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America's Birthday Trashed by ESPN, NPR... Even the President

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 5, 2022 12:44 pm

America's Birthday Trashed by ESPN, NPR... Even the President

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 5, 2022 12:44 pm

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Live Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me thank you for being here buddy is the right Billy Joe wanted to take her away. 76.

I'll get a great July 4 you are in God Katy Perry getting all bummed out about it or ESPN deciding is not worthy of your time or NPR. I hope you had a great time today. I know there's going to be medal of honor recipients given for the Vietnam era, so that'll be good in the White House. It's a positive and it's good to be fully into summer and no one could see John quite summer yet we are into somebody. Our Lieut. Col. Allen West. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, number three, there going to be people who say that today is not the day that now is not the time to talk about guns. I'm telling you there is no better day and no better time than right here and right now, you idiot Gov. JB Pritzker while he sees his ambition and politics. We just passed gun legislation. This guy an illegal gun you got hi you have a restrictive gun laws in Illinois. What else do you want another mess kilogram, but not after killing not before killing five wounded of killing six and wounding dozens. Of course, the governor of Illinois, blames guns in the presence message includes go vote politics at any cost sale today.

We are updating and NPR Independence Day tradition, the reading of the Declaration of Independence. So, on this July 4, we hear some of the ways Americans have used the declaration since 1776 America 246 birthday trash by many from ESPN to the city of Orlando to NPR to some bad singers, not by us will let you hear from the critics to let you know why they are wrong that the American economy is incredibly astronomy and are still at 3.6 unemployment under Pres. Biden's leadership now just the first year, 9 million more jobs were added and that is not an economy that's in a recession right. I guess John Kirby doesn't pay for his gas. Joe talks economy and the backlash is why even from allies first and foremost, America's Jeff Pazo says big firms brace for recession. This is wonder boy people to judge feeling the Democratic wrath as thousands of flights delayed and canceled and he does nothing except for Cuba strategies to get our money back instead of points and I'm talking about Bernie Sanders and Roe Kahana, liberal, liberal, socialist, calling out the wonder boy who's ridiculously ineffective. So first off, what John Kirby said to the present United States make some news over the weekend by taking some time and tweeting out something.

It talks about how great the economy is and if you think economy is bad, it's really our fault and for the oil and gas to be this high is deafly not his fault.

In fact gas prices right now $4.80 one year ago, there were $3.13 for diesel, which is why we get stuff is kind of inflated because diesels would choose for you to fuel trucks. For the most part, five 73.03, 24, let alone jet fuel how much it costs. So you know the prices going down $0.20 for the last month, five bucks, though it was a five box about inmate but up from a dollar but up from a dollar 67 last year. So here's would present Biden tweets out my message to companies running gas stations and set and setting prices at the pump is simple. This a time of war and global peril bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product and do it now. First off, were not in a war that is an insult to people at war insulted generations who went to war. We are financing Ukraine's war against the evil Russians that is admirable. It's the right thing to do but were not in a time of peril.

Pandemic is a time of peril. We are out of the pandemic phase we are getting it would variance that is not peril you're overstating it and to blame gas station owners and oil and gas companies.

We don't even take the time to visit with them to find out about industry you know dangerously little from invites backlash but not from the Tom cotton is expected not from Joe.Donald Trump you should you should be.

You can set your watch by it. What about Democrats so Jeff Pazo's reads this tweet and says Biden blaming high gas prices for companies ouch inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep state making statements like this, it's either straight out misdirection or deep misunderstanding of the basic market dynamics that is a killer because it from Jeff Pazo's who owns a Washington Post who spends a lifetime just for covering for people like Joe Biden who declared the hunter by laptop was misinformation and not authentic and a Russian plot. Remember that allowed them to get elected. Rebuilding the billionaire Zuckerberg Jeff Pazo's Elon musk of all taking devastating risks and losses since Joe Biden took over a combined 1.4 trillion. Zuckerberg us was 65.5 billion Pazo 63 billion, 62 billion don't cry for them and their bank accounts, but it just shows you the direction of their company. How do you expand these behemoth companies hire more people, more managers, more entry-level people more interns if you keep retracted doing things are going to hurt the economy as oil and gas are the basis of almost all of it.

So the energy information ministration said last week, US oil import dealer's oil output was 12.1 million barrels a day during the week of June, June 29, the most since April 2020. What you mean they're slowing down prices for windfall profits natural gas prices up 60% before falling back to 3.9% a little bit lower but there's still high oil was $120 a barrel. Now it's 106. The average gas is dropped about $0.20 but you cannot disallow drilling in the old drilling in an old in the ocean water in the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere you could not allow make federal drilling almost impossible and vilify the oil and gas industry encourage big banks and big institutions to not bring that into the portfolio to not invest in it at the same time. Demand that they drill more. Why should they do that some of the responses have been flat out hysterical from what they've sent after he says we are but a since our economy is growing during the fourth quarter. In his July message. There is not growing which you do have a good jobs numbers but that's good to begin to go away as people begin to realize they can keep these jobs at the current rate is more.

Here's the complete sentence from John Kirby taken a Jeff Pazo's cut one anybody that knows present. Biden knows he's plainspoken and he tells me exactly what he stank and and and and in terms that everybody can understand so I think we have seen take great exception at the idea that this is somehow misdirection president speaking honestly, honestly with the American people about the eight what he's trying to do to bring the prices down, but he was honest even before the invasion Mike about the fact that it would not be cost free.

By continuing to say this is Russia's fault you're making Russia stronger in the eyes of their people in the East and you realize there is a growing sentiment in this country. The Ukraine's not doing what we want to stop financing and by continuing to say that this war is costing Mr. Mrs. Jones everything more and everything that they buy in every gallon that they use that is going to grow sentiment to lose support for a war.

I believe that I imagine you believe Mr. Pres. is actually necessary, you should be able to figure this out. You been doing the same job for 50 years and for those people who think I Joe buys onto something that maybe it is not out of a recession economy is doing great.

Jamie Dinan, Elon musk, Larry Summers, Charlie Shroff of Wells Fargo, the CEO, Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Norrell reborn Rabbani as an esteemed economist Mark Summers, the CEO of American petroleum Institute.

All our business leaders who are raising red flags for recession so you could be a cheerleader and you could be a blame or but it's not working for the people and I think you gonna pay the price for here's Jeff Mason of Reuters cut seven they'll keep repeating like that from that clip that you display that the testator US economy is is quite strong a problem politically for this present is that people don't feel that way.

Unemployment may be very low, but inflation is very high and so when Americans go to the gas pump when they go to the stores when they go online to buy things there feeling that the parents of that high inflation and so that that's a political problem and an economic problem for this present but the truth is when he says economy is strong. It is strong, it's just that there is these headwinds and and this inflation problem that is that is felt very very deeply by American consumers. Yeah it strong compared to what good is strong on some elements of it.

But if you're in the stock market.

If you pay for gas and you want to buy food. It's not strong. What happens is because jobs we have 11 million open jobs of million people looking for jobs and unemployment insurance is down you getting more money so you getting a pay increase and you feel better about it when you see that in our inflation rate basically leads all western nations of the .4% don't turn around and say I know whose fault it is, and it's not yours. So I agree I just don't think he knows what he's doing when it comes economy we come back. I want to go over actually only Cuba here for second the anti-American idiots continue to drive me nuts. NPR over the weekend announce was breaking its own sanding Fourth of July tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence out loud to instead they would spend their time talking about what equality means for the past 33 years and NPR's morning edition that's what they did but now they feel differently because of Roe V Wade, which for the last time Roe V Wade was kicked to the states to make a decision. 26 states, Mr. Pres., sued to overturn Roe V Wade, and you use the top decision to do it. 26 states. So when you come out and make statements that everybody talks about that. Everybody's upset by the irresponsible way the Supreme Court is acting you are in a party of half the country, not the whole you never you don't even to account for the fact that Roe V Wade, a lot of people are happy there was overturn now the polls say the majority want the same place. They also say the majority does that they were to stay in place but not to be 24 weeks, maybe knock it down to 16 weeks after John Roberts was maybe recommending that was the key. One of his statements drives me the most crazy person bind since I share the public outrage that this extremist court is committed to movie is committed to moving America backwards, but ultimately Congress going to have to act to codify Roe V Wade yeah let Congress do his job. Let them debated on the on the on the Capitol steps. Whatever needs whatever they need to do, but that'll be. How is decided for use using this type of rhetoric in Madrid and bring it back home using opportunity after the shooting to bring up Don's not the crazy 22-year-old was his parents basement getting neck tattoos and face tattoos cutting videos that show that he worshiped Lee Harvey Oswald and was putting together his own school shooting event that was in the music video and uptight about the shooting in Highland Park, a rich area.

A beautiful parade interrupted by a sniper who's finally arrested in a 22 years old with you to find out this guy was a red for walking red flag that should've been arrested like the Buffalo shooter like you ball the shooter like Sandy Hook. Everybody knows their crazy and dangerous but no one does anything 186-640-8766 on how to celebrate the fourth you feel that anti-American sentiment or do you believe like I believe.

I think were turning the corner on this. Things have gotten so bad that Jeff basis and Bill Moore are sounding like Mark Levine and Sean Hannity.

That tells me progress is being made. Don't move and use that up.

Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made from Fox news broadcasts network London on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast transcribing Melissa know by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show liberty is understood all softball here on recent day, every bank in this country.

That freedom is being reduced right we assume were protected are no longer reminder that will in an ongoing battle for the soul. America is what you do boats and here's the thing they're not assaulting the part of the power Roe V Wade returned to the states and 26 states did not want to file finance abortion or supported reducing certain ways and now 26 states are happy 24 aren't for the Prez United States thinks everybody thinks I can't which goes to show you a I never thought he was a bipartisan guy the keep saying he's my more moderate. The Bernie Sanders no doubt about it. You so between that statement between the president putting Roe V Wade in the middle of Independence Day and then you had Orlando the city of Orlando commencing the stupidest things. I mean that the anti-Americanism. I could like good to look at any website without seeing something that that denigrated our country and then I come in for United Arab Emirates or someplace like that. They're coming there coming to us from the inside. I'm in.

