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Biden Attacks U.S. Supreme Court on Foreign Soil

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 1, 2022 12:54 pm

Biden Attacks U.S. Supreme Court on Foreign Soil

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 1, 2022 12:54 pm

[00:18:36] Carley Shimkus

[00:36:57] Jonathan Turley

[00:55:14] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

[01:13:55] Shannon Bream

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me thank you much for being here everybody of the brain shall be joint bank to be was all week long.

I know you get a big Fourth of July coming your way.

We have a great best of show on Monday. I think you really love: Shimkus bond, the hour of his life. Crawley have to say from Fox and friends first. You can be doing a special on the channel on July 3, so that'll be Sunday and hopefully will have good good weather is all here all of us run the world around the country, especially the good weather we need to be outside at the last few years of variance getting us pandemics swapping us and now we gotta get back in a better mood. As a nation. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three yeah and a lot of people walked out on that Olivia Roderigo not bursting with pride that some Americans are feeling this July as we as a nation are said to celebrate our 246 birthday. According to a brand-new survey. How do you feel about our country. What are your plans for the holidays end of the economy and airline industry play a role in your decision to understand the frustrations of those down the border is very methane decision because there are a lot of statutes in play here in the resources necessary to those agencies down to actually do the job that they need to do is that even possible. That's Kim Stross.

Of course busted and about to get worse. That's the story of our border and what route the remaining Mexico policy eventually blown up by the Supreme Court and this administration continues to ignore the slow-motion train wreck. One thing that has been destabilized is the outrageous behavior recorded nine states and overruling not only Roby way essentially challenging the right to privacy behavior. It's a decision you agree with that many people in the country do desperate buying takes him to the Supreme Court decisions and vows to end the filibuster.

What's next packing. The Supreme Court perhaps will review the administration's to one record on Thursday that will affect the Dems green agenda.

Thankfully, while giving his party an issue to run on Roe V Wade, which didn't go with Joe Biden wanted to go on. Interesting.

I just looked up myself, see Joe Biden's all over the place. Throughout his 40 year career on Roe V Wade know and it's got interesting to see when it comes to that decision where he was so looking back, since he's had this job literally for 40 years in center than VP now things out for four years and become present so serious US centered up from Delaware Joe Biden voted against a 1977 compromise that allowed Medicaid to fund abortions that included exceptions were victims and were and rape and incest. In addition to concerns the life of the mother while the rape and incest succession passed in the case. Fast-forward to 1981. He again voted again to remove them and what was the most far-reaching ban on federal funds over ever enacted by Congress devoted several times, including 1983 to prohibit federal workers from using health insurance on abortion services with only exception being to save the life of the mother is a devout Roman Catholic. You would say. He said he is personally opposes abortion is spoken openly about the internal struggles with this issue, then fast-forward to 2007 knowing want to be president.

He writes this in his book. He described his belief in voting record abortion as middle-of-the-road.

He wrote that he doesn't think he has the right to impose my view on the rest of society and committed to protecting Roe V Wade just in time to run for president when he fell flat on his face to Barack Obama that clean guy with the with Willie who is a good looking guy. He's a dream and then he blew up his own candidacy almost immediately. So here is Joe Biden. When word came out about Roe V Wade. He had to go to the G7 so we came out against it. About 12 o'clock in the afternoon flew out and then said this in his first presser only lasted about 25 minutes in Madrid cut one.

I believe we have to codify Roe V Wade in the law and the way to do that to make sure the Congress coach do that and if the filibuster gets in the way. It's like voting rights. It should be.

We provide an exception for this except the required exception of Fred Luster for this action deal with you, you carve out the filibuster. It is out okay. You don't decide that you really just carve this out as president and tell the Senate what to do and when the Senate flips majorities which could happen in 130 days will see the filibuster blown up in a simple majority in the Senate be exact like the house. A simple majority saving show doing everything. The bottom line is present. By knowing this, the Kiersten Cinema and Joe mansion are not blowing up the filibuster so he's calling for the codifying a Roe V Wade, nobody else's. Nobody else is that has the power and you have to blow up the filibuster to do it in your own caucus doesn't want to do it and to go overhead and skull want to rip the Supreme Court is just way out of bounds. Cut to. I really think that it's a serious serious problem that the court has thrust upon United States, not just in terms of right to choose, but in terms of right to who you can marry write a whole range of issues related to privacy didn't know how to object like they told him to push the left wing of his party's outrage that he hasn't done more so of course he is the same thing he does with Ukraine.

He's comp overcompensating for it and now he saying they gonna take out same-sex marriage nobodies take out same-sex marriage. I hope everybody realizes that here's Andy McCarthy cut five he was elected to be kind of the anti-Trapani return to normal observed norms.

The are things like, don't go overseas and attack other components of the American government. I just think you know in a better time in this country need be censured by Congress.

Unfortunately the time in the country that were in.

This is like Thursday and it's about as unusual as the sun coming up tomorrow it's true, we just accept the mutual destruction of an equal balance and equal arm of power, coequal branch of government. Let's just rip it apart and destroy its credibility cohead criticized the decision yet was.

I disagree with that said understood be allowed to do that. It's called America to say it's an illegitimate court and the behavior outrageous behavior of the Supreme Court if there were court partying like Boris Johnson during the pandemic. That's called outrageous behavior. This is not outrageous behavior. This is a deliberative decision written in great detail all answers are in the documents didn't end there. With the EPA being reined in by Supreme Court decision that is also great news because we can compete as a country with China and Russia.

If we continue to destroy the fossil fuel industry, which we're not ready to transition from so he only had a few questions to answer. He left in 25 minutes. Among the people not satisfied AOC and this guy David Axelrod cut nine when the president got into those questions. Gas prices and inflation, and abortion rights. There was a lot less of that certainty a lot less of that emphatic nature of his initial presentation on NATO because he doesn't have great answer.

Yeah that's true to but just to show you how unhinged you know it's worth, I know what I don't know and I'm always interested this way have such a great job. I can ask questions of people expert Steve Moore comes in economic experts been doing this for 50 years. I don't tell him how to run the economy curious about it at my own opinions but I want to get the experts when it comes to AOC. She knows everything about everything and she's certain of it all.

You know her experience prior to getting this job was bartender not to design the world bartending, but it would be different if you have a rich history and political science in economic and can economic rich background the Gabon euro you bring your own personal business.

You are an entrepreneur is social activist. Instead, AOC comes out and tells the president what exam by the way she has not endorsed the president. She has a saline vote for him again and he spends all of his time having Ron Klein try to win over the squad mysteriously cutting forcefully sprinkler forcefully come out filibuster those two actions to increase political pressure makes it much harder right. Thankfully, you make very hard to resist. For the present command, say two things forcefully great yelling at people, even though he has no control over. You can't back the court.

Nobody wants to do it. It's I can be okay with 60 votes in the neck, above the filibuster AOC and that's the way it works. It's always worked even before. Would your Boston College or Boston University of that which one I will go go look you up in Wikipedia in the break. The other big story is the new green deal that AOC came to Congress with somebody typed it out somebody gave a whole direction to the left wing of the party. How does she shock the world get the nomination and get elected in Queens and walk out with a detailed new green deal which is an abomination which would destroy our energy sector but was outed back by Sen. Markey.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled in rural rolled in and reeled in the EPA because the EPA had its way, it's goodbye called goodbye oil goodbye drilling goodbye goodbye pipelines everything.

I mean those already have environmental causes and lawsuits that are stopping the drilling on federal lands on private land. Anything where it's the horny toad or the bullfrog whatever it is they figure out something some rare daisy that prevents oil and gas company from drilling. Now they can start to be reined in, and this to me is fantastic news. Here's Jonathan Turley on what it means. Got 15 is difficult to overstate how important this opinion is because of this question of the what, sometimes called the fourth branch of government is this new sort of entity of our collection of federal agencies that rivals the authority of Congress and even the executive branch where it's held and here the court really drew a very clear line that these major questions need to be answered by Congress. The whole point of the opinion is your taking power away from Congress. You have these leaders saying you know are you really going to force us to do some actually Sen. Warren said here who's Canadian who's now going to ask here will you act here Congress. That's the whole point of the opinion which is saying let's be rational. You want to codify your new green deal put up for a vote put up to the voters to decide to put the lawmakers in office that would pass the legislation you think America needs and if we agree as a country on right there bye-bye senses you won't just to show you how how discombobulated from logic, I believe, just my opinion doesn't mean I want to block the Supreme Court but hold on tight.

So, Elena Kagan writes this in dissenting.

