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Biden Flails and Fails as Economic Stress Grows

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 6, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden Flails and Fails as Economic Stress Grows

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 6, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)

[00:18:34] Rich Lowry

[00:37:00] Daniel Bilak

[00:55:15] Dr. Tom Kersting

[01:13:56] Liz Peek

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends. So America's receptive Brian would kill me thank you much for being here everybody of the brain to me Joe try to be with you on this Wednesday, two days after 4 July mother Sarah to be joined by Sen. Tommy cover bill affected matter of moments. Bottom of the hour, which Larry editor on this review so he'll be with us putting everything in perspective.

Found some major stories is like five major stories to go over today as well as look at the political climate that's taking place in the war that never goes away.

So before we get to the center. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three freedom is under attack in your state Republican leaders banning books make it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms. I urge all of you live in Florida join the fight or join us in California and they kidding Gavin Newsom targeting Floridians to go to California the 2024 preview.

Newsom decides if you if you can now pull him attack him that explains his decision to attack America's most successful governor in the nation's fastest-growing state Rhonda Santos in Florida. What he did what he said in the ads that are running inside Florida and by the way, is that really a 2024 preview one group of people that we see who are actually happy about what's happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners. I'm certainly holding oil companies responsible for their choice not to produce really, that's nice, totally inaccurate fine fights, flails and fails as economic stress grows and billionaires take game is supposed plummet. And for those who think Ruby wave would reinvigorate his party surveys tell a different story or a family member reported that Primo said he was going to kill everyone and Primo had a collection of knives.

The police responded to his residence. The police remove 16 knives a dagger and a sword is not nice, yet he still got guns Highland Pearl Park parade massacre, please have the warning signs and reasons a stop on the gun store owner should never have been allowed to arm him with dead and wounded everywhere in this upscale town. All they could talk about is more gun laws.

That's a pathetic impure political response only bring you consider Tommy cover the longtime football coach turned Alabama Sen. who is also the armed services committee, a center, I'm sure everybody's horrified what would happen in Highland Park with the more we learn about this assailant. The more we know this was totally preventable. The last guy that you had a gun. No doubt it shows you more more about how people are Democrats. What's going on in this country that you set out about going for a long time for 40 something years I built with young people and optioning the decline of our young people in terms of being able to handle society especially with all the social media all the things going on the drugs and just is just a new problem everyday but Democrats like to try to make excuses for everything but it's a great transition Brian.

There is a crime to transition this country and suck them out as they destroy our young people. Yeah it's it's amazing. I do what I do want people like you powerful people like you asked the questions what type of mood altering drugs. These kids might've been on little marijuana, which is now acceptable. I just think it's worth the question, Prozac, lithium, whatever that adds to it. I feel depressed Wells prescribed this to you.

We know about the aftereffects, but you split up football. It turns out, a lot of times coaches get to know was going on in the family. Even if you don't coach of the highest level and I know you have to work your way up where you ended up the parents of the accused Highland Park earlier shooter according to their football coach was all he was always the last kid to be picked up in the afterschool sports program. A quote from the coach. I remember the parents more than him because they were kind of a problem. It was those allotted. There was a lot of love in that family there arose alas to pick up the mom always had an issues if the kids were a nuisance. I mean bad parents aren't the reason to kill people but that these words starts in your ears are most important for young people and your zero but what what they can get moral values the leadership the guidance you know as a coach used to bring players and your new players .2537 down over all these things and one thing that always Goldberg would be in our young the young doctor from our board meeting. Their dad will take care of that and the last January Brian, I noticed a huge increase of a lot of these kids now taken rebel and Adderall attention deficit drugs and that leads to other things and you were using drugs to parent now work or not. We don't have parent shall have forgiveness country. I want to know. It's just not minorities. It's also the majority so we got a huge problem.

We better get animal and alone.

Our young people of from the ages of 45 all way up to 1617 saying what's happening. That's a total deterioration of the ethics, moral values were kids like they don't know yeah I mean there's no doubt about it I just think you guys just has bipartisan legislation that just talked about having a chance to look back and an 18-year-old background see if there were some issues when he was in 11th grade.

So it becomes 1/12 grader doesn't become a mass murderer that might've been preventable. This guy is 18 years old had to cut costs, go to the house twice want to keep his own life and never to take. He threatened his entire family. The cops leave take all the knives with them, but they don't seemingly write up an incident report, and evidently that doesn't get to a background check. So the gun store owner sees a 21-year-old in front of him and says okay I don't see in the background.

Meanwhile, we know something in his background so you have to execute the laws. You actually wrote up and you can just tell just over the last two shootings that we evolved to become new rules and regulations set forth our law enforcement and mobile law enforcement by underfunded and crazy Democrats out there right now trying to find him, but others got me some new regulation because these kids are becoming of so-called adults at a younger age and we better know what they've done done it going to record and we got all these computer databases now that we can we can put all the information in and stop coming.

This business lecture to instruct the simple fact that he couldn't get it done on the last week we had the opportunity to have the written law enforcement do their job in terms of the ability to make a decision on the database and be able to have that information down the road when they talk about the agenda. So get to the next thing I think it's great that you do when you teaming with center Marshall to introduce a bill to save clean and safe nuclear power. This word is that the EU is now the current nuclear power and natural gas, green, and it should be green and it is safe to listen to it people, the judge says is to blame for the high oil gas prices cut 15. One group of people that we see were actually happy about what's happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners that we seen them out there saying they're not going to increase production and that why would they when there this profitable is why the president has proposed a use it or lose it policy are sitting on these permits releases and are not producing only the second are you showing me around something in writing this while I'm certainly holding oil companies responsible for their choice not to produce standards you think the secretary is onto something. They are happy, oil and gas committees are happy upset last year of nominations, Joe Biden's people would put some dog catcher. It's embarrassing.

This guy running our transportation department and in working with energy is best. We got this as best we got. We are in trouble, you can't transition countries energy unless you have a plan to zero plan as you talk earlier nuclear has got be one of the options that we go to just play in the near future, but the long-term and we don't do this will not be able to survive as a world I mean it just happened. This guy wants to live the person wants to live on wind. It's unbelievable to see what this goes center.

You also doing something else.

It's really important and that is commemorating 50 years since title IX got into place. What is the impact and how is under assault today is one of few things about government gave equal rights to women and women rights activists really stood out port. It worked I'm saying in athletics much our women's athletics, rent 50 years ago 3% of girls mass group plate high school sports. Now it's over 50% scholarship your facilities. Things are built for women that give them opportunity. I talked all the Senators on the floor like 1015 at the women on the floor and they all played sports and again them. Opportunity to open up and be somebody that they couldn't band but now Joe Biden motion to change the definition of sex entitlement to include gender identity. He wants transgender boards available plate in women's sports. Bottom line, and that's going to short but the women's activist that talked and screamed and yelled 50 years ago the day to say, women's sports, they're not out there they're out there wondering about you know anything else that they could get involved in to help bring this country to a different transition, but the women's sports is right. Success and we need to keep it that way.

But Joe Biden bound and determined to destroy the senior really bothers me is that women is home with me to movement empowers women I thought to where the women outraged that your daughter or your wife or your niece is going to be playing against guys that declared that there women overnight or that they're going to some transition that should not even be an issue, but women should be standing up for themselves. They seem miraculously quiet here young boys older boys at 122 chapter ships and women sports. So when that happened.

I called up the production of women and girls in sports on the Senate floor to try and stop if you allow boys appoint women sports college or hospital let you lose your funding. This is ridiculous in terms of being able to complete give young girls an opportunity to meet somebody that they wouldn't be if I were in sports is just another part of the great transition of Joe Biden were energy formulations are education, it's a disaster is continued to be faster and went out for five more months and travel five states in the last week I've been restaurants and grocery stores keep sand people say on inflation by .5% inflation is 20 x 30%, maybe even more people cannot afford this and federal, as Joe Biden had put attack against his car in his left eye because it is been a career politician nice list of other cultures and that this is this is � four country and the people in our country. How important would be to take back the Senate. What I mean. Yes you look at George as we look at New Hampshire looking Nevada holding onto Wisconsin.

What is your role. There well possibly can we get we have no choice right there. Talk like they're going take more than 50 seats in the Democrats I know don't do a total transition of the filibuster and change the changes country as we know it. This can happen if it happened it's over other country. You and and all the people. So since had the opportunity Brooklyn greatest country on the face there ever will change. It will change into something, the Democrats won control they want one party system socialist big government socialism were already there. We better start changing some of my Republican colleagues need to wake up and smell the roses of which spending money we don't have because it is put nice and death march toward something that were not don't want or do we recognize in this country I think so much center Tommy Turberville going about the women sports, get this, he wants women to play against them with women and what time of the economy. Let's get smart. Let's if you want to go clean go nuclear will go natural gas and work our way towards all fossil fuels but were not there yet. So thanks so much. I can run right 186640876690 come back because just a moment and when you think about this massive governor Gavin Newsom taking on Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida. So far the Floridian government kinda quiet. Why newsmakers and news breakers.

First, I can only show precise personal power is America's liturgy in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, for wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show freedom under attack in your state Republican leaders, banning books, making speaks in classrooms criminalizing women.

I urge all of my California. We still believe in freedom. Freedom of speech to choose freedom from freedom to love don't let them take your nice is pretending to be read by the blue Gavin Newsom doing something savvy getting attention off his state of California with all its natural resources and natural beauty. They have run it into the ground, letting hopelessness, run, rapid brief using to write it in. In fact, inviting them there when you see the tax dollars it's a one party system. The illegal immigrants that are there. The lack of identity needed to buy things live there.

Ultimately Century City after Century City outside Orange County. So Gavin Newsom will almost was recalled last year. This year, once invited know that he's running for president he will run if Biden runs, but clearly Biden is a long shot to run for another four years. So what you do you go after the most popular Republican governor and the most successful governor in the country. If you are governor DeSantis do you punch down to Gavin Newsom who does not have. I don't think a large national profile and certainly a great report card Chemic who's a outstanding public official in Congress, whose husband is a first responder said this about that and running in Florida, which seems like a good strategic move when a waste of money cut 23/60,000 Californians have gotten their Florida drivers licenses in the last three years in Florida were about freedom and faith family California. It looks like high taxes, crack pipe distribution centers, savings and you can download in order to report feces on the sidewalk if he seriously thinks that that is going to work.

