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Inflammatory and Dangerous: Left's Reaction to Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 27, 2022 12:43 pm

Inflammatory and Dangerous: Left's Reaction to Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 27, 2022 12:43 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me.

I buddy so much for being here. I know you had a weekend packed with with going on in the news impossible to escape by the storylines and I don't expect you would have your list of the show your passion about what's going on in the country. So I understand it, and McCarthy, one of the best in the business of breaking down the law that everyone can understand. He's been booked till be with us at the bottom of the hour to talk about Roby weight and the decisions that could come down as early as today and I'll go over them at some point but they are impactful decisions handed out by the Supreme Court and the whole default with the Democrats have of winning doubt say it's illegitimate. When in doubt Donald Trump and when the election when in doubt, George W. Bush did win the election. When in doubt, Gov. Brian Kempton really when the election when in doubt, the Supreme Court is invalid.

It's illegitimate big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three of the ultimate two machines when you how to deal with China a more me gently how to deal with vitamin foods in Russia.

Yeah, that was Piers Morgan with me.

A short time ago G7 dominated by Ukraine is what you grabs another Don Bost down at great cost. They've also defaulted on their bond deadline.

First time since 1918 Boudin beat the sanctions and with the West Plains are doing now to stop the barbarity at their border. Pres. Biden has just signed a major gun control measure into law the bipartisan safer communities act is the most significant update to the nation's gun laws in nearly 3 decades, guns greenlighted in New York and six other states.

Thanks Supreme Court, and as you just heard a bipartisan deal signed into law in an effort to rein in mass shootings. What will it mean for our Second Amendment and safety rules. The way has been overturned and the question of abortion has been returned to the states Supreme Court overturns Roe V Wade, we get a protest over heated punditry what it means for abortion and the midterms. So first off the ball. Abortion is not illegal, it's returned to the states.

What does that mean well depends on where you live, I will we know right now, 70% of you according to CBS posted decision should be between a woman and a doctor.

Meaning you're not happy about the decision being to be now a fit. No longer a federal law. 50% say it's legal in all or most cases abortion and 49% of you say abortions done in this country are performed for women who live below the poverty line. That's more of a fact now 50% of Americans and 67% of women on the US disapprove of this overturned 41% of Americans and 33% of women in the US approve of the rolling so it's below the high watermark 20% of Republicans and the decision would make them more likely to vote this fall but 52% of Democrats say they are more likely to vote will could hurt Democrat Republicans, 31% of independents are approved are for Roby away being overturned, meaning the majority are not will talk about that. 13 states of trigger laws, meaning they put on the books. If Roby weight is overturned.

Abortions illegal so that's illegal in 13 states. 20 states have abortion rights in place. 13 states will activate the so-called trigger bands and seven and in at least seven times. It's already happened in seven separate states. So Florida you leave it at 15 weeks. As of now. Same thing in Virginia. So what is it mean what are the ramifications you talk about inflammatory listen to somebody who I think is normally calm Terry Moran of ABC cut one this is the most consequential Supreme Court decision in decades. It changes the status of American women, as citizens of the United States and as citizens of their states that the big picture. But let's not mince words, women will die because of this ruling right women will die because of this ruling.

Women will die maybe be getting an abortion what your reporter.

Corresponding women will die and change were there viewed as citizens in this country. I don't know what you're talking about. Have you read the law. I mean, have you seen the decision. Here's the opinion. The majority opinion authored by Molly Alito says this we now we now overrule those decisions and return the authority to the people and their elected representatives and dissecting opinions. Justice Breyer Kagan is set among our road in overruling Roe and Casey.

This court betrays its guarding principles, ruling transfers power over abortion policies to the states 22 of which have either already or likely will ban the abortion or more have pending legislation I made is pretty much the way our government set up his net people say Wallace the exact inverse with a disciple. Guns guns are in the Constitution. This is not so wouldn't been better for our country. Overall, 15 weeks knocking down from 24 weeks more in line with other Western nations.

Perhaps easier. But what's the right thing to do.

According to Elizabeth Warren Harel default, the whole court is illegitimate cut five. This court has lost legitimacy have earned what ever legitimacy that may still have had after their gun decision after their voting decision after their union decision. Vegas took the last of it and set a torch to it with the Roe versus Wade opinion, I believe we need to get some confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices on the United States Supreme Court when it doubtless packed the court and make sure it's illegitimate in everybody's eyes to they're looking to do. Evidently, according to reports, the wood lighthouse obviously wants to exercise maximum gain from this with they think is a political move by the Supreme Court to ban abortion.

They say that is a because they are conservative majority of conservatives on the court.

They think they can somehow get momentum to help him in the midterms used Jonathan Swan on this week on Fox News Sunday with Martha McCown: so inside the White House that been preparing for this since the lake happened since Lake came out of the start and I have the decision they immediately saw in terms of the political dimensions of it. They saw this as their best opportunity to energize Democratic voters this year. The guns and she was another one. But that sort of been neutered a little bit because of the bipartisan deal on the hill so to the extent that they have an issue that can rev up the pace that basis been very depressed for public the most horrible political environment for Democrats in a decade and this issue has been to some extent a life raft for them so they can into a full court press on this. The vice president has a really prominent role in the she's been meeting with pro-choice groups almost every week since that leak happened and they can immobilize their political and outside infrastructure to get as much political and for that box they can out of this decision. You good luck heading up the vice president had to get up and by the way I it's hard to describe. While distributors evidently the vice president tweeted something out weave there while she's watching you in a fight with every woman with a rich or poor while she's on Air Force to about a huge flat screen so she sent it out. Let them eat cake tweets for the ages so she's going to be in charge. You know it's going to be an epic fail. She can't leave anything does understand any issue will be out there with long pauses in between speeches and statements. Good luck with that vice president in charge. Great, great job on the border a great job with voting rights, so the other thing that I think you probably will disagree with me will disagree with me on and that is what came out of the bipartisan gun legislation. I headed up by Sen. Murphy and Sen. Corning. I listened to the New York Times editor of podcast on this.

The daily you really understand that the Democrats almost got nothing that they wanted they want to bear era for AR 15's on the range.

The they wanted to ban all assault weapons. They also want to radiate from 18 to 21 they want have a national of federal red flag law. That's just the beginning of what they wanted. Of course I've always wanted a registry with a God is and by the way Joe Biden is according to his press secretary not even interested in putting money into increasing school security which is not, but in the end there more money for school security more money for cycle and social causes were for every school it would comes to 18 to 21.

They didn't ban a gun purchases for 18-year-olds with a did is allow you look at the juvenile record before an 18-year-old makes a purchase to me. I'm for that. If you look thoroughly at the 18-year-olds track record in you Valley and Buffalo.

We are never shooting. If you look at the the background of the Parkland shooter. We probably don't have shooting the guy was born a good egg, a school shooter. Now he spends rest of his life in jail for some reason he's alive, straw buyers, if used by a gun for somebody they can't get a gun in their own you are going to deal with possible jail time so they going to be very strict when it comes to that domestic partners threatening violence or showing violence.

If you're married, you get your gun taken away if you are accused and and convicted of domestic abuse with the boyfriend girlfriend situation you not so they close the boyfriend Lupo on that will be controversial.

All red flag laws controversial. If you look at what happened in Florida with a Republican governor and I think one body is Republican in 2018. That about nine Thursday 9000 red flag laws were implemented, a lot of which when due out County WK V are great listeners over there as a going either be wrongly accused. One thing they have in this bill is some criteria to get money if your state chooses to have her to have a red flag law. There's money for. If not you could use it to the money for social and psychological services. Everyone seems to be maxed out in this.

I think the 80% of this is what Republicans can sign off on a lot of people are upset by the use Jonathan Carl on this week with George Stephanopoulos cut 25 in the way it was done. Is it was was fastly saw Chris Murphy who has no some some views on an ongoing writes that that that that up there pretty far out you didn't. Republicans have very little agreement with him. He put aside virtually everything that Joe Biden called for in his speech. After you've all day. There was no nothing in this to to ban assault weapons to raise the age for the purchase of rifles no bands on ammunition. None of that stuff on he wanted to actually get something done. Actually, Martha. They brought the NRA in on this theory oppose this, but not vocally because they were actually involved in the drafting, as was every town you know the other pro-gun safety group so this this was that this was a victory for bipartisanship and and and and I and a victory that will have an impact that I fasted, I do not know the NRA was brought in on this.

