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Operation Oust Joe Underway as VP Harris, Gov. Newsom Seek Donors

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Operation Oust Joe Underway as VP Harris, Gov. Newsom Seek Donors

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 19, 2022 12:30 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City. Fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian regularly. Here is the right Billy Joe led you here yesterday and glad your back today with Jenna Col. Allen West. We gotta get his take on with having of the border as well as Gov. Abbott drop in these illegal immigrants often Washington DC.

They say it's against their will.

I highly doubt it will discuss that along with come up in your 60 abysmal departure from Afghanistan still not covering will talk the talk to him about that because of course he served there and take your calls. 1-866-408-7689. So let's get to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's three number three like Texas and Arizona. With the invasion and those governors have decided that we are going to now inflict the consequences of Washington DC's actions on Washington DC right busted wide open. That's what the southern border. That's a story of the southern border and the American people and the surprisingly Hispanic Americans are sickened by it because the master board breach seems intentional 4 million minimum here since Biden left his basement tail will whatever came out of the trip it's been very closely held secret no one can point to anything that was accomplished maybe something laws. What if it was weighing her about right on Middle East miss hard to see what was accomplished in Joe's poured a fist bump tour through the Arab world. Oil is up again and a year from Afghanistan is disastrous to throw a reputation is still in tatters is unpopular.

Democrats don't want to run, so the Democrats are about to go through massive turmoil between 20 and 30 candidates. When Joe Biden does the inevitable and announces he's not going to run for president in 2023.

Operation house.

Joe is underway not led by Republicans but by his own side is present. Biden gets set to declare an emergency are climate emergency tone deaf or just death so I'm not kidding devotees being pushed by the White House of Rhode Island.

Hey even though Joe mansion would vote for any of our climate proposals. When you say you just declare a state of emergency.

I have no idea what he's going to do, but it's not to be good for oil and gas attack to be good for your oil bill is I can be good for the dollars are spending per gallon to put into your gas tank and that's really bio by almost every poll that I see where people care about most. So they're talking about this. This Democratic initiative on environmental agenda that Sen. Kerry now climates are Kerry has been pushing and nobody else is if you see what's happening in Germany she was having in France there going back to nuclear and coal because they don't want to depend on Russia for oil and gas. They don't want to go big Saudi Arabia who can't do much more. They're basically at their limit.

Why would they do anything different and that is why I think Pres. Biden is getting the worst advice possible. He's trying to kiss up to his ultraleft instead trying to it's better for the country or the centerleft. That's what Democrats want, but I believe this is a center right country lieutenant governor when some Sears, who if Gov. Young can gets the nomination will probably governor when some Sears cut to something every time we go to the grocery store or going to the polls.

Every time we buy brand and its expensive because of inflation. Every time we feel like tanks with gas and expensive that I don't think were blaming, we are blaming the person White House because he said before he was elected he was going to get a fossil fuel is your policies that got us here.

Inflation is not as you finally acknowledged and stop fighting us know the truth and paying for it every day you X Labor Secretary Joe man calls to kick Joe mansion out of the Democratic Party in time, the diminutive Robert Reisch he's at his subsite headlines a time for Democrats. Could Joe mansion out his mind. You know, if you could Joe mansion out of the party. You immediately go to the minority. You want to lose every chairmanship in the Senate lose power in the Senate to pass. Absolutely anything even on reconciliation where Joe mansion might agree that's what people realize that's what Chuck Schumer realizes I can't get too mad at him because that should be a Republican, Cedar, West Virginia. Joe matches the only one Democrat that could have that seat allows us to enjoy the majority to pass nominees at a decent clip so the damage this story in politico today. Reality is setting in.

For most dams, they no longer abetting a climate and tax due with Joe mansion West Virginia tease that, but he's not can happen because shouldn't happen and inflation is at 9% for this late hour. There's an 18 month majority. The lion share of them are ready to move on except what they should with a no is feasible, partyline legislation lowering prescription drug causes and healthcare premiums over the next two years, and while Robert rights rights in the Democratic Party in any capacity for disciplining its lawmakers hold them accountable. It would at least revoke mansions chairmanship of the Senate committee on energy and natural resources. Maybe he will leave the Democratic Party go independent decide, not the caucus with them like Angus King did like Bernie Sanders did as was pointed out yesterday on the show they are Democrats not Democrats.

They decide the course with Democrats allowing them to have the majority men we met you in the Middle East trip was last week and he goes to Israel and each walks out with the deal I guess to agree that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon really widening you pressure Israel and I just thought about this lately. It's my bad, to stop coddling Russia because you agree with Rush when it comes to Syria. You must understand that Ukraine and Israel has a lot more common than Russian Israel threatened by its neighbors invaded unjustly have to fight for survival that is Israel written all over it.

Why not Mr. present go after India who is buying Russian oil allowing us to sustain their war machine to keep that fight going on. Neither thing happen to come to Saudi Arabia. He actually gave him credibility when it comes to the crown prince when it comes to the US used Saudi relations which was in jeopardy because it was so tight would trump and you said you going to need to treat them as pariahs. You obviously couldn't do that. So the question is what's been done. Also in the meeting Saudi official said the present never even brought up Khashoggi so what is the deal.

There probably are command whose cousin is Alpine.Bodnar who used to be ambassador to the US since not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia.

Despite facing no criminal charges. So there's an American being held hostage was told to keep keep their voice down, and don't make a big deal of it and will try to get them out. The name was never brought up that name was never brought up by present Biden. So when you talk about achievable. Zvi said I came out with two political prisoners, Americans that would've been something you could say was tangible, that emerge from this, but nothing seemed to emerge from this year's trey Gary cut six.

We were told, and it had to be true because Pres. Obama and awash in both post both follows Joe lives the most experienced person to ever run for president on matters of foreign policy.

Having true because those two people told us that we had a feckless withdrawal in Afghanistan you have Russia occupying a neighboring democracy and you have Iran perhaps with nuclear capability.

What's really sad about what Dr. Biden said is a present United States has to go to his spouse to find an offender other than Joe Biden and Harold Ford had heard too many people turn in your life lately.

They are wanting to run for president and I know is going to drag them down in the listen that there is nothing that he said was accurate if you listen to Trey County show on Sunday using, even though obviously a rhino's conservative Republican. He's given them deference and treat with respect, but there's just nothing there. So for that we can see that would allow anybody to think that they're not moving on for the Democratic Party. That's why a fundraiser in Los Angeles among high donor small affair. Big money had Gerald Polis so-called moderate governor of Colorado. I don't know too much about his record.

But I appreciate his stance when it comes a lot of the covert policies which wasn't left-wing like Gavin Newsom was also there and, Harris's flat out embarrassing embarrassing to be a sitting president that people maneuver behind you think about this how installed he was of her Gavin Newsom to go to the White House while you are in the Middle East and go into what seemed to be the West Wing, not even wearing a jacket as if you lived there.

It was bizarre and yet he does a bunch interview saying I'm not dreaming about running. What else do I have to say look I see the call phone calls right there already. 1-866-408-7669. So take your calls at this moment or if you want to write Brian to list of the brain to meet your dumb move learning something new every day, Brian kill ratio, precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is not or wherever you get your podcast Fox news podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been dominant podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show.

Probably a year ago, I introduced a bill with Sen. Christensen about border state senator, Democrat and Democrat Henry Cuellar and Republican in the house call the border state bipartisan border solutions act thinking that if things got too bad the Biden administration might reach out intro take a lifeline and begin that conversation. Unfortunately, it's been nothing but crickets and wishing 3 million border encounters just since the Biden administration came in office last year alone hundred and 8000 Americans died of drug overdoses. Those drugs primarily coming across the southern border and at some point you have to just reach the sad conclusion that they don't care they care more about trying to keep their political base. Happy and they just talked about our data center John Kunin in Texas and he's the one who came together on the gun reform. A lot of people Texas not happy.

That's okay when it comes to the borders extremely strong to about two hours for that gun legislation reform special because it had the juvenile records of the would be suspects of people that are unhinged turn 18 and they have a clean record.

They get it.

Like the Buffalo shooter they get it. Like you file the shooter and no one would take to the background, found nothing, let alone everyone knew if they really checked to the juvenile before he turned 18. He was a problem but I you saying you gotta be tough in the border. There's no other conclusion you could have is that is intentional or the fact is a Job. I would even go to the border.

So what they're doing is Mariel Bowser still is getting a complaining about is Gov. Abbott is put illegal immigrants into luxury buses with air conditioning and dropped off to Washington DC and Bowser's all upset by it and says they are being tricked and someone writes me David ABA Adams writes me and says that about the DC Mayor.

What about the administrations midnight flights from Florida to New York in Westchester County. Yeah.

Are they being tricked know they have no choice. They just get on the get dropped off clean clothes they get into the school system have a sponsor family and they hit the ground running right all at our expense.


Let's go out to Sherman listing on Fox and watching on Fox nation. Sherman, good morning. Well, I will not get tardy or not Biden and want to take all the credit for this fuel price drop, you got $0.18 of the federal sector just recently taken off and I drive a school bus. I checked online � tell me school buses are running nationwide. There's about 500,000.

