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ONE SIDED: Dissension Missing From Jan. 6th Committee Hearings

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 10, 2022 12:45 pm

ONE SIDED: Dissension Missing From Jan. 6th Committee Hearings

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 10, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:11:32] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

[00:18:30] Jonathan Turley

[00:39:54] Geraldo

[00:55:14] Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

[01:16:17] Shannon Bream

[01:32:04] Stephen Moore

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

I want to bring kill me. Thanks much for being with us all week long.

Got a big show coming your way and a lot to discuss this if the last nice dramatic primetime show was a show John the truly the bottom of the out to make sense of it, and Adm. James diabetes by the challenges are that China presents is now the beginning to build. It looks like a military base in Cambodia. We already know they have a presence in our backyard in Central and South America will see how that relates to the Council of America's meeting that's Taking Pl. in Los Angeles so glad you're here. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three flashpoint Ukrainian forces are trying to hold down about 1/3 of the outmanned payer outlined as an artillery war and are running out of artillery. It's hard tonight and how much longer he can hold it rush again. Ukraine fights and seeds is weapon systems come come away come way too slow to stop Russian fighting forces, intent on inflicting maximum pain while also experience the economic and human costs themselves. I don't think were going to Section. Consumer spending is very strong investment spending is solid. I know people are very upset and rightly so, about inflation, there's nothing to suggest inflation for federal recessions in the works yeah, but what else you would be talking about 18 months after January 6. The White House in disarray, shedding allies inside and out. Staffers are dictating for the exits.

Daily two thirds of the communications division has quit got a broken border gun reform inflation and gas prices affecting all of our lives. DC Dems won't discuss it, but we will never those who invaded our capital and battled law enforcement for hours motivated by what president Tom had told them that the election was stolen and that he was the rightful president that is Liz Cheney, one of the two Republicans on the January 6 pile. I would say committee making the case will recap last night's opening act of making January 6 the number one story in November. What was missing any dissension any defense was one-sided. Where was gained. I will review and that you sit we knew the Trump did not admit they lost. We knew that he had a major rally. We knew that he sent everyone down to the capital. Will we still don't know is did he want to breach the capital perimeter go inside and create havoc. I don't think so. If you look at the text from Donald Trump Junior Italy the interaction. I know a person, how is Eric if anybody would know the down trumpet, a master plan to take back the presidency.

It might be his own family, many of which were keynote speakers on the very rally that attracted 30,000 people.

We did not see Trump's legal team because they were not invited.

We know this Trump legal team was terrible. We know that they probably let them down a wrong path that they had proof that there was election fraud whether there was. I have not seen hard-core proved there was election fraud, and even if there was proof they have not revealed it to this day. So having heard one side. I do not know what was gained from yesterday able to take excerpts from thousands of interviews located thousands of hours of tape able to put some new angles to a terrible moment in our past and put it together with the soundbites that they wanted to tell the story that they wish to convey. But there was unlike the impeachment here is you and see Doug Collins. You see Jim Jordan come back and see a retort from Sen. Ted Cruz or Rand Paul because they weren't allowed to be at the table you heard one side tell their story as they knew it they kicked off Jim dear Jordan.

They kicked off Jim Banks. They put on Liz Cheney and Anakin Zager. I thought Liz Cheney would talk about some things that were not true.

Even though she hates Trump and Trump is doing everything to make sure she's done in Wisconsin Wyoming so she made the presentation did not do anything except sound like a Democrat last night, cut. There is no room for debate.

Those who invaded our capital and battled law enforcement for hours motivated by what president Tom had told them that the election was stolen and that he was the rightful president president Trump summoned the mom assembled the mom and let the flame at this attack did not send that send them to the capital but not through. It's also shown by the Secret Service prevented him from going so there goes that thing that he said just go in a minute pretend like amenable down. You want to go down and the Secret Service is backed up that story. Having said that, I don't defend breach of the capital. I don't defend getting law enforcement any of the capital police you kidding never which made a lot of people like me who pray that countless Trump rallies, not as a participant but as a reporter, they are not violent. If I didn't get beat up most of the time and it turns law enforcement. There is a reference.

That's why initially. Nothing made sense to me.

One MVP of the entire Trump presidency is when Bill Barr came in for Jeff sessions.

It was phenomenal. Landing the plane when it came to the to the to the Russia hoax. What everybody know the molar report would reveal nothing and would show that there was no collusion within the present got himself in trouble. Jo said somebody had his back when he came to lecture mess Bill Barr did not see it had no faith in the Trump lawyers and said this elbow Barr probably talked a long time, I interviewed a number times a great guy. This could be to this excerpt could've taken out of his book on tape cut five made it clear I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out the stuff which I told the president was bold and you know I didn't want to be a part of it.

That's one of the reasons I went into me deciding to leave when I did I observed.

I think it was on December 1 that you cannot hiking you can live in a world where where the incumbent administration station power based on its view unsupported by specific evidence that the election that there was fraud in the election, which prompted a bunker Trump and we knew this reportedly to say this cut six your perspective about the election when Atty. Gen. Barr made that statement and affected my perspective. I respect Atty. Gen. Park so I accepted what he sent the same so you know the present. As usual, blast, bar and he came onto the Varco was totally out of touch, checked out after the election, so that's what they said with a set so those were edits those were edits from all interviews.

What else did a bunker Trump say if you putting together a hearing that legitimate drama. It was for information you would add Jim Jordan and Republicans going through the footage going through the interviews asking questions whether the proposed and then taken the excerpt that they wanted out joy. So one side so after the opening compelling arguments like opening arguments are produced by a former good morning America producer okay.

There was no other side which was pointed out by none other than judicial genius Jonathan Turley cutting. What is it that they're trying to prove.

Are they trying to prove that Donald Trump is a horrible person you might get a majority on that by the end of these hearings are you actually trying to show that there was a crime that was committed, and that's where these interstitial disconnects really mount up. You know the there isn't a crime of omission for failing to call people back from the capital, it doesn't mean that you don't bear responsibility. It doesn't mean that you're not culpable in the moral sense, but the question is are you trying to establish something legal or something political you include in these excerpts when Trump said I want you to march peacefully and patriotically down to the capital because it doesn't work for you narrative.

Now if Jim Jordan is putting the stuff together. If chemical others for the other would be be in them being the message and you'd see a montage of other things that were different and in the end you of the oath keepers and the proud boys who the main perpetrators of much of the breaching and the violence of the breaking of windows and maybe the assaulting of capital police we saw different angles and some hunting chance to go get Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike pence. It's despicable melted I went to defend that, you crazy Jim Jordan encouragement Banks would've defended that either. Okay, put it out there. You'll put out there Liz Cheney go ahead put out there Betty, Tessa, go ahead.

Bully came to the other side, they had nothing. They picked to Republicans they could just hate Trump, even though their true conservatives and men consider Liz Cheney. They put that on hold and so far I have not seen any people say well that's a bridge too far.

That didn't happen. So far we only get one side so I'll talk about that. Maybe you feel differently.

Maybe you feel as though you did learn a lot last night.

1-866-408-7669. I know this virtually perfect. If Donald Trump with all the problems we had with that anomaly of an election because of the pandemic where you couldn't campaign and you had to deal with a virus and you deal with China and you had to deal with election. At the same time with the make the special rules to get people secure enough to vote, whatever it is, the dropbox is the mail and voting the ballot differences. The signature match the Dominion voting machines, whatever you want to point to everything was different about the last election. If the president accept the results on some interviews and set about how I'll feel he feels as though there was some probably some fraud thereby would accept the results that would be Grover Cleveland medical back in four years and do something that's been done since that with that two-term president that Lawson came back in one they could to conduct a very similar Andrew Jackson due to terms and become more powerful after as you put more more people into positions of power and that's with Donald Trump is doing but he decided not to do that and still to this day believes that with the relation that he was robbed of that election Jonathan Turley the bottom of the outcome of next and will James David is he's gonna be joining me on one nation this weekend Saturday at one his new book is now out is called is called JI curators are risk to risk it all nine conflicts in the crucible of decision great leadership book move is commentary. You need to know Brian kill me precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, for wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor through the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week it's the Ben dominance podcast to strive and listen now by doing it. Fox News a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show what we've been saying many times that what he thinks of the past. He doesn't think of the Soviet empire.

He thinks of the Russian Empire. He grew up in the communist Soviet empire which he believed the Russian people because of the communist system.

The emphasis on the quality of workers and it got beat a better idea called capitalism and democracy, and he longs for the day of the czarist Empire.

He's a son of St. Petersburg himself.

