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Supreme Court Ends Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Policy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 30, 2022 12:45 pm

Supreme Court Ends Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Policy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 30, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian kill me.

I would write Julie here.

Thanks much… The bright plumage (United States speaking right now be able to dip in out of it. His first press conference.

He figured his first question by the NATO summit in Madrid. Of course, there is a series of announcements of talking about Sweden and Finland are in and that is better than great news. Number two. Do talking about fostering up and cruising through presence in places like Poe and Czech Republic and beyond in Sweden and Finland already paying the 2% of the GDP into the defense budget and it's a nightmare for Russia. They also some good news on the Russia Ukraine front Ukraine is taken back.

Snake Island which the big deal. It's a huge deal.

Both sides confirm it and it opens up the possibility of opening up the ports of the Black Sea to allow food and grain and other things to get out so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three at the competent in her credibility competent in her testimony is not in standby and watch your character be assassinated by anonymous sources and by men who are claiming executive privilege really okay what call the Secret Service update into dispute this woman's story make or break time for the June 6 to January 6 committee after their star witness has her story challenged by Secret Service and one of the main sources if Cheney and Schiff don't let officers clear their record any suggestion of a fair process is lost you highest disapproval rating it's over 57% for the first time. That is Tom Bevan talking about Joe Biden under scrutiny from his ongoing trip overseas to his domestic troubles at home to his cratering approval ratings you just heard he's facing pressure on all sides.

We will see how both the right and left are trying to outflank him always way why we also need to take seriously the fact that we have a broken immigration system that was decimated by the last administration, Harris arrest made in three hard debts in the hard debts of 53 that were banded in the tractor-trailer at the border. The White House reaction playing Trump it's laughable and predictable as we also await the Supreme Court decision that might force the administration to keep one of the least, and most of the. The most effective Trump policy in place and that's remain in Mexico, so keep in mind this was to keep title 46 in place to make everybody turn around title 42 in place to make people turn around because of the pandemic that stays in place. This would judge a judgment remain in Mexico in place that that the judge that was reversed was stayed by a judge.

But this administration is ignoring it, so goes well at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will rule on it and headed down most likely sometime today so the original story that I want to go over with you is what is happening at the border. It's a horrific story doesn't any better, but seems like everybody outside Fox is ignoring. I mean film allusion to see Griff Jenkins. You see, callous reporters at the border seeing thousands come here illegally. You're talking about 2,000,002,000,000 have come across our borders and Joe Biden took over over 1 million already this year I don't have to remind you that were still in June. June 30 so that means we can set an all-time record is gonna be a record summer come one come all was suddenly we are in the situation of a tractor-trailer who exposed the refrigerator truck. It was marked up inside.

53 dead bodies, about 18 survivors. The driver unmet pretended to be one of the victims are semi-trying to survive.

They got him and the other people that commissioned the actual truck. Why 10,000 person bring them all up an 18 wheeler.

Think about all you make $1 million. With that trip it so horrific.

Even the president commented overseas and Greg Abbott is beside himself. His country this this this is not even close to the first that this occurred. There's been hundreds of people who lost their lives this year because of Biden's open border policies and is gifts were so that is so Biden is a start of fulfilling his responsibilities. Commander-in-chief secure the border so that prompted, Harris to say this, one how the governor of that state. Respondent really highlights part of the problem because his response with their 50 dead bodies in his stay is to go straight to politics instead of dealing with the realities of the issue.

We also need to take seriously the fact that we have a broken immigration system that was decimated by the last administration and we've been trying to and we are on the path doing it to fix capital consists you are doing absolutely nothing except providing the central South American nations, you have Eastern European countries, Venezuela is emptying their country. Cuba, everybody's coming through you. Doing nothing to fix it. You wouldn't even know what it will affix looks like and please explain to me what is broken about the system first thing you do before you reform the immigration system normal for reform is and I would be open up consulates have more work fees is to fill a lot of the jobs that Americans don't want to do work we don't have enough people to do. I'm not sure the issue is more work fees. This is preferable I get it but until you seal the border. We can't do anything with our consulates and MB's embassies and they've done nothing to do that and they stop playing politics. He's living it because the federal government will not seal the border.

The prisons got use the Texas Rangers the National Guard because they won't put up the wall that we paid for with the sophisticated technology involved in all of it. He's got a put together his own wall from his own taxes, tax dollars and he's playing politics are you kidding me unbelievable. He's actually reacted to. It's happening at the border cut five today I am announcing that Texas is going to add additional drug checkpoints. DPS will create and implement a checkpoint strategy, beginning immediately or they will begin targeting trucks like the one that was used for the people there to make sure that we will have a better capability of perhaps stopping talks like that, as well as stopping smugglers in the cartel members who were trying to profiteer all the politics was it taking action at the border I my mother where is the governor of Arizona borders an absolute tribe train wreck, and most of it's not your fault Republican governor, I know you term limited out but say something to the prisons out there meeting with dado at the same time commenting on Roe V Wade. He's taking questions for the first time in months and months and hopefully they'll answer some questions exactly but he likes to vilify likes Abilify Republicans.

He likes to vilify the Supreme Court. He likes the vilified anybody that doesn't agree with them, many of which gonna be his own party say when he turns out they do not yet went with would return that they do not want to run again and that is another story will be getting to but here's one of the first questions he was just asked again. He's in Madrid taking questions from the world press. You've come to the summit here and one in Germany after the US Supreme Court overturned constitutional protections for abortion. After that, shootings in Buffalo and Texas at a time of record inflation and as new polling this week shows that 85% of the US public. The country is going in the wrong direction.

How do you explain this to those people to fill the country is going in the wrong direction including some of the leaders you've been meeting when basically you think that when you put all of this together. It amounts to an American and it's going back to work. They do not think that you haven't found one person one world say Americans going back to America's better position to lead the world than we ever have been. We have the strongest economy in the world are inflation rates are lower than other nations in the world. One thing that has been destabilized is the outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court of United States and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy. We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view from the Supreme Court do what it did, but I have not seen anyone come up to me to anything other than you heard them say anything on.

Thank you for America's leadership change the dynamic of NATO in the G7 so I can understand why the American people are frustrated because of what the Supreme Court that I can understand why the American people are frustrated because inflation and inflation is higher in almost every other country prices and pump are higher in almost every other country were better position to deal with this and anyone, but we have a way to go in the Supreme Court. We have to change that decision by codifying Roe V Wade unbelievable that he'll be overseas in Madrid vilifying our Supreme Court unbelievable the attack, another branch of the US government, which goes to the fact that that's why people are down about the government attacking institutions from institutions using Supreme Court attack in the present, even though he does so many things are unconstitutional with his executive orders on down number one flat out inaccurate inflation is higher.

Most of the country, not in China not in Australia not in France, not New England, England. She's me, that's one place. It is not in Germany, not a most Middle Eastern countries in westernized countries where one of the highest and a lot to do with your refusal to drill oil to bank middle of the Middle East. At the same time you have an LNG plant opening up of the Canadian supporting for Europe.

In Europe, so they can give their natural gas to them when the greenest countries around were not doing a the extra so that is typical Joe Biden totally inappropriate. You would think after doing this job for 50 years you would know would would fly wouldn't fly overseas Americans are down about how the Supreme Court ruled some short essay all some related some of spent 50 years trying to get to this moment.

So many people are happy that led some infants will live rather than die. Believe it or not, so will continue to pull some cuts of the present, but that is why world leaders.

All world leaders think were heading in the right direction. Okay. Fantastic Anna people you like Trump because he was caught a lot of people out, but he made people read you asked to be the, the leader of NATO about trump almost everything he said, calling about making them pay more.

Having them pony up more dollars was something Obama and Bush both asked for it did not get an something that Donald Trump did know that about down Trump deftly rattled cages but nobody can feel reassured. Seeing Joe Biden in public or in private where he can barely get a sentence out but left to go with his word that everybody's elated that he's there so Mema let me just to be some stats that don't get to elated about when it comes to the border 239,000 have come in 1.5 million in since October of this year a million since the calendar year, the Supreme Court, which he doesn't like their decisions. Many people throw by their decisions with that reporter was referring to is an AP poll.

Overall, 85% of the country thinks are heading in the wrong direction.

78% of Democrats really 92% of Republicans's job approval 33 of the Q poll, 39, in the AP poll. So good luck with that. How many people are proud to be an American in the Biden administration just 38% 27%, very proud, moderately proud 22%.

All those are all-time lows. I don't feel that way. I think were self-correcting country to pull it all together and were in the process of doing that because we're seeing this green first attitude. I'm in the present did it again in his remarks. You haven't heard yet that he came out he says, look at all the deals we did, we have a we have a solar power up a solar power panel installation going in Angola only cares about Angola solar panels. We got so many legitimate challenges here including arranging war in the Ukraine, which were writing countless checks for so this is pretty amazing will take a timeout come back with more clips from the president's remarks in his first press conference in Madrid Springs, Spain.

He's taking questions he's got his list don't move and use that thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made from Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me show the bottom line is only reason why gas prices are is because of Russia Russia Russia Russia.

The reason why the crisis is just is because of Russia. Russia not allowing grading to get out of Ukraine and so that's that's the way which I think we should move.

I think you have a positive impact on the price at the pump.