Samantha McConnaughhay who I think is one of these actors he gets it. Born in Texas made his name in Hollywood's who is God elite got the working class at the ranch hand you know is of you read his book. There's a reason why was a bestseller for about a year. He writes this to the news gun safety legislation passed by Congress last week is imperfect but it's a shining example of compromise in this country. I do believe you gotta find moments to compromise without giving up your core values but you got a compromise. I think this is example, almost none of you agree with me and I'm fine with that but call 1-866-408-7669 I'll break down more Roe V Wade give you the latest on G7 we come back and that will bring in Eddie McCarthy to tell us where we go from here and separate fact from fiction on this is the bright tell me Joe, so glad you're here. Brian kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, for wherever you get your project Fox News network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five talkshow that's real.

This is the Brian kill me show the faith to people in the United States and this is something that America historically does has to do that is to step up the peace and freedom and democracy, preaching anyway. And just addicts: sizable parts of the free, independent sovereign card and the consequences for the world are absolutely catastrophic were legitimate for the acquisition by him by violence of other parts of the former Soviet Union were legitimating aggression in other parts of the world and you can see the reader crossing in East Asia. You can see the consequences.

The lessons that will be drilled hundred percent and I totally agree with that and obviously I felt that same way. There's a lot of people that don't they say Russia would be Russia, Ukraine is not a great democracy would be guided to huge deal and now the G7 is meeting to see how the sanctions of falling short brushes able to use India, China, and some others like a Ron and believe it or not, they can refine in the Excel oil and are able to sell things in trade with others, including Turkey and NATO partner who is giving Finland and Sweden a hard time about admissions and meeting of the probably and try to get some type of extortion out of them because of such an economic mess under that corrupt leader early one so people go by the sanctions. It does mean brushes not hurting. Evidently they did default on their debt first time since 1918. But the fact is they don't care about their people, they can just keep throwing other people out there other 18, 19 with no experience that throwing the numbers and have long-distance artillery that are blowing up cities are able to take another city and in the G7. Now the target of a different place to talk about no longer buying Russian gold. They should be taught about secondary sanctions to China and India stop dealing with them. Simple as that.

More from Boris Johnson cut 30 what Joe Biden is currently spending $46 billion to help I would THAT that is price worth paying for democracy and freedom really think about the principal. When that argument was conclusively settled in favor of democracy against the violent changing of borders by aggression. Think what that achieved decades and decades of peace and freedom. The alarm sink people's sometimes America is lost by the world to step up. I think America is still the last best hope of a piece of fruit I do to you had a lot going on there and a lot of time is better to be feared and respected and loved and we gotta give up ever being loved, including by our allies and we gotta be wound comes down to this, we have to be thuggish against Russia. They cannot complete me if they're able to take 1/3 of Ukraine. The ghetto learned lessons learned from their horrible performance in this area in the gotta go to Georgia take up mold over a now the got it saved the going to light up. Colin Grob threatened Latvia and with the Lithuania in that lot that Colin cried core corridor is very militarized so this is going to be a problem for the next 50 years.

Can we please save a generation and stop this lunatic from taking part two Ukraine when they're doing all the great fighting so that's I hope these guys are serious, and although Germany got praise they have changed dances haven't done anything near of what they pledge to do France could do more.

A lot a lot others can do more.

Poland is been unbelievable. Gary listener W VMT in Burlington, Vermont to Gary Bryant and Brian pay her to talk about the red flag Lala early know that I think is a good thing. At first, but with the 18-year-old and under that you can expose some of that before new things happen. The big concern I have with this is that you in the long run you're going to be removing a constitutional right from somebody to be an accusation and when that happens. I mean look at what's going on in DC the past 20 years with Nadler ship Losey Schumer, the FBI, their efforts to unseat Pres. even now generate such commission, the Cavanaugh hearing people are lying Thursday for political reasons it lying now either unrolled or otherwise is not held accountable, so me and how is that regular citizen of potentially delusional right firearm to defend her family have you put out solid examples of the reason to be distrustful and then you see the Supreme Court go ahead and will push her back today to get a pushing back on Amanda Mexico. They pushed them back on with her doing with laws. The gun laws in New York City. I think that puts it back in Roe V Wade, I think there is a is a hope we can be done right. Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite podcast will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business will came subscribe and listen.

Fox News five just a radio show like no other.

Brian kill me, spread that separate opinion that the language is honestly very jarring for some people to rethink about and it takes five in the court majority said it's hard to see how clear those cases, the right to contraception the right to same-sex marriage are not in doubt that abortion is different because as the court said it involved a life that just is Writing a separate opinion making that point, emphasizing that point. Those cases are not at rest is Jan Crawford of CBS going over the details of why this will not be the end of interracial marriage, not the in the end and not be the end of same-sex marriage, and McCarthy knows this Fox News contributor forces and US attorney for the Southern District of New York, Andrew, but I can imagine what your life been like candy. Over the last 72 hours. Well, you know, look after I was 15 when Roe was decided 14 so you know, for someone who came of age and went to law school and within the conservative movement by I live through the entire 50 years of this battle so just to just to read the words of the court where they say Roe and Casey are overturned. It's just that still startling to me, mainly because things usually don't happen this way is usually most victories you get are a little bit vague and kind of slippery that you don't usually get a sweeping correct result like that sort of goal recovering from that.

Jan Crawford's rights are right this is this is not going to mean the end of interracial marriage or same-sex marriage. Well you know what Jan is very smart like her a lot and for example, it's not the end of it's not the end of any of those cases to be sure, but I don't agree with her sense that you know what Thomas is saying is just an outlier position. Tell what Thomas is actually saying is the position of the court with respect to the legal reasoning that was behind some of those decisions and by the way, interracial marriage is not one of them.

Interracial marriage is equal protection case it's one the reasons that Thomas doesn't mention it now in the same way that he mentioned 70,000 decisions like a contraceptive decision but the thing is Brian. The reason they felt like they had to come out and say emphatically that life is different is because they laid out a legal test for determining what unenumerated writers that is a right that the court is good to give constitutional force to even though it's not mentioned in the Constitution and what the court is basically said relying on a case mainly a case that was written by Chief Justice Rehnquist in the late 1990s. What they're basically saying is the right has to be derived from American history and tradition, and it has to be central to system of ordered liberty, and there are very few rights that would make that cut and to the extent that Justice Thomas is saying that for example the contraceptive cases would not have made that cup quite right about that. The other thing to bear in mind always you know what we've been saying now for seven weeks since the late came out, which is that the court was not ending abortion if the Alito opinion became the law of the land. What that meant was, it was going back to the state. I haven't noticed any state whether the big groundswell to have legislation outlawing contraceptive and I'd be very price yet happens. So the bottom line here Brian is that what the court is saying in this case is that this is a self-governing Democratic Republic which means adult get to govern themselves and they don't get told what to do by the L5 lawyers and robes so I'm not afraid to live in that world and I'm kind of surprised the left is all they ever tell us without popular abortion rights are that that's the case, there shouldn't be any problem right that's that's good for the other thing is how popular abortion rights are are one thing and then we also will find out. Basically what states are going to do because I know where they stand anyway. But now we know. 13 states have trigger bands in place by July.

We know the 20 states have abortion rights in place. 13 states will activate activate the so-called trigger bands and seven have done it already.

George is one of about a dozen state to pass a so-called fetal heartbeat Bill which I believe is six weeks correct.

I believe that is right. All other there are some exceptions to it which would take a long time to beguiling but yet 616 weeks.

There basic guideline was auto. I torture myself and I watched the Sunday shows to try to get a wide quick swath of of of space and big big weekends like this, and especially torture.

Listen to AOC cut three forcing women to carry pregnancies against their well I will tell will tell them, especially in the state of Arkansas, where there is very little to no support for life after birth. In terms of healthcare in terms of childcare and in terms of combating poverty.

This decision and this policy will kill people, no matter what what their span and what their talking points are, and that's with shows and that's what the statistics show so obviously anytime you giving birth is always a risk throughout time of people dying did you think that's the way do look at this issue. Women will die. I think she got an economics degree shown time and time again should know much about economics. So now she's straying into an area that we can even she knows anything about true form II think what you people want to do is ask AOC.

Is there any abortion that you would prohibit because I think what people are finding since the court has dispensed with Roe is that they now the general feeling in the country which is not my feeling, Brian.