Not surprising, he realizes fascination with. Peter the Great until this report was rendered and is Gen. Jackie well with me about 90 minutes ago talking about the Vladimir Putin speech yesterday where you talk and comparing himself to Peter the Great. If you want close to his ultimate goal may be that that gives you a clue and will James Servetus knows this region and knows the guy is the 16th allied commander of NATO and currently member the Carlyle group and author of several bestsellers. This new one is also fantastic, is call risk it all nine conflicts in the crucible of decision Adm., I just want to respond. If you can to our the main opponent in this world. Probably that the one of the most evil characters on this planet is trying to characterize himself as Peter the Great does that worry you. It worries me in its historical nonsense. Peter the Great was known as someone who effectively pulled Russia into the modern era. During the light. Vladimir Putin is dragging Russia back away from the modern world as it is Gen. Jack says quite correctly. Toward that czarist impulse. I'd say he's got the wrong model. He's not Peter the Great.

Ivan the Terrible Google Ivan the Terrible you'll find a lot of Vladimir Putin in that Russians are so I will yesterday we see reports that Ukrainian stations get really angry that France and Germany keep talking to Vladimir Putin. This is why you talking to them because they keep saying what we don't want him to feel humiliated, he's got a say face. He said were we there to Ukraine because Vegas is are we worry about saving face when he came to Hitler why we worried about this where you stand on this. I agree with Ukrainians that we ought not be overly concerned about placating the ego of Vladimir Putin. I think all of us know when you give to a bully you just get bullied more.

However, we do need to keep open lines of communication we needed to talk to the Russians we need to avoid letting this thing escalate. I think those are two different things and so I agree with Ukrainians know we should meet.

Placating could know we should not be talking about giving him a way to save face break break. We do need to keep open lines of communication even as we recognize that the fundamental evil of Vladimir Putin. Now we don't need to worry about his ego and Ukrainians are right to call out that part of the message center down sick is the site of the new variable weather trying to encircle the city and just finish off Ukrainian forces. Here's report from the field. This last point they are Ukrainian forces are trying to hold down about 1/3 of the day are outmanned. They are outlined in artillery more and outlining outcome artillery. It's hard to imagine how much longer can hold it your reaction to the battlefield as you understand it politically is entirely accurate and I'll add one thing to it.

It's not just artillery. Of course it ammunition. It's the project goals that go into those artillery and then additionally, Brian good news is we United States and other European nations are giving not just artillery but surface to surface missiles that can reach behind no spatter lines and interdict logistics, take away the ammunition. The Russians are trying to get to deer in artillery bad news is we haven't got enough of those circuits to service high marks are called into the hands of the Ukrainian so this one is points right on the night said at the end of the day. I think what we seen from Vladimir Putin. We Saudi Mary Opal if he can't win it honestly and fairly.

On the battlefield. Don't just destroy it and any use that to crush what's left of the resistance in servant and ask so there's not going to be a happy ending to that story in my view, we need to focus on the larger battle up and down that 600 mile front.

Here the Ukrainians are doing very good work holding the Russians and a it really is a click race in terms of when will Putin's burn rate in killed in action in destroyed equipment, and loss of this financial support when this act kicked into the degree that he's forced to stand down a Nicaragua's authorizing the entry of Russian troops planes and ships. We know it's a communist dictator. There is a horrible person and Ortega should we allow that.

I met Daniel Ortega and he's not only venal, corrupt. He's not very smart in this is an example of that, letting the elections come and operate is going to continue to build his dependency on their broken model. Can we stop it militarily, we could, but frankly it's not worth it. On the rest of the hemisphere doesn't look to Daniel Ortega is a pillar of Latin America.

He's marginalized already. We are continue to simply marginalizing to talk to you on one nation, at which time I want to be ready when to tap into John Paul Jones story when it comes to leadership in decisions. It's all in risk it all nine scoring nine conflicts in the crucible of decision great great job in this book do what I did.

Even though they have offered me a free one. I downloaded it, Adm. Thanks so much, near the Best Buy and I'll see you later this morning, you got it.

So listen we come back will be talk by Jonathan Turley, I know were all discussing the prime time show last night because I was a show. It was 18 months ago.

It was just different angles on the same story a horrific point in our history. I get it. Your people to do things wrong the Republican side. That's true, but that was only one side of the story.

I don't believe he gets traction, especially because it turns out. Inflation 8.5%.

Fox News contrasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite projects will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen. Fox News five just a radio show like no other and kill me when the committee reconvenes next week we're going to examine this old man and novelist on the Try to stop the transfer going to take a close look at the first part of Trump's attack on the rule of law when he used that ultimately resulted in the violence of January 6 that is Betty Thompson. The chair of the committee investigating the January 6 incursion into the capital did he really attacked the rule of law, Jonathan Turley, law professor, GW and Fox News contributor joins us now. Jonathan was he right to the did he show yesterday that the president attacked the rule of law was the problem with yesterday's hearing that it made a case for the Democrats trumpeters in their view, Oracle person that he refused to accept that the election was lost and that he got even joy out of watching the riot. The problem is that even if you accept that proposition.

What does that prove that is, you know, many of us disagreed with him before the riot with trumps view of the law that the vice president parents could do what he was calling him to do and an absent and I think that the president was obviously quite wrong. Legally, but the question that a lot of his hand with the hearing is not what is really new here but also what if it all mean that is if you're if you're if you're trying to prove the Trump is a horrible guy that's being done on various cable stations every day.

If you're trying to prove that there's something legal here that has to be addressed. Even something criminal that the nexus that they didn't make yesterday mean they keep on coming back to the fact that Trump didn't do anything for hours and a that's true.

Many of us criticized for do think that it was in my view, a terrible act of omission I sexy Mark says you know CF is an act of omission is not a criminal act as flow circumstances, including that you feel could pick someone because they didn't do something fast enough.

It's morally called for the course is one of the legally called for and event part of the issue here me.

The other thing I thought was rather interesting.

Yesterday, if that bill bars suddenly the MPN of democracy mean I'm one of Bill's friends.

I testified his confirmation hearing, and I spent the entire time that the Atty. Gen. defending him against these very people who are now putting him up as the Savior of the American Republic and affected you don't deserve credit Bill Palmer thought for the integrity of the Justice Department. Every day he was in office, but it just shows the raw hypocrisy that that is that defying the town where's the pushback as you wrote and said this will push back so can you imagine Jonathan if you prosecuting as an attorney and there was no defense. Okay you I love your package the montage the prove your point. And then you say the prosecution rests.

Let's go to the jury so that there was no defending present Trump for many Republican on there. So for example the edits were all from interviews thousands of hours of interviews. The towel hundreds of people were interviewed and they take the Xers to tell their story. You did not hear this cut seven. I know that everyone here will soon be marching all over the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard the how would that have fed the Liz Cheney narrative probably wouldn't work. That's why it's on the edit room for one of the problems that they do not.

Most people have moved on. They got to the condemnation stage II years ago so you know they're trying. The New York Times said to reframe their argument for the need for the midterm elections, the times was referring to Democrats telling them that. But the question is will it work because unlike other commissions and committees. Historically, this one doesn't have any other side.

So even look like Pearl Harbor with Watergate with with our wars during the Bush ministration. It was all a bipartisan insurer that makes for a messy scene that makes for people pushing back, but it also gives it an authenticity that was entirely missing yesterday, but the fact that they they edited quotes like that just really was quite coherent. You know that you're not even trying to look like this is any type of true investigatory proceed. So I just tell your guests Sue, Sue, Jonathan, they would try to do legally it seems is say the oath keepers who had plotted and planned. They have video. I guess in their hotel ones in the that you save interviewed and arrested some of the those officers and these two groups to try to tie Trump to these groups, if they were going to do that, should they have done it already and is it okay do you think the people and be pay attention to 2 o'clock in the afternoon on C-SPAN when they start trying to do this what I have to do more than the fact that they told the proud boy girl keepers the stand down gently.

We are really told that there was going to be blockbuster stop coming out new in terms of video, but it's the same narrative like we didn't see anything that was that moment where you sort of you. You were left you breathless. But while that that's a serious thing amid a serious thing about looking for was a direct next where the president had knowledge or assisted in violent plan and they basically just repeated what we've heard before that you know he would give an Inc. wink and a nod, or he would. He was, you know, he would speak favorably about the far right groups. That's not enough, and think that the thing is you can what happened on January 6 without director of the FBI did call it domestic terrorism, there were over 800 arrests.

We have about seven people who were charged with seditious conspiracy, which by the way I Cheney also misrepresented. She quoted the first two lines about law.

The third definition for seditious conspiracy is to hinder any type of legal proceedings or people keep on talking about seditious conspiracy is synonymous with insurrection. If not, it actually is a vague HR that you can use quite brought Sue Johnson today had to get this thing.what changes, if Republicans can control the house does the investigation continue with it up to the majority to continue this.