Unbelievable. That is totally inaccurate. There is no decrease in oil on the world market since the war started blaming rush is a convenient. It also is counterproductive because it lets Vladimir Putin thinks he's ruling the world more power than he has that he's winning this fight that to stay in there and sacrifice your kids in a war, but that you choose to to a sovereign country next door that had no interest in fighting you is because the world needs to learn a lesson and you have so much control in Russia. You can control food and control gas and oil so totally responsible, totally inaccurate will be massive pushback's on that and when he questioned again.

I'm sure is going to vilify the windfall profits of oil and gas companies.

The biggest news 02 emerge is he just has called for in a specific moment. For this moment only. Yeah right to the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate to codify Roe V Wade really and what was offered they do have of abortion being legal up into the moment of birth. Good luck with that. So you have pro-life Democrats. Why believe you describe Joe mansion with daddy will get to give up the filibuster codify Roe V Wade not sure that'll happen. But who knows who knows if Susan Collins feels like she was lied to which some people send Murkowski about what Cavanaugh would do, maybe she'll do that. The filibuster again for the first time that I know the president who said that in the Senate for four decades, says let's get rid of it for Roe V Wade amazing amazing friend to stand up of the world stage and vilify another branch of government. And you wonder why the world perception of America might be changing because you doing it to yourself to directing your responsible on the world stage by making up a Russia collusion fairytale for four years you destroyed a relationship with that brutal dictator Vladimir Putin, or any peaceful coexistence you prevented any progress from being made when this guy takes over all hell breaks loose. Within months troops well up invasion takes place. Tell me it's all not related. When you bring domestic policies and rivalries overseas got a huge problem with that, here is the president announcing he knows exactly how to pull up another institution we have to change.

I believe we have to codify Roe V Wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure Congress votes do that and if the filibuster gets in the way. It's like voting rights. It should be. We provide an exception for this except required exception.

The filibuster for this action. You realize there's an excellent chance he's losing the Senate excellent chance. I refill be a great idea to have judges will of the filibuster to get judges onto the courts and when downtime takes over with 53 senators. He says yes you can do the same thing for Supreme Court in a way, the second was the sprinkler good stuff you put the filibuster. The courts you set the precedent willing to take a simple majority for Supreme Court if this president think she's going to ask for just an exception for the filibuster to put codify Roe V Wade when there's a lot of people that I think the poll shows most people for letting Roe V Wade, Stan, is a lot of people that don't feel that way that is overturned. It's a lifelong dream come true.

It means a lot of babies are not gonna be killed in the womb. And because of that they're happy, but he says let's have exception if the filibuster gets in a way below it up if you lose the Senate and eventually was the White House where the country is really indicating that's gonna happen get ready to America that you're probably like you like Joe Biden and fellow Democrats from the squad on down a lot of news breaking. So glad to hear Frank Alicia will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So subscribe and listen now and Fox News digests Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast radio show like no other and kill me. I am obviously the court will uphold only on paper does not follow the one standard for the old resident and other government contempt of court failed to live up to exactly whatever you think of the governor of Texas, he takes action. He is not ducked away from anything you put people on buses. He stopped people at the border. He built his own wall.

He unleashed the Texas Rangers the National Guard and, Harris is he playing politics that Lieut. Col. Al Westerly just now is the American constitutional rights unit executive director ran against Gov. Abbott but I'm stunned to see that the vice president's reaction to this Col. West is all the governor just playing politics be with the bride and are glad they're bailing the thing is this the ideological rights of the left outweigh any you know constitutional right or anything in the Constitution that supposedly applied. They want an open borders agenda that they want to undermine the sovereignty of the United States of America, which at door so there a violation of the Constitution and the Constitution gives the governor of any state.

The ability to do what the federal government is not doing and that they are supposed to protect us from the basic book right now the Biden administration, Harris the whole cast of characters they are aiding and abetting a drug a sex trafficking crisis. And when you see what happened here in Texas with those I think over 55 illegal immigrants who suffocated and died in the back tractor-trailer that is on the hands of the bond administration and so therefore the governor here in Texas has every right to bear steps checkpoints/checkpoints we need to declare the cartels of the terrorist organization to go out to the people been working with them. Mexican nationals all foreign nationals and also American citizens better hear their means by which we can deal with that and we need to stop the not for profit organization of the 501(c)(3) tax sampling that Catholic charities feeling that you're Catholic to give the money to Catholic charities and a big magnet to Venezuelan endurance Guatemalans to make this trip to put their kids with a bunch of human traffickers coyotes to come here this is unbelievable cash grab onto charitably by charitable organizations using our taxpayer dollars and that the shame of it is that the American taxpayers funding the yelled the undermining of the sovereignty of this country at the flow of illegal immigrants in this country. And so the governor can you know about the 501(c)(3) status because you have to apply for that and the status of purplish baby do that so we were about that and keep you from doing look want to do that to do that right now.

Absolutely you, you revoked their 501(c)(3) status because they have to apply for that in every state not-for-profit has the proper status to operate mistake so you revoked and and they're out of here and if they continue to try to operate in their violated the law and you arrest them and that's how we have to get tough. What is happening here in the in the state of Texas because this is gone beyond you know any belief you talk about 3 million and we just recently had Afghans who came across the border illegally. So now we have to start working again about the terrorist threat that could come across as poor, so might the presidency just had his first press conference months and it lasted 30 minutes at which time Moser was that the Supreme Court, and I'm not going to play soundbites take away your time, but he just said he is calling for an exception to the filibuster to codify Roe V Wade number one if you blow up the filibuster with 130 days into the midterms when there is an excellent chance of you losing the Senate you have chance. The complexion of a body that you used told me you used to relish and now that's not that's going to goodbye institution after institution. What you asked what your reaction to that well so much for the people that they are there to protect the Democratic debate out for you People now they want to practice with Frank what they want to assassinate Supreme Court justice. Now they want to take with filibuster and what you see happening is the imbecilic reaction of the spoiled children. What has happened in the United States of America. You just go to the Constitution to Amend all the powers not delegated to the federal government over certain states of people. That's where this issue should be at the state level, and whether people can decide. But that's not good enough for the progressive socialist left, they are totalitarian they want to dictate this issue and they want to mandate it from on high.

All across themarket. They don't believe in federalism. They don't believe in the rights of states to be able to make the next really don't want this issue in the hands of the people. So, for whatever reason, they are just going you know what to the wall about this thing of murdering unborn children in the womb, but dismemberment by poisoning.

What have you. And to think that there talk about putting abortion clinics on federal priority which leads that you know that's going to be again sponsored by the taxpayer.

Best violation of the house amendment so couple of things. He also brought. He also challenge the integrity of the Supreme Court in mud true grit another branch of government.

How irresponsible is that we see some 35-year-old just out of college or Z 78 who's been at the chairman of foreign relations and a vice president very savvy under what works and what doesn't work when you're overseas. How ridiculous and how unacceptable is that Col. West is completely unacceptable because in the United States of America were about elevator two are getting 46. In our anniversary as independent nation. We have three branches of government.

They are coequal branches of government.

We have a system of checks and balances, and when you now have the executive branch to include the comments of Mayor Garland going after the Supreme Court and you have the legislative branch which is now talk about ending the filibuster. Talk about packet.

Of course, they are attacking another branch of our government. This is how we lose our democracy or we undermine our own democratic institutions. This is not happen because the president trump this is happening because of Joe Biden, Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and all of these leftist AOC in all of the just said. He descended America's indulgence because the Supreme Court ruling is if there's nobody who's rejoicing because the Supreme Court ruling. He also sent everything is going great things I were happy there and leading the world again. Our Argo economies to inventor inflation is lower than just about everybody else's blame Russia Russia Russia for high gas prices.

So let's take a look on the G-7 countries with inflation rates hours is 8.3 branches 4.8 Canada 6.8 Germany 7.4. Japan is 2.5.

China's 2.5 Italy six so the UK is the closest to a 7.8 so out of the G-7, where the highest but he could just sit up there and just make stuff up and he seemed to be getting a pass on that I actually don't. I think the American people about it that 39% approval rating, says that, don't you agree, even with a compliant press absolutely right. Because the truth is getting out there and thanks to you and many other media platforms that you know the look podcast that we are educating and informing the American people was really happening when you look at our inflation and yelled the producer price inflation is over 10%. So that is even worse.

And when you talk about releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.

That's not the purpose of the street. I don't petroleum was that supposedly therefore merged, not because you have a real energy policy. You try to protect that in and to say that we we could do these things, you know, just in the gas tracker. He's only cost about two or three months and I think it was on Jesse Ward show.

I believe the talk but that's just $0.17 actual reduction what that will come out to be so these are all you don't try to put a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound, and the American people sleep deepest the crisis that we have been in shortages of food, baby formula all that has nothing to do with Russia, is the fact we can get these things to come to the market because of the diesel prices and and all the holdouts we have at our core facilities and things of that nature. So this is a failing president and you go to see his approval rating go even lower. I believe by the end of summer.

I will absolutely so couple of things going on everyone's going after Clarence Thomas and you must understand this feeling is conservative Republican, loves to be black. All of a sudden he supposed to think a certain way. If not, you basically gave in to to the white man.