I'm I'm pro-life but the general feeling in the country of the abortion should be safe, legal and rare right most people think it should be available, but they don't like the idea of second trimester abortions and they really don't like the idea of third trimester abortions are not talking about situations with life of the mother is actually in danger, but people don't like that that sort of thing people don't like the idea that you can have abortion for any reason at any time completely elective abortion up until the moment of delivery. So what most people are going to find in the wake of Roe is that they're now going to live under an abortion legal regime that is much closer to what they prefer and what roadways I think what people don't understand is the way Roe was interpreted it meant abortion on demand at any time for any reason and that is a radical position. I think they ought to be called out on it. What abortion does AOC think we shouldn't have up to the moment of of delivery. You know what happens when they ask that you can affect what you Brian from everyone from Pres. Biden down to three. They change the subject quickly. Don't want to answer the question they can't answer the question what they basically have to tell the American people is that birthing people can even say woman should be able to be allowed to have an abortion to terminate the life of an unborn child. Up until the moment of delivery, which also amazing is that birthing people are mistreating people but they do know that there's women today known. Suddenly, the residency men and women when it comes to this, even though Gov. Witmer kept saying women and menstruating people as if there's a difference of minutes on this clamshell is unbelievable. But here's here's what they're saying. He's another issue I want to bring into because they're saying that Cavanaugh and Gore sink were disingenuous or flat out lied mansion counter bringing that up solicitous cut for allow Supreme Court to lie under current under Ellis and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land issue issue without issue without basis. Rulings undermine the human and civil rights of the majority of Americans, we must feel thrilled there must be consequences for such deeply stabilizing action hostile takeover of our democratic institutions so she goes on to say, they should be impeached and we should tear impeachment proceedings run away and that any McCarthy periodically very partisan and one-sided look Elena Kagan when she was confirmed yet will all originalist. Now we have to pay attention to original and concerted. The most recent Justices country Brown Jackson. She's been originalist to if you listen to her confirmation so the Mayor said that she was open to the idea of Second Amendment right as she written opinion since she's been on the court with the way she testified during her confirmation hearing. No luck. Every justice league some wiggle room. They all signal to boot because they're trying to attract votes of known of the party. They all signal that there open minded about things and they don't plant their feet and promised that the more certain way, but they say they're open to it. So once you're on the court open to it means that you apply whatever legal test, life, I think, for example, Justice Barrett gave the best description of stare decisis that I can remember, and will be confirmation hearing, sorry to cite the doctor and the respect precedent right which is the one the left with Roe versus Wade Barrett said is what started the site is not a rule of decision. It's not a dictate that we apply it's got multipart to determine which precedents are we going to keep and which ones are we going to keep so it's not like anyone flying what they said was, they would apply the law, they would apply the test to start the fight the it didn't come out the way the left wanted it to come out thinking they care about. Here is nothing to do with fidelity to their confirmation hearing from fidelity to the law or anything else.

If you want to impose the left policy preferences, you can take whatever contortionist position you have to take to get confirmed. I may be delighted to have you. If you're against the left policy preferences or you make a decision that the that doesn't allow those to be implemented forevermore when you're an enemy of the state and I think people look at this as they recognize it for what it is I hope so is Judge Catania Brown is about to take over right she would not comment what a woman's we could.

She wouldn't do anything to Ginsburg's you would know in 1983 was one since I can practice myself by coming on any vote that I don't know that may or may not come before me. I want to press myself against case so that kinda set the precedent and as the Wall Street Journal writes in the lead editorial that Gore sink and cabinet didn't do anything wrong in their sure they didn't do a saying guarantee anything behind-the-scenes with the setting front gives them the right to examine each and every issue they said there were no constitutional dirt should they did both say there's no constitutional right to an abortion so but they said also I I would point out that Collins is on the Judiciary Committee.

I believe right there ever a point where she said to Cavanaugh, isn't it a fact that you told me when we met, and often my office that you are not the rock the boat kinda guy and that I didn't need to worry about Roe versus Wade never overturned. She never asked that question because think what would know that what I said it all.

I mean you know if that was where Susan Collins was coming from but why did she get up and simply say I had this guy in my office and we can ask them sitting right here, and he told me I don't need to worry about Roe versus Wade because he did not rock the boat kinda guy and he's never going to overturn it. When we asked him if he said that she had a right there that's what if that's what she said he said why we ready mystery about that. She had a mayor he was on the road so now were looking at another issue to drill down less questions one. So now if you do if your estate okay after 15 weeks will still up to 15 weeks. When you have a zero tolerance no bands at all like Mississippi. So does that include rape and incest and if it doesn't, then you can you really be pro-life as we get there. I never thought we really be discussing this since that you know but we are how you feel about that.

I think that this is something I've been arguing about for years, and why it's important that this is now in the political realm rather than the legal realm in the law. Brian, you're required to be rigorously logical. So if you take it that this is the reason the Clarence Thomas USA like Clarence Thomas and Jan Crawford speculation on it. The reason people are our alarmed about Thomas is what he saying is what you follow the rigorous logic of the decision, then all these other decisions are vulnerable right. The thing about politics it's different from law is that politics is not required to be rigorously logical in politics, it's about social cohesion and domestic tranquility to live with each other. We have to be able to live with our disagreements so we compromised and sometimes the compromises are logical. You know I have to give in on some of the things that may be if we were following rigorous logic and I got to have my way I would get the whole thing, but in order to live peacefully together. We have to be able live in the break so it may be illogical to the pro-life position to say rape and incest. You should get any protection on the other hand, what were talking about is 1% actually less than 1% of the total number of abortions. And if you're asking me what I take the protection against 99% of abortions and what I have to do to get that knowledge or exception for rape and incest and I say that's a good deal for life, even if it's not the most rigorously logical deal situation because, yet the baby got the mom and then you have what's right and what's wrong.

But as as technology got better. You get to see what's going on inside the womb to get these 3D images.

It really makes the decision a lot easier in the McCarthy.

Thanks so much. Thank you Brian right. He's got a pretty rest we need him on a listener going to Qubec and risk reason some calls one along here with use of the brain can be shown important today. So glad you're here diving into today's top stories Brian kill me.

The more you listen to Lori. Although Brian kill me. They look back tomorrow from the Navy SEALs is out on Long Island national show there initiating my dad member the whole survivor situation with his butt of the other thing I have is what made America great. That's certainly one thing that made America great. Something else I try to do after my 45 now is go different parts of our past that really stand out to make America America, one of which is our history of oil how we became the number one oil producer in the world is a little of it by 1920, in the end of the war there were a million cars on the road, America's streets and those cars were fueled by gasoline refined from how long is the exploration how long does the drilling take place, months, weeks, well, so typically what happens is you start an exploration phase. We actually have a broader understanding of the zones that will actually produce oil and gas, which is called the reservoir and subsequently various completion strategies are employed. Kinda cool right. I also had a history of Hollywood history. The automobile history. The aircraft carrier, let's go to Regina listen WHI L hey Regina L Roe versus Wade.

Okay, there was no exception.

Women and girls who have been raped, which I think is great because Barry, this can result in a pregnancy unwanted pregnancy, I hear you and we just discuss the Regina you think you are with any McCarthy and there should be an exception there. Obviously with each state to decide individually but I hear you say incest to get to go through him that I don't think so.

Why is New York City sure office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Bryce which you write to me Joe, you are 48 and of course heard around the country runner world, specially in Ukraine and in Germany with G7 taking place this out by Michael Goodwin standing via New York Rick Perry if you want to know how to run the Department of Energy did. It was very successful at it. Yes business being the one-time governor of Texas and this guy is totally ignoring, ignoring, we expected Supreme Court justices decisions come out and of course Friday the Titanic one with Roe V Wade is now nullified and now this just came across. Let's read it together Supreme Court aside with the football coach on school prayer.

They voted on 63 decision they sided with the former high school football coach uses religious liberty rights were violated when discipline for kneeling and praying on the field after games. He prayed he wouldn't stop doing it a one atheist kid complained and the parent so they fired him, Joseph Kennedy says his faith-based right to pray in the 50 yard line now is been substantiated course which writes this both the free exercise and free speech clause of the First Amendment protect expressions like Mr. Kennedy's Northerners a proper understanding of the amendment establishment clause require the government to single out private religious speech for special disfavor the Constitution and the best of our traditions, counsel, mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression for religious and nonreligious views alike. Believe me, it was a Muslim, and they would draw praying every quarter. No one would touch this Michael Goodwin joined to sound like I know you can call to talk about this, but all your thoughts on first blush on this decision are religious freedom record is correct that Stephen Carter wrote a book years ago that but he said that we we've gone too far in pushing religion out of the public square and that is clearly the point here that you said you were praying. If you are month (but if you world which were secularists calling on you know, the trees bloom greener. That would be okay. It's religion that sets off the fury of a lot of people on the last thing and it's almost as though religion is so precious that it must be kept in a corner and it cannot be part of life.