Do you look for something to be picked up in the Senate. Well, that's the fascinating thing is the calendar here. The Democrats know they can lose the house that I think partially what the New York Times is reporting that they were opening this very glitzy production would change their status with voters right now.

Pres. Biden is less popular than president Trump at this time and date they need to change that slick, but if if they lose control of the house much more worrisome things ahead of they made a serious blunder when they issued subpoenas to members of the house that has always been the Rubicon that is the line you do not cross. We've had poisonous, divisive political. In this country, but the parties have always understood you don't use subpoenas against people in the house because there's been this date, they understood that if they do that, then there is no limit on the rage of partisanship. Well, Nancy Pelosi, as usual, opted for them also play she's going to get virtually nothing from the subpoena, but what she is going to create enhanced creator is the precedent for the Republicans to use the same tactic when they get in. They may subpoena a number of people in the house. For example, they is one of the things that this committee is clearly avoiding difficult as it is the fact that security was so lax at the capital and if the problem is you can't have the witnesses testify without tripping over that you cannot list producer who was on their first two witnesses say yeah hundreds of proud boys were marching on the capital and in front of them with a single capital police officers eating a sandwich. Well, the question is why was there one police officer eating a sandwich in front of hundreds of proud and when you heard the testimony officer. She said it was just a couple of them behind bicycle barriers will why there were tons of warnings being given to Congress and it can be harder and harder to avoid that.

But if Republicans take power, they may actually go after that and start issuing subpoenas, including the Democrats saying, what did you know what and why on earth was the capital so unprotected. Yeah, I'm going to talk about with the present intent was that he was not behind and he was asked conspiracy.

The defense logically would be that save you know I was with the Presley never said a word about taking in the capital. He was, you have some I said there as I was by his side and he said X, Y, and Z anybody said something we don't know what happened and all those behind closed doors interviews. They took the few excerpts they wanted.

So the other big story that you wrote about that.

I know you concerned about as MI is just as Cavanaugh and all the judges in their security in light of the murder of that one Wisconsin judge. We saw the other, we seen a lot of these judges being attacked and targeted the Lindsay Graham believe that Nancy Pelosi is not concerned about security 100 to nothing. The Senate voted to give the Supreme Court justices, extra security, but it's dying in the house. Nancy Pelosi walked with the podium did what any part of this question, cut 23 right we had the justices are protected and you said you didn't know this could happen over the weekend so I was going to go to that and where were no rush. Really, the justices are protected. They look to protected really that troubling atmosphere is how the media covered 90 have covered the story, but they buried it in the attempted murder, according to the federal government of a member of the Supreme Court of the United States a man was outside his home within with a Glock and all of the tools including the riptide to carry out that plan. He was stopped by officers know everything about that is a cute story and yet you, it had to be buried. It had to be buried because it didn't fit the narrative you know that on the week of the January 6 committee and it really is incredibly disturbing that even now, even with an alleged attempted murder.

We cannot deal with not just the rhetoric of rage on the right, but the same rhetoric on the left. I just testified in the Senate Judiciary Mitty two days ago on domestic terrorism and the whole rest of the boys that the conservatives including Fox News are fueling domestic terrorism and trying to use ideology as a basis to prioritize investigation. It's all incredibly dangerous and it's incredibly 1000 just a lot going on will see others. With this progress and see the changes A- my hunches really didn't and I just think about the present clinical fortunes had he just excepted with will reluctantly be lost to be sitting pretty right now getting ready to you know maybe reignited election campaign. This really comes down things at the very least complex and nobody loves house images last night. They just use they were just new angles to different things we've already seen Jonathan, thanks so much on my pleasure or a John Charlie's always quick to follow on Twitter 218-664-0876 extent what changes after last night's testimony. And what about the fact that inflation hit another 40 year high.

The May numbers just came in and it's not good will give the details when we come back your knowledge base.

Brian fill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me committee's report will become even to the blood of the book.

He said to thumbs-up that is James Gordon making a mild joke about the fact that Mike Pentz was down trying to javelin the official electoral college and the fact that he did that has him on the out to Donald Trump. That's part of the bizarreness of this whole investigation what happened last night a billboard came out below the barcode came out and basically said we Jared said they felt election was lost and they plan on moving on after the election versus stuff I kinda know I mean I know pretty much everything of the few angles on the on the video all right but I mean you just found out about economy inflations up 8.6% is a 40 year high, where the plenitude. I guess price is five dollars on average in other places. Maybe where you live. It's about 650 California boy to be a 10 believe me and Jennifer Granholm last night, since I don't really think things get better late 19 this summer is going to be rough or just be honest with you the energy information agency, which is the energy that the entity that projects forward on the price of gas, the price of oil and said that by the fall should be down to $4.27 a gallon and by late this year or early next year it'll be down to. Or maybe under for maybe three hi three dollars a gallon so there will be some relief on the horizon. During the summer driving season. It is to be rough, no doubt about it, because we have such a demand and some I snatch on the global market for oil which may suggest Judge Janet Bly Jelena saying I want the Russians continue to pump oil and give it to China and India to help get the price down. Excuse me. We got some sanctions. We would hope in a perfect world it would be touching Russian oil so Ukrainians could stop dying in terms of how you adjusting your life.

They did a survey.

The survey is on daily and they say 77% of you are cutting back on restaurants and entertainment and I need to type at the ripple effect from that nine in 10 Americans are saying. Inflation affords them to bargain hunt and grocery stores. We believe me there is a loser stores were okay with that. It's when things were out of things like petfood and for the last month baby formula. That's the problem more than hunting, and a lot of people kinda like it but they kinda don't. Never thought they'd actually be hunting to get Staples is Janet Yellen saying things are bad, but the bed for the rest of the world, and it doesn't mean you can recession cut 18, I don't think we can recession on front. Consumer spending is very strong investment spending is solid. I know people are very upset and rightly so, with that inflation, but there's nothing to suggestive inflation if it were recessions in the works. I don't know what you that they have no credibility. They they told us all the stuff was. I could have another said the recessions are Magically set I'm predicting recession just give up. Every seat in the November elections. Edward Lawrence put this out for the White House officials about the inflation that we know it's a .6% this with a set ahead of time. Official say expect to headline inflation will be elevated because gas prices are at 8.5% were greater in April. They were up that much in efficiency, the White House believes it will seep into the core inflation through airline tickets because the price of jet fuel.

Yeah, among other things, we see the market getting hammered right now down 627 points.

Hopefully that's offensive gets my sense of what they don't like those inflation numbers don't get to watch foxing of one nation on Fox news channel to be on eight 11 o'clock amongst our guests are some great guesses guy named Tucker Carlson. I will be on the show, Jason chief, it's will be on the show. I will start fetus will be on the shelf. 8 o'clock Saturday live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me from 48 and six of endowment hadn't heard around the country heard around the world. This is the Brian kill Michelle, especially in Ukraine. I hope you're picking us up. Congresswoman Elise telephonic at the bottom of the hour. She's a rising star.

The Republican side part of the leadership and she would probably be a leading contender should Donald Trump run for president again because people talk about her as a running mate because it seemed a great synergy does the upstate New York, a lawmaker whose it is a new mom as well.

Struggling to get baby formula in this administration I'm looking at the market and is plunging not because of last night's hearings, but because of what just came across inflation 8.6% horrible. Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three flashpoint Ukrainian forces are trying to hold down about 1/3 of the outmanned. They are outlined in artillery more in outlining how tough artillery it's hard how much longer can hold it. Russians gain Ukraine fights and seeds his weapon systems are not getting to the forefront fast enough Russian fighting forces, intent on inflicting maximum fame also experiencing economic and human costs, but they don't seem to care.

Consumer spending is very strong investment spending solid.

I know people are very upset and rightly so, with that inflation is nothing to suggestive inflation if it were recessions in the works already Janet Yellen Gary to apologize again. I hope you're right.

But my sense is you're wrong what else you believe we be doing 18 months after January 6. You would this be the debate in this country. We've got a White House in disarray, shedding allies in Stafford's daily a broken border gun reform and inflation gas prices affecting all of our lives in DC DC dams will not discuss it, but we will those who invaded our capital embattled law enforcement for hours motivated by what president Tom had told them that the election was stolen and that he was the rightful president that is a little list Cheney's prepared remarks. She opened up 35 minute address making the case will recap less eyed opening active making January 6 the number one story November the midterms what was missing any diskette any dissension any discussion any defense.

It was a one-sided infomercial against Trump and for the Democrats with the right now. Geraldo Rivera brother your take away payout last night last night.