It's just reflected in his policies.

There 29th in the nation in education were number three we have some the lowest unemployment and low taxes in the country have some of the highest this is a clear distinction and what works when it comes to governing estate. Meanwhile, when it comes to state out-of-control George has gone about three recalled, I believe, to because they are petitioning him because he so soft on crime is just an embarrassment to the country and if you look at chess about Dean already recalled with the governor due to rain. In these DAs who do their job.

Absolutely nothing yesterday. 12 officers are heard after hostile groups are just hurling fireworks out of glass bottles at them. In San Francisco it to stay totally out of control. It's one that has all the potential in the world is always been the destination for so many, it's a place I once lived with the dude with a do have going for my hundred 17 major businesses have been started since 19 to 2015 which is number one in the country but Gavin Newsom playing a smart political move by governor DeSantis far and away much more successful, much more powerful. Let's see who's next. Join us in California will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News contest Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other.

Brian kill me. The cost of oil does come down. We need the price at the gas station they charge at the pump come down as well. For example, the last two weeks. The price of oil is fallen by more than $10 a barrel normally does reduce the cost of the pump, about $0.25 a gallon yet so far, gas stations only reduce prices by a few cents a gallon. That is a mild version of the present constant attack from the podium at the press room to a Sec. of transportation to Brian Deese whatever position he pretends to run Rich Lowry, editor of Nash review took task to the present, blaming, oil and gas company for the price of oil and gas enjoy just how rich it to. He says if gasket if if it pivots down per barrel. Why is it down per gallon will we go to pump it when you say to him. Well, that a lot of other input transportation other things, but the price of the pump is going down and the idea that the gas stations are involved in a vast conspiracy to artificially inflate the prices is crazy. I'm there more than 100,000 gas stations in the United States. We all know you go to any busy intersection. He got four choices to choose from and the highly competitive there all extremely aware with the price of across the street is can I know if you don't like my price you just go to Brian gas station if it's a penny cheaper so this is a highly competitive business. Any gas station that is not as though you know there are three big oil companies that own all the gas stations that half of them are owned by independent owners adjust only one station, and they might be branded Exxon Mobil or whatever but it's an independent business and in their lot better. Just totally independent and not even branded by the big oil companies. These are small mom-and-pop businesses and is one thing to to criticize Exxon Mobil another criticized a small business run by an immigrant couple trying to get their kids through, it's insane and it's just another instance of just casting around for scapegoats and villains rather than doing the things that actually within his control to try to alleviate the problem is to drive to drill on on federal land leases that have opened it up, but it's almost impossible to environmental regulation T outline you will and gas industry outline 10 things are present could do right now to make it easier for them to bring more production to pass and refining oil is one of the keys but right now there's been incentivized to shut down refineries will convert them to something green or natural burning so therefore he's going to Venezuela is the president is about to beg Saudi Arabia and we have this wonderful bounty beneath her feet in the form of massive oil and gas reserves and we should be doing, doing everything possible to pump it out and explained that the rational policy and then if you do it all things considered. Energy prices are to be lower rather than higher, and that ramified through the entire economy and the cost of living for working people and the cost of manufacturing and literally everything in Norma's enormously important input. So he's pursuing long-term policy to make traditional energy more expensive to try to fight the climate and it's it's biting them badly now, but is not readjusting using just anybody else look to this by the end of this term probably was in the pandemic and supply chain issues happen. The war takes place in the casino.

Gas is so high, so I will looking towards electric vehicles so high we can look around.

We can't find electric vehicles we can't find gas powered vehicles because the chips are so scarce in most of these cars are sitting in.

Lots unable to be completed because the chips are stuck in Taiwan or China hears people to judge instead of addressing the real issue cut 15 to 100 people that we see were actually happy about what's happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners that we seen them out there saying they're not going to increase production and why would they when there this profitable is why the president has proposed a use it or lose it policy are sitting on these permits or leases and are not producing a second I usually go back and forth. I use it or lose it policy. All that's genius.

The reason why they can drill there is because it's cost prohibitive. Part of it. Is he dying he's disgorging any investment in fossil fuels so that gas station not a good thing when the price of gas goes up for destination. There are margins actually decline because when the price goes up, you know what people don't fill up as much.

Maybe they don't travels much may they cancel their vacation. Maybe they buy an electric car fund available today actually don't want the prices to be high, and the same is true certain level for the oil and gas industry.

So again we talked about the plot line if they just had a switch oil and gas industry to make himself instantly more profitable by driving up the price of crude and refined gas nonresident lighting.

They do it in the last 30 years doing it now, and there are big factors at play that are outside of my control. The war and the supply chain disruption, but the things that are in his control is made worse and the big the big thing is if you want a company and industry to invest have to to ensure that its investments not can be destroyed in five or 10 years, and that promising to destroy this industry so that they become crazy to invest billions of dollars in long-term projects on standby.

The story in this unseen in the talks best to string Supreme Court setbacks. Democrats went with the Bidens White House is capable of urgency, urgency, moment demands and just talks about how inept they been how frustrated the base is a look at the Supreme Court.

They look at what's going on with the oil and gas. They look at. They wanted to stack the Supreme Court that socket are worth doing. The filibuster that was an effective they want to pass Bill back better was ridiculous. It makes no sense. There's no sentiment for silly look at failure after failure and their beginning to turn on the administration, which I think also we rather say I don't of the same contacts I had with the previous administration. Obviously, but this is interesting. Several officials this is an excerpt from several official Sabine's tendency to prorate advisors when he displeased with how a situation is being handled, or when he or when events go off poorly has trickled down to the ranks in the West Wing bleeding mid-level aides feeling blamed for failings. Despite lacking any real ability to influence the building decision-making that's contributed some of the recent staff departures. According to people on the inside you know what you always said if you treat people disrespectfully. I don't care who you are you going to be fired. That's just it.

That's terrible management when you prorate people with who are powerless to fight back you never write anything in life basically part of the issue here. But one thing that that criticism abide in me, I tend to agree at all them but what I don't get is from the left that that had been aggressive enough. Responding to the.what is posted to any can't pack the Supreme Court can't eliminate the filibuster. All they can do is go into states and try to convince people not to restrict abortion democratically, you know, and there's no magic lawn. There's no executive action that you can do that just the hard work of persuasion and how it Democratic Republic us both the work and effort that was tiny Dino for 50 years because of a route which is finally gone by. I think this is this is an unfair criticism of abide in from the left. My view of course it is. It's impractical.

If you don't have 60 votes. You don't have mansion in unison will return the filibuster, which will break the institution he used to cherish and worship you really like the Senate, like Ted Kennedy love the Senate is Sen., you know, the dissenters just love the institution. I respect that everyone loves their job and we enjoyed working there didn't take it for granted, so he didn't want to blow it up and now, because he didn't blow it now.

He wants to blow it up and he can't blow it up so he's just to say this people on his left.

I can't deal with you because you are asking for things that are not workable in the democratic system and then talk to so-called moderates. They may not exist. Rich, I get it in Sen. Coons Sen. Warner Sen. tester center, dimension, center cinema, I'm scheduling theory that their moderates is it what can I get done and that the 78 if you party doesn't like you country doesn't think you did a good job leave. But why I'm so desperate to win over these twentysomethings who are cool thirtysomethings and how the government works and pandering to the people all all this entire front of the campaign. You know you want the primary campaign and partly didn't pander those people like you are there other Democrats out there besides these vocal folks on Twitter and I get elected and immediately he is pandering to the vocal folks on twitter it it doesn't make any sense, but this is the 1 Interesting Way.could end up hurting the Democrats if if it really turns them off, and the spirit and creative intramural warfare. It is not can have the deep political effect. They helped to destroy them, not Republican you seen this this bomb is called as people your biggest concern facing your family right now 33% say inflation.

15% say gas prices 9% say the economy 6% say bills 5% say abortion. So I think 99% Democrat. Now it's two or 3% of everyone else exactly and in following the prison saying that this is a responsible radical extremist decision for the Supreme Court, it discounts people, many of which are in his party. That might be pro-life.

Many Hispanics are pro-life.

Instead of saying surprising.

What I find astonishing what I've evolved him. Instead he just labels. Everybody is if we legalize terrorism know Clarence Thomas to be good idea for everyone to kill each other. There is, is he doesn't understand or is he not understand this is there is a there's people on the other side of an issue of him were seen as being reckless and captured by the left and there still is a middle middle in this country and the problems that have on abortion is not popular overturning roadmap talk to you in part because people don't understand that we get bracket that for second, the, the actual democratic policy of the bill they want federal legislation and want half is sweeping only practical and deeply unpopular settings can't special".

It can't help going too far. They exist in cute echo chamber.

They have contempt for everyone who doesn't agree with them and it shows what you hear just to the story the team out of CNN, which I find astonishing yet add to that one of the media reporters Oliver Darcy say this about which you you basically in the same pages which Lowery cut 19, I think news organizations need to be a lot more forceful. Here Brian calling out the president when he misleads the public like this we know gas station owners are really the ones running away to the bank when gas prices go up on the happen stores in the past about how low the margin of profit is gas station owners on the price of fuel to make the money is at the communion stores but hasn't been really aggressive pushback from the present from these organizations, I think that needs a change really aggressive back from CNN to Joe Biden. Well, there's only one computer to the right is not available, but everyone else could science that sound more like him, but they they tend not to, and certainly is not reflected in the coverage, trump, or saying something that do this a lot, but it is completely true and legitimate point but endlessly relevant or saying something that's so false that you get to there is no factual basis whatsoever. The Chiron on CNN and other places would be Eli Seeley lying about gas stations but we don't hear that about yeah I lastly what about Gavin Newsom's tactical decision to tackle to go after Ron DeSantis in Florida and to give account on truth social Donald Trump's version of twitter what's he up to you want to run for president. Clearly, I think the sign of how prominent they run DeSantis is that he wants to get some reflected glory by attacking him and attacking him on on cultural issues, but I think you know everyone senses. The weakness of Biden, but the likelihood is not to build around again and then the incredible weakness, (and this is this is early jockeying and I have to say, you know, if you not to run someone who is relatively moderate on and who that would be Gov. Poulter sums someone out there in Colorado. But if you want someone from the left. I think Newsom might be the best the best political works that have seen what he did yoga, trying to attach himself to the most successful governor get people talking about them, but I was thought conventional wisdom would be securely liberal base and then work on whatever can converted conservatives you can have why salad going after people that will never vote for a way of converting levels of getting levels taken to say I I'm in the fight directly to these guys and take it to this. This arch villain Ron DeSantis seen the worst Republican the country besides Donald Trump and I'm on truth. Social I'm on on their platform, making making our case related to signal combativeness and and a willingness to fight. Lastly the next few weeks post declare his candidacy if he does, who gets in to take him onto the primary process will one. I think it would be great idea for him to get in early. You might get in early. I think getting in early now would be a sign of weakness are looking a little fearfulness might be getting away from a little bit and a sign that he's worried about DeSantis and get out there and is not no winning New Hampshire to the wind or whatever is there is a poll that had nearly ahead in New Hampshire couple weeks ago then and then scan an invitation to people. Okay, you dirty and we know what is God and if it's if it's not overwhelming the waters. Okay, may we can risk doing this but I do think it be a smaller field regardless if Trump is in and the big decision is can it be fantasists and I attended think he wouldn't get in a calm, Trump runs. Now I begin to think even you looking fairly determined. I mean, every big Republican donor in the country. It seems as with the fantasies raising massive amounts of money.