I guess so tended to Muscat was asked about the attacks on Clarence Thomas usually said last night cutting possibly think of the greatest threat to the liberal coalition are black conservatives and stand up and think for ourselves when we represent the fact that the African-American community is not a monolithic community if you can never break the stronghold of the Democrats have in the African-American immunity. The entire coalition falls apart and think about this. Jesse Pres. Biden's approval ratings have never been lower in the African-American community and Hispanic community.

The last thing people want to see are people like Clarence Thomas, Mary Carson and myself standing up and making common sense popular everywhere in the nation, and oh by the way we happen to be black. That is a great threat to the entire coalition on the left so they want to shut it down.

Cancel Clarence Thomas because he dares to think for himself, but more importantly, don't you think for yourself because they want the price to be so high that you don't ever dare to leave wherever they say you should set so I want to just teach me take that where you wanted to write you think about what Joe Biden said when he was running for president.

You don't vote you like black that's out denigrating a disparaging date think that you don't have a mind of your own.

Your skin color dictates that and when I think about Clarence Thomas and he even talked about this. Back when he went to his nomination process. Of course, who was the head of that judiciary committee at the time it was built by so we have seen this play out and without a doubt. I believe that you are seeing a rise of ports in the black community that is going back to conservative principles and values. My ideological mentor is is Booker T. Washington and I really believe that he is one of the great conservative voices.

Without a doubt, the father black conservatives because he believed education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance and I believe that the black community is going to go back to that you saw Myra Florez when her congressional district in Texas. Hispanic communities wake up to that as well so still the Washington born a slave he ends up being a song leader of the country and influential advisor Tae Roosevelt.

I don't tell me you can't do anything here so transportation Sec. people to judge an announcement this morning is putting $1 billion in the first of its kind pilot program needed helping reconnect cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by road projects, pledging wide-ranging help dozens of communities are there black communities with no roads to connect them know that not saying that you know you can go to South Dallas or anywhere here Texas, United States of America. I think that the Blue Jays should be more so concerned about what is happening with all these canceling flights and things of that nature. He should be more so concerned about the price of diesel cassoulet which is severely affected our supply chain, but this is what the left goes back to this cultural Marxist and as a matter fact, look at the detrimental effects the cultural Marxism is having on the military.

They are begging retired generals to go out and talk about being on your part of military because they have the lowest recruiting numbers that they have seen in quite some time because people don't want to join I will tell you this, my son-in-law, my youngest daughter husband here right now at Fort Jackson, South Carolina because he and I had a talk and he wants to be an army officer. So he's going to basic training right now but the Army is struggling and all of our major situations are struggling because of this cultural Marxism and people leakage is just a reflection of that right guy talking about the glory of serving and how about this account 5000 members because you want to get vaccinated a vaccine that's ineffective on the five subsequent variance with the guy who's pushing it. Anthony found she for shots and got two bouts in two weeks so you're going to go make the healthiest people in our country, arguably, in the military.

Get a shot or get out and wanting to get an honorable discharge at a time in which the numbers are down in every branch of government that is the 80 IDs of the idiots running our country right now and for Lloyd Austin to be a general and just because he sec. defense to take that and not his resignation. Because of that to me is unacceptable. But you know the code of officers. Am I wrong, not wrong, but sadly there is no honor, and the people in this administration. Majorca should be stepping down senior civilian leadership saw what your authorship, except that Miller Millie should step down but they don't have that semblance or sense of honor and that is because there is no sense of honor, starting with the person that is sitting in the Oval Office celestial by you just articulated just delivered more lies upon lies upon lies and attack one of our own institutions are our judicial branch which is you are one of our three branches of government business.

This is shameful, but I believe it will start a course correction yeah can't come soon enough.

I will see what is happening with the 53 dead suddenly people are realizing there's a problem at the border we been singing every single week and we have the illusion Griff Jenkins with basically a whole with the beaded sue itself, can we go on forever, which had we get your podcast sure you can go to YouTube. It comes on every Thursday evening at 8 PM Eastern, seven central go to YouTube and their several other platforms out there, so if you like it. We share and tonight were going to be discussing the Roe versus Wade issue at work is the pro-life movement go from there. I found less.

Thanks so much, when you come back to you because you got it would have give you the latest from any of the present. Just two questions will review some of his answers and try to make sense of it in your knowledge base Brian Kelly show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me run census with work is a good president is done for Florida's banana was correct in attempts to deaths is correct when it comes to protecting our vulnerable populations. He was correct in terms of distribution of monoclonal antibodies what he's done is stand up for freedom's that is Joe Rogan speculating on who the Republican nominee would be and keep in mind he always brags that he picked Bernie Sanders, but if Bernie Sanders so he does not out there saying there is a red Republican, not same by a midwife or whoever puts up theirs nomination. The sky picks the best person of the country. A lot of people like that they see run to Santa strong but rational in his views. I don't know if he runs a trump runs. After all, he would not be governed without trump nobody disputes that that I know of the guy that could run for sure that had meetings with donors over last week was guy spent last week last Tuesday with and that is Gov. Glenn Young can you let likes trump to get along. They knew each other from business. He helped the present with this to a phase 1 of his China deal is not indebted to the present. Nikki Haley running as the present. She basically said it's not can happen. Mike Pompeo running against the present. I don't see it happening. Mike pence when he gets the present LC it, but he's not a win as well as the presence up there sucking up the majority of the trump fans, but Mike pence is not more popular Donald Trump among Donald Trump. People so you have got a Chris Christie will probably put his hat into the ring.

I don't see who else would go in there that I think be worthy of discussing that wouldn't go through trump first. Not only do I think frontrunning at these can announce in the next couple weeks. The question is how much damage is done by January 6. How much damage is done by the ways acted after the election loss even with the disputes. Nobody actually his policies look better than ever. Believe me, his foreign policy, domestic policies, better than ever.

Believe me, his instincts are better than almost aliases in the country. Questions will come to campaign going to forget one nation Saturday a special special show Saturday at 8 o'clock my Fox New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here right is the Brian kill me Joe.

I pause for a moment is so much news breaking and I want to get you all that were expecting to court cases to be decided by the Supreme Court and release the decided array asked of one of which is remain in Mexico. Can the bite administration reverse that policy number two is the EPA.

Do they have the power to put together put on the strict greenhouse rules and regulations onto these various different states. The wet West Virginia Sue to say back off let us do our own thing and Supreme Court has upheld on a 63 decision authored by Chief Justice Roberts on the course last day of the summer session they say. At issue was under was the clean air act, Congress constitutionally authorize the agency to issue significant regulations on states to reduce carbon dioxide by moving away from coal-fired plants.

Some conservative justices expressed concern about what they see is a federal overreach. While the Supreme Court has ruled against the bite administration over climate change authority.

So if you thought the by demonstrations upset about Roe V Wade and about about school choice. They're not like this at all. The present United States inexplicably just came out and moments, about 45 minutes ago and ridiculed. The Supreme Court basically called illegitimate in Madrid Spain. No letter to the big three logistical right to mark teasing Mark your standing by Mark. First of your reaction to what the Supreme Court is just Saturday 63 decision about the EPA overreach when it comes to energy I haven't had so but I will tell you that this court in just a matter of weeks struck close for unborn life. The second amendment the First Amendment and and now for struck and struck a blow for the states do to resist the war on fossil fuels. This is not all credit certainly to Mitch McConnell for Gary for doing a great job and in that the nomination been keeping bad that's going to feed (just of course, but all credit to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the greatest American president when it comes to shaping the Supreme Court is the greatest pro-life Krugman American history.

I have a lot of quibble and disagreements with him about a number of things he didn't present the afternoon after the election, but he will go down in history at the most consequential in American history shaping the sprinkler coalitions you P let states had sued to block the bite administration for moving ahead to implement a new climate change policy. The Justice Department told the high court that a federal plan to scale back carbon emissions from power plants would not happen before you sense the administration are you coal-fired plants account from 130% of greenhouse gas output instead of waiting for the by demonstrations write a new carbon rule Supreme Court agreed to preemptively review EPA's authority to issue such a regulation in the first place and they decided they did not have that authority.

Bologna moment and also got millions of energy consumers across the Midwest Bank the court because the Washington Post reported a few weeks ago that we are about to have blackout this summer across the Midwest know we always have backup in California know that black, but the Midwest that had stable electricity for decades. Why are we about to have blackout because they are forfeited because the war on fossil fuel John Kerry went to the cop 26 conference and said that we want to have no coal plant in America by a way within the next eight years and so the coal in the coal plants are not investing in upgrades and are shutting down early and we don't have renewables or other alternative sources of energy to work here to replace them though. As a result there's nothing to be and when the when the heatwave comes this summer is not to be enough electricity to fitted to keep our air conditioners knowing our lights on Midwest humbly bow. So in Europe, the re-firing up there coal plants because they know you are using oil and gas from Russia in this necessary and we are stripping ourselves down what you were converting a refinery so not able to even keep up with the world demand at this moment. Instead of making a ton of money while helping our allies and say an NDA aiding our security we are not for the presence capable of vilifying the oil and gas companies insane the making windfall profits exactly right. And by the way, not only they are not the nuclear friend Michigan what what nuclear energy is green energy. It had no carbon emissions. Why on earth would with the climate change movement and the bite administration and governor in the government government Marin and Michigan actually help keep you from a Democratic governor so they this is a religion for the mayor so this is more about and I'll tell you, Brian. They made will not admit it, but they love these high gas prices. They love high energy prices because they want the political blowback which is why there with a prudent price hike and try blame for the flocculant but they say love it because it forces all just like when when the government wanted to stop smoking. They rate the price of cigarette they want to raise the price of fossil fuels in the will all get so will all go go on electric cars will, I got a piece of the present stress, assessment 25 minutes. He said so many falsities number one center gas prices lower than most.

