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Supremely Dangerous: Rhetoric Leads to Assassination Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 9, 2022 12:45 pm

Supremely Dangerous: Rhetoric Leads to Assassination Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 9, 2022 12:45 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian thanks was reading your body is the right to only show a desire to be joined by Jason Chapin still has me how I know. Okay, he's here call Shimkus to the bottom of the hour will be a breath of fresh air after I'm done with the Congressman alarms me a Fox News contributor you watching him on Fox nation for the music indicates I should get first announced you today is a big show 8 o'clock January 6 hearings and its bill for television.

I'm surprised it would not be surprised is a big curtain revealed and is a warm-up comedian to come out before this is really built for prime time. The system should be dual 1 o'clock in the afternoon on C-SPAN but no, they're putting their big names in their biggest hits on right away. No joke. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three water public largely trusted special here so why did I try to keep it wider.

Spent a steady stream of leaks, but they're trying to do is grant the public by the pallet and say this is a much more deal than you think it is. Whether you're Republican or Democrat. Nice try.

I should have real Republicans on the panel like Jim Banks. It was supposed to be there and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger who are conservative to start acting like it.

The January 6 investigation has thundered into a Broadway production and the curtain goes up tonight prime time. We will watch you and tell you what we think but I want to know what you think. The aim is I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you will know what you if you go forward with these awful decisions and we certainly encourage that. Outside of the present position. Unbelievable. Supremely dangerous. That's how any rational observer would describe what's happening at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices around the country and it would be in us, a would-be assassin was caught in front of justice Cavanaugh's home yesterday. This is present. Biden predicts a revolution.

No joke because of Roe V Wade, inflation is is is the is the bane of our existence.

Inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline and my dad to say every family is a little bit of breathing room. We love hearing that story it so I can really relate to it. Present Biden did his first sitdown interview in over four months and chose Jimmy Kimmel to do it to reassure the American public that he has a handle on inflation gas prices and crime. Now, but it did give his communication steam something to do today that's walked back that revolution comment and so much more encouragement Jason Jake that I just before the show at me that I was struggling this morning at about four to knock it down to three things. There's so much going on lot of violence. A lot of talk of violence and then issues that people really care about, like, you know, inflation, and whatnot. But oh my goodness there's so many things coming out in your your number one on this list the dog and pony show the 25 minutes of Liz Cheney trying to to weave this together.

I don't think America cares and I don't think there is no bargain. A lot usually disappointing. They would term a January 6 which is a conservative care. She has probably trumpet she is not anything but a conservative. She voted with them almost every single time, and she understood the trip was different than any other leader but still she was in his corner, but this was where the rubber hits the road for her understood Adam Kinsinger pretty conservative guy so I thought to get on that panel and when they started bringing up a lot of these agenda items that were nothing to do with the investigation.

The CD they stop pointing out where was security.

Where were the requests you know this was.

He did say walk over peacefully and patriotically. I thought to be a little bit of pushback because when you sit down with it. They fundamentally always fought with Democrats on things like this. Not now this surprise you if it does I know them both. I served with both when I was in Congress, but I think the that the disconnect where they should've walked away from this this show that is being put on by the Democrats is when the Nancy Pelosi would not allow McCarthy to point people to be the other side the questioners of Jim Jordan's dear old banks and whatnot actually be on the panel that just totally delegitimize is this thing into a one sides and 11 party push.

I recognize the Kinsinger and and Cheney taken a very different position on this. I think everybody knows where they're at but how did they buy into the idea that Pelosi and Pelosi alone would be the one this select to actually just ask the questions that will I know we never thought to be an issue before we behave any couple hundred years. It hasn't, it hasn't. So that was one thing, usually Jim Vander hi I started to say in our open cut 32 much different world today than anything else lately hearings a certain Watergate Watergate public largely trusted government. They took these congressional hearings on both sides. More seriously, obviously the Clinton stuff was was pretty polarizing and of itself special here so I think it wider and high-energy fiber. Try to keep 90. This is why there's been a steady stream of leaks, but they're trying to do is grant the public by the pallet and say this is a much more deal than you think it is.

Whether you're Republican or Democrat, and Liz Cheney another saying six conspiracy that goes all the way to the tops down from the trust settlement. This is revolution of this ransacking of the US capital to try to overturn the election is one thing to say something on social media and are very fixated on what Donald Trump was doing on social media that the aim of the signal was another is to keep enough couple things. If you look at some of those text messages. The most telling was done Junior done Junior's I can you tell him to get on television. This is not good. Tell them this is bad if anybody would know about a conspiracy so call conspiracy to storm the capital. It would be the son of the president who is very much in lockstep on the very rally you saw the text message that was Cheney let out yeah I don't think there is some smoking gun. There's no new witness that is suddenly going to be compelling.

There's no imperative to be at 8 PM in prime time and all those types of things.

I think it's going to be viewed as the the show in the circus that they wanted to be something quite frankly, very many people can rewatch it in one of the reasons that I think you're right is because we are overwhelmed right now with inflation first time since I was in grammar school that we ought about inflation nonstop and is gas lines and the gas lines aren't starting yet because not many people can afford to get online. It's kind hit five dollars. Maybe today five dollars on average.

That doesn't means I can to be nine in California, so these things are very ever everyday items and baby formulas another. Now tell us about pet food is gonna run out soon. Looking to have rolling blackouts because of our or our a power grid we can get cars and know that because of the chips and then you add to that the food prices because that that's coming next.

We been warned and warned again that this is going to affect food. These are everything. That is why we don't care as much about January 6 yeah exactly. But there's there's going back to January 6. There's no new information they are charging appropriately the people who storm the U broke the law then charge them that Republicans are opposed to a cave or them take a cop shield and you break a window and you climb to that window. I nobody's know that you kidding yeah prosecutor when there are lots of people that have been prosecuted.

So I yeah I think they're going to put out there trying to put on the show to try to distract, but the moment you go to the gas pump. The moment you go to the grocery store.

The moment you try to go online and start to purchase something you recognize that even though you may got out of a 5% pay raise last year.

Guess what, that's is been washed away. You're making less than you were before, and end. It's exacerbated by the fact the Bible goes out on Kimmel to try to explain it. About his daddy, and guess what. Nobody's buying it. It just reeks of incompetency IPP of the commerce secretary sink, where out of ideas. There's no reminder do I mean it, and she's the golden child they should choose the MVP of that administration yeah I and so it just reeks of incompetence. They have no new ideas. There's no way to tackle it, and their only solution that I actually do hear them out there let's go out and spend more money on health care so couple things you just brought up if I just talk about. Generally six to leave this behind for site number one horrified the people there that I really yeah I thought of Zechariah and I've said this before, yeah. And I said to Pete takes it on the air that day who cover the rally was 30,000 people there.

They don't show the crowd in a white huge turnout budget people said they were upset about the result of the election. They saw the present got more votes than any other Republican in history and they couldn't believe this terrible campaigner who's failed twice got 82 million. I'm not sure the intricacies of where the votes went. I'm not sure if there was all a great deal of corruption.

I have not seen it.

Having said that the present to have the rising march of the capital. He is on the record of requesting 20,000 National Guard number two is now in the Secret Service who came out and said the president was insisting on going down there okay so they said he never intended to go shoot, so he's insisting on going down there use the term patriarchal.

He break down to go down there patriotically and peacefully.

If he was there, not in a million years would he have joined the Georgia patent go ahead and storm the gates. No way was that the intention you factor in those text that was an opportunity for Kinsinger and Cheney to get some I guess relevance and credibility.

She because I listen there's a few things that show this was not a conspiracy and is a few things. It shows us when she is just as militant as Nancy Pelosi on it so that to me is the starting point, the person is actually in charge Capitol Hill police as Nancy Pelosi said having hearing without her is incomplete. Member they didn't want to see the police presence. They like the idea of the police presence everywhere member the White House right was breached in the present was put into the basement and they said what we don't like the idea of these cops are on these people should be allowed to protest. That's right, and ended their doctor to bring in the Capitol Hill police.

How can you not have that of the Capitol Hill police and and why are they exploring this idea of the request from the president suggesting that you know it.

There should be thousands of National Guard there to protect their resource.

They are available, but they're not can it even talk about that so that's as much out of a January 6. I'll see what comes out of it. We are horrified by it.

If the Hillary Clinton was a part of that we be all over it. But we wouldn't overextended. I don't believe we be seeing the drag it out because I believe in the big picture, America's got so many pressing issues even look at Roe V Wade, the attempted assassination of Justice Cavanaugh look at what happened in our schools in ufology what was happening with a legal immigrant storming up 40 that's the border that's 32, 32 miles deep and getting bigger could be 15,000 in a week and they say all two years ago something happened.