Here's the one that stood out if the current rate of omissions continues. Children born this year could live to see parts of the eastern seaboard swallowed by the ocean. Al Gore said the world was essentially end AOC said we had seven years.

Nothing ever happens, there are adjustments the earth and swivels it's on a swivel it rotates. We understand that things change. Climate changes what were in charge of is still up for debate. That's called science. It's never settled science and when we when you had global warming is your statement and yet we had long cold winters to change the climate change because you want to continue to have this pseudo-religion gives you a focus in life we come back we'll talk about the border what it means and I'll talk about elections and what it would possibly we are looking at 140 days from now as we get close to 4 July two your opinion on America has a changed mind hasn't though move Brian kill me chip politics and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me.

Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor or of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week it's the bend on its podcast to listen now by doing a Fox News five but talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me show Supreme Court made a decision about the remaining Mexico policy at the southern border. Biden revokes the remaining Mexico policy to see the worst border crisis in history get even worse. Yes, it's true, and it is revoked by the supreme court no longer allowed to stay. So now, because trumpeted and he wants to revoke it. It's an international treaty, the Supreme Court said even though I believe that Sam Alito believes that it should be put in play. They can really do it so he wrote that in dissent, and that is a ruling that one Joe Biden's way. So he's going to is not really going to go his way, but is goes what he wants to do is get hurt the country so now know everyone in Mexico be able to flood the border along with title 42, you know, eventually, to get to go away and Rhonda Santos pointing out what a disaster it is. He's not a border state, but he might as well be because they keep flying into Jacksonville. They keep flying into Westchester County keep flying into the middle of Pennsylvania. So this is a mess and it it just drives me crazy because this is all intentional, either by ignoring the tapping of the border or just wanting people from other countries to flood our border. Carolyn listening on W DBO a Carolyn really bad that we got involved in a bygone ministration jumped all over gun control, but yet they say nothing about the 42 people who came over from next to Colin Guatemala died in their truck and they do nothing about it. I just want everyone to do Carolyn. We want to do is early, he comments on an overseas and he acts like Day and they're saying it's Donald Trump's fault for not having a remaining Mexico policy and that's the type of idiocy that's coming out of them right now and it's just that I'm working with the Republican Party near your area to get me find out, let's get Marco Rubio back here and let's get this back and let's get this thing on the ticket or precedent in 2024 well you will set another Florida resident that looks like he will declare that he's running the prison. Trump was gonna be heading to New Jersey soon. Thanks so much for the calls appreciated Dan Patrick Wade and he's Lieut. Gov. of Texas cut 18 there is no way you can walk this tightrope in any manner. It's not close it's not secure and they don't care Shannon. They we had the 52 poor souls died in the back about 18 wheeler and I've been saying this for years my speech is no one should have to come to America and die in the back of 18 wheeler to get here.

We need legal immigration reform. Obviously what the Bible ministration never takes accountability for everything and so many of his policies and in death.

We had people drowned in the river would have babies dropped over walls. I would have if I'm Republican, I would do put it, release it yet. After what they did to Rick Scott's plan but I find Kevin McCarthy if Mitch McConnell a meeting over the weekend. A meeting every week and free moment in putting together immigration reform would looks like because in reality it's not just about border security. We need people work freezes. We watch these big countries like China, nobody wants to go there just with her in Japan.

Nobody wants to move there in Russia. It's a withering population. People want to come here so let's make it easier come here and work your legally but you can't do anything to you secure the border, but have it in place to when the borders diagnose to secure when the numbers are down when fentanyl is stopped. You walk over and say now here's the plan to make the consulates a little bit bigger more amenable in the triangle countries. Places like Brazil made we get the best at a Cuba. The doctors and lawyers and they want to come here and then we make it easier that way because right now we have 11 million minimum open jobs, many of which Americans don't want to work will be great jobs if you're from Ecuador and Guatemala in certain situations in Honduras and their sneaking in the country. Some just want to work, I get it in others just wanted take advantage of our social network system because it is dramatically better than the area in which they're coming to talk about this because Shimkus we come back. She's the cohost of our different first as special with joy, special coming your way. Keep in mind to.

I have of vaccination. What made America great. The series continues for new episodes, a history of Hollywood history, oil and gas history. The automobile in history. The aircraft carrier.

I found it all fascinating. Hope you will to just get that fox naked precise personal power is America's liturgy, your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just a radio show like no other.

Brian kill me.

Roderigo hates them for making that Roe V Wade overturning decision with right now is Kelly Shimkus. She a lot of people walk out of there and she was asked about that.

She said basically you know it's an outdoor concert done with the door hit you in the ass.

I will then Supreme Court tested every cover. I now write right. Well, she is allowed to feel that way and that's what this decision was all about what Brian giving everybody in the state the power to decide their own abortion roles. I have the feeling that a lot of the people that were cheering for Olivia Roderigo when she said that probably don't know the reality of the situation. I yet they probably don't get the whole story because I just think it's bad to hear the Prez United States say it's horribly only to behave like this. I heard the behavior is dying honey right the worst comment from a celebrity wise the Green Day guy. I believe he really rescinded his blanket. He said that he doesn't want to be American anymore. I think RA that's great sign bombing.

If you read the Maritime has to care right.

The American idiot is his album the one to put them on the map. It's all big putdown America yeah I need to go back and read Rita's layer, hence the name.

Now that's trail.

I think it criticizes the media a lot now so I think sort of veiled as to what he was referring to, but you did a little lyric reading Fox and friends I wasn't. It was hilarious right yeah it was like to think that people should listen to the words and music will sometimes and lyrics to songs when spoken make the song sound a little down right ON it when they when they think it sounds great right well do you know this or refraining everything in the refrained is usually illuminating right signature by this exactly so. So this is the pole it that they probably are referring to Fox's Oedipal are you proud of the country 2017 BSI question 51, 51% said yes 2016. We asked the question, 50% said yes in 2011, 69% said yes right now the answer only 39% said yes. Are you proud of the country today. Are you proud of the country today, Democrats 46% said yes.

Republicans, 36% said yes. Independence 29%. So there proud, but not that proud even of the Democrats control every lever of the government except the Supreme Court perhaps so they're not happy because he can't do everything, because they were of an absolute monarch right well I think it's the later question was phrased at the kids really get the Republican Party than what patriotic party and were not trying to date, we Republicans are trying to write down statues. Republicans are trying a in and out defend our history and in culture on the world stage. So the question is are you proud of the country to Jackie and 46% Democrats. And yes, 36% Republicans and, yes, that's really a political question because Republicans will say like okay well there's inflation and then you know Pres. Biden's mom laying in gas prices and crime.

No, not really. I think the question what are you proud to be an American. Then he would get a better answer will get a more accurate answer. Yeah, I get to believe that there are fewer Republicans and Democrats that are proud to be American was pretty down by gender for birthing people and non-birthing people hate this birthing people is menstruating. People may well roaster and 1/2 ago I went. I still learn something about me.

We have it with, but we have the first female Supreme Court justice. It was sworn in boot. You're such an American right but should we call a woman right so every script where I said this morning, the first female black supreme court justice should've come with*you embarrass the country and you embarrass this company since changed.

I'm so ashamed. Men were asked are you proud of the country.

41% said yes 36% of women black voters 45% were proud his favors 35% proud.

Proud of the country today.

It's the women that are really dragging us down right and I said that before, but never on Mike so you actually said to me to my face was there for you directly to Chris, but when I was in earshot okay. Was it about you as part of the joke Brian Reichart of the Cal because you know what happened. Certain people play montages of me saying those comments and they think I'm think I'm serious. You have before you were here there montages out there. When I say you know it's a man's world, and things that nature had a client seriously or they chose to pretend to take it seriously and rolled it out so I think I think it's funny right when I make these funny, sexy, it's as if I meant it, but I don't really meaning that because you know I don't mean it is why you might think it's funny can I say that Ingo right okay will do more to know in the next 15 minutes when I could do it now so 212 votes. What the Republicans way one vote went to Democrats way, the remaining Mexico has the Republicans are rate I already played Rhonda Sanchez coming out and saying what is going to mean that the border here is what Dan Patrick went on to say, cut 17. It's a tremendous burden on the taxpayers.

It's dangerous for America people are coming here from 150 countries, and one last that give you a sense of how big this is America, the border with Mexico and Texas is longer than the mileage from Atlanta Georgia to Maine. That's about 1100 miles we have lost 1300 miles of border with Mexico in a zigzag way down the Red River, but that's how much we have to protect another Supreme Court is just open the doors, but were not to suggest packing the court to try to burn down the cities because we like the decision when I click change the filibuster rule over to respect this decision and fight to overturn disease flabbergasted.

