joe Biden said it continues and the Press Secretary is desperately trying to get some skills and knowledge who supposed to be able to spin her way out of this and talk about the present were lies in the Treasury Secretary admitted she's wrong.

Listen to Karen Jean-Pierre with Peter Dusek at four.

She was wrong, but White House, the president has consistently noted that the primary drivers of inflation are the pandemic and prudence invasion of Ukraine. The twists and turns of both these monumental events have affected energy prices and also food prices that we have seen these past several months.

This is prudence price hike which the president refers to and that is what Sec. Allen was referring to. If you if you read the entire transcript and that's when trying to say right so she first she would not admit it and then she comes out and says that is the primary driver of inflation.

The primary driver inflation going to Larry Summers was 1.9 trillion on top of the 800 billion. The part they trump with the system to our economy that had been recovering.

Yeah the whole world is suffering and supply chain, but we have not made the adjustments you can't tell me that we have ever those people looking for hope will look to Jamie diamond cut six look him up and I said their storm clouds. The big storm clouds are. It's a hurricane right now it's kind of sunny things are doing fine.

Everyone thinks that the defendant can handle this.

That hurricane is right up there down the road coming our way. We just don't know if it's a minor one or super storm Sandy.

Sandy, your were Andrew or something like that and see you better brace yourself in love here that J.P. Morgan Chase Jamie diamond if you had more business people around the present between much much much better off please seems totally isolated is all communications team to think of turned on. According to him and be safe right kill me. Children of one nation Saturday night, eight, 11 live pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me being your buddy at the right kill Michelle 1-866-408-7669 no cleaner was with Kaiser being Jubilee people love it and where covering it and that's great but I'm happy to be with you right in the news business so much else to cover it. While the vice president today will announce US Department of education plans to cancel all remaining federal student loans for borrowers who attended Corinthian colleges evidently was a big scam but is just the beginning. Watch to forgive these two loans in the hope of regaining the youth vote, and I think it's terrible because we have a deal in society. You take out a loan to pay the loan. That's the covenant I do believe the real interest rate to 2Y7 percent you kidding me parental loan student loans. I get it.

But if you want to work on the rate you get some people in support of you for the people, most of which are listening to me now that took us to Lowe's to afford college class people not too happy today. Let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life fax save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three, but I was surprised that Amber heard this small good thing because it does show that they were careful that they were methodically yeah what a trial right, that was one of these lawyers who waited in the dippers heard that prevails in the Amber must pay the price. Specifically, 15 million in a trial that made me so glad I'm not a movie star. But America cannot get enough of it Leaves with a career in place. Amber leaves hers disgraced a liar, a loser and she's got a find $13 million to pay RX yeah the boozy broody slimy pirate sure never totally depends and I don't know I'm up in the negotiations going on right yeah here we go. The house is moving on legislation, the Senate, assuming talking about it.

What's wait-and-see of a gun legislation deal will somehow be reached and if so would make anything better will attack the problem or only look to punish good responsible gun owners. We mollify the investigation you validate their storm clouds.

The big storm clouds are. It's a hurricane right now. Sunny things are doing fine.

Everyone thinks the Fed can handle this. That hurricane is right up there down the road coming our way is an optimist, that's Jamie diamond, J.P. Morgan Chase retirements, vacations, new car purchases put on hold as our economy is rocked by challenges. Diamond says hold on tight for an economic hurricane believers speak out about what they are seeing in the present says not his fault. He can help when it comes to the catastrophic disappearance of baby formula.

Joe just did know about it. Problem is they were told about the FDA knew about these companies knew about it and kids right now have to scramble parents have to scramble to get their infants baby formula in the present bragging that he got summoned from Australia really that is not to brag about yesterday. The present gets a resume call with these baby formula operators only a handful of them, at which time he expected to get some praise from them because he's doing things the ring formula and is planning an Indiana 2.7 million. Whatever it is it's not enough to waited too long, whistleblowers, October, December, they read the letter. The FDA goes out to Sturgis they see some problems in Sturgis baby sadly passed away two of them they say we gotta shut this thing down and it was so obvious to the operators that if you shut down this operation on baby formula that this can be issues. In fact, on the sea over brackets name is Robert Cleveland said this quote we knew from the very beginning. This would be a very serious event. He said this company reached out to retail partners like Target and Walmart immediately to warn them to start troubleshooting available inventory to ensure they could get formula onto their shelves. This was right away.