They average about 10 gallons per day. You dictate that all during the summer. That's a lot of fuel but is not being demanded. Right now, all right that is very good point Ellen school bus.

Do you guys have trouble finding drivers to nationwide that it's all over and it can't go out now or someone right off the street behind the school bus that maybe you can be taken drug. You can have bad motor vehicle any charges or significant charges on your drivers anything you don't obviously got to clean record to do what you do and the responsibilities you have. I really give you a great credit for but that's actually true because you can charge more for to pick up the kids.

You only have a certain amount of tax dollars to put for buses and transportation as well as books and paying for the teachers and everything else goes along with it. So something is going to suffer as prices go up and we're focusing on trucks. We should also focus on buses to thank you for that and how it read how the ripple effects actually affects everybody down the line including the school systems ever mention about Mayor Muriel Bowser and Washington DC.

Here she is talking about with these migrants, illegal immigrants that are put into Washington cut 15 very significant issue. We have partial or called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses Wheatley think they're largely asylum-seekers were going to final destinations that are not Washington DC. I worked on with the White House to make sure that FEMA provided a grant to a local organization that is providing services to folks, but I fear that they're paying a high tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States of America. But why are there final destinations replaces over 50 of the united states of America for not applying a consulates filling out forms and getting approved they get here they flood the zone. The word is is only 30% of the border patrol actually on the board of the other 70% are processing the people that the mayor is talking about is if they were expecting that we sent an invite. We begged him to come from Guatemala. It's not the case. Cut 16 just local taxpayers picking up the tab piercing the federal government is helping well.

Local taxpayers are not picking up the tab and should not pick up the tab and we really need a coordinated federal response. We know that it's time for refugees who come to the states from all points of the world and the same has to be on time in the situation right it is pandemic money.

That's another one of the stories pandemic money so real quick this the person is ultimately fails the border epically.

When Williams went by Barack Obama hit a different philosophy right will be more pervasive, permissive without title 42 he was known as the deport or achieve this, you have a good excuse. He was sending you out for the most part still doing those midnight flights.

I get it, but for sending you out member the kids in cages. Will those kids were separated for the general population and they told outright. They said you put kids in cages. It was Barack Obama.

You don't see any of that because no more. The cameras aren't allowed, and present binds letting everybody in, so now more kids without parents are coming to the border because now's the time they feel eventually they'll send for the parents so the Washington Post is seated everything that's going on sees the president's real clear average of 38% approval rating sees how inept he is on the international stage sees it was able to get anything done a politically and they rank the top 10 candidates for 2024 that at least they put number one to his people to judge threes, Harris pours clover tour five is Warren 60s Sanders seven is Newsom. Witmer is eight Cooper is nine and AOC is 10. I think Jared Polis should probably be on that list. I know how much charisma he has, but he certainly not a radical Republican to me. Radical Democrat, I should say to me the most interesting candidate would be Joe mansion if you put him forward. I'm wondering if a moderate wanted last time who is failing miserably on the stage to the point where people are even calling them in the debates. Why would you not pick a moderate center-right Democrat to represent you if you wanted to keep that White House that I know. I guess Jared Joe mentions in the 70s right now so I'm not sure that he would not want to do this. I think he's got plenty of money and much too sure that you really actually need to do this but I think you have to be somebody that you consider the crazy thing is there also looking to Gov. Pritzker of Illinois, is there anymore failed state in Illinois.

The guy gets booed wherever he goes. He is did not earn anything that he has he been inherited almost all that money.

Gov. Newsom same thing on this guy who blew up San Francisco. Then he runs for governor. He does that becomes governor and tell me one go by what calculus the state is better off with Gov. Newsom homeless is through the roof taxes through the roof people leaving the most picturesque stately office. Most diverse opportunities may be any of the union and now they gonna stop allowing the building of new gas stations really Lieut. Col. Allen West will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen to proxies by just Fox news podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite podcast radio show like no other than Chinese are buying up America. They are buying up huge tracts of land with Joe by the way it happened to be keep farming tracks, but also near our military bases there buying up our food supply by chicken, pork, other producers, and there buying up our technology if they can't steal it. Then they come in and they and they buy and what are they doing with all of it there. Creating dependencies on them and their handing the technology over there military as they have the most rapid military buildup in modern history, Michael Wolf doesn't have to be reminded of the threat of China in every way shape or form, and the ones in our border, and now we let up a lot of those China restrictions and I think the presence being pressured to relieve China of the tariffs. Why will they said were it would reduce our deficit and reduce inflation will be test the American people abated if it's causing strife and anger in China think that's good enough for me and she we allow them to buy these tracts of land right outside Air Force military base in North Dakota was really Lieut. Col. Allen West on that.

Welcome Col. Brian are you today good I talked to Sen. Kramer about this. About an hour ago on Fox and friends. This is how I'm working with. Some believe Democrats we have to stop this. What would he waiting for you because this is already happening here in Texas will you have a former officer in the People's liberation Army of China is brought in a huge tract of land right next to Laughlin Air Force Base which open other ways. Del Rio Texas will we already have a border issue, but what do we do it Laughlin Air Force Base us what we train our next-generation policy of the United States Air Force.

So why did you need to have. You know the Chinese bind up a large tract of land and talking about no pudding utilities 500 foot tall wind turbines there which, of course, if you put up a 500 foot tall wind turbine what type of ill surveillance apparatus can be on those turbines. So when you look at what China is doing in the United States of America is stoutly treasonous is treasonous that we have people that allow this to happen, North Korea or Iran in Russia got me in the same build up try to work something to the house now. Believe it or not it would ban them from owning tracts of land in America. Why would that not be the case. Let's see, Allen Col., let's get some money together and I understand this infernal land right outside Chinese airbase.

So let's go to China and invest in that land.

How successful you think would be able think the idea would be able to launch so keep it shut down because there are certain people that believe in their authority, for whatever reason, we have people here in America do not believe in our sovereignty and I think it starts there in the Oval Office with the president that without a doubt he's been compromised when it comes to dealing with the Chinese Communist Party's Middle East peace trip is for stop his four day tour on a bit of a grading scale of 8F it was announced on the what do we gain for that lead.

I didn't see anything that was positive, especially when you go hat in hand to Saudi Arabia when we were energy independent 18 months ago and now you're back it down to release the spigots and what the installments it was going to take this up with OPEC plus and who is the plus and OPEC best Russia. So the last thing we need to do is have them deciding our energy security, which is exactly what the court right. I think these Norway in his insights gives me Sweden's unfailing was passed in the house something to be getting verification into growing NATO so that'll be that'll be a positive besides that, I would. I would like to see the present United States actually get something done. For example, he had India. There Annie has Israel will have in common. Both are helping sustain Russia by keeping relations going and buying. There are buying their oil and gas what you don't want Israel.

You understand what it's like to be threatened unjustly by a neighbor who just wants to obliterate you. You should be forced to publicly defend your alliance with Russia thing is that when you have a bind administration is head over heels going back toward the Iranian nuclear agreement which people up there on Capitol Hill know nothing about the details or what have you found alliteration the billions of dollars. They want to give to Rolando number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism will guess what you forcing people to go look for different types of relationships because they don't see you in the position of the power they go see your position. Mr. right now I want to hear Mayor Bowser said about Gov. Abbott's push to put illegals on buses and drop them in Washington cut 15 this is a very significant issue. We for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses Wheatley think they're largely asylum-seekers were going to final destinations that are not Washington DC. I worked with the White House to make sure that FEMA provided a grant to a local organization that is providing services to folks, but I fear that they're paying a high tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States of America has a brother.

Probably why is their final destination place all across America. They're here illegally you think Gov. Abbott's tricking them know you look at the order they are voluntarily getting on buses but bottom line, they should be put back across the border into Mexico with a capo, but the hypocrisy here is very rich because Mayor Bowser is not complained about Joe Biden and the fact that they are putting people on buses and planes and flying them all over the United States of America. Furthermore, I thought that the folks on the progressive socialist left. They like sanctuary cities. They like saying that were not going to cooperate with the ice, or anyone else. And guess what, that's what Mayor Bowser said that there in BC they would not cooperate with ice when it came to illegal immigrants and many other mayors of these left cities where you see them declare that there sanctuary city, which is a violation of the Constitution. Also, because they're harboring people that are here. Legal work within six points of Gov. Abbott.

How could that be this guy who want to take what was on top of the wall down is pretending he doesn't want to other Texas been duped. Well, I think one of the things you look at again. Brian is the influx of people that have come in here from California. Many of them are escaping California. There good stroke service but you also, when you go out you bring of these corporations and businesses like meta and you look around Austin Texas.

You look here in Dallas where I live in Dallas County. You have a large progressive leftist population, but the end result is Texas in West Texas will end up putting greater capital over the finish line. But again I think Gov. Abbott needs to be a little bit stronger. Everyone looks at Rhonda Santos is the gold standard. Right now you look at the Arizona school choice legislation that was just found in the law by coproducing their that's something that the Republican Party of Texas has been pushing towards the legislative part quite some time. School choice, yet were not getting any response reaction from the governor or the Republicans that are in charge of our house and Senate.

So I think that that is kind of deflating the enthusiasm of the base, but in the end, Robert Francis O'Rourke will not be the government text so right now, some people should know the money that's given to a child they never get it directly but is separated for a child to go to public school can now be taking to go to private school so that $7000.