Well I thought it was. It was very dramatic. I you know the video so much of the bidder had been seen that I'm sure the Democrats worried that there'd be a sense among the American public that all I seen this I know it's going on. I was in the radiance of my site yet about my sense is that they Democrats exceeded the press the select committee succeeded in presenting a pretty dramatic condemnation of Pres. Trump really does appear as if he engineered a lot of the chaos and a lot of the damage inflicted his teeth to try to prove his keepers and the proud boys were under his direction. That's what they want to prove. Do you think there, this is the groundwork your lawyer.

This is the groundwork for proving that if they did shouldn't have said that I don't know the answer to that question. I think it's a strict Christian is usual for me, Brian, Bob, just give me my my reflexive reaction to what happened. It seemed to me list Cheney was the moral arbiter of the entire country as as she presented the case against Pres. Trump and his allies site. I think there is a very effective use of the contemporaneous text messaging. I don't think there's any doubt in my my mind at least, that the president put his own interest and that of the country and I I I believe. I don't think it's going to have but you know you haven't asked me this question, but I don't think it's can be determinative factor. I don't think the Democrats succeeded in making January 6. You know the the issue and all of the old but I do think that it was a effective presentation that the conclusion I think has to be that the president so frustrated so angry so bitter over losing the election was was seizing here or there to get any kind of attraction on some of his bizarre theories and I think that he incited pretty clear to me, he unleashed he inspired the chaos that wrecked the capital building in and because no such division and upset of the country brought so Geraldo have to do this. I know that your story babe. Basically the ABC refrigerant to seeing you speaking on the street and you never had to go through this, but traditionally to get on television or radio gets put together an audition tape. Now usually put together your best stuff to put times in which he screwed up.

Came a little cave misstatements the miss the post of were inarticulate. So this last night was a time to take thousands of hours of interviews and take the stuff that sells your narrative to sell the American people your story that is different then telling the accurate story because if you telling in the accurate story that you telling all sides.

For example, you would've put this caught in if you were telling a comprehensive story Donald Trump on stage January 6, cut seven.

I know that everyone remarks all over the capital building to peacefully and make your voices heard and then you would put techs out from Don Junior saying to Mark Meadows get my dad in front of the television.

This is getting out akin to the Dell paraphrase. This is getting out of control.

He needs to speak out. That is not somebody that was part of a conspiracy. Those words are not used to get people angry.

The storm capital building.

Now I am not saying that Donald Trump is without fault. But I'm saying that you cannot possibly look at that instinct is anything else but selling your point of view, the part that I think that no doubt, but the other Republicans chose in many cases not to participate but they you know it wasn't in the event that the majority on the committee and in the House of Representatives, and what you saw wasn't at the Democratic indictment of both the public and president. I have no doubt that that's true. However, having said that, I believe there is also it is unmistakable and unavoidable in the over some deniable that Pres. Trump unleashed what happened need. He presented the most profound threat to the democratic process in modern history. My goodness Brian. He set out and successfully undermine the credibility of the American electoral process.

He tried to get Benson. But the Barthes and Penson and then everyone to undo an election. He may have had plenty of complaints about the sanctity and reliability of the election improvement to my but believe. Believe me when I say I see this I see what Donald Trump was a friend I love� Just call me every week. I left them.

I spoke to him was 13 November Friday 10 days after the election, and aside from telling me to go at the Dominion voting systems work. Some of the other bizarre theories that he had as he was flailing around looking for evidence. He also I thought in that conversation suggested to me that he was a realist in that it if his best efforts failed and he was unable to prove fraud that he would.

You know will gracefully submit to the dictate of the electorate that did not happen. That was the that Friday, 13 November was kind of the beginning of where he started going off the deep end and where he took the country over the next month over six weeks was a very, very dangerous place.

So perilously close like this. I know a lot of stuff I said I agree with you and that I don't have the time to go to check out 50 states and all the election process.

But he's got more money than anybody in the RNC and with his own campaign to put the best wars possible in those key districts in order to make sure the best they could. These votes are on the up and up.

Having said that, if there was something out there.

We have not seen it. William Bohr hasn't seen it of vodka hasn't seen it.

Jared never sought Kelly and Conway didn't see it, Mike pence didn't realize it. So the people that he were around to move, but most loyal tumor unable to do it but in terms of peace in the capital. I think I don't think in any way that he wanted them to read the capital and ransacked the place and beat up law enforcement and the thing that was so disconcerting to me as I think back 18 months ago is every Trump rally is the Trump people getting beat up ill every Trump rally the law enforcement is lauded in their respect and they get the loudest applause. That's why when I texted Eric that day. He texted me back and said Brian you know these are not our people.

You know how we view law enforcement so Don Junior something similar. So the say this a conspiracy to you to ransacked the capital. I have not said I will not believe that but I think he handled the post election terribly absolutely, so we agree on that but I don't think they're going to make any progress here because there's been no pushback and we just have to correct working on one thing you said they did say Jim Banks and Jim Jordan would like them on the paddle and Nancy Pelosi for the first time in 100 years rejected the Republican recommendations and you said you got to people who are vehement from caterers, almost like Kelly and Conway's husband by putting him on the #is a Republican. Like I don't believe that that applies to listed may be added to figure this is conservative just hates Trump beyond any any approach to saying security was bad to she cannot solicit I'm really a huge problem with the security use problem that Nancy Pelosi ignored the request for 20,000 storm tree stops gives me national guardsmen know that that if she said that and they go there were elements of the present speech that said, PP peaceful, but which he made no effort to do that and I think it hurts the clause to win over any independence diluted, it may dilute it, but I do not believe that it affects the Republican specs near midterm elections will be Republican route, but I do think that it undermines president Trump in his reelection bid, which I have no doubt he is no virtually decided on going forward with. But I I think that he will be the weakest Republican candidate, not the strongest in 2024 comes out and see what you decide to do. Their goal is to think one of the goals is to make sure he doesn't run again. That's why they had the impeachment with you was already out of the office and that's way up.

I believe both first and foremost are doing this Geraldo why don't you run if you ever done this is a Republican want to say one thing about text messages that involve you, my dear friend Sean Hannity about what what message did I get from all of your text messages to Mark Meadows, or to whomsoever is your deep patriotism your concern for the country.

You always put the country wasn't about Fox news. It was about you all in that moment were deeply concerned that your text messages reflect your your again I go back to your patriotism.

I love you I love you for what you said I love but like I told Sean I like it was used to say was the second most powerful person in the country that you know everything he said every message she said I implore Sean you remember back to how you felt when you sent those text messages you were really really really concerned about what you watch on television and that's that. You know, if I were the present, the prosecutor leaflets a blow my own horn but a lot better job than they did in presenting the case.

I just filled out, but I really do. It was shocking to me and I would like, and when I look back on it, and I see what the president Trump. Do you know I I'm so glad that I said even though he's my friend. I can't support this blown anymore. This is this is beyond the pale. What you did was dangerous precedent that was extraordinary was deeply upsetting you know and maybe they didn't make the case in those stronger terms or order in a way that was that credible. What I am talking as Trump's friend. What he did was it was shocking to me and deeply disturbing and effective in a major way. My my support. I supported him until November 13, 10 days after the election. I support them. You know for reelection and then what he did you know makes me feel like a fool. Thanks so much, will watch this but I do think the web see now the market down 811.6 is already swamped last night's sloppy work. I don't yet so many kids I told you that you like a terrible Geraldo thanks so much of a great week back among Frank both sides all, if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about it, you're with Brian kill me for the new British local liquor liquor: experience we have no direct, no thank you for that is Chris Distefano and why would you play that Allison because he may or may not be on with you one nation on Saturday at 8 PM Eastern. That's a Hades, you don't have make decisions to see you don't make the T the decision point is making a plot of okay so would you see he will be on a definitively we Artie had a key guest cancel and I feel like you might've done the one where you telling me that he canceled no clear cut of the guy that just quit on the show and really amazing to listen to you but you and anyone who tortures but is not beyond what you would go hey I know you devote to this guy. Yeah I am canceled. I know he's a very funny comedian has a Netflix special. This is a YouTube special.

He gives me great hope and my hope is that comedians are knocking a buckle to political correctness and cancel culture. We are going to play cards. Talk to them live hear him talk about being white and marrying Hispanic woman, white, Hispanic should work for the forever in the CIA why AOC should probably headed up all the things they told us we should not do anymore that the days of coming over, you will feel better at the end of this segment because he does not care he's famous enough that you think you have to believe him at all. Yes, you think I mean I bought I've listened to enough.

I will have to blockade and I just got fell last night for Tonight Show okay half that show has to be bleeped out. I could not believe what I was here.