So I think you get a look at it seriously too big to make decisions will shape the field, let it whether Trump runs, which seems very likely, and whether DeSantis doesn't generally six committees doing since it's one it's 11 bullhorn it's making something more vulnerable because some of things you they were really excusable and in their backed up Rich, Larry, thanks so much fascinating time you got. We come back to Cold Spring to meet you challenging conventional thought and is Brian kill made the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me brought it on ourselves right. You can't say it's the Russians while they should've invaded Al Qaeda.

This is this this is 100% Senate because we are essentially slaves to a document that was written more than 230 years ago by a tiny slaveowning man right exactly. I've said this over and over again. This tiny group of white men who formulated the greatest country ever way overrated.

That's Rosa Brooks, a woman, you probably should never have heard of Georgetown law professor, so she saying the problem is we are stuck with this Constitution and this Bill of Rights. Dammit we are cursed. So this that said, the problem is that bad guys are armed.

That's the issue. I wish we could be more like candidate worked out so well in Venezuela and disarming Russia was fantastic in Australia really had a chance to stand up for himself and that Second Amendment has really worked out from us just kept us free for 250 years give you drill down on what's wrong right now. I don't think the founding fathers are rent but that sadly would a lot of other people are saying you don't listen or watch MSNBC so I thought we would for you and now you know why you don't please don't keep it here. Remember one nation coming up Saturday and on Fox nation a great five new episodes of what made America great from history, automobiles, oil and gas that history a Hollywood. Why is New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here, but it's Brian kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 to be on become due from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world, especially in Ukraine were about to talk in Ukraine about Ukraine just a moment with the bottom of the hour. Inside of the mind, the twisted mind of so many of these 20 something-year-old to end up being mass murderers from what happened in Parklane. From what happening you validate it would happen in Buffalo and that would happen in over the weekend in Illinois. We gotta find a way to stop this other some commonalities between this I'll offer my opinions but get the experts to come into so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three freedom is under attack in your state become leaders banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms. I urge all of you living in Florida join the fight California 2024 preview Gavin Newsom decides if you can help pull them attack him. That's explains his decision to attack America's most successful governor Ron DeSantis in Florida. The question is to DeSantis punch back one group of people that we see who were actually happy about what's happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners certainly holding oil companies responsible for their choice not to produce fine fights, flails and fails as economic stress grows and billionaires take aim his polls plummet.

And for those who think Roe V Wade would reinvigorate his party surveys tell a different story or a family member reported that Primo said he was going to kill everyone and Primo had a collection of knives. The police responded to his residence. The police remove 16 knives a dagger and a sword there. It said unbelievable and he still got a gun the past were background checks the Highland Park parade massacre, please have the warning signs and reasons to stop the gun store owner should never have been allowed to honor him with dead and wounded everywhere in this upscale town.

All they talk about is more gun laws. It's pathetic. It's pure politics. Daniel Belak is somebody who's helping is country fight for its life. He's a former chief investment advisor, the Prime Minister Ukraine and have Ukraine invest a Daniel Belak.

I welcome back. So it's a Daniel. First off, we see some territorial gains by the Russians you worried never good with Ukrainian Army and the dog is doing two months was basically holding them so that they couldn't sweep intake will look on go go South and take the Black Sea old lost and we did that successfully they were trying to encircle out in the crush the best troops of the Don Bosco to crush them about didn't work. We took a tactical retreat from that from the church on and now are in a a fortification all of this is being done privately to hold off the Russians we could get heavy weapons start getting the heavy weapons that we need to start pushing them back and we see encounter focused on the sheets of some some real headway in the counteroffensive that can Make Life Which Is Infinitely More Strategically Important Which a Child Starved Are Politically Important That Their Less Terribly Important in the Big Scheme of Things It Wanted to Take Ukraine but Control of the Black Sea Control of The Nicolai Is Absolutely Critical and It Had to Move the Focus Virtually His Entire Army on on the United States Was at War with Mexico and Focus Focused Its Entire Army on Guadalajara with Her Saying the Russians Says Their Objective Remains Taking Keys on the Spot. Some Setbacks Really on the Russians Feels so They Can Still Do It Michael Weiss of New Lines Magazine Sees What You See and Sees Gains in Cures on One of the First Areas to Fall to Russian Forces Cut 20 Ukrainian Counteroffensive Limited Though It Has Been in Her Saw This Is the First Population Center. The Russians Took in Late February and Early March. Leasing Reports Now That the Ukrainians Feel the Wind at Their Back Ukrainian Military Officials Saying There within Sniper Range of Russian Troops in Her Sonnet That Is an Unprecedented Development in the Last Several Months.

Already We Have Seen Jonathan, the Devastating Effect That the Ukrainians Are Made of Western Supplied Long-Range Artillery Systems, Including the High Marks I've Seen Video Footage of These Things Striking Deep within a Russian Occupied Territory in the Guest Russian Soldiers on Social Media Platforms Such As Telegrams Been Complaining That Now They're Facing a Native Standardized Military Something They Hadn't Seen before Going Back Eight Years of War against Ukrainians. So This Missile System Is Finally Arrived to Describe It.

Pretty Good Job. Basically Very Artillery That This Long-Range Galactic so We Can Strike with Ukrainian Bits, Especially in Kenya and Really Cut off Their Supply Lines We Bought on Their Their Other Fuel Tankers. We Took out Their Munitions Dumped Supplies Immediately Caught Their Food and Enactment Are Starting to Do A Lot. Russian Troops Are Still in Their Winter Gear and Nicolai Believed That 33� down Almost 90� so Yeah You Were Starting to Get Some of the High Mars Where We Got 55 Mm We Still Need Way More Really Tanks Which Are on the on the on the US, Especially If You Have the NATO Countries Gain Confidence in How Ukrainians Are Prosecuting This Work and How They're Using the Equipment Health Effectively Using This Equipment I Think Were Going to See A Lot More Coming.

A Lot Sooner. I Suspect It Will Probably See Scale and Capacity by the End of the Summer Stuff Doesn't Happen Right Away, Followed by Trading on This Stuff. Something That Takes the US Army Soldier Four Months of Training after Doing Two Weeks, but That Are Highly Motivated and We Got Back to Kick You Got so Far in the Field and It's Been Used To Devastating Effect and It Will Continue to Be Claims.

Please Number One Are They Are the Planes Coming Number Two. Is There a Plan to Get That We Out Of Odessa and Need to through the Black Sea into Its Destination. Question for Mr. You Know It's All in His Hands Whether He Agrees to It or Not He's Doing Right Now You Know All about Their Exchange Fee 400 Million People Left the Night Energy. There Are No Rules. And in This Thing That People Need to Understand You Dealing with an International Actor You're Not Dealing with a Country You're Doing Basically What State Terror Start. You Know They Be Very Careful. Obviously Were Shooting at Our Hotel to Get into Occupied Territory Made inside Russia Not Targeting at All Civilian Populations. Russia Just Bombed Everything on School Bonds, Cultural Centers of Bonds Apartment Building to Bob's Hospital Bonds Prenatal Institution. Basically Talking to Some Terror and among People Get Get Get Them to Capitulate and and This Is How Russians Have Always Fought Wars and This Is so Dangerous. You Will Just Continue to Double down to Suffering. They Use to Was Their Way of Life and Their Leader Evidently Was Nodding off at a Meeting Yesterday at a Public Meeting. We Know How He's Been Shaking in the past When You Hear about Vladimir Putin's Health. Well I Don't Know. I Think That Is Never Given Its Own People, Let Alone the People He Tried to Call on Anything but Destruction for Katie Despair They Produce Literature in Several Good Naps Given Another Another Smaller Absolute Level Just Completely Uninhabitable Bill Displaces They Did Nothing Occupied the Launch of the Last Eight Years. They Just Want the Territory and Yielded Infantile Imperialism That They Have Actually Direct Threat to the United States to Direct Threat to Peace in Your and Direct Traffic Is Always a Director and You Know This Is Why I Really Really Hope That the American People Stay Stay with Us on the Ronald Reagan Understood the Reagan Doctrine Was Was to Arm Moscow's Enemies He Did That Successfully in Afghanistan and Angola and It's Working in Ukraine, We See the Results.

Brian We Are Completely Rearming Our Military. We Are Running Out Of Ammunition and Equip of Soviet Era Ammunition and Equipment and It's All Being Replaced in Real Time by NATO Compliant Equipment and NATO Equipment and in This Is This Is Transformative.

I Mean We Are Going to Have the Most Powerful Army in Europe at the End of This and We Need to Defeat This Enemy Together, Ronald Reagan Called Rush of the Evil Empire That Would Make the Antichrist Right Now and You Know He Thinks He's at War with America and You Know He's Made No Secret of His People and Made No Secret That If You Ukraine Is Coming after Baltics after after Poland He Considers Himself the Reincarnation of Peter Peter The Great, Peter. The First Day I Know She's Pretty Is Pretty Clear That He's Has His Hands Full.