The remaining Mexico policy temporary to send a message to Mexico. You keep Letterman your southern border to well up on your northern border. Yeah, I now so it's it is so trailing.

I think that he made a great point about how Republicans and Democrats handle Supreme Court visions differently present. Brian should have been implementing the remaining Mexico policy already because there was that a lower court. That said, you have to have it in place until the Supreme Court decides doing that. I do wonder if this is willing to change anything because it's not like this policy. There was, I think there there were some numbers released. It was just a handful of people that he was having her other Countries Ln., Mexico. Although on the other hand, now that the Supreme Court decision came down because apparently the cartels are pretty politically active know what's going on with our Supreme Court. They could actually get some people to say listen now for a fact if you if we smell you into the country and you give us money.

You are not to have to wait Mexico so it actually could increase the number of people I have not followed.

Yesterday, Carly Shimkus, but I did see the Dick Durbin called up and says Sen. Tom Tilson, North Carolina, is that you use this horrible 53 dead an 18 wheeler accident accident smuggling operation to have. Are you balding moment with immigration at that moment we get together we try to solve this problem together is no approach to it. If you receive anything go so wrong and nobody talks about fixing it now and you really do wonder what it takes for Pres. Biden to actually address the situation when I intelligently had Oracle I was Antonio when this happened a few months ago and I was talking to people down there and they say Democrat Republican. They say they feel completely forgotten by the president because there is a major crisis happening on US soil that is right everybody up and down the border economically to because a lot of these people are farmers and when you get a flat track traffic in its killing their crops. It's killing their cattle, because these people are leaving on garbage on their land. Cattle are eating and dying out sounds ridiculous, but actually is happening and they just feel complete. There's bailouts that are super dangerous Americans have died because there is these these cars that are filled with illegal immigrants in a gulp high-speed chases the realist on city centers and then crashing to people � so there's so much happening that doesn't even make the news. That's the biggest issue is that there's so much going on huge stories of people dying in these bailouts and and the president has never interested but he hasn't. And I do the last thing I want to talk about before your break Qu�bec with Morneau is our economy, the present came out and said again. Our inflation is lower than most countries.

It's not true, France, Japan, China, Holland, England, Italy, Germany, Russia, inflation is all lower Swedes not telling the truth.

Gas prices will go Europe's always had high gas prices we have never had him this high. That is just not the truth, you know, Canada is doing in LNG outlet in the right on Europe is in order to get their natural gas to Europe and we don't do it. So having said all that you suppress United States knowing exactly who to blame. Even though he's gotta know this is not the truth, cut 24.

It's been in recession all year so the whole time they'd been bragging about how strongly economy was in fact powered saying the economy is so strong it can easily withstand higher interest rates. It was in recession.

The whole time but you gotta think about this Laura if you're already in a recession as we had -1.6% in the first quarter and at the laugh that is right it's negative one. It might be even worse than that, but we still have near record low unemployment. At least the way the government scores it, which is not very honest but if were already in a recession with low unemployment. Imagine how much worse this recession is going to get when employers start reacting to the recession by laying off their workers in mass, and as the Fed continues to raise interest rates as inflation continues to drive consumer prices higher so they could for the fear is that when people do boo Tess was doing test was laying with 10% of the workforce, so you anything the president has his jobs and what if he loses that job number. Scary thought. And that's really what's going on right now. That's why the Fed kind of drag its feet on raising interest rates because it slows down the economy and our feeling the effects where companies are going to start to do that.

So it's a balancing act that I don't think the Vita ministration is ever going to win right when it comes to that. Countries where he keeps on saying that every country it is facing high inflation. I don't think that works for the American people they'll because Americans expect the United States to do better right even though other countries are experiencing less and natural resource. I now exactly and the reason we are experiencing high inflation is because we did to the European big time spending bordering on socialism real, which is why those countries are experiencing inflation as well are I call Shimkus a good essay to find out if she needs no more she might not need to know, but I think you do back in learning something new every day, Brian kill ratio Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time. Just don't jump or wherever you get your favorite projects. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me, just 19. Unfortunately this will not help the fact that Elmo originals with limited really that big of a deal to get me filling their own given the authority of humans hands that if James can you love that are great idlers you are going to go Shimkus is here and by the way James Gordon is in London doing show okay yeah okay.

He is claiming James coordinates from you right and also ego is made to many celebrities love him. I told you Tom cruises like his best friend Celine downtown. Having a big moment.

Here's finally things go his way, that was fun out of calling needs no more, no line directed at you as I am thankful for you. Studies have shown friendship length in their lives improve their performance that works well and makes us better parents and brought in the right with a good friendship. I write thank you and you've do you believe we have a French idea and you think I may have done responsible for your longevity.

That means that I now you must've felt this by allowing me to work here in some way right in the next 15 years to 20 and then we need, when you think you'll retire. Do you plan on spending like 10 years like I can't think that fine if you think you will be calling Shimkus 75 years old. Podcasting have to drag me out of the typically we have the same feeling next and this is bad news. I hate to bring it, but it turns out that yellow mustard shortage could hit the US just in time for the holiday weekend grab you goldens and hold on the simple answer is that most assured results from the drought conditions realized across majority Western Canada and northern US which is the primary growing of the mustard seed that according to Ellen to Alan sass who likes mustard. I wonder what the mustard seed looks like it's small and it grows it adds that in 2020 fewer acres was set aside for growing mustard because we were fueled mustard plants yielding fewer seeds. Production is drop by as much is so cling to your mustard stop squeezing lengthier friendships. I should I go next. One in four people don't know caterpillars turn into butterflies will fund the price for them to find out where the second, people don't know that a recent one pulse survey polled 2000 British adults and found three and four felt more confident identifying pensions anything else in the garden. More than half could not distinguish between a mop and a butterfly.

Moreover quarter had no idea caterpillars transform into a butterfly. People in the city clearly and they're going in there. Don't you put down a whole country.

We got our freedom. Since right we beat them is probably the most revolutionary, why think about it is the most miraculous transformation ever coming your hairy little worm. And next thing you know your flowing, telling how great is that I and it takes a nice little cocoon nap and it just emerges so much with so much effort is put into something that I really glad to benefit from fund to benefit from patiently retail but that's it like to be.

We hear they tell us it picks up on and drops it off and we needed to sneeze butterflies tell them to pick a right to legal caterpillars really no good now. It is pretty quite think about next live golf tees. Often Americans over the first time is going to happen in Oregon, you know, it's sponsored by the Saudi Arabia and sovereign wealth fund. You know the CEO is Greg Norman and you know I think 15 PGA stars have left and gone, or 18 I was probably up to 1920 have left of the PJ and the PJ suspended them yet their writing letters to get back on the PGA Tour. What you think about that and outrage, which is what is both are I find I am trying to bring golf back together again. I think sooner or later than have to some type of deal because you can't lose all the best golfers whose really care about the majors. All the best golfers are playing in a different turn.

I know I great thing that maybe one day live in the PJ will merge into one excessive or true, but I don't see that happening next nearly 100% of motorists that's almost all countrymen distracted one in three accident incidents lead to a crash. This is news. Apparently have you return distracted that none of your really know what I never just country in the road. I'm always doing dumb dumb looking, but I got my air pods in them. Think of other stuff you don't need to police officers listening right now. He didn't mean it right know but I just, I mean I don't need. I can look at the road but is amenable focus on well I wasn't a good driver when I was really probably a good thing to not have me on the it's amazing and many people I talked to her.

Adults who say I've driven your yeah I think his dwelling well you drive a stick drive on and watch a show when Monday live radio city is New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me Joe come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world, especially Ukraine Adler James happy is now we can get his take on what he thought of the G7/NATO summit as they expand like members and try to surround Russia defiant and indefatigable in their quest just to bury cities and people in shopping malls, we cannot win in a pitched battle against Ukrainians, which would be embarrassing but they are just ruthless. We'll talk about that with that. Will James Servetus, Jonathan Turley, standing by with all the legal cases is one of the most impactful periods of times in judicial American judicial history. I believe John controlling a better moment. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life act on them. To learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three will be Roderigo who is a very hot singer is in popular goes ahead and alienates a lot of her audience with that statement, not bursting with pride that tell Americans a feeling this July as we as a nation are set to celebrate our 246 birthday. This according to new survey. How do you feel about our country. What about your plans for the holidays. This is affected by gas prices and a cratering airline industry to understand the frustrations of those down the border. This was a very messy decision because there are a lot of statutes in play here. Given the resources necessary to those agencies down to actually do the job that they need to do they go Kim Strauss Wall Street Journal busted and about to get worse. That's the story of our border after the remaining Mexico policy officially blown up by the Supreme Court in the ministry. She continues to ignore the slow-motion train wreck.