You take that 7000 on the prior public school if you want we could decide to take the Catholic school were charter school if you one is out you talk about the Supreme Court free up states to make that decision. Yeah, absolutely.

So when you saw that with that decision remain and the fact that now what they're trying to do in Maine is there saying that the government their state should now dictate to these private schools or charter schools. Whatever exactly what should be happening course that goes along the cultural marks of the critical race theory of gender studies. All this time. But that's not what they are, have an Arizona mean those entities can still be independent and instruct the kids but parents are fleeing away from these public schools right now that are going in the wrong direction. Math is racist.

They don't teach about science and not preparing our kids to be critical thinkers, but they know everything about critical race theory and how they don't have to be a little boy all a little girl and so homeschooling is absolutely exploding. The state of Texas so education is a critical issue as we go into this midterm cycle and also will be in the presidential election cycle, so the United Nations asked Harry Prince Harry to give a dedication on Nelson Mandela day, and here is Prince Harry, I guess he's an American now cut 29 born Ukraine to the building block of constitutional rights here in the United States we are witnessing a global muscles on democracy and freedom. The course of Montana's life was a painful year in a painful decade climate change reaching havoc on our planet with the most vulnerable suffering.

Most of the few rising lies and disinformation the expense of the many so will. Who is he to say that the markers be eroded here at home is delusional and deranged because when I think about the people that pervaded the purveyors of undermining our constitutional rights if the left is this good progressive socialist markets where we will call and I would just like to you know get young Harry to pay attention to what's happening in Sri Lanka where they embraced the no global warming climate change, environmental, social, governance, theories, and they have an economic collapse and so look at what's happening in the Netherlands, where they're trying to push this climate change in and look at how the farmers are coming out and even here in Texas where we are being warned about, you know, turning our our energy usage because we put an overreliance at wind and solar plumbing. We almost froze to death. Back last year in the winter and now we're finding that were sweating to death because the wind turbines are turning. So again, these people don't live in the area of reality. By the way, the presence going to declare a climate emergency. As soon as this week is not working today is got no public events. He's going declare conference he assumed this week who could be ready to hit us from the executive from executive order seizing well again we have to be. You don't wary that we are not a constitutional monarchy.

You don't live under each order semantics of the creek and this is just an opportunity for the shift.

The merit from this failing presidency.

We have not .1% consumer and 11.3% producer rates of inflation we we don't have our energy independence. So now what they want to try to do is try to make, change the issue going into the midterm elections just at times he came out with his executive order on abortion which he does not have the right to bear to do that.

Supreme Court always said that's a decision that goes back to the state so there flailing right now. The Democrat party they're looking for something that they can use as a lifeline to help them going to the ballot box.

But Davis affected American people everyday. Brian food prices, energy prices, the fact, like a said that the degree new deal is failing us like us are here in Texas were were on our own grid system. Those of the thinking of going to America include educating their children all right, Wes. Thanks so much seasonality of the American constitutional right. You need executive director.

Thanks, Col. Butler, the goblet you got 1-866-408-7669 will come back because just small meals in the brain to meet you the fastest growing talkshow in America. Your the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me because when the gas prices go up every season.

Look, I think that the noble way. Thinking here on the president has reacted from the beginning, talking about how this was such an important priority.

He then presided over the largest historical release of all barrels of oil from the strategic reserve hundred and 80 million barrels. Then he talked to Global Partners to get them to kick in another 60 million.

So here is whether coming down very much disagree with that framing. I think what's happening here. The president was working tirelessly to address the largest constraint. Probably the toughest constraint facing American households right now.

Listen as Jared Bernstein deftly tried as a White House economic advisor everyone should be fired there because he give the wrong information if they know the right information and they give it wrong there line and if they think they have a right to just flat out wrong. I don't know what's worse, I guess was saying you just wrong as opposed to line but you have a situation where they're trying to pass Bill back better.

It would be another 4 trillion stringer economy filled with all types of levers and fines for those people trying to develop fossil fuels which, in the short term are the only answer to 80% of all fuel that we use in our contracting. Perhaps even more now. So now you have a situation with the oil and gas companies give you 10 simple things to work on to make it enable them to be able to drill more and refine more and they've done nothing except for blame gas station owner zero gas company for making too much profit making too much profit because the price per oil per barrel of oil is gone up and you've not enabled them to start drilling in an effective and financially feasible way and now when price drops you say is because the president took some bold initiative by emptying our strategic oil reserve. How many people out there would have specific, this was a good idea if you knew was going into the world oil pool as opposed to in our country. This is in case of emergency was letting out a million barrels a day. Is this going to be healthy, long-term for a country.

I think it's terrible idea, but is true.

Gas is now 460 instead of I guess 510 around the country someplace a little less. Most places more.

Here's Kelly and Conway on what's going on behind the scenes because the presence got a terrible staff because he's given inaccurate information, foreign and domestic.

There are people moving behind-the-scenes out the president in his own party in his second year in office, let alone him going for another four cut three export baptism*record onto the country, lock their weakness and because apparently she's reaching out to guarantors as well. The White House functions like a living facility no longer funny America we deserve a present commander-in-chief command of English language, and commanded the stats keep pointing to the air, looking for his chair and said he is a bright, if you can't find your seat at the table deserve to have one. She's got a way to rephrase Jillian Conway on last night Ari Fleischer on where this country is going and how they turning from the president who suddenly people realizing his old cut for life trying to govern from the left Larry up to Bernie Sanders and running on the progressive and governing a progressive woke basis and is not good enough that because the country is not within the countries turned against him, but I think what's going to happen here. Sean is after the election. After the Democrats lose the house probably lose the Senate.

The Democrats no way are they going to turn to 80-year-old man, and say you're our leader going into the future is unpopular. The Democrats don't want to run, so the Democrats are about to go through massive turmoil between 20 and 30 candidates. When Joe Biden does the inevitable and announces he's not going to run for president in 2023 will see. I remember just starting Roosevelt now because of project I'm working on Teddy and left a �10 bill wins. You know he takes over for McKinley and finishes off three and 3 1/2 years and then he runs and wins running away and immediately says Washington didn't serve more than two terms so I will need and it was the biggest mistake because you look at that president as vibrant as Teddy Roosevelt was in his 50s and say he's a lame-duck a try to reverse that labor and try to get the presidency back. He couldn't and that's why present buying.

I'm sure he does know that history.

I'm sure he knows the minute he says I'm done that he'll be in visible my New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian to kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy of the brain to Michelle 1-866-408-7669 this return by Newt Gingrich as a matter of moments's book is that it's great. It's called the government socialism saving America's future and come home and at the bottom of the I will finish up with simulcast and FBN Stuart party not in Ashley is in Ashley Webster is in posting for Stuart so I come to you from 40th and six in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three like Texas and Arizona.

With the invasion and decided we are going to now inflict the consequences of Washington DC's actions on Washington DC. That is, of course, Monica Crowley busted wide open at the story of our southern border. The American people and surprisingly, Hispanic Americans are sickened by it because the massive border breach seems intentional 4 million minimum here since Biden left his basement for whatever came out of the trip it's been very closely held secret no one can point to anything that was accomplished maybe something laws. What if it was weighing her about Trey Cafferty waited in the Middle East, miss hard to see what was accomplished on Joe's for day fist pump tour through the Arab world. Oil was up again in a year from Afghanistan's disaster through growth or reputation is still down is unpopular.

Democrats don't want to run, so the Democrats are about to go through massive turmoil between 20 and 30 candidates. When Joe Biden does inevitable and announces he's not going to run for president in 2023.

Ari Fleischer's always believe that operation oust Joe is underway not led by Republicans but by his own side is present. Biden get set to declare an emergency.

Acclimate emergency tone deaf or just death whispering in Newt Gingrich Newt is pumped up today because he is alive signing a chance to interact with the public abroad live

So be part of that. That'll be at 5 o'clock Eastern time on Mr. Spiegel, welcome back to be with you your work ethic and you is your commitment to ideas yellow thanks Evan you are the ultimate idea guy especially when you're running for president, and then even when you are speaker the house, so first off is Ari Fleischer wrong everybody that everybody would actually know including Joe, that is not running again because I don't really believe that. I think he still thinks he's running again personal given his current cognitive conclusion. How would you know second year. The present edition in the lineup she got Air Force One you want you as a cavalcade, and also to the why would you think you give it up. We went to last time we had a president voluntarily. So I do. It was Lyndon Johnson and that's because the Tet Offensive that occurred and he will and he couldn't get reelected.

Harry Truman decided before him, but Harry Truman was the most unpopular incumbent president that we had a very long time. So I just think you have to recognize that you have hearers guy who spent his whole life wanting to become president finally got there turned out to be pretty incompetent, has all the wrong policy values is running a disaster and nonetheless has all the tools the presidency you only going to spend trillions of dollars.

You have a lot of assets to try to stay in power so interesting in your book you talk about this how the tone and tenor in Washington is so different you afforded you for the house for since you are no longer speaker ever since you left and you will coax to good to go down there and you got the sense that everything changed so dramatically.