That's Why Think That We Have Not NATO Has Escort the Ships out with Your Weakness and Say That This Is a Humanitarian Mission. Africa Is Starving the Rest of the Rest of the World's Food Chain Has To Continue to Exclusively Go to Brazil so We Have To Escort about Is There Any Sentiment That NATO Would Do That Hundred Percent Right, Brian, and so Far We Haven't Seen That You Could Do It, Even NATO Countries like Sees like Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania Escorting the Ships out. I Don't Know What the State of Play Is on This but You Know I Would like to See More Resolved on the Part of NATO in Order to Have a Massive Humanitarian Crisis. Russian Russian Orchestrated and He Doesn't Care. You Know You US Needs to Needs to Show. I Think Combining Ministration Needs to Show a Little More Toughness. Yes, You These Nuclear Threats and Things like That.

I Mean US Is Always Defended Its Interest in Cuba and Berlin in the Face of These Heaters. The United States You Guys Have. And You Know If She Feels Emboldened to Keep Going You Look at the Treaty Where She Reseated Alaska That Was a Bad We Want to. It Is Not Inconceivable at This Guy I This Is Most People He'll Take All This Carnage. Daniel, the Lack Thanks so Much. Best to Lock the Prime Minister of Ukraine You Actually an Investment Advisor, the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Head of Ukraine Invest.

Thanks, Daniel. You Got 186640876 Accent and I Promise to Get Your Calls or If You Want to Write Me just click on comments in this way, go to my email be able to get through it.

Right after this using the brain kill me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in it. Brian is talking about your Brian kill me.

There are and always have a lot of different factors that: one of which obviously is the fact that a major oil-producing country launched a war of aggression stabilized so much of the world economy when they did not increase started prior to the first Russian soldiers arriving near Crane. You can't blame it all on the other half half. That is the Sec. of transportation clueless. The fact that he's clueless and he just keeps on public at this rhetoric is if he does I clearly is watcher channel oil and gas company have tweeted back talkback try to give him a 10 point plan all things. Let them know the things they were doing help add to this oil and gas crisis that will witness you across the world around the country and any he's not doing anything to use the other thing that was brought up right now Europe is being slowly being taken off Russian natural gas of willingly and unwillingly quicker than they thought they wanted to. So they have to scramble to get natural gas. Guess who has natural gas cost fracking we can provide. It's an emergency situation. You talk about a Defense production act tell about that. How about clearing the way you expediting these environmental challenges to allow us to fracking a dizzying rate for our allies, and that gives them cover and Europe now looks at natural gas is burning clean, green. That to me is a great combination emergency.

He just told us they were in global peril, a time of war, global peril enough to Frak safely for profit for our allies who can now canonize while constructing LNG plans to allow this to happen expeditiously.

Because Canada is doing it. Why not us.

Why not us. Why can't we go ahead and do it now want to talk about that said that shooter if we can talk time cursing about it. But here's what we know about the shooter did this killer you preplan the attack. Number one, number two. Dress like a woman to get out. Unbelievable.

Number three also the cross-dresser seen some of the stuff online on number three.

He preplan this whole thing and love the Lee Harvey Oswald, which explains why he left the gun behind ultimately led to Oswald ultimately led to him for some reason on his escape.

He goes into Wisconsin and then come all the way back to a mile from his house, was arrested after the shooting worry he kills seven and wounds dozens, including children. He goes and sells his mom don't know I was you I was hurt in the shooting, can I borrow your car and does other thing I don't believe is it is uncle who he was living with said that he was not a danger. No signs of this really in 2019.

Cops were called to his place twice. Why is he is going to commit suicide. Number two. The second time. Months later he said he was going to kill his whole family really woke any of done to get that no guns. How about knives, seven, eight knives, including a hatchet.

You believe this hatchet take all that his dad gets it back. He applies for a gun. Why if you survived and involved into potentially violent incidents were cops were called to the house, even if they don't file charges was that not listed on his background check and then you good owner decides this woman do you really feel comfortable telling you this gun I need some answers on these two incidents and if the dad goes to sign off the dad is now culpable for anything illegal activity that the sun did like a loan that has to be paid back of your cosigner by you. That's what has to happen hey dad, you been such a terrible dad obviously to this son of yours probably to the kids to. If you sign off on this and he becomes a killer you go to jail to all you want to rethink it. I thought so we come back.

Dr. Tom Kirstein is a psychotherapist is the author of disconnected how to protect your kids from the harmful effects of device dependency and more works in schools.

He knows the answer. Radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show no no no problem logical problems not so there's no direction whole cream of the uncle of the killer you're seeing him try to explain that there were no warning signs with this kid. There is nobody who looks at this track record over this cop speak yesterday about his background and looks at him and thinks is no warning signs with this kid, especially my next guest is Dr. Tom Kirstein, psychotherapist and author of disconnected how to protect your kids from harmful effects of device dependency. Dr. Kirstein, do you agree with the uncle.

No signs absolutely not looking to guide the research Brian on the story and back to April 2019 and the police were called to Primo's house because he was threatening to kill himself, and I think they confiscated like 16 knives that in a few months after that. Please recall began to threaten to kill his family. So those are good. Those are obviously mental health warning signs and then leading up to the vicious massacre was a track record of imposing things online.

As usual, not only with the things it was a school shooting music video and there's a picture of him with the Lee Harvey Oswald in the background. Stick figures of shooting and blood coming out of two did two different fingers figures and I'm sure this a ton of other things online. They were immediately scrubbed as more from the uncle cut three is in the warning signs as I saw as I saw him yesterday evening I went home I said hi to him than with conventional serves. I survive by those that those Norco's normal standards for timing. I see no nothing that would trigger off doing this question is no signs of them doing things. Let's look back in 2019. Called to his house twice in 2020. He showed up at the synagogue, and evidently they knew we didn't belong there was Passover. They walked up to him did this one a rabbi and say I have a norm guard here, what are you doing here any left that seemed to be another sign that this guy is a danger and I'm surprised the rabbi didn't call the authorities absolutely problem here, but I will get on your show and talk about all the things that when you look at social media. For example okay so if you post something on social media that they deem inappropriate.

It's your immediately alerted the kickoff at social media. But what about when people are posting violent things like like this killer that even of the beheading and so forth.

I think social media needs to have some sort of accountability where they see something if there's some sort of red alert that they need to take action, whether it's alerting the local authorities and so forth. They need to do something to prevent uniting kind of incidents is happening but I see that happening does this mean the background check because the parents did not want to press charges even though they called Astarte somebody's family called authorities because they felt threatened that you be on your background and that should be on the back right you just this is no indictment or rest. It was an incident think that law enforcement to the house and she was the reason was no arrest right even when he when he would threaten to kill himself couple months before that. There's nothing illegal there but there's got to be some sort of a track plan here some sort, such something to look at you to keep an eye on individuals like this, especially given what's happening.

The parents didn't press charges would threaten to kill everybody date there needs to be the other how to be.

They should have done some sucking on some further form of mental health intervention apparently were something done but you what's going on in our society.

Many years ago for people to really mentally disturbed their work, sort of institutionalized the honor will fall that what went away and we got them all on our streets now and that's that's what's going on. That's part of the problem.

You're right means of the family says were all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers is a terrible tragedy for many families of victims to the parade goers the community in our own hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to everybody. I'm not sure they're lawyered up.

They should be, but my goodness, this guy's father to go out and make sure and sign off on him getting a gun best for background checks. His dad also went out the daily took all his knives away when they get to that's got all the knives back. That's if you why I hate to do the crime and punishment to sign for them to go get a gun if you bring the knives back into the house.

If you press charges.

You have to be somewhat complicit in his follow-up actions that are how that works. Yeah I know father signed up again. Authorities had to know about what had happened in the past and for him to have been given approval to legally obtain firearm is ridiculous. They need to do something about that question about you. I think the other thing Brian at 20 people talk about is you looking to start society nowadays yeah I got a call social media. The tailpipe of the mainstream media so every single thing about Camera on Every Street, Every Phone and so Forth. So People That Young Guy like This since As a Teenager Was Probably Just Exposed 24 Hours a Day to Violent Bad Stuff on His Computer and He Sensitizes People's Minds Starting at a Young Age They Don't Understand Human Value of Life Itself. So We Need to Be Done out There at Social Media and the Ability to Access Violence Terrible Content. That's How the Mind Works, the More You're Exposing Something Become Desensitized to Largely Part of My Receipt All but What about Marijuana That Now Was Suddenly Be Made Acceptable.

They Talk about How More Powerful.

It Is the Time That You to Get It Illegally May Be in the 80s and 90s Knew about That in Number Two.

What about This Whole Explosion of with Attention Deficit Disorder Ritalin. What about Any Type of Antidepressants.

It Might've Been out There Coming off the Pandemic. Do You Feel As Though Our Kids Getting over Prescribed My Private Practice Earlier in a Dirty Habit Doing the Stuff at 22 Years. There Were Teenagers and Pot Is Always Been an Equation. What I've Seen Just in the Last Year and Many People Don't Even Notice Physical Cannabis Induced Psychosis and What Is This Pete Is Individual Smoking Marijuana That 95% THC Were Usually like 3 to 4% THC Back in the Early 90s and It's Causing Legitimate Schizophrenic like Symptoms, Delusions, Hallucinations, until Forth That No Question about It. This Is Penetrating Our Society and Kids and a Large Part of the Mental Health Component. Now, Attention Deficit Disorder. I Talked about This in My Book.