I could not believe the city of Orlando. Whatever problem with the United States of America. Considering the doing deals are right now in China there are difficult China and here it is, there is the city of Orlando said this, the city of Orlando sincerely regret okay here's the original statement. A lot of people probably don't want to celebrate our nation right now and we can't blame them when there is so much division hate and arrest. Why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it would come on down anyway immediately. The backlash was was loud and vociferous and it came even from the governor who basically had it with Orlando because Disney owns it. The city of Orlando sincerely regrets the negative impact our words about on some of our in our community.

We understand these words offended some of our residents, which was not our intent. We value the freedom we have in this country and are thankful to those men and women who fight to continue for that Mike Walt's represents more.

The Jacksonville area cut nine. I would love to take whoever wrote that in Orlando I would love to take them with me back to Afghanistan where women can even lead our house anymore over to Hong Kong where people are disappearing in the middle of the night. They dare to criticize the Chinese Communist Party. It just shows a total lack of perspective of how great we have here.

We may not be perfect but we work things out through our elections in our courts through debate and and were always seeking to improve.

I backtracked. I'm glad they apologized by Joe and not enough of this kind of nonsense about our great nation yeah I would think so. Davey said divorce Mike Walt's obviously is over the top red white and blue because he fights for the country.

He's Green Berets back in the National Guard serving in Congress guys part of every major decision is a wood Lindsay Graham is trying to stay a part of almost every major decision the Senate Mike walls try to be a factor in all of it. Does the studying gets the first-hand accounts with the real deal is. And then he goes forward. I just can't believe how much anti-Americanism and then yet the shootings that Took Pl. in Illinois and in Philadelphia in Philadelphia. In Illinois they got extremely strict gun laws that just Wade is in the cities but now with the Supreme Court ruling that says you should really have a Second Amendment even because you're in a blue city.

They bring up guns again listen to this. Mayor Jim Kenney after two cops were shot at a parade cut 14 everything we have in the city over the last seven years. I worry about. I don't enjoy Fourth of July.

I don't enjoy the Invention not enjoyed the NFL draft and wait for something that will be happy will not hear from the mayor and I can joist you're looking for to nothing with it okay will who wants you anyway forward to not being there maybe do something maybe clean up the streets and don't make it druggy friendly. Maybe clean up the homeless people and to make it home was friendly. Maybe go ahead and empower and take on your district attorney business and prosecute anybody and maybe start embracing the heritage which is Philadelphia, which many people believe is the birthplace and cradle of freedom where I thinks it to this day for my memory. You still have the Liberty Bell that stands there and the place where the greatest independence was announced. There so I'm sorry for being a mayor is such a hardship on you. Why did you run for it anyway.

He said he wants stricter laws so more criminals have guns law-abiding people don't will came close to Fox and friends we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business.

Subscribe and listen now and Fox News contest Fox News contest network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast radio show like no other, kill me, you are saying right now.

Things do not put those words are not being heard.

People are moving right now. The efforts to stop the real causes are not stopping trafficking were smuggling tragedy in US history this week as individuals found in that trailer truck that's not stopping people. Are you predicting that this is only going to get more significant. From here that we are going to go beyond the record search and migrants know I am. I'm not predicting that at all and were working with our partners to the south because this is a regional challenge that requires a regional recycling yet and wanted to threaten them. You put tariffs on them. You say no more aid and less you control your own border.

You know how to do that, but instead you say I became having conversations with you have almost no conversations, no in-person meetings. The vice president supposed to be in charge.

You have not done anything and now you're celebrating the no more remain in Mexico policy celebrating it with us right now is a Lieut. Col. Allen West of of course located over in Texas knows exactly what's going on Col. Woody think about my orchids predicting it's knocking to get worse well is out of college and delusional in that white circle product for you had a great Independence Day and will watching the undermining of the sovereignty of the states of America at the hands of our government is not to say goodbye, and administration is aiding and abetting drug human and sex trafficking of what happened with that horrific incident were 54 illegal immigrants lost their lives in a tractor-trailer because the body ministrations allow this to happen and the Mexican government really is not. Control of the border especially here at Texas where what that that we got like 1300 file share with Mexico. The criminal cartels. This transnational narco criminal terrorist organization. They control what is happening along the border and this is an insurgency and I see this in in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we don't look at it with those type of understanding through that prism, they were not going to be successful, but Majorca has no clue and I think that as you sit there celebrating the remainder Mexico policy being lifted because they don't want to enforce our border security.

Yeah it seems he does have a clue he's doing this on purpose Tom Homan said that he knows exactly to stop the border.

That's why he wants to strangle him cut 21 is the answer to your question someone asked about their minimax always can be a great thing and then we'll have a little temporarily.


And then this will happen. Cut 21. Right now they do have to remain in Mexico and then we will actually continue with their immigration enforcement proceedings. Remember when people are encountered at the border.

They are just not nearly released into the United States. They are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and that is what will occur with these people there proceedings will continue in immigration court where they will pursue their claims for asylum and if those claims are unsuccessful, they will be swiftly removed from the United States. Just know that none of what he said is correct. Go ahead, the line may we know what is happening to me. These people get." Notifications to to appear and that's really what they call the permit so they say that is the permission to come in at B of the about special they don't show up for the hearing and when you have these organizations you are aware of the nongovernmental organizations to be in the travel agency will hear about flights be accountable for legal immigrants being flown all across United States of America like beautiful American so they are being proliferated. All throughout the country do not going to show up with these. And so we're seeing an incredible increase of illegal immigrants here going on government benefits at a time when Americans are struggling to take care of themselves in their own homes, so there is a bunch of shares getting together to push the governor to declare this an invasion. Tom Homan found that exclusively gives us this morning. If you declare an invasion but with that would changes well in your declarative agent. Therefore, you can go by the Constitution, article 1, section 2, clause number three in the state can take the actions themselves in the state can come together and you know one thing to look at some type of border Compaq were about states along the border and states that are secondary to along the border they can come together as they were not going allow the Congress to become.

They can start to deport these in the business you just saw Cheryl Bracco Downing Kinney County bracket Bill Texas that gathered up a bunch of illegals and took them and you don't force them to go back across the border how dire the situation has become because he's got like 16, 1800 mi. in Kinney County. He only has about six or seven sheriff deputies and he has no augmentation to his horse and he shares about 16 miles along the Rio Grande River with Mexico without their dire the situation and he's right next door to you. All detectives which already has an incredibly bad situation with illegal immigration as well. I just where Arizona's outrages aggressive Atty. Gen. but did I governor is just as bad in Arizona when we hear that you know you got asked to go to their governor to see air and again when you think about this system dualism you think about the federal government and the Constitution, you know, if you violate article 4 section for you if you're not protecting the dates from invasion. That's one that's in the guarantee clause. That's what sold for people great Constitution and the state can take action and for whatever reason will not stand that happened you know Majorca Biden, Kemal Harris, this is all purposeful. This is all intentional date do not care was happening down here on the ground. They could care less about the 53 illegal immigrants that suffocated to death and that tractor-trailer and so is going to continue and guess who's making all the money right now is the cartels millions and billions of dollars a week there, make less was amazing is with sophisticated ways to check on every truck to come through come to our border's okay how about this one. Open up the back of the truck and see if there are 55 bodies in their pretty simple and that kind of reminds me of what we do in our combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have established checkpoints and then we have something that we call flash checkpoints but blind if you to take a trip down along the border here in Texas. You will see a lot of these border patrol station there on May there shut down the close because guess what, everyone is down there is basically policing up illegals and turn them over to the nongovernmental association organizations to put them all planes and buses so we have opened up the border completely and so that's what Majorca is just a liar and say what is happening to our country, especially after we just celebrated our 246 Independence Day that we have an administration that is on the mind and the sake of America's Nazi DNC is Rosie Wade what is meant since been overturned. House mischaracterizing weapon eyes by Democrats is what Jan Crawford said let me underline this, a CBS legal analyst I thought she made the most sense this weekend cut 24, 26 states asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade and let them set their own policies on abortion rights and that's what were saying. Now, the court agreed. I seen that play out across the country. Already, state sounds a dozen states have laws in place ready to go.

I exited to completely ban abortion in their states forcing these legal battles play out as the same time as the state legislatures are passing their own laws.

Blue states passing laws to enshrine abortion access are protected even more.

For example, in the chaos has led to some people mistakenly thinking abortions band or something striking thing.

I think the Supreme Court did not ban abortion nationwide. They just said there is not a right to abortion in the Constitution.

That's with the same and Republicans have not been effectively pushing back not you know it's honestly did their job to be the spokesperson for the Supreme Court, but it would help if the instead of just absorbing all this inaccuracies coming from the president they would start saying that the Republican party needs to go and click marketing communications 101 because they don't have the ability to come out and say here is a good scroll messages. So when you have a president that is on foreign land that is attacking one of the branches of government that we have the judicial branch a call that outrageous behavior. Every single person from the Republican Party you know on that from you know the federal level on down to the stake should have been able to articulate exactly what was just said that there is no enumerated constitutional right to murder an unborn child.

Look at the Supreme Court can't create a constitutional right to privacy, and so this goes back to the states, because in article 1 section 8 of the Constitution. It list the 18 things that darkly duties responsibilities jurisdictions occur via the federal government, this thing about abortion is not one of the 10th amendment for all the powers not delegated to the fellow government are reserved to the state of the people. So this is where it should be and that's what the Supreme Court decided, so we need better messages, better communicators that can get this out. Not allow the left and their media accomplices to dictate the narrative right. Are you surprised yesterday. Zeus is calling out the president. Are you surprised that it that you on must is going at the present you surprised you said so many people are no longer allowing the present to get away with this at some point mounting, this is a step up, and especially with the captains of their respective industries they need to step up and say where were headed down the wrong path know without a doubt, we are in a recession now you talk to the people on the ground. They will tell you that.