One thing that has been stabilizing his outrageous behavior is recorded nine states and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy really okay that behavior does like the behavior of the Supreme Court does provide takes aim at the Supreme Court and vows to end the filibuster to get his way.

Packing the Supreme Court is his goal will review the administrations to one record on Thursday it will affect the Dems green agenda while giving his party an issue possibly to run on with the elimination of Roe V Wade, Jonathan Turley must be having a lot of vibrant and red bull because we been calling on you a lot for your legal expertise. Are you incurred one of the people that was not surprised.

The remaining Mexico always was blown up but not thickly surprised. I thought it could've gone either way I would say prototypical Roberts decision that would narrow it was accommodating it was an attempt to avoid what he viewed as a shakeup between the two branches when he went out of his way to repeatedly say this is narrow that he's trying to avoid undermining the president on initial fork relation and so I don't think you have a big impact on the border. Certainly, in terms of our policy, but legally it was a fairly narrow route will use so the other is a lot of the grueling spikes on the prison in Madrid, Spain but went out of his way to rip the Supreme Court. These the sanctity of this report that I disagree with the decision illicitly said cut to.

I really think that it's a serious serious problem that the court has thrust upon United States, not just in terms of right to choose, but in terms of right to who you can marry write a whole range of issues related to privacy, and we know that that is not true. It's nothing to do with right to marry, but this is the part which I thought.

I have a huge problem with cut for one thing that has been stabilizing his outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court of nine states and overruling not only Roe V Wade essentially challenging the right to privacy. We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court. Do what it did.

So it's a mistake in his view and he says the behavior of the Supreme Court of I'm scratching my head here. Continuation of this failure of leadership to be seen with the president. No problem with disagreements with the opinion cleanly people have disagreements with the opinion but this is a time when the president can try to at least bring us civility and the maturity to the conversation settings repeating false notions about this opinion, this court more than any in any decision.

I can recall repeatedly and expressly cut off the very argument that the just referenced. I've never seen an opinion like it. They just keep on coming back and saying once again we do not believe that this will opinion I have any application to same-sex marriage to contraception to the other area and yet it didn't hold this parade of corals, but the president has really shown her like this is the Sen. that he is driven by polling and train rather than principles here, for example, he long opposed changing the filibuster when he was in the Senate even opposed it.

During his presidential term, but now he flopped and flipped and went and said well you know I now think that we should effectively end because you don't create an exception to a legislative filibuster for one subject that's not how it works. You know you don't have a filibuster except if it really causes you difficult. So what I don't understand and I need some education on this is okay Lisa, but now will the decision goes to the states. States had triggers.

It said if Ruby Wade is ever overturned. We now have this law taking over a lot of the law. For example, I believe in Mississippi said no more abortions. In Florida they knocked down to 15 weeks and a judge decided that that's not gonna work. Where did the judges come in and witness the legislation come in with this language because they also stayed a lot of the orders when it comes to the trigger of the those trigger rules in various states correct that we expected that there be a certain period of hashing out the law trigger laws are quite old. Some laws actually predate Roby way. And so we are expected at all of them will be challenged in court will often enjoin the use of the parties, so it had a chance to review and basically rule on these laws without any major changes occurring. Ultimately, the state have a right to ban abortion. They also overwrite in places like Colorado to give basically absolute rights of abortion in Colorado. They just passed a law that said you were right to abortion to the moment of birth.

That would be a nine month reform baby so you're going to hand of this type of spectrum of cases.

Now the state judges can rule not just on the federal Constitution were to be difficult now after dog, but they can rule on the under the constant so some of the state judges are saying well under our Constitution are laws there are problems here and have to think about it. Take a couple years so the Supreme Court decision that really struck me is and there's a lot this one particular, the Supreme Court ruled the EPA does not have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions by 63 margin and then the and then I'm watching the dissent in this line stands out with me. Elena Kagan obviously is agree with. That's where liberal justices.

She says if the current rate of omissions continues. Children born this year could live to see parts of the eastern seaboard swallowed up by the ocean. That's an interesting way to talk. Maybe I do know over dinner tonight, but I didn't think that would end up in the dissent because it's partly settled science and similar claims that were debunked by your previously in oral argument, and the you know what, I'm not saying that this claimant will be ultimately defunct, but there is a great difficulty when justices start to lean towards policy discussions. In that way, and there many people to disagree with what Justice Kagan for parking is always wise for justices not to get involved in the type of scientific pipe. The question for justice is not what's going to happen. But who makes a decision as to what to do about it. And whenever justices start to put their thumb on the scale and say well this was a really bad idea because all of these things are likely to happen. It pushes the mortar looking legislative rather than judicial, but in terms of the EPA decision.

As usual we misrepresented in the media. "By many call when you can't Sen. Warren you have Sen. Schumer, your video, see all saying that this is horrific because you know they just stopped us from being able to do anything about climate change in war and think may be able to take action, you think the funny thing about this opinion is that it supports Congress it is you're taking your power from Congress you're usurping the legislative branch. All of the Democratic politician court right that the cord effectively in reinforcing authority under the Constitution.

So with the cells with the APA EPA B uses a hammer they're getting recall plans became possible to environmental environmental challenges to drill in certain areas, or fracking, other areas and move those without no longer have any stake so if they bring some of the same issues forward under this ruling will let no longer curtail the drilling the fracking a lot a lot of the other things that may be the greens don't want to see happen you have to find other ground by which to do it. This was really the Hail Mary stop it because were telling you to stop it because the president of the president that he doesn't want this to occur and what the Supreme Court said that's not enough.

You know you're talking about a major question impacting millions of jobs, the economy, obviously the environment you have to go to Congress. You need to convince them that this is the right thing to do.

Now they could try to break this up a bit and try to push some of these moratoriums on other legislative ground or or regulatory grounds, but this is a very significant loss of one of the losses from what's called the administrative state mandate Supreme Court is putting a shot across the bow federal agencies but you've got to stop acting like Congress in Congress is got to stop being this silent partner in the governance of our country is Jonathan Turley, part of it is getting done.

Need to 60 votes.

I don't get it. There was a way for the courts to figure it out.

So AOC said this Tweet this out catastrophic filibuster carveout is not enough. We need to refer we need the reform to do away with the whole thing.

For the sake of the planet. So do away with the Supreme Court for the planet for the good of the planet previously said she didn't really plan the value of having the Supreme Court over year ago and part of that burn it down. You know the whole mantra that you're beginning to hear even usually sober boy like Sen. 15 talked about a revolution of the Supreme Court didn't yield the demand. Warren said that this drinker should be immediately panicked because it's not responding to public opinion statement are breathtaking in their rent of our constitutional history and purpose.

Could you imagine the system. We would hang out with the court simply follow public opinion. It's designed not to follow public opinion only institution to stand against everyone, not just the president of Congress, but the American people themselves because of their to protect minority right there to protect constitutional right so when when AOC says what we just need to change the whole thing. She saying that I I support this long it will combine to me so I worry most about now is the Supreme Court justices security. They have not passed the bill to give them ball bulked up security in front of Amy Cody Baratz's house last night a thing for the last few nights window.

The ever going to feel secure in this environment.

Well, I think very good question because the home and are continuing to stoke the anger including the president, he'd been remarkably silent.

I yell recently. He finally came out and said I don't support violence or intimidation. It took weeks for him to do that and you know this administration. In the meantime is reinforcing you that this is the court that that's something grossly wrong because it used the Constitution differently from the no Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a professor George Washington University. Is that correct yeah yeah he's been pitching a number of years and we are very fortunate surprise, there was a push to get him out off the faculty because this disrobe the way decision. I would not try but I was alarmed by how much support he got how much support the campaign in such a short time almost 5000 people find that the fish and within 24 hours and I think many faculty and students supported it and the thing this was an easy fight. You know I have a blog that tracks all of these fights and universities across the country and there's hundreds of these cases. This was an easy one because he's a Supreme Court justice, and the University really would help pay if they get they yielded to the mob. The problem is that most professors in this country. 75% of them do not have tenure there, like, they are what are called provisional or contingent faculty, but they job, they don't have a high profile position when they get targeted, they tend to get fired.