Brian Cited Three We Will Be Referred to As Acquired ADHD and Suspending Eight or Nine Hours a Day on the Screen and the Stimulation That Doesn't Bring in the Changes Brain Neural Pathway, Causing Symptoms of ADHD. Another Person That I Could Have ADHD, but They Go Get a Doctorate� Rate Each Given Medication so All This Stuff Is Deathly Contributing to the Pharmaceutical Industry Is Very Powerful and Want Everybody in Some Kind of Medication and Now the Question Is What We Do Try All the Stuck in Early 1900 Other People Deal with like They Dealt with Yeah That Will Be They'll Be Some of the Things You Deal with Because I Never Thought like a Kid Was Depressed If the Kid Was down Have A Lot Of Friends You Friends, I Never Remember Kids Getting out Diagnosed and the Lithium Prozac or Anything like That. And Now We Haven't Ritalin and Attention Deficit Disorder and Then Will Have This. This Is Where Phenyl Comes in. A Lot Of Kids Would Want to Concentrate Want to Go Have a Marathon Study Session so the Say Hey, Take Care Take a Ritalin Helps We Study It Helps Me Focus and They Do It, Just Not to Get Higher Hi Other Friends Actually to Do Better on a Test and Now the Real Sprinkle with What with Phenyl and Then Who Knows with the Ones That Are Not with Phenyl Do Hamlet. How Many Say Well I Did so Good on That Test Had Taken Old Time Now Really Out Of All the Support Name on Your Kitchen Counter Using It That Scripture Very Focused and Definite Professional at the Home of the Brian. It Seemed That Not Right Here My Office with People I Know Who Have Friends and Stuff of Sons and Daughters Have Died from That No Overdoses from Doing One Case Marijuana Where Great Respect with Phenyl and Usually It's Cocaine or Heroin or Something.

Anything People Don't Know That You Have No Idea. They Think They're Doing a Couple Lines Cocaine Another Got Enough Sentinel to Kill like a Thousand People Study Site. Dr. Tom Kirsten with Your Personal Experience Is This a Proliferation of Pot a Good Thing I'm Not Completely against It Completely against the Legalization of Everything and the Reason Why I Am Is Because I See the Impact That It Has on Young Kids and When Something Is Legalizing Marijuana.

Young Kids Are 15, 14, 16 Years Old. You Know the Mindset out There Brian. I Think I Daily Basis Is Getting a Pots Innocuous. It's Not Really That Bad for Your Tech to Kill You.

You Have To Be on the Street with a Can Try to Get Money from People. Kids Now Literally Believe That It's Better to Let That It's Harmless and It It's Probably the Biggest Catalyst behind All of the Anxiety Disorders, Depression Symptoms and Everything Then Dealing with on a Daily Basis with Teenagers at My Office and How Much Was How Much Harder Is Now into the Pandemic When They're Pretty Much Shut down or Shut in Here That That's Just Been That That's like the Icing on the Cake. I Mean You Know Kids of Data with the Pandemic Always Teenagers and Adults Know They've Just Been Removed from Society, Locked Away by Themselves in Their in Their Bedrooms. Not Able to Socialize, Not Able to Participate in Sports and Got Caught in Their Own Heads. They've Lost You the Skills of Socialization and Emotional Connection with Others Is Something That Needs to Be Utilized on a Daily Basis Is Not Utilized in Your Isolated by Yourself and You Have To Return out Trip out the Real World No Longer Have Those Skills and What Happens Now Is Your Brain That Transcend Stress Signals in the Form of Anxiety and I Have Avoidant Behavior Remaining in Their Rooms Getting Depressed and This Never-Ending Cycle of Anxiety and Depression and We Got We Got to Push Forward with This and I Thought Aaron Cannot Fix You Kids Try to Resist God to Get Them to the Door. The School Each Day One Data Time to Get through It. Patient but Evidently He Was a Patient of Somebody's Number Two Is He Obviously Does Not Look Well. His Action Show Is a Bloodthirsty Murderer and Looks like for the First Time, but from What You Can Tell There Are A Lot Of People out There like Him Because We See You Faulty Similar We See Buffalo Similar We See Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Similar We See Parkland Similar Young Man Somehow. Maybe This Is Going to Sing with the Psychotropic Drugs Because There Depressed or ADHD. Whatever It Is and Next You Know They Have Their Mass Murderers, You Know What I Type My Next Book Coming out Next February without Written Comes out Clean. Relief Called Raising Healthy Teenagers. I Have a Section in That Book I Refer to As the Lost Boys to These Young 18 to 23-year-old Young Men Are Completely Lost with No Direction Dropping Out Of College. They Feel Worthless. They Can't That They Don't Have Jobs and Any Common Denominator in Most Cases It Takes to Sit around a Smoke Marijuana All Day Long and Play Video Games from the Bedroom of Their Parents Home. So If This Is Certainly Not the Norm but It's Not Substantially Much Greater Than It Was in Previous Generation Really Have Used This Level of Problem so I Would Imagine That This Kid Fit That Profile Plus Other More Severe Mental Health Underlying Issues and Yeah That That like Everyone to Be Sure That You Have Mentioned yet Is It Common Denominator. I Really Dived through the Steps Apparent to Me.

The Father to Get Guns the Father to Get His Knives Back Shows He Ran for Mayor Understood. I Now We Understand That His Wife Was a Handful. According to Some Coaches, You Had to Deal with. She Got into One of the Heads of Our Program That Was a Afterschool Touch Football Program. It Seem like the Kids Were Nuisance to Her on That Is the Mother of the Shooter Observed by the Coach of the Killer. They Say the Same Thing with the Dad That They Were Always Late to Pick up You Rose the Last One behind Yeah I Don't Know What What Took Place within That Household.

But yet Sounds but You Tell Me Maybe to Some Entitlement There Parents Part That Got Passed out There Kid like It Can Do No Wrong Starting and Ending A Lot Of Parents Nowadays Know That You Want to Have a Great Love in Relation with Your Kids, but A Lot Of Parents or or or or Site When I've Seen Are Scared to Discipline Their Kids Know They Want Their Kids Feeling Some of the Dad That Would Be Taken Back. The Night That Their Son Cut to Kill Himself and Then Signing off for Him to Get a Gun.

That Means Apparently Apparent Pleaser Instead of Being a Parent and Authoritative Role Model and Then Call the Shots and Perhaps Later Still Gave It.

It Gave Their Son Everything Whatever He Wanted and He Ruled the Roost and Now We Have This Disaster in a Complex Right Does This Dictate to Guys Who Worship Lee Harvey Oswald Way to Go to Time Present As Question for You to Say This Money for Social Services to Go to Schools to Stop the Next Would Be Shooter Theoretically Used To Work in a School System Is Money and Issue to Get Other People like You May Be on Staff Well You Know after I Know I Know after the Pandemic. They Released A Lot Of Money in That and It Bailout Plan That It's Going to School. So What I Have Seen in My Release Is That There There Are More Than We� But There Are More Resources Now for Schools, but No Electric Needs to Really Be Taking Place at the School Level.

I Think Need to Be Take Taking Place outside of the School Know into an Actual Mental Health Facilities and Care and Treatment and outside the School.

Since I Think Really We Know We Need More Resources in That Arena Now Need Any Policies That Are Gonna Have Sent It Seems Very Deranged and I Think They Need to Be Put Away for A While until Been Told or Stabilize and Not Stabilize Any Disdain Some Facility Longer Because We Need to Protect the Innocent People, like the People That Work Great.

Thanks so Much, Next Time Christine Psychotherapist Also Disconnected How to Protect Your Kids from the Harmful Effects of the Device Dependency. Thanks, Tom Appreciated You Got That Extra You Got 186640876691866408766 I Will Come Back with You in Just a Moment Use of the Brain Kill Me, Joe Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me Show Pay Welcome Back Everybody Listen to Me.

Phone Calls We Get in Just Fresh off, Let's Go out to Adam Was a WABC Hey Adam I Mental-Health Issues Are Very Important and Need to Be Addressed in a Much Strict Way, but I Will One Common Thread between All the Mass Shootings Are Always, Always Assault Weapons and Assault Weapons Were for A While and There Were No Mass Shootings in This Type, and As Long As Someone Has Access to You to Be Able to Shoot off 2030 Rounds in a Couple of Second I Think I Think so Weapons Is on the Wrong Path to Go on and If Everything There. I Which Nobody Was Killed. The Guys Got Four Separate Guns.

The Last One Was Something Similar to an AR 15 I'm Not Sure What Exactly Was, but I Mean the Damn Disc I Was Going to Be on the Top of the Roof Shooting People Anyway, That's the Problem.

I Mean He Wanted to Be Lee Harvey Oswald and He Actually Was Even Left the Gun behind. I Think That Right Now You Have To Look at the Fact That Parents Could Be More Responsible. But I Want This, Adam. I Want When This Guy Walks into Get a Gun. I Wanted to See If You Not to File Charges. I Want Them to See the Incident Reports and I Will Just Say There's I Want the Local Precinct, Big and Small Cities and Towns to Be Contact a Billy Joe Just Came in Here. I'm Going over His Ten-Day Background Check. What Happened on These Incidents, and Then the Cop Could Say Listen, I Need Speak to the Sky. I Think He Was Right. So with His Necktie to His Face That to Look like He Was Living in an Attic. I Never Thought Disparate to Being Candid with Me. I Don't Think You Should Tell the Gun That Would Start Personalizing the Computerized Background Check, but the Incidents Gotta Be Written upon That John Cale IN John All on the Mental Health Visual That Negotiations Were Going Nowhere between Both Parties. Mental Health Issue for the Shooter. I'm Curious to Know the Psych Ward. I Sue I Assume Is Life in Prison. I Will Never Know. Hinckley Got out Right so He Tried to Kill One Person Happen to Be the Present United States, but I Assume Is to Get Life in Prison. I Think the Least Intriguing Thing about How to Be Charged. Think Were Done with Him. The More Intriguing Thing Is What Was He on Why Wasn't He Stopped and How Do We Stop the Next One and Taking Everybody's Guns Away I Think Is Just Pure Politics. You May Disagree, That's Great, Brian You Write Me the Fox News Radio Studios in New York City You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Answer, Brian. Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here Buys the Right to Me Joe Come Here from 46 in Midtown Manhattan the Country Heard around the World. No Phone Number to Call to Be on the Show. 1-866-408-7669 Watching A Few Stories. Also, This Just Goes Pensively Only Seems like He Will Testify Now from January 6 Committee. So Be on Friday. He Says Got a Bunch of Subpoenas so He'll Go Ahead and Do It so That Is Not a Great President. Imagine Your Attorney of Your Present United States.

You Have To Sit There and Throw Things out to Them You Nonattorney like the Present Wasn't Donald Trump Was in You Throw Things out.

Now They Can Ask You to Donald Trump Want to Do This to Donald Trump Want to Do That.