It is so polarized and even though you respected Nancy Pelosi is assembled. This power I don't think you respect what she's done with it in terms of how it benefits the country will respect technically that she has a very narrow majority, and she is wielded like a collection of robots, but I think that she has turned the house into a dictatorship.

I think it is terrible way to legislate produces very bad bills have not had public dialogue have not had public hearing should not really analyzed and amended and improved is the opposite of a good legislative process and literally testifying from the House Budget Committee tomorrow to make the point that you know the federal government has been the largest abuse of children in recent years. You look at the damage of government policies of me in terms of isolating kids, leading to depression.

The degree to which the government failed to protect them from drugs. Just about the last Democrats don't seem to learn anything that you want to have more government with more bureaucracy with more union members taking away more taxpayer money and by the way they were right of bill which is anti-religious doesn't allow any of them wanted to go to religious institutions and the crippled parents choice is exactly the opposite of good public policy so interesting is I think it's a game changer. It's with all these big decisions by the Supreme Court know which would focus on what Arizona got Arizona's beginning to exercise their ability to allow kids and families to be able to take the money afforded them to go to public school and take it elsewhere if they choose. This is Titanic. Don't you think Mr. speaker something to the podcast with the former Secretary of Education go to the top of the great term she talks about education freedom more than just school choice but homeschooling apprenticeships, online learning, you, you should have the freedom to learn and not be trapped by unionized bureaucracy not be trapped by some set of rules and not be forced to go to brainwashing by left-wing ideologues and I think what you're seeing is a country that is really finally cut up and is moving to change things pretty dramatically and I would say that the what were sitting up in Arizona, which would give Gov. Ducey a lot of credit very successful program and I think that it is actually really move the ball in the right direction. By the way, have to give Jeb Bush a lot of credit years and years ago.

He was Gov. Jeb Bush really pioneered developing educational choice of the Big Way in Florida today ranks third in education among all the states of the country so that the long investment has paid off. I just wish she'd find a way they were sent away to pay teachers more. I mean, they just aren't paying them enough to get the quality in their in Florida that reflects their population growth. So I hope to make that adjustment.

I know Gov. DeSantis talked about that. So one thing is pretty clear the present United States.

If Bran is exposing moderates from the from the few times we saw him run publicly, we would separate himself from Bernie Sanders but for some reason he did tease himself to the squad.

As if that's the majority of Democrats. I would think a fight with Charlie hurt Charlie hurt does not believe Democrats are gone way left if they haven't and they don't speak up. I assume they have in the present United States now will declare a climate emergency. As soon as this week at the urging of Sen. Whitehouse and declare through a series of executive orders different actions for the climate at a time in which all of our oil and gas prices in fossil fuel prices to fuel this country is going up how tone deaf is that Mr. speaker on the left is a real commitment to punishing the American people into doing the right they believe in this, they believe in high gasoline prices. They believe making life very difficult like you live in a small apartment near the bus or on mass transit not have a car have a limited future has a lot of government to take care of you may not. That's the worldview and the they are fully prepared to punishing its Vista mode you can't think of these people is normal traditional politicians of the American tradition. These people are we'll ideologues are much closer to the Bolshevik tradition of Russia and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to force you to do what they want you to do.

I think you could see you nicely split back me up on this at center mansion does not agree with that and he does not agree with his party and because of that, Robert Rice, who I know you know was in the Clinton Administration. He says time for the Democrats to kick Joe mansion at the party if that party had any capacity for disciplining lawmakers to hold him accountable. He tweets out. It would at least revoke mansions chairmanship of the Senate committee on energy and natural resources and kick him out how how ridiculous is that you kick him out. You lose the majority now you have to assume that these people are not very smart. They can't play chess. They can't even play tic-tac-toe so they don't think about you mansion mansion will replace Phyllis rigidity be replaced by Republic yes and Republican would caucus with McConnell. Republicans would then control what about any judgeship got filled in ambassadorship, any federal government people to understand how much mansion is actually been helpful to the left just by the act of caucusing is a Democrat and that's it. That's that would all change the course mansion accurately represents West Virginia's terms, but states deeply, deeply opposed to the Biden energy policies and is very patriotic Americans in which we state that is a huge number of veterans and I think what is look at a presentation goes to Saudi Arabia instead of going to Texas or he goes wants to associate with Iran. Instead of going to Pennsylvania this is something you can't understand some talking with Newt Gingrich's book is doing quite well by the way is the skull defeating the government socialism saving America's future.

So I did as I worked out a deal for my books at Barnes & Noble in Bayshore so I'm able to go right by my house and sign them so people I signed up around the country get a personalized when I first walked in. They say Brian I had to tell you Newt Gingrich's book is doing great here. I mean if you found very receptive audience for your book.

You very successful offer but I went on on them is on and there like short guides to my book and select your citizen and you like to know what notes thinking we don't read the whole book your pickup.

This 20 page guide I've never seen anything like it in my life. I never heard of that. That's kind of weird that we've done very well.

I think that will easily double total very quickly. I think what's happened is what we had a magic moment when Americans looked up and said that's it. I've had enough and as a result there's a real hunger for an explanation of what's going on and what we can do about it. In the course. The reason I wrote defeating big government. Socialism is remembered that Margaret Thatcher when she became leader of the opposition in 1975.

She set out to destroy socialism when she has beaded in the ship.

It was immoral was wrong. It didn't work and she is such a great job of destroying the moral basis of Socialism in Britain 40 years, no left-wing label member has become a prime minister.

You had to be a moderate, almost a Thatcherite in order to win and I think with the same moment. This isn't just about Joe Biden being cognitively whacked is not about Kemal Harris on left.

These are people who collectively believe in policies that are crazy. I've been running ideological.

Some of the stuff they advocate is not insane yourself, how can an American president, Elise a million barrels of oil from our national reserve and send it to a Chinese company who tries to hundred Biden can have the Washington Post times not notice these things are just crazy corrupt left-wing radical tradition which is family. Let us be clear about this. This is a failure like my concern and the reason I wrote defeating the government.

Socialism is I don't want to stress to their personality.

I want people to understand these folks are failing because of very belief system does not work cannot work and has to be placed yeah you go you date back to FDR when things we were in the middle of the depression on the cusp of the war and was time for social spending to bring us out of it.

We never came when he started with that we never really reversed it.

Some of the programs went away, but not the thought process in government. She's grown. You also point out the local government used to spend more than state government and state government used to pay more than federal government and that all changed dramatically, but I want to bring you to just the exes and knows as much as you might think you have better ideas and you might have a better direction for the country to be more patriotic. You have to have the right tactics and strategy. Do you believe for Republicans to be successful the midterms.

It would help or hurt for present trump to declare his candidacy before or after what would help more hurts. I think it's a mistake to announce before the election right now. The key to the selection is to really be great selection choices really big, and to try people like Mike Warnock and Kelly directly to Biden and directly the 9% inflation gasoline at the highest price. Historically, and all the other things we know nothing, anything which distraction that is wrong and I think the president trump to announce before the election is just plain and I hope he doesn't do it.

I told him that myself really do hope he doesn't know it's a mistake and would you tell you to telnet to and you think you listen know they always just a day right to sleep quicker, I'm a very straight guy. I say on your radio show was sale on Fox and friends. I said exactly what is most effectively communicate and I think we have a chance to impact a distribution newsletter again which he succeeded three free newsletters a week in the next newsletter on the concept of big races.

We can arrange these rations to the big level.

This is a big choice a lot were going to win almost everywhere have a crushing defeat of the Democratic Party and the Senate as well as the house we want a small rate selection which down the personalities of baloney. Then we could we could fail to what I kiss each new congratulation of the book. While judge when one is life signing today at 5 o'clock live Newt Gingrich up the conflict defeating the government socialism. Thanks, new thanks you got it back because a moment. Brian tell me chuckle your knowledge base.

Brian tell me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about it until made cyber chance to go on stage and love doing regular TV is nothing better than being on stage and I have four events planned of dummies about 12 times in the past might've seen some on Fox nation have four events planned and hope everyone can join me WABC WRC and listeners New Jersey performing arts Center August 27 square Brian kill have a chance to red white and blue. Talk about history. Talk about Fox also radio Albany New York September 8 the following week at the egg in Albany, New York. I think you gonna love it.

Prison freedom fighter will be out in Mississippi in November 12 the Mississippi when I'm in Brandon, Mississippi at City Hall live so please join me there. I rarely get to Mississippi.

I want to see everybody in person the T fear is huge and is a huge theater. I understand the Cox convention Center in Tulsa, K RMG listeners hope to see everybody in person and even the staff and his PIP opportunities while get a chance to talk to before the show. It is fun. It is patriotic and it's newsy and it's really every stage show is different than any other.

Hope to see all person the right tell is more the description we come back, come home radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show. Probably a year ago I finished the bill with Sen. Christensen about border State Sen. Democratic Democrat Henry Cuellar Republican in the house called the border state bipartisan border solutions act thinking that if things got too bad the Biden ministration might reach out and try to take a lifeline and begin that conversation.

Unfortunately, it's been nothing but crickets and wishing 3 million border encounters just since the Biden administration came in office last year alone hundred and 8000 Americans died of drug overdoses. Those drugs primarily coming across the southern border and at some point you have to just reach the sad conclusion that they don't care they care more about trying to keep their political base. Happy and I think the sin according gave more room for just about anybody else. Even though he's affected, arguably the most in Texas.