If you have sent a potty mouth. No, not me. I was raised correctly. Not like God felt, was raised in the wild radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show you really don't swear to an individual or political party take to defend the United States Constitution means something. I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. It will come a day when Donald Trump is gone. Your designer will remain wow a shot across the bow to ever Republican.

Not on the January 6 committee comes from the least of Monica's since it basically replaced to Liz Cheney among the leadership and among House Republicans. She joins us now. She also represents 1/21 century to New York comes from and justified. Welcome back.

What is your take for that challenge from Liz Cheney shamelessly parted and she is acting no more than that, I certainly understand that her Wyoming can agree with her. Which is why they're going to fire her and her primary later on this year. You don't really like to check during district work. The question on January 6. What people were talking about with the inflation crisis which we just got news today continued to store price for better quashing family budgets hurting rural communities in all communities across America.

The client marketing and hosting primetime hearing or any hearing on any of those dishes that actually impact the American people that they're having a Pelosi partisan witchhunt to punish Donald trump their political opponents and and voters across America on January 6 they feel as though the press United States is trying to prove the present SH was on it called one 800 oath keepers called the proud boys and said go in. You think you're leading towards that charge, and when we were, can you tell our audience, many of which you represent in WABC and WRC and and we are all throughout upstate New York.

Can you tell our audience where you think this is heading from what you saw number one Democrats and their allies are trying to change the narrative to distract from all of the cranky policy have created number two I think they are continuing their action against president Trump and voters across the country because they can't beat him at the ballot box that he cares not likely to run in 2024, particularly against such a weak president like Joe Biden who continued to plummet his approval rating here already being that are the indicators in the opening hearing statements that were made, but it reminded me of the impeachment you know hoax part one and part two where Democrats take can't understand why Pres. Tom had so much support across America because he talking about the writing, the establishment fighting back the media with the American people have been looking for. And certainly the policies were much more effective for the American people under them, then certainly working under July to the present states awaiting and ripped bill bar for saying he didn't see any problem with the election and even among cases of arc as checked out and with Mike pence. They're not so on speaking terms.

Which side do you land on. Do you understand where bars coming from you understand where pence is coming from, or you more in the camp of the presence of hundred percent right here. My mission is there was unconstitutional overreach and Barry. Fish is at the member of Congress that was lying objected to certain electors, a certain state economy unconstitutional overreach. You can't unilaterally rewrite election laws do not go to the constitutional topic according to numerous think that not follow that topic. That's why objected, I stand by my house before, but I also have a Republican condemned on January 6 that should have never happened. It should never happen again. And Republican when we were booted from the committee leader McCarthy to point keep our members have been pursuing what are the necessary steps that we need to take to provide capital cleats with each training. The equipment they need with the intelligence warnings and asking those very particular questions so I don't know election techie when I hear from voters at the really important issue and I'm glad that certain states are taking action to address collection technically certain currently in my home state of New York.

We have a lot of work to do.

We had a member of Congress that what for three month. They kept finding ballot cars and they went to the counting process so what are you a publican or Democrat election integrity is the most important basic to the constitutional Republic and I believe that we need to work to rebuild that I agree with president Trump a right but the next election. You you will you wonder about prison. He brought up that he didn't think retreat is something that showed that center Purdue actually be Gov. Brian Camp as a Republican candidate in Georgia that clearly wasn't truly lost by 30 points. So if we keep questioning every election. Do you have a problem with the direction of the country dependent on Twitter anymore so I I agreed with Brian Camp I thought they should've made thick election reform. The head of the election to have those secure and integrity based election to the state of Georgia, which they did not properly unconstitutional. In terms of how Georgia conducted their elections. From my perspective unilaterally changing it will not going to the legislative process and you know they think that the fact that the help after the fact.

And in terms that you know who won that election at Kaplan election is my condition Jewish guess: who's about to lose his job.

It is a justice in the world commented on the fact that there's a new district attorney in San Francisco was the same liberal views.

This is what he says is the problem with the perception that people have of him cut 22 people here were safety compromise problem solves many of the policy or criminalized without really looking for work. Dr. Brian, the prevention of crime communities in a better place so people to compromise because we over criminalized communities and that's why people are upset right now by the rising crime you wrap your head around that now because of the rising crime because were decriminalizing communities and we are not prosecuting criminal look at the state of New York New York is falling apart. Crime is skyrocketing and yet we had a DA to prosecute the case.

There is no longer not no longer equal justice under the law, because you have far left DA to a cherry picking picking and choosing when and when not to prosecute.

And it's causing havoc on our street and look at the outcome of the San Francisco recall that Taboo that the fact that voters and there's only a single digit registered Republican and yet Democrats are publican independents are absolutely frustrated with this crime search we've seen. We need to prioritize the victim, not the criminals.

I would need to prioritize family security.

Again, not the criminals. And that's just not the direction where the teeth on the police Democrat taken a kick in the wrong direction. I guess comes from and I interview Rob Pastorino that you're familiar with former Westchester executives running for governor on the force get the nomination, he's been able to obtain video of these illegal immigrants fight slamming landing in Westchester and in upstate on Steward Airport right away, where it where you call home. Now this 1.7 million people encounters last year, the border, we already have 1.2 this year. Now every communities talk about these flights come in and you got in New York. We have them on video. These look like mostly young men. They got fresh clothes. They have supplies where are they going well publican to that information from it, and homeland security, and I make this request for the minority. Right now it's one of the ways that when we went majority work ministration accountable. The department has refused to answer those questions. How many where are they going are we notifying local law enforcement. Why even happening.

I mean the list goes on. I credit my friend Rob Pastorino for putting in that freedom of information request to the American people would have known that these flights were during the dark of night and we need to absolutely secure the border. We need to return to Pres. comes a very effective border security policy and the rule of law. Brian clearly if administration is not abiding by the law and are trying to hide it from the American people.

Look no further than these illegal flights, but I'm deeply concerned. It's why every district across the country in the border district. It's not just you know those geographically can take it everywhere in America, so we also know this presence is teased a big immigration announcement to the embarrassment of this country, Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador and Guatemala have blown us off and not showing up to the Americas conference in Los Angeles, a conference, we started so they don't like a lot of the center-right governing especially when it comes to I believe Guatemala we know about.

The outlaw nations of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, but having said that, the present says, even without the tribal countries represented he's got a major announcement and they tease this is going to put forward labor pathways to the United States for both migrants transiting their countries for their source countries is essentially looking to give all of them work visas to come here.

They said this is going to have to pass Congress, could you see yourself supporting that now I would not going to pour further fuel on the already raging quarter credit buyer that magnets for more illegal migrants to try to cross our southern border that is actually the long approach, the correct approach would be again to secure the border to return to the very effective president Trump aircraft remain in Mexico it better keep title 42, which we pressured ministration to at least the way that the patient so know I would actually vote no on that and we will stand up against that and I'm I'm hard-pressed lucky can be able to find about because Democrats know that they're losing on this issue and, in addition to the 30+ Democrat retirement score heading for the hills.

There's a number of members that are likely to get beat this November at the ballot box because their failure on order, among other issues. When we would you say is good to be the message for four for the house members looking to get the majority in the house across his country. The big and small districts give an example of a sinner. Rick Scott was waiting for Mitch McConnell. He came out and put out his plan, and include something that is controversial and were Democrats of the latched onto tax increases for people that are paying into the system no 50% of the country don't pay any income taxes at all.

Are you with Kevin McCarthy is among the leadership looking to put forward your vision.

Newt Gingrich famously had his his vision of what would happen the contract with America. Are you guys doing that we are doing to America where is Rick Scott put his own proposal out in their areas where I disagree.

House Republicans are working together as one unified group team to put forth our vision at all of our candidates can focus on issues like making sure that we rein in the inflation.

How do we do that we cut links and lower taxes to continue to encourage economic growth.

How do we tackle the labor shortage.

We make sure that were having critical workforce investment program not more big government actually partnering with employers to develop that pipeline of talent to fill the jobs that are available today taking on China that is very important in a partner message parents Bill of Rights when it comes to education that we've been working on this month by Leah McCarthy and House Republicans will unveil that in the coming week and looking forward to you now making sure all across the country and district. Every district across America know what Republicans are going to do when we are in the majority.

This is our commitment to the people in this country and I think we can have a great year this November.

Your parent to a young child. Can you get baby formula, great question, Brian fell in my check and update their rationing formula. My son is nine months old and I started earlier this year.

The shout becoming more and more sparse, I wrote a letter to the FDA in February we got no font for the bike ministration until May till I had rang the alarm bell because I was seeing the trash can was concerned about the Abbott closure. They did nothing.