Also, multiple bid for manufacturers told by they knew that shutting down the Abbott lab in February will lead to shortages and they wore the FDA to do it that if you shut this down. The ramifications are catastrophic and you have to shut it down because you think babies go get killed if they have the stuff you have to make sure that is what up and done and passed inspection in a short amount of time to shutting something down and putting ghetto putting a lock on the door is not to help when only four companies make this stuff.

It seems pretty obvious with the present United States is still try to get away with saying I could not have known I would not have known.

Don't look at him in the big picture that is just not the story that you might say the health and human services secretary didn't tell me in your fired house about how about that Newt Gingrich Way to know what he seen from the outside cut 14. He cares more about taking care of illegal immigrants that he goes about taking care of Americans and the result is that of the federal government was competing for baby formula to take care of illegal immigrants against Americans who couldn't find the baby formula she go down this list.

Is this not a problem of performance so problem of core big government socialist values that are antithetical to the American future and to the average American. It's a genuine crisis of the system and then ABC does this report. These upset about all these things going wrong, getting blamed for it. He's upset that his communication division keeps walking back every extent predicts temporary extemporaneous treatment that he makes really you met them nodding at the press of course.

Why would you be mad at the press. The press is firmly in your camp right now is real clear averages 37.5%. That is terrible. The Emerson is little lower. You got a CNN poll that has been in the 40s. Bottom line is he's not too well, and he knows it and the numbers don't lie. Labor costs are up 12% productivity down 7.5% inflation up to a 40 year i.e .5%. We got 11 million jobs open in the presence of the deficits going down will the deficits going down because were not printing money and putting it into the system since the 1.9 trillion.

He put out there what you did do is fail or go back better and you think that is the problem. He actually believes that if we opt taxes that will be the issue. Reagan did the exact opposite cut taxes and flooded the market with supplies keeping prices low. I know every era, every problem is a little different, but we know this.

We don't want to go back to putting the screws to corporations. I did not think it is Joe Biden on that country. We can do that same time, by increasing tax rates that should go up on some corporations are paying no taxes at all. Have a med pay minimum facts and the very wealthy.

No one on a 400 g would have to pay another single penny taxes, but it would not be inflationary. It would help pay for, reduce the deficit even further and provide relief for families listen. He wasn't a great law student, every time he talks about the law, the Constitution, he seems to be wrong latest example when America was born the second amendment was ratified in 1791. Goodbye can totally not true. I suppose keep telling since our trip okay keeps doing it, then he gets on the idea that I just got a go of the knee-jerk reaction.

The problem is, the rich don't pay enough with nothing to revenue when I have a revenue problem wow to supply chain from we haven't people we cannot we have a labor problem but I don't really believe that taxing the rich people is going to anything and everybody says it is in fact to pay socials were supposed rest of the glowing things about you basically says that you have a press secretary.

They can even get your message out. One thing about Jen Saki you actually lead the charge and be able to spot problems on the fly. I'm not seeing that this woman, I cannot see holy at this job for too much longer. The present United States when he speaks off the cuff, which is very rare, ideas, and an interview in 60 days you imagine not doing an interview in 60 days show the presence of alimony walks in and out is always not available most of his press availabilities in a press availability Z and bring spray situations.

So here is present by none everything I just mention would do with supply chain with dealing with weight with dealing with the inflation way we deal with high gas prices cut to is a lot going on right now but the idea were going to grandma looks no click switch bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term, nor is with regard to food protect one thing we can look I'll talk about this over tomorrow. I'm sure you can talk about tomorrow and if you do come up as can be a written speech and someone else routine you squint your way through it when I wonder if that's actually policy so the present says I can't really let inflation blame the Fed. He said nobody saw this coming. So I'm just happy to be here says the pandemic. That's the problem never said the pandemic is over that's title 42's gotta go away, but the epidemic is around we need money for the pandemic. So he started on both sides of his mouth.