We have to go over it again. I think it's a misplaced but we come back, Bill Bruen, who is a former Obama White House official now with global engagement whose global engagement director six is gonna be a total reset for this Democratic administration, what year we have to say and have Congressman Jason J. Victorian going to need to know basis and do you need to know Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine's personal powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show God's not not have a strategy ranging in Russia willing to get involved militarily to defend. I wanted to consider United States remains committed to one China policy, we do not support I want independence. If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine. Would that trigger a military response from NATO and River were trigger response in kind. United States has no intention of using chemical weapons.

Under any so those are some of the workbench.

I could run a lease for 20 minutes about some of the walk backs that evidently present binds enraged that his own staffers walked back, justifiably because it seems as though he goes against his own foreign policy or long thought to be foreign policy Jason shape it's with here with us.

Former Congressman Fox's contributor so the present last night made clear of the last two days. His wife and his sister went up to Stefan say let Joe Biden be Joe Biden stop loving coaching them so much when go out with the people more. That's what will go to get you more Joe Biden more cowbell. That's all relieved that's going to solve the problems yet one of the worst communicators as a president we've ever had.

You got, harassed, by the way whose funeral word salad every time she she decides to speak but how embarrassing that you, you essentially need to get your euro-your daughter to say leave him alone every who is running that place. If not, the present United States. So bread Bruen rices, the USA Today and bread Bruen is a former White House global engagement director and he just can't believe the mistakes he's making on the global stage he thinks is gonna be a total reset. These got a bad staff he join Fox and friends today listen to. So when he went out and wrote this column. Jason was something he would write some of the criticisms you said it would be a big deal.

Republican Congressman writing but for a Obama official to write it.

It's outrageous. 36. The weight of his words matter so much more and he's just been careless with some of these comments and the point that I make me how bad it is.

His team knows that he has this tendency, they are ill-prepared when he's made these repeated comments whether it was on Afghanistan on Russia on Taiwan. We have got to shake up that team, not just because of the gaps that Biden's continue to make in the lack of preparedness that they've had in response to them, but just the summit this week in LA and how disastrous this is for our diplomacy. The fact that we almost lost a strong relationship with France over a lack of coordination on the submarine deal with Australia when these are just basic fundamental elements of diplomacy 101 DJ you DD for two years in a row and then with the conference of America's coming to our country for the first time. No Honduras, no El Salvador, no New Mexico yet.

The biggest issue is clearly illegal immigration and bringing manufacturing back to this impoverished nations.I never did his homework would will plow the ground to make sure we were embarrassed like this and we were supposed to get the person had been in DC for 50 years who understood all this stuff who is going to bring normalcy back in it and it's not. It is embarrassing like they have kept them in a cocoon. I mean, did the Jimmy Kimmel interview after months Jeff four months in the cocoon and they still have to cover up for his gaffes. It it it again.

I think you got a poorly executing staff who continually contradicts the president, it begs the question who's really in charge.

I think it's Susan Rice. I think it's Brandy's I think it's it's Ron Klein. These these are the people that are really, I think running the show there, but if Joe Biden has a problem that fires somebody make a change. Don't just wait to get selected that at the midterms, but he doesn't show any gumption that way soon hired these people in the first place.

So you look at Roe V Wade you look at Roe V Wade being big guns being big and now this January 6. This seems to be the trifecta of hope for Democrats. They feel like they're on the right side of these issues you've been debating these issues for years. What you think I get out.

You heard the Democrats at one point when they gathered together and they said hey what why don't people like us more. It's because the policies that they did implement have caused these problems. These are self-inflicted wounds. The border was not an issue. Now it is inflation was not an issue. Now it is Afghanistan should've been a proud moment for this country to bring our troops home and we lost 13 on her way out and it was just an accidental event and what issue do you point to as a Democrat that says yeah this is where America really agrees with us. Roe V Wade, they're not getting rid of abortion, they're giving it to the states.

Guess what New York and California. All the people that are concerned about giving more abortion than ever in your states rights might have to pick up a go to a different state. If you're there to do it correct. Yes I in Utah were going to probably have one of the most stringent laws in missiles and probably as well. But you know what abortion is not going away. So don't try to overplay your hand and tell some like inflation that you just fundamentally have more say we can do it it's okay up to the ninth month SLC 11 nation this weekend. Rices get a big Excel yes I am so Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox's contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now in Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other and kill me. Interestingly, current ambassador serving overseas as well as foreign fasteners reached out, thanked me for voicing some of these can.

Traditionally, the national security circles here in Washington are a pretty tightknit group and that's the problem is that his national security team is cut from the same cloth. There's nobody in the situation room saying our assumptions need to be challenged on this because if not really continue to drive into these diplomatic ditches and that is the guy that you would think would have the back of Joe Biden if they had a problem that wouldn't come forward. But that is not the case. This guy Bill Bruen want to why the USA Today two days ago and wrote an editorial on how they really have to break up the White House bread Bruen I should say he's White House global engagement directories. One of the dissertation J fits. But now we saying the people in his security team. Are you thanking him and basses around the world thanking them for speaking up because they all think the same way. There is no counter thought within the situation room at the White House and the thought that the prevailing is terrible policy: Shimkus is the cohost of Fox and friends first to see her all around the channel calling this pretty amazing.

The bread Bruen came on to talk about the calm that he wrote USA Today on a network.

Yeah, great interview and a good thing that he spoke out and I think that he is spot on session when it comes to national security and I know that a lot of focus gets put on some of that gas that that Pres. makes when he speaks out. I to be honest, sometimes I think the walk backs are more damaging than that comment that he makes this it underlines these mistakes or because the you like with the present think that sometimes his reaction is coming from a position of strength and then it gets undercut by the administration who sends out a message and says owner. Now, we actually didn't mean that like yelp present Diane when he was in Poland I think this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion when he said that Putin cannot remain in power, good.

He shouldn't have the president say that don't crack can write like that way. The company made about Taiwan spot scared. Here's one thing that would be different about what you said when I okay the script is implementing and then will be in there. So we have our debate behind closed doors. I walk out that door.

I say it, and the administration says will you that is so recent instead you donate a statement like that. The end. You are the scripting you we know what happened to you, so don't you so what why do you have to ad lib. devil all his comments are especially that the line that he meant me to pull a moment of passion and I think that presidents are can be afforded those moments, but then nearly their IDs to present you before those moments on the house to a world superpower in the neighborhood and should not remain in power right and I think that a lot of people were feeling at the time and still are, but that could be fine but if on the president either its policy. If I want to vent.

I go to my smoking room but I put on my tennis shoes and I sit there and I vent to my Chief of Staff.

I don't do that in Polish translator came back and said excuse me.

That's not the issue because what's happening in Russia is there playing there saying that the West wants to oust Putin. He wants of the world against us. We helped that narrative. If you decide to make it your narrative at camp I had of raw emotion. I completely understand you.

I think that the administration could have handled it completely different lands at less than what the president was expressing is that Russia just invaded a sovereign nation, and what he wanted to express less if it escalates, one telling a donation. Now we no longer think that he should until his chest about Dean who was voted out of office by substantial margin. Yesterday, I think it's so much bigger.

I think it's gonna rippled to gas going and I hope it ripples to Chicago and opened ripples through Philadelphia and a Republican governor could fire Alvin Brack because it's in our country in the ark, meaning the New York Constitution. So what do you think the messages the Democrats are taking from Chesser Bodine's ouster. I mean this is ideal, especially because it happened in San Francisco and you know what I was reading about the way that the voting did you read about who voted yes and her vote and now to recall chasing the genie really the only areas that voted yes tax on happenstance, the district attorney where the rich white areas. While this crime doesn't affect them but yet he just wouldn't say this is the right wing conspiracy jousting. There was this clip that was played on Fox and friends. I may have a sign he may not of that leaked audio to jailhouse recording of the prisoner who is accused of murder. He's on the phone.

I believe with his mother on any saying I better get I better cut a plea deal is that what he wanted, wanted a plea deal because he knows that Gascon is also facing a recall and he wanted to cut and basically sweetheart deal before that happened. So if the prisoners are afraid that you will as the district attorney are going to get recall in your soft on crime policies are going to go away.

You are taking the wrong position so I thought it was interesting when you have this guy bread Bruen stand up and write that editorial I when Bill Moore comes and says the things he does because it is upset the apple cart when Joe Rogan famously voted for Bernie Sanders says the only people that have my back or conservatives and then James Carville said this about, would you just discussed cutting Democratic voters should seize control of their party.

The people San Francisco one last night the faculty at Berkeley University California Berkeley lost and get out. This is not unusual.

They lost in Seattle, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Cleveland, New Orleans, New York City, Maine. Hopefully, that the a lot of people in the party and a lot of people it covered a party and influencers understand that the Democrats around the country live in this country and date they want a safe country and I want people to pay attention to them. Yeah, I know, I think that James Carville-last night. He's really guy. He said a lot of smart things about the state Democratic party.

Although, it just feels like there are. It's becoming increasingly radical and he's trying to speak for the more moderate wing of it.