So I think what is important thing to come out of the time of controversy is not the outcome which most of us expected, but this is a monopoly that is there faculty across the country that are being terminate for soft faculties without merit, with very little attention can result in almost the faculty.

The only defense he doesn't Turley you're not afraid to dissent. They know that for sure.

Thanks much for joining us and we can if you're interested in Bryan's talking about kill me. The invention of the car change America and the quality of life changed America care about freedom.

One of those freedoms they care about is traveling, getting places going where we want go car lettuce go further, faster, and let us explore so I think in Henry's mind. The car was often about making life Henry Ford is which he was referring to that is part of the brand-new season ninth season of what made America great reptile 45 the history the automobile history.

The aircraft carry 100 years old. What is meant for America's success in military exploration will route right now with nuclear powered ones. The history of Hollywood is also there in the history of oil and gas. When you see this in the people had a chance to talk to. They really expose all the different ways in which America's greatest well everyone's eyeball America's economy's great militaries. Great why using the innovation of the automobile to the innovation of the way we manufacture because the quality of life for the worker because of oil and gas and was able to fuel in this country for great people like Thomas Edison and who mentored this guy named Henry Ford I and these there is video out there do exist, so I think you really like it. So go get the Fox nation app, especially Saturday supposed to be rainy, especially in the Northeast. So watch some of this realize how great a country we have had right kill me, Joe back with James having this right for this radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you like NATO. I'm certainly that sweet step in obviously seen what happened in Ukraine.

They recognize the danger is that bringing to the table. Economies in very good militaries most vulnerable part of the world as far as Russian expansion into a NATO country that would likely be the Baltic states themselves small country small militaries right on the Russian border very vulnerable Sweden and Finland and a lot NATO was a result of this Jackie with me about two hours going Fox and friends let's bring in Adm. James David is former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO, Adm., you surprise. Where were we have this day that there now in the glide path to becoming members of NATO. I think the word out thrill and I don't say that because I watch CNN this morning. I say it because I commanded these trips I commanded them in Afghanistan and Libya in the Balkans. The pins in this we are 100% professional. They are turnkey military there ready to go and fight tonight, right alongside us and by the way, militarily, Brian because they will occupy that northern flank. It complicates any any invasion plan. Roger could have because they would find themselves the Russians would find himself with these two very professional solid militaries up to the north if they tried to make a move on the Baltic states as Gen. Jack points out, so this is a very very good day for NATO since two he says that he's looking to unify Belarus make you part of Russia. He's also looking to annex the parties acquired from Ukraine already have changing the currency changing the leaders and also changing the language and had been really for a decade on on essentially conquering former publics of the Soviet Union and that stands in central Asia, Kazakhstan, for example. He also wants control the caucuses that Armenia and Georgia. Once Belarus formally, and he will try and grab this grip Ukraine 90s pulled away so there's no surprise in any of this. What wonderful is the way to West tested up to him and R&B Ukrainians and bringing Sweden and Finland in protecting the Baltics is the right thing to do because believe me not to stop until we punch him hard in the mouth.

Right now she feels as though since I doesn't seem from we could tell these feeling the pressure domestically.

It feels as though he's going to keep on using his long-distance artillery to level cities and gradually surround them and take them.

What would stop this war in the shortest sense and that means putting more heavy artillery more surface to surface missile use on the land more harpoon missiles to reach out and sink the rest of the Blackfeet fleet more fighter aircraft overhead that something we haven't done yet that we need to all of this. Brian is a necessary cost and the good news is were not having to put our soldiers are sailors or airmen into this type.

Ukrainians are perfectly willing to carry this fight are job given the tools to continue to punch back at Russia. My money is on the Ukrainians to hold with their act will begin to take land back because Gen. Jack Keane says is some real movement about counterattacking and cures on yes he's correct in that strip of the coastal range that kinda runs around here so on and over to Mary Opal actually on the coast that region I think is going to see Ukrainian often said activity, and that's going to create real problems for now split his forces between those still down in the Crimea knows up to the north. It's a smart move militarily. I assure you, the Ukrainians are getting not only military support a lot of military advice, intelligent cyber overwatch.

Watch for the Ukrainians to start moving out fairly soon in that region. So, don't you think domestically for us here and you know him firmly in support of this action. I see the big picture, as well as any nonmilitary person does. Do you think for domestic two people understand with the writing the checks for they have to see Ukrainian start getting land back. I think that our support will continue as long as he continues the options here were to begin to wind down his offense of military operation said now I want to negotiate, then I think you could see US domestic support kind of new to our round investigation, but as long as Putin is conducting the kind of campaign he has. Brian such as blowing up all destroying maternity wards flattening hospitals raping indiscriminately.

As long as that war criminal behavior continues, I think you're going to see the US stand firmly and more importantly, because this is a European world that were dealing with Tennessee NATO and European stand very firmly here. They know what it means to be under a Russian boot and they are going to stand with us. I think we are there to be able to push back well, a couple things we took back Snake Island that we gathering to back Snake Island. So what is essentially even Russian admits they left they just said they did voluntarily gave it up.

What is the truth and what is it mean they were destroyed, their forces were crushed by Ukrainians using a combination of amphibious assault, cruise missiles, the Russians left no media sleep and Snake Island is geographically critical. Brian sits just outside of Odessa and if the Russians were allowed to stay there. It could have been used as a springboard to attack Odessa and it also could've blocked grain shipments from coming out of Odessa, turning the corner and getting into the Danube River which is a path they could take.

It is also critical in any plan which I think we should be doing to escort grain shipments out of Odessa so we can get this grain to world markets and also for the economic benefits for the Ukrainians as they fight despite Snake Island is crucial and it is very significant that the Russians were ejected by the Ukrainians. So in terms of the shipping lanes. This is what Jackie told me this morning cut 36 this is a potent skull does he feel the same pressure to release these cargo ships. As a result of what's going to happen out the world. I don't think so. I think what web food is focused on he wants Ukraine to sell as estate 35% economic retraction right now, growing likely the 50 because he's shutting down 95% of their exports.

I think it would likely hold onto that position. We hope he changes it in a safe Ukraine for the world food supply, but I think it's unlikely he will about opening up the shipping lanes. Even with Snake Island uses think it's unlikely I will add to that, it looks like or nuances. I'm going to meet with Vladimir Putin about doing just that.

Does he have sway with Boudin. I think what's really happening here. Brian, the more we talk about escorting those grain tankers with U.S. Navy warships more. Putin realizes he can't win in that scenario that puts pressure on to say, oh nevermind, I will let the grain shipments Callowhill try and play it as a kind of humanitarian gesture. If he does not think that my view we need to do this we need to retag re-flag these grain shipments but maybe guided missile frigate, alongside each one of them to come in and out wouldn't dare attack on that's the right next step here in Jack's got it right.

In particular, that Putin's objective here like Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War is a plan anaconda which is how Lincoln strangled this out with the blockade wants to do that. We can't let them make that happen sooner. One goes to visit Russia two days after he greenlighted Sweden and Finland is every was kind of unanimous vote for NATO. Do you think that he's motivated to do anything and look like a statesman with an election looming does that matter to the Turkish people does he care about looking like a peace officer, like a emissary of of peace. I think it is Brian and I met with Juan on on several occasions when I was supreme Allied Cmdr. NATO.

He is very much focused on his domestic audience and he sees himself claim to the domestic audience is someone who, in the case of Sweden and Finland made important game.

So play it that way.

Concerning that Kurdish activities in the case of the larger world in Ukrainian situation. He will try to get these grain shipments open and he made me someone who tries to actually bring Zielinski to the table to negotiate in 468 months so I think he is pointing to a domestic audience but in doing so, he potentially could do a great deal of good here lastly present. She's leaving the maintenance of the first time since the start of the pandemic is going to Hong Kong what's at stake there as he looks at basically occupied Hong Kong. He took it over. What would you think, what's the message were supposed to get from this he wants to understand that he is in complete control of Hong Kong and he wants to Hong Kong first to understand that any wants to play back to what we just talked about. You want to play to his domestic audience. All of this. Brian because he's coming up in November for what passes for an election in China which is he will be anointed to his third five-year term as the leader of China that puts him in the pantheon with mall and gang is very important to him that that switch closes part of his strategy is to show China in the world that he is in complete control within the borders of China is a benefit to substantially from their alliance with Russia as a get the discount oil is much as they need without really having any personal stake in this. I think they have played the ball in a very smart way from their perspective, meaning they're taking highly discounted oil from Russia.