It's not true. And when it comes to Western nations. Our inflation is high, but not nearly as high as other countries not true.

France is where it 8.3 Francis half that can is at 6.8 Germany 74.

Japan is 25 tries to to just lying to the American public.

So this is a to the world actually possesses the world stage and then he came out and he did the extraordinary thing of valve of vilifying the Supreme Court a coworker branch of government on in Madrid. Listen. One thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court of United States and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy.

We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court.

Do what it did okay your thoughts about a mentoring that way and by the way he stop abortion isn't band it's within the states that still you making your own decision where live your states to make their own decision what to rule. Then he went one step further. Mark listen to this, we have to change. I believe we have to codify Roe V Wade in the law and the way to do that to make sure the Congress votes do that and if the filibuster gets in the way. It's like voting rights it should.

We provide an exception for this except required exception. The filibuster for this action. You he's calling for an end to the filibuster. He says just for this one decision.

That's not his call is carried as you remember what Harry Reid did in the result of that with the court. Your reaction to both statements.

The first he is now in Europe, 39 of the 42 countries in the European Union band elective abortion at 15 weeks or sooner. None of those laws will be permitted under Roe V Wade standing in European soil and attacking the court for decision that if they had that if if the if Roe V Wade existed in Europe.

All of their abortion restrictions would be banned. There are only about seven countries in the entire world that allow elective abortion up to the moment of pregnancy.

Two of them are China and North Korea. He want he is sitting in Europe saying that we should be more like North Korea and China, France, Germany, that that's what the president is doing.

After the filibuster. You know what I will tell you something personal. I admit that there's a strong argument can be made that it would be unconstitutional to codify ropey weight I had drawn you about WHAT the hell is going on. A few weeks ago and he made the point that the Supreme Court has ruled in numerous cases that if they if they make a ruling on, on the constitutionality of something that Congress cannot then go turn around and they actually were codifying it and instructing Texas and Mississippi. Your law is constitutional.

Congress cannot then go A lot of no action your log on constitutional you have to get rid of it so they don't even have that power, arguably, but what getting filibuster to do this. So what can happen when the Republicans take over and control both houses of Congress and the end of the vacant turning around and ban abortion, national right and then will have the swing.

If it'll be like a national version of the Mexico City policy where every year and every time the present article the other party will have the saw of policies going Barbara furcal event will allow abortion ban abortion rollout works.

Leave it to the state to impose reasonable restrictions that are consistent with the view of the people that that if you if you think that you strap abortion up until the ninth month in pregnancy go live in New York live in California and if you fit in and in and Mississippi. Another place that you not reveal the electrical portion steam through the court is allowing the end of the remaining Mexico policy. Yeah, wow so that was not good for immigration. Certainly not good for controlling the border that that I know I agree with the remaining Mexico policy, they're probably right in saying that they bet the that the court cannot order the present United States to enter into an international agreement with I didn't like it when the court when the president would've Pres. Trump tried to reverse his predecessor's decision and the court intervened and stopped him from doing it and they probably shouldn't happen here regardless of the of the top of the quality which is that which is important we should they should be available man. This is why we have a work order crisis in American history. But you know what the solution that it's all is right by the current price of gold in November. Not for the springboard to do it so that is all I can tell you in the short term, it's good to be fallacious now, with the border, the border patrol I might I might use. It is worth it anymore. I'm all I'm doing is taking doing paperwork anywhere can even patrol the border countries are literally emptying it out into our country and with putting giving them schooling were giving them clean clothes were giving them sponsor homes putting up facilities all at our taxpayer dollars, overcrowding or classrooms.

All because he will do anything responsible. So the remaining Mexico's goodbye when they're not even enforcing that anyway. But, title 42, they barely even enforcing people getting through.

It's good to take the national outrage that Senegal passed the media was ignoring the story outside Fox. No note node 100 and correct in all but one of the.which is that the reason one of the reason why we have the worst crime wave 1990 it because of the flood of illegal drugs coming through through our southern border that no definite record level and BDA did a study and found in 32 cities.

The increase in gun death in those cities is directly related to drug crime activity in the city and what they do is that you, the cartels are running. They use the migrant to divert border patrol send them over dangerous river where the grounding of the border control over their and then when that's happening.

They got several miles down the down crossover with the illegal drugs of the migrant decoys to prevent us from him from stopping them from bringing illegal drugs in the country, which is why we have describe murder rates across the not so just review the remaining Mexico policy is gone.

Courts is Joe Biden. You can ended even though was so effective for Pres. Trump. But the other thing is a lot of things going Republicans why the Supreme Court also has decided against the EPA limiting their power of regulating other time in terms of fuel fossil fuel and other new nuclear and nuclear energy.

So that's good news is West Virginia in a coalition of Republican leaning states and coproducers. I asked Supreme Court to weigh in here and they their Supreme Court has sided with them over the EPA saying essentially you guys were overreaching.

You factor that with the present United States calling. Basically, the Supreme Court illegitimate in Madrid, Spain. You have an attack on their institutions, like I never thought possible mark teasing a man and decision on the on remaining Mexico illegitimate to write down like that. Like the I don't like the outcome. The left is driven by outcomes right so I just sent you that I think the decision on back to remain in Mexico even though I further follow-up. The outcome of having that policy in place that is that is probably the right decision that the Supreme Court makes never said anything like that. The left never does that, because they are all about outcome driven decisions from the court and whatever it takes to get there. Judicial activism dictate start with the outcome they want and they reverse course and find a legal rationale port and that's what Donald Trump Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate have put a stop to by giving us a strictly comparative majority right it doesn't mean everyone has to come in buttery means that they don't did not mandated to stay and I guess they said okay go ahead you not my problem anymore other than we are. Problem chaos of the border. 53 dead people finally paying attention. This is gotta be fixed.

Mark, thanks much for bringing us through these this breaking news my my blood me on. You got it.

1-866-408-7669 I'll come back and I'll take your calls.

This is the right until each of the present is ending his trip is gotta be back Fridays. Gotta be meeting with our governors to come up with a deal he says to try and stop the ramifications of the end of Roe V Wade and letting states make their own decision.

Will he book a full freight tent city on federal land in Republican states will use try to codify Roe V Wade and in fact blow up the filibuster.

Does that mean that every Democrat is going along with him for that, including who I believe is a pro-life Democrat named Joe mansion. What a day.

Don't move Branko Riccio giving you your Ryan kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Ryan kill me. The bottom line is the reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia Russia Russia Russia. The reason why the food crisis is just is because of Russia. Russia not allowing grain to get out of Ukraine and so that's that's the way in which I think we should move. I think you have a positive impact on the price at the pump is not true, not accurate goes on to say that inflation is a lot higher than other countries when China, Japan, France, Canada, Germany, all have lower inflation then us and then he goes and delegitimizing Supreme Court to Supreme Court decisions down the EPA overreach when it came to regulating fossil fuels in different countries West Point and some others. I sue the EPA. They overreach that is great news for our economy. The light administration does when they can eliminate the remaining Mexico policy that is bad for the country but is probably good for them. Mark is in Staten Island, Andalucia, WABC hey Mark mortar situation at the border. I have a suggestion. First of all, why doesn't the Coast Guard patrol the Rio Grande.

I think the Coast Guard for towing the Rio Grande.

They do yeah but they're not able to get everybody okay so what control it's equitable about these drones whiteness in the National Guard, shoot them down or disabling more somehow bringing down. I haven't heard anything about not talking about using attacking the cartels send of drones in order to find out where to send the mules okay they see a part of the border. Not controlled that's what each of the mules. She wonders whether it was a governess on the Coast Guard of the National Guard disabled instruments of the cartels something out all right.

I think it's a minor part of the problem when you have one .4 million people. Drugs are an issue but the 1.4 million, or even a bigger issue. Thanks for the call. We come back, Carol Johnson, the NFL legend is now executive with USF elegant championship game on Sunday was simulcast Barney company about these rulings that have going to impact our economy in one way, the positive radio that it makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the back everybody. Some of his breaking couple things is United States first press conference in months able to go over what he thinks the conference was our NATO can be heading over the Middle East. I get it is going to be. Also talked about was able to take questions and everything was about Roe V Wade.

He basically tried to delegitimize the Supreme Court cases, you will to go around the Supreme Court through a series of executive actions and is open now is urging for the elimination of the filibuster for this just this narrow ruling, forget it.