I want to present to say that EE want the president yeah yeah I wish the presence of a noun, yeah. And something else that Carville and he only talks that the stickies like the end it's so true. Have you read AOC's tweets and it's like she speaks a different language. Jesus words that are not in the normal vernacular and it's bizarre.

It's all of his like woke speak it's really hard to follow. You can follow when you're that age now exactly I think are almost the exact same age, but it's like were different like a totally different species of people and she was talking about Latin Max recently.

She released this video and she was saying that the Democrats to criticize the Latin extern which is a gender-neutral term for Latino Latino or Hispanic, and she was criticizing Democrats for saying that you shouldn't say that.

My problem is that like only 3% of Hispanics and use that term. I asked my mom recently if she knew what it meant and she had no clue right and your mom is allows the Puerto Rican X. Now it is that is like well I guess you are that right okay yeah I think I dumped to bid up to qualified that everybody knows your mom.

We should know that conversations were on yes this is just you and me absolutely.

By the way Father's Day is coming up.

We have when we come back yet to tell me that you and tells the Father's Day turn.

Though it is fantastic. So we come back about that before we close the door onward, Democrats are heading. I don't believe James Carville was acting the way describe what happened in New Orleans in New York and other places because there are different primary wins and there were different things that happen evidently Adams ran on the pro-law enforcement, crime platform and nothing's changed these of the cities. Nothing's changed. That was a recall. Yeah, that was you at election two years ago and you suck so much that we you one more second, he lost by 30 points exactly that to me commits me then when you look with happen with the LA mayors race when you have this billionaire former Republican run on micro law and order platform not more votes than Karen Karen Bass, who is loved by the party almost the running mate and then her statement after winning the road when you get to earn the runoff talk about with time for us to take back our streets and law enforcement.

Yeah, I guess because people realize that that's what actual Americans want into your point about you wish James Carville are present by its bookmarking, Carville and I have never heard a more divisive and partisan interview in my life. Jimmy Kimmel thing that her place and okay we come back. Yeah I did was to know they are reddish heroes rate, but I was right before your show starts. You are so thing watching the cat Over what at one point has invited China to make an appeal to the oddities like and I hope Republicans in the up this audience till like there really no Republicans in his audience, Jimmy Kimmel, make sure that you stand that even conversation so much but it's true. You, your ratings will be higher if you are funny and nonpartisan as a comedian because if you are even slightly to the right you can't listen to what happened yesterday is just nauseating clap fast stand just so so polarizing time. By the way, when there is a real bipartisan effort going on in the Senate to pass gun violence legislation.

He's railing against Republicans used the wonder if that sort of speech will affect the legislation could cope with things. I believe when you just said that member Job.

I must say more control. Maybe he trumped his communications team and said this present you need to be in four months you get ripped if you first interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, I wanted to Jimmy Kimmel, maybe he does it tone deaf to the attempt on Cavanaugh's life tone deaf to the debate in Congress and the need for bipartisanship exactly tone deaf to even January 6 so will discuss that we come back and find out how Colin Shimkus was told by what Co. Shimkus was told by her dad. One of the last time she got him a Father's Day present, which might cost him his present this year radio show people for the kill me. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list proxies by just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. We can show you use a booster seat here.

I'm a short guy trying to lead Heath's apparently just squishes the side of the county is think you are saying a whole base for so long. There's a hole there it's really company much more comfortable. Indeed, in my defense, squishy so that my surprise Allison so that's what happens when I'm not there was this car was currently Co. Shimkus is hereby the code when was this yesterday right yes and he was filling in for you but the origin of this was filling in for Rachel over the weekend when I sit in the middle between Pete well I appear taller than no question and NP doesn't really care. I love Colombo from but he can tell.

So I gave the stage manager, put a little cushion under each of their seats that make them look tolerant and me my truly don't mind, but who outed him.

Lawrence over the weekend and that is what you Lawrence. Both of them are also taller than me but there is where you and Steve don't feel it is because it be you think it's a question about big Pete liked and his knee.

Yeah, I don't think it has to do with you guys wearing the couch down. Do you 600 pounds to do that.

I think it's just the way that that cushion is I don't know she knew anything about cushion like it's like you never you never worked in for just a no no. Believe it's the way the couches I should say there's like a hole there. I don't know. It's just the way it is. But anyway, I know that you lying behind the other thing is just so I don't want to lose this story. So we mentioned about Father's Day and golf and I think it's worthy tone. The threat that you have the best idea for Father's Day. You dad likes to go yeah you had a great idea. So I think the driving range.

Father daughter father.great moment what font family led to a driving range near where my parents live and I hit the golf ball and he looks and he goes this is this is the opposite of a Father's Day gift that bad. And instead of like you helping you. He wanted to leave their damages like oh Carly, I like oh my goodness like I said I've never really done before. I believe I missed it a couple times and I have video on my phone.

I will show it to you posted. But on the Post-it posted. We posted on my my social media that million followers I have more than I think the one must yeah but I got a lot more than twitter couple things you will you bring up the I think I think that your dad was getting probably love the fact he did suck him a card you want to solicit with my family we get. This is a big push my family, no more cards, excuse me. We got it. Are you why. What point is it we can mark any occasion. You look back and remember anything but the shirt you gave me, or the videogame you got. So what I want to keep you up-to-date on that to see leave your number so I can use thought last night was a softball interview. Here's a little of present Biden doing is for first one on one in four months: inflation is is is is the bane of our existence. Inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline.

No my dad, you say every family is a little bit of breathing room. If you take a look at all the cost of the family has on a monthly basis but also includes healthcare prescription drugs, childcare, all those things when I'm proposing we get. I think we get it done. I'm proposing that we in fact reduce the cost of by paying out now are upping tax believable exactly totally insane. Let's pump more money into the economy during a period of high inflation and it really was so divisive not funny either. It was basically just a 20 minute speech by Pres. Biden rambling at times and then he would say that Republican Party today. It's not your father's Republican Party. This is Maggie extremism and Jimmy Kimmel way tell a joke about tromping and they would move on and I think that the most telling part that one point Camilla right let's talk about the issues reproductive rights for women, climate change, voter reform, where we on those things that I want to know is are the issues and of course those are Jimmy Kimmel's issues because gas prices are affecting inflation is an effective crime is effective and really what happens is by this you still like the buying administration is being run by Jimmy Kimmel's and that's why he feels he seems so completely out of touch sometime you remember the Chuck Schumer clearly was briefing Kimmel about healthcare in two different things. When Petrone first got in office they had a lot more pull back then and they would brief them on healthcare and talk about this. This is something myself. There's no way there's not some collaboration that was using the late-night owes to be organs of influence for the Democratic Party and the daily beast wrote this positive story saying I hope I can read it said that while a lot of the criticism there's like some joke that Fox News start right at the top and the daily beast has a headline it says that Jimmy Kimmel pool proves Fox is wrong and goes hard to make sure that was an accidental onion headline that I read it because it's a joke, absolutely out of these himself any favors. I think you turn his whole White House and turning on each other. Probably I will never turn on and got me a golf was in Father's Day I would absolutely take you to record live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me by Brian Kilby.

Thanks much for being here is more teasing and sinners danger sparred with Sec. of trade Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this was predictable. This inflation these gas prices don't pretend like it wasn't. Also, today, tonight will be we have that big 8 o'clock Eastern time prime time show January 6 the Prez United States is going to be out in Los Angeles probably still there with the conference of America's so important is it not one press conference. Not one joint session. No attacking the core reasons for the massive illegal immigration storming a border.

The poverty, the infiltration of China in the region. Nothing about wood brushes doing in Venezuela.

We don't have anything like that going on because the president did you prepare these nations for consequences if they didn't embarrass us and didn't show and didn't show Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, was hit to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life fact save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three public trusted government threshold here, so why try to keep its widest in a steady stream of leaks. What they're trying to do is grab the public by the citizens of much more than you think it is you're looking for a credit right now it is wave you're making a way bigger than it actually is that you want to get stuff done. You don't make it a show January 6 investigation thundered to a broad reproduction. The curtain goes up tonight will watch to see what the aim is to me it's clear, stopped him from running again. I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you will know what you if you go forward with these awful decisions and we certainly continue to encourage that. Outside of judges, not the present position really supremely dangerous. That to me that any national observer would describe what's happening at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices in a would-be assassin was caught in front of justice Cavanaugh's home. This is present by this is present by predictive revolution over Roe V Wade, inflation is is is the bane of our existence. Inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline. No my dad, you say every family is a little bit of breathing room.

Yeah, right. Thanks, dad present. Biden did his birth to 10 interview in four months and he chose Jimmy Kimmel did it reassure the American public that he has a handle on inflation gas prices and crime. Nope, but it did give his communication team something to do today and that's walk back a series of quips, one of which talked about revolution.