But of course all the religions teach all the great religions teach that it has to be part of your life. It is central to your life.

And so to say in the public square. No, no, no, we can't talk about religion and Stephen Carter. This profession from you. Make the point that if I say on for building this highway on the basis of public highway, but if I say I'm building it because it will lead to religious communities together then the first argument will be taken more seriously than the second argument, it will be credited as a legitimate argument where the religious aspect will be discredited as illegitimate and I think he's right about that, that the way that people can ask themselves. They see it in their daily life all the time and I think this is a perfect example, if the coach were doing anything but he would've been fine. He could've kneeled on the 50 yard line for today. Praying that somehow crosses the line so I'm really happy that the Supreme Court said no no no you cannot discriminate against religion.

This case also joking and Joe Kennedy now has ruled in his favor and I got the sense that was going that direction. It's too bad it's on party line so to speak. 63. I mean why why some Democrat or a liberal justices can see it that way is disturbing on the left is the one pushing religion out of the public square in the left believes that religion is a force for bad as well as a force for good and they are touchy-feely about any kind of sense that you know someone should be left out someone who doesn't believe should be your friend. I mean, so it's not surprising that the three so-called liberal justices are opposed to religion in the public square and probably sometime in the next couple days to find out about the remaining Mexico policy to try to reverse it was against our better interest to do it and the immigrations of the Supreme Court hearing that can buying reverse prompts remaining Mexico policy. It was early, stayed on the environmental regulations West Virginia University EPA multipronged challenge to the new EPA rules and issues of the clean air act.

Can you start infringing your radical my piece of my words.

Your radical environmental views on our natural oils are our natural energy process is going to be bigger than West Virginia should go down the other major story and there just a few others coming down but I want to talk about what you wrote. You, on Sunday you believe Roe V Wade, regardless of where you stand is going to help Democrats in the midterms. What would you base that on their face, in a way that they have been unable to do so by this president. The Democrats are flat. They the fact that so many are abandoning by saying it should not run again. The polling indicates that on all of the key issues as well underwater 30 as I said in the colony. 35% approval in a recent poll in New York. The deep blue 35% approval so that the point of the election was the reason they brought Donald Trump out of retirement for the January 6 hearing all about the election is trying to gin up the hatred for Trump again get the band back together on hating Trump was really moving the needle well on the fall election still looks as if the Democrats are about to be rounded certainly in the house and perhaps in the Senate to Michael. I mean, it's not you that it's a bunch of bad policies. But now comes along abortion and I think that this is a tricky one because obviously some states such as New York will be no change effectively.

You protected under state. But on others but another state there will be a real battle and I think even in places like New York, it will be used to try to maximize the turnout, particularly in those districts that are swing districts or than a Republican held districts so don't forget we just redistricting across the country. Depending on the power in the legislature whether the court got involved the makeup of a number of districts has changed and so this will be the first half of not just the abortion but the turnout issue within the reconfigured district. So I think right now Brian, it's the only thing they have is the only thing they can possibly motivate people on the column I got I got email bombardments from Democrats. Immediately after the ruling, including six from James Carville in 24 hours, all pushing a woman in the center of mass, though receipt is considered vulnerable. So fundraising on their pushing it with going to whip their their supporters into a frenzy over this because they got much else talk. He said in your case and try to cut 14 since Jonathan mentions how much that's going to motivate Democrats versus all the other things everyday Americans are dealing with everyday inflation. The most prominent example and one thing the Republicans need to be concerned about looking back at 2010, 12 and 14 Senate races is what kind of Republican rhetoric are we going to hear from you. So during our last night in Illinois talked about like life, whatever that means.

This is a shade of Todd Akin Richard Murdoch Sharon angle Christine O'Donnell Senate races that we left on the table so good point right minute meant to say I don't know if it wasn't there but Trump said you do want to see white lights over there was a what the hell Sammy went down to it in the state Senate races in particular are probably going to be very tight number could go either way. And so if it's a red way than a lot of these may be less than stellar candidates would be swept in, but when you get down into it.

If there's a suburban turnout. The mostly suburban and female turnout for the Democrats are going to aim this who they have to motivate to come out and vote on abortion. Mike Goodwin thanks so much appreciated time all the stuff is everything you said is valid. Everything Dante said is that I James Carville's emails but it's June. So much has changed in a month or two and then I look he was tapping at the border.

How could that not be a major issue in this country.

With all these records going these bad records coming through in all these people dying in the fence and all this, to the border.

There's so much this administration has done terrible at. It's amazing that this one issue could be something that that energizes him. Thanks so much Michael. I we come back on TV chance to talk.

I know all we can. You been listening and maybe talking to people you know you don't want to risk alienating any friends or family 186640876 extent I don't have voice recognition hardware or software. We are waiting for others Supreme Court decision. So for the football coach can pray and probably never should've been fired and would probably was. You should never of been fired from his football team as high school football job. This is the right kill me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me. This is a huge win for free exercise and religious freedom. The court is not to side with this code, but it does some cleanup work. With regard to prior doctrines, including something called the lemon test. This effectively puts the final nail in the coffin of lemon that was a test in determining when you have violations under these clauses and what the court says is that there is a better approach and that there is no such thing as what the court calls a modified heckler's veto that just because some people might be offended by speech like this that it can be prescribed by the state so that is Jonathan Turley talking about the Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor the coach.

You can pray before and after an football game to me. Goes it's logical you whereby church and state. Evidently this all became one family. Maybe there were others but only one came forward and said I'm an atheist I don't have to pray you know probably have to pray while I'm worried about my playtime be entered.

I just don't think I should even be in that situation, so they fed the fire.

The coach would he wouldn't stop praying. So we took it all the way up to the Supreme Court any just one waiting on the remaining Mexico rating on the the West Virginia's lawsuit and there are there suing the EPA and I think this can be huge ramifications for that 1-866-408-7669, says a lot of Supreme Court decisions were. I just think is so dangerous and hold me to it. If I ever go the other way when I see Stacy Abrams say I don't buy the Brian Kemp beat me in Georgia and I still don't buy I'll just run for election four years later Hillary Clinton Donald Trump. He knows he's illegitimate he's an illegitimate prison United States says of the four years. George W. Bush is illegitimate heating when Florida's brother game election never really heard that what JFK's Nixon bowed out course sycophants and supporters in one city, Al Gore never said that but that was really hanging over the institution. The sense of voting and then if you don't like the Supreme Court just justices decisions. All that court is illegitimate to pack the court will destroy.

I think there's a real worry about that when you talk about illegitimate so in other words, if you lose a game this attempt. Football's terrible.

I still like the sport. The refs through the game the home field is tilted on the grass is the grasses was only down for one side of the field and was in for the other. I mean ridiculous excuses, but it just makes people who are fancier say well you're right, we didn't really lose any of it. There's all legitimate things there that you want to challenge but don't challenge the institution.

There's official ways to do that and I just think that we keep getting it over and over again from people are not happy. Like for example with witches hat were Roe V Wade or Sen. Lindsey Graham cut 19 all of us in the conservative world have believed that there is nothing in the Constitution giving the federal government the right to regulate abortion. There's nothing in the Constitution that create same right to abortion as a constitutional principle.

This was judge made out of cloth law. Now what this cornerstone is taken us back to pre-1973 for each state can decide through their elected officials when life begins and how to treat treat life and this is a huge victory for the pro-life movement present. Trump deserves the lion share of credit. Here he thought like a tiger to put three constitutional conservative judges on the court. He stood by behind Cavanaugh and all of us have been working for the last 50 years to get this right to have a constitutional reset. Friday was a glorious day yeah I mean perhaps perhaps it is for the pro-life movement.

What it means for the midterm elections, and if you don't like the cause you would send Elizabeth Warren. It does you like the decision, she says, always pack the court. AOC it's illegitimate and then that's a danger we say okay way so you don't even like the you know you even enjoyed the decision on debate the merits of decision is one of been a debate the merits of the people made the decision and the court system.