Tom Homan knew right away there was a problem because wasn't a bad approach. It was no approach.

He's retired acting ice Rector Heritage foundation, a visiting fellow and he's a Fox News contributor Tom welcome back Tom, first off center corning that mean he's a very deliberative guy former judge. He's not a firebrand bees 100% right is me and I'll try to get something done, the controllable, but they don't want border control. Brian, you know that that would rate you can't point to a single thing they have done slow the flow. Everything they have done some more resources of the border to process people quicker and really some faster.

You're more concerned with the optics of the crisis. I don't want overcrowded, they don't want what Fox News did have the 15,000 patient on the bridge that they put up their football efforts in (overcrowded quickly of the document. Be a crisis could change their mind. What should change your mind is the issue of national security threat ministration has arrested three people in church watch and left the boat show actually. The scary thing yet almost $900,000 right there on camera trapping drone traffic traffic that Bulger can't respond to 161 different countries try to respond to terrorist.

If you don't think that a single one of $900 structured really going Galloway came on the structures that sponsor terrorism or simply ignore the data model for the trouble.

Days go this alone. If the secretary doesn't take immediate action that that alone should call for impeachment because she know you think that we note that she feared he knows the chance of someone something that was like a church across the border huge because after 9/11, brightly great all the database no-fly the tier 3 training database to create database security program weekly.

All the database to make sure that no Turkish United States like a good on my left shoulder early screening databases will no-fly the work that breach of security program regularly provided thousands of people from derogatory information from get visa come this country. However, those databases are meaningless because what terrorist now is something the position to be better be run through all the dirt, database, and have his fingerprints run out all biographical impression right to be uncovered simply go to Mexico and across the board like 900,000 and not be arrested. If you want take a huge Internet for that some for the Democrats the right Problem.

I just don't see why is there advantage at all, especially if they see the charts were seen at the American Hispanic citizens Hispanic American citizens don't want this was a different feeling in Boone Mitt Romney lost. They did an autopsy in the Republican Party. They said dies easy with the harsh rhetoric when it comes to the border. The Hispanic community takes is if your anti-Hispanic will trump turn that on its head, and now it's basically core belief that it's an insult to think because you Hispanic you for legal immigration ideology particular button on the one that a multimodal work there. Other policies are are not proper American people. But here's what they're thinking very secular look very pretty.

Therefore see a future clinical benefit millions of people in the country. Couple things number 1 millions of people are mostly being French or city that would also like your return to trump Israel with me and my people will become the next all the things were across the country, which is a result Marcy can help. They really think the only perpetual call they really think there are important Democratic voters like you, I think most will will not bow that way but no other reason on securing the border of the future clinical benefit. There is no downtime to secure the board but what they fail to recognize your diver Joe Biden first year and year of my career nearly 800 might have diver US died on your short word about we are 100,000 Americans die from drug overdose with 95% affect outcomes across the Southwest border don't bite people much more than three trust policies are inhumane when trumpet immigration for your low immigration is that 83% down probably people didn't die across the border company when we didn't get such assaultive company Americans die drug overdoses. We have a secure border present trust policies by apologies are killing not only migrants but Americans come home and I guess 4 million. The estimated come in under Biden including 800,000 got a ways were encountered so far this year than any full year October to October in history and obviously have to tell you you is not done 207,000 came in June, slightly below what may was the act like that's a victory that I've talked to Detroit just on the board not like dollar all people need to understand left encounters a correctable seven talking about $20,270 encounters is not a victory that extort numbers that much prepared for June and over 20 years but 207,000 is not a victory could left encounters simply means more cattle raised the border patrol so tied up in the details are strong, doctors, or the money crunch. It just made more got away and knows that it really got away numbers so the border hasn't decreased all the numbers continue to climb. Secretary minorities like you think you failed every month by the secretary massive failure.

I met with over 200 Republican GOP congressmen up on the hill about two months ago and I told him if you don't teach my look like they want you lost that you lost respect American people.

This man has great the most insecure nation I've never let the secretary home and insecure this country less safe under his command just like� Not because just the illegal immigration in the crime and the cold, good on talk about national security risk which I've never seen in my career I marched concerned about the safety and security district right now that ever happened throughout my career. Yeah it's it's unbelievable, especially with that with the Mets and the good drugs that are out there pouring through so the governor added of Texas was doing something I'm not sure got invites attention to recently and he's shipping kingdom he's letting him illegal immigrants get on buses and be dropped in Washington DC Mayor Bowser said this about a cut.

15 this is a very significant issue with store called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses Wheatley think they're largely asylum-seekers were going to final destinations that are not Washington DC. I worked on with the White House to make sure that FEMA provided a grant to a local organization that is providing services to folks, but I fear that they're paying a high tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States of America that she have a reason to fear that they could get destinations across America, but they might be stuck in DC we think about the mayor of DC's reaction very smart people are important but about forgot about it. It's insulting that she doesn't want to fix the problem then?

What White House Job Oklahoma White House draft secure the border. Detective may ship the box that will solve the problem, and second of all, she brought the French were city choking on the Pocket PC and wasted a few protected they can even get to DC commit a crime against your service and get locked up in the local jail think it really is back in the community reoffend because she support sanctuary cities trees are welcoming for the children will go to Washington anyways so the governor and I think you're great. Can you put this on a national scale. Let's give DC a locate what they been dealing with in Texas and Arizona, California, you get the acute treatment but you just all cheat sheet off the reservation if you want a picture immigration problem.

That's why also secure the border.

That's it. That's what you that's what were supposed to do confirmation work by elected officials. Number one responsibility to protect the country. That's what her first priority should be right. And of course they have just totally ignored it instead of bad policy. We just have no policy. That's was so maddening come home and thanks so much, will stay on it.

You got like you got it.

1-866-408-7669 I went to a simulcast of Devonian company and then at the end of the segment appear to squeeze in a few calls to be first. Now the Brian until Michaux joins FOXBusiness's Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian until made.

They want to back everybody simulcast Nepean fast-growing and Ashley Webster's get to your calls when he take 64087669, so that'll be great and would look forward to your input.

There also special thanks to Tom Homan for joining us in the Newt Gingrich prior that all talk about things that matter most in this country.

The other thing we just talk about it just pretty amazing year and 1/2 in a replacement for the current Democratic president from other Democrats and people pointing out the problem and complexities with the truck with the Biden family as if they're coming up with her for the first time we've been on this from day one, which made everybody think I'm a member with Jason today. Chris was playing Joe Biden and Jason today is just mock the fact that he forgot everything was oblivious blitz listening to Ashley Webster, let him introduce me to okay Brian, good morning to you and we just got this using the District Attorney's Office dismissing charges. Nowadays, Lee Holland, bodega worker Jos� Albaugh which I think that's the right thing to do.

Do you think public pressure finally got to the DA. I hope so. And by the way governor Hogle probably said I'm going for four more years you really embarrassing me. If you hold this line because American people New York I could speak for you and for me are fed up with crime being out of control, and finally this bodega worker who was about to become a victim of crime decided I've had enough. I'm in a try to walk away.

They would let him. I went to try to get away indeed de-escalate they would let them audio was up on the camera. And you heard all that and then we had no choice was him or the or the career criminal. He got a box cutter, have them. The guy dies and the girlfriend. I hope these charts.

In case you don't remember out there girlfriend was stabbing him in the arm because she had no money on our EBT card and he said I can't give you any food because you have no money. That's the way it works in America and then she said I'm there to greet my boyfriend and that started this whole thing. She should be charged for starting this whole thing. It should be charge for stabbing a guy yeah and find out the CCTV because we probably would've gotten a whole different story on this very quickly as the New York man getting a handle on crime.

He still talks a good game, he's all over the city at a crime scene but is he really grasping it. Is he making headway. Do you think Brian will he's making headway on murder from 973 2903 fantastic and shootings are down, guns, or of the street. Any claims, but he had a unit there was the anti-crime unit was actually undercover. Not wearing windbreakers. It's a basically anti-crime unit on the back might be more effective. Number 234% crime is up. Overall you see the front page of the New York Post. If you have a right I could dissolve it in. You have grand larceny through the roof you add Grand Theft Auto through the roof. Your burglary rapes up 11%. So far it's not happening and he's having a heckuva time recruiting officers he needs but he needs are met.

Rank needs to pay them more and start watching their back and make sure qualified immunity for the course because you have some Democrat get in there and get rid of it. Meeting some officer to get sued because they would be suspect, or criminal decides they want to sue no one's going to do that job or write to effectively.

I want to move on to the administration of the White House just cannot seem to explain Brian.

The point of the Pres. Biden's recent trip to the Middle East. Listen to this on get your thoughts. So will John. But again we have seen gas prices go down in the past 34 Street for first of all we have to look at the how we think about the war that Russia has taken on in Ukraine. You know what Brian the context really explain what the whole point of the trip laws when gas prices are going up. They blame now they coming down and then taking the credit. It is a absolute mishmash of mixed messages, let alone the messaging with the fist bump. We know that people want to focus on that. She's turned her secretary she can spin a way out of anythingan ideologue.