Here is pretty you seen it all and knows when a presence on time. Julie did a study I think 96% of the public says that inflation is their number one priority in their number one concern inflation.

96% cut nine from the surviving party in Congress. This is a reality that is been recognized by most Americans all across the country.

Not all Americans for a year and 1/2 or more. Inflation has been here while it is continuing to grow. Gasoline prices are off the charts in some places in California is over eight dollars. So can you imagine being a member of Congress in a competitive district in hearing what with the administration saying now well it is. That's why I think this can be around and I just think the Democratic Party is getting more squad members when the primaries is knowing show no signs of sobering up and James Carville is one of the people sobering sobering up. It's come out and go more and others and said what are you guys doing who you who exactly are you answering to become governor policy polis of Colorado seeing so that I just together, they don't want to be anti-party.

What is going on here when Sen. Menendez speaks up when the president decides to open up relations with Venezuela government. I don't recognize the infrastructure brings more oil but I'll be friendly with them. He alienate Saudi Arabia now is to go beg for forgiveness to get them to pump more oil have a lot to discuss. Today, foreign and domestic policy, how it affects nobody's perfect. But this administration so far it's Gary and were all paying the price. 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain to me Joe will be able to take some calls in the welcoming caller over the bottom of the hour you the latest on the investigation and the was going on behind the scenes of these gun talks to you places you need to kill me the fastest three hours and you know you're with Brian kill me while he did not succeed in getting a conviction from the scene. I think he accomplished something far more important, which is he brought out the truth into areas. First, I think he crystallize the central role played by the Hillary campaign and launching is a dirty trick the whole Russian gate collusion narrative and fanning the flames of second.

I think he exposed really dreadful behavior by the supervisors and the FBI. The senior ranks of the FBI who knowingly use this information to start an investigation of trump and then do their own agents by lying to them and refusing to tell them what the real source of that information was that was appalling.

That's a little blue bar last night with just your primetime target for the first time about John during his investigation he put dormant placing go with the facts go. The fact is a Michael Sussman did lie to launch this investigation for some reason that text message couldn't go in because it that text message emerged after this try was ready put into motion.

So it's a dumb thing makes no sense to me that Sally was a new text message whose diapers they just found that affected the case, but Washington DC attorney tend to want to favor Democrats. This was a political decision I have lost all faith in the jury system, but these guys are so conflicted with three Hillary Clinton supporters and one AOC supporter and with Sussman's kids playing on the same broad team with the judge's kids is just a little bit too much for me. Walker's Lucent WABC in Jersey City, New Jersey Butler that Charles out over theirs to Checo's gotta be tried in October, Walker could help your work. They work on the story and then they get a network port like like a drug comes out if 60 Minutes does on miracle drug. This is because the story is so poor they own it might have a movie that they own that their parent company owns the mixing of the doing feature on this on the on the lead actor in the turns out he works to their benefit, but the other thing that that does happen, you know, you see some of the press releases got overtime but it's up to journalists to look past the press release and see there's a substance there are not really intelligent.

There really people plant stories per someone's suggestion maybe takes a coworker. I don't get to be susceptible to it when you see something featured with it what is it about them. Example, on the other one note number 60 minutes to sides as and this is this a guy in Florida that is ignoring Anthony for algae that is leading his people make their own decisions. This getting a vaccine to as many people as possible. This going to major supermarket hubs. In order to have a central location to allow people to be able to get out as quick as I can and 60 Minutes decides I to take this governor down as we governor Rhonda Santos of Florida and I want to go out there and find out what's going on with this and it turns out, according to their studies which were faulty that the rich people that supported him in heavily red areas were getting the vaccine first. Their numbers were wrong there facts were wrong and DeSantis blew them up on camera and then he finally got the raw footage and play it all out there unable to get so there is some conjunction there when it comes to working cahoots famously with the hunter by laptop story. Now NBC says we have the story about the hunter by laptop.

It's real and turns out Joe Biden's son Hunter did a lot of deals with China, but there's no link to the big guy's son Nolan believes that just the outrage of the investigation with Donald Trump is unbelievable. Here's more from Billboard cut 38. I am a little tired of voices saying enough. These people belong in jail. Why are they in jail get them in jail.