The codify Roe V Wade, the other thing is to Supreme Court justice opinions just came down remaining Mexico is on the docket so is the EPA overreach when it came to these reply to the states and how much power they have to regulate energy, especially as relates to fossil fuels. Here's a breakdown of what Jonathan Turley says the results are they by ministration Inc. out a victory here. It's not too surprising with the lineup as this is a classic Roberts decision as accommodating as narrow, and he brought along Justice Cavanaugh here when Cavanaugh was appointed I wrote a column saying that while Pres. Trump said that is looking for someone who would not be John Roberts. He couldn't found someone that was more similar and is approach in its insignificance like this for you see that that's that's true that there cut from the same bold, they tend to be more incremental, they tend to be more narrow. In this case they are really there. Reversing the decision and saying that the Court of Appeals was wrong to say that this was a violation of federal law. I find it is a very narrow decision. In that sense. So today is a whole it's a sort of a split judgment, for they by ministration, but quite frankly, the loss on the EPA side will be felt more acutely by the federal government. No question will discuss that in a moment as well as the president's remarks and blowing of the filibuster and the EPA is really going to affect the economy that's and stop the market from dropping 420 points.

That's how the futures led us to believe this market would go today and it's exactly playing out that way. Let's bring in for a little break from this is somebody who's focus more on Sunday and Thursday because Sunday is the end of the first USFL season. There'll be a second one running a cell NFL legend, former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston who's got a significant job Ozzie with the USFL was Executive Vice President Darrell welcome back great. Are you finally here in the backstretch you moved to remove your show from Birmingham to Canton Ohio Philadelphia stars were able to advance to play the Birmingham stallions and here's why.

Trailing by one. This 88 yard run back by Maurice Alexander cut 37 someone going to win 1914 there in the finals.

New Orleans breakers would fall to the Birmingham stallions 3117.

How does it feel to know your are no 72 hours away from the end of your first season very mixed heavylift a lot of great people working long hours and effort into this really kinda reacting in real time, which was probably one of the most challenging things worse at the beginning and in I thought we did a really really good job with that. I don't wear had a real glaring the stake that set us back. We continue to grow week after week.

It was one of the things we wanted to emulate the teams as they were going through their preparation for the season and through the course of our regular season was weak. We know were knocking to be our best in the beginning, let's make sure we are at the end and and I watched her group get better and better from from day-to-day, week the weekend, and that's the only thing you can ask for so you're at the end with the middle of a challenging marriage pointed out where I can't right now but we went back and forth between Legion Field in a way, to Garth Brooks concert and then we have the world games, the Birmingham and we had to change venues a couple times down there so just nobody. Nobody was upset. Nobody complained everybody put their heart and audit went to work. So it it's a great job by great group of people and that that's kind of the sad part, you know it's it's good to come to an end on Sunday and you know I challenge everybody and what we want our people. I always felt like we never took enough time to celebrate everything we have done that year of unit. It is really really suitable and you gotta have a little bit luck there and we just moved right onto the next see that we never really took two weeks to three weeks got together as a group as a team and celebrated what we just accomplished. So I really am, to make sure that everybody does that.

This time around because it has been a lot of work. You know there have been some challenging times and I wanted to make sure we go back and assure the stories of success and make sure everybody realizes you were great job. This was getting up to this point will finish your one, absolutely. So we did Chevy to send this to me on Fox.

It's going to be at 730 on Sunday on network television. Birmingham stallions against the Philadelphia story stallions commit 91, but they were the only team to really have home games they had a good real good fan base that built because everybody played the same venue Philadelphia comes in at six and four and now you also in Canton Ohio. What's it been like seeing the best of the best and walking through Canton, Ohio, and also knowing USFL stuff is in there… An amazing, it's not the end of all agreements with professional football so that there's there's memorability and archive stuff from all the different professional leagues and for me it was really great on on Friday week we arrived in in Cleveland on Thursday went down to Canton on Friday for first visit getting ready for the games on Saturday and we wanted to have a day to celebrate our players or coaches and and thank them for everything they did so late they went out matching walk-throughs and we got him a tour through the museum and it was really interesting to see how many players and coaches.

There is a couple of coaches that I was really surprised never been to Canton so to be able to give them that experience and then we gather together right near the end of lunch. With all four teams. We brought Jimmy Johnson at the just try to get the message going into the Internet first round of playoffs and making it on every appointment that I would've liked him to have a message to our players for innately was unbelievable. And you know one of the last questions I thought was was really really good players ask you if you were looking at office players in the USFL, you know, what would you be looking for and Jimmy talked about well obviously I need to see how good of a football player you are and evaluate out from the film study, but I need to know what kind of man you are. So to call your coaches that you play for that. I know players that you played with that I have connections to him and to find all about you as a person and see how that matches with you players, and about somebody that I want to build a franchise truck that was really important for our guys to hear.

It's not only about what you do on the football field that you are the man and what is your integrity in your character also is… For you to play grind it out have one more shot a professional football. It's not like baseball or soccer with his million Division II could be a pro and how you communicate and major legal crossing. There's a place to go in (budgets it's part time major league lacrosse and it was your handful players major league soccer finally has a series of divisions. Baseballs got about four different divisions and now you have a football as a gimmick, the NFL distal worldly to go to the no Italian lead to go to like basketball, is no.

Did she league like basketball. Now for the first time there's a place for a play to develop the didn't peak you know at 20 years old and played Alabama. There's a player that may be coming to the road on the 23 we need one more shot. Now that their healthy 25 right. The big thing is the leagues and in every way analytics become such a big part of the evaluation process.

We got measurable the NFL and you know some of these guys just don't meet that measurable standard in other 33 and charm. Some of these numbers are so specific and a lot of times they really hard and true to the these measurable guys fall through the cracks and ended you watch the film did you see what a good player is yeah maybe he's not as tall as you would like you got a prototype guy when you look at him from from a body standpoint but look at emotional that is not the issue with this guy. He's a heck of a football player. So there's an opportunity to find out like a guy in one of the things it was really good for me during this whole process this year white snow. I've always thought about getting them back to the exactly what you just talked about it. I think there is not another opportunity for you to go somewhere until we really like that for this year. USFL is in that situation you don't, it's not about getting him back because a lot of times they've already been there. Why didn't you stay there. Why didn't you stick on the roster for two years, three years. What is it about your game that we can help you correct down here USFL level. So the next time you get that opportunity. You know you walk through that door. You just don't knock quickly.

30 seconds Dale Johnston next year, which can be different colors on the things that we we know we can get better at your your one. There's talk about an order not to mention about Birmingham all day every weekend down there in Alabama would love to provide that one of the teams in our North division. So a lot of talk about the potential for a hub in the northern part shall be before four around the country. That means we would travel little bit during the course of the season but but that's one of the big things we saw the response by the Birmingham fans and would love to be of one of her other franchises. Check out the championship game Sunday, July 3, 730 on Fox down just graduations.

Great job. Now Brian told me to show joints. FOXBusiness is Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian kill me to love major rulings have come down from the Supreme Court as protected today. Last day to do what they came up with the judgment they release it.

When one the Supreme Court has failed to present Bidens climate agenda serious blow by Saturday against the EPA, the same flat out overreach. They cannot with with unanimity. Just decide what will blowfly in terms of fossil fuels and energy before bump onto states a Republican states sued for that right so the EPA is overruled.

But Joe Biden does get a victory offers administration because the end of remain in Mexico happens that was put in place by trump those immediately overturned by Biden.

It was stayed by a judge. When all the raptors Supreme Court and now there's no more reason to stay in Mexico they can come flood our border. I hope the presence happy about that you consider that a victory but for us it's a huge loss, a matter of moments, and when it goeth us to advise you do simulcast their sewer. He wants to go. He's wrapping up attribute to the G7 so now it's goal is Varney, Lon Harris, Harris is blaming the Gov. Abbott of Texas and trump the board of medicine that terrible migrant tragedy, but it's never the fault is it if it happened on the trump.

What will happen to think what will we be saying about trump right now on ABC downturn perfectly or personally suffocated those 53 people that it was his idea.

They dislike Hispanics and you talk about tractor-trailer which was done as a clone to make it look like you belong to this Alamo company. When that Alamo company was a refrigerator truck but this was just painted there to get through the border and the back were people that paid up to $10,000.

So figure that are dozens in the back $10,000 each get them into the US and they can stay if that's the word you can't deport people especially find yourself in a sanctuary city so all 50, 53 are dead. The drivers on math try to pretend as if he was he was a victim to. He's got to go to jail, hopefully for life, along with his accomplices.

He got through the border part of the reason why these this is happening is because they have made it come one come all to the border out of everything that Joe Biden is done wrong. Possibly the most inexcusable Islam that border to fall apart in the Supreme Court just helped him by deciding that remain in Mexico's got a go now, all those thousands there in Mexico and they were not enforcing like they should begin seeing against the rule of law come flooding to our border is to be revived, just a turnstile business administration has no interest in cracking down.