They found their hands they mismanaged this but now there's no end in sight. Unfortunately to that shortage did Christ fit that was created. I believe that the malfeasance and now they're trying to cover it up to the impression that I was going and I was trying to buy formula for about four days because we were traveling all over the district and we travel in the family over Memorial Day weekend going to Memorial Day ceremony and they rationed at the store, which is unbelievable in a rural community like in upstate New York. Unbelievable. I mean, it doesn't matter how much money you have that much power you may have or how little it doesn't matter how old your kids. If US doesn't matter how experienced yours apparent everywhere you go you have to now go to the front desk over the counter and asked for the baby formula because it's not on the shelves in America. This is unbelievable and you did call it in February, but the president said he still wasn't a mindreader when asked about it in April comes from the least. I now know they knew at the end of last year to Brian. There's new reporting that they knew the last year and they did not relate because of the whistleblower put it out in December correct correct in October they had the letter in December and they didn't take action there unable to get their head around the fact that only four companies provide all the baby formula for this nation and that when the oil Abbott Lab went down 40% of all inventory went down comes from Stephani thanks so much. Thank you Brian, you got it me would busy person. 1-866-408-7669 yellow light in your mind. You probably watched a lot of our coverage or primetime state intact. We dipped in and out FBN took the entire process took the entire hearing probably have a lot to say on that and so much more in the market. Not looking good down 800 points. Brian kill me. Joe don't move newsmakers and news breakers.

First, I can only show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show. Inflation is a real problem in this country right now is even affecting employees.

Take Snoop Dogg for example this is true, he just revealed that because of inflation to give his full time blonds rolled right to $50,000 a year sounds fun but really it's just a hole in the pipework place 50,000 comes in full dental 401 Bow wow wow you BLU BK James Gordon last night is truly minutes out like this is been a base to distribute UK pot is legal now is very true James Quinlan type think this tire is so him for the really you know tires loves that he and fellow colleagues are right the work for any encourage our students want to encourage them to try wrestling is shut up to you have to leave and he had to leave Snoop Dogg we're yet to be his bodyguard, where like when your bodyguard for wrapper whose if you read that story of new shoot each other up for a long time, so your bodyguard you really light a fire that my bodyguard is really not much problems. Having given that I'm getting all your bodyguard out there pretty good. That is true I think were okay right we don't really have much conflict not then let me have been pretty safe thanks I would I would take tires, but he would be will be more needed in you right you be like wanting to stop for lunch every minute you were pregnant with at least two kids and you know the cheap cheap liquor bell just for a while. That's got to build villas and in the United States. I would say Michael O'Brien I watched part of the observation of the jailers fixing people walking towards the White House and reminded me that no Hitler and Nazi Germany had a director film propaganda movies form the only thing missed you last night was a World War II drum and bugle Corps playing the background that I guy don't saying they hurt themselves or that.

So for example if you want to prove your case that when a case in America you the defense you the prosecution case in point Amber heard and Johnny Depp.

The reason why you sigh which I did was put you heard and preferred side of the story you have not heard the other side of the story trying to jam the other side down your throat. Why is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks.

Want to be here right is the Brian kill me. Joe close out the weak euro and 46 in midtown Manhattan but heard round the country around the world and hopefully resonating in the Ukraine matter moment Chana bring to the post game show last night to the big extravaganza Broadway play that was put put together in Washington DC will talk about what, if anything was game and of course the Titanic news, I just came across inflation rate spikes to eat .6% market response, a drop of just about 800 points.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three flashpoint Ukrainian forces are trying to hold down about 1/3 of the outmanned. They are outlined in artillery more and outlining artillery. It's hard how much longer can hold it. Yeah, we gotta get yourself there quicker Russian gain. Ukraine fights and seeds is our weapon systems come way too slow, but Russian forces will there inflicting great damage, but there also explains in great pain in the country great economic misfortune, all brought on by themselves. While the Putin Vladimir Putin calls himself.

Peter the Great, I don't think were going to Section. Consumer spending is very strong investment spending is solid. I know people are very upset and rightly so, that inflation is nothing to suggest inflation that recessions in the works. Okay here we go, what else you would be talking about 18 months after January 6 about our money. We got a White House in disarray just judging by what other friendly networks reporting they are shedding allies and staffers daily. They had a broken border gun reform is under discussion and inflation as well as gas prices affecting all of our lives. DC dams won't discuss it, but we will those who invaded our capital and battled law enforcement for hours were motivated by what Pres. Trump had told them the election was stolen and that he was the rightful president, making the case will recap last night's opening act of making January 6 the number one story November what was missing any dissension any defense any defense at all. It was all one side. What was gained. All review my senses as a branch and bream Shetland were used to in America. Hearing both sides make your decision.

The best example.

Amber heard Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp seems to upon the court is not only one over the jury for the country by presenting his side, but we heard Amber heard side if we just heard one side, nothing would be gained. Is there a danger. Therefore, dams that we only hear one side question because members appointed aboard now to kill down Jim Jordan engine bank. He would've been serious pain in the rear for that many Phil McCarthy told everyone that there are no Republicans.

Until then, the speaker goes in a pointless chaining, and clearly trump allies or friends relation to like when I can have anybody on the inside.

When I got everybody here the conversation asked different questions in the depositions and present an opposing viewpoint. Don't know that the average person flip. I remember this day was terrible. Let's see what going on there and they will see that there are couple Republicans sitting there and questioned about what this is bipartisan but really you can Democrat pretty much unfettered access to interview more than a thousand people and have hundreds of thousands of pages of material and then presented to the world with no opposition begins made to making a point at it and say it's better but went back and table you have Republicans on the committee but we we know the city would actually go out of her way to point out security was Apsley an issue and there was some of those things that were going on that speaks to give indications present had no intention of having the supporting this violence. For example, this cut seven I will soon be marching all over the capital building to peacefully make your voice is right. I mean, that would simply edit it out.

Why would you if you are looking to highlight your point of view being non-oppositional and we would say in the lot parquet where I think we've got one side making all the argument and we all talked about really promised Jamie Raskin to Congressman said it going to blow the roof off the house so when they do that to deliver our people will say what are we waiting for. It makes us think back to Congressman Adam Shiflett constantly saying I've seen things you haven't seen it all kind of evidence about Trump in Russia petered out so I think that they should maybe rethink managing expectations last night we felt horrible video we heard Money to meet with the one fresh thing was to have the officer they are testifying. Caroline Edwards, but otherwise people know that things that happened that day. They'd seen video and if they were waiting for what we were told to bring material interviews and never hurting 17 clips to things like former AG Bill bar a very short snippet from a Ponca, but if they're going to quote blow the roof off the house. I think they still got a ways to go absolutely much easier with Jim Banks was supposed to be on that committee said this: the entire point out as processes to prosecute Donald Trump for crimes they did not commit well know this is a sham committee process they they want to put down Trump in jail as if they don't get that they subtly keep his name off the ballot is not about investigating January 6.

If I was the ranking member and I was in that room tonight. We would been asking questions about the bombshell reporting of John Solomon, who by the way is best done more to investigate January 6 than anyone on that committee has the breakdown of security. How intelligence was gathered house disseminated white capital police officers like the head of the capital police union told me that think that the rank-and-file capital police officers didn't receive the intelligence or something was going to happen that day and now we know. Thanks and John Solomon. You that Chuck Schumer's office� That intelligence better capital police officers did so.

That would've been a counter narrative at the end they say well I thought you know that that it was too compelling.

I know the opposite way that one lumber to another incendiary thing so he was quiet for so long. That's the debate we used to having.

But I think the Democrats don't realize that there are stairs playing to their own audience than I can win over moderate independence and certainly not any any anti-Trump Republicans this way.

It doesn't seem that recompiling the country is ready to move on from me. Don't think it was a terrible day, and people who attack cops should go to jail people agree on a lot of the stuff on looking backwards is really what the Democrats have right now and inflation numbers. The pulling on everything the president is upside down nearly every single issue and translate Democrat thing upside down in nearly every issue still something that those who genuinely say we have to figure out what happened that they can never want to see this again biting their other two sailors and this is all we've got to go after the Republicans at this point and so we played up as best we can you send this to Geraldo. You had to put together addition tapes you know Britt you so how could you recommend your socks in our business with put together addition tapes and what they do is you put together the best stuff you have you give hope a new structure looks at three minutes and and sees enough there to go forward.

They had thousands of hours of interviews with hundreds of people and they took the snippets I think sells their story. But you know right away.

You have people just like a similar way and say yeah that eight seconds wasn't indicative of the actual conversation that I had and even though a vodka trump so far as awaiting was a small area.