You watch her another channels you know I how vicious she was against president from having said that, that's not disqualifier you make may commit Jen sake like or not she was much more effective use example the go to Israel get rebuked saying the only way to get Ron's attention is to show that you have a K a legitimate use of force. He says we can still think diplomacy is the best way then he goes to Saudi Arabia and said to be to decrease the price I expected goes the next day does the printed say it's impossible.

We basically had Max strength if you want to actually get some tangible things done. He walks over to Saudi Arabia and says Iran deal is dead because they in Iran are adverse are at at loggerheads in the Middle East. Believe it or not, were better off siding with the Ron and if you want to do that that help Saudi Arabia. They will, in turn, do stuff for you, will you walk over, prior nation and just say I like to sit and talk and get to know you very know you and don't like you.

That's a problem Israel should have been pressured to back Ukraine and back away from Russia, because they been unjustly invaded had the Ukrainians and if anybody understands that it's Israel they should of been pressured publicly to stop kissing up to Russia because it is but it's the wrong thing to do. Those who have been two things at the present can look tough on and we looked in America's best interest on neither happen.

Instead, we get find out that he's offered trillions of dollars billions of dollars and possibly 1,000,000,000,000 x 20 32. Iran could not build a nuclear war, out of time, my friend, you honor all wore out a time. Great stuff Ashley Wright 1-866-408-7669. I didn't really have a chance to talk about that but Vladimir Putin's Iran and he is asking them for military support in terms of armed drones. They have a history of being adversaries.

After World War II the Soviet Union Justin leave a run and these were Enron was more westernized back then even know they you know they had the shot. They just had more free-market capitalism will play a bigger role. Despite the fact that they essentially had a royal family, so the Russians have very few friends.

But there in the Middle East now talking about Syria talkative turkey that I should resign where they're at adversaries Libya with their adversarial plate trying to get turkeys trying to get Russia open up the Black Sea to allow cool grain to get out so Africa doesn't starve to death will see if they're successfully writing from Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. I write thanks much for being here this Brian kill me committee from 46 in midtown Manhattan and run the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine. I hope father. The are we talk about the economy with Charles playing host to making money. You can see them from 2 to 3 on FBN and John Levine is in studio right now for the New York Post to talk about the latest Hunter Biden revelations he was able to dig out of the laptop that keeps on giving the FBI's looking into. They must really caught up in the details. So before we talk to John. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three like Texas and Arizona.

With the invasion and have decided we are going to now inflict the consequences of Washington DC's actions on Washington DC busted wide open.

That's a story of our southern border and the American people. Surprisingly, Hispanic Americans are sickened by it. As the massive border breach seems intentional 4 million minimum here since Joe Biden left his basement floor. Whatever came out of the trip it's been very closely held secret no one can point to anything that was accomplished maybe something laws. What if it is weighing her about the Middle East mists will talk about it. That was Craig Gaudi weighing in. Ever since the Afghanistan disaster through trawler reputations been going down, down, down. This won't help these unpopular Democrats don't want to run, so the Democrats are about to go through massive turmoil between 20 and 30 candidates. When Joe Biden does the inevitable and announces he's not going to run for president in 2023 yard pleasures always believe that operation. Now, if Joe is underway not led by Republicans but by his own side is present. Biden gets gets set to declare an emergency, a climate emergency tone deaf or just deaf what you think.

John walked back to the shop. Thank you for having me.

So you you're the Hunter Biden beat is that safe to say I think that safe. So as you dug through the laptop debate was made really news over the last few days is looking at the calendar. Those on the laptop that was over the course of 12 years. Yeah so the calendar. Hunter was a very prolific calendar keeper and he had a schedule that was not like you were.

He was meeting with CEOs of companies, heads of nonprofit top lawyers and law firms. No foreign leaders, really, really, who's who of people and so was a real it was a real treat was a real pleasure for me to go through this calendar and unit starts around 2009, and it goes all the way till about 2018 2019 and hookers and crack in the middle correct yeah well that's that's all sprinkled throughout right listed differently, it's amazing. Was able to do all that.

Why having by almost EACH of your crack.

You will be on. That's when Coke doesn't work good enough to go to crack because you looking for the severe hi not look at a party have an addiction so to do all these he ever wrap your head around the fact that he's doing these deals have in these meetings while doing these other things. Write what you know. He talked about that in his memoir, he would be he would be meeting with leaders of countries and start to get the shakes from alcohol you know in in the meeting or he'd be be come out from the CEO and then go onto the street and find no crack dealer in the yard. I recall him saying he could land in any city and find crack in 90 minutes while well I guess that's a resume builder searches so John what did you find you start looking. How did you approach this first when you see all this yet think I have to see if there's a pattern here to your approach to really meet what it he do next.I just went through it enough. Some of these days, yet 456 meetings in a single day. So I just went through every day and I made notes of what looked interesting, and I'll come back here and over time I started to see a lot of patterns a lot of different patterns and if I would see anyone really interesting like a foreign leader or some kind of royalty make a real note to go back to that but something I noticed was when Joe Biden was vice president, there were at least 30 different meetings that Hunter had with him now coursing up fathers and sons can have meetings not sure that doesn't mean anything but you know then you see two things.

I also noticed on at least 21 of these meetings.

Eric swear in the president of his investment company was replied is attending you know in Google calendar. When you get replies attending your name goes to green so you could see that he had gotten the invite and no click accepted at least 21 instances that's your hunters. One of his closest business partners. He was involved in a lot of the family finances and even more interesting to was I saw that a lot of the meetings with Joe Biden happened just days after Hunter would return from foreign business trips in the case of Russia, in the case of Romania. There will be a Columbia there was one instance where he met with the with the Prime Minister of C�te d'Ivoire will geography lesson from here and and and then just 45 minutes later he had a scheduled appointment with his father at the Naval Observatory as president's residence so it doesn't it's just one of those things where the confluence of these things how close proximity they are to each other continues to raise questions about what was Joe's involvement and when he was involved in why he would voluntarily about Eric swear Eric swear and is the president of Rosemont Seneca partners. This is Hunter Biden's investment firm is a constant presence in the hard drive. He had, he was right. It was a close personal friend of Hunter's email show he had access to VP Biden's personal finances is Delaware tax return. See how you know that in the hard drive. There's evidence in the hard drive for all this is emails a talk about this talk about his dad saying you know it or put them in to take this money from your dad's account put in your account exactly. And there's there's notes it's it's it's more like you'll see an email from Eric talking about a conversation he had with Joe. I told him this. I want to talk to Joe about his future. There was one about his future financial earnings, you know, where is he now wears Eric to good question out of this a lot and apply the people were partners at the dead or in jail. Yeah Devon Archer is in jail for unreserved prison for unrelated unrelated crimes.

But yes, that a lot of these people know it's the very seedy and I don't know is the short answer for Eric swear in heat. He doesn't respond to any item he's ever responded to a request for comment for me I think is lawyers probably have my lockdown and I think ultimately the have to be some kind of congressional action. He will have to respond to subpoena famously, Joe buys this number times about what you know about your son's business dealings pieces. I know nothing about that possibly be the truth. At this point I think it's it's impossible that that Joe and Hunter never spoke about it while he was no vice president or well or at some point afterwards because there is now such a tremendous body of evidence, including that famous voicemail in 2018 were Joe says to Hunter right by her GUI. I read the New York Times article about the situation and and I think you're in the clear. And that was about. You know how Hunter was being cultivated by a Chinese oligarch, Joe. We were you in in 2020 will right before the election.

We would have the post yet. I was here I was here I was in the bunker for all for all that situation.

So if you were, let's say a politico or actio's or Washington Post and New York Times and someone said this this laptop just jumped literally in her lap with some people say is I really check it out. Wouldn't you easily could you easily followed up and looked at some of the people in this correspondence and said it, but what did you get an email from Hunter. Is this you here when there be an easy way to authenticate this by an easier way this not the hardest thing in the world right RRR dogged press corps had a staggering level of just not they were not curious at all about this this amazing primary source document and you know obviously it's origin it went to the Delaware repair shop and then somehow Rudy Giuliani gets a hold of it. It's it's a little weird, but the fact of the matter is it's it's all real, authenticated, and in curiosity. That's a word they should yeah people were just incurious and it was it was politically motivated because it was right before an election. It was it was. Everything had to be you know know. October surprises and that was it and what is your view of all these Intel executives in the tub at CA directors and people in Republican Democrats all said this is classic Russian disinformation. You must've been beside yourself as it was, it was a crazy time. It was a crazy couple years ago and it was right and we've been and I I I worry we've awkward, forgotten a lot of this, but you saw an organized collusion between big tech Democratic Party and you know that intelligence agencies basically to suppress newsworthy information on behalf of one of the political party was Sadie. Now that they ministered. Yeah, this is not that it was sometimes New York to write that years later it's belated. I actually think that you're going to see, especially in 2023 a lot more mainstream media coverage of 30 runs right and it's partly because of their there is an active investigation to Hunter. If hunters ever indicted by the Justice Department. Note your average New York Times reader what happened here that they have no context that are trying to make up for that. Now you astounded that the money all seems to be going. I mean, he is living basically off the good Williams of the oven.