So when asked about Roe V Wade and knowing that there was a leak that shows it could be overturned thanks to the Dobbs decision. They could come out any day the Prez was asked about that and what actually could happen if that came down when I was shot shocked to see the present actually say this if in fact the decision compounds wear ties in the states impose the limitations are talking about is going to cause a mini revolution of a lot of these folks out of office a mini revolution use those terms in the same day that we find out that a assassin dispatched himself to Supreme Court justice Cavanaugh's home, which is been well-publicized and well protested over the last month we told you about what Schumer said. Now let me talk about this is a California man who decided to go 3000 miles with get this usually about 20 years in prison. Tactical knife. A chest rig a Glock 17 pistol two magazines ammunition pepper spray zip ties a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch crowbar pistol like duct tape, hiking boots and an padding on the soles of his shoes to move in and out quietly.

This is so well thought out. You think this guy is kill before I would do a thorough scrubbing of his background before I would need further when he eventually would be spotted by two marshals at 105 in the morning call 911 for some reason he was still out at 145 city had suicidal thoughts.

Marti's and George's now Mark is it possible to overstate the magnitude of what I just said you can't possibly over think about the Brian pleaded and imagine that as a result, the Supreme Court was unable to issue it is in the Dobbs and then Joe Biden replaced and assassinated conservative justice with a liberal who about the opposite way, changing the grim court decision you imagine the constitutional crisis that would include the Lord mistreatment.

What happened if that were allowed to happen. Just literally hours after it would be if the accident arrested near allowing protesters and Cavanaugh about the same with the federal law that they are not enforcing the law. This is insanity. The idea that we could find a way you know everybody's running order to have the hearing tonight about whose purpose is to say, the Donald trumps rhetoric on January excited be the Y with on March 2020. Chuck Schumer stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and that I quote I want to tell you Gorsuch. I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you will release the whirlwind that you will pay the price you will know what you if you go forward be gobbled."

How instruction Donald Trump to get delivering a rally rally in the capital on on January 6 incitement to violence, but Chuck Schumer delivering a speech on the that a rally on the steps of the court. Since this is what you talking like a €13 guard starts.

I want to tell you Cavanaugh you please when you say you will know you if you go forward with these awful decisions.

Use helper center abrazo answered this yesterday cut 15. I believe Chuck Schumer bear some responsibility because he has contributed to this atmosphere of directly attacking members by name of the Supreme Court. Remember talking about abortion. Chuck Schumer went to the steps of the Supreme Court and he called out Cavanaugh by name and we heard that was interesting only distance so there's nothing going on about this today. The Washington Post has a lead story. The New York Times doesn't like it never happened. Not important. Not a big deal. What Democrats can't hold proper January all Schumer spots ability for the attempt of the capital. Now Republicans can't wait Schumer wall evolving from the problem but no one was in our society and our political culture have fallen apart.

They may be putting lives at risk of democracy at risk. We we got to hold back the firm from the best that we have here in terms of how we talk about each other how we behave our leaders interact it. It just, you know it, insanity and and you know again if the company get everyone frequently in January. Click like it was like our democracy was a democracy. What the judge might have did the right thing. He hadn't done the right thing. The house would've done the right thing that our democracy was never a democracy would be at risk. Supreme Court justice wasn't activated and and that literally prevented the court from issuing a ruling and changed the ruling of the grim court from one to another, because that would be a real cop really put our much more serious than what happened on January 6 and yet it brushed under the rug. No big deal. So Mark, how was I met, he came to Chapel Hill couple days ago I thought I did a really good job making his case that I see the hard part would be drilling down is something people can agree it's great with bullets in the present you so that metric on a cinema gun owner I grew up with guns almost to keep my guns. But while those are the responsibility of guns so at least he didn't walk out and say we are to stop using guns and just give them all up like most people in Hollywood would then of course it go to a crime movie here is present. Biden yesterday on this issue with Jimmy Kimmel cut 24 or halfway through this year ready there been what 27 shootings at schools. I guess I'm anxious to get into why haven't we done anything about this. Well, I think a lot of us intimidation by the NRA book. This is not your father's Republican Party.

This is my compartments are very different.

Different Republican Party and and so you find people who are worried. I believe that if a vote for rational gun policy can be primary, Louisiana hard right Republican primary is so much wrong with what he said but Mark, go ahead. The Democratic Party not the Democratic Party of Bill Clinton work with a copy with a Republican. But while Barack Obama you know a lot of work but 1/3 Obama term but what I can't seem to grasp. In most American demographics.

There are a number of things on which there is bipartisan agreement like improving school security by the red flag law and also something that can be done to protect you into why don't we just take all the stuff we agree on and put it in the bill and about the stuff we don't agree on. And the reason is because the Democrats were in charge and on Capitol Hill do not want to give Republican the ability to save a bit and so they would rather nothing happened and they can keep the issue to energize their base in the election actually get something done right, you think something will be done in the Senate. I get to his mercy, and remarkably diplomatic about it but but as a president that is 35 years political experience, maybe 45 why does he make a speech like he did that night. He knows it makes it harder to pass anything and why make comments about a Republican party being magna when you know you like it or not, the present have been fiercely protective of the Second Amendment from Bush to Reagan to Nixon. This is not new. Nothing magna about it some focus group told him by saying magna Hill game Democratic support and using Jimmy Kimmel is a mouthpiece for it is not what they have 8.11 gap going into the into the November into the midterm election (they had a gap in 2010 and they want they are desperate not to prevent public and take over another thought possible, but to limit their law much of the And so they want to use abortion ever got there. They want you gone to energize their date desperate to energize their base hold on the political power and so they don't want to get anything done on a police report in 20 2010 Scott introduced a bill that had a lot of things the Democrats agree to, but not everything they wanted and they wouldn't even let it come up for a vote because they did not want Republicans to be able to say we work with Democrats to get the McDonough police report.

The same is true now. They don't we get there are good guys like that.

Like Murphy go by the wayside. Joe Biden out of the negotiations because he knows the topic anymore help us are trying to get something done, but the president is not getting anything done. Concerned with the collapse of his approval rating. The collapse of the party and the catastrophic response from the voters in the NRA would love to think that they're intuiting people but they are a mess and people we we stuck in conversation we can have a rational conversation on that unless people acknowledge that you think we have to build two things. One, we have to acknowledge that school shootings are disgraced, we need to do something to protect her. And to the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right that cannot be infringed. Your we're not going to stop this by getting people the right of millions of American law-abiding American who carry a weapon if somebody ones over and over mad men have taken a car and one over enough people we don't take away the car right to know you want to drive all making car manufacturers liable for how. For how criminal you their product you have to we have to be rational and trying to find ways to protect kids with in the Constitution and the right to keep and bear on the neck can be gone decent write about in the Washington Post. I can keep helping you so these columns I like to thrash around and brainstorm on our show and I see these wonderful columns and wonderment of the get go in your bibliography you put the bottom of the columns. It would be nice.

Thanks so much Marco's insightful 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base Brian show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me as a man in Connecticut that what they want to help their whole family get killed 15 Connecticut wanted to buy them but abide by rules that allow you to build that house to protect his family because he never went the black man 15 or the former military ones, black people get guns in this country will change trust joke. These people only know racist quotes of putting a black everybody has guns in this country more than one to a person Darian Los Angeles, a very grand so every every Republican should be responding to Biden this morning, numerous times about it's not your father's Republican Party anymore responsibly. All you need to Republican Party the black people back and she we need to start throwing it back in the space more. I will yeah meet his own staff usually does. He went out of his way just to take shots and he is not prepared for these type of unscripted settings is probably the worst thing you could do if you wanted to be successful, and there's nothing unifying about him ever. So I do what he thinks he's doing James Carville.

I played this in an earlier hour sounded more presidential than him in coming out and recognizing that this country want somebody stronger on crime and want reasonable gun laws that the present talks as if he's the only he's got the only party in the country.

Peter in Connecticut Peter a quick and it really hurts me all talk about murder. People to buy or to fight Connecticut without a thorough background check from the government. I will see.

So for the track record says you right Peter. I'm hoping this time is different. Give me that. Give me a couple more days to see if this time is different when we come back a special guest center Steve Daines went with Janet Yellen on the biggest issue in America relation radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the questioners secretary. Do you agree with the San Francisco for the nearly $2 trillion in March spending package was a significant causal factor hi increasingly broad basics of inflation we observe Sen. we are seeing high inflation and almost all developed countries around the world and they have very different fiscal policies so it can't be the case that the bulk of the inflation that we are experiencing reflects the impact of the ERP that was a little he sees between Saturdays and Janet Yellen out of she's phone and the sword for the president or she just out of her mind. She is apologize for misjudging the length of the inflationary cycle joining us out of the center. Daines center is she is she you really think she's caught by surprise.