Think about this, Harris says the governor of Texas is playing politics really the governor that has uses National Guard because you won't. The governor has used to Texas Rangers because you want the governor wants to build his own wall because you not using the wall we paid for utility. Let's back up in the desert and the governor is playing politics and the vice president since wearing California, Washington DC as the borders are doing zero. It's exasperating. I have editorialized about back in just a moment, but another one for you Brian 85% of the people believe we are heading in the wrong direction as a country that includes 78% of Democrats pulled I don't see how the president can turn this around. I don't even know he blames you is why blame the Supreme Court in Madrid, Spain. He says will the American people have been misled and let down by the Supreme Court or were taken away their rights really. There were a lot of people that are happy with the Supreme Court decision that is not why those numbers are so high easily can play miser inflation is low compared to other countries really branches lower Japan's 2.4%. China's low lower everybody. Everybody from the UK is lower our inflation than us to his Scalia is ridiculous, as is the UK and Spain do have a higher inflation rate. But everybody else has a low inflation right that's going to my liking statistics. Anyway, I see it 7.8%. The US today .3 Italy at six Japan 25 Germany at 74 France at 48 yes that's why were depressed as our inflation so low. Okay they made a number of mistakes along those lines. Talking about inflation and so far he's not have to walk it back. I think you should, by the way, I noticed that Peter Ducey did not get a question and answer five questions in 27 minutes and Peter Ducey was left out.

Not a question I'm not surprised that Brian, thanks so much for being with us this morning. I know will see again soon. Thanks.

1-866-408-7669 to be able to take some calls but is really outrageous present United States, saying he is calling for a carveout of the filibuster in order to pass and codify Roe V Wade, the way it's written, that means you. In America you will allow abortion up until the ninth month. Please tell me how that's not murder ninth month so if you look at Supreme Court Justice chief justice Roberts.

He said we should make it an academic 15 weeks with 24 weeks that would be the compromise but did the other conservative court justices do not want to do that, so they just knocked out Roe V Wade, and that, as you know, for the most part most polls show that over 50% of the country wanted to stand but when it comes to termination of a pregnancy when they talk about the weeks, the more the weeks go up, the less that number below that number is of people that approve of abortion so that would've been somewhat of a compromise but the ministration now or something to run against and something to vilify an equal branch of government.

They are vilifying and totally comfortable with.

In fact, here's what the president said about an hour ago about the Supreme Court ruling and the Supreme Court in Madrid, Spain.

One thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court of nine states and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy. We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court did say there Madrid Spain criticizing our own government you invite people shake their head and say America is coming apart in the sky 70 years old been doing the same job for 50 years. Now he knows what to say overseas and not say overseas and he's either he's just too ignorant lost his mind or doesn't care. So he's been here and getting near fully shows and more before he left Kelly and Conway brought that up that he seemed to little catatonic about the whole thing.

So now is trying to compensate. As usual they overreact. This administration because he under react for so long. Who knows what he's capable of doing when he does come home. Which of the brain tell me, Chuck. Don't forget Fox nation.

What made America great brand-new season. Now Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy is the right to meet you think our company way consequential one consequential week. Much like last week you want to go inside the economy. Find out where Teddy will we could be doing as the market is from 371.2 dropped as much as 460 so this is relatively good news. It's dropping but not not dropping as much and I think the president getting the ruling is frequent ruling against his EPA I think is can help the economy think people realize that facility to the victory, you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life fact save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three competent credibility competent in her testimony is not in standby and watch your character by anonymous sources formed by men who are claiming executive privilege, make or break time for the January 6 committee after their star witness has her story challenged by the Secret Service and some of her main sources if Cheney and Schiff do not let the Secret Service testified their credibility what's left of it gone new highest disapproval rating it's over 57% for the first time yeah how about buying under scrutiny from the ongoing trip overseas is now wrapping up to his domestic troubles at home to his cratering approval ratings he's facing pressure on all sides including people on the left. They do not want him to run what about the right. We also need to take seriously the fact that we have a broken immigration system that was decimated by the last administration, Harris arrest made in the three and the horrid debts of 53 and then abandoned 18 wheeler on the border in Texas. The White House reaction claim. Trump is laughable yet predictable as we await the Supreme Court decision that might force the administration to keep one of its lease with the most effective from policies that decision is now in I'm talking about remain in Mexico and guess what, they no longer have to remain in Mexico, the Supreme Court ruled alongside and with the body ministration saying they have the ability to overturn an international agreement with Mexico. So all those thousands sitting in Mexico can now close storm to the border in Mexico will not hesitate to stop and we can stop them from coming through. That's bad news. All right, you might be happy if you buy demonstrates I really don't know if you're happy you really know a lot of Americans who want their kids crowded schools overcrowded you want to know if you're an American, if you want to know your tax dollars are going to people from other nations looking to drift off, you generally want to know that we're going to be giving your tax dollars to NGOs to give it to illegals to come into our country and use our social services. I don't even know that the Democrat or Republican question. The big story is EPA can overreach the you do have a chance. If you are West Virginia knows 12 of the states or the 50 states, the pushback against a suffocating environmental pressures. Unbelievable. That is really good news so the Supreme Court called illegitimate by this president about an hour ago. Essentially, the crazy decisions that they can understand with the overturning of Roe V Wade with allowing these kids to take the money afforded them and allocated for the for public school to now go to private school after a main ruling.

This is been a just a huge session huge session for the Supreme Court joining me now any McCarthy's been commenting on this on television as it happened. Andy, thanks much for joining us. Can you bring us to the two decisions today. First, EPA well I think Brian what everybody talked about whether they were going to try to take on Chevron doctrine, which is basically this legal test. About how much deference the courts need to get to administrative agencies when they interpret the rules. The Congress of the laws. The Congress gives them. I think the court is taking the world around Chevron.

So we have a different doctor.

Now that that is coming into focus is been some hints about this of the cases we talked about during the term, like the OSHA case where they tried to have the vaccine mandate and someone with what the court's holding in on is what they call the major questions doctrine and what that basically says is an administrative agency is going to take a position that it has authority to make major radical ships and policy, which is what they mean by major questions they have to show that they have a clear and unambiguous grant of authority from Congress to the court not saying that the agency can't do these things but they are basically saying that the principal responsibility for this kind of traumatic policy representatives who actually answer to the voters, not not administrative agencies, and bureaucrats were insulated from political accountability welcome change. A couple things. I think it is these green maniacs was shut shutting down power plants and wonder why we haven't rolling blackouts who don't have any idea which uses country views the world to see. Coal is evil. Oil is bad.

Natural gas is the enemy, and even nuclear energy is the enemy.

Now they're not going to have absolute authority over the states.

Is that correct. That's right, Brian, and the other good thing about this is you know members of Congress.

It's good that they have power but that also means they don't get the hide under their desk. You know they don't get to go on our shows on on cable and go into the median for geewhiz you know there's nothing we can really do about this because the agency says this of the courts is that what the court is basically saying is put your big boy pants on and be accountable to give it to Congress which is what it's about the work any McCarthy with the sale and the other big ruling one against the one against the can.

The conservative school thought was the remaining Mexico policy so affected my opinion under tunnel trump reversed under Joe Biden courts put it back in the play, and then they stayed. The decision is up to the Supreme Court, but if they decide to remain in Mexico. Basically they gave the Biden administration are narrow when Ryan and even though I'm with you I think the remaining Mexico policies crucial. I thought a couple months ago when the case that argued that the government states were going to lose even though I thought that as a matter of statutory law. They have the better of the argument that overarching statute, the Congress of enacted here says that if you not in this country legally.

You shall be detained until the end of your proceedings if you want to challenge the government's ability to run the country and what the court is saying is, while yeah Congress did say that but they said other things to where they say may instead or shall and if Congress was serious about detaining everyone they would've voted funding for and resources to do that we don't have enough thought, you know, we have about the 2 million people come into the country in a year. We got about 30,000 spaces to detain people so they can think of. When it says shall so it must not something else. But more fundamentally, the court has no power to force a president and much less a foreign country to negotiate a deal, and unless the only way you can have remain in Mexico is that the American administration is not only on board with it, but gets Mexico to be on board with that which the court really doesn't have authority to do anything about. So I think there is frustrated about this will make you happy that they can't do anything about it. But one way or the other, giving the administration a wide berth because what else can they do they can't force them to negotiate with Mexico. I McCarthy with this Andy want to give the present United States. About an hour ago. Talk about the Supreme Court decision Roe V Wade in Madrid, Spain.

One thing that has been stabilized is the outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court of United States and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy. We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court. Do what it did. Your your take on his statement, which is his take and the Supreme Court. What I think should be censured by Congress for this is outrageous. Of course it won't happen and let's let's be real about the politics of Brian, the left has decided to run against what they would frame and Donald Trump Supreme Court because they don't want to run even when the midterms are in 2024 on Joe Biden's record so they have to run to get something and what they like to run against his trump. That's why we're seeing that January 6 committing hearings now 17 months after the why it happened and after impeachment happened front and center again because they want to run against trump and now they think the Supreme Court is the best way to run against trump so they try to run against trump the President of the United States overseas to be taking a shot at the Supreme Court like that is about as reprehensible. If you want this government to function well and its institutions to be legitimate to have the president of the United States use the bully pulpit in a foreign country to attack the Supreme Court is despicable is opinion and then he goes out of his way to say I was everything in my power to codify Roe V Wade, including just for this moment this window getting rid of the filibuster and he's going to be taking all ideas about that. So is this the moment you want to get rid of the filibuster number what you know you have your own caucus in line serious about politics and there is no one-off forgetting when the filibuster MacDonald is been very clear. No way. Not doing anything. The filibuster is there for everything right there for nothing not to be a situation where working available suggest this one as we all know there's no such thing is just this once right and you would think the Democrats by now would've learned their lesson because what they were able to brush the filibuster thoughtful with judicial confirmations and it was maybe even more than Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, the one who singularly responsible for the conservative majority on the Supreme Court today is Harry Reid of the Democratic then majority leader in the Senate so they should know by now that they ultimately getting burned by this by this policy, but they keep going to the well time and 1/2 or how the Supreme Court has you working for the last two weeks but I really appreciate the instant analysis yeah like to see the invoice. I will satisfied. Thank you.