Paul listening in Boston April good morning Brian, are you sure could return them on ruling in favor of the coach of the Supreme Court have the freedom of expression. Religion is our most basic fundamental right there on the right side of the cause right just a quick reminder years ago I heard my travels. They were saying we got a kick.out.morals and ethics are not undermined and compromised our agenda so they think that this quote the boat yesterday have against us. We have seven days a week of our agenda.

They have one hour week cataclysm.

They don't stand a chance that this point should you have to compartmentalize the people and police teach anti-vision and divest investments. Great care like you were avoiding that control of our destiny when he said day Hussein called Ginger medic you called the Star chamber with a undermined society to create economic, social and environmental chaos try to create low burn extinction level event so they can plan will bind us the justice system in the police just doubles they do, I thanks terms if I never heard that is the source, but I've heard the topic. In fact, he takes a throne about this book and he talked about that going on in schools about an overall arching plan.

I just understand I use thought schools would be something that would be to pro your country. Too much red white and blue too much rot around America. Somehow we just spent all her time just trying to rip apart our democracy, our system, our country, our fast year radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you all will like once in a while better storage technologies so you can produce as much energy as much energy as well is know what he's talking about. He never does that is present Joe Biden talk about energy Rick Perry not only as governor of Texas has to know about all.

Guess he does know it. Then he became Sec. of energy from 2017 to 2019 for prison, Trump, Rick Perry, Sec., welcome back sick I'm great so is that true the windmill in the middle of the ocean is as good as good goes a coal mine or natural gas. Current by he just repeats what's put in front of him. Radical well that controls his administration. I truly believe they do now. They are so committed to this altar of the climate mean they genuflect at the altar of the environment and they will drive this frame completely off the cliff before they say you know what, we made a mistake.

We need and all of the above energy strategy.

Fossil fuels have played a very important role in the portioning of the human race around the world to plan America, but they are willing to destroy that so that they don't have to say that they were wrong about that wind and solar by themselves will find the solutions to deal with the climate that we have the day with the environmental issues.

The way that you find the answers to those concerns and end the rail and we should be focused on is through the well that is created by the fossil fuel industry that when you think about whether it's our planet is safe. It is that there is a great book out there that are highly recommend everyone read, you may have had Alex Epstein on call fossil future and it talks about these issues in a legitimate truthful way. The experts that we've been told we need to listen to on the climate have been radically wrong.

I'm stunningly wrong in their presentation. Think about John Kerry for the Senate decade plus ago he was saying that by 2012 there when I left in the Arctic me. These are radical environmentalists who have been wrong.

Time after time and unfortunately the mainstream media didn't call him to task because too many of them are in bed with them and they believe are surely believe they just don't want to stand up.

They hate we were wrong.

Fossil fuels memory really important part of this wind and solar fine and we should use the more we can, but they are intermittent at best and are just not going to create the well. A need for the innovation to come along that well.

In fact, change the way you talk about George W. Bush link to be sure he was talking about how the people been discovered to be getting into the business we know about Gloucester was told to divest themselves from energy stocks was an all out, kill to try to do a kill switch on fossil fuels. While in Europe, Mr. Sec., they are now firing up coal plants again because wind and solar are not preferred. A lot of them don't want to see the solar panels on their landscaping in the distance. It messes up their view and they're not able to get enough wind and solar. In order to fuel to keep their company country and is now against the national interest. I want to hear what you and he would present.

Biden said last week on leases, oil and gas is sitting on nearly 9000 on use, but approved permits families can afford a company should on these hands. We think that Mr. Ducey adequately explained that he understand the business by making that statement know he understand the radical out demand that he spew those figures out here's the real issue is in the environmental regulations that come all through government to the Department of Interior DSC CME literally got their security. The security exchange commission using regulations to tell businesses where and when they can invest in fossil fuel or invest in energy projects using these regulations. If the regulations that are the real killer and in the only get three knows that both the Sec. of energy Granholm P booted K the transportation secretary. The president himself of all said we don't like the oil and gas industry do everything we can to shut it down and the only get history believed because they see it with all of their regulations.

All added costs that goes on and the uncertainty so the idea that there's 9000 so what me that that that really matter. What matters is that all and gas companies in the vast majority of the hold stockholders which in turn basically require a return on investment and you got it administration sending the clear message of what we don't like you were going to shut you down. We would like to keep all of that fossil fuel in the ground because we think it is has a perilous effect on the environment and so we are driven by the environmental left and right you every inch of the white and the next day were going to Saudi Arabia.

We we want them to reduce more oil are working to go down the toilet and asked the dictator Maduro to increase the all production out of Venezuela. I miss his craziness. Brian and the American people get it they know they're being played, and November is going roll around here and there is to be a massive turnout of people who want to send this administration in a message and say what yeah we support taking care of the environment, but we recognize that you gotta have the fossil fuel industry that is part of that and matter fact, playing a major part in that as we go forward because of the wealth is created that wealth, in turn, on innovation jump on the new technologies and that's going to be a powerful message. Brian in November the American people are not stooges. They're not going to be plated chomps, which is what Biden and his minions at the White House. Think of the American people and by the way, that's what that's what he gets on the cupola rating 33% approval. I believe another another poking through from Reuters at 37% to 41% in all-time low for CBS of the American people are onto it because it's not too close to 35% gas in middle of a of a transition that's ready or not ready for the transition I was looking at this with China Gov. Perry if you want to go get electric car okay no prompt utilized electric cars because supply chain issues. Everything else in inflation they have attacked an extra $6250 electric car. So now if you want to pick up truck $85-$105,000 so everybody from the biggest cart a small scar the test as well, up 22% to $54,000 so you tell the American people working-class people using fossil fuels is horrible thing, coal, gas and oil wettable trucks with diesel do you want them to go electric there still way under still unaffordable in his policies go making that happen because inflation is making everything more expensive the American people are catching on not want to date they know that their core, because when I go to the grocery store or when I buy something on Amazon and they see the prices going up. They have now been educated enough to know that energy and the increase in the cost of energy because the transportation cost because the cost of production because of practically everything in that supply chain is driven by the base cost of energy and it's going through the roof and Americans have figured this out. They understand it and they also know intuitively because they explain it under the previous administration one America was energy independent and we had prices under control.

There was no inflation. People had more African-American Hispanics unemployment rate. Some of the lowest levels in history and they were enjoying the result that the fruits of those policies that were deregulating and making it relatively easy to get a permit. The regulations were not owners, as I recall present trumps. When you get rid of who regulations you can add one, and we were making a real a real hit. Out there internationally. People respecting the United States because they were like you know what these guys are. These guys are serious about their energy policy. Russia got the message that were not shut down the Nordstrom to not use that because we saw you use your energy as a weapon and brightest are starting to me that within months of the Biden ministration.

They reverse that you sell Russia recognizing that hey we can use our energy now is a weapon and that's exactly what's going on. I would've caused my soul governor was always the years as governor of Texas.

We know much guns means to your community to your state in particular is bipartisan gun legislation signed into law over the weekend just give you a highlight of what it is for listeners. We first off, there's got to be money for social psychological services can be money for school security. They are going to not ban not raise the age to buy a gun to keep it a team but look into a juvenile record and have a have a waiting period before they purchase look at you Valley in Buffalo that might've helped right there. There is going to be money provided for red flag law, should you choose to use it is this legislation. An example of something that is not everything you want is Republican, but a bipartisan deal that you could get pine well one from my perspective. I think this was the classic knee-jerk reaction.

These events are horrid and it's it's not because of access to weapons. That's not the driver.

Here I will suggest.

This is more in line with how you change the culture that we live in. And you know I'm really concerned about the red black box. I think they have the potential to be abused and you know that the I am just very, very concerned about the red flag laws how they're going to be used, and again I think this was a piece of legislation that we got bad. I'm not particularly happy that Republican senators, for that matter, the Democrats and voted for this thing and they get counted their hands often going about their business that we had rested when the fact is they have interested they may have put law-abiding systems at jeopardy. But the idea that there gonna be able to make them an impact are positive impact on the type of event that happened a valid way we we saw Steve McCraw, the director of the Department of Public Safety standard.

The real tragedy here was the local law enforcement completely make bad decisions stood outside for over an hour and mean that's what we ought to be focusing on rather than limiting law-abiding ability to have a weapon that matter to reign secular you want him to get a gun right now and end there should be ways to be able to do that you like that part of it to be a look to someone's juvenile record to see if there unhinged like we have Buffalo and the and this clown is killer in your VoLTE yet you can't have your cake and eat it too.