But technically were there because of the first quarter GDP growth in Atlanta fans already said that the second-quarter negative GDP growth. So that's what we are and so it's important that now we start to have people that are saying that is not about political parties about principles about this about the things that work for our economic security or injury secure international security which is on the wrong path and lucky.

We started out talk about with the border issue. This is purposeful and potential everything that is happening and how anyone could say that they're doing a good job is going in the right direction. I don't get it.

Very few people. 39% approve of the president's job, and 14% think were heading in the right direction. 14% can allow West as I see it's a six-point lead that the Bitterroot trailed by just six points for the governor's race is it that close in your mind. I think the problem for pro-government Avenue is you know you look at the Republican.

Let's not the strong advocate of Fort Arizona just past the critical school school choice of law. We don't have that here.

People want to see him take more action along the border as well as think that's a great opportunity for him to show leadership. I said you know everyone is looking to understand is the standardbearer right now is a constitutional conservative governor and our governors, not their banal work is not aware but I think it's going to be a little bit tired. A lot of people believe jealousy what happens. I know some reason he he has been underachieving when he comes out and everybody wants him to do well but I so when he was and within six-point someone and what it feels like on the ground. I can imagine the people of Texas. Deciding that a Democrat would be the best person to bring you forward, but who knows. Well, you know you got all of our major urban centers are controlled by the blue and so that has a lot to do with it. But in the air in East Texas and West Texas bill delegate government capital so I can ask around West 186640876 Excel to cause after this criminals good to catch up with you.

You got it.

God bless you brother right we come back with taking calls on that. Also on the lack of patriotism that we see in major organizations whether it's PBS Kids me NPR or whether it's the city of Orlando, whether it's ESPN going out of their way to rid the country in our country, let alone with our enemies think he was sobering to meet you guys in today's top stories Ryan kill me. The more you listen, Lori.

Although Ryan kill me. Then we are updating and NPR Independence Day tradition, the reading of the Declaration of Independence since 1988 NPR staff members have read aloud the document to proclaim the start of the United's founding document has never been the whole story.

So, on this July 4, we hear some of the ways Americans have used the declaration since 1776. Unbelievable. So let's start abusing the country's founding and let's do it, and use public dollars to finance it said read the declaration of independence they decide to editorialize. I guess they're referring to the fact that the Supreme Court decided that every state deserves the Second Amendment and I guess they're referring to the fact that Roe V Wade was was overturned by merrily siding that the Constitution does not cite abortion as a constitutional right. So let the legal scholars argue it out and let other people like the president sit there and blame.

So I displayed some of which Jan Crawford wrote said as on CBS because I was astounded that she said on CBS. I guess because she's a legal expert, you really can't spend what happens is if you have a legal expert in your midst, and you don't like what they're saying you don't book them, but Jan Crawford made face the nation cut 26 return. This wasn't of course when ever the court overturns a nearly 50-year-old precedent I as they did with Roe versus Wade. Next term could be asked consequential device that I assist her or more so they have major cases already on the docket to continue to add them throughout the year. They've already got a case challenging affirmative action in college admissions.

I expect the court is going to and that to me would be showing that we don't need a that you're the day of. See separate but equal done the Jim Crow laws are through that we can go compete, unloving, pleasant playing field and I actually think that would ripple down and rippled down to say you know why aren't more minorities getting into these Ivy League schools because they no longer can say I need a certain amount of boxes are to many Asians a certain amount of women a certain amount of men certain amount of white people certain amount of American Indians, then I can have that if affirmative-action shut down. But when they realize it's only a certain segment of society's getting into the schools.

You can make it in a private institution. Even if you do accept federal money for the most part you make your own laws. You make your own rules. Let's gets really egregious put more pressure on the public schools to live up to the standard of let's say more more of wealthier community support going to the schools of either teachers marking better facilities that allow more people to Arizona. Still, you can take your money. That's a 7000 people year and he could move it to a private school. Should you choose, because you gotta start getting results. Affirmative-action can be another hefty debate is a racist info conservative justices. I really believe affirmative-action's out outstripped its day. I mean, outlived its usefulness.

It's no longer the country that we needed for and that'll cause some more opera but as a present. Says it responsibly, even though they discussed a long record of being against abortion of trying overturn Roe V Wade in the 70s and then we run the presence got totally different idea. So there's a series of things happen with the Supreme Court which elections have consequences. We hear that all the time so I think that the present United States. Everybody keeps saying that he's bipartisan that he's moderate and we haven't seen it yet is his effort to actually run a country has been to go to the left to get the new green deal passed as he promised it to the squad. The squad, by the way, has no coattails. They have no power outside their small districts.

In fact, you'll hear this at some point in the show. You and Omar in Minnesota in her district at a concert, the squad, the highest my profile outside AOC of the quad was booed by the people put her in office because she says Minnesota mice will be worse in a refugee camp which meant I like Minnesota but I would not say that that's inaccurate description would you go to Brian kill me go to Fox nation. Get the latest episode of what made America great someone good as it gets, why is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

Thank you for being your advice to Brian kill me Joe, you're from 46 in Midtown and had heard around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine, Jordan matter by John on a rally is retired FBI and he's a member of the executive staff of the FBI's cyber division. Also, Brad Thor, one of America's most prolific authors does a lot of work with the Pentagon right some novels that are very much based on fact was simulcast this hour with Stuart Forney, which is always great Donald Trump preparing to run how to can affect this election cycle, and who else will jump in if he does. If he does do.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three they're going to be people who say that today is not the day that now is not the time to talk about guns. I'm telling you there is no better day and no better time than right here and right now, nice try Gov. Pritzker, you make no sense at all. The just passed gun legislation.

This guy had a legal gun, and now you talking about before you know any details, which is due, let's talk politics. Another masculine grab and were talking about six wounded were talking six dead and dozens wounded. Of course, the governor in Illinois blames gonzo present United States is go vote politics at any cost. Today we are updating an NPR Independence Day tradition, the reading of the Declaration of Independence. So, on this July 4, we hear some of the ways Americans have used the declaration since 1776 America 246 birthday trash by many from ESPN to the city of Orlando to an NPR, not by us all explain why the American economy is incredibly strong demeanor still at 3.6 unemployment under Pres. Biden's leadership now just the first year, 9 million more jobs were added and that is not an economy that's in a recession. What that something with good job numbers but the other numbers will really concerned about Joe talks economy and the backlash is wide and pervasive, even from allies first and foremost, Amazon's Jeff basis is big firms brace recession. This is wonder boy people to judge feeling that democratic wrath is thousands of flights are delayed and canceled and he does nothing except for demand your money back.

It's it is incredible when you're Bernie Sanders turning on your you know you're in trouble. So let's bring in John on a rally and John's really important voice right now because we try to get more more details of that whole horrific Illinois shooting that Took Pl. in Highland Park and affluent community of about 30,000 during a Fourth of July put dry parade.

All right, John.

From what we know this 22-year-old disk. I see Michael walking around five alarm fire). There's a number of things in this matter that we could've identified Lance and hopefully somebody could've picked up the phone and maybe notify police to talk to this guy as I said earlier today on Fox and friends at the meeting would've necessarily been arrested but you never know with a little bit a law enforcement but intervention that could obscure the market could've prevented him from moving forward.

It may have given a moment to think or it could given one person a reason to intervene and do something with the criminal justice system. Sociability day. The sky gets high atop a roof and he start shooting and people from my thinks 80 to 85 are in his past and have been wounded by him we would we know about. He loved to make up movie that skews me music videos that show the school shooter above blowing up a classroom.

We also know that he was a rapper or an aspiring rapper would they say that he was worth about $100,000. His classmates always seem to think he was a little bit off.

His uncle came forward and said he keeps to himself, but just looking at him. John, I know you do profiling for a living is that facial tattoos neck tattoos. He looked like he hasn't seen the outdoors in about 20 years you know is 22 and we know that this guy seems to be obsessed with Lee Harvey Oswald. If your family member.

What is your responsibility with Robert Primo the third certainly very good people to do anything with somebody who's overreach 18 camp for some to get mental health treatment but nevertheless family have the closest access means are warning signs that they should have taken some action he's interested in guns.

Okay, that's one thing but now he's posting stuff about former Kilgore, former assassin that is a huge red flag, and then you combine the two of those things they should have been taking this kid off to a doctor or if they couldn't handle it themselves. That's when you call in the professionals.

That's when you get one enforcement to come and talk to the guy as a cop I sent that call many times where the family want you to come talk to a child because they have concerns and like I said maybe the cops can then get enough information to be able to take some action or better yet fear this guy in a better direction. He got his gun behind. I mean, obviously this is not any Navy seal veteran sky. She obviously I don't to geese told other people before but somehow he thinks he's going to take a he should take aim at the American family from which you could tell. Here's what Ted Williams thought as he tried to hunt to find this guy was cut 18 probably case this area always wanted to be the high ground there and all the people in this carnage trace lease in Las Vegas where all kill all personnel in the high ground shutdown crowd so this is not something that is so, I mean obviously he took the time to find out with the best shot is was only 5 miles from his house. That's where he was caught minutes from his households where he was caught is probably where he grew up but if I'm up and found a family member and I'm concerned about another family member you alert the cops and just say listen, I think the guy motion I'm looking what's on social media. I know he's capable of. I know he has guns so I'm just concerned if they came up to you. John and said that exactly those exact words.