They continue to kind of keep Russia in alignment with them and above all, they aligned as authoritarian states. That's what they see as the alignment. Our job is to try and find a way to create real division between China and Russia that's good be hard to do and that's the next big geopolitical challenges I'm looking at this study and I know they didn't go to your house and ask for this, and they asked people this question. Are you proud of the country in 20 1751% said yes in 2016.

It was at 50 in 2011 was at 69%. Now, the answer is 39% of the country is proud of their country which I most average is an answer to that. I am proud of my country and countries are like people.

Brian we all make mistakes we make left turns.

We should make a right turn only, make a right turn Liotta take a left turn. We are however a good people, we are charitable people.

We are a people who together can do anything.

My wish for our nation on this Fourth of July is that we can come together disagree about policy but come together as Americans and I remain proud of this country absolutely you have to check out Fox nation because I do the special and 100 years. The aircraft carrier and see if it reach your expenses if he reaches the highest command to spend.

I imagine a lot of years on aircraft carriers I have.

I spent too many years to count on aircraft carriers and speaking of being proud of also proud of the U.S. Navy, which today hundreds of ships are sailing around the world under American flags on in and getting ready for 4 July.

Go get them adversaries. So was great to have Jan thanks Brian. I enjoy the fourth when we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669. This is the Brian Kelly Joe entertaining like you're with Brian kill me freaking unique opinions. All Brian kill me show baby formula. His book is still on the shelves itself. Brian pulled by the world is in happier and more stressed out than ever before.

Are you to blame. Yes I am to blame bad for you. I know things have been going well. I didn't say that it's the scuttlebutt in the kitchen because the incentives are in place. First of all you're paying for like a night out with kill me, you foot the bill.

That's not so that's a little of the reason why I should never going got it doesn't go well ever. But I go on anyway is a key just me back and then he's not happy that I'm there, but I was able to go Laura Trump was able to go on last night with the Jamie LaSalle as well as of course catch him and what you have is the best studio in the country is is so intimate, yet you get up a few hundred people in their middle grade audience and now the show beats every beach Colbert once in a while will take twice a week, but beats Jimmy Fallon beats Kimball like a drum in the 1230 shows it destroys so how do you explain how do you explain the success of a so-called cable show in late night when you got the Tonight Show on since the 50s you read Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show falls by the wayside doesn't get close with hundreds of writers, so it's pretty amazing is one of the untold stories because normal nor configure quite figured out JD living in Reno, Nevada hey JD, good morning shirt okay, next time). If you ask him about our ships were not building any more ships and were badly behind her just another rainy night when a building fast enough. We are building now, but not where we're way behind.

The next time you talk about this Cassidy small at Hutchison maybe should play the back of it on the grapevine or from a friend to me to be in effect on about something to the effect of words. They seem to be covering the pressures on January 6 right now to send this last night on got so right now their credibility even if, on the left is at stake as you heard Jake Tapper yelled to Jimmy Raskin, concealed this is all true and I've never a know I'm not saying it's not true, but I would love some corroboration. Is it what were not included in a court of law. You know what the People's Court is in and if you want everyone to believe, Cassidy Hutchinson, then when the student Secret Service who evidently witnessed the grabbing of the will and the assault of the president when they come out say it's not true. I want to testify, under oath, you better put them under oath, because that's just a little of what they had gotten had Republicans had a chance of the minority to question because there's a bunch of different things that could be said to Cassidy that might make her story look better or worse, but instead it just sits out there as if it's going to be untouched, but the average person has a lot of questions when she was done. Thanks much for listening. Don't forget yet one nation to watch Saturday at 8 o'clock with Brian Kelly. That's me at 11 o'clock on Fox news. And don't forget to get the vaccination app for new episodes of what made America great Fox News radio studios in New York City. You opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. I write Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here all week long as we get sent to celebrate Fourth of July weekend camping anything for granted these days member have never thought to cancel cookouts and cancel Christmas that's and if he thought the last few years, until he got the code and fire himself. Finally, he is quite a downturn in a few appearances I Charlie her to the bottom of the hour. Fox News contributor. He's also on the big show. I think this weekend to columnist for the Washington times. Shannon bream is standing by because she's just barely ever on the air except for every seven minutes. Thanks to the Supreme Court session as well as her own show. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three right to liberty. Roderigo hates them, not bursting with pride that tell Americans feel this holiday season is where nation said to get said to celebrate a 246 birthday. How do you feel about our country.

What are your plans for the holidays.

It does the economy and airline history role in your decision to understand the frustrations of those down the border. This was a very methane decision because there are a lot of statutes in play here in the resources necessary to those agencies down to actually do the job that they need to do that. That's Wall Street Journal's Kim Strauss busted about to get worse. That's the story of our border. The remaining Mexico policy that was trying to keep things a little bit orderly has just been blown out of the water by the Supreme Court.

Shannon will weigh in on that one thing that has been stabilized is the outrageous behavior recorded nine states and overruling not only Ruby way essentially challenging the right to privacy outrageous behavior. It's your best friend, Boris Johnson is outrageous behavior. The Supreme Court's been partying aplenty. He doesn't agree with the decisions so we wants to put the filibuster and perhaps pack the court will that's why Shannon bream is that a packed schedule Fox News chief legal analyst anchor of Fox News at night, author of mothers and daughters of the Bible speak Shannon speak to me. Do you believe that these shed. The Supreme Court is achieved is behaving badly. The term EPA and how we got ranging on climate change agenda that got to go fill all that back at the border till the court when they love it. They hate it when they hate it, but have not been shy about going after grant now printing the call for blowing up the filibuster and packing the court which is the expanded version of the present by and said from red cut for one thing that has been stabilized is the outrageous behavior recorded nine states and overruling not only Ruby way essentially challenging the right to privacy. We been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights and it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court to talk about privacy rights when we can go the majority with very clear extent beyond the issue of abortion only hit concurrent with Jimmy Elkind, not just that I agree nothing and can affect anything beyond abortion. I do think we may need to revisit some of our substitute you, that the patient doing volcanoes. I think that American contraception and I think no one can pretty any parking area and under what may happen after we draft opinion, weird stuff about kits you are desegregating classroom based on their sexuality. Tell your mongering, I need the reality that abortion that it will make a difference where you landed your back on the present continues to say things that don't line up with the actual text of the dependent so I see is not happy you heard she called the EPA catastrophic filibuster carveout not enough. We need to reform or do away with the whole thing the whole court system. For the sake of the planet. So do you think that's overreaction or she make a lot of sense to Shannon bream.

We were having lunch. Now we were not out like people think the filibuster either way let any vendor management, and I yesterday began when Avery reiterated were not going to the filibuster style area. What happened is that Democrats all their smart marketing campaign on the economy, or anything else or cut down on everything out thinking today what happened in court once final you got a book that you know we need more senators we can keep you get off the bench into smart political move for them because I think it's probably the strongest argument. So what's going on. Unwind with the state courts are saying they stay the order on some of these trigger band so so would governments would state governments said put in place is a probe rebate is ever overturned. This will happen. So places like Mississippi.

That means zero abortions, and in other places we hearing about a stay on the order in Louisiana I think a particular this is not out leave everything. It is bright as now can they do that with the process because did the Supreme Court already rule out everything that goes back to court so I abortion providers and their allies. Based on the Constitution, which had guaranteed a writer parent argument malleable estate abortion law is in conflict with you got pending court date. We would expect keen on everything that abortion restrictions that happen you have to log on yesterday. We thought it for that judge put a hold on their 15 week band still be you know the people who want to fight for broadened abortion act that are going to file front tooth and everything will stay until they get the Americana case. Others will say. Cannot wait for the court hearing, Louisiana, Florida, others battle got heated very very quickly.

So we see Florida Ron DeSantis is not happy. Speaking again since 1/3 on yesterday announced his intention to appeal this court order and would like abortions after 15 weeks 15, which is also in Virginia said the fortis legislature passed the Lord known for House Bill five synthesizing April thought it was done Laura Ben's most abortions after 15 week pregnancy and less the health of the mother is threatened or less. The baby is a fatal fetal abnormality. So what's the court basing its rejection guarantee of language or Connecticut are cute though author in conflict with the guarantee that their state constitution to become 50 different arguments in 50 different states so I think a lot of people will say comedy, five are airtight, there ultimately going to survive. But there's going to be there.

When they may be on hold until legal courses can continue in the state about a place or objective manner something through elected or appointed, but it all comes down to 50 laboratories of democracy happen or He fights about abortion in any of the state laws that would prohibit a woman from crossing Stateline Hill. There are only going to the options for those who are seeking" argument as well. People may not have the money to go there all kinds of fun things that you know employers often many of them are single paper travel expenses. If you have to cross a line get an abortion. Though abortion is widely available in this country but Now might be available, it can be a state-by-state happen.