You have an interaction with her year ago about this Brian. We will warning the administration of the American people that you can't launch these massive cash cannons of borrowed money. Trillions of dollars into the economy without creating inflation. In fact, remember Larry Summers who was Clinton's Treasury Secretary. He was Obama's economic advisor Larry Summers was with us on this saying this is going to spark inflation. He was spot on it when you ceiling of the set. The San Francisco sandwich. By the way Brian is not exactly a conservative think tank out there in San Francisco. They said it caused inflation and so there in complete denial. And don't forget these are the same. Administration officials who said the beginning of place we start to feel that she was only transitory was going to go away wrong and we got a hold them accountable as it is being held accountable by Jimmy Kimmel cut one sensation is is is is is saying the very existence.

Inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline so it goes on as if he's not running the country, so he feels that we can't do anything Gina Raimondo said the say that I can't do anything said or what could you do to most important issues for the American people.

When I back my Montana their top three issues are inflation. Inflation. Inflation starts with the price of gas and the price of groceries look this is been imposed by this administration. Remember hours after Biden's warning and he kills energy research but killed the Keystone pipeline they launch these moratoriums on new oil and gas leases were made American energy. They have bureaucrats and judges around the country that is sent killing messages to the oil and gas industry saying we don't want you to be investing in more made American energy and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

It is terrible.

The world is looking to the United States to ramp up oil and gas production.

Look what's going on in Europe at the moment Germany's electricity prices are good to be quadrupling from 2019 to 2023 because they banked everything on windmills and solar panels.

They shut down coal plants. They shut down nuclear plant look with the president said just yesterday, we need to lower tariffs on solar panels. That's their solution, Brian. Instead of making more made American energy will start with oil and gas story January 6 tonight. First off, we think the point of January 6. These hearings are no doubt about an ugly partner history, no doubt about mistakes were made and people act like idiots. In some circumstances, but we think the goals of having a prime time show political theater. Brian, the Democrats are scared to death of what happened in November. There is a red wave coming.

We've never seen such strong numbers for Republicans and what can happen or sweeping so my Democrat out of office when they do, they hire a former ABC-TV producer to basically orchestrate this made-for-TV political theater. That's what it's all about want to be talking about January 6 the American people want to talk about the price of gas, the price of groceries.

What's going on the southern border. So this is purely a diversion tactic on the Democrats part to try to take away what American people are talking about and that this inflation was the Democrats is different. I really think this is about stopping transfer money again. You know, nobody can stop come from him again. He is one who will decide that it's not can it be Adam share for our Democrats that will be his decision and I tell you what I think.

I think the diversion because they don't want people focusing on the real issues in this country and the problem is this is political theater and for the Democrats and near 2448 hrs. American people go right back to their gas pump to refill their pickups and their autos and find out that the price of gasoline only went up since January 5 dollars a gallon gas and will see that as late as early as today around the country doesn't mean the sun more in your where you are more or do issues facing the country. According to Quinnipiac number one insulation 34% number two gun violence is half that 17%, followed by immigration at 7%, talk about Roe V Wade we know they could be overturned.

Then we find out that it with the league of their doing investigation, it could happen in the next couple weeks.

Cavanaugh they're allowed to the protest outside his house. Now we find out about a twentysomething would-be assassin is going 3000 miles with knives with guns with zip ties with the whole punctures with saw with cushions for shoes who would be detected picked out by marshals at one of the morning not arrested until 155 even the Marshall saw him, and now we find out that Joe Biden still felt bold enough to talk about it with Jimmy Kimmel cut 11 clear that if in fact the decision comes down to where the states impose the limitations are talking about is going to cause a mini revolution love these folks out of office mini revolution is that somebody that you have taken the time to say what we found out earlier today is certainly disturbing and it really is something I've now pushing for the marshals to push all the protesters away from all the justices homes, which by the way, is illegal. Instead he uses the word revolution, blindly pursuing the other foot, for a moment, let's just say for example that not it was arrested 26-year-old young man who was applying the keel just as Cavanaugh. Just think about if he was trying to kill perhaps a left of center Supreme Court justice. Do you think that Pres. Biden would have the same respondent, Jimmy Kimmel is not a chance, he would've had a full throated condemnation and listen Brian I don't care whether Republican or Democrat, a liberal or conservative violence is never okay I don't care what Sally I Ron we need to we can. Damn, some is kind of Supreme Court Justice where that message coming from the president of the United States instead incites it further by calling for a mini revolution that this is frankly atrocious and he needs to be held accountable by the way that that radically heard from Chuck Schumer a ways back when they were back and similarly heavy oral argument with the war when the lease the world. One solution the furious is standing in front of the United States Supreme Court. This is dangerous rhetoric that's got to stop. So right now the presence of writing on the economy is 26%. This cubicle which leans left has him at a 33% job approval. One thing he said I'll just paraphrase someone here anymore, Jimmy Kimmel, but he was saying they Jimmy Kimmel says you what you do more gun control once use more executive powers. He said your predecessor decent. Yes, I am not want to do that. I want to make sure I don't abuse my power like Donald Trump videos news trumps name you know that he is signed more executive orders then trump as of this time. You know what he did. The very first a sign 17 of them. The very first day. Any since their national television and I guess a short-term memory loss.

It's as I will not sign executive orders like my predecessor. I mean the stuff he says is so ridiculous Brian we need you to be on Jimmy Kimmel last night to be bringing separateness present, laid out last night about executive orders, and will feel the pain of that. Remember when those immediate executive order killing the Keystone pipeline it was stopping oil and gas leases we sent you do that you're sending a chilling message here to stop made American energy is to create higher gas prices higher energy prices. He needs to be a whole account please action and that's why she was approval ratings in the tank because the American people are seeing to it.

Thank God they're not using Jimmy Kimmel and Joe Biden as their source of truth, facing the reality what's happening. You can't deny the fact were hidden for five dollars a gallon gas here this week and across the entire country and many thanks, Brian at work in a C6 dollar a gallon gasoline. By the time to get through the of the peak of the summer driving season here heading toward Labor Day. This is having a devastating effect on so many families across the country so we see that justice, God, this person was nominated to be Supreme Court justice: they told us was moderate. Now will even push back these protesters and printscreen court justices houses enforce the law that we find out to having prosecutions on these those people accusing January 6 and then we see Jana Yellen say yeah I'm sorry, I misjudged inflation. This other story out there that she didn't misjudge it all that that she knew about it. She brought it up behind closed doors and people are ignoring her that if that is in fact true that is very similar to you hear from the generals in Afghanistan so what are you hearing is going on behind-the-scenes because Brett Bruen, former White House global engagement director says he wrote a column in the USA today that would make your criticism of this ministration look tame. He says I need a total reset that they all have groupthink cut 36. The weight of his words matter so much more and he's just been careless with some of these comments and the point that I make me how bad it is. His team knows that he has this tendency, they are ill-prepared when he's making these repeated comments whether it was on of Dagestan on Russia on Taiwan. We have got to shake up that team, not just because of the gaps that Biden's continue to make in the lack of preparedness that they've had in response to them, but just the summit this week in LA and how disastrous this is for our diplomacy. The fact that we almost lost a strong relationship with France over a lack of coordination on the submarine deal with Australia when these are just basic fundamental elements of diplomacy 101 so they just implode.

They just incompetent they will think the same thing that were disagrees workbook could get somebody to the point where they go public with their criticism of their own party and I don't think it's incompetent. I think this is just the radical ideology you've got climate crazies in the inner circle. This administration, you've got individual believe that foreign policy are to be guitars and Kumbaya.

Instead of peace through strength, Brian. It's very very dangerous because energy security is national security, energy policy wrong, you risk the security of United States of America you get military security wrong you will you you risk the safety of this country and the world.

So these are radical leftists who were running this operation in the White House and I can tell you I know it will open get shaken up, shake up the Biden team shake up the Biden team is to elect a massive wave of red in November 2022 and in November 2024 to elect a Republican president throw these people out of office. I will say this, he was supposed to bring competence and efficiency. Justices disagree on policy. They're not bringing anything to the table and this this Council of the Americas without Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico and I believe El Salvador when they are the problem where all their dear citizens of blitzing their way to our country were there and even show up and not even having a joint press conference to answer some of the questions and challenges of the region.

It's as if they just will winging it popped up in their schedule getting an appearance fee no matter where you go in the world. This ministration leaving wreckage as it relates to foreign-policy just think from what was going on with Iran is a resurrection that terrible air. Randy will somehow think the Iranians just want to have a little nuclear power. Therefore, nuclear energy know they want to build an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting United States of America. That's the truth. This is why what's going on with this administration is dangerous.

We need to hold him accountable.

I'm grateful Brian would get journalist like yourself for getting the word out there exposing the reality what's happening. It dangerous. Parents of four grandparents of three there's a lot at stake right now for little grandkids Barbara. What kind of war than oblivion and Joe Biden is destroying so much what we stand for this great country I Leslie, will you hear is getting done in the bipartisan zoom sessions, which now in person sessions led by Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Murphy yeah well there's been a lot of discussion going on relates to the response to you faulty Texas but I do not believe that it what what is is going to come out of there.