What's the process like so having received these calls in the long you go out you talk to the person if the person says something like you know I want to hurt myself or other people. Those are the magic words that let law enforcement take them all to a psychiatric facility for evaluation and hopefully get the help they need. But the process is simple to pick up the phone you call the police. I'm concerned about my son. I think he may wish to commit violence at some point in the future they will come out and they will talk them and hopefully you can stop this, but burn the other thing you mentioned from the rooftop. He knew the area. All that shows forethought and planning.

These were opportunities to not only intervene but it does not work against him when he goes to trial because he clearly is not crazy enough to have not planned this the way he did. He put time and effort into this all the time and effort will work against McCord but can work in our favor and trying to prevent future acts like this from happening while I just I just have a problem.

I don't get you into politics.

But if you're trying to solve a problem. I don't think this is a way to do it is Gov. Pritzker cut 13 they're going to be people who say that today is not the day that now is not the time to talk about guns. I'm telling you there is no better day and no better time than right here and right now it's a Fourth of July date for reflection on our freedoms, our founders, muskets not assault weapons and I don't think a single one of them would've said that you have a constitutional right to an assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine you have a reaction to that.

I'm not sure fathers would've made that argument because they certainly the argument is recommending Milan's offending ourselves against tyranny.

But all that aside, the government and the governor making these comments at number one on timely, disrespectful family. Number two. The issue here were talking about is not guns were talking about here. Somebody let. Not the help that you once again.

Politicians don't want to talk about that that problem is the same problem with Ricky Baldi what we saw in Buffalo and other events around the country you want to tackle this problem. Let's talk about how we deal with the mental health issues. The people that are disturbed that need help entering zero mechanism to get people back kind of help in today's society we need to go back and figure that out. Freedom was a legitimate debate is by John generally the big debate is if I what is your rights to to wrangle in a 22-year-old who you think is a danger because the other side of the people listening right now and say well you know you might think I'm a danger that I'm just I'm outspoken. I like to shoot guns. Now all of a sudden I have a FBI agent knocking at my door saying come with me and then institutionalize you. We don't want to have that either.

But when the atom lines of the world are dangerous when you the Buffalo shooter everybody he was very talk to bistate cop for two and half hours you Baldi got everything all yet we all knew it was dangerous. Please compute the high school at the grammar school. So where's our where's the line there in the line and no one is going to get arbitrarily arrested, carted away anything like that.

What were talking about is if you see an individual world where somebody who you have reasonable belief that they may pose a significant threat. The cops will come out and talk to them getting arrested. But if they say and admit yeah I want to hurt people. I want to hurt myself. They're not getting arrested for that either getting offered treatment.

Don't be taken somewhere where they can get help because they said they want to hurt somebody. The idea is to stop that from happening and advanced somebody doesn't want to hurt anybody. They don't want to hurt themselves.

They committed no crime.

They have Second Amendment rights in this country and nobody is going to interfere with that either you sit down since John generally now retired FBI. Remember, the executive staff the FBI cyber division and swot when you sit down to see anyone to have you seen this study that impressed you gave a profile of some commonalities between the shooters. I met about the random gun violence. I think that's more societal needs to be addressed, but you have put this in a different category. There might be mass murderers or attempted mass murderers.

They all seem to have some commonality. Have you seen politicians step aside in a blue ribbon committee put together to come up with some things that could help us solve this problem know because you're not talking about these problems because it makes for good political hay to be able to continue to get on the pulpit after the fact but I will tell you the secret service has really taken a great lead in the state have done studies on shooters and an interest in protecting the president and other officials, but it's applicable elsewhere in the studies have shown the commonalities the warning signs that we can look for in advance that how these tend to occur because of different things they've engaged in politicians would do well to look at what the Secret Service had done in putting that information together and try to use that in our own communities to let people know they care some of the warning signs one or two. Maybe nothing.

You see a couple of these things.

I guarantee if the shooter from yesterday. People want seen them rehearse this check out the building.

She had the first time he went up there you'll find out that he had practiced and figured out what he can do the commitments that no such warning signs could prevent these tragedies in the future and's oldest social media is not trying to hide himself intact.

He had some statements on their I'm getting jealous of other people getting more likes than me, or more hits than me.

So when he's obviously exhibitions to a degree because he's he was releasing rap videos had some success, to a degree I and I look in the minute I saw Michael. Of course, maybe that stereotyping but I'm looking at this kid. He looks like a shot in mentally deranged capable of detaching himself to the point where he's killing children absolutely. I mean if there's anybody that looks the part. It's him and help with their family, not a picked up on that three kids middle child up in his basement up in his raw adequate somewhere and now these people are dead of the lives forever altered frustrating John. Generally, thanks so much. By 186-640-8766, and I'll take you out. Take your calls. Did you alter your plans after you heard about what happened in Philadelphia to cop shot during a parade and would happen in Chicago, Illinois specially viewed New York the Macy's parade. You know how much violence is going on here, the biggest in the country and people wanting to make the mark.

Thankfully there was none. No violence, just a great show that you stay awake just to be short list of the brain till we chose. So glad you're here. You need to know basis. You need to kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about it. Your with Brian until made his instinct is always to politicize these things as in his speech, free of all that is so, maybe it's better to say more, because despite his rhetoric about uniting the country intends to attack the problem he has is that his normal attack is is how horrible it is that Congress won't come together and do anything and in fact Congress didn't just come together and do something about first nonbillable your gun safety bill bipartisan gun safety bill overwhelming bipartisan vote, so his normal line of attack. You can use the document before and was taking credit more and so it is kind of his hands were tied in the cot in the reaction would normally have. It is in it is tied and that is one of the things I thought was so smart about what was brought up by II think that most people greeted Mitch McConnell's politics that the people greeted center. Corning is not a he is not a moderate. He's a Republican conservative Republican from Texas when he got together to lead with Sen. Murphy this this gun bill when it did is they want to effectively do something that mattered not alienate Second Amendment rights. Got it in number two take it off the table for November don't say Republicans were doing about guns and every kid that shot really ever imprints on Republicans no to center Murphy's credit, he came to the table and said what can you get done and I was listen to a podcast with Sen. Murphy and they will get you there were kind of all from sin, you can get the age raised to 21 and get the assault weapons ban in get the ban for AR 15's so what was the point of this, he said Capt. Stan from center Cornish protected is only so much he could get done. We have to know was possible, not what I wanted to get done.

We had to find out what was possible and we push it to the limit. We got something done and I believe it'll I think it could be effective.

I mean if you look at 18-year-olds. If when they become 18 inch can expunge the record of their whack job in 11th grade they go become a senior in high school freshman in college in turn 18. The go get their gun nether armed and their crazy at least you have a shot of your gun store owner of understanding who it is. I like to know. Actually where they go with this background check till I think you should be able to call the principal and find out what's on the record in the school that this guy is 22 years old so he's clearly an adult that would matter. However, I'm just wondering where personal responsibility come in how soon till we get the stories of this shooter in Highland Park Reno watch other people are afraid of seeing him scouting these locations. Watching them with the gun you see how we act in these videos guy was acting like the Joker character in the Batman series you think he just did that once and did the other cameraman. Of course he did think he hired a robot camera. What cameraman would shoot out and say this will be fine. Just a school shooting scene where he left after killing people listen the brain to me. Shall we come back one of America's finest military office Brad Thor. He is God, the latest on his series and then will do a bonding company go on that picture big half-hour so glad you radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show goal is to make sure that Ukraine can continue to defend itself and can defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and you heard the president talk about this NATO just a few days ago. We don't need we don't want to see Ukraine defeated by Russia and that's why we are continuing to rush aid and assistance.

Now more than $7 billion worth of assistance is from the United States alone to Ukraine. But right now they're losing territory because of the series should pure artillery of Russia and their dear taken city after city, but the Russians are paying a big price question is, as was written up last week.

The will is it true that they are running out of ammunition. Is it true that they are paying an economic price is the isolation really matter and Ukraine can get her counteroffensive the condo and vigor reinvigorate some of the aid they're getting Brad Thor's with us down number one New York Times best-selling author as successful as any author in the country today. His newest book in his Scott Hogarth series is rising. Tiger and Brad Thor who has as much knowledge about the inner workings of the Pentagon and policy as anyone out there join just now Brad welcome back hey Brian, it's great to be with you pay before we turn to the senior in your novel. From what you could tell what is the sense it was happening on the ground for the Pentagon's respective in Ukraine because were starting to increase the amount of sophisticated weaponry were giving them but seems to be coming out to slow, not to slow we do need to speed up that sophisticated weaponry going to them. You know you see the Russians bombing a shopping mall that you show to the desperation that was in an accident, their precision guided munitions are basically all used up so they got these massive bombs that they're just gonna drop on places and try to terrorize the people there, but the more we can get stuff like the harpoons in the javelins that mean it's been so successful just contributing military equipment and aid financially.

This is one of the best things that could have happened to us vis--vis Russia. We don't have to put any American personnel in Archway were just spending dollars and send you equipment over there.

This is been fantastic from a military standpoint a lot alike. That's terrific for the Ukrainians but it is great to see finally out in the open. What a paper tiger. The Russian military is and how well the Ukrainians have done just with the right tools torturing learning experience with our training and deftly with our training absolutely so Brad you talk to a lot of people in the intelligence he had to write intelligently and practically, and honestly with your fictional book you want to know how much wheels you want to know which really happening and that enables your imagination to run Scottish flick of the facts and with that is gotta be believable. So having said that, you think that the Pentagon has over us to had overestimated the Russians because what we're getting is the answer is yes, they did overestimate the Russians so overestimated the Russians meeting underestimated the Chinese U.S. Navy. We really need to be putting a lot of money very quickly into indoor circuit ship and crank out a bunch more. My concern is, could we handle a two front war at this point I don't know if we could. I don't know our equipment is up to doing that. I certainly know that our personnel are fantastic in the US military, but given the right equipment, particularly in the Navy ships is something we need to be focused on like a laser beam and China and you you mentioned the NATO summit in Madrid last week and NATO identify China as an emerging threat that they need about places needs to keep a very close eye.