Since Juno sees me. It's now July and we have until November will see with the hot issue is then Shannon showed tonight. Do you have it and have anyone booked yet.

Are you doing tonight about all come to think hired this week. He wrote that help us celebrate 4 July at the Auckland wonderful country and the people died and are still serving right now to guarantee that Rycroft happy birthday America 246 seven. Thanks so much.

Right we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669. Then, we have welcoming Charlie heard stories today. The Atlantic I'm looking at Douglas Murray. They think it's time for the party to move on past trumpet is Charlie Brian kill me show this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so throwing your weekends to take it easy, Bill really hurts coordination with Brian kill me Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out fastest three hours and radio your kill me." Working right there was a lot less about you a lot less of that fabric nature of his initial presentation on NATO because he doesn't have great answer that is David Axelrod. He is not somebody's right wing pundit. Of course I always thought he was lukewarm on your body. So Joe Biden of taught up close and I don't see is anything negative to say about it but nothing positive. Either they knew this guy was made had a few screws loose in a bad instinct to begin with.

Member the first four years. He had one After another that for you. She didn't see much of him any of the tragedy with the sun and then Hillary Clinton ends up getting the endorsement of Barack Obama.

Much to his chagrin. That's why in 2024. Everything is up in the air and I think it's up in the air was present from to go to DeSantis now that I think 9.2 Vermont approval rating amongst Republicans. He's been so impressive as a Republican governor in the in the state of Florida, but he would not be there with our present trump, so we'll talk about that and for Joe Biden. He cannot convince his party that he is the right person, Roberto Lewis, and W okay be in Jacksonville hey Roberta you good with a month shall lie .0 thank hi, they were all places around the world and found American long before they cooling here when I grew up America America. Calvin found American Ali identified all of the here that proud American, but they all felt American long before they became how I find myself like opponent. I think that important to recognize as well. American holiday where where we find that American legal important being that human nature to get granted. If you've always had it with you.

The first generation really appreciate if you the first of the second generation watched the first generation struggle really understand it, but after a while people go well you know we were country built on stolen land with white privilege really get out to the teaching in school and that becomes how you grow up, I suggest right now.

You grab your kids if they feel that way or you grab yourself.

If you feel that way and travel find another country that compares find another country that has a close to free market economy that doesn't promise you a outcome but promise use an opportunity and see with that outcome role does Jack Keene was asked about that today by a guy name okay was me about what is he thinking about this Fourth of July. Here's what he said cut 38 we reflect on how fortunate we are to be here as Americans with the oldest democracy in the world you were one of the youngest countries we had a fight for our freedom here in the genius of the founding fathers having removed the shackles of repression themselves. They formed a federal government that they didn't want to be too powerful. They wanted the people to be more powerful and I think as a result of the way grew into an exceptional nation lawsuit for three reasons were meritocracy here.

It's up to the individual to succeed in this country and the conditions are set for that individual to succeed so that was just me asking think extemporaneously. What separates our country. Most people that hate the country don't really travel have a perspective have bought a house was swelling of the Hollywood superstar with huge personal attaches. People around them doing everything they might feel so they're happy, and happier in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Happy are you will be better off in Venezuela got with Sean Penn.

I'm not really sure. Here's what else Jack Keene said cut 39.

We are the most generous country in the world look at. We spent the 20th century, and a good part of this century going all over the world to remove the shackles of repression that all the people were imposing on their own people or others I will willing to send our treasure and die for others in countries that most people who were fighting those wars never even heard of, and certainly not never even visited some remarkable story of American leadership in the contribution we may not owns her own people, but the world were large. Yeah, I also think when you talk about what's going on around the world. You can really take on the American people and right now we are own worst enemy.

For the first time my lifetime we are currently criticizing ourselves. If you look at the study that have alluded to.

They asked if Fox's Paul. Are you proud you country.

Now, the answer is only 39% say yes. In 2011. The number was 69%. Are you proud of you country Democrats, 46% suggest 36% say yes for Republicans, 29% say yes for independence are yes are you proud of the country. Democrats we have that one. What about are you proud of the country today, men 41% of proud women, 36% of proud black voters 45% and Hispanic voters 35% and last one on men and women, men 41% of proud women just 36% of proud black voters 45%. Again over and Hispanic voters 35% interesting so that they're all down from where they were outside black voters to 10 points up black for the role down except for black voters. So that's something to keep in mind when this holiday season going away to point out a good the country is with all the problems that we have we not yet supposed to get everything you want every single day and let you an absolute monarch which we do not employ them.

We do not employ them at all. So another season of what made America great is now out is as of yesterday so want to check it out there about 1/2 hour many documentaries, everything from history of oil and gas in our country. Another reason to feel proud then you have the history of the automobile Henry for his role had Thomas Edison helped then you have the history of the aircraft carrier got a chance to see the Flatley family, including a relation to the son of the first person ever to land on eight aircraft you target about putting a platform over an oil tanker: excuse me, a cold tanker and then the history Hollywood so you'll find out why Shirley Temple meant so much to the Fox lot in the FOXBusiness 90 more.

This is the brain tell me Joe, so glad you're here.

Charlie wrote Charlie for his next talkshow that's getting you your Ryan kill me. The Democrats are looking for any unicorn they can find to save them from the dead, whether it be January 6. Whether it be abortion, whether big guns and this is the secret life of Joe Biden.

He is living as you pointed out, is living in in the world of his own fantasies and you can you spell it up. Talk about gas prices is always spoons fall and forget about all the executive orders that he sign that you've talked about a million times of the abortion up in order. They're going to come after gay marriage, an accident on inflation today. He says all of the rest of the world's got a lot worse luck then going to change the narrative there fight grabbing at anything they can find because people aren't happy and when you're not happy. You can't win elections. That is right.

Previous is all about that. That's what he was trying to do here the great movement.

It's underappreciated to strike flipping state houses and started putting Republicans in controlling areas in which weren't the most high-profile things others could possibly do. Charlie heard is now in studio. Fox's contributor getting said his comments, the Washington Times, but more importantly the big show this weekend. Yes indeed where is Saturday night. It's good to be huge, derisive, who's on with no others. This is like a pop quiz. I just don't do student why Holly don't you want on II you want to make sure you not. I refuse to appear with. I think separately except for right now you have me on your first show on your percent and Aisha and I told you that it was to be downhill from that show hit the peak to peak with me on there and I notice you haven't had me on.

Since I assume it's been all downhill. You created a lot of I watch it every Sunday night right to repeat 11 yes I'd watch both fantastic.

Don't believe you, but I do get it so rightfully we saw about elections what's going on in this country right now it's pretty clear that the Democrats and when he wasted and sincerely enemy Grove. He weighed something for last November will be effective yet. So while the short honest answer to that is I don't know we don't know. It's not been we have had an election explicitly about this in 50 years so and I and II have the tremendous humility and and realism to understand that I don't know we're going to see you know Odyssey polling is complex about this and I'm good to be fast. It is the most fascinating thing I think to watch politically.