Every TV producer in Malibu right luxury car supported and this guy is going to go to bat for them to try to repair his reputation and when you see these multimillion dollar transactions and the finders fees and the hookup fees right to see yourself where is the money right I meant that's a very good question and a lot of it was certainly spent on drugs and very expensive prostitutes and and wild nights at the Ch�teau Marmont in California and they don't usually give receipt I've heard is banned from their priorities. One of its it's very hard to get banned from the Ch�teau Marmont right like it's very high, it would melt, so said this whereafter you were able to put together a lot of these transactions. A lot of these meetings followed up with his dad who was then VP and then you could probably find out what deal was done. Afterwards, correct you compete you can piece stuff together there's you can't you can't. It's hard to get like definitive things all the time but you can squeeze, you can open a lot of the attachments so it will be like.

See contract attached, but I don't know what's in the contract necessarily just as dead. It's just a little bit since thereby can't open it so I know there's a contract I can open it because it's what I was told was when I have that happen.

It's because it was never downloaded from Hunter's cloud not downloaded from the clouds knocking to be on the hard drives I can't get access to the cloud is just US as John Levine if you knew that you had these type of dicey interest relationship and your dad asked you.

Should I run for president.

Knowing that the scrutiny at some points from some app some part of the media would look at this when you say you need this that you 77 years old, you know, I bumped.

I turned the corner. My drug use is other things I can do. Don't run but not only did they say run wrote a book it did a book tour after knowing that if anybody had a semblance of integrity. The follow-up and they got a few of them from Santa got Savannah Guthrie would just follow up and say we don't. Well, I think two things are and obviously no one ever expected the hard drive to become public. That was a crazy circumstance, for he left it at the repair shop and never picked it up and made its way eventually to us, but also I think a lot of people just you. You assume that the media would be pursuing these things and I I don't necessarily agree with that II think that there is, they must've felt impervious and they probably just felt that you know this would be outside the bounds of of the of the press that there used to getting by color me na�ve, but I think with the doors are closed at one of the many Obama houses and their socket which other and they're looking through this.

Your stories and others. John you think they'll usually go with the hell was he doing, or do you think they knew the whole time reminiscing me.

If I leave these by VP with second you doing I'm what you trading on the office I give you the opportunity of a lifetime and you bring your stunning and your training on this office in your power that I gave you the Obama's were never super comfortable with Hunter because I went when when they made him leave his job as a lobbyist when Joe was added to the ticket because I didn't like that I don't think they realized how deep this rabbit hole went and I think a lot of the revelations are probably shocking for them as it is for everyone else who reads them, but there was there was definitely discomfort with Hunter in Obama land. Even back in 2008 and then I remember, and lastly member. The Brisbane situation when right after Bo dies, he gets a position number is mine and there's talk and email seem like listen, don't you think this looks bad for your son to be part of this when you're in charge of Ukrainian operation Ukraine relations and your son is on the this huge gas board notes and it was one of those things.

When I went when 2000 formally appointed to birthmothers 2014. Yeah, I think it was nothing like the art into the second term. By that point for Obama so he's not running again yeah but clearly had a long tail real quick.

The other thing we pursuing is is James Madison what's happened there as well as Monticello, you wrote about the Madison story and Monticello and you write that they've taken these two founding fathers homes and they've they've woken that woke them out if that's varies and basically it's all about their slaves, not about their accomplishments, their own America its literal desecration. There is not any American flags at James Madison's home. They came back as it is one big on the edge of the property.

We can see when we went, so you know what it's it's not that that the point of overseeing it Monticello and Montpelier is is is to totally redefine the role of these people in our public life in our public discourse so that they can eventually be removed. You note from from public life.

I'll give you an example, in the city Council here in New York.

We had a Thomas Jefferson statue that stood for hundred and 87 years.

That's a really long time for anything that's not like a tree or Gal�pagos tortoise now to be around and we took it out and there were progressive city councilmembers that celebrated it and said this is part of a long-term thing we want to do and when you go to Monticello and you're taught Thomas Jefferson was just slavery and he was just a rapist and he was all these horrible things and I guess it was a declaration of independence but that's not so important right you know it's unbelievably disturbing.

It did when you redefine who these people are in the American consciousness you can you can begin the bigger program of removing them from public life, which we've already seen is happening in New York City right now is started with Columbus they came for Teddy Roosevelt.

They came fellow Confederate statues and who knows washing like you and others listen John, great work.

Appreciate it. Thanks are of give me some quality giving us some quality time.

Thank you for having me. China the New York Post back in a moment. Brian kill me breaking loose unique opinions here it all. Brian kill me, to show his credibility is damaged by so many things that he said and done it not done this point if it is conflicting versions, and you might be inclined to think or maybe without even telling the truth maybe didn't bring up producing more oil or other natural resources to help United States. He seems halfhearted in all this was a time we go to settings and say we need your help and you get it those days. I'm afraid you're gone and it's unclear how feverishly or how earnestly even excellent help if he did it all, right, and he never seems to ask anybody for anything member China back off. He didn't do it Vladimir Putin how many conversations they have.

They still invaded and now in Saudi Arabia. This conflicting reports whether he even brought up Khashoggi or ask for more oil to be produced. Why is it even a question.

I mean these to be this thing were Donald Trump would kick out everybody except the translator and talk to Vladimir Putin. People would be out there have aneurysms about it. Now these two things that were supposedly going to be first, front and center going. The Saudi's have a different take on what actually happened and basically Joe Biden getting a pass even a frustrated press corps feels that way because they have no access to people realize what is no access Joe's pain will give us all access to find out about the economy, where were going in those job numbers that are so good is that about to come to the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me thereby trying to govern from the left Larry up to Bernie Sanders in running out of aggressive and governing out of aggressive woke basis and is not good enough that because the country is not within the countries turned against him, but I think was going to happen here. Sean is after the election. After the Democrats lose the house probably lose the Senate. The Democrats no way are they going to turn to a 80-year-old man, and say you're are leader going into the future is unpopular.

The Democrats don't want to run, so the Democrats are about to go through massive turmoil between 20 and 30 candidates. When Joe Biden does the inevitable and announces he's not going to run for president in 2023. I don't know about that but I can aimed a new governor Newsom Pritzker of all of Illinois will surely run your booty judge will certainly run Elizabeth Warren will pretend she can a notion I'm popular mass to sound each one, Massachusetts. Such an embarrassment. I think overture might got scared away from it.

After the last time miserable showing Jared Polis I think will do it. I would love for Joe mansion to do it. On the other side but on the right and Newt Gingrich said this and Newt Gingrich might be down trust biggest fan and he said there's no way that Donald Trump should declare fees going to run to clear before the midterms got to keep that good feel clear now. Two things have happened. The good these of these tragic mass shootings that put guns front and center. Another one assault weapons ban the getting get out of the house. They want to make Republicans look up meaning callous and think gun first don't like kids. I think they effectively neutralize out to a degree by good agree on that bipartisan gunplay which I think caught the president and everybody by surprise. Number two I think that you center Murphy going through that in and center corner both at the biblical both by surprise expect. I think both of them shook the other one to back off and I don't think you present by the first, second, they get something through and then you have the abortion issue Roe V Wade and that's the looking run on.

Then I look to say abortion right or wrong delegate essay have one yes or no ability to say this is just the beginning. Women's have no rights.

They want to go back to the 50s they want to make sure that women have no say in their healthcare say their healthcare abortion healthcare one is nothing to do with the other healthcare is part of it. Yes, but healthcare is if they can have a got a logical appointment without a the Republican signing off their overstating it saying that you going to be arrested if you go cross state lines of your state that does allow abortion if you go it's daylight to do it to say that a good that a doctor will be charged if an doctrine of the state does something from a resident of another state to say same-sex marriage is on the docket. But all these things could start breaking a few points towards the Democrats direction. Even though it's farcical to think it actually happened. So that's why behind-the-scenes Republicans gotta make sure if Trump is at all coachable is present you to do what you want to do.

I understand it, you most like to be in be the favorite to get the nomination, should you go in it. Should you be able to avoid troubles in Georgia and get through January 6 committees relatively unscathed and get rid of the investigation in New York relatively untouched and you give it another shot. Okay can you wait because you don't want people congressmen in men and women in New York say well this is like collecting doll Trump there's certain areas like for example in Virginia. No one you don't want to conservative Republican as your biggest supporter Ted Cruz to everlasting Ted Cruz you do is declare his nomination and thus a look you what you want Ted Cruz to be in charge, give him a Republican Congress. That's why the president should back off. So here looking at all those things is why Republicans for feel like they're in the driver seat with a Republican shouldn't feel like they've arrived Dr. Mohammed eyes will decide a lot to do with whether the Senate goes to the Republicans are not.

He was on Les and Laura Ingram, Laura Ingram was very honestly listen she one for Dave McCormick. Not for him and Joe and Dr. Oz can find a low profile.