Is Minnesota going to solve the problem.

I just introduced a bill with a number of Republican cosponsors would take $150 billion of unspent covert dollars for schools and redirect that to schools to harden the target to make them more secure with not being talked about enough. I brought this up yesterday so my colleagues is why we talked about the school resource officer at that school. Vivaldi Texas who is not at his post, he abandoned his post for whatever reason he wasn't there basic security practices were violent. Imagine for a moment in the United States capital.

If a couple of our capital officers abandon their post and left left the door. We can walk in and somebody came in the capital and start shooting.

The first thing we do is go back and say we need to fix a security issue.

It would be a call for guns on the left always talk but they have to talk about what you do to secure the capital why think that being talked about more what happened. Vivaldi Texas will absolutely be part of. That's what I hear anyway that cynical is insisting on all see what happens.

You center Danes is something that you could sign off on or if there anything will even be presented to you sooner. Thanks so much. Thanks Brian, you got it Alyssa will come back with you.

1-866-408-7669 holding our politicians feet to the fire. No matter who they are.

Brian kill me breaking this unique opinion, steer it all. Brian kill me show the fact of the matter is I do have to say that the rule of law is different for Republican.

The rule of law different for Democrat.

The rule of law different for independent the rule of law is what this country has been founded on and we as judges are democracy mandates that we passed the Daniel Landro bill and that we do it now. Not enough is enough and I think that members of Congress can see the escalation in the numbers of threats against judicial officers. It's just got to stop. That was Judge Esther Sally Sue son was killed because I was murdered by disgruntled lawyer didn't like her and she wants to stop it and then we see this Cavanaugh thing happen. And for some reason Nancy Pelosi won't let it pass the house even though passed the Senate to give them additional security carols on KQ a.m. in Wichita, Kansas, and Carol.

I like what say wrong about Jake's. He thinks it's just to deflect from the midterm. They are after trauma. They are totally after trauma and this all started long before high gas prices, high inflation order been going on too long for it to be about the midterm really is Carol I think is a little bit about the midterm for most of all is estopped from from running again. For some reason they know they can control. I'm not saying the time to get the nomination when they are convinced that he can't be stopped and was a stop on now live in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me hi buddy, what this moment of the final hour of this edition of the brain kill each other penny on whatever you take in what order will be joined by John you in just a moment he's fantastic yes and perfect for this anomaly. He's conservative stuck out not okay They stuck, but at Berkeley on the West Coast and is witnessing what's going on there. He is the former deputy assistant attorney general for the office of legal counsel under the federal government United States of the Bush years Sandra Smith at the bottom the out of the outstanding coanchor of America reports are that's all coming your way. I we know today.

The presence promise some big announcement tomorrow from the Council of the Americas in Los Angeles, which just on the roster alone on who's not. There is been an epic fail will follow that because prison is still out there. So let's get to the victory now stories you need to know Brian's three number three public trust threshold here. So why try to keep why there's been a steady stream of leaks trying to do is grab the public by the panel and say this is a much much you think you're Republican or January 6 investigation thunders into prime time is going to be a Broadway production. The curtain goes up about eight no close around 11 will you watch do you think the aim is to get rid of Trump I do I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you will know you if you go forward with these awful decisions and we certainly heard that outside of the present position, while supremely dangerous. That's what it is.

That's why any rational observer would describe what's happening at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices I'm talking about protest and then yesterday we learned in the middle of our show, the would-be assassin was caught in front of Justin Cavanaugh's home armed to the teeth with knives and guns.

Inflation is is is the bane of our existence. Inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline.

You know my dad you say every family is a little bit of breathing room so ridiculous present buying his first sit down in four months and he chose Jimmy Kimmel didn't reassure the American public that he has a handle on inflation gas prices and crime. No, but it did give him his his communication team something to do today and that's walk back a series of quips with me right now is John here we got up early formative assistant under George WW Assistant Attorney General into the office of legal counsel for under George Bush during his years is now at Emmanuel hello Prof. of Law at the University of California Berkeley.

John, thanks so much. Great to talk to you again Brian. I don't get up early for anybody but I will you. I know I hear in your pajamas.

I understand so I just think maybe it's just hope the chess abode deans recall is the beginning of the end to this lack of law and order, and America's big cities or at least the attempt to make you people pay for their crimes. Am I overreaching with that statement. No, not at all. Paul here for almost 3 decades now. I've never seen such a rejection by regular people. Even the few who live here in the Bay Area, I think we live in the most liberal part of America. The people here are sick and tired of these progressive efforts to list what have been successful policing strategies titration truck to murder rates so fast and quickly all around the country and then progresses in a coordinated effort, including here in San Francisco. Randy's progressive candidates for DAs they put in these extremely soft on crime policies and brought us back to the 1970s, murder rates, proper crime rate shot through the roof. Fox is been very good telling the stories of what's been going on in San Francisco.

It get you gang attacks and special yes smash and grab drop in CBS's electric start and look boutique chaser booting the PA air lost by two to one, and there's no Republicans here in San Francisco. This is Democrats had enough to put their own parties Pro crime policies so I think it's not just limited to here in San Francisco. If the people in San Francisco or Sitka progressive policy.

It's going to be something it's going to take even stronger older, more moderate and sane places to discuss defense attorneys had no experience to be a prosecutor when there because he was hand-picked by George Soros as his guest don't as his fox in Chicago and was seeing it in Philadelphia and we don't know where exactly Alvin break came from but it wasn't from a right wing think tank. So, in New York City.

So I just think the fact that the liberals have risen up and listen to James Carville got Bill like Bill Clinton elected twice, cutting Democratic voters to seize control of the people San Francisco one last night the faculty at Berkeley University California Berkeley lost and this is not usual, they lost in Seattle, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Cleveland you all New York City meeting. Hopefully a lot of people in the party and a lot of people it covered a party and influences understand that Democrats around the country live in this country and they want a safe country and I want people to pay attention to them. You want separation between us. I think the law enforcement community will allow that much separation. When I look Johnny like a job. Bill Moore on a regular basis. James Carville pretty regularly pretty consistent.

They don't even recognize some of these issues that the Democrats have embraced over the last few years.

You are also need unique opportunity unique perspective because that's who. Your faculty is at Berkeley and that to the people around you who go to the grocery stores those are mostly Democrats. Is there separation between the chess abode deans the gas cones and then I don't think so, but they're going to say there is a no no. That's just some extremely hard we have nothing to do it, but I'll tell you these ideas.

That being, and all these other progressive prosecutors in the studies you mentioned putting my seven my home city where I grew up in Philadelphia. These are just the experimentation with the policies that my colleagues and others at other universities have been promoting for years. They hate the kind of approach we call broken windows policing.

It was first used so successfully. New York City by Rudy Giuliani when he was a great mayor New York that brought crime down and was copied by the simple things like having the police officer stand up and run a beat on the street being able to stop and frisk people look like they might have guns being tough on gun crime in the cities and instead and being tough on every kind of crime so that you don't breed a culture of lawlessness people at Berkeley.

I love these guys, my college, but a lot of them think that they believe in this mass incarceration idea that we've been too tough on criminals to meet people in prison. Well, we had a two year experiment now putting their policies into effect and like I said, even with the lockdowns Margarita San Francisco went up over 35% in just two years property constantly you seen the videos of people walking into CVS is filling up duffel bags and walking out. No one can stop him. That's the product of not just one or two prosecutors. This is part of the progressive effects their approach to crime and their I hate to say it that your bloke ideology that looks a crime is just another form of racial oppression instead of providing public safety for neighborhoods, particularly poor and minority neighborhoods judge.

I got my way not to do like easy arguments all one parties going on one parties that give example is Harold Ford present I have a hard time not voting form Henry Cuellar had a chance to put his agenda forward. This country would be an interesting debate will have an interesting debate. He's the Congress said the congressman from the border community over in Texas debate on issues an intriguing intellectual debate on where we going when it comes to healthcare when it comes to spending those good old days, but I between the ripping apart of the foundation of our history. The 1619 project this sense that the criminals run the asylum and we have no right locking up. Anybody who breaks the law.

This seems to be anti-Americanism where you put your hands up Americo.

Are you even trying to make the country a better place. You get the sense there's people who are putting policies in place who don't like the country question.

Thank you. Putting your finger on course progressive politics in the psyche underwrite underlying critical race theory underlying 1619 project that underlines a lot of progressive thought.