Certainly this election but I think for a long time but I will say this that I am sort of suspicious that maybe Democrats offer more hopeful or not being very honest, I think the fact that they wanted to be about abortion tells you one thing for certain, and that is they don't want to run on anything else because they are they run both chambers of Congress and the White House and nothing is going well, but this is really important years of. I'm also doubtful that it's as good as they say it's going to be because for 50 years, Democrats have done everything they can to keep this issue in the courts and out of the political suspicion is that abortion is not the electoral winner. The Democrats are claiming right now using Joan Joe Biden, the senator should admit that he's on the other side of this issue. Like the guy from the 1970s I just looked up this morning at three in the morning you were not up I called. He just kept ringing you want right happens between 3 and 5 AM yes it is. If it's the next day if it happens that day. For example, if you thought it was a mother duck hunting right right Sam right. He believes that Duck Dynasty guys were here last week, though they have brand-new series on Fox nation, so US euros seamless plug building your points are so 1977 Job over 12, Biden voted against a compromise that allowed Medicaid to fund abortions in 1981 he did it again and was even more far-reaching want to ban federal funds for federal funds for abortions and 83 if you want to prohibit federal workers from using health insurance on abortions in 2007. He says he is personally opposed to abortion is spoken over openly about the internal struggles with the issue. Why would he act like a human being like he was in the 70s and 80s and act as if now it seems as though without abortions to have a trophy how to rattle those statistics right off the top your head. It's amazing the amount today on Fox nation watching I was reading as it as it is in your witness right here he was, he's rattled it off the top of the said don't know it's so important in all of those points are important to remember how much the guy has changed and you know when when Roe V Wade was decided in 1973 Joe Biden had been sworn in for I think 22 days he's been in the Senate the entire time Rosie weighed an end, and so so for it to listen to them now talk about what we need to codify Roe V Wade, which by the way, if you support the court overturning Roe V Wade and kicking about the legislature that's exactly what they're saying codify Roe V Wade, that's fantastic, but he's been there for 50 years he's been there the entire time Roe V Wade was the law of the land was super president was settled law, and he never did anything to try to codify Roe V Wade and and one of the reasons is as you point out, he didn't have the positions that he now has so emphatically and and and and I think that but I I'm glad that were going to have an election on this. I look forward to seeing them execute their argument for codify Roe V Wade and will see what about how voters react to what I find amazing is the left-wing still not happy with Joe Biden who basically sacrifice is believed listen to AOC cutting forcefully sprinkler forcefully come out last or increased political pressure makes it much harder. So if you're going if you going with her fee. If you can please her and when she is not committed even voting for him again. She has no idea the legislative process works. She wants a prisoner to make a a substantive speech, but the speeches I could do anything now. It's so amazing talk about biting the hand that feeds you see will never have the power political power. She now possesses through the by demonstration. She will never see it again this with Joe by lesser items present. Like I said I never have the power that she has right now in terms of the presidency of Pres. Obama never would have given her the amount of leeway in the given her all of the fruit baskets and and and presence that Joe Biden has given staff and whatever she did for her turn around and and bite them and bite it at that. Biden is kind of amazing to me but but you know it and listening to little bit, but you listen to Joe Biden over in Madrid attacking sprinkler which I think was absolutely astonishing. One of things that he talked about was breaking the filibuster just attacked the Supreme Court of the United States overseas attacked the United States Senate, where he was a member in good standing for whatever was 45 times.

I think that to me is sort of unit we talk about a lot of norms being broken in politics over the past five years. I don't know of a greater norm that was broken by watching the president of the United States attacked not one but two brand branches of the federal government oversees.

Let's talk about what's on the right. Do you see you have two people in mind that would challenge or be favorite to take the nomination should Biden not be a factor.

Well, if I were Democrats. I would go with AOC. I would go with where the enthusiasm is or I would go with Bernie Sanders. The problem of Bernie Sanders is.

He's extremely old and yet it's an end, but he's he's a young, old, unlike Biden.

Biden is in a little old. Very old, but honestly, if I were Democrats right gotta look at it.

It's like rebuilding your baseball team. I would just go with go where it's good or Gavin Newsom yeah well yeah, no, don't some people are so ridiculous. AOC is at least your sheep. She's a goofball but she is she's she's got passion.

People really lover and I would go with the target recommendation came from the heart. There's no way you know you don't even believe that is really like. I wouldn't win. Oh no, oh, I think, are you kidding Chris Coons of the world people are like moderate see the squad think I know I'm see I want the Democratic Party to be a thriving party because I don't trust Republicans to be to do the right thing without opposition. I want there to be loyal opposition. I want to have two thriving parties so yeah I would love to see Joe mansion as the Democrat nominee Joe mansion will never be the Democrat nominee.

That party has sailed. It survived no absolutely, it's a viable party.

It's it's a winning party. The crackup that the party is coming out of whatever it is 10 years now 12 years now of the tea party revolution.

That's how we got from and it's why we yet. It's why we have this embarrassment of riches on the Republican side of of people that could run against Joe Biden, but we are on the tail end of seeing what Republicans have been through. It was very painful. That crackup has yet to hit the Democrat party. It's just hitting the Democrat party. They haven't even begun the teardown process and and when they and in the region.

Joe Biden got the nomination in 2020 is because they didn't want deal with the teardown process, the person should. One was Bernie Sanders but Democrats couldn't like to do with everything against right and so so they haven't even like face reality yet so that teardown if that is that you begin the terabit of them processed by nominating a goofball like like AOC I don't I I'm I'm not kidding.

I she's not aware but she could win the nomination. Second, when general election.

But you know what that starts the process and then every and in bitter, bitter, agonizing defeat. Democrats come back together and they say okay well let's go. Let's try Amy Clover char Warner. Or maybe I was a little old you. Sen. Lindsey Graham will look at the right now sent Lindsay Graham golfed yesterday with Pres. Trump cut 27 and I taught her present truck today and is very worried about his country and stay tuned. I think he is on the verge of making a decision here. I'll leave it up to him when he was present when a secure border when he was present. Isys was destroyed. The caliphate was a Ron was in a box. We were energy independent of our Pres. Trump I would talk about the idea doesn't have to be this way. There's a better way and I go to the border for our present truck so he's about to make an announcement is so art so Lindsay Graham is a favorite punching bag for a lot of conservatives and has been for a long time. Not me, but but he is one of the most eloquent analyzers of the Republican state or the state or country for that matter.

That's why he is so effective in the Cavanaugh hearings and is Eddie's dead right about all of this and people who think that Donald Trump is finished I think are are as wrong as they were in 2016. There is an avenue for him and I think if he were to run again against get the nomination, and I think is a very good chance for them to get the nomination if he runs against Joe Biden. I predict he wins and the reason is exactly what he just listed through normal people who are caught up in all of the hysteria of January sales and all impeachment and all the subjects at all the stuff that most normal Americans don't give up about they look at the situation they see the condos it's okay I know you chose. It's up to him if he's going to run on 2020 if he runs on 25 so it's really not nothing else. If he ran on his record to be great. I could not agree with you more and and and but but pay attention to the arguments about 2020 is that they don't care about arguments for 2020 anywhere in the care of a January 6 what they have to they have to tell because news newsletters and hold it all the time and anything you talked about the time and and I have said that exact thing was, he said he is. He's right about this if you don't have fair elections. You don't have a democracy. So what is right about that and he has made a tremendous leaven at being his own counsel and you know he's being his own counsel. He says smart people tell me what he says smart people tell me I should talk about this. What he saying is I think I should talk about this and and and that's one of things that people like about him is that he is his own counsel when it comes to things like this you're nodding or shaking agreement is like if if it's like the patriots choosing to fumble as he did his Super Bowl ball and then that or not. At that time. Also, every it's like the pay if the patriots were with Tom Brady and then instead of trying to instead of trying to score would just put just dropped the ball on you and I are in total agreement but and and and at the end of the day. The issues that got Pres. Trump elected in 2016 are more viable now than they were 2016. They would get them reelected and and and also we are still to out two years out. I think that these things have to run their course and he still understandably passed last question does DeSantis run. I I'd I don't know that is obviously up to the sentence. I think DeSantis has a tremendous something tremendous to offer but I don't think anybody out there has the sort of the ability the appeal the ability to entertain people and forcefully fight. His agenda is down from God him that governorship he got in the nomination plowed the way land fight. This is less because the only other person that I think has was shot. There's nothing to do with Trump. They just friendly is Duncan is young can have enough disease to any experiences you have enough popularity to Resnick � first about Duncan has his hands full with Virginia. We only got one term he's got one term but but that term extends past the next 2024. He has his hands full young can is a tremendous. It is one of the greatest.

The great thing happen to Virginia in a very long time and he's got this tremendous agenda but but this is in this perspective thing with his second son, Trump agenda is what Duncan ran on and one in Virginia. Everybody is running on the Trump agenda that we need Trump to run on the Trump agenda. Okay Charlie her thanks so much see their presence listening both sides. All of these so as a filmmaker kill me. By 1920, in the end of the war were a million cars on the road American streets and those cars were fueled by gasoline refined from how long is the exploration how long does the drilling take place. Most weeks well so typically what happens is you start an exploration phase. We actually have a broader understanding of zones that watch and produce oil and gas, which is called the reservoir and subsequently various completion strategies are employed just a little of what you hear the latest edition of what makes America great. I bet more people come up and say I did not know that I go into these projects for the series of what made America great on Fox nation. I don't know what's going on. I'll study it, then I get the experts out there, and I'll bring it forward history, Hollywood. You have no idea how it started. I did not really wasn't fully where the Thomas Edison was the first for the movie projector. They moved to California to get away from Edison because he was suing everyone for going to head with the Rome movie projects not going to him. That's really ended up way out in Hollywood land which ended up being Hollywood and I do the stand up right behind right in front of the Hollywood sign.

So go to Fox nation and make sure listen to one nation on Fox news channel 8 11 o'clock will go up close and personal history of the Navy's 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just a

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