We come back.

I go to the border were remaining. Mexico will no longer be in place but Chris Jenkins is trying kill made this commentary.

You need to know and Brian kill me breaking unique opinions.

All Brian kill me to know you have changed.

I believe you have to codify Roe V Wade in the law and the way to do that to make sure Congress votes and if the filibuster gets in the way. It's like voting rights.

It should be.

We provide an exception for this except required exception.

The filibuster for this action.

You wow so he knew you could get that question and his answer was, I am supporting a carveout with the filibuster announcement brought up to us moment to go into McCarthy said you can't just carve out what you want and not think you're setting a president to get rid of the filibuster. Let's say the Republicans have an agenda that Joe Biden doesn't like.

Should there be a Republican or Democrat, so want you to be a Republican president and a Republican Senate you really want a country like that we so we are pretty clear that we wanted that balance some sense, and you have to go across the aisle and Joe you know which McConnell spins been pretty steadfast about that, you'll likely handle Supreme Court, I get it up your Democrat, but you probably understand that he push back on Donald Trump. Every time he should blow up the filibuster. Joe Biden said from now you should blow it up.

The problem is and into McCarthy since he is in serious but the problem is Joe Metz is a pro-life Democrat.

I don't believe he was about the filibuster. Anyway, here's Kirsten Cinema. I don't think John Testa was a blow but anyway either one of you in a red stain the Democratic Sen. not everybody is upset the Roe V Wade was overturned, Mr. Pres., you think were in a national depression where I think 70% of the people think were heading the wrong direction because Roe V Wade was overturned because you went out of your way to did to put down the Supreme Court. A lot of people are happy delightful dream come true understand not everyone wakes up at the green agenda you pretend to have that everyone grows to get gets up in the morning hoping to have an abortion and hope since it's free and affordable and would with the question was brought up to him. Which is it really interesting because he is his view of abortion even always been a Democrats entire life has evolved member.

He wanted to get you want overturn Roe V Wade initially and in the 1970s and then he just he may want to have it so rare they want to limited and now we totally change where he wants everyone to have one at least one, and he's that outraged by as usual there so to react this image which is a have no idea what the American people read he got hit by his left by not having a plan so that we can overreact overcorrect something to meet on Friday with Democratic governors to find out what I can actually do in terms of codifying Roe V Wade are trying to get around it. The fact that it's up to each state to decide your own abortion roles, which pretty amazing to is that Greg Abbott, for the most part made to beta pretty clear what he wants to do in terms of abortion, you have the Mississippi governor very clear we were to a court of abortion, but then you have things like for example a Republican governor in a purple state like Gov. Yunker said they going to put foot forward 15 weeks.

You wonder if please Eldon wants to be the governor here and read in a very blue state like New York say my hate my personal beliefs are zero, but in this state where Democrats outnumber Republicans to the one maybe I'll put I guy can support a limitation on and that's what he every governors he or she then those governors have to decide on what I think is so despicable is with the present did try to vilify the court try to delegitimize a coequal branch of government and then update to Clarence Thomas who wrote the opinion and try to say he's selling out the black race Tim Scott knows all about that. This is how we answer that question last night cutting possibly think of the greatest threat to the liberal coalition are black conservatives who stand up and think for ourselves when we represent the fact of the African-American community is not a monolithic community if you ever break the stronghold of the Democrats have in the African-American community the entire coalition falls apart and think about this. Jesse Pres. Biden's approval ratings have never been lower in the African-American community at Hispanic community. The last thing people want to see are people like Clarence Thomas, Mary Carson and myself standing up and making common sense popular everywhere in the nation, and oh by the way we happen to be black. That is a great threat to the entire coalition on the left so they want to shut it down. Cancel Clarence Thomas because he dares to think for himself, but more importantly, don't you think for yourself because they want the price to be so high that you don't ever dare to leave wherever they say you should sit and things can happen if you see more of you Americans come to the Republican Party. I know you can see Hispanics at these can enjoy the Democrats to their core as it can no longer say it's Trump's vaulter trumps an abomination or this or that they can sit there and say what happened from policies no policies.

Biden policies you have to look in the mirror and say if you want the Hispanic vote why you losing it. Your the black vote, even though this most of it's in the Democratic camp inexplicably as Tim Republicans and put a plan you have to wonder why you losing more African-Americans and you'll see that in Georgia. First and foremost is to every American. Five.

The Senate seat for another Republican black man name Herschel Walker. He wants to be the next senator from Georgia see what type of racial attacks. He has to absorb. We come back the economic woes were now down just 253 points. I believe because one of the Supreme Court rulings over that we come back with Stephen Moore and economic fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. Bottom line is moving the reason why gas prices are is because of Russia Russia Russia Russia. The reason why the food crisis is just because of Russia. Russia not allowing grain to get out of Ukraine and so that's that's the way in which I think we should move. I think you have a positive impact on the price of the pump is with even talking about. That's pretty nice say to Madrid, finally taking questions first time in months and gets the question about why gas prices are so high, what you doing about it and he basically blames Russia for all of it that just not accurate. He's been told over and over again. It just doesn't sink in. If Jenkins is come about 15 minutes type of the other major issue there's like five major issues.

One is that the border of the death of the 53 the 18 wheeler has captured the attention of the entire world and that includes the present United States. Finally, talking about the border Stephen Moore with the South Senior fellow the heritage foundation and an economist with freedom work. She also here. One of our local affiliates are covered affiliate 77 WABC more money with Stephen Moore right just fine and we're just talking off arrogant. You know I love being able to talk to people on their right because you get a sense of what America's thinking and what you have in Washington for 30 years.

It's a bubble people Washington or talk to people and New Yorker they don't talk to people in Maine and Montana on so they don't know what's going on and that you really learn a lot. I don't know if you agree with this. Just talking to everyday Americans about what their concerns are and what they what their priorities are and and so I love doing and it's a lot of fun to couple things. And if that is in fact the case and Washington people handwashing people and how would people hang her wash and sign the New York I the fact that not the in crowd makes me a better host farm happily with the outcry I could live alone now that work in the city. I get up so early the morning of what he was hang out with me at night to go to bed so early because I'm exhausted. Saturday and go out and I usually go out one night we entered is allow me to hang out with you look like I just I should be with you elite, but I rather be with the plea had a big dinner last night.

Reason I'm in town and your grandmother about this red laugher Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes and about 30 of us were invited years and now that's way past my bedtime so that I did want to do an identical 90 been to our home afterwards. But thanks for the invite. So Stephen, first off, your reactions, the present diagnosis on the economy and gas prices. Is it all Russia offers what happened in NATO this this week was disgraced in what way after talking to windmills.

Here we have you know, crisis or world food crisis, we got the highest energy crisis ever.

We got Buettner on the merchant Ukraine all these world crises going on in these morons are talking about how to build more windmills in Angola in Angola and here's the thing.

I mean this really important for people to understand. Do you know what currency over the last for five months has risen the most. What the ruble yup the ruble I thought the sanctions were punishing now. Initially, did you know why the ruble is rising is demanding being paid in rubles yes and he's making a fortune. I know, and whether they are overpriced are going up. When Biden came in why you know the answer because he declared war on oil and so were our production is down. We estimate with with Trump stolen office would be producing about three or 4 million more barrels a day and Puritan wouldn't have so we just talk about punitive impunity. Brian unfortunately United States has enabled this to happen. Now the news today is that he wants to put a price On what countries can buy the Russian oil. Guess what countries not to comply with that Russia well and who do I want to sell it to China China Shaklee someone playing bright in the hands of our enemies. You got a Russia China axis which we been trying to avoid for the last 50 or 60 years.

It's a dangerous world out there. It's a world where the American United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world. But when Biden goes to these nations and talks.

I'm sorry you know where the Winston Churchill's where the Ronald Reagan's whereabouts. John F. Kennedy's were the where the Margaret Thatcher's none of them were there in NATO. They're all a bunch of milquetoast so with a need to do is a lot of these crops that are put aside for fossil enough apostrophes for cleanburning fuels for for energy now have to be converted toward a bar shot sequence, which is a food that is a lot of people starving to death and we are pushing back on that reason, saying it is insane. Now I want to give you little good news.

So this morning you've reported on this this Supreme Court decision on the West Virginia just the EPA lost demonstration loss, and the EPA's powers diminished in what way. Well, in shutting down our electric power plants, and you know you been covering the story. We've got a real risk.

Utilities are telling us of blackouts and brownouts throughout the country from California to Michigan to New York because the running out of electric power because were shutting down our coal plants were shutting down our natural gas plants are shutting down our nuclear plants and I'm sorry you're not can provide enough electric power for 24 trillion held American economy to produce everything from cars to two took construction projects to technology with windmills.