So in seeing all this come into play is no doubt about the Chinese are more formidable.

They're beginning to believe that there Navy. The question is will we respond and is there enough money in the budget to do it.

Worry spending a lot of money is is the witness the future of equipping our Navy is it through the aircraft carrier still.

I think the aircraft carriers are part of it. But of course we got worry about the Chinese have some pretty serious missile systems. Their sunburn is what they call a carrier killer.

So you got me pushing Barb and all of the wonderful defense manufacturers that we have here darkly obviously not a defense manufacturer but they come up with some great technologies great ideas but we need to be steps ahead of the Chinese need to be able to address the carrier killer missile because the Chinese are going to have a really good amount of standoff with the far back and be able to take on our ships and we need to have something that can eliminate that that strategic advantage if you want to.

Based on the Chinese that I think that's coming at some point that's going to come because we have a choice to make. When it comes to Taiwan correct yet so Taiwan is a big thing. There's also a lot of belligerence in the South China Sea freedom of navigation operations will we scale our ships places. China says belongs to them just to say no it doesn't work going through here anyway. But China is getting more belligerent with waters that they're saying were not allowed to go through Bayonne. So at some point, just like the Iranians harassing RRR boats in that part of the world were going to have something that can go the wrong way. I think I think it's good to be one of these things won't stumble into something more than just China but in the time want to what we can do so and I'm more worried about a black swan event that draws us in the conflict with China than actual going to forget China I so Brad tell me about the newest book to Scott Hobart series, so I'd like to know, and I like based them on some kind of really cool geopolitical thing that people aren't paying attention to or not.

The catch chair in two summers ago the Chinese crept across the Himalayas in India into an area with firearms aren't allowed, and baking men armed with homemade weapons thing look like walking dead. They had iron rods spikes to baseball bats wrap with barbed wire in the contingent of Indian troops and I found fascinating.

But China is trying to nibble away the territory. They're doing a lot of what you get with Ukraine so I could be a cool spy thriller to try to set up an Asian version of NATO with India at the center of it were the oldest democracy, but there the world's biggest in their natural ally for the US and that's what I base this summer. Still and when you see the odds.

I know if you want it. It plays out this way, but you have Russia who's allied with India.

India playing a really diabolical role in buying discounted oil and helping sustain Russia through this conflict. At the same time being archenemies with China and China been invaluable allied to Russia.

Yet it is all the geopolitics of play right now. Fascinating.

I couldn't hope for a better menu would think that the from the thriller author, but there's also an opportunity for any of the natural ally for the United States and we need to clean off the Russians we need to get paid by the Mig and the missiles from Russia we got a great opportunity to get in their box the Russians out in cream even tighter better friendship and partnership with India and that's what we should be doing the nation in real life. Absolutely I would look at the Navy SEALs where they're at right now the vaccination the Trident was almost obliterated their ranks. Where do you think are our special forces because we know recruiting for all Armed Forces is down it down.

But I'll tell you, Brian, and you know a lot of these guys, just like I do. It is a very special calling. These are some of the absolute best people we have in our nation and they are competitive, Excel, and they they are just amazing, amazing people. So whilst the recruiting numbers may be down in general I think there's always going to be this passion for special operations and wanting to get to that level because these guys are just so good and so motivated by the love of the country so I don't think that's good to be a problem but I do think if you don't have enough of them use them too much and so the ops tempo that you give him a chance to be with their families and rest and recharge the batteries are naturally have to be careful not using Brad appreciated.

Thanks so much Brad stores his latest Scott Hobart's book series called rising Tiger you can find out more at Brad Thor on your time someone best-selling author Brad appreciated always.

But right right in a little while ago informing company and will be talking about was happening more in the Ukraine and also talk about this new battle which I'm not really discussed. Only the Graham foundation for now Gavin Newsom trying to present on the same doubt about it. Word's gotten out. Even though he's friendly with Joe Biden. I think it's pretty clear the stock and be able to run binds approval of 39%. If you look at Reuters 33%.

If you look at Quinnipiac. It's getting worse because he can't do the job is probably his staff is one of the worse of Gavin Newsom whose overcome the recall and embarrassment of of over lockdown under reacting is duplicitous behavior, hypocritical actions, eating at the French laundry Waterbury else's well everybody else not allowed to have a restaurant open. He decides to attack Ron DeSantis taking out ads saying hey Floridians come to California when everybody knows you get the weather might be. The weather is identical. The history is probably greater. Maybe the topography is more enticing born comes to taxes, quality of life when it comes to crime and punishment.

Nobody wants to go to California.

They're running from California, but this is about Gavin Newsom taking on the pony he feels is going to be going against and that's not down from its Ron DeSantis will discuss we come back was the Brian Kelly Cho so glad you're here back in a moment after student body of evidence, creases and calls 1-866-408-7669 now Brian kill me.

Cho joins Fox businesses Fernie in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me, they will come back about a moment on MPN fast-growing station in this going channel cable news shows we talk about trump Ukraine with just a little bit about what we just discussed and also the robbery about two from two potential presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom and will see what happens because for some reason Gavin Newsom is dropping some money in Florida. I'm not sure he's got no shot at winning for. I don't think and if you are supposed to get the Gov. Christie principal of Stryker.

The iron's hot coveted centers will be running so it's listening together look at 1051.

That means Brian kill me this with us this morning's five Ron present from may launch is 2024 presidential bid earlier than anticipated what you think is doing that is because DeSantis is gaining ground, maybe I think there's a lot of people discussing running and I don't think Tom cotton is given up running. I know Nikki Haley says I'm not in a run of trump runs.

You never know Mike Pompeo. Since I'm still thinking about it. Gov. Young can still think I mean to be young can really is not in the trump world but is friendly with trump. That's pretty much the perfect scenario. Chris Christie basically says he's in.

So if you want to clear the field make it clear that you know I'm guy so that the majority Republican vote to be really tough to beat, I'll come after you.

If you do will really so clear the field.

Also I think trumps getting frustrated watching with top of the January 6 committee and he says I want to steal some that narrative back and be defined and say not only do I not agree with what's going on you. I think there is another witchhunt part five I guess.

But I would run again, so do you really think I'm worried if I'm going to run again.

So while you debate whether should be indicted not. He's got a debate on what is actually going to announce now on this matter of the government. DeSantis he is mocking the governor of California.

Gavin Newsom after Newsom rolled out a new political ad and he rolled out the attic in the state of Florida wants the Enron Brian Rowland freedom is under attack in your state. I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight. Join us in California. We still believe in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to choose freedom from the freedom to love don't let them take your freedom all said I would comment on that. I'll leave that to you Brian. Do you think will set the scientific Newsom face-off in 2024.

I gotta tell you, I cannot see Newsom winning a national election with the fact is this, since we couple things.

Gavin is very friendly with the Biden family and I just think it's a fait accompli among inside inside Democratic circles that bind step inside, and Gavin Newsom says I want to be first, I want to show you how bold I'm going to be on the to be the fighter that you say doesn't exist on the left and went to go after the number one fighter on the right and if they can get more people like every moment. There were talking about Gavin Newsom right now he's happy.

Jill what else he did. He opened up a account on truth.

Social just out of trumps conservative to a version of twitter and he's fighting there.

Why he wants to's people not talk about the high taxes, high crime, high homelessness is French laundry visit his extended crackdown after coving his want to talk about the problem they're having with illegal immigrants taking over their entire state. He says legal fight against the other young guy and let me see. Let's make this between us and a bypass trumpet Biden who might tell that for now be in the top of the ticket. I think it's smart, but the other problem you have with Gavin Newsom is his actual report card. It's abysmal.

He took a homerun and decided run the wrong way around the bases.

I surely can't believe that a liberal from California with a track record like that could win a national electric deeply they could went well. We can only win by saying I'm not liberal, a moderate and I'm trying to go to the right. There's some things I agree with they not agree with Republicans on them. Some things I don't to separate himself from his actual track record, but if you look with tapping on the left. He's going against Bernie Sanders 82 years old. He's going to get people to judge is totally ineffective when it comes to actually job performance. He's going against, Harris who can't get a sentence out this on the prompter.

I mean who she really taken Elizabeth Warren unbelievably unlikable.

So we are is the person's gotta shout down and stare down Gavin Newsom. He does have a lot of money behind them is God Hollywood behind him. At the very least get into the finals and see what happens in like a good case that brought you could see him as the front row amongst Democrats because they got such a week bench at this point, not even a bench.

The starters are an effective bench starting lineup since Paul's analogy is that it was get there all right see again real soon. Stupid. Funny thing, 22, 64087669. I don't really talk a lot about that because I the way I feel like I'm playing into something doesn't. It's almost a it's almost a computer-generated fight these to put Mohammed Ali computer-generated fight against Rocky Marciano. Both Ben were alive once it is prime want to just retired, they said. How would this come out there so much that has to happen for Newsom to take on DeSantis. What is it say about Gavin Newsom in a state that it's got a lot of problems you argued. She of exit this huge exit strategy going on right now to the point where the next policy that the good of California is looking to to implement would be continue to tax people once they leave the state so that's help their tax base is leaving Hollywood is beside themselves are so politically correct, they can even staff a movie, how long they walked everyone down on covert how ineffectual the vaccine mandates were how many people got fired because of it and then you walk around and see the traffic the homelessness in the crime.