You can't pay all you know we don't want to look into these young people's backgrounds that infringement on their you know their their privacy well yeah it it it it it is that it is infringing on our right when you don't do that in my opinion I think you have a look at the state mental state and and that is what they should have been focusing on rather than broad sweeping script on gun ownership gun possession. Secretary Gov. Rick Perry. Thanks so much. I was briefly talking to take care of doing an event with Mike Murphy Museum foundation with my friend Marcus Luttrell so enjoy that. Those are great. The whole show governor will bring the whole show there tomorrow. TV and radio. Awesome.

Yeah, fantastic. I hope to see when you come to Long Island barbecue at my house right. This museum is Brooke Brookhaven is a great national lab up there so hopefully I'll get again one of these days and come see what kind of barbecue you're capable of dispatching you this fired up. Thanks go back because just a moment trying to meet you both sides all breaking news you then you steer it all. Brian kill me show pilot to the phones we can go out to Mississippi where we have W MX higher grade affiliate Terry. Terry my court so people are all better do it right. That's a danger that means penalizing the length by the students end up dead.

View one of your life in prison. I think with it. I think the real target is the mass shooting. Thanks so much Mike WS KY hey Mike, in Gainesville and bind in my opinion we can talk about alternative energy sources all you want, but until we can get aircraft off the ground with any other source or just missing the point. Not to mention the military needs it that we need for that. So that's my opinion. By thanking great show as always, I appreciate what's true and motherly airflight scampi could be worse. My goodness, what is going on their travel. Basically every airline's is dealing with huge labor problems.

This was a prestigious job. I know where traffic control is a stressful job.

I understand that for the whole pilot flight attendant to get a job in an airport.

The benefits used to be a great job. What happens to the perception and the reality is giving you.

Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here buddy is the right to me Joe I know you had a very exciting weekend. Hopefully with you but enjoy the weather were stuck in an airport somewhere because so many people were buying affords people talk about the Roe V Wade decision. They were talking about with that with Don to talk about with that with everything we also know the Supreme Court continues to hand out consequential decisions and that is the latest one was that football coach that was fired because he refused to stop praying before and after games just been reinstated and one by 63 count for some reason the liberal judges did not feel as though they had to side with what was right. Obviously what was right but they aren't willing to talk to Julie Banderas at the bottom of the hour be doing outnumbered at 12.

You can watch on TV get CS on Fox nation.

Now Terry Severino was standing by. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file. I fact save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three of the ultimate two machines when you how to deal with China more me gently how to deal with Russia that is peers Morgan who join me today. The G7 dominated going on right now by Ukraine and Russia grabs another dog bites down a great cause. Now we find out they're going to stop buying Russian gold will that get their attention because right now they're defaulting on their debt for the first time since 1918, yet they still keep their war machine going to Pres. Biden has just signed a major gun control measure into law the bipartisan safer communities. That is the most significant update to the nation's gun laws in nearly 3 decades, guns greenlighted in New York City to the states. Thanks and six of the state thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in a bipartisan deal signed into law as you just heard about guns because of the buffalo you about the shooting.

They came together did both sides. What is in it. Was it mean for you. Always safer because of it has been overturned and the question of abortion has been turned to the states Supreme Court overturns Roe V Wade, we get a protest in overheated punditry. What it means for abortion and the midterms spring Terry Severino present the judicial prices that were co-author of the book justice on trial the capital confirmation of the future of the Supreme Court carry a been watching on television. I understand you are not that surprised by this.

We use are you surprised about the outrage from coast-to-coast the motion on both sides obviously can't help but make it right.

The pride fighting great actual violent and truly dangerous type of protest and haven't gotten a pushback that I expected that tactical and protest in front of something after they were they attempted Nation.

I kind of thought that you might feel more pushback on that from Democrat.

She wanted to look like they were somewhere in the middle and currently not writing. The argument in December, especially court after the leak outcome of the case did not the piping but it did kind of I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing who willing to stand up all of the craziness in all of the threats and intimidation and become the conclusion of a new legally correct. You look to the Cavanaugh situation, the ridiculousness of the trial that got him dead of the confirmation hearings that got him the position. Now they're saying that he lied to collagen mansion. Listen to Congresswoman AOC cuts for both allow Supreme Court to lie under current under Ellis and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land issue issue without issue without basis. Ruling undermines human and civil rights of the majority of Americans, we must feel thrilled to be consequences for such a stabilizing action and hostile takeover of our democratic institutions, hospitals, okay, I do so much to unpack their hundred opinion apparently not clear Baker. The packet abortion is simply not protecting the country to the Event, but I confirmation hearing just went through a lot about how you want to look at the original meaning of blonde in the pack. Now every time to come to the result can be a teacher, if you Cavanaugh and the other got that very carefully worry because they knew they can't chronic about anyone way to get scribe grow at launch getting pregnant and how they kind it went deathlike in the question of the overturn precedent, and we know that everything the court and remember the court going back. You know it currently can member overturned painted before because they recognize that they were incorrectly decided the patient to get it back. Know what you get to the court and attack.this is perfectly personally on a completely ridiculous claim like that. 13 states have trigger laws to ban abortion entirely right away. 20 states going to fight delay California New York in the fight to make sure the Massachusetts they all stay in place of everyone's gonna run to their corners center. Elizabeth Warren sees this to be a total travesty and wants to pack the court cut five. This court has lost legitimacy burned what ever legitimacy they may still have had after their conversation after their voting decision after their union decision. They just took the last ascetic torch to it with the world versus Wade. I believe we need to get some confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices on the United States Supreme Court you thought about packing the court is the perfect time, I got a lot more worried about when he was a professor at Harvard Law clear that the lot now that she got into politics on the court is a good idea. Tell outrage at everything again recognize the fact that name-calling idea that any court. Now it I can think the court in handing down.

I don't think a constitutionally legitimate for a long time to respond below the whole thing up the court can destroy the patient. Now we need to get impatient they only want whatever they can get the political result with so diametrically opposed to the rule of law size which is sent using excerpts from it by Justices Breyer taken a set of Mayor in overruling Roe V Wade, this court betrays its Guardian principles.

The rule transferring power over abortion policy to the states 22 of which have either already or likely will ban abortion or more have pending legislation that would how does that resonate with you and a lot about abortion policy about how they how they think it is very important. We think it should be protected will great actually protected in the congregation make a good argument for where in the Constitution and spare me your argument, but light the great argument making Congress a great argument make the fourth not the argument you make at the Supreme Court judge that the real fundamental confusion. What Terry Severino with his presented judicial crisis network carrier reaction to the coach winning the football decision grantor and after games, enduring games and fire pride, want to give anybody a clean white wicker coming out saying how I pray with you on the court did a great job of clarifying again going back To clarify there. There first and a lot lower court will trying to find ways to squelch religious kind of thing looking at coercing the team to come out feeling I had to play with and contrary to the fact that the court went back and look nothing anyone in the founding era when you compare any Catholic only consider that an establishment of religion to collect one school employee pray privately. I felt that the company have to allow to continue it.

It graded the 10 year win streak really religious freedom in court and I cut that continued to seeking places the addresses of all the sprinkler justices. The conservator was voted for this at their houses. Are you getting concerned more more about their welfare. There haven't been put back again and handed down to the legal ground for not getting it case are different but they are still local live that prevent the kind of demonstrations in front of the house and we thought a pregnant data trying to enforce federal law encouraging. I am grateful that even now after that, it is interesting protected party die down, and got home and I pray we don't see any more likely get more evident why that leak with think having the dictating not out actually caused higher intensity approach Even having a lot of fun playing great on it, but I'm hoping this will die down.

I can return to a normal life. We should want from public officials and I I'm discouraged. We had more support the bike and ministration for that debt, an idea Sunday when he made the horse we sell. I want to be calm but maybe could further agree and reinstituted Maria and reemphasized it carried the other thing I'm just wondering with you being that you said you work on the X stuff for so long.

The nomination hearings on some level he wish he never was nominated, I think they all go. I think they got a lot more much worse than what they didn't Much of a contract to convert the confirmation process all seem to feel like I'm I got a real kick in the got and obviously he had gotten it worked anyone out on my thinking like that after he would attack in his own confirmation project by the time you're in the middle of the heat that I would rather die then on, then step down from that point until now. I think it makes you feel more firmly that what you're doing might be right if you if standing up for just what the competition fed back that it's good that you're there to be able to take that chance. I hope after Cavanaugh felt that way to think so much. If you want to get the insights the inside story on the capital confirmation to provoke justice on trial carry thank you.