With this episode should remind us about is that we don't just throw people in jail and the Atty. Gen. does not have the power to throw people in jail because the Atty. Gen. believes even with a high degree of confidence that people affected improperly.

He has to prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt. Before jury and government cases. That means a DC jury which is a very favorable jury for anyone named Clinton and the Clinton campaign. Those are the facts of life and to get mad at law enforcement people because proving these cases beyond a reasonable doubt is difficult work is childish right before they people point out to have much of a child's eyes was the one lawyer say Michael Sussman was allowed to be financing for XYZ recent but it doesn't mean he did not like the FBI it doesn't mean this investigation was to move forward as an anonymous tip when in the other hide his identity because a lot of these agents would've taken the case would waste their time if he knows that he'll Hillary Clinton confidant was giving this material at the same time to find out that the FBI they say they would do their portraying as the FBI was to if they pretrade it is the affairs part of this grand conspiracy to destroy trump which most people believe that what might've been a different story. That's it.

If you say yes to talkshow that's getting your Brian kill me now.

I want to buy that restricted yeah so she just rallied off a bunch of things that have no shot up as he was.

He got a slim majority in the house putting it out there mew on the Senate side there working to read something with red flare laws and talk about making too young to be 21 to get an AR 15 I'm not sure like Susan Collins is very optimistic. Blumenthal is very optimistic center Murphy's optimistic. Evidently Lindsay Graham is working with them. This can be gratuitous. Why, I see yesterday that could.

I'm not sure if she misspoke can you walk back with the press secretary says she's close to a little thing I'm not sure if she misspoke or not but she said the presence not interested in hardening the security at schools. That's gotta be a priority, and if Republicans are and if you want Republicans to do any deep deal continue to say you don't want to harden the target at schools because then you lost because everybody agrees that school should have the same security that colleges have that we have here at major corporations here at 40th and six in midtown Manhattan that most corporations have have to provide no summary.

There is a dump at you to get in the building out of IDs that just about everywhere, but when it comes to the evidently certain Texas schools. You can walk right in the back door that does indeed seem to have happen. So we'll see what happens take on this good more for Nancy Pelosi. She just outlined that banning from stock salesperson's trafficking purchases and the rest as well as a painting state storage homes are not so Fidelity's bushes ranting about guns can put something forward this and would even look at what's going on behind closed doors. What can we learn Texas resident himself for Debbie Chief of Staff for President Bush.

Fox's contributor, best-selling author Carl welcome back and I read your Wall Street Journal, gotta get to that now but well it's about gun control would you hearing Republicans are working on a bipartisan way center Corning God Christopher Mitch McConnell to go in there and and see if we can get something going.

Do you think that there is any commonality that could emerge from this or should. Well, I think there could be and should be evidence that this could work people not forget about it center Corning letter bipartisan effort to fashion. This is after Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas where the you know the course of retiree and had basically escaped the military response to turnover information to the to the next system that's the national database to keep track of criminal offenses. People shouldn't have guns.

And he should of been on that list and he was just one example of other problems with that and center Corning letter and effort that in a bipartisan patient by big boat fix the problem. That problem in the background checks the next system and they get something done and you Corning is low-key, so he wasn't out there beating us just about any was trying to find things were going to agree on and there can be things that we are not can agree on. Let's focus on the things we might be able to agree upon. So I hope you find some areas of commonality, things that would help make our security more safe incentives for red flag laws, perhaps weekly this week have a lot of states with with red flag lost two of them are Indiana and Florida pretty red states. Good point Florida came up with that after the parking shootings Karl Rove with a cell call you had a guest columnist in a place adjourned every week I he's got a very big job. These present United States and you wrote today about the guest columnist column number one you're jealous of how many words Joe Biden God to express what he was going to do in Ukraine and was doing on the economy. He did that earlier see you pushback on present buying on that first off, you point out is real cool. Putting political approval rating local politics River is 34.5 35.5% it slows may be in history and all his column does is pass the buck and since this is not my fault you have a mental problem with that you want to expand on my column was about.