You see out there today which is the desire to criticize the country to look at the things that made America successful that we all love it's an effort to make it all look like it was oppression that was working for the richer and the wealthy are for certain races or classes which I don't believe, but if you think that way then of course you can say one of the first things you can say as well. If the police have been impressive in its jails and the way we run our criminal justice system is just an apartment that oppression oppression. That's not to say the police never make mistakes just like any human institution will make mistakes. But the thing that strikes me as crazy is that we have had an amazing run before the black lives matter protest. We had an amazing run of success with crimeware murder rates in place like New York City, Washington, were lower than they been since before 1960. That's incredibly successful and we turned our backs on and now because of these ideologies you mentioned, Brian described that we've unleashed a wave of crime throughout all of our inner cities endocrine falls most heavily on poor minority communities. So again, often like I say, some my progressive friends in the Academy they recommend policies that they don't really live under and that harm the very people they're trying to help all school follow back to Beverly Hills and their following these rich people back to their homes and then there robbing them and taking their cars and that's when people in Los Angeles started paying attention all those gangs are killing each other but smash and grabs her beautiful heirs and San Francisco minimize one golfing and before he was due to world they drop some by the airport had a few hours I felt to go to Starbucks in 20 minutes. Their Rent-A-Car is every window smashed and the older stuff is gone and they said what's going on in the consort topic of this happens all the time so they and why. That's when it hit home for them, like what is going on out in San Francisco, but I want to breach another area which I need your insight on yesterday somebody was picked up in their been charged with attempted murder of US judges facing 20 years in prison because they were picked up with a Glock 17 pistol two magazines ammunition pepper spray zip ties a hammer or screwdriver a nail punch in a crowbar and a pistol light talk tape. I could go on hiking boots and pads for their shoes.

They planned on going to Justice Cavanaugh's house and according to the would-be assassin kill him and his family because they wanted their life to matter and then turned himself in by saying he's having suicidal thoughts.

Marshall spotted him outside. Justice Cavanaugh's house at 105. Inexplicably, he was arrested at 155. This was an attempted assassination not even making the front page of the New York Times and yet protest were allowed to happen in front of Judge Cavanaugh's house one hour later how you process this is as a student of the law say when I saw the dog's case case about abortion were all expecting the next two or three weeks when I saw the case leak got a part of me thought this this kind of attempted assassination was a predictable consequence of that leak whoever leak that opinion put winning Roe versus Wade above the institution of the Supreme Court. They wanted to whoever was wanted to politicize turn course operations into politics and if you believe what the leaks report that the court is now split 5 to 4 on overturning Roe versus Wade and that we might see that because of this draft opinion and if there people radicals out there who think ringing protecting roads more important than the very institutions of government, like the Supreme Court then I'm sorry I was sorry.

I thought there might be a crazy person who might try to knock off one of the justices that would destroy the five justice majority in row would be preserved for some of these people think, and I hate to say I think our government was slow.

I think there are two things are commission one they were slow to protect the justices they are now. You might remember Brian initially after the week there were people were demanding more security for the justices. It took the Justice Department under Mayor Conlin a long time to get going and then to there's a bill pending in the house to expand security for the justices and other federal judges, and it's languishing there there not moving forward and do it. John you that's on the West Coast liquid. Justice Cavanaugh served with him.

Did you the Bush years. John you you think on some level he was. He was never nominated. No, I like to think that it justice like brick Cavanaugh or others would say this is the price of doing my job and I will do it even though there are those out there working to try to use force and illegitimate means to try to influence leadership.

I hope make him have us different backbone because this is why going to the job in the first place, not just the Supreme Court judge the federal judiciary as a whole. And so, like I expect him not to be influenced by the justice to Justice Thomas, do you think he's wavering now that I think of all the justices she's the one who correct most strongly in the other direction from this kind of attack. Look at his career he's been under attack. His whole career, and I think it's only made him a more stout conservative leader of the conservatives on the court judge you think enough procedure insight very consequential time. Thanks. I know it's good to be with you guys. I know you, which was later but you chose to live 3000 miles away. Thank you. We come back I'll take your calls and see the lines 186640876692.

Today's top story.

Brian, kill me the fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me. What was. They don't have a plan is to hunker down and hope the storm passes over the do nothing proactive. I say that because fuel prices which are just highlighted our major major driver of overall inflation. Now, if you ask whether going to do about the high price of fuel.

The pump they talk about decreasing tariffs on solar panels made in China is absurd is just nuts and raising taxes on Corporation Insein raising taxes on millionaires nuts. They think that by getting daycare for people I don't know get more back to work. Who knows, to pay for gas prices. Their astronomical or to pass prescription drug plans. I don't know if they're going to address inflation and gas prices at the rate they're going up right now. That's not a plan that's an agenda that was rejected by your own party to took the fall for many more center Christian Cinema and Sen. Joe mansion and with the presents I do yesterday's getting a total pass, but is outrageous and I hope people stand up and say it. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, what ever they have not gotten an interview Brett Barrett Fox Martha McCallum here with present Joe Biden why four months, no interviews. The first interview he gives is with Jimmy Kimmel and I'm just a parent compared to Barack Obama. Yet he did between two ferns I get and I did some I guess some extra you know Generation X interviews. I understand what he did other interviews. He also interviewed Bill O'Reilly a couple of times the interview were threadbare as well couple of times so Joe buys on going to George Stephanopoulos anymore talkshow that's getting you your Brian kill me.

Clear that if in fact the decision compounds where it is in the states impose limitations are talking about this going to cause a mini revolution love these folks out of office mini revolution knows that a good choice of words. Brian kill me back with you with Sandra Smith talking with them and with the total lack of discipline talking while I'm talking how dear you said is okay when John Roberts to be obvious to professionalism warn you, I'm a little fired up this morning. That means your your were these people is okay this is my job would you leave these issues. I care about is right. I thought the interview is interesting for many reasons little scary at times as well. Many like what you mean by scary headlines this morning are making the case that he was gas lighting on the economy, touting how great things are at the same time.

The reason why he sinking in the polls is because of the economy little out of touch with the suffering of the American people mini revolution. I don't elbow see he seemed to say that hours from when you knew the judges supreme court justices assassin was picked up before he could strike and his acknowledgment that that Democrats one power of the house, set in the White House and still are making very little progress. He was airing his frustrations at the same time making a major admission that he has not been able to lead his party while having complete control of government so and the egg fair enough on so obviously you look out in November. You've seen the forecasts.

It's going to get it's going to get interesting here here to replay number two this is what really centers referring to, because I heard that I read I read the transcript before I watch this and I know is he talking about. We have the fastest growing economy in the world world. The world we have 8.6 million new jobs or since I got an office. Unemployment rates down to 3.6%, we reduce the deficit last year by $320 billion, a sugar there's about $1.7 trillion trillion dollars right and so were the strongest economy in that's allowed us to lease to stay on top of and a little bit ahead of what's happening around the world.

Tell that to the respondents of the most recent you got poll that found a majority of Republican 70% and a sizable share of Democrats 40% think the US is right now currently in a recession. Okay, the most tangible pain for the American people is economic hardship okay savings are going down interest rates are skyrocketing rents are up, housing affordability is going down. I don't have to tell you about inflation, the cost of Apsley everything. Gas prices sky high food prices skyhigh and there is about to be big change when it comes to access for food around the globe are already seeing a huge impact because what's happening in Ukraine. The closure of the sport emergency meeting between Turkey and Russia to try to open up those ports allow the grain to leave Ukraine. I'm not at seminary I not optimistic what now is happening how you got the supply chain crisis you got diesel prices skyhigh truckers just thrown in the towel saying they're not even going to commute not to transport those goods to the store shelves fertilizer prices skyhigh big story.

Not on everybody's radar hire those fertilizer prices go the last farmers can afford to buy and grow their crops where they do they shrink their crop share all the sudden we are no longer were no longer growing and exporting as much food as the globe depends on us for your talking about potentially new scene. The UN and others were on this. You're potentially talking about a major global food shortage right around the corner. Brian him and so we think it's hard now so that the president last night and that interview to start a talk about this rosy picture for the economy is completely out of touch with what were saying. Yet this business background to securing the forecasts more than most because of me NetSuite where you came from that world. Couple things going on. I think the one thing you learned in sales in life and in conflict. If you could talk to somebody and they explained to you. What's wrong and you don't acknowledge what's wrong you will never make progress and they think that you don't respect them and you're certainly not listening. The American people are saying we can't get baby formula were alarmed.

You're about to lose pet for pet formula we never have seen in our life in a lifetime five dollars a gallon gas in everything that we buy is more expensive from the stuff you need to. The stuff you think about buying and then you say what we cut the deficit that's disingenuous because we just spent and printed all this money for the pandemic, which was not our fault. You still don't blame the origins of the virus and then you say will continue to do this we have all these jobs are open okay unemployment slow but do not open up with. Here's my plan for the number one issue on every poll and that's inflation in the 1B is gasoline to sit there and tell Jimmy Kimmel for 37 seconds how great everything is is an insult and with never an acknowledgment that any of this administration's policies on energy led to where we are today about the closure of the Keystone XL pipeline Dave Wyman. Biden took office. How about our ability to produce oil here at home. I keep inviting Democrats that are shown there always welcome at Seth Moulton on yesterday Rochon on the day before. It's all reactionary. The strategic petroleum reserves are we implementing emergency moves. We have the resources to hear I'm I have in front of me could ask our brain into giving us every day. Brian, this is astounding.