Did You Have To Talk Him Out Of It. There's a Reason Why Think It's Is a Very Bad Idea. As a Very Bad Idea.

Let's See If It Explodes in Their Face. Cassie Hutchinson They Thought Was a Home Run in Many Cases It Went Well. In Other Cases She's Very Vulnerable Because A Lot Of the Stuff She Said Was Hearsay, Which Makes One Wonder Why the Words in Any Cross-Examination.

Once Again, That's a Conversation That the Committee Does Not Want to Hear. So It and before We Get to Liz Peake. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Freedom under Attack in Your State Public and Leaders Banning Books Make It Harder to Vote, Restricting Speech in Classrooms. I Urge All of You Living in Florida Join the Fight. Join Us in California.

Liz That's Unbelievable Ashley Speak about This 2024 Preview Gavin Newsom against Gov. DeSantis. He Takes Aim.

Even Though His State Is Struggling in Many Ways, As Is He at the Most Popular, Successful Governor of the Country Are Giggly Run to Santos. Should DeSantis Get Back We'll Talk about One Group of People That We See Were Actually Happy about What's Happening with Gas Prices Are Oil Company Executives and Owners. I'm Certainly Holding Oil Companies Responsible for Their Choice Not to Produce Fine Fights, Flails and Fails As Economic Stress Grows and Billionaires Take Aim His Postponement for Those Who Think Roe V Wade Will Reinvigorate the Dams Survey Tells a Different Story or a Family Member Reported That Primo Said He Was Going to Kill Everyone and Primo Had a Collection of Knives. The Police Responded to His Residence. The Police Remove 16 Knives a Dagger and a Sword. Besides, I Don't See Any Red Flags Not Getting Highland Park Parade Massacre, Please Have the Wrong's Had the Bad Warning Signs a Reason to Stop Him the Gun Store Owner Should Never Been Allowed to Arm Him with Dead and Wounded Everywhere in This Upscale Town.

All They Want to Talk about Is More Gun Laws. That's Pathetic Is Pure Politics during Cell Was Liz Peake, Fox News Contributor, for First of Liz. Your Reaction to Some of the Reaction from the Vice President, United States to Governor Calling for More Gun Laws and All the Laws That We Needed to Stop This Young Man Where I Mean I What Is a Red Flag Law Is Supposed to Mean. If It Doesn't Mean the Police Come to Your Home. They Find an Array of Weapons They Take Them out Here. I Think They Knew That This Kid Had Made Threats to People. This Comment about about Killing Everybody They Knew It They Should Have Known They Should've Investigated Social Media Accounts Which Were Full of Hate and Anger. I It's It's Impossible for Me to Imagine How More and How Greater. Again, an Individual Could Signal the Intent to Do People Harm.

I Mean It. That's What These Laws Are Written for up or Not, Can Enforce Them.

And What's the Point of Having Them. I Don't Mean to Be to Pull Daggers at Somebody's House If the Danger Himself Twice in 2019, Kill Himself and He Was a Danger to Others, Even If the Family Change the Story If You Write up the Incident Report Goes in the Background Check out the Gun Store down the Block Doesn't Sell It and Work Boots Even Better. I Hope It Would Trigger the Local Police Precinct to Say Excuse Me, I Would like to Know Why You Try to Buy Gun. Are You a Hunter Word Wisely. Harvey Oswald in Your Bedroom so and Then Just Some of the Things You Did Mean Basic Police Work and I Don't Think You Need the Vice President States Meandering about the Assault Weapon Charge Because This Guy Got Other Weapons.

This Is Really Background Checks.

He Got Impossible to Take, Harrison. Never on Any Issue. She Doesn't Normally Make Any Sense. But on This Issue. In Particular, I Really Don't Think She Knows What She's Talking about Luck. We Have the Laws in Place That Would've Stopped This Young Man and by the Way, Some of the Other Men Who Have Committed Heinous Crimes and Mean It Is Time to Get Serious about Watching and Forgive Me Profiling Young Men Who Are Clearly Troubled, Who Are Isolated and Who Are Talking Audibly Talking about Hurting People.

Let's Get Alert People to the Dangers That Are Posed by These People. These Are Not These Are Not Times in Which You Can Ignore Such Signals, and These Were Very, Very Loud Signal. So I and I Really Sort of Disgusted with the Entire Response to This, Which, As Usual, Focuses on the Weapon and Not the Individual. We Have To Start Looking at These Individuals and Looking for These Individuals Online and Elsewhere Mean If If Our Media Companies Social Media Companies Are Supposed to Spot Domestic Terrorism I.E. Parents Trying to Keynote Talk at Their at Their PTA Meeting. Can't They Possibly Look out for Young Man with These Troubling Profiles I I Don't Understand Why That Is in the Bigger Conversation. Rosa Brooks Is a Jewish Law Professor on MSNBC. She Blames Our Constitution. Cut 12 Weeks of Bind Herself from Feeling like We Have To Everything Is Decided in Reference to This Ancient Document Which Is Just Not Serving Us Well It Is It Is Causing Enormous Problems and Enormous Tragedies at This Point, Right Versus through the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights and What She Is Doing It Well.

They Don't like the Constitution, They Don't like Freedoms They Don't like the Fact That We Can Express Ourselves Openly and Honestly. Unlike Most Countries in the World so I Don't Have Any Patience for That Whatsoever. The Constitution Not What Has Held up Better Than Any Document. Over Time, and Has Ensured the Prosperity and the Freedom and Opportunity in This Country so Please Ignore That Woman to Couple Things As Conference Boxes That Combines Prince. He Looks Out Of Control and Could Get Worse. The Next Day. Today's CNN Politics Comes out with a Akon That Makes You Seem As If You're a Fan That's How Negative the CNN Column Is Talks about How They're Not Prepared for Anything from the Variance. He Came down the Pike for the Baby Formula That Should've Been under Discernible to the Lack of Blood to Not Know What the Supreme Court Was Going to Do Ahead of Time Is Constantly Flailing and with the Bind Administration Taking Aim at Mid-Level Managers.

People Who Are Powerless to Set Policy but Agree to Take Aim at Which Is Causing a Mass Exit from the White House. They Are a Mess. Why Would It Be Otherwise Incompetent People. Forgive Me Lead by a Man of Very Middling Intelligence and That's Being Kind. In My View, That Joe Biden Has Never Been Viewed As a Brain Trust and Age Has Taken Him All over. He Has Become. I Think Less Capable and He Is Surrounded Himself by People of Mediocre Quality. I Know I Did a Piece A Few Weeks Ago about the Cabinet. The Cabinet Is Atrocious.

Mostly People Are Not Doing Their Job. Let's Talk about People to Judge Who Has the Who Is Been Basically AWOL.

Every Time There's a Crisis on His Watch. Remember the Port Drama Where There All These Ships off the Port of Los Angeles and People Didn't Even Know He Puts on Parental Leave. I Mean That's How Impactful This Guy Has Been Now Because Rembrandt Everyone Is Talking about the Price of Gasoline. What Is His Responses Responses to Come out and Defame Oil Companies and Saying the Only People Cut Happy Right Now Are Oil Company Executives, What a Wretched Person. This Is and Find a Way under Qualified for This Position. It Isn't a Position That Normally Attracts Perhaps the Best and the Brightest, but This Is Not the Best and Brightest Any Doing a Terrible Job but but Honestly, You Can Go through Them One by One. It's an Incredible Clown Car People Just Seem Roughly What You Think of 15. One Group of People That We See Who Are Actually Happy about What's Happening with Gas Prices Are Oil Company Executives and Owners That We Seen Them out There Saying They're Not Going to Increase Production and Why Would They Wonder This Profitable and He Goes on and Being Your New Computer to Challenge Him on That, but He Just He Did Not Meet with Them. They Have a 10 Point Plan to Work with the Administration and Said the Administration of the Present State Schools Meet with When Executives Instead of Oil Executives Help More People to the White House of the Same Both in Washington's Same Time so Patty and Small Joe Biden Is so Petty and so Small, but He Also Doesn't Understand the Oil Business. I Don't Think Most Democrats Do They Think You Plug in Electric Car into the Wall and Somehow It Magically Starts to Move Our Clip a Couple of Weeks Ago Where They Were Hailing the I Think That the Some New Electric Car That Was Coming off the Ramp or Whatever They Plugged It in, and Someone Said There Will Where's the Power Come from and Literally Someone in the Site That When It Comes from Electricity. They Said No.

But Where's the Electricity Coming from 95% Call Brian Stop Their Environmental Celebration in Its Tracks Look They Don't Know What They're Doing It to Me.

It Is and Is Not Head Scratching.

It Is Astonishing That This Administration Is Being Eaten Alive by Five Dollar a Gallon Gasoline Prices Refuses to Pay That and Moreover Continues to Embrace Policies like This New Threatened Ozone Regulation in the Permian Basin Where 43% of Our Oil Comes from That Might Shut down Production. I Mean, This Is Not a Joke. They Are Actually Talking about Imposing Greater Regulations on Her Oil Industry Rather Than Less. They Refuse As You Point out to Meet and Talk about the Measures That Could Encourage Production.

Instead They Really Want the Financial Sector Basically to Stop Lending to Oil and Gas Producers at Disney Art Are the Branches of Government, Even Talking to Each Other about What Might Actually Help Americans Right Now. There's No Indication of That at All I Know Was Going out with the Infrastructure Bill Is a Thing Being Spent Is and How Is Inflation Affecting It.

They Talked about.

I Guess Forgiving Some Portion of Student Loans Is Been Such a Debate the Same to Basement Going on for over a Year Either Make the Decision to Make the Decision Not to Do It. There's No There's No Valor in Waiting a Year to Make a Decision. It Makes People Think That You're Not Listening Thing to Keep in Mind to.

They Got the Gun Deal Done In Spite Of Him Because He Came out and Said Right Away.

The NRA Is As Got the Republicans Hostage. Excuse Me.