So how do we change the subject, put some more gel in my hair and take on the most popular Republican run DeSantis and I'll take out ads in Florida. To me he's got absolutely national designs is where else is going to go. I actually don't even see notes, said I don't see didn't see a serious run against Cuomo until he imploded and I didn't see I don't see a serious run against Gavin Newsom because it's really only one party rule. There's no Schwarzenegger looming in the background. There's no Ronald Reagan there that other people would entertain Republican Party sewing to rebuild, but is not rebuilding fast enough to take him onto he's board so after the recall was beaten by the weight you remember some of his speeches. Gavin Newsom gave when he was on recall he was so nervous he seemed absolutely incensed and angry, inarticulate, ineffectual on a daily basis, but that's what he wants. The guy wants to be president, but I don't think he wants to do the work. The silliness of the report card was in the brain tell me shall so glad you're here Brian or any of my books or what made America great on Fox nation 40 reps Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy is the Brian Kilby kill 1-866-408-7669 so glad you're listening to the show where we heard around the country around the world to come in here from midtown Manhattan and of course we hope were hurt in Ukraine Ricci and economist extraordinaire will be with the surely University of Maryland. That's about a half-hour market is down 727 points right now with with the big selloff.

What about with the present says row the economy to see by helping with the surely and Tim Stewart standing by his present US oil and gas Association there finally firing back at the president who's trying to vilify them as the bad guys as we pay five dollars a gallon, for the most part for gas so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three they're going to be people who say that today is not the day that now is not the time to talk about guns. I'm telling you there is no better day and no better time than right here and right now really I doubt it. Gov. Pritzker another mass killer. He is grabbed Dante what he was walking five alarm fire kills six wounds, dozens Gov. of Illinois decide to play politics.

The president decides to tell everybody devote enough detail today. We are updating an NPR Independence Day tradition, the reading of the Declaration of Independence. So, on this July 4, we hear some of the ways Americans have used the declaration since 1776. There we go. Unbelievably appropriate.

America's 246 birthday trash by many from ESPN NPR to the city of Orlando, not by us that the American economy is incredibly strong demeanor still at 3.6 unemployment under Pres. Biden's leadership now just the first year, 9 million more jobs were added and that is not an economy that's in a recession, really. Thanks, John Kirby, Joe talks economy of the backlash is far and wide, even with his allies. First and foremost Amazons Jeff Pazo's estate for an phrase for recession and the wonder boy people to judge feeling the Democratic wrath has thousands of flights get delayed thousands get canceled and he says make sure you get money instead of points. Thanks for the help, Mr. Sec., transportation was free and Tim Stewart now wants out of the prison United States tweeted this at his industry company for any gas station should simply bring down the price you're going you are charging at the pump anyone on Tim welcome back Leon thanks for having been kinda shocked on Saturday and this holiday weekend to get blasted.

Well, you know, it's ironic that he came on and you can say we can give Americans to this packrat put 246 years ago which is basically we don't lightning told what to do by by one person and I think that the White House just didn't think this winter. They sent that tweet out, they did have a crappy week last week though so I think what this was an attempt to change the subject away from the other bad news they had and I think has caught people's attention did and what you responded back to the present by saying this that the US will guesses his respondents were said working on a Mr. present in the meantime, have a happy fourth and please make sure the White House intern who posted this tweet registers for a economy. Econ 101 for the fall semester is clearly don't understand your business, you're exactly right.

And you nonfiction because we find ourselves in between Measles and the Wall Street Journal thoughts were on the same page on this. Now I find Amazon Jeff tweet was interesting because not Amazons got 100,000 complete 500,000 vans and trucks and so they have a real business interest in lowering prices and to his credit, he could've probably agreed with that White House treatment.

Instead, he pointed out that essentially dumbing down this economic discussion and Americans aren't stupid and we know we just contract that we decided based on your instructions to me to fight back. We sort of try to do a little tweak on the nose there as well. I hope so because is a capitalist country you would like to drill more. But you know we we are in the it's not it's not a nonprofit so because it would do any allow any offshore drilling because of federal land that they now allow you to drill on is a ruse because you can't get the permits to do it. The refuse to loosen up on the environmental standards and speed up the process of the evaluation.

Even the going to reject you pick up the pace because they drank it out and interact in a I did not want to walk down the block to hear that explanation from you.

Instead, he met with the wind executives at the White House. The damp, early on, guys. Like I said this before, but they took the evening meeting and the harder meeting you last week's energy development. You know, we had the news of the White House had sent envoys to Venezuela to request the marks of government which to send more oil to the US which, ironically, the whaling industry is largely controlled by Russia and we also learned that EPA was going to do backdoor regulation that the tribe and cracking in the Permian basin. That's 40% of our production right now.

And almost all of our growth and then Pierpoint and other after hours Friday announcement that Devon graphite your offshore leasing plan which is late and may or may not include actually optional offshore leasing that the 75% reduction from the proposed leases of the private ministration and so looked at trying to change the subject continuously and not take responsibility for their own policy failings and more industry we get tired, you know, my guys are mostly sunny pennants of the risktakers in this industry and are tired of becoming the punching bags of administration, which is wandering around with (blinker on so much that she just said is important.

Looking to back to the end of fracking. Emily turns the prison United States when he was candidate Joe Biden said I'm not banning fracking so is finding a way to back to her do it offshore drilling. Can you imagine banning offshore drilling at the same time parading industry or gouging the public, which are not, and then going to Venezuela. We do not recognize that government. We asked all of her allies to represent to to recognize one. Why don't as the leader of that government. We do not recognize that brutal regime that destroyed all capitalistic principles. How does he get to go down there and do this well, and that's the point, which is the frantic energy policy. Say one thing do another one thing say another and again I think American people really have caught onto this idea. If you look at the polling numbers they recognize that there's a lot of different factors are going to the economic situation right now. It's not just that the oil and gas industry price gouging is simplified as ministration wants to make it work where we are not production up to where he got supply-chain constraints as well and again this is this is a global market. Now an American so the credit I think her willing to call BS on this president and his communications to suit you referring to is also set a Jeff Pazo saw that tweet that you guys mocked and most people were angered by and he writes this he says blaming high gas prices on companies. Ouch inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this is either straightahead Mr. it's either straight ahead, misdirection or deepest understanding of the basic market dynamics with a White House press victory commence an oil price of drop by $15. Of the past month per barrel, but the prices at the pump have have barely come down. That's not basic to market dynamics.

It's a market that is failing the American consumer you want to take that on. But you know again right and I appreciate the fact that he said this is either misdirection or misunderstanding. And again, our challenge is in you not talk about this barrel of oil in all consists of where the pricing on the gas consists of the coffee oil but also consists of the refining the transportation and it consists of the state, and local and federal taxes. And then whatever is left to the retailer. That's what their margins are and we have refining capacity constraints that are regional all across the country right now.

And frankly, that's, that's everybody's fault.

It's now eight, we all should have been investing in this much sooner and and for much longer. But again that doesn't help when the White House says we're in a sunset, the oil and gas industry working to make them go away makes it incredibly hard for my industry to go to Wall Street to capitalize this but if the White House pheasants will be gone in three or so that billion dollars. We may make Terry to refurbish a refinery may or may not be able to pay that back that now let's do it anyway. I get these next messages and it's it's trying to shift the blame and frankly I'm tired of it. So the billionaires in those ones are hardly something as I get up at gleaners employee people really like times. Tens of thousands if not a million people so you look at Zuckerberg know this suck box help with buying in the White House. But now he's at 65.5 billion since he took office. Jeff basis is out 63 billion muskies out 62 billion. They made their success.

Listen whatever you want to say about all through those guys know and give them any money they actually took tremendous risk they bet on themselves and they become multi-billionaires along the way they truncate they trained counselors Count was leaders in their field. They've given people. Entry-level positions allow them to grow within the economy. That's the way the capitalist can company country works, what I'm wondering is there muskies come out against this president's basis is come out of this president, Zuckerberg is almost responsible for putting this president in office what people realize this is not right and left its right and wrong God. Again, I agree hundred percent with nothing. Nothing like that day. The impact of the pocketbook that causes people to become capitalist nonmember become more conservative and not one dimensional numbers of how much the billionaires are down. It makes me feel a tiny little bit better about looking at my 401(k). But the reality is, again, and must is a really good example.

You know he was kicked off the FG index you have yet to people Beautifully have month to have largely run businesses to his credit completely restructured the global supply chain and how we get our good and must have put together is really elevated that the feasibility of the electric vehicle infrastructure.

Space guys deserve incredible noncredit and yet they themselves looking realize where this White House is going isn't helpful to anybody, regardless of our political ideologies fall down what you see with the present said about his trip to the Middle East to bake the salaries for oil cut for.

I guess I will see the king in the conference but incessant that's not the meeting I'm going to be part of a much larger meeting. I'm not, as her mask.

There's all the Gulf states from reading indicated to them that I thought that should be Christian all production generically knocked to the soreness particular really is not niceties that are recommended to increase production. When McCrone told him yesterday sees me last week that I talked to the Saudi's a really they can do very little more. Same with the UAE.

We think this trip is going to prove well there is an awful lot of extra spare capacity in take herself back to three years ago and if I repeat myself. I'm sorry that I said Wheatley United States remains the energy superpower of the world number one in oil and gas production number one in call number one in geothermal number two in wind and solar. We go start acting like a superpower for crying out loud. Three years ago. The Saudi's were responding to us the Russians responding to us because the shale producers in the United States were so good at what we are doing weekly caused the global market for the global price to come down so it was so horrible. You and I are paying about 75 for graph tracking like a superpower necklace and swagger back in our foreign policy.

If the present really go there and say you not our friends and in the kingdom were in a really really unleash what's going on in United States. What we did.

Do it again and they would respond differently.

They say well will race you to this production numbers but instead you don't shake the tin cup and say please please give us more makes no sense. And lastly uses the present said about who's to blame for high oil and gas prices. Suicidal your phone We Have the Strongest Economy in the World.

The Reason Why Gas Prices Are up Is Because of Russia Russia Russia Russia. The Reason Why the Food Crisis Is Just Is Because of Russia so I Guess It's Not All Your Fault, but in Reality, Can You Explain How and We Talk about the Way with Tim Stewart Present US Oil and Gas Association You Blame. Explain to Us How This Works.