I mean it's just like 1/2 in Europe is backing away from wind and solar ARL impacted you see the story this week that doubt that Germany Germany is now moving towards coal has to do something crazy person the story so in the last five years, the United States, we reduced our coal production by about 50%. Guess what countries coproduction through the roof. China China it's up quite quadruple, so all were doing Fox's were costing jobs in America, by the way, we have much cleaner energy that shot you China has an environmental standards. So were were substituting clean call for dirty call. So I make the case to Brian. Not only is this bad for the economy. Not only is it bad for national security.

It's even bad for the environment because were shifting from clean called the dirty call so tell everybody what it means it from the practical terms with the EPA. So what this is, can allow us to do is open up more of our coal plants. I mean look Brian, this country was built on call coal is not a sinister fuel we wouldn't be the industrial power we are. Had it not been for coal.

We've got to use our coal or natural gas or oil.

Yes, one appropriate wind and solar. I'm not against them.

We should use nuclear and what this is saying, this decision is saying is the war on call by the EPA is over, thank God, because coal is one of the most efficient and reliable and cheapest forms of art better. We are more call than any other country in the world. We write €500 for the call with the Saudi Arabia player and we are actually the Saudi Arabian oil with thanks to fracking on horizontal drilling. We have €300 worth of oil. We have at least 400 years of natural gas. We should be producing at all. It would be good for the environment good for the economy bigger for workforce. It would burn prices down and I'm sorry you were asking me why is the market in this big selloff. Nobody has any confidence in this present nobody, nobody, no investor as best I always talk about 300 is down right now 270 points was down as much as 470.

This is been the worst is July 1 is the end of the first half the year is been the worst first half of the year of the stock market in decades, yet the president always points to look at the unemployment rate looking for jobs. Those numbers are good to the point where their bet is to have so many open jobs in the labor force is depleted and were still about a million jobs below. We work where we were pre-coping.

So we've got to get people back in the workforce, but I'm really worried about our small businesses look at the small business confidence numbers there. We are in a softer session right now. Brian, a soft recession and that what we have to make sure is we don't have a crash landing.

Tell me one thing Brian that this present is proposed in last three months. It's good to give you any confidence that he knows what he's doing or's economic team knows because I can't think of one.

Why would say they'll take what he would say he was a look what I'm doing with the strategic oil reserve look like to keep you in on the reservist for an emergency. We keep the pleading that were enough to fill it up again. That's not a solution, nor is it a solution to cut the gas tax.

Now that's fine if you want to cut the gas tax, but these are Band-Aids you might say $0.20 a gallon.

Brian, the price of gasoline is going from 250 to 5 dollars it's going to buy $2.50 a gallon. These are Band-Aids there's only one solution to the energy crisis. America has to produce more energy right now right in and I think were capable of doing it. He just doesn't want to do it to the oil and gas companies come to come to Washington last week and they meet and they talk about things get done in your from your research. You this. Did they get anything done in that 90 minute meeting with Granholm now. I mean first while that's a big part of this to think Jennifer Granholm knows anything about energy.

No, I mean her per energy solution information go by an electric coffee to think Xavier Percheron knows anything about health and using cents. Do you think the people to check knows anything about transportation and by the way the flights are going. By the way supply chains happening. By the way he stays on the fraternity life. You don't so as he sees he just pledged $1 billion to build equity into roads. He's going to give states money to show how in the past roads skirt under what work in communities, while luscious is Bill Roosevelt.

But when we got crisis.

I was telling off there. We got a big study coming out next week shows that the majority of the top people top hundred people in the buy demonstration of zero business experience that tells you everything they have no idea how business operates, how to meet a payroll how to deal with logistical issues MEP computers Genghis goodness of God's peace is like a nice man, but he knows nothing about this first method bring in one of our top executives who wants things to deal with the crisis right you talk to present trump lately.

I talked about two months ago and do your your feeling about him coming back again and see a lot of his policies being outdone undone.

It's you know I rattle the present. I said, Mr. Pres.

Every day that Joe Biden is in office. Your presidency looks better I think.

And if the states opt going on for three or four more months before to be clamoring in the streets for Job ever dealt with a lot of people don't like Donald Trump. I didn't even always like his antics, but my God right you got admit folks whether like Donald Trump or not his policies were amazing amazing with the best recovery and lowest unemployment rate, lowest biggest wage gains lowest poverty rate for minorities, women, Hispanics. You see what's happening with Hispanic approval rating for providing he went from 65% never that I was in my lifetime, but I would ask you this with you. It's so much to do tax reform. I never seen the numbers. I thought when you load the corporate tax rate all these businesses would be coming back faster than the or Windows. The reality is, some decide to buy their own stock. Some decided not to come back. There's no reason not to bring you manufacturing in your power base home when you guys got the corporate tax rate in which we bought $1 trillion of investment capital back United States biggest wage gains. We had huge you know, as I said all of the statistic is booming, for this is my what has and has major companies come back like you thought there would yeah they did we.

We brought and they expanded their operations here in the United States. We increase manufacturing jobs resolve minimal income wages rise.

I will say that's that.

My biggest frustration right now is that if Donald Trump were still present. We wouldn't be talking about a recession we would be talking about a falling stock market, we wouldn't be talking about you nope you not think it would've gone end of rush in the first seminar in Ukraine the first place if done deliberately under Aggie.

What I can't quite figure it out but I know there's a reason why for four years. He didn't, but I don't think you know what I think hurt because we couldn't talk to for years. As bad as I think Putin is he is a modern-day Hitler and Stalin, I get it for you can talk for four years because of a a false narrative.

That's a great point it easy it's it's on its undetermined undeterminable. What will counter damage been done. Listen to Steve Moore fighting to get the stream WBC stream. He can hear nationwide as far more money with time on Saturday were on at 1 PM Eastern time from 1 to 2 following Larry Kudlow show and by what people want to get a free hotline. I hope you're getting at is unlike the $5 trillion bill back to Bill. It really is free. Just go to the committee. Donley's prosperity website will send it to every morning for you got it to see more.

Great to see you to write Fourth of July, you got it we come back down to the board of Cliff Jenkins is standing by the tells. The reality on the ground don't move till made talk show that's getting you your right and tell me this. This is not even close to the first that this occurred in hundreds of people who lost their lives because of my open border policies is worse than that is Biden is the start of fulfilling his responsibilities. Commander-in-chief secure the border. That is governor have a quite frustrated week. I could play those soundbites every day. But, this time specifically. It's based on the 53 dead and that 18 wheeler, Cliff Jenkins and saw some more horror shows down the border than anyone over the last 10, 15, 20 years and is there right now.

Griff welcome. Where exactly are you in Texas. Texas which is right on the border.

Literally the Rio Grande River were Mike Richter crossing by the thousands, and it's exactly the spot where Gov. Abbott came yesterday and held a press Literally. I think he saw how much we were being hammered this week in our location decided to come there. Now he had one purpose there was to announce additional measures that the state is going to take to try and crackdown on the tragedies of human smuggling in discerning members that are out of control. A quick download here in the 60s that been here Brian have been 9141 encounters with migrant weaklings the del Rio sector there been nearly 10,000 a week number seven never ever before been seen. But now we know because of the Supreme Court's ruling to allow the biting attrition in the remaining Mexico or micro protection particles. These numbers are only going to go up this stage and make no mistake, is great news for their smuggling business for smugglers because everybody that we were showing in our life sharp with you this week and picograms the migrant coming across from Venezuela, which is the heaviest.

Right now in this area in Cuba. They are going to claim asylum. Now I like of the current administration, they will be forced to go back in Mexico waited a migrant camp which they did not want to do and it cut down on the numbers that were coming instead they can cross illegally and not be forced to go bankrupt the border. They just stay here and claim asylum or to go because no one coming to look for them because I had been effectively shut down someone you here with the singing of the channels people to send a reporter down to cover this. Like for example MSNBC cut seven.

Right now you're getting here is it's a smugglers fault. It's his mother's fault. It's a smugglers fault not been covering this for several decades now, and smugglers have been bringing people over all of the entirety of the time that I've been covering the story and you didn't used to here. These kinds of stories. These kinds of debts. This is in fact a result, the police state that exists now along the US-Mexico border in general the whole remaining Mexico policy has.

It was created by the trump administration so you're right.

The problem is that the Biden administration has not been able to resend it is really that the problem coming to you want to take on that school thought that school thought listed. Go back to the decades that reporters experience there are two people migrate illegally. The push factor meeting the conditions in their countries were either threatening gang violence or poverty in their coming for work in the in the bed of the push factor in the pullback of the pull factor is the likelihood that the migrant will succeed when they come across the border and under the new administration bear allowed to state their release. Even now, with no court order forcing them to appear in court with no chance that pull factor never been greater. That's why why migrant put themselves at risk being killed by the cartel of risk of dying in the heat of 18 wheeler. They do it because those that went before them under this ministration. Less than a month easily achieve their goal which was to hear reunite with other family and friends and not have to have to worry about anyone sitting you back across the border that is never been stronger and the cartel. The smugglers have never made more money because of the people will Jenkins thanks so much from the border Eagle Pass doing unbelievable work trying to make over 100 meteorologists and online resources.

The fox in your box when their podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you did your

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