Return to Poison the Well before Even Dig a Well to Be Able to Work across the Aisle Right He Was Going to Bring the Country Together. I Believe in, and This Includes Pres. Trump. I Honestly Believe This Is a Divisive President We've Ever Had in This Country. Everything He Says Is Pointed Political Nasty Attacks on Republicans Nasty Attacks on the Supreme Court. I Why Would Anyone Work with Him during That Gun Control Act Legislation Discussion. I Think It's True That He Never Reached out to the Republican Side of That Negotiation at All and Tear Point, It's Pretty Clear That He Work against Compromise Instead of for Compromise. So What's Happened Very Little on His Watch Has Gotten True. Thank Heavens, Because Most the Policies Are Pretty Terrible but but It's the Attitude That This Man Who Thinks He Had a Mandate When He Has No Mandate. There's No Advantage in Congress Very Very Slim Margin When He's about to Lose. Thank Heavens I Don't Know Where You Know Where He Thinks His Power Should Be Coming from Because He Doesn't Have Any Worsening Is the Ever Did Was Have Those Stories Come Meet with Them Losses and They Talk to Them about How to Become a Historic Figure like FDR and You Do Not Have the Margins in the Senate. He Had the Majority in the Senate and the House You Have the Margins, and since He Got 82 Million Votes. He Thought He Got a Mandate, We Had Almost No Momentum to the Point Where He Said to Sign the Bipartisan Deal on Infrastructure Because I'm Going to Do with Bill Back Better When It Fell on Its Face. He Is Never Recovered. But the Thing That Kills Us Most Is Afghanistan the Way He Embarrassed Our Country Is so Unforgivable to so Many That People Just Say No Longer Is He under What We Is It a Mystery Is Totally Incompetent, Began a Downward Slide in His Approval Ratings, and Rightly so, Because Apparently with His Decisions.

No One Else's That Decided We Would Take Us Out Of Afghanistan with a Little Planning so Little Regard for Our Troops and for the People That Were at Risk. Look Again. I Just Think He's Not a Capable Person and Unfortunately Tear Point Isn't Just Republicans Who Are Thinking That Now Everybody Is Thinking, Including Democrat so You Know This Is Not Good News. I Love Seeing Joe Biden in Hot Water Because He Deserves to Be There. He Deserves to Boil. But the Truth Is Our Country Is Adrift and There Is No Leadership There Is No Good Policy Coming down and That You Know This Is a Scary World in Which Not to Have Strong Leadership If United States Doesn't Lead. There Is No Leadership and I Think Pompeo Has Said That a Couple of Times That I Think Is Totally Right with an and Look at What's Happening in Ukraine with the War in Ukraine. I Mean, Where's the Leadership There. We Have Constantly in My View, Drag Our Feet. We've Been Slow to Get Weapons in Place Slow to Basically Confront Vladimir Putin. Biden Is Afraid of Cutin and Cutin Knows It. So the Entire West Now All the European Countries Are Looking into a Deep Recession Because of Gaslight Energy Prices and the Hold That Russia Has on Western Europe. Did They Not See This Coming.

If They're Not Even an Macron Which Is Which Is Now Nationalizing France's Energy Comes Biggest Utility Is Is Was Trying to Get Biden on Board with Increasing US Domestic Domestic Production but He Won't Budge. It Really Makes My Head Explode and We Could Actually Make Money on Natural Gas Getting Getting into the EU Emergency Situation. That's We Use the Defense Production Act That 10% of the Country Thinker Hitting the Right Direction. 36% Approval Rating. That's According to Monmouth Which Is Normally Democratic Friendly so and Right Now the Number One Issue in This Country Overwhelmingly Inflation by 33% States Number One Problem and Get My Assignment Has Become a Historic President in the Wrong Letterhead Historically Comparable Number Is P. Thanks so Much to Read Your Columns and Watch over the Channel. Thank You. Thanks so Much for Having Me. You Got It Will Take You Call Sexpot Liao Douglas McKinnon with the Founding Fathers Have To Do with This and the Lessons We Should Be Learning Using the Brain to Meet You Pass All the Rhetoric Kill Me Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Brian Kill Me. Got A Lot Every Day. If You Want to Keep Working on This All Identifies a Rising I so What Is That from That Was That Die Talking about Working Will, yet the Life You Want to Work.

Yeah, I Mean They Are All I Got Talked to A Few People Try New Staff Movies or Talk about How Things Are Out Of Control and They Can Even Staff Movies.

He Can Get a Key Group to Get a Camera Person to Be Puerto Rican to Go to Be Asian to Go to Be Transsexual. They Gotta Be Gay, They Have To Be Tall. They Gotta Be Too Many Men and You Can Even Get the Best Person Anymore Is the Furthest Thing from Meritocracy You Want to Be Considered for Different Awards. I Got to Be X Amount Diverse, Which Is Nuts at Me. I Would Just Say Give Me Tom Cruise Give Me That Type of Success with Top Gun and Then Leave Me Out Of All the Awards I Would Just Say Give up on the Wardship Funding Is That Also I Have To Warn Thing Really Think It Awards We've Never Heard of before. Right except the Pianist Is That Is Not One of the Long Time before I Had the First Thing I Ever Saw the Departed. I Never Saw That It Was Good Talk Show That You Talk with Brian. Kill Me on Ourselves As the Russians Formation, They Should Serve Al Qaeda. This Is 100% As We Are Essentially Document That Was Written More Than 230 80 Slaveowning.

They Sound Horrible. Who Are These Men. Our Founding Fathers.

I'm Sorry Rosa Part Rosa Brooks Little Upset As a Georgetown Law Professor with These White Men Who Made Our Country That She's Allowed to Say Things like That in Those a Part of the Reasons Why Douglas McKinnon Is Made His Mission to Make Sure the Founding Fathers Keep Their Reputation in Place. I Can't Believe That Has To Happen in the US's Latest Book to 56 Liberty Lessons from the Those Who Risk It All to Sign the Declaration Of Independence. Douglas McKinnon Is a Former White House and Pentagon Official by Best-Selling Author. Can You Believe You Need to Write This Book Brought Back to Think about Writing It until July for Lost Year When I Took a Tour of Some of the More Liberal New Sites out There and Start Just Stop It. Just on the Far Left Calling from the Father for the Cancellation of Not Only 4 July What the Founding Fathers of the American Flag. Then As You and I Know Just the Last Few Days Know There Were Democrats in Arizona, California, All around the Country Calling for the Boycott on 4 July or Saying You Creating Even More File Names for 4 July and This Is Not a Stock Unless We Stand up against You Have To Because This Is Happy about This. China, Russia, All Our Enemies Go Look Americans Coming Apart from within the Couldn't Beat Us Head-To-Head. We Could Take Ourselves Apart and That's What's Happening How You Pushing Back against It. So What Happened with Brian so the Catalyst of the Book Was the Cancellation of the Message.

Ultimately, the Book Which Is Something You Talk about All the Time and Thank You for That Is That 24 Seven 365 Our American Rights and Our Liberties Are Being Taken Away from Us and It's up to Us Again and in a Way Right Talk on the Book Was No One's Gonna Ride over the Horizon. Ultimately It's up to Us to Save Ourselves up to Us Is to Be like Roosevelt's Famous Man in the Arena Speech at 1910, Where the Court the Credit Belongs to the Person on the Floor of the Arena Fighting the Good Fight, Getting Blood, Getting Knocked down the Getting up Time and Again to Fight for His and Her Right and As Americans Who Believe in This Country Who Believe in the Founding Fathers Who Believe in the Rule of Law We Have To Stop up for Our Own Rights of the 56 Men, Which We Know about Them Tremendous Courage They Were Sunning the Death Warrant Had Been Captured Had We Lost and There Was No Reason to Think Really Realistically If We Would Do an Analysis Back Then That We Would Win Brian Exactly and Almost Nobody Really Knows the Subject Better Than You and Thank You for Your All the Great Work You've Done on This, but If You're Exactly Right and Forget If We Get Lost.

As You Know, to Sign Their Death Warrant. By Signing the Declaration Of Independence Are Number of Them Were Arrested Had Their Homes Burned to the Ground Have Their Livestock Slaughter at Their Wives Arrested Their Lives in Prison for Some Good Shot.

These These Acts of Courage in These Amazing Men That Had the Vision and the Genius to Create the Greatest Nation on the Face of Europe Is All the People That the Far Left Want to Cancel Yeah and If You See Was Happening in Philadelphia. Think about the Shooting. Other People Think about the Founding That Took Place over the Weekend We You See This Declaration of Independence Get Written and They Run outside and Make the Announcement and They Read It out Loud to the Masses That Gets Sent All around That We've Fighting for Independence in Here We Go Sign Your Name and Let's Get Started and Was a Series of Losses after Bunker Hill to Put Aside but Deeply Basically Put This Whole Idea on a Respirator, but yet People Look at This and Say White Men Who Believed Slavery Was Okay Put Together This Document, Which Is Now Outdated. Your Reaction to What They're Doing Is You Know You Talk about Looking at. 1776 through the through the Very Clouded in Local 2022 and They're Looking Back 250 Years Almost in Trying to Decide What Was in the Hearts and Minds and Souls of These Men Who Were Trying to Free Themselves from Tyranny Free Themselves from the Boot of the Crown and They're Trying to Smear Their Names near the Replications Have Been Banned from American Society Because They Don't Happen to Fit the Far Left Liberal Narrative Book Today to Talk about the Wall Culture the Concerns You Most Is One of the Things True or What I Talk about the Book Is All over.

The Course Is One of the Things the 56 Which Unless and until They Imprison Us Unless and until They Take Our Lives.

They Cannot Take Our Voices Prime It Cannot Silence Us and Again over the Course of the Lost 50 or 60 Years, the Left Has Gained Majority Control over What I Call the Five Major Megaphones of the Nation. Mapping the Media Entertainment, Academic, and of Late, As We Seen Science of Medicine and As You Know They Get More Accomplished Via Omission Than Anything Else That They Don't Whine about It They Don't Talk about It. It Didn't Happen.

And Guess What One of the Things They Never Talk about Never Teach in Our American Schools Anymore Is Our Proud American History and the Proud, Courageous Actions of These 56 Men.