When You Took Russia off Did That Affect the Probe When You Took Russia out of I Guess the Out Of the Customer List of of the World Commodity Headed Affect the Price. Well, You Know, It May Russians Have Been Very, Very, Very Good at Skirting All the Sanctions You Know and You Notice It by Now the Russian Crude Incredible Discount Which Is Which Is India and China, and I Frankly Think the Sanctions of Backfired Because the Prices Haven't Come down It Actually Gone up Russians with All Due Respect with the Sallies Not Have Capacity of the That the President Thinks of It in the Russian Kind Have Us over the Barrel, No Pun Intended. And Again It's Backfired off but Brian Today Is Tuesday and Click Unite Binder Helping Russia Today but Thursday Will Blame Somebody Else and Come Saturday to Blame Somebody Else, Such As the Pattern. What We Do It Week to Week Change I Mean You First Gone to Washington, You Had the Meeting with the Sec. of Energy and That You Did Anything Productive Come Out Of That Well so That Was Actually Just a Select Group of Refiners in the Company to Run Refineries Are Our Trade Associations after a Separate and Meeting with Regards to Production but You Know That You Check the Price of Oil Today Were down under 100 and the Reason Why Is Because There Is Not a Whisper Recession Anymore. At Some Fairly Loud Shouts and Thought That Does That Causes the Man Collapsed and and People Start Changing the Behaviors and Buying Behaviors and Nobody Wants a Recession. But Honestly, I Think the Ministration Has Left the Economy with No Choice but to Lower Prices Going Recession. That's a Lose Lose for Everybody to Stewart. Thanks so Much Present US Oil and Gas Association.

This Administration Constantly Has You on the Fire and Glad You're Firing Back. Now I Doing What You Told Me to so Increase in Flux. Go Get Them My Way. I Teach. I Think Everyone Will Love I Knew Nothing about Oil and Gas by Learn A Lot More by Going out to the Oilfields and Meeting with the Oil Experts, History, Oil and Gas in American with How It Relates Was Becoming a Superpower.

I Think You'll Find It As Fascinating As I Did Just Go to What What Made America Great on Fox Nation Use of the Brain to Meet Show Your Calls Next Learning Something New Every Day, for I Am Kill Ratio Breaking Unique Opinions. All for I Am Kill Me to Go 1776 the Entire Span of before the World Was Led by Queens and They Decided What Rights You Have Married Your Patient Was in Our Founders Are Not on It.

They Said No We Are Given God-Given Rights.

We People and We Decide What the Government Can and Can't Do and That Was a Seismic Shift in History That Has Led to an Explosion of Freedom and Democracy. All of the World. Never Perfect, Always Seeking to Improve. We Still Have a Long Way to Go, but We Have To Appreciate How Brave Those Men Were That Sign That Document Literally Hunted down for Signing It to Recommendations Number One. If You Feel As Though This Country Is Not Good Enough for You to Get a Perspective If You Can Travel and Go to the Places You Think You Might Want to Live Go to Canada Go to Australia.

I'm Sure You Don't Go to China, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia Sure Those Are Places You Don't Want to Land. I'm Sure Ukraine Is Not the Best Places to Go Right Now They Want to Go to Finland, Sweden. Go Ahead and Check It out.

Save Your Money and If Your Person Means to Her Right Away and If You Come Back in City Self Deceived by Other, but so Much Better.

Please Leave You'll Be Able to Do It.

You Deserve to Be Happy but If for Most of You. You Travel around and Say Wait a Second. Do Your Research Will Just Be a Tourist to Come Back and Say I'm so Glad I'm Here and Why Is It That Wherever I Go.

People Want to Talk about Us Having People Try to Sneak in the Sweden How Many Will Try to Sneak in the Finland Find Places but They're Not America.

It's a Land of Opportunity. We Give You Equal Outcome. We Can Give Equal Outcomes with Bill Goal Is to Make It Equal Opportunity for People to Fulfill Whatever They Want. They Want to Go Ahead and Work a Job We Retire in 25 Years to a Relatively Happy Middle-Class Lifestyle That's Great You Want to Become the Job the Next Elon Musk of the World. Go Try You on the Opportunity to Do That Failing to Exceed That's Okay Somehow We Have What If You Fail, It's Somebody Else's Fault and You Need Money to Support Yourself.

It's Gotta Be the Opportunity for Success with over Than the Social Safety Net and We've Overcome. We've Overdone the Coddling Got a Bounce Back. We Have To Learn to Get This Cut Spending Cuts to Social Programs That Increase We Come Back the State of Our Economy As a Market from 671 Points This out with Peter Murray Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Brian Kill Me That the American Economy Is Incredibly Strong.

I'm Still a 3.6. Employment under Pres. Lyons Leadership Found This the First Year, 9 Million More Jobs Were Added. That Is Not an Economy That's in a Recession in the President's Right We Have the Foundational Elements Here in the American Economy to Whether through This and Dependent Come through It Strongly and and Good on the outside on the on the Other Hand Susan Was a 21 Businesses and Leaders, Economists Raising Red Flags over Recession, among Them Mark Zuckerberg nor Norio Rabbani As an Economist Mark Summers, Mike Sommer, CEO American Petroleum Institute, Jamie, Dom, and We All Know Him Elon Musk Refer to Him. Charles Scharf and of Course Larry Summers All Said Here Comes a Recession and These Guys Have Lost Billions of Dollars Already, but and to His Credit, He's Got He Just Grinding It out. John Kirby, and Adm. Won Many Talking to the Pentagon Now Is Don't Separate the Economy Is to Go. She's an Economist Business Professor at the University Of Maryland Peter Is Is John Kirby. Writer Economies Great Incredibly Strong.

John Kirby Needs to Learn the Difference between Being and Adm. Economist Business Leader, and Adm. in Your Setting about a Mission You Have Absolute Confidence in You Give Your Soldiers No Reason to Doubt It Just Made His Statement in Such a Firm and Absolute Manner That It Absolutely Can't Be Taken As Credible to Me. Reality Is the Best Forecasters.

That's Not Saying A Lot.

Admit That the Record of Economists on Forecast.

Thanks Is Very Spotty. I Think There's a Decent Chance We Can Avoid a Recession and I've Explained Why in a Recent Column in the in the Washington Times, but That Doesn't Mean I Would Say You Know What That Level of Certainty. One Thing Even If You Look at Any I Have a Great Economic Modeling Running Perfectly in All That. These External Shocks like Cooking, Invading Ukraine That You Just Can't Model. I Mean You Just Can't and so I Think That We Have a Shot at Avoiding a Recession. I Think That to Some Extent Jamie Diamond Really Should Keep His Mouth Shut and Many Business Leaders Should Do the Same If You Just Focus on Their Businesses and and Unless They Think the Administration Should Be Doing Something That's Not in the Can Recommend That You Think Anybody Can Speak with Certainty and and and I Stand by That and I Think Larry's Eventually Getting It for You. He Had a Good Call Is That I on the Inflation Think I Predicted Nothing at Harvard.

I Think Quite the Same Attention, but That Does That Mean That You Can Call Them Right Time and Time Again. I Mean, I Don't Think We Can Say with Certainty Was Going to Have a Recession so about the Quality of the Economy Right Now. He Knows Where These Markets Have a Terrible Day down 667 Points Was Even a Pirate Short Time Ago with Use of the Present Said about Inflation, Which I Think Is More People Feel Than Anything Else. Cut Three. I Can Understand Why the American People Are Frustrated Because Inflation When Inflation Is Higher in Almost Every Other Country Prices and Pump Are Higher in Almost Every Other Country Were Better Position to Deal with This and Anyone That We Have a Way to Go. That's Not Even Remotely Correct yet. It Was Amazing. They Are Told That Gas Station Only Charged with There Being Charged for the Gasoline Oil Company Found Have To Take Everything from the White House for Space with His Senile Grandfather Called You up and Talked and Talked to about How Your Investor Money Which a Human Him or Do What You Write Exactly, What We We Now Seen Enough of Joe to Realize That Probably Is Firm Policy Is Being Run Out Of the State Department Debate.

Then We Have Committees over in the in the Defense Department That Never Think to Report on Time so They Think on a Certain Course and You Can Agree or Disagree with This Strategy Ukraine, but They Have Another Question That Pursuing a Consistently Uneconomic Policy Ever Heard Brandy Say Anything Intelligent about Inflation Okay and He Scripting the President. The President Is Being Scripted. Call I Mean If the Blaming Monopolies for God Sakes Is That Those Monopolies Didn't Exist When Donald Trump Was President.

Now, All Of A Sudden, and We Have 2% Inflation and All Of A Sudden Mystically Appeared and Accept No Culpability with Regard to an Oversight Stimulus Package, Which Summers Did the Math on That He Should Be Given Credit for Your Stimulus Package Is Greater Than the Excess Supply in the Economy. This Has To Bid up Prices, No Running.

This Is Really in over His Head. It's Really Sad When Your Princeton Suisse Is Usually Set on Thursday What You Have Attica Six. These Are Uncertain Times When Prices Are High. People Are Understandably Frustrated When I Point out That the Gas Pump. As We Go through This Challenging.

Even Was to Move through This Transition.