So for amphetamines, one who had a stroke basically is got a heart problem, and he's been virtually visible at the did one fundraiser. Here's a doctor said because the inductive fit in in Fetterman you got an extreme left candidate cutting though. I think Joe Biden is building back better is the Republican Party and is doing a good job strengthen our party were uniting here in Pennsylvania and the key question that all voters are going to have to address on November 8 is you think Joe Biden is taking us in the right direction and as you point out the vast majority get a say no negative vote for me, which is why the Democratic Party thought of the Democrats at the far left radical elements of it are craft distracting voters with all kinds of efforts across the country. But the American people will not be dissuaded from focusing on what matters and what the people Pennsylvania, which very purposely will they do it matters Charles Payne was kind enough to come in studio before he goes to show a 2 o'clock make money chose great to see Greg to bear. II just to live a little resentful on radio very proud of the fact that usually address everybody because your radio people don't get dressed with you without trust me again. I regret that I dressed down today and there is a lot of strength to let me let strike to somewhat subtle. They are, they are but I know I'm shipping I'm doing more colors this summer. Oh a lot of dollars double-breasted's and Lotta unique colors so you know, very festive. This is why was I told her this thing right away. I like a month by month quality control for a Eric Whiting you tell me about your your note. No idea what to into Derek's defense just back of the cave Janice.

No idea. It moves fast, so so couple of things. I was stunned by the exchange where the ministrations making a tactical choice to take a bow with gas down 3040% is $0.40. Is that smart smart. It's embarrassing, but this is the administration and took a bow on the Afghan withdrawal they've taken a bow and everything that's it so bewildering. It's so frustrating you want to scream. It's this goes beyond, I think even if I did I gotta believe people all the old folks own Obama folks are watching us like you gotta be kidding me like it's just this is not about trying to get game the system more you know, PR comes first, foremost, and only in this White House. I don't think they ask anybody else for anything else is always messaging and it's always strong heart brag brag brag brag brag every time. Pres. Biden comes out. Then he bragged about great things are another. When people say no it's not that great. He's insulting everyone.

I mean really, I know a lot of Democrats and some of her like you know what they'd never voted Republican with their probably does not bode it all but a few of them are saying and I will make a run.

You know there are more open now than I've ever seen before. Because this ironically Joe Biden's one is always talk about kitchen tables writings on the kitchen table setting on the old standard political line that goes goes back against to a chicken in every pot so you know he's always the one bringing up these kitchen table items will that's what's dominating right now and it's his agenda which is actually deliberately hurting the American public. It is bewildering to take a victory lap on this bump in gas prices when structurally worse. We probably will go back and make new highs on gas and crude oil right and by the athletes up over hundred dollars a barrel so that was it even more.

It's up higher and there's some questions whether even brought up can you pump more oil to the Saudi Arabia is requesting that the site you like this answer be a question but it was done. See, I am out. He's the one who called him a pariah because he try to embarrass president by a truck rather then he goes out there for sponsor guide. That's the fist pump that will live in infamy. I'm telling that's an embarrassment that that is going to have to live with with his legacy.

I bless you pump more hair open. I really wish they would use a defense act that he's using as he is again probably the next transfer right again on the president president Trump found a unique way to use it to speed up the youth the vaccine. But what did we get we got a vaccine that would've normally taken three years in less than one we save the world now are using it to get baby formula from foreign countries. I think it's like they're building it really is not working. The powdered baby form is that is is less is not working is not working is using and is music again to push through the climate change agenda. By the way talking about abusing something and taking a victory lap gasoline.

The strategic petroleum reserve. Some of that's playing a role right this time to seep into the economy. But in less than a year and 1/2. We will have 00 how how great is that it's now about this as I was a security right. Think about this when we have a happy hurricane season next summer. Right. We were talking about people like the Katrina, but with no known resource of the brain like you couldn't were talking about devastation debit. I mean this is the dumbest craziest thing in the world. Instead of saying Texas North Dakota go for a couple of things explained to me that you know their markets well and have a chance. Talk to a lot of these experts, but I thought we used to entreat you to go berserk. I was going to the global market and a flood America right so do you think that was fought. Do you think that was adequately explained. I'm sure it is out of the market. People bid on it and that's why try to get us right right, China's update billing email China and then of course between China and Indiana taken up everything that no one wants from us or they'll take it may have by the way, if you want to pressure somebody when you're over there you pressure India you tell Israel guys way too close to Russia doing in the engine into India and Israel will lessen its people, first and foremost I think these world leaders including Modi and others then gotta make sure their people and their countries can get from point A to point B, and that they can heat their homes or cooler homes. And you know this is an opportunity did not and I listen. I hope all this is that these underdeveloped nations emerging countries don't fall for the West and MSA.

Put your economic development on hold going to fall you will go for the solar stuff because they'll never become developed nations that now not having said that, you know it's someone probably did explain Mr. Pres. Biden, but again, I think whoever is in charge of messaging is the person everyone saying who's really in charge of White House whoever is the one saying hey messaging messaging messaging you look amazing out the you freed up some crude and some crude oil to save the country and its it's just painful because he's actually establishing more traps, more problems for the future that are going to be more consequential with zero glyph your answers. Parietal answers, I agree in so many ways, but the other thing would you save the date defense production act. You know who would love that oil companies what to say. I got lost my train of thought that they should open three refineries that you speeded up. Cut out all the red tape. So a refinery that would take three years to build building a one-year 15 to 20 years out of it secure cheap gasoline prices for all Americans. For the next 15 to 20 years, sometimes not even about how much crude oil you have to be only to refine at the last major refinery built in this country's 1977 kn 1977. Some of been expanded by a major refinery but you in West on the on the other is because one summer else. Three of them in one year and that will segue you perfectly into your green utopia which is not even a reality for a minimum of two decades. So how crazy is this not only the not to a Charles Payne wants yesterday was announced and reported that Sen. Joe Biden and Pres. Biden will announce as early as this week declare a national climate emergency and offer executive orders. What could they be. I mean a windmill in every house solar panels on every mountain. What is the emergency that that this climate change has to some of the things that oblique that are actually curtailing or hampering crude oil production in America.

I mean, just not just boggles the mind. He's trying so hard to appease this far left in his party and I don't know what they have on him and you know there's a second laptop floating around out there. I'm quite sure, but it just feels that they like is really blown it with the vast majority of Americans living most Democrats trying to please that one particular segment of his this party. I want you to hear this exchange, Jared Bernstein, the White House economic advisor cut one is when the gas prices go up there with the president of the seasonal decline in Outlook. I think that that there's there's no both way thinking here all the president has reacted from the beginning, talking about how this was such an important priority.

He then presided over the largest historical release of all barrels of oil from the strategic reserve hundred and 80 million barrels.

Then he talked the Global Partners to get them to kick in another 60 million. So here is fall weather coming down very much disagree with that framing.

I think what's happening here. The presidency can't have it both ways. Bernstein knows better. This is one of them saying is this so despicable and you know really die which the reporter one reporter bring up one of the reasons crude oil is pulling back into modern discipline back is recession is recession. So you guess what of everyone's broke pretty soon. Gasoline is trying to line you know at some point in the unemployment rate right that they brag about the right is like this last child support rate 3.6% for our country so guess what did everyone in the pretty flat broke and gone brag until July bring gas present right will guess what is got a job, no money, no reported it's coming down in part because the next leg of our economy is going to go from runaway inflation to a recession that we pray can be contained right just also on these polls.

They talk about it. The American people.

We know this country is about 40%, 40% with parties and independents are between when it comes to what matters.

32% care about the cost of living, 32%. Second is half that 14% abortion 12% crime 12% immigration and border security when it comes to the present approval rating on immigration 39% are provided over those 39% can be worse. Economy is 30 inflation is 20, 25%. So this is a terrible approval rating for the present United States don't get the fire somebody obviously he's not coming up with right left right you know I you should lock the gotta start saying hey I'm finding someone to find, but I think the reason enough firing anyone is everything is happening the way they want to happen. They miscalculated how people will react to remember this is part and brine the Senate and is been said before, of the liberal world order. This is what they want to happen. So why do you fire the architect of something that you got that you that you brought on board specifically to make gas prices go higher, so you can force people into a base Charles Payne you can see him live were in this wonderful understated from 203 that I knew nothing about Pete and Eric, you're in trouble. Making money would Charles Payne Charles thanks a lot for it with Brian kill me talk show that you are with Brian kill me pay that was always going to talk to guys just like ahead of the curve and open.

Charles cares about money more than reality. So if if you had a Democrat that was doing effective thing in the economy turning I was doing group gangbusters. You have no problem saying to go inside the numbers until he will worries him.

But this is so, so many things it is going on right now frustrates a money expert like Charles and he points out this when he was leaving Steve Ratner on other channels used to be you Obama administration economic advisor. He is been calling out the by administration Jason Furman, former Biden advisor.

He's been calling at the Biden administration Larry Summers called this year and 1/2 ago. The problems were having so these are traditional Democrats and I asked until I could do you think Barack Obama will be doing the things he is not, don't think so because he could easily have stopped this if he would easily have stopped this when it's going so badly it will hurt them so much in the midterms is present.

Biden even aware of this real quick announcement I want to be able to see in person and I love to do it on stage if you're in the Newark New Jersey area Saturday, August 27 New Jersey performing arts Center. Just go to Brian kill semi red white and blue, and hopefully you Albany New York to albeit there the next week on September 8. That's at the egg in Albany at Empire State Plaza then branded Mississippi City Hall live November 12 in the present freedom fighter comes out in paperback in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 Brian kill over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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