I Just Wonder How Many People Even Know When You Send People on the Street to Talk about How Even the Vice President Is or Who Are Founding Fathers Were the People Have Trouble Naming to Weekly Summary Claiming That by Putting It Back in the Curriculum and Maybe Choosing the Schools Your Kids Go to. So When When People Say America Was Fueled by Slavery and Is Exist Because We Stole the Land. How Do You Put That in Today's How Do You Put That in Today's Normal Culture Is One of the Far Left Wants to Address the Want to Talk about That May Conveniently Leave out A Lot Of Things Right, or One of the Things They Conveniently Leave out the People's Republic Of China Right Line in the People's Republic Of China, Which Is Paying off so Many Local Organizations Supporting Somebody Pick Check Organizations If You Want to Criticize Slavery and Oppression and Wanting You Look at Today's Examples on the People's Republic Of China but Will Want to Do That. It's Much Better to Go Back 250 Years and Smear the Founding Fathers Meant to Address the Current Problems of Not Only Slavery but What Internment Camps Are Existing Today July 4. Lando Got the Blowback He Got the Same Even Though We Don't Want to Celebrated but Basically We Put the Party Hats so Let's Do It Anyway.

The Fact That They Got Blowback for Doing That Defective Thousand Still Showed up in New York City for the Macy's Day Parade Even Though 50 Were Shot over the Weekend of 51 Were Shot at and Two Dozen Were Killed. Does That Show You That the Foundation Is Still There. I Think You and I Would Agree to Probably the Least 80% of the American People Think the Same Way That You and I Do in the Sense That You Want Will Walk You.

You Believe in Our History You Want to Protect Our Sovereign Borders and End but the Problem Is Because of the Wall Cancel Culture More and More Americans Are Afraid to Speak up Because They Do Not Want to Have the Far Left, Demonstrate Their Jobs and That's What I Said I Thought about It in the Book. 256 and the Founding Fathers. As You Know, Also Left Us on How to Save Ourselves in the Easiest Way to Do That Is to Start a Word-Of-Mouth Campaign.

We Can Talk to Each Other in Our Churches That Work at School at the Supermarket at the Bowling Alley and Start Talking about How Great Our Country Is What's Good about Our Country Far Left Nipple Wants to Talk about What's Good about Our Country and yet Tens of Millions of People around the World Still Want to Come to the United States from Rosa Brooks on the Constitution Cuts Will Bind Herself from Feeling like We Have To Everything Is Decided in Reference to This Ancient Document Which Is Not Serving Us Well It Is It Is Causing Norma's Problems and Enormous Tragedies at This Point, Is It Really Is a Lead Weight on Our Future. This Archaic Document While They Would Be Much Better Served Looking at the Inner-City Crime District in Place All of the United States. This Response We Got Almost 40 People Shot in Chicago. Why Don't They Start Addressing the Real Issues That Will Problems Because Working-Class Americans Are Getting Crushed Right Now Today by Liberal Policies Again, but It's Much Easier for Them to Ignore All the Liberal Policies That Are Crushing Working-Class and Poor Americans and to Go Back to Our Contributors to Attack Our Founding Documents Which Were the Greatest Documents Drafted in the History of Our World.

Alright Thanks so Much a Pick up His Book the 56 Liberty Lessons from Those Who Risk It All to Sign the Declaration of Independence Douglas McKinnon. Thanks so Much Lines Running on Right. Go Get Them. Meanwhile, We Come Back and Find out This Morning Know My Answer Is Yes and Also Squeeze in Some Calls. 1-866-408-7669. Also, Let Me Remind You Fox Nation Five New Brand-New Episode. What Made America Great. I've Had 41 Meeting in. We Got Five of Five More Coming out She Had Oil History, Hollywood History of Automobiles and History of Law Enforcement. Don't Miss Any of Them. I Think You like All of Them. Brian Kelly Joe Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Ratio Please so As a Filmmaker and Kill Me.

Why Don't Say That with the Present so That's What the President Said That Is Going. I Think You're Clear How That Talking to Some Were Not from This Podium. I'm Not Going to Talk about Alleged Materials from the Laptop.

I Am Not I'm Not Going to Talk about Alleged Materials. Are You Not Having Here I Refer You to to His Son's Representative until They Can Get Closer to the President He Might Give It a Deflect a Little While Longer.

That Is, the Press Secretary Not Answering Peter to Seize Questions about the Present Voicemail 2018. The Hunter Bind about Them Being in the Clear with This Chinese Deal CEF See This Chinese Energy Company Deal One Guys Involved Devon Archers in Jail. That Was That's Hunter Binds Partner.

The Other Person Is Disappeared and We Know That A Lot Of Money Was Made. Where the Hell Is That Money Is the Story That We Have Is More the Shooter in Highland Park. It Turns out He Went on.

I Didn't Talk Enough about This after He Did the Shooting. Dress like a Woman Escaped from There You See Pictures of Them out There All out and about Now, and He Escapes Leaves His Gun behind. I Imagine This My Opinion, Lee Harvey Also Left His Gun behind.

I Imagines the Same Thing He Worship the Guy Why Would You Worship Lee Harvey Oswald, a Kink in My Head around That Point There Will Be a Red Flag, and Then He Drove to Madison Wisconsin Is down Mom's Car and Then Drove Back so We Had a Rifle Another Car.

I Don't Really Know Enough about These Guns Know What Is the Some Type of Celtic Rifle so He Goes There to Madison Saw Parade but Didn't Do Anything.

Thankfully Because He Said Never Plan the Other Warning Was Planned for You Decide to Drive All the Way Back, at Which Time They See the Car They Looking for Him. They Got Them and Grabbed Them a Mile from His House. He Had in 2021. He Bought for Weapons in 2020 and 20, 21 to 4 O'clock on the 21st Birthday. So for Those People Say What There's No If There Was Also a Weapon That Would Be the Shooting That You Have You Met This Guy.

Have You Seen What He's Been Doing I Really Care What He Had Polio Probably Would've Blessed Damages Done, but I Think You're Missing the Issue Personally, so We'll Talk about That in the Meanwhile, Let's Go to Chris WRC Had Him around to Chris and I Watched about Four Episodes on What Made America Great and I Appreciate Everything You Do. Well, I Appreciate That. So, No Doubt, so I've Been Calling This Morning. I Am Just Racking My Brain about How to You Know Some Sort of Stop or Slow down on on This Issue with Mass Shootings and All I Keep Hearing and It's Been since like the Gabby Potato Thing in Bayport Will Point His Parents and Family Members Know about These Things and It so I Could Imagine As a Parent I Am to Children. If You Have a Child That Has Indications of Being No Mentally Sick. How Do We Get These Parents Act: like Is There Any Repercussions for Some of These People like I Want There to Be, but Is Her Aiding and Abetting Here by Just Being Ignorant and Ignoring You. Sincerely, Apparent in This One to Give You Not Sometimes You Put Them in the Therapy and You Do Them As Best You Can. You Try to Keep His Arm They Get Loose and They Do Some Horrific Robberies Are Salt Mass Shootings, I Get It. I Think That's Different Than What I'm Seeing Here. This Is a Parents, It Would Totally Detach. These Are Parents That Sat There after Calling the Cops When He Got the Knives Back. He Won and Signed off on the Sky Buying Guns. If You Know Your Son or Daughter Son Is Both Because to Some Women, You Son Is Unbalanced, You Go and Sign off on a Gun for Him, Go Get Bring Knives Back in the House at That Point, I Think the You Gotta Have a Accomplished Charge to the Parents Think They Actually Unleash These Kids on DOS That They Can't Control It. So All You Want to Do Is 20 Were to What You Are Doing 22, Number One, Don't Arm Them. That'll Help. Number Two, You Will Perform the Local Precinct That Is Pretty Much Out Of Control and You Really Don't Know What He's Capable of. But Don't Pretend like He's Not the Uncle Comes out and Says It Is Common to Ridiculous. He Never We Never Had an Idea That He This Commit This Type of Crime Listen to the Uncle Cut to the Warning Signs As I Saw As I Saw Him Yesterday Evening I Went Home I Said Hi to That of a Conventional Survey Survive by Those That Those Norco's Normal Standards and I See No Nothing That Would Trigger on This. Yeah, besides the Hatchet in the House.

I Really Don't See a Problem with It, so No One Believes That at All. So Thanks so Much.

We Corresponded This Morning I Would Start and Let's or the Beginning. Brett Favre Made It Clear That He Might Want to Go into Broadcasting. He Told This to TMZ.

I Just Know I'm Good. I've Made Great Money. I'm Very Thankful If Someone Offer Me a Job.

I Thursday Night Football and It Would Be a Great Deal. I Would Consider It Startled My Bucket List. Thanks, Another Quarterback Named Tom Brady Got a $375 Million Deal on That Next Vacation Fail One in Five People Always Realize They Forgot to Pack Something When They Arrived on Vacation That the Survey of 2000 Adults by the Poll Shows the Top Items Americans Actually Leaving Homophones 31%, Which Is, I Don't See Possible Water Bottles or Drinks 20% and Deodorant 25%.

Sunscreen 21% Only 20% of Respondents Thinks They Could Manage without Their Phone 19% Would Go Back for What They Forgot.

If There on the Street Next over Only 50% Said They Were There. There A Few Streets Away 40%. There Will Never Go Back for Something They Forgot Phones You Have To Go Back for Next Half American Parents Believe Their Kids Aren't Spending Enough Time Playing outside. No Kidding Parents, Alaska, Arizona, Missouri Are Telling Their Kids to Play outside Most at an Average of Six Times per Week. The Top Reasons Parents Tell Their Children to Go Play outside, Include Fresh Air 51% Digital Devices. No Kidding. 47% Get Some Exercise. Your Fat in the States Where the Kids Get outside the Most.

As I Mentioned, Are There Going to Get out. The Least Are Kind Interesting and They Are Not Listed but 35% about Social Guards or Children Website in Order to Positively Impact Their Mental Health. Trying to Be Fair, Just for Exercise.

Didn't Think the Kids Are Fat.

I Mean, the Either Their Way to Pale with a Need Some Exercise. You Gotta Force Your Kids to Go outside Building to Scare the Hell Out Of It Because It Was the Syndicate Kidnapped All That. You Can Write God's Effects Is Not Good Linking to Lose A Few Pounds.

Little Johnny Right You Never Tell the Kitties Getting Fat Now Right Make Them Run around but the Problem Is against My Other Story.

If You Not Great in Sports, Finite, Pretty Face. We Encourage You to Drop out, Which Is Wrong about People Just Want to Go out and Exercise Have a Recreational Sport Is Gotta Be of This Venue for That over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources. The Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not Just

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