Pay out 186-640-8766. I will back your calls and then at the bottom of the hour, all bets are off, with Julie Banderas in the top of the hour and going on outnumbered, don't move into today's top stories Ryan kill me talk show that's getting you talk your Ryan kill me was my hero led me where I went to this nation a great favor as leadership development, fighter tactics and the fighter is starting the naval aviation safety center, which in fact save naval and ammo.

As far as your data. At first he was the first to land on this aircraft learned as furs develop choral singing skipper the ship Junko Clark brought them to be first or Wing Commander is the history of the aircraft carrier and that was Adm. Flatley.

He's in his 80s for World War II and his dad was one of the first to even lantern aircraft carrier.

So was incredible.

That whole family and then they have the next generation are also fighter pilots so it's pretty amazing family. It's all part of what made America great on Fox nation for new episodes drop on Thursday this week will be previewing all of them history, oil history, Hollywood history, the aircraft carrier and history of the automobile. Fascinating.

I know I'm usually doing colonial things and things about wars and presence just a little bit different but I think really important part of our past that I think is really cool waiting on more Supreme Court decisions. The first of which came down already today talked about that football coach you got fired. Please refuse to stop praying before games as I want the money. I'm not a quit early fall 20 years in the Marines not fought but your your served 20 years in the Marines don't really need the money.

I want to coach football and I want to be able to pray after games and I can make anyone pray I wanted to at the players control me are not talking affect your playtime fired to think I'm suing so they find the Supreme Court the Supreme Court ruled in favor of final numbers was 63 three court make a huge news.

Also in New York where we're located. It was very hard to get a gun permit your concealed carry permit. You probably understand that as you listen okay RMG in our Oklahoma stations and Nebraska stations in Florida stations at our Texas stations, but in New York extremely hard to get a gun so especially New York City. So now the sprinkler looked at that and says the restrictions are so great for this 1911 law would overturn and you abuse your second amendments being violated. So instead, names and places you don't want to carry a gun, but they can carry a gun. Besides that, unless of course there violent in law on domestic abusers or felon or anything like that that goes along with the law of the land and people are outraged.

Six of the states from New Jersey on down unmet. All are affected by this, but that's you shoes and then Roe V Wade is also use names on top of that, that's we've been discussing, but in terms of this being something were Roe V Wade being overturned next things to be same-sex marriage and next thing is to be contraception is just wrong. You know Clarence Thomas says in a statement that that could be in play. Nobody else agrees with that hears Jan Crawford, a CBS legal analyst cut 23. Justice Thomas wrote that separate opinion that the language is honestly very jarring for some people terrain, but he has one vote, and it takes five and the court majority said it's hard to see how we can be any more clear that those cases the right to contraception the right to same-sex marriage are not in doubt that abortion is different because as the court said it involves a life you had Justice Cavanagh writing a separate opinion making that point, emphasizing that point. Those cases are not at rest yeah and and that's pretty much that's pretty clear what why Thomas did that and think there's a reason to write that that this is fuel to the fire. There's a bigger story than it actually is.

Other people weighing in, and a lot of people think this that and the advent of the sonogram. The 3D images and the fact is they almost look like family photos. Now that you get at Sears you or used to be when Sears is in business. Dr. Nicole Sapphire real quick. This is what she said cut 22 after 20 weeks of life form going inside we had MRI and ultrasound and everything you see the movements of this baby and so to say that this isn't a human and still consider aborting a viable healthy child, and it is really upsetting for a lot of people and that that the radicalization of the pro-choice movement in my opinion, is why gotten so much support for the pro-life movement because a lot of people are against these late-term abortions.

Sapphire had a child at a very young age of see The baby babies now 20, so she still in the medical profession FCC role of the channel, we can actually Banderas joined us, that we find out this morning. No top of the hour outnumbered busy day so glad you tomorrow will be at the seal Museum on Tuesday. All now that's about to open up close look at these, so he'll make it says what they coach did in this case was clearly private speech, not subject to this type of regulation that this was equally strong and said that not only does the majority ignore the facts in the record but it does acknowledge that it effectively killed the lemon test and that it is now, in the sense of you showing much greater support for free exercise of religion then the bar on the establishment of religion, so that was John the truly coming on the new Supreme Court justice ruling that just came down short time ago. The conservative majority sided with the former football coach 63 was the decision Joe Kennedy and get his job back in his would be able to pray. The 50 yard line with students who can or cannot choose to participate with them. The school district said stop at your fired.

He wouldn't a got fired.

Now Kennedy gets his job back is football coach served 20 years as a Marine. This did not surprise me today hi Julie, oh Julie Banderas. I'm so used to being here and there's is here. Fox news his own, and I should be doing outnumbered with me the top of the hour. We are very excited. I wanted to spend my whole morning and afternoon. What you doing after the show. I do like Southhampton and I yeah love to go back. I have a car that will meet you right there right to find your way back with my own yeah exactly walk so this this coach. First of all, that freedom of religion and the right to pray in public is something that I find so infuriating because this would have set a precedent that if you cannot sit at lunch because your teacher in a school right where you know religion is supposed to be separated church and state of that nonsense.

If you're sitting at lunch and you're about to eat lunch as my children are taught in Catholic school. They pray every time you eat a meal. They pray before sucks.

So if you can't sit and pray to yourself, you can be discriminated against that. That's what these liberals want to discriminate against those who want to pray is your thing is I am sure if this guy was a Muslim and he wanted to pray three times during the game. During the first quarter that they be scared to death to say anything because they would be scared and they would be accused of being racist and and and and everything every other name in the book, absolutely. So that's waiting on the remaining Mexico to and also the EPA gets West Virginia. Why because a lot of these EPA are so oppressive with with their demands as they hate fossil fuels.

West Virginia stood up and said this is egregious and my hope is that they get a big brush back because if not this, John Kerry, Joe Biden environment embossed attitude right I think is going to destroy our country. Will it already is.

I mean look at our gas prices. I mean, so yeah they are destroying our country and they need to think locally. They need to start thinking fuel you know fuel lines and they need to start thinking here in the United States not getting are importing our fuel or oil from other countries because they screwed the pooch on that one. Or so you know as much as there were protests around the country.

Yeah, I shall think was better as it goes well you feel, but was killed. I mean, so yeah, it wasn't doubt that I went yeah it was, yes, but it still was bad. I mean, these people are all my favorite are the women who were protesting that they are going to abstain from sex. I have my six-year-old in the room, some chocolate, so yes the women are now basically putting her foot down that they are not cannot put out sugar again. My six-year-old Harrison's in the studio and I say if you seen any of these women that actually attendees pretend they are actually doing the entire male population of freak in favor right didn't do the men in the studio controller likely will not answer you job is to show that they are doing the male population of favors abstain from sugar all you like, yeah, good luck with that meeting. I'm sure yeah I'm sure I country move on from there we hear here's somebody that is normally not hyperbolic with Terry Moran on ABC listen to him: this is the most consequential Supreme Court decision in decades. It changes the status of American women, the citizens of the United States and as citizens of their states that the big picture.

But let's not mince words, women will die because of this ruling. Women will die because of the ruling well what he saying is that if women don't get to have an abortion. Legally they will find other means to get an abortion and again were not going back in mid century okay were not going back to old and just to the rates yes exactly, were not going back in time there exaggerating the case when he says women will.principal when a man talks about a woman like that. It just is infuriating because he does. He has no idea what he talking about, but again were talking about women who went through major extremes and put their lives on the line to basically give themselves abortions, not what's going to happen here, let's beat. Let's be real.

This is a state-by-state thing and they're just taking it to such a numb team Tigre. I also want to say one more thing the women were just so you know my body, my choice about abortion but yet when it came to mandating the vaccine where where is my body, my choice please no answer. I meet all the women there decrying this whole my body, my choice, but yet they were pro-vaccine. And if you don't get vaccinated.

You should never try to get vaccinated and vaccine mandates and all of that, it's hypothetical. I mean it's hypocritical.

It's whatever suits their their their theory.