The national average gas price records have been records of been reached 13 straight days now and 30 out of the past 31 days. So what are we still reacting like this is an emergency. This is new.

This is been happening, and this is the result of the candidate Joe Biden that promised that he would end the fossil fuel industry in this country. I keep saying this as well and I Tom and Lucas Tomlinson make this chart I tweeted out this morning when you look at gas prices don't just go back to Inauguration Day gas prices started going up gas prices this the country started going up the day Joe Biden was elected in anticipation of the ending of the fossil fuel industry. So what did he tell as one of his biggest successes last night's transition to green energy at the cost of the American people.

He left that part out right when not ready. Electric cars are ready.

The infrastructure is not even not only to pay for is not implemented any staffing has got her evening down $51,000 car talk about driving 350 all these miles, without needing to recharge. So I was talking to somebody's car expert today and said he only average. These cars are maybe used cars, seven ships is like hundreds of chips for these electric cars. We don't have the electric hoist they're not there is no replacement for the batteries in the in the first generation of electric cars, so there's no transition waiting to wind and solar knocking to do it. You see that in Europe, and a lot of people in your begonia. I don't even want the windmill near me. I do not see a solar panel cell panel solar panel pasture that I won't. I don't want it so once you hear people to just send it because I thought about you and Martha because you have this business background as well when he said this is very striking right now to see these oil companies who have become almost ridiculously profitable insecurities oil executives on the record talking about how they're not going to increase production.

Why would that they're doing great right now is why the president has called for and use it or lose it policy, where if you're sitting on these thousands of permits like these oil executives have been and you're not doing anything with them, then your to be held accountable for that know so far, congressional Republicans have blocked action to do something like that, but we think that's another step that would make a difference.

Among the many many steps. The presidents already take it. It's hard to hear this demonization of private business in this country really yes. I mean, it's hard to know oil and gas to they don't know that it's not a lease like a supermarket, cut the ribbon and let's go drill rhetoric that is keeping them from tapping into these leases and drilling for the oil with prices where they are today because they don't know if the rules of the game will change midway through and that is that is a risk reward calculation that every private business has to employ before they take action.

So if there was even dealt's latest friendliest business friendly rhetoric or environment created by this administration to produce more oil in this country. Why wouldn't those companies take advantage of skyhigh oil and gas prices yet. Ask yourself that.

So, for what made America great. We did the history of oil, gas in this country. I don't know, I'm all ears. So I'm fascinated by. I was able to go George P. Bush, about six months ago out to these oil fields talk about what goes into it. So what happens is they also did something tread up your alley, then went to Wall Street and they said stop stop recommending investments in oil and gas and fossil fuel company that's right so the so though the Johnsons down the street, the middle class had a union member no longer has in their portfolio of oil and gas tax even if it would make more money and now they want them to help so they said Susie. Now I can't get any investment dollars IQ total. These people not to work on gas to you till generations. It's evil so I can get the twentysomethings to do this great living in Midland, Texas anymore gives us great football and great families and great Livingston great pensions. So were seeing this ripple effect indigo cake oil see why I start drilling skews me stop drilling you gave me Alicia give me permit I get a permit. Host a ticket from his can take months continued.

By the time I get that permit to be president.

What's the price I guess you have to guarantee him to get 60 $70 with the barrel of guarantee right there guarantee. But if you wanted to, could you do a warp speed type deal where you told the prescription drug people you go to Toby Turner by even if it is working to buy because I want to result in a work to that were taking.

I'll back you could write out the hundred 20 barrel outback you would 60 drill for me and you will undercut some redtape for you, but just do what can you do that is no deal. It's like you better go punch a hole now Cindy Bayer of South Bend out on national television to tell oil companies what they're not doing demonizing the big oil companies when gas prices were coming down fast enough when oil drop below hundred.

They were demonizing the mom-and-pop shops how these prices work and by the way hundred and 20 might seem pretty cheap. Soon Goldman Sachs is saying.

Oil prices are likely going to hundred and $40 a barrel and you will feel more like 100 and $660 a barrel to the American people. When you consider the price of gasoline, but no fear. The EV vehicle you can 50,000.

Just so you know, with inflation now, the average price of an EV is up over $60,000 you can get one and let them eat cake. Debbie stabbed now in her home state of Michigan. The median household income in her state is below the price. The average price of electric vehicle but she says that's the solution to skyhigh gas prices about that for us it's great. It's crazy and she does that, without inhibition, without realizing what you saying tonight.

I don't need to put my series too much fails to the history, the automobile that was able to talk to the CEO afford and I said to Amelia of joy Joe Biden came here and he drove the car and I drove in it they would let me drive it, but the lightning and they got merely put it up and they had all the sales they don't have the cars so I said what's up Rob is my worry is the rare earth and I said is it is in on Jim Farley. I said Jim is it okay for you for going to demand you do. This is in it, aren't you going to demand the government give you the real work necessary to make the cars press right now, China has all of it in their taking over the African mines. They control it like Congo gave it up and dance batteries writing about that were highly dependent on China for which I need the government out leader. Not to mention 61% of the electricity to charge as electric vehicles is coming from fossil fuels.

So who really thought this there was a great voice at all. This Bjorn Lombard said today he often writes about the Wall Street Journal, he is not a climate change denier. But he said were just not ready. See you got Democrats you got the greenies you got the administration they're pushing something in an economy right now that cannot handle it were not ready for this great transition and since American people that are paying the price will see him today.

Top of the shell we just changed that. We've got Sherry Bustos coming on but that's another Democrat from Illinois went to pick her brain obviously about the agricultural markets and beyond. A lot of talk about what happened yesterday with Justice Cavin on the threat outside of his house with God, but to eat economic panels coming on the show today.

Tom Homan talking about the border. Darrell I said joining us and when my favorites Gov. Jared Paul is coming on from the great state of Colorado. The Democratic governor will be joining us and actually work in me talking about him vetoing a bill that would've required EV chargers and new and renovated buildings warning it could further raise housing prices across his state's amazing opponent standard that is a great show how the ripple effects of their policy have known says okay, Mr. Pres., if I do this and you demand this ripple effect is some of those buildings will get built and some of those businesses will be able to launch the leases in a go up that I can be a little for those going to stay empty. No one ever thinks what the with the reactions could be to a policy it astounds me a way to see the new average rent price in New York City overnight top $4000 right.

The link is crime skyhigh mass, more people are exiting New York City and Eddie going to Florida than any of the listed Sandridge to that's a few more minutes with Israel. Yet back in him a gift to us were right know you do now number in order to make up at noon that's okay.

I don't think, but the old days with Sandra Smith on outnumber those of the member you doing on America reports 2:59 PM Eastern time. Right-hander Smith that you have no reasonable me of the old days… Detached from his back something new every day, Brian kill me is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me on my own time. My only child for miscarriages and I lost 22 months and 20 days ago. Yes, I'm counting I'll be counting for the rest of my life and I tell you now that we have to do something our leaders have to work together. This is an issue that we all agree on. You talk about security for just justice is little in Supreme Court justices Sandra Smith that was your interview yesterday yes and that was a judge who in 2020, her son and her husband were shot in the doorstep. Esther solace yes and her son was killed, her husband made it through at her only son to sit terrifying horrific interview to hear her heart. Her story that we all know too well luck. I don't understand I don't get why the sprinkler justices are getting more protection and more security that they desperately need right now. It was stepped up back in May they get full-time US marshals security outside of their home and elsewhere on that is more than they were getting. But this is this bill that passed in the Senate that's in the house.

Gathering dust is to provide more protection for their family members. Why would we not all supports out to the house disciplines will put into a boat and ratings on the record. Durbin says we gotta do this. I don't know I say what what role escrow on any Democrat is getting in the way of passing more protection for Supreme Court justices and their families in the wake of this I had Mike Davis on the top of our show yesterday, former clerk to Justice Melchor said he is a friend to many of the justices as well.

I he joined us and he said luck.

This is exactly what everybody saw coming. You go back to the steps of the capital with the megaphone Chuck Schumer. He he called for this. He tried to walk back in the hours and days that followed Brian, he called for this that there would be an awakening right. It simply blights got some news is going to help.

New Yorkers are WABC listeners WRC and listeners. Mayor Adams is this made mass optional for preschoolers. Believe it or not, and in this in this city you had if you worked or weren't in kindergarten you had to wear because your vaccines were ineligible elitist me think about that to three and four-year-old kids that were still today while were all living our lives were still learning to talk. What is a sort housing June 13. It starts a couple morning Sandra will watch you from 1 to 3. Thank you, Brian. The other guys names and to okay John Rob, thanks so much. That's America by Frank over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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