I thought it was a political document not a governing document really is amazing. Your writing starts up everything's okay economy is terrific and he says it fixed explicitly says it's because of my economic and vaccination policies will waive infertile, but maybe the reason he's got 35% approval in the real clear politics average on the handling of the economy is because most people look at that.

You know what, I got a problem with my paycheck and KP keeping up with the cost of my family and second of all, to the greater jobs of return were still not back to where we were before the pandemic, but to the greater jobs and growth returned is it they credit that to opening back up the economy at the end of the pandemic shutdown not to anything that Biden did and as to the vaccines will who was the guy who certainly got the vaccines in record time, could you at least acknowledge him, rather claiming all the credit to you, but that was just the opening slot. You're right yet three parts to his call. One is our number one is but here's my plan.

The Federal Reserve's in charge and other courts blinking them. If it doesn't work out. Second of all, I've got ideas on things on how we don't spend money to make the lower-cost for some people in the course ignore the fact that was my big tube $1.9 trillion American rescue plan to kick this all off but but you if you have a lot of spending causes problem. Let's do a lot more spending and hope that somehow or another that makes problem go away and closes but let's have an honest discussion between Republicans and Democrats about this honest and open but just that is in the same paragraph in which he says will the Republicans have a plan to raise taxes on people making less than $100,000 and got Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid that won him.

Three Pinocchio's from the Washington Post fact checkers so not exactly a great ending first column right. So he says the problem is that we have about this. Have a clean energy tax credits about price controls. How about how about we got free eldercare and childcare will help the economy and he also not to say the problem is taxes on high enough got to going on right now but the idea were going to grandma looks no click switch bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term, nor is with regard to food protect one thing we can look I'll talk about this over tomorrow. He's talking about right now. He says we gotta get taxes on the wealthy aren't paying enough and corporations will get those taxes up rig and you just the opposite. He flooded the market would supply any reduced taxes would what formula is he going off of very liberal and bogus.

Even the progressive ticket very left wing website to keep track of how many billionaires are are in America are 664.

Let's assume that that's right that enough money in the pockets of billionaires and that's what the president said in his article, we gotta have billionaires grouper pay pay their fair share of taxes never specifies what their fair share is me right now they're paying 40% tax rate 40+ tax rate and yet you know where you somehow solve the problem by getting 664 people to kick in a lot more money.

The only way that they can kick in a lot more money is to start rib stripping away their wealth to basically say you gotta give up your house or your stock investment just were not good. Just checked your income tax, accumulated wealth and once we go to first walk may be unconstitutional. I think it is. But if we go down that path. How soon before they start to what you know what that night, how she got really where Startex in that house from the federal government from the federal government perspective because you know we we got a wealth tax. So look he doesn't have a plan.

Let's be honest about it and he said he's right about one thing, there is no quick answer to lowering gas prices. He spent a year and 1/2 doing everything possible to reduce the amount of oil and gas exploration to make it more difficult to get product to market to refineries and to make it more difficult to get refineries built. He did spend a year and 1/2 doing it on doing that is to take some time but we gotta start doing it just because he did something bad doesn't mean that we week. We'll just let them keep those things in place if you want to lower energy prices.

You need to have more supply of energy. It's a fundamental fact, the more there is something available, the lower the prices tend to be the situation with the president's flight out either wants WhatsApp short-term memory loss, or he has it. Here's what he said about the baby for sale baby formula facility just to remind everybody in October whistleblower mail the letter talk about the problems with the Sturgis plan. We do have the deaths of two children.

They thought might be a link back to the Sturgis plan summaries in the mailroom stuck on this letter gets in December. The FBI goes out in the new year ends up shutting the plant down and we have reports yesterday with the present.

It is photo op Zoom call with all the leaders of these baby formula companies.

They told set a time. This is going to be a huge problem.

The FDA was told this could be a huge problem towards production target and Walmart were briefed by the other CEOs that we have to find a way to get suppliers can be a huge problem it didn't stop the president from saying this cut 16 question is whether or not there was this could move quicker. What injection are well. I don't think anyone anticipated impact of the shutdown of one facility, you have a facility and so once we learned of the extent of how broad it was everything and appear I think were were on the way to be able to completely solve the problem.