That said, I accepted Bill bar said Bill Bill bar. Also, this statement could have taken out his book on tape. He said the same thing in his book. They said that night so yeah would've so if you had Jim Banks putting together a audition tape of different things that would be counter to with the Democrats were presenting as horrible as the day was we all agree. I think that will be interesting exactly like Monica you know what Republican or Democrat would say it like well you know Bankston and Jordan believe the lies and supported what Trump is trying to do that they can be on the committee to carry Armstrong laughing to the Congressman out of North Dakota who was supposed to be on the committee for the ones that Peter did not attempt to kick off about this idea of them having more voice that they had to stay there. I'm beginning to get a patent for partisan and much of the average person watching this will get that this is pretty much a one sided investigation one month out now from the midterms. And as you know, if an attorney kind of things can happen. People still can't find baby formula inflation is up again on the rate it's writing insulated windows are all real. I think that when people type gas in the car and food on the table that is going to be top of my Gallup poll every month on the biggest issues for the country and I think one of the latest one to think that all of the things including economic issues are by far and away. I'm way more important than the average American right now than anything else and that includes 15 rethink which many of them said terrible in the past week. I look forward because we have serious problems right now that are day-to-day with me trying to make ends meet Check to just notice they want to make sure my humble opinion, the down some. Doesn't run again, and whether discharging with a felony and I'm not sure what it would be trying to investigate them in in New York that have not been successful. He'll submit to us a deposition shortly. They kind of there would have a I think they have a a grand jury impaneled in Atlanta about did he try to break a harangue the Secretary of State into changing votes. I don't think so. From what I've heard, but altogether Sean Davis is CEO. The Federalist said this would talker last night at 12. I kind of feel like we are watching something he can to the dissolution of the Republic mean we we have people who spent the last four years with the Russia hoax trying to overthrow the president they concocted another hoax to make sure Supreme Court justice. They didn't like didn't get confirmed then you had the whole COBIT thing which they used as a pretext to store massive role of power we have the election and now they have this committee, which they're using really is a pretext to just criminalize opposition to anything they're doing. It wasn't enough for them to be trump it wasn't enough for them to throw him off of twitter and banner from social media is currently not enough for them to go and arrest his top White House advisors whether getting on planes and putting them in in shackles what they really want to do is criminalize the things that you do that I do that everyone watching does when they oppose Democrat policy Sean Davis, but raises a strong argument that that that seems to be the goal. Your thoughts well you know the government would use any of its resources to silence political opposition is terrifying. No Democrat or Republican should want applicant letter to your team doing it or not, you need to get you next time around. So that's something we've got a police very carefully whether they're trying to prevent president from from running again hoping there are people and a publican party who are very divided over whether that would be good or bad thing for the party. The next time around whether it would be winnable because on January 6.wildly popular in almost all the polling shows he still the most popular Republican candidate they sidelined him from running again and do something that they don't intend to do, which might be something to benefit Republicans were very torn over whether they want to see Cameron or Nikki Haley Ryan on picture punching bag target for the Democrats in 2020. Bring with us tonight. She does the posting show last night to preempt a great got so this personal rivalry. Don't remind me.

I know this is a rivalry that I write and that's I don't think there be healed as I'm about looking out of your very different people. So, by the way I we taped Scott's LSI. I'll be on tomorrow. Tonight where my Thursday outfit professional bring it to change again. Well I know I've been compared to jail. I know more ways than one. Similar size you want to bring it up.

I don't think that the HR level write what I have table clods and that's when the sick with okay and I would wear short friend talking people know about it were change sponsorship deal exactly I don't know if you have anything on this but you know this Council of Americas.

This disastrous no-show situations happening in in Los Angeles. We know the Guatemala yeah Guatemala numbing press conferences Guatemala not going view of El Salvador not there, you have Mexico not there. Brazil just showed up and things only showed up if the guaranteed no criticisms so this is hysterical but they supposed to have a major announcement today about new policies as it comes to illegal immigrants storming our border any indication of what that is, the major players there don't know what that many of them lower-level diplomats and people who are the president of their country. Some kind of conversation I can imagine what that can be and the president to have a plethora something like this to lay out first with and accomplish what they're gonna do after his stint with Kim on the other night. I think that you complained about not letting him get out there and share the messaging which is the reason Americans don't know how great he had fewer press competent billing for not more.

I do like to think that's beginning to call his own shots of any communications team would say you have nothing talking to anyone 101 for four months. Let's go with Jimmy Kimmel, even though it's a friendly interview it just as it's opens up so much criticism and from both sides and anger because people have jobs to do. They like to get some answers express with inflation.

Illegal immigration and gas prices generally gonna watch you tonight at midnight. Is that okay alright.

I shudder to think so much of you your pregame show tomorrow night, but I would say this hi, thank you, Jenna Breen thanks I we come back I'll take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 Brian Kelly Joe this weekend.

Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so ruin your weekend. So take it easy Bill that really hurts coordination with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian, now the fastest three hours and radio you're with Brian kill me. What is the grand plan to increase oil production in America hilarious magic wand.

I know of course, oil is a global market.

It is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC and later made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning to why try. Hope it's okay that said no I'm sorry got the machine, but I Cincinnati increasing this whole thing if you we got spoiled present trump not only would present frumpy behind-the-scenes tone this out is about more to be saying it. I don't like what's going on over there. There's a pump and moral pump, and lessor stop doing this or stop doing that we stop it all out there in front of us is that you have a giggly secretary of energy. About six months ago laughing through gas prices now. She says buckle up not going away anytime soon they going to be nationwide. Five dollars.

Maybe sometime within the last hour. I don't got to tell you the markets down about 800 points because the inflation of her skimming for maintenance 8.6% present United States.

Once everybody talking about January 6. He wants everyone talk about unemployment numbers, which I grant you are low and it's great but with interest rates going up, and with wages growing up three full points below where inflation is people are going to feel that happy. I would have a job not happy their lifestyles been compromised and wondering where did all go and was a preventable global problem witnessing Joe Biden problem talk show that's getting you your Brian kill me. I don't see him responding very strong investment spending solid.

I know people are very upset and rightly so, that inflation but there's nothing to suggest inflation that recessions in the works. Let's hope not.

But have a woman that just got burned by saying I apologize for saying that inflation would be transitory I thought would be a little bit more measured with the word. She also waited and said for oil and gas prices. We hope Russia keeps selling oil to India and China.

I don't know if you heard but were caught in a bit of a of conflict with Russia week. I don't want them selling oil to anybody. Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage foundation economist with freedom work. Stephen welcome back. You want to take on the topic I'm you I'm hopeful I don't like people cheerleading for recession, but she right to say that because I like that on your show at Dr. Brown and so many other shows over the last 9 to 12 months.

That inflation was a real clear real danger. And it's here and it's not transitory it's not leveled off, it's getting worse not better causing real hardship and pain and suffering for American families so that the Democrats still refuse to acknowledge that this is because the runaway government spending, you know, when Biden came in the place with the $3 trillion better stomach but another trillion dollars in the month before but came in under trump, the Republicans are partly responsible for the still but you know it it's right there were eight Nobel prize-winning economist last year who wrote in the New York Times.

Don't worry about that government spending is not to cause inflation and what mirrors their apology. Where is the strategy to train strategies to do something about these prices because they are causing you know I think, unfortunately, will probably be a crash landing right now with this economy because when you let inflation get worse and worse and worse each month and it continues to outpace wages.

But that means Brian is that people are getting poorer every month. It's an ugly picture up there right now to pull full up 33% of the present lower than that when it comes to the economy. Among 18 to 34-year-olds who probably see more job opportunities but see less opportunity to buy a home with interest rates going up 22% and this is stunning news. I know you do. Dollars and cents. But the Hispanics that were firmly in Democrats court 24% approval of his job.

This would be a titanic switch in the marketplace among ethnic groups maybe the biggest in my lifetime. You look at our buddy Larry Kudlow. The cavalry are coming, no question about a monster election in 2000 and in November 2022. The question is what I joke with my friend Larry, you get your runtime rising. The last time we had a place like this Brian in the early 80s I remember clearly because that's when I graduate college.

I minute what it was a crash landing that because I mean you couldn't get a job as a burger flipper back then it was so bad so potent collective inflation metastasized the way has to get worse and worse in the Biden people think about their narrative on this. Brian first place when they talk about this. A figment of the right imagination that when inflation started to get really bad. The startup transitory member that was the work of leveling off at going away long long long long long and yet they have not pivoted the way from their policies that have created this inflation now, as you know, Brian. The major factor in the consumer price index that is driving up these prices is the energy prices we saw oil prices at $60 a barrel. When trump with an office today oil price or $120 that my math is right that the doubling in the world oil price in my opinion the major factor behind that is Joe Biden green energy war against American oil and gas.

Yeah, I mean that is the short term he has to know that the electric cars already. The infrastructure is not there.