We Also Have Made Historic Economic Progress Feel Better Know It Would Be Impossible Not to Make Historic Economic Progress If You Purposely Shut down the Economy Here Which We Did for the Pandemic and Then Reawaken It, You're Going to Have a Big Mouth and Employment. I Think One of the Problems Is Everything That Comes Out Of the White House) Was Political Spin Unit What He Sounded like He Felt like a Senator from Say Michigan or Wisconsin or Ohio. Whatever. In a Close Race Who Is Trying to Put a Positive Spin on Things. So You Get Reelected and I Guess That's What He Has To Do and I Would Cut Them Some Slack, but for the Fact That All This Monopoly Bashing and Not Really Addressing What Are the Fundamental Problems in over the Department Of Commerce, Sec. Humerus Almost Every Day I Get an Email from Her about Some Meat Important Meeting. She's Going to. She Sounds like a Realtor from Scarsdale. Health Is Not Moving Were Calling a Meeting. This Is Not a Competent Crew. It's Just Not Yelling Had a Meeting with Her Counterpart Yesterday in China in Their Thinking about Removing Sheehan and Jim Rolando Center of Commerce for Mondo Want to Have the. The Tariffs Removed Where You Stand on That between Us in China.

Final Degree Should Remove the Tariffs Because They Will Make a Consequential Effect of Inflation Coming Goldman Sachs.

I Believe It Was Came out with Yesterday before the Computation for 3/10% Spent about with the Peterson at the Church Said in Their Free Traders They Want They Want to Be Done with the Tariffs but Then Nothing They Can Solve Inflation Because They Want to Be Done with the Tariffs.

My Feeling Is That They Are Leverage It Is Something You Were Giving Away a Negotiating Shift.

If We Take Them around. Well, Pulling Kind Is and How to Negotiate She's a Hill Staffer for God Sakes, She's Just Not She She Should Be an Assistant USTR. This Time She Should Not. The US Trade Representative. It's That Simple. It's Been Coming Out Of Her Mouth about This Notion of Working to a Middle-Class Friendly Prolabor Trade Agreement and We Have This Thing in Asia Where People Can Opt in and Opt out Any Piece They Want. So Far We Only Have Opt out. They've Accomplished Nothing Were Denying a Trade Agreement to Britain Which Seriously Weakens the British Economy Because of Breakfast. Given Britain's Strategic Importance and Its Reliability As an Ally.

Should We Be Causing It to Be Part of What's Causing It Economy to the Client Joe Biden Is Still Processed over What Happened to the Irish at the Hands at the Feet of the British in the 19th Century That He Can't See His Way Clear to a 21st-Century Policy Which You've Got in This Administration Are People with so Many Prejudices Hobbyhorse Cobwebs in Their Brains, Skeletons in Their Closet and I Don't Donald Trump's Mind Was Not on the Mouse Trap Clarity. It Was No Steel Mouse Trap. But Here We Have a Whole Ensemble of Nuts Place.

We Had Larry Kudlow over at the White House before and so Here He Actually Imposed Some Sanity I Would Go Visit All That and They Would Roll Their Eyes. Otis Would Do It. Leave It with the People There That Were Advising.

Like for Example, Think What You Want the State Department Right Now It Is Competently Run You What I Have More Aggressive People Bear That Took a More Aggressive Posture Towards Russia.

Yes, but the Path to That They're Taking Is One That Is Defendable within the Range of Acceptable Foreign Policy, and It Is Being Run Consistently and It's Being Run Effectively. According to the Politicking of Their Tactics and Their Actions Are Consistent. Basically What You Got a Bunch of Hysterical Student Council Sophomores over the White House Screaming to the Principal. I Think I Really Really Economic by a 19-year-old by the State Department.

State Department Better Than the White House Sure but I Think Blood by Trying to Reestablish Relations with Venezuela. I Am Not for That.

The Way They Left Afghanistan. Their Fingerprints Were All over That Exit the Pentagon Didn't Stand up for Itself so and and I Don't Believe They Were Ahead of the Curve When It Came to Recommending Weapon Armaments for Ukraine to Have Them Better Prepared to Fight but I Want to Find Anything out. Although I Agree with You on All the What I'm Trying to Say to You Is, There Are Many Republican Moderate Bush Type Republican You Know That Would Go along with That and Being Run in a Consistent Fashion. I Have in a Manner That You Would Consist You Expect.

With Regard to the Facts on the Ground. It's the Wrong Policy. What I'm Saying to You If There's No Coherency of Economic Policy Counsel for the Foreign Policy May Be the Economic Policy Is Worse House That I Want You to Get What You Definition of This Brian D Spoke up Again and He Kinda Skidded into This Statement Today Think Is at the Foundation of Their Economic Policy, and I Find a Pointless. This Is about the Future of the Liberal World Order and We Have To Stand Firm the Same Time. What I Said I Family to Markets across the Country Is Ever Present Demonstration. It Is Going to Do Everything in Its Power to One Thing Is Those Price Increases and Bring Those Prices down the Liberal World Order. Yeah, We're Interested in Little World Order Now the Suspect Firm Policy. We've Been through Pursuing a Very Different Policy in the Ukraine.

It's Ludicrous Selected Russian Bomb Ukraine. The Stone Age, and Not Given the Weapons and Intelligence That We Have That Is Available to Return the Favor. You Know, We Could We Could Equip Them to Take out the Generals and Their Leaders Based in Russia We Could Equip Them to Bond Strategic Taught You by Missile Strategic Targets in Russia but We Don't We Could Return Have Them Return the Favor Right Now All the Cost of Being Imposed on Ukraine Completely over and over Again It Giving Them Defensive Weapons I Would Give Them A Lot More Than That. In Addition, I Would Organize Naval Convoys to Free up the. The Export of Ukrainian Wheat That Includes Clearing the Mind and If He Would Scream and Yell and Expect If You Harm the Hair on the Head of Even One American Serviceman Seaman or Ally Engaged in This Enterprise Then We Will Have a Kinetic Response in the Kinetic Response Would Rethink Everything the Russian Flag on the Sea and Was Doing That. Yeah I Mean and I Have Bought Away. I Wouldn't Take a Phone Call so They Could Say I Called for Negotiations. I Wouldn't Take That Phone Call until after There Were No Russian Flags Left on the Hike and Then I Blockade Negation Ports of the Oil Doesn't Get out Enough to Send It All by Pipelines Return. Listen We Gotta Change Something Right Now.

Slowly but Surely Giving Them Weapons and Request of Debate Instead of Just Giving Them All at Once. They Can Set up a Coherent Strategy and They're Afraid to Scout to Condemn the We Were Doing It Because Were Their Number One Supplier so They Can Fight Their Face in the Meantime, Prices Go up Because of the Shortage of Grain Globally. We Can't Accept That Oil Prices Go up Because of the Convoluted Way. Russian Grain and Oil in Getting out but the Russians Still Get a Good Enough Christ. Even Though It Discounted That Their Revenues Are Adequate to Send People Stimulus Check to Get Them through the Problems They're Having from from Our Our Sanctions. So in the Short Term There Winning the Sanctions More Were Incurring All the Pain and the President, for God Sakes, the White House Is Saying That Were Concerned That Would Not Just Hurting the Leaders That Were Hurting the Russian People. The Russian People Are Supporting Him in This War. They Held Their Wedding to the Peter The Great Idea of Empire and the Consequent. We Should Be Hurting Them Absolutely Should Be Bringing the Screws down on Them Later.

These Are Nasty People. So until They Wanted to Learn until the Russian People.

I Don't Believe That Putin Is Someone Superimposed on the Russian People and They Rather They Have the Kind of Leadership They Want.

They're Happy with This World and so until They Learn to Live like Civilized Men and Women in the World. I Think We Want to Make Them As Uncomfortable As We Can Convict on the Run, Doing It in His Nightie but Instead He Wants the Scrimmage That You Want to Screw the British over Something That Happened in the 19th Century. This Is Not a Man That Should Be Governing Anything More Than a Small Duchy on a Mountaintop in Europe Were Stuck with Them Reaching the Economist Business Professor at the University Of Maryland.

Thanks so Much Peter for Care 1-866-408-7669, When Come Back and Finish up the Sour Trying to Meet You and like You're with Brian Kill Me Talk Show That's Getting You Talk with Brian.

Kill Me. That Was Eli No More in Her District in Front of a Somali Audience Getting Booed When She Said Minnesota Is Worse in the Refugee Camp.

They Say That That Booing Was Related to That. My Hope Is the Ouster the Most Overrated Segment in All of Politics Is the Squat They Try to Get Involved in Some Elections They Filled Almost Every Single Time in the Primary and yet the Present United States Keeps Listening to Them Because Ron Clean Keeps Listening to Them and They'll Even like This President If I Could Give the President Any Advice and Wake up Everyday and Say What Would Your Mansion Do Because I Know You Are Going to Win Republican Once I Understand That Your Democrat and Do That Do Not Do What You Want, Omar and AOC and All the Others Are Doing.

That Is Pathetic. And That's How She Viewed in Her Own District by a Somali Audience Mostly Jerry Lewis and WND B and a Tony Jerry Dr. Carol, I'm Concerned about the Phrase Order by Were Going to Find You Where Are Ukraine for As Long As There and My Mouth Dropped Open Works That Could Be Ambushed Brush Computer Proper That Statement Was Saying.

Plus There's Full of Fraud and Benefit for the Entire Lot Not Much with You Have Any Idea What They're Doing My Thing Is Militarily Get Hold of Just Have One Meeting Talk Is Now Seen the Battlefield for Five Months Where They Need to Do to My Way, What Is This Day by Day Thing Because in the Ukraine Is a Mature and Say Listen Your Number One Supplier, but the Way You Doing It. Is It Just You Just Getting Us Killed Slower Get Us Right Away. Let Us Have a Fair Fight, and Let Them Do It Because They Are Killing Our Enemy. They Are Exposing Russian They Are Making Russia Pay a Price, but in Terms of the Oil Market. Why Not Do Secondary Sanctions on India and China Because It Wasn't As Always You Deal Russia This out One Nation We Can Do Deals with You in India You Hate China China Hates India the Only Agree That They like Russia Your Democracy Long-Term. You Can Never Count on Russia Is the Brian Kelly Joe, so Glad You Hear What Made America Great for New Episodes. Check It out on Fox Nation Don't Move over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber List of Malik Fox News or Wherever You Did Your

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