We knew it from the very beginning. This is the CEO of retina record with one of these major companies we knew from the very beginning. This would be a very serious event. They said that from the beginning.

So who's telling the truth of Karl Rove somebody in the White House did know about it they barely didn't accept his word know about it. In April, but the plant was identified in September sanctioned in February, industry executives said they knew that there be a problem on February the president said he became aware of, and in April, so you look who's in charge of the White House.

What kind of meetings do they have on a regular but, Mr. Pres., you know it's April. We we we forgot to tell you about a problem that emerged in February. There is really bad is going to get worse. I mean look at one other thing throughout the public statements recently and it is written, the washroom and in the New York and the Wall Street Journal. He is saying things that are fundamentally wrong or not accurate. So who's checking what he says he make. He claimed it as Wall Street Journal. I cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion that Artie said that and got whacked. I didn't know until this morning that there was the Washington Post sanctioned him today with an article saying he claimed that his green energy policies would reduce utility prices by $500 and that he learned this in a meeting with utility executives. While there was no such meeting. It didn't come from a meeting with executives.

It came in a report in the report didn't say that would be $500 less utility because it said would be $500 less in cost from grouper driving and wouldn't be happening. If you enacted his policies, it would happen in 2030.

The only thing I won't even be president, then to enacted policies today and eight years from now you have $500 less that you're supposedly paying to drive if you were there that if you didn't pass his policies. Utilities at all. So he got he got sanctioned on that today by the fact checkers.

Who in the White House is saying. Let's make certain that the present United States is going out there saying things that are accurate that were knocking to get ourselves kicked around by the fact checkers for having said something that is demonstrably false. Got so bad because justice relaxes you get to lunch kick back. I got you all fired up right before noon Eastern time. So responsible for that you start chronicling or later so I got some time got done. I called that's good. Now I feel better breeze, was to generally breaks down even more detail call.

Thanks so much. You made America a better place right when we come back to find out if you indeed need to know more, something new every day, Brian Kilby is so busy he'll make dear Brian, you kill me so my wife yes you will down actually you with one going to do something white person and we can talk about that right now. What, let's hear pretty good job of so Jon Stewart invited Andrew Sullivan on the show another woman from another feminist organization that hate white people on a show.

Sullivan was probably not felt until he was ambushed. He went on to talk about it with Megan Kelly cut 41, 24 hours before I thought and I was told I would just with John so I was leaving that aside to go on television. So I asked because of your race and your sex at dismissal time group of people based on the righteousness definition of that is an platform for that kind. I was just said experience that and I just got the wrong guy. He's a conservative logical conservative happens to be gay outwardly talk about it and then you bring them on to say apologize for being white and that's where Jon Stewart show is Joe Jon Stewart is also shown signs of being somewhat Bill Moorish staying on the left, but also being a practical side to him. I didn't see it there makes me wonder if there's even more to know the 16th anniversary tour in Madrid. Though I still have 14 countries across Europe, the first Taken Pl. in Wanda stadium athletic feel good job.

If falls bands no filter tour. Just amazing.

I did not know Mick Jagger was such a cheap fitness buff and stays in shape as opposed to Keith Richards who does just the opposite. But they're both still out there. It's amazing they consider they came in with the Beatles and they've long surpassed for other reasons. Next, Joe Samberg resigned as COO of Facebook, the parent company to meta Samberg announced her resignation topper to do something else. She first joined better in 2008 with Zuckerberg will see.

I'm sure she'll be fine. This is story. I cannot wait to talk about next data Pinkett Smith wants to her husband. Will Smith and Chris rock to talk it out and reconcile after the big slap. Let's listen to Jayda about asking my deepest hope is that these two intelligent capable now have an opportunity to heal talk this out and reconcile state of the world today. Both and we all actually need one another more than ever. Until then when I continuing to do what we have done for the last 28 years keep fading out this thing called life together right that was part of red tabletop data Pinkett Smith will Smith went Indian came back and see if they will be big news of the end up talking together about Chris rock hanging out staying on the outside for now, wait for the right time, right over 100 meteorologists and resources. The Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber. Listen now if Fox is not just

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