The rare earth is not in our country is out and purchase. I got to go to China and if you talk about the chips we don't have the chips on shore there in Taiwan and other places. They're not ready to come here into building a plant sometime in the next three years, 77% of the people listening to us right now are cutting back on restaurants and entertainment. You know that has a ripple effect through economy and you also know that's nine in 10 Americans say inflation has for them to bargain hunt for groceries or not by them at all. So were seeing how this goes. Also weird things like AAA is reporting go up 30% of towing people who have run out of running every person problem, don't we put a dollar a dollar.

Another story I talk to make sure that you people who all major auto dealerships around the country. One of them is in Denver. It's one of the biggest all auto dealerships in the country there a number I said how many cars usually have on the lot, usually with about 1200 cars and bounds on the lot. You not only has him a lot today 61.

He said we can't get the supply chain problems with China about the point blank. Do remember you recall these kind of supply chain problems when trump, but the senior biz II know every I'm not an expert in supply chain, but I will say that the one thing that would happen as it would've been a one-day story. There will, there's a backup in Los Angeles and Long Beach and now all of a sudden it's just gone away but we don't have any stuff. Then we have our secretary of Leo Sec. of transportation one on three-month paternity leave without telling anybody during the worst time so you have a situation where two thirds of the communication staff of the White House has left 24 African-Americans feeling as though they're not going anywhere have resigned from the Biden administration and then you have a situation reported by friendly outlets like the Washington Post, CNN and NBC's is a fracture between the old guard and new guard in the White House and one another push amongst Biden family to get him out and let them be himself more. There is no good answers coming out of 1600, not very many people really understand how the economy works.

We have a study that's coming out next week will give you a sneak preview what we what we hope to talk about it on Fox and friends next week.

But what we looked at the top 75 economic and financial people in the by administration that the regulator starting from the top with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden." All the way down and we looked at the amount of business experience. These people have average two years of business. Most of most of them have zero academics.

The community activists or lawyers or politicians or government people.

There is nobody of you think punitive PP to check knows anything about transportation know you think Jennifer Granholm knows anything about energy when I could go down the list. These people just not the settlement letter not ready for prime time for prime time players and if I would Biden bring in somebody like Fred Smith of FedEx or somebody you know something how to lunch something and just say luck, but there's nobody over there is doing that yet you want a nonpartisan answer if you want to just do something that's going to affect you voting your your your fortunes November 6 economy you can inflation down you tell people that I'm in charge.

I know I do it.

That will be better than any ad or any vilification of Donald Trump or any type January 6 committee here is Jennifer Granholm explaining what were going to be in for this summer. Cut 19 this summer is going to be rough or just be honest with you on the energy information agency, which is the energy that the entity that projects forward on the price of gas, the price of oil and said that by the fall should be down to $4.27 a gallon and by late this year or early next year it'll be down to four, maybe under for maybe three hi three dollars a gallon so there will be some relief on the horizon.

During the summer driving season. It is to be rough, no doubt about it, because we have such a demand and some I snatch on the global market for oil you like your description or about and is she accurate in predicting the summer know if you notice this.

Never take any responsibility for it always events a lot of their control right now. Let's take the old right we have a supply problem right supply problem to fix. But maybe they stop drilling. Maybe it's because they stop me.

They stop the production of pipeline.

This is exactly a you can connect the dots between their philosophy, which you don't forget Brian in the Democratic primaries. What did Joe Biden, she said I am going to kill oil and gas industry. Yes, that's what you doing these That promise. I think was interesting is that she's taking revenge. The fact that very few of us listening right now in the oil and gas industry.

When you hear the center transportation say oil and gas companies are jacking up the price to make windfall profits and we're going to start taxing them or taking away their leases for us to refuse to punch holes in the ground which we know about oil and gas and how it really works okay great point. So you know I you know I server Donald Trump and I really advised my tuition tax policy, policy, and he got it he knew what he wanted to he was all in non-American. Everything will power our nuclear power. Oh, I guess I'll call everything to make America� We were at about 12.5 million barrels of oil peaked under now and by the way, at that time the price goes only $80 today.

The price you know twice that amount practically and yet were only producing about 10 million barrels of oil a day. I'm here to tell you if Donald Trump were still present today. Brian we'd be at 15 million barrels of production of the no question about it, we would be drilling everywhere at these kind of prices and that would bring the price down so the idea that somehow we are going to solve this problem with windmills is absolutely lunatic, but that's their only response absolutely needs.

And right now one thing you guys the greatest cutaway red tape and move the permitting process to make those leases productive. They had to be able to get the ground to their studies and then start working in the gotta have certainty. They are asking for a five year plan say show me a five year plan and then I will give you projections I can start hiring people and then deciding what the right thing to do is put you not telling me where you're heading so that's what they wrote together all these oil and gas companies and associations are trying to be politically correct, but they cannot work with this administration.

It seems Stephen thankfully our insights and what is your study come out it will come out next week I'll be in touch with you but there is they are ideologues or not there's nobody in the operation of anything about business anything about commerce anything about finance and it shows to see the more. Thank you so much appreciated. Okay, you got a listen, I'll come back and find out if there's more to know and also take a call to 1-866-408-7669.

Keep in mind Saturday night in clock set your DVR because I know a lot of times it's date night or eight 11 o'clock Eastern time on Saturday night such DVR for one nation bring to your knowledge base. Brian kill me show you so busy you'll make dear Brian, kill me.

They welcome back everybody. Thanks much for being with us all week long and I think I can only tell you the big three, and provide insight.

Great guests. I think it's also time for me to let you know to know more know she did it again pretty get married Sam Scarry 28 years old.

She's 40. I'm sure this is gonna work.

Also tried to interrupt. I guess the guy she was married to Ford 55 hours tried to interrupt the marriage. The wedding ceremony and are apparently earlier in the day he tried out.

He tried to get to the premises and he was restrained by event security later charged with trespassing, vandalism, and two counts of battery life you track such nuts really why nothing Know it was a rhetorical wasn't that mystified right next pay. I wanted team in Las Vegas.

That's Lebron James he announcing his plans to bind NBA franchise in Cincinnati after becoming the week's first ever active player billionaire certainly will have the money. The MB would certainly want them still involved. He said he will bolster abutting sport scene that is an inability Jonah WNBA teams longest time they stayed out of Las Vegas because it was so much gambling going on they want to be divorced from the gambling know everybody's gambling and also write some more teams are going to Vegas but also the gravity because right now I don't think you looking to expand. This is one of Adam Silverton. Molly denied rumors that they can get on the line can lead 20 24th of there might be for you. Breve the Sacramento Kings. I don't think they draw. Well, I don't think the great city so maybe they'll grab them.

Please look into that will put Eric on a PDF. If you next drinking milk can increase a man's risk of prostate cancer that according to new research study OR to study found that those who chug three quarters of a pint each day 25% more likely to develop the disease. This is credible because we always have a lot more milk is put out by the fruit punch people. I think clearly, this must've been some sort of ukase that is great when you drink a cup of milk. I mean, I know I still number down strawberry used to advertise milk, you might just grab milk and just got no campaign was hugely right that such action and actually some play in it like live event think he's like live milk experiences.

It was a smart guy. You get the picture taken with the milk mustache and it really got the message out your findings come from a review of 20,000 men of the US authors tracked the group for an average of eight years and each participant was initially cancer free. Found initially cancer free food frequency questionnaire.

They reveal that let some people got cancer after okay I will depress next be an optimist can lead to a longer life. Other phenomena applied across racial and ethnic lines. This according to Harvard THM School of Public Health that does not surprise me. They always say a positive frame of reference 100% sobriety down a monopoly lifted you up with this one so I can ask next recent certain level of studies on this recent survey of 2000 American 69% of respondents in long-term relationships amid the judge there. Part of her eating certain guilty pleasure foods that catch diamonds eat something bad know I don't want on the radio compared to generations in the past that only three in 10 say they judge people now many more people judging many more people that I live like the people you touch them right and just say I am so much better because fill in the blank. I okay next happy hour.

This is so true. Happy hour is not long enough. One in three say after work fund should last for three hours. I great. I never know whatever stays within the one-year forget that we are on time. Members like 4 o'clock happy hour is like you got.

You can't run of this is if you know like to go for 2012 for you happier begin that like what 1 PM somewhat people are there right if I do are numbered.

If I don't, you are numbered. It's 1201 of a line right because you insist on me being sober on the radio helpful, but not all write this letter because I get the car service so I don't really have to be clearly some more responsible for what I said I looking out the company want half hour long of a coworker means you like your color true three hours you pleasure you want and then you with the third hours we do everything you if I don't go with management is: is puzzled, thoughtless, and make sure you set your DVR and watch will watch one nation live on Saturday night right to drink beer would like over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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