So if you look at inflation. You will get the loop the exit from Afghanistan you look at gas prices you located. What's going on would go back better in this failure so far. Joe Biden is earned all 33% of his approval rating. Democrats are skirting them in terms but people think this could be giving them a breath of fresh air that gives them some momentum because this is clearly an issue that they can start raising money on circuiting people behind, especially in the local issue. Can you see that, I think that this is going to think that the abortion issue may may hurt a little bit insert Republican Republican districts only because there are Republicans and moderates that believe that it doesn't come around you whether abortion is right or wrong that's not the issue is due. Women have the do they deserve the right to choose. I think that's the issue, but as Republicans are concerned it's gonna be a red wave. I mean it's going to be a bloodbath come the midterms I mean out of 1.7 million voters in this country that switch their registration. Two thirds of those voters switch to Republican. Why do you think, not because of abortion because the country is in the tank. Here's what Jonathan Swan said his reporting reveals he said this with Martha this weekend.

Cut 11 so inside the White House. They've been preparing for this since the lake happened simply cannot start and I have the decision they immediately saw the political dimensions of what they saw this as their best opportunity to energize Democratic voters this year. The guns and she was another one. But that sort of thing new. Should a little bit because of the bipartisan deal on the hill so to the extent that they have an issue that can rev up the pace that basically very depressed for probably the most horrible political environment for denigrating a decade and this issue has been to some extent a life raft for them so they can into a full court press on this.

The vice president has a really prominent role in the she's been meeting with pro-choice groups almost every week since that leak happened and they can immobilize their political and outside infrastructure to get as much political things in a box they can out of this decision. Backfire on Democrats because Democrats think that this is the morale of their base. What it does is it makes them look like jerks because they can't ever just counter an opinion without there being anger. Why can't you just come out and peacefully say look this is the deal we don't we do we want to we weep, we print we support this position, but instead is always the angry mob and that's what it is all over the country you're bringing out the angrier literally just they were actually lying dormant for a while. It's sort of like asbestos and now they're all you know now it's out in the air and it's not going away and they're going to make their own party look terrible. But if you do want to make sure your party does not have witnesses to be a zero-tolerance. You can't just write a legal, you might scramble to make sure that Republican governor doesn't get elected Democrat was.

You might say I want to go. I want to pack the court to blow up the filibuster. That means I want Fetterman over Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. I want to make sure that Warnock beats Herschel Walker where in the beginning I'm just so fed up with the Democrats so you could see them maybe using that and getting a few percentage points, but I think the key word came at the end, the vice president has been leading this switch makes many very Republicans very happy because what if she ever lead successfully.

Exactly. So this is story that she tweeted out an image of her eye with these words. I know there women out there who are afraid to those of you who feel alone and scared. I want you to know the present I are fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together and is a picture of her on Air Force to watching a flatscreen just like all of us would run her own private jet with a treadmill and a flatscreen standing up on a flight way and I'm sorry and also am not flatscreen PS with CNN I thought was amazing. Think this is ridiculous that she getting paid by CNN to put that on the television screen because don't tell me that was not planned and whatever person actually advised her to put this tweet up there and thought this was a good idea. Whoever advised her to do this should be fired because it's not a good look when a woman is 30,000 strikeout feet up in the air talk about hey women down below and I mean down below more than physically like you are beneath me. Okay, yeah, we feel you she feels nothing turbulent.

By the way you did. She said too many people quit their role eventually leave soon. Henry Kelly of New York magazine writes this could and tweets us out. Could you be more specific like how are you fighting describe the tactics when the policy can you give us a rundown, Joan Carter, the daily because he's a left-wing outlets 36,000 feet above everything watching on a big ass TV in a private plane and the messages were in this together. I'm not sure you guys get where the rest of us are right now and there's some other funny ones that are also listed down there is people who calling her out once again, the vice president poorly served by your staff with no instincts and do I believe, do you think and rally effectively a message that would enable them to stop the bleeding and in the house and first of all, she essentially just basically said thoughts and prayers like thoughts and prayers as a mass shooting thoughts and prayers mean she's basically full of that sheet.

There is no genuine side in her whatsoever and she I just don't understand why she posted a picture that picture was really bad idea right so that's can be there story. That's what they going to look to to motivate their base to do real quick when we talk about this and outnumbered, but on the gun legislation that passed on over the weekend. Republicans feel like they got there they got a handful of votes in the house and they got 15 votes in the Senate.

How do you feel this thing is going to be played out as Corning and Sen. Murphy did a bipartisan deal.

I think that it's going to be revised at some point. I mean, I think that at this point in the in the country that the Democrats had no choice but to do something mean without how many school shootings in the last 561 got almost nothing they wanted. They were the they want the AR 15 band there. One of the age put up to 21. It is still there when the national red flag.

It still there.

They won universal background checks. They don't have no I now so it's a failed if the failed attempts is all it is and all it is is just more more more. Our talking points argument points for the Democrats that I'm go out and raise hell before the midterms, but quite frankly, as far as a red flag laws are concerned making that a national thing. I don't think that's the worst idea. I mean New York State does have it, but it's not it's not a surefire way to prevent the shooting, because obviously here in New York. We had a school shooting and we have read floss day laws here enacted in this state, and it didn't prevent that shooting is the 18-year-old had his record expunged.

Now the table to go back to school last June I go in and shoot up and now this new rule, you can go back and look at juvenile record. It will be a waiting period is a positive. Julie will CNN number is three hours and radio back. Everyone's trying to get outnumbered in the matter of moments I want to find a no today, 671 all airlines to no one's alleviated from this according to flight aware Delta scrap 204 fights by 230 Houston time Southwestern by 100 estimated 3.5 million Americans expected to travel by plane during the upcoming holiday weekend, the busiest and they're not ready for it. To make matters worse, the average price of a plane ticket is currently $201, up 14% year to year. Keep in mind we gave the airlines $50 billion of the pandemic to keep the planes in the year. Keep everyone going keep him employed and were still being screwed next Tom cruises film maverick deep. Another impressive milestone of the box office as it crossed over $1 billion. So much for the movie theaters being dead so you have Tom cruises the sequel to the 1986 Top Gun just been a runaway hit those ticket sales the movie the phone with those tickets as of late. The movie to throw Marvel superhero Dr. strange in the multi-verse of madness that made $943 million. The highest grossing movie of the year at the global box office premise blockbusters are the highest grossing movie of the year in the domestic box office Spider-Man no way home which garner more than 1.89 billion is the only of the film to hit the 1 billion since the coronavirus keep in mind that Elvis movies can be big, so there is something to see in the theaters next up to 40,000 Army National Guard 13% of the entire force have not been inoculated as of Thursday they could all be gone at least 14,000 soldiers have not had the inoculations needed for the week. We should even have this this new variance covariance really. This inoculation does not really work against them.

Letting go between 20 to 30% of the guards in six states are not vaccinated.

This will be devastating to a national security you got is let this thing dissipate or extend the deadline next move over burgers, chicken tops the list of favorite grilling foods told Jeff Chick is a classic favorite foods. 53% meat 50% stake 48% ticket also reigned supreme among the levers of favorite main dishes to cook at a barbecue at 56% good news everybody's grilling. That means your outdoors nag you like your honey, I know you're not a mean guy but you like a chicken with style of personal I'm not willing open up University of Michigan gives nearly 2,000,002 group attempting to dismantle systematic racism. This unbelievable University Michigan to a tragic joke there, confronting the card that cancer which is racism of the part of the community organizations to send the voices of lived experiences of incarcerated people.

The project was given grant funding as part of the universities meet the moment research initiative that focuses on faculty and research and scholarship to address today's most pressing societal issues confronting the course will state criminalization confinement and control at a time in which all criminals round about to go into the prisons to interview them lastly live golf competitors competed at the Saudi Baxley run by Greg Norman. Guess what, the DP world tour will find them because they are part of the PGA Tour. They say golfers competed in the London event that the centurion club didn't receive releases the play that's Garcia that's Lee West with that Richard Bland is Martin Carr my game where Ian Poulter Bernard Weisberger Sam Rosenberg some other names Graham McDonald you probably know there will players in question. They will find suspended by the organization. The golfers received a fine of $100,000 was suspended for the upcoming Genesis Scottish cop Satan said any potential infractions would result in more sanctions I got news for you with Bruce Brooks kept going over there and so many others I don't think they care, they might be done with your leak. You gotta go revisited and that's that's would roughly is what's going on. Real quick. Tiny mites may be meeting on your face tiny eight league efficiently features maybe having sex on your face while you sleep. This, according to a new study. The mites are both invisible to the naked eye it on the skin of all humans. Moreover, they have some bizarre mating habits. They 20 couples cling on our hair as they do their thing. There are 40,000 species of mites and some of them are probably having fun in your body right now over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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